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Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.



Jul 16, 2019 52:44


Today: Greg and Sarah have a lengthy discussion about aliens, Area 51 and Roswell, Beverly Hills 90210 and the weird episodes, Guiness records and meth gators, favorite movies, and more - happy day to you all!


Jul 12, 2019 38:13


Today: Greg and Sarah travel down memory lane to talk about past shows, Warped Tours and Ozfests, being drunk in a field and losing a shoe, accidentally playing the record of the band FOR the band, rules to a punk show, and more - have a great weekend all, back on Tuesday! xo


Jul 11, 2019 41:17


Today: Sarah got upgraded at an event she's going to this weekend, how to pretend to know what's going on, and our pal Sam Slaughter from The Manual's Beards, Booze, and Bacon Podcast joined us to talk traveling the world trying beverages from all over, the places he's been, and a pun-tastic talk about his book "Are You Afraid of the Darm Rum?" Have a great afternoon friends, back tomorrow!


Jul 10, 2019 44:17


Today: Greg has a really very embarrassing thing happen to him at work and now he is traumatized, what to do when you are caught, a cat named Spaghetti and a Christmas onesie, Japanese poop museum and a fancy Broker's tour, and more - have a great afternoon you wonderful humans!!


Jul 9, 2019 50:00


Today: Greg was starting to get his meth spidey sense that something was wrong and low and behold - he might be correct, how to properly handle the problem to make sure history doesn't repeat itself, and Craig Marquardo joined us to talk all things from getting Sarah her NKOTB Meet-and-Greet tickets, the defunct PMA's, and the first Portland Scooperfest, a bottomless ice cream festival happening July 20th & 21st at Pioneer Square! Have a great afternoon all!


Jul 8, 2019 45:22


Today: We are back and we have missed you all so much! Today we talked all about our Bigfoot Cruise we went on this past weekend (yes, we went on a Bigfoot Cruise!), Finding Bigfoot and running commentary, getting to go THROUGH A DAM (it was like the coolest thing ever), the NOFX show happening this Friday at Portland Meadows, and more! Have a great Monday all!


Jul 3, 2019 42:15


It's our live show from the Landmark Saloon from last weekend! We mention it at the beginning, but the audio quality of this recording is not great... it's actually pretty terrible. We weren't able to salvage the quality, however the content is great and includes the story of Sarah's trip to the doctor, our interview with the Sockeyes, and the Eyes Wide Shut reveal - it's pretty great :) Have an amazing holiday!


Jul 2, 2019 42:51


Today: It's Greg's birthday and he's very kind of excited, the answer to the universe and getting older, Sarah gets him presents and he is not grateful for one of them (but she's now keeping it so it's okay) :), Bigfoot Cruise and the Midnight Whistler, and more! Have a safe and wonderful week dear friends, have fun and we'll chat with you next Monday!


Jul 1, 2019 31:01


Today: Thank you so much to everyone who came out to our live show, it was so much fun and we are super appreciative of you! Today we recapped the event, Greg finally got his dream party, plus the story of the jumper cables and the parking lot :) Have a wonderful afternoon friends!


Jun 28, 2019 30:36


Today: We are both a little wonky due to Sarah's weird ears and Greg's crazy dreams, living in SW Portland in the 1920s and what does that mean, old bald man and a local bar, puppy hotel is everything dreams are made of, excited for Greg's surprise tomorrow, and more! Hope to see you at Landmark Saloon!! :)

2232: Kielen X Tristan

Jun 28, 2019 44:24


Sarah X Dylan has outdone herself, by not only royally trolling Greg on on his own Facebook account, but also by deciding she was too sick to show up today. Fear not! The auditions for her "role" on Funemployment Radio are in full effect today with Kielen King and Tristan Mayer joining the show. A lot is covered between a reading of the troll, to a recounting of the epic Couve Night Fight. 


Jun 26, 2019 24:41


Today: Sarah woke up with both of her ears not working so she's a little wonky, Florida people doing Florida stuff, chat about our event this weekend and how Greg is worried about his birthday :) It's short and weird (like us) - hope you enjoy it, and have a great day!


Jun 25, 2019 46:22


Today: Sarah and the stand-in, what the person would need to do and how to do it, Greg in Space, KFC chicken skin strips, Sylvester Stallone and the worst impression ever, drunk fish house worker, the worst fan song, and more - have a great afternoon friends!


Jun 24, 2019 52:12


Today: We went to the coast this weeked and, if you can, maybe don't plan your vacation to Long Beach, Washington - what it was like, the people and the hotel, dirty pool and ...interesting people, don't drink Frose for the summer, meat in your pants, breakfast burritos recalled, and our event is THIS Saturday and it'll be a birthday party for Greg as well - hope to see you there! :)


Jun 21, 2019 51:14


Today: Greg has just found out that one of his 'great ideas' is now going to be used and he is very excited, what is it like being a parking enforcement person and how do you do it, expensive blue cheese, becoming a pool expert, accidental cat filter, Flat Earther Cruise, and more - have a great weekend all!!


Jun 18, 2019 46:04


Today: Greg is yet again awkward in a weird place, pregnant woman on an elevator, always pay your phone bill, "well actually", and for some reason Sarah goes bonkers about a rando posting about houses that the person knows nothing about - it's all in a days issue-unloading on Funemployment Radio! Have a great afternoon, friends :)


Jun 17, 2019 45:09


Today: Greg had himself a rip-roaring time in Vancouver over the weekend, being a 'cool guy' and making new friends, orange shirt vs. white shirt, going to see WWII planes and meeting a new beaver family, being afraid of Alexa, and more - have a great day all, and don't forget to snag your ticket to our Live Event happening on Saturday, June 29th!


Jun 14, 2019 49:56


Today: Greg comes to terms with the fact that he has a punchable face, Sarah is going to Tacoma and Bremerton, watching her niece and a classy Saturday, Florida x 4, seeing movies multiple times, Titanic and boxed wine, meth french fries, salty Walmart, being paid in hot dogs, and more - have a safe and wonderful weekend, and talk to you on Monday!


Jun 12, 2019 39:28


Today: Greg feels really bad for Sarah because she is going to the pool and he is not, what is Tropical Summer and some of the updates, Bubble tea can actually leave the bubbles in your stomach, baby-naming women and a dancing Florida McDonald's Man, women's soccer update, and more - have a great afternoon friends!! :)


Jun 11, 2019 32:49


Today: Greg has some new buddies growing in his backyard, but is he really responsible enough to take care of them? Also today - who's hair would you buy, could you live a week without a Smartphone, and more - have a great afternoon!


Jun 10, 2019 35:47


Today: Sarah is growing increasingly concerned about the book recommendations she is getting, Space Romance Novels and the search for the perfect mate, Big Sky Alien Mail Order Brides & the ones that love them, old timey terms and fainting couches, recap of the Music Video filming, and more - have a good one, friends!

2221: Melissa Villaseñor

Jun 7, 2019 41:51


Today: Greg has found out what he's going to be in the future and he's okay with it, what song would you pick and the Crooner, filming a music video this weekend, and Sarah was joined by Melissa Villaseñor to talk all things impressions, SNL, what it's like behind the scenes, reaching for your dreams, and more - she's amazing! Check out Melissa at Helium Comedy Club tonight and tomorrow night, and have a great weekend all!


Jun 6, 2019 42:00


Today: Sarah and the embarrassing thing that happened to her at the gym, what is with Canadians and horror, Being Erica and time-travelling Scottish men, Tall people Guiness world record & a plastic cake, and more! We are bonkers today, ugh. Have a good afternoon! 

FER 2219: Muscles for Money

Jun 5, 2019 40:48


Sarah is starting to freak out about the Muscles for Money Women's Arm Wrestling Competition this Saturday, and our friend Eloise joined us to talk all things about arm wresting training, what to expect, and much more :) Have a great afternoon all, and get your tickets to this Saturday's Event!!


Jun 5, 2019 53:31


Today: Sarah was lucky enough to have an amazing morning at multiple DMV's where nothing was accomplished (yay!), and we were joined by the hilarious & smart Derrick & Bernard from Black's Pest Services, who talked everything from creepy crawly creatures and what they do, to how to handle hard to get rid of pests - it was glorious and gross :) Have a great day all!

2217: NKOTB

Jun 3, 2019 57:25


Today: Sarah and Greg give the re-cap of the New Kids on the Block Mixtape show they went to last night (spoilers: it was amazing)! Have a great afternoon all :)


May 30, 2019 45:05


Today: Sarah is UNCONTROLLABLY EXCITED because this weekend she gets to go see New Kids on the Block for the first time since 1990, NKOTB facts and what member would Greg be, the original name and other weird info, and more - have a great weekend all, and be sure to follow us on Instagram for all updates!!

FER Experience: Live at Landmark Saloon 4/28/19

May 29, 2019 49:09


This is our live episode recording in front of an audience on 4/28/19 at Landmark Saloon! Special guests include pFriem Brewing, Armain from Eastside Distilling, and the debut of our partnership with the Portland Australia Football Club! Plus, discussions of Real Estate Hair, World of Crazy, and Nurse Tales.


May 28, 2019 44:36


Today: Greg is having a hard time with his debit card lately, how do you justify when it's not working and super awkward, Sarah and the bad movies she's watched, Nascar picks the winner, breaking in to clean, don't put that in there, you are a terrible person to steal from a Girl Scout, and more - have a great afternoon friends!


May 24, 2019 29:24


Today: Greg might be quickly approaching a mental break, when you start identifying with the bad guy you might need to take a breather, mausoleum facts & facial hair talk, and it's just a smorgasboard of random today - we love you all bunches, thanks for being you


May 23, 2019 49:23


Today: Sarah is finally feeling better and tells the story of her first house showings, pictures can make something look better than it actually is (duh), and the tale of the house full of grandfather clocks and nightmares - yikes. Have a great afternoon all!


May 22, 2019 39:06


Today: Sarah makes her non-contagious return back to the studio, and talks all things medication, Greg gives her the 'meth test', going to the clinic and having a strange doctor experience, picking up the prescriptions and the lady with the CBD coffee show, and more - we love you all, thanks for listening and back tomorrow with the tale of Sarah's FIRST house showings - it's gold :)

2211: GitC and Tatooine Dream

May 21, 2019 41:33


GUEST: AARON DURAN. Sarah is now out sick, for which we speculate that she could be becoming......a scientologist? Also it's a slow roll into the show, but we cover a lot of ground! From ghost recommendations, to the GitC 500 episode party this Saturday, May 25th. It's a great one, with our buddy Aaron!


May 16, 2019 43:39


Today: Greg is having a moral dilemma with an upcoming Taco Bell Hotel and if he wants to go, the ladies voice in the drive thru and somewhere between a Miss and a Ma'am, Corndog palace, and Sarah contemplates how to start training for her Muscles for Money Arm Wrestling Competition (oh dear god)! Have a great afternoon :)

FER 2209: Ion The Shuttle CEO

May 16, 2019 41:00


Kielen King fills in for the absent Sarah X Dylan and he is in a stellar mood because his Kickstarter just got funded! The kicker.....Greg was the one that put him over the edge into being funded for the last amount. This of course makes Greg believe he is the CEO of Kielen's book now. Also, a bigfoot discussion, and a debate about who could survive in a bunker the longest.


May 14, 2019 58:02


Today: Greg went to visit his folks and found out something weird about the neighbors, the lawnmower and a jug of vodka, suddenly ginger & not dying hair, Natty light needs someone hip, Guns N' Roses are being jerks, and Game ONE of the Western Conference finals starts tonight! Have a great afternoon, and Go Blazers!!


May 9, 2019 55:02


Today: Greg got into a new battle in front of his house and this time it didn't involve the lawn mower, Sarah and the growing up, alligator in your pants and angry woman wants a donut, don't confuse legos for meth, the greatest tagline for Black's Pest Services OF ALL TIME (ha!), and our pal Ace swings by to say hello! Have a great afternoon all!


May 8, 2019 38:45


Today: Greg went through his phone and found a bunch of weird messages he wrote to himself, what is an otter fisher and Sarah's strange radio stress dream, is a hotdog just a smaller tube of bologna, and fellow podcaster John Roussos, host of the Here's My Thing podcast, joined us to talk sneaking into buildings, bloody marys, and more! Have a great day all! 


May 7, 2019 38:34


Today: Sarah lets Greg know a bit what it's like when you are licensed and officially cleared by the FBI, showing houses and what the key does, Sarah was asked to participate in a charity arm wrestling competition and she needs help with her character title, Greg as the manager, and more - have a great afternoon all!


May 6, 2019 40:27


Today: Greg and Sarah went to Portland Meadows to watch the Kentucky Derby & Greg got totally Gregged by his horse pick, Jockeys and their size, Puppy Derby and Chester, update on the Blazers, and more - have a great afternoon!


May 3, 2019 29:19


Today: Greg was at his other job this morning so Sarah took the reigns and was joined by the delightful & inspiring JP Sears - it's an awesome chat with an awesome human. Have a great day, and if you want to see Real Estate Sarah swing by Landmark Saloon on Sunday from 4-6 for a drink! :)


May 2, 2019 42:26


Today: It's Kentucky Derby weekend and it might be the last one at Portland Meadows, Sarah and the real estate meet-up and being grown up, and our extremely talented friends Bryan Daste & Emma Hill join us to talk Alaska, recording their new album, what magnesium dreams really are, and their event happening this weekend (RSVP for the show here!) - have a great afternoon all!


May 1, 2019 29:56


Today: The show started with Greg and Sarah speculating what an impersonator is like (spoilers: they are really awesome!), differences between Tribute & Cover bands, and we were joined by the delightful Tim Tugg (aka Ozzy Osbourne) to talk all things Ozzy, his 'borrowed' necklace, and their show happening on Saturday, May 11th at the Aladdin! Have a great afternoon all!

2200: HOLES

Apr 30, 2019 40:47


Today: Greg thinks that his lack of condiments makes his life easier but it's the opposite, old popcorn and stomach aches, Holes and Risk and video games oh my, don't apply for a job where you stole from, stabbing for sobriety, true friends pretend to be detectives, Squatch Watch, and more - have a great afternoon all! 


Apr 29, 2019 31:52


Today: We recap our event yesterday (thank you SO much to you all who made it out, it was so much fun!!), Greg's crazy brain and the origins of sayings, free money on a highway, diabetes made me steal multiple times, and more - have a great day all!


Apr 26, 2019 22:19


Today: Greg is trying to figure out where the accent and the hat come from, Sarah and her new persona, what's going to be happening on Sunday at the show, Australian football rules and Greg is in over his head, and more - have a great day and hope to see you on SUNDAY at Landmark Saloon for the Funemployment Radio Experience!


Apr 25, 2019 42:22


Today: Sarah signs up for her brokerage and she is super excited and nervous about it, meeting with a client and are other real estate agents nice to each other, fake a vacation if you're a millenial, there is literally a monster in your closet, low-speed Oregon chase, NFL draft, and more - have a great afternoon friends! Also big news about the live show happening Sunday at Landmark Saloon - hope to see you there :)

2196: DMV DAYS

Apr 24, 2019 53:49


Today: Sarah had to spend the afternoon yesterday at the DMV, the weird guy and the Gatorade bottle, contest for the live show this Sunday & where Greg's fear of eating in public comes from, beef sticks in your pants, something apparently happened with the Blazer's last night (haha) :)  and more - have a great day all! 


Apr 23, 2019 50:38


Today: Greg has figured out his superpower and it's pretty crappy, he's now become 'that guy' in his neighborhood, I'm not naked I'm just airdrying, man sues parents over his collection, and more - have a great day all!!


Apr 22, 2019 46:52


Today: Sarah is back with the tale to tell of what she's been up to the past couple months, studying for the first time in years and what it's like to take a state exam, real estate hair and leaving a card, and more - have a great afternoon all, I'm SO HAPPY to be back, I missed you all so much!!! Oh and come to our event this Sunday, it would mean a lot to us - Get your tickets here now!

FER 2193: Ion the Shuttle

Apr 18, 2019 50:25


Sarah is out, BUT we did have a big announcement about what she's been up to..... Greg however had our good friend Kielen King in studio today to talk about his new Kickstarter project Ion the Young Shuttle, a children's book that is just amazing! Plus we want everyone to know to SAVE THE DATE of 04/28/19 to join us for an event! Thanks for tuning in, Sarah should be back on Monday, as well!

FER 2192: Quiet Cut

Apr 18, 2019 50:18


Sarah is taking a few days off, but Greg is back in action with special guest Todd Werkhoven! You know him from such places as Portland at the Movies, Mark and Toddcast, Bins Worthy, and much more. We'll discuss Todd's secret to haircuts, UFO Festivals, and Bigfoot. Also, we can't tell you why Sarah is out yet, but please let us know your guesses! 


Apr 15, 2019 48:05


Today: Sarah worked a chicken people party and Greg is fascinated by it, what is a chicken party and how does it work, mojitos with Fidel Castro, flying first class and a professional candy taster, Walmart to Waffle House, Blazer win first game, and more - have a great afternoon all!


Apr 11, 2019 39:37


Today: Greg has some construction going on in front of his house and wants to make a time capsule, what would you want to put in it and pranking the future, and our pal Bri Brey from the Portland Mercury visits to talk all things Portland Pizza Week, exploring the city, and the Spliff Film Festival - get your tickets here! Have a great afternoon all!


Apr 10, 2019 55:28


Today: Greg received a disturbing email (not really) from someone who is really creepy, there is a kind of bee that you might wish you didn't know about, and Dr. Brady Smith (formerly of The Stand-Up Diet Podcast, current Dentist & host of The Drilled Podcast) joined us to talk dentistry, offering his services for free to help people (he is awesome), and how you can enter to win free dental work from him - he's a good dude. Find out more info here, and have a great afternoon all!


Apr 8, 2019 42:02


Today: Greg is convinced we are on some bizarre timeline because Sarah is winning the Tournament of Champions Bracket, what else can she correctly predict, Florida man is Florida man, woman & her mouthwash, Port St. Lucie, March Madness updates, and more - have a great afternoon all! Go Texas Tech! :)


Apr 4, 2019 47:22


Today: Sarah comes clean about something that she's gotten back into, how many shoes are *too* many shoes, canceled Ozzy show, failure at record, music cheese, Tournament of Champions, and more! Have a great afternoon all! :)


Apr 3, 2019 43:59


Today: a strange one, Greg goes on a tangent about numbers of animals, Sarah and the snakes, Twinsanity and the true story, yoga with lemurs, Arkansas man is a Florida man, wrong type of chicken, dirty Elmo, and more - have a great day all! :)


Apr 2, 2019 47:34


Today: Sarah tells her story about going on a ride-along with Black's Pest Services, looking inside of people's houses and secret surprises, Greg and his Jeopardy quest, winning by picking a random team for the Tournament of CHAMPIONS, Guiness Records & secret hidden vaults, and more! Have a great afternoon friends!


Apr 1, 2019 52:36


Today: It's our recap of our trip to New York! We both had such an amazing time, staying at Carlton Arms, taking the Subway, seeing things in 'real life', tagger and the rat, is Sarah famous, and the story of Greg's flight home with creepy bootstrap guy :) Have a great afternoon all!


Mar 26, 2019 39:11


Today: Greg and Sarah are heading to New York City tomorrow and they are very excited, Greg and his terrible accent and slang, going on a Soprano's tour, New York facts, and more - have a great week friends, and please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates of our adventures!


Mar 25, 2019 36:22


Today: Sarah did her thing where she accidentally blurted something she wasn't supposed to, going to the Blazer game, winning the lottery in Maryland, heading to NYC in two days (!!), and more - have a great afternoon you wondeful people!


Mar 22, 2019 33:18


No explanation needed, today we had the always charismatic Todd Glass in studio and it was awesome - catch him tonight and tomorrow at Helium Comedy Club (get your tickets here!), and have a wonderful weekend!!


Mar 21, 2019 43:40


Today: Greg and Sarah are heading to New York next week for a few days and are very excited, Sarah is going on a ride-along today today with the fine folks at Black's Pest Services, to peep or not to peep, Taco Bell hot sauce saves another life, don't inject yourself with fruit juice, tournament of champions, and more - have a great day all!

2179: Bottle-wielding man accused of carjacking Portland podcast host in Burgerville drive-thru

Mar 20, 2019 34:15


Hey friends! So today is a 'very special' episode of Funemployment Radio, where Greg recaps what happened to him in what has become the most Portlandy Portland headline of all time :) Have a great afternoon all, back tomorrow to our (hopefully) regularly scheduled programming! (also if this if your first time listening - hi! Just a heads up, there is profanity in our show, today mostly having to do with what the crazy man was yelling at Greg. Thanks so much!)


Mar 15, 2019 23:33


Today: Sarah was a 90s time capsule at her cater waiter job last night for a youngun, and the glorious story of the green beanie - it's pretty amazing :) Have a great weekend all, and hope to see you at Landmark Saloon THIS Sunday - a couple of tickets are still available so pick yours up!

2177: 9021-NO

Mar 14, 2019 41:20


Today: Sarah is going back to her cater waiter job for the first time this year and she is nervous, how to make small talk with strangers and how to not answer questions about yourself, the vintage cards and Sarah's obsession, INSANITY OF THE MONTH BEFORE APRIL, shooting for snoring, cellphone saves life, and more - have a great day all!


Mar 13, 2019 38:41


Today: Greg and his love of space travel, our St. Patrick's Day show and what we're going to be doing on Sunday, KFC chicken bucket hot tub, Beer diet, suitcase full of cats, and more! Thanks for listening friends, back tomorrow with less congestion! Big thanks to Black's Pest Services & Next Adventure for their continued support! xo

2175: THE GAME

Mar 8, 2019 21:54


Today is a mini-episode because we were short on time, but Greg decided it would be HILARIOUS to trick Sarah into thinking something, plus there is a new Band-centric game that you have to play with your friends - have a great weekend all!! 


Mar 7, 2019 37:46


Today: Greg gets nostalgic for an old Portland icon, we have decided on what our Halloween costumes are going to be and it's going to be AMAZING, and the fantastic Erica Rhodes joined us to talk fuzzy jackets, being on the radio, and recording her Comedy Album THIS weekend at Helium - get your tickets here, and have a great day!


Mar 6, 2019 42:51


Today: We've announced that we are having our first event of the year, and it's happening on Sunday, March 17th - St. Patrick's Day! We talked all about that, the end of the world pamphlet Sarah got in the mail, who would be a good cult leader, conspiracy theory madlibs, and more - have a great day friends! Tickets to our Event here!!


Mar 5, 2019 39:28


Today: Greg is ready to take a big boy step but he's not sure if he's going to be able to do it, what to expect and how to not let the children scare you, Guinness World record and how to beat it, Sarah and the Facebook crazies, fascinating to follow and bonkers, and have a great afternoon all!


Mar 4, 2019 44:57


Today: Sarah is very sad because Luke Perry passed away, Bigfoot Cruise and living on hot sauce packets, and our friend Gilbert from H&R Block joined us to talk all things taxes, new rules and returns, and advice on how to make the most of your refunds - give him a call at (503) 233-0447 to set up an appointment, and have a great day! Huge thanks to H&R Block for their continued support!


Mar 1, 2019 39:26


Today: we were joined by our delightful friend Shane Torres who has come back to visit Portland all the way from New York! We talked changes in the city, being fired from jobs, and more... but mostly just gave Greg a lot of guff for being so fancy now :) Catch Shane all this weekend at Helium Comedy Club, and have a great afternoon!

2169: HI STEVE

Feb 28, 2019 39:10


Today: Greg made a new friend on the bus and what is it like to be like that all the time, Sarah and the coffee shop, why does she go places where people are mean to her, movie of the week, paid to be a chocolate taster, crab leg fight, don't do that to salsa, and more - have a great afternoon friends! And thank you to our fine sponsor Next Adventure!


Feb 26, 2019 44:54


Today: Japan is still looking for Ninjas and Greg thinks he has what it takes, cartwheel people and what makes one, Sarah and her new cat stabber, Lucky Charms beer, a weirdo threefer for World of Crazy, the Tale of Robert Kraft, Ja Rule thinks he has powers, and more - have a great afternoon friends!


Feb 25, 2019 42:05


Today: Sarah had her holiday party last night where she was up for Employee of the Year, how that turned out, going to Wizard World and seeing celebrities, Kato Kaelin and the stage (HERE'S THE VIDEO!), golden donut, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and more - have a great day all! 


Feb 22, 2019 27:52


Today: Sarah has her work holiday party this weekend and just found out something interesting about the nominations, what should she do to win and is Greg going to come, a love story as old as time about a newlywed couple and Reddit, and more - have a great weekend all! MOON AND STARS


Feb 21, 2019 40:47


Today: Greg has a new goal and we are going to figure out how to reach it, what would you do and how many shirts are too man shirts, Sarah walked a cat (?), and comedian Adam Ferrara joined us via phone to talk about his Award-Winning Comedy Album 'Unconditional', Portland bike seats, and going on The Late Late Show with James Corden tonight! Have a great afternoon all!


Feb 20, 2019 01:02:57


Today: Sarah is back from Seattle and has bonded with her niece by watching terrifying old Disney movies with her, a guy clipping his nails on the train and what the hell is he doing, and comedian Gabe Dinger joined us to talk about living in LA, touring around the country, and the comic book he has created! Go see Gabe tonight at Helium Comedy Club, and have a great afternoon all! 


Feb 15, 2019 27:35


Today we were joined by comedian Taylor Tomlinson to talk about Portland, podcasting, touring schedules, what it's like to be on the Tonight Show, new bikes, and more - she's great! Go see her tonight and tomorrow at Helium Comedy Club, and have a great weekend all!


Feb 14, 2019 43:01


Today: Everything is coming up Greg and he has found his true calling, what does $5000 get you with Jose Canseco, finding sasquatch and tequila train, Tudder is the new cow tinder, Home Depot 'bomb threat', murderous sex robots, and crazy - have a great day you wonderful people! Big thanks to our fabulous sponsor Next Adventure!


Feb 13, 2019 53:15


Today: Sarah is on her quest to now become employee of the year, how will she go about it and what does it entail, and we were joined by the fabulous Jason Lamb & The Real Hyjinx to talk about the NW Black Comedy Festival and all of the amazing showcases it entails! Get your tickets to the fest & more info here, and have a great day!


Feb 12, 2019 46:18


Today: Greg is stressing out because he's not sure how to handle his desk situation at work, what is the proper stuff to have at your cubicle, Nike future self-lacing shoes are here, new emojis are weird, mom tries to find love for her son, the All-Star game is happening and getting picked last in P.E., and more - have a great afternoon all!


Feb 11, 2019 39:46


Today: Snowmageddon.... did not happen! What did happen though is we had a delightful time hanging out with the Sklar Brothers going to sing karaoke, feed bears salmon for your ex, aliens caused my car accident, please wash your hands, and more - have a great afternoon! 


Feb 8, 2019 52:55


Today we were joined by a couple of our favorite humans - the Sklar Brothers! I don't even begin to know how to describe this episode, but I can tell you that it is hilarious and wonderful and you are going to enjoy yourself... it's just magic :) Be sure to check them out at Helium Comedy Club tonight & tomorrow night, and have a wonderful weekend!


Feb 7, 2019 52:53


Today: Sarah has discovered a goal she didn't know she wanted to attain and now is trying to figure out how to make it happen, a Dog Museum is a real thing and how does one submit, you can date by the contents of your fridge, Japanese shoe-sniffer, anti-natalists are actually a thing, trade deadline is boring, and have a great afternoon! Tomorrow on the show - The Sklar Brothers!


Feb 6, 2019 23:23


Today is a bit different of an episode because Gregnog got stuck downtown working so Sarah took the reigns and was joined by the talented Shauna Noah! They talked all things event planning, how Shauna got her start, what is involved in creating fancy parties, and about Shauna's upcoming Listen Up! Festival happening February 14th-17th all around Portland - check out the website here for details & times, and have a great afternoon!


Feb 5, 2019 37:25


Today: Greg has a club that he is super excited about and has decided on the newest member, what it takes to be a National treasure, Sarah still isn't feeling 100%, Dog tinder, a Wurst-aurant, fake pharmacist, stolen pizza car, WALL MAN MIGHT BE REAL, and more - have a great afternoon friends!


Feb 5, 2019 31:28


Today: Greg and Sarah went to a fancy party, Greg and the crazy bus lady, oysters and classy people, and more - sorry for the short show, Sarah wasn't feeling good today but we'll be back tomorrow! Have a great afternoon!


Feb 1, 2019 26:12


Today is a mini-episode where we dive into Sarah's interesting morning on public transportation; oh the glamour of bus life :) Also Greg makes a terrible prediction for this weekends game, blah. Have a great weekend, and have an excellent Groundhog Day! 


Jan 31, 2019 45:08


Today: Greg is embarrassed about something so he's trying to make up a cool story bro, ninjas and cougars and a mountain, cheetos chicken sandwiches, a lady wants to marry an airplane, Meth Death party is a thing, Superbowl update, and more - have a great afternoon!


Jan 30, 2019 52:44


Today: Greg accidentally ordered a VERY expensive piece of equipment to his house instead of our PO Box and now it's sitting there, watching through the doorbell and what to do, 2500 dancing scarecrows, McFalafels sound delicious, repressed Sorry emotions, and more - have a great day you wonderful humans!


Jan 29, 2019 50:03


Today: Sarah didn't know but she is becoming famous in her neighborhood, what should her nickname be and why is she weird, following routes and old Portland people, Beep Beep and the shadow imprint, robot friends, cockroach angry people, Botox Bandits, Ram It, and more - have a great afternoon!


Jan 28, 2019 49:03


Today: Greg got back from a trip to the coast and there was something really strange about his room, what happened and why wouldn't they let him in, new coffee maker alarm clock is a coffee maker, vanilla extract drunk, Atom Bomb is really a name, NBA changes, and Sarah's new picture :) Have a great afternoon friends!


Jan 25, 2019 36:17


Today we were joined by the delightful Beth Stelling, where we talked all things podcasting, dogs, talking to your friends moms, performing in Portland, and more - she's great! Catch her tonight and tomorrow night at Helium Comedy Club, and have a great weekend!


Jan 24, 2019 40:38


Today: Sarah had something weird happen in her apartment building and now she thinks that Greg has jinxed her about it, the history of the place and the strange things inside, sausage recall, woman marrying blanket, Florida woman at Waffle House, extra holiday time for sad single ladies, and more - have a great afternoon!


Jan 23, 2019 50:20


Today: Greg got himself a new toy and now he is obsessed, makeshift peeping and looking through a keyhole, Greg with 2 G's and the debate, Weinermobile needs a driver and Sarah might be perfect, letter-writing for a mansion, boring Superbowl, and more - have a great afternoon all!


Jan 22, 2019 54:16


Today: Sarah won a major award and is very excited about it, how does one act when they have found out how prestigious they are, and we were joined by the delightful Brian Kidd (aka The Unipiper) to talk about his upcoming beer release with Portland Brewing, 'keeping Portland weird', and his new non-profit Weird Portland United, which focuses on creative folks & projects in Portland that continue to make the city as unique as it is. Have a great afternoon all!


Jan 17, 2019 39:32


Today: Sarah admits that she's even less of an adult than she's let on, what is good credit and is she a ghost, and our friend Dan Bozyk joined us to talk tribute bands, fun times, and the EPIC SAGA OF THE BUTTERMAN VIDEO! Have a great afternoon friends!!


Jan 17, 2019 50:08


Today: Sarah has found a new maybe part-time career for herself and is excited about it, how to be a wedding planner and what it entails, Greg of course wants to be an entertainer and it would go poorly, asymmetric jeans might be a thing, Toto's Africa in Africa, and Greg tells A TRULY TERRIFYING STORY THAT JUST HAPPENED TO HIM - yikes. Have a great night all!

FER 2143: Empty Room

Jan 16, 2019 51:09


Greg is starting to get terrified because a room-mate has moved out and now the master bedroom is empty and oh dear god is weird stuff going to be happening again, the tale of Eunice and the man on the main floor, history and myster, 27-pound mac & cheese, doorbell licker creepy person, predictions, and more - have a great afternoon all!

FER 2142: Beautiful Mullet

Jan 14, 2019 54:45


Greg is back from CES after a week in which Sarah took the reigns of Funemployment Radio. He'll walk through what is was like with Digital Trends at CES, including some of the behind the scenes moments of what goes on when 180,000 people descend upon one town. Also a Hotel incident, the Circle Bar and so much more. It's great to be back in action, thanks for listening!


Jan 11, 2019 01:32:06


Today: For the final episode of the week Sarah was joined by her dear friend Rick Emerson, where they talk all things from face tattoos to pegged jeans (WE'RE OLD), reminisce about mini-thins (and fyi there is some drug talk just so you know), crazy pills, hiding from your shrink, and more - Rick is just wonderful :) Have a great weekend everyone, and we'll talk to you all on Monday!


Jan 10, 2019 51:49


Today: Sarah was joined by her good friend (and fellow broadcaster) Lisa Wood to talk all things pennies, Big-Ass Sandwiches, preying mantises (manti?), singing in the Aurora Chorus, traveling to New York & her Italian relatives, and more - she is a rad human :) Have a great day all, and tomorrow on the show Sarah will be joined by Rick Emerson!


Jan 10, 2019


Today: Sarah was joined by her good friend (and fellow broadcaster) Lisa Wood to talk all things pennies, Big-Ass Sandwiches, preying mantises (manti?), singing in the Aurora Chorus, traveling to New York & her Italian relatives, and more - she is a rad human :) Have a great day all, and tomorrow on the show Sarah will be joined by Rick Emerson!


Jan 9, 2019 01:04:03


Today Sarah was joined by her friend Todd Werkhoven (check out his craftiness here!) to talk about so so many things, including but limited to: slide whistles, backpacks, 3-D glasses, Alaskan cruises, Cindy, disappointing your parents, Big Gulps, cheese powder, and more - it was glorious :) Have a great afternoon friends, and tomorrow Sarah will be joined by Lisa Wood!!


Jan 7, 2019 48:16


Hello friends! Since Greg is out of town for the week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Sarah is going to be joined by a few different folks as her guest co-hosts this week! To start it off she was joined by our pal Aaron Duran, where we talked all things Red Robin, self-dating, love of yacht rock, and more - it was a lot of fun! Thanks for listening and be sure to check out our video from More Good Day Oregon - big thanks again to Stephanie Kralevich for the wonderful segment!

FER 2141: CES

Jan 4, 2019 41:10


It's the last show with Greg for a week as he heads to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show! He tells us all about what it's like, the spandex suit, twins with one boyfriend, asparagus psychic, MC Hammer, and more - it's a weird one :) Have a great weekend, and Sarah will be back on Monday with special guest Aaron Duran!

FER 2140: Dear Daddy

Jan 3, 2019 36:10


Sarah's Dad gave her some letters that she wrote to him when he was in the Navy back in the early 90s so we read through them and realize that Sarah has been weird the whole time, bunches of hair and Vanilla Ice, what did Will do, and more - have a great night all!

FER 2039: Snowball

Dec 28, 2018 40:54


Sarah's trusty car (it's never been trusty) has finally bitten the dust in epic fashion! She recalls her harrowing tale, we recount the highs and lows of 2018 and so much more. Thank you for being our awesome friends and listening to us in 2018! Also big thanks to Black's Pest Services!

FER 2138: Baby Jesus Power Hour Christmas Spectacular

Dec 22, 2018 28:33


Well, Greg has finally lost it, but the timing could not be better to coincide with the Xmas holiday! From revisiting his one man show, to making Sarah uncomfortable, this one is definitely one of our weirder shows. Have a great holiday break!

FER 2137: Troop 351

Dec 21, 2018 42:20


GUESTS: Jay and Troop 351. On this very special episode, Greg and Sarah! We were joined by not one but FIVE BSA Scouts to talk about their tree lot (on 45th & Powell!), where there favorite places to travel have been, what their favorite part of being a scout is, and more - they are the future and they are awesome kids! Check out more info on them at their website, and have a great night! Thanks to Next Adventure!

FER 2136: Mogen David

Dec 19, 2018 44:17


GUEST: DAN WEBER. Sarah is going to a white elephant Christmas work party thing tonight and needed some advice, winning the holiday party, and we were joined by the always hilarious Dan Weber to talk all things from malt liquor to Reading the Bible with Dan which is happening NEXT Thursday (12/27) at Helium Comedy Club! Have a great day all!

FER 2135: Fat Lip

Dec 17, 2018 46:47


Sarah is a clumsy lady and has hurt herself (again), Greg and his campaign to make an awkward situation more awkward, stuck in a grease trap, gold coated brownie, rich people photographer, and more - have a great day all!

FER 2134; Sometimes They Come Back

Dec 14, 2018 22:35


It's a mini episode because we were short on time but we jam-packed it with a new saga about Greg's backyard... oh boy. Thank you so much for listening everyone, we love each and every one of you and we'll talk to you on Monday! Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE and BLACK'S PEST SERVICES.

FER 2133: Damn You're Short

Dec 14, 2018 42:38


Greg had an interview with a pretty famous NFL player today, on DT. You may know him as Beast Mode. It was a bonkers ride, but he handled it well, however the best part didn't actually make it on air. You'll have to listen for all of the details and tomorrow we have an update on the backyard, courtesy of BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

FER 2132: Friend Request

Dec 13, 2018 49:37


Greg and Sarah agonize about the awkardness of friend requests from your parents friends, when to hug and when to handshake, making conversation about the show and apparently all of our impressions are of 150-year-old people, Florida men do a plethora of Florida things, and more - have a great afternoon all!

FER 2131: Vancouver Nights

Dec 12, 2018 56:55


After a trip to Vantucky (aka Vancouver, WA) Greg has some incredibly harrowing stories to tell about the journeys he took with his pals. From a trip to a bar with a bunch of dudes in leather jackets, to strange confessions of a....stranger, there is a lot to digest. In World of Crazy: Christmas Story House, Cheese Sculpture, Ghost Break-up. Ball Talk: Steph and the Moon. Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

FER 2130: Dune Dream

Dec 7, 2018 24:38


Sarah is a little off today, but it turns out, for good reason. Her dream is one of the most bizarre things that we have ever talked about on the show. Seriously, it's kind of....disturbing! Also we talk about cat underwear, and Greg heading to the 'Couv with a group of idiots. It's a shorter show (Greg's fault) but we love you all and thanks for listening!

FER 2129: Scam Artist

Dec 7, 2018 54:44


 For some reason Greg is getting a lot of angry phone calls and he's starting to figure out why, Sarah and the karaoke party, I really now want a friend named Rita, one cent Whoppers at Burger King, condiment fight, huggy butt cushion, syrup sexy time, and more - have a great night all, back with a live show tomorrow at 10:15 PST!

FER 2128: Cater Waiter 101

Dec 6, 2018 45:12


Sarah bequeaths the almighty knowledge of how to Cater Waiter today and it's really fascinating! From how it works for you to get your food, to the incredible drama that goes on behind the scenes! Also, how do you spot an affair at the Holiday Party? Sarah has your answers. Big thanks to our fine sponsor NEXT ADVENTURE, as well!

FER 2127: Did Anyone See?

Dec 5, 2018 47:12


Greg has admitted something that happened a couple weeks ago that was terribly embarrassing (full story for FERSC members in the archive), Sarah and her dog paintings, who is worth a cheeseburger, paying someone's bills, cheap disguised as fancy, Seattle gets hockey, and more - have a great night friends!

FER 2126: Coastie Dancer

Dec 4, 2018 48:05


A trip to the Oregon Coast yields some of the most amazing encounters with the weird, wild, and wonderful people we have encountered yet. From the greatest karaoke dancer in the history of the world, to someone believing Sarah want Meth, to the story of the next door gentleman who revealed his secret to us...there is a lot to talk about on today's episode! Be thank you to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES, as well!

FER 2125: Canadien Tuxedo

Nov 30, 2018 30:44


Greg has decided that denim is going to be his new look and it's not a good one, heading to the beach, Whoppers for dogs, Grindr and the pilot, illegal bus dentist, Timbers win, and more - have a great weekend!

FER 2124: Awkward Etiquette

Nov 29, 2018 43:27


Greg has joined a new gym so of COURSE he is a giant weirdo, how do you get a write-up about you, the book-signing and what not to do, stray Italian doggies and IKEA, Florida women are starting to cancel out Florida man, bad wedding photographer, and more

FER 2123: Portland Poker

Nov 28, 2018 53:54


A celebrity of the worst kind has emerged in the city of Portland, Oregon. Just as fast as the fame spread, it appears the culprit has been caught. But what caused this person to start 'poking'? What does he poke with? How many people were poked? We'll talk about that and then go through a short history of some of the terrible roommates that Greg has had. Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES, as well!

FER 2122: Beyond The Rebel Girl

Nov 26, 2018 48:05


GUEST: Heather Mayer. After briefly discussing Sarah's voyage back home to Bremerton, completely with Bremelo stories and "Olympic Spirit", we talk to the incredible Doctor Author Princess Heather Mayer! Don't worry, we explain each title. She is a long time friend an her book is about Women and the Industrial Workers of the World in the Pacific Northwest, 1905-1924. She let's us know what it's about, how hard it was to research, and some insight into some of the courageous women featured in the book.

FER 2121: Friendsgiving

Nov 21, 2018 56:38


A mystery abounds and Sarah is need of the Country P.I.'s skills (even though she doesn't really ask for them). Who is Spirit Fox? Someone with the same great idea, someone who thought it was a good idea, or are we dealing with a Mandela Effect? In World of Crazy: taco sweaters, haunted mirror, married to a hologram, kids do the darndest things. Ball Talk: GS Drama, Maroon 5 petition.

FER 2120: Wine Tasting for Schmucks

Nov 20, 2018 47:21


Somehow, Greg talked himself into going on Sarah's wine-tasting trip for her other job and the awkwardness started out quickly. From fancy tours, to telling someone wine tastes like 'band-aids', to running for hand-sanitizer, and the encounter with the velvet lady, there was a lot that happened. In the end, it leaves Sarah and Greg wondering...were they the actual schmucks?

FER 2119: David Koechner

Nov 16, 2018 33:59


GUEST: DAVID KOECHNER. The incredibly talented and hilarious David Koechner joined us today, in studio! David is at Helium Comedy Club here in Portland and we discussed everything from his iconic roles in Anchorman and The Office, to what it's like working with Bobcat Goldthwaite and Dana Gould. He also dispenses love advice, as only he can. David is seriously a treasure, get your tix and go see him. Also huge thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES for being a find sponsor!

FER 2118: Grapey Wine

Nov 16, 2018 40:07


An impending work adventure for Sarah means Greg wants to tag along. Wine-tasting is something that only one of them has experience with, but in true FER fashion, it's important to figure out how to 'game' the system. In World of Crazy: Corn-eating competition.

FER 2117: Babybell

Nov 15, 2018 38:34


Sarah X Dylan may have exactly what you're looking for! A diet that fits exactly what she wants to eat, AND can help our buddy lose weight and it involves...babybell cheese. Would you eat free street cheese? In World of Crazy: Monopoly, Evil Yoga, Dating App. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 2116: Threatin

Nov 14, 2018 38:28


Greg has found a new obsession and his name is Threatin, how to get away with something that big, Sabrina is making Satanists very mad, British lady who loves ghosts has a wedding offer, pantless man falls through Waffle House roof, and more - have a great day friends!! Thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES for sponsoring the show!

FER 2115: Live at the 2018 Portland Podcast Festival

Nov 13, 2018 41:41


GUESTS: PDX ALERTS. Thank you so much to everyone that attended the 2018 Portland Podcast Festival! What an incredible time. We recap the event and then play our live interview from on stage, with the elusive and amazing PDX Alerts!

FER 2114: Podfest Stress

Nov 9, 2018 41:23


Greg and Sarah are shells of themselves, but so excited and proud of the Portland Podcast Festival! It's happening this weekend, but we still have some World of Crazy and Ball Talk to deliver, in addition to the secret side of organizing festivals. Thanks so much everyone!

FER 2113: Big Boy Job

Nov 7, 2018 44:11


Guests: Todd Werkhoven and Mark Middleton. Greg and Sarah are both starting to rapidly unravel as the impending Podcast Festival approaches, what is the breaking point and crazy hair, and our pals Todd Werkoven & Mark Middleton from Portland at the Movies, The Mark & Toddcast, and Bins Worthy joined us to talk about memory metals, podfest, shopping at the Bins, and more - they are awesome! Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

FER 2112: HUMP!

Nov 7, 2018 45:34


We are starting to panic/prep for everything at the Portland Podcast Festival (get your tickets here!), what to do to fill time, and the delightful Bri Brey from Portland Mercury joined us to talk about the Hump! Festival that is happening starting Thursday - pick up your tickets and have a wonderful day!!

FER 2111: Greg Nibler's Funemployment Radio

Nov 5, 2018 50:49


It's been 9 years of Funemployment Radio, as of November 5th, 2018! Today we talk a little bit about the beginning of the show (through Greg's sickness), while also covering a bit of publicity they received for the Portland Podcast Festival on KPTV 12. What did Greg say though and how did Sarah feel about it? So much to unravel... In WoC: 106 year old Taco Bell, Puptern, Spoiled Endings. Thanks to everyone for all of your support!

FER 2110: Killer Under The Bed

Nov 1, 2018 32:44


Sarah saw the greatest Lifetime movie of all time and wanted to talk about it, killer voodoo doll, possessed puppets and high school drama, we are now vintage, and more - have a great night!

FER 2109: Hit and Run

Nov 1, 2018 49:05


Craziness happened yesterday, involving Greg's truck, a note, the police, an investigation and legitimate crime. A decision was made on which side to go with and the outcome still remains to be seen. You'll have to listen to find out, but let us know if you think Greg did the right thing! Also, Sarah provides some fantastic Halloween facts and pick up your tix to the PORTLAND PODCAST FESTIVAL!

FER 2108: Sword Fight

Oct 30, 2018 44:08


A weekend excursion on a boat, lead Greg right into a battle, in which his sword was taken from him... Actually, she just walked off with it at a pirate party on a yacht. In World of Crazy: Corpse Flower, Fake Teeth Stuck, Ghost Engagement. Get your tix to the 2018 Portland Podcast Festival!

FER 2107: Adam Ferrara

Oct 26, 2018 26:00


GUEST: ADAM FERRARA. Sarah is running solo today, with the one and only Adam Ferrara! Talk of the new album and how Adam is at Helium Comedy Club here in Portland tonight and tomorrow. Get your tix and don't forget to also pick up your tix for the PDX PODCAST FESTIVAL!

FER 2106: Hot Take

Oct 25, 2018 42:44


The venture into no man's land, leaves Greg nervous and Sarah curious about what may be lurking in the shadows. Plus, the term hot take is highly discouraged by her. In World of Crazy: Fire Spiders, Ghost Named Bill, Pooperintendent. Plus we announce our AMAZING GUESTS for the PORTLAND PODCAST FESTIVAL!! You'll have to listen to find out....also big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

2105: Sarah X Busted

Oct 24, 2018 48:05


The new schedule that Greg is on, has him seeing an entirely different world at the time of day that he's out. Animals, strange people and....ghosts? Also PDX Alerts tweets out something that may finally settle some bets that people have placed, of who would be the first to be blasted on their Twitter account after committing a crime! Is it a case of mistaken identity? In WOC: Chicken Trick, Cheese Advent, Airline Issue. Ball Talk: Dodgers, Booger. Thanks to PACIFIC PERKS COFFEE and get your tix for the PDX PODCAST FESTIVAL!

FER 2104: Separated At Birth

Oct 23, 2018 41:14


GUESTS: STEPH TOLEV and DEBRA DIGIOVANNI. The show starts off with Greg realizing that the show he watches about 'Coco' and 'Easy' is in fact...a soap opera about dudes on motorcycles and in a 'gang'. Then we are joined by comedians Steph Tolev and Debra DiGiovanni who are both at Curious Comedy Theater tonight! Get tix to see them! Also, they are Canadien. 

FER 2103: Tallsplaining

Oct 23, 2018 52:13


The experience of making a 'joke' on twitter has lead Greg down a bizarre path to a sub reddit that is all about....short people. Like people that take it VERY seriously, as opposed to him. Sarah explores the weird world of "tallsplaining". In World of Crazy: Nose warmers, Milk Vodka. Ball Talk: Dodgers. Get your tix to the PDX Podcast Festival now, as well!

FER 2102: Greg Proops

Oct 19, 2018 01:00:07


GUEST: GREG PROOPS. The incredibly fabulous, hilarious, and dapper Mr. Greg Proops stopped by our studio today! Greg has a new album out, and is on tour at Helium Comedy Club. We discuss everything from morning high jinks, to dapper cologne, to his performance for A Nightmare Before Christmas. Greg is the best!

FER 2101: Angry Little Man

Oct 19, 2018 35:43


** Previous file was posted with wrong episode** A million people have sent Greg the story about how small men are angry, he doesn't believe this to be true and gets angry about it, Sarah and the skin care girls, switching up the themes, and more - tomorrow on the show: Greg Proops! Have a great afternoon! Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 2100: Every Three Weeks

Oct 17, 2018 46:21


Sarah has a shocking admission about a 'procedure' that she has been going through on a regular basis. What is it and why is she doing it? You'll have to listen to find out. Also in World of Crazy: Houston, Spookeasy, Crackpipe. Ball Talk: LaVar Ball and so much more. Also, get your tix for the PDX Podcast Festival!

FER 2099: Chicken Pants

Oct 16, 2018 49:30


Gifts arrive from Australia and the most magical place in Florida, giving Greg and Sarah the classiest outfits of all time! Seriously, the are awesome. Also, Greg ruins the studio by cooking something gross, because he has no idea of how to act in an office. How many times can you sneeze in a row before it's too many? Plus get your tix to the PDX Podcast Festival and so much more!

FER 2098: Tut Tut

Oct 16, 2018 45:41


Sarah and the Macaroni and Cheese Festival may be a match made in heaven and Greg wants in on the action with "Sarah's Samples". (Mainly because he has a crippling fear of eating in front of people) In World of Crazy: A giant pizza in NY, you can be a cat lady as a job, don't eat Tide Pods (AGAIN), father vs. son vs. chainsaw vs. lawnmower, MLB update, and more - have a great afternoon! Huge thanks to PACIFIC PERKS COFFEE and their fine sponsorship of FER!


Oct 13, 2018 38:08


GUEST: STEVE TREVINO. We were joined by the extremely interesting and very funny Steve Trevino who talked with us about everything from growing up in a small town, to being hired by a Saudi Prince to come and perform - it's a great talk, and he'll be performing toight & tomorrow at Helium Comedy Club! Have a fantastic weekend!

FER 2096: Pacific Perks

Oct 12, 2018 43:35


GUESTS: Tristan and Natalie from PACIFIC PERKS. The show starts off with Greg admitting to childhood haggling at the expense of and ice cream company that donated to charity.... Then we are joined by Natalie and Tristan from PACIFIC PERKS! You all know Tristan of course (got to get the job done), but the history of Pacific Perks is fantastic. They want to find you a job! Check out the episode and huge thanks to them stepping on board as a sponsor.


FER 2095: Kell's Bells

Oct 10, 2018 57:53


Our good buddy Kelsey the Flight Attendant joined us to talk all things flying, what they really think when you take off your shoes on the plane, and the best/worst story about the most nightmare passenger she has ever had - have a great night all! 

FER 2094: Sarah's Birthday

Oct 9, 2018 33:28


Things are a bit topsy turvy in our world but by golly, we are going to keep on truckin', Sarah has turned 38 and what does that mean, Life numbers are weird, giant pumpkin, 1500-year-old sword, pot brownies for votes, and more - have a great evening all!

FER 2093: Spinster

Oct 9, 2018 46:36


Sarah X Dylan is in her last day of her 37th year, and she has come to a realization that she may be old enough to be called...a Spinster. Whatever the previously negative connotations, she is determined to take the word back! Also, Greg has a very big announcement about his work with Digital Trends. The question is though...what does he put in his cubicle? In Ball Talk: Dodgers, and a fight. Thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

FER 2092: Brad Williams

Oct 6, 2018 58:35


GUEST: Brad Williams. Today we were joined by Brad Williams, who is at Helium Comedy Club this weekend in Portland. Discussions range from a rock wrestling cruise, meeting famous wrestlers, Fred Durst, The Rock and a whole lot of amazing randomness. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 2091: Back Fence PDX

Oct 4, 2018 45:03


GUEST: B. Frayne Masters. Sarah has made a discovery regarding the mall and it seems to her, that times are changing. Also, was she complicit in a certain....crime when she was younger? Then we are joined by the incredible wonderful (and far more fashionable) B. Frayne Masters of Back Fence PDX! They have their 10th anniversary at Portland Center Stage, this Monday.

FER 2090: Rainbow Harvest

Oct 2, 2018 54:05


Sarah has fallen down the rabbit hole of a random actor from a horror movie that she has discovered on YouTube. The movie is called Mirror, Mirror,'s horrible. But, were you aware of The Elevator Game? However, there is a cult following surrounding Rainbow Harvest and it's fascinating. In World of Crazy: 375 Goats, Musical DNA, Tattoos for Arby's. Thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

FER 2089: Crystal Lady

Oct 2, 2018 47:39


Sarah's transformation into a 'rock girl/crystal lady' continues, with the latest addition to her collection. Apparently "spirits" will guide her... Also, Greg spent time on a boom lift and somehow didn't fall off...or do anything. In World of Crazy: Fortune Cookie Winner, Moose poop.

FER 2088: Dan Cummins

Sep 28, 2018 53:07


GUEST: DAN CUMMINS. Our buddy Dan Cummins of the Timesuck Podcast and comedian at Helium Comedy Club, stopped by today! Talk included sad animal paintings, crazy lizard people conspiracies, cult leaders, monatomic gold and so, so, much more. Dan is just awesome!

FER 2087: Clamdy Cane

Sep 27, 2018 37:31


Almost like an episode of It's Always Sunny, Greg and Sarah realize that something they have dreamed about and been inspired by associated with free breakfast, may in fact make them terrible people. It's a heartwarming coming to reality moment, about free eggs and shampoo. Also in WOC: Dalton, Mac and Cheese Candy Canes. Thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES

FER 2086: Food and Drink

Sep 26, 2018 58:21


GUEST: LIZ STEWART. Greg has kept himself up at night, with a ridiculous question that is as perplexing, as it is....strange. What kind of food and drink would you live with, for the rest of your life, if you could have no other? Then we are joined by Liz Stewart, to talk about her new comedy album, I'm Crowning! In World of Crazy: Scrabble, Muffin Challenge, Oregon Woman. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 2085 Part 2: Rick Emerson

Sep 26, 2018 01:11:38


GUEST: RICK EMERSON. Our buddy Rick Emerson joined us today to discuss "What's Rick Emerson been up to?". Turns out this radio veteran has been staring a lot at a tree in his backyard, pondering the deep questions in life, such as: when does one become a shut-in, where to move to in the world, awkwardness at parties, pretending to be human, drug questions, and so, so much more. It's so good, we split it into two parts! Also, big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

FER 2085 Part 1: Rick Emerson

Sep 25, 2018 43:32


GUEST: RICK EMERSON. Our buddy Rick Emerson joined us today to discuss "What's Rick Emerson been up to?". Turns out this radio veteran has been staring a lot at a tree in his backyard, pondering the deep questions in life, such as: when does one become a shut-in, where to move to in the world, awkwardness at parties, pretending to be human, drug questions, and so, so much more. It's so good, we split it into two parts! Also, big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

FER 2084: Most Likely To

Sep 21, 2018 51:03


Today: Greg discovers his upcoming weekend adventures, Sarah and the horrible card game, ghost children singing in the wind, ugly shoes are in, Beyonce practices witchcraft, predictions, and more - have a wonderful weekend all!

FER 2083: The Brian Grant Foundation

Sep 20, 2018 44:25


GUEST: KATRINA KAHL. Sarah is letting go of somethings that may or may not be important to her, how can you tell when you have too much stuff, the Cornhole Championships are tonight, and Katrina from The Brian Grant Foundation joined us to talk about charity work, Shake It Till We Make It, and Plates for Parkinson's, which is happening next Friday, September 28th! Have a great afternoon all!

FER 2082: Winky Eye

Sep 19, 2018 47:39


The continuing issue with Sarah's eye has expanded into a full blown crisis. What is causing it? Why won't it stop? Conspiracy theories abound! It's also, International Talk Like A Pirate Day and there are some 'truly fascinating' facts you'll need to know. Plus a brand new World of Crazy and in Ball Talk: FSU woes, Seattle Hockey Names, Greg's Bowlo De Super NFL prediction.

FER 2081: Merchant Du Vin

Sep 18, 2018 54:35


GUEST: RICK NICKERSON of MERCHANT DU VIN. Sarah is having a disturbing issue with an eye twitch, that turns into a 'scientific' uncovering of what the superstitions surrounding it mean. Then we are joined by Rick! Rick is an old friend and works for Merchant Du Vin, an importer of beers from very old breweries in Europe. One of them is a 10th generation brewery, one is from Trappist monks and a lot more! It's educational'll probably want a beer afterward. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE, as well!

FER 2080: Alaskan Cruise Adventure

Sep 17, 2018 01:29:46


From a tour of a prostitute museum, to a fight over pizza, our Alaskan Cruise Adventure was full of surprises! Today we'll cover everything that went down in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Victoria B.C., and so much more. Thanks for the time off, here's an extra long episode covering the highlights!

Best Of: W. Kamau Bell and Bremelo

Sep 14, 2018 54:53


On today's best of we replayed an interview with our pal Kamau, and Sarah tells us what life is like as a Bremelo!

Best Of: Eunice Tale

Sep 13, 2018 01:03:01


Today's best of involves Greg and his first encounter with the lady of his household... Eunice.

Best Of: Got To Get The Job Done and live SpaceX Launch

Sep 12, 2018 58:15


On today's Best Of: GOT TO GET THE JOB DONE GOT TO GET THE JOB DONE GOT TO GET THE JOB DONE! The story of the bone in the basement, plus the live reaction to the launch of Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket as it happened!

Best Of: Romancing The Spammer

Sep 11, 2018 55:55


Greg once turned his passion for trolling trolls, into an epic, somewhat disturbing series of letters, that became an actual album. That album was called Romancing The Spammer. This is the true and torrid tale of the romance between Chester Huntington III & Anita!

Best Of: Thanksgiving Juice and Sharky Poem

Sep 10, 2018 44:08


In this best of Greg admits to an addiction, and Sharky tells us all about the joys of Thanksgiving!

Best Of: Freezer Incident and Pigface Manboy

Sep 7, 2018 51:59


 Greg should never fix anything & the tale of the guy that was mean to us in our bowling league - PIG FACE MAN BOY!

Best Of: Origins of Butterman

Sep 6, 2018 01:07:35


Today's best-of regales you with the tale of the beginning of Butterman!

FER 2079: Crusin' with Caleb

Sep 4, 2018 52:10


GUEST: CALEB DENISON. A trip to the race track to ride in an Indy car is recapped by Greg today, as it was amazing and yet....he was a little out of his element. He also got to interview MARIO ANDRETTI! What's it like? He'll give you the details. Then Caleb Denison of Digital Trends joins! Freshly back from Germany, where he covered IFA for DT, Caleb fills Greg and Sarah in on how the cruise they will be going, actually works. What happens between workers and crew? Scandal with Bill Burr? A lot is covered.

FER 2078: Race Car Driver

Aug 31, 2018 50:09


An opportunity has arisen for Greg, from his work with The Manual that involves Indy Cars, a sports legend, and a potentially awkward interview, given Greg's complete lack of understanding about what he's talking about. Sarah attempts to help.

FER 2077: Real House Sarah

Aug 30, 2018 41:27


A night spent with Sarah's friend, leads her to some incredible insight into an entertainment ecosystem that was largely unfamiliar beforehand. With a startling recap and synopsis of the Real Housewives thing (trust me, it's not what you think), Sarah sheds light on something completely foreign to Greg. Complete with Sound Effects... Also, Greg is getting a shower speaker and it's really creepy. In WOC: Avocados All Day, Wet Willie, Samurai Swords. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 2076: Cruisin'

Aug 29, 2018 40:50


An informational segment about the horrors of the cruising lifestyle fill Sarah with dread, as Greg just 'tries to help'. Also, a dramatic reading of the worst bridesmaid in the history of the universe. Want to pay $1500? Plus big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

FER 2075: Tricerahops

Aug 28, 2018 48:04


GUEST: RYAN BRENTLEY from NINKASI. The FER Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament was a GIGANTIC success! Thanks to all the Brewers and everyone who came out, including enduring a bit of...drama... Then Sarah and Greg make a big announcement, after which we are joined by Ryan from Ninkasi! We talk all things their beers, do some sampling, and let you know about their great charity fundraising for FUNDS FOR FIREFIGHTERS! Thanks everyone!

FER 2074: FER Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament

Aug 24, 2018 33:41


A trip to the Trophy Store has blown Sarah's mind! There is a trophy on hand at the store, it involves hot dogs, and she must find a way to 'win' it. Also, Greg once got a participation trophy for karate. The FER Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament is this Sunday with 16 Brewers on hand! It's going to be great and we can't wait to see you there!

FER 2073: Just The Riff

Aug 23, 2018 46:31


Sarah has discovered some treasures along her recent walks and wants to share her finds with the world. Will here "lily white hands" be dirty as she follows the cooking instructions? OR will she learn the best riffs ever? Also, we have FER Sunglasses available at the Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament this Sunday! In World of Crazy: Mini-horses, NASA Fight, Into the Void. Thanks to Next Adventure!

FER 2072: S.K.A.

Aug 22, 2018 46:12


After becoming a 'crystal lady', Sarah now is having strange apocalyptic dreams about ska concerts in Africa. Did she foretell of an impending disaster involving people hating the color red? she just weird. In World of Crazy: Snake Pants, Pokemon Cards, Fake Cop. Ball Talk: Spanish Soccer, Raiders Jail. The FER BREWER'S CUP is this SUNDAY AUGUST 26TH at LANDMARK SALOON! Also pick up tix to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

FER 2071: Bland Man Burgers

Aug 21, 2018 40:48


Greg has decided it may be time to join the Portland Culinary Community, with his own restaurant targeted toward people with more simple tastes. He feels sauces are the scourge of food and believes others may agree with his refined pallet choices. In World of Crazy: Mexico, Dog Ice Cream, Future Sarah. Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

FER 2070: Zak Toscani

Aug 20, 2018 46:00


GUEST: ZAK TOSCANI. Before Zak joins us, Greg admits to a relapse into his potentially troubling video game obsessions that have now....upset animals. Then Zak hops on to talk about life in LA, headlining Helium Comedy Club, and recapping how his Twitter posts lead to Patton Oswalt, Jake Tapper, and about 600,000 other people to follow his thread. Big thanks to ROSE CITY COMIC CON, and don't forget to join us for the FER BREWER'S CUP!

FER 2069: Ween

Aug 17, 2018 39:04


Greg tries to explain the obsession with Ween, KFC launches a clothing line, nug life, chicken nugget pants, Michigan woman named Donna, stolen hot dogs, and more - have a wonderful weekend friends!

FER 2068: Matt Damon

Aug 16, 2018 37:39


GUESTS: Ben Harkins, Steven Wilber, Jason Lamb. Today: No, we did NOT have Matt Damon in-studio, however Sarah had a dream about him and it was really weird, then Jason Lamb, Ben Harkins, and Steven Wilber joined us to talk about comedy, karaoke, and their event Fake it til you Make It, happening tomorrow night at the Ape Theater! Then more weird Matt Damon stuff. Have a great day!

FER 2067: Burger Week

Aug 15, 2018 48:53


What is the policy on how much to eat at a restaurant and how much requires a box? It is the conundrum that Greg finds himself in, as he may have offended an establishment during Burger Week because he didn't finish his meal. It's annoying. We need your help. In World of Crazy: Stolen Ramen, Pooperintendent, Opera. Ball Talk: Baseball, Eagles Troll, Babestation. Thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES and ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

FER 2066: Portland Adult Soapbox Derby

Aug 15, 2018 44:28


Sarah is leaning into what she is ultimately going to be come as a "Crystal Lady". Then, we were joined today by Jason from Portland Adult Soapbox Derby to chat all things soapbox, Mt. Tabor, racing, and more - it's a lot of fun! Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES, as well!

FER 2065: Reservoir Dorks

Aug 13, 2018 49:37


After a weekend at the Reservoir, Sarah and Greg discuss the mystery filming project that they were a part of. They had some unlikely visitors that were next to them, offering advice, warnings, and a whole lot of confusion, in addition to a drowned drone. Plus in World of Crazy: scooter hate, Paris bathrooms. Ball Talk: Fake Steelers player, Tiger is back. Thanks to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

FER 2064: Chris Porter

Aug 10, 2018 40:48


GUEST: CHRIS PORTER. Chris is in town at Helium Comedy Club this weekend and he leads a fascinating life. From stories of performing on Kid Rock's cruise ship, to hanging out with Wayne Gretzky and Justin Verlander, it's a great interview. Go see him! Also, Greg plans on trying to get someone to let him on their boat, while camping this weekend. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 2063: Return of the Dock King

Aug 10, 2018 48:24


After a day spent 'acting', Sarah realizes that she is still the weird kid she was 20 years ago, sitting in the corner listening to her audio books. Also, Greg accidentally left the YouTube channel streaming. He is also returning to the site of his glory of youth, when he became the king of the dock. In WoC: Uncle Pokemon, Don't Try Too Hard. In Ball Talk: Gridiron Burger. Big thanks to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

FER 2062: Extra, Extra

Aug 7, 2018 50:56


Sarah has a big role tomorrow, but it's one she's a little unfamiliar with. Her skill of always getting camera time has her worried about becoming a meme because of her...odd style of clapping hands. In World of Crazy: German Metal, Giant Spider, Haunted Asylum. Ghost Baby. Ball Talk: Diamond Tooth. Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES!

FER 2061: Drink Tickets

Aug 6, 2018 52:54


The Soulful Giving Blanket Concert was amazing, but an interaction with former Portland Trail Blazers, Brian Grant could be what really stood out from the last weekend. Sarah did the most Sarah thing ever and we all got to witness it. Plus a limo ride, and Pergolatory is now a thing. In WOC: Amish Uber, Great Wall, Grilling Officer, Toothpaste. Ball Talk: DJ fight. The FER BREWER'S CUP is AUGUST 26TH! Also MAKER'S MARK is the fine sponsor of the PORTLAND PODCAST FESTIVAL!

FER 2060: The Whitest Kids U' Know

Aug 3, 2018 49:56


GUESTS: TREVOR MOORE, SAM BROWN, DARREN TRUMETER. 3 of the 5 members of The Whitest Kids U' Know joined us today! They are in town for Helium Comedy Club and we talked about everything from the show, which boy band member they would be, David Bowie's diet and what the future of the group is. Then we discuss the impending limo ride that Sarah and Greg will be taking for the Soulful Giving Foundation and what roles they should be playing for it. Thanks for listening and to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

FER 2059: Sarah vs Bird Man

Aug 2, 2018 45:31


A "controversial" Instagram post by Sarah X Dylan has resulted in some backlash online from the bird community. Was her bird shaming post a just and proper scolding of a Portland group, or is she about to face the backlash that she didn't see coming? We need your thoughts! Plus, she has a burrito in a mason jar. In World of Crazy: Space Needle, Leftovers, Rick & Morty. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!


FER 2058: Death Whistle

Aug 2, 2018 50:48


A late night discovery by Greg leads to some nightmares and a history lesson regarding the Aztecs. Seriously, it's weird! In World of Crazy: Port St. Lucie, Twins, Costco, cutting, Sasquatch. Big thanks to Rose City Comic Con and Black's Pest Services!

FER 2057: Return of Wall Man - Part 2

Jul 31, 2018 45:17


The saga continues today, as more is revealed about the history and inevitable decline of Wall Man, the person Greg believes to be living in the walls of Sarah's apartment complex. There are some dark turns today, as the paintings that have been appearing in the basement have revealed. Greg just insane. Also, a man tells Sarah that world is ending, outside of the grocery store. Thanks to Rose City Comic Con for sponsoring today's episode!

FER 2056: Return of Wall Man - Part 1

Jul 30, 2018 54:10


New developments at Sarah's apartment complex, have lead to a resurgence in the theory of The Wall Man! Is he communicating again? The paintings lead us to believe so and the story is sad, yet inspiring. Or something. Part 2 is tomorrow! In WOC: Japanese Ads, McDonald's Money, Pooperintendent. Ball Talk: Lawson Craddock. Thanks to ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

FER 2055: Bobby Lee

Jul 27, 2018 56:48


GUEST: BOBBY LEE. Today we had our long time friend, Mr. Bobby Lee in studio! Bobby is funny, successful, weird and all of the things we love. He's gives us secret information, takes a call and so much more. Seriously...he's awesome. Check him on Splitting Up Together and this weekend at Helium Comedy Club! Big thanks to BLACK'S PEST SERVICES and ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

FER 2054: We All Float

Jul 26, 2018 49:06


After a day off, Greg and Sarah recount the excitement and dangers of floating down a river. Greg also believes he has a superior stroking technique, compared to Sarah's 'front stroke'. In World of Crazy: Stink Sack, Toad Lick, Judgement Free Zone. Ball Talk: Vince Carter. Also, follow a strange personal drama that unfolded on Facebook (not us). Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE, BLACK'S PEST SERVICES, and ROSE CITY COMIC CON!

FER 2053: Soulful Giving

Jul 25, 2018 54:42


GUESTS: LINDA YOSHIDA and STACI SIGALA. We are joined by Linda and Staci at the top of the show, to talk about the Soulful Giving Foundation! It's an incredible event with 100% of the proceeds going to help fight cancer. Plus....drinking on an estate, so it's magical! Then, Sarah receives some SHOCKING news. She's had an identity to herself, her entire life. But now...she finds out she isn't exactly who she thought she was. Will she have to change her diet and holidays?

FER 2052: Pool Greg

Jul 25, 2018 43:30


Sarah is imploring Greg to take a break, because he's stressing out too much. What that means is she wants him to go to a pool to doesn't work for him. Also, a contest has begun! Details are in the show, but we NEED YOUR HELP. In World of Crazy: Blood Moon, Cat Mayor, Spaghetti Bandit. Ball Talk: LeBron DMV. Big thanks to Rose City Comic Con!

FER 2051: Juice Eyes

Jul 21, 2018 37:28


Today: Greg fell off of the juice wagon today and was in full juice effect, Sarah is working a wedding and Greg wants to try to go, faking bartending, Costco sausages, Godsister is confusing, anchor in a chicken fight, and more - have a great weekend all!

FER 2050: Sure Enough

Jul 20, 2018 50:00


Sarah is super duper excited to maybe meet Kyle Maclachlan again today at a wine tasting, how do you act and what do you call him, being an extra and an actor, Powerball win, Brady Bunch house, interesting coffin, got yer nose, NBA soap opera, and more - have a great afternoon! Also a huge thank you to our new sponsor, Rose City Comic Con!

FER 2049: Black's Pest Services

Jul 19, 2018 01:07:18


GUESTS: BERNARD and DEREK. Sarah starts the show off celebrating her very special occasion: National Hot Dog Day! She delivers a plethora of Hot Dog Facts to celebrate with. Then we are joined by Bernard and Derek of BLACK'S PEST SERVICES! They are our wonderful new sponsor, who explain the fascinating world of ants, the gross world of rats, the incredible world of pats and are all around awesome people!

FER 2048: Superheroes

Jul 17, 2018 40:18


After seeing a posting on Nextdoor, Greg is convinced that he has what it takes to join forces with a neighborhood superhero group. Would The Raven make an excellent vigilante addition? Or is her more peeper, than helper? In WOC: Arizona Man, Squirrel Burglar, Heat makes you dumb. Our new sponsor BLACK'S PEST SERVICE is announced as well!

FER 2047: Jay Larson

Jul 14, 2018 34:24


GUEST: JAY LARSON. After a recap of Sarah's first day at Tropical Summer X: Return to Stripper Soup and the shocking way she snitched on herself, we are joined by Jay Larson! You know Jay from his standup comedy, The Crabfeast podcast, and his TV and movie appearances. He's at Helium Comedy Club this weekend, so get your tix now! 

FER 2046: Tropical Summer X

Jul 13, 2018 45:53


Sarah is excited about the 10-year anniversary of her fake-living at an apartment complex! From Stripper Soup to Douchebag Stew, we cover the depths and history of the infamous Tropical Summer pool. Will she finally get caught? We run through some scenarios of how she can maintain her ultimate grift.

FER 2045: Las Gregas

Jul 12, 2018 44:39


A change at Greg's house means he's either having a crisis, or a new era has begun. A name will be needed for his new shed thing that will define who he his. Will it be The Nib-Hole? Las Gregas? Ratio? We'll see. Also, Greg and Sarah apologize for eating the Mediterranean plate last night.... In WOC: Nature's Bag. Ball Talk: LeBron Pizza Party.

FER 2044: Mr. Flavel

Jul 11, 2018 54:18


A day off at the Oregon Coast has given Greg some insight into what has and hasn't changed. Coasties are the same, but what crime DID the guy commit?!? Also, a stop in Astoria leads to a visit to the Flavel House Mansion in Astoria. The museum itself is fascinating, but what Greg can do with the person is a whole different deal. We'll be judges for Portland's Funniest Person competition at Helium Comedy Club tonight, as well! Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE, our fine sponsor!

FER 2043: Rat Trap

Jul 7, 2018 25:23


The plot is rapidly thickening regarding the neighbor issues. Is there a bigger conspiracy at work? Who is behind the madness and should Greg pursue this any further? All this is discussed and we need your help, as the story of the Rat Trap unfolds!

FER 2042: Duke Nibler

Jul 6, 2018 46:31


A shocking revelation from a new law in the UK has Greg under the impression that his "incredible" idea for snitch tickets has been stolen! It's obvious and only a phone call from the Queen and some kind of Duke or Knight title will suffice. Sarah also discusses her strange past of sweat remedies. In WOC: Fireworks, Hot Dog Record, Time Warp. Ball Talk: Joey Chestnut, World Cup. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 2041: International Greg Day

Jul 3, 2018 58:01


Happy International Greg Day!'s Greg's birthday. Other than that, we give a complete wrap-up of what it's like to experience Bremerton as an outsider! From malt liquor in cars, famous twins, to attending Sarah's 20-year High School Reunion, it's pretty insane. Big thanks to Next Adventure for sponsoring FER!

FER 2040: Bremelo Rules

Jun 30, 2018 52:41


GUEST: MOSES STORM. Greg is getting ready to head to the rough streets of Bremerton, Washington and needs some hints on how to act. Does he need a jean jacket? Switchblade? Sarah helps out with tips on how to "Talk like a Bremelo". Also, we are joined by Moses Storm! Moses is at Helium Comedy Club and has some great stories about his amazing career.

FER 2039: The Angry Guy

Jun 29, 2018 53:23


A new heel has arisen in the Cornhole League that Sarah and Greg are a part of and he must get a name. Oh boy, does he get one. Also, how do you handle bullies? Plus and update on the 'Rat Field' that Greg s dealing with. In WOC: Sarah has an INCREDIBLE idea to speed up Fast Food orders. In Ball Talk: Uruguay and the Beavers are winning.

FER 2038: Glamorous Sarah and a Bitcoin Millionaire

Jun 28, 2018 40:03


With a 20-year High School Reunion on the horizon, Sarah must prepare herself to be 'glamorous' and is going to get eyelashes put on by a friend...for free. Greg has his own home beauty products to offer, plus would like to bring a cape and cane to the party, in addition to a pep up speech. It's going to be AMAZING!

FER 2037: Portland Pickles

Jun 27, 2018 46:27


GUESTS: JEREMIAH COUGHLAN and JAKE SILBERMAN. Greg may have further added to the file that he assuredly has at his gym. He swears he is NOT a 'starer guy', but isn't that what someone who is, says? Then we are joined by Jeremiah and Jake, hosts of Brine Time, a podcast about the Portland Pickles! The Pickles are a baseball team here and we have a great talk about what they do. Thanks for tuning in!

FER 2036: Serial Mustache

Jun 26, 2018 47:06


A recap of our extremely Portland weekend of Hump Festival and then emceeing the Rose City Beard and Mustache Competition is on tap to start the day off! Both were great and huge thanks to the Portland Beardsmen for bringing us on board for a 3rd year! Then we discuss the instances of a specific kind of mustache and what it might mean... Then in World of Crazy: International Tag, Hot Dog Water, Snake Noodle. Ball Talk: Uruguay, OSU Baseball. Huge thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE too!

FER 2035: Food Monster

Jun 22, 2018 37:30


Sarah is starting to worry about her upcoming High School reunion and realizes that her public perception on Facebook may be oriented towards....being a food monster. Pizzaburger hotdog. In World of Crazy: World Record, Dog Driving, Florida Man. Thanks everyone for listening!

FER 2034: Summer Sale

Jun 21, 2018 50:22


A documentary about chickens has captured Greg's attention and we think it will for you too. Chicken People is both great and.....sad? It's great. Sarah is also back to watching horrifying Lifetime movies. In World of Crazy: Nickelodeon, Dog Mayor, Don't Take An AC. Ball Talk: OSUBB, World Cup BK on VK, Russian Beer, Team Japan. Plus, our brand new "Summer Sale" ad, that you'll have to hear to believe....there's a camel involved.

FER 2033: HUMP!

Jun 20, 2018 49:48


GUEST: Bri from Portland Mercury. We start off today with discussion of Greg and Sarah emceeing the Rose City Beard and Mustache Competition. As it is their third year in a row, the opening 'ceremonies' need to be discussed. This year's potential theme: Adventure! Then we are joined by Bri Brey from the Portland Mercury to discuss the Hump! Film Festival. This magnificent event is this weekend here and Bri tells us all about what goes into it, some of the films and some of the history. Get your tix to both!

FER 2032: Russian Meth Vampire

Jun 20, 2018 01:04:49


GUEST: AARON DURAN. Direct from Geek In The City, Aaron joins us for today's episode! Talk ranges from a recap of the FER Experience this weekend and a summation of the "Rat Diagram" that Greg presented. There is a new possible monster next door and it's creepier than ever. In World of Crazy: Body Worlds, Florida Man, Bothell Hell House. Ball Talk: World Cup, Mystic Marcus. Go see Aaron at Nerd Communion, also thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE! 

FER 2031: Niblerburg vs. Dylanshire

Jun 15, 2018 47:02


What starts out as Greg's professed love for something he used to be addicted to (a video game, that is basically all of his dreams in one) turns into a debate about what would happened if a Ghost Town is purchased. Lone Pine is for sale, but Greg and Sarah have competing views on what should happen. It's Niblerburg vs. Dylanshire!

FER 2030: Reality Greg

Jun 14, 2018 45:16


The past few weeks have added up and now Greg believes he needs to take a new direction in his life. From dealing with the "rat neighbors" to getting rear-ended in an accident, it's time for something drastic...cameras. Everywhere, cameras. In Ball Talk: World Cup fever has taken over, but it's a cat named Achilles that is the star! Also, how many Gregs are in a mile?

FER 2029: Mark Geary

Jun 13, 2018 56:45


GUEST: MARK GEARY. The day starts of with a harrowing tale of survival and terror, that Greg experienced the previous night. While merely going about a relaxing task, he was confronted with.....the rat. Will he ever recover, or is he a giant baby? Then we are joined by the fantastic musician and friend of the show, Mark Geary! Mark is incredible, plays us a song, and even gives us some World Cup advice. Then Sarah comes back with....#ratfacts. Ew. 

FER 2028: The Club

Jun 12, 2018 52:20


GUESTS: Portland Beardsmen, Danny and Maddie. Sarah was invited to join a very exclusive club recently, but she's not sure if it's really an exciting thing, or...not. The Big Butt Club is apparently real and she may be an elder stateswoman in it. Then we are joined by Danny and Maddie from the Portland Beardsmen to talk about the 4th Annual Rose City Beard and Mustache Competition! Greg and Sarah will once again be emceeing this fantastic event for charity!

FER 2027: The Lawn

Jun 11, 2018 38:32


Today: Is Greg projecting about his life through his yardwork, filling in the holes, having a green thumb and what does it represent, pizza bouquets and flowers, don't wear bright orange to a robbery, Lebron is on the loose, and more - have a great day all!

FER 2026: Flea Market

Jun 8, 2018 48:22


Sarah may have found a new career as a Flee Market Lady, however, her skills at haggling are severely lacking. How would she dress and what would she sell, or even be able to sell? Also, we take a moment to say goodbye to Anthony Bourdain, one of Greg's favorites. If you even need help, please reach out. In World of Crazy: Canada Woman, Pawn Shop, Eyeballs. Congrats on the Capitals for winning the Stanley Cup.

FER 2025: Mobile Hoarding Unit

Jun 7, 2018 48:00


A wonderful methy present showed up outside of Greg's door this morning and he had no idea, he might become famous because of it! Well, actually, this person is already famous on Reddit. The Orange Van is a sight to be seen and you'll need to check out the pictures to get the whole portrait of what is going on. What is in the bags? Is a Machete involved? All will be revealed!

FER 2024: Courage Courage

Jun 6, 2018 54:38


A band has stolen the name of Greg's and ordinarily he would know what to do but unfortunately....there is a twist. Also a big change has happened in his life. It was an awkward experience, it involved going somewhere he doesn't go, but in the end it was one of most exciting things ever and he gets to hunt wholly mammoths! In WOC: Australian Man, Ball Talk: Mexican World Cup. Pick up your tix for the FER EXPERIENCE on June 17th now!

FER 2023: Mogwai Aren't Wearing Pants?

Jun 5, 2018 56:05


From involvement in a hit and run (receiving end), to disturbing the new restaurant neighbors, Greg has been busy. Other discussions include, which would you rather have as a pet/friend? A Mogwai, an Ewok, or an E.T.? In World of Crazy: Free Roaming Chicken, Oyster Contest, Kit-Kat being eaten wrong. It's a wild show today!

FER 2022: Valley of the Dolls

Jun 5, 2018 56:20


A highly disturbing find from Sarah's past, reveals ever so much about her childhood. With her friends Tickles, Big Sarah and Big Heather, she apparently learned how to dance with dolls. This sounds made up, but seriously....she really did all of that. In WOC: 30 year-old movies out, Canadian Peacocks, Time Traveler. Ball Talk: LeBron Mad, Russell Wilson to Portland. Thanks all!

FER 2021: Twin Geeks

Jun 1, 2018 50:57


Sarah's favorite show of all time Twin Peaks is the topic, as she explains to non-Twin Peaks fans (Greg) what the show is actually about. She is VERY passionate about the show and is even visiting some of the locations this weekend. In Ball Talk: JR Smith screws up, and Russell Wilson is in for Portland Baseball.

FER 2020: Sweet Dreams

May 31, 2018 45:41


Greg has a strange experience and decided to write about it, the child and the resort and the magical pictures, what does water mean, unbearable body odor, meat candles that you can buy, the mystery of the Loch Ness monster gets closer to being solved, and more - have a great afternoon friends! Don't forget to check out our amazing friends, Next Adventure, this Sunday at the 8th Annual Summer Splash!

FER 2019: Cupholder

May 30, 2018 51:30


An incident at the movie theater, has convinced Greg he righted a wrong. However, it could more like he's a jerk to children... Also, Weird Al is awesome! In World of Crazy: Cheese Roll, Spam Recall, Snoop Dogg, Florida Man Florida Woman. In Ball Talk: Vegas Golden Knights fever, Colangelo Twitter. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 2018: The Zombie Who Cried Human

May 25, 2018 44:11


We are so excited to announce that Greg and Sarah have narrated an audio book for Cemetery Dance Publications, that is not on sale in Audible and Amazon! From Brian Freeman and Glenn Chadbourne, it's a children's zombie book and currently number one! Also, Greg is going to see his hero, Weird Al tonight and Sarah has a cheese-filled World of Crazy. Thanks for listening!

FER 2017: Wait....What?

May 24, 2018 50:21


GUESTS: ISAAC PENDERGRASS and MARTIN LENDAHLS. Sarah is paranoid that people are trying to peak into her apartment, from outside. However, is it because of something she is doing and why do her neighbors seem annoyed with her? Then we are joined by Isaac and Martin to talk about 'Wait...What?', their new Comedy Game Show at Helium Comedy Club tonight! In WOC: Cheeto Fight, Mayo, Which chips do you bring to a BBQ?

FER 2016: Mayor Nibler

May 24, 2018 46:58


A political run may be in the future for Greg, according to him, with his platforms of snitch tickets now being expanded upon. While real work would be delegated, Sarah needs to question him about all of the myriad potential scandals that may pop up due to his sordid past (no shoes on a plane). In World of Crazy: Shoplifting Cop, 30-Year-Old won't leave home. Also, we'll be hosting the 4th Annual Rose City Beard and Mustache Competition!

FER 2015: Ask Me Anything

May 22, 2018 45:14


Greg and Sarah just finished their first ever Reddit AMA for the Portland subreddit and it was....awesome! We'll go over some of our answers from it, including whether Sarah told the truth about the 'taco question'. So much fun though, thanks to everyone who joined in! Also in World of Crazy: Rubber Chicken, After Hours Club, Cake Trouble, Hot Dogs. Thanks everyone!

FER 2014: Little Big Man

May 21, 2018 49:39


On Friday night, Greg met a rapper that he used to listen to on the bus, as a kid. From rural Oregon, to a strip club in Portland, it's Greg's Bushwick Bill journey! in WOC: iPhone Dumbbell, Salty Playdough, Florida Woman. Join us for our Reddit AMA on Tuesday May 22nd at 10am PDT!

FER 2013: My Chemical Peel Romance

May 18, 2018 50:22


Sarah worked her side job last night and was tipped in the most bizarre way possible. Now she must decide what it means for her appearance, what the procedure would be like and whether or not she should use it/how it works. Along the way, she destroys Greg and makes him look like the villainous monster he is. Don't forget to vote for FER in the Willamette Week Reader's Poll!

FER 2012: The Royal Wedding

May 17, 2018 46:41


Greg and Sarah are kind of confused as to why a royal wedding is a big deal, what it means and how British people see it, weird branded items for the occasion, parrot fight, NYC spaceship condo, free butler, Michael Jordan, and more - have a great afternoon friends! 

FER 2011: Yanny Laurel

May 16, 2018 45:55


Yes it's the latest internet phenomenon, but we have to delve into it as clearly something is wrong either Greg, or Sarah's hearing. The debate is intense, but let us know what you think! In World of Crazy: VW Sausages, Spicy Whiskey, Snake Pants, Tim Hortons...issues. Ball Talk: Baseball Fingers. Also, thank for nominating us for Best of Portland Podcast for Willamette Week! Please vote, it's much appreciated.

FER 2010: Reddit

May 15, 2018 53:26


Getting ready for a Reddit AMA is hard work and Sarah gets a crash course in answering rapid fire questions, courtesy of Greg and listeners! Also....apparently someone wants to watch her eat Hebrew National Hot Dogs. Then a surprise guest appearance from Greg's brother, Jeff!

FER 2009: Damien's House

May 14, 2018 43:01


Did Greg have an imaginary friend that no one else remembers? We've discussed the case of 'Damien' before, but the plot thickens, when he decided to visit the house where it all supposedly happened...and it'll have to listen to find out. Greg is haunted, or something. Also, in World of Crazy: Beer Fest, Found Feet, Laundry Sniffer.

FER 2008: Robot Overlords

May 11, 2018 44:13


Greg is challenging Sarah about her love for robots, what do the new robots sound like, Sarah could be a robot, garlic sauce in a giant jug, legless fugitive on the run, 65,000 text messages does not get you true love, and we just announced that we'll be doing an AMA on the Portland subreddit on Tuesday, May 22nd at 10am! Thanks for your support all, and have a wonderful weekend!

FER 2007: Hot Dog Lady

May 10, 2018 51:44


Do you know what Mukbang is? Sarah didn't either, but Greg thinks it's going to be a great way for them both to make a profit, with her 'new line' of videos eating hot dogs. It's a whole thing and we hope you'll want to watch it.... Plus, in WOC: Road Dimes, Microwave, Fancy Socks, Space Suits. Ball Talk: LaMarcus to Damian. Happy Birthday to Ace and Pick!

FER 2006: No Spoilers

May 9, 2018 46:45


GUEST: Barbara Gray. Today: Greg is accusing Sarah of potentially spoiling a book that they are both listening too. However, what she said included absolutely no details.... Then we are joined by Barbara Gray! Barbara is a fantastic comedian in PDX for the week, then recording her debut album in SLC, in two weeks. Finally Sarah takes a test to see if she is a "Fight or Flight" person. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for their fine sponsorship!

FER 2005: Teacher Appreciation

May 8, 2018 59:03


It's Teacher Appreciation Day and we discuss whether or not Greg and Sarah would make good, or terrible teachers. Greg recounts his 4th Grade Teacher that let him make arrowheads in class, while Sarah remembers her most embarrassing moment ever. In World of Crazy: Cheetos, Zombies, Ham Ice Cream. Plus watching This Is America from Donald Glover/Childish Gambino, and strange dreams.

FER 2004: Early Aughts

May 7, 2018 49:08


A comment on YouTube leads to a discussion of what the proper way to say the year 2018 is, along with other variations in pronunciations. Do you call it a "Soda", or a "Pop"? A "Sofa" or a "Couch"? In World of Crazy a world record is set for Big Mac eating. Plus...we scored during the Kentucky Derby!

FER 2003: Return of the Horse Dress

May 4, 2018 51:42


With the Kentucky Derby tomorrow, Sarah is very, very, excited that her Horse Dress gets to be broken out again, only for her to do battle with her nemesis, Other Horse Dress Girl. Greg decides he wants to be a "Horse Man" and takes several tests of facts, to see if he can pull off his new southern character for the Derby at Portland Meadows. In WOC: Snake Selfie, Star Wars Airport. Thanks everyone!

FER 2002: Two hours, fix it

May 3, 2018 47:36


A side job, with a nightmare named "Linda" struck Sarah last night, as she recounts the tale of two snaps, with "two hours" to fix it. It's pretty amazing. In WOC: The Matrix, Bank Robber, New Jersey Mystery. Squatch Watch: Big Red Eye. Thanks everyone for following and listening to Funemployment Radio!

FER 2001: Portland Beardsmen

May 2, 2018 39:54


GUESTS: Portland Beardsmen. Sarah got caught peeping on someone when they were standing right next to her, Greg and the window washer, and our buddies Ken & Clinton from the Portland Beardsmen joined us to talk about their charity event happening next Friday, May 11th - Beards & Roses! Thanks for listening, and have a great day friends!

FER 2000: FER2K

May 1, 2018 01:32:12


After 2000 episodes of Funemployment Radio, we are still going strong! On today's show, we have a couple of beers, reminisce about our origins, what's changed over all the years in radio and podcasts, our favorites comedy segments, and interviews both good and bad. Thank you for your support for us, this ones a little long and Greg gets a little emotional (after a couple of beers)! You all RAWK!

FER 1999: The Dandelion Man

Apr 30, 2018 51:34


A strange incident at Greg's house involving smoke alarms, combined with a yard that needs work, leaves him in fear of being labeled by neighborhood kids as "The Dandelion Man". What that means? It's complicated, but basically he's a weirdo. In World of Crazy: Short Shorts, Plastic Key, Underachiever Race, Cheetos. Thanks to all who tune in and check out the Funemployment Radio Supporters Club for more content!

FER 1998: Jazzercise

Apr 27, 2018 48:08


Figurative shiny objects are constantly distracting Sarah and her latest record has her contemplating a continuation of her own brand of exercise. The Jazzercise record is both entertaining and very.....suggestive. In World of Crazy: 3-ces, Ex Felon. Ball Talk: Baker Mayfield, Vegas Golden Knights. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1997: Flashback Life

Apr 26, 2018 48:33


GUEST: J. KEITH VAN STRAATEN. Sarah has a new plan to bring back 1998, with her new exercise routine based upon her previous Tae Bow fandom. We are also joined by J. Keith Van Straaten, who has a new podcast called Go Fact Yourself. 

FER 1996: Are You Effing With Me?

Apr 25, 2018 54:10


Did a ghost just yell profanity at us? We go further in depth with Bob's video from the Buckner Building in Whittier Alaska and there are more discoveries that are seriously messed up. Unless someone is messing with us. Before that we discuss the fact that Greg is inadvertently inviting everyone to play pool and now he looks like a creep. In World Of Crazy: World Ending, Kids and Clocks, Hugging a non-pregnant woman. Big thanks to Next Adventure!

FER 1995: Return from Alaska

Apr 24, 2018 58:19


We're back and we have some tales to tell! From the epic Courage show, the people of Alaska and how grateful we are to all who came up and followed along, to a VERY BIZARRE recording that our friend Bob got in Whittier, there is a lot to discuss. Did a ghost get captured on camera!? You'll need to listen to find out. Also, in World of Crazy: Motorcycle Intern, Snake Bear Shark, Stolen Fajitas. Thanks everyone!!

FER 1994: Live from Levi's Lounge

Apr 21, 2018 34:41


As part of the FER Alaska Adventure, we are live at Levi's Lounge, a very exclusive bar! (it's at Gavin's house). From a recap of our epic bar tour, to the most exciting prostitute fight ever witnessed, we are so excited to be here. Special Guest, Gavin (aka Billy Bob Courage) joins us as well, to discuss Courage inside jokes, the neighbor debacles of Anchorage and much more.

FER 1993: Live from Landmark Saloon

Apr 19, 2018 54:00


Recorded live at the Landmark Saloon on 04/14/18, this is our latest FER Experience show! The theme was Alaska, as that this is where we are right now. Preparations for flying, 'rules' of travel, Bigfoot, Otter Man and so much more is discussed. Plus a very special and awkward guest joins us! Big thanks to NOT YOUR FATHER'S MOUNTAIN ALE!

FER 1992: Smell The Coat

Apr 17, 2018 54:47


The trip to the Great North begins tomorrow, as FER heads to Alaska! We'll talk about Sarah's flying anxiety, Greg's plans to 'look cool' and what he needs to do to get ready for Courage. Sarah also thinks she'll be eaten by a bear. In World of Crazy: Plane Love. Ball Talk: MLB to PDX. New shows this week, all from Anchorage, Alaska!

FER 1991: A New Mystery

Apr 16, 2018 54:48


Something is happening in a neighborhood in Portland and it's time for Greg to get on the case...or is he the perp? It's hard to say, but the 'pooping bandit' is at it and theories abound. We also take a moment to acknowledge the passing of Art Bell. In World of Crazy: Guinness Book eating challenge, Hand Dryers, Cardboard Plate, Spider Burger. Thanks to Next Adventure for being a fine sponsor!

FER 1990: Springo

Apr 13, 2018 49:14


Greg has discovered his mission in life and it has to do (shockingly) with cheetos and video games, Bingo is tomorrow and we are super excited (!!), world's largest cinnamon roll is in Medford, winning the lottery from a dream, who is going to get the Stanley Cup, and more - have a great weekend, and we hope to see you tomorrow at Landmark Saloon for Bingo, brought to you by NYF Mountain Ale!!

FER 1989: Nut Dispenser

Apr 12, 2018 55:46


GUEST: ALEX GRUBARD. Greg is insanely jealous about the 'free stuff' that Sarah keeps getting from neighborhood places, that they both visit. What is the secret? Is it just the punchable face factor?! We also have a great interview with Alex Grubard! His show, Weeding Out The Stoned sounds hilarious and is at Helium Comedy Club on Sunday, April 15th! Also, what are the rules to opening and eating food, before you pay for it? It's a divided house and we'll get into it. Pick up your tix to the FER Experience at Landmark Saloon this Saturday, as well! Brought to you by NYF Mountain Ale!

FER 1988: Thrill Seekers

Apr 11, 2018 50:19


GUESTS: KERBY DARIUS and RISHI MATHUR. Sarah is finally paying attention to what Facebook thinks of her and....per it, she's kind of a desperate lady who is destined to by "swag or singles". Then we are joined by Kerby and and Rishi! They are in PDX for the first time, for the Rip City Comedy Show at Siren Theater on 4/15. Don't forget to pick up your tix to the FER Experience with Not Your Father's Mountain Ale, as well!

FER 1987: Chinook Winds 10

Apr 10, 2018 01:02:01


After returning from a weekend in Lincoln City, Sarah has realized that she is a casino 10....on a Monday at 2pm. Greg has a very disturbing dream where a "thing" shows up to watch and listen to him talk to himself. In World of Crazy: Queen Mary, Drug Wind, Brooklyn Cult. Ball Talk: Conor, Reporter Fight. Get your tix to the FER Experience at Landmark Saloon on 4/14 brought to you by NYF Mountain Ale!

FER 1986: Guys We F@#cked

Apr 6, 2018 35:12


GUESTS: KRYSTYNA HUTCHINSON & CORRINE FISHER. Today we were joined by the talented and hilarious duo Krystyna Hutchinson & Corinne Fisher, who together make up the super popular podcast 'Guys We F@#cked'. We chatted with them about podcasting, Portland, sex, reality shows, Macaulay Culkin, writing and book, and much more - they were great. Catch them all this weekend at Helium Comedy Club, and have a great afternoon!

FER 1985: Mashed Potato Aliens

Apr 5, 2018 42:58


A chat with Sarah reveals that her understanding of movies requires a one to two word description. This instantly turns into an awesome new 'movie game' that we will be using on April 14th at the FER Experience! Plus, Sarah has decided to become an internet phenomenon by....eating. Also, in World of Crazy: Burrito Day, Doga, Suitcase of Sausages and much more.

FER 1984: Poison Ivy

Apr 4, 2018 48:03


A new job has come in for Greg, that may allow him to utilize the "Boston Hat" he's always wanted to wear. Sarah also fills us in on some of the worst movies of the 90's and why she just can't quit them. In World of Crazy: Glitter Food, Hot Ham, Coconut Lottery. Ball Talk: Tournament of Champions conclusion. Join us for the FER Experience on April 14th at Landmark Saloon with NYF Mountain Ale!

FER 1983: Long Time, First Time

Apr 3, 2018 51:38


UNEDITED. This show started off normal, with Sarah discussing who got her sick, Greg talking about being a Private Investigator and strange movies. However, Sarah was sick and had to go home. So the show switched to Greg taking live calls and quite a variety they were. From a Trimet Bus Driver, to Mr. Pancakes, to a Sasquatch enthusiast fighting Squatch Shame, it was pretty ridiculous...and amazing. Get well Sarah! Also, it's completely unedited, with flaws and all!

FER 1982: Puppet Museum

Apr 2, 2018 57:02


A random discovery in Sellwood, Portland, Oregon, leads to an experience that may change Sarah's life, but makes so much sense. The Portland Puppet Museum is an actual thing and it's magical. However, will falling down the puppet train lead to Sarah eventually being the lady on the bus talking to her hand? Probably. In World of Crazy: Netflx, Pregnant, New Challenge. Ball Talk: Wolverines vs. Wildcats. Get your tix to the FER Experience as well, on 4/14 with NYF MOUNTAIN ALE!

FER 1981: Pranks

Mar 31, 2018 46:58


A realization has come over Greg that he may in fact have gone...too far in the past with his pranks and is now SUPER self-conscious about it. Yet will not stop talking about them and making shocking confessions. SHOCKING! Yikes. In Ball Talk, predictions are made and we talk about our event on April 14th!

FER 1980: Sarah Day

Mar 29, 2018 49:22


Episode 1980 corresponds with the year of birth for one Sarah X Dylan. As such, she has demanded that Greg read her 'manifesto' of sorts, exclaiming her incredibly well adjusted life and accomplishments. It's.....hard for Greg to do. Also, in World of Crazy: New Best Friend Fight, Lying Liar. Ball Talk: MLB World Series Prediction.

FER 1979: The Crow

Mar 28, 2018 49:29


A strange encounter outside of Greg's house feeds his paranoia over the last few days, regarding the crows in his neighborhood. Are they watching him? Also, what would you do with a group of crows at your command? In World of Crazy: Peeps Beer, Donut Shoes, Helicopter, 4 Wheel Beer, Aware Squirrels.

FER 1978: Rules of Sickness

Mar 27, 2018 54:42


Sarah returns while in the middle of her current run of 'sickness'. She is asking Greg to do her dishes, which pushes the boundary of what one may ask someone to do, when they are sick. How far is too far? In World of Crazy: Not My Pants, Tree Marriage, Fries, Easter Bunny. In Ball Talk: Sister Jean vs. Grandma Mary. Special episode in the FER Supporters Club Archive, too!

FER 1977: Greg Day

Mar 23, 2018 45:09


Our show has finally caught up to Greg, in that our episodes now number his birth year! That's a lot of episodes....and a lot of years. Sarah does her best to make him feel it, as we also discuss his increasing issue with drinking (juice). In WOC: Mr. Rogers Stamp, Leg Love, Jesus Steals Pizza, Stolen 96K. Ball Talk: TOC and Crying Fans. Don't forget the NEXT ADVENTURE Spring Warehouse Sale is this weekend!

FER 1976: Shut In

Mar 23, 2018 56:21


After all of this time, Sarah may finally be coming to the realization that her destiny of becoming a shut-in has arrived. The signs were all there, as Greg accurately points out. In World of Crazy: Clarissa Explains It All, Stolen Meat, Cheese Shampoo. Ball Talk: Tournament of Champions!

FER 1975: The Finger

Mar 22, 2018 43:17


An altercation on the drive to work, leaves Greg ready to make his case that it was clearly Car Number 3's fault. Also, he may actually know this person, which will make the finger incident all the more regrettable. In World of Crazy: Luck Yeah, Ketchup Slice, Cow Artist, Homer Simpson ID, Breakfast Sandwich. Huge thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE with their SPRING WAREHOUSE SALE!

FER 1974: Jury Duty with Todd

Mar 20, 2018 53:17


GUEST: Todd Armstrong. Greg is back after a day off and recovering from a paintball experience over the weekend. He was betrayed by a friend, harassed by 12 year-olds and may have a concussion...but it was awesome! Then Todd joins us to discuss his new show Jury Duty at Helium Comedy Club, what it's like being a new Dad and the Undertow Comedy Festival in Lincoln City!

FER 1973: Fake It Till You Make It

Mar 16, 2018 47:25


GUESTS: Steven Wilber and Jason Lamb. The recent gift of a sword to Greg may have gone to his head, as he now has an undeserved sense of entitlement. Also, Sarah wants to go to a Renfair and they need someone to take them. In WOC: Ethlete and Samurai Sword. We are then joined by Steven and Jason to talk about their new karaoke comedy event called Fake It Till You Make It! 

FER 1972: Paint Balls

Mar 15, 2018 48:15


An outing to compete in Paint Ball has Greg nervous about a winning strategy, confused about what he has to do and most of all....concerned about his "body" safety. In World of Crazy: Grandma Stinky, Beer and Chips Long Life, Hired Assassin. In Ball Talk: TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS!

FER 1971: Street Water

Mar 14, 2018 47:54


The Street Yogurt incident of Winter '16 has come back into the fray, as Sarah's encounter with potential Street Water has Greg upset that she won't tell him where it is. A moral quandary is brought up, as to what to do. We also say goodbye to Stephen Hawking, an incredible mind. In World of Crazy: Pizza motivation, Pie Day, Tomato Can Attack, UFOs. Ball Talk: Tournament of Champions

FER 1970: Crab Racing

Mar 14, 2018 54:14


A small town Oregon tradition has Sarah aghast and Greg confused, since he's used to strange things. Racing Crabs is a past time and it's similar to a lot of strange festivals around the country. In World of Crazy: Chicken Nuggets, Drunk Bride, Forklift, Bacon Burger, Time Traveler. Ball Talk: Evan Turner, Tournament of Champions. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1969: Granola Bar Part 2

Mar 13, 2018 57:03


Attempting to be a nice guy, may have backfired or Greg, upon dishing out a granola bar this morning to a woman talking to herself. We also recap our very interesting #tylerhenry experience at Chinook Winds. In World of Crazy: California Bill, Stolen Bras, Hamburger Mary's, Beaver Cheer. Ball Talk: Sherman, OSU Baseball, Tournament of Champions.

FER 1968: FERSC-ya

Mar 10, 2018 46:30


Satan's School for Girls is the topic today, as Sarah recounts her latest obsession. Does it make sense? No. But it's highly entertaining. Also a new catchphrase is developed, that may be deleted forever. In World o Crazy: Instagram Doctor, Pancake Pants, Medical Meth, Drunk Amazon. In Ball Talk: The Tournament of Champions is open for business!


Mar 9, 2018 50:08


Our friend has done the unthinkable and gifted Greg...a sword. It's changing his perspective on the world and we should all be afraid of hi accidentally cutting himself. Also we received tickets to a Psychic this weekend! Both Greg and Sarah are apprehensive, but excited about the show. Also, there is a need to form their own partnership to 'save' the people in line. In WOC: Laughing Alexa, Cake Dogs, Pizza Shoes. Ball Talk: Ichiro, Tournament of Champions.

FER 1966: Powerwalk Social Club

Mar 8, 2018 01:01:11


GUESTS: AUNTY DONNA. Sarah is entering her mid-years and is unabashedly a fan of matching track suits and powerwalking. This clearly means Greg needs to take charge, to find a way to profit. Then we are joined by Broden and Zachary from Aunty Donna. The Aussie comedy troupe is in Portland tonight and in a phone conversation with Greg, they tried to take him off course and break him with karate. In WOC: Alexa mocks us, Brewdog, Meddling Time Traveler.

FER 1965: Grocery Friend

Mar 7, 2018 48:54


An employee of Greg's local grocery store seems to absolutely love everyone but him. Working through his options to change his mind, the actual truth is revealed. Also, did Sarah's favorite baristas quit because she was TOO friendly? In World of Crazy: 32 Year-old in Dorm, Cheesefest, Flippy Robot, Man Plane. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1964: Cheetos Rage

Mar 3, 2018 34:17


It's a shameful day for Greg Nibler, as an inadvertent display of a loss of control, has left him reeling. How did he get to this point in his life? In World of Crazy: $1600 Uber Ride, KFC Gravy Blight, Twitter, Pretending To Be Asleep. Thanks so much and check out the FER Supporters Club!

FER 1963: Mormon and The Meth-Head

Mar 2, 2018 49:14


GUESTS: Jessa Reed & Aaron Woodall. The show begins with a discussion about how real life is now basically a Lifetime movie, or at least that's how Sarah views it. Plus, she may be planning to murder Greg and he's just uncovered it and most go on the run. Then Jessa and Aaron join us to talk about their awesome new show Mormon and The Meth-Head and all the other amazing things they do! They're hilarious and awesome.

FER 1962: Rabbit Rabbit

Mar 1, 2018 57:33


Superstitions abound in this episode, as we go deep with Sarah's strange obsessions. Also, did you know Rabbit Rabbit was a thing? Greg didn't, nor was he aware of several of the ones on our list. Also, in World of Crazy: Meatballs, Klubb Nekat, Concerned Linda. We also announce our new FER Supporters Club! Get your pin now!

FER 1961: Singing Telegram

Feb 28, 2018 01:00:44


Singing Telegrams are apparently still a thing and it's clearly something Greg would excel at (in his mind). We go through what the options are and work out Sarah's role. This leads into Greg crashing her upcoming High School Reunion. In World of Crazy: Elvis Presley, ATV Chase, Meat Pants, Florida Woman. Ball Talk: Curling. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!!

FER 1960: Hoarder

Feb 27, 2018 44:07


How many pairs of shoes are too many pairs of shoes? Sarah angrily confronts her potential hoarding demons, while Greg wonders when she crossed the line. Also, but thanks to everyone who came to the FER Experience event, with Not Your Mom's Iced Tea! We learn about a new gang and decide what our name would be. In WOC: Drug Amnesty Box, Volume Fight, Valentine's Card.

FER 1959: Steve Byrne

Feb 24, 2018 57:41


GUEST: STEVE BYRNE. Steve is at Helium Comedy Club this weekend and is an all around awesome guy! We discuss touring, favorite bars, his new stand up special, his series with Vince Vaughn and many other things. Also, Greg is now obsessed with becoming a Treasure Hunter and Sarah is forming a rival group. In Ball Talk: Olympics Tutus, Hug a Canadian. See you on Saturday at Landmark Saloon for the FER Experience with Not Your Mom's Iced Tea!

FER 1958: Haunted Apartment

Feb 23, 2018 52:35


Strange noises and possible hallucinations have been happening at Sarah's apartment, ever since Frankie took the sink out. Is it a ghost? Is it the Wallman? Is she crazy? We're looking for answers. In World of Crazy: KFC, Designer plastic bag, worst fight, skunk fire. Ball Talk: USA Women's Hockey, USA Curling, Mr. T. Joins us 2/24/28 at Landmark Saloon for FER Bingo and Experience with Not Your Mom's Iced Tea!

FER 1957: Lifetime Sarah

Feb 21, 2018 01:01:41


Sarah's obsession with Lifetime movies and the 90's in general is something that needs to be addressed. In the process, we learn that the movies are FAR more dark that originally thought, which explains her paranoia of the world. In World of Crazy: Corndog attack, Chicken Cop, Raccoon Cafe. Ball Talk: Figure Skating controversy, Skier cheater, Women's Hockey. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE and we'll see you at the FER EXPERIENCE this Saturday with NOT YOUR MOM'S ICED TEA!

FER 1956: Mixed Medications

Feb 20, 2018 01:12:24


A Bus Lady is either a secret genius, or legitimately crazy. Either way, she made Sarah's ride more enjoyable and Greg now has a....hero? In our FERAdventure to Seattle, we went to the Jim Henson Imagination Unlimited exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPop)! It was a great experience. WE also have an Instagram argument, in WOC: KFC Chicken Shortage, Bad Plane, Time Traveler. Fergie sings the National Anthem and Sarah has a Squatch Watch. Join us at Landmark Saloon on 2/24 for the FER Experience with Not Your Mom's Iced Tea!

FER 1955: Nacho Bar

Feb 17, 2018 55:35


An incident at the Dollar Store leaves Sarah and Greg questioning their limits on cheap products. Rules are developed for a Sarah hitching a ride with Greg to Seattle. Plus, how awesome is a Nacho Bar? It's a very divided conversation. Join us at the LANDMARK SALOON on 02/24/18 for the FER EXPERIENCE with NOT YOUR MOM'S ICED TEA!

FER 1954: Greg Behrendt

Feb 16, 2018 58:22


GUEST: GREG BEHRENDT. Our wonderful friend Greg Behrendt stopped by to talk about his shows at Helium Comedy Club, his kids growing up, the 90s, his books, podcasts and about a million things in between. He is fantastic! Get your tix to see him and also pick up tix to our FER Experience day at Landmark Saloon on 02/24/18 with Not Your Mom's Iced Tea!

FER 1953: Young Gregory

Feb 15, 2018 47:24


A house of Russians, a crazy peeper and a possible Schoolhouse Cult are on Greg's mind, as he attempts to ascertain what the neighbors are up to. Could they be building a following and should he go undercover as a student? We'll discuss. In World of Crazy: Trimet Bus Ad, Red Hot Chili Pipers, KFC Cards, Snack Throwing. JOIN US! On Feb. 24th we'll be at the Landmark Saloon for the FER Experience with Not Your Mom's Iced Tea. Come out and have a good time with us.

FER 1952: Rick Emerson

Feb 14, 2018 01:28:23


GUEST: RICK EMERSON. The one and only Mr. Rick Emerson joined us today, where we talked about everything from Spider-Goats, to SciFi, to strange Audio Books, to Butterman and everything possible in between. Of course we may have slightly grazed the issue of "What's Rick Emerson been up to?"... Don't forget to join us on Feb. 24th at Landmark Saloon for the FER Experience courtesy of SMALL TOWN and also a big thank you to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1951: Dating Yourself

Feb 13, 2018 48:22


After participating in a Facebook contest that turns your image into the opposite gender, Greg is now having very confusing feelings about himself. Sarah believes she just looks like a distant cousin of Saddam Hussein. We also have a brand new FER Experience on Saturday, Feb 24th courtesy of Not Your Mother's Iced Tea, at the Landmark Saloon! In World of Crazy: France Diapers, Attack Owls, Goat Caddies.

FER 1950: Kurt Braunohler

Feb 10, 2018 55:10


GUEST: KURT BRAUNOHLER. It's been a long time since Kurt visited our show and he's back in Portland for two nights at Helium Comedy Club! We discuss owning birds, The Big Sick, Holly Hunter, podcasts, souleye and much more. Kurt is fantastic! Before that, Greg talks about the issues he has with staring out his window in boxers and how he may have made a new friend.

FER 1949: Street Meat

Feb 9, 2018 54:04


A listener email sparks a very serious and very concerning debate about not only what the public opinion of Greg and Sarah is....but what they would do, if they were in the same position as this person. It's a conundrum we all must confront....the conundrum of street meat. In WOC: Lots of Twins, Engagement Burger, Greasy LSD. Get your tix to the #FERAlaska Adventure!

FER 1948: FER Alaska Adventure

Feb 8, 2018 49:00


The day has arrived! We announced the details of our FER Alaska Adventure, happening 4/19/18-4/21/18 this year and you are invited! There is a TON that is going on with this, including a bar tour, a live show and....COURAGE! In World of Crazy: Yogi Ouija, What is a French Fry?, Cheetos crazed mother. Anchorage Facts, as well!

FER 1947: SpaceX

Feb 7, 2018 55:16


The title of today's show, refers to the middle section where we interrupt it to watch SpaceX launch the FalconX rocket, with our live commentary. Greg is ecstatic. Before that we discuss how another kid yelled at him and he spazzed out at the gym....again. In WOC: Dog Ten Years, Drinking, Lady Doritos. Thanks to our sponsor NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1946: Robo Greg

Feb 6, 2018 53:15


An aggressive comment directed toward Greg on a YouTube video, leads him down the bizarre path of learning a little more about his troll. Upon a discussion of whether robots will take all our jobs, RoboGreg makes an appearance to demonstrate how podcasts no longer need people. In WOC: Robot Greg, Florida Machete, House Tacos, Fry Hair. Ball Talk: Eagles prediction, Philly burns.

FER 1945: Beauty School

Feb 3, 2018 56:50


Sarah went in for a facial yesterday, from her friend and the Beauty School. Of course she felt like a monster being around all of the people who were all made up and perhaps....made an impression with her small talk skills. In WOC: Lottery Dream, Weird House, Monopoly Cheater, Machete Man. Ball Talk: Super Bowl Small Talk Facts, Brady Card, E.A.G.L.E.S. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1944: Big Head Little Head

Feb 2, 2018 47:35


GUESTS: MARK and TODD from THE MARK AND TODDCAST. Sarah came to the studio today and may have a serious issue, in that her head is now too big for her headphones. Could it be retained water, or is she living in the matrix? Greg is also upset about Washington stealing the Sasquatch thunder. Mark and Todd join to discuss their podcast, Todd's birthday and little head, Jewell, and the Rajneesh cult.

FER 1943: Hello, Gary

Feb 1, 2018 53:07


Google is clearly in need of assistance in naming their assistant and Greg is here to the rescue with his proposal. This apparently stems from a long history of being a good "namer", however, the live audience begs to differ. In World of Crazy: Instagramability, Guiness World Record, Newman, Yodeler School, Brothel. 

FER 1942: Bot Army

Jan 31, 2018 52:01


Twitter shame is on Greg's mind, as he once again adamantly argues that his followers are not bought and paid for. Perhaps he doth protest too much.... Also, Sarah is painting a chicken and emu now, while Greg dreams of riding them and fighting a strange battle. In WOC: Support Peacock; Blockbuster; BBQ Sauce. Ball Talk: Vikings Fans hate Eagles Fans; Griffin is a Piston.

FER 1941: The Wrench

Jan 30, 2018 55:03


GUESTS: JULIA RAMOS, NEERAJ SRINIVASAN, JASON LAMB. Huge thank you to everyone that made it out to the FER Experience day, with Not Your Mom's Iced Tea! There was a big, big, Butterman announcement that we fill you in on. Also, Greg may have traumatized a neighborhood kid by throwing a wrench out of frustration. Julia, Neeraj and Jason join us to talk about Minority Retort at the Hollywood Theatre and the tenants of mustaches. In Ball Talk: Brady, Rousey, Tiger, XFL.

FER 1940: Frankie

Jan 27, 2018 36:23


A broken sink at Sarah's apartment, has resulted in her worst nightmare; people in her room! From the superintendent, to Frankie the repairman, all of her strangeness has been exposed to the world, including such things as a gas mask, an oven furnace, a barbie doll head and paint spattered walls. The Hombre de Paled may be involved in some way too! Come out to see us on 1/27/18 at Landmark Saloon for the FER Bingo Day brought to you by Not Your Mom's Iced Tea!

FER 1939: Ski Fever

Jan 26, 2018 50:16


Skiing is something Greg tried really hard at when he was younger, despite not being....the best. With Warren Miller passing, we examine how Greg may in fact have been a bully on the mountain. Also, your toys could be worth money! Who knew? In World of Crazy: Claudia; Legos; Whitening. In Ball Talk: Vikings Uber Drivers. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE and come out to LANDMARK SALOON on 1/27/18 for our FER EXPERIENCE and BINGO with NOT YOUR MOM'S ICED TEA!

FER 1938: Lizard Challenge

Jan 25, 2018 47:41


Sarah X Dylan has an incredible talent in painting animal portraits. However, like all artists, she has self-doubt. This is where Greg steps in to try to capitalize on her abilities. In World of Crazy: Burrito Throwing; KFO; Mobile Hot Tub; Barney's New Life. Ball Talk: NBA DRAMA. We'll see you on 1/27/18 at Landmark Saloon for the FER Experience and FER Bingo with Not Your Mom's Iced Tea! Plus tickets to Anti-Flag!

FER 1937: Cruisin

Jan 24, 2018 01:06:34


GUEST: Caleb Denison. Greg believes he could start a school for short kids by teaching them the tips and tricks needed for short people #lifehacks. In WOC: Then we are joined by Caleb Denison of Digital Trends and the Trends With Benefits podcast! Caleb talks about the origins of DT, working with Greg and how he was a trumpet player on cruises, including the behind-the-scenes of what that was like! Don't forget to come down to the Landmark Saloon on Saturday for the FER Experience, FER Bingo and more, courtesy of Not Your Mom's Iced Tea! 

FER 1936: Little Man, Big Dream

Jan 23, 2018 48:26


After what can only be described as a 'fever dream' Greg is now convinced he may have belonged in a boy band the entire time. However, unfortunately he would probably be the short one that everyone would politely support out of sadness. In WOC: Blood Moon; Donut Contest; Tide Pod Pizza. In Ball Talk: Eagles Fans, Skol. The FER Experience is 1/27/18 at Landmark Saloon w/ Not Your Mom's Iced Tea!

FER 1935: Fridge Finale

Jan 20, 2018 57:36


As it turns out, Greg's 'Chisel Method' for cleaning the mini-fridge may not have been so wise. A harsh reality sets in as we examine the deficiency of mechanical skills within him. Our good pal Gilbert is on from HR BLOCK and BLOCK ADVISERS, along with Steve Burke, to discuss how to get your taxes done correctly! In World of Crazy: Chicken Nuggets; Not Taco Bell. Ball Talk: NFL Playoffs.

FER INT: Dr. Jon Dore

Jan 20, 2018 47:13


GUEST: JON DORE. Our friend and Funemployment Radio psychologist, Jon Dore is in town at Helium Comedy Club 1/19 and 1/20! On today's show he helps us work through the Refrigerator Incident, we figure out if Snakes have ears and basically write a solid movie, all during the interview. Jon is fantastic, get your tix to see him!

FER 1934: Defrost

Jan 18, 2018 58:21


A common task has a complex answer, when it comes to defrosting the refrigerator at the FER Studio. Will it work? Is it correct? Only time shall tell, but the project seems...unlikely to succeed. In World Of Crazy: Being Creepy; Dog Train; Memes; Doggo; Condiments; Ultra Marathon Drawing Attention. Ball Talk: Jaguars; Lynch Skittles; Packers Scandal. Get your tix to the FER EXPERIENCE on 1/27/18 at Landmark Saloon, brought to you by NOT YOUR MOM'S ICED TEA!

FER 1933: Duster

Jan 17, 2018 59:52


GUEST: TIM LEDWITH. A Duster becomes the center of Greg's focus, as he tries to determine a bizarre incident that he witnessed on a dark night in Portland. Was it more True Detective, or more Horror movie? Also, our FER EXPERIENCE day is Jan. 27th! Join us at Landmark Saloon with Not Your Mom's Iced Tea! Then Tim Ledwith joins us to discuss comedy, Judge Mathis and his new side job.

FER 1932: Hotel Shame

Jan 16, 2018 01:04:21


Greg is back from Las Vegas, where he covered CES for Digital Trends! Along with tales of robots, Mech suits, broadcasting and a million other things, he also details his hotel shame and what he tried to hide. Then Sarah gives us an update for the last week of World of Crazy. We've also announced another FER EXPERIENCE day at Landmark Saloon, brought to you by Not Your Mom's Iced Tea!! Get tix now!

FER Best of 2017: The Butterman: An Origin Story

Jan 12, 2018 01:09:44


No character has ever been more controversial on Funemployment Radio, than The Butterman. A story of the most hated bit, turning into one of the most beloved, The Butterman is a tale of creation, of redemption, of talent and complete stupidity. Listen through the first 25 minutes! It's worth it...

FER Best of 2017: Ungrateful For Prosciutto/ Todd Glass

Jan 11, 2018 54:15


We start off this listener-selected Best of 2017 episode with Greg's shocking ungratefulness for Sarah's incredible generosity. Then we follow that up with one of our favorite interviews this year, with our pal Todd Glass!

FER Best of 2017: Snitch Tickets/ Next Door Drama

Jan 10, 2018 45:08


Greg reveals his plans to potentially run for office, including the controversial debut of 'Snitch Tickets'.... Also, there is drama afoot on Next Door! Besides being a whole batch of busy bodies, it's also a source of tremendous, unintended entertainment. Thanks to all who listen, for selecting some of your favorite moments from 2017!

FER Best of 2017: Got To Get The Job Done/G.L.O.P.

Jan 9, 2018 58:31


The compiled saga of the Bone in the Basement and the origin of one of the most addictive phrases ever, kicks off this best of episode. It's followed, by the origins of G.L.O.P, better known as the Gorgeous Ladies of Portland!

FER 1931: Viva Las Gregas

Jan 6, 2018 54:10


Greg is heading down to CES next week with Digital Trends and we discuss his plans on how to score a window seat on the flight down. Should he create a 'medical condition'? Or will he have to fight off a child? All will be worked through. In World of Crazy: Secret Airport; Fast Pig. World of Crazy: Bills wings; Patriots crying; predictions.

FER Interview: Shane Torres

Jan 6, 2018 40:45


Our longtime friend Shane Torres stopped by today! Shane is at Helium Comedy Club tonight and we talked about what it's like, now that he's a worldwide internet sensation and touring around the country. His Agent calls in, being roommates, Portland and much more are discussed. Shane is a great pal, go see him and support his endeavors!

FER 1930: Sarah X Doppelganger

Jan 5, 2018 42:00


Like finding photographic evidence of a Bigfoot, years of rumors may be coming to fruition, with an actual image of a potential Alternate Sarah! Multiple people have confirmed seeing this person, now with an image, we examine the evidence. Who is she? Does she like Twin Peaks and Hot Dogs too? Also in WOC: Rats on a Plane; Tattoo Music; Whitening; Selficcino. Ball Talk: Longest Drought.

FER 1929: I, Anonymous

Jan 4, 2018 53:54


The Portland Mercury I, Anonymous Show is live tonight at Curious Comedy, with Greg and Sarah both being panelists! Sarah is extremely nervous and excited, so they go through a test run of being "Titans of Comedy". In World of Crazy: Cadbury Eggs; Gas Pumping Oregon; Raw Water. Ball Talk: Cleveland sets a record! Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1928: Punchable Face

Jan 3, 2018 52:05


The aftermath of the trip to The 'Couve is still leaving Greg reeling from the amount of absolute hate that one member of the esteemed community had for him. Unwavering and unrelenting. To combat this, he contemplates becoming a 'mint guy'. In WOC: Munchie Meal; Astoria; Pumping Gas.

FER Interview: Matt Braunger

Dec 30, 2017 18:10


We had Portland's own Matt Braunger in for an interview to talk about his shows at Helium Comedy Club this weekend! We discuss traveling for Xmas, comedy specials and a whole lot more. Matt is awesome, get tix to see him!

FER 1927: Nerd Herd

Dec 30, 2017 49:06


In our last show of 2017, Greg announces he is traveling to the wilds of Vancouver, WA, with his nerd herd, aka The Butterman Crew. For some reason, Greg's ideas of the world all take place between the 1980s and 1995. Also, Sarah fills everyone in on some New Year's Traditions from around the world. Thanks everyone for listening and thanks to Next Adventure!

FER 1926: Auntie Meatball

Dec 29, 2017 56:51


A new marketing and branding opportunity awaits Sarah, as she has received the greatest name ever, from her Niece. Greg explores the opportunities and how to capitalize on what is sure to be an international sensation. Also, we play through some listener-submitted songs for Ball Talk. In WoC: Bad Barber; Mermaid; Tiny Clams; Taz Toupee. Ball Talk: Steelers Are Angry. We'll be at the I, Anonymous Show at Curious Comedy, presented by the Portland Mercury, on Wednesday, 1/3/18!

FER 1925: Window Licker

Dec 28, 2017 01:00:08


A bar in Bremerton and a drunk man named Joey licking a window, were among the highlights of Sarah's trip home for the holidays! Also, an ice storm causes chaos, a van slips off of the road, Greg spends the Xmas Eve with the Dally's and much more in today's recap. Thanks so much everyone!!

FER 1924: How To Win Christmas

Dec 21, 2017 01:02:08


While it is a frequent holiday party standard, the White Elephant Gift Exchange is something that Sarah has never participated in. Greg has been a frequent 'competitor' in these and has all the advice to help you "Win Christmas". In World of Crazy: Nick Nacks; Axe Throwing; Rage Party; Hair Gimp Work; Alien Love; Nude Dining. Ball Talk: Dump Truck Pool; Predictions. Thanks everyone, have a great Holiday!!

FER 1923: Rabbit Hole

Dec 20, 2017 48:05


GUEST: DAN WEBER. Dear David is an internet phenomenon that Greg has finally read. This is the kind of rabbit hole that he frequently goes down before going to sleep, including Black-eyed Children, John Titor and UFOs. We are then joined by Dan Weber! Reading The Bible With Dan will be live at Helium Comedy Club on Wednesday, featuring the story of Samson, the man who apparently killed 1000 soldiers with a donkey bone.

FER 1922: 122nd Avenue

Dec 19, 2017 57:16


A stroll through a very sketchy neighborhood in Portland by Sarah, has now received an almost movie like re-imagining, by Greg. Between 'Switchblade Guy', packs of wild dogs and a chop shop, it's sure to be a number one hit. In World of Crazy: Long Noodle; Christmas Pickle. Ball Talk: Brady Belichick.

FER 1921: Olympian

Dec 16, 2017 53:54


Greg saw Star Wars (NO SPOILERS) and really liked it, Sarah found an Olympic jacket at a thrift store and now wants to pretend she is an Olympian, what sport would you play, free house but you have to move it, Star Wars salads, Greg's predictions, and more - have a great weekend friends! Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for their support of Funemployment Radio!

FER 1920: Radio Expose

Dec 15, 2017 50:33


Funemployment Radio has garnered some new found internet search fame and coincidentally or not, Sarah receives an invitation to apply for a very fancy radio job. We discuss it on-air, walk through her possible 'exposes' and basically create a demo tape live on the podcast. Also, Greg is seeing Star Wars and has theater rules to cover. In WoC: Flying Car; Beef Jerky; Xmas Decorations; Cheetoes Popcorn

Thank you to NEXT ADVENTURE for their wonderful support!

FER 1919: Sarah Star War

Dec 14, 2017 50:32


The Last Jedi premieres tomorrow and Greg is excited to join the Nerd Herd and see it! Sarah, on the other hand, feels that she does not actually need to see any Star Wars movie, to know what the entire premise is about. Her synopsis is....troubling. And hilarious. 

FER 1918: Tommy

Dec 13, 2017 01:03:42


The Disaster Artist is becoming a hit movie and Sarah reminisces about her original love of The Room. Funemployment Radio interviewed the one and only Tommy Wiseau years ago, resulting in the strangest interview ever, some incredible liners and....Tommy trying to hit Greg in the head with a football. In World of Crazy: Uber Overcharge; Christmas Eyebrows; Bazooka Arms; Ghost Love. Congrats to NEXT ADVENTURE and their new Sandy location!

Live from the Portland Podcast Festival

Dec 12, 2017 22:05


Live from the 1st ever PDX Podcast Festival! It's Funemployment Radio, introduced by the one and only Kenny B. It was a wild night and we're already looking forward to the PDX Podcast Festival 2018!

FER 1917: Steve Hernandez

Dec 9, 2017 56:02


GUEST: STEVE HERNANDEZ. Sarah is on her way to a fancy 'rich-person' party and may be woefully unprepared. Greg walks her through his expert tips on how to blend in, in high society. Then we are joined by Steve Hernandez! He is a fantastic comedian from LA, in town to record his first album, Sex God. The conversation is wonderful and honestly, unlike any other that we have had on this show. 

FER 1916: Johnny Goodtimes

Dec 8, 2017 57:37


A parking attendant that Greg sees every day, thinks his name is something else. So, Johnny Goodtimes, Greg's new alternate persona has been born and he has....a very mixed past. Leather jackets and "polishing off sixers" are involved. In World of Crazy: Ren Fair; Cheese Glasses; Scrooge Squirrel. In Ball Talk: Coaches; Rhonda Rousey. NEXT ADVENTURE'S SOCK GIVEAWAY IS THIS WEEKEND!

FER 1915: PDX Alerts

Dec 7, 2017 01:04:29


The wonderfully entertaining and informative people behind the Twitter account @PDXAlerts have remained a mystery for many years here in Portland. They have now broken their silence, but not their anonymity, by appearing on Funemployment Radio for their first interview ever! Jiles and Jeeves explain to us the origins of the account, how it all works, what some of their favorite tweets are and how they find a balance between being serious and finding the funny in what they report. It's incredibly intriguing and all an exclusive here on Funemployment Radio. Thanks @PDXALERTS!! 

FER 1914: We Did It

Dec 5, 2017 32:06


It's official, Portland now has it's own Podcast Festival! The 1st Annual Portland Podcast Festival #pdxpodfestival went down on Saturday night. We are so thankful to everyone that came. This show we discuss the behind the scenes of organizing something like this, what #itshisfault means and much more. Huge thanks to Small Town; Not Your Father's Mountain Ale; Not Your Mother's Iced Tea; Toko; Sweet Cannabis; Jayne; Guardian Games and Voodoo Dougnut for sponsoring!

FER 1913: Jason's Podcast Festival

Dec 2, 2017 50:52


With all of the incredible feedback we've been receiving for the Portland Podcast Festival, there are always going to be some naysayers. The Willamette Week in Portland seemingly went out of their way to NOT mention Greg, Sarah, or Funemployment Radio. However, our good friend Jason Lamb of Minority Retort did receive some accolades, which leads to proclaim it Jason's Podcast Festival. Big thanks to Small Town Brewery, NYF's Mountain Ale, NYM's Iced Tea, Toko, Sweet Cannabis, Jayne, Guardian Games and Voodoo Doughnut. See you all tomorrow!

FER 1912: Eye Patch

Dec 1, 2017 33:27


As the PDX Podcast Festival gets ever closer, all the work that Greg and Sarah have put in is starting to take it's toll on their bodies. Now Sarah may have to take a drastic step after a rubber band incident. Plus a ridiculous list from Google. Big thanks to SMALL TOWN BREWERY, NYF MOUNTAIN ALE, NYM ICED TEA and TOKO STAGE PRESENTED BY JAYNE.

FER 1911: Talk Radio

Nov 30, 2017 54:56


In preparation for the PDX Pod Festival with sponsors Small Town Brewery and Toko/Jayne, Greg and Sarah were interviewed on a OPB! They discuss what it was like behind the scenes, how strange it was going back into a radio station and everything in between. In World of Crazy: Buddhist Temple; Upside Down Christmas Tree; Scrimps. Ball Talk: Eli Manning, Russians.

FER 1910: Knuckles and Sharkey

Nov 29, 2017 43:32


After watching a documentary on Ventriloquists, Greg is now convinced that third "character" is needed for the show. Sarah reminds him that she is already the resident ventriloquist, bringing up a terrible memory from the history of the show. In World of Crazy: Japan Bus; Skunk Pet; Florida Fireball; NASA Record. Ball Talk: Conor Gangster; Stolen Canadian Truck. Thanks to SMALL TOWN BREWERY for their support for the PDX PODCAST FESTIVAL!

FER 1909: Born Here

Nov 28, 2017 54:52


Bremerton, WA is a special place and Sarah may now be it's honorary Godmother after a bizarre comment at a local bar. Greg imagines it as a fairy tale style 80's movie, while the reality is...a bit different. In World of Crazy: Olive Garden; Spaghetti Burrito; Rocket. Ball Talk: Shania Canada; Steve 'Snapper' Jones. Get tix to the PDX Podcast Festival! Thanks to SMALL TOWN BREWERY and TOKO/JAYNE!

FER 1908: Behind The Music: Butterman and Mr. Pancakes

Nov 23, 2017 01:04:26


Special Guests, Kielen King and Scott Dally join today, while Sarah is on her way to Bremerton! In this exclusive episode, we delve behind the music of the infamous Butterman and Mr. Pancakes aka Flap JACK! Along the way, Scott gets a nickname, we get grossed out and a massive 'bit failure' occurs live on the show. Get your tix now for the PDX Pod Festival!

FER 1906: Gobble Talk

Nov 22, 2017 01:01:30


A potentially awkward Thanksgiving situation awaits Sarah this weekend and we attempt to figure out the best way to either exacerbate and deflect, or simply bore the participants into a lull. In World of Crazy: Air Travel; Cheeto Turkey; Loch Ness. Ball Talk: Predictions; Bol Bol. Big thanks to MOUNTAIN ALE and to TOKO/SWEET CANNABIS and JAYNE PDX for sponsoring the PDX POD FESTIVAL!

FER 1905: The Cult Leaves Gifts

Nov 21, 2017 53:23


The signs are pointing more and more to the possibility of a Cult moving into Greg's neighborhood and his paranoia is at an all time high! Or he is imagining things and they are perfectly normal. You decide! For World of Crazy: David Plowie; Investigation; Big thanks to GUARDIAN GAMES, joining the list of sponsors for the PORTLAND PODCAST FESTIVAL!

FER 1905: Old Man In The Attic

Nov 18, 2017 59:22


With the PDX Podcast Festival about 2 weeks away, Greg has just now decided to get into shape for Courage! However, the stress is not doing well for him, but leading to entertaining results for everyone else, with his weird old man in the attic dreams. In World of Crazy: Invisible Bagpipes; Meatball Road Florida Toothbrush; Navy Sky. Ball Talk: Predictions! We also introduced our new PDX Podfestival Sponsors, JAYNE PDX, SWEET CANNABIS and TOKO!

FER 1904: Chili Lover

Nov 18, 2017 52:31


The world is full of wonder for Sarah X Dylan and while shiny things are not the object of her obsessions today, the sense of amazement is still there. Chili is not the object of fascination and her and Greg are attending a Chili Jamboree this weekend. Naturally, Greg needs to figure out a way to take advantage of the situation. In World of Crazy: Car Wash; Cop vs. Cop; Stolen Pizza; Coolio. Get your tix to the PDX Pod Festival and your free beer from Mountain Ale!

FER 1903: Gym Weirdo

Nov 16, 2017 01:01:00


It's finally happened, Sarah is now on Greg's level of being marked at Gym for her behavior. We'll discuss what she did and how they are now both probably on "the list". In World of Crazy: Clean Your Fridge Day; Cards Against Humanity; Sticker Ball; VR Theme Park; Greg's Snapper. Ball Talk Music; Loser World Cup; Shocking Tom Brady Lame Confessions. Get your tix to the PDX Pod Festival and a FREE BEER from Small Town Brewery!

FER 1902: Defo

Nov 15, 2017 01:04:40


Is Greg an old person, or is the slang used these days going too far? Defo brill convo on the sitch. In World of Crazy: Scrimps; Thanksgiving Pants; Fake License Plate. Ball Talk: Bills Game Shock; Jerry Jones; Hockey Love; Phoenix Mascot. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE and be sure to get your tix to the PORTLAND PODCAST FESTIVAL!

FER 1901: The Cult Next Door

Nov 14, 2017 59:20


Greg is convinced that something is up next door to his house and it's clearly his responsibility to figure out what's going on with a possible cult (or a DRAMATIC over reaction on his part). Sarah discusses what it was like on the panel for #Siren Nation! In World of Crazy: Everyday Objects; Smallville Cult; Flat Earth Conference. Ball Talk: Ball Family. Plus...a special surprise at the end of this episode...

FER 1900: Sugar Baby

Nov 11, 2017 01:00:17


Sarah goes to the suburbs and it appears she may have been casing joints. Discussions also range from what the food-sharing rules are, whether Santa said something to Paddington Bear in a commercial and how Greg may become a Sugar Baby. In WOC: Mermaids, Paper Airplanes, Little Debbies. Huge thank you to NEXT ADVENTURE for their continued support and of course for SMALL TOWN for their support of the #PDXPODFESTIVAL!

FER 1899: Myq

Nov 10, 2017 54:32


GUEST: MYQ KAPLAN. Our buddy Myq Kaplan stopped by today! Myq is incredibly hilarious and discussions range from socks to his extreme anger issue (which he does not have at all). He'll be at Bunk Bar in PDX tonight, so get your tix! Before that, we discuss Sarah's dumpster diving tendencies and Greg's ordeal with the "actors". Get tix to the PDX Pod Festival and you'll get a free drink from Small Town Brewery!

FER 1898: Dirtbag

Nov 9, 2017 57:13


A troll has swung at Greg and it appears that he is a "Dirtbag". However, Sarah has to begrudgingly admit that, despite her constant taunts, he is actually right about something! A new business may be launched and Sarah may be a 1/8 cook. Big thank you to NEXT ADVENTURE and to all of you supporting the Portland Podcast Festival by picking up tickets!

FER 1897: Paneling

Nov 8, 2017 54:25


Sarah X Dylan has been asked to be part of a really amazing panel this weekend. She has many, many, years of experience in podcasting, but not a lot in being on a panel. Greg runs her through the gauntlet, to see how she handles various situations... Big thanks to our fine sponsors, NEXT ADVENTURE and introducing SMALL TOWN BREWERY as a fine sponsor of the PDX POD FESTIVAL!

FER 1896: Let The Mystery Be

Nov 7, 2017 51:55


We continue on with the Country PI's Case of the Missing Shoes! There is an update, the investigation has advanced, yet mysteries still remain regarding Sarah's poor, sweet, shoes. In World Of Crazy: Lego Air BnB; McDonald's Ice Cream; PBR Weapon; Church Sign. Ball Talk: Winston. Also, we welcome The Mark and Toddcast to the Funemployment Radio Network!

FER 1895: Van Neighbors

Nov 4, 2017 55:44


Weird neighbors seem to be attracted to Greg, or is it the other way around? A crisis was initiated for him, as the potential of new "van people" roommates was looming yesterday. It only adds to the strange history of a strange man. In World of Crazy: Sam Adams; Expensive Taco; Whiskey Deodorant. Follow up on Squatch Tales.

FER 1894: Fibbin Nibs

Nov 3, 2017 54:14


A very, very, hard truth has finally come to Greg, regarding his prediction abilities. His entire sense of self has been turned upside down and a new life must begin. A much, much, cooler one. In World of Crazy: Forest Gump, Forced Complaints, Chicken Bomb, Head Biting. Ball Talk: Astros. Also a BIG PDX POD FESTIVAL REVELATION!

FER 1893: Where Are Sarah's Shoes?

Nov 2, 2017 01:03:40


A mystery is truly afoot, as Sarah is missing her shoes. They were last seen at Greg's house, events transpired and now....there is a problem. Obsessions, pauses, conspiracies and possibly foul play? We try to get to the bottom of it, but we need your help. Also in World Of Crazy: Floribama; White Wine; Tap Dancing. Ball Talk: World Series Prediction; Cleveland Brown.

FER 1892: Halloween

Nov 1, 2017 44:52


An attempt to tell "scary stories" on today's show, leads to a contest between Greg and Sarah. Also, Greg has to decide whether to be the "cool neighbor" or the one that lectures children, when they show up at his house. In WoC: Diagon Alley; Suing; Beanie Babies.

FER 1891: Sitcom Theme Songs

Oct 31, 2017 52:32


A great debate has erupted on FER, over what the greatest sitcom theme song of all time is. Greg knows the answer, Sarah disputes it. Also, a shocking rumor has circulated that Greg must address, over whether he is a big baby. In World of Crazy: Penguin Costumes; Mannequin Meth Heads; Beer Cooler; GOT Burgers; Florida Man. Ball Talk: Astros vs. Dodgers; Home run thief. Get tix to the PDXPodfestival!

FER 1890: Robot Dog

Oct 28, 2017 53:31


A video has surfaced of a reporter interviewing a robot, that is incredibly creepy. Greg decides to make his stand against "the robots" and will clearly be marked for destruction when they take over. The concept of a Robot Dog, may change his mind... In WOC: Alien Ranch; Deer Signs; Flight Concerts. In Ball Talk: Nationals were robbed; Predictions.

FER 1889: Future Sarah

Oct 27, 2017 53:03


GLOP has started to take off and now it's actually going to happen! Well, people are going to dress up. Will Betty Blush actually wrestle America's Sweetheart? Also, Old Lady Perfume has taken over the FER Studios. We discuss this, Greg's Halloween costume and how often you should wash your pants. In WOC: Blue Burger; Free Whopper; Grilled Cheese.

FER 1888: Bedtime Stories

Oct 26, 2017 58:55


What do you read before you go to bed? What you probably shouldn't read about are aliens, earthquakes and men in black, but Greg doesn't seem to realize that. Sarah also fills us in on her new obsession of a New Zealand show called Filthy Rich. In WoC: Nun Chainsaw; Laundry Issue; Wedding Crasher. Ball Talk: Colin; Video Games; Squirrel. Get your tix to the #PDXPodFestival Now!

FER 1887: Revolution

Oct 25, 2017 51:24


After scoring great tickets to Depeche Mode, Greg is now convinced that the universe is trying to tell him something. Or he is going crazy. Or maybe it's both? In World Of Crazy: CC Music Factory; Chocodilla; Vaseline; Alien Ranch. Squatch Confessions continues with another round. Also big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!!

FER 1886: Breakfast Burrito

Oct 24, 2017 52:44


A heartfelt public service announcement is made by Greg, concerning his issues with a certain breakfast food and how long they should be in the refrigerator. Also, it's been 8 years to the day since we were "let go" from Commercial Radio! A crazy religious leader is sending more gifts to FER, as well. In Ball Talk: Congrats Thorns, Timbers; Bills Parties. Also, get tix to the #PDXPodFestival!

FER 1885: Moonlight

Oct 21, 2017 50:40


An obsession has taken over for Greg, as he cannot get a phrase out of his head, meanwhile torturing Sarah with his new found energy. In World of Crazy: Trainy McTrainface. Ball Talk: False Marathon; Lonzo Fails; Predictions. A DOUBLE Squatch Watch! Also....tix are on sale for the #PDXPODFEST!

FER 1884: Portland At The Movies

Oct 20, 2017 58:08


GUESTS: PORTLAND AT THE MOVIES. Today, Greg is less sick, but more crazy, as he re-visits his plan to make Portland better with Snitch Tickets. Then we are joined by Todd the Corpse, Brian the Nuclear Physicist and Brian the Unipiper of the FER Network podcast, Portland At The Movies! They have an incredibly vast amount of knowledge regarding movies that were filmed in the Portland area and also...they're a lot of fun. Check our their podcast and seem them live at the #PDXPodFestival on 

FER 1883: Felony Flats

Oct 19, 2017 50:38


The fog is starting to clear from Greg's sickness, but his way of relaxing...needs work. A spreadsheet has been created to apparently keep track of the former felons from his house and neighborhood... In World of Crazy: Pizza Shoes; Spider Fire; Drone Burritos; Fake Plane. Ball Talk: Gordon; Baseball to Portland; Beer Cheese Poutine. PDX Podcast Festival

FER 1882: The Plague Part 2

Oct 18, 2017 57:53


Sarah has decided that since Greg is still sick with The Plague, that today should be a Best Of. Today we have the saga of Sarah and the Granola Bars, Larry Amtrak's adventures and the true story of the musical Wicked! Thanks for tuning in everyone!

FER 1881: The Plague

Oct 17, 2017 56:50


It's official, Greg has now caught the Plague that is going around Portland, yet refuses to stay home. Sarah makes fun of him for this, naturally. In addition he has found out more details about the ongoing mystery of the house origin and a famous/infamous landmark is connected to it! In World of Crazy: Szechuan Sauce; Meat Pants; Extra Cheese; Aliens. Ball Talk: Ron Burgundy. Sasquatch Story Followup

FER 1880: Timesuck

Oct 14, 2017 53:38


GUEST: DAN CUMMINS. Our friend Dan Cummins stopped by the studio today! He is at Helium Comedy Club tonight and tomorrow. We talked about 90's music, his podcast Timesuck, the Mandela Effect, Serial Killers and a whole lot more. It was fantastic, be sure to check him out! Big thanks to our sponsor, NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1879: Sick TV Shows

Oct 13, 2017 43:59


Sarah is half-way back from being sick and braved the world to come in and do a show today. Greg is unconvinced she doesn't have the plague, but she walks a through a day in the life of Sick Sarah, including the terrible shows she watches. Thanks so much for tuning in and we're back tomorrow with a packed show!

FER 1878: You Can't Kick Me Out

Oct 12, 2017 51:17


Sarah is out sick today, so Greg is joined by the Rip City Bad Boys, Kielen King and Tristan Mayer. Discussions of what Vancouver actually is and how every town has that other town that they make fun of. Then Greg attempts to solve Tristan's neighbor "problem" that he did not even know existed.

FER 1877: Sarah's Birthday

Oct 10, 2017 50:52


The epic day is here, as Sarah enters the latter part of her thirties! Today we discuss trivia for 1980, some gifts for her and Greg tells her what it's really like. In World of Crazy: Tombstones; Japanese Poodle; Tiki Torch; Menopause Beer. In Ball Talk: OSU, Predictions. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for the fine sponsorship!

FER 1876: Audition

Oct 7, 2017 58:00


Today: Sarah is going into an audition that Greg already applied for, tips on reading a teleprompter and the tale of Dr. Hamburger, Wisconsin man knows how to party, Greg makes his predictions, and more - have a great weekend everyone!!

FER 1875: Pots and Pans

Oct 6, 2017 53:54


GUEST: Tom Papa. Greg heard something weird at his house last night, is it in his head or what is going on, you can get a Guinness World record for basically anything, new type of Japanese theater, abducted man warns of impending alien attack, and we talk to comedian Tom Papa about his show this weekend at the Aladdin - have a great afternoon all!

FER 1874: Making A Sarah

Oct 5, 2017 47:44


A dream that Greg had involving Sarah has disturbed him and now he's worried about what she has done. Also, since listening to his Audible book, he is now constantly narrating everything he sees. In WOC: Lottery, Teddy Bears, Doomsday Prep. Ball Talk: NBA All-Stars, Alex Morgan, NHL Stanley Cup Prediction. Dec. 2nd will be the 1st Annual Portland Podcast Festival, also!


Oct 4, 2017 01:00:54


We are so pleased to announce that on December 2nd, we will putting on (along with Jason Lamb) the first ever Portland Podcast Festival at the Hawthorne Theater! We hope to see you all there! Also, Greg is addicted to an Audible book called Ready Player One and Sarah is upset about people invading her Bremelo territory. In WOC: Forever 21 & Taco Bell; Yoga Mat Drugs; Unicorn Cheeto; Colorado Springs. In Ball Talk: Geezers at Caeser's.


Sep 30, 2017 53:27


GUEST: TODD GLASS. We were joined by the delightful Todd Glass (who will be at Helium Comedy Club all this weekend - get your tickets here!) - we talked about his upcoming Netflix special, going on tour, and his Tour Bus Dreams which will soon become a reality - he's great! Have a wonderful weekend all, we love you and big announcement on Monday!

FER 1871: Gym Brat

Sep 29, 2017 44:06


A misplaced bag caused Greg to breakdown over the phone to his Gym. Now, he may be placed on the "that guy" list and needs to figure out how to handle his drama. In World Of Crazy: Russian Burger King; Marry Yourself; Cheeseburger Bandit; Poop School.

FER 1870: Past Sarah

Sep 28, 2017 53:59


Past Sarah has left Present Sarah many gifts over the years. Now however, Sarah is just discovering past technology and the world is a magical place in her mind! Also in World of Crazy: Dirty Cups; Cream Waffles; Eyes Wide Shut. Ball Talk; Pitino. Then we have the continuing saga of Squatch Confessions.

FER 1869: The Incident

Sep 27, 2017 01:02:38


Something sinister is afoot at Sarah's apartment complex, as the laundry room has become a battleground for righteousness. Also, Greg creeps out someone visiting his house....again. In World of Crazy: Spokesperson; Flat Earth Society. In Ball Talk: NCAA Basketball; Patriots Water; San Diego Tacos; Aaron Judge.

FER 1868: Newport Bay

Sep 26, 2017 55:32


A burned leg and a busted ankle are the returning issues after a weekend away for Greg and Sarah, but they survived both Ricketsfest and the trip to Yachats near "Newport Bay" (wherever that is). In World of Crazy: Gay Sea Lions; La Croix Champagne; Meeting A Lot Of Crazy Travelers; Slipping Down Stairs. Squatch Love. Thanks NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1867: Ricketsfest

Sep 23, 2017 57:29


Today is the day that Greg heads to the woods for his ridiculous camping trip, where they throw rocks at things. Sarah is heading south along the Coast to Newport and will enjoy the new phenomenon of Trash Snacks. In WoC: Pumpkin Spice jumps the shark; Swedish Model; Christmas Tree; Showgirls Pt. St. Lucie. Ball Talk: Utah prank gone wrong; Westbrook clothes; Brady's balls. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for the fine support!!

FER 1866: Mr. Pancakes

Sep 22, 2017 51:14


The crazy that has riddled Greg has broken like a fever and today we learn about the evolution of his career with a new teammate, lessons in cell phone use and the weirdest dream ever. In World of Crazy: Oktoberfest; Planet X; Amazon; Chocolate Spill. 

FER 1865: Glitter Bomb

Sep 21, 2017 01:01:09


GUEST: DAN WEBER. Today, Sarah gives a personal etiquette guide to fancy functions, from the standpoint of a cater waiter. Key points, samples are fine, glitter is NOT. Then we are joined by Dan Weber, to talk about Funny Humans vs. The Wheel at Helium Comedy Club! FIn World of Crazy: Taco Bell Bar; China Sharing; Rapture Weekend Ball Talk: KD Twitter; Marshawn dance. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1864: Bump In The Night

Sep 20, 2017 52:31


GUEST: JULIA SCOTTI. Greg has been having some strange stuff happening because duh it's fall and that's when stuff starts to get weird, it's probably a giant racoon, comedian Julia Scotti joined us to talk living in New Jersey, being glitter-bombed, and participating on America's Got Talent (she's great!), plus a giant vat of guacamole, and there is a new nuisance on the loose in Colorado - thanks for listening, and thank you SO much again to everyone who came out for our Brewer's Cup Cornhole Championship! Congratulations to 1st place: Lagunitas Brewing, 2nd Place: Founders Brewing, 3rd Place: Backwoods Brewing and the People's Choice Champion: Worthy Brewing! Also a huge thank you to Monkey Shoulder Scotch for sponsoring our FER Live Show!!

FER 1863: Brewer's Cup

Sep 16, 2017 37:15


The big day is Sunday and Greg and Sarah may have just found their calling as Academic Encouragement Troop. There is apparently a big market for it and Engaging The Machine might be the way to cash in on kids. Come out to the FER Live show with Monkey Shoulder Scotch and the FER Brewer's Cup with Elysian, Worthy, Rev Nats, Ninkasi, Occidental, Sierra Nevada, 10 Barrel, Backwoods, Lagunitas and Founders Breweries at the Landmark Saloon on 9/17/17!

FER 1862: Elevatoring

Sep 15, 2017 47:10


GUEST: JESSA REED. For some reason, elevator etiquette becomes a hot button issue on this show, as we explore the phobias that we didn't even know we all shared. Also, Greg is sweaty and awkward in them. Then we are joined by Jessa Reed! Jessa is incredibly funny, has two shows in the Portland area and then will be appearing on Comedy Central's This Is Not Happening!

FER 1861: Short People

Sep 14, 2017 58:29


The FER Live Show with MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH and Brewer's Cup is almost here and Greg and Sarah discuss a Glop-up, their potentially intro songs and the devastatingly shortist Randy Newman. In WOC: Not My Pants, Eyelashes, Denny's, Toy Museum. In Ball Talk: Opening MLB Pitch. Thanks to Backwoods Brewing and Founders Brewing for joining the FER Brewer's Cup!!

FER 1860: Snow Sharks

Sep 13, 2017 47:20


A photo shoot for a friend, turns into a hand modeling experience for Greg and Sarah. The only problem in the situation, was their hands. Also, stress dreams of accountant wrestlers, beach bartenders and tales of snow sharks and killer bees on Mt. Hood. In World of Crazy: 

The FER Live Show and FER Brewer's Cup is this Sunday at Landmark Saloon! Monkey Shoulder Scotch, Elysian Brewing and Reverend Nat's Hard Cider will all be there!

FER 1859: Rose City Recap

Sep 12, 2017 53:32


It happened. It really, really, happened. On today's show, Greg recounts an epic tale from Rose City Comic Con, as Sarah shares her indoctrination into glorious nerddom. We are then joined by a "super-secret guest" who shares some awesome stores from the Con, an amazing costumer and said guest's new book "The Forgotten Tyrs Book 2" is available on Amazon! Big thank you to MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH, NINKASI and WORTHY BREWING for their fine support of the upcoming FER LIVE SHOW and FER BREWER'S CUP CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT!

FER 1858: Mr. Al

Sep 9, 2017 44:46


Rose City Comic Con is today and Greg is super excited about the slight possibility of meeting one of his idols! Also, Sarah gives him some "help" for one of the panels he will be moderating and.....we'll see if he can pull it off. Don't forget the FER Live Show and Brewer's Cup is coming up on 9/17 at LANDMARK SALOON with MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH and a ton of amazing Brewers!

FER 1857: Literally Felony Flats

Sep 8, 2017 52:25


More shocking revelations abound, as Greg finds out more about his house as he visits the ladies at the records dept; felonies abound! Sarah also attempts to give Greg some lessons regarding a panel he will be moderating and the In World of Crazy: Lonely Goldfish; Tooth Fairy; Ocktoberfest Shoes; Bird Poo Bandits. In Ball Talk: Super Bowl Prediction! Don't forget the FER Brewer's Cup Cornhole Tournament and Live Show is 9/17 at Landmark Saloon w/ Monkey Shoulder Scotch, Ninkasi, Worthy and more!

FER 1856: Red Room

Sep 7, 2017 50:34


A mystery was answered and also started when Greg received an unexpected visitor over this last weekend! Tales of birds, decks, french doors and a whole lot of strange things. Also a 'computer incident' leads to some terrible sound effects. In World of Crazy: IT Prank, Lotto Winning, Stuck In A Window. Don't forget the FER Brewer's Cup is 09/17 with great Breweries and MONKEY SHOULDER as our fine sponsors!

FER 1855: Mud Bugs

Sep 6, 2017 45:18


First off, our thoughts are with everyone dealing with the Fires ravaging Oregon right now. It's our home, so naturally it's close to us. However, we also discuss Greg's new innertube getting 'tagged', floating the Clackamas, snagging crawdads and much more! In Word of Crazy: Money Stealing; Golfing; Bad Owls; Port St. Lucie. Thanks everyone and excited to see you on Sept. 17th for the FER BREWER'S CUP!

FER 1854: Mark Normand

Sep 2, 2017 53:08


GUEST: MARK NORMAND. The inside of Greg's head is disturbing, as he recounts the last possible haunting at his house. Or more realistically, he's just crazy. We are also joined by Mark Normand! Mark is hilarious and is at Helium Comedy Club tonight and tomorrow! In Ball Talk: Houston Texans, JJ Watt, The Predictions. We also have a BIG SAVE THE DATE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

FER 1853: World of Crazy Live

Sep 1, 2017 37:38


Sarah recounts an incident she witnessed, in which World Of Crazy came to life before her. The details are.......eww. Also in this episode, Free Burgers, The Gopher Made Me Do It and Angry Clowns. Plus, Sarah attempts to usurp Greg in his expertise regarding a certain hairy beast. Big thank you to Bike Gallery once again for their incredible sponsorship and don't forget the FER BREWER'S CUP is on 09/17/17!

FER 1852: Funds For Firefighters

Aug 31, 2017 45:13


GUESTS: RYAN from NINKASI, TIN CAN DAN, DREW. Today we start off with Greg revealing that he was in fact an Explorer Fire Scout when he was young, however, possibly for not the noblest of reasons. In World of Crazy: Black Widow Spiders; Sunscreen In The Eyes. Then we are joined by Ryan, Danny and Drew to talk about Ninkasi's amazing Funds For Firefighter's program for the month of September! In Ball Talk: Sneaking into the fight. Thanks for listening!

FER 1851: We All Float On

Aug 30, 2017 53:41


Sarah is going on an adventure so of course Greg tries to ruin it for her, floating and what it entails, watch out for river lobsters, setting clothes on fire, Florida man on the loose, and we have a special guest join us to tell the tale of something that happened to him - AND IS STILL HAPPENING :) Have a great day friends! Big thank you to our friends at Bike Gallery (use the code Funemployment Radio for 10% off) and don't forget to save September 17th for the #FERBrewersCup!

FER 1850: Runner & Framer

Aug 26, 2017 55:57


Greg discusses his unfounded fear of being framed for some reason and how he has his escape plan all mapped out. It involves a Grizzly Adams scenario. It is also determined that Greg is a Runner, but Sarah is a Framer. In World of Crazy: Vodka Sandwich; Chuck E. Cheese; Secret Rave. Ball Talk: Mayweather vs. McGregor. We also announce the FER BREWER'S CUP!

FER 1849: Got To Get The Job Done

Aug 25, 2017 58:33


GUEST: ANTHONY DEVITO. Greg gets a lesson on Twitter and how people work on it, while discussing what should or should not be a spoiler. #nospoilers. Anthony Devito calls in to talk about his new comedy album! In WOC: Drunk Florida Woman, Cat Estate, Lotto Woman. Plus, we have followup to the Mystery of Tristan's Basement, with new developments!

FER 1848: The Bone and The Basement

Aug 24, 2017 56:28


Guests: Small Souls. A mystery is afoot today, as we discuss what was found in our friend Tristan's basement! As he dug and dug, we attempt to put the clues together as to what happened and who the bone may belong too....Seriously, police are involved. Also, we are joined by Brian and Brian from Small Souls! Big thanks to our fine sponsors Next Adventure!

FER 1847: Indy Goes Dark

Aug 23, 2017 57:24


The Total Solar Eclipse which just occurred over North America, was one of the most incredible experiences of our lifetime. We had NO idea going in, but we cover our recap of it, Sarah's new Countryfication, Wild Animals of the NW, Greg's Country Name, Independence Oregon and much more! Big thanks to BIKE GALLERY!

FER 1846: Totality

Aug 19, 2017 56:07


The Total Solar Eclipse is on Monday and Sarah will be heading to Greg's homeland in the country to get a good view of it. This will clearly be a shock to our city-self, but Country Rules and tips are provided. After that, we cover some Eclipse facts/rumors and maybe an appearance from Dr. Science.

FER 1845: Eclipse For Rent

Aug 18, 2017 36:45


GUESTS: JIMMY and KYLE from THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. The great eclipse of 2017 is on it's way and Greg has some ideas of how to make some money off of it. We are also joined by THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE! They have some great shows coming up! Plus Portland At The Movies and much more.

FER 1844: Mr. MacLachlan

Aug 17, 2017 48:54


Dreams do come true! Two weeks after very scary surgery, Sarah was able to meet someone that she has always wanted to, while on the set of a locally-produced TV Show. We discuss the excitement, what she did and the behind the scenes account of being an Extra. Big thanks to Next Adventure, as well!

FER 1843: The Reservoir

Aug 15, 2017 49:28


After a trip to small town Oregon, Sarah shares what it's like to see the backwoods. Greg reminisces once again about being a possible "hero" by stopping a bully and receives some corroborating accounts from an email. In World of Crazy: Jersey Shore Reunion; Florida Man Walmart; Scooter; Lizard Men. Ball Talk: Khloe and Tristan; Mayweather bet; Rally Cat. Thanks to BIKE GALLERY for the fantastic support!

FER 1842: King of the Dock

Aug 12, 2017 38:01


Old Timey Greg recounts his tale of 12 years old at the dock at the reservoir and the battle of the bully. In World of Crazy: The Eclipse Baby, Alcohol-infused meat, Pizza accident, Pop Rock Burritos. Big thank you to everyone who came out to Courage yesterday and thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE and BIKE GALLERY!

FER 1841: Hard To Grip

Aug 11, 2017 45:08


GUEST: EMIL DeANDREIS. Today, Greg breaks down the wall and reveals the "magician" tricks, while Sarah is living in a whole new world, as she is recovering from her surgery (shiny objects). Then we are joined by author Emil DeAndreis, as he talks about his book Hard To Grip! It's a seriously fascinating tale of overcoming an physical obstacle and still finding the humor and desire to enjoy life and find a new passion. Tonight, Greg will be at Landmark Saloon for an impromptu Courage show!

FER 1840: Kraft's Crafts

Aug 10, 2017 47:12


GUEST: JOSH JOHNSON. Sarah is still struggling a bit, but she is powering through on today's episode, as we discuss the possible formation of her own popup restaurant! Then Greg interviews comedian Josh Johnson, who's new album, I Like You is out now on Comedy Central Records!

FER 1839: Courage

Aug 9, 2017 42:27


Greg is having an identity crisis because he has to uncover a personality from years ago, Courage is getting together to play an acoustic set this Thursday at Landmark (!!), don't live in North Carolina, University of Georgia pick your own grades, Metallica concert, fried chicken beer, the hunt for sesame seeds, Squatchwatch Eclipse Watch, and more - have a great day all! Big thank you to Bike Gallery and Next Adventure!

FER 1838: Sarah's Surgery

Aug 8, 2017 56:45


After a couple of days off, we are back with the harrowing tale of what happened to Sarah. The surgery scare, the ER room and whole fiasco is detailed. Thank you so much to everyone for your well wished and incredible support!

FER Interview: Soulful Giving Foundation

Aug 3, 2017 19:54


In this special Funemployment Radio Interview, we are joined by Linda Yoshida and Staci Sigala of the Soulful Giving Foundation! Every year, they hold a wonderful charity event on the Yoshida Estate called the Soulful Giving Blanked Concert, which donates proceeds to Randall Children's Hospital and Providence Cancer Research Center. In addition, the Boss of Sauce himself, Junki Yoshida will be there and Linda shares some amazing stories about the origins of the amazing sauce!

FER 1837: Circular Food

Aug 2, 2017 56:22


Greg has an obsession and is starting to figure out something mildly disturbing about himself and his food habits. Then we discuss the continuing fascination with Elvis impersonators and who we would if we could. In World Of Crazy; Joey Chestnut; Miss Mermaid UK; One-armed Clown. In Ball Talk: Olympics, Bicycle Cheating; Steve Bartman. Big thanks to BIKE GALLERY!

FER 1836: Lame Confessions

Aug 1, 2017 58:04


GUEST: AARON DURAN. Today we are joined by the fantastic Mr. Aaron Duran of Geek In The City and the Author of The Forgotten Tyrs Book 1 and....well you'll have to listen to find out! Also, Sarah worked an Eastern European wedding, Greg has neighbor updates an we debut a new segment called #LameConfessions. 


Jul 29, 2017 01:13:56


GUESTS: JEREMIAH COUGHLAN and SUSAN RICE. After a whirlwind trip to Seattle, we recount the adventure that was the Neil Diamond concert. From "Rhonda" to wearing the same shirt, to suddenly becoming "internet famous" because of a picture, there is a lot to tell. We are also joined by Jeremiah and Susan! They have a show on Monday, that is going to be fantastic!

FER 1834: Diamond Boy

Jul 26, 2017 59:29


One more birthday present awaits Greg, as Sarah purchased him a ticket to see Neil Diamond in Seattle, with the VonDylans. There is information on Diamond, how many cougars will be encountered and a debate of whether Greg should wear the shirt Sarah made. Plus in WOC: Felony Pink Beer; Ball Talk: Lucky Whitehead; Kyrie Irving. Squatchwatch. Big thanks to BIKE GALLERY!

FER 1833: Irish Wedding

Jul 25, 2017 57:38


It turns out that attending an Irish wedding is...amazing! Today, we'll recap what happened, what we learned about Irish traditions, some feats of strength and then get to the mystery of Sarah and her secret baby. Yup. You'll find out a lot on this one! Also, in Ball Talk: Kyrie Irving; Draymond/McGregor. Thanks everyone!

FER 1832: Hot Dog Music

Jul 20, 2017 56:18


Everything keeps coming up Sarah, as she is celebrating National Hot Dog Day, covering all of the conspiracies of her second favorite food. Also, we discuss some of our shameful purchases and some interesting ways to keep yourself from buying them. Let's just say that 82nd Avenue comes up a lot. Also, in Ball Talk, OJ may be getting out. Big thanks to our sponsors, BIKE GALLERY and NEXT ADVENTURE!!

FER 1831: Ladylike

Jul 19, 2017 01:00:48


Sarah is attempting to consult a list to determine if she is "ladylike". Also, Greg has received two more pieces of mail and a VIP invite to something that he should probably not go to. In World of Crazy: Florida Men; Suicidal Robot; Sawing Wood. In Ball Talk: Tebow; Minor League Names; Larry The Snail.

FER 1830: Irish

Jul 18, 2017 54:34


Sarah has an incredible responsibility ahead of her, as a major part of an upcoming wedding. Today we'll go through what she'll need to do, as Greg tries to provide the proper advice to make it all work...terribly. Also, a big thank you to everyone that came out to the FER Experience and FER Bingo at the Landmark Saloon yesterday, including ELYSIAN BREWING and MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH.

FER 1829: Punchy Face

Jul 15, 2017 01:01:39


Apparently Greg still has a punchy face and Sarah is more than happy to let him know why winning at Cornhole has exacerbated it. Also, Dennis writes in regarding airplane etiquette and bet is debated. In World of Crazy: Cards Against Humanity; House Fire; Honey House; Slime Eels. Ball Talk: Wimbledon Underwear; Mayweather v. McGregor. Big thanks to ELYSIAN BREWING and MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH for this weekends FER EXPERIENCE and FER BINGO DAY at LANDMARK SALOON!

FER 1828: Billy Wayne Davis

Jul 14, 2017 57:46


GUEST: BILLY WAYNE DAVIS. Sarah was given a golden gift for her apartment complex, but Greg is convinced it's more of a trap. We are also joined by our friend Billy Wayne Davis! Billy is in Vancouver, WA tonight and is all around awesome. He shares some good advice about Sarah's terrifying situation. Big thanks to BIKE GALLERY!

FER 1827: Portland's Best Podcast

Jul 13, 2017 47:10


Thank you to everyone who voted, because Funemployment Radio was just named the Best Local Podcast by Willamette Week for 2017! This is our second year winning and we're sure that Russians were involved in some sort of hacking attempt, but nonetheless, THANK YOU! Also, a new issue has arisen on Greg's street, we have new E-Bikes from BIKE GALLERY and don't forget FER Sunday Bingo at LANDMARK SALOON on 7/16/17 with ELYSIAN BREWING and MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH! Thank you everyone!

FER 1826: Bingo Afternoon

Jul 12, 2017 54:30


The thing is back in Greg's dreams and now it's starting to get a little weird. However, GLOP (trademark Funemployment Radio) is still on and getting even better! With the original characters being flushed out, new members have joined the cast! Kami-kaze and the Italian Stallion are ready to join up. In World of Crazy: 711 Day; Umbrellas; Pizza; Florida Woman. Ball Talk: Aaron Judge. Be sure to come to the FER Experience and Bingo Afternoon on 7/16/17 at Landmark Saloon! Sponsors ELYSIAN BREWING and MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH!

FER 1825: Trailer Park

Jul 11, 2017 58:05


There is a problem in Greg's life that has reared it's ugly head again and he has decided it's time to come clean. Once it happens in the middle of the night, it's an issue. Plus, a huge Bike Ride with our BIKE GALLERY bikes (use "funemployment" as a discount code online, or in store). In WoC: Bear Bite; spicy food; McDonald's gross; Star Wars/Star Trek. Make a choice. Ball Talk: Tour de France; Rally Granny; Ichiro.

FER Experience: Live on 06/18/17

Jul 10, 2017 01:03:41


This is the exclusive recording of the first ever FER Experience, on 06/18/17 at the Landmark Saloon! With a live studio audience, Greg and Sarah discuss the neighbor issues, sweat a lot, live Ball Talk and live World of Crazy, among other things. Including an interview with Nick from Landmark, plus Kielen and Sean from The Pretyorians!

Guests: The Preytorians

Recorded live at the Landmark Saloon

Sponsors: Small Town Brewery and Monkey Shoulder Scotch

FER 1824: GLOP

Jul 8, 2017 58:10


Greg takes inspiration from the amazing series GLOW and comes up with his own version called GLOP, Gorgeous Ladies of Portland, for a new female wrestling league. The star heel: Sarah "Bremelo" Dylan, along with Miss Canada, The Flight Attendant and America's Sweetheart. Yes, it's glorious. In WOC: Bad Injections. Ball Talk: Bad Tipper. Big thanks to ELYSIAN BREWING and MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH, the sponsors of the FER EXPERIENCE!

FER 1823: Fourth of July

Jul 7, 2017 47:45


GUESTS: CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER & JASON LAMB. There is BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in this episode.... After a break for Greg's birthday and 4th of July, we are back in action! We recount what happened (big thank you to BIKE GALLERY) and why everyone is now officially over his birthday. Corbett is a small town in Oregon, where much shenanigans ensued, including a visit to the local bar. Then we are joined by Caitlin and Jason! They are putting on Lez Stand Up on Friday, July 7th and they are fantastic! In World of Crazy: Cocoa Loco; Cheeto Pigs; Bee Fireworks. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for being awesome!

FER 1822: Old Greg

Jul 1, 2017 53:45


This is officially Greg's last show in his thirties! Does he feel his age and what traits do people born on July 2nd have? You'll find out! Also, Sarah helps Greg further his transition into "Tequila Guy". Big thank you to Bike Gallery for their sponsorship and have a great weekend!

FER 1821: Butter Man

Jun 30, 2017 56:48


There is a new hit song about to take the summer by storm and Greg thinks it's his. The Butter Man will most likely not be these things, but it is stuck in Sarah's head. In World of Crazy: NASA; Aliens; Shotgun; Friend's Coffee; Ice Cream Fight. In Ball Talk: Butler Number; The Progressive Liberal Wrestler; Mizzou Driver. Big thanks to BIKE GALLERY!

FER 1820: Haunted Book

Jun 29, 2017 58:45


Sarah may have intentionally brought something terrible into the studio and now they are both doomed! Plus, street libraries and Greg keeps having bizarre dreams. In World of Crazy: Plastic Surgery; Chicken Nugget Anger; Disneyland Every Day; Steaks; Aliens. Squatch Watch: The Lowe Files. Ball Talk: CP To Houston and Jake the Diamond Dog. THANKS TO BIKE GALLERY!

FER 1819: Mark Geary and Gráinne Hunt

Jun 28, 2017 44:07


GUESTS: Mark Geary and Gráinne Hunt. Sarah announced that she will be working the Green Room of a very big celebrity as a bartender and Greg of course wants to go. He attempts various schemes to get in, while Sarah denies him. Then we are joined by musicians Mark Geary and Gráinne Hunt! They are Irish and they are incredible. Both are performing tonight and tomorrow in Portland. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE, our fine sponsors! 

FER 1818: Cabo San Lucas

Jun 27, 2017 01:08:07


Cabo San Lucas and the trip to Mexico is the topic of this episode, with everything from advice on what to do and not to do, to tales of adventure! We'll cover where we stayed, where you should go, how to meet 'Psycho', the saga of Greg's hat and the best/worst things to do. Thank you so much for tuning in and don't forget to use the code 'FUNEMPLOYMENT' at!

FER Vacation 2017 Best Of: Kenny B and Wicked

Jun 24, 2017 54:12


To end our week of best-ofs we have a couple of clips for your listening pleasure! First up we have Kenny and the tale of the present, and afterward Nibler does his own rendition of 'WICKED' - ugh. :) Have a great day!!

FER Vacation 2017 Best Of: Tuggy

Jun 23, 2017 01:05:00


Today we replay our episode where we are joined by our pal Tuggy (who is actually currently in Mexico with us!) - have a great afternoon all!

FER Vacation Best Of 2017: Bandage Man

Jun 22, 2017 01:03:34


Today we replay the episode where we are getting ready to do Hood to Coast! We talk about running through the woods, coastal folklore and hill people, and more - have a great day all! Also, dont forget to get a Bike from Bike Gallery to escape the Bandage Man! Use the code "Funemployment" and get 10% off!

FER Vacation 2017 Best Of: The Sandwich and Juicing

Jun 21, 2017 56:33


On today's best-of we address an issue that Greg has with juicing, plus the tale of the sandwich and how to make a wedding memorable :) Have a great afternoon!

FER Vacation 2017 Best Of: Bert Kreischer

Jun 20, 2017 01:00:09


On today's best-of we play our interview with the one and only Bert Kreischer, aka The Machine! Thanks for listening and have a great day all! : 

FER 1817: Mexico

Jun 17, 2017 46:17


Greg and Sarah are heading out to Mexico with friends next week and in the meantime, they are worried that Greg may have booked them into...a swinger's resort. Also, flying is Sarah's worst nightmare, while Greg obnoxiously loves it. The first ever FER Experience is this Sunday at LANDMARK SALOON with fine sponsors NOT YOUR MOM'S ICED TEA and MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH! Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE as well for all of their support of FER. Best ofs start next week!

FER 1816: Shadow Person

Jun 15, 2017 56:54


Sarah may have inadvertently cursed Greg with her bizarre dream and then he reveals something terrifying that has been happening to him at his house. We are then joined by Jason Pollard, host of the new Funemployment Radio Network podcast, The Well Adjusted Gamer! We discuss games and more! Be sure to come down Sunday, June 18th to LANDMARK SALOON for FER BINGO with SMALL TOWN'S NOT YOUR MOM'S ICED TEA and MONKEY SHOULD SCOTCH, with prizes not limited to Aaron Duran's book!!

FER 1815: Booze Cruise

Jun 14, 2017 57:58


With pollen in the area, Greg claims to have "Allegra" on the brain, which means his mind is particularly off today. The Great Mexico Vacation is a week away and Sarah is starting to get nervous about a number of things. Greg attempts to assuage her concerns with advice, that fails miserably. In World of Crazy: 911 Chicken Nuggets; Drug Burrito; Children Mail; Fubbing. Ball Talk: Warriors and Rat Tails. The FER Summer Bingo Event is at LANDMARK SALOON on 6/18/17! With Small Town Brewery and Monkey Shoulder Scotch as the fine sponsors and BIKE GALLERY providing some prizes!

FER 1814: Instagram Creep

Jun 13, 2017 01:03:26


Today: Greg is slowly trying to figure out how that Instagram contraption works and he's just ending up looking creepy, how to properly use it and what you should do, THE GREAT GARBAGE CAN DOG POOP DEBATE OF 2017, Disneyland geese, sand angels, always check your screenshots, Sarah's Squatch Watch, NBA Finals and raw seafood, and have a great afternoon all! Don't forget that our FER Afternoon Bingo Event is this Sunday at 3pm at Landmark Saloon, with Not Your Mother's Iced Tea from Small Town Brewery and Monkey Shoulder Scotch as the fine sponsors!


Jun 10, 2017 18:04


GUEST: KEVIN ALLISON. Today Kevin Allison from the Risk! Podcast (and SO much more) joined us! We spoke of storytelling, the art of it, Portland, possibly prostitution and many other things. Kevin is at Revolution Hall on June 9th, get your tickets!

FER Interview: Lachlan Patterson

Jun 10, 2017 29:24


GUEST: LACHLAN PATTERSON. In this interview episode, we're joined by Lachlan Patterson! He's at Helium Comedy Club on June 9/10. We discuss bobbleheads, alleyways, Lachlan's idea for a TV show, chairs and much, much, more.

FER 1813: Emcees

Jun 9, 2017 51:20


Today: Greg has a glorious plan to try and 'spice up' our emceeing gig this weekend at the Rose City Beard & Mustache Competition, no we are not going to sing a song and no I will not dance, meth popcorn mmm, free Bud Light, do the chicken dance, the mothman has come back, Cleveland is getting swept, and more - have a great day all! Huge thank you to our fine sponsors Next Adventure, as well! Don't forget to come out to FER Bingo at Landmark Saloon on June 18th with NOT YOUR MOTHER'S ICED TEA and MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH!

FER 1812: Urban Trash House

Jun 8, 2017 59:22


Sarah got some news about a thing that she did and now she's nervous, Greg is trying to create a meme and it's not a "jif", DC bar offering free drinks for Trump's crazy tweets, knife game for free shots, armor for your pets, bringing back brains from the dead, NBA update, and more - have a great afternoon all! Don't forget that we have FER Summer Bingo on June 18th at the Landmark  Saloon! Free to play with our fine sponsors Not Your Mother's Iced Tea and Monkey Shoulder Scotch!

FER 1811: The Itch

Jun 7, 2017 49:04


Sarah is having a problem and cannot stop scratching because her new medication is not working, Benadryl and broadcasting do not mix, generic father figure wanted for a bbq, motor oil in your pants, take a class to learn Klingon, one of the worst fan songs, and more - have a great afternoon friends! Also be sure to head to Bike Gallery (either online or at one of their six locations!) to get 10% off your purchase by using the code FUNEMPLOYMENT - thanks!

FER 1810: Sarah's Big Adventure

Jun 6, 2017 57:30


GUEST: AJ from WORTHY BREWING. Sarah just got back from going to Bremerton this weekend and had the most magical time at the Brew Fest that she went to with her Dad, our friend A.J. from WORTHY BREWING  stopped by to say hi and chat with us about the Hopservatory, what it's like to be a beer rep, and more - he's great! Also today our pal Norm-Courtney joined us to talk some sports and visiting Portland - have a wonderful day all!

FER 1809: Chinese Swimsuit

Jun 3, 2017 41:46


Sarah has decided to come clean about a choice she made and a betrayal she committed. For listeners and Greg, this is much needed to restore trust, regarding her decision to click on the wrong website. Also in World of Crazy: Raccoons and Capybara; Burrito ID; Vampire Dennis. Ball Talk: NBA Finals. Plus, the release of Kielen King's new band, The Preytorians and their new music video!!

FER 1808: Funemployment Radio Experience

Jun 2, 2017 52:07


We have a big announcement today and a big step for Funemployment Radio! The new Experience will be a lot of fun and we want you to be a part of it, even with Greg's new "scotch voice". Thanks to NOT YOUR MOTHER'S ICED TEA and MONKEY SHOULDER SCOTCH! Also, in World of Crazy: Cat Work; 612; Beach Ball; Tequila Guy. Ball Talk: NBA Playoffs, Catfish. We welcome the return of BIKE GALLERY as a sponsor of Funemployment Radio!

FER 1807: Becky With The Good Jokes

Jun 1, 2017 54:07


GUEST: BECKY BRAUNSTEIN. Today Greg reveals his newest nightmare-dream of being a Stand Up Comedian and the ridiculous amount of confidence he appeared to have going into it. We are then joined by an ACTUAL Comedian, Becky Braunstein! We discuss comedy, Alaska, her show at HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, opening for PAULY SHORE and much more! In Ball Talk: Khloe; Catfish. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE and WORTHY BREWING!

FER 1806: Extreme Nibler

May 31, 2017 51:19


With the great Mexico Trip about a month away, Greg has decided he wants to start taking more Parasailing. This is a bad idea given his luck. Also, free sample guilt. In World of Crazy: Florida Woman; Auction; Robot Priest. Ball Talk: Tiger Woods; Beavers Baseball. Don't forget to vote for FER for Best Portland Podcast!

FER 1805: The Kings

May 26, 2017 57:49


GUESTS: KIELEN AND HARVEY KING. Greg wants to dredge up the Country P.I. and it's still not working, Kielen and his dad Harvey joined us to hang out, Steve Sanders vs. Ferris Bueller, robot cops are coming for you, preacher can call God on his cellphone, Seahawk bad talk, and more - have a great afternoon friends!


May 25, 2017 43:19


GUEST: ADAM PASI. Greg finds joy in watching terrible television commercials, by terrible people and discovered something miraculous. By sending off for a letter from a televangelist, gold was struck and an onslaught of unintentional blessings ensue! Then we are joined by our buddy Adam Pasi, who is at Helium Comedy Club tonight for Funny Humans vs. The Wheel! A one-of-a-kind musical number closes out the show! Big thanks to WORTHY BREWING for the Green Room Sponsorship!

FER 1803: Ringmaster

May 24, 2017 01:05:38


On today's episode, we turn to our live chat for some crowd-sourcing and to answer listener questions. The results: Greg wants to become a Ringmaster with his own People Circus, Sarah is obsessed with Party of Five and a shocking physical detail is revealed. In World of Crazy: Swimming Pool Issues; Moon Dust; Titanic Thief; Ball Talk: Nashville Predators. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1802: Minority Retort

May 23, 2017 47:38


GUEST: JEREMY ELI. Greg has the grand finale of the Van Saga, where are they now, what actually happened, comedian Jeremy Eli joined us to talk about his show happening this Friday at the Hollywood Theatre, strange smells and more; also - Sarah and her love for Twin Peaks (no spoilers), liking what you like, and have a great day everyone! BIG THANKS TO WORTHY BREWING for the GREEN ROOM SPONSORSHIP!

FER 1801: Two Vans

May 20, 2017 49:36


Almost unbelievably, but stranger than fiction, the saga continues in front of Greg's house. Dogs, charging crack ladies, Police and more as his new neighbors continue to multiply. It's a tale for the ages. In World of Crazy that's not Greg's life: Nacho Cheese; Detachable Pants; Rat Cafe. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE, also!!

FER 1800: Pretty Woman-ed

May 19, 2017 51:35


Sarah is going wedding dress shopping (not for herself) and finds herself in the middle ground of too old and too young. Also, apparently too poor. Plus, Greg has spent the entire morning walking around with shame, not realizing it. In World of Crazy: Target Ball; Spilled Milk; Clumsy Shoplifter; Lighters.

FER 1799: Video Game Shame

May 18, 2017 56:50


Video Games have long been an issue for Greg, but never more so than going to the used game store and looking like a creep. Shocking confessions abound, as he describes the resurgence of his controller throwing. World of Crazy: Suing Over Movie; DC Station; Phone Charger; Romphim. Ball Talk: Lonzo Ball Shoes; Snitch Ticket to Giselle. BIG THANKS TO NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1798: New Neighbor

May 17, 2017 53:08


GUEST: SEAN JORDAN. The neighbor story goes to the next level, as Greg has an addition to the post-Methhead Group. We don't know his name, we don't know what he looks like, but his presence has been made known. The Van holds a secret! Also, in World of Crazy: Taco Bell Bribe; Port St. Lucie. Ball Talk: Shark-gate Update

FER 1797: Radio Hack

May 16, 2017 56:49


Greg has yet again found a way to awkwardly post on Social Media and this time, he accidentally calls a star musician a....well, you'll have to listen to know. Sarah was fortunate to hear a rarity in radio, live on the air over this last weekend! It lasted for a while and it was...amazing. In World of Crazy: Cheddar Biscuits; Angry at Portland. In Ball Talk: Brady curse?; Marlins Man. Squatch Watch correction.


May 13, 2017 51:56


GUEST: BRAD WILLIAMS. Today: We were joined by Brad Williams today and he was great! We talked about everything from podcasting to politics (light), plus he does an unnerving impression that freaked Sarah out; also - don't look at your phone first thing in the morning, guests on podcasts, and more - he'll be at Helium Comedy Club all weekend so be sure to check him out! Have a great weekend all!

FER 1795: Bingo Night

May 12, 2017 51:15


It's the FER Bingo Night with BridgePort Brewing and Milagro Tequila and Greg has decided to make a pitch. In order to fully commit to the Tequila lifestyle, he wants to become a new version of the most interesting man in the world... Plus we discuss ninjas. In World of Crazy: Bow Wow Challenge; Swallowing Pens; Cranking. In Ball Talk: Caffeine.

FER 1794: Mexican Swinger's Club

May 11, 2017 01:04:24


Greg booked a place for a bunch of friends for his birthday in June. Adults Only, all inclusive....not really thinking that he basically booked everyone into a SWINGERS CLUB. Oh boy. Also, the neighbor war is heating up. In World of Crazy: Potato Chips; Marker Tags; Deodorant; KFC Romance Novel. Ball Talk: Sharkgate. FER BINGO NIGHT is MAY 11th at LANDMARK SALOON with BRIDGEPORT BREWING and MILAGRO TEQUILA! Happy Birthday to our buddy Ace!

FER 1793: His Nibs

May 10, 2017 58:08


Sarah discovered a record and uncovered a possible secret Origin Story for Greg's nickname of "Nibs". Seriously, it goes back to the 18th century and involves someone with inflated delusions of grandeur... In World of Crazy: Cheese Stickers; Gummy Bear Attack; Florida Man. Ball Talk: NBA Playoffs; Isaiah Thomas; Ray Allen Drama; D-Gate. FER Bingo Night is MAY 11th at LANDMARK SALOON with BRIDGEPORT BREWING and MILAGRO TEQUILA!

FER 1792: Portland Beardsmen

May 9, 2017 59:30


GUESTS: PORTLAND BEARDSMEN. There has been a new development, or escalation in Greg's neighborhood, leaving him full of confusion on what to do. Does he join the gang? Should he get a track suit? So many questions. Then we are joined by the PORTLAND BEARDSMEN, who are promoting BEARDS AND ROSES for Mother's Day! In World of Crazy: Espresso Bagel; Pre-destroyed shoes; Cheese Pizza. Thank you to NEXT ADVENTURE and don't forget FER BINGO NIGHT is May 11th at LANDMARK SALOON with BRIDGEPORT BREWING & MILAGRO TEQUILA!


May 6, 2017 31:47


GUEST: BARON VAUGHN. For our final in-studio interview of the day we were joined by the multi-talented and hilarious Baron Vaughn! We chatted with him about Mystery Science Theater 3000, touring the country, Babyface (yes, that one), secret rappers, strange anime themes, and he sings Sarah a wonderful song he made up for her on the spot - it's amazing. Thanks everyone, and be sure to say hi to us if you see us out and about this weekend! Have a wonderful day!


May 6, 2017 12:07


GUEST: CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER. Comedian Caitlin Weierhauser joined us to talk about her amazing schedule for this year's Bridgetown Comedy Festival, how to pick out what the heck to wear, dance-offs and comedy, and more - be sure to go and check out their shows and have a great weekend all!



May 6, 2017 53:02


GUEST: BILLY WAYNE DAVIS. We were joined by comedian Billy Wayne Davis to talk about Bridgetown, but then we mostly ended up talking about Greg and his impending mental unraveling; from weird dreams to slight politics to yoga, it's a strange and fun show - we hope you enjoy! Have a great day, and be sure to catch Billy Wayne performing this weekend!


May 5, 2017 40:09


GUEST: MYQ KAPLAN. Our east coast pal Myq Kaplan joined us today to talk about performing in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, comedy and rap battles and palindrome fights oh my, vegan strip clubs and puns, let's get ready to bumble, and more - he's delightful. Have a wonderful afternoon all!


May 5, 2017 28:12


GUEST: GABE DINGER. Comedian and friend Gabe Dinger came in to talk Bridgetown Comedy Festival, moving to LA from Portland, being in a music video where you are half-naked, taking acting classes and becoming a TV writer, and more - he's wonderful. Have a great day friends! Also, thanks to Green Room sponsor: WORTHY BREWING!


May 4, 2017 54:26


GUEST: KATIE NGUYEN. Greg read an article late last night, detailing the incredible number of squirrels that were kept as pets, up until 50 years ago. Now he believes he could become Portland's "Squirrel Man".... Then, Katie Nguyen joins us to discuss BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL and her performances there! In WORLD OF CRAZY: Thousand-Pack of Beer; Frork; Florida Machete. Thanks to WORTHY BREWING for the fine sponsorship of our Green Room!

FER Interview: JOE SIB

May 3, 2017 17:44


GUEST: JOE SIB. Joe is simply fantastic and he has new album out, called Nowhere Near The Top! He's been a musician, a label owner, a producer and much more. We talk about Portland, his podcast Rad Parenting and much more. Joe is just great. Also, don't forget to vote for Funemployment Radio for Best Podcast in Willamette Week's Poll!


May 3, 2017 44:03


GUEST: ALEX FALCONE. Today: We were joined by our pal Alex to talk about all things Bridgetown Comedy Festival (get your tickets here!) from snacks to ex-adult theaters and more; mostly, we talk a lot about snacks, then Greg tries to create a Sandwich Dictatorship and we find out who Alex really is - it's a fun show. Have a great day all! Thanks to WORTHY BREWING for the Green Room Sponsorship!


May 2, 2017 52:18


GUEST: ANDIE MAIN. Bridgetown Comedy Festival week is upon us and today we are joined by our friend Andie Main! She discusses her awesome shows, her standing in the imaginary ranking of talent, old Portland porn shops and much more. Greg also talks about his gloriously awesome and nerdy weekend shooting a music video with Kielen! In World of Crazy: Cheesy Fries; Free Burger King, Meth Pottery. Pick up a sweatshirt in the FER Store!


Apr 29, 2017 56:34


GUEST: SHANE MAUSS. Kenny B was with us today (although now he prefers to be called Kenneth which isn't going to happen) and we talked about what he's been up to, human-eating cats and the shack man, and Comedian/Educator Shane Mauss joined us to talk about Bridgetown Comedy Festival (tickets/passes here!), his podcast Here We Are, and the insane/fascinating world of psychedelic drugs - it's a trip. Have a great weekend all, and Bridgetown kicks off next week! Don't forget that FER Bingo Night is May 11th!

FER 1782: Snitch Ticket

Apr 28, 2017 53:05


Greg has decided it may be time for a change in the government of Portland's Transportation Dept. and feels he may be the right person for the job! However, Sarah is coming in hot, disputing his bold idea of giving everyone Snitch Tickets. In World of Crazy: Lobster Beer; Spoon Swallow; Robot Fight. In Ball Talk: The Draft. The FER Bingo Night is May 11th with BridgePort Brewing and Milagro Tequila! Also Bridgetown Comedy Festival coverage gets started tomorrow!

FER 1781: Mercury In Retrograde

Apr 27, 2017 51:41


Despite science pointing the opposite direction, Sarah will explain just what the hell "Mercury in Retrograde" means to people that believe in it. Greg is not one of those people. In Ball Talk: Beast Mode; Lillard obsessed; Old Man Popovich; Drama. World of Crazy: Hot Convict; Bad Book Store; Bud Ice; GOTG II. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE and don't forget to get your tickets to BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL!

FER 1780: Macaroni Day Dreams

Apr 26, 2017 01:02:16


A travesty was averted this morning when Greg forgot his phone for a couple of hours. What if he had missed a call from Marvel, asking him to be in a new Avengers movie!? Also, Sarah comes up with the title to her upcoming Alum. Such a crisis. In World of Crazy: Gumbo Spice, No Ice Cream, Clear Jeans, Dirty Jeans. Ball Talk: Blazers, PGA Snitches, Clemson. Proud to be partnering with BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, get your tix! Also, we announce the next FER BINGO night!

FER 1779: Strange Strangers

Apr 25, 2017 48:41


The neighborhood Greg lives in, seems to be inundated with strange people that knock on his door. Is it a ring of meth heads looking to rob him, or is he in fact the weird one that is drawing them in? In World of Crazy: Creepy Presents; Xylophone; Hash Brown Golf Balls; Pizza Fight. Ball Talk: LeBron; Lonzo Ball; Warriors are good. 

FER 1778: Starworld

Apr 23, 2017 52:55


Greg is super excited about the new Star Wars world and what kind of world would you create if you could, Sopranos and super bad New Jersey accents, Taco Pizza is a thing, too much malt liquor, accidentally sending an embarrassing link, setting your underpants on fire is no way to go through life, Come on Marlins, and more - have a great weekend all! Also thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1777: Portland Pizza Week

Apr 20, 2017 47:32


Does a slice of cheese pizza count as actual pizza, or is just the base from which pizza is built? Is it delicious, or a waste? That is the main question of the day, as Greg and Sarah debate Portland Pizza Week. Also, in World of Crazy: Cheese Fire; Kiss A Kia; Chuck E Cheese; Old Lady Underpants. Ball Talk: A.H.; Milwaukee Bucks 

FER 1776: Bow and Arrow

Apr 19, 2017 59:14


After acquiring a Bow and Arrow, Greg is expanding on his plans to be a "Neighborhood Superhero" to stop the crime around his house. It's probably not a good idea. We also discuss 13 Reasons Why (no spoilers) and why it's important for people to check it out. In World of Crazy: Clear Coffee; Chip Shortage; Ear Biting. In Ball Talk: Gordon Stayward; Anti-Clippers song. Don't forget to go to our website and click on the Amazon link for all of your shopping needs!

FER 1775: Rocket Science

Apr 18, 2017 01:03:07


GUESTS: PDX BROADSIDES (Jessica and Christian). Romance was in the air last weekend, as Sarah may have found the love of her life. We discuss the ins and outs of her torrid affair of the heart and Greg of course tries to see how he can benefit from it. Then we are joined by the PDX BROADSIDES! They have a Kickstarter out or their new album, Trust Issues and give us a NSFW demonstration song (even though the album is SFW)! In WOC: April The Giraffe; Video Game Marriage; New Botox. Ball Talk: Marathon; NBA Playoffs; Toronto Maple Leafs. Thanks to WORTHY BREWING for being the great sponsors of our Green Room!

FER 1774: Titanic Day

Apr 15, 2017 54:37


It's a day or remembrance for Sarah, as she embraces her inner "Rose" to dish out Titanic knowledge. How many times DID she see it in High School? Also, who knew there were so many conspiracy theories about it! We also cover Greg's dream of elephants and Samuel L. Jackson. In Ball Talk: Eli Manning trouble; Marshawn to Oakland; A Beer 1/2 Marathon; NBA prediction and a special Canadian Tribute. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1773: Survive It and Drive It

Apr 14, 2017 41:57


Sarah had a dream and it involved flashbacks of her days in radio. Stunts were a huge part of it, but nothing will ever top the cheesiness and stinkiness of Survive It and Drive It! In World of Crazy: Florida with Trees; Cheeseburger 8 year-old; Worst idea for a TV Show ever; Furry Convention. Ball Talk: SisQo speaks up. Big thank you to WORTHY BREWING!

FER 1772: Busybody

Apr 13, 2017 58:02


GUEST: AUGGIE SMITH. Greg has decided he needs to be more of a part of the neighborhood, but it's quite sure how to go about it. After uncovering an illegal Raw Milk ring, he's got to make the choice of whether to become a rat. Our friend Auggie Smith is in town, with his show at Curious Comedy Tonight! In World of Crazy: German Spill; Fake Massage; Anger Room. Big thanks to our friends at WORTHY BREWING, as well!

FER 1771: Meth Scrape

Apr 12, 2017 01:01:22


There is a tale to be told about what happened to Sarah's nose, but the truth may not be the right one. Greg helps her workshop her story and how to come across as cooler than she might actually be. In World of Crazy: Peeps, Sky Pool, Scorpion Salad; Florida With Trees; Hit Your Own Button. Ball Talk: Marshawn; NHL Hockey Yoga; Prediction.

FER 1770: Turtle Lady and The Chicken Man

Apr 11, 2017 01:05:42


GUEST: DAN WEBER. Sarah is on the verge of making a shocking decision regarding a new pet decision. Perhaps calling her cat lady was incorrect? We are also joined by Dan Weber! Dan's show, Reading The Bible With Dan is April 11th at Helium Comedy Club, where they'll tackle The Last Supper. He also shares a horrifying chicken story. In Ball Talk: Evan Turner hates White Condiments; Oregon State is good at baseball; 

FER 1769: Windstorm

Apr 8, 2017 56:00


The great Wind Storm of 2017 is upon us in Portland (Windageddon? Blowpocalypse?) and the time has come to plan how we will take over our building in the event of an emergency! In World of Crazy: Beer Day; Disney Choke; Polar Bear Cleaning; Talking Dog. Ball Talk: Dog on Field; Women's Hockey; Lavar Ball; Tim Tebow; Munn Rodgers/

Big thanks to our awesome sponsor's NEXT ADVENTURE and WORTHY BREWING!

FER 1768: Holiday Cinematic Universe

Apr 7, 2017 55:11


In what he believes to be a Hollywood lock, Greg has come up with a concept for a new cinematic universe, full of origin stories, different characters and a new twist on the Holidays. In World of Crazy: Taco Squirrel; Wolverine; Trash; Abducted by Aliens. Ball Talk: Richard Sherman; Dustin Johnson; Jeopardy Question.

FER 1767: Time Traveling Vampire

Apr 6, 2017 49:07


There is a potential haunting in the Studio Building and Sarah is convinced that she knows what's going on. After visiting the Conspiracy Theory room at Labyrinth Escape Rooms yesterday with Geek in the City, we give a rundown on some very bizarre conspiracy theories online. #ThanksObama In WOC: Arizona Mystery Hole; California Mermaid; Stolen Summer Sausage. Birthday Rules.

FER 1766: Killer Rice

Apr 5, 2017 01:01:15


There is a new threat to your daily life, if you are a rice eater and Greg is here to clarify the horror that he found out! Also, he reads some ridiculous things before going to bed. Sarah has forgotten her phone and there is a strange guy that keeps approaching Greg's house to continue with the paranoia. In World of Crazy: April the Giraffe;; Taco Fight; Ranch Restaurant. Ball Talk; Tournament Of Champions Recap; Congrats Dwayne; Romo

FER 1765: Loose Cannons

Apr 4, 2017 01:03:31


GUEST: TIM LEDWITH. The glorious land known as Felony Flats is alive and well in Portland, as Greg and Sarah had a particular encounter over the weekend. There is also some reminiscing of the former Methhead Neighbors. We are then joined by TIM LEDWITDH. Tim has an opportunity to guest on a very popular Judge's TV show and also has a comedy showcase coming up at HELIUM called LOOSE CANNONS! In Ball Talk: Nurkic, TOC Scandal, MLB Prediction. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1764: Garbage Island

Apr 1, 2017 52:41


GUEST: JOE MACHI. Sarah has a very special new purchase from Amazon in order to "improve" her skin and she is calling it....a skin wand. Then we are joined by our friend Joe Machi! Joe is fantastic and we talk about everything from Battlestar Galactica, to a new resort we created called Garbage Island. In Ball Talk, Greg makes a prediction and we here the latest Jusuf Nurkic fan song. Thanks to WORTHY BREWING for sponsoring our wonderful Green Room!

FER 1763: Prosciutto No No

Mar 31, 2017 52:29


Today Sarah called Greg out on something he has been reticent to ever admit publicly and the backlash has been HARSH. Does his stance on Prosciutto make him a pariah, or does it make him brave? In World of Crazy: Florida Doctor Jail; Shrimp Pants; Taquito Bandito. Ball Talk: Yahoo speaks to Greg; MLB Official Hot Dog. Thank you to Worthy Brewing for being the official sponsor of the FER Green Room!

FER 1762: Making a Coastie

Mar 30, 2017 56:57


Sarah is back from the Coast with big plans on making the move. Is she ready to go full Coastie though? Greg then dishes out advice on how to handle company parties, how not to be the 'drunk' one and many other valuable lessons. In Ball Talk: Jusuf Nurkic; Las Vegas Raiders; Brother or Bordello?; Tournament of Champions.


FER 1761: Antiquing

Mar 28, 2017 53:07


Sarah is Coast-bound tomorrow and has decided to embrace her inner 70-year old and go....Antiquing. There are lots of questions to ask and strategy must be planned on how to trick other people out of buying the creepy clown dolls. In World of Crazy: Glitter; TV in Pants; Counterfeit Goods. Ball Talk: Las Vegas Raiders; Tournament of Champions. SQUATCH WATCH Idaho.

FER 1760: Sklar Brothers

Mar 25, 2017 52:05


GUESTS: RANDY SKLAR, JASON SKLAR, DANIEL VAN KIRK. Today we were joined by our friends, the Sklar Brothers who brought along Daniel Van Kirk! They are absolutely amazing and are all at Heilum Comedy Club in Portland, tonight and tomorrow. Also, a star was born last night, as Sarah X Dylan debuted as "Keytara". Big thanks to BRIDGEPORT and TULLAMORE DEW for FER Bingo Night! Also, thanks to WORTHY BREWING and our Green Room sponsorship!

FER 1759: Springo

Mar 24, 2017 59:29


Sarah was invited to go on set to an exclusive commercial shoot today and it has gone straight to her head. Greg tries to walk her through what she'll be doing and what possible scenarios she could encounter on the set. Hint....could be the "before" in a "before and after"...  In World Of Crazy: Florida Man, Florida Woman, Hamburger fight, Hot Dog fight. FER Bingo Night is tonight at LANDMARK SALOON with BridgePort Brewing and Tullamore Dew Whiskey! Plus, the Next Adventure spring warehouse sale is this weekend!

FER 1758: Keyliente

Mar 23, 2017 51:39


The FER Bingo Night is coming up and Greg has an idea for a bet! Well, a few ideas, but we have to determine what kind of a performance shall be in store for the loser. Also, we work out some more details for the potential FER Murder Mystery. Who would be the first one murdered? Greg. In World of Crazy: Bud Light spill, Hangover Heaven, Phone TP, Facial Recognition, Rap Video. Don't forget the FER Bingo Night is this Thursday with BridgePort Brewing and Tullamore Dew Whiskey! Also the NEXT ADVENTURE Spring Warehouse sale is this weekend!! 

FER 1757: A Greg, A Royal and A Friar

Mar 23, 2017 35:37


We had a minor technical issue with the start of today's show, but fear not, the best part was saved! We had our friend Royal in today, to talk about his trips to Disney World, his time with Greg in Las Vegas and much more! Don't forget our FER Bingo Night is March 23rd, with BridgePort Brewing and Tullamore Dew Whiskey!

FER 1756: Murder Mystery

Mar 21, 2017 52:49


GUEST: TODD ARMSTRONG. Sarah had her cater waiter job this weekend and it was a murder mystery, what being an outside witness is like and making fake cocktails, and comedian (and friend) Todd Armstrong joined us to talk about touring the country, living in Spokane and staying in a Yurt, and much more - have a great day friends! Don't forget that our Funemployment Radio Bingo Night (or "Springo", as Sarah calls it) is this Thursday, March 23rd at Landmark Saloon with BridgePort Brewing and Tullamore Dew Whiskey!

FER 1755: St. Patrick's Day

Mar 18, 2017 59:43


Tis' the grandest day of all and time to bust out the worst accents ever, with some "Irish facts"! Plus, Greg has one of the most embarrassing stories of all time at the gym, to followup with yesterday's content. In World of Crazy: weed donated to Goodwill, toilet to tap beer, escorts in a video game parlor, Samantha in family mode. In Ball Talk: an update to the FER Tournament of Champions (insanity of the month before April). Don't forget FER Bingo Night is March 23rd, with BridgePort Brewery and Tullamore Dew whiskey!

FER 1754: Tournament of Champions

Mar 17, 2017 54:08


Do you need to make friends when going to the gym? If so, Greg is failing miserably at it.'s kind of creepy. However, pivoting to snitch may also be the wrong way to go. In World of Crazy: Cow Candy, Popcorn Ball, Fish, Three-second rule. Ball Talk: TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS. Don't forget FER Bingo Night is 3/23/17 with BRIDGEPORT and TULLAMORE DEW!

FER 1753: Gongoozler

Mar 16, 2017 01:05:02


Greg decides grow his vocabulary by bringing Olde English insults! All the Gammerstangs will love it! Also, the bots have discovered Sarah's Twitter account and it's a very exciting day. But...did someone pay for them? In World of Crazy: Lego Tape; Town for sale; Tight Pants; Ranch Fountain. In Ball Talk: Feast Mode; Russian Ban; Tournament of Champions

Big thank you to BridgePort Brewing, Worthy Brewing, Tullamore Dew and Next Adventure!

FER 1752: Pi Day

Mar 15, 2017 52:07


Today is Pi Day and Sarah is VERY excited! Of course this leads to Pie discussions and what exactly constitutes a "pie". Greg has some rules to go along with it. Then we are joined by Super Secret Guest Aaron Duran of Geek In The City, to talk about our time at the Escape Room last night! In Ball Talk: a rundown of how the TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS will work! Big thank you to Worthy Brewing for being the amazing sponsors of our Green Room!

FER 1751: Mayor Brentley

Mar 14, 2017 52:35


GUESTS: RYAN BRENTLEY from NINKASI and KIELEN KING. Today is a super show with Kielen King on the first half celebrating his Birthday! Greg and Sarah are going to an Escape Room tonight and where everyone is encouraged to dress in an Indiana Jones theme. Ryan Brentley (the future mayor of Portland) is here from Ninkasi talking about awesome beer and giving away tickets to their Pacific Rain Launch Party!

FER 1750: Be Intimate

Mar 11, 2017 55:57


Greg went on an audition an received some instruction that he wasn't used to. How did he handle it? Probably poorly. In World of Crazy: Daily Mail Correction; Eugene Dogs; Wayne's World Cars; Don't Punch The Fish Tank; Bastion; Chafing Theft. Ball Talk: Bosnian Beast; Funemployment Radio Tournament Of Champions. Don't forget the Funemployment Radio Bingo Night is March 23rd at Landmark Saloon with BridgePort Brewing and Tullamore Dew whiskey.

FER 1749: Billy Wayne Davis

Mar 10, 2017 51:45


GUEST: BILLY WAYNE DAVIS. Sarah has revealed more evidence that Greg may be correct about his Wallman theory at her apartment complex! In addition, we're joined by our friend Billy Wayne Davis! He weighs in on his theories, we talk about his album/vinyl, going on Conan and so much more. Billy is incredibly funny and is at Dante's tonight!

FER 1748: Sleep Tweet

Mar 9, 2017 01:02:38


Twitter has become a bit of an obsession for Greg and it culminated in an issue on Saturday. He dispenses the knowledge he has garnered from it and how not to "sleep tweet". Also, you are only 4 degrees of separation from a certain thing on Twitter. Sarah also watched a movie called Two Lovers and A Bear. In World of Crazy: Voodoo Doll, Friar Mustache, Chrome Nope, 6 Tons of Magazines. Ball Talk: Portland Coyotes. Dirk.

FER 1747: Sean S Jordan

Mar 8, 2017 49:34


GUEST: SEAN JORDAN and MILAN PATEL. In true conspiracy theory fashion, Greg is convinced that "Hollywood" is stealing his show idea about the Meddling Time Traveler. Discrepancies soon appear, this thing may needed a bigger workshop. Then L.A.'s Sean S Jordan and Milan Patel join us! Sean is in town for his show at The Secret Society on 3/8/17. We discuss LA, Fred Meyer (for some reason), "accidentally" taking things, not remembering someone's name and so much more!

FER 1746: Pastor Greg Nibler

Mar 7, 2017 01:01:08


Sarah has determined that Greg is in need of a....rebranding. Due to his addiction to Sparkly Water among other things, she attempts to help him come up with a new style. In World of Crazy: Taco Bell; Pregnant Giraffe; Beer Can Trail; Iceberg Water; Norwegian Accents. Ball Talk: Money Burn; ESPN; Do It; San Diego; Jordan "The Ceiling is the Roof:.

FER 1745: Making The Cut

Mar 4, 2017 55:32


Sarah was in an episode of Portlandia last night and her head looked enormous (this is Sarah typing this, by the way) :) , getting full of yourself and having a scene that doesn't make it, the most awkward time ever, chicken-assaulting Vegan, Oreo Peeps (ew), i.Con is something that nobody should want, and Dr. Science pays us a visit! Have a great weekend everyone!

FER 1744: Twitter Followers

Mar 3, 2017 51:37


Sarah has a problem with her Twitter account. The problem is that Greg has a lot more than she does (by no means of his own) and so device is dispensed on how to curb it. Major trending topics: Ramen noodles and cheese. In WOC: Fake Nickleback, Harry Potter Cupboard, German Sausage Fight (Mein Wurst), Adulting 101. Ball Talk: 11 Year Old Agent, Tournament of Champions. Big thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1743: No Apartments For New Friends

Mar 2, 2017 49:26


GUEST: WENDY WEISS. Sarah has a big problem on her hands with a new development at her apartment complex. She may have accidentally made.....friends! Then our friend Wendy Weiss joins us! We discuss her comedy, apartment living and a ton of other things. Her show is at Bossanova Ballroom on March 5th! Finally in World of Crazy: Pizza Shoes, Fake Nurse, Barcelona.

FER 1742: Quatro Crazy

Mar 1, 2017 01:04:16


GUESTS: JACKIE KASHIAN; AARON DURAN. Living a Black Mirror episode is how Greg describes the horror of leaving his cell phone at home. Then we speak to Jackie Kashian! Her new album I Am Not The Hero Of This Story is out this week. Plus she fills us in on Iguanas. Then we are joined by our super-secret guest, Aaron Duran! Aaron and Sarah relive the early Four Loko and Mickey's days of FER, was Aaron's birthday yesterday! Also an awesome gift for Basic Greg.

FER 1741: Basic Greg

Feb 28, 2017 55:29


Starting with the question of what kind of Gatorade flavor you would buy someone, knowing nothing of their preferences, turns into a shocking realization for Greg. basic. A mid-life crisis ensues, live on the show. Then we discuss Sarah's foray onto 82nd avenue with ashtray shuffleboard. In World of Crazy: Tattooed Freckles, Naked Chalupa, Mr. Pickles, Juggalo. Huge thank you to our Green Room Sponsor: WORTHY BREWING!

FER 1740: Dana Gould

Feb 25, 2017 58:22


GUEST: DANA GOULD. Our friend Dana Gould stopped by to talk about old dirty songs, Stan against Evil, podcasts and much more. He is at Helium Comedy Club this weekend! Also, Greg now as been bitten by the "Bingo Bug". In World of Crazy: New Words; Witches. Thanks again to REYKA VODKA and SMALL TOWN BREWERY! Also, our great friends at NEXT ADVENTURE and H&R BLOCK!

FER 1739: Short American

Feb 24, 2017 45:27


Do not pick Greg up! That is his new stance as he explains the world from a "Short American" perspective. Sarah disagrees and is a full advocate of Greg being picked up by strangers, since he is acting like an Eeyore. World of Crazy: Toast Day, Florida Man, Florida Woman, Walmart Sword Fight, Dance Ban

Plus, it's our FER Bingo Night tonight at Landmark Saloon, with Reyka Vodka, Small Town Brewery and a prize from PDX Pedicab. Big thanks to H&R Block!

FER 1738: Poisoning Greg

Feb 23, 2017 52:11


A nice gesture turned into a foul attempt to poison Greg today. Or, he is very whiny about frugal Sarah's kind offer of food. Billy Wayne Davis was scheduled to be on the show today, but didn't make it to Portland; we'll explain why. Plus, Greg once ruined a  European's view of America. 

In World of Crazy: Special Lipstick, Betty Boop. Ball Talk: Brady Jersey, Marathon Cheater, Jose Canseco Robots. 

FER Bingo Night is Feb. 23rd at Landmark Saloon, with Reyka Vodka, Small Town Brewery and a grand prize from PDX Pedicab!

FER 1737: Undercover Cop

Feb 22, 2017 51:35


Greg had another one of his bizarre dreams and it could not have been in more of a  Greg-style. The biggest question is what was Aaron Rodgers up to, why did he flip so easily and how did Bigfoot get involved? Plus, in World of Crazy: Nazi Phone; Meth Gnomes; Pineapple Pizza. Big thank you to HR BLOCK! Also, don't forget our FER BINGO NIGHT is at LANDMARK SALOON on 2/22 with REYKA VODKA and SMALL TOWN BREWERY!

FER 1736: Egg Salad

Feb 21, 2017 57:39


Sarah has done it again and purchased a "discounted" food item. We discuss the validity and safety of doing this and Greg gets on his high-horse to convey would he believes to be the correct practices and what we'd be willing to buy on discount. In World of Crazy: Horse Meat, Zima, Jason Segel, Expensive Coffee, Undercover Taco Bell. Ball Talk: Naked NFL, Cousins trade, Flat-Earth Kyrie. Big thank you to HR BLOCK and don't forget our FER BINGO NIGHT at the LANDMARK SALOON is Feb 23rd with SMALL TOWN BREWING'S NOT YOUR MOM'S ICED TEA and REYKA VODKA sponsoring!

FER 1735: Superstitions

Feb 17, 2017 01:00:38


We love doing this show every day for everyone and sharing our lives, but we do have some hard news at the beginning of this episode. It's a tough tale, but we love you all and after we get it out of the way, we go on to a normal episode! We cover bizarre superstitions and much more. Thanks to HR BLOCK and also to REYKA VODKA and SMALLTOWN BREWERY for their sponsorship of our FER Bingo Night on Feb. 23rd.

FER 1734: Elevator Baby

Feb 14, 2017 56:58


Sarah is back from Seattle and her Niece's birthday party. Did she drop the baby?! Also, Greg is still delirious from his sickness and now starting to get paranoid. We have an update on our great "Reaching across the table" experiment. Big thank you to H&R Block for their fine sponsorship of this episode!


Feb 11, 2017 38:54


Sarah is heading to Seattle for her niece's first birthday party, how does one act at a one-year-old's birthday party, barren spinster, McCrab Sandwich, pizza is for marriage, ghost intimacy, new dating app, and have a wonderful weekend friends!

FER 1732: Delirious Greg

Feb 10, 2017 34:28


It's a very short show because Greg is a bit under the weather and kind of loopy so it's a bit hard to get him to focus, accidentally liking something on Facebook when you're stalking someone on there, National Pizza Day, house full of bees, possible NHL to Portland, and have a great night all!

FER 1731: No Snacks For Snitches

Feb 9, 2017 54:56


Greg has a dilemma at his side job, in which no one wants to give him free samples. Is it because of his snitching ways? Also, Sarah will be working a job in which she'll be interacting with Sports people. In World of Crazy: Port St. Lucie; Bad Taxi; Harambe Cheetos; 7 Billion For Jesus; HR BLOCK; Ball Talk: Falcons Fans; Brady Jersey; San Diego Raiders

FER 1730: Stephanie Stricklen

Feb 8, 2017 01:02:30


GUEST: STEPH STRICKLEN. We start the day off we Greg's most awkward gym experiences and whether or not he should find some "buddies" to hang out with there. In World Of Crazy: Hater Dancing, Trusting Tinder, Piggy Smalls.

Then we are joined by Stephanie Stricklen! Stephanie is a broadcasting veteran and all around amazing person. We talk about everything from Television, to Cat Ladies, to behind-the-scenes at the Olympics. Follow Steph in everything she does!

FER 1729: Super Secret Guest

Feb 7, 2017 56:44


Greg talks about his 'friend' that he met years ago and her amazing performance at the Super Bowl, while Sarah believes she has set a trend with her Keytar skills. Then we are joined by our super secret guest....Aaron Duran! Aaron is now in the land of Funemployment, but has some amazing books and comics out there for you to grab. Plus, there is Sarah's possibly haunted apartment. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE and WORTHY BREWING!

FER 1728: Groundhog Day

Feb 3, 2017 48:58


Today is Groundhog Day and we have our FER Bingo Night tonight! Today is Groundhog Day and we have our FER Bingo Night tonight! Also, Sarah has created some new merch for sale right now and we test our NPR voices to celebrate. In World of Crazy: Pet Lynx; Naked Runner.  Greg makes his prediction for the Bowlo de Super. Thanks to REYKA VODKA, ASYLUM and HR BLOCK!


Feb 2, 2017 47:26


GUEST: LARRY CRANE. Today we are joined by our friend Larry Crane of Jackpot! Recording Studio and Tape-Op Magazine! Jackpot is celebrating 20 years of his studio and has some of the greatest stories of all time, including how he and Elliot Smith originally started the studio. Plus, Sarah calls her Dad to verify whether or not a person can have an indentation on their head from headphones. Don't forget that FER BINGO NIGHT is Feb 2nd at LANDMARK SALOON with REYKA VODKA and prizes from ASYLUM!

FER 1726: Grand Jury

Feb 1, 2017 49:38


Sarah has been summoned! Greg decides to coach her on how to seem crazy. It's not that hard. Also, in World of Crazy: Borrowing Shrimp; HOA Dispute; $300 A Month; Staring Over Someone In A Sponge Bob Outfit. Don't forget the FER BINGO NIGHT at LANDMARK SALOON is on Feb 2nd.! REYKA VODKA is sponsoring with prizes by ASYLUM! Plus....a keytar competition.

FER 1725: Gossip Greg

Jan 31, 2017 01:07:32


In the first report of the "exchanging of TV shows", Greg details what he hates about Sarah's choice for him; Gossip Girl. Also, Sarah works out a new "health plan" for herself and you can follow at home. It includes Hot Dogs! World of Crazy: Dog Music; Hamburger Collection; Rent-a-girlfrend; Yuan. Ball Talk: National Anthem; Snoop Dogg; Brady Song. FER Bingo Night is this Thursday at Landmark Saloon, with REYKA VODKA sponsoring!

FER 1724: Adam Ferrara

Jan 28, 2017 01:00:05


GUEST: ADAM FERRARA. Our friend Adam Ferrara came by the studio today! He is at Helium Comedy Club this weekend and we discussed Greg's selfish candy issues, Adam's upcoming projects and much more. Also, Sarah is back after her undetermined illness and had a bizarre experience at her apartment. Don't forget the FER Bingo Night is Feb 2nd at Landmark Saloon with REYKA VODKA! Plus..a Squatch Watch. Special thanks to our friends at H&R BLOCK!

FER Interview: Worthy Brewing

Jan 27, 2017 19:31


Today Sarah is out, but Greg is joined by Rick and Amanda from Worthy Brewing! The brewing process if fascinating and discussions include the creation of a new hop called Strata for their new IPA, Stratasphere! Plus Worthy Brewing has THEIR OWN OBSERVATORY that will be opening soon, called the HOPSERVATORY! 

FER 1723: Broadway Suit

Jan 25, 2017 51:58


Sarah and Greg have found a way to "reach across the table" in a diplomatic fashion, by making each other watch one of their TV Shows. Will Greg have to watch Lifetime movies? Will Sarah watch UFO Hunters? Then, we are joined by Gilbert from our fine sponsor H&R Block! Finally, Sarah's work party has an event and Greg wants to help her plan for it.

FER 1722: Becoming Greg

Jan 24, 2017 53:05


The Man In The High Castle is a Greg-type of show and Sarah is now fully into it. What does this mean for her future? Greg let's her know how to fall down the rabbit-hole that is his life, as she goes kicking and screaming. Also, we recap the Portland Women's March! In World of Crazy: Marbles, Fries, Watermelons, World Record. Ball Talk: NBA All Stars, Bowlo De Super, Tom Brady.

Don't forget our FER Bingo Night is Thursday, February 2nd at Landmark Saloon with Reyka Vodka as our special sponsor!

FER 1721: Haunted Wallman

Jan 21, 2017 48:44


GUEST: JEREMIAH COUGHLAN Today Greg revealed something he is terrified of, possibly happening in the walls of his house. What is making the noise? Could it be someone living in his walls? Also, we are joined by Jeremiah Coughlin! Jeremiah is hilarious and has his album recording on 1/23/17. Also...he used to give Ghost Tours in Portland.

FER 1720: Crack Attack

Jan 20, 2017 56:01


Sarah has a conundrum at her apartment building and it involves....crack. She has a harrowing saga of what happened to her, after a fellow tenant decided to take over the building. Plus, in World of Crazy: Florida Woman, Stolen Underpants, Too Pretty To Work. In Ball Talk: Beer Yoga, LA Chargers hate, Las Vegas Raiders.

FER 1719: Orc Craving

Jan 19, 2017 48:27


A new addiction has been plaguing Greg and it revolves around Orcs. What to do about it and how to stop it? Sarah provides the advice and listener's provide feedback. Then in World of Crazy: Lottery Ticket, Goat Store, Snake Pants, Shower Beer. Finally Greg has some advice on where and when you can go without shoes. Thanks to Worthy Brewing and Next Adventure for sponsoring our show!

FER 1718: Icegate 2017

Jan 18, 2017 30:41


This special episode is brought to you live from Greg's house! Greg is broken and Portland is shut down due to the never ending storms. However, Sarah is here with cooking tips, Greg's new life as a shut-in and a very special guest. Thanks to Worthy Brewing and Next Adventure!

FER 1717: Bus Law

Jan 14, 2017 54:50


The city of Portland is in chaos with the show and we examine the ecosystem of the City Bus System, called Tri-Met. There are golden seats, there are crazy people and there are "richies" all mixing together. Greg's solution: The Fetal Position. Also, in World of Crazy: Train Ride, Grilled Cheese, Bottle of Fireball. Big thank you to NEXT ADVENTURE and our fine Green Room Sponsors, WORTHY BREWING!

FER 1716: What has Rick Emerson been up to?

Jan 13, 2017 01:00:31


Today we had our very good friend Mr. Rick Emerson on, to answer the question: "What has Rick been up to?"! We talked about everything and nothing, covering Greg's sewer issues, Sarah's Bremerton tales and Rick's "lady" question. Big thanks to our Green Room sponsors, Worthy Brewing!

FER 1715: Welcome Aboard

Jan 11, 2017 01:04:18


Greg is back from Las Vegas (welcome aboard) and full of the tales of travel. More importantly, Sarah is super famous and made a big list of influential media members. Greg recaps going to CES with Digital Trends, getting snowed out of Portland and stuck for an extra night, seeing the sights and sounds of Las Vegas, broadcasting behind the scenes and much, much more. Welcome aboard!

FER Best of 2016: Volume 3

Jan 7, 2017 57:08


In Volume 3 of our Listener-chosen, best of 2016, we have four tales. We were fortunate enough to win Willamette Week's Best of Portland Reader's Poll, Podcast, which was awesome! We have our "speeches" prepared on this show. Then, the show layout for Greg Of All Trades, The origins of Sexy News, and Greg's synopsis of Being Human...without ever having watched the show.

FER Best of 2016: Volume 2

Jan 6, 2017 01:03:39


In this volume of listener voted "Best of 2016" segments, we have the saga of Larry vs. The Telemarketer, our interview with Jay Chandrasekhar of Super Troopers/Broken Lizard, and the Sarah's all new way to count calories!

FER Best of 2016: Volume 1

Jan 5, 2017 59:42


Listeners voted on their favorite moments from 2016 and this is the first in three volumes we've put together. On this one: The Goldfish in the Apartment, The Fishin' Hole and the origins of the FER Phrase of the Year!

FER 1714: CES

Jan 4, 2017 41:27


Greg is back and heading out of town tomorrow, to help cover the Consumer Electronics Show for Digital Trends! We'll have best of's the rest of the week, but in this one, we detail Sarah's Xmas 2, celebrity encounters, a new "New Year" rule and the World of Crazy!

FER 1713: Goodbye 2016

Dec 31, 2016 58:41


Today is our last show of 2016 and we spent it going through the GOOD things of the past year! Sure, there has been a lot of crap. But don't let that overshadow the great things that happened. Thank you so much for being a part of our show. Thank you also to our wonderful sponsors Next Adventure and Worthy Brewing! Have a great and SAFE New Year's Eve!

FER 1712: Alexa, I love you.

Dec 30, 2016 51:38


There is a new girlfriend in Greg's life and her name is Alexa. Also....she is a robot. She joins the show in clearly the most professional decision you could ever make in radio. In Sarah's World of Crazy: Employee Cruise, Pantsless Tarmac, Florida Woman, Potato Chip Wheelbarrow, Sasketchewan. Big thanks to WORTHY BREWING for our great Green Room!

FER 1711: Cult Curious

Dec 29, 2016 56:32


Has Greg inadvertently joined a cult? He went on another G&T's OPT adventure and believes that may be the case, after meeting "Mom" and drinking her tequila. (seriously, this happened). Who would make a better cult leader: Greg, or Sarah? Also, in World of Crazy: Thumbprint Pokemon, Locked in Star Wars, Tupac Hail Mary. Plus our fine sponsors NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1710: Mid-life Christmas

Dec 28, 2016 01:00:32


We're back from Christmas! Greg received a free gift card and now wants to become a "warrior". Sarah was also a special child over Xmas and has the pajamas and tales to prove it. (paper plate heads of relatives?). Plus, Greg tries to guess the stories of all of the Lifetime movies that Sarah watched. Also, RIP Carrie Fisher aka Princess General Leia Organa. We are sad.

FER 1709: Worthy Brewing Green Room

Dec 23, 2016 59:45


Today Greg and Sarah are joined by Rick from Worthy Brewing to celebrate the new partnership of our Green Room and to talk about Beer! Not only that, Rick brought a secret guest....Reverend Nat! They fill us in on their new collaboration called Winter Venom and the release of the amazing Barrel Aged: Dark Muse. Plus we have some Xmas facts, Country Christmas and Bremerton tales!

FER 1708: Santa Ken

Dec 22, 2016 51:47


Santa Ken stopped by today to spread the magic of Xmas Cheer! In the beginning Greg talks about Santa and also, his bizarre dreams and how Sarah taunts him in them. Ken's segment talks about being an actual Mall Santa and all of the amazing things he does for people (it gets a little dusty in the studio).

FER 1707: Irish Spring

Dec 21, 2016 54:42


GUEST: DAN WEBER; Greg has a conundrum with a parking attendant, basically because he is too afraid to talk to him. In World of Crazy: Yakima Robbery, Irish Spring, $2000 Pizza. Then Dan Weber joins us to talk about Reading the bible with Dan, his show at Helium Comedy Club, living in Chicago and what kinds of soaps to use.

FER 1706: Fedora the Explorer

Dec 20, 2016 39:05


Greg feels that he belong in warm weather, as a "Classic" Tropics guy. Mustaches are needed, unbuttoned shirts and delusions of grandeur. Also in World of Crazy: Dr. Phil; Baby Jesus; Positive Pregnancy Test; Boy Band. Don't forget to stop by NEXT ADVENTURE too!

FER 1705: Street Yoghurt

Dec 17, 2016 45:16


Everything is coming up Greg today, as he has a free burrito and then someone offered him "Street Yoghurt". Seriously, it was a box of yoghurt. He tries to convince Sarah to eat some of it. Also, Sarah made a new Bus Friend and in World of Crazy: Chairlift Dangler, Dumpster Fire, Stolen Money, BBQ Robbery. In Ball Talk, RIP Craig Sager.

Greg and Sarah want to thank everyone for coming out last night for the FER Bingo night! Thanks Worthy Brewing, Balvenie Scotch and Asylum!

FER 1704: Tales of Kauai #2

Dec 16, 2016 49:59


It's a Snowpocalypse in Portland today, but we are going to talk about the Tropics! In Tales from Kauai #2, we talk about the Catamaran Tour, swimming with turtles, Jurassic Park was a lie!, Lihue airport, Sarah and the metal, the angry woman on a plane and much more. Also, don't forget tonight is the FER BINGO NIGHT at LANDMARK SALOON with WORTHY BREWING and BALVENIE SCOTCH, with prizes from ASYLUM!

FER 1703: Tales of Kauai

Dec 15, 2016 55:40


Greg and Sarah are back from Kauai, with tales to tell! Sarah had a secret about her Facebook video; Greg fell creates a Coconut friend, Waimea Canyon, Tsunami Warning to Winter Warning, Spilling Hamburger juice, Exotic fruit stand, Rambutans, Snorkeling etiquette, Going into caves of Ke'e. Don't forget FER Bingo Night is 12/15/16 at Landmark Saloon! Sponsors are WORTHY BREWING and BALVENIE SCOTCH with prizes from ASYLUM!

FER Live: Aloha from Hawaii #2

Dec 10, 2016 30:18


Greg and Sarah are back from their tropical studio. (Tech Note: the sound was a little echoey for part of the show. Our apologies) Today we talk about what not to do with the wildlife, the Bachelor and Bachelorete parties, Greg trying weird food and then embarrassing himself, bats in hair, Waimea Canyon and so much more! Don't forget to come to the FER Bingo Night at Landmark Saloon on 12/15, sponsored by WORTHY BREWING and BALVENIE SCOTCH!

FER Live: Aloha From Hawaii #1

Dec 9, 2016 31:09


We broadcast our show live Kauai today! From our new tropical studio, we talk about the flight, Sarah's violation of plane rules, the plethora of wild animals all over the island, how Greg wants to be "King of the Beach" and much more. Don't forget the FER Bingo Night is at Landmark Saloon on 12/15 with WORTHY BREWING and BALVENIE SCOTCH!

FER 1702: #FERHawaii

Dec 7, 2016 41:51


It's the final show in Portland, before Sarah and Greg are off to Hawaii! Sarah is terrified of flying and Greg has his "Flying Rules" to try to lessen the fear. Plus all-new Hawaii facts and the secrets of the elusive Hawaii Sasquatch! Don't forget FER Bingo Night is 12/15 at Landmark Saloon with WORTHY BREWING and BALVENIE SCOTCH!

FER 1701: Junior Security Guard

Dec 6, 2016 52:40


Greg is taking Sarah with him to a fancy work party and needs her to talk him up. Being a professional Tattle-tale is not how he wants to be known. In World of Crazy, there is a new restaurant in London, a Florida Woman gets arrested and more. Don't forget about FER Bingo night with Worthy Brewing and Balvenie Scotch on 12/9!

FER 1700: Unwrap My Heart

Dec 3, 2016 56:18


GUEST: ALEX FALCONE Our friend Alex Falcone has written a book! We talk about Unwrap My Heart, teen mummy love and so much more. Plus, Greg is fascinated with Exotic Fruits, Sarah gives us some World of Crazy and a big thank you to WORTHY BREWING and BALVENIE SCOTCH! Our FER Bingo Night is December 15th!


Nov 30, 2016 48:44


Today: Greg is going to play a dad in a commerical and at what point did he change into the commercial dad type, Hawaii is coming up soon and we are going to be doing video from there, punishment by Nickelback, Cards Against Humanity and the giant hole, noodles for drivers, and happy birthday Rick! Have a great day all!

FER 1697: Ugly Sweater

Nov 29, 2016 56:01


Greg is riled up about the latest TV reimagining series called Riverdale. What's next!? Plus the next FER Bingo Night at Landmark Saloon on 12/15 will feature Worthy Brewing, Balvenie Scotch and an Ugly Sweater Contest! In World of Crazy: Anthony Michael Hall, Reindeer Pizza, Ice Cream Breakfast, Weed Presents. Ball Talk: Go Beavers, Aretha Franklin, Florida Panthers, Canadian Football

FER 1697: Zorah the Builder

Nov 24, 2016 01:01:32


Today: Sarah and her weird family traditions, Thanksgiving in the country, special guest Finnegan and the trouble he gets into, Greg and the Presidential dream, old ships for scrap metal, pay what you feel, no tarantulas in Parliament, robot Jurassic Park, Greg's predictions, and more - have a wonderful holiday all! Also a BIG thank you to our fine sponsors at Next Adventure!

FER 1696: Wendy Weiss

Nov 23, 2016 53:17


Today we take a trip down Mickey's lane, as we revisit the origins of FER and drink Malt Liquor! Greg throw in some #HawaiiFacts and then we are joined by Wendy Weiss! Wendy's show is at Funhouse Lounge on Friday and she may be the soulmate of our show.

FER 1695: Pigeon Man

Nov 22, 2016 50:19


Greg made a mistake and ruined the wedding! Ok, not really, but there was a flub. It was a wonderful weekend and we recap the wedding of Kersey and Travis and what a fantastic weekend it was! Plus, there is a new addition in Greg's neighborhood and he is fascinated by him. In World of Crazy: Dollar Store Fun; Lying Burrito; Fake Secret Service. Happy Birthday to Bryan from NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1694: Cool Cucumber

Nov 19, 2016 59:39


Sarah is NOT a Cool Cucumber as she calls it and avoids a near catastrophe at her side job. Then we rethink how to go about officiating the wedding this weekend, deciding a "folksy" approach may be the right way to go. WOC: Amityville House; Coke Selfie; Nacho Lady; Shortest Couple; NEXT ADVENTURE; Ball Talk; Kris Bryant, Predictions.

FER 1693: Lifts

Nov 18, 2016 49:11


Greg went clothes shopping and may have made....a mistake in a purchase. Plus Sarah and the saga of the tagged pants. World of Crazy: Axe Body Spray, Cat Rats, Cheeto Fire, Sugar Daddy. Ball Talk: Kate Upton.

FER 1692: Classy Wedding

Nov 17, 2016 47:20


Sarah and Greg are officiating another wedding and they need to be classy! Accents are a must, but how do they maintain the classiness when in front of the crowd? Monologues and singing of course. Then in WOC: Walmart Stuffed Animal, Millions of Juggalos, Rodent Skirt, Coprolite Collection.

FER 1691: Night Marchers

Nov 16, 2016 54:56


Today: A phenomenon that effects a lot of people whether it's in the country or in the city, where did you find it, Hawaii haunted stories and what to avoid, Rock for President, Mr. Black Friday, don't cut in line, Florida fake pills, Seattle is getting greedy, and have a great afternoon all!

FER 1690: Hello, Tokyo

Nov 15, 2016 01:20:04


GUESTS: AARON DURAN and THE LOVELY JENN, 32 Hours; Greg gives Sarah some Hawaii Facts; World of Crazy: Ninja Burglar, Nutella Garlic, Attractive Garlic; AARON AND JENN, Just back from Tokyo, Toilet Restaurant, So many flavors of Kit-Kats, Battling Robot Restaurant, Alcatraz ER, 7-11, Twin Size Beds, Disney Metal, TOKYO SOUNDS AMAZING

FER 1689: Beyonce's Sister

Nov 12, 2016 45:37


Greg totally screws up the intro to today's show, but we eventually get back on track. We have a recap of FER Bingo night, say goodbye to Leonard Cohen and then hear about Greg's latest bizarre dream. Who dreams of Solange Knowles?! In World of Crazy: Gumball Machine, Legos, Ebay Swede, Silly Sausage. Thanks again to LANDMARK SALOON, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, TULLAMORE DEW AND ASYLUM!

FER 1688: Bingo Bango

Nov 11, 2016 53:59


That damn meddling time traveler! It's FER Bingo Night at the Landmark and Greg wants to become a Celebrity Bingo Announcer, complete with small talk with the audience. In World of Crazy: Port St. Lucie; Street Bras, Toy Hall of Fame, Drone Sausage, Stranger Wings. Thanks SMALL TOWN BREWERY and TULLAMORE DEW

FER 1687: President Pullman

Nov 9, 2016 01:00:07


It'e Election Day in the United States of America, but we don't want to talk about the actual thing. The question of the day: What Fictional President would you elect? Also in World of Crazy: Snake on a Plane; Guinness World Record Dance; Frozen Zoo; Robin Hood; Mars Couch. Also, FER BINGO NIGHT AT LANDMARK SALOON, November 10th with SMALL TOWN BREWING & TULLAMORE DEW, Thanks ASYLUM FOR PRIZES

FER 1686: Jumping the Shark

Nov 8, 2016 59:43


Funemployment Radio is going to jump the shark! Today we announced our trip to Kauai in one month, where we'll be filming & broadcasting our show. What do we call it? That's where we need your help. Also, in World of Crazy: Octopus Legs, Nail Polish, China's Magical Monkey King, Scottish Fortune Telling Billy Goat, Mystery Ping. Ball Talk: Cubs eat a Goat; OKC Haunted Hotel. Thanks to SMALL TOWN BREWERY & TULLAMORE DEW for the FER Bingo Night this Thursday!

FER 1685: Super Troopers 2

Nov 5, 2016 01:00:55


GUESTS: KEVIN HEFFERNAN & STEVE LEMME from Broken Lizard; It's our 7-year anniversary show! To celebrate, we are joined by Kevin Heffernan & Steve Lemme to talk about Super Troopers 2, their tour at Helium Comedy Club, a new Comedy Central special and more. Plus we have are FER BINGO NIGHT coming up w/ Small Town Brewery and Tullamore Dew.

FER 1684: Greg was right

Nov 4, 2016 43:08


The Cubs won the World Series! Which means....Greg's pre-season prediction was true. We will never hear the end of it. In World of Crazy: Chocolate body parts, Toe Eating, Stealing Pizza. Don't forget the FER BINGO NIGHT with SMALL TOWN BREWERY and TULLAMORE DEW is November 10th at LANDMARK SALOON.

FER 1683: Being Human

Nov 3, 2016 58:42


Sarah has stolen Greg's secret stash of M&M's, as he divulges more of his shameful secrets. The hidden hell room is Sarah's apartment complex is being turned into a "social" room. Greg explains what Being Human is really about without having ever seen it. World of Crazy: Kit Kat Bar, High Beams, 20 iPhones; Ball Talk: Cubs Facts

FER 1682: Bingo is Back

Nov 2, 2016 01:01:34


Old man Greg likes kids, until he hates them. Halloween was both successful and frustrating as the neighborhood kids did something with the candy they were given. In World of Crazy: Florida Man, Glass Eyeball, Trick or Treating on an Airplane, Elevator Button Lies; Ball Talk: Greg's Bet, Brady and the Bills, Cubs, SMALL TOWN BREWERY & TULLAMORE DEW BINGO NIGHT

FER 1681: Sam Hain

Nov 1, 2016 59:17


Halloween is here and complete with another tale of people dressed like Flintstones characters, not liking Greg. Stories of the costume contests, the accordion grabbing and more. Details of the Untimely Deaths tour of the Lone Fir Cemetery, then we dig into Sarah's Halloween facts, which are actually....awesome! Thanks NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1680: Not Barb

Oct 29, 2016 56:37


Sarah has an amazing Halloween costume, but there is possibility she could be confused for Barb. This does NOT make her happy! Plus, Greg reveals his costume. Then we are joined by Jamie Lee! Jamie is wonderful, has a new book called Weddiculous and will be at Helium Comedy Club this weekend! In Ball Talk, we hit the 20-year-old playing kids football, The Russell Westbrook fan fight and Greg's Predictions. Thanks to NEXT ADVENTURE for being our fine sponsor!

FER 1679: Leader of the Boy Band

Oct 28, 2016 46:56


Do Boy Bands have a "leader"? This is the hot button issue we tackle at the top of the show and turns out it's pretty divided! Then we get into Greg's eating shame, childhood bully girls and more. World of Crazy: Dog Tuxedo, Chizza, Baby Ball. Ball Talk, Johnny Returns?, Shwarber, Cubs Song.

FER 1678: Sarah the Friendly Ghost

Oct 27, 2016 01:01:02


We start the show off with a discussion of what kind of Ghost we would be. Naturally there are rules involved. Greg would prank people to insanity, but Sarah finds out what kind of person she is. World of Crazy: dancers royale, cookie cereal, furious chicken lover. Ball Talk: Cubs oldest fans, awesome old lady, crabby old man.


Oct 26, 2016 57:16


GUEST: LANE MOORE, Sarah is heading to Seattle for a 20 year reunion concert and Greg gives her some Mosh Pit advice. Then we are joined by Lane Moore! Lane is fantastic and is a PERFECT FIT with Sarah and Greg. Her show Tinder Live is at The Secret Society on Wednesday, October 26th!

FER 1676: Country Arcade

Oct 25, 2016 55:55


Greg has flashbacks of being a country kid at a city arcade; The Retro Gaming Festival and ditching Sarah; World of Crazy: Florida Man, Lobster Pants, Black Market Street Wires, A Call For Greg To Refill His Drugs; Ball Talk, Cubs Win, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER Interview: W. Kamau Bell

Oct 22, 2016 25:27


Our friend W. Kamau Bell came by today, to talk about all of the amazing things he's doing! From CNN's United Shades of America, to Politically-reactive, to Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time Period, Kamau is really incredible!

FER 1675: Greg Of All Trades

Oct 22, 2016 55:21


GUEST: MATTHEW BROUSSARD, Greg thinks he can be a star in Las Vegas and let's us know about his epic new stage show (it's not epic). Then we are joined by Matthew Broussard! His new album and Comedy Central special Pedantic comes out on October 21st! In World of Crazy: World's Largest Ouija Board, Skunklock, Expensive Potato Chips; Ball Talk: Cubs Rap, Predictions

FER 1674: People of Earth

Oct 20, 2016 40:30


GUESTS: BRIAN HUSKEY and NANCY LENEHAN Today we are joined by Brian and Nancy from the new show People of Earth on TBS. Before that, we find out about the embarrassing phone call a 17-year-old Greg made to the National Guard. Huge thank you to our fine sponsors NEXT ADVENTURE!


Oct 19, 2016 45:51


GUEST: JESSA REED & XTINA VK, Greg's Strange dreams; LL Logjam; Space Party of some kind; WOC: Boaty McBoatface, Conspiracy Theorists, Lemonade, Masked Dating, Eyes Wide Shut App; JESSA REED & XTINA VK, Falling Asleep On Airplanes, Big Sky Comedy Festival, Travel, FUNHOUSE LOUNGE ON WEDNESDAY

FER 1672: DMV Rubs

Oct 18, 2016 55:38


Greg does not like getting rubbed; Circle K versus Plaid; Fake Greg walking around with is ID; Heading to the DMV Hell hole; Three rubs in 15 minutes; World of Crazy: Breaking TV's, Cheese Thief, Cheap to Fancy Wine, Clown videos; Ball Talk: Cheapskate Brady, Dak Prescott, Jay Cutler Smoking; Squatch Watch Indonesia

FER 1671: Bobby Lee

Oct 15, 2016 59:12


GUEST: BOBBY LEE, We start the show off discussing the great storm of 2016. Then on to our friend Bobby Lee! Bobby is at Helium Comedy Club this weekend and has been a guest on our show for years. Today we discuss politics, Pauly Shore's penis, anxiety on television, his friend Sandy Danto, podcasts and much, much more.

FER 1670: Mystery Pill

Oct 14, 2016 53:26


Greg took a Mystery Pill; Sarah's pledge for comedy; What the hell was at the bottom of the drawer?; Trouble sleeping, little doors; WoC: Walmart Baby, Wifi 911, Boat Mutiny, Sexy Ken Bone; Ball Talk: Kap, Tebow's miracle, Nationals

TWB 1669: Brazilian Cornbread

Oct 12, 2016 58:13


GUEST: JENN ALVIN, Greg dreams in Portuguese Amazon for the Country; Brazilian sugarcane farm; Operation Hot Cousin-kind of; Cornbread; JENN ALVIN FROM SCRAP PDX, WOC: Clowns, Tattoos, Cop; Balltalk: Shower Fall, Kap, MMA

FER 1668: Ken Bone

Oct 11, 2016 01:03:48


GUEST: AHMED BHAROOCHA, Ken Bone is an international star; Spaceship for Y2K; AHMED BHAROOCHA, Comedy Central, New Album, Adult Swim; WOC: Bernie Tattoo, Cat Music, Snitches Note; Ball Talk: Ruth's Chris, Toledo, Dodgers; Cutting Cookies vs. Doing Doughnuts; NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1667: Leif Erikson Day

Oct 8, 2016 55:51


Happy Leif Erikson Day! Oh also, it's Sarah's birthday show... Greg gives Sarah some facts, songs and even some gifts. Then it's World of Crazy: snakes in pool, pantless stealing TVs, Sarah Squatch Watch, Greg makes predictions.

FER 1666: Nope Champa

Oct 7, 2016 49:53


Greg really needs to stop posting random things on Social Media; Neighbors and the Nog Champa Floor Wars; What on Earth is Facebook recommending to Greg?; World of Crazy: Sausage thieves, Italian Mafia, Put a mattress in it, Taco Bell Butler, The Storage unit, Lazy Male Squirrels; Ball Talk: Baseball Predictions

FER 1665: Luke's Diner

Oct 6, 2016 50:46


Sarah goes to Luke's Diner, Fictional locations that you'd like to hang out in, The Bada Bing, Halloween Costumers, World of Crazy: Self-lacing Shoes, Mac Candle, Chuck E. Cheese, Clowns, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Bye Bye Baby, Meet The Mets

FER 1664: Stolen Pants

Oct 4, 2016 01:00:14


Greg is hiding shame snacks in the studio; Sarah talks about her potentially stolen pants and how to get rid of the tag she wore to work; WoC: Rick James robbery, Portapotty, New Orleans, Portland Clowns; Ball Talk: Washington trademark, Cubs going to win.


Oct 1, 2016 58:53


GUEST: SAM MORRIL, The Great Fry Debate, Sarah and Greg state their cases regarding spillage fries, Sneaky Sarah, Greedy Greg, SAM MORRIL at Helium Comedy Club, America's Got Talent, Knicks, Ball Talk, Halftime Performer, Predictions

FER 1662: Peeping Drone

Sep 30, 2016 43:23


You'll have to change the party, Greg wants a drone, legal peeping, Sarah consults for Birthday Rules, Housewarming Party, World of Crazy, Florida Man, Self-driving chair, Ricky the Rooster, Creepy Clowns, Ball Talk, Cubs

FER 1661: Foreboding Marmot

Sep 29, 2016 51:49


Greg's strange dream, Shopping during this election season, Really skinny person with a pet, "Hello", Marmot Cat, What is a Marmot, World of Crazy: Scary Creeper Peeper, Witch Doctor, Enchilda Ear, Dinosaur Erotica, Big Papi

FER 1660: Laser Eyes

Sep 28, 2016 01:05:05


GUEST: DAVE from ELYSIAN BREWING, PPAP, What Is It? Viral Songs, WoC, Greasy Jersey, Hospital Robot, Don't Do Drugs, DAVE FROM ELYSIAN, Pumpkin Beers, Wonderful Brewery, The Great Pimpkin, Gary Laser Eyes, Dayglo

FER 1659: Bremelo

Sep 27, 2016 50:44


Greg returns from Ricketsfest, Full of bug bites, Nicknames, Sarah and the coffee ordeal, Walking around Seattle, Getting hit on by the old men, Bremerton Hot, The Bremelos, Hotter than you are, Ball Talk, Jose Fernandez

FER 1658: Ricketsfest NW

Sep 24, 2016 53:53


FER 1657: Hamdog

Sep 23, 2016 53:26


Sarah's CaterWaitor tales expand to the story of Mama Bear, Mary and Linda. Cape Cods and Mary pours unite for the most awkward company event ever! Plus, in World of Crazy; No new Zodiac signs, Hamdog, Cuddling Kittens, Spider Car Crash, Golden Puck. Plus NEXT ADVENTURE!!

FER 1656: The K Word

Sep 22, 2016 34:27


Sarah may or may not be in distress, The saga of the ripped pants, The K Word, The B Word and The T Word, Trying it out, Sarah X Dylan's City Bike, Birthday Rules explained.

FER 1655: Gabe Dinger

Sep 21, 2016 57:46


GUEST: GABE DINGER, FER Brewer's Cup Recap, Thanks Ninkasi, BridgePort, Worthy, Elysian, BTU, Reverend Nat's, A Change in the Zodiac, No Longer Skittely, GABE DINGER, Last Portland Show at Secret Society, Changing Portland, Paranormal Pals, Berzerk!, Ball Talk, Inspiring Speech

FER 1654: Throwing Apples at Buffy

Sep 17, 2016 56:05


Making A Musical, FER BREWER'S CUP THIS SUNDAY, Naming The Brackets, World Of Crazy: Don't Kiss The Damn Chickens, Catfish From The Sky, Tearing Up A Wendies, Strong Smells in Japan, Ball Talk, Drone Racing, Tom Brady Scandal, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE EXPLAINED

FER 1653: Daniel T Weber

Sep 16, 2016 42:57


GUEST: DANIEL T WEBER, Need to get out of the country, Federal phone calls, Sarah never checks messages, Greg is STILL obsessed with Eyes Wide Shut parties, DAN WEBER, Dan is leaving Portland for Chicago!, There are parties like that here, Bar of the Gods, Back patio comedy, Dan is AWESOME

FER 1652: Party Down

Sep 15, 2016 59:48


Sarah is a poor sport that needs to pay up on bets, Alternative choices, Skanking for 5 minutes, Tales from cater waitering, Rich person speed-dating, Eyes Wide Shut parties, Throwing up in a Vase, Ball Talk: Paralympics Medals, Big Papi, NEXT ADVENTURE, Squatch Watch: Skamania  County

FER 1651: BridgePort Brewing

Sep 14, 2016 50:34


GUESTS: NICK and SAM from BRIDGEPORT BREWING, The Master of Ceremonies, FER BREWER'S CUP FINALE, Fire and Horses, Flaming Bow & Arrow, Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Noon 30, NICK AND SAM, Totem, Getting Started, Radio Voices, Morning Show, Ball Talk, Greatest Call Ever, Ceremony Auditions

FER 1650: Worthy Brewing

Sep 13, 2016 01:01:59


GUEST: RICK NICKERSON from WORTHY BREWING, Greg found a secret in the thicket, FER BREWER'S CUP FINALE, The House in SE Portland, No Man's Land, The Compound, The Thicket, A Weapon, Something Metal, RICK from WORTHY BREWING, History of the Beer, Pre-Funk, KarmaCitrus, Landmark Saloon, Golfing, WoC, Stealing Fries, Fake Clowns, New Italy Rule, Australian Standoff, Country PI

FER 1649: Alex Falcone

Sep 10, 2016 43:35


GUEST: ALEX FALCONE, Greg tries to bring back Swass, Alex Falcone enters the last season of Late Nite Action and you should totally go!, World Of Crazy; Drivin' Truck, Coffee Throws Coffee, Clown on Clown Economic Shambles, Old Slang terms are being taken away and need to be brought back.

FER 1648: Weta Workshop

Sep 9, 2016 53:23


GUESTS: Daniel Falconer & Warren Dion Smith from Weta Workshop; Greg is nervous about his costume, semi-Loki, Favorite Costume ever, Greg's G.I. Joe Character, World of Crazy: Super Troopers 2, Portland Skiing, Exercise and Alcohol, ROSE CITY COMIC CON


Sep 8, 2016 59:02


GUEST: SHANE TORRES, Sarah concurs the Twin Peaks, Being the Cool Kid, Starting up a rip-off tour, World of Crazy: Warning About The Ball-Eating Chair, Burning Cars, Going to Jail; Shane Torres, Life in NY, Returning to Portland, Bikini Baristas, The Liquor Store

FER 1646: Adam Ruins Everything

Sep 7, 2016 01:09:08


GUEST: ADAM CONOVER; Today we are joined by special guest, Adam Conover, of Adam Ruins Everything on TruTV. Sarah is also nervous about her first meet up with a Twin Peaks group, worrying about what they are called and if she's too nervous to do it. In World of Crazy we find out about; Florida Man, Wolf Boy, Karate Bear, 1000 pounds and Ghost Busty. For Ball Talk, Greg makes his first prediction.

FER 1645: Sexy News

Sep 3, 2016 01:00:02


Cedric's Last Stand, Greg needs his dreams analyzed, The Crazy One with Molly Shannon, The invisible man doesn't like you, World of Crazy: Monk Lottery, Taco Truck on Every Corner, Potato Shooter, Sexy News, Stolen Candy, Ball Talk: Kaepernick

FER 1644: Sarah's New Roommate

Sep 2, 2016 55:10


Sarah has a new roommate, Cedric says hello, Get the stuff with bleach, Fun facts about her new friend, WoC: Vladimir Putin, Holla Man, Pokemon Go, Snorlax, Flamin' Hot Cheetos Fire, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk; Cricket Dog, Kaepernick, Lochte Dancing

FER 1643: Mr. Sauna

Sep 1, 2016 57:19


GUEST: THE FABULOUS MISS WENDY, Greg wants to be the Sauna guy, Free robes, Sarah visits her abusive coffee shop one last time, Shirtless guy, World of Crazy: Florida woman, Hickey Death, Clowns in the woods, Angry Elves, MISS WENDY, New Album and Tour, Performing in Iraq, Ball Talk: Kaepernick

FER 1642: PDX Broadsides

Aug 30, 2016 46:19


GUESTS: Christian & Jess from PDX BROADSIDES, The Secret Word, PROJECT PABST, Andrew WK, Ice Cube & Duran Duran, The Upside Down Flag, Distress Word from Greg, Tutti Frutti, PDX BROADSIDES, New Album, Topics For Songs, Nerd Rock, A SONG FROM THE PDX BROADSIDES, WoC, Gotcha Hiding Mail, Porta Potty Phone, Fake Psychic 

FER 1641:BTU Brasserie

Aug 26, 2016 53:35


GUEST: NATE from BTU BRASSERIE, Sarah is going through changes, Old Lady hair, Blue-hairds, Greg and the parking attendants, forgotten names, BTU BRASSERIE, Chinese Food and Beer, starting BTU, BREWER'S CUP CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT, BTUPdx, WoC: Beer Pong, Giant Pearl, Insurance Scam, Ball Talk: Hide and Seek, Dwight Howard, RGIII new lady

FER 1640: The Goldfish Tunnel

Aug 25, 2016 57:29


A Calling Card From The Wallman, Sarah's Apartment Recap, The Uncovered Room, Big Brother Is Watching, Carlos, The Shaft, An Interruption, The Goldfish Tunnel, WoC, Stuck Between The Buildings, Breaking Rocks, Pokemon Go Parliament, Farmers Invading, Gorilla Man

FER 1639: Project Pabst

Aug 24, 2016 46:33


GUEST: ARMAIN from PABST, Hugging Ice Cube, Project Pabst in Portland, Ton Of Bands, Duran Duran, Ticket Giveaway, World of Crazy: Virginia Playground, Stolen Ambulance, Young Old Man, Chicken Sunscreen

FER 1638: Sean White

Aug 23, 2016 58:09


GUEST: SEAN WHITE, Sarah Has A Roommate, The Bug, Freaking Out, Coffee Friends, SEAN WHITE, performing at Secret Society, Star Trek Talk, The Tattoo, Worf, TNG, TOS, Stewart Unhappy, 4 Different Episodes Of Trek, Dead And Gone Album

FER 1637: Meine Wurst!

Aug 20, 2016 01:01:11


GUEST: MARK NORMAND, Greg Can't Sleep and Ponders His Embarrassing Past Jobs, Cheese Sample Guy, Country Club, Sarah And The College Friend, MARK NORMAND at Helium Comedy Club, Dumpster Tales, New Orleans, Conan, New Suit, WoC, Meine Wurst, German Sausage, Monkeys and Hair, Worst Best Man, Lochte Sucks

FER 1636: Heat Wave

Aug 19, 2016 55:10


Sarah The Traffic Reporter, Ponytail, No Showers At 4 AM, Heat Wave, Greg And The Metal Detector Gang, Doubloon, Backyard Camera, WoC, Pot Brownies, Pizza Music Box, Postal Worker, Dumpster, Van Love

FER 1635: Reheated Coffee

Aug 18, 2016 01:00:26


Reheated Coffee: Safe or Disgusting? Resourceful or Lazy? This is the epic debate of the day, as we ask the listeners to become our own HR Department/Judge & Jury. Also, World of Crazy: Chork, Portapot, Bremerton Lady, Port St. Lucie. Plus our fine sponsors at NEXT ADVENTURE!

FER 1634: Guns N Roses

Aug 17, 2016 59:08


Greg Was Freaked Out, The Train Story Continues, Seattle In August, Big City, Stepped In It, The Bar, Century Link Field, Alice In Chains, Guns N Roses, Axl, Hitting Up Seattle, Pike Place, Piroshky, Merchant Cafe, Ghost Tour, Olympics Recap, Leg, Good Things

FER 1633: Train Spotted

Aug 16, 2016 01:01:03


GUEST: BILLY WAYNE DAVIS, Caught Red-Handed, Guns N Roses, Taking The Train, Beer On Board, Controversy, Having Someones Back, BILLY WAYNE DAVIS, Dante's, See-through Shirts, Idaho, Going To Jail In Lewiston, Ill-fitting leg cuffs, Marijuana, GO SEE BILLY, FER Cornhole Tournament

FER 1632: Todd Glass

Aug 12, 2016 58:51


GUEST: TODD GLASS, Greg Is Freaking Out About GnR, Dressing Up, Suite Tix Ruined, Shimmy, TODD GLASS, Camping With Todd, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Standup Special, Podcast and Band, CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT

FER 1631: Soap Coffee

Aug 11, 2016 56:57


Return Of Larry Amtrak, Heir, Guns N Roses, Show Deference, Spread The Word, The Rich Side, Soap Coffee, Ring The Bell, WoC, Bug Torch, Derailed, Burger King, Angry Birds, Meth Lab, CORNHOLE, Dirty Water, Phelps, Judo

FER 1630: Kill Rock Stars

Aug 10, 2016 55:47


GUEST: BEN PARRISH OF KILL ROCK STARS, Greg Truman Show, The Peephole Debate, Wallman Is To Blame, The Secret Life Of Wall People, Stealing Muffins, BEN PARRISH of KILL ROCK STARS, Many Titles, Past Jobs, Alligator Man, The Ball Pit Love, Comedy Albums, The Wimps, WoC, Whopperito, Tunnels, Vampire, Sucky McBloodenstein, Scarlet Von Sharp

FER 1619: Cargo Shorts

Aug 9, 2016 58:23


Nervous Greg, Soulful Giving Blanket Concert, Riding The Prison Bus, Yoshida, Being Eccentric Guy, Sandy River, Brian Grant Meeting, WoC, Superman Comic, Pizza ATM, Turtle Burger, Cargo Shorts, Defending Cargo, Shiny Shorts, Phelps, A-Rod, Ichiro

FER 1628: Mornings with Jon and Jake

Aug 6, 2016 59:02


GUESTS: JON RUDNITSKY & JAKE NORDWIND, Sarah's Neighborhood Insanity, Simple Solution, Become The Stick Lady, JON and JAKE, The Morning Show, Traffic On The 10, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Types Of Guy, Ball Talk, Olympics

FER 1627: Tour Guide

Aug 5, 2016 52:08


GUEST: TOM SNYDER, Tour Guide Greg, G&T OPT, Make The City Pay For It, Show Them Real Portland, Show On The Go, Tom Snyder, Is Anyone Alright?, Audio Musical, Dr. Katz, WoC, Florida Woman, Super Bus, 90 Year Old Man, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1626: Small Souls

Aug 4, 2016 47:55


GUESTS: SMALL SOULS, Sarah's Affront, Shirtless Guy, Raccoon Head Guy & Dog Rope Guy, The Coffee Shop, Face Tattoos, Greg And The Boy In The Store, SMALL SOULS, Brian and Bryan, Alaska Ghost Story, Unheard, Unseen, WoC, Brandy, Creepy Clowns, Robot Dancers

FER 1625: Apocalyptic Snoop

Aug 3, 2016 47:50


Only Person Left, Apocalyptic Dream, Snooping On Everyone, NEXT ADVENTURE, WoC, Dolly Update, Corpse Flower, Online Date, Themed Restaurant, Ball Talk, Tony Romo Cupcake, Olympics Water

FER 1624: Wall Man

Aug 2, 2016 01:01:45


Random Celebrity Encounter, Spread It Around, Peeping On A Star, Guess Who, Living In The Bushes, Crack Pipe, Who Is There, Sarah And The Wall Man, Secret Passageways, Baxter, WoC, Donkey Cheese, Corpse Flowers, Florida Woman, Machete Ghosts, Brazil Olympics

FER 1623: Dolly Parton's Arms

Jul 30, 2016 51:51


Bonfire, Weird Al Recap, Dolly Parton's Arms And Tattoos, The Neighbors, Too Nice, Tough Guy, Pauly Walnuts, WoC, Cheese Judging, Norwegian Golf Mystery, Cow Patties, NEXT ADVENTURE, Andrew Luck Doesn't Shower

FER 1622: Weird Al Day

Jul 29, 2016 48:44


Weird Al Day, Changed Greg And Sarah's Childhoods, Ok To Be Weird, Biggest Ball Of Twine, Dare To Be Stupid, Summer Of Greg, WoC, Seattle Batarang, Glave, Florida Man, Miss Krimlen, Shipwreck Cheese, Sweden Dream

FER 1621: Reverend Nat's

Jul 28, 2016 59:35


GUEST: REVEREND NAT, Tropical Summer VIII, Stripper Soup, The Pool Rules, Which Apartment Are You In, Security, REVEREND NAT, Hard Cider, Starting From A Basement, Yeast, So Many Flavors, FER Brewers Cup, WoC, Underarm Fan, Beer Spill, Cans, Lotto Meth, NEXT ADVENTURE, Patagonia, Ball Talk, Olympics, KG Jr.

FER 1620: Funemployment Radio Weekend

Jul 27, 2016 01:06:14


Pablo Honey, FER Prom Recap, PABST BLUE RIBBON, The Sweating, The Dances, Purging of the Poetry, Teddy Is Pablo, Missing Dog, FER Brewers Cup, NINKASI, BRIDGEPORT, The Greg Sarah Bet, Double Or Nothing, Sugar Daddies On Lifetime Recap, Tom Peterson

FER 1619: The Worry Stone

Jul 22, 2016 01:05:29


The Worry Stone, FER PROM presented by PABST BLUE RIBBON, Nerves Setting In, Foreign Exchange Students, The Creepy Dance, Purging of the Poetry, Fixing Hair, The Nightmare Dream, WoC, Bike Stations, Pokemon Dating, FER BREWERS CUP, NINKASI and BRIDGEPORT, Thanks Craig and April!

FER 1618: Gregged By The Bell

Jul 21, 2016 54:36


The Outfits, Gregged By The Bell, Brandon Hair, 90s Music Fight, FER PROM, PABST BLUE RIBBON, WoC, Mayo Spill, Marilyn Monroe Hair, Soiled, Dog Pills, Florida With Trees In Corvallis, Ball Talk, Russian Cheating, NINKASI and BRIDGEPORT CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT

FER 1617: Poetry Purge

Jul 20, 2016 58:08


Greg Goes Country, The Pale Moonlight, FER PROM with PABST, POETRY PURGE, Aaron Duran Goth Poetry, Sarah Steals Mail, Kit-Kats From Japan, Sampling, Canadian Greetings, Australian Greetings, WOC, Drunk Pilots, Pokemon Go Police, Maroon Pants, Propane, NINKASI and BRIDGEPORT BREWING, Chips Diet

FER 1616: Freddy The Brain

Jul 19, 2016 58:04


Greg Pulls A Sarah, Leaving Notes, FER PROM presented by PABST, Purging The Poetry, Returning Veterans Project, Leaving A Note, Gross On The Floor, ART SANTANA from HOLLYWOOD THEATRE, Heckle-vision, Last Action Hero, Ground Kontrol, Pokemon, Stolen Lawnmower, Freddy The Brain, NINKASI and BRIDGEPORT 

FER 1615: Cyber Demons

Jul 16, 2016 50:01


Greg Is So Awkward, FER PROM with PABST BLUE RIBBON, The Story Of The Flier, Asking Someone To Prom, Fumbling Words, Dropping Everything, WoC, Pokemon, Crossword Puzzle, End Of World, Ball Talk, Deflategate Over, NINKASI & BRIDGEPORT CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT

FER 1614: Nibler's Samplers

Jul 15, 2016 50:31


International Sarah Day, Mac & Cheese with Hot Dog Day, Upset Stomach, WWeek Party, Sampling Fiend, Sneaky, Lines, Nibler's Samplers, PABST FER PROM, WoC, Pokemon Go Zoo, Cheating, Chauffeur, NINKASI & BRIDGEPORT

FER 1613: Best Of Portland

Jul 14, 2016 53:06


Funemployment Radio named Best Podcast In Portland by Willamette Week Readers, Sarah's Acceptance Speech, Russian Neighbors, Passive Aggressive, WoC, Calling Cops On Self, Mashed Potato Riot, PokeMon No, CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT, NINKASI & BRIDGEPORT, Zima 90s Facts, FER PROM WITH PABST

FER 1612: Greg's Fake Family

Jul 13, 2016 52:09


Lester And Danielle, Random Mail To Greg's House, The Fake Family History, How Lester Met Debbie, FER PROM presented by PABST, WoC, Child Stealing Eagle, Pray Driving, Meat Stealing, Fish Bra, Ball Talk, Draymond Assault, Brasil Olympics

FER 1611: Spirit Of The Game

Jul 12, 2016 56:03


Setting A Trap, Back Porch Thieves, Gift Bags, Cameras, The Watch, FER PROM PRESENTED BY PABST, Sarah's Under Dress, Lure, WoC, PokeMon Go insanity, Spirit Of the Game, Robberies, Sarah Takes Her "Stand", Ball Talk, Boring Tim, UFC 4 Billion

FER 1610: Fly Away

Jul 9, 2016 01:01:00


FER Prom Music Debate, Greg Was In Bands, Reading Embarrassing Lyrics, Onstage On July 22nd, Fly Away, PABST BLUE RIBBON, WoC, Running Of The Bulls, Expensive Grapes, Escaped Convict, Sprayathon, Festus Elizi, Portugal vs France, Squatch Watch

FER Interview: Lavell Crawford

Jul 9, 2016 41:43


Lavell is hilarious and at Helium Comedy Club this weekend! You know him from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Landslide), Workaholics, a little show called Breaking Bad (where he was Huell), among many other things. He's great!

FER 1609: Open Mic

Jul 8, 2016 01:04:01


GUESTS: BROOKE DILLMAN & WILL GREENBERG, The Poet Society, Greg Hears A Piano, Beat Poetry About Burritos And Camping, BROOKE AND WILL FROM WRECKED on TBS, WoC, Gas Fight, Walmart Brawl, Fembots, Simpsons, NINKASI

FER 1608: 4th of July Parade

Jul 7, 2016 01:00:41


Laser Tag, Nicknames, White Lightning, Kylo Ren, Leia, Corbett 4th of July Parade, Throwing Candy, Riding The Float, WoC, Pizza Rolls, Grounded Plane, Joey Chestnut Hot Dog, PABST BLUE RIBBON, Ball Talk, Messi, KD To GS

FER 1607: International Greg Day

Jul 2, 2016 47:59


Grown Man Not A Child, Laser Tag, No Mercy, Sarah Is The Best, Sparkly Water, International Greg Day, World of Crazy, Cheese Thieves, Cheese Puns, Doll In A Window, July 2nd Facts

FER 1606: The Bins

Jul 1, 2016 53:47


Greg Gets A Manicure, So Nervous, Record Stops, Where To Put The Hands, Sarah And The Bins, Zombies In A Store, Rubber Gloves, Clammy, Sweaty, Red, Mr. Burns, Hatchet Girl, Florida, Kindergarten Fight, Escaped Robot, Sausage Party, International Greg Day

FER 1605: Greg Burger

Jun 30, 2016 01:00:08


The Shirt Sarah Wore, thank you REV NATS & BTU, Cornhole Recap, Frogicide, The Poster, The Back, WoC, Cheetos, Crystal Pepsi Mr. Burger, Mayflies, Beer Pong, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, LeBron Opts Out Of Cleveland, Brazil, Iceland


Jun 25, 2016 57:01


GUEST: ROD MAN, New Wrestling Career, Caw, The Raven Vs White Lightning, ROD MAN at Helium Comedy Club, WoC, Social Media, Walking On Coals, Cat Hostage, FER BREWER'S CUP CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT, The Shirt, The Shooting Gallery, REV NATS AND BTU

FER 1603: Chicken Manicure

Jun 24, 2016 01:01:16


Greg And His Earrings, AMAZON, Manicures, Terrified, Too Jerky, Sand Down The Nails, WoC, Settling, Chicken Charge, I'm A Chicken Man, Crack Cast, Frank Hot Dog Dylan, FER BREWERS CUP REV NATS BTU, Ball Talk, Ireland & Sweden 

FER 1602: Grizzly Nunchucks

Jun 23, 2016 01:03:17


GUEST: NATHAN BRANNON, Sarah Studies Cultures, Other Languages, What Kind Of Party, Greg's Hero, Grizzly Adams With Nunchucks, NATHAN BRANNON, Funhouse Lounge, Mix And Match, Comedy, FER BREWERS CUP, REV NATS, BTU, WoC, Security Cameras, Cheeto Museum, Cheeto Mac, Personals, Messi

FER 1601: Caught M&M-handed

Jun 22, 2016 58:47


Embarrassingly Caught, Sexy Amazon, Acting Roles, FER BREWER'S CUP REV NATS & BTU, Sarah's Shirt, Bun In The Oven, M&M Thief, Looking Crazy At Work, WoC, David Bowie Hair, Shaving Cream Pie, 911, Stolen Sausage, Hunting Humans, Drunk Irish, Russians Banned, USA Messi Song

FER 1600: Beers And Bags

Jun 21, 2016 58:49


Life As A Tallie, RC Beard & Moustache Recap, Rebecca Romijn, Brewer's Cup, REV NATS, BTU, What Shirt Will Sarah Wear?, WoC, Chewbacca Mom, Frozen Meat, Free Money, Mosquito TV, Cavs Are Champs, Please Stay LeBron


Jun 18, 2016 33:15


GUEST: JON DORE Our great friend and personal show psychiatrist @TVsJonDore was on today! He is always one of our best interviews and he's at Helium Comedy Club 6/17 6/18 here in Portland. Topics range from Backyard Poopers to Sarah's unraveling and bizarre lifestyle. Jon is the best!

FER 1599: Rules Of Sharing

Jun 18, 2016 01:05:39


Cheetos Emergency, Sarah Is A Food Bully, Work Place Thief, The Printer Turns On By Itself, The Faucet, WoC, Meat Loaf, Delicious Crash, Bathroom Hook Cameras, Drop Kicking Cake, Cat Wine, Russian Olympics, Calabro, Copa America, REV NATS & BTU

FER 1598: Snake Arms

Jun 17, 2016 01:03:03


The Non-Beardsman, Sarah's Dress Update, Rose City Mustache And Beard Competition, MCs, Pythons, Snake Arms, Rebecca, Stressing, Bow Staff, Summersault, Beard Jokes, WoC, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Craig Sager, Prediction REV NATS, BTU BREWING

FER 1597: Miracle Baby

Jun 16, 2016 52:18


Sarah's Obsessions, Beards, Shopping Woes, Felony Flats, Neighbors Air Conditioner, Blocked Windows And 20 Minute Fires, WoC, Miracle Baby, ALF, Flat Earthers, REV NAT'S & BTU, Ball Talk, Conspiracy Theories, Mike and Mike Out

FER 1596: Beard and Mustache Competition

Jun 15, 2016 01:09:11


GUESTS: PORTLAND BEARDSMEN, Becoming RV People, Beige, RV Outfits, High-Functioning Methhead, REV NATS & BTU, FER BREWERS CUP, DANNY, GABE & ABE, Beard And Mustache Competition At Dante's, Rebecca Romijn, WoC, Adult Baby Store, Apple Employees, Cubby

FER 1595: Wheel Of Cheese

Jun 14, 2016 52:28


Wheel Of Cheese, BREWER'S CUP ANNOUNCEMENT, REVEREND NAT'S and BTU, Greg's Jealousy, Cheese Envy, Bucher In The Dream, The Room Obsession, WoC, Oregon Lasso, Chastity Belt, Snobby Restaurant, Warren Not Jimmy, Brazil, LeBron James Draymond Green

FER 1593: Lachlan Patterson

Jun 11, 2016 01:02:35


GUEST: LACHLAN PATTERSON, Prom Tickets On Sale Now, The Dress For Sarah, Business Expenses, LACHLAN PATTERSON at HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Person Vs. Beer Car, LACHLAN IS AWESOME, Ball Talk, Step Curry Old Man Shoes PROM ON SALE

FER 1593: Small Talk

Jun 10, 2016 53:24


Awkward Conversations, Greg's Go To Line, Snapper, The Button Thanker, What's On This Floor, Take Home Chef, Some Fresh Greens, WoC, Air BnB, Lake Horney, ICP Card Game, Hobbits Walked The Earth, Ball Talk, Penguin Riots, KK, Cavs

FER 1592: The Night's Watch

Jun 9, 2016 01:05:31


Free Sample Abuse, The Neighbor Battles Rage On, Smoke And Fire, Russia, The Night's Watch, Greg Snow, WoC, Bobby Brown Ghosts, Video Game Prom, Russian Competition, 6-Year Old Snitch, Ball Talk, NHL Vegas, Maria, The Mountain, Sad Cleveland, FER PROM

FER 1591: It's Sunday Somewhere

Jun 8, 2016 57:24


BIG PROM ANNOUNCEMENT, Dirty Sexy Secret, The Voting Results, Multiple Themes, A Prom For Everyone, WoC, VCR Day, Greg Likes Buffalo Chicken Wings, Kaito Nuggets, Reverend Clair and Marybeth, New Show It's Sunday Somewhere, Ball Talk, Kimbo, NFL Hack, Plaxico Burressed Himself

FER 1540: Sarah's Calorie Reform

Jun 7, 2016 56:01


Sarah's Calorie Plan, Bridgetown Recap, Half Doctor Half Teacher, 2000, 1 Cent Per Calorie, Makes No Sense, WoC, Fat Axl, Pancake City, Licki, Emoji Bible, Lancaster Woman, Ball Talk, Muhammad Ali, UFC Scandal, Cavs, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER Interview: Clayton English

Jun 4, 2016 17:55


GUEST: CLAYTON ENGLISH, Clayton was the winner of Last Comic Standing and is absolutely hilarious! He'll be at HELIUM COMEDY CLUB 6/3 and 6/4 in Portland and all over after that. TOPICS: IKEA, Kiosks, Throwing Ham, Allergies

FER Interview: Jenny Zigrino - Bridgetown Comedy

Jun 4, 2016 26:43


GUEST: JENNY ZIGRINO, Jenny is at Bridgetown Comedy Festival! Discussions include 50 Shades Of Black, Marlon Wayans, Chat Roulette, Jenny And Sarah Talk Tech

FER 1589: Alice Wetterlund - Bridgetown Comedy

Jun 3, 2016 26:59


GUEST: ALICE WETTERLUND, Alice is in town for Bridgetown Comedy Festival! Topics include, Gross Keyboards, Karaoke Songs, Russian Accents, Silicon Valley, People Of Earth, Aliens

FER 1588: Sean Jordan - Bridgetown Comedy

Jun 2, 2016 01:01:04


GUEST: SEAN JORDAN, Sarah Dylan's fighting Sarah Dylans, The Synagogue, Greg Is P.Diddy's Manager Dream, Embarrassing, SEAN JORDAN, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, Fears Of Flying, Velcro Wings, Comedy On The Plane, Ball Talk, Brazil Olympics Scary, Iman Shumpert Cavs Rap, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1587: Caitlin Weierhauser - Bridgetown Comedy

Jun 1, 2016 50:14


GUEST: CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER, Sarah Goth Dylan, Obsessions, Mausoleum, The Creepy Chair, WoC, Prison Bae, Apartment Facebook, Hot Dog Condiments, CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER, Stealing Sunglasses, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, The Shopping Book, Caitlin Rocks!

FER 1587: Nariko Ott

May 28, 2016 50:38


GUEST: NARIKO OTT, Sarah Stops A Robbery Kind Of, Staring At Strangers, NARIKO OTT Appearances At BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, The Mug That Greg Is Obsessed With, LA Tour, WoC, TMNT, Air BnB, Meth Loan, Guy Fieri Ted Cruz Porn Reading

FER 1585: Jay Chandrasekhar

May 27, 2016 59:29


GUEST: JAY CHANDRASEKHAR, Today we are joined by the Super Troopers, Slammin Salmon, Beerfest, Club Dread superstar! He's at Helium Comedy Club this weekend! Plus WoC, Florida With Trees, Crazy Sheep, Honey Bun, Bologna Sandwich, OKC Warriors

FER 1583: Shrimp Peeler

May 26, 2016 51:33


GUEST: NATHAN BRANNON, Where Is Wisconsin, Sarah And Geography, Groundbreaking Radio, Geo Quiz, Prez Not State, NATHAN BRANNON, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY, Kill Rockstars, Shrimp, Performances, On The Road, We Got Cheese, WoC, Meth Burritos, Pup Pals, Shrimp Peeling, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1583: Prom Theme

May 25, 2016 52:41


FER Prom Planning, Theme Suggestions, Tycoon Ball, Under The Sea, Sopranos, The Neighbor Conundrum, WoC, Stolen Meat, Fog Vodka, Twisted Sister, Ball Talk, Green, Raptors Song, League Of Legends

FER 1582: The Exotic Life Of Greg Nibler

May 24, 2016 01:02:57


GUEST: JOANN SCHINDERLE, The Dreams Should Come True, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, Pet Lions, Becoming That Guy, The Exotic Life Of Greg Nibler Reality Show, Black Leather, Pond Pets, JOANN SCHINDERLE, Wisconsin, Control Yourself, It's Not Me, It's Me, Analog, WoC, Video Toothbrush, Stodden, Reporter Problem, Draymond Green

FER Interview: Dan Cummins

May 21, 2016 26:25


We had our buddy Dan Cummins in studio, to talk about anything and everything! From American Horror Story, Deadwood, 1932's Freak, Playboy Radio, Rose Festival, Trailer Park Boys, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB.

FER 1581: Myq Kaplan

May 21, 2016 39:56


Today we have the one and only Myq Kaplan on the show! We talk about everything form Cranberries, to Comedy, to Friends! Myq is one of our favorites and he is at Revolution Hall PDX Tonight!

FER 1580: Bob Willamette

May 20, 2016 01:00:07


Stealing Greg's Lies, Uniting Not Dividing, Sarah Had Strep, Soft Snacks, Roger Kroger, Bobby Powell, Joey Division, Bob Willamette, Slight Amount Of Fear, WoC, Catterbox, Diaper, Man Curls, Year Of Greg, Boob Fight, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1579: Three Equals

May 19, 2016 54:57


GUEST: MARK GEARY, Old Lady Sarah, Robo-Sarah, Authentic, Sandpaper Throat, The Dutch Bros People, Diabetes, Three Equals, Poppers, MARK GEARY, Musician from Ireland, Traveling Via Bus, Cherry Blossom, Writing Songs, New York Bartending, The Strange People, LIVE SONG FROM MARK, Mark Rawks, AM:PM PR

FER 1578: Robo-Sarah

May 18, 2016 57:11


GUEST: TRISTAN MAYER, Track Suits, Sarah Is Out, Robo-Sarah Is Here, Compliments, THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CAME OUT FOR CORNHOLE, Joining Them, The Russians, WoC, Chips Robbery, Philly Jesus, Squatch Watch, Ball Talk, Meddling Time Traveler, Thunder Song

FER 1577: Sweaty Betty

May 14, 2016 45:24


The Sweatening, Sarah In A Dark Shot Hot Sun Combo, Rich Wedding, Small Talk, Pretend You Know Someone, Slenderman, Slender Man, The Bodies, WoC, Burger King spa, NY Superhero, Florida Stripper, T-Shirt Eater, Spurs Out, Big Star, ELYSIAN BREWING, WORTHY BREWING

FER 1576: Smoke Alarm

May 12, 2016 50:17


The Happenings, FER BREWERS CUP, ELYSIAN BREWING, WORTHY BREWING, Staring At The Closet, Say My Name, Nightmare At Nibler's, Smoke Alarm, WoC, America, Dominos Regular, Body Part Art, Planets, Balls, Cubs, 1907 Facts

FER 1575: Jury Duty

May 11, 2016 50:37


Jury Duty For Greg, Famous Movie, Lead Juror, Chicken Strips In A Fancy Hotel, WoC, Florida Man, Oregon Woman, 100 Year Old Pole Dancer, TMNT, Ball Talk, Frogicide, FER BREWER'S CORNHOLE CUP, WORTHY BREWING, ELYSIAN BREWING

FER 1574: Horse Dress Fight

May 10, 2016 53:09


Can't Beat em, Join em, AMAZON, Suspicions Correct, Snooping, Telescopes, Learning To Speak Russian, Track Suits, Horse Dress Fight At The Derby, FER BREWERS CUP, WORTHY BREWING, ELYSIAN BREWING, WoC, Running Goats, Meth Cards, Hugging Hoodies, D Wade Idiot, Math Competition

FER 1573: Horse Facts

May 7, 2016 01:06:05


GUEST: ALONZO BODDEN, What Kind Of Baron, Horse Race Ladies, Donnie Julep, Kentucky Derby Party, ALONZO BODDEN AT HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, WoC, Ted Cruz Lookalike, Movie Money, Chicken Fingers, Derby Bets, ELYSIAN BREWING, WORTHY BREWING, Horse Facts

FER 1572: Tracksuit

May 6, 2016 58:21


Careful What You Wish For, New Neighbors, What Are They Building Over There, The Euro Furniture Stores, Doberdon, Tracksuits, Shirtless Ponytail, WoC, 31 Fingers, Dog Bar, Snake In Pants, Vegas Rain, NEXT ADVENTURE, Health Care, Superhero Brother Fight

FER 1571: The M-Team

May 5, 2016 57:40


GUESTS: DANNY and MADDY from PORTLAND BEARDSMEN, The Ultimate Bus Experience, Greg In The Hinterlands, Large Marge, Bubbles/Varys, Tyron Biggums, Caballero, Camo Man, M-Team, BEARDS AND ROSES, Mothers Day Rose Delivery, Bearded People In Tutus, ELYSIAN and WORTHY

FER 1570: The Ugly Dumpling

May 4, 2016 44:00


GUEST: STEPH CAMPISI Author of The Ugly Dumpling, The Vortex Of Gregs Continues, You Don't Look Like The One I Know, What Happened On Caribou Island, Bigger Version, Free Tickets, STEPH CAMPISI, Aussies and Kiwis, Dumpling & Cockroach, The Ugly Dumpling, Great Book, Ball Talk, Leicester City, ELYSIAN, WORTHY

FER 1569: Eat Food (comma) Already

May 3, 2016 57:09


GUESTS: Robbie Pankow & Jeremy Eli, Sweeping For YourTreasures, Losing Keys, Dirty Truck, Metal Detectors, TreasureTroll, ELYSIAN & WORTHY, EAT FOOD, ALREADY, New Show on FERNetwork, Robbie & Jeremy, Rap, YouTube Hole, ASMR Secrets, FERCornhole

FER Interview: Kevin Allison of Risk!

Apr 30, 2016 28:48


We are joined by the wonderful Kevin Allison of Risk!

FER 1568: President Basiago

Apr 30, 2016 54:28


Greg Spoiler Trolls Sarah, Not True But A Stabbing Could Happen, The Most Portland Hipster Ever, Not Into Possessions, An Electric Guitar, WoC, Pizza Box Pizza, Bellybutton Beer, Chicken Wing Fight, Time-traveling President, Young Obama, Draft Scandal, Conquering The Canadians, Blazers, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1567: Chicken Rings

Apr 29, 2016 01:01:01


GUEST: JEN KIRKMAN, The Party Reveal, Step By Step, Fully Clothed, Standing And Staring, What Are Rich People Like, Alaska, JEN KIRKMAN, New Book, I Know What I'm Doing And Other Lies I Tell Myself, Hollywood Theater, WoC, Stealing Signs, Chicken Rings, Chicken Shells, Stolen Signs, Potato Messages, WORTHY & ELYSIAN

FER 1566: Nibler of Caribou Island

Apr 28, 2016 44:05


GUEST: Helen from Bridgetown Comedy, Another Greg Among Us, What Did He Do, The Niblers Of Germany, Caribou Island, Sarah Lost Her Phone, HELEN from BRIDGETOWN COMEDY, Volunteer for the Festival now, WORTHY BREWING, ELYSIAN BREWING

FER 1565: Megathruster

Apr 27, 2016 55:09


GUEST: Chris from Megathruster, Two Days In A Row, Amazon, They Mystery Room, What Was In There, Sarah's Apartment, Who Let It Out, The Dumbwaiter, FER BREWER'S CUP CORNHOLE ANNOUNCEMENT, CHRIS WAFFLE FROM MEGATHRUSTER, Watching Minecraft, Guardian Shield,

FER 1564: Eyes Wide Shut Party

Apr 26, 2016 54:41


Talking To Strangers, Amazon, Sarah Bartender Fraternity Party, Stereotypes Good And Bad, Excuse Me Maam, May I Have Some Water, Exclusive Party, Eyes Wide Shut, WoC, Lady Ted Cruz, Florida With Trees, Bush Baby, Ball Talk, Las Vegas Raiders, Deflategate Back

FER 1563: Steve Byrne

Apr 23, 2016 53:03


GUEST: STEVE BYRNE, They Love Greg, Dumb Ass, Guy Popping The Hood, Hair Pulling In A Bad Way, Naples, STEVE BYRNE at Helium Comedy Club, Coffee, Hockey, Prince, WoC, Naked Restaurant, Steak Chase, Meth Bonus, Ball Talk, Brazil

FER 1562: When Doves Cry

Apr 22, 2016 59:16


We Try To Be A Happy Show, But RIP Prince, Prince Out There Doing Prince Stuff, What's Living In The Shed, Worms, 80s Villains, On The Record, WoC, WalMart Royal Tweeter, Baby Names Fee, 30 Year Old Ball Player, UFC 2

FER 1561: Infomercial

Apr 21, 2016 59:04


Bad At Texting, Infomercial Guy, Break Them Down, Build Them Up, Sent To Wrong Person, Feeling Fat, Embarrassing Text, WoC, Boatie McBoatface, Cheetos Puffs, Conspiracy Theorist, Secureteam 10, 4 Years In Future, Ball Talk, Messing Up UFC, Kardashian Kryptonite Kat Nip, Charlie Villanueva Westbrook

FER 1560: Pizza Week

Apr 20, 2016 48:16


Pizza Week Is An Exciting Week, Sarah Is The Pizza Queen, Eating It Weird, The Methhead Run In Felony Flats, Card Tables, The RV Running, Meth Trap For Stealing Cars, Up To No Good, WoC, White Paint, Dollar Plate, French Statue, Skunk Ape

FER 1559: A Fateful Find

Apr 19, 2016 54:07


So Excited Fateful Findings, YouTube Gem, Sarah Watches Movies So You Don't Have To, No More Books, Author, Writer, Director, Star, Magic Bracelet, Black Rock, The Shed Findings, WoC, Smelly Can, Bowl Woman, Donor, Ball Talk, Kobe Air, NHL Smack

FER 1558: Those Bears are the Worst

Apr 16, 2016 51:39


Who Would Be The Killer, Grave Enthusiast, Greg Is Bothered By Charmin Bears, WoC, Selfie Bench, Drone Peepin, 70k Whale Vomit, Stealing Chicken Strips On A Rascal, Jen Kirkman Hollywood Theater Giveaway, Ball Talk, Mic Drop, Gala Recap, Crazy Ride

FER 1558: Muffy

Apr 15, 2016 55:32


Greg Is In An 80s Movie, Developers Moving In, Goonies, Methhead Stories, Porsche, Muffy, Chadwicks & Gregorys, WoC, Buzz Lightyear, 94 Hours Of TV, Sweatpants Bus, Florida Man, Ball Talk, Black Magic, Kobe Last Game

FER 1557: Robot Sympathizer

Apr 14, 2016 55:39


Ray Summers At Large, The Ducks Lady Judy, Greg & Old Mrs. Withersby, Boston Dynamics Robot Sympathizer, Picking On Robots, WoC, Hot Dog, Stolen Ring, UFOs, Ball Talk, Political Ads, Kobe Last Game, Warriors And The Record, NHL Stanley Cup Champs

FER 1555: Lawnmower Man

Apr 13, 2016 56:27


What To Wear To Prom, July 22nd, Finally A Prom For Everyone Solo To Groups, Monocles, Puffy Dresses, Lawnmower Issues, Yelling A Lot, Giving Money to Strangers, Schmuck, WoC, Hamburglar Update, Potato Diet, Sausage Spill Party, Florida Man

FER 1554: National Greg Day

Apr 12, 2016 37:41


Everyone Has A National Day, Amazon, Cheese Fondue Day, Ferrets, Greg vs. Greggs, National Greg Day, WoC, Hamburglar, German Casino, Help On Island, Ball Talk, Jordan Speith, Johnny Football Meltdown, Warriors Basketball, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1553: Esther Povitsky

Apr 9, 2016 54:01


GUEST: ESTHER POVITSKY, Greg's Dreams Do Come True, Epic Speech, GNFNR, Summer Of Greg, Monacles, ESTHER POVITSKY, Boxed Water, Alone Together, Weird Adults, Going To The Fancy Party, Black and Gold, Monacles and Canes, WOC


Apr 8, 2016 52:00


GUEST: ALEX FALCONE, Upset Sarah, What You Buy, Festival Clothes, The Australian Dream, Obscure References, Tricking Your Own Mind, The Lady Is Back, ALEX FALCONE, Late Night Action, Classy Man Takes Showers, Belts, Finger Belt, Cheese, Bees, Politics, Kobe Last Day

FER 1551: Code Green

Apr 7, 2016 50:53


Code Green, Amazon, Old Men At A Concert, Methy McGee, Get Off The Stairs, Testing The Limits, Thank You Matt, Dead Moon, WoC, Dahmer House, Stripper, Crab Legs, Ball Talk, Congrats Ginny Champion

FER 1550: Emma Hill & Bryan Daste

Apr 5, 2016 47:31


GUESTS: EMMA HILL & BRYAN DASTE, Felon Love Recap, The Dickies, Cool Karl, Chew & Guns, Pinching, Sweet In It's Own Way, EMMA HILL & BRYAN DASTE at Kay's Bar, Alaska, Touring Europe, Denali, Ellie Goulding Concert, Drunk Blonde Girls, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1549: Felon Love

Apr 2, 2016 54:26


GUEST: BIG JIM WILLIG, A Surprise Wedding, THANKS RAINIER & LANDMARK & ASYLUM, The Vows, Sarah Is In Control, A Felon, Weapons Charges, Joining A Gang, NEXT ADVENTURE, BIG JIM WILLIG, Jim Is Heading To PA, Prison Weddings, Jim Is Just F'ing Awesome, MLB Prediction

FER 1548: Do You Have A Bae?

Apr 1, 2016 39:40


Elevator Entertainment, Amazon, FER BINGO LANDMARK RAINIER, Random Pills, The Shirt Unveiling, Bae Is the Worst Word, Nah, WoC, United Airlines Yoga, Shark Tank Apartment, Body Cavity Search, Grape Soap, Nicki Minaj, D'Angelo Russell


Mar 31, 2016 47:45


GUEST: RON LYNCH, Calling Out Construction, Too Far?, Need Opinion, Bet Debate, RON LYNCH, Heads, Bob's Burgers, Comedy, The Secret Society, Best Machine Ever, WoC, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, FER BINGO LANDMARK RAINIER

FER 1546: Sleeper Creeper

Mar 30, 2016 01:02:47


Sleeper Creeper Nibler, FER BINGO LANDMARK RAINIER, Greg Was In A Dream, Lockjaw Kissing, Undercover Boss FER Network, WoC, Pez Easter Egg Hunts, Cruise Ship Swim, Lawnmower Explosion, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, The Great Bet Debate

FER 1545: Reading The Bible With Dan

Mar 29, 2016 01:00:51


GUEST: DAN WEBER, Short Pants For Little Guys, AMAZON, Tallies Belittling Short People, Bremerton, Aunt Sarah, DAN WEBER, Reading The Bible With Dan, Tillamook Cheesemakers, 3 Times, Helium Comedy Club, FER BINGO RAINIER LANDMARK, The Bet Controversy

FER 1544: Dana Gould

Mar 26, 2016 01:05:26


GUEST: DANA GOULD, Stalker Of Sarah, The Letter, Maybe Being Followed, JW, DANA GOULD AT HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Horror Movies, Whore Movies, Stan Against Evil, FX, Casting, Being Single At 51, Doll Heads, Microsoft AI, RAINIER FER BINGO, Doll Face Review

FER 1543: Instagram

Mar 25, 2016 52:45


Greg Does Instagram, The Foreign Currency Guy, Who Carries Pesos, Every Noise, Slovak Rap, WoC, Burrito Beating, 50 Shades Of Grey, Freddy Got Fingered VHS Tape, Delicious Accident, Tournament Of Champions, NEXT ADVENTURE, RAINIER BINGO LANDMARK, Jenky Clan

FER 1542: Cemetery Dance

Mar 23, 2016 53:28


Burrito Olympics Return, Flying Squirrel, Cemetery Dance Sasquatch Painting, Crazy Basketball Dream, Shaq Laughing, WoC, Underwear Stealing Cat, Potato Chip Soda, Easter Bunny Fight, Ball Talk, Las Vegas Black Knights, Bet Update, RAINIER BEER BINGO

FER 1541: Hutch Harris

Mar 22, 2016 51:02


GUEST: HUTCH HARRIS, The Great Voice Miseries, Greg Was A Sickly Child, Allergy People, FER BINGO RANIER BEER, WoC, Hugging Koalas, Pizza Robot, Pre-Robot, Boaty McBoatface, Inflatable Dancers, HUTCH HARRIS, at HELIUM COMEDY CLUB on Wednesday, The Thermals, Sklar Brothers, Stand-Up Comedy, Ball Talk TOC Recap

FER 1540: Going Viral

Mar 19, 2016 52:33


GUEST: JOE MACHI, We're Going Viral, So Famous Now, Daredevil, Pee-Wee, JOE MACHI, Paper Mill, No Smell, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Bringing It Down, Joe Is Wonderful, Ball Talk, Tournament Of Champions, RANIER

FER 1539: Modern Men

Mar 18, 2016 01:04:15


Leprechaun Jokes, Short Irish Guy, Security Not Really, Professional Tattle Tale, Hippies Are Returning To Portland, 80s Middle Finger, WoC, Weepy Modern Men, Increase By 1000 Percent, Googling For P**n, Ball Talk, Brackets, RANIER BEER

FER 1538: Tub of Nuggets

Mar 17, 2016 01:00:19


Shame Food, Tub Of Nuggets, Breaking Down Greg, Video Games & Cheetos, WoC, Stolen Meat Truck, Full Time Ninja, Seattle Nina, Rap Battlers, Ball Talk, Tournament Of Champions, Bracket Explanation, RANIER BINGO NIGHT

FER 1537: Jimmy Newstetter & Xtina VK

Mar 16, 2016 53:16


GUESTS: JIMMY NEWSTETTER & XTINA VK, What Did He Say, The Riveting Phone Stories, Who Is Bill & What Did He Say, WoC, Back Of The Car, Terrible Story, JIMMY & XTINA, Tying It In, Dante's Comedy, The Ex, Great Free Comedy Show, Ball Talk, Tournament Of Champions

FER 1536: Gregzilla

Mar 15, 2016 52:27


GUEST: Andie Main, First Time In A Long Time, Amazon, 14 or 15 Years Old, Video Games, Diablo III, ANDIE MAIN, Gregzilla, Andie Revolution Comedy At Kickstand Comedy, WoC, Hell For Sale, Taylor Swift Wife, Silly Fox Hat

FER 1535: Drew Lynch

Mar 12, 2016 57:49


GUEST: DREW LYNCH, Neighborhood Issue, Method Neighbors, Tutes Nearby, Poor Lead-In, Helium Comedy Club, DREW LYNCH, Cute Jobs, Comedy, America's Got Talent, Softballs, Drew Is Awesome, WoC, Hot Felon, Plane Boombox, Mexican Sea Creature, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1534: La Brujeria

Mar 11, 2016 57:59


Super Secret Special Guest Co-Host Aaron Duran, La Brujeria, Sarah Has A Surprise, Greg Is Out, New Comic Book, Rage Yoga In Canada, Low Carb, Vocalizations, Squatch Watch, WoC, Black Market Legos, Headbutting Goat, Mother Earth, Oregon Man

FER 1533: Diabetty

Mar 9, 2016 51:04


Family, Amazon Bug Bites, Return Of The Juggalos, ICP What, How To Blend In, The Lingo, Angry Paperboy, Thick Ass Judy aka Tha Clown Juicer, Diabetty Wins, WoC, Oregon Fast Talkers, Water Bar, Man Punching Bags

FER 1532: Future Greg

Mar 8, 2016 59:53


Future Greg, Parking Lot Peeper, Binoculars, Alternative Theories, Bus Ride Parody, Phone Kid, Phone Guy, Kissy Noise, Crazy Guy, Inappropriate Jokes, Car Swap, WoC, Lady Dancing On Truck, KROQ Baby, Mystery Machine, T Scale, Uber Scam, Peyton Retiring, HR BLOCK

FER 1531: Gilbert Gottfried & Rip City Bad Boys

Mar 5, 2016 01:00:01


GUEST: GILBERT GOTTFRIED, Glamour Pup, Warehouse Fumbling, Tall Shelves, GILBERT GOTTFRIED at Helium Comedy Club, Problem Child, Alan Thicke, Wife Swap, B-Movies, Celebrity Apprentice, RIP CITY BAD BOYS, Kielen & Tristan, Hi White People, Blazers Pistons, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1530: Breathe Oregon

Mar 4, 2016 49:44


Entrepreneurship Dies, Amazon, Eryn Brokovich Is Involved, The Air Quality, Breathe Oregon, Bottling Nothing, WoC, Tire 'Through Window, Trump Helmet, UFOs Are Real Man, Zeta Reticuli, Hand Sizes, 8 3/4 inches, HR BLOCK

FER 1529: Amy Miller & Sean Jordan

Mar 3, 2016 50:01


GUESTS: AMY MILLER & SEAN JORDAN, A Problem, Looking Like A Weirdo, Zipper Down, The Velcreans, Pelcro, Velcrants Man Pants, WoC, Cheetos Taco Bell, VR Viewer, Move To Canada, Rage Yoga, NEXT ADVENTURE, AMY & SEAN ARE MOVING, Friendship & Pizza Party Alladin Theater, Moving Away, WE LOVE YOU SEAN AND AMY

FER 1528: The Email

Mar 2, 2016 58:27


The Email Scandal, HR BLOCK, Sarah Is In The Middle, From Jane To Robert, To Be Or Not To BCC, Next Door App, Fog Park, Damn Raccoon, WoC, Port St. Lucie, Caricature Woman, Spanish Fight, Hug Chair, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1527: Leap Day

Mar 1, 2016 01:00:56


The Finger Needs To Stop, Honking, Turning Lanes, Leap Day Facts, WOC, Shopping Cart Guy, 82nd Fred Meyer, Zodiac Killer, Florida Man Twins, Full Holes, Dr. Science Explains Leap Year, Meddling Time Traveler, HR BLOCK

FER 1526: Steve-O

Feb 27, 2016 58:52


GUEST: STEVE-O, Lets Bingo, Greg's New Career, Thanks PABST, LANDMARK, ASYLUM, Revolution In Games, Humans In Balls, STEVE-O, Helium Comedy Club, Showtime Movie, Stand Up Comedy, WoC, British Gnome, Monster, Free Land, Walmart, Dr. Love, HR BLOCK

FER 1525: "Taxes"

Feb 26, 2016 58:47


The Oven Is On, Locking Doors, FER BINGO NIGHT, PABST, Armain, Working On Taxes, Magic Tiffany, Sophie The Dog, Outburst The Game Of Verbal Explosions, WoC, Weird Noise Forest Grove, Chuckie Cheese, Old Timey Radio Voice, Port St. Lucie, Taco Parts, HR BLOCK

FER 1524: Old Lady Pizza

Feb 25, 2016 52:38


The Music Is Too Loud, Boxers Online, Pizza And A Beer For One, Old Lady In The Place, Annoying Co-Worker Habits, Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Pearl In Your Food, Black Market Rogaine, Flea Markets, FER PABST BINGO NIGHT

FER 1523: Caught In The Act

Feb 24, 2016 01:00:37


Doing "Taxes", HR BLOCK, Busted On A Computer, Cara Buono, Lecherous Greg, Sweaty Sarah, Upsetting, WoC, Pizza Fight, Dissing, Spam, Baby Mothman, Forest Grove Sound, Ball Talk, Bed Bugs & Ghosts, Bike Bet, Gronk Island Cruise, FER PBR LANDMARK SALOON

FER 1522: Victorious

Feb 23, 2016 01:02:25


Declaring Victory In The Meth Neighbor Wars, FER PBR BINGO NIGHT, LANDMARK SALOON, A New Chapter, Intimidation, Setting The Rules, A Pie Plate, WoC, Margarita Day, 50 Cent, Beautiful Women Possessed, Ball Talk, Rambis Twitter Account, Olympic Waters, High Athletes, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1521: Taylor Williamson

Feb 20, 2016 01:30:54


GUEST: TAYLOR WILLIAMSON, Sarah & Her Pocket Dog, FER PBR LANDMARK SALOON BINGO NIGHT, Taylor Helium Comedy Club, Funny, Japan, Trump, America's Got Talent, Wrestling 1%, Paige, WWE, Dick Cheney Jokes, HR BLOCK

FER 1520: News God Tim Riley

Feb 19, 2016 55:51


GUEST: TIM RILEY, Injured Greg, Bringing The Cane, Cobra, Chains Are Back, Fashion Forward, TIM RILEY BREAKING NEWS, Having Kids, Politics, Tim Reports The News Like No One Else, Contact Lenses, Occupiers, Hookers For Hilary, PABST FER BINGO

FER 1519: John Lukrofka

Feb 18, 2016 01:01:38


GUEST: JOHN LUKROFKA, Proof Read Tweets, PABST FER BINGO, Shoes And Serial Killers, Filming Sarah Becoming An Aunt, Eloise, Aunt or Auntie, Greenhouse, JOHN KUKROFKA, Trail Blazers Broadcasting, Spilling Coffee, Miguel Arroz,  Dame & CJ, In The Lower Deck, Mr. Mom Blanket

FER 1518: Greg Behrendt

Feb 13, 2016 01:09:49


GUEST: GREG BEHRENDT, We Lack Fashion, Fighting The C, Shaving Eyebrows, Just Keep Them Alive, Greg Behrendt And His Flying White Falcon, Helium Comedy Club, WoC, McD Sauce, Titanic 2, Skipping Work, Severed Foot, Valentine's Day Facts, PABST FER Bingo

FER 1517: Hollywood

Feb 12, 2016 52:52


Hollywood, HR BLOCK, Acting Douche, Coffee Spills, Free Samples, Reading Monologues, WoC, Pork Burglar, Soda Sommelier, Valentine's Day KFC, Slovenian Beer, Van Gogh Bedroom, PABST BINGO NIGHT

FER 1516: Tony Muffins

Feb 11, 2016 58:45


Conspiracy, The Garbage People, Hanging Chad, Undercover, Vicie D, Tony Muffins, Paulie Hammer, Jimmy the Toothpick, WoC, Fuller House, Skittle Picture, Plane Fight, Jim Morrison Alive, Jerry Battles Alien Encounters, NEXT ADVENTURES

FER 1515: HR Block

Feb 10, 2016 53:41


Pee-Wee Bandwagon, I Got A Guy, The New Movie, Burlesque Feelings, WoC, Beer Battered Fish, Saved By The Bell, Peach Pit, Espresso Self, Alligator In Window, HR BLOCK, GILBERT, Taxes 2016, ACA, Ball Talk, $15 Beer, Fifa Pro

FER 1514: Spanish Yeti

Feb 9, 2016 49:00


The Shoeless Man, Greg's Strange Eating Habit, WoC, Anna Nicole, Burger King, Bottled Air, Ball Talk, Cam Newton, Broncos Prediction, NEXT ADVENTURE, Spanish Yeti

FER 1513: Burrito Queen

Feb 6, 2016 01:11:22


Sarah Is Burrito Famous, The Burrito Olympics, Pageant, Foil Dress, WoC, Tacos, Pizza Diet, Missing Cat, Free Tattoos, Silly String, Cat Nightmare, The Door, Ball Talk, Solicitation, Panther Rap, Prediction, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1512: Shotgun Rules

Feb 4, 2016 54:52


Greg's Future Book, The Rules, Drive Thru Food, Birthdays, Rules of Shotgun, Violators, WoC, Florida Spaghetti, Shoplifting, Demon House, Xmas Presents, Zopppity Bop Bop, Bus Broncos Crash, Manning, Key And Peele

FER 1511: Greg vs. Telemarketer

Feb 3, 2016 50:39


Taking It Out, Telemarketers Calling Our Number, Greg Enjoys It, Larry Makes 4.2, Cindy and Dave's Suit, WoC, Groundhog Day, Gold Pizza, Chicken Wings, Kit Kat Bar, Candy Hierarchy, Ball Talk, Bowlo De Super, Bike Scandal, Kitty, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1510: Cat Lady

Feb 2, 2016 49:36


Sarah Goes To The Cat Show, Fascinating Adventure, Two Cat Salute, Babies, Two Ladies And A Child, International Cat Show, Talk Through Them, WoC, Cheese Thievery Update, Throwing Up Chips

FER 1509: G & T

Jan 30, 2016 01:04:31


Old Timey Voice, Thought Sarah Wouldn't Be Here, Small Town Brewery, Next Adventure, Landmark, Bingo Night, Tristan Mayer, Too Many Tristan's, G&T's Old Portland Tour, WoC, Mozzarella, Cat Lady, Jewelry, Ball Talk, Prank

FER 1508: Husky Boy

Jan 29, 2016 57:29


Baby Or No Baby, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Bingo Night Today, New Pants, Returning Clothes Scam, Grinding, Keep Or Not, Husky Boy, Tailor Price, Shorties, WoC, Griffin Attack, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1507: Jermaine Fowler

Jan 28, 2016 34:04


GUEST: JERMAINE FOWLER, After School Special, Elmers, Food In Portland, Burgers, Give 'em Hell Tour, New York, Gum In Seattle, Marshawn Lynch, Skittles Names For Strippers, Mississippi Studios, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1506: Doomsday Clock

Jan 27, 2016 59:55


Doomsday Clock, Sorcerer, Taking The Earth's Temperature, Scientists, Atomic Clock, WoC, Cheese Thieves, Chicken Nuggets, Wafflehouse, Long Life, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, NEXT ADVENTURE, FER Bingo, Ball talk, Ban The Cam Seahawks Fans, Blake Griffin Punch

FER 1505: Dropload

Jan 26, 2016 57:37


Nicknames, Swish, White Lightning, Guil's Southeast Barber Company, G & T's O.P.T., Old Man Bar, Jonathan Quicksliver, Dropload, Wrestling, WoC, Cheese Thief, Cheese Mogul, Cheese Lovers, Bad Disguise, Baby Boom, Supernatural Dolls, Brady, Panthers Broncos Win, SMALL TOWN BREWERY

FER 1504: Hawthorne Ninja

Jan 23, 2016 53:01


Hawthorne Ninja, Portland Weird, Superhero Names, Bow Staff, Tourist Attraction, WoC, Tuxedo, Air Guitar Exercise, Tuxedo, No Savesies, JANINE BRITO, JEREMY ELI, Minority Retort, Dogs Are Awesome, Two Girls One Pup, Ball Talk, Russel Crowe, Panther Rap, Bird Gang, SMALL TOWN BREWERY

FER 1503: Hybrid Baby Community

Jan 22, 2016 01:03:00


The Crazy Is Within, Singing To The Dogs, One Little Push, Sarah's Murder Spasms, WoC, National Hug Day, Moonshine, Cuddle Puddle, Hybrid Baby Community, Ball Talk, Panther Paws, Brady Balls, SMALL TOWN BREWERY


Jan 21, 2016 01:33:33


Yelp Dentist, RICK EMERSON, The Flies, So Much Blood, What's Rick Been Up To, MTV 81-92, David Bowie, Hoarders, The Whole Tapestry, Airplane Rules, The Armrest, Sniffing, The Feet, 90s Artist, Foot Fetish, Here's A Thing I Think About, Swinging In The 50s

FER 1501: Dentist of Nightmares

Jan 20, 2016 57:38


Greg Is Shook Up, Dentist of Nightmares, Thanks Obama, Far Out, Not Supposed To Be Here, The Flies, So Many Hands, WoC, Palm Reader, Judge Judy, Kim Jong Un, Loch Ness Monster, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Tennis Scandal, Panthers On The Prowl

FER 1500: Thank You

Jan 19, 2016 01:00:48


Not Much Sleep, Stumbling, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, The Motion Sensor, Light Coming On, The Creep In The Apartment, WoC, Not A Loser, Gum Stealing, Guy Fi, Ball Talk, Lebron James, Mozzarella Sticks, Tennis Scandal

FER 1499: Corey Jones

Jan 16, 2016 01:02:57


GUEST: COREY JONES from BOOK OF MORMON, Grizzly Adams, Growing A Beard, Broadway Star, WoC, Powerball Prank, Lotto Reimbursement, Grumpy Man, COREY, Touring With Book Of Mormon, Being The Villain, Seeing The World

FER 1498: Shameless

Jan 15, 2016 53:36


So Ashamed, Amazon, Tell Us What Happened, Co-Workers, Thief, M&Ms, Book Of Mormon, The Cool Guy, WoC, Snakes, Pork Chops, Waffle House, Emotional Brain, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Gronk Cruise, NEXT ADVENTURE KAYAK FESTIVAL

FER 1497: Under Dressed To Impress

Jan 14, 2016 01:03:48


Frumpy, Underdressed At The Musical, BOOK OF MORMON, Out For Drinks, Holey Jeans, Apartment Update, Flopping In A Swimsuit Top, WoC, Poopmaster 6000, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Better Mug Shot, Silence Of The Lambs, Lima, BINGO NIGHT SMALL TOWN BREWERY, LA Rams

FER 1496: Case of the Bathing Suit Top

Jan 13, 2016 01:04:12


Creeper In the Apartment Complex, Country PI, Bathing Suit Top, Need To Get In The Door, RGIII Inspiration, Brady Hates Coffee, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, WoC, Finger Problems, Walmart, Kidds, BOOK OF MORMON Musical, Gary and Steve

FER 1495: It's Only Forever

Jan 12, 2016 01:17:34


Bienvenidos, Back In Town, Greg Goes To Mexico, Ladies of Cabo, Psycho, Bar Front, David Bowie, Balls, WoC, No Pants, Python Bite, Bed Bugs, Taco Cleanse, Wal-mart Proposal, NEXT ADVENTURE, Crying Bengals Fan, Vikings Kicker

Best Of: Larry Amtrak, Wicked, Granola Bar

Jan 9, 2016 58:14


First up: the story of Sarah and the granola bar - if you don't know what this is yet you are in for a treat. Second: the tale of Larry Amtrak and being a tycoon at a fancy party neither of us belong at - it's glorious. Finally the show is rounded out with Greg's account of the musical Wicked, a musical which he has not seen but claims to know how it goes - it's gold. Thank you so much for listening to our show's this past week, and we'll be back next week with brand-new episodes!! Thanks so much!

Best Of: Creepy Room/Donkey Screamed

Jan 8, 2016 56:41


On this Best-of Sarah tells the story of the super creepy little room that she found in the basement of her very old apartment building, and the strange things she found in there. Also it's the story of THE DONKEY SCREAMED AND THE CHILDREN CRIED!!!

Best OF: Bobby Lee 1st Time

Jan 7, 2016 59:59


A lot of you folks have requested this one so here it is - it's the first time we had Bobby Lee in-studio! This was our first time meeting and boy howdy, he is a ball of energy. We talked with Bobby about everything from Pineapple Express and working with Larry David to breaks-ups, as well as the reason why he was fired from Mad TV. Enjoy!

Best Of: Jon Dore

Jan 6, 2016 39:59


This was our first visit with the hilarious Canadian comedian Mr. Jon Dore (who is a friend of ours now!). This episode is glorious because he talks to Sarah about her dirty kitchen and shames her into cleaning it, which is now a long-running joke on the show. It's a Funemployment Radio Origin Story!

Best Of: Amy Schumer/The Wedding

Jan 5, 2016 52:30


FER Best Of Special, featuring our second interview with Amy Schumer and the ridiculous planning for the Wedding that Sarah and Greg officiated.

FER 1494: Goodbye 2015

Jan 1, 2016 01:08:20


Greg's New Girlfriend, She's A Model, Saying Goodbye To Some Things 2015, Hello Scientists, Holodeck, WoC, Head Cold, Gutter Belt, Overused Words, Monkeys Driving Car, Stealing Mail, TCU, Football Predictions

FER 1493: Tea-Totaler

Dec 31, 2015 54:36


The Tea Incident, Greg Is Clumsy, Wet From Thigh On Up, Making An Announcement, WoC, Corpse Flower, Breadstick-gate, Time Travel, Already Married, Secret Shopper, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk Chip Kelly

FER 1492: Buddyme

Dec 30, 2015 01:02:32


Greg Is Slippin, New Present Selfie Sticking, Lemmy From Motorhead, Metal Is Getting Older, Pantera CJ, WoC, Camera In Air BnB, Bad Bank Robber, Buckets Of U, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Lifetime Movie Recap Social Nightmare, BuddyMe

FER 1491: G & T's Old Portland Tour

Dec 29, 2015 01:11:20


Greg Gets Hacked, Holidays, Let Sarah Talk, Teen Swag, G & T's Old Portland Tour, Historical, Lady Bartender, WoC, Portland P**per Update, Owl Capone, Chickens Loose, Florida Woman, Best Day Ever, Meadowlark Lemon, Globetrotters, Peyton Loves Tom, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1490: Happy Christmas

Dec 24, 2015 55:17


Holiday Traditions, The Church Singing Guy, Sarah Brings It Down, Pajamas, Walnut, WoC, Festivus, Star Wars Primer For Sarah, Planet With Ewoks, Who Fights The Force 

FER 1489: Grinch Nibler

Dec 23, 2015 01:02:59


Not A Grinch Nibler, Rules Of Xmas Shopping, No Touching, Short Shopper In A tall World, Bremerton Traditions, WoC, Flame Saber, Rich Bus Boy, Port St. Lucie, Stoner Sloth, Ball Talk, Groing Groin, Frisco Roughriders, Cam Newton, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1488: Fancy Wine

Dec 22, 2015 01:06:25


Rich People Food, Drink A Lot Of Fancy Wine, Sommelier, Samples, Sarah Knows Wines, Xmas In The NW, WoC, Darth Vader, Last Xmas, Steve Harvey, Driver's Ed, Candace Hill, Sepp Blatter, Predictions, D LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY

FER 1487: Selling Chopsticks

Dec 19, 2015 01:01:13


No Spoilers About Star Wars, The Barter System, Crack Or Meth, Air Freshener, Selling Chopsticks, WoC, Sarah's Audition, Popcorn & Werewolves, Crystal Palace, Mad Friday, Bieber Obsession, Ball Talk, Predictions, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1486: Space Ninjas

Dec 18, 2015 51:34


STAR WARS DAY (no spoilers!), Greg Is Beyond Excited, Growing Up With It, Nerd Shaming, The Force, Explaining To Sarah, Space Ninjas, Space Pirate and a Bigfoot, WoC, Florida, Flakka, Bottled Air Genius, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, MC Chris

FER 1485: Mr. Buttons

Dec 17, 2015 58:33


Read The Martian, Space Expert, New Mixing Board Day, Mr. Kevin Buttons, NASA Opens Up Astronaut Applications, Space Quiz, WoC, Florida Man, Reindeer Beer, Peeping Tom, Squatch Watch, Cheetos, Squatcheeto, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY

FER 1484: The Gambler

Dec 16, 2015 57:47


Raffle Winner, Holiday Party, Feeling Great, The Gambler, Crashing, Cater Waiter, Portland's Grinch, WoC, Port St. Lucie, Black Eye, Star Wars Everywhere, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Free Headphones, James Naismith Interview, Band Vs. Jimmy Stewart

FER 1483: Vick Might Get Mad

Dec 15, 2015 38:37


Real Portland, Touring Felony Flats, Sequined Suit, Vick Is Angry, Sting, Bathroom Key, WoC, Albuquerque Stew, Santa Nordic Obituary, Hipster Santa, GSW 24-0, Serena Cheats

FER 1482: Star Pilot's Demesne

Dec 12, 2015 56:10


GUEST: KIELEN KING, Star Pilot, Nervous Guy, Thank You SMALL TOWN BREWERY, How To Be Cool, I'm A Boss, Sweaty, STAR PILOT'S DEMESNE, Album Release, Box Set, Event At Bridge City Comics, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1481: Orny Adams

Dec 11, 2015 36:36


GUEST: ORNY ADAMS, Easter Bunny, Lodging Some Complaints, Wardrobe, ORNY ADAMS, Gluton, So Edgy, Changing The Channel, Paleo, Comedy, Teen Wolf, Flying To LA, Helium Comedy Club, FER Bingo, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, ASYLUM

FER 1480: A Couple and Few

Dec 10, 2015 56:08


GUEST: TODD ARMSTRONG, A Couple And Few, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Bingo, ASYLUM, The Dollar Store Shopping Experience, Eye Contact, Neighbors Are Weird, TODD ARMSTRONG, Helium Comedy, Boy Hole Covers, Clumsy, Hawaii, Caves, Tacoma

FER 1479: Candy Bane

Dec 9, 2015 01:01:16


Typecast, Who Is Trolling Greg, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, FER Bingo Night, D.LEONIDAS, Jon Snow, The Bane Off Finally Happens, A Bet, Close Vote, Barely Won, WoC, Major In Pizza, Stolen Wings, GPS, Tent, Ball Talk, Timbers, Manziel, ASYLUM

FER 1478: Oops, I Split My Pants

Dec 8, 2015 59:51


Acting Debut, No Intimidation, Improv, Cater Waiter, Two Furs, Oops, I Split My Pants, WoC, Bud Wieser, Camper Van, Shoes, Ball Talk, CFP, Portland Timbers Champions Of MLS, SMALL TOWN BREWERY

FER 1477: Inspirational Quotes

Dec 5, 2015 01:10:12


The Big Audition, Don't Mess Up, Glare At People, Head Shot, Slate, Squatch Watch, Woc, Lesser Intelligence, Inspirational Quotes, Port St. Lucie, Angry Squirrel, Ball Talk, Sad Lions And Browns, Coldplay, Bad Water, Battle Frog, SMALL TOWN BREWERY

FER 1476: Callistos

Dec 4, 2015 41:01


Update On The Finger Debacle, Oversharing, Silence, Finger Therapist, Greg Hit His Head A Lot, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Bingo Night With FER, The Crazy Dream, Zombies, Bears, Wolves, Old Lady Rollies, Callistos, WoC, Dating Site For Disney, Chips Dating

FER 1475: One Of Us

Dec 3, 2015 55:15


GUESTS: NATHAN BRANNON, ED BLACK, JASON LAMB, Sarah's Broken Finger, One Of Us, The Stares, Need A Cool Story, Star Wars Opening Night, Fitting In, NATHAN, JASON, ED, Special Guest Rowan, Mics, BLACK LAUGHS MATTER BENEFIT, Gentrification, New Orleans Native, Portland White People

FER 1474: Rules of Xmas

Dec 2, 2015 01:10:58


GUEST: LONNIE BRUHN, Orange Sarah, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Betting, Bingo Landmark Saloon, Portland Jon Snow, Rules of Xmas, Gas Pumping Rules, LONNIE BRUHN, 25 Years In Standup at Harvey's Comedy Club, Life Lessons, Lonnie Is Awesome, WoC, 12 Days, Ghost Town, That Guy

FER 1473: Greg of Thrones

Dec 1, 2015 01:10:40


Eat Pizza And Stare, Cyber Mall, Bremelos In Bremerton, Malt Liquor Tradition, Garbage Can Deal, Jon Snow Pictures, Game Of Thrones, Spoiler, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, WoC, Buy Nothing, Ball Talk, Tyson, Timbers, Kobe

FER 1472: The Comedy Bull

Nov 26, 2015 01:00:46


GUEST: CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER, Nervous, Hodor!, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Modeling, Out Of His League, Seattle, WoC, Viral Internet, Black Friday Brawls, Adopting Animals, Ruin Thanksgiving, CAITLIN WEIERHAUSER, Weed Shopping, The Comedy Bull at Helium Comedy Club, Video Game Bullies, Bane, Johnny Benched

FER 1471: North or South?

Nov 25, 2015 52:21


No That's Not Going To Work, The Dream, Shirtless Greg, Sim City, North Or South, WoC, Sneeve, Bug, Pants, Cat Music, Doo Doo The Clown, Darth Vader Robbery, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, FER BINGO NIGHT 2, Ball Talk, Johnny Football Blues, Oliva Munn Off Market, Tom Brady Rex Ryan, The Texans

FER 1470: The Purge of '15

Nov 24, 2015 01:00:18


Mystery Box, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Roommate Treasures, Purge of '15, Whose Shoes, Eraser Collections, WoC, Living In Internet Cafe, Silly Cops, Gold Kit Kat, Taco Bell Valet, Ball Talk, Celebrity QB, JR Swish, Cam Newton Furry, Australian Boy

FER 1469: Burrito Olympics

Nov 21, 2015 01:07:00


Burrito Olympics, Opposite Day, Not A Competition, Sarah's Mac Attack, WoC, Phone Case, Emojis, Grease Dumpster, Harry Potter Part, Ball Talk, Concerned Mother, Cam Newton, Predictions, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1468: Sandwiches

Nov 20, 2015 56:15


Shame Letter, Bumper Stumper Part 2, Bad Driver, Face Cream Survey, Shannon The Liar, Lab Rat, Sandwiches, WoC, Walmart In Florida, Pillow Flirt, Silverware Throwing, Ball Talk, Beer Mile, Olivia Munn, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1467: Bumper Stumper

Nov 19, 2015 01:04:17


Leaving A Note, Bumper Hit, Sleuthy Sarah & Country PI, Bumper Stumper, Mystery, WoC, Carly Simon, Selfie Stamps, Keep The Chickens Warm, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Rousey, Red Ryder, Seahawks Decline

FER 1466: Eccentric

Nov 17, 2015 42:40


Watching TV In The Bathroom, Thank You, Rich Living, Sarah Mystery House, Oregon Coast, WoC, Ladies, Tantalizing Storage Facility, Ball Talk, Peyton, Herniated

FER 1465: Steve Rannazzisi from The League

Nov 14, 2015 01:02:08


GUEST: STEVE RANNAZZISI, Bingo Night Recap, Serious Business, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, NEXT ADVENTURE, LANDMARK, Pregnant Pause, STEVE RANNAZZISI The League, Helium Comedy Club, Nyquil Donuts, WoC, Friday The 13th, Selfie Defense, Ball Talk, Bills, Predictions, Loopy

FER 1464: Bingo Night

Nov 13, 2015 44:00


Sarah On SNL Dream, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Monologue, Gibberish, Bingo Night, WoC, Russian Bathroom Cafe, Radio, W.O.L.D., Face Cream, Cut Up Money, Coffee Cup, Ball Talk, Russel Wilson Ciara Scandal, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1463: Corduroy

Nov 12, 2015 01:00:30


Pilgrims For When, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Super Secret Guest Aaron Duran, Bingo Trinkets, Serious Business, Corduroy, Pilgrim Costume, WoC, Portland Break-In, Hi There, Shoplifting, Luck Touchdown Truck, Swashbuckler's Ball

FER 1462: You're Not Real

Nov 11, 2015 56:19


Jesus Had An Eagle, Bus Ride Crazy Pete and Mitchell, 4-6 Foot Wings, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, WoC, Chained To A Water Park, Man Buns, Chinese Dolls, Rumbler, Storm Drain, BT, Star Wars Jersey, D LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Greg Records Himself Sleeping, You're Not Real

FER 1461: Free Space

Nov 10, 2015 57:35


Connection, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Bingo Night, Announcing, Sarah's Bingo Jokes, Free Space, Talking To A Wall, Dream Update, Bears, Wolves, Recording, WoC, Hillsboro Snow White, Starbucks Cup, Toothy Sea Creature, Stealing Candy, Cam Newton Packers Sign

FER 1460: Dr. National Geographic

Nov 7, 2015 01:12:52


The Strange Man, Dreams, Grey Suit, Bibby, Sorority Of Lies, WoC, Xmas Lights, Snake, Withdrawal Slip, Teen Slang, Hip, Sorority, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Ball Talk, Coingate, Chinese Snoring, Panthers 6-1, NEXT ADVENTURE, Dr. Science Audition National Geographic

FER 1459: 6 YEARS!!

Nov 6, 2015 52:28


GUEST: MYQ KAPLAN, 6 Years Of Funemployment Radio, Thank You Everyone, Remembering, Judy, Romancing, PC, MYQ KAPLAN, America's Got Talent, Bossanova, Clown Bus, Audience, Drugs

FER 1458: Party Down

Nov 5, 2015 01:02:59


Turn Them Into Entertainment, NEXT ADVENTURE, Working Events, The Game, Business Events, Bobs, Steves, Caroles, The Big Dog, Affairs, WoC, Zombies, Guinness Bladders, Toilet Paper, Gold Mine, Seahawks Petition, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Wedding Parties

FER 1457: I'm so excited, I'm so scared

Nov 4, 2015 56:45


Soup Guy, Confusing Joke, Dentist Chatter, WoC, Saved By The Bell, I'm so excited, I'm so scared, Caffeine Pills, Kurt Cobain's Sweater, FER BINGO NIGHT, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Ball Talk, Protesters, Exciting Golf, Squatch Watch Education

FER 1456: The Rattler

Nov 3, 2015 59:15


Winning Costume, FER BINGO SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Jon Snow, Phyllis Nefler, The 7th Wave Movie, WoC, Free Sandwiches, Petting Tiger, Toilet Paper, Ketchup Dance, Beaverton Superhero, The Rattler, White Lightning, Ball Talk, KC Royals, Fantasy Jinx

FER 1455: Super Halloween Special

Oct 31, 2015 01:09:27


Candy For The Kids, ASYLUM, 15-Year Old With A Mustache, Trick Or Treat, WoC, Nutscape, Portland Thief, Glory, Ball Talk Predictions, Halloween Facts With Sarah, That Being Said, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY


Oct 30, 2015 55:09


GUEST: TIM RILEY, The Road Incident, Road Rules, Flapping The Arms, Angry Driver, Crazy Old Lady, Sarah Is Cocktail Training, Blowing Fire, TIM RILEY, Tim is absolutely fantastic and his podcast is called TIM RILEY BREAKING NEWS, Left Alone, ASYLUM

FER 1453: National Treasure

Oct 29, 2015 50:13


GUEST: NICK WILSON, Sensual Experience, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, Fabric Store, The Line, Jon Snow, WoC, It Bit, FER BINGO NIGHT, Not Your Father's Root Beer, Not Your Grandma's Bingo, Ball Talk, National Treasure, Derek Jeter, Predictions


FER 1452: Phyllis Nefler

Oct 28, 2015 52:00


GUEST: GREG DROBOT of Face Rock Creamery, Sarah Clashes With Kim, Halloween Costume Idea Taken, Phyllis Nefler, Riff Raff, WoC, Monopoly Fight, I'm A Bike, Curse Of The Haunted Curds Event, Poutine, Greg Drobot, NOT YOUR FATHER'S ROOT BEER, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1451: 7th Wave Film

Oct 27, 2015 48:40


GUESTS: DERRICK LAMERE & BEN DUPRIS, Game Changer, D. LEONIDAS PHOTO CONTEST WINNER, Greg An Act For The Ages, SMALL TOWN BREWERY, FER BINGO NIGHT, WoC, Pumpkin Boats, Spear vs Sword, Expensive Sword, Hot Dogs, 7TH WAVE FILM, Native American Arts, Film Making, Nightmare At Niblers, Team Event Center

FER 1450: Larry Crane & Jenna Zine

Oct 24, 2015 01:00:21


GUESTS: LARRY CRANE & JENNA ZINE, Sarah's Old Lady Shoes, New Job, As A Tycoon, Eyes Wide Shut Parties, Mature, WoC, Secret Kisses, NY Rats, Tractor Love, LARRY & JENNA, Jackpot Recording, Mission Theater, Comedy In Space, Keep It Like A Secret, Gwyneth Paltrow, Larry and Jenna RAWK!, D. LEONIDAS

FER 1449: Beige Sweater

Oct 23, 2015 01:00:12


Something's Missing, Mature Beige Sweater, Pants Issue, The Taco Cart Incident, Where Did It Go, WoC, Texas Is Crazy, Meat Loaf Rescues Puppy, Subway Measurements, Squatch Watch 3fer, D. LEONIDAS.

FER 1448: Back to the Future

Oct 22, 2015 01:04:02


Changes Are Here, What Are They Doing To My House, Meth, Back To The Future Facts And Trivia, Sarah Is Full Of Them, D. LEONIDAS Costume Contest, Ball Talk, Fantasy Action, Cubs

FER 1447: Sparkly Water

Oct 21, 2015 01:04:10


GUESTS: ADAM PASI & JON WASHINGTON, Greg's Jam, Not A Foodie, Sparkly Water, Strange Dreams, Lego Guy, WoC, Squatting In A Mansion, Lisbon Airport, NEXT ADVENTURE, ADAM & JON, Old Guy Clown Makeup, Helium Comedy Club, Funny Humans vs. The Wheel, Butter Wrestling, Ball Talk Louisville

FER 1446: Supreme Champion

Oct 20, 2015 57:27


Supreme Champion Sarah, D LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Retro Gaming Expo, Oregon Trail, Killer Instinct, What Do Greg's Dreams Mean, Drug Dealer, WoC, Billy The Kid, Aer Lingus Bite, Testicle Festival, Creepy Lyrics, Is Greg Eccentric, Ball Talk, Michigan Loss

FER 1445: Two Weeks Notice

Oct 17, 2015 01:11:59


Parking Lot Creep, Kenny B, Exiting The Job, Radio Bias, Sarah Call It Out, Talk To The Pants, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, WoC, Target Sounds, ALL JANE COMEDY, Trolling Cardinals Fans, Cubs, ASYLUM

FER 1444: Alien Megastructures

Oct 16, 2015 46:28


Holding The Breath, Weird Relaxing, Dentist, Torturing Devices In Your Mouth, WoC, Mother Daughter Meth, 30 Pound Burrito, Black Coffee Pscyhopath, Alien Megastructure, Dyson Sphere, Ball Talk, Canada Thanks Greg, Predictions Dodgers Mets

FER 1443: Cemetery Dance

Oct 15, 2015 58:24


GUEST: ART SANTANA, Cemetery Dance, Squatch Watch, Sarah's Magazine Cover, Stephen King, Strange Dreams, Snoop, Pretend Pregnant Monster Ladies, WoC, North Pole, Subway Issues, ART from GROUND KONTROL, PDX RETRO GAMING EXPO, Video Game Awesomeness, D.LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Tebow Lions, Cubs

FER 1442: Kristine Levine

Oct 14, 2015 58:19


GUEST: KRISTINE LEVINE, End Of An Era, Through The Years, Barking at Dogs, Change For Greg, WoC, Playboy, Big Tip, Jersey Devil, KRISTINE LEVINE, All Jane Comedy, Revenge Stories, Fear And Respect Kristine, Hamster Village

FER 1441: D. Leonidas Photography

Oct 13, 2015 43:28


GUEST: DAVID fom D.LEONIDAS, Mario Kart Pro, Keith and the Girl Saturday, Ground Kontrol, Anxiety, Beat Up By 15 Year Olds, Opening Up, Cracking On The Bus, WoC, Clowns, Florida Dog, Periscope, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, Costume Contest, Variety, Celebrate Life With Photos


Oct 10, 2015 53:43


GUEST: DAVID HUNTSBERGER & ANDIE MAIN, Princess, Getting Old, Sharpie Nails, Greg Gifts, ASYLUM, WoC, Florida Skull, Stolen Car, Fingernail Glue, DAVID & ANDIE, P Book, That Guy In Every Town, THE JUNK SHOW at CURIOUS COMEDY, Ball Talk Predictions, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY

FER Interview: Harland Williams

Oct 10, 2015 25:14


GUEST: HARLAND WILLIAMS, Ma'am, Crab Legs, Harland Is Fantastic, Harland Highway Podcast, Burning Man, Fudgy, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB

FER 1439: Getting Older

Oct 9, 2015 58:45


Last Days Of 34, Sarah Is Getting Older, Ma'am Territory, WoC, AI's, Sucking Up To Robots, Adult University, Lil Bub, Mac N Cheese, Meat Veggies, Ball Talk, OK Blue Jays, Royals, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY

FER 1438: Herbert the Chicken

Oct 8, 2015 58:46


The Saga Of Herbert The Chicken, Sarah's Tale, Alone On The Streets, Caring Too Much, Sweet Sweet Tammy, Herbert Wings, WoC, End Of World, Exercise Pill, Fire Ant Island, NEXT ADVENTURE, Cubs Steve Bartman

FER 1437: Auntie Sarah

Oct 7, 2015 01:03:36


Sarah's New Responsibility, Preferences, Dirt Clods Are Always Good, Stern Aunt or Crazy Auntie, WoC, New Doomsday, Pepsi Perfect, Walking Meth Lab, Skin Art, Jon Snow D LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST, Seahawks Scandal, CC, Astros Songs

FER 1436: God Bless You

Oct 6, 2015 58:05


God Bless You Or Gesundheit, Greg Being The Rude Guy, Sneezing, D. LEONIDAS PHOTOGRAPHY, HALLOWEEN COSTUME PHOTO CONTEST, Essence That Isn't There, WoC, No Pilot, Pizza Rat, Princess Leia, Ball Talk Predictions

FER 1435: David Koechner

Oct 3, 2015 01:02:46


GUEST: DAVID KOECHNER, Reverend Greg, What Is Niblerism, Snack Based Religion, DAVID KOECHNER at Helium Comedy Club, Portland, Krampus, David Is Awesome, Peeple, Pigman, Ribfight, Robot Voice, NEXT ADVENTURE, Predictions

FER 1434: Barry Nibler-Dinger

Oct 1, 2015 53:35


GUEST: GABE DINGER, What If It Doesn't Happen, Sarah's Painting, Told Too Many People, WoC, Facebook Down, Stalking, GABE DINGER, Fat Mike, Conspiracy Theories, Nibler-Dinger, Art Bell, Haunted Houses, Mustaches, MISSION THEATER SPACE COMEDY, Ball Talk, Urinal Perp, Rodgers

FER 1433: Keith and The Girl

Sep 30, 2015 01:02:13


GUEST: KEITH and CHEMDA from KEITH AND THE GIRL, Sarah's Apartment Issues, Squealing On The Neighbors, Trumpet Guy, Revenge Or Flirt, KEITH and THE GIRL, Keith & Chemda will be at Curious Comedy Theater on Oct. 10th!, Don't Mess It Up, WoC, Black Bun, Toy Hall Of Fame, Spider Fire, Free Cheese, Chips HoF

FER 1432: Sample Show

Sep 29, 2015 48:02


Being A Shopping Network Host, Bad Hashbrowns, Sample Show Excitement, Nibs and Bits, Jayla Siciliano From Bon Affair, Shark Tank, Marc Cuban, Andy Beach from Jammly, Amazing Jams, Jordan Craft Vapery

FER 1431: Leg Arms

Sep 26, 2015 52:18


Big Arms Sarah, ASYLUM, Sarah's Sad Day, Photo Shopping Arms, Portlandia Filming, Greg Therapy, Extras, Bossy Girl, Snack Bus, Smelly, There She Goes, Ball Talk Predictions, Happy Birthday Stone

FER 1430: Christopher Titus

Sep 26, 2015 52:41


GUEST: CHRISTOPHER TITUS, We've known Titus for years now and it's so great to have him back.  We talk about his new tour, running for President and a million other things.  Go see him 9/25/15 and 9/26/15 at Helium Comedy Club, in Portland, OR!

FER 1429: Dally Duran Duran

Sep 25, 2015 44:42


Sarah is out today, but Scott Dally majestically fills in!  He regales us with how he met his favorite band of all-time, Duran Duran, the night before!  It's seriously an awesome story.  Did he cry?  Listen to find out!

FER 1428: Steven Wilber With An E

Sep 24, 2015 56:42


GUEST: STEVEN WILBER, Scary For Greg, Snooping Sarah, The Find, Don't Break The Baby, Not An It, Stolen Property, STEVEN HOLLYWOOD WILBER heading to LA, DC, Moving Out, Steven Is Fantastic, Yogi Berra, WoC, Sampling

FER1427: Greg's Shameful Secret

Sep 23, 2015 56:22


GUEST: ANDIE MAIN, Greg's Shameful Secret, Enablers, The Leavings In The Tent, Mad At The Machine, WoC, Selfies Dangerous, Evil Left Hands, Special Straw, 2Pac, Bloodmoon, ANDIE MAIN, Hurricane Andie, PDX COMEDY MIXTAPE, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB

FER 1426: Grown Up

Sep 22, 2015 01:01:36


Surviving The Forest, Ricketsfest 2015, NEXT ADVENTURE, Bug Bite Issues, Camping G-Spots, WoC, Sexy Trump, Grown Up, Selfie Spoon, Slide Love, Black Mirror Piggate, Ball Talk, 100 Percent, Crying Alabama, Squatch Watch, Bigfoot Baby

FER 1425: Bobby Lee

Sep 19, 2015 01:03:35


GUEST: BOBBY LEE, Ricketsfest Cometh, Just Three Dudes, Mouth Is The Cup, Rose City Comicon, BOBBY LEE, Helium Comedy Club, There is truly no summarizing Bobby, it's just pure magic.  ASYLUM

FER 1424: Ambulance Show

Sep 18, 2015 01:00:49


Eye Lasers, That Hum, Lost Magnifying Glass, Discount Eye Service, Pink Eye Girl, Ambulance Shows, Snooping On Backgrounds, Searching Sarahs, WoC, 3500 Knives, Stolen Cell Phone, iPhone6, Meow, Sizzl Dating App, Super Bowl Predicition, ASYLUM

FER 1423: Mr. Sandman

Sep 17, 2015 01:02:39


Studio Mystery, Who Recorded It, Mr. Sandman Dreamland Trials Musical By Greg Nibler, Sleep Shepherd, Spaceship, WoC, Florida Sniffer, Portland Pooper, Steak Shirt, Selfie Record, Actor Stabbing, Cleveland Fireworks, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1422: Hey Buddy

Sep 16, 2015 01:02:21


Stealing, Victoria, Canada Is Awesome, Atractive Women, Not All Canadians Are Nice, Hey Buddy, Big Bad Johns, WHALE, Old People, World Of Crazy, Brisquet Fight, Mariota, Birthdays, Steve and Alex, Nottingham, Sherwood, Bears

FER 1421: Jessimae Peluso

Sep 12, 2015 43:19


GUEST: JESSIMAE PELUSO, Jessimae is absolutely one of our people!  Topics, Sharp Tongue, Good Deals, Grey Beards, Punchy Face, John Stamos, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Dumpster Humping, The Missing Shoe, Good Beak

FER 1420: Alaska Recap

Sep 12, 2015 01:03:43


Purple Hot Dogs, Cape Cod, Gavin, Party In The Woods, Hammocks, Poop Can, Vanagon, Butcher Baker, Matanuska, Stuffed Musk Ox, Ate Reindeer, Creepy Guy No Wife, Anchorage, ChilKootCharlies, Bird House, Girdwood, Crow Creek A Frame, Bears On Bears, Hope Seaview, Cole Gillespie, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1419: Stabbin' Cabin in Alaska

Sep 7, 2015 33:04


Live From Anchorage, Alaska, Gavin Intro, Arriving At The Airport, Crazy Guy, Car Turned Over and The Stabbin Cabin, Cape Cods Lady, Touring The Sites, Sewage Pipe Graffiti, Flying In, Nature Pictures, No Moose, Reindeer Sausage, Cheese Bar, Darwins Theory, Family Friendly Entertainment

FER 1418: Brooks Wheelan

Sep 5, 2015 01:06:57


GUEST: BROOKS WHEELAN, Iceberg vs. Glacier, Getting Ready To Fly, Gavin, Alaska Facts, Bear Attrition, DOA, Airplane Rules, BROOKS WHEELAN at Helium Comedy Club, Mrs. Beavers Cornballs

FER 1417: Bad Boy

Sep 4, 2015 59:29


A Day In Court, Bad Boy, AARON DURAN, A New Version Of Chips, Grey Waters, Welcome To Grizzlydale, Dark Anna, Rose City ComicCon, Nighmare On Elm Street, Alaska, Pretentious, Napoleon Dynamite, Alaska Quiz, Denali, Squatch Watch, Not A Squatch Watch, Golden Girls 3X

FER 1416: Filibuster

Sep 3, 2015 01:03:06


Filibuster, Court Room, Tickets, Greg Looks Like A Serial Killer, Portland Pooper Update, Strange Noise Outside Sarah's, WoC, Backed Up, Special Websites, No Clothes, 87 Years Old, Dame, Neck Kiss, Taiwan Trash Bags, RGIII, ASYLUM

FER 1415: Sidewinder

Sep 2, 2015 01:02:43


The Weird Animal Guy, Riding Buffalo, Riding Moose, Alaska, Owning A Monkey, World Of Crazy, Portland Pooper, Catching The Criminal, Boat Selfie, Destiny Boise, Drone Munition, Rattlesnake, Sidewinder, Greg Is A Snake Guy Now, Ponytail, Eye Patch, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1414: Hood To Coast Recap

Sep 1, 2015 01:05:20


Wind Storms, Forest Wives & Temper Tantrums, PABST BLUE RIBBON, Hood To Coast 2015 Recap, Stinky Shorts, Living In A Van, Sleep, Sarah And The Mountain, Silent Rock, Dryer Delivery, Tip Or Not, Sarah Running Through The City, Greg Temper Tantrum, Hill People, White Moths, Watch Me Whip, Lightning Run, Blown Away


Aug 28, 2015 57:09


Rolling Down The Hill, Hamster Ball, Hood To Coast Day Before, PABST BLUE RIBBON, Wear An FER Shirt, Other Runners, Mixing Up Everything, Overalls, Hobo Greg, Stinky, Dryer Issues, False Promises, WoC, Dogs Over People, Yellowstone Bears, Dictionary Words Are Terrible, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1412: Damien

Aug 27, 2015 58:58


Nervous Hair Dying, Angry Questions, BIKE GALLERY, Greg Babies, Did Damien Exist, Rocks And Horses, WoC, Port St. Lucie, McWhopper, Chips, 3, Ball Talk, Brady Gisele Problems

FER 1411: Bandage Man

Aug 26, 2015 01:01:23


Dangers Of The Forest People, AMAZON, FERPBRHTC, The Hills, Bandage Man, Bigfoot, Snipe Packs, WoC, Gorst, Portland Pooper, Cloak, Cognac, Bionic, Ball Talk, Metta World Peace, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1410: Very Happy Satisfy

Aug 25, 2015 01:01:08


Cheap Doesn't Mean Good, PABST BLUE RIBBON, Hood To Coast, Greg And The Glutes, Foot Massage, 82nd Avenue, Luke Is Magic, WoC, Stranger Shower, Pothole Prayers, Sheet Rope, Chip Argument, Ball Talk, Fall Guy, Sarkisian Drunk, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1409: The Massage

Aug 22, 2015 58:35


Nervous To Be Touched, Hurt Back, Greg Goes To Get A Massage, Awkward, No Touching, Tip Or No Tip, Crotch Hole, PABST BLUE RIBBON, Thank You For Sponsored Legs, WoC, Fake Kidnapping, Taxi Getaway, Klump Vs. Gooch, Pants Dance, Diff'rent Strokes, Greg Is Crazy, Trump Or True Detective, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1408: To Have Friends Is To Be Friendly

Aug 21, 2015 01:01:34


I Don't Need Help, Awkward Greg Watch Me Whip, Stanky Leg, Advice Book, Don't Be Lonely And You'll Get Friends, To Have Friends Is To Be Friendly, WoC, Deez Nuts, Psychopath Yawn, 420, Tokyo Curry, Squatch Watch, PABST HOOD TO COAST, Ball Talk, Tom Brady, Thank Jezz, Ruby & Rick, FREE TOM BRADY, ASYLUM

FER 1407: Legs For Sale

Aug 20, 2015 56:46


GUESTS: DAN HALSTED, JASON LAMB, JOHNNY USELDINGER, Running With Rich People, Hood To Coast, Felony Flats, Heavy Breathing And Smiling, SPONSOR A LEG FOR SARAH AND GREG, Legs For Sale, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, Movies In Black And White At Hollywood Theatre, WoC, Hacker Hack, Goonies, Cheese Gang, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1406: Bobbleheads

Aug 19, 2015 50:18


GUEST: ANDIE MAIN, Bobblehead Greg And Sarah, Thanks To Jason From Blog Of Chevron, Hood To Coast, Longest Leg, Heat Stroke, World Of Crazy, ANDIE, Operation Unicorn for Veronica Heath, Art, Comedy Mixtape, ANDIEMAIN.COM

FER 1405: The Nightmare Cometh

Aug 18, 2015 54:21


Greg's Nightmare, Stuck In The Hair, Will Haunt Forever, The Wedding Recap, We Didn't F It Up, The Bar And The Angry Lady, Face In The Sunglasses, WoC, Wizard Gorilla, Break Into Jail, Moon Burial, McDonald's Goddess, Matt Barnes Rihanna, Tebow Back, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1404: The Sandwich

Aug 15, 2015 59:23


The Sandwich, Violated, Intrusive, Greg And The Sandwich Lady, The Date, Wedding Officiants, Fill 5 Minutes, Bow Staff, Metal Detecting, Sarah Does Standup, WoC, Octopus Aliens, People Beaters, Bear Costume Treasure Hunting, POPINA SWIMWEAR, Water Socks

FER 1403: Life Shepherd

Aug 14, 2015 53:01


Mentoring Babies, Messing With Sarah, Lil Greg, Greg Nibler Life Shepard, Solving Problems, Cereals, No Mayo, WoC, Wheaties Beer, Clown Big Mac Fight, Ferarri, Online Strippers, More Advice

FER 1402: The Wedding

Aug 13, 2015 01:01:52


Brie Skin Is Poison, The Wedding Officiants, Making It Memorable, Sarah Can't Freeze, Greg's Big Show, Hype Man, Wedding Jokes, WoC, Drunk Flight, Old Man In Lake, Sunburn Art, Haunted Puppet, Michigan Trolling, NEXT ADVENTURE, Wedding Duo 

FER 1401: Baby News

Aug 12, 2015 56:15


GUEST: DON FROST, Sarah's Baby News, Crazy Aunt Sarah, The Quiz, WoC, Marijuana Bible, Axe Wielding Clown, Thanks Obama, POPINA SWIMWEAR, DON FROST, Helium Comedy Club, Tall Tales With Don, Sneaky, Creeping a Woman Out, Chuck E Cheese, Cursing

FER 1400: High School Reunion

Aug 11, 2015 56:52


Greg's High School Reunion, Amazon, Hollywood, Independence, Nervousness, 20 Years, Old People, P-38, Filming, Kid Actors, World Of Crazy, Underwire, Mayonnaise, Wine Sushi, Combat, Ronda Rousey, Running Sucks, POPINA, Shame Chips

FER 1399: Hollywood

Aug 6, 2015 57:32


Special Guest, Sarah On Portlandia, Greg On a Shoot With Kids, High School Reunion, Nervous, What Character, Hollywood Greg, WoC, Kim Kardashian Selfish, Crack Cocaine, Taco Bell Meth, Bob Mary Amber, Tire Thrown, Squatch Greg

FER 1398: #MeddlingTimeTraveler

Aug 5, 2015 54:31


Crawdads, Water Bug Meal, Swingers Hitting On Servers, Old Soul, Berenstein Bears, Berenstain Bears, Universes Colliding Nerd Voice, WoC, Meddling Time Traveler, Drug Drone, Fingers, High Life, Fuzzie Bear, Ball Talk, Spend A Day With Jose

FER 1397: SeaFair

Aug 4, 2015 52:10


Tacoma Bound, The Amtrak Ride, Magical Or Not, Two Old Ladies, A Crazy Lady, Sarah, SeaFair, Blue Angels, Speed Boats, World of Crazy, Armadillo, Meth Cup, Pat Robertson, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Rowdy Ronda Rousey, Rowdy Roddy Piper, BABY GREG

FER 1396: Common People

Aug 1, 2015 59:30


Experienced Train Rider, High Class, Grifting, Larry Amtrak Rides Again, Heir To The Amtrak Fortune, Like The Common People, SeaFair, World Of Crazy, Dr. Tom Tom, Beaten With A Meat Tenderizer, Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich, Ball Talk, Russell Wilson, NEXT ADVENTURE


Jul 31, 2015 52:16


Too Much Cheese On A Hot Day, Sarah Brie, Obsession, Line Cutting, VICTORY, The Truck Debacle Closed, WoC, ATM Bag, What Would You Do, Chicken Bones, Scissor Cake, Rattlesnake, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1394: B.I.N.G.O.

Jul 30, 2015 54:59


Musical Greg, Singing To Dogs, Tennis, Finnegan, Sarah Wins Bingo, Old Lady OCD, WoC, Banjo Player, Spray Can, Ice Cream Truck, Flying App, Creepy Guy, Ball Talk, Vin Baker, Poor Poor Brady, POPINA

FER 1393: Going To Alaska

Jul 29, 2015 56:01


GUEST: LUCIA FASANO, Alaska Bound, FER On The Road, Bears, Ball Talk, Pretty Boy Brady, ASYLUM, Lucia Fasano, LA, Catty B YouTube Series, Synesthesia, Music Album, WoC, Actor Felon, Jon's Gift

FER 1392: Bible Bus

Jul 28, 2015 58:03


Wrong White People, Brewersfest, Morrison Bridge, Bus Couple, Chirping, Bibles, World Of Crazy, Rattlesnake Selfie, Dryer Explosion, Norwegian Golf Course Holes, Buzz Lightyear Hug, Ball Talk, Down Goes Chestnut, Megatoad, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1391: Hari Kondabolu

Jul 25, 2015 01:02:15


GUEST: HARI KONDABOLU, Dumb Fratellis & Worst House Party Ever, HARI KONDABOLU at Helium Comedy Club, Corn Salad, Facebook Threats, Great Hair, Hecklers, Hari Is Just The Best, Metal Or Bible Verse, WoC, Eating Contest, Bison Selfie, Creepy Clown, Cousin Fire, Hogan, POPINAS

FER 1390: National Hot Dog Day

Jul 24, 2015 56:50


Sarah Hot Dog Dylan's Big Day, Hot Dog Sandwiches, Facts, Joey Chestnut, SQUATCH WATCH, Salish, Moot, WoC, Irish Festival, Posessed Phone, Under Bed, Escort Services, Massages, Lifetime Recap, Imaginary Friend, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1389: The Secret Society

Jul 23, 2015 01:14:47


THE SECRET SOCIETY, Who Is Rush, The Meth Shelving, JESSE and MATT from Secret Society, Tough Or Rough, Madame Curie, Buffalo Grass Vodka, The Epic Bar Rescue Tale

FER 1388: They're Back

Jul 22, 2015 54:24


GUESTS: SEAN JORDAN, ZAK TOSCANI, PHIL SCHALLBERGER, They're Back, Return Of The Meth, WoC, Fake Cop, Hacked Cheating, Atomic Wedgie, Corey Feldman, FUNNY OVER EVERYTHING at Hollywood Theatre, POPINA, Patch & Paul

FER 1387: Leah Has Gingivitis

Jul 21, 2015 59:05


GUEST: DON FROST, The Junk Mail Fiasco, Wicked, Sarah Becomes Ma'am, Ma'am Pants, Morts, DON FROST, Helium Comedy Club Tall Tales, Mom Shorts, Pink Chickens, Robot Gnomes, Getting Older, Leah Has Gingivitis

FER 1386: JO KOY

Jul 18, 2015 01:17:42


GUEST: JO KOY, Wicked Musical, JO, Helium Comedy Club, Lukewarm Coffee, Fake Mustaches, Family, JO IS AWESOME, WoC, Thief, Lochness Time Warphole, Chicken Kissers, POPINA, Willie From Human Access Project, GREG SPOILS WICKED MUSICAL

FER 1385: Don't Kiss The Chicken

Jul 17, 2015 53:00


Laugh It Up Sarah, Greg Is A Wanted Man, Photo Radar, Sociopath Picture, I'm A Bad Boy, Jail Greg Is Not Good, CEMETERY DANCE REVIEW, WoC, Don't Kiss The Chicken, Jesus Buffet, Buffet Rules, PROJECT PABST, NEXT ADVENTURE apology

FER 1385: Popina Swimwear

Jul 16, 2015 49:38


Dropping Suit, Greg In Mexico, Swimsuit Shopping, POPINA, New Sponsor Of Funemployment Radio, Pamela From Popina, WoC, Lays Chips, Fake Money, Mosquito Festival, Hot Tub Hammock, PROJECT PABST CONTEST, Photoshop Greg & Sarah, Festival Lessons

FER 1383: Project Pabst

Jul 15, 2015 01:05:42


Greg Is The Burbs, Neck Beard, Dog Stung, Shirtless, PROJECT PABST, WoC, D On The Power Lines, I Like Pigs, Taco Bell Wifi, Fish Truck, Squatch Watch No Bigfoot, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, ARod, Dame Dolla, Deandre Jordan Epic Rant

FER 1382: Ibrahim Moustafa

Jul 14, 2015 50:21


GUEST: IBRAHIM MOUSTAFA, Greg Loves Alf And Isn't Afraid Anymore, Going Home To The Country, Poster Kid, Not Cool Cool, Pellet Guns, BIKE GALLERY, IBRAHIM, Who Showered, Wadder Or Folder, HIGH CRIMES, The Flash, GET IBRAHIM'S BOOK

FER 1381: Undateable

Jul 11, 2015 01:19:12


GUEST: BRENT MIRON, Spider Attack, BRENT MIRON, Jay-Z of Comedy, Undateable, Helium Comedy Club, Boarding School, Messing Up Lines, Tickets For A Show, Doctor Brother, The Story, BIKE GALLERY, WoC, Limberbutt McCubbins, Don't Drink Airfreshener, Fake Plug

FER 1380: Portland's Funniest

Jul 9, 2015 44:52


Winky Sarah, Portland's Funniest Person Recap, Congrats To Performers, Congrats To Greg Pool Champion, WoC, Florida Woman, Smart Bears, Bad Teeth, Russel And Ciara, Charlene Are You There We Miss You, Surprise Gronking

FER 1379: Asylum

Jul 8, 2015 49:26


GUEST: Anton from Asylum, Greg Is Caught, Being That Guy In The Store, TP Girl, White Bread Chips Kicked, WoC, Mocking Alligators, Lawnchair Balloons, Blue Eyes, 10 Grand Date, Thanks Andy, ANTON, Mid-Modern, Post-Modern, Educating Greg, ASYLUM ON HAWTHORNE, 3 Stores In One

FER 1378: The Fan Incident

Jul 7, 2015 50:47


Causing Small Town Trouble, Corbett Parade, Karate Greg Showing Off, Tractors, All American Day, The St. Paul Fan Incident, Tack Room Shenanigans, WoC, Bad Firework, Kurt Braunholer Love Butt, Tail Boy, Dating Website, USWNT, Aldridge Gone, Joey Chestnut, Sarah Hot Dog Dylan, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1377: Greg's Birthday

Jul 3, 2015 59:51


Old Greg!, Birthday Facts, Old Man, E.T., Baked Bean, Candies, St. Paul, Sarah Is Angry, NEXT ADVENTURE, WoC, Robot Murder, Logging, Fake Dentist, Concerned Mother, NBA Free Agency, Hot Dogs

FER 1376: 37 Years Of Advice

Jul 2, 2015 53:18


Greg Is Almost Old, Giving Advice On The Finer Things, Juice Boxes, Wallet Chains, WoC, Tindog, Model Flies Airplane, Bad Pirate, Superman Plastic Surgery, USWNT Beat Germany, NBA Free Agency Explainations

FER 1375: Next Door

Jul 1, 2015 53:45


No One Told Greg, That Guy, Sweaty, Next Door Busybodies, Yelp Reviews Of Friends, World Of Crazy, Not Disney Movie, Mud Run, Fishcake, Hair Eating, Ball Talk, US Germany, FIFA Movie, Please Stay LaMarcus

FER 1374: Hunky Gorilla

Jun 30, 2015 54:31


Birthday Week, The Rules, Pee-Wee Herman Shirt, Metal Detector Guy, Chips Party, WoC, NASA UFO, Beaver Dam, Florida Man, Handsome Gorilla, Ball Talk, Soccer, Guy Trolls NBA Draft, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1373: Metal Detector

Jun 27, 2015 39:15


Pillow Fight, Heading To Lincoln City, Crashing The Girls Party, Greg Gets His Birthday Present Early, METAL DETECTOR, WoC, Dustin Diamond, Mall, Neighbors, Ball Talk, Mason Plumlee, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1372: "Where did liquor start?"

Jun 26, 2015 55:15


Periscope Invasive, Sarah At Big-Ass Sandwiches On TV, Greg And The OLCC Permit, Just Dumb, Minority Celebrities, Where Did Liquor Start, WoC, Gross Pool, Ma Pencil Stabbing, Naked With Pizza, Ball Talk, Batum, Curry, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER 1371: Deadly Adoption

Jun 25, 2015 01:07:55


Sarah Doppleganger Strikes, You Look Like Him, The No Tip Girl, What Do You Do, Ball Talk, Lil Daddy Puffy, World Of Crazy, Old Meat, Goat Beauty, Wedding Fight, Toad Licking, Lifetime Movie Recap A Deadly Adoption Drinking Game

FER 1370: Blade Runner Ball

Jun 24, 2015 43:52


GUESTS: XUA & GINA, Year Round Xmas Podcast, Swahili, Bremerton, Sarah & Xmas, World of Crazy, Undo Emails, 92 Year Old, Skinny Jeans, British Dwarf, Implants, BLADE RUNNER BALL at HOLOCENE, Xua and Gina, Great Night on Sunday, Swahili, Talkative, ASYLUM

FER 1369: Methleen

Jun 23, 2015 01:00:09


Did Greg Win, Sarah Is Out, Scott Dally, National Geographic Guide To Meth-Heads, The Meth Pendulum, Methleen, S Apple Sr. & Jr., World Of Crazy, Love Neighbors, Space Crazy, Mystery Spot, Orem Owlz, Pete Rose

FER 1368: Peter Panhandler

Jun 19, 2015 53:02


Light Saber Man, Looking Through A Window Into The Park Blocks, Head Meth Lady, Stick, Peter Panhandler, Double Saber, Rascal Lady, WoC, Wikipedia Book, 131 pairs of Underwear, Carrot Bear, NEXT ADVENTURE


Jun 18, 2015 52:41


Got Jebbed, Lashing Out, Who Did It, The Revelation, Did Trump Say It, WoC, 35k, Laying In Bed For 70 Days, Cat Videos, Bowling Ball, Cement Eating, Warriors, Timbers Sounders Fight

FER 1366: Nibler For President

Jun 17, 2015 56:30


StyeCommunity, Sarah And Her Issue, Calling Out A Friend, Patriotic Right To Not Wear Shoes, Greg Speech, World Of Crazy, Blood Moon, Trump, Motorcycle Theft Coverup, Iced T, Lifetime 90210, Astros Cardinals Scandal, Warriors Splash Brothers

FER 1365: Magic Cheese

Jun 16, 2015 54:09


It's Not Peeping If It's Your Window, Meeting The Neighbors, Hands Up, Harry Stories, Big Bottom Sandwiches, World Of Crazy, Trending Deaths, Magic Cheese, My Little Pony Bronies, Screams


Jun 13, 2015 01:06:44


GUEST: TODD GLASS, Gothic Greg, Todd Glass, Adam, Multiple Shows, Hipsters, Todd Glass Show, Radio Guy, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Subaru, Subabru, NEXT ADVENTURE, WoC, Rachel Dolezal, Robot Dolls

FER 1362: Age Appropriate

Jun 12, 2015 55:02


Age Appropriate Concerts, Sarah Too Old Or Too Young, Taylor, KITT for Greg, Trans Am, WoC, Undercover Cops, Daniel Ott, Mistaken Identity, Prisoner Costume, Fake Cop, Pepperspray Burrito, Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire, Friends Tattoo

FER 1362: Hoarder I Barely Knew Her

Jun 11, 2015 56:48


Sarah And Her Sister, Bremelos, Bad Girls, Greg Is A Coach, Greg's List, Singing Proposal, Hoarder Apartment, World Of Crazy, R2D2 Mini Fridge, Sued For Staring, Hamburger, Moon Spaceship, Ghost Mirror, Dellavedova Metal, ASYLUM

FER 1361: Bike Gallery

Jun 10, 2015 49:38


GUEST: KELLY from BIKE GALLERY, Greg and His Paranormal Dates, Sasquatch, The Polybius Game Rumors, KELLY, BIKE GALLERY, TREK CONDUIT, World Of Crazy, Pizza Rules, Scissor And Spaghetti Fight, Japan, Ball Talk, Fifa Movie Failure

FER 1360: Jeepers Peepers

Jun 9, 2015 54:04


Accidental Peeper, Greg Is That Neighbor, Bringing Pie Is Creepy, Rabbit Girl Roommate, World Of Crazy, Big Muscles 911, Minnie Vs. Kitty, Psychic Bridge, Riteaid Chargers, NEXT ADVENTURE, Triple Crown, American Pharoah, Hope Solo, Cavs, 26 Burger


Jun 6, 2015 50:58


GUEST: YURI KAGAN, Greg Was a Jerk To Sarah In A Dream, Ozzy, World Of Crazy, Meat Thieves, Myrtle Creek, Raining Eels In Fairbanks, YURI, Vodka and Limelight 

FER 1358: Portland Birthday

Jun 5, 2015 55:57


GUEST: AARON DURAN, No Such Thing As Portland Birthday, Head Exploding, Birthday Rules Recap, Equal Fun For Everyone, Belarus Email, WoC, Dancing Vampires, NEXT ADVENTURE, Squatchin', Ball Talk, Jack Warner is Clay Davis, Iman Shumpert, Hooters For Guys, Tallywhackers, Last Picked

FER 1357: Yo-Yo Man

Jun 4, 2015 59:47


Yo-Yo Man, Canaan, Stealing Stuff, Bus Documentary, Secrets Of The Yo-Yo, Malichai, Neighborhood Guy, World Of Crazy, Coke Challenge Awareness, House Barter, Hooters Ducks, Paranormal Dating, BIKE GALLERY, Ball Talk, Caitlyn, Gronking To Remember Reading

FER 1356: Wet Footprints

Jun 3, 2015 58:52


Country PI Pro, Old Timey Gams, Wet Footprint Theories, Basement Freak, World Of Crazy, Florida Man, Butt Injections, Vampire Hooters, Kidney, Squatch Watch Painting, Ball Talk, Sepp Blatter, Nightmare At Nibler's

FER 1355: Lil Bub

Jun 2, 2015 57:00


GUEST: LIL BUB & MIKE, Hot Dog vs. Pad Thai, Portland Saturday, Meeting A Cat, MIKE & LIL BUB, Charity, World Of Crazy, Memory Borrowing, Lying, Cat Eyeball, Dirty Towel, Ball Talk, Johnny Football, Greg And The Country Club

FER 1354: Donkeylips

May 30, 2015 56:21


Accidentally Stood Up By DonkeyLips, Salute Your Shorts, Preparing The Interviews, World Of Crazy, The Vapors, Florida Man Robs Pawn Shop, Bingo Fight, Mercedes In The Old Folks Home, Squatch Watch, Ball Talk, Trolling, Cleveland Song, Find ASYLUM


May 29, 2015 01:12:44


GUEST: ARNEZ J, Let's Talk About Your Big Butt, Sarah Has a Complex, Haunches, Awkwardness, ARNEZ J, Penny Haraway, Truckus Rex, Prince In The Eyes, Flight Attendant, Taking Liquor Money, Philosophy On Life, Analyzing Greg, Helium Comedy NEXT ADVENTURE, Fifa Crazy Prediction

FER 1352: Everything Is Festival

May 28, 2015 47:53


GUEST: ART SANTANA, Dreaming Too Far, Don Frost Is An Alien, Sarah and The Pig, Meth Pig, Throwing Bottles, World Of Crazy, Three Crazy Women, ART SANTANA, Lil Bub, Salute Your Shorts Reunion, Andrew WK, Hollywood Theatre, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1351: Sarah Eats Burritos

May 27, 2015 01:02:03


Sarah Eats Burritos, Funempradio on Periscope, Greg Eating Phobias, Hipster Gone Wrong, Huskie, Clowning Scott Dally, WoC, Dead Man Alive, Brick Throwing Twins, Hand Babies, NEXT ADVENTURE, Curry, Dellavadova Villain

FER 1350: Gross Greg

May 23, 2015 58:19


Something to Worry About, Prison Names, Krusty Kielen, Gravedigger Greg, Saucy Sarah, On The Lamb, WoC, Teddy Ruxpin, Golf Cart, Jersey Name, Scrabble Words, Bactine Benson, Hot Dog Pizza, LeBron, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1349: Allie Goertz

May 22, 2015 47:20


GUEST: ALLIE GOERTZ, Greg Figures It Out, The System, Wolf Blitzer For Some Reason, Terrify Then Hook, BIKE GALLERY, Jerks Are Everywhere, ALLIE GOERTZ, No Pun Intendo, Mississippi Studios, Chatroulette, WoC, Stuffed Owl, Crowbar, Naked Airport

FER 1348: Phantom of the Blah-pera

May 21, 2015 55:31


Wooden Bullets, Solving Problems, Phantom of the Opera Review, Short People Jeans, Canadian Tuxedo, WoC, Tired Burglar, Ant Gin, Pastor on Grindr, Epicenter, Ball Talk, Curry, Draft, ASYLUM

FER 1347: Phantom of the Sarah

May 20, 2015 53:56


Ruining Sarah's Night, Phantom Janitor, Greg Goes To The Opera, Rocky Horror, Talking Back, Gasping At The Shock, World Of Crazy, Mac Salad, 17 Girlfriends, URBAN TIMBER, Step Curry Song

FER 1346: Laughing & Cornholing

May 19, 2015 01:04:13


Pirates With Whips, Cornhole Tournament Recap, Thank You Everyone, Greg Is The Heel, Whip Video, ASYLUM, Microphone Smell, World Of Crazy, Florida Man, Spider Sky, Ball Talk, Putin, Gronk Dating Tips, Brady Song

FER 1345: Sunday Cornhole Coming Down

May 16, 2015 55:27


GUEST: AARON DURAN, Sarah's Voice Now, FER Cornhole Tournament Pabst & Next Adventure at Landmark Saloon, AARON DURAN, Welcome To Grizzlydale Book, Publishers, Bridge City Comics, World Of Crazy, Red Dead Redemption, Bremerton, Alan Thicke Gross, Breakup Service, Skin Milk

FER 1344: Mr. Lahey from Trailer Park Boys, Cristela Aonzo

May 15, 2015 01:01:11


GUESTS: John (Mr. Lahey) Dunsworth, Cristela Alonzo, Not A Man, Shocking Admission About Cars, CRISTELA ALONZO, Aladdin Theater, Clippers, Epic Car Speech, WoC, Jem, Craft, Mac Cheese, Gay Sailors, JOHN DUNSWORTH, MR. LAHEY FROM TRAILER PARK BOYS, Hawthorne Theater, Greg Freaks Out Fanboy Style

FER 1343: Jimmy Pardo & Amy Miller

May 14, 2015 01:03:43


GUEST: JIMMY PARDO & AMY MILLER, Greg Is Unsure Of Cuddling, House Of Awkward, Cornhole Tournament, Placing A Bet, JIMMY PARDO, 2nd Graders, Helium Comedy, LLOYD Center, AMY MILLER, Netti Pot, Pink Wine & Peanut Butter Pretzels, Stand Up For Yourself, WoC, Steve Jobs Cards, Texas High School, Dad Bod

FER 1342: PDX Broadsides

May 13, 2015 37:38


GUESTS: PDX BROADSIDES, Com Funk, Bridegtown Recap, 7 Minutes In Purgatory, Reel Big Fish, Skanking Vs. Beering, BIKE GALLERY, PDX Broadsides, Allergic To Chocolate, Jessica, Christian, Hollyanna, Formation, LEGO, Album Release Party

FER Interviews: Baron Vaughn & Brendon Small

May 9, 2015 29:32


GUESTS: BARON VAUGHN & BRENDON SMALL, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Baron Soothing Voice, Comedy Shows, New Negroes, Grace & Frankie, BRENDON SMALL, Metalocalypse, Galaktikon, Baked Show, BIKE GALLERY

FER Interview: Dana Gould & Arden Myrin

May 9, 2015 44:27


GUEST: Dana Gould & Arden Myrin, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, Cats, Kenny, Periscope, Dana & Arden, Twinkle Twins, Purrington, Arden's Voice, Bringing It Down, THEY ARE AWESOME, NEXT ADVENTURE

FER Interview: Bryan Callen

May 9, 2015 36:28


GUEST: BRYAN CALLEN, Philosophical Ideas, White People Of Portland, HELIUM COMEDY CLUB, Haunches, Bryan On FER

FER 1341: Gabe Dinger, Veronica Heath

May 8, 2015 44:50


GUESTS: GABE DINGER, VERONICA HEATH, Scrap Metal Kenny, BRIDGETOWN, Day In The Life, Metalling, GABE & VERONICA, Smooth Arms, Shaving, Hairless Body, In The Heath Of The Night, Sunday Dinger With Gabe Dinner, Awkward Shaving, Fantastic, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1340: Steve Agee, Sean Jordan, Steven Wilber

May 7, 2015 01:08:52


GUESTS: STEVE AGEE, SEAN JORDAN, STEVEN WILBER, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, Helicopters, The Nibler Show, SEAN & STEVEN, Costa Rica, Comedy Shows, The Twosome, NEXT ADVENTURE, STEVE AGEE, Portland Traffic, Cardboard Windows, Douglas Fir, Steve Is Awesome

FER 1339: Kyle Kinane, Amy Miller & Curtis Cook

May 6, 2015 50:25


GUESTS: KYLE KINANE, AMY MILLER, CURTIS COOK, Bridgetown, Greg And The Valet, Do You Tip, That Guy, KYLE KINANE, WoC, Stolen Beauty Products, Fake Check, Mic On, AMY MILLER & CURTIS COOK, Fancy Photo, Great Shows Of Bridgetown, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1338: Caitlin Weierhauser & Zak Toscani

May 5, 2015 58:59


GUESTS: Caitlin Weierhauser & Zak Toscani, Horse Dress, Bulbous Is Not A Compliment, CAITLIN & ZAK, Soggy G.I. Joe, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, WoC, Old Man, 109 year old Astronaut, Air BnB, Beards Are Gross, Ball Talk, Recap, James Taylor Song, ASYLUM

FER 1337: Horse Dress

May 2, 2015 55:20


Horse Dress, Bets, Derby People, Horse Trainer Guy, Frank Underwood, World Of Crazy, Police Car Present, Ball Talk, Mariotto, Mayweather V Pacquiao, Derby NEXT ADVENTURE, BRIDGETOWN

FER 1336: Secret Troll

May 1, 2015 41:29


Secret Out, Greg Is A Troll, Leaving Random Comments, World Of Crazy, Treasure Map, Meat In Pants, Potholes, No Kristine But See Her At Dantes, Ball Talk Jameis Marcus, A Gronking Gets Sued, BIKE GALLERY, BRIDGETOWN

FER 1335: Janitor Of The Hotel

Apr 30, 2015 48:40


Musical Predictable, Cornhole, Horse Carriage, Phantom Of The Opera Spoiler, Greg Explains Les Miserable, Gladiator, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, WOC, Stodden, Special Urn, JEDIDIAH & CLINT, THE PORTLAND BEARDSMEN, Mothers Day, Ball Talk, Mariota Song, BRIDGETOWN

FER 1334: Skadcast

Apr 29, 2015 56:09


No Plaid Pants, Cornhole Tournament, Skanking The Night Away, Ska Names, Reel Big Fish, Skadcast, WOC, Diamond Park, Burned Mac & Cheese, Skarkansas, JEREMY WAGNER from URBAN TIMBER TREE, Climbing Trees, Awesome New Sponsor, Ball Talk, He's Jameis, BRIDGETOWN

FER 1333: Rock Show

Apr 28, 2015 01:03:18


Headbanging Too Much, Clutch and Mastodon, Old People Line, Aaron Duran, Old Rock, Wrestling, World Of Crazy, Drone Parents, Lawn Mower, Twins, Noodles, Puppets, CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT, LANDMARK, PABST, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, Lamarcus, BRIDGETOWN

FER 1332: Two Cheeseburgers

Apr 25, 2015 01:02:31


Sarah Two Cheeseburgers Dylan, The Drive-Thru Guy, Slide Whistle, Old Man Greg Going To The Rock Show, Skanking At The Concert, World Of Crazy, ASYLUM, Ball Talk, Russell Wilson & Ciara, BRIDGETOWN

FER 1331: Peepers

Apr 24, 2015 01:01:25


Offended By The Lady, BIKE GALLERY, You Peep What You Get, House In SE, Boxers, Naked Sarah In The Window, World Of Crazy, Pat Robertsons Posessed Clothes, Dunkin Donuts, Bacon On Burger, Lightning, SONIC SKETCHES, Ball Talk, Blazers, Snakes, Lob City, BRIDGETOWN


Apr 23, 2015 01:01:31


The Mole People, Could I Be One, So Comfortable, Under New York City, Rats, Hoboing On The Train, NEXT ADVENTURE, World Of Crazy, Eaten By Pigs, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY FESTIVAL, Ball Talk, Tebowmania, Pacquiao Sings

FER 1329: King Of Roses

Apr 22, 2015 01:00:32


King of Roses, The Battle Of Neighborhood Gangs, Bow Down, Game Of Thrones Portland, World Of Crazy, Kylie Jenner Face, Beer Bags, Augustina, An Adult Evening Of Shel Silverstein, SONIC SKETCHES, Blazers Spanish, Lebron Vs. MJ, Licking Cars, BRIDGETOWN

FER 1328: Rainbow Gloves

Apr 21, 2015 01:04:05


Kooky Train, Aaron Duran, BIKE GALLERY, Rainbow Gloves and A Fanny Pack, Welcome To Grizzlydale, World of Crazy, Blue Jellyfish, Underwater Cities, Old Man On A Bus, BRIDGETOWN COMEDY, Ball Talk, NBA Playoffs, Clippers Dude, Tebow Back

FER 1327: Guardian Of The Halls

Apr 18, 2015 01:04:56


The Hall Monitor, Open Officers, Pop Ins, Staring Too Much, Guardian of the Halls, Tearing Down The Walls, Crazy Week, World Of Crazy, Bees, Fake Dentist, Kim Jong Un, Bigamist, Lifetime Movie, Ball Talk, BIKE GALLERY, Ice Bucket Wife Bucket

FER 1326: Hot Spot

Apr 17, 2015 55:50


Not A Bald Spot On My Body, ASYLUM, Hair Hats, Hot Spots, Baldist, Tom Selleck Chest, Is Sarah A Hoarder, World Of Crazy, Titanic 2, Crocs, Funeral Dancers, Candy Crush Thumb, Ball Talk, NBA, Britt McHenry, SONIC SKETCHES

FER 1325: Ice Cream Dreams

Apr 16, 2015 55:38


GUEST: ALEX FALCONE, 24 Hour Streaming Greg, Pirate Game, Off The Chair, Ball Talk, Christian Laettner, Riddick Bowe Tweet, Spuran Spuran, ALEX FALCONE, Late Night Action, The Room, Ice Cream Champion, Taxes, SONIC SKETCHES

FER 1324: Gregs and Eggs

Apr 15, 2015 57:02


Wrestlin' Sarah, Greg's List, Bad Jobs, Aquarium Husbandry, Multiple Nudes, World Of Crazy, Bad First Meeting, TSA, OSU Girl, Cookie Monster, Bat, Ball Talk, Crane Climb, Jordan Speith, Greg Is Frank Underwood, LANDMARK SALOON

FER 1323: Fancy Party Recap

Apr 14, 2015 01:00:05


I Panicked, BIKE GALLERY, Fancy Party Recap, Spanakopita, Aaron Duran, Running Away, Richer Than A Blazer, Kelsey The Flight Attendant, What Not To Do On A Flight, Free Drinks, Shoes On Or Off, Talk To Them Like Normal People


Apr 11, 2015 01:08:51


Always Hit Record, BIKE GALLERY, The Big Party, Dress Barn Questions, Gold Tycoon, Larry Amtrak, Private Investigator, Intoxicating Scents, World Of Crazy, Squashing Men, Ball Talk, Tiger Woods Dumbass, SONIC SKETCHES


Apr 9, 2015 58:40


GUEST: DANNY FELTS, Rich Sarah, An Old Lady Coast Trip, Clam Chowder And A Nap, The Casino, Rascals, Slot Competition, DANNY FELTS, Show at Al's Den, Travel, Chicago, Shoving People On Trains, Birthday Awkwardness

FER 1320: G & T

Apr 8, 2015 51:44


Grudge List, Tristan In For Sarah, Putting People In Categories, 5 People, Working Retail, May I Help You, Scams, Country Club, Greg's List, Mountain Man, Gun Promo, Postal Work, Ball Talk, Wisconsin Duke

FER 1319: I Need Water

Apr 7, 2015 01:10:30


Not Happy With John Stamos, Nightmare At Nibler's, Aaron Duran, The Dreams, Rowhouse By The River, The Crypt, Need Water, World Of Crazy, April Fools, Easter Bunny Meth, Dog DNA, Haunted Mold, Kentucky Riot, Cubs Bathrooms, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1318: Virtual Insanity

Apr 4, 2015 55:39


Virtual Insanity Greg, SONIC SKETCHES, Gear VR, Put Me In The Matrix, Solar System Tour, Easter Egg Hunt Beaten Up, WoC, Sweat Perfume, Sunflowers & Cool Water, Pig Protest, Scarecrow Love, Bugspray Pills, Florida Man, Ball Talk, Preditions, BIKE GALLERY

FER 1317: Wallet Chain Gang

Apr 3, 2015 45:29


Greg Is A Bully Jerk, FER Comedy Showcase Recap, Mistakes, Missing The End, Comedians Were Fantastic, Wallet Chain Gang, Bus Ride Night Terrors, How Old Is Your Daughter, World Of Crazy, Oldest Woman, Pet Rock, Running Sign, Don't Do That In A Box

FER 1316: Jason Traeger

Apr 2, 2015 01:02:13


GUEST: JASON TRAEGER, Greg Rooney, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, Old Man Yelling, Movies In Black and White, JASON TRAEGER, Man Of Many Hats, The Tate, London, Tidying Up, Jason Is Awesome, Greg Reveals A Happening, The Little Room, Ball Talk, Vince Neil Sings, Amazon

FER 1315

Apr 1, 2015 47:45


Foggy Noggin, Greg Is Sick Again, FER Comedy Showcase, Movies In Black And White, History Quiz, World Of Crazy, 50 Shades, Bar Tab, Non Stinky Onions, Salsa Stabbing, SONIC SKETCHES, Wrestling Obsession, Ball Talk, Tournament Money

Greg Kenny & Kielen

Mar 31, 2015 01:09:11


Greg Sick, Kenny And Greg's Public Problem, Fly Problem, Over The Fence Or Through The Door, Girls Pick On Greg, Vinegar, The Tale Of Kenny's Thumb, Kielen King, Nerd Facts Star Trek, LANDMARK SALOON


Mar 28, 2015 58:10


GUEST: CURTIS COOK, Wallet Chains, Apology, NEXT ADVENTURE, Greg Is Back, 90s, Tickle Creek, Big Mac Clothes, Night Vision, Tim The Tree, CURTIS COOK, FER Comedy Showcase, Other Curtis's, Curtis Is Awesome, Curtis, Ball Talk, Nigel, Sarah At LANDMARK SALOON

FER 1313: Andie Main & Next Adventure

Mar 27, 2015 48:03


GUESTS: ANDIE MAIN and NEXT ADVENTURE, Non Text Returning Jerks, Comedy Showcase, ANDIE, Forgiving Greg and Sarah, Catholicing,  Comedy Mixtape, Brian and Mike, NEXT ADVENTURE SPRING WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALE, Falling In The Water, Safety Sarah


Mar 26, 2015 48:16


Long Haul Man, Greg Being A Cool Trucker, Jean Jacket, Kitchen Update, Drunk Micropig, Cardboard Cutout, Snapchat, Port St. Lucie Walmart, KELLY from BIKE GALLERY, Riding a Leg At Tour De France, Sunday Parkways, 6 locations, Winery Rides, KELLY ROCKS

FER 1311: Haunted Dolls

Mar 25, 2015 59:21


Admitting There Is A Problem, Juicing, Bag Of Cheetos, Chip Hole, Neighbor Wars, Greg Is That Guy, Sarah And The Passive Agressive Notes, World Of Crazy, Micropig, Orange Juice, Haunted Dolls, Bathroom Simulator

FER 1310: Nooks and Crannies

Mar 24, 2015 01:11:34


Jon Dore Special Message, Sarah's Apt., Nooks and Crannies, Sentient, Aaron Duran, House Sitting, Maid Discussion, Clean Sheets, Greg The Villain, Japanese Ghost Story, WoC, Coffee, Hiding Under A Bed, Poison Smoothie Mars One, FER COMEDY SHOWCASE, WVU Song 

FER 1309: Michael McDonald

Mar 21, 2015 01:04:48


GUEST: MICHAEL McDONALD, Comedy Showcase, The Fitbit Rash, Sarah's Kitchen, There Is A Problem, Video Game Issue, Pirates, MICHAEL MCDONALD at Helium Comedy Club, WOC, Carpet Marshal, Adult Preschool, Dr. Pepper, Toilet Babies, LANDMARK SALOON

FER 1308: Hold Your Breath

Mar 20, 2015 01:00:42


Hold Your Breath, Treat Yourself, Caught Orange Handed, Going Through Change, Parenthood, Breaking Bad, World of Crazy, Robert Durst Not Fred, Eclipse Apocalypse, 68 Driving, Jog Punching, Minivan Fight, ASYLUM is Awesome, Ball Talk, Phelps, Shockers, Zags Rap


Mar 19, 2015 01:04:06