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Bob Willis MBE, Gary Rhodes OBE, Dr Shuping Wang, Sir Stephen Cleobury CBE

Dec 6, 2019 1688


Pictured: Bob Willis Matthew Bannister on Bob Willis, the former England cricket captain, who was seen as one of the finest fast bowlers of his generation. Gary Rhodes, the spiky-haired TV chef who won Michelin stars for his re-invention of classic British recipes. Shuping Wang, the Chinese doctor who lost her job and her marriage after blowing the whistle on a trade in blood products that was spreading HIV through Henan province. Sir Stephen Cleobury, the musical director of King's College Cambridge for thirty-seven years. He commissioned a new carol every year for the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. Interviewed guest: Jonathan Agnew MBE Interviewed guest: Fiona Pitcher Interviewed guest: Thane Prince Interviewed guest: Sir Michael Boyd Interviewed guest: The Reverend Dr Stephen Cherry Interviewed guest: Peter Lindsay Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Today, Radio 4 05/12/2019; Test Match Special, 5 Live 04/12/2019; Rhodes Around Britain, BBC Two 08/06/1995, 25/05/1995, 05/07/1994, 07/06/1994; Top of the Class, Radio 4 18/08/2008; Great British Food Revival, BBC Two 17/11/2011; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 19/09/2019; CD Review, Radio 3 25/12/2004.

Sir Jonathan Miller, Field Marshal Lord Bramall, Clive James AO, CBE

Nov 29, 2019 1583


Pictured: Jonathan Miller Matthew Bannister on Sir Jonathan Miller, who hated the term polymath - but undoubtedly was one. He came to fame in the satirical revue Beyond the Fringe, was a celebrated opera and theatre director and sometimes regretted his decision not to concentrate on his first calling as a doctor. Field Marshal Lord Bramall, the Chief of the Defence Staff who saw action in the D Day landings, predicted the threat of terrorism and was wrongly accused of sexual abuse late in his life. Clive James, whose memorable turns of phrase made TV criticism an art form. He presented programmes dissecting TV from around the world, but was also a literary critic, essayist and poet who wrote acclaimed memoirs. Interviewed guest: William Miller Interviewed guest: Kate Bassett Interviewed guest: Lieutenant Colonel Jan-Dirk von Merveldt Interviewed guest: Lieutenant-General Sir Peter Royson Duffell KCB CBE MC Interviewed guest: Russell Davies Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Saturday Night Clive, BBC TV 11/11/1989; The Tingle Factor, Radio 4 Extra 02/08/2016; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 23/01/2005; Arena, BBC Two 31/03/2012; The Complete Beyond the Fringe, Parlophone Records Ltd 21/10/1996; The Body in Question, BBC TV 06/11/1978; D-Day: The Last Heroes, BBC One 08/06/2019; Today, Radio 4 06/06/1994; The Report: Lord Bramall, Radio 4 04/02/2016; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 16/06/2000; A Point of View, Radio 4 26/04/2009; The Clive James TV Show, ITV 1996; Front Row, Radio 4 03/04/2015.

Vladimir Bukovsky, Alison Prince, Keith Schellenberg, Robert Ponsonby

Nov 22, 2019 1673


Pictured: Vladimir Bukovsky Matthew Bannister on The Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, a long term opponent of the Soviet regime who revealed the use of psychiatric hospitals as political prisons. Alison Prince, the children's writer who scripted Trumpton. Keith Schellenberg, the eccentric millionaire who was a bobsleigh champion and keen powerboat racer. He bought the Scottish Isle of Eigg - and was accused of treating his tenants badly. Robert Ponsonby, the BBC Controller of Music who ran the Proms and faced a strike by musicians in the Corporation's orchestras. Interviewed guest: Alyona Kojevnikov Interviewed guest: Julia Eccleshare Interviewed guest: Ray Bulman Interviewed guest: Camille Dressler Interviewed guest: Professor David Hendy Interviewed guest: Peter Donohoe CBE Reader: Ian Conningham Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Vladimir Bukovsky interviewed by Bernard Levin, BBC Sound Archive 26/04/1980; Soviet Propaganda Film 1972, Periscope Film 17/08/2014; PM, Radio 4 04/01/1977; Watch with Mother: Joe and a Horse, BBC One 03/10/1966; Trumpton, BBC One, 03/01/1967; Spud by Alison Prince, Young Corgi, 07/08/2003; Jackanory, BBC One 1965; Radio Scotland News, 09/02/2006; Upfront, BBC Scotland 03/02/1994; Music Now, Radio 3 29/11/1974; Radio 3 continuity announcement, BBC Sound Archive 23/11/1978.

Nik Powell OBE, James Le Mesurier OBE, Frank Dobson, Hazel Vincent Wallace OBE

Nov 15, 2019 1679


Pictured: Nik Powell Matthew Bannister on James Le Mesurier, the former British Army Officer who set up the organisation that trained the White Helmet volunteers who rescue people from bomb sites in Syria. Nik Powell, the businessman who helped Richard Branson to start Virgin Records and went on to produce a string of acclaimed British films. Frank Dobson, the Labour M.P. who became Health Secretary under Tony Blair and embarked on an ambitious hospital building programme. Hazel Vincent Wallace, who founded the Thorndike Theatre at Leatherhead in Surrey, which became known as one of the finest venues outside London. Interviewed guest: Stephen Woolley Interviewed guest: Jon Wardle Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Michael Gaunt Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: PM, Radio 4 13/11/2014; Today, Radio 4 12/11/2019; The White Helmets, directed by Orlando von Einsiedel, Grain Media / Violet Films 2016; PM, Radio 4 11/11/2019; Masterclass with Nik Powell, Australian Film Television and Radio School 22/03/2017; The Evil Dead, directed by Sam Raimi, Renaissance Pictures 1981; The Company of Wolves, directed by Neil Jordan, Incorporated Television Company / Palace Pictures 1984; The Film Programme, Radio 4 01/09/2013; Who Wants to be a London Mayor? Carlton/ITV 25/04/2000; The World Tonight, Radio 4 02/06/1995; Labour Party Conference, BBC Sound Archives, 30/09/1997; Theatre and Stage Stars, Huntley Film Archives 26/01/2015; Sybil Thorndike Theatre, British Pathé 1969; Thorndike Theatre, British Movietone / AP 09/22/1969; Theatrical Balance Of Payments, Radio 3 01/12/1968.

Gay Byrne, Sadako Ogata, Robert Evans

Nov 8, 2019 1689


Pictured: Gay Byrne Matthew Bannister on Gay Byrne, the Irish TV and radio presenter who occupied a unique place in the nation's culture and public life. He presented the Late Late Show for thirty-seven years, often causing controversy when he covered changing social issues. Sadako Ogata, the Japanese academic who served as UN High Commissioner for Refugees in the 1990s. She was noted for her fearless approach and for putting the refugee crisis on the political map. The current Commissioner recalls his time working with her. And the Hollywood producer Robert Evans, who was behind classic films like The Godfather, Love Story and Chinatown, but was almost as well known for his colourful private life as his on-screen hits. The actor and director Simon McBurney pays tribute. Interviewed guest: Joe Duffy Interviewed guest: Jurek Martin OBE Interviewed guest: Filippo Grandi Interviewed guest: Angie Errigo Interviewed guest: Simon McBurney OBE Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Gay Byrne RTE tribute, RTE News 04/11/2019; The Gay Byrne Show, RTE Radio 1 14/06/1996; The Late Late Show RTE One 01/02/1966; The Meaning of Life, RTE One October 2010; The Meaning of Life, RTE One February 2015; The World Tonight, Radio 4 14/07/1993; Special Report on the Rwandan Genocide, SABC 1994; Sadako Ogata Expresses the Need to Prevent Future Genocide, AP Archive 21/07/2015; BBC News 1991; Today, Radio 4 21/06/1999; 1800 News Bulletin, Radio 4 02/08/1994; Brian Linehan's City Lights: Robert Evans Interview 1977, Reelin’ In The Years Productions; Man of a Thousand Faces, directed by Joseph Pevney, Universal International Pictures 1957; The Sun Also Rises, directed by Henry King, Twentieth Century Fox 1957; The Godfather, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Paramount Pictures / Alfran Productions 1972; The Cotton Club, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Zoetrope Studios / Producers Sales Organization / Totally Independent / Robert Evans Company 1984.

Charles Jencks, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Irene Shubik, Raymond Leppard

Nov 1, 2019 1687


Pictured: Charles Jencks Matthew Bannister on The architectural historian Charles Jencks, who was known as the godfather of postmodernism. He also involved leading architects in designing cancer treatment centres named after his wife Maggie. Lord Foster pays tribute. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the fanatical leader of ISIS who was behind the killing and torture of thousands of victims. Irene Shubik, the TV producer who created "Rumpole of the Bailey" and "The Jewel in the Crown". Raymond Leppard, the conductor and arranger who revived interest in baroque Italian opera with acclaimed productions at Glyndebourne. Interviewed guest: Dame Laura Lee DBE Interviewed guest: Lord Norman Foster Interviewed guest: Oliver Wainwright Interviewed guest: Andrew Hosken Interviewed guest: Judith Burnley Interviewed guest: Sir Nicolas Kenyon Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 06/07/2012; Look North, BBC One 29/12/11; Islamic State Leader, Wall Street Journal 05/07/2014; In Tune, Radio 3 15/11/2013; In Tune, Radio 3 13/12/2010; Rumpole of the Bailey, BBC One 1975; The Jewel in the Crown, Granada Television 1984; Edna, the Inebriate Woman, BBC One 21/10/1971.

Alicia Alonso, Deborah Orr, Joyce Cansfield, Clora Bryant

Oct 25, 2019 1689


Pictured: Alicia Alonso Matthew Bannister on Alicia Alonso, the Cuban ballerina who went on dancing when her sight began to fail. She also set up the National Ballet Company of Cuba. Deborah Orr, the witty columnist who also edited the Guardian Weekend magazine. Joyce Cansfield, the British Scrabble champion and 1983 Brain of Mensa who set more than a thousand crossword puzzles for the Times. Clora Bryant, the American trumpeter who overcame sexism to forge a career in jazz. Interviewed guest: Mike Lanchin Interviewed guest: Sarah Crompton Interviewed guest: Louisa Young Interviewed guest: Nigel Williamson Interviewed guest: Alyn Shipton Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Witness: The First Lady of Cuban Ballet, BBC World Service 28/10/2015; Off the Page, Radio 4 19/07/2010; Carrie Fisher: Guardian column by Deborah Orr, 04/01/2017; Motherwell by Deborah Orr, Orion January 2020; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 26/12/2017; Catchword, BBC Two 02/02/1988; Cross Talk, Radio 4 07/01/2001; Countdown, Channel 4 1982; Central Avenue Sounds Part 3, Radio 3 24/02/2001.

Alexei Leonov, Sally Soames, Kary Mullis, Reg Watson

Oct 18, 2019 1677


Pictured: Alexei Leonov Matthew Bannister on The Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov who was the first person to walk in space. Sally Soames, the photographer who made portraits of many leading politicians and celebrities as well as working in war zones. Her niece Claudia Winkleman and sister in law Eve Pollard pay tribute. Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize-winning biochemist who invented PCR - a revolutionary technique for speeding up the process of analysing DNA. He also enjoyed surfing and experimented with LSD. Reg Watson, the TV producer behind the successful soap operas Crossroads and Neighbours. Interviewed guest: Doug Millard Interviewed guest: Claudia Winkleman Interviewed guest: Eve Pollard Interviewed guest: Nancy Mullis Interviewed guest: Anthony Liversidge Interviewed guest: Anthony Hayward Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Soviet Astronaut Leaves Spacecraft During Flight, BBC Sound Archive 21/03/1965; Two Sides of the Moon, Radio 4 13/04/2004; Today, Radio 4 12/10/2019; South East At Six, BBC One 30/09/1983; Kary Mullis: Google Tech Talk 17/09/2010; Horizon: Psychedelic Science, BBC Two 27/02/1997; The Kary Mullis Nobel Prize, Bonhams Auctioneers 19/01/2016; Crossroads, ITV 1985; Eyewitness with Reg Watson, Daily Motion; Neighbours, BBC One 1987; Harry Enfield and Chums, BBC One 1997; The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Radio 4 September 2004.

Ginger Baker, Su Beng, John Haylett, Diahann Carroll

Oct 11, 2019 1684


Pictured: Ginger Baker Matthew Bannister on Su Beng, the activist known as the father of Taiwan independence. Ginger Baker, the legendary drummer with rock super group Cream who struggled with drug addiction and an unpredictable temper. John Haylett who was editor of the socialist paper the Morning Star at a crucial time in its history. Diahann Carroll, the African American actress who starred in many films and stage shows as well as her own TV comedy "Julia" and the soap opera "Dynasty". Interviewed guest: Felicia Lin Interviewed guest: Cindy Sui Interviewed guest: Adam Sweeting Interviewed guest: Ben Chacko Interviewed guest: Matt Wolf Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Chiang Rattles The Sabre, Pathe News 1957; The Seven Ages of Rock, 6 Music 10/03/2015; Nationwide, BBC One 11/05/1978; Julia, 20th Century Fox Television/ Hancarr Productions / Savannah Productions 17 September 1968; Claudine, directed by John Berry, Third World Cinema / Twentieth Century Fox 1974; Dynasty, Aaron Spelling Productions 1 May 1982; One on One: Sir David Frost, BBC One 21/10/2002.

Jessye Norman, Peter Sissons, Al Alvarez, Marita Lorenz

Oct 4, 2019 1699


Pictured: Jessye Norman Julian Worricker on: The multiple award-winning American soprano, Jessye Norman, whose performances wowed audiences around the world.... Peter Sissons, the acclaimed television journalist, who moved from ITN to the BBC to present Question Time and the main evening news.... The author, Al Alvarez, poetry editor of the Observer newspaper, and renowned poker player.... And Marita Lorenz, who survived Bergen-Belsen as a child, and went on to become a spy involved in a near-assassination of Fidel Castro.... Interviewed guest: Sir Clive Gillinson CBE Interviewed guest: Norman Lebrecht Interviewed guest: Iain Dale Interviewed guest: Alexandra Pringle Interviewed guest: Michael Carlson Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: International Profile, Radio 4 29/07/1988; Jessye Norman Interview, Radio 3 06/08/2000; CD Review, Radio 3 23/08/2014; ITN News 21/11/84; Question Time, BBC One 09/12/1993; BBC News, BBC One 30/03/2002; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 19/03/2000; The World Of Books, Radio 4 25/05/1978; Timewatch, BBC Two 07/10/1992; Geraldo Rivera interviews Marita Lorenz, 23 Sep 2013; Archive Hour: Something Is Terribly Wrong, Radio 4 22/11/2003.

Jacques Chirac, Sir Michael Edwardes, Cokie Roberts, Pat Cavendish O’Neill

Sep 27, 2019 1682


Pictured: Jacques Chirac Julian Worricker on: Jacques Chirac, mayor of Paris for eighteen years, who served twice as French Prime Minister and twice as French president.... The man who took on the toughest of managerial assignments - running British Leyland in the late 1970s - Sir Michael Edwardes.... US television journalist and presenter, Cokie Roberts, credited with changing the role of women in the newsroom.... Pat Cavendish O'Neill, the racehorse trainer and breeder, who built up a menagerie of rescue animals in Kenya and South Africa. Interviewed guest: Agnes Poirier Interviewed guest: Nick Jones Interviewed guest: Michael Goldfarb Interviewed guest: Mark McGinness Producer: Neil George Archive clips from:

Chester Williams, Sheikh Yusuf Motala, Jan Ruff O’Herne, Ric Ocasek

Sep 20, 2019 1689


Pictured: Chester Williams Matthew Bannister on Sheikh Yusuf Motala who founded the first traditional Islamic seminary in the UK, and trained hundreds of Imams. Chester Williams, the only black rugby player in the South African team that won the World Cup in 1995. Jan Ruff O'Herne who was forced to work in a brothel by the Japanese army during the war. She kept her story secret for fifty years, but ended her life campaigning against the use of rape as a weapon of war. Ric Ocasek, the singer who wrote many hits for the American rock band The Cars, including 'Drive' and 'My Best Friend's Girl'. Interviewed guest: Innes Bowen Interviewed guest: Dr Riyaz Timol Interviewed guest: Carol Ruff Interviewed guest: Garth Cartwright Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Sunday, Radio 4 15/09/2019; Australian Story: Australian Comfort Woman Jan Ruff O'Herne, ABC 2001; Chester Williams - Champion of a New South Africa, Real Rugby 10/08/2016; Outlook, BBC World Service 14/10/2015; South Africa win the 1995 RWC, World Rugby 04/05/2016; Speedster Williams bags four tries on debut, World Rugby 14/09/2015; Invictus, directed by Clint Eastwood, Warner Bros 2009; Nelson Mandela & Francois Pienaar moment at RWC 1995, World Rugby 24/06/2015; Entertainment Tonight, Syndicated 1985.

Hans Rausing, Sir Dawda Jawara, Sue Crockford, Terrance Dicks

Sep 13, 2019 1685


Matthew Bannister on Hans Rausing, the Swedish-born industrialist who led the Tetra Pak company. In the 1990s he topped the Sunday Times Rich List ahead of the Queen. His daughter Sigrid pays tribute. Sir Dawda Jawara the first President of independent Gambia who faced two coup attempts. Sue Crockford, a feminist campaigner who made influential films about the social history of North London. Terrance Dicks, who was screenwriter and script editor for Dr Who and also wrote novelisations of the series. Producer: Neil George Interviewed Guest: Esau Williams Interviewed Guest: Matthew Sweet Interviewed Guest: Sigrid Rausing Interviewed Guest: Margaret Dickinson Interviewed Guest: Anna Davin

Robert Mugabe, Alla Verber, Ciaran McKeown, Bill Anderson MBE

Sep 6, 2019 1681


Pictured: Robert Mugabe Matthew Bannister on The former President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe. He was once hailed as a hero of the liberation struggle but later seen by many as a tyrant. Alla Verber, the Russian socialite who brought high fashion to the newly wealthy in the post-Soviet society. Ciaran McKeown, who joined Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams to found the Peace People of Northern Ireland. Bill Anderson, described as Scotland's greatest ever Highland Games heavyweight athlete. He held countless records for throwing the hammer and tossing the caber. Interviewed guest: Stanley Kwenda Interviewed guest: Viv Groskop Interviewed guest: Patrick Corrigan Interviewed guest: Jack Davidson QC Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Today, Radio 4 06/09/2019; Alla Verber: Leading Russia's Fashion Revolution, ABC News 09/04/2010; BBC Sound Archive, 13/08/1976; PM, Radio 4 27/11/1976; The World This Weekend, Radio 4 28/11/1976; The Heavies, BBC 2S 04/01/1982; Scotland on Film: Aberdeen And Grampian, BBC 2S 05/03/2006; Braemar Games Commentary, AP 1970; Interview with Bill Anderson, BBC Sound Archive, 05/09/1963.

Lord Bell, Paule Marshall, David Koch, Richard Booth

Aug 30, 2019 1686


Matthew Bannister on Lord Bell, the advertising and public relations executive who helped Margaret Thatcher to win three elections. Paule Marshall, the novelist who wrote about the experiences of black Americans of Caribbean origin. David Koch, the American billionaire who poured money into right wing political causes. Richard Booth, the second hand bookseller who was the self-styled King of Hay-on-Wye. Interviewed guest: David Hooper Interviewed guest: Michael Cockerell Interviewed guest: Bonnie Greer Interviewed guest: Lyn Innes Interviewed guest: Daniel Schulman Interviewed guest: Lucia Stuart Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Tim Bell, Booktalk, BBC Parliament, 4/12/2012; Coming Soon, Saatchi & Saatchi, 1979; PM, BBC Radio 4 4/05/1979; Newsnight, BBC Two 04/09/2017. Paule Marshall, A stranger in a strange land, Radio 3, 9/04/1993; Praisesong for the widow, Radio 4, 17/05/1993. Richard Booth, Down the River Wye, Radio 4 16/08/1987; BBC Wales News 27/05/88.

Peter Fonda, Princess Christina of the Netherlands, Geoffrey Paul OBE, Jim Bouton

Aug 23, 2019 1677


Pictured: Peter Fonda Matthew Bannister on Peter Fonda, the actor who became a hero of the 1960s counterculture, by riding his Harley Davidson across America in the classic film Easy Rider. Princess Christina of the Netherlands who was born nearly blind. When her mother Queen Juliana consulted a soothsayer, a constitutional crisis followed. Geoffrey Paul the respected long serving editor of the Jewish Chronicle. Jim Bouton, the baseball player whose memoir caused a scandal by revealing the behind the scenes antics of his colleagues. Interviewed guest: Roger Corman Interviewed guest: Diane Ladd Interviewed guest: Tim Bullamore Interviewed guest: Jenni Frazer Interviewed guest: Michael Carlson Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Easy Rider, directed by Dennis Hopper, Pando Company Inc./Raybert Productions 1969; The Wild Angels, directed by Roger Corman, American International Pictures 1966; The Trip, directed by Roger Corman, American International Pictures 1967; The Big Fix, directed by Joshua Tickell, Big Picture Ranch/Green Planet Productions 2012; Holland Aka New Princess 1947, Pathe News 1947; Huwelijk Prinses Christina en Jorge Guillermo (1975), Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid 27/06/2013; Sunday Night, BBC One 16/01/1983; The Long Goodbye, directed by Robert Altman, Lion's Gate Films 1973; Jim Bouton: MLB All-Star, EaglesTalent 13/02/2012.

Julia Farron OBE, Nuon Chea, June Fraser, Marcel Berlins

Aug 16, 2019 1693


Pictured: Julia Farron Julian Worricker on: The Cambodian political leader, Nuon Chea, who was found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity during his time as a member of the Khmer Rouge.... Julia Farron, a dancer with the Royal Ballet, who's been described as a great performer of virtuoso roles.... The pioneering graphic designer, June Fraser, whose work has influenced so many of the logos and packaging we're familiar with today.... And Marcel Berlins, lawyer, broadcaster and critic who presented Law in Action on Radio 4 for sixteen years.... Interviewed guest: Rob Lemkin Interviewed guest: Jane Pritchard Interviewed guest: Zoe Cull Interviewed guest: Mike Ripley Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Enemies of the People, directed by Rob Lemkin, Old Street Films 2009; Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia 05/12/2011; BBC News 19/09/2007; John Pilger, Radio 4 16/10/1989; Dancing in the Blitz, BBC Four 05/03/2014; Compulsion, directed by Richard Fleischer, Darryl F. Zanuck Productions 1959; Quote Unquote, Radio 4 15/02/2010; Law in Action, Radio 4 14/07/1989; Round Britain Quiz, Radio 4 05/07/2014; Puzzling Passions, Radio 4 03/10/2000.

Toni Morrison, Hal Prince, Dr Elizabeth Killick, Li Peng, Barrington Pheloung

Aug 9, 2019 1678


Pictured: Toni Morrison Matthew Bannister on The Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison, acclaimed for her novels which put the experience of black women centre stage. Hal Prince, the successful theatre producer and director behind West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera and Evita. The pioneering radar and sonar engineer, Dr Elizabeth Killick. Li Peng, the Chinese Premier who ordered troops to fire on unarmed students in Tiananmen Square. Barrington Pheloung, the TV and film composer who wrote the theme music for Inspector Morse. Interviewed guest: Dr Tessa Roynon Interviewed guest: Margaret Busby OBE, FRSL Interviewed guest: David Benedict Interviewed guest: Ed Gorman Interviewed guest: Isabel Hilton OBE Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Start The Week, Radio 4 08/12/2003; Toni Morrison reads Song of Solomon, Penguin / PRH Audio; World Book Club, Radio 4 Extra 12/06/2016; Toni Morrison’s Nobel Prize Lecture, 07/12/1993; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 16/11/1986; Broadcasting House, Radio 4 04/08/2019; Elaine Paige on Sunday, Radio 2 04/08/2019; Workers Join Pro-Democracy Protests, BBC Sound Archive 23/05/1989; Tiananmen Square protesters battle Chinese troops, BBC News 04/06/1989; Today, Radio 4 08/11/1997; The Radio 2 Arts Show, 30/03/2016.

Russi Taylor, Beji Caid Essebsi, Jane Hubert, Iván Erőd

Aug 2, 2019 1688


Pictured: Russi Taylor Matthew Bannister on Beji Caid Essebsi who became the first democratically elected President of Tunisia in the aftermath of the Arab Spring. Russi Taylor the versatile voice artist best known for playing Minnie Mouse. She married the man who did the voice for Mickey Mouse. Jane Hubert, the anthropologist and psychologist who studied young people with severe learning disabilities and transformed the academic study of archaeology. Ivan Erod who fled persecution and, in exile, became one of Hungary's leading composers. Interviewed guest: Mohamed El Aassar Interviewed guest: Martin Anderson Interviewed guest: Peter Stone Interviewed guest: Brian Sibley Producer: Neil George Archive Clips from: The White House video archive, 07/10/2011; Actuality of Tunisian Uprising, RT, 14/01/2011; BBC News, 30/06/ 2015; Beji Caid Essebsi inauguration ceremony, AP archive 03/08/2015; Tunisian Television -al watania, 27/07/2019; The Voice Behind The Mouse, Walt Disney Home Video; The Spirit of Mickey, Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Andrea Camilleri, Johnny Clegg OBE, OIS, Christopher Kraft, Paul Krassner, Professor Rolf Gehlhaar

Jul 26, 2019 1685


Pictured: Andrea Camilleri Matthew Bannister on Andrea Camilleri, the Sicilian writer who created the Inspector Montalbano novels. His literary success began in his late sixties. Johnny Clegg, the white South African singer and guitarist who confronted the apartheid government by embracing Zulu music and culture. Christopher Kraft, the founder of mission control for the NASA space programme. Paul Krassner, the controversial American satirist who coined the word "Yippie". Professor Rolf Gehlhaar, the electronic music composer and technician who co-founded the Paraorchestra. Interviewed guest: John Hooper Interviewed guest: Audrey Brown Interviewed guest: Ellin Stein Interviewed guest: Vahakn Matossian-Gehlhaar Interviewed guest: Nouritza Matossian Interviewed guest: Adrian Lee Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Foreign Bodies: Inspector Montalbano, Radio 4 02/11/2012; Newsday, BBC World Service 17/07/2019; 13 Minutes to the Moon, BBC World Service, May 2019 (archive courtesy of the Johnson Space Center Oral History Project); Paul Krassner on George W. Bush and Abu Ghraib, MediaBurnArchive 22/07/2019; Paul Krassner on Political Satire in America (2005), Manufacturing Intellect, 22/07/2016; Paul Krassner February 1967 interview by Joe Pyne, 02/04/2013; Stockhausen at 70, Radio 3 21/08/1998.

Audrey Eyton, Arthur Ryan, Jack Bond, Rip Torn

Jul 19, 2019 1698


Pictured: Audrey Eyton Matthew Bannister on Arthur Ryan, the Irish retailer who created Primark - known for selling fast fashion at low prices. Audrey Eyton, who devised the F-Plan diet, which encouraged people to eat fibre to lose weight. Jack Bond, the Lancashire cricket captain who led his team to success in the one-day game. Rip Torn, the film and stage actor known for his violent temper who appeared in DodgeBall, Men In Black and latterly The Larry Sanders Show. His daughter Angelica Page, who is also an actor, pays an emotional tribute. Interviewed guest: Paul Marchant Interviewed guest: Teresa Wickham Interviewed guest: Carole Stone Interviewed guest: David Lloyd Interviewed guest: Angelica Page Producer: Paula McGinley Archive clips from: Profile, Radio 4 22/06/2008; Midnight News, Radio 4 25/04/2013; Enterprise: Audrey Eyton, Radio 4 24/12/1981; See You Sunday, BBC 1 Wales, 05/05/1991; Breakfast Time, BBC One 14/10/1983; North West Tonight, BBC One 11/07/1996; 5 Live cricket commentary, 14/07/2019; 30 Rock, NBC 2009; The Larry Sanders Show, HBO 1998; Maidstone, directed by Norman Mailer, Supreme Mix Productions 1971; DodgeBall, directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, Twentieth Century Fox / Red Hour Films / Mediastream Vierte Film GmbH & Co. Vermarktungs KG 2004; Rip Torn on InnerVIEWS, Houston PBS, 05/02/2010.

Eva Kor, Christopher Booker, João Gilberto, John McCririck

Jul 12, 2019 1682


Pictured: Eva Kor Matthew Bannister on Eva Kor who, with her twin sister, was the subject of experiments by the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele in Auschwitz. She later publicly forgave her tormentors. Christopher Booker, the founding editor of Private Eye and Telegraph columnist. João Gilberto, the Brazilian pioneer of bossa nova music whose hits included The Girl From Ipanema. And John McCririck, the eccentric TV racing pundit who was criticised for his sexist views. Interviewed guest: Alex Kor Interviewed guest: Penny Tierney Interviewed guest: Tim Stanley Interviewed guest: Robin Denselow Interviewed guest: Alastair Down Interviewed guest: Cornelius Lysaght Producer: Paula McGinley Archive clips from: Outlook, World Service 13/05/2015; Dirty Years Of Satire, Radio 4 06/10/1991; That Was The Week That Was, BBC One 19/12/1963; Today, Radio 4 04/07/2019; New Names Making News, Radio 4 18/12/1962; John McCririck Interview, Star Sports April 2018; Celebrity Big Brother, Channel 4 2005; Big Brother's Big Mouth, Channel 4 18/08/2006.

Brenda Maddox, Ivan Cooper, Min Hogg, John Gunther Dean, Dave Bartholomew

Jul 5, 2019 1681


Pictured: Brenda Maddox Matthew Bannister on Ivan Cooper, the human rights campaigner and politician from Northern Ireland who played a key role in the protests on Bloody Sunday. Min Hogg, the colourful founding editor of World of Interiors magazine. Her friend Nicky Haslam pays tribute. John Gunther Dean, the last US diplomat to be evacuated from Cambodia as war loomed. Brenda Maddox, author of many books including The Half Parent and a biography of James Joyce's wife Nora Barnacle. Dave Bartholomew, the New Orleans musician who wrote four thousand songs including many of Fats Domino's greatest hits. Interviewed guest: Dr Simon Prince Interviewed guest: Enda McClafferty Interviewed guest: Nicky Haslam Interviewed guest: Bronwen Maddox Interviewed guest: Fiammetta Rocco Interviewed guest: Garth Cartwright Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Against the Grain, Radio 4 22/02/2011; News Special: Bloody Sunday, BBC Northern Ireland 30/01/1972; Bloody Sunday, directed by Paul Greengrass, Granada Television/Irish Film Board/Portman Entertainment Group/Bórd Scannán na hÉireann/Hell's Kitchen Films 2002; Arena, BBC Two 21/02/1984; Veteran US diplomat John Gunther Dean dies age 93, AP Archive, 16/06/2019; Cambodia War US Embassy Evacuation AP 12/04/1975; Vietnam helicopter pilots describe the war from the cockpit, Military Times 18/04/2018; John Gunther Dean, former U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia, 1974-75, Documentation Center of Cambodia 12 Jun 2019; Happily Ever After? Radio 4 29/11/1983; Nora, directed by Pat Murphy, Natural Nylon Entertainment/Road Movies Filmproduktion/Volta Films/GAM 2000; Night Waves, Radio 3 16/06/2009; Margaret, directed by James Kent, Great Meadows Productions, BBC Two 26/02/2009; Fats Domino's Longtime Collaborator, American Masters PBS 24/02/2016; Dancing In The Street: A Rock And Roll History: Whole Lotta Shakin', BBC Two 15/06/1996.

Dr Henry Lynch, Judith Krantz, Lord Patel of Blackburn, Anthony Hedges

Jun 28, 2019 1693


Pictured: Judith Krantz Matthew Bannister on Dr. Henry Lynch whose painstaking medical research revealed the causes of hereditary cancers. Judith Krantz, the American author who made a huge commercial success from her sex and shopping novels. Lord Patel, the Indian-born businessman who became a key figure in community relations in his adopted town of Blackburn. Anthony Hedges, the British composer whose prolific output ranged from light music to symphonies and choral works. Interviewed guest: Professor Patrick M Lynch Interviewed guest: Penny Warren Interviewed guest: Sarah Hughes Interviewed guest: Jack Straw Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Paul Conway Interviewed guest: Colin Bayliss Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Horizon, BBC Two 04/11/2000; Genetic Mutations as Causes of Cancer, Ecancer/Vimeo; Remembering Dr Henry Lynch, KETV NewsWatch 7 03/06/2019; Princess Daisy, directed by Waris Hussein, National Broadcasting Company/ Steve Krantz Productions 1983; Scruples, directed by Alan J. Levi, Lou Step Productions/Warner Bros. Television 1980; Judith Krantz, BBC Sound Archive 01/05/1979.

Franco Zeffirelli, Gloria Vanderbilt, Mohamed Morsi, Philomena Lynott

Jun 21, 2019 1686


Pictured: Franco Zeffirelli Matthew Bannister on Franco Zeffirelli, the stage and film director known for his opulent designs and flamboyant personality. Gloria Vanderbilt, the heiress who overcame personal tragedy and was the first to market designer jeans. Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's first democratically elected President, who was ousted from office after only a year. Philomena Lynott, who ran a hotel frequented by rock stars and footballers and was the proud Mum of Thin Lizzy lead singer Phil Lynott. Interviewed guest: Rupert Christiansen Interviewed guest: Reverend Richard Coles Interviewed guest: Rosemary Feitelberg Interviewed guest: Dr Hesham Hellyer Interviewed guest: Jackie Hayden Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 07/01/1978; Romeo and Juliet, directed by Franco Zeffirelli, Old Vic 1960; Romeo and Juliet, directed by Franco Zeffirelli, Verona Produzione/ BHE Films /Dino de Laurentiis Cinematografica 1968; The Taming of the Shrew, directed by Franco Zeffirelli, Columbia Pictures, Royal Films International, F.A.I. 1967; Gloria Vanderbilt in Studio Q, Q on CBC 30/07/2012; The Love Boat, ABC 1977; The Risk Business, BBC One 22/04/1981; 2012 CGI Annual Meeting, Clinton Global Initiative; 15/10/2012; Analysis, Radio 4 06/10/2013; Outlook, BBC World Service 24/09/2012.

John Tidmarsh OBE, Sylvia Denman, Paul Darrow, Sheila Turner, Leon Redbone

Jun 15, 2019 1687


Pictured: John Tidmarsh Matthew Bannister on John Tidmarsh, who presented Outlook on the BBC World Service for thirty years and brought comfort to the Beirut hostages. John McCarthy pays tribute. Sylvia Denman, the Barbados-born lawyer who campaigned for better race relations in the UK and fought to improve educational outcomes for young black people. Paul Darrow, the actor best known as Avon, the anti-hero of the cult sci-fi TV show Blake's 7. Sheila Turner, who campaigned for better treatment for patients who, like her, suffered from thyroid disorders. And the mysterious singer Leon Redbone, who specialised in music from the Tin Pan Alley era of the 20s and 30s. Interviewed guest: Bob Chaundy Interviewed guest: John McCarthy Interviewed guest: Daniel Stilitz QC Interviewed guest: Lincoln Crawford OBE Contributor: Matthew Sweet Interviewed guest: Marian Reed Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Outlook, BBC World Service 27/07/1974; Outlook, BBC World Service 15/06/1978; BBC News 12/10/1960; Outlook, BBC World Service 04/07/1996; Newsnight, BBC Two 26/07/2001; Blake's 7, BBC One 25/02/1980; Blake's 7, BBC One 21/12/1981; Dr Who, BBC One 09/03/1985; Kaleidoscope Extra, Radio 4 22/05/1990. Please refer to the following websites if you would like further information about thyroid disorders:

Edward Seaga, Binyavanga Wainaina, Mary Stopes-Roe, Gloria Schiff, Dr John

Jun 7, 2019 1695


Pictured: Edward Seaga Julian Worricker on: The Jamaican politician, Edward Seaga, who led his country as prime minister throughout the 1980s Binyavanga Wainaina, one of Kenya's most prominent writers and LGBTQ activists The Vogue fashion editor and Manhattan socialite, Gloria Schiff Archivist, Mary Stopes-Roe, daughter of the bouncing bomb developer Barnes Wallis And the Grammy Award-winning, New Orleans born singer, Dr John. Interviewed guest: David Katz Interviewed guest: Ellah Wakatama Allfrey Interviewed guest: Jenny Guinness Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: International Profile, Radio 4 20/11/1987; The World Tonight, Radio 4 17/12/1976; BBC Sound Archive, Jamaican Labour Party Victory 03/11/1980; One Day I Will Write About This Place by Binyavanga Wainaina, read by Freddy Macha, Radio 4 07/11/2011; HardTalk, BBC World Service 21/02/2014; Regional Extra, Radio 4 16/04/1968; Interview with Mary Stopes-Roe, University of Huddersfield Research 19/07/2013; The First Time With Dr John, 6 Music 22/01/2018.

Professor Murray Gell-Mann, Nan Winton, James McCord, Gregory Gray

May 31, 2019 1673


Pictured: Nan Winton Matthew Bannister on Murray Gell-Mann, the American physicist who won the Nobel Prize for his work on the theory of elementary particles. He coined the name "quarks" for the fundamental building blocks of matter. Nan Winton, the first woman to read the TV news on the BBC. She faced discrimination in the male-dominated BBC newsroom. James McCord, the CIA agent who was involved in the Bay of Pigs and the Watergate break in. Gregory Gray, the Irish singer who went from boy band to cult musician. Interviewed guest: Professor Geoffrey West Interviewed guest: Graham Farmelo Interviewed guest: Tina Ellen Lee Interviewed guest: Maggie Brown Interviewed guest: Michael Carlson Interviewed guest: Tom Robinson Interviewed guest: Noel McLaughlin Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The Key To The Universe: The Search For The Laws Of Creation, BBC Two 27/01/1977; Horizon, BBC Two 25/07/1964; Panorama, BBC One 21/09/1959; Panorama, BBC One 09/03/1959; Arena, BBC Two 15/03/1997; U.S. Senate Select Committee On The Watergate Affair, BBC Sound Archive 18/05/1973; Watergate: Inside The Scandal That Took Down A Presidency, ABC News 17/06/2017.

Niki Lauda, Judith Kerr, IM Pei, Herman Wouk

May 24, 2019 1651


Pictured: Judith Kerr Matthew Bannister on Niki Lauda, the fearless racing driver who survived a terrible crash to make a dramatic comeback on the track. Judith Kerr, the author of much-loved children's books including the Mog series and The Tiger Who Came to Tea. I.M. Pei, the architect best known for the glass pyramid outside the Louvre in Paris. Herman Wouk, the American novelist and screenwriter who won the Pulitzer Prize for The Caine Mutiny. Interviewed guest: Simon Taylor Interviewed guest: Julia Eccleshare Contributor: Michael Goldfarb Interviewed guest: Professor Eric Homberger Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: South African Grand Prix 1976, BBC Sound Archives; Rush, directed by Ron Howard, Working Title Films/Imagine Entertainment/Cross Creek Pictures/DNEG/Revolution Films/ Exclusive Media Group 2013; Hunt/Lauda, Radio 4 24/03/2013; The World At One, Radio 4 12/11/1981; BBC News, 28/05/1991; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 29/02/2004; When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, read by Rosemary Leach, Radio 4 Extra 02/10/2017; The 60 Minutes Interview: I.M. Pei, CBS News 1987; Readings by Herman Wouk, University of California TV 24/01/2008.

Doris Day, Brian Walden, Dorothy Rowe, Lorraine Warren

May 17, 2019 1684


Pictured: Doris Day Julian Worricker on: One of Hollywood's top box-office stars of the 50s and 60s, actress and singer Doris Day. The Labour MP who became one of television's most exhaustive political interviewers, Brian Walden. Dorothy Rowe, one of the earliest figures in psychology to build a bridge between clinical practice and the general public. And the paranormal investigator, Lorraine Warren, whose best-known case focused on the house at the centre of the film, The Amityville Horror. Interviewed guest: David Benedict Interviewed guest: Matthew Parris Interviewed guest: Tim Lott Interviewed guest: Tony Spera Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The Gloria Hunniford Show, Radio 2 10/02/1995; The Man Who Knew Too Much, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Paramount Pictures/Filwite Productions 1956; A Point of View, Radio 4 18/03/2005; Weekend World, Radio 4 09/05/1982; Today, Radio 4 13/05/2019; The Walden Interview, BBC London Weekend Television 29/10/1989; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 24/03/2002; The Successful Self by Dorothy Rowe read by Frances Jester, Radio 4 03/01/2007; The Amityville Horror, directed by Stuart Rosenberg, American International Pictures/Cinema 77/Professional Films 1979; The Conjuring, directed by James Wan, New Line Cinema/The Safran Company/Evergreen Media Group 2013.

Winnie Jordan, Richard Green, Karol Modzelewski, Liz Howe, John Singleton

May 10, 2019 1688


Pictured: John Singleton Andrea Catherwood on: British Athlete Winnie Jordan who won a silver medal in the Empire Games in 1938 and became a celebrated British Champion after the war. American psychiatrist and lawyer, Richard Green, who advanced acceptance and understanding of gay and trans people. Founder of Poland's Solidarity movement, Karol Modzelewski. Liz Howe, the ecologist who spearheaded a modern environmental Domesday book for Wales. And John Singleton, US film director of the LA gang classic Boyz N the Hood. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Peter Tatchell Interviewed guest: Faye Jordan Interviewed guest: John Brant Interviewed guest: John Ratcliffe Interviewed guest: Dr Stanley Bill Archive from: Front Row, Radio 4, 25.10.2016

Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, Terry Rawlings, Neus Català, Heather Harper CBE, Peter Mayhew

May 3, 2019 1681


Pictured: Peter Mayhew Matthew Bannister on Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, who served with the Irish Guards during the war, liberated his own country and then presided over its prosperity. Terry Rawlings, the film editor who worked on Alien, Chariots of Fire and the Bond film Goldeneye. Neus Català, the Spanish communist who fought Franco, joined the French resistance and survived a Nazi death camp. Heather Harper, the operatic soprano who was called up at the last minute to perform in the premiere of Benjamin Britten's War Requiem. Peter Mayhew, the actor best known for playing Chewbacca in the original Star Wars films. Interviewed guest: Patricia Treble Interviewed guest: Major General Sir Robert Corbett, KCVO, CB Interviewed guest: Ridley Scott Interviewed guest: Michael Eaude Interviewed guest: Eduardo Bennaroch Reader: Helen Clapp Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Passing Out Parade: HRH Prince Jean of Luxembourg, BBC Sound Archive, 29/07/1943; Alien, directed by Ridley Scott, Brandywine Productions/Twentieth Century-Fox Productions 1979; Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott, The Ladd Company/Shaw Brothers/Warner Bros./Blade Runner Partnership, 1982; Heather Harper: A Musical Portrait, BBC Two 30/08/1984; Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, directed by George Lucas, Lucasfilm/Twentieth Century Fox 1977.

Lyra McKee, Una-Mary Parker, Mira Markovic, Doreen Spooner, Edward Kelsey

Apr 26, 2019 1680


Pictured: Lyra McKee Matthew Bannister on Lyra McKee, the 29 year old Northern Irish journalist who was shot dead by the New IRA. Una-Mary Parker who was the social editor of Tatler, a commentator on the Royal family and the author of best-selling novels. Mira Markovic, the wife of the Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, who denied her husband's responsibility for atrocities during the Bosnian war. Doreen Spooner, the first woman to work as a staff photographer on a Fleet Street newspaper. And Edward Kelsey, the actor who played Joe Grundy in The Archers for 34 years. Interviewed guest: Sarah Kay Interviewed guest: Baba Hobart Interviewed guest: Adam Lebor Interviewed guest: Cathy Vandeputte Interviewed guest: Felicity Green Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: BBC News, 24/04/2019; Stephen Nolan, 5 Live 19/04/2019; TEDxStormont Women, November 2017; Just A Nimmo: Gossip and Gossip Columnists, BBC Two 03/02/1977; Best Behaviour, Radio 4 25/09/1991; HARDtalk, BBC News 10/09/2001; BBC News 28/06/2001; The World Tonight, Radio 4 01/11/1996; Breakfast Time, BBC One 29/01/1988; PM, Radio 4 13/10/1986; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 15/02/1988; BBC News, 02/10/1983; The Archers, Radio 4 17/03/2015; Breakfast Time, BBC One 26/03/1985; The Archers, Radio 4 18/07/2018.

David Thouless, Nadja Poderegin, Ian Cognito, Dr Michael O’Donnell, Les Reed

Apr 19, 2019 1684


Pictured: Nadja Poderegin Julian Worricker on: David Thouless, whose work in the world of quantum mechanics earned him a share of the Nobel Prize for Physics. The Serbian actress, Nadja Poderegin, who went from 'Bond girl' on screen to be a publisher and novelist. Stand-up comedian, Ian Cognito, whose act was much loved on the comedy circuit but never allowed on TV. Michael O'Donnell, who combined a medical background with a career in journalism and broadcasting, notably on Radio 4. And the songwriter Les Reed, who co-wrote memorable songs for the likes of Englebert Humperdinck and Tom Jones. Interviewed guest: Michael Thouless Interviewed guest: Professor Andy Schofield Interviewed guest: Tanya Firth Interviewed guest: Toby Hadoke Interviewed guest: Dr Harvey Marcovitch Interviewed guest: Laurie Taylor Producer: Paula McGinley Archive clips from: Profile, Radio 4 09/10/2016; From Russia With Love, directed by Terence Young, Eon Productions 1963; Goldfinger, directed by Guy Hamilton, Eon Productions 1964; Comic To Comic: Ian Cognito, Radio 4 Extra 07/04/2012; Stop The Week, Radio 4 14/11/1987; O'Donnell Investigates, BBC Two 19/09/1988; Midweek, Radio 4 11/12/2002; Relative Values, Radio 4 30/08/1988; The Songwriters: Les Reed, Radio 2 18/11/1975; Les Reed Interviewed By Debbie Greenwood, Radio 2 29/03/1988.

Sydney Brenner, Dan Robbins, Edda Tasiemka, Ian McDonald

Apr 12, 2019 1698


Pictured: Sydney Brenner Matthew Bannister on Sydney Brenner, the Nobel Prize-winning biologist who worked with Francis Crick to map DNA. Dan Robbins, the artist who invented painting by numbers. Edda Tasiemka, the archivist who kept a comprehensive newspaper and magazine cuttings collection in her North London home. Ian McDonald, the Ministry of Defence spokesman during the Falklands War who became a familiar face on TV and was known for his sonorous delivery. Interviewed guest: Professor Jonathan Hodgkin Interviewed guest: Larry Robbins Interviewed guest: Robert Lacey Interviewed guest: Ian Mather Interviewed guest: Revel Barker Producer: Paula McGinley

Michel Bacos, Agnes Varda, Victor Hochhauser CBE, Barbara Low, Ranking Roger

Apr 5, 2019 1664


Pictured: Agnès Varda Matthew Bannister on Michel Bacos, the pilot of the Air France jet that was hi-jacked to Entebbe in 1976. He was offered the chance to leave, but chose to stay with the hostages until they were freed in a dramatic raid by the Israelis. The film director Agnès Varda, known as the mother of the French New Wave. The impresario Victor Hochhauser who specialised in bringing top Russian artists to the UK. The biochemist Barbara Low who used X-ray crystallography to identify the structure of penicillin. Ranking Roger, the singer and frontman of the 70s ska revival band The Beat. Interviewed guest: Rosemary Bacos Interviewed guest: Paul Martin Interviewed guest: Terri White Interviewed guest: Norman Lebrecht Interviewed guest: Helen Berman Interviewed guest: Pauline Black Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Raid on Entebbe, directed by Irvin Kershner, 20th Century Fox Television, Edgar J. Scherick Associates, 1977; La Pointe Courte, directed by Agnès Varda, Ciné Tamaris, 1956; Cléo from 5 to 7, directed by Agnès Varda, Ciné Tamaris, Rome Paris Films, 1962; Front Row, Radio 4 13/07/2018; Today, Radio 4 30/03/2019; In Tune, Radio 3 17/11/2017; Liz Kershaw, 6 Music 09/07/2016.

Baroness Warnock, William Hucklesby QPM, Rose Hilton, Professor Lord Bhattacharyya CBE FRS, Scott Walker

Mar 29, 2019 1693


Pictured: Baroness Warnock Matthew Bannister on Baroness Warnock, the philosopher who set down the principles which govern human fertilisation treatment and embryo research. William Hucklesby, the Police Commander who led the anti-terrorist branch at the time of the Hyde Park and Brighton bomb attacks. Rose Hilton, the artist who put her career on hold to support her husband, but gained recognition after his death. Professor Lord Bhattacharyya, who brought together academics and industrialists at the Warwick Manufacturing Group. And Scott Walker, the chart-topping singer who moved into experimental music later in life. Interviewed guest: Baroness Onora O’Neill Interviewed guest: Sally Cheshire Interviewed guest: Alex Hucklesby Interviewed guest: Christopher Burke Interviewed guest: Ian Collins Interviewed guest: Professor Dave Mullins Interviewed guest: Sir Vince Cable Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Meeting Myself Coming Back: Mary Warnock, Radio 4 12/07/2014; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 04/12/1988; The World Tonight, Radio 4 20/04/1984; PM, Radio 4 06/09/1982; BBC News 19/12/1983; Sound Archive: Brighton Press Conference, Radio 4 13/10/1984; Rose Hilton interviewed by Susan Marling, 2017 (not broadcast); Woman's Hour, Radio 4 05/04/2011; The Politics Show: West Midlands, BBC One 11/12/2011; Midlands Today, BBC One 09/12/2011; Scott Walker talks to Jarvis Cocker, 6 Music 2017; The Late Show, BBC Two 10/05/1995.

Gillian Freeman, Sir Peter Hutchison, Sister Dorothy Bell, Dick Dale

Mar 22, 2019 1688


Pictured: Dick Dale Matthew Bannister on Gillian Freeman, the novelist and screenwriter whose books include The Leather Boys, a story of a gay love affair between two working class men in the 1960s. Sir Peter Hutchison who travelled to remote parts of the world to collect rare plants. Sister Dorothy Bell, the nun who after a career devoted to education, turned her attention to AIDS awareness. And the King of the Surf Guitar Dick Dale. Interviewed guest: Michael Arditti Interviewed guest: Edward Thorpe Reader: Mathilda Thorpe Reader: Harriet Thorpe Interviewed guest: James Hutchison Interviewed guest: Simon Milne Interviewed guest: Sister Dr Bernadette Porter Interviewed guest: Emma Cole Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Woman's Hour, Radio 4 22/03/1978; In Search Of The Golden Pleione, Radio 4 30/04/1982; Losing the Habit, Radio 4 29/04/2009.

Professor Mike Oliver, Jacques Loussier, Professor Richard Lacey, The Reverend Ruth Scott

Mar 15, 2019 1693


Pictured: Jacques Loussier Matthew Bannister on Mike Oliver, who was paralysed from the neck down after diving into a swimming pool as a teenager. He became the UK's first Professor of Disability Studies and transformed the debate about disabled people's rights. Jacques Loussier, the French pianist and composer best known for his jazz arrangements of the works of J.S. Bach. Professor Richard Lacey, the microbiologist who warned of the dangers to humans of mad cow disease. The Reverend Ruth Scott, the Anglican vicar known for her appearances on Radio 2's Pause for Thought and Radio 4's Thought for the Day. Interviewed guest: Colin Barnes Interviewed guest: Peter White Interviewed guest: Alyn Shipton Interviewed guest: Dr John Heritage Interviewed guest: The Reverend Chris Scott Producer: Neil George Archive clips from:

France-Albert Rene, Simon Norton, Belle Tutaev, Dr Ian Adamson OBE, Keith Flint

Mar 8, 2019 1673


Pictured: Simon Norton Matthew Bannister on France-Albert René, the Seychelles President who came to power in a coup and stayed in office for more than 25 years. Simon Norton, the brilliant but eccentric mathematician who became fascinated by public transport. Belle Tutaev who campaigned for better early learning provision for the UK's children. Ian Adamson, the Northern Ireland doctor who wrote many learned history books and became Lord Mayor of Belfast. And Keith Flint, the flamboyant lead singer of The Prodigy. Interviewed guest: Tim Ecott Interviewed guest: Alexander Masters Interviewed guest: Professor Marcus du Sautoy Interviewed guest: Mary Tutaev Interviewed guest: Neil Leitch Interviewed guest: Professor Wesley Hutchinson Interviewed guest: Helen Brooker Interviewed guest: Andrew Harrison Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Seychelles Daily TV, 17/04/18; World at One, Radio 4 03/12/81; Early Years Alliance, 23/02/12; Lifetimes: Ian Adamson, Radio Ulster 2002; Keith Flint Interview, Radio 1 09/05/96.

André Previn KBE, John Haynes OBE, Tony Mendez, Lady Grantchester

Mar 1, 2019 1689


Pictured: André Previn Matthew Bannister on André Previn, the conductor and pianist whose repertoire ranged from the classics to film and jazz music. He took part in a celebrated sketch with Morecambe and Wise. John Haynes, publisher of the Haynes manuals which gave amateur mechanics a step by step guide to repairing their cars. Tony Mendez, the CIA operative who smuggled American diplomatic staff out of Tehran disguised as a film crew. The story later became the Hollywood film Argo. Lady Grantchester, who played a key role in the success of the Littlewoods retail and football pools empire. Interviewed guest: Edward Seckerson Interviewed guest: Annette Haynes Interviewed guest: Peter Earnest Interviewed guest: Professor Peter Toyne Interviewed guest: John Suenson-Taylor, Lord Grantchester Interviewed guest: James Suenson-Taylor Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 18/08/1996; How to Write an Instruction Manual, Radio 4 21/08/2009; Argo, directed by Ben Affleck, Warner Bros./GK Films/Smokehouse Pictures 2012.

Lady Falkender, Karl Lagerfeld, John Stalker, Andrea Levy, Peter Tork

Feb 22, 2019 1690


Matthew Bannister on Lady Falkender who was the controversial political secretary to Harold Wilson for twenty seven years. Karl Lagerfeld, the designer who re-vitalised Chanel, developed Fendi and became an icon in his own right. John Stalker, the Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police who led an investigation into allegations of a shoot to kill policy in Northern Ireland. Andrea Levy, the award winning novelist who reflected the experience of children of the Windrush generation. Peter Tork who played bass with one of the first manufactured boy bands, The Monkees. Interviewed guest: Michael Cockerell Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Miles Socha Interviewed guest: Kim Winser OBE Interviewed guest: Duncan Campbell Producer: Neil George

Gordon Banks OBE, Vikki Orvice, David Garman OBE, Mary Oliver, Albert Finney

Feb 15, 2019 1703


Matthew Bannister on Gordon Banks, the goalkeeper in England's 1966 World Cup winning team, who made one of the greatest saves of all time in 1970. Vikki Orvice, the first woman to work as a football writer on a national tabloid newspaper. David Garman, the inventor of the portable bath lift and many other devices to help people with disabilities. Mary Oliver, the American poet known for her works about animals and the natural world. The acclaimed actor Albert Finney who was nominated for an Oscar five times but never attended the ceremony. Interviewed guest: Jacqui Oatley Interviewed guest: Suji Kwock Kim Interviewed guest: Ruth Franklin Interviewed guest: Andrew Macphail Producer: Neil George

Rosamunde Pilcher OBE, Hugh Lewin, Lamia Al-Gailani, Dr Stewart Adams OBE, Dr Adam Watson

Feb 8, 2019 1693


Pictured: Rosamunde Pilcher Andrea Catherwood on: Activist Hugh Lewin who was jailed for his stand against apartheid in South Africa, Iraqi archaeologist Lamia Al-Gailani who helped rebuild the National Museum of Iraq after looting, Dr Stewart Adams, the Boots pharmacist who invented Ibuprofen, Scottish ecologist Adam Watson who devoted his life to protecting the Cairngorms, and author Rosamunde Pilcher, the mistress of the British Family Saga. Interviewed guest: Lord Peter Hain Interviewed guest: Jane Arraf Interviewed guest: Sophie Clapp Interviewed guest: Iain Cameron Interviewed guest: Derek Pyper Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The Whites Who Fought Apartheid, Radio 4 23/05/2010; ISIL's Destruction of Antiquities, Al Jazeera English 26/02/2015; Dan Cruickshank's Civilisation Under Attack, BBC Four 08/07/2015; Saturday Live, Radio 4 22/12/2007; Afield, Radio 4 03/01/1971; Bookshelf: Rosamunde Pilcher, Radio 4 03/01/1992.

Jeremy Hardy, Diana Athill OBE, Sir Conrad Swan, Michel Legrand

Feb 1, 2019 1689


Pictured: Jeremy Hardy Julian Worricker on: Comedian Jeremy Hardy, a mainstay of The News Quiz and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue on Radio 4.... Editor and author, Diana Athill, who wrote candidly about her personal life especially in her later years... Sir Conrad Swan, who, as Garter King of Arms, was the senior heraldic authority of England... Oscar-winning composer, pianist, conductor and arranger, Michel Legrand.... Interviewed guest: Mark Steel Interviewed guest: Jeremy Corbyn Interviewed guest: Damian Barr Interviewed guest: Gordon Casely Interviewed guest: Patrick Dickinson Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The News Quiz, Radio 4 01/06/2018; The News Quiz, Radio 4 01/05/2012; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 20/06/2004; Midsummer Night in the Workhouse: A Weekend in the Country, Radio 4 16/10/2011; BBC Breakfast News, BBC One 18/11/1994; Kaleidoscope, Radio 4 15/04/1974; Carte Blanche, Radio 2 08/01/2019; The Music Never Ends: The Michel Legrand Story episode 6, Radio 2 09/05/2003.

Hugh McIlvanney, Jennie Buckman, John Beavis, David Pritchard

Jan 25, 2019 1666


Pictured: Hugh McIlvanney Matthew Bannister on Hugh McIlvanney, the respected sports writer known for his love of language and combative approach to life. Jennie Buckman, the theatre practitioner who trained a generation of famous actors and founded a company to give voice to the disadvantaged. John Beavis, the surgeon who was forced to retire from the NHS through ill health but then spent the next 25 years training medical professionals in war zones around the world. And David Pritchard, the TV producer who created mould-breaking food programmes featuring Keith Floyd and Rick Stein. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Roddy Forsyth Interviewed guest: Sir Michael Parkinson Interviewed guest: Tess Woodcraft Interviewed guest: Adrian Lester Interviewed guest: Colin Green Interviewed guest: Tom Jaine Archive clips from: Life Behind the News, Radio Scotland 18/01/2009; The Final Curtain, Radio Wales 28/08/2004; Today, Radio 4 14/09/1993; Giants Vlog, Tips for Actors, 23/10/2017; Jennie Buckman’s Beginnings Workshop, 18/06/2012; Westway, BBC World Service 03/04/2000; Piece of Silk by Jennie Buckman, The Hope Theatre, Giants Theatre Co 08/07/2016; Midweek, Radio 4 19/05/2010; Midweek, Radio 4 27/05/2009; Floyd’s American Pie: San Francisco, BBC Two 14/11/1989; The Food Programme, Radio 4 01/06/2015; Rick Stein’s Taste of the Sea, BBC Two 1995.

Joe Casely-Hayford, Judge Nicholas Crichton, Professor Sophie Oluwole, Professor Paul O’Brien CBE, Carol Channing

Jan 18, 2019 1684


Pictured: Joe Casely-Hayford Matthew Bannister on Joe Casely-Hayford, the fashion designer whose creations ranged from punk to Savile Row tailoring. His children, who followed him into fashion, pay tribute. Nicholas Crichton, the judge who pioneered specialist family drug and alcohol courts in the UK. Professor Sophie Oluwole, who was a powerful advocate for African philosophy. Professor Paul O'Brien, the pioneer of nanotechnology who developed new ways of producing the quantum dots which lie behind our HDTVs and barcode scanners. And Carol Channing, the colourful Broadway star of 'Hello Dolly' and 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'. Interviewed guest: Charlie Casely-Hayford Interviewed guest: Alice Casely-Hayford Interviewed guest: Claire Wilcox Interviewed guest: Sophie Miller Interviewed guest: Professor Muyiwa Falaiye Interviewed guest: Professor Richard Winpenny Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Ebony People, BBC Two 09/06/1989; Inside the Family Court episode 1, Radio 4 08/06/2006; Importance of the Mother Tongue, Tunde Kelani TV 13/01/2016; Oro Isiti with Professor Sophie Oluwole, Tunde Kelani TV 17/02/2016; North West Tonight, BBC One 30/10/2008; What is Professor Paul O'Brien Researching?, School of Materials, University of Manchester 14/07/2015; Broadway Babes: Carol Channing, Radio 2 14/09/1984; Star Sound, Radio 2 24/09/1979.

Nancy Roman, Ralph Koltai CBE, Julia Grant, Jin Yong, Norman Gimbel

Jan 11, 2019 1618


Pictured: Nancy Roman Matthew Bannister on Nancy Roman, the American space agency NASA's first Chief Astronomer. She was known as the mother of the Hubble Telescope. Ralph Koltai, the influential theatre set designer who worked on more than 250 productions. Julia Grant, the transgender activist who allowed her transition from male to female to be filmed by the BBC. Jin Yong, the Chinese writer whose martial arts adventures sold 100 million copies. And Norman Gimbel, the prolific lyricist who wrote the words for "The Girl From Ipanema" and "Killing Me Softly With His Song". Interviewed guest: Kimberly Kowal Arcand Interviewed guest: Dr Stuart Clark Interviewed guest: Michael Quinn Interviewed guest: Professor Pamela Howard OBE Interviewed guest: Gary Roberts Interviewed guest: David Pearson Interviewed guest: Anna Holmwood Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Nancy Roman the Mother of Hubble, NASA 12/06/2017; Horizon: The Sharpest Show of the Universe, BBC Two 09/04/1990; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 23/08/1998; Inside Story: George, BBC Two 25/06/1979; A Change of Sex: Julia Gets Her Man, BBC Two 10/08/1999; Books Abroad, Radio 3 31/08/1996; The Legend of the Condor Heroes episode 11, iQIYI Motion Pictures 2017.

Dame June Whitfield, Sir Jack Zunz, Thomas Baptiste, David Austin OBE, Karre Mastanamma

Jan 4, 2019 1680


Pictured: June Whitfield Matthew Bannister on Dame June Whitfield, the comic actress whose long career spanned classic radio shows and Absolutely Fabulous. Sir Jack Zunz, the civil engineer who led the construction of the Sydney Opera House and became chairman of Ove Arup. Thomas Baptiste, the Guyana-born actor who appeared in Coronation Street and The Ipcress File and campaigned for colour blind casting. David Austin, who devoted his life to breeding new varieties of English roses. And Mastanamma, the 105-year-old Indian cook who became a sensation on the internet. Interviewed guest: Greg Hodkinson Interviewed guest: Stephen Bourne Interviewed guest: Michael Marriott Interviewed guest: Onkar Karambelkar Producer: Paula McGinley Archive clips from: Absolutely Fabulous, BBC One 19/11/1992; Absolutely Fabulous, BBC One 27/12/2002; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 29/04/1990; Dame June Whitfield in Conversation with Joanna Lumley, Radio 4 30/12/2018; Terry and June, BBC One 10/03/1980; The News Huddlines, Radio 2 21/09/2000; The building of the Sydney Opera House, Huntley Film Archives; ABC: Official Opening of the Sydney Opera House 1973; Till Death Do Us Part, BBC One, 27/06/1966; Black and White in Colour: Television, Memory, Race 1968-1992, BFI / BBC 1992; Play for Today: King, BBC One, 03/04/1984; Gardeners' World, BBC Two 06/07/1984; Gardeners' World, BBC Two 14/07/1989; Granny's Life Story: Mastanamma Story, Country Foods, 22/02/2017; Watermelon Chicken by my Granny, Country Foods, 03/03/2017.

Sister Wendy Beckett, Nicolas Roeg, Inge Borkh, Professor Sir Aaron Klug, Geoff Emerick

Dec 28, 2018 1702


Pictured: Sister Wendy Beckett Julian Worricker on: The nun, Sister Wendy Beckett, who became an unlikely television star when she brought her knowledge of the history of art to the small screen... Nicolas Roeg, the film director behind such classics as Don't Look Now and The Man Who Fell to Earth... The German soprano, Inge Borkh, described as one of the most exciting operatic performers of her era... The Nobel prize winning scientist, Professor Sir Aaron Klug, credited with ground-breaking work on the structure of viruses... And Geoff Emerick, a recording engineer regarded as the technical genius behind the sound of the Beatles... Producer: Paula McGinley

Sir David Weatherall, Penny Marshall, Evelyn Berezin, Zhores Medvedev, Nancy Wilson

Dec 21, 2018 1694


Pictured: Nancy Wilson Matthew Bannister on Sir David Weatherall, the world renowned haematologist and geneticist who pioneered molecular approaches to medicine. Penny Marshall, the first woman to direct a film which grossed more than a hundred million dollars. She also starred in the US TV sitcom Laverne and Shirley. Evelyn Berezin who invented the first computerised word processor for secretarial use. Zhores Medvedev, the Soviet scientist who revealed the use of psychiatric hospitals to lock up political dissidents. Nancy Wilson the versatile Grammy award winning singer who recorded jazz, pop and R&B songs. Interviewed guest: Tom Soloman Interviewed guest: Larushka Ivan-Zadeh Interviewed guest: Matthew Kirschenbaum Interviewed guest: Jonathan Steele Interviewed guest: Tina May Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Eureka: David Weatherall, Radio 4 03/12/95; Science at War: Hydrogen Bomb, BBC Two 10/12/98; Newsnight, BBC Two 21/03/84; Newsnight, BBC Two 28/04/86; Happy Days, Henderson Productions/Miller-Milkis-Boyett Productions/Paramount Television; Big, American Entertainment Partners II LP/Gracie Films/Twentieth Century Fox, 1988; The Talk of the Town, BBC TV 30/04/72; Oral History of Evelyn Berezin, Computer History Museum, Interviewed by Gardner Hendrie 10/03/14 in New York.

Peter Boizot, Judith Kazantzis, Sir Sze-Yuen Chung, Sister Cecylia Roszak, Scott English

Dec 14, 2018 1681


Pictured: Peter Boizot Matthew Bannister on Peter Boizot who founded the Pizza Express chain of restaurants and invested heavily in his home town of Peterborough. Judith Kazantzis, the feminist poet, novelist and activist. Sir Sze-Yuen Chung, the Hong Kong businessman who led the campaign for residents' views to be heard during the handover negotiations between the UK and China. Cecylia Roszak, the Polish nun who helped to save Lithuanian Jews from the Nazis during the second world war. Scott English the songwriter who gave us "Hi Ho Silver Lining" and "Mandy". Interviewed guest: Clementine Allen Interviewed guest: David Lowndes Interviewed guest: Michèle Roberts Interviewed guest: Baroness Lydia Dunn Interviewed guest: Jonathan Ornstein Interviewed guest: Geoff Barker Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Nationwide, BBC One 13/08/76; Nationwide, BBC One 05/05/81; Table Talk in the 60s, Radio 3 23/05/93; Look East, BBC Norwich 17/02/03; Newsbeat, Radio 1 04/12/97; I Write the Songs: The Barry Manilow Profile, Radio 2 21/11/06; Radio 4 News, 30/06/97.

Harry Leslie Smith, Pete Shelley, Monica Sims, Professor Wendy Atkin OBE, Ivan March

Dec 7, 2018 1680


Pictured: Pete Shelley Matthew Bannister on Harry Leslie Smith who grew up in poverty in Yorkshire. He became an outspoken campaigner for the welfare state and a social media star in his nineties. Pete Shelley, lead singer and songwriter of Buzzcocks. Monica Sims, the BBC executive who ran children's TV, then became Controller of Radio 4. Wendy Atkin, the epidemiologist who devised a breakthrough screening test for bowel cancer. Ivan March, the music critic who set up a record lending library and co-wrote the Penguin Stereo Record Guide. Interviewed guest: John Smith Interviewed guest: Owen Jones Interviewed guest: Gillian Reynolds Interviewed guest: Edward Barnes Interviewed guest: Dr Amanda Cross Interviewed guest: Martin Cullingford Reader: Tony Turner Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Labour Party Conference, BBC Parliament 24/09/14; Harry Leslie Smith: Comment is Free, The Guardian 23/03/16; Afternoon Edition, 5 Live 07/10/14; 5 Live Breakfast, 07/12/18; The Seven Ages of Rock, 6 Music 05/04/18; The Buzzcocks Story, 6 Music 31/07/14; Interviews with Monica Sims from the BBC Oral History Collection; BBC News, 12/04/02; Today, Radio 4 28/04/10.

Baroness Trumpington, Roy Bailey, Chief Inspector Henry Stevens GC, Bernardo Bertolucci

Nov 30, 2018 1695


Pictured: Baroness Trumpington Matthew Bannister on Baroness Trumpington, who worked for Lloyd George and at Bletchley Park during the war then became a government minister noted for her cheerfully unstuffy attitude. Roy Bailey the socialist folk singer who teamed up with Tony Benn in an award winning live act. Henry Stevens, the police officer who won the George Cross for repeatedly tackling a burglar who shot him in the face. Bernardo Bertolucci, director of the acclaimed film "The Last Emperor" and the controversial "Last Tango In Paris". Interviewed guest: Martin Simpson Interviewed guest: Stephen Stevens Interviewed guest: Simon Stevens Contributor: Angie Errigo Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Have I Got News For You, BBC One 27/05/16; Profile, Radio 4 14/10/17; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 25/11/90; 5 Live Breakfast 27/11/18; Today, Radio 4 27/11/18; Mike Harding, Radio 2 Folk Show 08/10/08; Front Row, Radio 4 29/04/13; The Last Emperor directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, RPC/Hemdale/Yanco Films/TAO Film 1987; The Conformist directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, Mars Film/Marianne Productions/Maran Film 1970; Last Tango in Paris directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, Les Productions Artistes Associés/Produzioni Europee Associate 1972.

John Large, William Goldman, Dr Sarah Ntiro, Richard Baker, Patsy Rodgers

Nov 23, 2018 1695


Pictured: William Goldman Matthew Bannister on William Goldman, the Hollywood screenwriter behind a string of hits including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All The President's Men and The Princess Bride. John Large, the respected nuclear engineer who highlighted the safety risks facing the industry. Richard Baker, the long serving BBC television newsreader who also presented classical music programmes, including the Proms, on radio. Dr. Sarah Ntiro, the first woman in East Africa to get a university degree. Patsy Rodgers who was known as the King of Tory - Ireland's most remote inhabited island. Interviewed guest: Harlan Coben Interviewed guest: Ellin Stein Interviewed guest: Shaun Burnie Interviewed guest: Andrew Baker Interviewed guest: John Rendel Interviewed guest: Rita Achiro Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Nationwide, BBC One 04/12/80; Saturday Live, Radio 4 08/01/11; The Last King of Ireland, RTE 27/07/18; Marathon Man, directed by John Schlesinger, Paramount Pictures / Robert Evans Company 1976; Night Waves, Radio 3 26/11/92; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, directed by George Roy Hill, Twentieth Century Fox 1969; The Princess Bride, directed by Rob Reiner, Act III Communications 1987; 50th Anniversary of BBC Television News, BBC One 05/07/04; Midweek, Radio 4 15/06/83; Walton: Façade, London Sinfonietta, Radio 3 03/06/77; Up All Night, 5 Live, 12/04/11; File On Four: The Future Of Nuclear Energy, Radio 4 04/11/86.

Aubrey Manning, Max Levitas, Babs Beverley, Janet Paisley, Stan Lee

Nov 16, 2018 1677


Pictured: Stan Lee Matthew Bannister on The naturalist and expert on animal evolution Aubrey Manning who presented the acclaimed BBC TV series Earth Story. The Jewish Communist campaigner Max Levitas who fought Oswald Moseley's fascist blackshirts. The singer Babs Beverley - one third of the close harmony singing group the Beverley Sisters. Janet Paisley the poet and novelist known for her work in the Scots language. Stan Lee - revered creator of comic book icons like Spiderman, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Interviewed guest: Derwent May Interviewed guest: Julian Hector Interviewed guest: Stephanie Hilbourne Interviewed guest: Matthew Sweet Interviewed guest: Linda Jackson Interviewed guest: Michael Goldfarb Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Sunday Morning with Richard Holloway, Radio Scotland 14/02/2010; The Poetry of Life, Radio Scotland 27/01/2008; The Language of Kings, BBC Scotland/Hopscotch Films 28/02/2006; PM, Radio 4 04/10/2006; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 14/08/1985; Richard Bacon, 5 Live 20/08/2009; 5 Live interview 12/11/2018; Third Ear, Radio 4 17/12/1991; Today, Radio 4 18/11/2015; Rules of Life: Life Before Birth, Radio 4 24/01/2006; Earth Story: The Time Travellers, BBC Worldwide / Learning Channel 01/11/1998; Images by Janet Paisley. 31/12/2018; Jeremy Vine, Radio 2 09/11/2011; Max Levitas Battle of Cable Street, Fourman Films 07/09/2013.

Lord Heywood, Pamela Lonsdale, Sangharakshita, Tom Jago, Francis Lai

Nov 9, 2018 1681


Pictured: Lord Heywood Matthew Bannister on Lord Heywood, the senior civil servant who worked with four Prime Ministers: Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Theresa May. Pamela Lonsdale, the children's TV producer who brought us Rainbow. Sangharakshita, the British born Buddhist leader whose reputation was tarnished by allegations of sexual misconduct with his students. Tom Jago, the drinks marketeer who developed Bailey's Irish Cream, Malibu and Le Piat D'Or. And Francis Lai, the Love Story composer. Interviewed guest: Ed Balls Interviewed guest: Ronnie Le Drew Interviewed guest: Liz Crowther Interviewed guest: Dharmachari Vishvapani Interviewed guest: Rebecca Jago Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Jeremy Vine, Radio 2 05/11/2018; Radio 4 News Flash, 16/09/1992; Westminster Hour, Radio 4 04/11/2018; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Ep. 8, Part 1, ITV 1967; Rainbow, Thames TV 01/11/1972; Midweek, Radio 4 05/07/1989; Matter of Fact: Going for Refuge, BBC East 12/11/1992.

Wanda Ferragamo, Wim Kok, Ntozake Shange, Mohamed Sahnoun, Keith Killby

Nov 2, 2018 1690


Pictured: Wanda Ferragamo Matthew Bannister on Wanda Ferragamo - who took over her husband's successful Italian shoe making business and turned it into a global fashion brand. Wim Kok, the Dutch prime minister whose career was overshadowed by the Srebrenica massacre. The writer Ntozake Shange, best known for her choreopoem "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow is Enuf". The Algerian diplomat Mohamed Sahnoun who played a key role in ending several conflicts in Africa. Keith Killby, the pacifist who served unarmed with the Special Boat Service during the war. Interviewed guest: Luisa Zargani Interviewed guest: Suzy Menkes Interviewed guest: Dan van der Vat Interviewed guest: Rohan Preston Interviewed guest: Paul T. Williams Jr Interviewed guest: Jill Turner Interviewed guest: Letitia Blake Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Radio 4 News, 28/11/2000; Radio 4 News, 10/04/2002; Ntozake Shange - The Lost Interview, Reelblack, 08/03/2016; Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC 23/09/2014; A Journey Through Imaginary Landscapes, Radio 3 16/04/1993; For Colored Girls Who've Considered Suicide/ When The Rainbow Is Enuf, Radio 3 21/01/1996; BBC News 30/07/1992; Newsnight, BBC Two 14/06/1993; Interview with Keith Killby, courtesy of the Monte San Martino Trust, 17/06/2014.

Anthea Bell OBE, Captain Michael Howard, Baroness Hollis of Heigham, Cicely Berry CBE, Tony Hiller

Oct 26, 2018 1695


Pictured: Baroness Hollis Matthew Bannister on Anthea Bell who translated the works of Freud and Kafka into English - but was even better known for making Asterix the Gaul funny in his second language. Captain Michael Howard, the intelligence officer who was part of T-Force which was set up after the second world war to seize German assets and bring them back to the UK. Baroness Hollis, the Labour peer who campaigned for the poor and disadvantaged. Cicely Berry, the voice coach who trained a generation of British actors. And Tony Hiller who wrote 1,500 songs, including the Brotherhood of Man's Eurovision hit "Save Your Kisses For Me". Interviewed guest: Oliver Kamm Interviewed guest: Aubyn Howard Interviewed guest: Major John Bendit Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Michael Quinn Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The Verb, Radio 3 08/05/2004; Open Book. Radio 4 14/07/2002; Front Row, Radio 4 14/05/2004; Open Book, Radio 4 04/09/2008; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 18/07/2003; Victoria Derbyshire, BBC One 27/10/2015; Money Box, Radio 4 13/09/2015; The Week in Westminster, Radio 4 26/01/2013; Newsnight, BBC Two 26/10/2015; The Vox Project, Radio 4 04/01/2010; Night Waves, Radio 3 05/06/2006; Working Shakespeare: The Muscularity of Language, The Working Arts; Miss Moneypenny's Meter, Radio 4 07/09/2006.

Paul Allen, Dr Mary Midgley, Leon Lederman, Roger Mainwood

Oct 19, 2018 1697


Pictured: Paul Allen Matthew Bannister on Paul Allen who teamed up with his school friend Bill Gates to found the computer software company Microsoft. After he left, he used his billions to support medical research, education and an American football team. Mary Midgley, the philosopher who wrote about the relationship between humans and animals and enjoyed lively debates with her colleagues. Leon Lederman, the physicist who won the Nobel prize for his work on the neutrino and described the Higgs boson as "the God particle". Roger Mainwood, the animator who helped to bring Raymond Briggs' The Snowman to the screen, then directed the critically acclaimed animated film about Briggs' parents, "Ethel and Ernest". Interviewed guest: Glenn Fleishman Interviewed guest: David Midgley Interviewed guest: Professor Malcolm Fairbairn Interviewed guest: Nigel Lockyer Interviewed guest: Jez Stewart Archive clips from: Horizon: The Six Billion Dollar Experiment, BBC TV 01/05/07; Origins: Where We and Our World Came From, BBC TV 18/03/86; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 30/07/03; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 17/03/97; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 20/11/05; When the Wind Blows film trailer, Meltdown Productions/British Screen Productions/Film Four International/TVC London/Penguin Books, directed by Jimmy T. Murakami 1986; Ethel & Ernest film trailer, BBC/BFI/Ffilm Cymru Wales/Film Fund Luxembourg/Cloth Cat Animation/Ethel&Ernest Productions/Lupus Films/Melusine Productions, directed by Roger Mainwood 2016; Meg and Mog, ITV, directed by Roger Mainwood 2003; CBS News, 17/04/11; Today, Radio 4 25/04/11.

Ray Galton, Professor Gerald Russell, Evelyn Anthony, Sir Roger Gibbs, Montserrat Caballé

Oct 12, 2018 1679


Pictured: Montserrat Caballé Matthew Bannister on Ray Galton, who, with his writing partner Alan Simpson, created Hancock's Half Hour and Steptoe and Son. Paul Merton pays tribute. Gerald Russell, the psychiatrist who was the first to describe the eating disorder bulimia nervosa. Evelyn Anthony, the novelist whose historical romances sold millions of copies. The financier Sir Roger Gibbs, who transformed the fortunes of the Wellcome Trust. And the Spanish opera singer Montserrat Caballé, who had a global hit with Barcelona - a duet with Freddie Mercury. Interviewed guest: Paul Merton Interviewed guest: Professor Janet Treasure Interviewed guest: Ewan Ward-Thomas Reader: Alexandra Constantinidi Interviewed guest: Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller Archive clips from: Read All About It, Radio 4 04/01/76; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 27/11/74; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 15/08/88; The Tamarind Seed, ITC/Jewel Productions/Pimlico Films/Lorimar Productions, directed by Blake Edwards 1974; The Wellcome Trust (; Aled Jones, Radio Wales 05/07/08; Laughed off the Page: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, Radio Scotland 26/01/07; Hancock: The Radio Ham, BBC TV 1961; Steptoe and Son: The Offer, BBC Light Programme 03/07/66; The Wrong Arm of the Law (film trailer), Romulus Films/Robert Velaise Productions, directed by Cliff Owen 1963; Mark Lawson Talks To: Galton and Simpson, BBC TV 19/03/08; Eyes on Wales: Homeless, Radio Wales 04/06/95; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 10/10/81.

Charles Aznavour, Dr Charles Kao, Elizabeth de Mauny Wainwright, John Cunliffe

Oct 5, 2018 1674


Pictured: Charles Aznavour Matthew Bannister on Charles Aznavour, the French singer who "made despair popular". The lyricist Don Black, who worked with him, pays tribute. Dr. Charles Kao, the Nobel prize winning physicist who developed fibre optic technology, so paving the way for the world wide web. Elizabeth de Mauny Wainwright, the pioneering foreign correspondent who helped to smuggle an interview with Solzhenitsyn out of Soviet Russia. John Cunliffe, the writer who delighted generations of children by creating Postman Pat and Rosie and Jim. Interviewed guest: Don Black Interviewed guest: Jeff Hetch Interviewed guest: Marc de Mauny Interviewed guest: Rachel Feldberg Interviewed guest: Nigel P. Harris Archive clips from: The Typically French Armenian, Radio 4 02/02/1977; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 01/01/1978; Aznavour at Eighty, Radio 2 12/03/2004; Treasure Islands, Radio 4 05/04/1992; Postman Pat’s Finding Day, BBC One 16/9/1981; Bookshelf, Radio 4 20/03/1986; Rosie and Jim, ITV 1991; Postman Pat Takes the Bus, BBC One 25/12/1991; Postman Pat’s Secret Birthday, BBC One 30/09/1981; Postman Pat’s Rainy Day, BBC One 07/10/1981; Charles Kao interview with FiberStory, 22/03/2010; Look East, BBC Norwich 06/10/2009; Look East, BBC Norwich 27/01/2006; Radio 4 News, 12/02/1974; Tomorrow's World, BBC One 1994.

Chas Hodges, MJ Long, Arthur Mitchell, Rick Turner, Rachid Taha

Sep 28, 2018 1687


Pictured: Chas Hodges Matthew Bannister on Chas Hodges, the session musician who became one half of the cockney duo Chas and Dave and had hits like Gertcha and Rabbit. M.J. Long the American-born architect who co-designed the British Library, the National Maritime Museum and studios for some of the UK's best known artists. Arthur Mitchell, the first African American principal dancer in a major ballet company and founder of the Dance Theater of Harlem. Rick Turner, the archaeologist who recovered the 2,000-year-old Lindow Man, Britain's best preserved bog body. And Rachid Taha, the singer who mixed Algerian music with rock, techno and punk. Interviewed guest: Michael Hann Interviewed guest: Rolfe Kentish Interviewed guest: Rachel Pugh Interviewed guest: Robin Denselow Archive clips from: Piano Tales - A Social History of the Piano, Radio 3 23/09/2012; Outlook, World Service 24/01/2018; QED - The Body in the Bog, BBC One 10/04/1985; The African Rock 'N' Roll Years - North Africa, BBC Four 09/08/2005.

Denis Norden, Diane Leather, Johnny Kingdom, Fenella Fielding

Sep 21, 2018 1681


Pictured: Denis Norden Andrea Catherwood on Denis Norden, the television presenter and comedy writer who made Britain laugh for half a century. Diane Leather, the first woman in the world to break the 5-minute mile, just 23 days after Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute barrier, but achieved much less acclaim. Johnny Kingdom, the poacher turned filmmaker who enthralled TV audiences with his love and knowledge of wildlife in his native Exmoor and beyond, and became an unlikely celebrity in the process. And Fenella Fielding, the femme fatale with a throaty drawl and come-hither stare best known for her roles in the Carry On and Doctor comedy capers. Interviewed guest: Russell Davies Interviewed guest: Lindsey Armstrong Interviewed guest: Anna Kessel Interviewed guest: Richard Taylor Jones Interviewed guest: Robert Chalmers Archive clips from: Gabby Logan, Radio 5 Live 12/10/2008; The Original Godfathers, Radio 4 27/03/2007; The Robert Peston Interview Show, Radio 4 07/09/2015; Midlands Today 06/05/2004; Midweek, Radio 4 14/05/2008; Loose Ends, Radio 4 31/05/2008; This Land: Johnny's Kingdom, BBC Two 14/04/2000; Johnny Kingdom: A Year on Exmoor, BBC Two 13/10/2006; Valmouth, Radio 4 28/04/1975; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 05/06/1965; Front Row, Radio 4 17/11/2017.

Lady Coleridge, Jalaluddin Haqqani, Jacqueline Pearce, Lord Thomas of Macclesfield, Stan Brock

Sep 14, 2018 1680


Pictured: Jacqueline Pearce Matthew Bannister on Lady Coleridge, the nurse and adventurer who explored the Congo river with Colonel John Blashford-Snell. He pays tribute. Jalaluddin Haqqani, the Afghan warlord who was backed by the CIA to fight the Soviets but sided with the Taliban after the civil war. Jacqueline Pearce, the actor best known for playing villains in "Blake's Seven" and "Dr Who". Lord Thomas, the Chief Executive who introduced ethical banking at the Co-op. And Stan Brock , the cowboy and pilot who provided free health care to thousands in the USA. Producer: Neil George.

Burt Reynolds, Lord Peter Melchett, Rita Borsellino, Ajit Wadekar

Sep 7, 2018 1678


Pictured: Burt Reynolds Matthew Bannister on The prolific career of the movie star Burt Reynolds. The 'Deliverance' director John Boorman pays tribute. The environmental campaigner Lord Melchett who, as executive director of Greenpeace, was arrested during a protest against GM crops. The Italian anti-mafia campaigner Rita Borsellino who took up the cause after her brother was killed by a car bomb. And the Indian cricket captain Ajit Wadeker, who led the national side to victory against the West Indies and England in the 1970s. Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 30/01/2000; Outlook, World Service 16/03/2017; Test Match Special: Seasons To Savour, Radio 4 1971.

Lindsay Kemp, John Calder, Hilary Lister, John Calcutt, Neil Simon

Aug 31, 2018 1692


Pictured: Lindsay Kemp Julian Worricker on: The dancer and choreographer, Lindsay Kemp, who worked alongside David Bowie and Kate Bush. John Calder, the influential publisher, who championed avant-garde authors and battled censorship. The record-breaking sailor, Hilary Lister, who became the first quadriplegic person to sail across the English Channel. John Calcutt, who shaped the contemporary visual art scene in Scotland at the Glasgow School of Art. And the award-winning American playwright, screenwriter and author, Neil Simon. Interviewed guest: David Haughton Interviewed guest: Kate Bush Interviewed guest: Bill Swainson Interviewed guest: Pauline Rudd Interviewed guest: Francis McKee Interviewed guest: Matt Wolf Archive clips from: Woman's Hour, Radio 4 22/01/1969; Private Passions, Radio 3 25/03/2000; Censorship In Modern Britain: Radio 4 Reports, 12/12/68; Radio 2 Arts Programme: Simply Simon, 27/04/1997; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 14/05/1995; A Race Against Time: Hilary Lister's Round Britain Dream, BBC Two 14/07/2013; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 11/07/1989; Third Ear, Radio 3 06/05/1991.

Kofi Annan, Janice Tchalenko, Hugh Synge, Helen MacLeod, Hettie Williams

Aug 24, 2018 1687


Pictured: Kofi Annan Julian Worricker on: Diplomat Kofi Annan, who rose through the ranks of the United Nations, to serve as its secretary-general for nine years.... Janice Tchalenko, a ceramicist, designer and artist, who bridged the gap between art and large-scale production... The botanist, Hugh Synge, voted one of the 20 most influential British conservationists.... One of the finest harp players of her generation - Helen MacLeod - a champion of the music of the West Highlands of Scotland... And Hettie Williams, who at 23, led her class of terrified pupils to safety during the Aberfan disaster. Archive clips from: Night Waves, Radio 3 10/10/2012; Surviving Aberfan, BBC Four 20/10/2016; Saturday Review, BBC TV 02/11/1985; See Hear, BBC TV 01/02/2012.

Aretha Franklin, VS Naipaul, Winston Ntshona, Nan Joyce

Aug 17, 2018 1684


Pictured: Aretha Franklin Matthew Bannister on Sir VS Naipaul, the Nobel prize winning author of acclaimed books including "A House For Mr Biswas" and "A Bend in The River". He was a controversial figure who fell out with some of his fellow writers and was accused of cruelty in his relationships. Nan Joyce, who campaigned for the rights of Ireland's travelling people. Winston Ntshona,, the South African actor who won a Tony award for his Broadway performance in Athol Fugard's play "Sizwe Banze Is Dead" but was arrested by the apartheid government on his return home. And the "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin. Producer: Paul Waters Archive clips from: African and Caribbean Writing: A House for Mr Biswas, Radio 4 03/05/1981; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 05/07/1980; Profile, Radio 4 11/05/1984; Omnibus, Radio 1 21/04/1988; Paul Gambaccini: Aretha Franklin Interview, Radio 1 01/01/2000; Night Waves, Radio 3 19/03/2007.

Tony Bullimore, Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga, Barry Chuckle, June Jacobs, Tommy Peoples

Aug 10, 2018 1688


Pictured: Barry Chuckle Matthew Bannister on Tony Bullimore, the self styled "Del Boy of yacht racing" who was trapped under the hull of his boat for 4 days during a solo round the world race. Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga, the Japanese American woman who was interned in the USA during the World War Two and later fought for and won a presidential apology and compensation for her fellow inmates. Barry Chuckle - one half of the Chuckle Brothers who entertained a generation of children on TV. June Jacobs, the Jewish activist who caused controversy by meeting members of the Palestine Liberation Organisation. Tommy Peoples, the award winning Irish fiddle player of the Bothy Band. Producer: Paul Waters Archive clips from: BBC News 20/06/73; ChuckleVision, BBC TV.

Mary Ellis, Shinobu Hashimoto, Dr William McBride AO, CBE, Dr Lincoln Brower, Mahendra Kaul

Aug 3, 2018 1680


Pictured: Mary Ellis Matthew Bannister on Mary Ellis - a leading pilot for the Air Transport Auxiliary who risked her life to deliver fighters and bombers during the war. Shinobu Hashimoto, the screenwriter who teamed up with the director Akira Kurosawa to make great classics of Japanese cinema, including the Seven Samurai and Rashomon. Dr William McBride, the Australian obstetrician who raised the alarm about the terrible side effects of the drug Thalidomide. Lincoln Brower who devoted his life to the study and protection of the Monarch butterfly. Mahendra Kaul, the pioneering Indian TV and radio broadcaster who was the face of the BBC's Asian Programmes Unit for 20 years. Archive clips from: 'Spitfire Women', BBC Four 18/09/2010; 'Supersense', BBC TV 23/01/1989; Sonia Deol, Asian Network 27/12/2011; 'Ten Million Wings', Radio 4 16/03/2004.

Charles Gimingham, Felicia Langer, Julian Tudor Hart, Anne Olivier Popham Bell, Adrian Cronauer

Jul 27, 2018 1688


Pictured: Anne Olivier Popham Bell Julian Worricker on: Charles Gimingham, an environmentalist, described as the foremost expert on heather and moorland landscapes.... Human rights lawyer, Felicia Langer, who represented many Palestinians in the Israeli courts.... Campaigning doctor, Julian Tudor Hart, who pioneered the regular monitoring of blood pressure in patients.... Art historian, Anne Olivier Bell, who edited the five volumes of Virginia Woolf's diaries.... And the real-life Good Morning Vietnam DJ, Adrian Cronauer, inspiration for the film starring Robin Williams... Archive clips from: Assignment: A Report From The Israeli-Occupied Golan Heights, Radio 4, 07/04/1982; On Behalf of the Working Class, BBC Wales, 07/11/1982; The Good Doctor, BBC TV/Worldwide, 07/10/1996; Newsnight, BBC Two, 23/01/2008; George Orwell Back at the BBC, Radio 4, 05/11/2017; Panorama: Life at 100, BBC One, 23/10/2017; Dear Diary, Episode 2, BBC Four, 11/01/2010; Good Morning Vietnam Revisited, Radio 2, 13/04/2015.

Oliver Knussen CBE, Barbara Harrell-Bond OBE, Sam Chisholm, Steve Ditko, Anna Sándor de Kénos

Jul 21, 2018 1684


Pictured: Oliver Knussen Julian Worricker on: British composer and conductor, Oliver Knussen, described as a towering figure in contemporary music.... Barbara Harrell-Bond, who founded and then directed the Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford University.... The media executive, Sam Chisholm, who drove the development of multi-channel television in Britain.... Steve Ditko, the American artist and writer best known as co-creator of the Marvel Comics superheroes Spider-Man and Doctor Strange... and the last Transylvanian aristocrat to have lived through the communist purges, Anna Sandor de Kenos. Archive clips from: Jonathan Ross in Search of Steve Ditko, BBC Four, 16/09/07; Music Matters, Radio 3, 09/07/18; Horizon: Exodus, BBC Two, 06/03/95; Breakfast Time, BBC One, 05/01/89.

Lord Carrington, Karen Finch, Claude Lanzmann, Harlan Ellison

Jul 14, 2018 1675


Photo: Lord Carrington Matthew Bannister on Lord Carrington, the Conservative Foreign Secretary who resigned after the Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands. Karen Finch, the textile conservator who restored the garments of Bonnie Prince Charlie and Marlene Dietrich among many others. Claude Lanzmann, the French film maker best known for Shoah, the nine and a half hour documentary about the holocaust. Harlan Ellison, the outspoken American science fiction writer who published 70 books, more than 400 short stories and countless essays. Producer: Neil George.

Dame Gillian Lynne, Peter Firmin, Reinhard Hardegen, Alan Longmuir

Jul 7, 2018 1685


Photo: Dame Gillian Lynne Matthew Bannister on: The choreographer Dame Gillian Lynne, best known for her work on Cats and the Phantom of the Opera. Peter Firmin who, with his partner Oliver Postgate, created beloved children's TV characters like the Clangers, Noggin the Nog and Bagpuss. Reinhard Hardegen the last surviving U boat ace who took part in attacks on the East Coast of America in 1942 and Alan Longmuir, founder member of the Bay City Rollers. Archive clips from: Front Row, Radio 4, TX 2.7.2018.

Joe Jackson, Paul Lamplugh OBE, Myrtle Allen, Daisy Kadibil, Paddy Feeny

Jun 30, 2018 1692


Photo: Joe Jackson Matthew Bannister on Joe Jackson who drilled his children into becoming the Jackson Five, but was accused of abusive and violent behaviour by his most successful son, Michael. Paul Lamplugh, whose daughter Suzy was abducted and never found. He worked with his wife to campaign for greater safety for women working alone. Myrtle Allen, the chef who pioneered farm-to-table cooking at her family home in Ireland and became the country's first woman to win a Michelin star. Daisy Kadibil whose one thousand two hundred mile walk across Australia inspired the film Rabbit-Proof Fence. And Paddy Feeny who presented Top of the Form and sport on the BBC World Service for more than thirty years. Archive clips from: Woman's Hour, Radio 4 17/04/2006; The Best Dishes Ever, BBC Two 18/02/2016; Saturday Kitchen Best Bites, BBC Two 23/03/2014; The Best Dishes Ever, BBC Two 18/02/2016; MasterChef, BBC One 07/07/1991; Rabbit-Proof Fence, BBC One 26/12/2008; Top of the Form, Radio 4 22/12/1981.

Gennady Rozhdestvensky CBE, Maria Bueno, Gena Turgel, Zhao Kangmin, Leo Sarkisian

Jun 23, 2018 1679


Photo: Maria Bueno Matthew Bannister on The conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky who brought Russian music to the UK - and British music to Russia. Maria Bueno, the Brazilian tennis player who won Wimbledon three times. Gena Turgel the holocaust survivor who married one of the British soldiers who liberated her. Zhao Kangmin, the Chinese archaeologist who played an important role in the discovery of the Terracotta Army. Leo Sarkisian the musicologist who travelled across Africa and brought back countless recordings for the Voice of America radio station. Interviewed guest: Robert Slotover Interviewed guest: Gerard McBurney Interviewed guest: Richard Evans Interviewed guest: Karen Pollock Interviewed guest: Paul Martin Interviewed guest: John Man Interviewed guest: Maria Margaronis Archive clips from: Prom 31, BBC Proms 2007, Radio 3, 05/08/2007; Proms on One, BBC One, 04/09/1992; The Gloria Hunniford Show, Radio 2, 08/07/1991; Radio 1 Newsbeat, 13/04/1995; Remembrance Week, BBC One, 05/11/2012; The Time of Your Life, BBC TV, 30/07/1985; Origins: The Burial of China's First Emperor, Radio 4, 13/07/1980.

Peter Mayer, Professor Celia Brackenridge OBE, Anthony Bourdain, Leslie Grantham, Teddy Johnson

Jun 15, 2018 1691


Photo: Leslie Grantham Tina Daheley on Peter Mayer, the publisher who was given a fatwa for printing 'The Satanic Verses'. Professor Celia Brackenridge, the sports scientist who campaigned for child protection in sport. Anthony Bourdain, American TV chef and author of 'Kitchen Confidential'. Leslie Grantham, the actor better known as 'Dirty Den' in EastEnders. Singer Teddy Johnson, part of the double act with Pearl Carr, who represented the UK in the 1959 Eurovision Song Contest. Archive clips from: Kaleidoscope, Radio 4 20/10/1985; View at the Top, Radio 4 03/09/1985; Bookshelf, Radio 4 02/06/1985; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 05/05/2008; Front Row, Radio 4 14/08/2000; Midweek, Radio 4 23/01/2002; Book of the Week, Radio 4 23/01/2002; A Cook's Tour, Radio 4 Extra 25/11/2010; Kitchen Confidential, Radio 4 Extra 28/05/17; The Gloria Hunniford Show, Radio 2 08/07/1991; Desmond Carrington's Icons of the 50s, Radio 2 18/01/2011; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 09/04/1989.

Peter Stringfellow, Graham Corbett, Kate Spade, Lord John Julius Norwich, Eli Avivi

Jun 8, 2018 1693


Photo: Peter Stringfellow Tina Daheley on the nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow, who introduced nude table dancing to Britain. Graham Corbett, the first Chairman of Postcomm, and Eurotunnel's chief financial officer. Kate Spade, American fashion designer who rose to fame with her range of handbags in the 1990s. John Julius Norwich, aristocratic man of letters, historian, travel writer and broadcaster. Eli Avivi, self-proclaimed president of the independent state of Achzivland in Israel. Interviewed guest: Fiona Lafferty Interviewed guest: Anne Corbett Interviewed guest: Robert Peston Interviewed guest: Artemis Cooper Interviewed guest: Raffi Berg Archive clips from: BBC Radio Sheffield, 2012; Archive Hour: Clubbin', 21/09/2002 Radio 4; God of the Week, 01/01/94 Radio 1; Richard Bacon: Peter Stringfellow and Adam Henson, 01/03/2011 5 Live; The Today Programme, 26/03/2001 Radio 4; The Today Programme, 03/10/02 Radio 4; Chronicle: The Fall of Constantinople, 25/11/1967 BBC TV; Round Britain Quiz, 20/09/93 Radio 4; Frogmore House: A Royal Retreat, 09/08/90 BBC TV; Desert Island Discs, 02/11/97 Radio 4.

John Ashdown-Hill, Anne Coates OBE, Dr Davida Coady, Samuel F 'Ted' Dabney, Brendan Ingle

Jun 1, 2018 1680


Photo: Anne Coates OBE Matthew Bannister on the prolific film editor Anne Coates, who worked on Laurence of Arabia, The Elephant Man and Fifty Shades of Grey. John Ashdown-Hill, the historian who helped to discover the bones of Richard III under a Leicester car park. Dr Davida Coady who travelled the world from Biafra to Honduras helping the sick and starving. Ted Dabney - one half of the partnership that started the successful computer games company Atari Brendan Ingle, the Sheffield based boxing trainer who developed the careers of Herol "Bomber" Graham and "Prince" Naseem Hamed. Archive clips from: Back Row, Radio 4 15/12/00; Front Row, Radio 4 07/12/16; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 13/02/07; BBC News 24, 04/02/13; People's Century 1954: Living Longer, WGBH and BBC Worldwide 05/01/97; Newsnight, BBC Two 27/10/81; Sport on 4, Radio 4 04/03/95; World Championship Snooker, BBC Two 03/05/09.

Beth Chatto, Philip Roth, Doreen Simmons, Khurshid Drabu, June Milne.

May 25, 2018 1694


Photo: Philip Roth Julian Worricker on: Beth Chatto, the gardener and writer regarded as one of the most influential horticulturists of the past 50 years The multiple award-winning American novelist, Philip of Portnoy's Complaint and American Pastoral Doreen Simmons, who moved to Japan in her forties and became an authority on sumo wrestling Britain's first Muslim judge, Khurshid Drabu, described as a pioneer in promoting community cohesion And June Milne, writer, publisher, and trusted guardian of the works of independent Ghana's first leader, Kwame Nkrumah. Archive clips from: The Cancer of Betrayal, 03/03/07 Radio 4; Woman's Hour, 18/08/08 Radio 4; Gardening Gurus, 30/01/00 Radio 4; Front Row, 27/06/11 Radio 4; The World Tonight, 15/07/05 Radio 4; Sumo wrestling commentary, NHK TV.

Baroness Jowell, Will Alsop, Tom Wolfe, Dennis Nilsen

May 18, 2018 1682


Matthew Bannister on Baroness Jowell - the former Labour Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell - who led the campaign to bring the Olympic Games to London and supported the survivors of the 7/7 bombings. Tom Wolfe, author of The Right Stuff and Bonfire of the Vanities and a pioneer of using literary techniques to tell factual stories. Dennis Nilsen, who killed up to fifteen young men at his home in North London before dismembering their bodies. Kate Adie recalls covering the story for the BBC. And Will Alsop, the maverick architect who won the Stirling Prize for designing the Peckham Library in South London. Presenter: Matthew Bannister Producer: Neil George.

Bruce Tulloh, Emma Smith, Professor Peter Waddington, Dowager Countess of Harewood, Ronald Chesney

May 11, 2018 1675


Matthew Bannister on Bruce Tulloh, who ran across the United States in record time and became European 5,000 metres champion barefoot. Emma Smith the author of an acclaimed novel based on her travels to India with Laurie Lee. Professor Peter Waddington the sociologist who studied policing and came up with the technique of "kettling" to control street protests The Dowager Countess of Harewood, an Australian former model whose affair with the married Earl caused a scandal in the 1960s. And Ronald Chesney, half of the writing partnership that brought us the hit TV sitcoms The Rag Trade and On The Buses. Presenter: Matthew Bannister Producer: Neil George.

Lord Martin of Springburn, Gustav Born, Valerie Riches, Caroline Brown, Michael Anderson

May 4, 2018 1685


Matthew Bannister on Lord Martin of Springburn: the former House of Commons speaker Michael Martin. He resigned after MPs lost confidence in his handling of the row over their expenses. Caroline Brown, the cellist who founded the Hanover Band to perform the works of Beethoven, Haydn and Schubert on period instruments. Valerie Riches, who campaigned for traditional family values and against abortion. Gustav Born, the pharmacologist who made significant discoveries about blood clotting. Michael Anderson, the prolific film director best known for making The Dam Busters. Producer: Neil George.

Avicii (Tim Bergling), Ruth Nussenzweig, Anita Shreve, Guy Playfair, Bob Bura

Apr 27, 2018 1692


Matthew Bannister on Avicii, the Swedish DJ whose songs became anthems for millions of festival goers around the world. He was found dead aged 28 in Oman. Dr. Ruth Nussenzweig the medical researcher who laid the foundations for the development of a vaccine for malaria. Anita Shreve, the author of 18 novels, including The Pilot's Wife which sold more than three million copies. Guy Playfair, the ghost hunter who investigated the controversial Enfield Poltergeist in the 1970s. And Bob Bura, half of the animation team that brought us Trumpton, Camberwick Green and Chigley.

Barbara Bush, Milos Forman, Dame Daphne Sheldrick, Livia Gollancz, Dale Winton

Apr 20, 2018 1675


Matthew Bannister on Barbara Bush, the first woman in history to see both her husband and son sworn in as President of the USA. Milos Forman, the film director who made Amadeus and the multi Oscar winning One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. Dame Daphne Sheldrick who devoted her life to saving elephants orphaned by poachers and other Kenyan wild animals. Livia Gollancz, the french horn player who took over the running of the family's successful publishing house from her father. And Dale Winton who presented Pick of the Pops on radio and Supermarket Sweep on TV. Producer: Neil George.

Gillian Ayres, Efraín Ríos Montt, David Cobham, Nikki Sievwright, Fergus Anckorn

Apr 13, 2018 1675


Photo: Gillian Ayres Matthew Bannister on The artist Gillian Ayres, known for her large, exuberant abstract paintings, which reflected her exuberant character. General Efraín Ríos Montt, the Guatemalan dictator who was convicted of genocide against his own people. David Cobham, the naturalist and film maker who brought Tarka the Otter to the screen. Nikki Sievwright, the Sixties model who went on to serve in the Ulster Defence Regiment. Fergus Anckorn, who used his skill as a magician to win food for his fellow inmates in Japanese prisoner of war camps.

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Drue Heinz DBE, Ray Wilkins MBE, Eric Bristow, Steven Bochco

Apr 6, 2018 1685


Photo: Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Matthew Bannister on Winnie Madikizela-Mandela who was one of the leading anti apartheid campaigners in South Africa, but also faced allegations of being involved in violence and fraud. Drue Heinz, who used the money from her husband's canned food business to become a major supporter of writers and artists. Ray Wilkins, the footballer who captained England and played for 12 different clubs including Chelsea and Manchester United. Eric Bristow, five times world darts champion. And Steven Bochco, the American TV writer and producer who brought us Hill Street Blues and LA Law. Archive clips: Sport on Four, Radio 4 12/01/1985; Sporting Greats, BBC TV 30/03/1999; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 02/10/1986.

Charles P Lazarus, Marielle Franco, John Brookes, Zena Skinner, Oskar Groning

Mar 30, 2018 1663


Photo: Zena Skinner Julian Worricker on: Charles P Lazarus, the founder of Toys 'R' Us - a store chain which, for decades, captured the hearts of consumers around the world Brazilian political activist Marielle Franco, who grew up in the favelas and was elected to Rio city council Landscape designer John Brookes, described as 'the man who made the modern garden'.... Zena Skinner, one of the most popular chefs on television in the 1960s and 70s And convicted Nazi war criminal, Oskar Groning, who became known as the bookkeeper of Auschwitz Archive clips from: AUSCHWITZ: THE NAZIS AND ‘THE FINAL SOLUTION’, BBC ONE 11/01/2005; GARDENER’S WORLD, BBC TWO; GARDENER’S QUESTION TIME, RADIO 4

Brenda Dean, William McAlpine, Keith O'Brien, Katie Boyle, Garech Browne

Mar 23, 2018 1683


Photo: Lady Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde Matthew Bannister on Lady Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde who, as Brenda Dean, was the leader of the print union Sogat during the bitter Wapping dispute of 1986. Sir William McAlpine who combined running the family construction business with a passion for saving the UK's railway heritage, including the Flying Scotsman. Cardinal Keith O'Brien who resigned as Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh after apologising for sexual misconduct. Katie Boyle, the TV and radio broadcaster who presented the Eurovision Song Contest. Garech Browne, who devoted himself to recording and promoting Ireland's traditional music. Archive clips from: WOMAN'S HOUR, RADIO 4 23/08/1981; A LIFE IN QUESTION, RADIO 4 21/12/2003; BBC NEWS, RADIO 4 24/02/2010; SUNDAY, RADIO 4 19/03/2012; THE REUNION, RADIO 4 25/08/2017; LEGENDS:THE CHIEFTAINS, BBC TV 14/03/2008; FRANCIS BACON: A BRUSH WITH VIOLENCE, BBC TV 28/01/2017.

Professor Stephen Hawking, Hubert de Givenchy, Michele Hanson, Sir John Sulston, Sir Ken Dodd

Mar 17, 2018 1691


Photo: Professor Stephen Hawking Matthew Bannister on Professor Stephen Hawking, one of the world's best known scientists who carried out pioneering research into black holes. The Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Rees pays tribute. Hubert de Givenchy, the French fashion designer who dressed Audrey Hepburn. Michele Hanson who wrote a popular newspaper column about her struggles to bring up her teenage daughter. That daughter - Amy - pays tribute. Sir John Sulston, the biologist who led the project to sequence the human genome. And the comedian Sir Ken Dodd, whose shows could last into the early hours of the morning. Archive clips from:TODAY PROGRAMME, RADIO 4 14/3/2018; THE KEY TO THE UNIVERSE:THE SEARCH FOR THE LAWS OF CREATION, BBC TV 27/01/1977; KEN DODD:HOW TICKLED I'VE BEEN, RADIO 2 03/11/2007; DESERT ISLAND DISCS, RADIO 4 03/06/1990; HOME TRUTHS, RADIO 4 03/01/2004; LATE NIGHT WOMAN’S HOUR, RADIO 4 26/05/2017; THE LIFE SCIENTIFIC, RADIO 4 29/11/2011; DESERT ISLAND DISCS, RADIO 4 13/05/2001

Trevor Baylis, Lerone Bennett Jr, Penny Vincenzi, Ian Aitken, Sir Roger Bannister

Mar 10, 2018 1686


Photo: Sir Roger Bannister Matthew Bannister on Trevor Baylis, the eccentric inventor who came up with the wind up radio. Lerone Bennett, the American academic who wrote many influential books on black history including "Before the Mayflower". Penny Vincenzi the best selling novelist who told stories of glamorous heroines, romance and business intrigue. Ian Aitken one of the UK's most influential political columnists. Jim Naughtie pays tribute. Sir Roger Bannister, the neurologist who was the first person to run the mile in under four minutes. We'll find out what happened when he tried to help me do the same. Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: MATTHEW BANNISTER, Radio 5 Live 5.5.2004; TOMORROW'S WORLD, BBC TV 24.9.1997 and 15.4.1994; GO4IT, BBC TV 11.5.2008; ABRAHAM LINCOLN:SAINT OR SINNER, BBC TV 3.2.2011; RADIO 2 ARTS PROGRAMME 13.10.2000; KALEIDOSCOPE, RADIO 4 14.11.1995.

Sir Lawrence Byford, Sridevi Kapoor, Dame Beulah Bewley, Ernest Hecht, Lewis Gilbert

Mar 3, 2018 1685


Photo: Sridevi Kapoor Matthew Bannister on Ernest Hecht, who founded the Souvenir Press, which published books from Nobel prize winners like Pablo Neruda, academics like Noam Chomsky and best sellers on sexual techniques and toilet paper. Lewis Gilbert who directed Alfie, Educating Rita and three James Bond movies. Dame Beulah Bewley who carried out significant research into the effects of smoking on children and advanced the cause of women in medicine. Sir Lawrence Byford, the Chief Inspector of Constabulary who examined the failings of the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper. Sridevi Kapoor who was often described as Bollywood's first female superstar. Archive clips from: NEWS, Radio 4, 21.9.1984; THE REUNION, Radio 4, 26.08.2016; YORKSHIRE RIPPER INVESTIGATION, Radio 4, 19/01/1982

Billy Graham, Laura Lee, John Morris, John Bosco McAtasney, John Pitman

Feb 24, 2018 1676


Photo: Billy Graham Matthew Bannister on The evangelist Billy Graham who preached to millions around the world and offered spiritual advice to 12 American Presidents. Laura Lee, the sex worker who campaigned for the rights of her colleagues. John Morris who composed many film soundtracks, including the music for Mel Brooks' comedies The Producers and Blazing Saddles. John Bosco McAtasney, the last hand weaver of damask linen in Ireland. And John Pitman, the TV reporter and producer who started his career on Braden's Week and took Sheena Easton into the Big Time. Esther Rantzen pays tribute. Archive clips from: I GOT UP OUT OF MY SEAT, Radio 4 25/05/2007; THE FROST COLLECTION, Radio 4 20/05/2008; MEN'S HOUR, Radio 5 Live 18/05/2014; COUNTRY TIMES, Radio Ireland 03/04/2000; STILL STANDING, Radio Ireland 06/04/1992; BRADEN'S WEEK, BBC TV 29/4/1972; MAN ALIVE, BBC TV 16/01/1979; THE BIG TIME:SHEENA EASTON:THE MAKING OF A STAR, BBC TV 21/04/1981; JUST ANOTHER DAY: GREYHOUND RACING, BBC TV 12/12/1986.

Morgan Tsvangirai, Douglas Botting, Professor Patricia Lindop, Asma Jahangir, Vic Damone

Feb 17, 2018 1678


Photo: Morgan Tsvangirai Matthew Bannister on Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change and Prime Minister from 2008 to 2013. Douglas Botting, film maker, author and explorer who flew a hot air balloon across Africa and sailed a hovercraft down the Orinoco. Professor Patricia Lindop, who researched the effects of radiation on human tissue. Asma Jahangir, the lawyer from Pakistan who campaigned for the rights of the country's persecuted minorities. And Vic Damone, the crooner who recorded more than two thousand songs. Interviewed guest: Alex Magaisa Interviewed guest: Anna Botting Interviewed guest: Dr Giles Camplin Interviewed guest: Patricia Dixon Interviewed guest: Mohammed Hanif Archive clips from: The Choice, Radio 4 07/12/2004; The World About Us: River of Death, BBC Two 19/01/69; Balloon From Zanzibar, BBC Two 23/08/62; The World About Us: Three Men in a Balloon, BBC Two 13/12/70; On The Bosom of the Air, Radio 4 19/09/1962; Hot to Handle: The Two Faces of Radiation, BBC One 17/03/66; Science and Society, BBC One 22/03/66; Nihal, BBC Asian Network 17/11/2010; Taking A Stand, Radio 4 01/01/2002; Outlook, BBC World Service, 22/11/2010; Woman's Hour, Radio 4, 07/06/2005; The Arthur Askey Variety Show, Radio 4 Extra, 07.06.2015; The John Dunn Show, Radio 2, 01/01/00.

John Mahoney, Hannah Hauxwell, Professor Kenneth Richard Seddon OBE, Sir John Cotterell, Naomi Parker Fraley

Feb 12, 2018 1678


Photo: John Mahoney Julian Worricker on: The actor John Mahoney who played Marty Crane in one of America's best-loved sitcoms, Frasier. Hannah Hauxwell, whose solitary life as a farmer in the Yorkshire Dales, was captured in an award-winning TV documentary. Scientist Ken Seddon, a global leader in his field of inorganic chemistry and pioneer of so-called 'super solvents'. Landowner Sir John Cotterell, who helped raise funds to save the Mappa Mundi from being sold by Hereford Cathedral. And feminist icon, Naomi Parker Fraley, the inspiration for "Rosie the riveter", the factory worker who featured in a US wartime poster. Archive clips from: The World This Weekend, 12/11/89 Radio 4; The Third Ear, 11/01/89 Radio 3; Woman's Hour, 25/09/90 Radio 4; Too Long A Winter, 30/01/73 Yorkshire Television.

Ingvar Kamprad, Elizabeth Hawley, Robert Mann, Jon Castle, Dorothy Malone

Feb 3, 2018 1687


Photo: Dorothy Malone Julian Worricker on: Ingvar Kamprad, the Swedish entrepreneur who founded Ikea and changed the way we furnish our homes Elizabeth Hawley, journalist turned chronicler, who documented every Himalayan climb from 1963 The musician, Robert Mann, who was the founding first violinist of the Juilliard Quartet Jon Castle, the Greenpeace activist who captained the first Rainbow Warrior Oscar-winning actress Dorothy Malone, famous for her role in Peyton Place. Archive clips from: Outlook, BBC World Service 16/06/10; Profiles: Ingvar Kamprad: Design for Life, BBC 4 08/07/04; Crude Britannia: The Story of North Sea Oil, ep 3. BBC 4 02/07/09; Radio 4 News 10/07/85; Newsbeat, Radio 1 20/06/95.

Hugh Masekela, Ursula K Le Guin, Mary Lee Berners-Lee, John Barton, Mark E Smith

Jan 27, 2018 1681


Photo: Hugh Masekela Matthew Bannister on Hugh Masekela the South African jazz trumpeter and anti apartheid activist. Ursula K. Le Guin whose science fiction and fantasy books sold millions of copies. Mary Lee Berners-Lee, the computer pioneer and mother of the world wide web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee. John Barton the director and writer who taught a generation of actors how to speak Shakespearian verse. Mark E. Smith, the controversial front man of the post punk band The Fall.

Rick Jolly, Dolores O'Riordan, Cyrille Regis, Jenny Joseph, Peter Wyngarde

Jan 20, 2018 1691


Matthew Bannister on Surgeon Captain Rick Jolly, the navy doctor who set up a makeshift field hospital during the Falklands War to treat both British and Argentine casualties. Dolores O'Riordan, lead singer of the Irish band the Cranberries who sold forty million albums. Cyrille Regis, the West Brom and England striker who experienced racism from fans in the 1980s. Jenny Joseph who wrote Britain's best loved post war poem "Warning" Peter Wyngarde the actor who played the TV detective Jason King and partly inspired the Austin Powers films.

John W Young, Peter Preston, Raymond Thomas, Sir Brian Neill QC, Heather Stewart

Jan 13, 2018 1681


Photo: John W. Young Matthew Bannister on John W. Young the American astronaut who went into in space six times, including landing on the moon and commanding the first space shuttle flight. Peter Preston the long serving editor of the Guardian who re-designed and modernised the paper. Ray Thomas the flautist and singer who was a founding member of the Moody Blues. Sir Brian Neill, the barrister and judge who defended the Sunday Times in the Thalidomide court case. Heather Stewart, the pilot who risked her life to fly cargo and passengers through war zones in Africa.

Maureen Baker, Richard Cousins, Bronwen Lady Astor Chatelaine of Cliveden, Meic Povey, Rick Hall

Jan 6, 2018 1679


Photo: Maureen Baker Matthew Bannister on Maureen Baker who designed clothes for Princess Anne, including her Tudor inspired wedding dress. Richard Cousins - the Chief Executive who transformed the fortunes of the world's biggest catering company Compass Group. Lady Astor - the model who was caught up in the Profumo Affair. Meic Povey - the Welsh playwright who also created award winning films and TV dramas. Rick Hall who produced classic recordings by soul stars like Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett and Candi Staton in the town of Muscle Shoals Alabama.

Sir Peter Burt, Jill Lever, John Mattock, Peter Duffell and Tom Paley

Dec 30, 2017 1686


Photo: Tom Paley Julian Worricker on: The businessman Sir Peter Burt, who was in charge of Bank of Scotland when it merged with the Halifax, and was later chairman of ITV The woman credited with groundbreaking work as an architectural archivist, Jill Lever The horticulturalist and rose grower, John Mattock, who was chairman of the Chelsea Flower Show for twelve years The film and TV director, Peter Duffell, whose work included the mini-series The Far Pavilions American folk singer and musician, Tom Paley.

Professor Heinz Wolff, Aline Countess of Romanones, Tony Whitten, Fritz Lustig, Keely Smith

Dec 23, 2017 1684


Photo: Professor Heinz Wolff Matthew Bannister on Professor Heinz Wolff, the bioengineer who was known to millions of TV viewers as the presenter of "The Great Egg Race". Aline, Countess of Romanones, the model and socialite who wrote best selling books based on her experiences of spying on the Nazis during the war. Tony Whitten, the passionate conservationist who had eleven species named after him. Fritz Lustig who worked as a wartime secret listener, eavesdropping on the conversations of German prisoners of war. And the singer Keely Smith who, with her husband Louis Prima, became one of the most successful Las Vegas acts of the 1950s.

Max Clifford, Norman Baker, Tony Garrett, Virginia Surtees, Keith Chegwin

Dec 16, 2017 1691


(Photo: Keith Chegwin) Matthew Bannister on The disgraced publicist Max Clifford who was known as the king of the kiss and tell story, made up many tabloid headlines and was convicted of eight charges of indecent assault against teenage girls. The adventurer Norman Baker who sailed with Thor Heyerdahl from Morocco to Barbados on a papyrus raft called Ra II. The businessman Tony Garrett who was chairman of Imperial Tobacco and a pioneer of sponsorship deals in sport and the arts. The art historian Virginia Surtees who championed the pre-Raphaelite painters. And Keith Chegwin, much loved children's TV presenter and entertainer.

King Michael of Romania, Shashi Kapoor, Christine Keeler, Jenny MacGregor, Johnny Hallyday

Dec 9, 2017 1689


(Photo: Christine Keeler) Matthew Bannister on King Michael of Romania who ruled his country during the second world war and was forced to abdicate by the Soviet Union. . Bollywood actor Shashi Kapoor who starred in more than a hundred Hindi films as well as English language titles like Shakespeare Wallah and Heat and Dust. Christine Keeler, the model who was at the centre of the Profumo Affair in the 1960s. Jenny MacGregor who rescued thousands of ponies and horses from neglectful or abusive owners. And Johnny Hallyday, France's best known rock star.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Unity Spencer, Lewis Golden OBE, John Butler, Joy Lofthouse

Dec 2, 2017 1669


(Photo: Russian baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky) Matthew Bannister on The Russian baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky, known for playing leading operatic roles - and for his silver hair and matinee idol looks. Unity Spencer who overcame a dysfunctional upbringing as the daughter of the painter Stanley Spencer to be recognised as an accomplished artist in her own right. Lewis Golden, the war veteran who set up the successful Everest Double Glazing business. John Butler - piano tuner to stars like Oscar Peterson, Sammy Davis Junior and Frank Sinatra. And Joy Lofthouse, one of the last surviving female pilots who delivered Spitfires to their airbases during the war.


Nov 25, 2017 1688


Matthew Bannister on Lord Imbert, the Commissioner who tried to change the culture of the Metropolitan Police. He invited TV cameras to observe his officers at work, leading to a controversial film of them subjecting a rape victim to aggressive questioning. Pat Hutchins, the children's author and illustrator who created the book "Rosie's Walk" and presented the TV series "Rosie and Jim". Rodney Bewes, the actor best known for playing Bob in the Likely Lads. Charles Manson, one of the most notorious murderers of the 20th century. And David Cassidy, the singer and actor who was a heartthrob for millions of teenage girls in the 1970s.

Lord Hutchinson of Lullington QC, Linda Nochlin, Dennis Banks, Geoff Tootill, Tim Gudgin

Nov 18, 2017 1679


Matthew Bannister on Lord Hutchinson of Lullington, the barrister who appeared in many celebrated cases, including defending the publication of Lady Chatterley's Lover and the director of the play Romans In Britain and securing the acquittal of Howard Marks on drug smuggling charges. Linda Nochlin the feminist art historian who wrote a celebrated article in the 1970s entitled "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?" Dennis Banks the Native American activist who campaigned for the rights of his people and took part in the siege of Wounded Knee. Geoff Tootill, who helped to design the world's first stored-programme computer, known as "Baby".

Antonio Carluccio, Sima Wali, Richard Wilbur, Mary Reveley, Dudley Simpson

Nov 11, 2017 1684


Matthew Bannister on The chef Antonio Carluccio who transformed Italian cooking in the UK. Sima Wali who devoted her life to campaigning for the rights of Afghan women. The Pulitzer Prize winning American poet laureate Richard Wilbur. Mary Reveley, the Yorkshire based race horse trainer who saddled more than two thousand winners. And Dudley Simpson who composed the theme from the TV series Blake's Seven and incidental music for Dr Who. Interviewed guest: William Sitwell Interviewed guest: Suleiman Wali Interviewed guest: Michael Carlson Interviewed guest: Cornelius Lysaght Interviewed guest: Matthew Sweet.

Harold Pendleton, Glenn Barr, Iona Opie, Gary Flather QC OBE, Sir John Manduell

Nov 4, 2017 1677


Matthew Bannister on Howard Pendleton who made the Marquee Club a launch pad for scores of rock stars including the Rolling Stones, the Who and David Bowie and started the Reading Festival. Glenn Barr, the Unionist leader who brought Northern Ireland to its knees for thirteen days. Iona Opie who devoted her life to collecting nursery rhymes and studying children's use of stories and language. Gary Flather QC, the eminent lawyer who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and campaigned to make the legal profession more accessible for disabled people. And Sir John Manduell who founded and led the Royal Northern College of Music, building its international reputation.

Daphne Caruana Galizia, Fats Domino, Rodney Bickerstaffe, Geoffrey Schild, Rosemary Leach

Oct 28, 2017 1681


Matthew Bannister on The campaigning Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia who was killed by a car bomb after exposing corruption in politics and business. Fats Domino - the rock and roll pioneer who was second only to Elvis in record sales. Rodney Bickerstaffe, the trade union leader who campaigned for the minimum wage. Geoffrey Schild, the virologist who laid the foundations for the creation of a universal flu vaccine. And Rosemary Leach, the actress best known for roles in Jewel In The Crown on TV, A Room With A View on film and 84 Charing Cross Road on stage.

Sean Hughes, Sir Brian Barder, David Marks, Major Khush Ahmad-ul-Mulk, Marge Calhoun

Oct 21, 2017 1670


Matthew Bannister on Sean Hughes, the comedian who pioneered stand up with a narrative and was a team captain on "Never Mind the Buzzcocks". Architect David Marks who mortgaged his house as he battled to turn his design for the London Eye into an international landmark. Major Khush Ahmad-ul-Mulk, the last surviving son of the Mehtar of Chitral who ruled the state in the North West of Pakistan for over forty years. Sir Brian Barder who was Britain's ambassador to Ethiopia during the famine of the 1980s. He was involved in delicate negotiations to get aid through to the starving. And Marge Calhoun from California - known as "The First Lady of Surfing". Interviewed guest: Terry Eselun Interviewed guest: Julia Barfield Interviewed guest: Asad Ul Mulk Interviewed guest: Owen Barder Interviewed guest: Jonathan Steele Interviewed guest: Rhona Cameron Interviewed guest: Bruce Dessau.

Lillian Ross, Jalal Talabani, Terry Downes, Sybil Flory, Hedley Jones

Oct 14, 2017 1684


Julian Worricker on: Lillian Ross, who wrote for the New Yorker, and created a new form of journalism.... The Iraqi president after the fall of Saddam Hussein, Jalal Talabani - a prominent Kurdish politician.... The boxer Terry Downes, who held the world middleweight title in the 1960s.... Sybil Flory, a seamstress who evaded the Japanese in 1941, and found her sister six decades later.... Hedley Jones, a Jamaican musician who designed and built the country's first sound systems....and traffic lights....

Tony Booth, Liliane Bettencourt, William G Stewart, Tom Petty

Oct 7, 2017 1685


Matthew Bannister on The actor Tony Booth, best known for playing Alf Garnett's left wing son-in-law in the TV comedy Till Death Us Do Part - and notorious for his womanising and heavy drinking. His daughter Cherie Blair shares her memories. Lillian Bettencourt who was the richest woman in the world - as heiress to the L'Oreal cosmetics group. She was also embroiled in a bitter court battle over how her fortune should be divided. William G. Stewart, best known as the host of the long running TV quiz "Fifteen to One", He was also a respected producer and director. And the rock star Tom Petty - best known for hits like "Free Fallin'" and "I Won't Back Down".

Hugh Hefner, Stanislav Petrov, Teddy Taylor, Liz Dawn

Sep 30, 2017 1677


Matthew Bannister on Hugh Hefner who built the Playboy empire on a best selling magazine. Was he a libertarian who changed attitudes to sex or a sleazy pornographer? Soviet officer Stanislav Petrov who is credited with averting a nuclear disaster during the Cold War. The right wing Conservative M.P. Teddy Taylor best known for his outspoken opposition to the European Union. And actress Liz Dawn who played Vera Duckworth in Coronation Street for nearly thirty years.

David Shepherd, Nancy Hatch Dupree, Gordon Williams, Pat Albeck, Harry Dean Stanton

Sep 23, 2017 1680


Matthew Bannister on David Shepherd, the artist who painted trains, aeroplanes and elephants and worked tirelessly to conserve wild animals. Nancy Hatch Dupree, the American born adventurer and writer who devoted her life to creating an archive of Afghan culture and history. Gordon Williams, the Booker prize shortlisted author whose novel The Siege of Trencher's farm became the controversial film Straw Dogs. Pat Albeck the designer known as "the queen of the tea towel" who produced popular fabric designs for John Lewis and the National Trust. Harry Dean Stanton, the gaunt, hollow-eyed actor best known for films like "Paris, Texas" and "Repo Man". Image of David Shepherd courtesy of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

Sir Peter Hall, Kate Millett, Sir Edward du Cann, JP Donleavy

Sep 16, 2017 1675


Matthew Bannister on Sir Peter Hall, the director who founded the Royal Shakespeare Company, ran the National Theatre and created many acclaimed theatrical and operatic productions. Kate Millett, the radical feminist whose 1970 book Sexual Politics suggested that men's institutionalised power over women is a social construct, rather than innate or biological. Sir Edward Du Cann, the Tory MP and businessman who chaired the 1922 backbench committee, fell out with Edward Heath, and went bankrupt in the 1990s. J.P. Donleavy, the US-born Irish writer whose bawdy tale of Dublin Life - The Ginger Man - sold fifty million copies.

Sir David Tang, Professor Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, Walter Becker

Sep 9, 2017 1705


Matthew Bannister on: The flamboyant businessman Sir David Tang who founded the fashion label Shanghai Tang and collected celebrity friends. Tracey Emin pays tribute. Professor Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick who became one of the world's leading authorities on thoracic medicine after suffering from tuberculosis as a child. Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, the genial head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. And Walter Becker - who teamed up with Donald Fagen to create the sophisticated music and lyrics of Steely Dan.

Dick Gregory, Jeannie Rousseau, Wayne Lotter, Sean O'Callaghan, John Abercrombie

Sep 2, 2017 1682


Matthew Bannister on Dick Gregory, the African American comedian and civil rights activist who was also a dietician to stars like John Lennon and Mohammed Ali. Jeannie Rousseau who spied on the Nazis' secret weapons programme. Wayne Lotter, the South African elephant conservationist who has been shot dead in Tanzania. Sean O'Callaghan, the leading IRA member who turned informer. He helped to stop a bomb attack which would have killed the Prince and Princess of Wales. And the jazz guitarist John Abercrombie.

Abu Kifah, Sir Bruce Forsyth, Brian Aldiss, Blanche Blackwell, Jerry Lewis

Aug 26, 2017 1680


Brian Aldiss - the gifted science fiction author who inspired the Hollywood movie AI artificial intelligence. Jerry Lewis the American comic who - with Dean Martin found fame as one of the most successful double acts of all time. Blanche Blackwell - the Jamaican society hostess who became Ian Fleming's lover and some believe - the inspiration for the Bond movie character Pussy Galore. Abu Kifah, the Syrian rescue worker who made headlines around the world after pulling a baby alive from the wreckage of a bombed out building - and Sir Bruce Forsyth whose death a week ago today has seen him fondly remembered for his contribution to British entertainment in a career spanning more than seven decades.

Barbara Cook, Sister Ruth Pfau, Richard Gordon, Prof UR Rao

Aug 19, 2017 1693


Kate Silverton on the "Broadway Diva" Barbara Cook, the American singer and actress who first came to prominence in the 1950s as the lead in the original Broadway musicals Plain and Fancy and Candide; Sister Ruth Pfau 'Mother Teresa' of Pakistan for her work in combating the spread of leprosy; Richard Gordon the anesthetist,whose medical work inspired him to write Dr in The House novels which were made into films and a TV series; Prof. U.R. Rao, Pioneer of India's Space Programme, who brought knowledge to millions of people through digital communications via the many satellites he launched into space.

Glen Campbell, Dame Helen Alexander, Prunella Briance, Clancy Sigal

Aug 12, 2017 1679


Matthew Bannister on Glen Campbell - the singer and guitarist best known for hits like Galveston and Witchita Lineman. We talk to the man who wrote them - Jimmy Webb. Dame Helen Alexander, former Chief Executive of the Economist Group and the first woman to head the C.B.I. Clancy Sigal the American writer and activist who was blacklisted during the Communist witch hunts of the 1950s. Prunella Briance who founded the National Childbirth Trust after two traumatic experiences of giving birth.

Robert Hardy, David Jones, Jeanne Moreau, Mark Wilkinson, Sam Shepard

Aug 5, 2017 1676


Matthew Bannister on The actor Robert Hardy, best known for his roles in All Creatures Great and Small and the Harry Potter films and for playing Winston Churchill. David Jones who wrote the Daedalus column in New Scientist magazine and came up with an endless stream of inventive and challenging experiments. Jeanne Moreau the iconic French actress who was actually half English. Mark Wilkinson - the furniture designer once described as 'the Mozart of the kitchen cabinet' And Sam Shepard, the actor and playwright whose work redefined the landscape of the American West.

Mary Turner, Chester Bennington, Scharlette Holdman, Orri Vigfusson and George A Romero

Jul 29, 2017 1680


Matthew Bannister on Mary Turner the President of the GMB Union who started her campaigning life by organising her fellow dinner ladies at a North London school. Chester Bennington, lead singer of the band Linkin Park who sold more than seventy million copies of their nu-metal albums. Scharlette Holdman who cajoled lawyers into representing people on death row in American prisons and developed techniques for persuading the courts to mitigate their sentences. Orri Vigfusson the businessman and angler who saved North Atlantic salmon stocks by paying commercial fishermen to stop taking them from the sea. And the film director George A Romero who pioneered the zombie horror movie genre with Night of the Living Dead. Presenter: Matthew Bannister Producer: Paul Waters.

Chuck Blazer, Maryam Mirzakhani, Bryan Avery, Peter McHugh, Martin Landau

Jul 22, 2017 1676


Matthew Bannister on Chuck Blazer who embezzled millions of dollars from the international football organisation FIFA, then turned whistle blower to incriminate his former colleagues. Maryam Mirzakhani, the Iranian mathematician who became the first woman to win the prestigious Fields Medal. The architect Bryan Avery who designed the drama school RADA and the London Imax cinema. Peter McHugh, the former Fleet Street journalist who helped to turn round the fortunes of TV-am and then became director of programmes at GMTV. And Martin Landau the versatile Hollywood actor who won an Oscar for playing Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton's film Ed Wood. Producer: Neil George.

Simone Veil, Graham Rose, Tom Isaacs, Liu Xiaobo, Ken Hirst

Jul 15, 2017 1695


Matthew Bannister on Simone Veil, the Holocaust survivor who became a leading French politician and President of the European Parliament. Graham Rose who directed some of the best loved TV commercials, including the award winning Photo Booth for Hamlet Cigars. Tom Isaacs who was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at the age of 27 and raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for research by walking right round the coastline of Britain. The Chinese literary critic and dissident Liu Xiaobo who was one of the "four gentlemen" of the Tiananmen Square protests. He died while serving an eleven year sentence for advocating democracy. Ken Hirst, secretary of the Grimethorpe Colliery Band for 42 years. Producer: Neil George.

Barry Norman, Gordon Wilson, Geri Allen, John Thompson, Jack O'Neill

Jul 8, 2017 1680


Matthew Bannister on Barry Norman - best known for presenting the BBC television's Film programme,on radio he also fronted the Today Programme and the News Quiz. Gordon Wilson, the leader who re-built the Scottish National Party after electoral defeat and internal division. Jazz pianist and composer Geri Allen who played in a wide range of styles and was committed to the advancement of women in jazz. John Thompson, the regulator who presided over the introduction of independent local radio in the UK. And Jack O'Neill who made a successful business out of his obsession with surfing. Producer: Neil George.

Lord Joffe, Michael Bond, Ann Louise Gilligan, Carla Fendi, John Avildsen

Jul 1, 2017 1685


Matthew Bannister on Lord Joffe, the lawyer who defended Nelson Mandela at the infamous Rivonia trial. He went on to co-found the Allied Dunbar insurance company and sat as a Labour peer in the House of Lords. Michael Bond who created Paddington Bear, the Herbs and the guinea pig Olga Da Polga. Ann Louise Gilligan the former nun who campaigned for her same sex marriage to be recognised in Irish law. Carla Fendi, one of five sisters who turned their family business in Rome into a global fashion brand. And John Avildsen who directed two Rocky films and the Karate Kid. Producer: Neil George.

Helmut Kohl, Anita Pallenberg, Professor Brian Bellhouse, Naseem Khan, Brian Cant

Jun 24, 2017 1684


Julian Worricker on: Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of Germany at the time of the country's re-unification. Anita Pallenberg, artiste and muse to three of the Rolling Stones. Scientist, Brian Bellhouse, who invented the needle-free injection. Naseem Khan, a pioneering figure within the minority ethnic arts scene in Britain. Brian Cant, children's TV presenter, most famous for his twenty years on Play School.

Adnan Khashoggi, Countess Mountbatten, Adam West, Kailash Puri, Vin Garbutt, Helen Dunmore

Jun 17, 2017 1687


Matthew Bannister on Arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, known for his lavish life style, he acted as a middle man between governments and arms suppliers. Countess Mountbatten, godmother to Prince Charles, she was badly wounded in the IRA bomb attack which killed her father, Earl Mountbatten of Burma, and her son Nicholas. Adam West, the actor best known for playing Batman on TV. Kailash Puri, the Indian born writer who became an agony aunt to thousands of Punjabi readers. And Vin Garbutt, the folk singer known as "The Teesside Troubadour." Producer: Neil George.

Miriam Rodriguez Martinez, Lord Soulsby of Swaffham Prior, Peter Sallis, Lady Anne Piper, Jiri Belohlavek

Jun 10, 2017 1690


Matthew Bannister on Miriam Rodríguez Martínez- the Mexican woman whose daughter was killed by drug cartels - and who led a campaign for justice for thousands of missing people. Lord Soulsby - the first vet to be made a peer. He was an expert on parasites nicknamed "Lord of the Worms." Peter Sallis the actor best known for his role as Norman Clegg in Last of the Summer Wine - and for being the voice of Wallace in Wallace and Gromit. Lady Anne Piper, the novelist who campaigned for nuclear disarmament. Jiří Bělohlávek, the Czech-born chief conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the first non-native English speaker to preside at the Last Night of the Proms.

John Noakes, Manuel Noriega, Pat Stewart, Rex Sanders, Gregg Allman

Jun 3, 2017 1688


Julian Worricker on: The broadcaster, John Noakes, who was famous for his daredevil exploits on Blue Peter for thirteen years.... Manuel Noriega, who flirted with the Americans as leader of Panama, and ended up being jailed by them.... The dancer for whom one photograph of her on railings on Blackpool promenade shot her to fame, Pat Stewart.... Wing Commander Rex Sanders, lead navigator on a series of top secret missions over the Soviet Union... And the American rock musician, Gregg Allman, whose band created the sound known as Southern Rock. Producer: Neil George.

Brendan Duddy, Nina Lowry, Roger Ailes, Osmund Reynolds, Roger Moore

May 27, 2017 1689


Andrea Catherwood on Brendan Duddy, the businessman from Derry who played a key but unsung role in the Northern Ireland peace process hosting secret talks between MI6 and the IRA. Nina Lowry, the first woman to become an Old Bailey judge, who helped toughen up sentencing on sex crimes. Roger Ailes, the controversial figure who conceived and ran Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Network for two decades before being ousted over sexual harassment claims. Osmund Reynolds, a founder of neo-natal medicine who's pioneering work changed the outcome for a generation of premature babies. And Sir Roger Moore, the actor and film star best know for his portrayal of British secret agent 007, James Bond Produced by Neil George.

Rhodri Morgan, Michael Wearing, Dr Helen Szamuely, Ian Brady, Robert Miles

May 20, 2017 1686


Matthew Bannister on Rhodri Morgan the former Welsh First Minister, known as the Labour Party's "Father of Welsh devolution". Michael Wearing the TV producer behind award winning series like "Boys From The Blackstuff" and "Edge of Darkness". Helen Szamuely who helped to start the Anti Federalist League - which became the UK Independence Party. The Moors murderer Ian Brady. And the DJ Robert Miles - best known for his international hit "Children". Producer: Neil George.

Ueli Steck, Lord Williams of Baglan, Sylvia Moy, Captain James Dickson MBE, Jon Prinz

May 13, 2017 1690


Matthew Bannister on The Swiss climber Ueli Steck, famous for his daring high speed ascents of the world's most challenging mountains without the use of oxygen. Lord Williams the human rights expert who advised three Labour Foreign secretaries. Sylvia Moy who co-wrote many of Stevie Wonder's best known songs, including "I Was Made To Love Her" and "My Cherie Amour." Captain James Dickson, the experienced seaman who was winched down onto the deck of the oil tanker Braer when it ran aground in high seas on the coast of Shetland. And Jon Prinz, the food scientist and custard expert described by Heston Blumenthal as "brilliant and barking mad in equal measure". Producer: Neil George.

Robert Pirsig, Shobha Nehru, Michael Ballhaus, Leo Baxendale, Bruce Langhorne

May 6, 2017 1688


Matthew Bannister on Robert Pirsig, author of the best selling book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Shobha Nehru, the Hungarian woman who married into India's most powerful political dynasty - and used her position to confront Prime Minister Indira Ghandi about human rights abuses. Michael Ballhaus, the cinematographer who worked closely with Martin Scorsese. Leo Baxendale, the cartoonist and publisher who created the Bash Street Kids and Minnie the Minx. And Bruce Langhorne, the guitarist on some of Bob Dylan's best known songs. Producer: Neil George.

Jonathan Demme, Robert Taylor, Cathy Hopkins, Peter Farrer, Dorothy Torry

Apr 29, 2017 1681


Matthew Bannister on The film director Jonathan Demme - best known for the multi Oscar winning films Silence of the Lambs and Philadelphia. Robert Taylor who helped to develop the first networked computers - a forerunner of the internet - and inspired the creation of modern personal computers. Cathy Hopkins who campaigned for the residents of St Helena to get back their British citizenship. Peter Farrer, the Liverpool tax inspector who enjoyed cross dressing and became an expert on the history of women's costume. And Dorothy Torry, secretary to six BBC Directors General, including Lord Reith. Producer: Neil George.

Michael Bogdanov, Louis Sarno, Sheila Abdus Salaam, Dick Potts, Don Rickles

Apr 22, 2017 1688


Matthew Bannister on The theatre director Michael Bogdanov, who co-founded the English Shakespeare Company. His National Theatre production of the Romans In Britain led to an obscenity trial. The ethnomusicologist Louis Sarno who fell in love with the music of an obscure tribe of pygmies in the Central African Republic and went to live with them. Sheila Abdus Salaam, who became the first African American woman to serve as a judge on New York's highest court. Dick Potts, the ecologist who worked to save Britain's grey partridge population. Don Rickles, the American comedian who made his name by insulting Frank Sinatra and was the voice of Mr Potato Head in the Toy Story films.

Masha Leon, Tim Pigott-Smith, Christopher Morahan, Parv Bancil, Marthe Gosteli, Brian Matthew

Apr 15, 2017 1693


Julian Worricker on: The society columnist and Holocaust survivor, Masha Leon.... Actor Tim Pigott-Smith and director Christopher Morahan, who worked together on ITV's The Jewel in the Crown.... Playwright Parv Bancil whose work tackled issues affecting young British Asians.... Marthe Gosteli, who was at the forefront of the campaign to get women the vote in Switzerland.... And the broadcaster, host of 'Sounds of the Sixties', Brian Matthew.

Darcus Howe, Andy Coogan, Dr Sylvia Moody, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Peter Shotton

Apr 8, 2017 1679


Matthew Bannister on the Black Power activist and journalist Darcus Howe. He was a leading campaigner for equal rights in the 1970s and 80s. Athletics coach Andy Coogan who spent three and a half years as a prisoner of the Japanese during the second world war. Dr Sylvia Moody, the clinical psychologist who pioneered greater understanding of dyslexia in adults. The Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko who became a star in the West during the 1960s. Peter Shotton - who was at school with John Lennon, played the washboard in the Quarrymen and made his fortune from a chain of American-style diners.

David Storey, Ahmed Kathrada, Barbara Buss, Aloysius 'Lucky' Gordon

Apr 1, 2017 1681


Matthew Bannister on Playwright and novelist David Storey who drew on his experiences as a professional rugby league player in some of his work. The South African anti apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada who spent twenty six years in prison with Nelson Mandela and then became his parliamentary adviser. Barbara Buss who edited Woman Magazine in its 1970s heyday. And Lucky Gordon, the drug dealer, jazz singer and cook whose brief relationship with Christine Keeler led to the uncovering of the Profumo Affair in the 1960s. Producer: Neil George.

Martin McGuinness, Chuck Berry, Sir Derek Walcott, Salome Karwah, Colin Dexter

Mar 25, 2017 1686


Matthew Bannister on Martin McGuinness, who went from being a violent IRA commander to a peace making politician. Chuck Berry, hailed as the father of rock n roll by musicians from Keith Richards to John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen. The Nobel prize winning poet Sir Derek Walcott, who brought the Caribbean experience to the wider world. Salome Karwah, who survived Ebola in her native Liberia, went back to help other sufferers and then died from complications after childbirth. And Colin Dexter, creator of the immortal detective Inspector Morse. Producer: Neil George.

John Surtees, Gordon Thomas, Sir Howard Hodgkin, H. Boyd Woodruff, Joni Sledge

Mar 18, 2017 1682


Matthew Bannister on The racing driver John Surtees who won world championships on two wheels and four. Gordon Thomas who wrote best selling books about espionage and religion. Sir Howard Hodgkin - one of the UK's most admired modern painters. H. Boyd Woodruff, the microbiologist who isolated life saving antibiotics in soil. Joni Sledge one of four singing sisters in the disco group Sister Sledge. Producer: Neil George.

Sir Nigel Rodley, Sir Cosmo Haskard, Louise Hulton, Pete Overend Watts

Mar 11, 2017 1678


Matthew Bannister on The human rights lawyer Sir Nigel Rodley. He helped to draft the United Nations Convention Against Torture and became its special rapporteur on the issue. Pete Overend Watts, the bass player from Mott the Hoople. His platform soled boots were so high that if he fell over on stage he needed a roadie to put him back on his feet again. Louise Hulton the maternal health expert who worked tirelessly to improve conditions for childbirth around the world. And Sir Cosmo Haskard, the colourful Governor of the Falkland Islands, who helped to stop the Labour government from handing them to Argentina in the 1960s. Producer: Neil George.

Gerald Kaufman, Dick Bruna, Desmond Connell, Rita Barberá, Frank Delaney

Mar 4, 2017 1685


Julian Worricker on: The long-serving Labour MP and former minister, Gerald Kaufman The prolific Dutch illustrator and author Dick Bruna Cardinal Desmond Connell, who as Archbishop of Dublin presided over the Church's handling of the child abuse scandal Controversial city mayor Rita Barbera, who ran Valencia in Spain for twenty years Writer and broadcaster, Frank Delaney, best known for Radio 4 programmes Bookshelf and Word of Mouth. Producer: Neil George.

Stanley Bard, Norma McCorvey, Michael Ember, Peter Skellern

Feb 25, 2017 1684


Kate Silverton on Stanley Bard, the enigmatic proprietor of New York's Chelsea Hotel who created a haven for artists, writers and rock stars and presided over one of the greatest experiments in bohemian living in the history of New York Norma McCorvey, known as Jane Roe, the anonymous plaintiff in the Roe v Wade case by which the US supreme court legalised abortion, who became an unlikely icon for feminism Michael Ember, the Hungarian émigré who fled his country's uprising to become one of the BBC's most respected radio producers - creating programmes In the Psychiatrist's chair and Stop the Week And Peter Skellern - the singer, songwriter and pianist who found fame with 'you're a lady' and forged an enduring musical partnership with his colleague and friend Sir Richard Stilgoe. Producer: Neil George.

Al Jarreau, Betty Tebbs, Sir Peter Mansfield, Dame Jennifer Jenkins, Hans Rosling

Feb 18, 2017 1671


Matthew Bannister on Betty Tebbs who devoted her life to fighting for women's rights and nuclear disarmament. Sir Peter Mansfield, the Nobel Prize winning physicist who led the development of MRI scanning. Dame Jennifer Jenkins, chairwoman of the Consumers Association and the National Trust. Hans Rosling the statistician known for his skill as a communicator who worked to end poverty. Al Jarreau the versatile singer who won Grammy awards for jazz, pop and R&B.

Alan Simpson, Brunhilde Pomsel, Sir Ken Morrison, Buchi Emecheta

Feb 11, 2017 1675


Matthew Bannister on The comedy writer Alan Simpson. With his partner Ray Galton, he created classic sitcoms including Hancock's Half Hour and Steptoe and Son. Brunhilde Pomsel who was the secretary to the Nazi propaganda chief Josef Goebbels. Sir Ken Morrison, the Yorkshireman who built up the family grocery firm to become Britain's fourth largest supermarket chain. And the Nigerian born novelist Buchi Emecheta who overcame prejudice to follow her passion for writing.

Sir John Hurt, Margaret Pereira CBE, Sir Christopher Bland, Emma Tennant, Mary Tyler Moore

Feb 4, 2017 1678


Matthew Bannister on Sir John Hurt, the actor whose outstanding roles included Quentin Crisp, the Elephant Man and Caligula. Margaret Pereira, the pioneering forensic scientist who was known as "Miss Murder" by the press. Sir Christopher Bland who chaired LWT, the BBC and BT. Emma Tennant, the author from an aristocratic background whose work included sequels to classic novels. And Mary Tyler Moore, the American TV star whose sitcom made her a role model for independent career women. Producer: Neil George.

Tam Dalyell MP, Victor Lownes, Babette Cole, Zhou Youguang, Gorden Kaye

Jan 28, 2017 1676


Matthew Bannister on The Labour MP Tam Dalyell who asked the West Lothian Question and pursued Margaret Thatcher over the sinking of the Belgrano. Victor Lownes who ran Playboy's clubs in the UK - and lived up to the magazine's lifestyle and values. Children's author Babette Cole, best known for writing and illustrating Princess Smartypants and The Trouble with Mum. The Chinese economist and linguistics expert Zhou Youguang who came up with the Pinyin system of turning Chinese characters into Roman letters. And the actor Gorden Kaye, best known for playing the cafe owner Rene in the comedy series 'Allo 'Allo. Producer: Neil George.

Baroness Heyhoe Flint, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Una Kroll, William Peter Blatty, Sir James Mancham

Jan 21, 2017 1670


Matthew Bannister on Baroness Rachael Heyhoe Flint who captained the England women's cricket team to victory in the World Cup. Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, one of the key players in the country's revolution. Dr. Una Kroll, a tireless campaigner for the ordination of women. William Peter Blatty who wrote the book and the film "The Exorcist" And Sir James Mancham, the first President of the Seychelles Producer: Neil George.

Lord Snowdon, Graham Taylor, Jill Saward, Peter Sarstedt, Clare Hollingworth

Jan 14, 2017 1677


Matthew Bannister on Lord Snowdon - renowned photographer and Princess Margaret's former husband. Graham Taylor - the football manager who had success with Watford and Aston Villa, but was lampooned for his performance with England. Jill Saward, the rape survivor who campaigned for the rights of those who suffer sexual violence. The singer and songwriter Peter Sarsdedt, best known for the song "Where Do You Go To My Lovely?" And Clare Hollingworth, the war reporter who broke the story of the Nazi invasion of Poland. Producer: Neil George.

John Berger, Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, Henry Heimlich, Patsy Crampton, Brian Widlake and George Michael

Jan 7, 2017 1685


Julian Worricker on: The writer and art critic John Berger Mother and daughter actresses, Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher The surgeon who came up with the life-saving heimlich manoeuvre, Henry Heimlich The linguist Patsy Crampton, who worked at the Nuremberg trials before going on to translate more than 200 children's books Broadcaster Brian Widlake, well known for the Money Programme and the World at One And one of the biggest names in popular music, George Michael. Producer: Neil George.

Michael Nicholson, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Lord Prior, Rabbi Lionel Blue, Pauline Oliveros

Dec 24, 2016 1701


Julian Worricker on: The journalist and TV correspondent, Michael Nicholson, who covered numerous conflicts for ITN The actress and socialite Zsa Zsa Gabor, famous for her one-liners and nine husbands James Prior, who served in government under Margaret Thatcher despite her regarding him as a 'wet' Rabbi Lionel Blue, a regular presenter on Thought for the Day on Radio 4 and the composer Pauline Oliveros. an electronic music pioneer best known for her philosophy of 'deep listening'. Producer: Neil George.

Peter Gibson, AA Gill, Coral Atkins, William Chaloner, Ian McCaskill

Dec 17, 2016 1676


Matthew Bannister on Peter Gibson the master glazier who devoted his life to the care of the stained glass windows in York Minster. AA Gill, who overcame alcoholism and dyslexia to become one of the UK's best known critics. Coral Atkins who gave up a career as an actress to run homes for disadvantaged children. William Chaloner, an authority on fossil plants who used pollen from the past to reconstruct ancient environments. Ian McCaskill, the BBC weather man much imitated by impressionists.

John Glenn, Peter Vaughan, Jayalalithaa Jayaram, Greg Lake

Dec 10, 2016 1685


Matthew Bannister on John Glenn, the astronaut who was the first American to orbit the earth and later the oldest man ever to be sent into space. The actor Peter Vaughan, best known for his roles in Porridge, Our Friends In the North and latterly Game of Thrones. Jayalalithaa Jayaram, the autocratic chief minister of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu who was imprisoned for corruption, but re-elected afterwards. And Greg Lake - the guitarist and singer who was part of the supergroup Emerson, Lake and Palmer and recorded a classic Christmas single. Producer: Dianne McGregor.

Andrew Sachs, Fidel Castro, Mose Allison, The Honourable Margaret Rhodes

Dec 3, 2016 1686


Matthew Bannister on Andrew Sachs, the actor who was so much more than Manuel in Fawlty Towers. We hear about his acclaimed radio career. Also the Cuban leader Fidel Castro - brutal dictator or benevolent champion of his people? The jazz and blues singer Mose Allison, whose songs were covered by the Who, the Clash, Bonnie Raitt and Van Morrison. And The Honourable Margaret Rhodes, the Queen's cousin, who became a celebrity after writing her memoirs of life in the royal household. Producer: Neil George.

Martin Aitchison, Sir Mota Singh QC, William Trevor, Ruth Gruber, David Mancuso

Nov 26, 2016 1686


Kate Silverton on: Martin Aitchison who worked with Barnes Wallis on the bouncing bomb but made his name illustrating the Peter and Jane ladybird books. Sir Mota Singh, the Kenyan born Barrister who became Britain's first ethnic minority judge making headlines worldwide as the first judge in 300 years not to wear the horse hair wig William Trevor - one of Ireland's greatest writers - a novelist, playwright and short story writer, his work was compared with Chekhov Ruth Gruber, journalist, author, humanitarian and spy. She documented Stalin's gulags, life in Nazi Germany and the plight of Jewish refugees and David Mancuso, dance music legend and music host who founded the Loft in New York. Producer: Neil George.

Robert Vaughn, Sir Sigmund Sternberg, Carolyn Hardy OBE, Ewen Whitaker, Claude 'Curly' Putman

Nov 19, 2016 1680


Matthew Bannister on Robert Vaughn - the actor who made his name as Napoleon Solo in "The Man From Uncle" TV series and also appeared in films like "The Magnificent Seven", "Bullitt" and "The Towering Inferno". Ewen Whitaker, the self taught astronomer who became an expert on the geography of the moon and helped direct Apollo 12 to its landing site. Carolyn Hardy, who turned the National Gardens Scheme into a stand alone charity and was vice chairman of the Royal Horticultural Society. Sir Sigmund Sternberg, the businessman who founded the Three Faiths Forum to encourage dialogue between Jews, Muslims and Christians. Claude "Curly" Putman - the country singer who wrote "D.I.V.O.R.C.E" and "The Green Green Grass of Home". Producer: Neil George.

Leonard Cohen, Lt Col Robert Montgomery MC, Janet Reno, Sir Jimmy Young

Nov 12, 2016 1687


Matthew Bannister on The singer, songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen. He was accused of depressing a generation, but many found his songs inspiring. Lieutenant Colonel Bob Montgomery - the explosives expert who played a leading role in a daring Commando raid on the port of Saint Nazaire during the second world war. Janet Reno - the US Attorney General General under President Bill Clinton - she dealt with many controversial issues, including the Whitewater and Monica Lewinsky scandals. Sir Jimmy Young. For thirty years his mixture of news and music entertained and informed millions on Radio 2. Producer: Neil George.

Tom Hayden, Valerie Hunter Gordon, Carole Blake, Anne Pashley

Nov 5, 2016 1679


Matthew Bannister on American political activist Tom Hayden. He once said that people only knew four words about him: "Sixties, Radical, Jane and Fonda". He led anti Vietnam war protests and was married to the Hollywood star. Valerie Hunter Gordon who invented the disposable nappy. Her prototypes were made from old wartime parachutes. Literary agent Carole Blake who wrote a best selling guide for aspiring novelists. And Anne Pashley, who won a silver medal at the 1956 Olympics, then became a leading opera singer.

Raine, Countess Spencer, James "Jimmy" Perry, Stylianos Pattakos, Howard Davies, Bobby Vee

Oct 29, 2016 1685


Matthew Bannister on Raine Countess Spencer. The daughter of Barbara Cartland and step mother of Princess Diana who nicknamed her "Acid Raine". Jimmy Perry who drew on his own life to co-write classic TV comedies including Dad's Army and Hi De Hi. General Stylianos Pattakos, a leading figure in the military junta that took power in Greece in 1967. The theatre director Howard Davies, acclaimed for his productions of twentieth century American classics and for the premiere of Les Liaisons Dangereuses. And Bobby Vee - the sixties pop idol whose many chart hits included Rubber Ball and Take Good Care of My Baby. Producer: Neil George.

Jean Alexander, Trinh Thi Ngo, Ian Mercer, Joseph Harmatz, Joan Marie Johnson

Oct 22, 2016 1685


Matthew Bannister on Jean Alexander - the actress best known for playing Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street. Trinh Thi Ngo. Nicknamed Hanoi Hannah, she broadcast propaganda to American GIs during the Vietnam war. Ian Mercer the naturalist who became the first Dartmoor National Park officer and the first Chief Executive of the Countryside Council for Wales. Joseph Harmatz, part of a group of Jewish vigilantes who set out to murder millions of Germans just after the second world war. And Joan Marie Johnson - one of the three women singers in the Dixie Cups who scored a major hit with The Chapel of Love. Producer: Neil George.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Dario Fo, Jean Bloxam, Andrew Vicari, Don Buchla

Oct 15, 2016 1684


Matthew Bannister on The world's longest reigning monarch - King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. The Nobel prize winning playwright and satirist Dario Fo. Griff Rhys Jones pays tribute. The pioneering racing driver Jean Bloxam She took on the men - and often beat them. Andrew Vicari, the painter from Port Talbot in Wales who made millions through commissions from the Saudi Royal family. And the musician Don Buchla who invented the first modern synthesiser in 1963. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Paul Handley Interviewed guest: Griff Rhys Jones Interviewed guest: Dan Rebellato Interviewed guest: Nick Tassoni Interviewed guest: Michael Scott Interviewed guest: Andrew Vaccari Interviewed guest: Georgina Adam Interviewed guest: Mark Vail Interviewed guest: Geeta DyalInterviewed guest: Andrew Vaccari Interviewed guest: Georgina Adam Interviewed guest: Mark Vail Interviewed guest: Geeta Dyal.

Sir Neville Marriner, Father Gabriele Amorth, Beryl Crockford, Professor Louis Herman, Rod Temperton

Oct 8, 2016 1678


Matthew Bannister on Sir Neville Marriner the conductor who founded the Academy of St Martin in the Fields and led them to become the world's most recorded orchestra. Father Gabriele Amorth, the Catholic Church's leading exorcist who said he'd tackled over a hundred cases of demonic possession. Beryl Crockford, one of the first two British women to become rowing world champions. Professor Louis Herman the American psychologist who caused a sensation by communicating with dolphins. Rod Temperton, a member of the band Heatwave who wrote a string of hits for Michael Jackson including the title track of his album Thriller. Producer: Neil George.

Shimon Peres, Nathalie Evans, Arnold Palmer, Bill Mollison, Jean Shepard

Oct 1, 2016 1689


Matthew Bannister on Shimon Peres, the Israeli elder statesman who was twice Prime Minister of his country and won the Nobel Peace Prize for his part in negotiating the Oslo Accord with the Palestinians. Nathalie Evans who co founded the Twycross Zoo and provided the chimps for the PG Tips TV adverts. Arnold Palmer, the legendary golfer who won 91 professional titles and was followed by fans known as "Arnie's Army". Bill Mollison, the Australian author and lecturer who was known as the "father of permaculture". Produced by Neil George.

Edward Albee, James Cronin, Caroline Thomson OBE, Sir Frederick Holliday, Charmian Carr

Sep 24, 2016 1688


Matthew Bannister on American playwright Edward Albee, who won three Pullitzer prizes but not for his best known work "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?". Physicist James Cronin who won the Nobel Prize for his work on the asymmetry between matter and anti matter. Health administrator Caroline Thomson, who persuaded the people of the Scottish Highlands to confront the challenges of HIV and AIDS. Zoologist and academic Sir Frederick Holliday. He was vice chancellor of Durham University and campaigned to save the UK's otter population. Actress Charmian Carr best known for playing the teenager Liesl in the film "The Sound of Music." Produced by Neil George.

Barry Myers, Eileen Younghusband, Robin Spark, Keith McDougall, Prince Buster

Sep 17, 2016 1674


Matthew Bannister on Barry Myers who directed some of the best known commercials of the 1970s and 80s, including ads for Hovis, Olympus Cameras and Cadbury's Flake. Eileen Younghusband, who worked as a filter officer during the Second World War, spotting the approaching aircraft and V2 rockets launched against Britain by the Nazis. The Edinburgh based artist Robin Spark, who had a troubled relationship with his mother, the writer Muriel Spark. Keith MacDougall, the Norfolk countryman who balanced a passion for shooting with a commitment to conservation. And Prince Buster the Jamaican musician who was one of the pioneers of Ska. Produced by Neil George.

The Right Rev David Jenkins, Dame Margaret Anstee, Islam Karimov, Richard Neville

Sep 10, 2016 1680


Matthew Bannister on The Bishop of Durham the Right Reverend David Jenkins. A respected theologian, he was noted for his controversial views. The diplomat Dame Margaret Anstee who overcame sex discrimination to hold senior roles at the United Nations. She led relief missions at many of the world's major trouble spots. . The President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov who faced international condemnation for his violent treatment of his opponents. And Richard Neville who edited the 1960s counter culture magazine Oz, and faced obscenity charges in a notorious court case.

Joao Havelange, Sonia Rykiel, Gene Wilder, Toots Thielemans

Sep 3, 2016 1691


Matthew Bannister on João Havelange, the President of the international football federation, FIFA, who stepped down amid allegations of corruption. The French fashion designer Sonia Rykiel who broke the conventions of haute couture to produce wearable clothes for women on the go. Gene Wilder, the comedy film actor best known for his roles as Willy Wonka in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and in Mel Brooks films like Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein. And Toots Thielemans, the jazz musician who played the harmonica and made his name by whistling along to his own guitar. Producer: Neil George.

Sir Antony Jay, Donald Henderson, Tom Cholmondeley, Patsy Wright-Warren CBE, Lord Rix

Aug 27, 2016 1681


Julian Worricker on.... The co-writer of 'Yes Minister' and 'Yes Prime Minister' - Sir Antony Jay.... Donald Henderson, American epidemiologist, who led the WHO's campaign to eradicate smallpox.... The aristocrat Tom Cholmondeley, who divided opinion in his native Kenya after he shot dead two black men on his ranch.... Nursing leader, Patsy Wright-Warren, who went on to travel the world for the Ryder-Cheshire Foundation..... and the entertainer and actor, Brian Rix, who was one of the country's leading campaigners for people with learning disabilities. Producer: Neil George.

Bishop Edward Daly, Ahmed Zewail, Suzanne Wright, Duke of Westminster, Ivo Pitanguy

Aug 13, 2016 1688


Matthew Bannister on the Bishop of Derry Edward Daly. He was famously photographed waving a bloodstained white handkerchief as he tended to a young man shot by the army on Bloody Sunday. The Egyptian born chemist Ahmed Zewail who won the Nobel prize for his work on revealing the minute details of chemical reactions. Suzanne Wright who raised millions of dollars for research into autism after her grandson was diagnosed with the condition. The Duke of Westminster, one of the UK's wealthiest landowners and a close friend of the royal family. And the Brazilian plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy. To his many celebrity patients he was known as the Michelangelo of the scalpel. Producer: Paul Waters.

Luc Hoffmann, Sylvia Peters, Joe Powell, William Smethurst, Sandy Pearlman

Aug 6, 2016 1674


Matthew Bannister on Luc Hoffmann, the Swiss conservationist who co-founded the World Wildlife Fund and fought to save endangered species and wetlands. Sylvia Peters, one of the best known faces on BBC television in the 1950s. The film stuntman Joe Powell who took part in many death defying exploits. The editor of the Archers William Smethurst who introduced the characters of Eddie Grundy and Nigel Pargetter. And Sandy Pearlman, rock manager and producer who created the Blue Oyster Cult and changed the sound of the Clash. Producer: Paul Waters.

Gary S Paxton, Sally Beauman, Thomas Sutherland, Frank Dickens, Marni Nixon

Jul 30, 2016 1686


Matthew Bannister on Thomas Sutherland the Scottish-born American professor who was held hostage for more than six years in Lebanon. We hear from his fellow hostage Terry Anderson. The singer, songwriter and producer Gary S Paxton. He brought us the Monster Mash and thousands of other songs and lived up to his nickname "His Weirdness" Sally Beauman, who was given a reported million pound advance for her best selling novel Destiny, but transcended the bonk buster genre. Frank Dickens, the cartoonist who satirised office life in the Bristow comic strip and often liked to strip naked himself. And Marni Nixon, whose singing voice was dubbed over Hollywood movie stars when they couldn't hit the high notes. Producer: Paul Waters.

Sydney Schanberg, Beatrice de Cardi, Lord Evans of Temple Guiting, Alvin Toffler, Jimmy Gilbert

Jul 23, 2016 1682


Matthew Bannister on The American journalist Sydney Schanberg who won the Pulitzer prize for his reporting on Cambodia. His story was turned into the film "The Killing Fields". The archaeologist Beatrice de Cardi, once described as "a cross between Miss Marple and Indiana Jones". The publisher Lord Evans of Temple Guiting, who, as Matthew Evans, led Faber and Faber to great success. His friend Melvyn Bragg pays tribute. The futurist Alvin Toffler best known for his 1970 book "Future Shock". And the comedy producer Jimmy Gilbert who brought us "The Frost Report", "Last of the Summer Wine" and "Fawlty Towers". Producer: Dianne McGregor.

Abdul Sattar Edhi, Professor Suzanne Corkin, Bernardo Provenzano, Garry Marshall

Jul 23, 2016 1680


Matthew Bannister on Abdul Sattar Edhi. Known as Pakistan's "Angel of Mercy", he built up a foundation which brought healthcare, orphanages and women's shelters to the poorest people in his country. Dr. Suzanne Corkin - the neuroscientist who spent years studying a patient known as "H.M." An operation on his brain had left him with profound amnesia. Bernardo Provenzano - the Sicilian mafia boss nicknamed "The Tractor" because he mowed down all his enemies. And Garry Marshall the comedy writer and director who brought us "Happy Days" and "Pretty Woman." Producer: Neil George.

Caroline Aherne, Elie Wiesel, Sir Geoffrey Hill, Lord Mayhew, Michael Cimino

Jul 9, 2016 1686


Matthew Bannister on The comedian Caroline Aherne who created Mrs Merton and the Royle family and struggled with the pressures of fame. Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel. Described by President Obama as "one of the great moral voices of our time", he won the Nobel Peace Prize. The poet Sir Geoffrey Hill whose work focused on English history, landscape and religion. The Conservative politician Lord Mayhew. As Northern Ireland Secretary under John Major, he laid the foundations for the peace process. And the film director Michael Cimino - best known for the Deer Hunter which won five Oscars. Producer: Dianne McGregor.

Amjad Sabri, Lorna Kelly, Jerome Bruner, Bob Holman, Scotty Moore

Jul 2, 2016 1667


Matthew Bannister on The Pakistani qawwali singer Amjad Sabri. A huge star in his homeland, he was shot dead in his car in Karachi. The auctioneer Lorna Kelly who turned her back on a glittering New York lifestyle to work with Mother Teresa. The psychologist Jerome Bruner whose work brought new insight into how children learn. Bob Holman who gave up his academic career to live and work with people on housing estates. And Scotty Moore who played guitar on many of Elvis Presley's biggest hits. Producer: Dianne McGregor.

Dr Sylvia Meek, Sam King MBE, Chips Moman, Ethel Bush GM, Harry Rabinowitz

Jun 25, 2016 1662


Matthew Bannister on The parasitologist Sylvia Meek who led the fight to reduce deaths from malaria. Harry Rabinowitz who conducted the music for many films and TV series, including the English Patient and Upstairs Downstairs. Ethel Bush who was one of the two first policewomen to be awarded the George Medal for bravery. Sam King, the RAF veteran from Jamaica who later travelled to Britain on the Empire Windrush and became Mayor of Southwark. And Chips Moman, the record producer who worked with Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin and Willie Nelson.

Sir Peter Shaffer, Sir Denys Wilkinson, Peggy Spencer and Muhammad Ali

Jun 18, 2016 1677


Julian Worricker on: The playwright Sir Peter Shaffer, most famous for 'The Royal Hunt of the Sun, 'Equus' and 'Amadeus'... The physicist, Sir Denys Wilkinson, considered an expert on the electromagnetic properties of nuclear isotopes... The dancer, Peggy Spencer - also a choreographer, adjudicator and dance event organiser... And the man voted the sportsman of the last century, heavyweight boxer and civil rights campaigner, Muhammad Ali.

Jo Cox MP, Dave Swarbrick, Viktor Korchnoi, Wendy Leigh

Jun 18, 2016 1672


Reeta Chakrabarti on: The MP Jo Cox , who was brutally killed in the street, after meeting local people in the West Yorkshire constituency she represented The musician Dave Swarbrick, who found fame with the folk group Fairport Convention - and who celebrated the premature publication of his obituary by a newspaper, 17 years before his death. The chess player Viktor Korchnoi, a grandmaster of the international circuit, who defected from the Soviet Union and whose career became enmeshed in Cold War politics. And the showbiz writer Wendy Leigh, who produced racy celebrity biographies and steamy novels, and who had a long affair with the publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell.

Carla Lane, Sir Denys Henderson, Jane Fawcett, Alan Devereux and Buster Cooper

Jun 4, 2016 1675


Matthew Bannister on Carla Lane who wrote hit TV comedies including The Liver Birds, Bread and Butterflies. Wendy Craig pays tribute. The ICI Chairman Sir Denys Henderson, who fought off a takeover bid from Lord Hanson and split the company into two parts. Jane Fawcett, the former debutante who worked with the code-breakers at Bletchley Park and then fought to conserve many of Britain's greatest Victorian buildings. And Alan Devereux who for nearly fifty years played Sid Perks in the Archers.

Professor Robert McNeill Alexander, Reg Grundy, Sally Brampton, Tony Cozier, Madeleine LeBeau

May 21, 2016 1668


Matthew Bannister on Professor Robert McNeill Alexander - the father of animal biomechanics, who revealed how fast dinosaurs could run. The Australian TV producer Reg Grundy who was behind a string of popular hits, including Neighbours, Wheel of Fortune and Prisoner Cell Block H. Sally Brampton, the founding editor of British Elle magazine who wrote a powerful book about her struggle with depression. And Tony Cozier, the West Indian cricket commentator who was a much loved member of the Test Match Special team.

Gareth Gwenlan, Sir Harry Kroto, Michael 'Dandy Kim' Caborn-Waterfield, Lilly Dubowitz, Papa Wemba

May 14, 2016 1682


Matthew Bannister on Gareth Gwenlan the TV producer and Head of BBC Comedy behind a string of hits including Only Fools and Horses. Sir David Jason pays tribute. Sir Harry Kroto, the Nobel prize winning chemist who helped to discover new forms of carbon. Michael 'Dandy Kim' Caborn-Waterfield, the charming, well dressed scoundrel who started the Ann Summers chain of sex shops and was imprisoned in France for stealing thousands of pounds from the movie mogul Jack Warner. The paediatrician Lilly Dubowitz who developed revolutionary tests to assess new born babies And the Congolese singer and flamboyant dresser Papa Wemba.

Reverend Daniel Berrigan, Lord Walton of Detchant, Jenny Diski, Guy Woolfenden

May 7, 2016 1684


Matthew Bannister on The Reverend Daniel Berrigan, the American Catholic priest who devoted his life to campaigning for peace. He was arrested many times for protests against the Vietnam War and nuclear weapons. Jenny Diski who wrote celebrated novels, essays including her travelogue Skating to Antarctica and her latest memoir In Gratitude. Lord Walton, the eminent neurologist who wrote an influential paper on muscle diseases. And Guy Woolfenden, long serving musical director at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Sir Trevor Nunn pays tribute.

Lord Peston, Ruth Prideaux, Patricio Aylwin, Professor Sir David Mackay, Gareth Thomas

Apr 30, 2016 1687


Matthew Bannister on The economist Lord Peston who advised the Labour governments of the 60s and 70s. His son Robert Peston and Lord Hattersley pay tribute. The women's cricket coach Ruth Prideaux who steered England to victory at the 1993 World Cup. The Chilean President Patricio Aylwin who is credited with restoring democracy after nearly 17 years of military dictatorship. The physicist Professor Sir David Mackay, known as 'the cleverest man in Cambridge' and a debunker of myths about climate change. And the actor Gareth Thomas best known for his leading role in the TV series Blake's Seven.

Prince, Ray Fitzwalter, Victoria Wood, June Jolly, Phil Sayer

Apr 23, 2016 1681


Matthew Bannister on Rock superstar Prince - we recall his intimate gig for a handful of people here in Broadcasting House. Ray Fitzwalter the Editor of ITV's World In Action who championed investigative journalism. Victoria Wood - we have a tribute in song from the young comedian she inspired. The nurse June Jolly who transformed the treatment of children in hospital - she once brought a baby elephant and a lion on to the ward to entertain her patients. And - Mind The Gap - the voice of hundreds of station announcements Phil Sayer. Interviewed guest: Fergus Dudley Interviewed guest: Paul Gambaccini Interviewed guest: Roger Corke Interviewed guest: Vikki Stone Interviewed guest: Margaretta Jolly Interviewed guest: Sue Burr Interviewed guest: Elinor Hamilton.

Arnold Wesker, Howard Marks, Peggy Fortnum, Merle Haggard and Rachel Johnson

Apr 16, 2016 1683


Matthew Bannister on The playwright Sir Arnold Wesker whose work celebrated working class life, Howard Marks, the convicted cannabis smuggler and raconteur who became a folk hero to some. Peggy Fortnum, the children's book illustrator who brought Paddington Bear to life. The country singer Merle Haggard whose music was steeped in traditional redneck America. And Rachel Johnson, last surviving resident of the Scottish island of St Kilda which was evacuated in 1930.

Mother Angelica, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, DJ Derek, Doreen Massey and Joe Medicine Crow

Apr 9, 2016 1680


Matthew Bannister on The American broadcasting nun Mother Angelica who founded the Eternal Word Television Network and dispensed traditional Catholic advice to viewers. The German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, one of the principal architects of his country's re-unification. Derek Serpell-Morris, who gave up his job as an accountant to become DJ Derek, playing reggae and ska and claiming to be Britain's oldest DJ. Doreen Massey who changed the way we think about geography and Joe Medicine Crow, the native American historian who was a direct link back to Custer's last stand. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Joanna Bogle Interviewed guest: Paul Burnell Interviewed guest: Lord Owen Interviewed guest: Hilary Wainwright Interviewed guest: Emma Jackson Interviewed guest: Dr David Featherstone Interviewed guest: Herman Viola.

Dame Zaha Hadid, Ronnie Corbett, General Meir Dagan, Joan Loraine, Gary Shandling

Apr 2, 2016 1674


Matthew Bannister on The internationally acclaimed architect Dame Zaha Hadid, known to some as "the queen of the curve". Ronnie Corbett, whose partnership with Ronnie Barker made him one of the UK's best loved comedians. General Meir Dagan, head of the Israeli secret service Mossad when it was credited with carrying out the assassination of five Iranian nuclear scientists. Joan Loraine who created a much admired garden at Greencombe in Somerset And Gary Shandling who satirised the vanities and insecurities of celebrity in his fictional TV chat show.

Paul Daniels, Anita Brookner, Sylvia Anderson, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Cliff Michelmore

Mar 19, 2016 1689


Matthew Bannister on Cliff Michelmore who brought a relaxed informality to presenting TV programmes like Tonight and 24 Hours, without losing intelligence or authority. Sylvia Anderson who - with her husband Gerry - produced TV puppet series like Thunderbirds and Stingray. She was also the voice of Lady Penelope. Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, the composer and former Master of the Queen's Music who made his home in a remote part of Orkney. The author Anita Brookner who won the Booker prize for her novel Hotel du Lac. And the magician Paul Daniels,, whose catch phrase was "You'll like this - not a lot - but you'll like it.".

George Martin, Nancy Reagan, Ray Tomlinson, Gillian Avery

Mar 12, 2016 1687


Reeta Chakrabarti on Sir George Martin, the legendary music producer who oversaw the Beatles' phenomenal success. Nancy Reagan, the US First Lady, who went from actor to political wife, to campaigner against drug abuse. Ray Tomlinson, one of the pioneers of the internet, and a founder of the email system. And Gillian Avery, historian and award-winning author of children's literature.

Tony Warren, Louise Rennison, Lord Chorley, George Kennedy, John Chilton

Mar 5, 2016 1680


Reeta Chakrabarti on Tony Warren, who created the long-running TV soap Coronation Street, embedding a working-class north of England cast of characters in the national consciousness. Louise Rennison, comedian and author of young adult fiction, whose frank and funny books won her a loyal following amongst teenage girls. Lord Chorley, a parliamentarian and conservationist, whose many public roles included former chairman of the National Trust. George Kennedy, the versatile American character actor, who won an Oscar for his role in the film Cool Hand Luke. And John Chilton, the trumper

Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Edmonde Charles-Roux, Norman Hudis, Antonin Scalia, Harper Lee

Feb 20, 2016 1666


Matthew Bannister on Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the United Nations Secretary General who had to deal with genocide in Rwanda and the war in the Balkans. Edmonde Charles-Roux, the former resistance fighter who became editor of French Vogue magazine. Norman Hudis, the screenwriter of many of the Carry On comedy films. And Antonin Scalia, the conservative US Supreme Court Justice.

Marvin Minsky, Margaret Forster, Peter Powell, Sir Brian Tovey, Joe Alaskey

Feb 13, 2016 1675


Matthew Bannister on Professor Marvin Minsky - the computer scientist who carried out pioneering work on artificial intelligence. Margaret Forster who wrote novels like Georgy Girl and acclaimed biographies including a life of Daphne Du Maurier. Peter Powell who invented the stunt kite and turned it into a global business, before it all came crashing down. Sir Brian Tovey who was director of the Government Communications Head Quarters - GCHQ - when the government tried to introduce a ban on trade union membership. And Joe Alaskey, the voice artist behind Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny.

Terry Wogan, Lord Lucan, Frank Finlay, Denise St Aubyn Hubbard, Maurice White

Feb 6, 2016 1677


Matthew Bannister on Sir Terry Wogan - we have a tale of two cities: memories from his home town of Limerick and accolades from his fantasy town of Leicester. Lord Lucan, finally declared dead this week after disappearing in the 1970s. Mystery still surrounds his involvement in the murder of his children's nanny. The actor Frank Finlay, who often played darker characters. His Bouquet of Barbed Wire co-star Susan Penhaligon remembers him. Denise St Aubyn Hubbard who represented Britain as a diver in the 1948 Olympics and sailed single handed across the Atlantic aged 64. And Maurice White the singer and songwriter who founded Earth Wind and Fire.

Lord Parkinson, Bill Mitchell, Paddy Doherty, Henry Worsley, Dr Gladys-Marie Fry

Feb 2, 2016 1664


Matthew Bannister on The Conservative politician Lord Parkinson. He masterminded the 1983 election victory but was forced to resign when his affair with his secretary was revealed. Bill Mitchell, who lived and breathed the Yorkshire Dales, editing the Dalesman magazine and writing hundreds of books. Paddy Doherty, the Irish Republican activist who played a leading role in Derry's 1969 Battle of the Bogside. Henry Worsley, the former SAS soldier and explorer who died whilst attempting the first solo unaided crossing of Antarctica. And Dr Gladys-Marie Fry, the folklorist who chronicled the African American experience.

Glenn Frey, Lord Weidenfeld, Jeanne Cordova, Haskell Wexler, Gilbert Kaplan.

Jan 23, 2016 1691


Matthew Bannister on Glenn Frey - singer, guitarist and songwriter with The Eagles - who sold millions of albums in the 1970s. Lord Weidenfeld, the influential publisher, party giver and networker - and, in later life, rescuer of Christians from Syria and Iraq. The writer and activist Jeanne Cordova - a former nun who campaigned for lesbian rights. Haskell Wexler, the cinematographer who won an Oscar for the film "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?". And Gilbert Kaplan, the multi millionaire businessman who conducted Mahler's "Resurrection" Symphony more than a hundred times.

David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Olwyn Hughes and Ed Stewart

Jan 16, 2016 1693


Matthew Bannister on David Bowie, art expert, fashion icon and media manipulator. Alan Rickman, the actor most famous for playing villains from the Sheriff of Nottingham to Professor Snape. Olwyn Hughes, the sister of the poet Ted Hughes who fiercely guarded his literary legacy and that of his late wife Sylvia Plath. And Ed "Stewpot" Stewart, the Radio 1 and 2 DJ who presented Junior Choice.

Robert Stigwood, Patricia Torrens, Pierre Boulez, Lord Ezra, Natalie Cole

Jan 9, 2016 1680


Matthew Bannister on Robert Stigwood, the impresario who managed Eric Clapton and The Bee Gees, produced Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita and the movies Saturday Night Fever and Grease. Patricia Torrens the first adviser on diet to the Department of Health. Pierre Boulez, the avant garde French composer and conductor who pioneered serialism and the use of electronics. Lord Ezra who was chairman of the National Coal Board in the 1970s. And Natalie Cole, the acclaimed singer who battled drug addiction and sang a posthumous duet with her father Nat King Cole.

Eric Tomlinson, Elsie Tu, Peter Dickinson, Lillian Vernon and Lemmy

Jan 2, 2016 1690


Recording engineer, Eric Tomlinson, who worked on the score for Star Wars and added music to Charlie Chaplin's silent films. Elsie Tu, social campaigner, legislator and educationalist in Hong Kong. Author, Peter Dickinson, who twice received the prestigious Carnegie medal for his work. Entrepreneur, Lillian Vernon, whose catalogue business was the first company owned by a woman to be listed on the US Stock Exchange. Motorhead frontman, Lemmy, who's credited with introducing punk sounds into heavy metal. Producer: Maire Devine

Some of the most memorable lives of the past twelve months

Dec 30, 2015 1461


Matthew Bannister and Economist Obituary Editor Ann Wroe recall some of the most memorable lives of 2015, including a diver, a scientist and a singer. Producer: Edwina Pitman.

Mick Murphy, Ahmed Chalabi, Mattiwilda Dobbs, Brajraj Mahapatra and Holly Woodlawn

Dec 19, 2015 1677


Matthew Bannister on The Irish cyclist, strong man and farm labourer Mick Murphy who won a famous victory in the 1958 round Ireland race. The Iraqi politician Ahmed Chalabi who boasted that he tricked the Americans into invading his country. The American soprano Mattiwilda Dobbs, who was the first black singer to appear at La Scala in Milan. Ther last surviving Indian king from the days of the British Raj. Brajraj Mahapatra ended his days in poverty. And Holly Woodlawn, the transgender actress who starred in Andy Warhol's film "Trash" and Lou Reed's song "Walk On The Wild Side"

Marcus Klingberg, William McIlvanney, Setsuko Hara, Joel Elkes and John Peel

Dec 12, 2015 1686


Matthew Bannister on The Israeli chemical weapons expert Marcus Klingberg, who was revealed to have been spying for the Soviet Union. The Scottish writer William McIlvanney, best known for his Jack Laidlaw crime novels. Val McDermid pays tribute. Setsuko Hara, one of Japan's most popular film actresses. Joel Elkes, the pharmacologist who pioneered the use of drugs to treat schizophrenia. And John Peel, the anthropologist who studied Nigeria's Yoruba people.

General Sir Robert Ford, Hazel Adair, Jane Wardle, Gerry Byrne and P.F Sloan

Dec 5, 2015 1683


Matthew Bannister on General Sir Robert Ford who was Commander Land Forces Northern Ireland at the time of the Bloody Sunday shootings. Hazel Adair, the TV scriptwriter behind hit series like Compact, Emergency Ward 10 and Crossroads. Professor Jane Wardle, the behavioural scientist who transformed our understanding of cancer screening and prevention. Gerry Byrne, the Liverpool left back who was part of the England World Cup winning squad in 1966. And PF Sloan, the enigmatic musician who wrote the number one hit "Eve of Destruction"

Peter Dimmock, Alix d'Unienville, Yolanda Sonnabend, Maggie Eales and George Barris

Nov 28, 2015 1674


Matthew Bannister on TV pioneer Peter Dimmock. An accomplished presenter and also a BBC executive, he directed the coverage of the Queen's coronation in 1953. Also SOE agent Alix d'Unienville. In the days before D Day she was parachuted into occupied France with a suitcase containing forty million francs. Yolanda Sonnabend who designed some of the UK's best loved ballets Maggie Eales who rose from the secretarial pool at ITN to become the company's Foreign Editor. Jon Snow pays tribute. And George Barris who created some of the most exotic vehicles in TV and film, including the Batmobile, the Munsters' Koach and the intelligent car in Knight Rider.

Roy Dommett, Warren Mitchell, Allen Toussaint, Cynthia Payne and Jonah Lomu

Nov 21, 2015 1677


Matthew Bannister on Roy Dommett, one of the UK's leading rocket scientists who was also a well known morris dancer. Warren Mitchell, the actor best known for playing Alf Garnett in the TV sit com "Till Death Us Do Part" Allen Toussaint, the New Orleans producer and musician who worked with many of the great names in rock. Cynthia Payne, who ran a brothel at her home in Streatham where men exchanged luncheon vouchers for sex. And Jonah Lomu, the rugby player who won 63 caps for the All Blacks and scored 37 international tries.

Helmut Schmidt, Pat Eddery, Julia Jones, Lord Noon and Nat Peck

Nov 14, 2015 1690


Matthew Bannister on Helmut Schmidt, the German Chancellor who helped to design the European Monetary System and agreed that US nuclear weapons could be sited in his country. His friend the former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger pays tribute. Also the jockey Pat Eddery - Willie Carson remembers their rivalry on the course and their friendship off it. The actress and TV scriptwriter Julia Jones, who wrote the sitcom Take Three Girls and the period drama The Duchess of Duke Street. The businessman Lord Noon who made millions by selling authentic take away Indian curries to the British. And the trombonist Nat Peck, last survivor of the Glenn Miller Band.

Norman Moore, Diane Charlemagne, Professor David Cesarani, Colin Welland and Peter Donaldson

Nov 7, 2015 1692


Matthew Bannister on Norman Moore, the conservationist who discovered that organochorine pesticides were decimating the UK's bird of prey population. He fought a twenty year campaign to have them banned. The singer Diane Charlemagne - known as the diva of drum and bass. We have a tribute from Moby. The academic David Cesarani - a leading authority on modern Jewish history. The actor and screenwriter Colin Welland who, on winning an Oscar for Chariots of Fire, announced "The British Are Coming". And a powerful poem read by the Radio 4 newsreader and Chief Announcer Peter Donaldson.

Professor Lisa Jardine, Philip French, Ronnie Massarella, Maureen O'Hara

Oct 31, 2015 1683


Matthew Bannister on Professor Lisa Jardine, the historian whose intellectual curiosity stretched across the arts and sciences. She was chair of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and a regular broadcaster on Radio 4. Philip French, for thirty-five years the Chief Film Critic of the Observer. Ronnie Massarella who built up a successful family ice cream business and managed the British showjumping team for 32 years. And Maureen O'Hara, the red haired Irish film star known as the Queen of Technicolor. She appeared opposite John Wayne in five of his films including the Quiet Man.

General John Galvin, Joan Leslie, Michael Meacher, Howard Kendall, Jerry Parr and Coleridge Goode

Oct 24, 2015 1684


Matthew Bannister on General Jack Galvin who was NATO's Supreme Allied Commander in Europe as the Cold War ended. Generals Colin Powell and David Petraeus pay tribute. Joan Leslie - the Hollywood star who made forty films in ten years. Michael Meacher - the former Environment minister once described by Neil Kinnock as "Tony Benn's vicar on earth." The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn joins us. Howard Kendall - Everton football club's most successful manager. Gary Lineker remembers playing under him. Jerry Parr - the secret service agent who saved President Ronald Reagan's life when he was shot.

Geoffrey Howe, Sue Lloyd-Roberts, Joe Henson, Hugh Scully and Alexander Faris

Oct 20, 2015 1687


Julian Worricker on: The former Chancellor and Foreign Secretary, Geoffrey Howe, whose resignation speech in the Commons was generally regarded as the beginning of the end for Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister. The journalist, Sue Lloyd-Roberts, whose reporting frequently took her to some of the most dangerous parts of the world. The farmer and conservationist, Joe Henson, who founded the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Hugh Scully, who rose to fame as a television presenter through his work on 'Nationwide' and 'Antiques Roadshow'. And the composer, Alexander Faris, best known for writing the theme tune to the 1970s ITV drama, Upstairs Downstairs.

Lord Denis Healey, Carmen Balcells, Henning Mankell, Revd Kenneth Leech and Captain Bob Arnott

Oct 10, 2015 1681


Lucy Ash on the former Labour politician Denis Healey who was Chancellor of the Exchequer during the Winter of Discontent in 70s; Catalan literary agent Carmen Ballcells known as Big Mamma to her Nobel Prize winning authors;Captain Bob Arnott, beloved by his passengers on the QE2; Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell and radical priest Reverend Kenneth Leech, who founded the homelessness charity Centrepoint.

Brian Friel, General Mario Menendez, Tessa Ransford, John Guillermin, Ben Cauley

Oct 3, 2015 1687


Matthew Bannister on The award winning Irish playwright Brian Friel, best known for Dancing At Lughnasa and Translations. Argentine General Mario Menéndez who was appointed Governor of the Falkland Islands during the invasion. Tessa Ransford who founded the Scottish Poetry Library. John Guillermin who directed movie blockbusters like The Towering Inferno, Death on the Nile, and the 1976 re-make of King Kong. And Ben Cauley, the trumpeter who was the only survivor of the plane crash which killed Otis Redding. Producer: Neil George.

Brian Sewell, Jackie Collins, Ted Smith CBE, PJ Kavanagh, Yogi Berra

Sep 26, 2015 1668


Matthew Bannister on Brian Sewell, the art critic with the distinctive voice, outspoken opinions and love of dogs. Jackie Collins who sold millions of copies of her sex and showbusiness novels, Ted Smith, the conservationist who built up the UK's network of Wildlife Trusts. PJ Kavanagh, the poet who also played a Nazi loving priest in the TV comedy Father Ted. And Yogi Berra the top baseball player also known for his mangling of the English language.

Sir David Willcocks, Merv Adelson, Mariem Hassan, Brian Close, Beryl Renwick

Sep 19, 2015 1687


Matthew Bannister on Sir David Willcocks - one of the most influential choir masters of his generation. Known for his descants to Christmas carols, he was director of music at King's College Cambridge for 17 years - and led the Bach choir for 38. Merv Adelson the property developer who founded the TV company Lorimar which made hits like the Waltons, Dallas and Knots Landing. Mariem Hassan, the singer from the marginalised Sahrawi people who used her music to promote their cause. Brian Close the Yorkshire and England cricket captain noted for his courage at the crease. And Beryl Renwick who became a presenter on BBC Radio Humberside in her eighties and won the industry's top award.

Sir Adrian Cadbury, Rico Rodriguez, Ieng Thirith, Margaret Harrison, Judy Carne

Sep 12, 2015 1679


Matthew Bannister on Sir Adrian Cadbury - who was chairman of the family confectionery firm, led its merger with Schweppes and wrote an influential report on corporate governance. He was also an Olympic rower - and Sir Steve Redgrave pays tribute. Rico Rodriguez the trombonist who helped create ska and reggae and played with the Specials and Jools Holland, who shares his memories. Ieng Thirith - health minister of the Khmer Rouge and sister in law of Pol Pot. She was indicted for crimes against humanity. Margaret Harrison who founded the Home Start charity which sends volunteers to help parents who are struggling to cope.

Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, Joy Beverley, Oliver Sacks, Annette Worsley-Taylor

Sep 5, 2015 1682


Matthew Bannister on Lord Montagu of Beaulieu who founded the National Motor Museum, opened his estate to the public and served a prison sentence for homosexuality. His son, who has succeeded to the title, pays tribute. Joy Beverley - one of the Beverley sisters who became close harmony singing stars in the 1940s and 50s. She married the England and Wolves footballer Billy Wright, making them the Posh and Becks of their day. The neurologist Oliver Sacks who told his patients' extraordinary stories in books like "The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat". And Annette Worsley-Taylor who started London Fashion Week to promote young British designers. Producer: Neil George.

Bernie Passingham, Christopher Marshall, Wayne Carson, Michael Turk, Marie Dobbs, Yvonne Craig

Aug 29, 2015 1679


Matthew Bannister on The trade union official Bernie Passingham who helped women workers at the Ford Motor Company in their fight for equal pay. Medical researcher Chris Marshall who identified one of the human oncogenes which cause cancer. Wayne Carson who wrote the song Always on My Mind, which was recorded by Elvis Presley, the Pet Shop Boys and eight hundred other artists. Michael Turk, a Queen's Waterman and Swan Marker who built historic boats for film and TV. And author Marie Dobbs who completed Jane Austen's unfinished last novel Sanditon.

Khaled al-Asaad, Jazz Summers, Jack Gold, Manual Contreras, Dawn Wofford

Aug 25, 2015 1694


Presenter Lucy Ash remembers: Khaled Al-Asaad, the Syrian archaeologist beheaded by Islamic State who was famous for his in depth knowledge and love of the ancient city of Palmyra; Jazz Summers, the maverick music manager who took Wham! to China and had a reputation as a hard man; Jack Gold, multi-BAFTA winning TV director of the Naked Civil Servant and Goodnight Mr Tom; Manuel Contreras, the army general who ran Chile's brutal secret police during Pinochet's dictatorship; And Dawn Wofford, the showjumping champion who won her first competition at the age of three. Producer: Neil George.

David Nobbs, Frances Kelsey, Kyril Zinovieff, Elio Fiorucci, Harry Pitch

Aug 15, 2015 1681


Last Word is presented by Reeta Chakrabarti this week. She will be remembering: The comic writer and novelist David Nobbs - we speak to his friend and fellow writer Jonathan Coe about the man who invented the 1970s anti-hero Reginald Perrin; Frances Kelsey, the scientist whose concerns about the drug Thalidomide prevented it from being approved in the US; Kyril Zinovieff, who as a child in Russia saw Rasputin, and as a spy for Britain encountered Hitler; The Italian fashion designer Elio Fiorucci, who introduced the world to skintight vinyl jeans; And the musician Harry Pitch, the harmonica player who performed everywhere from jazz clubs to opera houses. Producer: Neil George.

Cilla Black, Michael Kidson, APJ Abdul Kalam, Evelyn Gillan, George Cole

Aug 8, 2015 1689


Matthew Bannister on The singer and TV presenter Cilla Black - we go behind the scenes to discover the secret of her success on Saturday night TV. Michael Kidson who taught history at Eton for thirty years, delighting his pupils by his maverick behaviour. The Indian scientist and reluctant politician APJ Abdul Kalam, known as the "People's President". The Scottish public health campaigner Evelyn Gillan who targeted domestic violence and fought for minimum pricing for alcohol. And the actor George Cole, best known for playing Arthur Daley in the TV series Minder.

Nova Pilbeam, Reverend Owen Chadwick, Jon Vickers, Yoichiro Nambu, Nick Ryman

Aug 1, 2015 1680


Matthew Bannister on The Reverend Owen Chadwick, the distinguished ecclesiastical historian who was vice Chancellor of Cambridge University during student protests in the 1970s and chaired an influential commission on Church and State. Also Jon Vickers the operatic tenor best known for playing muscular roles like Samson, Otello and Peter Grimes. Yoichiro Nambu, the theoretical physicist who won the Nobel Prize for his ground-breaking work on sub atomic particles. Nova Pilbeam, the leading lady in early Hitchcock films who later turned her back on stage and screen. And Nick Ryman who made his fortune by building up the family stationery firm and then moved to France to become a successful wine maker.

Rev Joyce Bennett, Prince Saud al-Faisal, Burt Shavitz, Michael Oliver, Ian Allan

Jul 18, 2015 1678


Matthew Bannister on Joyce Bennett who was the first English woman to be ordained as an Anglican priest. It happened in Hong Kong in 1971. Prince Saud al-Faisal, who was the world's longest serving foreign minister, representing the interests of Saudi Arabia for forty years. Burt Shavitz, the American beekeeper who developed a popular range of beeswax products. Professor Michael Oliver, the physician who demonstrated the link between cholesterol and heart disease. And the publisher Ian Allan, whose books of locomotive numbers led to the hobby of trainspotting. Producer: Paula McGinley.

Omar Sharif, Stanley 'Steve' Moore, Jules Wright, Yevgeny Primakov, Ernest Tomlinson

Jul 11, 2015 1607


Matthew Bannister on Actor Omar Sharif Flying squad detective Stanley Moore - always known as Steve, he helped to catch some of the Great Train Robbers. Theatre Director Jules Wright who co-founded the Women's Playhouse Trust and set up the Wapping Project arts venue. Former Russian Foreign and Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov. And the composer Ernest Tomlinson, best known for his light orchestral works.

Sir Nicholas Winton, Val Doonican, Nek Chand, James Salter, Lady Rozelle Raynes

Jul 4, 2015 1673


Matthew Bannister on Sir Nicholas Winton who saved 669 children from the advancing Nazis in Czechoslovakia. Also the Irish singer Val Doonican - known for his cardigans and rocking chair - he was sometimes called Britain's Bing Crosby. The Indian artist Nek Chand who created the extraordinary Rock Garden of Chandigarh. Jarvis Cocker pays tribute. The novelist and former fighter pilot James Salter And Lady Rozelle Raynes, the daughter of an Earl who became a stoker on a tug boat during the war.

Sir Chris Woodhead, Patrick Macnee, Dame Anne Warburton, Vic Mayhew, James Horner

Jun 27, 2015 1687


Matthew Bannister on: The controversial Chief Inspector of Schools Sir Chris Woodhead who said he was paid to challenge "mediocrity, failure and complacency". The actor Patrick Macnee, best known for playing the suave John Steed in the Avengers. Dame Diana Rigg pays tribute. Dame Anne Warburton who was the UK's first woman ambassador. The Fleet Street sub-editor Vic Mayhew, who was as well known for his hard drinking antics as for his headlines. And the film composer James Horner who won two Oscars for his Titanic soundtrack.

Morris Beckman, Ornette Coleman, Tanith Lee, Süleyman Demirel and Doris Hart

Jun 20, 2015 1677


Matthew Bannister on Morris Beckman - the East End Jewish activist who co-founded the 43 Group to fight against post-war British fascists. Ornette Coleman - the pioneering saxophonist who developed free jazz improvisation. Tanith Lee - the prolific science fiction author who also wrote episodes of the TV series Blake's 7. Süleyman Demirel - who was seven times Prime Minister and then President of Turkey. And the American tennis player Doris Hart - who won three Wimbledon titles in one day.

Christopher Lee, Marguerite Patten, James Last, Major Roy Homard, Ron Moody

Jun 13, 2015 1685


Andrea Catherwood on film star Christopher Lee, internationally famous for his villainous, on screen roles. Cookery writer and broadcasting pioneer Marguerite Patten, explorer Major 'Roy' Homard who made the first crossing of the Antarctic, German born band leader and purveyor of 'Happy Music' James Last and actor Ron Moody, best known for playing Fagin in Oliver.

Tariq Aziz, Charles Kennedy, Julie Harris, Alan Bond, Peter Cropper

Jun 6, 2015 1683


Andrea Catherwood on Iraqi politician Tariq Aziz, former Leader of the Liberal Democrats Charles Kennedy; Oscar winning costume designer Julie Harris; flamboyant Australian property developer and entrepreneur Alan Bond and violinist Peter Cropper who founded the Lindsay Quartet.