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Episode 114: Sally Haslanger discusses ideology

May 15, 2019


This month, Emily Dupree and I talk to Sally Haslanger (MIT) about ideology. Click here to listen to our conversation. We throw the word ‘ideology’ around a lot, but what does it actually mean? Well, unfortunately, different people mean different things by it at different times. One thing we often mean by it is ‘a […]

Further Reading: Quantum Mechanics

May 14, 2019


For people who are interested in delving into the philosophical literature on quantum mechanics and its interpretations, Tom Pashby recommends the Stanford Encylopedia of Philosophy entry as a starting point. Happy reading!-Matt

Episode 113: Tom Pashby discusses quantum mechanics

Apr 8, 2019


Ever wonder what quantum mechanics is? You are not alone. This month, we talk to Tom Pashby (University of Chicago) about what makes quantum mechanics so hard to interpret, despite the fact that it makes incredibly accurate empirical predictions. Click here to listen. Quantum mechanics is hard to interpret for a number of reasons, but […]

Episode 112: Myisha Cherry discusses the skill of conversation

Mar 7, 2019


In this episode, Myisha Cherry (UC Riverside) and I talk about talking. What makes someone good at at, and what makes someone bad at it? Click here to listen to our conversation. We don’t always think of conversation as a skill. Often, we think of it as something that just happens automatically; I need to […]

Episode 111: Greg Kobele discusses mathematical linguistics

Jan 27, 2019


This month, we talk to Greg Kobele (Universität Leipzig) about what linguistics is and how abstract mathematics can be of use to it. Click here to listen to our conversation. Linguists study the rules that speakers of a given language actually follow when they speak. Not made-up rules like “never end a sentence with a […]

Further reading on Du Bois

Jan 25, 2019


For those of you who are interested in following up on what Chike Jeffers and I discussed, you can’t go wrong reading Du Bois himself: The Souls of Black Folk, W.E.B. Du Bois You may also be interested in reading the papers that were given during this event on Elizabeth Anderson’s book: Fall 2013 Symposium: […]

Episode 110: Chike Jeffers discusses the social and political philosophy of W.E.B. Du Bois

Dec 15, 2018


This month, we sit down with Chike Jeffers (Dalhousie University) to discuss the work of W.E.B. Du Bois. Click here to listen to our conversation. It’s the end of the American civil war. 4 million slaves have just been freed. Now what do we all do? The question still wasn’t settled by the turn of […]

Episode 109: Bonus episode with Matt Teichman and Toby Buckle

Oct 13, 2018


This month, Toby Buckle of the Political Philosophy Podcast and I are doing a joint episode. Click here to listen to it! Instead of the usual format wherein I draw that month’s guest out about a particular topic, Toby Buckle and I have a freeform conversation about why we do podcasts, the universality of fundamental […]

Further reading on freedom

Oct 12, 2018


Those of you who would like to follow up on our previous episode could hardly do any better than to check out Mariam Thalos’ incredible book on the topic! A Social Theory of Freedom, Mariam Thalos Matt Teichman

Episode 108: Mariam Thalos discusses freedom

Sep 14, 2018


This month, I sit down with Mariam Thalos (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) to discuss freedom. What is it, why do we want it, and how do we attain it? Click here to listen to our conversation. We all categorize ourselves. You might think of yourself as a student, or as a painter, or as being […]

Further reading on identity and history

Sep 14, 2018


Professor Alcoff recommends the following books to those of you who are interested in working through her views in detail: Rape and Resistance (2018) The Future of Whiteness (2016) Visible Identities: Race, Gender, and the Self (2006)

Episode 107: Linda Martín Alcoff discusses identity and history

Aug 3, 2018


In this episode, Emily Dupree and I had the pleasure of talking to Linda Martín Alcoff (Hunter College & CUNY Graduate Center) about identity. Click here to listen to our conversation. Let’s start with some terminology. ‘Identity’ means different things in different contexts, but in this episode we use it to mean something like: ‘the […]

Episode 106: R. A. Briggs discusses gender

Jun 22, 2018


This month, it is our privilege to have R. A. Briggs (Stanford University) back on a second time to discuss the nature of gender. Click here to listen to our conversation. What exactly is gender? Simone de Beauvoir drew a distinction between gender and biological sex, and encouraged us to think of the former as […]

Further reading on epistemic decision theory

Jun 17, 2018


For those of you who would like to read up on formal epistemology as it relates to decision theory, our esteemed guest recommends: Epistemic Utility Arguments for Probabilism, Richard Pettigrew Happy reading! Matt Teichman