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Too often, political and/or religious ideologies stop open dialog. It’s time to speak freely and break down the barriers that keep people separated. Let's have an inappropriate conversation about …


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226: Some Assembly Required, chapter 4

Mar 31, 2020 01:04:39


Some Assembly Required (A NeoSurrealist Forsaking a Habit for Lent)


Chapter 4

Did You Hear the One about V-8 Nate?

Prior Restraint

Premarital Skydiving

"Characters don't always say what writers want them to say, and it's ignorant to presume otherwise."


Different Drummer: Jackie Speier

Talkback: Walk The Earth 2

Mar 18, 2020 38:34


As the old saying goes: the church is not a building; the church is the people. Well, I've been interacting with some of those people in new/old ways lately. The early episode of Walk The Earth was about walking away from one congregation. We had not yet found a new one yet. Now, years later, the church I've since joined is planning to start a podcast. Some of our sessions have been planning, others recording. I'll share links to Harmony Springs Gives Voice when podcasts are posted, probably on TalkBacks like this one. I've also recently joined a panel discussion on the podcast This Week In Gay with religious freedom/liberty among the topics. I'll share that the same way at the appropriate time. 

For now, I did need to define "church" if I wanted to talk about walking away from one, either permanently or on the way to something better.



225: Some Assembly Required, chapter 3

Mar 11, 2020 48:28


Some Assembly Required (A NeoSurrealist Forsaking a Habit for Lent)


Chapter 3

"Gone, But Not Forgotten"

Timed Test

Hostile Takeover Bid

Fine Tuning


"If you cannot address the concerns of one increasingly irate customer, then those concerns ultimately may cost you the business of other customers as well."


Different Drummer: Bob Walkenhorst

The Rainmakers in Norway

TalkBack: Walk The Earth 1

Mar 4, 2020 43:45


When a new member of a church pledges to join a congregation, the public statement is often about supporting the church with prayers, presence, gifts, and service. At the point of deciding to leave a particular church, though, that pledge gets called into question. For some, leaving a congregation can reflect an abandonment of everything, all of that plus belief itself. For my family, though, the tension was more about whether the commitment was to a particular local church or something different, something more.

This episode, #wte 001, started the series of questions in a spinoff podcast of Inappropriate Conversations
simply called Walk The Earth.

224: Some Assembly Required, chapters 1 & 2

Feb 22, 2020 01:00:23


Some Assembly Required (A NeoSurrealist Forsaking a Habit for Lent)

Note: explicit language throughout


Chapter 1

What the Anti-Formalists Thought

Bennie's Got It

Pop Quiz


My Brunch with Nicole

"You always do this to me. First, you bring up something offensive. Then, you tell me to stop you before you go too far. But how can I?"


Chapter 2


Cat Burglar

Diary of a College Graduate



"Film Break"

"Whether the goal is to become a member of the Christian Community, or the cat-killing community, or simply the campus community, there is a compelling degree of comfort to be found in membership."


Different Drummer: Ze Frank

Dear Kitten ads

Walk The Earth 58

Feb 12, 2020 47:15


Whether a mission statement is necessary, and what role does it play in the mission itself?


July 2010 on Inappropriate Conversations

A conversation from before Inappropriate Conversations existed

TalkBack 138: Missing Someone I Never Knew

Feb 5, 2020 01:02:16


Now that I've committed to TalkBack episodes being part of the structure going forward, along with new episodes of both Inappropriate Conversations and Walk The Earth, it's a good time to note that no past podcast I've ever recorded seemed quite as set for a reprise as this one, #IC #138. I am surprised that six years have gone by since I was slightly shaken by the news that someone from my high school graduating class had died. Hillary wasn't the first, there have been others since 2014, and inevitably more to come. It seems that Hillary took the chance to tell her story, though, on stage, a year earlier. We are blessed to live in an era where missing that event, and missing the actual events even at school, isn't the last word. To some degree, podcasts and YouTube videos are preserving a record. For now. 



223: Torment As Tactic

Jan 29, 2020 55:37


Seems to me, our society collectively complains about how the quality of our discourse has devolved while also avoiding even talking about potential solutions. Some seem just as legalistically obsessed with the First Amendment being a hard-stop to even common-sense standards of decency as they, or perhaps others, are about the Second Amendment. Just as you can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater where there is no fire or danger, you also cannot threaten to attack someone merely to silence their opinion or prevent them from raising their voice. Here we are, though, living in a society where harassment is accepted with a shrug and bullying is almost praised when it is an effective tactic. The situation is deplorable, but we have learned in recent years that using that particular term to denounce horrible misbehavior doesn't seem generate appropriate attention toward the problem. 

I would humbly suggest that we have the tools, the technology, to address this issue. Despite our discomfort about law enforcement overreach and spying on citizens, it is possible to identify the people chasing families off their phones and out of their homes. The time is coming when such investigations may be crucial, if it is not already too late. I recommend prison time and heavy fines for the offenders, too. Unfortunately, it's hard to find better, more nuanced answers at this time. We are, after all, at the start of a national election year in the United States. Safe to say this situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

Different Drummer: Sarah Bessey

TalkBack 40: Other High Crimes

Jan 21, 2020 01:03:12


With the second Senate impeachment trial of my lifetime scheduled to start any day now, I've chosen to schedule this TalkBack episode in advance for future release. That's a risky move. Who knows what might happen between now and then? To me, that's one of the challenges of dealing with current events on a podcast intended to be more evergreen than the news of the day. And the impeachment covered in this podcast is more than 20 years old now!



TalkBack 15: Declaring War on 'Just Say No'

Jan 15, 2020 01:02:31


From an endgame perspective, the so-called "war on drugs" was never intended to generate the equivalent of permanent prisoners of war in the form of mass incarceration, but that is probably the true face of the political strategy that seemed to directly target my generation. The focus came after the Summer Of Love crowd, hitting instead the younger brothers, sisters, and cousins. It's hard to cite any wins because "Just Say No" as a campaign was far more about the image than the results, pure style over substance. Perhaps it was only about winning electoral strategies. I say this because I first had to resist this facile nonsense before I could commit myself to truly resisting any temptations to "experiment" with drugs. 

Yes, "temptations" is plural. This issue was never so simple that "just say no" was credible advice. And that was just part of the problem that persists today. Other parts include the false equivocation about the relative dangers of different substances, and whether keeping people alive long enough to get the help they truly need was ever among the goals (hint: evidence suggests it was not).



222: Displeasure

Jan 9, 2020 58:15


To our shame, our society still tends to teach women to separate themselves from their sexuality, treating pleasure as something regrettable while looking the other way with a "boys will be boys" shrug about men pursuing pleasure. Even within committed relationships, this has unfortunate and unnecessary consequences. Wise women have spoken against this, and their counsel is well worth considering.

Different Drummer: Ruth K. Westheimer


TalkBack 14: Sex Education the Protestant Way; Then, Not Now

Jan 3, 2020 01:01:14


Considering how prominent sex is on the logo for Inappropriate Conversations, I haven't touched that topic as often as I could. I may explore some reasons why in the next Inappropriate Conversations recording for #IC #222. We'll see. In the meantime, this past episode from 2010 provides valuable background information, recalling a time when the church taking sex education seriously did not have anything to do with protesting, banning, or undermining it.


Happy 2020!

Walk The Earth 57

Dec 17, 2019 54:42


Whether spirituality has become a private matter because churches are using spirituality to attack and exclude?

TalkBack 30: Establishment of Religion

Dec 12, 2019 48:53


The previous TalkBack episode included the beginning of an essay called "Should Amendment Stand a Prayer of Success?" It was written in 2000 and shared on this podcast in 2010. Inappropriate Conversations #30 is the rest of that argument. 

TalkBack 29: My Prayer for a Football Game

Dec 6, 2019 48:23


As far as I can tell, Inappropriate Conversations #29 is the most downloaded episode in the history of this podcast. I'm not sure why a wide-ranging perspective on the concept of school prayer would get such a response, but I'm pleased to share it here.
This episode also qualifies under the heading of topics too large for one recording, so I'll share #IC 30 next, soon, to complete the thought.
I describe myself as a radical moderate, using terminology very loosely, and this topic provides a pretty good example. This first episode in particular shares a counterpoint to my position, and most of the 2-part arc is me providing information and criticism to what might be considered my own camp. I believe I have credentials as a Christian to share what Jesus taught to other Christians, for example.
And this was just the beginning of the podcast, from the first year in 2010.


TalkBack 38: Thanksgiving Paper Football Classics

Nov 28, 2019 51:11


When Inappropriate Conversations #38 was recorded 10 years ago, the annual Paper Football Classic in my family was still a nearly annual event, with 31 consecutive years of record keeping and bragging rights. I was not anticipating a long hiatus, but life as a parent has included high school and college graduations, young adults buying and moving into first homes, marriages, etc. In my mind, the TPFC is still a thing and may resume once again. 

Happy Thanksgiving with a TalkBack episode to this holiday season, both now and in years past! 

221: Echoes via TalkBacks

Nov 12, 2019 55:20


Inappropriate Conversations and Walk The Earth podcasts are now available on Spotify. It's a transition that will include reintroducing some of the oldest episodes of each, over time, in a process I've called TalkBacks. 

Different Drummer: Johann Sebastian Bach


220: Mirror Universe Different Drummers

Oct 30, 2019 01:11:12


What if I go low instead of high? The named Different Drummers might be people like:

Mitch McConnell

Rick Wiles

Franklin Graham

Candice Keller

As opposed to the real answer this time.
Different Drummer: Michelle Obama

Promo for Inappropriate Conversations podcast

Oct 16, 2019 00:21


Sharing a short promo for the Inappropriate Conversations podcast.

219: Proud To Know You 4 - Gregarious

Sep 26, 2019 50:16


For two consecutive years now, the Pride48 podcasting expo in New Orleans has been a landmark in summertime vacation plans. Each year has been a combination of seeing old friends again and meeting new ones. These are conversations I intend to continue.

Different Drummer: Bernie Taupin

"He's my brother. Let us live in peace." (Taupin)

218: Why We Watch

Sep 2, 2019 01:06:37


Spoiler alert regarding Avengers and Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the Life In Hell strips Matt Groening wrote years ago featured his criticism of film critics. One-liners included newspaper critics writing tight capsule reviews and more serious magazine critics wearing sweaters and giving away endings. I don't often wear sweaters, but I do struggle with how to openly discuss subtext without spoilers. For the movie The Sixth Sense, I ended up writing two reviews, one for before you've seen the film and one for after. That seemed to work. At the #p48EXPO #p48NOLA #p48LIVE event this year, I didn't have the time to offer such a dual perspective. If you are behind (as I was until this summer) on Infinity War and Endgame, you've been warned.

The primary focus of this episode was looking more deeply at what draws us into the popular art we consume. With movies, for example, the impetus seems to be different for comedy, horror, documentary, etc. What occurred to me about the draw of characters, regardless the actor or director, seemed most significant within the superhero genre. The tie-in with the Different Drummer seemed obvious.

As a live show, the format of this one is appropriately different. We dive right in, for one thing, with introduction and theme music coming along the way. For another, I've bookended this file with interstitials from the podcasting suite. Since it takes a few minutes to move one podcast off-stage and another one on, these interstitials tend to focus the audience toward something other than headphones being plugged in and drinks-of-choice being poured. The opener is the intro to Inappropriate Conversations this year, and the closer is one from the next day when I was invited to participate. There is more after the #IC live outro music. 

Thanks to Taylor and Taffy from Pod Is My Copilot. Bookends, indeed.

Different Drummer: Stan Lee

"Life's an essay test; we're obliged to give essay answers." (The Author)


Walk The Earth 56

Aug 3, 2019 48:41


Whether "ghosting" is an appropriate alternative to an exit interview when severing ties?

Pride48 2019 NOLA Schedule

217: Right Reasons

Jul 17, 2019 01:39:47


The fear that dearest friends would not be close to us anymore is real. So is the burden.

Different Drummer: Alan Parker

216: Third Person

Jun 17, 2019 57:55


Odds and ends include:
* How to interpret the role of Congress with Mueller Report.
* Whether Missouri leaders are conspiring to commit sexual assault.
* If Fred Rogers isn't my all-time favorite "Fred" ... who is?
* "Third Person" from Manifestos Of Neosurrealism.

Different Drummer: Vincent Kompany


Walk The Earth 55

May 16, 2019 55:58


Whether understanding the meaning of words in their time is key to seeking the mind of God?


Christianity 201: Time for Solid Food


215: Parental Controls

Apr 23, 2019 59:56


The concept of parental control, even censorship, was clearly a part of my upbringing. I could cite numerous examples of inconsistencies, though:
Three's Company, Soap, American Graffiti, National Lampoon's Animal House, Queen, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Harold Robbins (The Betsy), Xaviera Hollander (The Happy Hooker), Hermann Hesse (Siddhartha), Alex Comfort (The Joy of Sex, More Joy of Sex), Bari Wood & Jack Geasland (Twins).

Different Drummer: Dolly Parton

George In Atlanta #52

Walk The Earth 54

Mar 11, 2019 01:07:40


Whether progressive emphasis on affirming churches is even sufficient?

Welcoming, Accepting, Affirming - Don't Get Stuck


TalkBack 180: Jesus Quote Bubble

Feb 23, 2019 56:56


Concluding a long TalkBack series to start the year, I'm giving the last word to the Sermon On The Mount. Intentionally, I've done this in the most common English translations I can find, preferring an easily understood paraphrase to any version that makes it sound like Jesus was speaking to some gathering of experts rather than a crowd. 

Next month, Walk The Earth will resume with new episodes and Inappropriate Conversations after that.

TalkBack 81: Singing a Song for Lovers

Feb 12, 2019 01:10:08


It is not possible for me to look back to February 2012 and Inappropriate Conversations #81 and not think of community. It's particularly true this year. This recording would not have been possible without a strong, supportive online community, one that now seems to be gone. At the same time, another online community, Pride48, is providing deeply meaningful support for its participants at the news that one of our podcasters has died, too young and suddenly. This is the right time for the voices of old friends to be ringing in my ears.

RIP, Matthew Ulmen

TalkBack 131: Christianity 301

Feb 6, 2019 01:24:29


The TalkBack series in January focused on scripture, theology, and religion with slices of Inappropriate Conversations #150. February will finish this set of callbacks with episodes that function as an Appendix of sorts, supporting material consistent with Opening The Scriptures and taking the Bible seriously. Inappropriate Conversations #131 has a New Testament focus, primarily the story of Peter in the Acts of the Apostles. 
That, and a strangely controversial Different Drummer.


TalkBack 150 - part 6: Opening the Scriptures

Jan 30, 2019 37:53


When Inappropriate Conversations #150 was first posted in September 2014, the best solution I had for liner notes was simply a list of all the quoted texts, which alone was quite extensive. Now, wrapping up this look-back to that long podcast, I'll use the last of these 6 parts with a link to the original post. It has the full set of scriptures and the name of the Different Drummer, and that segment closes out the episode. 

#IC #150

TalkBack 150 - part 5: Opening the Scriptures

Jan 26, 2019 40:03


Few figures in this history of Christianity are as controversial as Paul. Really, it's important to look at the story of the Apostle Paul as both a history of Saul and Paul. That is true whether you view "history" here as historical fact or the internal back-story of a fictional narrative. Either way, Paul's influence is quite real, and I wouldn't call him the hero of his own story. 

TalkBack 150 - part 4: Opening the Scriptures

Jan 23, 2019 24:40


Having passed the half-way point in sharing Inappropriate Conversations #150 with the 3rd part, the excerpts will be shorter from this point on. Part 4 starts with the question of whether everyone the circles of family and friend were on board with Jesus and his ministry. Far from it.

TalkBack 150 - part 3: Opening the Scriptures

Jan 16, 2019 25:27


Following up more quickly with Part 3 of the TalkBack to Inappropriate Conversations #150, in part because the way this portion of that long podcast ties into the section before. 
Did Jesus ever address sexual orientation during his ministry? No. Or, maybe, by saying nothing at all.

TalkBack 150 - part 2: Opening the Scriptures

Jan 12, 2019 01:09:56


Following the introduction in the first part of this look-back to Inappropriate Conversations #150, it's time to dive in to both the Word and the past episode, at length.

As planned, much shorter introductions now that the next TalkBack posts are, essentially, mid-episode.

TalkBack 150 - part 1: Opening the Scriptures

Jan 7, 2019 48:43


After spending the holidays sharing TalkBack podcasts related to Christmas, I want to start the new year with a series of TalkBack posts on the longest Inappropriate Conversations podcast released so far. It will take a 3+ hour episode into 6 parts. The original #IC #150 was intentionally long, making the point of quoting scripture at length and in context while trying, as stated right up from, to free Christ from the closet of Christian homophobia. 

Also, in the introduction I try to answer the question: exactly how big is a billion?

TalkBack 155: Twelve Days

Dec 25, 2018 52:35


Wrapping up the TalkBack series for November-December, I'm putting the 12 Days Of Christmas podcast on Christmas Day, which is when that concept actually starts. Only part, a large part, of the Christian world celebrates the holiday in December. The rest have 12 days to go. The wise men have yet to deliver their gifts, after all. Only shepherds have appeared on the scene at this stage. 

I plan to continue TalkBack with a new series in January, but it will feature only one prior podcast -- delivered again in parts.

TalkBack 156: Boxing Day

Dec 21, 2018 53:19


November and December of 2014 included an intense focus on Christmas as a holiday for Inappropriate Conversations, and in many ways this year's TalkBack series is an echo of that time. As I did at the beginning of these look-backs, I'm going to inverse the order of two shows posted back then. A few weeks ago, I did that based on the start of Advent. This time, I'm going to do it based on the combination of Boxing Day, December 26th, and the true beginning of the "12 days of Christmas" starting after the holiday itself. Neither show relies heavily on the calendar date, but it's nice to mix things up. 

I've noticed that the Different Drummers throughout this series were all musicians. That will change with the next TalkBack post. This one, though, focuses very heavily on the Different Drummer and his music and lyrics. 

TalkBack: Walk The Earth 33

Dec 18, 2018 50:39


After several TalkBack episodes from Inappropriate Conversations, this is a Walk The Earth episode that focused on Christmas, with a new intro that I find even more insightful. The words, shared from a different source, are a bit spoilery about Santa. 

TalkBack 109: Recognizing Christmas

Dec 14, 2018 01:07:50


December 14th as the release date for this TalkBack of Inappropriate Conversations is not a coincidence. Looking back to December 2012, I wanted to speak broadly about secular visions of Nativity, but a mass murder at an elementary school could not be ignored. The episode is segregated, with the sadness and anger at the end. Now, 6 years later, it seems like we've had countless aftershocks to that mass-murder earthquake, and it's fair to ask if we've become numb -- some willingly, valuing possessions over people, and some as a psychological defense mechanism.

I also referred to circumstances in the same Connecticut crime a couple of months later, talking about my first experience staring down the barrel of criminal's gun.

All the same, Merry Christmas from Inappropriate Conversations and Walk The Earth!

TalkBack 135: Nestor the Audio Commentary

Dec 11, 2018 47:49


AMC is televising "Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey" for the 2018 holiday season, with (sometimes very early) morning broadcasts on December 12th, 21st, and 24th. It isn't a Rankin-Bass classic, but it is worth the time to look back at the 1977 half-hour special. So far, the only commentaries of this sort I've done have been for Rudolph and Nestor. Make of that what you will.

TalkBack 76: Rudolph, the Audio Commentary

Dec 7, 2018 01:09:55


On Saturday, December 8, 2018, CBS will broadcast "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" for the second time this year. It's a perfect time to look back on an Inappropriate Conversations audio commentary soundtrack for the holiday classic. 

TalkBack 153: Advent Audio Booklet

Dec 2, 2018 01:11:26


Another TalkBack to November 2014 with a focus on Advent. This one considers both word and music in an Advent devotional in audio form. Although this was an Inappropriate Conversations podcast, it definitely has a Walk The Earth tone, too.
Happy holidays at the onset of Advent!

TalkBack 154: Holiday Jukebox

Nov 30, 2018 01:57:46


TalkBack is a re-posting, a look-back to a past episode. This one from late November 2014, released in time for December 1st and a potential song-a-day Advent Calendar of sorts. At the time of this posting, December begins tomorrow and Sunday is the first of Advent.
Happy holidays from Inappropriate Conversations!

Walk The Earth 53

Nov 28, 2018 42:42


Whether gatherings like Thanksgiving are, or should be, a sacrament of shared food and drink?


214: Proud To Know You 3 - Beyond Superdome

Oct 3, 2018 01:03:34


Looking back at the 2018 Pride48 Podcast Expo in New Orleans with great memories of how the event went, looking forward to next time. 
Also, an attempt to take recent SCOTUS nominee testimony before the U.S. Senate judiciary committee seriously, and where that ultimately leads.

Different Drummer: Yvette Nicole Brown

The JV Club #25

213: Paying It Forward

Sep 24, 2018 59:30


For science in particular, great leaps forward sometimes happen primarily because a person with means chooses to leave a very different legacy than a name on a building. The birth control pill is one example, a particularly relevant one still today.

Different Drummer: Katharine McCormick

World Contraception Day

Kavanaugh confusion

Rethinking the Abortion Conversation

The Protectors (1972)



212: Intersections in the Neighborhood

Sep 3, 2018 00:55:30


Live from Pride48 New Orleans Podcasting Expo 2018:



Different Drummer(s)

Loving someone as they are, and hiding who they are

Rogers’ message: you are not a mistake


Peaceful Neighbor

Understanding the quiet gay activism of Mister Rogers

Vanity Fair interview with Francois Clemmons< [...]

Walk The Earth 52

Aug 6, 2018 01:11:44


Whether answering insincere questions has value, in the moment, much later, or ever?

Answers to 40 insincere questions

Walk The Earth 51

Jul 28, 2018 00:38:37


Whether the film No Country For Old Men (2007) presents a theological perspective? 


211: Just One More Thing

Jul 15, 2018 01:01:51


I have questions about immigration and the current state of our policies as a nation. I don’t profess to have a lot of answers, but I will admit that some of the possibilities seem both obvious and disturbing. For example, what have we become?

Different Drummer: Peter Falk

One question I don’t ask directly: Am I becoming increasingly self-reverential? 
Allow me to answer with links.

188: Constitutional Crisis

152: Anticipating the Bang

42: “The Morning After” for classic Made-for-TV Movies

Coming in June & July 2018

Jun 23, 2018


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

Never directly addressed immigration issues because I have more questions than answers, but it seems long past time now to raise those questions.

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too

Whether the film No Country For Ol [...]

210: Podcast Montage

Jun 14, 2018 01:20:28



Pride 48: New Orleans Podcasting Expo 2018

Pride 48: June 2018 Live Streaming Weekend

The Smellcast

Ramble Redhead

Vera Speaks … For Real

Simply Syndicated: Simply Everything

The Tech Support Rich Show

Big Fatty Online

Nerd Hurdles

Books You Should Read

Greetings From Nowhere

The Satyrsphere

Movies You Should See


Different Drummer: Claude Monet

209: Taking Sides

May 30, 2018 00:59:17


Far too often, discussions about politics and religion (or even popular culture) are being compromised if not thwarted by blind devotion to entrenched positions. We are becoming more segregated than at any point in my lifetime, not just along arbitrary divisions of race. It’s two kinds of news, or even in the minds of some people two kinds of bakeries. Tragically, we are watching an “us versus them” siege play out before our eyes and ears. I’ve no doubt that I have been impacted, too. Potential listeners of Inappropriate Conversations have, for want of a better phrase, weeded themselves out on shaky religious grounds. And, perhaps, my personal policies like never “un-friending” anyone might make those suspicions seem legitimate. If we can’t remain in dialogue, though, then how will we have any real conversations — inappropriate or otherwise?

Different Drummer: Mel Blanc

208: ‘A Simple Yes Or No’

Apr 1, 2018 00:30:56


Who could resist the combination of April Fool’s Day and Easter Sunday? Not me. “A Simple Yes Or No” was originally published in The Juke Joint Journal, 1986.

Different Drummer: Animal

Walk The Earth 50

Mar 24, 2018 00:42:02


Whether Jesus should have washed the feet of Judas?

The Secret of Forgiveness

207: 8 Years of #IC

Mar 10, 2018 01:05:15


Highlights, poetry/prose, essays, and Different Drummers from the first 8 years of Inappropriate Conversations, which started on March 7, 2010.

Different Drummer: Derek Jarman




41: Gone But Not Forgotten

44: Sacred Friendship

106: The Violence of Denial

113: Raised on Robbery

150: Opening the Scriptures

206: Minding Your P’s and Q’s, part 6

Feb 28, 2018 01:00:30


Your points and questions #6 covers a couple of years of feedback, with nods to Nancy, Nicole, Shane, Chris, and others.


Different Drummer: Maria McKee

We are all God’s children.

Walk The Earth 49

Jan 25, 2018 36:07


Whether you would let a dozen people die to save a thousand frozen embryos?


205: Lasers!

Jan 16, 2018 01:28:06


An out-the-door look at one specific laserdisc collection probably says more about the collector than the technology, just like any playlist or mix-tape. Consider this a time capsule about a format intended to make movies more timeless.

Different Drummer: Hoyt Curtin

Jonny Quest documentary

204: Revolution As Dissent

Dec 8, 2017 52:12


If we don’t speak up now, raising our voices in dissent, then when will we? An argument could be made that the powers-that-be are striving to stifle the means by which those voices may be heard. 
Now is the time to speak in favor of Net Neutrality
Now is the time to note that we will never be able to return to this moment in history.
Now is the time to insist the our leaders put nation ahead of party, the intent of our so-called “founding fathers” above self-interest.
Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country.

Reds (1981)

Different Drummer: Diane Keaton

Split up the FBS for Post-Season Football

Dec 5, 2017


Now that the NCAA has bungled post-season football again, I’ve taken a second look. Yesterday, I created my annual 16-team tournament we should be watching with representation from all conference champions.


Today, I throw in the proverbial towel.

This notion of “power 5 conferences” — and, doing the math, the other “non power” conferences — has revealed the need for two different tournaments. That is clear. Even expanding the current format to 8 teams would leave out an undefeated Central Florida team that has blown most of its opponents away, including more than a half dozen wins against bowl-bound teams.
So, here is my take on 8s.

Rather than trying to shove 5 conferences into a 4-team bracket, move to 8 and include all 5 of those conference champions with 3 at [...]

Speak Up or Be Silenced

Nov 26, 2017


I view current FCC plans to dismantle Net Neutrality as a threat to me. No, neither Inappropriate Conversations nor Walk The Earth are significant enough to be a specific target. What I do, though, is exactly the kind of communication that could easily get quashed if huge corporations operating as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have their way. 

I might find it far more difficult, if not impossible, to upload podcasts. I might get “an offer I can’t refuse” about paying a premium to restore service to where it has been. More likely, I won’t because what I do is far more personal and direct — aka, not particularly marketable — meaning no restoration of service standards would ever even be offered. You see, my “personhood” is far less important to current FCC leadership than the “personhood” of companies like Comcast and Verizon. And the money I pay in taxes is completely unimportant to all my elected representative [...]

Walk The Earth 48

Nov 19, 2017 00:42:37


Whether people who want answers ask questions?


Supporting material:

Sacred Friendship


A Farewell Address from the Mountaintop


Revelation Weekend


Moments of Epiphany


Originating Ideas


Where Would I Be without God?


Walk The Earth 47

Oct 30, 2017 23:08


Whether people, including children, are allowed to pray in schools?

203: Some History There

Sep 29, 2017 00:57:07


There is a danger in not knowing the history of our history.

Different Drummer: Al Stewart


Confederate Monuments Chart


Robert E. Lee’s perspective


Respecting the family’s wishes


Walk The Earth 46

Aug 31, 2017 43:38


Whether missionary work is just a friendly front for cultural imperialism?


202: Ladies First

Aug 10, 2017 54:00


In American amateur sports, women have been making the biggest impact for a decade now. There are multiple reasons. One of the most interesting, though, is an example of the great things that happen for society as a whole when principles of equality are put into place. It’s more than just a game. Our entire economy may be experiencing the same benefit of full empowerment and participation.

Different Drummer: Pat Summitt


Before and After Title IX


Walk The Earth 45

Jul 25, 2017 01:08:03


Whether Jesus is the answer to disarming the violent, largely political divisions in our society?


Dan Carlin Common Sense


Key Teachings of Jesus

Walk The Earth 44

Jun 25, 2017 00:49:09


Whether people menacing female Christian authors with rape- and death-threats are Christians (if they identified themselves)?


201: The Sound of Sustainability

Jun 14, 2017 02:29:49


Environmentalism, conservation, and more.


Different Drummer: Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen - “The Future”

10,000 Maniacs - “Poison in the Well”

Reverend Moon - “Old Graves”

Moonwood - “Drawing Water from a Poisoned Well”

Yes - “The Ancient - Giants Under the Sun”

Graham Parker - “Green Monkeys”

The Fall - “Van Plague?”

Wu-Tang Clan - “America”

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - “Same Love” featuring Mary Lambert

Melissa Etheridge - “Silent Legacy”

Leonard Cohen - “Everybody Knows”

Leonard Cohen - “Democracy”

Grand Funk Railroad - “Creepin’”

Dead Kennedys - “Soup is Good Food”

XTC - “Scarecrow People”

Skinny Puppy - “Testure”

Holly Cole - “Fragil [...]

Coming in June & July 2017

Jun 7, 2017


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

Wrapping up the Sound Of series with Sustainability: the environment and more Contributions women have made to sports, with a focus on U.S. athletes, coaching

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too


200: The Sound of Dissent

Jun 6, 2017 02:36:19



Different Drummer: Larry Kirwan


T Bone Burnett - “I Can Explain Everything”

Kenny Rogers & The First Edition - “Tell It All, Brother”

Roger Waters - “What God Wants Part 1″

Jethro Tull - “My God”

Jethro Tull - “Hymn 43″

Jethry Tull - “Wind Up”

Laurie Anderson - “Beautiful Red Dress”

Joni Mitchell - “The Magdelene Laundries”

Tori Amos - “Leather” (live)

No Doubt - “Just A Girl”

Black 47 - “Black 47″

Black 47 - “James Connolly”

Flogging Molly - “What’s Left of the Flag”

XTC - “Dear God”

XTC - “The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead”

DC Talk - “Jesus Freak”

Ministry - “Psalm 69″

Tim Dorsey - “Tiger Shrimp Tango”


199: The Sound of Disorder

May 14, 2017 01:54:00


Minority experiences and law enforcement.

Different Drummer: Claudette Colvin


Jimmy Cliff - “Piece of the Pie”

Billie Holiday - “Strange Fruit”

The Clash - “Know Your Rights”

The Beatles - “Piggies”

The Boomtown Rats - “The Elephant’s Graveyard”

Public Enemy - “Welcome to the Terrordome”

Public Enemy - “Fight the Power”

Ice T - “Body Count”

Steve Reich - “Come Out”

801 - “Law And Order”

Michelle Shocked - “Graffiti Limbo”

Nahko and Medicine for the People - “Make a Change”

Bob Dylan - “The Times They Are A-Changin’”

Bob Dylan - “Blowin’ in the Wind”

Sounds Of Blackness - “Black Lives Matter: No Justice No Peace”

Sounds Of Blackness - “Time for HealingR [...]

Nobody’s Child

May 13, 2017


I am no longer a child. As I’ve mentioned recently in Inappropriate Conversations #195, both of my parents are now gone along with their sisters and brother and my grandparents. It is one thing to say I no longer have living parents. Feels quite different to acknowledge that I am nobody’s child.

For many reasons, I believe that my faith over the decades is both unchanged in any significant way and very different from my mother’s. In other words, in the years (and it was years) leading up to her death, I am not the one who drifted. I’m still the man (a young man back then) who has heard answered prayer and lived accordingly. And I know that, in many ways, many in my extended family do not resp [...]

198: The Sound of Opposition

May 7, 2017 02:04:23


General, variety.

Different Drummer: Lin-Manuel Miranda


Midnight Oil - “Blue Sky Mine”

The Jam - “Running on the Spot”

The Jam - “Going Underground”

David Bynre - “Miss America”

Scatterbrain - “Goodbye Freedom, Hello Mom”

Wicked (cast) - “Defying Gravity”

Hamilton (cast) - “My Shot”

Hamilton (cast) - “The Election of 1800″

Hamilton (cast) - “Non-Stop”

Travis Tritt - “Lord Have Mercy on the Working Man”

USAF Academy Band and Cadet Chorale - “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor”

Nanci Griffith - “Deportee (Plan Wreck at Los Gatos)”

Violent Femmes - “Old Mother Reagan”

Violent Femmes - “No Killing”

Ernie Thacker - “The Hangman” (Maurice Ogden)

Frederic Rzewski - “The People United [...]

197: The Sound of Resistance

Apr 30, 2017 02:02:50



Different Drummer: Neil Young


Jefferson Airplane - “Volunteers”

Buffalo Springfield - “For What It’s Worth”

Guns ‘n’ Roses - “Civil War”

Creedence Clearwater Revival - “Fortunate Son”

Dead Kennedys - “Kinky Sex Makes the World go ‘Round”

Pink Floyd - “Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert”

Crass - “How Does It Feel”

Crass - “Sheep Farming in the Falklands”

Morrissey - “Margaret on the Guillotine”

Neil Young - “Rocking in the Free World”

Neil Young - “Southern Man”

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - “Powderfinger”
The Cowboy Junkies - “Powderfinger”

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - “Ohio”

Neil Young & The Stray Gators - “War Song”

John Denver - “& [...]

196: The Sound of Protest

Apr 23, 2017 01:54:20




Different Drummer: Hugo Weaving


The Rainmakers - “Reckoning Day”

The Offspring - “Disclaimer”

Sepultura - “Politricks”

The Roots - “False Media”

Queensryche - “Revolution Calling”

Ken Hensley - “Proud Words”

Living Colour - “Cult of Personality”

Megadeth - “Symphony of Destruction”

Dead Kennedys - “California Uber Alles”

Dead Kennedys - “We’ve Got a Bigger Problem Now”

XTC - “The Ugly Underneath” 

Jean Sibelius - “Finlandia” 

Elvis Costello - “Less Than Zero” 

Sheryl Crow - “Hard to Make a Stand” 

Sonic Youth - “Youth Against Fascism” 

Devo - “Enough Said” 

The Rainmakers - “Spend It On Love”



Coming in April & May 2017

Apr 18, 2017


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations


These are times that call for the sound of music:

The sound of Protest The sound of Resistance The sound of Opposition The sound of Disorder The sound of Dissent The sound of Sustainability 

Promo - 82 seconds

Apr 17, 2017 01:22


Inappropriate Conversations podcast, long promo

Promo - 22 seconds

Apr 17, 2017 00:22


Inappropriate Conversations podcast, short promo

195: Telling Your Stories (before it’s too late)

Mar 17, 2017 1:02:46


When you don’t know the rest of the story, it can be challenging to tell the part that you do know.


“Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.”


The Ungame.


Different Drummer: Alain Robbe-Grillet

194: No Pharisee Shopping Spree

Feb 16, 2017 01:15:43


Dubious as I am of boycotts, I’m already refusing to do business with Pharisees. Let’s face it: most boycotts publicly proclaimed by the “religious right” are refusals to shop at stores or watch TV shows that those same people have previously refused to frequent multiple times before. It’s an adulterous understanding of the concept. In a more personal but dedicated way, though, I have made good on past promises to withdraw my support from companies that treated me like a second-class citizen. In an era where our last remaining vote may be our pocketbooks, I may have to increase my resolve to avoid any dealings with companies that would shun customers or fire employees because of who they are or whom they love.

Different Drummer: Gregg Popovich

Consumer & Employee Freedom Protection Action

Feb 6, 2017


The current political climate is presenting more threats to individual liberty. A fair amount of threats are disguised as efforts to protect “religious liberty” coming from state legislatures, several court jurisdictions, and perhaps soon the executive branch of the federal government. The “liberty” being sought is the power to refuse service to customers, fire employees, or worse. 

None of the fervently desired permissions to discriminate have anything to do with the behavior of those customers or employees in those roles within our economy and society. It’s not about the customers who cost more money to do business with than the business can cover with profit margins. It’s not about employees who fail to get the job done because of what otherwise would be described as the way they live their lives outside of work. It is truly about a false piety on the part of so-called Christian citizens seeking to redefine “religious libertyR [...]

193: One-ders 3

Jan 31, 2017 02:30:56


Sometimes a retreat is in order, to circle the wagons and refresh the spirit. Often as not, my happy place is full of music. That doesn’t mean that all the music is upbeat or positive, though. The rain falls there, too. 
(References are in the comments section of the website.)

Different Drummer: Experiment 626 (Stitch)

192: 100 Ways

Jan 6, 2017 01:00:17


I recall an exercise that I found unexpectedly challenging: making 100 clear and simple statements about myself that were true and affirming, in the sense of not being negative. I’ve been sharing parts of this throughout Inappropriate Conversations and Walk The Earth podcasts. This time, I revist that list. 

Different Drummer: John Pavlovitz


Walk The Earth 43

Dec 25, 2016 49:07


Whether following Jesus collectively is still possible when up to 80% of evangelical Christians no longer think “character is all that matters” in leadership decisions?

191: False Political Prophecies

Dec 12, 2016 01:25:08


When you understand the persecution a group thinks they will suffer, whether based on rational conclusions or not, it provides great insight into what they would do if given ultimate and absolute power. We are wise to be wary. The people who predicted Obama would “round up” both Christians and guns might just pose a similar dire threat to their perceived political enemies. We haven’t done a sufficient job of denouncing false prophecies in recent years, and now we must deal with the political consequences.
I apologize, President Obama, on behalf of all Christians for the false and hateful things said about you during the past 8 years from the pulpit and over the airwaves by self-proclaimed Christians. They were as wrong as their predictions have turned out to be.

Different Drummer: Bette Midler

Walk The Earth 42

Nov 29, 2016 42:13


Whether Jesus accomplished a micro-personal goal or macro-theological purpose through his crucifixion?


190: Dear Family Member

Nov 7, 2016 01:44:36


Perhaps we have reached a point where the most important decisions I’ll make in this lifetime can no longer be discussed with family members. They don’t want to hear it. My challenges are confusing, even aggravating. Would it be best if I just, I don’t know, talked less and smiled more?

Different Drummer: Alexander Hamilton

Walk The Earth 41

Oct 13, 2016 46:07


Whether both sons are “lost” in the Parable of The Prodigal Son?

Coming in October & November 2016

Sep 26, 2016


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

False assumptions and false foundations that undermine some family members’ political vision A look back at apocalyptic predictions from the moment of Obama’s election in 2008 and since 

189: Apocalyptic Visions

Sep 20, 2016 00:50:41


I’ve been warning people about the dangers of hypocrisy for more than three decades now, doing so as if I might face some harsh judgment if I don’t. I’m still sounding the alarm today, sometimes with opinion and other times with quotation. 

Different Drummer: Ezekiel of Jerusalem

188: Constitutional Crisis

Sep 5, 2016 01:04:07


In 2016, a majority of Americans in the U.S. Senate, who took a vow to uphold the United States Constitution, have directly violated that Constitution and jeopardized protections guaranteed in the Bill Of Rights in the process. Worse, a large number of American citizens don’t seem to care, either about our founding principles or about the balance of power and our system of checks and balances. This is the biggest Constitutional crisis in my lifetime, perhaps going all the way back to the U.S. Civil War.

Different Drummer: Buzz Kulik 

Walk The Earth 40

Aug 29, 2016 43:00


Whether pilgrimage is about a sacred place, the historical past, or just my individual “walk”? 

187: Television Debut (1972-73)

Aug 16, 2016 1:00:00


The 1972-73 television season is the first time I can remember seeking out new shows on TV, beyond just Saturday morning cartoons. Even at a young age, I was able to find under-appreciated programs that I still love to this day.

Different Drummer: Peter Cushing

I Am a Child Of Television blog

Cosmic Potato Podcast #26

Treks In Sci-Fi #565

Treks In Sci-Fi #590

Walk The Earth 39

Jul 27, 2016 45:24


Whether prayer is an act of futility or simply beyond our comprehension?

If our prayers are just words … 

First Monday in October

Jul 20, 2016


I am a radical moderate. I have voted for non-RepubliCrats of several political parties as many times in my life as I have voted for Democrats and Republicans combined. The last two times I voted for anyone from the duopoly, those votes went to Republicans. The first two times I ever voted, I sided with Democrats. My track record, though, is shunning both.

This year, it is very tempting to shun both again. I voted for Jill Stein in 2012, and I would vote the same way again if given another chance in 2012. I’m not inclined to vote for her this year, though. This is not the place to post my reasons.

Libertarian-leaning candidates do not interest me, and I see friends with that mindset veering toward Gary Johnson. Too often, Libertarianism becomes all about the “ism” as if the political philosophy matters more than anything else. Ron Paul, for example, personified this in the last election cycle by suggesting that people who didn’t buy their own h [...]

186: Consent

Jul 1, 2016 01:08:04


Topics: Consent, Orlando, Brexit, Segregation, Abortion, Secretly Timid (Pride 48).

Different Drummer: Nan Little Kirkpatrick

185: The Music of My Father

Jun 13, 2016 01:46:51


My father died decades ago, gone so long that memory is the only way to interact with him. Music is a big part of those memories, and he was the only member of our family who didn’t play an instrument. He still left his musical notes in the form of taste, curiosity, and patience. Hopefully, that is one of the things the world still sees of him through me.

Different Drummer: Gisele MacKenzie

Father’s Day weekend is also the live streaming event on Pride 48 this year.

Coming in June & July 2016

Jun 6, 2016


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

The music of my father Critical modern concepts: consent and segregation

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too

Walk The Earth 38

Jun 2, 2016 53:08


Whether being slow to try fasting is a spiritual problem? 

A #FirstTrack example

May 22, 2016


On Inappropriate Conversations #184 I mentioned a process I’ve been calling First Track for more than a year now. Here is an example of that, reblogging myself.

Ray Boltz is famous, perhaps deservedly, for his song “Thank You” (thank you for giving to the Lord; I was a life that was changed). I’m probably exaggerating a little, but I can’t recall ever attending a church camp or “weekend” as either a child or adult where that song wasn’t played on a stereo or sung collectively. I’ll share it below, but it isn’t my 

184: One-ders 2 (NSFW)

May 19, 2016 02:01:15


While identifying artists with only one song on my MP3 player a year ago, I noted that some of the tracks qualify as “not safe for work” (NSFW) and set them aside for a follow-up podcast in the future. Now.

Different Drummer: Dee Snider

The Party Starts Now I Don’t Care About You Short D@#k Man I Must Increase My Bust Freak Me

183: Commemoration Days

May 7, 2016 42:33


This Sunday in 2016 is more than just Mother’s Day observed in the United States of America. It’s also a day the world recognizes as the end of one of the bloodiest military conflicts in world history. Most of us, though, do not really recognize the date, at least not like we recognize dates at the beginning of that same world war. Perhaps we don’t commemorate enough of the right days.

Different Drummer: Lee Marvin

Walk The Earth 37

Apr 28, 2016 00:36:30


Whether it is acceptable to recognize and celebrate the holy days of other religions with those believers?

Answering The Grief Police about Prince Rogers Nelson

‘Laws Of Motion’

Apr 18, 2016


I’m told that April is National Poetry Month and April 21st is Poem In Your Pocket Day, so here is a one-page poem that I first shared on Inappropriate Conversations #23 in August 2010: “Laws Of Motion”

“He is never going to

Change, is he?”

We’ve always done it that way around here.

It is what it

Is: predictable.

What did you expect?


182: Murdering Friendship

Apr 10, 2016 59:59


We may have very solid, and seriously unfortunate, reasons why many men do not successfully maintain contact with friends throughout our lives. Women seem to hold onto relationships more naturally. Those (often false) perceptions about what is and isn’t natural may be the explanation.

Different Drummer: Mark Greene

Why Do We Murder the Beautiful Friendships of Boys?

Remaking Manhood: The Modern Masculinity Movement: Stories from the Front Lines of Change
Forbidden or Sacred Friendships

Forbidden or Sacred Friendships

Apr 4, 2016



Not long ago, some friends of the family told my wife and me that their elementary school kids would never be allowed to attend a party that included any children of the opposite gender. This policy against “boy/girl parties” included birthdays. It certainly covered the concept of play dates.

I do not know the reason why. The safe bet is the word “dates” and a clear animosity within the church about inter-sexual, or mixed gender, friendships. This was an after-church conversation. Several people had left the same churc [...]

Walk The Earth 36

Mar 30, 2016 00:42:46


Whether Jesus denounced the use of a homophobic slang term in one of his sermons? 


181: ‘Part Time’ and Strong Women

Mar 20, 2016 59:27


The theme for World Storytelling Day 2016 (March 20th) is Strong Women.
“Part Time (A Neosurrealist Preparing Responses Before an Exit Interview)” combines dream narratives and imagery.
“What The Neighbors Think” relates a story from SWIM (really) that is NSFW (definitely).

Different Drummer: Klixen

Coming in March & April 2016

Feb 23, 2016


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

World Storytelling Day and Strong Women Murdering Friendship, particularly the relationships of boys

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too[...]

Walk The Earth 35

Feb 23, 2016 00:31:40


Whether whether modern evangelical outreach has become an inoculation against the Holy Spirit?

Greetings From Nowhere 294

180: Jesus Quote Bubble

Feb 10, 2016 00:50:01


Perhaps the best way to answer the inaccurate and probably blasphemous words being put into the mouth of Jesus by some pastors and politicians is to quote Jesus of Nazareth at length. My favorite way of doing that is sharing The Sermon On The Mount. For better or worse, I’ve chosen to do that in a way that might have gotten me burned at the stake a few hundred years ago.

Different Drummer: John Wycliffe

Tea Party Jesus - the Tumblr

179: Minding your P’s & Q’s, part 5

Jan 25, 2016 59:59


Short subjects: College football - greater stakes, greater shenanigans. Film criticism - favorite versus best pictures. Republican National Committee - when a survey is anything but. NCAA - is opposition to pro-discrimination laws just talk, PR? Your points and questions in selected feedback. Different Drummer: Marcello Mastroianni

Walk The Earth 34

Jan 11, 2016 43:22


Whether it’s appropriate for theists to believe that there is more than one God? 
(Whether it is acceptable to recognize and celebrate the holy days of other religions with those believers?)

That God Show podcast

Formerly Fundie

Fable: The Threat of a Mousetrap

Dec 30, 2015


Note: I did not write this and cannot recall where I originally received it, at least 7 years ago, but the fable seems even more relevant now.

A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife open a package. “What food might this contain?” The mouse wondered. He was devastated to discover it was a mousetrap.

                Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed the warning. “There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!”

                The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said, “Mr. Mouse, I can tell this is a grave concern to you, but it is of no consequence to me. I cannot be bother [...]

178: The Best of Simply Syndicated

Dec 20, 2015 01:18:53


Simply Syndicated is the home for many of my favorite podcasts. They have been producing several shows since 2005, and about 4 years ago I made a list of my favorite moments from the first 5 or 6 years. I’m expecting most, if not all, of those original podcasts to be available via Simply Everything in the near future, if they aren’t already there.

The Definitive Word - Embarrassing Moments
Crimes Against Food - Christmas
Masters Of None - Worst Xmas Songs of All Time (1)
Movies You Should See - Christmas Movies 2008
Here Goes Nothing - Nintendo Big Band (The Skits)
For Those About To Rock - The Real Thing (Faith No More)
Starbase 66 - 1st Anniversary Show
Starbase 66 - bloopers with N [...]

A Belated Happy Birthday

Dec 20, 2015


 I have been waiting what seems a lifetime,        

                Watching to see if you could trust me.


There is something rather odd, touching in your

                Smile. I’d call it a knowing grin,

                If only I knew.

Walk The Earth 33

Dec 14, 2015 46:35


Whether reconciling Christmas with its inherent deceptions is necessary?

Candy-coated Apostasy

Nov 22, 2015



Walk The Earth 32

Nov 20, 2015 00:39:51


Whether Thanksgiving is a Christian holy day or merely a national holiday?

177: Transitional Terminology

Nov 13, 2015 46:09


Looking back on this recording, I didn’t once mention public restrooms and who is doing what business in which places. That is surprising considering all of the political rhetoric connecting gender identity and public facilities, most recently coming out of Texas. I’m not disappointed by the oversight. In fact, I’m pleased. In addition to making a transition in the courtesy we show others, in how we address people, there are many other aspects of gender identity and sexual orientation that we need to remove from bathroom talk, to rise above.

Different Drummer: Wendy Carlos

Human Sexuality Is Complicated …

Targeted Release Schedule 2

Nov 8, 2015


Not long after the first year of Inappropriate Conversations, I posted an article like this one to explain that maintaining a weekly schedule was no longer going to be the norm for this podcast. I knew I wanted to avoid both a monthly approach and a set cadence. I will continue to put out shows that are based more on events or, more broadly, the calendar, but not on a set duration.

Here I am again, looking at next year. The good news is that I’m forecasting both Inappropriate Conversations and Walk The Earth to continue. I am not yet to the point where current events must drive content decisions, which I think is a good thing. On the other hand, some changes at work and elsewhere are driving me to a monthly approach. The difference between now and 4+ years ago is Walk The Earth. With both shows being roughly monthly, the content should still be two shows a month, overall, or more.

Walk The Earth will continue to answer the questions that arise as my family “ [...]

176: Halloween Sabbath

Oct 28, 2015 02:06:00


My Sunday School teacher when I was in high school worked for the local newspaper where he was, among other things, the music critic. A good guy, he wasn’t the type to denounce rock ‘n’ roll as “the devil’s music” or anything like that. On the other hand, he did tell me that I would one day grow out of my interest in early Black Sabbath and no longer have any use for their albums. Well, I have since bought the original eight “Ozzy years” albums on CD, so that prediction completely missed the mark. No, I still love many aspects of early Black Sabbath and never hesitate to share that love. I have some friends who have made the most of the phrase, “mix tapes mean ‘I love you.’” That came to mind when I stitched together this last (for this year anyway) Halloween tribute on Inappropriate Conversations.

Different Drummer: Rory Guy

175: Halloween Tricks

Oct 20, 2015 01:14:19


“Tricks” refers to more spooky, scary, traditional elements of Halloween in music, movies, and performance art. Less from childhood and more from college on, this reminds me of candles, incense, and very strange sounds coming from either my television or stereo.

Different Drummer: Molly Harvey

The Weatherman

Life Would Be Wonderful 2

174: Halloween Treats

Oct 14, 2015 01:03:48


“Treats” stands for a juvenile, as in young or childish, look at Halloween. This sound collage taps into several moments of observing the “trick or treat” time of year as a kid.

Different Drummer: Rod Serling

173: Seeing Spot Run

Oct 6, 2015 00:58:31


I don’t want to talk about gun control. It’s a topic I have generally avoided, partly because the conversation usually misses the point. It isn’t about controlling ownership — the confiscation hysteria — and it should be all about maintaining a “control” over our standards for usage. Only the fully qualified (law enforcement, hunters, National Guard) and properly trained (a standard that will eliminate even some of the legally qualified) should be using weapons in public. My subconscious called this obvious requirement to my mind this week, while I was trying not to dream about the latest in a long series of deadly school shootings.

Different Drummer: William Hamby

What If Gun Laws Were Like Abortion Laws?

Walk The Earth 31

Sep 30, 2015 00:42:47


Whether pagan influences or appropriation is an issue in secular or even religious holidays?

172: Proud To Know You 2

Sep 15, 2015 01:03:57


Two years ago, I made a head decision — an intellectual choice — to attend a Pride48 event as soon as schedules could be coordinated. The time lag says a lot about my vacation schedule and nothing about my resolve. This year, I can say as a heart decision — a more spiritual confidence — that it was one of the better plans I’ve made. Anyone who has followed previous vacation episodes knows that my wife and I make excellent travel plans, too. So, while I normally don’t do recap shows, it just makes sense to talk about “what I did on my summer vacation” as a follow-up to the original Proud To Know You episode on Inappropriate Conversations (#128).

Different Drummer: Kathy Baldock

Coming in September & October 2015

Sep 12, 2015


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

What I did on my summer vacation; really, it’s a recap show! Tricks and treats, all October long

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too

    *  Whether pagan influences or appropriation is an issue in secular or even religious holidays?

171: Walking The Earth

Sep 10, 2015 59:59


The Walk The Earth podcast hit a milestone of sorts in recent weeks with an episode recorded before a live audience. Seems like a good time for Inappropriate Conversations to look back at the still-building history of Walk The Earth, including the mission of the show and the questions I have attempted to answer.

Different Drummer: Francis of Assisi

Walk The Earth 30

Sep 2, 2015 28:50


Whether you can ever go back to this moment in history?

(Live from Pride 48, Las Vegas, Nevada, August 28, 2015)

Short social media Footprint for #wte & #IC

Aug 30, 2015


Aside from the website at InappropriateConversations.org, there are other ways to interact with both the Inappropriate Conversations and Walk The Earth podcasts. Here are a few.

Facebook for Walk The Earth: https://www.facebook.com/WTEpodcast

Facebook for Inappropriate Conversations: https://www.facebook.com/InappropriateConversations Twitter for both #IC and #wte: https://twitter.com/ic_greg SoundCloud for short(er) clips of oldest shows: https://soundcloud.com/ic_greg

I can be reached via e-mail at: IC_Greg (at) Hotmail.com


Walk The Earth 29

Aug 22, 2015 42:46


Whether a happily married Christian should attend a Pride event with gay friends and allies?

170: The Book Of Nature

Aug 12, 2015 00:59:13


Time as a concept is, once again, the stumbling block for many people — including Christians — on the relationship between sinfulness and the nature of evil and pain. An inadequate understanding of words like logos, chronos, and kairos doesn’t help. The unwillingness of outspoken Christians to read the book of nature as reverently as the book of scripture is, perhaps, the biggest problem of all.

Different Drummer: Sandy Owen

“The Sparkle” from Montage by Sandy Owen: Ensemble

The 200th podcast, in a way, on the way

Aug 8, 2015


When Walk The Earth #30 broadcasts live at Pride 48 in Las Vegas at 5 EDT on Friday, 8/28, it will be the 200th podcast from the combination of Walk The Earth and Inappropriate Conversations.

200? Exactly 200!


Coming in August 2015

Aug 5, 2015


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

Questions relating “age” and God do not make any sense, so it is right to accept a very old earth Perhaps a look at the history of Walk The Earth, anticipating new listeners from Pride 48

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too

    *  Whether a happily married Christian should attend a Pride event with gay friends and allies?
    *  Whether you can ever go back to this moment in history?

169: Before Politics Became ‘a Game’

Aug 4, 2015 01:02:28


Perhaps on some level American politics has always had its share of game strategy. Maybe it’s a myth that our so-called “founding fathers” set aside their own interests to form a new nation, and maybe all the key elements of the U.S. Constitution really just came from one influential leader trying to trick or embarrass a political enemy and that’s the only way we actually have a freedom to assemble, for example. Seems unlikely, Even if such claims were true, we still have a major issue today with the poor quality of game being played.

Different Drummer: Dwight Eisenhower

Apparently, It’s a Game of Inches

Jul 23, 2015


I was pulled over the other day for a violation related to my vehicle registration. I have no doubt that I was uneasy. From what I believe was mild food poisoning, I had left work before lunch and had serious concerns about making it to the bathroom in my home on time. I was sweating, distracted, worried, and impatient.
I challenged the officer from a nearby sheriff’s department, questioning his facts and his approach. 
The good news: despite having my car towed, needing a family member to pick me up, and struggling to fully note the “popcorn trail through a dark maze” of steps that needed to be followed to pay late fees and g [...]

Incongruous ‘Legal’ Ideas

Jul 12, 2015


You can almost divide Christianity into two camps. One group, including the Apostle Paul, believes that Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled all of the Jewish Law. There are details, of course. Did this happen through his life, at the crucifixion, through the resurrection, only completely at the point of ascension or even afterward, at Pentecost?  Details, details. The point is that Jesus gave us two commandments that fulfill all of the law: love God and love your neighbor (Luke 10: 25-28). Loving your neighbor as you love yourself fulfills “all the law” meaning not just 10 Commandments but hundreds more (Romans 13: 8-10).

The other group believes that Jesus did not fulfill all of the law, despite what Paul and others have taught. Using an extra-Biblical concept of “civil and ceremonial” laws versus other commands found in what Christians call the Old Testament, only some of those laws were fulfilled. This group of believers is not intereste [...]

Walk The Earth 28

Jul 7, 2015 42:39


Whether a sense of patriotism invalidates the separation of church and state or similar founding principles in the United States of America?

“O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee” (Washington Gladden, H. Percy Smith)

168: Epistles From Gay Christians

Jun 30, 2015 01:41:18


Strident Christian views about homosexuality have compromised any defense of infallibility, causing some to question the existence of God. Certainly there is justification for denying the validity of their anti-LGBTQ worldview. After all, in less than a decade “religious right” speakers presuming to represent Christianity have moved from there is no such thing as sexual orientation to homosexuality is just a choice to maybe it isn’t a choice but there can’t be anything inherent to it to if it is inherent in some way it still cannot possibly by “natural” to either way it’s just a behavior that represents a rebellion against God to those people can attend church but they can never be members of our congregation to perhaps they can join us in Christian fellowship but only if they take a vow of involuntary celibacy [...]

Re-blog: A Witness

Jun 30, 2015


I have never “re-blogged” before, so I cannot say if I’m even doing this correctly. A friend I knew from a previous church has given me permission to share her words, so I will. I have taken one subtle step to make things anonymous. I’m not using her name, for example. Having said that, I found her words too powerful to ignore.

As a Christian, I am passionate about witnessing. “Tell me what the Lord is doing in your life” is, for me, the heart and soul of any sermon. Too often, church members are unwilling to hear the witness of anyone they find to be “too different” as if xenophobia has replaced agape within many Christian fellowships. Well, I’m listening to someone whose experiences are totally different from my own. I hope you will, too.

167: Speaking Truth To Power

Jun 18, 2015 58:21


On June 22, 1633,  Galileo was sentenced by the Roman Inquisition for being “vehemently suspect of heresy.” He had told the truth, that the earth revolved around the sun according to astronomical evidence, but he was forced to recant that truth. There is a great deal of scientific knowledge we either would not have today, or would have obtained in very different ways, if Galileo had chosen a different course, if he had been “silenced” by more violent means. Speaking truth to power, as the saying goes, is rarely as clear as it sounds. Sometimes it doesn’t require formal speech at all. A simple smartphone video can have the same impact today.

Different Drummer: Galileo Galilei

Walk The Earth 27

Jun 7, 2015 47:42


Whether sanctuary means the same thing today as the center of Christian worship has in the past?

166: One-ders

May 31, 2015 01:49:39


Most music fans these days are very comfortable with just one song from an artist. I’m not. I tend to be a collector, almost an archivist. For that reason, I was very surprised at the number of “one song only” artists there are on my MP3 player, although I was not surprised at how deeply I love those lonely songs.

Different Drummer: Joseph Haydn

165: Memorial Music

May 19, 2015 01:24:25


“I’ll remember you, though,” the title character of Lilo & Stitch says to the other as the alien leaves her home, “I remember everyone that leaves.” How is the question. How do we remember those who leave? I’ve turned that question toward myself and provided some possible answers with songs.

Different Drummer: Joseph Henry Burnett

Walk The Earth 26

May 13, 2015 39:32


Whether the Holy Spirit deserves more recognition as God working in our lives?

164: Vinyl Box Sets

Apr 21, 2015 53:37


Where did the box set of popular music come from anyway? Long before CDs or cassette tapes, the first version of this format came in vinyl. I can’t recall seeing any example prior to a series put out by the marketing division of a watch company that doesn’t rest.

Different Drummer: Jack Stelzer

The Longines Symphonette proudly presents Mexicali Brass

163: It Is Not Who You Know

Apr 14, 2015 00:59:30


For me, celebrity encounters have almost always been chance encounters. I don’t seek and collect autographs. I often forget to get pictures taken, even at reunions or meet-ups. It’s not that I don’t value those rare occasions to speak with someone who has been an inspiration, including a couple of Different Drummers. It’s more understanding that “it’s not about me” and it certainly isn’t a matter of putting who you know above everything else.

Different Drummer: Garth Brooks

Walk The Earth 25

Apr 6, 2015 00:56:59


Whether Easter Sunday is the most important day in the church calendar?

It’s Not Just a Concern

Apr 5, 2015


How do I tell this story? Perhaps without using any names or many descriptions. You see, I am not convinced that LGBT people can be considered safe from violence at the hands of people — including self-proclaimed Christians — who don’t like laws and court rulings related to equality and are seeking aggressive and “creative” methods of responding.

None of my friends in high school were open about being gay. There were a couple of casual acquaintances, but that is it. Today, more than a few Facebook friends from high school are, relatively speaking, very out about their homophobia. Oh, they wouldn’t call it that. They’d use terms like “conservative” or notions of old-fashioned values related to how we were raised in the Bible Belt.

162: First Do No Harm

Mar 30, 2015 60:00


America’s commitment to vaccination has been so great that nearly 2 million children committed to test a vaccine in the 1950s, so why would anyone walk away from the protection this has provided over any modern understanding of “safety” and risk?
Most Americans look back at the Jim Crow era with a great deal of embarrassment, justifiably, so why would anyone want to establish a set of “Jesus Crow” laws that surely will be just as embarrassing in the future — to Christians in particular?
When World Vision completely reversed a proposed policy change just a few days after threats from influential conservative Christians immediately put thousands of children at risk, why didn’t those same Christians victoriously, and perhaps even smugly, return to reinstate their support for the organization?
Sadly, these questions have no intelligent answers. They merely reflect the pungent state of anti-intellectualism in the United States of [...]

Coming in March, April & May 2015

Mar 23, 2015


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

The role of vaccinations in “first, doing no harm” Encountering celebrities and rejecting the autograph Celebrating the box set with Longines Symphonette Memorial music, or songs to honor a memory

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too

    *  Whether Easter Sunday is the most important day in the Christian church calendar?
    *  Whether the Holy Spirit deserves more recognition as God working in our lives?

161: Debilitation

Mar 16, 2015 00:59:58


Life tends to end either suddenly (too short) are through debilitation. There are exceptions, of course. Some deaths may not even qualify as tragic. It seems that debilitating illness has become more common as people live longer. The reminder this provides, though, is how crucial it is to not wait until a metaphorical tomorrow to say what needs to be said, create what our hearts long to create, stand up and be counted. Allowing our ability to fade before our desire truly is tragic.

Different Drummer: Linda Ronstadt

NPR Fresh Air: Linda Ronstadt with Terry Gross

Walk The Earth 24

Mar 11, 2015 00:52:05


Whether drinking alcohol should be permitted as Christians celebrate, interact?

160: Performance in a Supporting Role

Mar 3, 2015 47:43


Determining the difference between Academy Award nominations for acting in a leading role versus a supporting role isn’t always easy. It doesn’t seem like a precise distinction can be made. Even within the range of supporting performances, there is a significant difference between the cameo and the roles typically occupied by character actors. At their best, though, even small contributions can make a huge impact on the story or other characters. This year, in fact, the Oscar that interested me most was Best Supporting Actress. I was not disappointed.

Different Drummer: Michel Piccoli

159: Substantial Sexuality

Feb 22, 2015 57:36


I would have to confess that using terminology like “substantial beauty” refers to a perception that large female sexual characteristics are particularly attractive. At times, our society has veered widely between a bigger-is-better mentality and our current notion that anyone who isn’t bordering on malnourished is “plus sized” or fat. Having a sexual interest in women includes a full range of sizes and shapes. It is only wrong to call that wrong. On the other hand, I know what I like. I worry about those who have so suppressed who they are, including their tastes and preferences, that they cannot honestly say they know what they like.

Different Drummer: Anita Ekberg

Walk The Earth 23

Feb 12, 2015 42:37


Whether the church should have a point of view about sexuality?

158: Track By Track

Jan 29, 2015 1:04:55


For the era of album-oriented music (rock, jazz, etc.), understanding the history of a musical artist or group happened at a track-by-track level. Back then we bought albums rather than songs, and the way those tracks were laid out on either vinyl or plastic was part of the artistry.

Different Drummer: Brian Eno

Track By Track at InappropriateConversations.org

157: Letting Justice Roll

Jan 19, 2015 1:48:45


As a writer, I always knew that “dumping the notebook” would create a longer and less focused news story. The time and discipline it takes to match ideas and paraphrase would trade density for brevity, rather than the opposite. This look at how police work is conducted today and the impact that has on local, particularly minority, communities does the opposite. It’s more sprawling and anything but brief. On an issue where jumping to quick conclusions is far too common, I felt the need to take more time. The short summary is simple, though: we can do better than we are today.

Different Drummer: Amos of Tekoa

Walk The Earth 22

Jan 4, 2015 00:38:10


Whether the prophets of old have been, or need to be, updated by contemporary prophecy?

2014: Christians Calling For Child Sacrifice

Jan 2, 2015


Anyone observing what I’ve been posting or reading on social media might conclude that I think our standard of policing (Ferguson, Staten Island, etc.) is the biggest #IC story of 2014. It is not. I am preparing myself for an Inappropriate Conversations recording, but I also believe that this thread of current events isn’t one collective story — no, it is a bunch of only narrowly related stories. The story of the year in 2014 happened in March. 

World Vision’s board decided that their hiring and HR practices should be like almost every major employer in our country. Like Wal-Mart, for example, or Home Depot, they saw no advantage i [...]

156: Boxing Day

Dec 26, 2014 00:49:37


It’s both accurate and inaccurate to describe Boxing Day as a time to remember people who are in working class positions or struggling economically. When I was told that December 26th was the day set aside for sharing old and no-longer-wanted toys with others, that actually drifts a bit from the true Commonwealth history of the holiday. All the same, it is a nice and fitting idea.

Different Drummer: Elvis Costello

Songs recorded by Elvis Costello

155: Twleve Days

Dec 23, 2014 49:07


Most Americans probably perceive the “12 days of Christmas” to be intense retail shopping days before Christmas. The expression actually refers to the true period of Christmas celebration starting on the selected date of December 25th and counting from there. It makes me wonder why many people are so focused on pulling down decorations and silencing all holiday hymns right in the middle of those 12 days. I understand the argument that we start too soon. I would also understand an argument that we end too soon, too.

Different Drummer: Jean Shepherd

Walk The Earth 21

Dec 12, 2014 33:51


Whether serving at a food bank or soup kitchen is more worshipful than what we call church?

154: Holiday Jukebox

Nov 27, 2014 01:52:49


Even from an Advent Calendar perspective, I prefer music to chocolate. This includes Christmas music, both reverent and irreverent, along with songs that would be more accurately described as “winter holiday” than Christmas music.

Different Drummer: George Frideric Handel

153: Audio Advent Booklet

Nov 24, 2014 01:07:20


Happy Thanksgiving week! As an Advent Booklet of sorts, the content for this episode really applies to next Sunday. Advent begins on November 30th this year. You can listen all at once or take the content one week at a time between now and Christmas.

Different Drummer: John Fahey

Walk The Earth 20

Nov 5, 2014 39:53


Whether the church has a vital role to play in national elections?

152: Anticipating the Bang

Oct 29, 2014 00:54:08


The best thing about suspense films, whether thrillers or horror, is the build up not the payoff. Getting the the edge of your seat doesn’t happen at the moment of shock or surprise, it happens on the way there. Les Diaboliques is one of my favorite examples. It’s a movie that might be described as the one that got away from Hitchcock.

Different Drummer: Alfred Hitchcock

Spoiler scene from the 1954-55 Clouzot film

151: Minding your P’s & Q’s, part 4

Oct 24, 2014 38:24


Time to respond to feedback, formally, for the fourth time. The P’s and Q’s are your points and questions. Thanks!

Different Drummer: Michael J. Fox

Walk The Earth 19

Oct 16, 2014 41:15


Whether travel, health, rain and other hopes should be the primary focus of prayer?

Coming soon: responses to your feedback 4

Sep 30, 2014


On or near October 10th, I will record a show with responses to all of the feedback I have received since the last feedback show a year ago. You have provided enough comments and questions to sustain an episode, but there is room for more.

Methods of contact include comments to any post here at the Inappropriate Conversations site, via Twitter @ic_greg, or by e-mail: ic_greg@hotmail.com. 

On Facebook, both 

150: Opening The Scriptures

Sep 23, 2014 03:32:40


Scriptures, in order of appearance:

Acts 17: 10-12

Hebrews 5:7 – 6:3

1 Corinthians 2:11 – 3:11

Romans 12: 1-6

Psalms 19:14

Matthew 5: 13-24

John 19: 28-30

Galatians 3: 6-18

Galatians 3: 23-29

James 2: 8-13

Romans 13: 8-10

Galatians 5: 1-15

Matthew 25: 31-46

John 8: 1-11

Luke 10: 25-37

John 4: 1-30

John 14: 1-10

Luke 14: 1-24

Matthew 18:21 – 19:12

Isaiah 56: 1-8

Walk The Earth 18

Sep 16, 2014 38:24


Whether faith can abide superstition and where to draw a line between the two?

149: Truly Respecting Elders

Sep 4, 2014 01:04:31


This Sunday is National Grandparents’ Day, which has been a secular holiday since 1978, or so I’m told. The day doesn’t receive anywhere near the respect, or marketing, of days for mothers and fathers. I suspect a large number of grandparents could argue that insufficient respect is par for the course. What does it mean, though, to “respect your elders” as I’ve been told many times in my life? I believe real respect means remembering what they’ve said and done, challenging them when they fall short of those same values they taught, and building upon the solid parts of the foundation they have set. It also means refusing to rest on the faults, though. I’ll grant that this approach sounds strict, but I was raised by elders with strict standards. Being judged by their own principles is both respectful and fitting.

Different Drummer: Ahmir Thompson

148: Freedom Of Song

Aug 27, 2014 01:10:40


If I had been younger when record companies began putting warning labels on albums and tapes, responding to pressure from the Parents Music Resource Center and others, I’m sure I would have responded like almost every teenager I observed while working in a record store. The “Tipper sticker” served as a beacon, telling them which albums to buy. Only very rarely did I observe this attempt at censorship (some associated with the PMRC openly hoped their approach would lead to album bans) go in the other direction, with the sticker telling “concerned parents” not to fund a purchase. It did reveal some significant ethics and intelligence lapses within the United States Senate. In that respect, the sad spectacle delivered some nominal value.

Different Drummer: Frank Zappa

Walk The Earth 17

Aug 12, 2014 31:58


Whether the Sunday School calendar should follow the school year, including a dormant period for summer months?

Reverend Moon – Coyote Gospels

Aug 6, 2014


I won’t be howling at Reverend Moon. The latest from Jakob Rehlinger, the Different Drummer on IC 103: The Thriller Is Gone, sounds like a lost delta blues recording from a parallel universe. Consider this the other side of the crossroads. It is part blasphemy and part apocalyptic visions with a significant overlap.

Reverend Moon doesn’t flirt with blasphemy here. Flirting implies an unfamiliarity, a method of getting to know you. No, most of the tracks on Coyote Gospels are intimate apostasy.

I know. I have ranted and railed at apostasy when I encounter it within the church. Situations like the “Jesus tells us to hate” crowd outside of Chick-fil-A a couple of years ago (this week) come to mind. I won’t howl at Reverend Moon, though, because he is singing from the oth [...]

Coming in August & September 2014

Jul 29, 2014


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

Freedom of speech didn’t translate into “freedom of song” in 1985 Truly respecting elders includes remembering, challenging, and building upon their foundation Taking Christ out of the closet of Christian homophobia by opening the scriptures

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too

    *  Whether the Sunday School calendar should follow the school year, including a dormant period for summer months?
    *  Whether faith can abide superstition and where to draw a line between the two?

147: Love And Happiness

Jul 20, 2014 59:13


Friends have recently called to my attention that I’ve insufficiently emphasized the most important of my human relationships. It is true. One reason is trying to keep some private things private. Another is that I forget how a passionate lifelong romantic partnership is, perhaps, strange. I’d never want to take anything for granted though.
Note: I could have gone without the explicit language tag — arguably — but it’s a practical joke on my wife to have this Inappropriate Conversation labeled that way.

Different Drummer: David Sanborn

Night Music episode 212

Walk The Earth 16

Jul 14, 2014 40:01


Whether the concept of “home church” is necessary or merely particularism?

Some thoughts on 1 John 4: 7-21

Greetings From Nowhere 1
Greetings From Nowhere 2

Take Him With You 1
Take Him With You 2

146: The Idea Of Christ

Jul 7, 2014 49:26


A century ago in sermons and speeches that would become My Utmost For His Highest, the current sad state of Christianity was described aptly with the question, “Are you loyal to Jesus or to your notion of him?” by Oswald Chambers. We see the problem when Christians openly dispute the things Jesus said, or when popular versions of Bible stories don’t match the “inspired word of God” and those obsessed with Biblical perfection fail to side with the inerrant text. Chambers might say that we are guilty of siding with what we believe without much regard for God’s will. If this is true of individuals, it is certainly true of organizations and groups — no matter how we may defer to their “religious beliefs.”

Different Drummer: Oswald & Gertrude Chambers

Walk The Earth 15

Jun 28, 2014 33:25


Whether maintaining a hierarchy of sins is itself un-Biblical and sinful?

145: Transparency and Secrets

Jun 13, 2014 59:57


Business author Jason Jennings once raised the question: what’s the good business reason for doing this? It’s a notion we should apply to other aspects of life. The church should mix this with “what would Jesus do?” slogans and challenge whether congregations have asked about the good Jesus reasons before taking a stand. Likewise, in the area of state secrets, our government leaders need to ask themselves tough questions before classifying documents. Making secrets out of things that either ought to be public or should not be done in the first place is abominable public policy.

Different Drummer: Edward Snowden

Coming in June & July 2014

Jun 8, 2014


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

Transparency, secrets, and the best question a business or community can ask itself Christians who are only committed to “the idea of Christ” rather than Jesus himself A better telling of the story behind my most important experience of human love

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too

    *  Whether maintaining a hierarchy of sins is itself un-Biblical and sinful?
    *  And, likely as not, a look at church membership and “home church” as a concept

Walk The Earth 14

Jun 6, 2014 34:28


Whether equipping virtually can effectively lead to an actual outreach?

144: The Death of The Author

May 25, 2014 54:34


The birth of a pseudonym tends to be all about necessity, but the death of a pen name is rarely chronicled. I’ve been speaking, here and there, about The Author since the second Inappropriate Conversations podcast. Here is the rest of that story, in a surrealistic way.

Different Drummer: M. C. Escher

Walk The Earth 13

May 20, 2014 39:46


Whether membership must focus on a single church, as if fidelity is more to a congregation than to Christ?

143: Verticality of Time

May 13, 2014 61:00


Imagine that everything you ever have done and everything you ever will do has either already happened in a single flash of “time” or is happening now. Everything. We are only aware of an echo, a flow from that moment of reality, and it appears to proceed horizontally to us. What if the bigger picture functions vertically, though, and instantaneously? Our perspective on several theological concepts would be very different, and so would our relationships.

Different Drummer: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

142: Minding The Gap

Apr 27, 2014 1:21:03


A long trip and a long interval between podcasts may call for a long episode. This nostalgia show covers my recent journey through England, Scotland, and Wales. Please, mind the gap while you are listening to this show. Our next stop will be the verticality of time. Thanks for listening!

Different Drummer: John Peel

Walk The Earth 12

Apr 11, 2014 43:53


Whether the concept of tithing applies to the giver or to the church as the receiver?

Walk The Earth 11

Mar 27, 2014 39:34


Whether the notion of “things we don’t discuss in church” is strangling our ministry?

Nowhere and Back Again

Mar 26, 2014


If there is a slight lull next week in Inappropriate Conversations, it won’t be for a lack of content. This week, I’m delighted to say that I got to spend some quality time online with Christina from Greetings From Nowhere!
Paraphrasing Laurie Anderson: “What is this? Some sort of guest host situation?” Indeed.

You can listen here:

GFN 204

GFN 205

Greetings From Nowhere podcast can be found at VisitNowhere.com.

Thanks, Christina!
Sorry I missed you, Nicole! (That seems like a problem with an obvious solution, some day.)


Person Of Interest & Spiritual Development

Mar 23, 2014


I suppose I’m still pondering the “stages of spiritual development” outlined by psychiatrist M. Scott Peck from Inappropriate Conversations 139, if only in the back of my mind. While watching one of my favorite current television shows, Person Of Interest, I began wondering if former Different Drummer Jonathan Nolan was familiar with Peck’s work. He isn’t the sole creative force behind the TV series, but I tend to view the characters as his.

The website Symbolic Living provides a concise quotation of Peck’s Wikipedia page

Coming in April & May 2014

Mar 17, 2014


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

The “verticality” of time: looking at time from a different perspective Amateur traveling using a recent international case study A eulogy, or obituary, for The Author

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too

Whether the notion of “things we don’t discuss in church” is strangling our ministry? (late March) Whether the concept of tithing applies to the giver or to the church as the receiver? Whether membership must focus on a single local church or congregation?

141: Good Monsters

Mar 17, 2014 42:56


Rather than noting what is in this World Storytelling Day episode, I’ll note what is regrettably missing.

* Not much personal storytelling, despite a commitment to return to nostalgia a few weeks ago.
* Repeating some material from Inappropriate Conversations #50 about Lilo & Stitch.
* Insufficient callout to the band The Peddlers for the theme song to The Lost Continent.
* Planned but forgot to connect the “sound” of Dana Gillespie to Candye Kane.
* Missed an opportunity to feature at least a clip from the blues singing of the Different Drummer.
* Perhaps even fell short on fully noting the impact of an actress and costume designer on me at a young age.

Despite missing some elements, the “monsters and dragons” topic for storytellers this March 20 brought out my memories of good monsters, both literally and ironically.

Different Drummer: Dana Gillespie

Walk The Earth 10

Mar 10, 2014 43:57


Whether condemnation of a denomination based on its lack of prejudice is really more of an endorsement?

140: Gathering ’round the Campfire

Mar 2, 2014 57:38


So-called “mountaintop experiences” are often called “beyond description” by those who are careful about sharing religious experiences. I know. I am one of those people, with podcast episodes like this one being an exception. With a connection to the team building concepts in the previous show on spiritual development, let’s go behind the scenes — metaphorically around the campfire — at a spiritual retreat or two.

Different Drummer: Max Lucado

What Would Jan Brewer Do?

Feb 24, 2014


In Inappropriate Conversations #129 (on “Biblical Literacy”), I said that the parable of The Good Samaritan might be the best known New Testament reference. Although no one wrote me to disagree, I’ll paste Luke 10: 25-37 here in case I was wrong.

A lawyer stood up and put Him to the test, saying, “Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” And He said to him, “What is written in the Law? How does it read to you?” And he answered, “YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND; AND YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.” And He said to him, “You have answered correctly; DO THIS AND YOU WILL LIVE.” But wishing to justify himself, he said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”

139: Spiritual Stunting and Divine Development

Feb 23, 2014 1:01:42


Community building relies more heavily on understanding the stages of spiritual growth than we often realize. Team building does not hinge upon every member being at the same level of maturity and experience. It is crucial, though, to understand the progression and manage those differences with unity as the common purpose. Sadly, this does not describe very many groups in our society today, including churches.

Different Drummer: M. Scott Peck

138: Missing Someone I Never Knew

Feb 16, 2014 57:59


Storytelling has always been a part of Inappropriate Conversations. Sometimes that involves telling the stories of others to make a point. Other times it truly is personal storytelling in the realm of nostalgia. I learned an important lesson this month about the power of personal storytelling, as if answers to questions I was raising might be coming from the grave.

Different Drummer: Frank Capra

Walk The Earth 9

Feb 5, 2014 37:12


Whether we can call a church a home if children “must know their place” within its walls?

137: Gambling on Taxation and Tourism

Jan 31, 2014 47:38


My position on gambling tends toward indifference. I’m less likely to make obvious observations about criminal activity or other societal implications than I am to reject ideas that state-sponsored gambling lowers taxes or drives tourism. In narrow (and largely long past) circumstances, that may have made some sense. Now, it is clearly less sustainable than the average “reality TV” show.

Different Drummer: Tom Waits

Walk The Earth 8

Jan 10, 2014 37:24


Whether “old” church (pre-Reformation) manages ritual better than church today in more modern or contemporary settings?

136: Converse versus Convert

Jan 1, 2014 57:30


It’s not funny, it’s hypocritical, how the same words can sound hateful or not based solely on whether they are heard rather than spoken. Sometimes we only understand the worst aspects of how we communicate when we hear ourselves through the angry words of others. The principle is very simple: if words you hear directed toward you are wounding rather than healing, then those same words directed toward others are hateful rather than loving.

Different Drummer: Peter of Bethsaida

Walk The Earth 7

Dec 27, 2013 40:18


Whether there is any one correct style of a ritual, including communion and baptism?

135: Nestor the Audio Commentary

Dec 19, 2013 45:58


From “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” to “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” Rankin/Bass Productions seemingly could do no wrong. Output from there was far less consistent, including Nestor — “Nestor, The Long-Eared Christmas Donkey” from 1977.

Different Drummer: Fred Astaire

134: Gender Segregation

Dec 14, 2013 1:00:25


Once misinformation becomes “tradition” it is extremely difficult to correct. This is true of a pope 1,500 years ago who willfully merged the identity of several women into one misleading “Mary” to deliver a sermon series on sinful women. More broadly, it is true of those who ignore the way Jesus interacted with women during his earthly ministry. Walk The Earth podcast (6) looked at how these mistaken views of gender impact the local church. This Inappropriate Conversation looks at the impact to the church-universal and the great distance between the example of Christ and what we too often see today from clergy.

Different Drummer: Mary of Magdala

College Football’s 2013 Non-Championship

Dec 9, 2013


My feelings haven’t changed from a year ago, so I won’t repeat much here. A 16-team playoff is easy to achieve, including every champion from FBS conferences and 6 at-large teams based on BCS calculations.

Here are the college football games we should be watching this December and January. It is madness (the wrong kind) that we aren’t getting what fans have always wanted, and what fans enjoy every March.


Walk The Earth 6

Dec 9, 2013 40:26


Whether gender plays a role in the experience of worship?

Link to Sex Nerd Sandra

Dec 9, 2013


Since holidays and other things have kept me away from the microphone for awhile, here is something to consider in the meantime. Sandra Daugherty has a “sex positive” educational program on The Nerdist network. This week she discussed Christianity and sexuality with the Rev. Beverly Dale. It is provocative and insightful, and it’s an inappropriate conversation in the best ways.

Sex Nerd Sandra: Sex & Jesus

Next on Inappropriate Conversations: I’m adding a tie-in between Walk The Earth and Inappropriate Conversations on gender and the church. Both shows will look at the same topic.

133: Radical Gratitude

Nov 20, 2013 43:06


I’ve been known to sarcastically say “life has dealt you a rotten set of cards” to people who lose track of the blessings they have received in the midst of temporary, and often small, setbacks. For example, I could complain that I’ve never had the talent to see a musical note on a page and fight the correct tone with my voice. As a music-by-ear singer, I tend to follow others rather than truly joining the choir. On the other hand, I should be grateful for all of the music I’ve imitated. Thanksgiving, as a day or a state of mind, means being grateful even when circumstances are much more severe.

Different Drummer: Horatio Spafford

It’s a Hard Road

Nov 18, 2013


(Only occasionally, Inappropriate Conversations will look at sports. This is one of those occasions.)

When Baylor visits Oklahoma State in Top 12 football game this weekend, it will be the Bears third road game of the year. All of their non-conference games were played in Waco. Last night’s game against Texas Tech was played at a largely neutral venue in Dallas.

This could be a judgment, but that’s a different topic for another day. After all, Oklahoma State has completed its four road games this year, and Baylor will reach their fourth by the final week. (The majority of OSU’s non-conference games were played on neutral fields, and two of them were located much closer to their opponents’ campuses.) No, the conventional wisdom is that “everybody does this.” Alabama has played two of their four road games so far, plus one neutral site. Florida State and Ohio State are, in some ways, bucking the trend by having five road games on their sche [...]

Walk The Earth 5

Nov 11, 2013 36:34


Whether Sunday School hour is the best type of small group?

132: Animal Companionship

Nov 6, 2013 46:31


The animals we’ve brought into our home have always been more than pets. Truly, they’ve been family. I wonder if I would have been a different type of father — less daddy and more disciplinarian — if I hadn’t first forged a relationship and taken responsibility for the growth of a puppy and kitten. Those animals have made their own contributions to the lives of our children, beyond just influencing my wife and me. For many of us, these creatures are a source of great thankfulness. This is the time of year to specifically remember animal shelters and the needs of local Humane Society locations. Please do.

Different Drummer: Susan Meddaugh

Coming in November & December 2013

Nov 4, 2013


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

The role animals play within a family should be greater than merely “pet”
Radical gratitude is about being thankful when it is hard to identify blessings
Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey (commentary)

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too

Whether Sunday School hour is the best type of small group?
Whether gender plays a role in the experience of worship?
Whether there is any one correct style of a ritual, including Communion?

131: Christianity 301

Oct 23, 2013 01:18:19


Taking the Bible seriously.

Different Drummer: Rob Bell

Rob Bell answering questions

Hell, Bell, and Reading Well

Oct 13, 2013


I am strongly considering putting a “Christianity 301” podcast into the schedule in the near future. It would be a follow up to the article at the top of the website, http://www.inappropriateconversations.org/christianity-201-time-for-solid-food/.
That article deferred some challenging questions to a 301-level of thinking, no longer being an undergraduate approach. Rob Bell seems like the appropriate Different Drummer for an episode like that.

One of the things slowing me down from just opening my Bible, sitting down, and making the recording is advice I received about Bell’s book Love Wins. Valued Christian contacts, including at least one Different Drummer, have called it a book filled with aberrant views, perhaps heresy. It’s been called out as a book that no Christian should read.

Th [...]

Walk The Earth 4

Oct 7, 2013 34:31


Whether the message itself differs inside versus outside of the sanctuary?

129: Biblical Literacy

Oct 1, 2013 1:02:52


 ”I love to tell the story” is a true statement whether the phrase ends “of Jesus and his love” like the hymn or with a disturbing denouement. Through parables or pure mythology, or even by the legends of the locker room, telling stories is crucial part of how we communicate. The best-selling book of all time is full of stories that we’ve historically taken for granted. What will become of our culture if many of us forget what those accounts relate?

130: Minding Your P’s and Q’s, part 3

Oct 1, 2013 55:40


Time to respond to feedback, formally, for the third time. The P’s and Q’s are your points and questions: excellent ideas for me to consider … hopefully with adequate answers. Thanks!

Different Drummer: Richard Matheson

Walk The Earth 3

Sep 15, 2013 38:16


Whether a sermon is fundamentally the sharing of Word and Witness?

Wait, There Is More

Sep 13, 2013


In addition to starting Walk The Earth, a podcast I’ll be releasing here along with Inappropriate Conversations, I’ve actually been pretty busy lately. Consider this a “what I did on my summer vacation” post.

First, welcome if you have found this page for the first time through Christians Tired Of Being Misrepresented. I have referred to that website often, especially through Facebook and Twitter. In fact, they first re-posted my article on

Coming Soon: responses to your feedback 3

Sep 7, 2013


On or near September 21st, I will record a show with responses to all of the feedback I have received lately and from more than a year ago in some instances. You have provided enough comments (and questions) to sustain an episode, but there is room for more.

Methods of contact include comments to any post here at the Inappropriate Conversations site, via Twitter @ic_greg, or by e-mail: ic_greg@hotmail.com

On Facebook, both Inappropriate Conversations and Walk The Earth have pages as well.

128: Proud To Know You

Sep 3, 2013 1:33:21


Pride 48 is the weekend of September 6th this year in Las Vegas. I would love to be there, but I can’t. Even as recently as a year ago, I’d never considered attending an GLBT pride event before. Why would I, I could have said, not being gay? That, and questioning if there are better ways to defend people from discrimination than going to a meet-up. On the other hand, the absolute best way to tell someone “I am proud to know you, just as you are, and to continue our interactions because I anticipate my esteem of the person you will become” is in person. Face to face. I am proud to know you.

Different Drummer: Janet of CToBM

Walk The Earth 2

Aug 27, 2013 35:53


Whether the church is a building and the traditions built there?

127: The Sin of Silence

Aug 17, 2013 51:08


Elie Wiesel once said: “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” I believe I’ve received similar direction in answered prayer. Too often, though, Christians are silent in the face of bullying and marginalization of those on the other side of privilege. More often than we’d like to admit, Christians join the oppressors. All of this is sinful, the log in our eyes that stops us from clearly seeing others, must less serving them as Jesus taught and demonstrated.

Different Drummer: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Coming in August & September 2013

Aug 13, 2013


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

The danger of remaining silent when it is time to speak up
Can “Pride” for heterosexual friends simply be declaring, “I’m proud to know you”?
Biblical illiteracy is a danger to all of us … not just Christians, who widely suffer from this problem

Walk The Earth will address a couple of new questions, too

Whether the church is a building and the traditions built there?
Whether a sermon is fundamentally the sharing of Word and Witness?


Aug 4, 2013 39:30


Whether membership at a local church is as eternal as being part of the body of Christ?

126: Less Than Human

Aug 2, 2013 01:05:30


Treating some in our midst as expendable is, sadly, a very human condition. Taking it as a challenge, though, I’ve realized that it’s nearly impossible to find “pro-life” advocates who are capable of reducing our society’s reliance upon abortion. Most seem more devoted to creating unwanted pregnancy than curtailing it. Worse, the focus is less about making a difference in the lives of women and their children and more about self-righteously proclaiming disapproval. It is heartbreaking for those of us who care about unborn children and also women who feel they cannot bear them. “Both” is a choice we are rarely asked to consider.

Different Drummer: Nanci Griffith

Audio Promo: #IC 126

Jul 29, 2013 11:49


Next up on Inappropriate Conversations: human sacrifice.

Take Him With You #208 has valuable background material.

Quotebox: Dr. Roger Lee Ray

Jul 21, 2013


If your church says you have to be male to preach, then that church has a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of genitalia in the writing and delivery of sermons.

125: Documenting Sports History

Jul 16, 2013 00:46:36


Prior to 2009, documentaries about sports were not that easy to find. I had seen a couple, both related to Olympic years, where the politics were as much in focus as the events or athletes. With its “30 For 30″ series, ESPN has changed everything. For the most part, these aren’t just good “sports” documentaries; they are great features. Now, in depth and behind the scenes explorations of great sporting events are not just common, they are uncommonly good.

I also offer some too quick and too short thoughts on George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

Different Drummer: Bo Jackson

Playlist from IC_#124

Jul 8, 2013


The Tubes - “I Was a Punk Before You Were A Punk (Live)”

The Accused - “Have You Never Been Mellow”

Scatterbrain - “Down With The Ship (Slight Return)”

Cycle Sluts From Hell - “I Wish You Were A Beer”

Genitorturers - “Force Fed”

Life, Sex & Death - “Fuckin’ Shit Ass”

Carcass - “Exhume To Consume”

Old Lady Drivers - “Colostomy Grab-Bag”

One Minute Silence - “A More Violent Approach”

Saigon Kick - “My Dog”

Last Exit - “My Balls, Your Chin”

Kronos Quartet - “Cat O’ Nine Tails (Tex Avery Directs The Marquis De Sade)” (John Zorn)

Itzhak Perlman / London Symphony Orchestra - “Polonaise in D Op.4″ (Henryk Wieniawski)

Curved Air - “Ultra-Vivaldi”

Doctors Of Madness - “Out (For Mitzi)”

Krista - & [...]

124: Harder-core Than Thou

Jul 7, 2013 01:42:53


It is possible, from recent shows, that my tastes in music seem a bit soft. I’ve spoken about easy listening (The Ink Spots) and Christian music (Chris Rice) at some length lately. Truth is, my tastes vary wildly. Most people think they have a broad taste in music; typically, that means broadly within a genre. I cut both across and deep, with examples here that don’t include any jazz (Anthony Braxton, for example), and at a length that had to skip things as obvious as Sepultura or Metallica and as niche as JFA (Jodie Foster’s Army) and Laurie Anderson. Speaking of Anderson, here is her perspective: “So, sit bold, upright, in that straight-back chair. Button that top button. And get set for some difficult music … ooh la …” indeed.

Different Drummer: Henry Rollins

123: Worth Fighting For

Jun 30, 2013 54:15


The first time I heard “This Is Worth Fighting For” from the World War II era, I remembered a story from a motivational speaker at a seminar. It was about a man struggling to return from an attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest, and which voice among many ultimately talked him off the mountain. He didn’t respond to reminders about his duty and obligation. He didn’t react to the fear of friends and family that he might die. If his response was an indication of what was most worth fighting for, it proved to be the simplest things, not unlike a log cabin in a little valley with rows of corn planted nearby. Sometimes, the most impressive thing a state legislator can do is stand up. I believe the most important decision we can make on questions of marriage rights is to support people who love each other and ignore people who hate. Like the mountain climber, we often need to set aside anger and fear, choosing instead to respond to love.

Different Drum [...]

Open Letter to Congress and Legislators

Jun 18, 2013


Dear elected official considering “legislative solutions” to reduce the abortion rate … well, not really the rate because there is no indication you have thought that through at all, being more focused on passing laws that make it look like you are “doing something” about abortion when you are missing the point entirely … yeah, you:

We are on the wrong course in our interactions with courts, the legislative process, and specifically the women in our society. Lowering the abortion rate to astonishingly low levels is possible, and it starts (STARTS) with ending the expensive and wasteful process of trying to force people into making the choice most of us want them to make. Let’s do this the way Jesus demonstrated. Listen to people, love them as they are, intervene personally and directly; not with laws that attempt to control them without listening to them or even knowing who they really are (much less loving t [...]

Coming in June & July 2013

Jun 13, 2013


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

Some things are worth fighting for, on a personal level I was a punk before you were a punk (and I don’t consider that band “punk”) Using documentaries to keep score on sports history

122: ‘Past Tenths’ of ‘Disappear Here’

Jun 10, 2013 59:09


One of the ways I know that I lean toward introversion is my experience at reunions. In journals and poetry, I describe those events with both a longing and regret over what I might call invisibility. “Disappear Here” is the name of the poem. No doubt, it was inspired by the “people are afraid to merge” theme in Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis. Some people are afraid to merge; at least, I know one.

I also answer the question: how do you know if you are a bigot?

Different Drummer: Ingmar Bergman

Poem: ‘Tithe’

Jun 9, 2013


Some poems, like this one, work better visually. “Tithe” can be read in multiple ways — two of them, crucially. You can read it directly, or as a hymn.

Lyrics: @ic_greg

Melody: Traditional

Season: Pentecost

Jesus woke me up

I thanked him anyway,

He wished me well and

Sunday morning - much to my surprise.

Seeing that my sins

Confused me,

He told me that

Had been quite a burden.

Because He didn’t want me

He died for my sins,

We talked about ol [...]

121: The Power of a Moment

May 28, 2013 47:11


A great deal of what I want from fiction connects with The Sound And The Fury by William Faulkner, particularly the Quentin chapter (”June 2, 1910″). Despite the depressing narrative, I find hope in the connections between characters, including both flawed characters and flawed connections. There are moments in life that we always revisit, whether intentionally or not. I’ve had friends I haven’t seen in years and may never see again, but on occasion it feels like I’m encountering them again through a new acquaintance. “Another Sean” is the expression I’ve used here, and I wonder if I’ve mentioned Sean before on the show. I doubt it. Such is the power of a chance encounter aligning itself with the subconscious.

To answer Quentin’s question: I have had many sisters, more than I could name if put on the spot, and just a couple of them share the same parents as me.

Different Drummer: William Faulkner


120: Making Contact

May 15, 2013 56:22


I recall hearing in a Sociology course about a form of existentialism so dark that some people never accept they were alive until the moment of death itself. For most of us, even the slightest touch confirms what I’ll jokingly call “our suspicion” that we actually exist. A handshake, pat on the back, or a hug can provide powerful validation. It’s a mistake to take such an obvious thing for granted.

Different Drummer: Leo Buscaglia

Meaning of ‘Ministry’

Apr 29, 2013


For many years, the bulletin in my church would provide name and title for several people involved in worship services. Calling out the organist and lay reader, for example, is just as important as identifying the choir director and pastor. That list also had an entry for minister as “every member of the congregation.” At least from a Protestant Christian perspective, all of us are ministers. The term is not a synonym for someone who pastors a local church.

I mention this to provide some context for a statement that I feel compelled to make. It might be obvious. Then again, maybe not. Among other things, Inappropriate Conversations is, for me, a ministry.

Am I “preaching” the notion that strict separation of politics, religion, and aspects of popular culture (including sexuality) has not served us well? Perhaps. If so, this post is not a signal that thi [...]

119: Taxes Are Not Tuition

Apr 23, 2013 54:48


All of us benefit when children grow up with a strong baseline education, and all of us suffer when schools fail. Some form of “public education” is essential in this Information Age. It isn’t optional; meaning, it isn’t acceptable for any part of our society to opt-out. The most common abdication of responsibility in this area over the past couple of decades is the voucher proposal, which would allow some parents to take tax money away from public schools and use it as “tuition” for private school admission. One major problem with this idea should be obvious: taxes are not tuition.

Different Drummer: Derrick Thomas

Tolerance And Identity

Apr 14, 2013


Here is a view that I have heard before, and it was presented to me again this week: “You say that you want tolerance and despise, hate, but if I don’t agree with everything you say, you call it intolerance and hate. Explain to me again just how that works.”

Now, it is quite possible that this conservative friend was trying to discuss a contentious issue with someone who isn’t very open-minded about their “progressive” ideas. That happens.

On the other hand, it seems more likely that the discussion wasn’t really about issues at all. What if the focus was really on identity instead? At the very least, I can imagine my friend referring to a person as a sinner, making a lifestyle choice, or asking for “special rights.” Sad to say, that happens as well.

I have a response that asks Christians t [...]

118: Where Would I Be Without God?

Apr 8, 2013 01:06:53


Personally, the better answer to a question like “where would I be without God” calls up a lot of powerful memories. I know the Holy Spirit has moved in my life through specific people and situations, which I can recall as vividly as if the intervening decades disappeared. I can name the names, in fact, and I do a couple of times. They are people who loved me in a way that supersedes human understanding, empowering me to do God’s will. I have loved. I do love. I will love.

Different Drummer: Chris Rice

What’s Good about CTC Music? Chris Rice

Apr 7, 2013


Some discussions online and among friends have included questions of whether Contemporary Christian music is actually either good music or good Christianity. I have been both a critic and an apologist for CTC music, going all the way back to when I managed the allocation and replenishment of those artists in the 1990s. I see it both ways, I suppose.

One artist that answers both questions with an emphatic Yes is Chris Rice. I have backed that opinion by purchasing every one of his albums and seeing him in concert twice. Given the opportunity, I’d see a show again tonight.

Here are just a few examples, if you were looking for the adult contemporary singer-songwriter format of music with solid theology and a truly personal storytelling style:

“Love Like Crazy” from Amusing (2005)

“Thirsty” from Past The Edges (1998)

“Go Light Your World” from [...]

117: Originating Ideas

Apr 6, 2013 43:35


A few years ago, a question was posed to me online: where would you be without God? There are two answers, actually. One is personal, which I’ll cover next week. The other is philosophical, a combination of ontological and cosmological arguments going back a thousand years. “God’s existence is necessary for my existence” is, in some ways, a faith-based equivalent for “I think; therefore, I am.” A very old and original Christian answer to this question is that without God, there would be no “me” to ask the question, much less attempt an answer.

Different Drummer: Anselm of Aosta

116: I Am Not My Lawn

Mar 21, 2013 52:21


Idolatry can be described as making something other than God sacred, or treating things as objects of worship. It can be that direct, in the sense of idols, but it also can be as abstract as the notion of the “image” of ourselves that we show the world. Too often, these things interfere with our spirituality, even when they are deeply embedded within our rituals or temples.

Different Drummer: Victoria Williams

115: Papa Talked To Me

Mar 8, 2013 55:06


It is almost a cliché to speak about strained communications between mothers and daughters or fathers and sons, but that doesn’t make it any less true. The moments where my family has overcome those obstacles have had much to do with humor. Less successful situations tend to be hampered by either parent or child remaining silent, unable to find the right words. Long ago, a classic Swedish film taught me that sometimes talk, any talk, speaks volumes in these relationships whether the words are trite or profound.

Different Drummer: Harriet Andersson

Andersson in “Through A Glass Darkly”

Conclusion of “Through A Glass Darkly”

Coming in March & April 2013

Mar 4, 2013


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

Communication lines between fathers and sons Distorting the importance of lawns and other exteriors An old answer to the question: where would I be without God?

114: The Father Of Lies

Feb 27, 2013 01:05:32


Citing language Jesus used to describe those who tell lies and defend deception in God’s name, one of the most demonic spirits at work in our world has taken seed within Christianity. Lately, I have encountered politically active Christians who not only mislead people by putting words into Christ’s mouth — “Jesus tells us to hate” is one example — but they also shrug their shoulders in confusion when taken to task for this. Jesus never taught that any ends would justify such means, and only a liar would claim otherwise. So, if “Satan is the father of all lies” as Jesus said, then we know a great evil has taken the microphone from prominent so-called “leaders” of the church and is speaking through organizations that often identify themselves with words like “family” and “evangelical.” Don’t be deceived.

Different Drummer: Jonathan Nolan

113: Raised On Robbery

Feb 16, 2013 1:05:21


Exactly 30 years ago tonight (from the time of this posting) I was the victim of an armed robbery, staring down the barrel of a gun. I know a bit about courage, not because I demonstrated such resolve in the face of fear, but because I didn’t. Nothing about that experience changed or solidified my perspective on gun control or gun violence. It did bring other changes, though, like maturity in facing my fears.

Different Drummer: Joni Mitchell

Behind the song: “A Case Of You”

112: Saying No To Myself

Jan 31, 2013 1:18:01


True fidelity probably isn’t about never being in a position to say “yes” to a temptation. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a smart way to live. Fidelity means a bit more, though, when you’ve summoned the strength to say “no” to such a temptation. I can speak to this from experience, and I’ll refer to three specific occasions. One story I’ve never mentioned before on Inappropriate Conversations. Another is a follow-up to a story a partially relayed in #IC 107 “Eulogy For Homophobia.” Even further back, the last story refers to characters (in every sense of the word) that I introduced in #IC 52 “First Person Comedy.” There is a sense in which the words “I didn’t” are just as important as the words “I d [...]

111: Safeguarding Marriage

Jan 25, 2013 56:09


Should we tax adultery into oblivion or merely minister to its casualties? No, I don’t really believe that using taxation as a punitive fine will stamp out infidelity in marriage, but it would stand a better chance of succeeding than other methods of “legislating morality.” When I was a child, a wise man in our church taught me that the real answer to divorce is setting aside the urge to cast judgment and surrounding those dealing with the consequence of shattered relationships with the love of Christ. I wish the church today was filled with such wise people.

Different Drummer: John Hughes

110: Whose Life It Is

Jan 12, 2013 45:39


In challenging emotional and ethical decisions related to the end of life, we are often told that no one can make that decision.  "These matters belong to God," for example.  Regardless of your religious beliefs, there is something false in such statements.  By taking the ownership and responsibility for a life away from the person living that life, the control doesn't disappear completely; instead, it goes elsewhere and typically to those who neither know nor love the person facing the dilemma.  The answer to the "whose life is it?" question simply cannot be the government, insurance agencies, hospitals, or politically active strangers. Different Drummer: Reba McEntire

109: Recognizing Christmas

Dec 19, 2012 01:03:34


The Nativity storyline runs throughout popular culture, but we often fail to notice even at Christmas time.  Whether we don't expect it, or accept it, when it is told through rap music or in films like The Matrix, it's not hard to find examples of a chosen one entering into a dangerous and fallen world with a destiny to restore and renew.  I hope you find the hope of Christmas in unexpected places this year.  After all, "It's Christmas, Yes It Is"! Different Drummer: Phil Manzanera The Players - Christmas

108: The End of the World

Dec 13, 2012 59:16


With all the talk about Mayan calendars and the end of the world, it is past time to discuss Christian understandings, and misunderstandings, about end-times prophecies.  The New Testament in the Bible contains more than one.  More often than not, though, Christians fail to recognize fulfilled prophecy and presume instead that everything in a book like Revelations refers to future events.  For those living in Jerusalem, though, the world (or, more precisely, the "Jewish Age") ended centuries ago.  There can be serious consequences when we fail to acknowledge the past, including events in history when the Bible itself was still being written. Different Drummer: John (of Patmos?)

107: Eulogy for Homophobia

Dec 6, 2012 56:51


After speaking boldly about questions of sexual identity and unacceptable answers presented by the "religious right," it's important to turn the other cheek.  I do not speak as someone who has always stood up for the rights of non-heterosexuals.  No, I understand homophobia because I have experienced it.  I have felt that irrational fear; and, even though I was much younger then, it's still important to put it to rest.  I've recently seen a hashtag on Twitter -- #LeaveItIn2012.  Let's leave homophobia in 2012.  Ashes to ashes. Different Drummer: Freddie Mercury

106: The Violence Of Denial

Dec 1, 2012 01:33:23


We may hesitate to conclude that it's an act of violence to deny that someone exists or that he or she is real.  So much damage has been done, though, by denying that people are who they say they are and their rights can be compromised as a result.  This may be a quiet violence, but it cuts to the very core of what "human" even means in the context of human rights.  Evangelical Christianity has been increasingly guilty of this during the past five decades, and I call out a podcast that I've praised in the past as a frustrating example. Different Drummer: Harvey Milk Human Sexuality Is Complicated

105: Press Coverage

Nov 21, 2012 01:27:55


Charges of liberal bias in the mainstream media fail to take into account the power of publishers as an authority that is likely to be more conservative than writers and editors.  At the same time, the rise of politically conservative and evangelical-Christian alternatives for "the press" have led many people to turn away from large media conglomerates altogether.  More and more citizens who aren't obsessed with ideology are getting their news and commentary online from blogs and podcasts, and it is making America surprisingly more like our colonial model than we would have expected. Different Drummer: Lee Strobel Many partisan-conservatives believe the media never ask hard questions of pro-choice candidates during debates and on the campaign trail.  It isn't because those questions are difficult to answer.  The second half of the show provides an off-the-cuff example.

104: Whoever Says The Truth (Shall Die)

Nov 3, 2012 59:57


Lore of the United States' "founding fathers" is that they were brave, creative thinkers who were not afraid to discuss ideas and both learn from and break with the past to create a new vision of the future.  So why are our current leaders so frightened?  At election time, both Republican and Democrat candidates seem to be fearful about the future, their past, and anything resembling "truth."  Above all, they are afraid of independent political thought and 3rd parties -- meaning, non-RepubliCrats. Different Drummer: Pier Paulo Pasolini

103: The Thriller Is Gone

Oct 27, 2012 55:22


As a genre, "thriller" is different from horror or other suspense films, but that distinction is in grave danger of being lost forever.  Before the most common forms of scary cinema became slashers or demonic possession, when serial killer movies were crime-dramas rather than gorefests, the thriller was the TV equivalent of the midnight movie.  Now, with Halloween approaching, you are more likely to see Friday The Umpteenth than any of the classics starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, or Vincent Price.  Film fans have lost more than we realize. Different Drummer: Jakob Rehlinger Arachnidisc's videos including Moonwood and Babel

102: Pouring Me a Vacation

Oct 11, 2012 01:02:49


Alcohol is a controlled substance -- a "drug" -- and it's the only one that I use. As a rule, I won't drink when I am angry or depressed. I also tend to invest more in the flavor than the feeling. More likely than not, this is another way that I don't quite fit in with most of society. My approach also doesn't work for fundamentalists. C.S. Lewis has rightly said that Christianity is not a teetotaler religion, but too many Christian legalists have found a way of compartmentalizing this fact without bothering to present a counter-argument. It's a dishonesty that I find infuriating ... but I diligently avoid getting angry or depressed.

Different Drummer: John Osbourne

"Pour Me A Vacation" by The Great Divide

Beer selections from Brew Dog in Scotland

Promo for Inappropriate Conversations (1:22)

Oct 9, 2012 01:22


Here is a new promo for www.inappropriateconversations.org

101: The Limited Validity of Authorial Intent

Sep 27, 2012 49:45


The notion of "authorial intent" has been used to challenge literary and film criticism for as long as humanity has discussed art.  Is the writer's vision the only point of view that matters?  What if a critic or a number of readers find valid alternative subtexts?  The dividing line may be revealed by separating the role of the author.  From an artistic perspective, he or she is another reader with an equally valid view.  I know that this marginalizes the influence of the creators on interpretations of their work.  On the other hand, the external intent of those same creators must not be ignored or diminished.  So, if you make an incendiary hate film in an attempt to start a global war, everything about your motivations and intentions are subject to scrutiny; meaning, you cannot hide behind any freedom of speech as freedom from scrutiny. Different Drummer: Maxim Vengerov

100: Evolution of #IC

Sep 14, 2012 01:29:59


A little more than two and a half years ago, I didn't own a microphone and had never recorded an MP3 file.  My experience as a podcaster was limited to the role of listener and, occasionally, a caller on live internet broadcasts.  Now, 100 episodes later, I'm telling the story of Inappropriate Conversations through the voice of other shows, friends and fans. The extended length comes from more than 30 minutes of clips from me and others, none of which have appeared before on this show. Different Drummer: Richard Smith Poem_TheJoining_336.jpg

99: Drama Without a Script

Sep 7, 2012 01:00:00


With stereotypes about "jocks v. nerds" it is easy to miss how much athletics have in common with other geeky fandoms.  Quoting statistics, knowing the names of actors and characters, even those with the least screen time, and other examples are easy to note.  Even from the perspective of the arts, I have once heard games like football described as "drama without a script."  I've been to concerts, films, and plays this year, and I intend to see live sports now that both football and soccer are in-season.  The fandoms may differ, but there are plenty of similarities.  Also, I make a brief statement about why I avoided the college football opener sponsored by Chick-fil-A.

Different Drummer: Tom Osborne

98: Planning the Road to Nowhere

Aug 22, 2012 55:52


Most of the vacation trips I've ever taken were driven by a lot of planning.  Reservations and ticket purchases in advance essentially set the schedule.  I've always been drawn to the idea of simply "hitting the road" or "going nowhere" for a dream vacation.  My wife and I have come close once, and the only trip I've enjoyed more came this year, alone together in Hawaii. Different Drummer: Wim Wenders RoseOnBeach.jpg

97: Any One Being Ashamed

Aug 8, 2012 48:20


Jesus once asked this question: "What can anyone give in exchange for their soul?" He was telling a crowd, not just 12 disciples, about what it meant to follow him. His answer had nothing to do with a "chosen people" or a "Christian nation." Jesus was speaking to a large group of individuals, and he asked each if he or she was willing to pick up their own cross and follow him. By "anyone" he meant "any one." This does not bode well for believers who think that electing the right leader or reviving some ancient laws will ensure salvation. In fact, hiding within such group-think is probably a sign that you are ashamed to follow Jesus his way. Different Drummer: Toby McKeehan DC Talk - "Jesus Freak"

96: Fighting To End Fighting

Aug 1, 2012 56:47


When warfare turns ugly, as it so often does, how do we assign blame?  I often (with an almost adolescent sense of justice) ask "who started it?" or look to moments when compromise or surrender should have occurred.  It is from this perspective that I hold the Japanese military leadership during World War II responsible for the existence of nuclear warfare, even though they didn't develop the weapons that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki and they certainly didn't drop the bombs on their own country. Different Drummer: Terry Gross Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Logical Insanity Extra "Logical Insanity" available for $1.99

95: Calling Your Shot

Jul 16, 2012 49:40


The terms "orgasm" and "ejaculation" are not synonyms.  They mean something distinct, and the differences are important.  The fact that many men believe they are one and the same reveals something, perhaps unsurprising, about masculinity and foreplay.  It probably reveals something about auto-eroticism as well. Different Drummer: John Coltrane Sex Nerd Sandra #41: Orgasms For Everybody

94: The Missionary 'Position' is Local

Jul 8, 2012 47:26


Giving to charitable organizations is a good idea. It makes a difference. It helps. We must not confuse these types of contributions with missionary work, though. Being "in mission" is about intervening, and getting involved is not merely a financial offering. Different Drummer: Shane Claiborne Claiborne_TheSimpleWay.jpg Shane Claiborne and The Simple Way

93: Poetry Providing Perspective

Jul 1, 2012 45:23


Poetry takes something we know, or almost know, and makes it strange and wonderful, often transforming words heard before into a language we are hearing for the first time.  Such moments of insight can provide a new perspective for anything: politics, religion, relationships, sexuality, anything.  References include: "Old Man Bickford" from William S. Burroughs, and "Words Per Minute" and "Stop The Bleeding" from me. Different Drummer: Joyce Peseroff Poet Reads "The Hardness Scale"

92: Open Door policy with the Boss

Jun 23, 2012 01:01:20


The door is only as open as the mind inside the office.  For the success of both supervisor and employee, collaboration is crucial.  I have been most successful when I understood how my supervisor's performance was being assessed.  Likewise, I have been least successful when that type of information was withheld, making it impossible for me to make even small decisions to enable that success. Different Drummer: Toshiro Mifune

91: Putting Up or Shutting Up

Jun 16, 2012 57:51


Consider this an echo of sorts for the current episode of Dan Carlin's Common Sense podcast.  Frustrated with the feeling that complaining is all we seem to be capable of contributing to the political process, as it is now, Carlin has made a call to action.  I share his frustration.  So-called evangelical Christian pastors calling for the internment or extermination of all non-heterosexuals?  Proudly "radical" atheists suggesting that all faithful Christians are, in fact, mentally ill and may need to be institutionalized?  Clearly, our society is on the verge of breaking down completely, and our methods of communicating with each other must change before it's too late. Different Drummer: Statler & Waldorf Dan Carlin's blog: "A Concentration Of Forces"

90: Moments of Epiphany

May 23, 2012 49:19


As a storyteller, I did something I prefer to avoid in Inappropriate Conversations #79 by not finishing a story.  That was partly about running short of time.  Mainly, though, it was because the story took an abrupt turn as I realized something that stopped me in my tracks.  I've heard this called "epiphany" in literary criticism, where the short stories of James Joyce provide excellent examples.  It also happens in real life.  I'm often amazed at how even a small and simple piece of information can change not only perspectives but the very direction of our life-stories. Different Drummer: Paul McCrane

89: Communicating with Kids in an Adult Way

May 17, 2012 55:51


Everything a child learns comes from information that is beyond their understanding.  It's true for their first words, even from what we call "baby talk."  It's certainly true for concepts related to diplomacy, economics, and music theory.  I never talked down to my kids.  Maybe that was good, effective parenting, and maybe it presented problems for everyone else in the family.  Hard to say.  It did raise questions, though, and anything that leads children to ask clarifying questions is probably great for their intellectual development. Different Drummer: Holly Cole

88: The Perspective of Growing Up

May 8, 2012 59:31


I was not a man when I first encountered "men's magazines" and I obtained beer and alcohol long before the legal drinking age, now or then.  Were these mistakes, or just typical parts of growing up?  The answers have a lot to do with age and perspective.  As a parent, I have worked to provide a different experience for my children.  On the other hand, it's possible that a childhood without any "mistakes" is the biggest mistake of all. Different Drummer: The Residents

87: Used Record Stores and a Healthy Aquarium

Apr 19, 2012 59:56


A complete system of commerce must include a final destination point for "clearance" that serves both the needs of industry and the bottom-feeder (plecostomus). I do not use that term as an insult because it describes me quite well as a loyal customer of used record stores and bookstores. Some of my most beloved rock bands and musicians were first discovered in the dollar bins or cutout racks. It is good that others' cast-offs have found a happy home. Without such a method of filtering out the unwanted production, any retail system is incomplete or under-developed. Different Drummer: Mark E. Smith

86: The Heart of the Matter

Apr 7, 2012 38:28


The concept "heart" describes the deepest, most personally "real" part of ourselves.  A great many people have never revealed this Self to anyone, not even a spouse or other family member.  At the same time, any hope another person has for truly knowing you depends entirely on getting to "the heart of the matter" within that relationship.  This is one of the great truths that Jesus came to share, and it rests at the core of what Christians mean by "having a relationship" with God. Different Drummer: Frederick Buechner

85: What it Means to Worship

Apr 2, 2012 49:33


Ritual can be a part of authentic worship, but if that's all there is then it is almost certainly false.  My faith has consistently affirmed the conviction that God is "present" within worship, not as a judgmental taskmaster but as a loving, creative force.  Genuine worship changes over time, even from week to week.  Rather than being regimented, if it is truly God-focused then it will reflect the Lord's mysterious ways.  Anything less than a journey into this heart of wonder may be "religious" but it certainly isn't spiritual. Different Drummer: Rick Moyer Take Him With You

84: Birth Control Yourself

Mar 27, 2012 01:01:36


People choosing to take ownership of their reproduction and sexuality is not a problem society needs to solve.  From the political rhetoric leading up to the 2012 presidential election in the United States, you might think "birth control" is the only topic Americans are debating.  While addressing the issue without the use of profanity, I am speaking frankly and aggressively.  Even the scripture I cite includes two killings (fatal smiting is the appropriate description) and sexual misconduct.  Also, sound quality was a challenge in places. Different Drummer: Laurie Anderson Reformed Whores performing "I'm A Slut!"

83: Being a Tree on World Storytelling Day

Mar 22, 2012 54:19


I have spoken about World Storytelling Day before, years ago.  This year will be very different, though.  With the theme of "Trees" I'm releasing this podcast virtually unedited.  I've added the theme and Different Drummer music, and that's pretty much it.  If you'll pardon the slight pun, the recording of this story will have to stand on its own. Different Drummer: Imani Coppola Imani Coppola performing "I'm A Tree"

82: Pandering from a Political Pulpit

Mar 3, 2012 47:41


Many people are beginning to believe that Christianity and the electoral process are incompatible because the obvious examples from the religious right fall into fundamentalism and fail to be true to either religion or politics.  For guidelines as simple and Biblical as "love your enemies" and "the kingdom of God is not of this earth," you would think that the politicians who most aggressively identify themselves as Christians must have sold their souls for votes.  Worse, I wonder how much of the dubious Christianity we hear being preached from the political pulpit will actually drive voters away from both the polls and the church. Different Drummer: Gautama

81: Singing a Song for Lovers

Feb 11, 2012 50:28


Happy Valentines Day!  A couple of friends help me share an epic and ancient love poem. Different Drummer: Sophie B. Hawkins Starbase 66 podcast The Greatest Events In Sporting History

80: Revelation Weekend

Feb 5, 2012 53:11


"It's far better to say something that should not be said, than not to say something that should be said." Twenty-five years ago on February 7th at 1:37 a.m., I heard this answer to a desperate prayer.  After glancing around the room to see who else had heard this, I challenged the response I'd received in a truly conversational exchange.  Again, I got a direct, accurate, and life-changing answer.  It was as if I drew a line in the proverbial sand, and God crossed it.  I believe in answered prayer because I have experienced it. Different Drummer: Michael Franks

79: A Farewell Address from the Mountaintop

Jan 29, 2012 58:10


Maybe the reason I believe the Holy Spirit has guided me, perhaps even forcefully, is that I don't have a better explanation for specific experiences that defy any other reasoning.  Or maybe it's simply because it is true.  Either way, for more than three decades now I have earned the title: most likely to be found on a mountaintop in Guadalajara writing the world's most profound three-word sentence.  So to speak. Different Drummer: Aaron Altman Bullying in Rhode Island

78: Why 'Radical' and Not Just 'Moderate'

Jan 16, 2012 59:33


There is no great credit to remaining "above" the myopia of liberal v. conservative politics, if you aren't willing to stand.  Too often, a so-called moderate position is simply a way of avoiding issues and not engaging.  The "radical" side is pushing for change, whether it be a moderating influence on those firmly entrenched in right- or left-wing politics, or trying to lead the rest to think more critically about what each side has to say.  Martin Luther King, Jr. gave us one of the best challenges to status-quo centrism in his 1963 letter from jail in Birmingham, Alabama.  Failing to heed these words will continue to bear strange and unwanted fruit in our society. Different Drummer: Billie Holiday

77: Sportsmanship is How to Play the Game

Dec 28, 2011 01:03:32


Sports commentary tends to be full of cliche.  "If you're not cheating, you're not trying" is one.  Another you hear often from youth coaches: "It's not about whether you win or lose, but how you play the game."  Well, the positive values so often touted about sports rely on the assumption of fair play, but sporting play is too often the exception.  This is true of players and fans, but evidence strongly suggests that it is equally a problem for coaches, administrators, and the media as well. Different Drummer: Barry Sanders Greatest Events In Sporting History and Barry Sanders (Legends Series)

76: Rudolph, the Audio Commentary

Dec 10, 2011 01:06:53


As it sounds, here is an audio commentary for the classic 1964 animated Christmas special, "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer."  The show is essential holiday viewing, along with a handful of other Rankin/Bass classics. Different Drummer: Jim Skafish Skafish 2006 NPR Interview

75: Reason, but no Rhyme, to Poetry

Dec 3, 2011 01:00:47


Poems don't have to rhyme all the time.  Formalism, whether a metrical scheme or just assonance and alliteration, can inspire creativity through adherence to the form itself.  On the other hand, the most profound poetry I've ever heard or read came from more freedom to the verse. Different Drummer: Jim Carroll

74: Adoption as Heroism

Nov 22, 2011 54:03


While recording on National Adoption Day this year, I referred back to a question I've raised in the past: whether a woman who carries an unwanted pregnancy to term and gives the child for adoption is performing a saintly act?  "Heroic" is, perhaps, a better term. Different Drummer: Thomas of Aquino National Adoption Day

73: Plenty To Protest

Nov 6, 2011 55:53


"It is time to put the protest back into Protestantism" (Diana Butler Bass). I don't have an advocacy position on the "Occupy" movements, but I believe there are plenty of things happening in our society and economy that are worth protesting.  It's wrong to describe those who are loudly calling for reform "un-" ... if anything, they are taking typically Christian steps and a genuinely American approach.  See the Protestant Reformation or the American Revolution for parallels. Different Drummer: James Stewart 4 Reasons video A Great Awakening

72: Truth or Consequences for Christians

Oct 26, 2011 01:01:46


Most pro-life apologists have an issue with Judith Jarvis Thomson's position in "A Defense Of Abortion."  Of course!  They have come to opposite conclusions about one of the most divisive issues of our time.  My quarrel with a number of those apologists has nothing to do with abortion rights or the lives of unborn children.  No, my problem is with dishonesty, made worse since it comes from people who purport to stand up for "truth." Different Drummer: Os Guinness

71: Breast Deduction

Oct 10, 2011 48:57


I can recall times in my life when I would have said that breast reduction surgery is always a bad thing.  I wish I could say that I was "just a teenager" back then, which would make the thought both prurient and obvious.  No, that point of view survived more than 10 years after high school.  In fact, it only matured in very recent years. Different Drummer: Elisabeth Shue

70: Minding Your P's and Q's, Part 2

Sep 30, 2011 01:01:15


Time to respond to feedback, formally, for the second time.  The P's and Q's are your points and questions: excellent ideas for me to consider ... hopefully with adequate answers.  Thanks! Different Drummer: Teri Garr Do Ask Do Tell - "Religion"