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Zach Spuckler brings you top tricks, tips and industry leaders to help you take your online business to the next level. Everything from the art of confidently charging your worth to the science of a six-figure launch - you'll find it all on the Heart, Soul & Hustle Podcast!




HSH 118: How to CRUSH 5-Day Challenges with Amy Eaton

Feb 7, 2019 33:27


Have you wondered what it takes to CRUSH a 5-day challenge? Today’s guest is another student of ours, Amy Eaton, and you’re going to hear all about how she is using them to build a growing digital course and education business online!

Our free 3-part training series, How to “Fail Proof” Your Launches in 2019 with Challenges starts on February 14th! For more information and to claim your spot, go to

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HSH 117: Running a $20,000 Challenge with Amika Ryan

Jan 31, 2019 35:36


Are you thinking about using a challenge to launch your product or services? Today’s guest Amika Ryan is a student of ours who did just that, and you’re going to hear how she made over $20,000 on her latest launch. As Amika shares, you really don’t need a big budget or huge following to do it either!

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HSH 116: How to Get Paid Sponsorships with Gwen Lane

Jan 24, 2019 30:50


Are you looking to use your influence to get sponsored with your Instagram, Facebook, blog or another online platform? You’re in the right place, because today I’m chatting with the one and only Gwen Lane of The LA Girl! In this episode Gwen reveals exactly how you can start working with the brands that you love, regardless of where you’re starting from.

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HSH 115: Why We Shut Down Our $80k A Year Membership

Jan 17, 2019 18:01


It was a tough decision to shut down our membership site that was generating revenue for the company, but today I’ll be explaining why we decided to do it.

I hope this episode gives you the insight (and permission) to realize that if something isn’t serving your business, you don’t have to keep doing it, even if it is making you money.

This episode was brought to you by our free on-demand training, How to Run a PROFITABLE Challenge Launch. To learn more, visit!

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HSH 114: 0 to $9,500 With a Small Audience

Jan 10, 2019 24:34


On today’s episode I’ll be sharing a strategy I used with a friend to help her launch a digital product with a small list, but a great offer!

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HSH 113: Behind the Scenes of Our Black Friday Promotion

Dec 4, 2018 24:56


On today’s episode we’re debriefing our recent Black Friday Sale. I’ll be revealing what worked, what didn’t and how you can leverage this type of promotion in your business too!


HSH 112: Rocking Sales Calls with Aandra Bohlen

Nov 14, 2018 30:19


On today’s episode I’m inviting back a special guest - my “secret weapon” when it comes to sales, Aandra Bohlen! Anytime I need to have a sales conversation with a qualified lead, I talk to her. You’ll hear why Aandra doesn’t call what she does “closing”, and you’ll learn the exact framework for sales conversations that she uses to get a win-win result for both her and the prospect.

For full show notes and links, visit:  

HSH 111: Fear, Failure & Feelings with James Wedmore

Oct 9, 2018 01:05:22


I’ve got a special show for you today, as I welcome back my friend and mentor James Wedmore to the podcast! As you’ll hear from James, there’s a lot more to business than just the latest marketing funnel or advertising hack, and he’s going to challenge what you think you know about achieving success in business. 

For full show notes from this episode, and to download James amazing 8-part video series, Rise of the Digital CEO, visit!

HSH 110: How to Get a Professional Sales Page on the Cheap

Aug 28, 2018 13:01


Are you in the market for a professional sales page, but not looking to spend a crazy amount of money to have one designed for you? You’re in luck, because we recently went through this very process, and today I’m going to share with you the strategy we used to get a great looking sales page - without blowing a big budget.

HSH 109: Running Your Business Like Clockwork with Mike Michalowicz

Aug 21, 2018 45:02


Ever wonder how you can get out of your business so you can get more done, enjoy like and still scale successfully? In this episode I’m joined by Mike Michalowicz, the author of the perennial bestseller Profit First, the cult classic The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, and other revered small business books, and he has spent 6 years seeking the solution entrepreneurs need — how to get more done while working less – and he discovered it. Mike is here to talk about his recently released book Clockwork, and I know you’re going to get a ton of value from his simple, yet highly impactful, strategies!



HSH 108: When is the Best Time to Launch a New Product?

Aug 7, 2018 18:54


Are you looking to create your first product, and you aren’t sure when is the best time to launch it to the world? Or maybe you already have a product, but you don’t know if now is the right time to be expanding your suite of products. In this episode I’ll be sharing my thoughts on both scenarios, as well as talking about what I’ve done (and continue to do) in my own business when it comes to launching!

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HSH 107: What to Do When You’re Feeling Uninspired

Jul 31, 2018 20:48


What I’m talking about today is a little bit different than our recent episodes, in that it’s not quite as tactical. You probably know that content creation is a vital part of our businesses, but it also takes a lot of energy and focus to make it happen. In this episode I’ll be sharing the ways that I get inspired to put out great content!

You can register for my free training, Top 10 List Building Techniques to Get Your First (or Next) 1,000 Subscribers taking place on Wednesday, August 1st, over at


HSH 106: Building a Listbuilding Machine

Jul 24, 2018 17:29


Do you want a bigger email list, and you’re looking for a strategy that will help you get there faster? In this episode I’m sharing my framework for how you can create a true listbuilding machine!

You can also register for my free training, Top 10 List Building Techniques to Get Your First (or Next) 1,000 Subscribers taking place on Wednesday, August 1st, over at

HSH 105: 5 Ways to Build Your Email List Without Facebook Ads

Jul 17, 2018 25:00


You’ve probably heard the phrase that “the money is in the list”, and it’s got you asking how you can build your own email list, beyond just running Facebook ads. In today’s episode I’m sharing 5 strategies that you can start using today to grow that email list – without paid advertising.

If you’re not yet at 1,000 email subscribers on your list, head over to to grab The Ultimate Guide to Your First 1,000 Subscribers (in just 90 Days)!


HSH 104: How We Used a Paid Challenge to Generate New Membership Site Sales

Jul 10, 2018 13:57


Are you looking for a quick and easy way to generate new members into your membership or paid offer? In this episode I’m talking about a mini promotion that I recently ran to get more people into my Monthly Marketing Playbook membership, and I’ll be sharing exactly how I did this and the results that we got.

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HSH 103: How To Outsource

Jul 3, 2018 22:04


Have you been thinking of outsourcing, but not quite sure where to start? In this episode I’ll be talking about how you can outsource, so that you can take more off your plate and get more done. I’ll share the 3 places you can go to find someone to help you, and you’ll also hear the “3 C’s” of outsourcing!

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HSH 102: The 4-Step Process to Beat Overwhelm

Jun 26, 2018 22:57


Feeling overwhelmed? On today’s episode I’m talking about what to do when you’re feeling this way, by giving you tactical strategies that you can use to get into a space of productivity!

Are you a digital business owner who’s launches have hit a glass ceiling, but you wanna go BIG? Visit  for more information about my upcoming Your Biggest Launch Ever Mastermind!

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HSH 101: 5 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Mastermind

Jun 19, 2018 26:18


In this episode I’m taking you behind-the-scenes of the amazing mastermind I’m a part of and sharing with you the 5 key lessons that I’ve learned over the past 2.5 years as a member. As you’ll hear, being successful comes down to your mindset, and I’ll be sharing with you the shifts that you can start making today to get even better results in your business.

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HSH 100: How I’d Make $10k From Scratch

Jun 12, 2018 26:56


For the 100th episode of this podcast, I thought I’d do something special. I wanted to tell you the exact steps I would take to get to my first 5-figure launch, if I had to start over – from scratch!

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HSH 099: What I’ve Learned From 6 Months of Running a Membership Site

Jun 5, 2018 20:31


I’m really excited about this week’s episode, because I’ll be talking about my membership site, The Monthly Marketing Playbook. I’ve already learned so much since launching it, and today I’ll be revealing what’s worked, what hasn’t and what we’re doing to make it better, every single day.

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HSH 098: What To Do When Your FB Ads Won’t Convert

May 29, 2018 21:21


Facebook ads are affordable and effective when you get them right, but what do you do when they’re not converting? In this episode I’ll walk you through the steps to take to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, and that the ads you are running get you the best results possible.

Want to learn the 7 Steps to a Profitable Facebook Ad Campaign? Join me on my live class, Thursday, May 31st, 2018!

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HSH 097: Crafting Converting Offers with James Schramko

May 22, 2018 29:44


Today’s guest has built a super-successful business, and he’s here to share this expertise in this episode. James Schramko founded, and he shares how he’s been able to use his offers to create recurring revenue, scale his business and get awesome results – all while living the type of life that he wants to live.

HSH 096: Creating an Editorial Calendar with Lacy Boggs

May 15, 2018 25:22


Today I’m joined by content marketing expert Lacy Boggs, to talk all about how to create really engaging content. More importantly, how one figures out what kind of content to promote to his or her audience. The reality is that a calendar with content is going to help you get consistent and better results, which makes this such an important topic to pay attention to for all online marketers!

HSH 095: GDPR - What You Need to Know with Gena Shingle Jaffe

May 8, 2018 41:27


If you’re in the online space there’s a good chance you’ve heard about GDPR, but what exactly is it and what do we have to do to comply to the new regulations? In this episode, My friend Gena Shingle Jaffe is going to give us her expertise as a lawyer to break it all down for us. Please note that today’s episode is legal information, not legal advice, but GDPR is something that we need to be aware of and take action on, and this episode will help you do just that!

HSH 094: What To Do When a Launch Flops

May 1, 2018 19:31


Everyone has launches that don’t go the way they expected them to, but what do you do when this happens? It’s ok if you’ve had a bad launch, but I’m going to show why you don’t need to completely shut down after one. On today’s episode I’m going to give you the four steps to follow in order to turn a failed launch into a great opportunity for better growth in your business!


HSH 093: Building Your Business as a Creative Entrepreneur with Jennifer Allwood

Apr 24, 2018 35:34


I’m super excited to be bringing you my conversation with our guest Jennifer Allwood, the wildly successful entrepreneur who helps other creators like her build their businesses to make more, while working less. You’re going to hear how Jennifer transitioned from her background in decorative painting and has now built and leveraged an amazing following on social media. She gives her best tips and strategies so that you can do the same!

HSH 092: 5 Keys to a Successful Lead Magnet

Apr 17, 2018 22:38


On this episode we’ll be diving into lead magnets, or “freebies”: what works, what converts and what you need to know to create a successful one. I’ll be giving you the 5 keys creating a successful lead magnet, along with examples of what you can use for your own!

HSH 091: Crushing a Six-Figure Challenge with Caitlin Bacher

Mar 27, 2018 23:05


On this episode, I’m interviewing a student of my signature program, The 5-Figure Challenge. You’ll be hearing how Caitlin Bacher was able to craft a 5-day challenge that did over 6-figures in sales of her digital course – you don’t want to miss this one!


HSH 090: 5 Keys to a Successful 5 Day Challenge

Mar 20, 2018 23:05


We’ve been talking about challenges on the show for a couple of weeks now, and today we’re going to do the same because challenges are a powerful way to grow your business (and a very engaged audience)! The reality is though that not all 5-day challenges are created the same, so today I’m sharing the 5 key things that I think will give your challenge the most success possible.

HSH 089: 5 Day Challenges in 2018: What You Need to Know

Mar 13, 2018 21:46


If you know anything about me, you know I love using challenges to launch my products and services. On today’s episode, we’ll be talking about challenge launches in 2018 and what you’ll need to know to get the best results from them!

HSH 088: Cultivating a Six-Figure Mindset

Feb 20, 2018 23:23


I recently surveyed my list to hear what people wanted to learn more about, and overwhelmingly, the answer was “mindset.” I think that mindset is one of the most important parts of building a business, and it all shouldn’t just be about the newest marketing strategy or funnel available to you. On today’s episode I share the shifts I’ve had to make when it comes to my own mindset, in order to continuing achieving a higher level of success!



HSH 087: The New Facebook Algorithm

Feb 6, 2018 22:56


Is the new Facebook algorithm getting your down? On today’s episode we’re talking all about what it will to your business and how you can overcome these changes!

HSH 086: Instagram For The Rest Of Us With Jasmine Star

Jan 23, 2018 31:25


I'm super pumped to be bringing you this episode, not only because it’s the first time we’ve had a guest on the show in awhile, but because it’s with Jasmine Star (who is an absolute social media maven)! If you’re on Instagram and maybe have some followers but aren’t quite sure what you’re supposed to be doing, this show is for you. Jasmine is giving practical steps you can take now to position yourself not only Instagram, but on social media in general, so that you can get more customers, more clients and more results!

HSH 085: The Power Of The Tripwire

Jan 16, 2018 22:51


On today’s show I’m sharing all about tripwires: what they are, the main benefits of using them, some examples of how I incorporate them in my own business and a whole lot more. Curious about how you can start using them too? Get ready to learn all about tripwires today because they can be an absolute game changer for your business!

HSH 084: The 24-Hour Quick Launch (Membership Launch Part 2)

Jan 9, 2018 21:42


On today’s show, I’m sharing a case study of a recent 24-hour promotion I did that helped me add several dozen members to my membership site. So what do you say - would you like to learn more about what we do and how we do it?


HSH 083: The 72-Hour Membership Launch Framework

Jan 2, 2018 31:28


Today I’m taking you through my recent membership launch, and how I used about $115 in Facebook ads and my email list to jumpstart our membership with the first 150 founding members – in just 72 hours!

HSH 082: 5 Facebook Ad Campaigns You NEED In Every Launch

Dec 19, 2017 24:29


If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you’ll know that one of my true loves in life is Facebook ads! This episode isn’t just about how to make more money with them, but it’s about how to curate an experience for potential customers that gets them really excited to buy what you’re selling. Today I’m going to give you the 5 Facebook ad campaigns to use every single time you’re actively selling something – whether it’s an online course, coaching program or physical product!

HSH 081: 4 Messenger Bot Strategies to Increase Engagement, Leads and Sales

Dec 12, 2017 24:34


On today’s episode we’re talking about very real ways you can use Facebook Messenger Bots to get results for your business, in a very tangible way!

HSH 080: How to Manage Your Business Income

Dec 5, 2017 33:05


Do you feel like there’s more month than money? Or you’re hustling to get paid, only to then wonder where the money has gone? I get asked a lot how I manage my business revenue, and on today’s episode I’m going to share what I do to create financial stability in both my personal life, and for my business.

HSH 079: How Launches Are Changing in 2018

Nov 7, 2017 27:48


When it comes to launching into 2018, some things in the marketplace are shifting and this can cause some unease. In this episode, I’m sharing why there’s no need to worry though and I’m giving you the 5 shifts you’ll need to start making in order to launch successfully in 2018 – and beyond!


HSH 078: 7 Lessons Learned From My $25,000 Mastermind

Oct 31, 2017 28:43


Today on the podcast we are going deep on the lessons I’ve learned over the past couple of years from being in James Wedmore’s Inner Circle Mastermind. In this episode I’ll share how and why I joined the group, and some of the amazing results that me (and my students) are achieving!

HSH 077: 5 Strategies That Took Me From $0 to $750k in Digital Course Sales in 2.5 Years

Oct 24, 2017 34:10


Do you feel you’ve hit a wall in your business and are looking to scale your digital courses to the next level? On today’s episode I’m revealing the 5 key strategies that really moved the needle in my course business. Stay tuned until the end of the episode too for a very special announcement that I’m so excited to share with you!

HSH 076: How to Start Building Your Profitable Email List

Oct 17, 2017 25:55


As an online entrepreneur, you probably already know how important having an email list is to your business. In this episode we are talking all about how you can start building yours. If you’re looking to break into the game, or quite frankly you just feel like your email list needs a little boost, this episode is for you!

HSH 075: The Six-Figure Course Business Roadmap

Oct 3, 2017 29:28


On this week’s episode, we are talking about what it really takes to build a 6-figure digital course business and I’m walking you through the way I would do it if I were starting over today. Looking to leverage the power of online courses in your business? You’ve come to the right place!


HSH 074: 5 Steps to Simplify Your Facebook Ads

Sep 26, 2017 28:15


Are you feeling overwhelmed with the state of your Facebook ads right now? On this episode we are diving deep on how to keep Facebook ads simple, as the Power Editor, targeting options and platform as a whole continue to get more and more complicated. Listen in for the five action steps that you can take immediately to get your ads on track, as well as details on free training I’ll be offering very shortly!


HSH 073: Why I Took A 6-Week Break

Sep 19, 2017 31:26


If you’re an avid follower of the podcast, you may have noticed that for the past 6 weeks I haven’t been around. I wanted to share the reasons why I did this and the action steps I took that allowed me to do it. So let’s pull back the curtains and talk about this!

HSH 072: Student Success – Running Successful Challenges with Coach Glitter

Aug 1, 2017 42:58


On this episode, I’m interviewing a return guest of the podcast, Coach Glitter (aka Tiffany Lee Bymaster)! We’re talking all about how her challenges have evolved since she went through my 5-Figure Challenge system. If you want to hear real results (from real students), you’ve come to the right place!

HSH 071: How to Fill Your Webinar, Challenges and Live Launches

Jul 25, 2017 30:09


On today’s show, we’re talking all about how to fill your webinars, challenges and live launches with leads so that when you launch your next product, service or offer, you’ve got eyes on it – and people that are converting!

HSH 070: How We Scaled From 20k to $170k Challenges (In Just a Few Short Months)

Jul 18, 2017 29:27


On today’s show we’re talking about how I took my challenges from small events to massive 6-figure (plus) promotions. There are some clear and practical steps you can take to do this in your own launches, and I’m going to share my 7-step framework with you today!

HSH 069: Setting and Planning Launch Goals, Metrics and Revenue Plans

Jul 11, 2017 29:28


On today’s show we’re talking all about setting launch metrics! If you have a big launch coming up, you’ll want to know how to figure out how much you can make (and what it’s going to cost you). Successful launches start with understanding your data and then operating in harmony with it so that you really maximize your results!


HSH 068: Evergreen vs. Live Launches (Which Is Better?)

Jul 5, 2017 32:57


Today I’m talking all about evergreen and live launches, and looking at how you can determine which one is right for your business. I’m sharing the pros and cons of each; so if you’ve got a product, program of service that you’re looking to get out into the world (but aren’t sure how), you’ll want to tune in to this episode!

HSH 067: The Quick & Dirty Launch Strategy 2.0

Jun 27, 2017 33:12


In this episode, I’m walking you through a quick and dirty launch that I did to raise some money for a charity, and explain how it all worked. If you’re listening and ready to create waves, get results and generate revenue while getting experience with launching, you’ll enjoy this episode of the podcast.

HSH 066: How I Went From Overworked to (Profitable) 30 Hour Weeks

Jun 20, 2017 29:11


On today’s show, I’m talking about what I had to do to make the shift from working 80 hours a week (and missing life!) to working 25 to 30 hours a week and not sacrificing my business. I have some actionable steps to tell you that I used to make this shift, and after listening to this episode, you’ll see that you can do this too.

HSH 065: 5 Messenger Bot Strategies You Can Implement To Build Your Business

Jun 13, 2017 26:30


As a follow-up to last week’s introductory episode, today I’m sharing five specific strategies around Facebook Messenger automation that you can implement in your business to generate more subscribers, more sales and more growth!

HSH 064: Introduction to Facebook Messenger Bots (Part 1)

Jun 6, 2017 28:05


On this episode, we are talking about Facebook Messenger automation and ManyChat. If you’ve been seeing me in your Facebook inbox or you see other marketers doing it and you want to know you can introduce this to your business too, you’ll enjoy this intro lesson!

HSH 063: How to Create a Facebook Ad Campaign That Scales

May 30, 2017 27:32


On this episode, we’re talking about how you can create a scalable and profitable Facebook advertising campaign. If you have been working on getting those profits up and those Facebook ads out, you’ll want to check out today’s show.


HSH 062: 5 Lessons Learned From Our Newest Beta Course Launch

May 25, 2017 28:04


In this episode, I'm sharing with you some of the biggest lessons I just learned by pre-launching a new product to my audience. So if you've been planning a new product, digital course or offer to your market, you'll want to tune into this episode! 

HSH 061: The Truth About Consistency (And How To Be More Consistent In Business)

May 17, 2017 27:55


Today we’re talking all about how to get consistent with your business. We’re looking at what consistency really is (and what it isn’t), and I give you three tips that you can use right away to help you in this area. If you struggle with releasing weekly content, getting people on your email list on a regular basis or just showing up in a way that gets you paid, then this episode is for you.

HSH 060: Copywriting Tricks to Increase Conversions & Sales

May 2, 2017 29:07


On today’s episode, I’m sharing three copywriting tricks that you can implement in your business to increase conversions. If you’ve been struggling with copy, what to say or how to position your message, then this episode is for you!

HSH 059 How To Deal With The Overwhelming Speed of Technology & Digital Business

Apr 25, 2017 29:23


On this episode, we’re talking about how to manage that feeling of overwhelm. It feels like online business is moving at a pace faster than ever, with more and more technology being introduced every day. So how do you keep up with all this? Stay tuned and we’re going to show you how!

HSH 058: How to Work Less Without Making Less

Apr 18, 2017 29:53


On today’s show I’m talking about what you can do to get a little more time back in your business - without sacrificing dollars to do it. I now understand that you don’t have to be working all the time to be successful, and in this episode, I show you how my feelings on this subject have evolved over the past few years.

HSH 057: The Stuff You DON'T HEAR About Digital Business With James Wedmore

Apr 13, 2017 01:03:52


Today is an extra special episode, as I’m bringing back my friend and mentor, James Wedmore, to the podcast. Being a part of James’ mastermind has resulted in a huge evolution of my own business, and I know that what he shares today will be so valuable for all entrepreneurs trying to build their own business by design.

HSH 056: Behind the Scenes of Our Biggest (And Least Stressful) Launch Yet

Mar 28, 2017 44:05


In this episode, we are going to debrief my $170,000 launch of The 5-Figure Challenge. Not only do I share all the numbers from this one, but I also talk about how when you launch, you really need to find a way to feed your soul and support the life that you want to live!

HSH 055: How to Duplicate & Scale a Successful Launch in 5 Simple Steps

Mar 21, 2017 24:27


On this episode, we're going to talk about duplicating and scaling your launch. When stuff goes well (or even kind of well!) how do you take it to the next level? It can be a bit of a head scratcher, but it doesn't have to be! 

HSH 054: 4 Reasons Your Online Course Isn't Selling (And How to Fix Them)

Mar 14, 2017 25:20


On this episode, we’re talking about the reason that your digital course might not be selling, why these problems happen and how you can fix them. If you are a digital course creator who’s ready for more sales, you’ll want to tune in for this one!

HSH 053: Running a Creative Business Without Selling Out Your Soul with Cory Huff

Mar 7, 2017 36:33


On this episode, we are talking with my friend Cory Huff about marketing yourself like an artist. For you creatives out there, you deep thinkers and those of you who thinking marketing is a scary word – stay tuned, because this episode is for you!


HSH 052: How to Launch Without Stressing to Death

Feb 28, 2017 27:55


In this episode, we're going to talk about how to launch without stressing yourself out to death! So if you have launched before, or thought about launching, but you break out a cold sweat and you don't sleep (or maybe miss a meal or two), this is the episode for you! 




HSH 051: Is A Challenge Launch Right For My Business?

Feb 14, 2017 24:36


On this week’s episode we’re talking about - challenges! I know I’ve talked about them a lot but but it’s been a question I get often. Are you wondering if a challenge is right for you? Stay tuned, you’ll find out on today’s show!

HSH 050: How To Deal With A Failed Launch Step-by-Step

Feb 7, 2017 27:13


On this episode, we’re talking about what you do when your launch goes wrong. We hear all the success stories about 6-figure launches and 5-figure challenges, but what about when you get a big fat zero? I think by the end of this show you’re going to feel better about making a few errors in your launch!


HSH 049: How to Standout When the Marketplace is Noisy & Saturated

Jan 31, 2017 27:38


Whatever industry you’re in, it feels like the Internet is louder than ever these days. So how do you stand out in a saturated marketplace? In this episode, I talk about how you can make sales and generate business when it’s this noisy!

HSH 048: Creating Epic Content Your Audience Will Love (in 5 Easy Steps)

Jan 24, 2017 30:02


Today we’re talking all about how to create irresistible content that your audience is hungry for! I’m talking about these 5,000 word blog posts that I’ve been creating to get amazing reception from my audience. If you’re ready to create EPIC content that creates EPIC growth, you’re going to want to tune in to this episode!

HSH 047: How to Create & Sell Wildly Profitable Digital Products (in any Niche) with Mariah Coz of Femtrepreneur

Jan 17, 2017 39:15


I’m so excited to welcome Mariah Coz to the show today! Mariah is the founder of Femtrepreneur, has been an online entrepreneur for 8 years and has built a 7-figure business through online courses and programs. Today she shows why don’t need to be selling business-to-business to be profitable online, where you should start with for the pricing of your first course and why you need to make sure that you are releasing products that you actually have the ability to create!


HSH 046: How to Profitably Scale Your Ad Spend From 0 to $5,000/month

Jan 10, 2017 25:17


Today we’re talking all about Facebook ads. Are they still working in 2017, what you need to know about them and how I would scale from zero to $5,000 a month if I was just starting out now with a limited budget. Are you looking to create more capital in your business with ads? You’ll want to hear listen to this episode!

HSH 045: 7 Strategies I’m Using To Scale Up in 2017

Jan 3, 2017 31:56


On today’s show, I share the 7 strategies I’ll be bringing into 2017 to take Heart, Soul & Hustle to the next level. Get ready, because it’s a new year and time to go BIG!

HSH 044: How to Successfully Launch From Disney World

Dec 20, 2016 28:28


On today’s episode, we’re talking about what it takes to have a successful affiliate launch from the most magical place on earth – Disney World!


HSH 043: 4 Tweaks We Made To Double Our Launch to Six-Figures

Dec 13, 2016 24:19


Welcome to the third and final part of the launch series on the Heart, Soul & Hustle Podcast! This week we are going to be diving deep into some of the tweaks we made in order to double the size of our latest launch. Want to know how you can take your launch to the next level? It’s all here on today’s show!

HSH 042: The 5 Major Missteps & Mistakes From My Six Figure Launch (And How to Prevent Them)

Dec 6, 2016 30:00


In this episode, we are talking about five major missteps that I made during my 6-figure launch; how they happened, why they happened and how you can use this information to make sure your next launch is a total success!


HSH 041: Behind The Scenes of a Six-Figure Launch - The Numbers Revealed

Nov 29, 2016 42:06


Today we’re diving deep into the numbers of our last launch, which did just over $130,000 in sales. We’re going to talk ad spend, profit, expenses and so much more, so if you’re looking for information on what a launch really involves, this episode is for you!

HSH 040: How to Make Marketing Human with Quest Nutrition COO Bruce Cardenas

Nov 22, 2016 33:08


Today we’re speaking with Bruce Cardenas of Quest Nutrition, the company that’s on a mission to revolutionize food and make clean eating fun! They show that regardless of what industry you’re in, building relationships is key. We also discuss how to handle naysayers, and Bruce shares why there really is no competition in business!   

HSH 039: How to Hustle with Neil Patel

Nov 16, 2016 28:42


Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama, and he's received many other accolades. In today’s episode, Neil shares his definition of hustle, how you don’t necessarily need 10,000 hours of doing something to be a true expert, and why the more risk you take can actually lead to less risk!


HSH 038: How to Craft a Successful Promotion For Your Course, Coaching or Service

Nov 1, 2016 30:48


You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you build it, they will come.” This isn’t necessarily true though, especially in today’s online space. In this episode, we look at the steps to crafting a successful promotion and why just having what you sell on your website isn’t enough anymore!

HSH 037: Facebook Ad Fundamentals: Basics, Budgeting, and Boosting

Oct 25, 2016 33:59


In this episode, we’re talking all about how and when to boost your Facebook posts, setting goals for your campaigns, the importance of testing your ads and so much more!


HSH 036: How to Get Raving Reviews in Writing

Oct 18, 2016 28:33


In this episode, I share the importance of getting written reviews for your business, along with my three golden rules of testimonials. I also give you the specific questions to use when asking for testimonials, as well as why the most important thing is showing people that you care and you want to help others!

HSH 035: Maximize Your Hustle (And Maybe Work Less)…

Oct 11, 2016 28:31


“Hustle” is integral to our brand here, but what exactly is it? More importantly, how do we bring hustle into our businesses and maximize it, without killing ourselves in the process? In this episode, I share five actionable steps that you can take today to do this!

HSH 034: Six Steps to a Successful Flash Offer

Oct 4, 2016 27:26


Flash sales, or one-day sales, can help close the gap between launches or challenges but also boost revenue, test your software or simply just test your product. In this episode, I look at the six steps to a successful flash sale, along with considerations to keep in mind along the way!

HSH 033: Troubleshooting Facebook Ads Step-By-Step

Sep 27, 2016 27:31


Over the last several months, we’ve done some big stuff over at Heart, Soul & Hustle, and there’s been A LOT of buzz about Facebook ads in our community. In today’s episode, I share my simple troubleshooting system for what I do when my ads aren’t working. If you’re having trouble getting your Facebook ads to convert – this show is for you!

HSH 032: Building a Business That Feeds Your Soul with Leimomi Keliikuli

Sep 20, 2016 35:11


In this episode, we talk with Leimomi, who took our Rock Your Live Streams training and leveraged it to build a 6-figure business, in an amazingly short period of time. She shows that when you really lean into the things that leave you gratified at a very deep level, more fulfilment and success are practically a given!

HSH 031: A Fresh Spin on Getting Publicity and Creating Value with Selena Soo

Sep 13, 2016 36:39


Selena Soo is a business and publicity coach working with entrepreneurs who have personal brands. She helps coaches, consultants and service providers grow their brands and businesses by having them be seen as leaders in their respective industries. Today, Selena joins us to give her expert perspective on how you can leverage connections with influencers to do the same!

HSH 030: Make More Money With Your List in the Next 90 Days With Jason Van Orden

Sep 6, 2016 45:28


Jason Van Orden helps influencers and thought leaders turn expertise and ideas into courses, content and automated systems that amplify their income and impact. In this episode, he shares how you can optimize, scale and grow your business while decoding strategies like audience surveys, segmenting your email list and so much more.

HSH 029: The Mindsets Required for a Multi-Six Figure Shift

Aug 30, 2016 30:24


In this episode, I discuss the mindset I have now, how it’s evolved and what shifts I’ve had to make in order to scale my business to the point it’s at now!

HSH 028: Running the Ads for a $60,000 Launch

Aug 23, 2016 35:30


In this episode, we’re talking all about the Facebook ads we used in our recent launch, including the strategy, budget, targeting and more!

HSH 027: Unpacking Our $66,000 Launch

Aug 10, 2016 38:53


In this episode, we thought it would be fun to unpack our recent launch, by going back and looking at EVERYTHING – what worked, what didn’t work and specific tips and tools that can help you succeed.

HSH 026: Building an EPIC Community with Jill Stanton

Jul 19, 2016 31:57


Along with her husband Josh, Jill Stanton is the creator of “Screw The 9 To 5.” Together, they crush it teaching online marketing to others, and in this episode, Jill joins us to share how they massively grew their Facebook group (while getting people there engaged)!

HSH 025: Crushing Massive Launch Strategies with Jen Kem

Jul 12, 2016 32:40


Jen Kem has done amazing things in the entrepreneurial space. She has million dollar companies (and then some!) and recently completed a launch that generated $383,000 in just three days. She takes corporate culture and brings it into a small business setting, showing how you can use the strategies that massive corporations use to scale.

HSH 024: 5 Secret Triggers to a 5-Figure Challenge

Jun 21, 2016 25:59


We've discovered what turns an average challenge into a high-performing 5-day challenge. By leveraging these secret triggers, you too can create a massive buying mindset in your potential customers!

HSH 023: Creating EPIC 5-Day Challenges With Amber McCue

Jun 14, 2016 33:13


Amber McCue helps entrepreneurs create businesses that scale! She shares how she did a 6-figure challenge by forming good relationships and executing, and that it’s ok to start small and work your way up. So start where you are, and make it happen!


HSH 022: How to Add Your First (or Next) 100 People to Your Email List

Jun 7, 2016 30:44


Heart, Soul & Hustle has added over 10,000 active subscribers to our list since starting, and in this episode, we share the ways you can start building your list - today!

HSH 020: How to Flip $140 Into Your First $1k Launch

May 24, 2016 32:31


A lot of people have been asking for it – so here it is! In today’s solo episode, strategies are discussed to create a product and start making money online. Not sure where to start? Whether it’s your first day or 500th day in business, this stuff WILL work, as long as you apply it!

HSH 019: Selling Your Offers With Authentic & Honest Branding with Jamie J.

May 17, 2016 32:31


In this episode, Jamie Jenson discusses how to scale a business and write copy (with an authentic voice). She’s achieved amazing results for her clients and uses her previous comedy writing skills to hone in how she writes copy that converts like crazy!

HSH 018: Mastering (Sleaze Free) Virtual Summits with Navid Moazzez

May 10, 2016 34:13


Navid Moazzez helps entrepreneurs create, promote and profit from virtual summits to skyrocket their businesses and brands online. He has a totally different philosophy about virtual summits, and has been behind amazing ones from some of the biggest names. Whether you’re looking to do one of your own or not, there are mad value bombs dropped in this episode that you don’t want to miss!

HSH 017: Filling Coaching Programs The Way YOU Want with Ruby Fremon

May 3, 2016 23:03


Ruby Fremon is a coach, catalyst and ignitor who helpshigh-achieving women have it all without sacrificing a thing. Inthis episode, she shares how she is filling her programs with arelatively small email list, as well as encouraging people to do abusiness audit and ask “is what I’m doing feel good?”

HSH 016: How to Create Unstoppable Momentum with James Wedmore

Apr 26, 2016 40:47


James Wedmore is THE expert on video, and his name is synonymous with YouTube. In this episode, he shares what you really need to do to move your business forward. Are you ready to create unstoppable momentum in your business?

HSH 015: Six-Figure Launches (and Legal) with Gena Shingle Jaffe

Apr 19, 2016 27:52


Gena Shingle Jaffe is a lawyer for digital businesses, and she'll help you feel better about the legalities involved with your launch. Gena also talks about how she was able to generate $170,000 from the launch of her first legal program, as well as showing how you don't need a massive audience to have a massive launch!

HSH 014 - The Simple Social Media Strategy to Double Your Traffic with Laura Roeder

Apr 12, 2016 32:17


Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the popular social media scheduling software, Edgar. In this episode, Laura shares how to leverage social media more effectively, so your content, traffic and list are all being seen and getting the growth they deserve. The strategy she uses has allowed her to grow multiple businesses, and can enable you to build your business ? 24/7!

HSH 013: Hustle Isn't a Bad Word with Adrienne Dorison

Apr 5, 2016 36:46


Adrienne Dorison is a business strategist and podcast host who works with entrepreneurs who want to get more results in less time. In this episode, she explains that hustling isn?t a bad thing, but it means doing the right stuff, in the right quantities, to move your business forward. /

HSH 012: Mastering the Art of Scaling with Webinars with Casey Zeman

Mar 29, 2016 38:00


Casey Zeman is the creator of EasyWebinar, an all in one webinar software that does both live and automated webinars (and the tool I use for mine)! On today's show, we're going to talk about evolving your business and becoming more scalable by diving into the power of webinars.

HSH 011: How To Be a Top Affiliate Even Without a List With Tiffany aka Coach Glitter

Mar 22, 2016 35:40


Tiffany Lee Bymaster, aka “Coach Glitter” was able to close multiple 5-figure affiliate programs before she even had an email list. In her first year of doing them, she made over $50,000 in some of her biggest promotions. Tiffany is a top-10 affiliate for some of the biggest names in the industry. She doesn’t have great results like this by accident! Tiffany shows that building really strong relationships with a core group of potential clients allows you to leverage your influence to create massive results.

HSH 010: From Introvert to Insanely Visible with Jenn Scalia

Mar 15, 2016 28:53


Not only is Jenn Scalia is a visibility strategist and business coach who’s been featured in places such as Forbes, Business Insider and Huffington Post, she is a self-proclaimed introvert! She shares with listeners her tips for getting visible, and then the proper steps to prepare for the influx of prospects after this happens.

HSH 009: How to Make Big Profits with Small Price Tags with Jordana Jaffe

Mar 8, 2016 26:31


In this episode, Jordana Jaffe challenges the thought that you can't do big launches without big price tags on your products. She shows you how to be spontaneous and do what feels good, instead of following a formula of launch "norms"! 

HSH 007: How to Create a Million Dollar Vision with Angie Green

Feb 23, 2016 34:37


In the last few years, Angie Green has generated over $1 million in revenues and commissions from her direct marketing business. In this episode, she talks about how you can build a community of people around you who share your vision, and how important motivating others is to your success!

HSH 006: The $64k Vacation-Style Launch with Jenna Soard

Feb 16, 2016 35:54


Is it really possible to do a $64,000 launch, while on vacation? Yes it is! Jenna Soard is a branding expert and joins us to share how she did just this in her most recent program launch.

HSH 005: From 0 to $1 Million Launches and What it Takes with Kimra Luna

Feb 9, 2016 32:38


Kimra Luna is a personal branding and online business strategist. She helps freedom-seeking entrepreneurs to stand out, captivate their audiences’ attention and monetize their authentic brands online. As a leading authority on the use of Facebook ads and webinar-based training as both list and brand building tools, she took her business from zero to over $880k in sales and cultivated an email list of over 14,000 subscribers from 50 countries around the world during her first year in business. In this episode, Kimra shares why you can give away too much information, and she gives tips on how to do your very first launch. As well, she discusses the $1 million launch she has planned coming up soon!

HSH 004: The ONE Big Goal and How to Achieve it with John Lee Dumas

Feb 2, 2016 31:26


John Lee Dumas is the creator of the successful daily podcast, EOFire, as well as the extremely popular online community, Fire Nation. In this episode, he shares with listeners how to identify that one thing you should be pursuing, and how having too many goals might not be a good thing. He discusses the importance of reflection, along with providing exciting details about his amazing new project, The Freedom Journal!

HSH 003: The Art of Failing to Success with Rachel Luna

Jan 26, 2016 33:01


Rachel Luna is the founder of The Confident Entrepreneur Academy. Her main mission in life is to help your confidence match your ambition. She believes that when you raise your confidence, you get more clarity, you make more money, and you make a bigger impact.

HSH 002: Creating the Mindset of a Multi-Six-Figure Coach with Erika Sheffer

Jan 26, 2016 32:02


Erika Sheffer is a multi 6-figure coach who just generated over $100,000 with the launch of her group coaching program. She believes strongly in the importance of boundaries in business, as well as how having the proper mindset will help contribute to your success!

HSH 001: Sales Call Strategies that Close $250k a Year with Aandra Bohlen

Jan 26, 2016 30:51


Aandra Bohlen has been in sales for 26 years, owning her own business for 8 years and doing about $500,000 in annual revenue. She has done this all by doing what a lot of entrepreneurs are afraid to do – pick up the phone!

HSH 000: Introduction | Show Layout | Who is Zach

Jan 26, 2016 09:43


Zach shares with listeners what they can expect from the podcast, what they can expect from him and what will be happening over the next few weeks. Listen in for some fast, fun facts about the host, as well as some cool bonuses Zach has to give out!