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Ellevate Podcast: Conversations With Women Changing the Face of Business

Conversations With Women Changing the Face of Business
Ellevate Podcast: Conversations With Women Changing the Face of Business


In the Ellevate Podcast you’ll meet real women having a real impact. Female entrepreneurs, authors, business women, and other inspiring leaders share their experience and takeaways from their careers. Ellevate’s mission is to close the gender achievement gap by bringing more women into positions of leadership. Hosts Sallie Krawcheck and Kristy Wallace, Chair and President of Ellevate Network respectively, interview female leaders to showcase the immense talent these women bring to the table.




Episode 190: (BEST OF!) By Girls, For Girls, with Meridith Maskara

Dec 10, 2019 33:40


A third generation girl scout, Meridith Maskara, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater New York is not just passionate about girl scouts, but about supporting the generation of young girls and women who will be the change agents of tomorrow. This week, we talked about inclusivity and diversity within Girl Scouts, their active involvement in legislative decisions, the new programs Girl Scouts is offering including fields of STEM, advocacy, and entrepreneurship and how Girl Scouts are adapting to the fast-paced technological world of today. Meridith also discusses the role Girl Scouts’ program Troop 6,000 plays on girls and women in shelter, how to include men in conversations around equality, as well as teaching girls confidence at a young age.


Episode 189: Giving Tuesday and Creating Individual Impact, with Veena Jayadeva and Sarah Degnan Kambou, PhD

Dec 3, 2019 31:19


On this Giving Tuesday edition, Veena Jayadeva, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Guardian and Sarah Degnan Kambou, PhD, CEO & President, International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), join us to talk about women's role in global development, understanding marginalized communities and how they change, as well as how you can pick philanthropic causes yourself. The powerful duo also discuss the importance of working locally, creating individual impact, activating your personal network as well as Giving Circle and the Women and Girls Fund. 

Episode 188: Working with Anxiety, with Morra Aarons-Mele

Nov 26, 2019 28:53


Morra Aarons-Mele is the founder of the social impact agency Women Online, author of "Hiding in the Bathroom: How to Get Out There When You'd Rather Stay Home" and host of the podcast "The Anxious Achiever". In this episode, she talks about living with anxiety, how to navigate tough work situations, and tips on being a small business owner.

Episode 187: Raise Her Voice: A Special Episode from Ellevate HQ

Nov 19, 2019 26:47


The dynamic podcast duo Kristy and Maricella are joined by Raquel Ugalde, Chapter Program Manager, to talk about Ellevate's newest programming, Raise Her Voice: Untold Stories of Women in the Workplace. The event series sets the stage to inspire a path forward to gender equality in honor of International Women’s Day and Women's History Month in March through the telling of over 125 unique, diverse, and candid stories. To give you a taste of what's in store, Maricella shares with us how growing up in El Salvador has shaped her and her values. As a part of Raise Her Voice, your inspiring stories could take the stage at a local #RaiseHerVoice event or right here on the Ellevate Podcast!    Interested in nominating a strong women or yourself as a storyteller for a Raise Her Voice event? Visit www.RaiseHerVoice2020.com

Episode 186: Managing Change and Growth, with Jami McKeon

Nov 12, 2019 28:00


Jami McKeon, the Chair of Morgan Lewis, joins the podcast to share her experiences directing the largest law firm in the world led by a woman. She talks about why law professions are beneficial for women, the reason "work life balance" may not be the best term, and gives advice to company leaders on managing change and growth.

Morgan Lewis is a proud corporate partner of Ellevate Network. To find out more about how Ellevate works with companies, visit our website.   

Episode 186: Unpacking the White Paper - Driving Equality in the Workplace Part 2, with Ellevate's own Kristy Wallace, Maricella Herrera, and Allison Matejczyk

Nov 5, 2019 24:54


On this episode, we're going behind the scenes with Ellevate's own Kristy Wallace, CEO, Maricella Herrera, VP Operations & Strategy, and Allison Matejczyk, Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships, to dive into the newest resource on workplace diversity & inclusion: Driving Equality in the Workplace Part 2. The trio talk about some of the topics covered in the white paper, such as Allies and Ambassadors, Making Your ERG More Effective, and Returning to Work After a Caregiving Pause; as well as share tips on how you can utilize partnerships for your own workplace. 

Episode 185: Learning by Watching, with Jessica Holscott

Oct 29, 2019 27:12


Jessica Holscott, EVP and CFO of Warner Media Entertainment, sat down with us this week to dive into what it is like to hold a CFO position and important skills to have in your tool kit to thrive in the world of finance as a woman. Holscott explains how to "relax and figure it out when you get there", having a "momteurage", and the art of leaning in and leaning out in your career at the right times. She also shares the impact of her mother on her work ethic, teaching kids the willingness to learn, and advice she has for her mentees. 

Episode 184: Providing a Platform for Leadership, with Annie Liu and Nicki Arwood

Oct 22, 2019 27:19


On this episode we are joined by two strong women, Annie Liu and Nicki Arwood, of Charles Schwab, as they discuss their career journey from answering support calls to executive positions. The duo tackle peer relationships, advocating for women in the workplace, working remotely with functional leadership, and the art of networking. Liu and Arwood also discuss how to cultivate work, being a mother in the workplace, and the ins and outs of a career in finance as women. 

Episode 183: Being On The Client Side, with Lindsay Pattison

Oct 15, 2019 26:22


Lindsay Pattison, Chief Client Officer of WPP, joins our podcast this week as she packs years of experience through her non linear career path. Pattison, with experience in companies large and small, from New Zealand to U.K., shares the importance of being on the client side, the art of showing up, as well as the impact of targets versus quotas in teams. She also explores the inspiring yet terrifying aspects of creating a business, the imposter syndrome, and the importance of networking throughout her career. 

Episode 182: Rising and Climbing, with Michelle Gadsden-Williams

Oct 8, 2019 30:14


On this episode, we are joined by Michelle Gadsden-Williams, Managing Director, Inclusion & Diversity Lead - North America of Accenture and an award-winning author, to hear her journey and progress in Accenture and beyond. Gadsden-Williams shares how she stimulates unheard conversation on race and gender, championing for others, as well as best practices for gender parity across the globe and work-life balance learnings from the Nordics. She gives an inside look into what it means to hit the "glass cliff", why women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, tackling roadblocks, and her new book, Climb.

Episode 181: Shifting Culture, with Piper Anderson

Oct 1, 2019 23:44


On this episode, Piper Anderson, writer, educator, and cultural organizer, sits down with long-time friend Kristy, CEO of Ellevate, to talk about the start of her entrepreneurship journey and who her commitment to social justice affects her work career. Piper also shares her thoughts on the impact of generational trauma, creating change on a local level, and how storytelling can be an impactful step toward creating change. She also answers the age old question: "Who should have a seat at the table?"

Episode 180: A Special Conversation With Gartner - Women In The Workplace, with Robin Kranich and Ania Krasniewska Shahidi

Sep 24, 2019 38:05


This week, our CEO, Kristy Wallace has a conversation with our friends at Gartner, Robin Kranich, EVP HR, and Ania Krasniewska Shahidi, Global Advisory Leader, HR Practice.On this episode, Kristy, Robin, and Ania take a deep dive into the biggest challenges facing women in the workplace, including unconscious bias and confidence. They also discuss some of the research findings and trends that Gartner sees in the workplace. Kranich and Shahidi also share their tips on how you can help mitigate the risks of unconscious bias in your organization, what we can do to help women be more confident in the workplace, and how leaders of any gender can help women achieve their full potential. Ellevate works with companies committed to diversity and inclusion and has a proven track record of changing business culture from the inside out. Gartner is a $4 billion research and advisory firm that equips leaders with indispensable insights, advice and tools to achieve their mission critical priorities.  

Episode 179: Being A Boss, with Emilie Aries

Sep 17, 2019 25:40


Emile Aries, founder and CEO, Bossed Up, joins the Ellevate podcast once again following the release of her new book, Bossed Up: A Grown Woman’s Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together. On this episode, Emily talks about the science of burnout, the point of diminishing returns and being inefficient as a result of working too hard, as well as the relatable idea of "being a martyr" due to a busy schedule. Emily shares her tips on how to have a balanced program between business, travel, and other commitments; how therapy has helped her, and coming up with communication norms to be able to "plug out" and achieve a work-life balance. Aries also gives a inside look into her book and how being physically and mentally healthy is key to professional success. 

Episode 178: Summit Recap - Disability is Opportunity for Innovation, with Haben Girma

Sep 10, 2019 15:28


Haben Girma, a disability rights lawyer who is deaf and blind, joins the Mobilize Women Summit 2019 to share her experiences on how disability can be interpreted as an opportunity for innovation - and we are bringing her keynote right to your ears. On this episode, Haben explores why companies need to prioritize access for those with disabilities and inclusion, designing with access in mind, and the unknown as an opportunity to learn, grow, and innovate. Girma draws examples from her experiences in salsa dancing, sign language, surfing, and more as she unpacks the connection between creativity and inclusion.

Episode 177: Summit Recap - Innovating the Future, with Meridith Maskara, Taylor Richardson and Ashley Voisin

Sep 3, 2019 21:26


Meridith Maskara, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater NY, runs a panel discussion about astronauts, designers and the future of STEM, with Taylor "Astronaut Starbright" Richardson and entrepreneur and designer Ashley Voisin. At this unique Mobilize Women 2019 panel, the powerful panelists tackle questions larger than themselves, as we talk about innovation, role models. STEM, and the importance of a support system. 

Episode 176: Summit Recap - The Power of Happiness, with Stacey Flowers

Aug 27, 2019 21:39


With another episode from one of our favorite Mobilize Women Summit 2019 segments, we're bringing Stacey Flowers' fascinating keynote to our podcast. Stacey Flowers, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Eternal Optimist; shares her five step plan to achieve happiness in your career and life, relinquish the idea of control, and how she started to "live her best life" after losing track of taking care of herself through her relatable life experiences. 

Episode 175: Summit Recap - Finding My Voice, with Valerie Jarrett

Aug 20, 2019 23:30


On this week's episode, we are bringing one of our favorite segments from the 2019 Mobilize Women Summit right to you. Valerie Jarrett
Senior Advisor, Obama Foundation & Attn: and Chair, Ellevate Network; Co-Founder and CEO, Ellevest have a discussion on how to find your voice, staying positive while facing criticism, and leadership lessons from her time as the Senior Advisor for the Obama White House. 

Episode 174: Summit Recap - The Power of Empathy, with Ajay Banga and Andrea Jung

Aug 13, 2019 32:17


On this week's episode, we are bringing one of our favorite segments from the 2019 Mobilize Women Summit right to you. Ajay Banga, President & CEO, Mastercard; Andrea Jung, President & CEO, Grameen America, and our very own Kristy Wallace, CEO, Ellevate Network have a discussion on why it is important to practice empathy and lead with empathy inside organizations, tackling bias in the world, as well as how they address tough problems at work through their empathetic approaches.    ᐧ  

Episode 173: Summit Recap - Changing the Culture of Business, with Tony Prophet, Kiersten Barnet, Susan Lee and Rachel Sklar

Aug 6, 2019 51:55


On this week's episode, we are bringing one of our favorite segments from the 2019 Mobilize Women Summit right to you. Tony Prophet, Chief Equality Officer, Salesforce; Kiersten Barnet, Global Head of Gender-Equality Index, Bloomberg; Susan Lee, Chief People Officer, SeatGeek; and Rachel Sklar Co-Founder, Change the Ratio, TheLi.st,  have a discussion on bringing cultural changes to businesses, particularly as it relates to diversity and equality in the workplace. The speakers also focus on the role of employees at every level, instead of focusing on the leadership. 

Episode 172: The Work Wife Ethos, with Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo

Jul 30, 2019 29:39


Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, co-founders of Of a Kind, join us this week as we talk about how they met and how their friendship escalated to running a successful business today. The duo share their experiences on why storytelling is important, how they determined their core values, and the power of embodying values. They also talk about the notion of having a "work wife", their book on female friendships in the workplace, as well as their thoughts on conflict between work partners and family leave.

Episode 171: Speaking Truth To Power, with Luvvie Ajayi

Jul 23, 2019 21:37


Luvvie Ajayi, NY Times best selling author, digital strategist, joins us this week after taking the stage at Mobilize Women 2019. Having discovered a love for writing through blogging, Luvvie talks about how writing became her job, career choices, and the importance of self-confidence. She also shares her learnings around solopreneurship, access gap, how not to take yourself too seriously, and her online academy, The Do Better Academy.

Episode 170: Why We Choke Under Pressure, with Sian Beilock

Jul 16, 2019 24:56


Sian Beilock, President of Barnard College at Columbia University, joins us this week after taking the stage at Mobilize Women 2019. With vast experience as an academic studying why we sometimes "choke" under pressure, Sian shares about the importance of talking about insecurities, the phenomenon of "spotlighting", and steps of overcoming fear of failure. She also talks about imposter syndrome, the complicated relationship between economic opportunities and education, as well as her thoughts on single gendered educational environments.

Episode 169: Data Driven Approaches to Gender Equality, with Kiersten Barnet

Jul 9, 2019 30:17


Kiersten Barnet, Global Head of Gender-Equality Index at Bloomberg, joins us this week after taking the stage at Mobilize Women 2019. Realizing the importance of company culture early on, Kiersten joined Bloomberg first serving at a travel-heavy role. On this episode, she talks about the role of culture in global organizations, the notion of diversity throughout countries, as well as the importance of taking action. Kiersten also shares her expertise on the Gender-Equality Index, the increased demand for financial services for women, and the importance of data-driven approaches to progress and equality.

Episode 168: Building Cultures Of Success, with Tabitha Laser

Jul 2, 2019 25:58


On this episode, Tabitha Laser; CEO, T.A. Laser Consulting, author, and speaker, joins us to talk about how she got to where she is today, ups and downs of her career journey, and how she was inspired to write her book, Culture Killers. Tabitha shares her vast experiences including why some leaders can be difficult to work with, getting "permission" to do the right things, work / life balance, and working for an unpopular company. From working in Hawaii to getting the "pink slip", Tabitha's story story is far from your typical career journey.

Episode 167: What It Means to Choose Happiness, with Victoria Tsai

Jun 25, 2019 30:18


On this episode of the Ellevate podcast, Victoria Tsai, founder of TATCHA, joins us to talk about the wake up call that led to her switching careers, the importance of finding meaning in her work and how important that was to her being happy in her life. She talks about the inspiration behind founding TATCHA, the lack of oversight in the cosmetic industry and her experience with creating a sustainable business and creating a product in the beauty and wellness industry. She also shares her tips on traveling for work while being a parent and talks about her partnership with Room to Read.

Episode 166: Dispelling Myths and Providing Visibility in Financial Services, with Kristen Kimmell

Jun 18, 2019 27:15


On this episode of the Ellevate Podcast, Kristen Kimmell, Chief of Staff of RBC Wealth Management joins us to talk about how her career began and developed at RBC, her advice on finding work-life balance and how this can be achieved, and the importance of having a strong support network. She also talks about how RBC is working to create an environment where you can bring your whole self to work, the best ways to speak up and talk more openly at work and the myth-busting behind the relationship between women and money.

Episode 165: Building Your Personal Brand, with Heidi Nazarudin

Jun 11, 2019 26:14


Leaving her career in the financial industry behind, Heidi Nazarudin, Co-Founder and CEO of Marque Media, created her own path focusing on her skills in growing a business and building a brand. On this episode, Heidi shares how she was able to build a brand, being honest about yourself, and her career as a social media influencer. She also explains what makes people follow others on social media, when to pivot a message, and lessons she learned through her journey to both building a company and growing her brand to over 400,000 followers. 

Episode 164: Starting Over, with Stacey Flowers

Jun 4, 2019 27:08


If you've ever felt burnt out, you are not alone. On this episode, Stacey Flowers, speaker, entrepreneur, and eternal optimist, joins us this week to talk about how she got her start, making a living while staying sane, and the importance of transparency. She also shares her experiences around building a personal brand, raising kids as a single mother, as well as using technology to help her business. Stacey will take the stage as a keynote speaker at Mobilize Women on June 21st to continue to inspire, activate, and share her story as she shares what excites her the most about Mobilize Women. 

Episode 163: Advocating For Yourself and Others, with Emily Ladau

May 28, 2019 27:53


Starting her activism journey on Sesame Street at the age of 10, Emily Ladau, Disability Rights Activist, Writer, Communications Consultant, joins us this week for a sneak peak into what she will be sharing at the Mobilize Women Summit. On this episode, Emily talks about the role of advocates and how one can be a good advocate, as well as making the disability experience accessible. She also shares best practices on talking about disabilities with kids, the nomenclature on disability, and what is next on the horizon for her. Emily will take the stage at Mobilize Women on June 21st to continue to inspire, advocate, and activate.

Episode 162: Practicing Emotional Intelligence, with Susan Packard

May 21, 2019 29:16


After hearing the consumer needs, Susan Packard, author and co-founder of HGTV, became one of the masterminds behind the household TV channel, HGTV. On this episode, Susan shares the story behind HGTV, her new book, and all about emotional intelligence. She discusses her tips on how to practice emotional fitness, how to know when to leave a job and when to slow down, as well as the importance of knowing yourself and becoming more self-aware.

Episode 161: Finding My Voice, with Valerie Jarrett

May 14, 2019 44:00


As we continue counting down for Mobilize Women Summit 2019, Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the Obama Foundation and Attn:, joins us this week for a conversation with our very own Sallie Krawcheck. On this episode, Valerie reflects on how she got to where she is, how her relationship with the Obamas began, and the complicated world of politics. She also shares the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone, creating a safe space for talent, as well as her favorite and least favorite memories from the White House. From listening to your own voice to how she hired Michelle Robinson (Obama), Valerie and Sallie will take the stage at Mobilize Women on June 21st to share more life lessons and continue this intimate conversation. 

Episode 160: Countdown to Mobilize Women, with Sallie Krawcheck

May 7, 2019 18:00


Our very own, Sallie Krawcheck, Chair of Ellevate Network, joins us this week as we kick off our countdown to Mobilize Women 2019. On this episode, Sallie shares her favorite Mobilize Women memories, the importance of attending women’s conferences for all women in the workplace, and her own takeaways from conferences over the years - whether it is networking, hearing diverse voices, or finding investors. She also focuses on the importance of including allies in the conversation, and how Mobilize Women is preparing all of us to take action and step up for what’s right. Join Sallie, Kristy, and the rest of team Ellevate at Mobilize Women on June 21st!

Episode 159: The Differences in Gender Communication, with Susan Freeman

Apr 30, 2019 36:37


Through an unusual career path, Susan Freeman, Founder & CEO of Freeman Means Business, found her passion for business communication - where she focuses on the differences between how women and men communicate in business settings. On this episode, Susan shares how she started off her career, the impact of communication styles on diversity and equity, and how diversity isn’t always comfortable for everyone. She also touches on her work as a continuous “trouble maker", muted-group theory, non-binary people, as well as how men play a key role in achieving diversity.

Episode 158: The Health and Wealth Connection, with Sharon Epperson

Apr 23, 2019 27:09


Through her interest in storytelling, Sharon Epperson, Senior Personal Finance Correspondent at CNBC, found herself in the world of money and business - with a passion for reporting stories of individuals and their personal finances. After having a ruptured brain aneurysm, Sharon realized the value of her health, and through this opened a new door in her life. On this episode, Sharon shares how she learned about money and business, why talking to other women about finances is important, and how assumptions may be very dangerous. She also shares her tips on talking about how much money you are making and why it’s important to have discussions around personal health.

Episode 157: Getting Comfortable With The Uncomfortable, with Felena Hundson

Apr 16, 2019 26:50


Coming from a large family of eight siblings, Felena Hundson, founder of Hera Hub, knew she wanted to be a first generation college graduate when the opportunity presented itself. Taking her college degree and tapping into entrepreneurship, Felena shares her journey that led her to founding Hera Hub, how getting a college degree might be a subjective decision, and how entrepreneurs can set themselves for success with the power of a network. She also talks about the role men can play as allies, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, and how everyone can have something to bring to the table. 

Episode 156: When To Make The Call And When To Take The Call, with Iva Pawling

Apr 9, 2019 30:48


After studying communication, Iva Pawling, co-founder and CEO of Richer Poorer, found her start in fashion at Kate Spade’s rotational program a young professional. After learning the ins and outs of every department, from answering customer phone calls to working in production, Iva realized she wanted to create a brand that represented her own vision. Her brand Richer Poorer starting out as a sock company, Iva talks about how she entered a business that she knew nothing about. On this episode, Iva shares her tips for new entrepreneurs, how Richer and Poorer grew as a successful brand, tips on time management and being productive, as well as the role of resilience in the start-up world. 

Episode 155: Lifetime Income Protection - an Equal Pay Day Conversation, with Caroline Feeney and Prudential

Apr 2, 2019 34:09


In this exclusive Livestream event, Ellevate’s CEO Kristy Wallace sits down with Caroline Feeney, the head of Individual Solutions for Prudential Financial, Inc., for an important conversation on Equal Pay Day. Caroline and Kristy will discuss the biggest financial challenges facing women, the opportunities for female financial advisors, and why it’s so crucial for us to start making a habit of talking openly about our finances. We’ll also learn more about Prudential’s current work to support lifetime income protection for women, and what we can start doing today on our journey toward financial wellness.

Episode 154: Incorporating Purpose and Impact Into Organizations, with Melissa Jun Rowley

Mar 26, 2019 34:58


When Melissa Jun Rowley, entrepreneur, BBC News correspondent, decided that Hollywood journalism was not a career for her, she decided to change her path from entertainment to tech; showcasing entrepreneurs and those who did “tech for good”. On this episode, Melissa shares her journey from filing bankruptcy to working with Peter Gabriel, her experiences with groundbreaking entrepreneurs from across the globe, and how technology can be used for positive social impact. She also shares her insights on how organizations can incorporate purpose and impact without it becoming a distraction, flipping the script on social impact, as well as her experiences with diversity in tech. This episode kicks off Ellevate’s Inclusive Workplaces Program. Learn more about the launch of our new program here!

Episode 153: Reinventing Your Career - It’s Never Too Late, with Lesley Jane Seymour

Mar 19, 2019 35:26


When More magazine came to an end in February 2016, Lesley Jane Seymour, CEO of CoveyClub.com, had a second act in mind - one that was completely different than what she went into. After her old readers reached out to her, Seymour put her consumer-centric self forward and started CoveyClub.com, a platform for lifelong learners. On this episode, Leslie talks about being an entrepreneur compared to the corporate world, how she reinvented herself after the publishing world, and importance of having a lifelong network. She also shares the keys to a backpocket reinvention plan, having your second act ready, and why “longlooking” doesn’t work anymore.

Episode 152: The Truth Behind Starting Your Own Business, with Cate Luzio

Mar 12, 2019 25:45


After her 18-year banking career, Cate Luzio, Founder and CEO of Luminary, saw that it was time to pivot and shortly after, started her own collaboration hub for women. On this episode, Cate joins us to share the highs and lows of starting a business, how she came up with the idea for Luminary, and the emotional difficulties and loneliness of starting a business. She also shares some of her tips for entrepreneurs such as the importance of building a great team, rethinking work-life balance, and how her team only has one meeting a week.

Episode 151: Taking the Lead, with Gloria Feldt

Mar 5, 2019 31:52


In a small town in Texas, Gloria Feldt, NY Times best-selling author and founder of Take the Lead, applied to work for Planned Parenthood, after writing a paper about them. Rising up to become the President of Planned Parenthood, Gloria talks about her learnings as a single mother and as the President inside a highly-disputed organization. Gloria offers her tips on the place of innovation and creation of meaning through organizational leadership, as well as what she is currently doing to give women an equal shot in the world through Take the Lead. She also shares her experiences in creating Planned Parenthood’s new mission, values, and its 25-year vision as a part of reshaping the organization.

Episode 150: (BEST OF!) Ditching Perfectionism, with Jodi Flynn

Feb 26, 2019 29:41


Jodi Flynn knows very well that Type-A people are a “special breed.” That’s because she works as a career coach for Type-A women...and if her additional list of titles (speaker, author, podcaster) doesn’t already give it away, Jodi is Type-A, too. While a Type-A woman’s desire for perfection can lead her on a journey to the top, Jodi points out that it can also hamper her efforts to get there through unnecessary self-doubt and burnout. In this episode, Jodi walks us through the rewards and challenges of holding oneself to the highest standard, and she outlines helpful practices that all women can adopt to let go of unrealistic expectations of what we can accomplish. In doing so, she believes we’ll find that we are actually able to accomplish more.

Episode 149: (BEST OF!) Expanding Your Wealth Through Personal Finance, with Natali Morris

Feb 19, 2019 19:42


This week, we sat down with broadcaster, speaker, writer, and educator, Natali Morris to discuss managing your personal finances. When Natali left CBS, she set out to build her family’s wealth by growing the resources they already had. In the process, she became highly knowledgeable in the realm of personal finance, so much so that women and men around the world seek out her insights.

Episode 148: (BEST OF!) Owning Your Influence, with Miriam Grobman

Feb 12, 2019 28:52


Miriam Grobman, Founder and CEO of Miriam Grobman Consulting, joins us for the second time on the Ellevate Podcast to talk about everything from changing careers and industries from mining, to finance and consulting. Miriam shares her tips on building and maintaining confidence, switching from an operational mindset to a strategic mindset, and what it means for women to own their influence. She shares insights to her famous courses on leadership education, strategic influence, and executive presence. Miriam also gives us some insight into what’s in store for her next and how she is working to get women ahead in business.

Episode 147: (BEST OF!) Finding Confidence Outside Your Comfort Zone, with Ericka Spradley

Feb 5, 2019 25:13


As we keep focusing on closing the gender achievement gap, Ericka Spradley, Career Coach/Chief PowHer Officer of Confidence Career Women joins us this week to share her insights about closing the confidence gap as well. Ericka talks about the importance positioning yourself well in job the application process, balancing multiple jobs and responsibilities, and the importance of prioritizing. From shaving her head unannounced to publishing three books, Ericka explains the impact of leaving your comfort zone and truly owning your career for continued success. (Original air date: August 7th, 2018)

Episode 146: Power Connections Through Ellevate, with Melanie Curtis

Jan 29, 2019 17:58


Past podcast guest, Melanie Curtis, life coach, comes back to the EllevatePod to share her amazing insights. On this episode, Melanie talks about how she finally decided to join Ellevate after years of using public Ellevate resources, everything that’s new in her life, and importance of finding your calling in life. She also shares her tips and advice for future networkers, and how she had fun at networking events with her laid-back approach.

Episode 145: Unconventional Journey to the C-Level, with Joy Altimare

Jan 22, 2019 35:29


When Joy Altimare, Chief Engagement and Brand Officer at EHE, started her career in marketing, she soon realized that she was more interested in the bigger picture. Starting in the corporate world and moving to a startup at 8-months pregnant, Joy talks about her experiences with negotiating, her career, and the journey that led her to a corporate healthcare provider focused on preventive care. She also shares her insights on leading a company with employees from multiple generations, managing a team, and setting boundaries for work-life balance and integration.

Episode 144: Happiness at Work, with Stella Grizont

Jan 15, 2019 26:40


Having the perfect job might not always be the key to happiness. Stella Grizont, Executive Coach, Trainer and Founder of Woopaah, joins us this week to share her history with workplace burnout. Stella shares her expertise on the importance of individual and workplace values, and how mental health practices at work can have significant long-term benefits. Stella also talks about our brain’s negativity bias and the importance of tending to our happiness at work, as well as when planning a family.

Episode 143: Talking About Money, with Lindsey Stanberry

Jan 8, 2019 34:04


From working publishing house basements to being the editor of one of Refinery 29’s most sought-after sections, Money Diaries, Lindsey Stanberry, joins us this week to talk about how her career started. She shares her insights on how to handle being laid off, how learn from others’ mistakes when it comes to money management, and how the individuals on Money Diaries deal with a story going viral. Lindsey also discusses some of the most interesting stories she’s encountered while writing her book, as well as stereotypes when it comes to women and money.

Episode 142: From Waste to Value, with Jessica Aguirre and Bertha Jimenez

Dec 25, 2018 28:35


The seeds of Jessica Aguirre and Bertha Jimenez’s RISE Products were planted when the duo met at a program through their graduate studies. Their interest in sustainability and their common background from Ecuador inevitably made them business partners and founders of RISE Products, producing flour from brewer’s spent grain. On this episode, Jessica and Bertha talk about how they started their company, industrial symbiosis and why it matters, as well as how to incorporate sustainable practices in businesses. The duo also touch on sexism in their industry and the obstacles they faced as immigrants in the United States.

Episode 141: Finding a Billion Dollar Opportunity, with Shirley Chen

Dec 18, 2018 25:39


Shirley Chen, the Founder & CEO of Narrativ, started her career journey when she scored her Vogue internship through waiting in line for a Broadway musical. Jumping from biology to fashion, and management consulting to online retail marketing, Shirley shares her career journey and how she founded her own company, Narrativ, fixing digital media with AI technologies. On this episode, she also talks about the benefits of networking, the science of online shopping, and the difficulties she faced starting her own business.

Episode 140: Doing What You Love, with Suzie Williford

Dec 11, 2018 31:52


Getting her start in a male-dominated kitchen and bath industry, Suzie Williford, Executive Vice President of Industry Relations & Chief Strategy Officer of National Kitchen and Bath Association, soon realized how important it is to love the work she does. From answering phones to executive leadership, Suzie talks about the hardships she faced, the importance of mentorship, as well as the progress the kitchen and bath industry made in closing the gender gap. She also opens up about the feeling of inadequacy at work and how to find a career path you are truly passionate about.

Episode 139: Finding Faith in Yourself, with Sateria Venable

Dec 4, 2018 23:40


When Sateria Venable, Founder of Fibroid Foundation, was diagnosed with a fibroid disease, she realized that a support system available to women scarce. Sateria went on to create the Fibroid Foundation to provide a global community with women with fibroids. On this episode, Sateria talks about her history with fibroids and how it helped her discover faith and courage in herself to found the Fibroid Foundation. Sateria also discusses people who have helped her along the way, how fibroids can be treated, and what everyone can do to become an advocate.

Episode 138: Committing to Change, with Afua Osei

Nov 27, 2018 28:37


When Afua Osei, Co-founder of She Leads Africa, graduated from business school, she did not think she would end up in Lagos, Nigeria. After spending some time as a management consultant, Afua co-founded She Leads Africa, a community that helps young African women achieve their professional goals. On this episode, Afua talks about her career plan, how the “5 year plan” can sometimes stifle you, and importance of political action at an early age. She also shares her tips on using personal voice for change, creating a network in a new country, and finding the source of her own confidence.

Episode 137: The Spirit of Women, with Nicola Nice

Nov 20, 2018 32:08


When Nicola Nice, CEO, Pomp & Whimsy, noticed the lack of liquor brands targeted towards women, compared to men, she founded Pomp & Whimsy – bringing Victorian-era gin to the modern day with a touch of femininity. On this episode, Nicola talks about the history of gin, how she started her business, and how to create a distinct voice as a brand. Nicola also shares her career path that lead her from academia to spirits, and discusses the importance of following a passion.

Episode 136: Breadwinning Women, with Bethanie Baynes

Nov 13, 2018 34:21


After a start in the photography industry, Bethanie Baynes, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Google, realized she wanted to be in the fast-paced tech world, making her way to the executive level at Google. On this episode, she talks about ageism at work, the pressure of being an ideal mother, and how her experiences inspired her to use her platform to uplift other women. Bethanie also shares how masculinity and femininity are defined in a capitalist society, gender roles and dynamics within her own relationship, and the perils of “momsplaining.”

Episode 135: Living Life by Design, with Tezeta Roro

Nov 6, 2018 28:46


After going through a negative experience when buying her first house Realtor Tezeta “Tez” Roro decided to quit her job as a risk averse investor and pursue her next passion in real estate. On this episode, Tez talks about her early career paths, being an introvert at a social job, and the positive and the negative aspects of working for yourself. She also shares her experiences being an immigrant in the United States, interacting with different cultures, and the importance of living one’s values with every step of the way.

Episode 134: Unpacking Privilege, with Whitney Bell

Oct 30, 2018 28:37


Attending an all-girls school, Whitney Bell, writer, activist, and event producer, did not realize the impact of patriarchy on everyday life until later. Using her privilege as a platform, she founded Stories of: Women to amplify the voices of women from diverse backgrounds. On this episode, Whitney talks about the impact of storytelling, the evolution of feminism, and how to unpack our privilege.  She discusses how she came up with the idea for Stories of: Women and why it’s important to amplify all women’s voices. We also get some insight on her favorite story so far, and what she is working on next.

Episode 133: Taking the Unconventional Path to Wealth Management, with Kirsten Turner

Oct 23, 2018 35:06


When Kirsten Turner, Senior Managing Director at RBC Wealth Management, had to pick between her family and career, she went ahead and picked both. Taking an unconventional path to wealth management, Kirsten joins us this week to talk about being a young single mother in the financial industry, the career moves she has made while having kids, and surviving the 2008 financial crisis on top of it all. On this episode, she shares the behind-the-scenes look into having “having it all,” the impact her parents had on her growing up, and creating an environment for inclusion within the workplace.

Episode 132: The Science of Happiness, with Nataly Kogan

Oct 16, 2018 36:25


When Nataly Kogan realized that although she had the perfect job and family on paper, there was something missing from her life, she founded Happier - dedicated to helping individuals find more joy in everyday moments and get through difficult ones with compassion and resilience. Focusing on the science of happiness, Nataly talks about how she came up with the idea for her company, Happier, and why it’s important to practice gratitude and self compassion. On this episode, she focuses on the importance of creating kinder relationships with ourselves, being able to beat the feeling of not being enough, and the importance of companies focusing on the happiness and well-being of their employees for success.

Episode 131: Growing with Vision, with Marina Darlow

Oct 9, 2018 34:26


When Marina Darlow, the CEO and Founder of Vision Framework, started working in a male-dominated tech engineering company as an immigrant in the United States, she saw that the office culture was nothing like she expected. So, she took her project management and operations skills into her own business and founded Vision Framework. On this episode, Marina talks about running an online business, how to trust someone when expanding a business, the transition from large companies to start-ups, as well as the emotional side of business. She also shares her tips on how to work remotely and best practices for starting a new business.

Episode 130: Changing the “Industry Size”, with Alex Waldman

Oct 2, 2018 29:43


When Alex Waldman, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Universal Standard realized that plus-size fashion was not as accessible, she decided to change the “industry standard” of sizes and introduce accessible and inclusive fashion for all women. On this episode, Alex talks about how she got her start in the fashion industry,  getting away from “the bully in your head”, and the importance of having courage to change the status quo. She also shares her tips on starting a business, as well as the power women can have to affect change in companies.

Episode 129: Giving Women Room to Fail, with Rachel Renock

Sep 25, 2018 35:18


Having creative resources is one of key components for non-profits to reach large audiences. Unfortunately, many non-profits do not have access to these resources. That’s why Rachel Renock co-founded her start-up, Wethos, which connects non-profits with creative talent. The CEO discusses her story of Wethos reaching one million dollars in venture capital funds and why it is important to give women room to fail. She also shares her experiences with sexual harassment and discrimination when fundraising and approaching investors, her story around being a lesbian woman in the tech start-up industry, and how these efforts carried her to New York Times, Forbes, and to Washington, DC as an advocate.

Episode 128: Earning a Seat at the Table, with Alison Gutterman

Sep 18, 2018 30:09


When Alison Gutterman, CEO of Jelmar, was growing up, she had no idea that she would one day become the CEO of her family’s business. On this episode, Alison joins us to talk about her experience working for her parent, the generational differences at work, and the emotional story of how she become the CEO. She also shares the values that shaped her leadership, her experiences as an undercover researcher, and the top lessons she has learned as a leader.

Episode 127: What We Say and What We Want, with Nicole Antoinette

Sep 11, 2018 26:01


When host of Real Talk Radio Nicole Antoinette quit drinking, she started running to “turn her life around”, as she puts it. Now, her excitement about the progress and physical challenge of running has translated into long distance hiking (she currently trains for the PCT trail). On this episode, Nicole talks about fear, stepping out of her comfort zone, as well as focusing on the journey and being present. As she is writing her first book, Nicole shares her tips on accountability learned through hiking, her podcast Real Talk Radio, and how she managed to close the gap between what she says and what she wants.

Episode 126: Timeless Female Leadership, with Sally Helgesen

Sep 4, 2018 28:49


Since Sally Helgesen, Women’s Leadership Consultant and Author, wrote her first book about women’s leadership in 1990s, she has written numerous other books and articles, and gave workshops on the importance of characteristics of female leaders as well as the behaviors that help women get ahead. On this episode, Sally talks about the evolution of female leadership and how business and society came to embrace women leaders.She also shares her insights about characteristics of leadership, important factors that help women leaders get ahead, the behaviors that often hold woman back, as well as how to overcome them.


Episode 125: Owning Your Influence, with Miriam Grobman

Aug 28, 2018 28:52


Miriam Grobman, Founder and CEO of Miriam Grobman Consulting, joins us for the second time on the Ellevate Podcast to talk about everything from changing careers and industries from mining, to finance and consulting. Miriam shares her tips on building and maintaining confidence, switching from an operational mindset to a strategic mindset, and what it means for women to own their influence. She shares insights to her famous courses on leadership education, strategic influence, and executive presence. Miriam also gives us some insight into what’s in store for her next and how she is working to get women ahead in business.

Episode 124: Being WISE in the Financial Industry, with Nicole Spinelli and Lucila Williams

Aug 21, 2018 30:15


Nicole Spinelli and Lucila Williams of Lincoln Financial Group, one of our #MobilizeWomen Summit Sponsors, share their expertise in both the financial industry and the diversity and inclusion space as champions of women’s equality. With Nicole majoring in women’s studies and transitioning to a career in finance, and Lucila having a background in the United States Military, the dynamic duo share their stories about their transitions in the workplace. They discuss being women in the financial industry, mentors they have had along the way, as well as The WISE Group - the multidimensional women’s network within Lincoln Financial Group.

Episode 123: Advocacy Matters, with Adrianne Haslet

Aug 14, 2018 31:16


After losing her leg during the terrorist attacks at the Boston Marathon, Adrianne Haslet decided to dedicate her life to being an advocate for amputee’s and amputee rights. On this week’s episode, Adrianne talks about some of the most challenging situations amputees have to go through, lack of insurance coverage, and why there is a need for change regarding prosthetic coverage. She also talks about steps anyone could take to support the amputee community, educate the ones around us, and to make workplaces more accessible. Tune in to hear the inside scoop on Adrianne’s journey from a ballroom dancer to a changemaker for the amputee community.

Episode 122: Finding Confidence Outside Your Comfort Zone, with Ericka Spradley

Aug 7, 2018 25:13


As we keep focusing on closing the gender achievement gap, Ericka Spradley, Career Coach/Chief PowHer Officer of Confidence Career Women joins us this week to share her insights about closing the confidence gap as well. Ericka talks about the importance positioning yourself well in job the application process, balancing multiple jobs and responsibilities, and the importance of prioritizing. From shaving her head unannounced to publishing three books, Ericka explains the impact of leaving your comfort zone and truly owning your career for continued success.

Episode 121: Acting with a Mission, with Tara Abrahams

Jul 31, 2018 27:35


Starting her path in non-profits a young age, Tara Abrahams, the Executive Director of Glamour’s The Girl Project, realized that she wanted to be a part of a mission-driven organization early on in her career. This week, Tara joined us to talk about the difference between non-profit and for-profit companies, the important role volunteering plays in making an impact, as well as The Girl Project’s work in providing girls all around the world with quality education. Tara also gives insights about importance of corporate social responsibility, challenges around non-profit sector, and when could be the right time to transition from corporate to non-profit sector.

Episode 120: From Freelance to Founder, with Adda Birnir

Jul 24, 2018 19:18


After trying out variety of different jobs and markets, Adda Birnir, CEO & Founder of Skillcrush, taught herself how to code and design and decided to get into the tech world. What started out as her side project to find a better way to teach women technological skills turned into Skillcrush, her rapidly-growing company. This week, we talked to Adda about how she got started, finding long term opportunities, job stability within the entrepreneurship world and corporate world, as well as the importance of staying customer-focused. Adda also talks about her inspirations and what helped her stay on her feet when starting out as an entrepreneur along with how she took being laid off as a massive opportunity.

Episode 119: By Girls, For Girls, with Meridith Maskara

Jul 17, 2018 33:40


A third generation girl scout, Meridith Maskara, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater New York is not just passionate about girl scouts, but about supporting the generation of young girls and women who will be the change agents of tomorrow. This week, we talked about inclusivity and diversity within Girl Scouts, their active involvement in legislative decisions, the new programs Girl Scouts is offering including fields of STEM, advocacy, and entrepreneurship and how Girl Scouts are adapting to the fast-paced technological world of today. Meridith also discusses the role Girl Scouts’ program Troop 6,000 plays on girls and women in shelter, how to include men in conversations around equality, as well as teaching girls confidence at a young age.


Episode 118: Marathon, Not a Sprint, with Maria Yuan

Jul 10, 2018 23:03


Growing up in a politically engaged household and having a passion for civic engagement from an early age, Maria Yuan, Founder of IssueVoter, defines herself as someone who is “interested in fixing really big problems”. This week, we sat down with her to talk about how she was able to balance her work life in Finance and Investment Banking setting up IssueVoter, coming up with great ideas and being able to grow them, as well as how her background and her experience in being a Campaign Manager helped her when founding IssueVoter. Maria talks about civic engagement and its importance, how everyone can be civically engaged in different ways, as well as how her rapidly growing non-profit, IssueVoter works.

Episode 117: No One Puts Women In The Corner, with Deena Baikowitz

Jul 3, 2018 30:14


After moving to new York, Deena Baikowitz, Chief Networking Officer of Fireball Network, realized how important it was to have a network of other people to support, help, and give feedback. Working in numerous fields from Broadway to healthcare, Deena emphasizes the importance of having personal relationships no matter which field or stage of career one is at. On this week’s episode, we talked about her consulting and coaching agency, Fireball Network, using Ellevate as a member, the importance of creating a voice for yourself, and how both extroverts and introverts can succeed in forming and leveraging their networks.

Episode 116: Knowing Your People, with Sarah Clark

Jun 26, 2018 24:06


After realizing that she did not feel complete at a job she loved, Sarah Clark, CEO of Mitchell Communication Group, left her job at Walmart to adopt her son and spend time doing what she really wanted to do - becoming a mom. Returning to work at Mitchell, Sarah talks about the importance of selecting the right people, nurturing leadership and growth, as well as how a company’s culture can make or break the work itself on this week's episode. She discusses the notion of being a caring leader, the important relationship she has with her employees, and shares her tips for the new and emerging leaders and managers; tune in to listen more about succeeding and failing as a team.

Episode 115: Changing Blockchain, with Amber Baldet

Jun 19, 2018 29:14


After leading the Product Development team at J.P. Morgan, Amber Baldet, the Co-founder and CEO of Clovyr decided to take a dive into the world of startups. A self-taught coder, Amber is now successfully redefining the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as showcasing what women in tech can achieve if they have the right tools. On this episode, Amber talks about importance of having a good partner when leading a startup, importance of shared responsibility in families, as well as what could be done to involve more girls and women in the field of tech. Tune in to hear more about this up-and-coming technology, future of blockchain, data privacy, and Amber’s spin on the world of tech.


Episode 114: Being an Ally, with Mike Steib

Jun 12, 2018 27:02


As the CEO of XO Group, Mike Steib’s road to becoming a successful leader has not only been a result of hard work and dedication; but also of networking and influential women he has worked with in his life. On this episode, Mike talks about the diversity at XO Group and how it impacts growth and leads to more success, women as Board of Directors members, and the impact his wife had on him as both a life and business partner. With his new book on driving the most impact in careers, managing energy, and managing stress tune in to listen to Mike’s personal and professional experiences.


Episode 113: Removing Stigmas, with Chelsea VonChaz

Jun 5, 2018 31:34


When Chelsea VonChaz was walking the streets of Los Angeles, she saw a homeless (or “houseless” as she calls it) woman having her period with no proper menstrual hygiene products. The woman’s blood stained undergarments were a sign for Chelsea to take action, so she did some research and started a nonprofit, #HappyPeriod, that soon became a nationwide movement. In this episode, Chelsea talks about the stigma surrounding menstruation, lack of access to proper menstrual hygiene products among certain populations, and The Pink Tax. Tune in to hear all about how Chelsea works to remove stigmas and how she turned her passion and dedication into a movement affecting hundreds of thousands of women.

Episode 112: Growing Through Values, with Sarah LaFleur

May 30, 2018 27:23


Sarah left what was once a dream job of going into management consulting to turn her dreams into product at MM.LaFleur. Though Sarah's mother worked in high fashion, Sarah had no experience in the field. However as a woman working in corporate America, she saw the need for change and disrupted the industry of women’s business clothing. In this episode, we talk with Sarah about how her business grew so drastically over the past few years, their “bento box” that tripled company revenue overnight, as well as the importance of company values and staying true them even as a start-up.

Episode 111: Recognizing Opportunity, with Hannah and Jade Sullivan

May 22, 2018 23:58


Hannah and Jade Sullivan are women founders disrupting an age-old industry. When Hannah and Jade first had the chance to start Pogo.co, their own insurance business, they weren’t sure it was for them. They were designers by trade and had no formal experience working in insurance. But being the go-getters that they are, Hannah and Jade recognized their fresh perspective could provide a unique opportunity to reshape the way things were done. In this episode, we talk with Hannah and Jade about what it was like to dive head-first into a new industry, as well as how they manage their relationship as both business partners and spouses.

Episode 110: Building an A-Team, with Whitney Johnson

May 15, 2018 24:19


As one of the top thought leaders in business innovation, Whitney Johnson has reshaped the way we think about professional development. Whitney’s latest book, Build an A-Team, looks at how bosses can create an ever-improving and engaged team. In this episode, Whitney talks about the thought process and research behind her book as well as what it means to disrupt yourself.

Episode 109: Finding Sustainable Success as an Entrepreneur, with RM Harrison

May 8, 2018 21:25


For RM Harrison, entrepreneurial success doesn’t just mean big profit margins. After starting her entrepreneurial career as a communications designer, RM realized that to continue to flourish, she needed to find a way to keep her passions alive, even if it meant making big changes. That’s when she decided to start helping other entrepreneurs design business models that not only drive financial success but also cultivate and maintain a sense of fulfillment for the entrepreneur. In this episode, RM Harrison traces her path to becoming a Pivot Strategy Consultant and explores how entrepreneurs can stay in touch with the inner motivations that led them to start their business in the first place.


Episode 108: Switching Industries and Thriving, with Katie Abouzahr

May 1, 2018 24:35


Ever wanted to change industries but felt overwhelmed by what it would take to do so? Katie Abouzahr proves that it can be done, and done well at that. Katie served as a Medical Doctor in the National Health Service for years. She loved treating patients but wanted more control over her career. Now, Katie spearheads gender diversity research efforts for Boston Consulting Group. In this episode, Katie gives an honest account of what it's like to transition into a different industry, and she breaks down some of the most interesting and impactful findings from her team's research on diversity.

Episode 107: Realizing the Power of the Individual, with Elizabeth Zeigler

Apr 24, 2018 33:07


Elizabeth Zeigler is a master in the art of fundraising. As CEO and President of Graham-Pelton Consulting, she uses her powers for good. Unlike other consulting firms, Elizabeth’s works to help nonprofits get the support and funding they need to achieve their philanthropic mission. In this episode, Elizabeth discusses the exceptional power of individual giving, and she provides a refreshing example for how companies can create equal opportunities for flextime employees.

Episode 106: Getting Women to the C-Suite, with Archana Ravichandran

Apr 17, 2018 32:34


Less than 30% of key management positions are held by women. Archana Ravichandran is working to change that. After getting her MBA from Wharton, Archana decided she wanted to try her hand at management. She signed on as a manager with Google and led three different teams over the course of her seven years there. Now, she is using her people skills to help professional women get to the top through her very own podcast. 

In this episode, we talk with Archana about what it takes to be an effective manager, how to support women in leadership, and the value of taking career risks.  


Episode 105: This Is What An “Innovative Solution” Actually Looks Like, with Laura Atwell

Apr 10, 2018 21:14


Laura Atwell is solving two big problems at once. As VP of Development at Team Rubicon, Laura helps military veterans get reintegrated into civilian life by connecting them to disaster relief projects. Laura uses her background in journalism and her fundraising skills to tell Team Rubicon’s powerful story and raise funds that fuel disaster relief missions all over the world. Follow along with our conversation with Laura as she talks about her path to making a difference and what goes into creating an impenetrable, positive work culture.


Episode 104: Advocating for Women in the Workplace, with Rana Nawas

Apr 3, 2018 26:47


Rana Nawas has spent her professional life standing up for women’s rights in the workplace in Dubai. As SVP of Capital Markets for GE, Rana pushed for better maternity leave policy and advocated for women at her company. As President of the Ellevate Dubai chapter, Rana creates opportunities for professional women to develop their careers and support one another. Rana’s next endeavor is her podcast, “When Women Win,” which highlights formidable women of the past and present. On this episode of the Ellevate Podcast, we talk to Rana about changing workplace policy and culture, how she manages her busy schedule, and what inspired her path to championing women.

Episode 103: Modernizing Marketing, with Kate Edwards

Mar 27, 2018 29:47


Kate Edwards is the Co-Founder and COO of Heartbeat, a marketing platform that connects brands to real women through real women. Kate saw that women hold immense power when it comes to promoting the brands they love. She thought, why not capitalize on the authentic promotion these women are already putting out there? In this episode, Kate talks about what it took to go from an idea to a thriving company that provides side hustle opportunities to thousands of women.

Episode 102: Expanding Your Wealth Through Personal Finance, with Natali Morris

Mar 20, 2018 19:42


This week, we sat down with broadcaster, speaker, writer, and educator, Natali Morris to discuss managing your personal finances. When Natali left CBS, she set out to build her family’s wealth by growing the resources they already had. In the process, she became highly knowledgeable in the realm of personal finance, so much so that women and men around the world seek out her insights.


Episode 101: Championing Women and Girls in Tech, with Lorraine Hariton

Mar 13, 2018 32:33


Lorraine Hariton’s illustrious career has stretched into every sector - public, private, and now, as SVP of Global Partnerships for the New York Academy of Sciences, nonprofit. What all of her experiences hold in common is STEM. Lorraine started working in computers in the 1970’s, and her knowledge of technology opened many doors for her. Now she wants to open those doors for future generations of women. In this episode, Lorraine talks about how we must champion women and girls in tech, as this is where the fate of our future lies.


Episode 100: Social Networking 101, with Maria Granovsky

Mar 6, 2018 26:59


On the 100th episode of the Ellevate Podcast, we talk to a woman whose eclectic career has led her to become a social networking connoisseur. Maria Granovsky, geneticist, patent litigator and author. As someone who identifies as an introvert, she understands the struggles other introverts go through when it comes to networking. Her experiences have created an opportunity for her to help women network and take charge of their careers. In this episode, Maria tells us how she builds relationships via social media, how to manage your professional vs. personal social media presence and how she is able to be herself in her writing. 

Episode 99: Ditching Perfectionism, with Jodi Flynn

Feb 27, 2018 29:41


Jodi Flynn knows very well that Type-A people are a “special breed.” That’s because she works as a career coach for Type-A women...and if her additional list of titles (speaker, author, podcaster) doesn’t already give it away, Jodi is Type-A, too. While a Type-A woman’s desire for perfection can lead her on a journey to the top, Jodi points out that it can also hamper her efforts to get there through unnecessary self-doubt and burnout. In this episode, Jodi walks us through the rewards and challenges of holding oneself to the highest standard, and she outlines helpful practices that all women can adopt to let go of unrealistic expectations of what we can accomplish. In doing so, she believes we’ll find that we are actually able to accomplish more.


Episode 98: Reaching New Heights, with Melanie Curtis

Feb 20, 2018 28:24


When we think of someone who seems to be “doing it all,” Melanie Curtis no doubt comes to mind. Melanie is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and life coach with a dedicated Facebook following. She has also jumped out of a plane over 10,000 times. When asked how she manages it all, Melanie reassured us that the state of her apartment would reveal her humanness. In this episode, Melanie Curtis chats about making her imperfections known, overcoming fears, and what it’s like to throw yourself out of planes, helicopters, and the occasional hot air balloon.


Episode 97: Cultivating Communities for Women (and All Humans), with Dee Poku

Feb 13, 2018 29:19


From math and fashion to film and entrepreneurship, Dee Poku flourishes in any field she sets her mind to. Through hard work, networking, and natural talent, Dee has created multiple vehicles that drive social change. As co-founder of WIE and founder of The Other Festival, Dee is cultivating impactful communities for women - and all humans. In this episode, we sit down with Dee to discuss the importance of giving women real-world learning experiences, the power of film in inspiring change, and the tools that she has found most valuable on her own professional journey.

Episode 96: Changing the Media Landscape, with Neha Gandhi

Feb 6, 2018 32:24


Neha Gandhi is Chief Operating Officer and Editor in Chief at Girlboss—a versatile role one could only have at a startup. With her love of storytelling as her guide, Neha charted a path to professional fulfillment that is all her own. As she honed her skills at publications like Harper’s BAZAAR, Seventeen, and Refinery29, Neha realized she was destined for more than publishing alone. Neha has since become a force in both the editorial and operational realms. In this podcast, Neha shares her insights on how to create a work culture that churns out innovative solutions, the universal value of storytelling, and the future landscape of media.

Episode 95: Breaking Down Barriers, with Letitia James

Jan 30, 2018 31:27


Letitia James is the epitome of a female role model. As Public Advocate for the City of New York and the first woman of color to hold citywide office in NYC, Letitia James is all about breaking down barriers and giving a voice to those who have been “locked out of the sunshine of opportunity.” In an episode guaranteed to inspire, Kristy and Letitia sit down to discuss Letitia’s career path, how she stays connected to her community (it may involve DoubleDutch), the feminization of poverty, and the need for more women to take up positions in public office.

Episode 94: The Business of Health and Wellness, with Megan Bruneau

Jan 23, 2018 30:44


As psychotherapist, writer, wellness & executive coach, Megan Bruneau is a leading voice in the health and wellness community. She has pursued her passion to help others to no end, even if it meant taking an unconventional approach. After graduating from a prestigious counseling psychology Masters program, Megan couldn’t seem to land a job and rather than letting her situation get the best of her, she chose to pursue the thing in her life that brought her joy: yoga. In this episode, Megan traces her winding path from a yoga mat cleaner to successful entrepreneur and discusses the importance of therapy and using one’s privilege to help others.

Episode 93: Leveling the Education Playing Field, with Eva Moskowitz

Jan 16, 2018 32:41


Eva Moskowitz, Founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, has been passionate about education from the time she was young. Growing up in NYC, she was aware of the effect a family’s zip code had on a child’s destiny. With her passion for educating grades K through 12 and her service as a chairwoman of NYC Council’s Education Committee, she opened the Academy to close the achievement gap for children in low income neighborhoods. In this episode, Eva discusses how Success Academy is reversing the achievement gap, why we need to more women at the top and why it’s important for parents to have autonomy over where their kids go to school. 

Episode 92: Driving Diversity and Inclusion, with Nithya Das

Jan 9, 2018 28:28


Not many companies have a single individual as their Chief People and Legal Officer; however, AppNexus is setting a trend and changing the game with diversity in tech. After 4 years as their General Counsel, Nithya Das now serves as the Chief People and Legal Officer at AppNexus. This hybrid role allows her to help drive diversity and inclusion while working closely with both the legal and people teams. In this episode Nithya discusses how she transitioned from working at a firm to working at AppNexus, the importance of corporate culture and why she’s not afraid of people saying, “No.” 

Episode 91: Following Your Career Journey, with Taylor Bradford

Jan 2, 2018 30:51


Taylor Bradford has always been curious about being her own boss, so she bought her first rental property at 24 years old. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, she’s had the opportunity to pursue various endeavors from the fitness world to the oil and gas industry to blogging. Her brain is constantly thinking of ways to move forward and collaborate. In this week’s episode, Taylor talks about finding an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, changing her career path and wanting to be the first female owner of an NFL team.

Episode 90: Why Moms Make the Best Entrepreneurs, with Jill Salzman

Dec 26, 2017 24:31


Jill Salzman, founder The Founding Moms, wants you to know that moms make the best entrepreneurs. As a mom and entrepreneur, she has had much experience balancing the two and bringing other mommy moguls together to support and encourage each other. After getting her law degree, she realize an office job was not for her and decided to pursue her first entrepreneurial venture. Now on her third venture, Jill is passionate about giving moms a space to be authentic and successful. In this episode, Jill discusses how kids make moms more innovative and creative, how authenticity helps business and why it’s important to showcase mom entrepreneurs.

Episode 89: The Important Role Women Play as Entrepreneurs, with Andrea Ormeno

Dec 19, 2017 32:01


Andrea Ormeno, Women’s Business Center Director at the Queens Economic Development Center (QEDC), is no stranger to the hard work of an entrepreneur. As an immigrant and the youngest director in the history of QEDC, she understands the immense work it takes for small business owners to succeed. However, she is dedicated to breaking down the barriers. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family in Ecuador, she is passionate about providing immigrant business owners with the resources they need when starting their businesses in America. In this week’s episode, Andrea discusses her experience working for QEDC and her passion for getting women entrepreneurs the tools they need. She also gives some incredible pro-tips and advice for small business owners. 

Episode 88: One Planet One Future, with Anne DeCarbuccia

Dec 12, 2017 21:41


From the time Environmental Artist Anne DeCarbuccia was young, she’s been passionate about nature. Growing up on the island of Corsica, she always been surrounded by and interested in the beauty around her. Her love of nature coupled with her passion for art has led her to an illustrious career bringing awareness to the effects that we have on our planet. In this episode, Anne discusses her evolution as an artist, the power we have as consumers, and her exhibition One Planet One Future. You can see Anne’s work at her permanent gallery exhibitions in New York and Milan.

Episode 87: Why We Need Diversity in Cyber Security, with Diana Burley

Dec 5, 2017 28:06


Diana Burley has extensive expertise in cyber security. As Executive Director and Chair at the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P) and professor at George Washington University she is passionate about ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability that reside on our systems. In this week’s episode, Diana discusses being a woman of color in the tech field, gives us advice on how to go into our work with confidence and encourages women that it’s never too late to start a career in tech. Whether your’e 12 or 65, tech needs diverse backgrounds, and it’s important for those voices to be heard. 

Episode 86: Changing the Landscape for Women Who Drink Whiskey, with Claire Marin

Nov 28, 2017 31:44


How many people do you know give their loved ones the gift of beekeeping? CEO and Owner of Catskills Provisions, Claire Marin, is one of those people. Her passion for beekeeping and her study of how bees work influenced her to start Catskills Provisions, a community that includes locavore restaurants, hotels, and specialty stores. In this episode, Claire talks discusses her transition from Corporate America to CEO of a small business, the lessons she’s learned from bees and her campaign Women Who Drink Whiskey. To learn more about Catskill Provisions and get some tasty cocktail recipes, visit https://www.nyhoneyryewhiskey.com

Episode 85: Eliminating Gender Bias, with Andie Kramer

Nov 21, 2017 30:54


Women are often discouraged from pursuing their dreams due to the many views society has on women’s roles. If you’re like Andie Kramer, you were discouraged from pursuing your dreams a very young age. Andie, an activist, artist and one of the 50 Most Influential Women Lawyers in America named by the National Law Journal, was told at 13 years old that being a “lady lawyer” would be a big mistake. Nevertheless, she persisted. In this episode, Andie shares advice on how to confront gender bias in the workplace and discusses what organizations can do to be more inclusive and help women succeed. She also discusses how we can all be more socially conscious, not just in our careers, but our daily lives.

Episode 84: Finding the Humor in Parenthood, with Hillary Frank

Nov 14, 2017 27:12


Parenting is far from easy and Hillary Frank, author and host of The Longest Shortest Time Podcast, wants parents to know they are not alone. After realizing that there were no resources where parents could commiserate in a real way and truly discuss the difficulties of parenthood, she created The Longest Shortest Time Podcast. In her podcast she talks to parents from all backgrounds with varying parenting styles and debunks some of the portrayals of parenthood often influenced by mainstream media. In this episode, Hillary sits down with Kristy to discuss the reality of childbirth and parenting, changing the idea of the ideal worker and injecting humor into the conversation surrounding parenthood.   

Episode 83: Why We Should Be Concerned with Geopolitical Uncertainty, with Ian Bremmer

Nov 7, 2017 32:18


Many of the average Americans aren’t aware of geopolitics and how it affects the US government. Ian Bremmer, Founder and CEO of Eurasia Group, is not that average American. Eurasia Group is the first firm devoted to helping investors and business decision-makers understand the impact of politics on the risks and opportunities in foreign markets. In this special episode, you’ll hear Ian in conversation with Ellevate Chair Sallie Krawcheck on all things politics. From the state of the US Government to the rise of China, Ian leaves no geopolitical topic unscathed. Through an insightful, thorough and humorous analysis, Ian leaves us, not only with some hope about our technological world, but with incredible knowledge.

Episode 82: Debunking the Myths About Women and Age, with Idelisse Malavé and Joanne Sandler of Two Old Bitches Podcast

Oct 31, 2017 45:19


Idelisse Malavé and Joanne Sandler want you to know that their age and gender do not define them. With their humorous podcast Two Old Bitches, they set out to celebrate amazing women over 50 and dispel the myths about aging. In this episode, Idelisse and Joanne discuss the importance of intersectional feminism, why it’s great to enjoy and embrace being a woman at every age, and the ways women can stand up for themselves in the face of adversity.

Episode 81: Successfully Pursuing the Side Hustle, with Mara Lecocq

Oct 24, 2017 30:17


Have you heard of the story where your daughter or young girl in your life is a “badass robot engineer?” Well look no further because Mara Lecocq, Founder and Co-Creator of Secret Code, has the solution. After years of working in tech and noticing the lack of representation for young girls in the industry, she decided to take action and create the customizable story that puts all girls at the forefront. In this episode, Mara discusses her tech journey, the importance of equal representations for girls of all races and how she started her successful side hustle. Her journey has led her all over the world inspiring her work and mission to bring tech to girls everywhere.

Episode 80: Finding Success Through Passion and Personal Strength, with Sara Holtz

Oct 17, 2017 32:53


Anyone who's moved from corporate law to entrepreneurship knows it is both a challenging and exciting venture – just ask Sara Holtz. After years in corporate law, she decided to put her marketing and business mind to use and inspire younger on women how to succeed in their careers. She started the podcast “Advice to My Younger Me” as a way to tackle the grueling questions and concerns that young business women have. In this week’s podcast, Sara discusses her non-linear career path, the importance of acknowledging your strengths and passions and figuring out how happiness can translate to success.

Episode 79: Why We Need More Women In Politics, with Sarah Chamberlain

Oct 10, 2017 28:58


Sarah Chamberlain, President and CEO of the Republican Main Street Partnership, never thought she’d get into politics. She graduated college with the intention of starting a career in accounting, but after 20 years as the CEO of Republican Main Street Partnership, she’s right where she belongs. Sarah has learned through working with different members and different policies the importance of collaboration and coming together. In this week’s podcast Sarah discusses the evolution of political parties, the importance of women’s voices in politics and the Women2Women Conversations Tour. Sarah wants to teach the next generation of leaders that women can do anything.

Episode 78: Why We Need Women in the Marijuana Industry, with Cassandra Farrington

Oct 3, 2017 30:29


Cassandra Farrington is passionate about providing information. As CEO and Co-Founder of Marijuana Business Daily, she works to provide information resources to cannabis industry entrepreneurs and investors. After working in the corporate world and realizing the important role that women play in the industry, she started Marijuana Business Daily with her mentor and business partner. In this week’s podcast, Cassandra talks about the importance and rise of social entrepreneurship, the difference between cannabis and marijuana, and the reason women are key players in decision making. Women's roles are vital to the success of this ever-growing industry.

Episode 77: Debunking the Stereotypes of Ambitious Women, with Nancy Tseng

Sep 26, 2017 30:14


Nancy Tseng, West Coast Mergers and Acquisition Leader at West Monroe Partners, has been surrounded by ambitious people from a young age. Having been exposed to the hard work and perseverance of her mother and grandparents, she’s taken that ambition and created her own illustrious career. After making connections and networking at Stanford, she was exposed to the world of engineering. In this week’s podcast, Nancy talks about the importance of networking, the need for more women in management consulting and the women who impacted her life and career. 

Episode 76: The Future of Health Technology, with Candice Hughes

Sep 19, 2017 32:14


Candice Hughes, CEO and Founder of Hughes BioPharma Advisors, has had an entrepreneurial spirit engrained in her from a young age. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Candice’s business mind was working even in her early years. As she developed her career, she was able to integrate two of her passions: biology and business. In this week’s episode, Candice talks about networking at every stage of your career, the importance of holistic health for women and the future of health technology. She shares some of the latest innovations in health tech and we’re excited for what’s to come.

Episode 75: Paying it Forward in Tech, with Bear Douglas

Sep 12, 2017 26:59


Not many people can say they've been coding their whole lives; however, Bear Douglas is the exception. Coding since first grade, the Developer Advocacy Lead at Slack truly has had a great deal of experience in the tech world. In this week's podcast, Bear discusses the importance of passionate educators, paying it forward and how networking inspires what she does. She also tells us the story of how she got her awesome name. Bear has some incredible advice for anyone who wants to work in tech. 

Episode 74: The Value of Women Supporting Women, with Lynn Tesoro

Sep 5, 2017 29:04


Your professional success can almost always be attributed to those people who support and lift you in the process. For Lynn Tesoro, Founding Partner of HL Group, her career would not be the same without the women who supported her. On this week’s podcast, Lynn discusses the importance of having powerful women in her circle, working from the ground up and teaching children the value of money and hard work. She also gives us some insight on the events and planning that goes into New York Fashion Week.

Episode 73: Embracing Diverse Cultural Experiences, with Naomi Hattaway

Aug 29, 2017 31:10


Naomi Hattaway, founder of I Am a Triangle, is no stranger to change. Having moved all over the world (14 times to be exact), she knows what it feels like to assimilate to different cultures and bring those experiences to new places. In this week's podcast, Naomi discusses the difference between belonging and fitting in, the importance of embracing cultures different from your own and why we need to learn from each other other's experiences as opposed to being critical.

Episode 72: The Importance of Ethics in Corporate America, with Kara Swisher

Aug 22, 2017 17:10


When it comes to knowing what she wants and going for it, Kara Swisher is a pro. As Co-Executive Editor and Co-Founder of Recode, she's familiar with the sexism in Silicon Valley and corporate America. Being a go getter and having an incredible work ethic, she's gotten the reputation of being tough. However, Kara simply knows what she wants and how she's going to get it. In this week's podcast, Kara discusses calling out sexism in the workplace, not being afraid to fail and the importance of ethics. 

Episode 71: A Seat at the Table, with Minda Harts

Aug 15, 2017 30:11


Now more than ever diverse representation plays a key role in creating a successful workplace. Seeing people who look like you in the C-Suite, makes a huge difference. Minda Harts, CEO and founder of The Memo, has created a space to help women of color not only gain a seat at the table, but to know what to do at the table. In this week's podcast Minda discusses the power of diversity, finding your your inner wonder woman and learning to be your biggest cheerleader. You worked really hard to get where you are and deserve to be there.

Episode 70: Social Disruption, with Alexandre Mars

Aug 8, 2017 27:57


Alexandre Mars, CEO and founder of Epic Foundation, has been a disruptor in tech for many years. He advocated for tech and the internet before it was popular and made waves in venture capitalism at a young age. Now, he's taking on a new wave: social disruption. He has turned his success into philanthropy, using his entrepreneurship to advocate for charities and organizations. In this week's podcast, Alexandre discusses the importance of social disruption and how technology helps his philanthropy. He gives solutions for bringing social good into organizations and discusses the steps we can take towards becoming disruptors in our everyday lives.

Episode 69: If You Can See It, You Can Be It, with Dani Rylan

Aug 1, 2017 30:14


Dani Rylan, founder of the National Women's Hockey League, is no stranger to disrupting the status quo. As a female hockey player, she realized that women typically had no future playing past the collegiate level besides every 4 years at the Olympics. Dani needed to change that; she wanted to give women a platform post graduation and in between Olympic seasons to play the game she is fiercely passionate about. In this week's podcast, Dani talks being an entrepreneur, taking on the role of an activist and exposing more and more women to hockey. She's fighting the narrative that there shouldn't be a NWHL one goal at a time.

Episode 68: #WomenNotObjects, With Madonna Badger

Jul 26, 2017 39:00


Can you imagine a space where women in ads are seen as more than just objects? Well, Madonna Badger has not only imagined it, but she's created it. The advertising executive at Badger & Winters Ad Agency has pioneered the campaign #WomenNotObjects to put an end to objectification of women in advertisements. In this week's podcast, Madonna talks about the effect these images have on children, the importance of empathy and what she's learned from allowing herself to be vulnerable. Through tough conversations, Madonna has learned a lot about herself and her business.

Episode 67: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, with Audrey Bellis

Jul 18, 2017 28:52


Audrey Bellis is a community builder, and her true passion is how she can she support entrepreneurs - those who are trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. Through Worthy Women she puts together a series of free events around the country to bring together women entrepreneurs. In this episode, Audrey talks with Maricella about how she started Worthy Women, the importance of being honest about failure,  how bad situations can lead you to embrace your power and turn yourself around, and useful tips for those who are thinking of starting their own business.

Episode 66: Fixing the Leaky Pipeline, with Katica Roy

Jul 11, 2017 26:29


Katica Roy is the CEO of Pipeline. She is a total risk taker with full faith in her ability to figure things out along the way — a quality to which she attributes her success. In this episode, Katica tells us that we don’t need to know all the answers, that learning takes place everywhere, and that skills and industries are constantly changing. She also talks about how to break the mentality of perfection that is so ingrained in women’s minds.

Episode 65: Taking Initiative, with Maisha Walker

Jul 4, 2017 36:37


Along with being the President and Founder of Message Medium, an Internet strategy consulting firm, Maisha Walker works to empower fellow small business owners as an author, educator, and speaker. In this episode, Maisha tells us the story of how she left the world of finance to start her own online business, how she thrives as a remote worker, and how she manages being an introvert as an entrepreneur and public speaker.

Episode 64: Keeping Up and Thriving in Startup Culture, with Adrian Granzella Larsson

Jun 27, 2017 28:15


From being the first employee ever at The Muse, Adrian Granzella Larssen now runs a team of 600 freelance writers as their Editor at Large and Career Expert, and she still firmly believes in The Muse’s mission to help people find the right career paths. In this episode, we talk with Adrian about taking risks — like how she left the more secure world of finance to join a start up. She reminds us to be proactive rather than reactive, to give ourselves headspace to think, and to take risks for what you believe in.

Episode 63: Making Connections, with Cecilia Nelson

Jun 20, 2017 32:30


Cecilia Nelson is the Assistant Vice President of Diversity at L’Oreal. Whether personally or professionally, she makes an impact on people’s lives through forming deep, authentic connections with everyone she meets -- including our very own Kristy Wallace. Cecilia tells us about the importance of appreciating the day to day and explains how we can celebrate our accomplishments through vision boards, Passion Planners, and more. She lays down the facts and statistics for us about the increased financial performance of companies with diversity and inclusion. She reminds us that it’s not enough to just be diverse, you need to be inclusive, and shares some advice on how to get that coveted promotion.

Episode 62: Defining Feminism with Wade Davis

Jun 13, 2017 39:52


Former NFL player Wade Davis II is a feminist, and he’s not afraid to shout it from the rooftops. He is a thought leader and activist for equality and an educator on the intersectionality of race, gender and sexuality. In this episode, we talk with Wade about the stigma around the word feminism, why making mistakes is important for growth, and how we can include men in the conversation about gender equality. Wade brings a male perspective on the harmfulness of “masculinity” and the importance of feminism for both men and women.

Episode 61: Making the Impossible Possible, with Zainab Salbi

Jun 6, 2017 38:46


Zainab Salbi has dedicated her life to women’s rights and freedom, and is one of our time’s most inspiring humanitarians, activists and media personalities. Through her work founding Women for Women International and her current project showcasing the journeys and stories of people around the world, Zainab has created change. In this episode, Zainab talks to Kristy about her journey and how she came to the U.S, why she feels a responsibility to act in the face of injustice, the importance of being persistent, and how we can change the world.

Episode 60: Ellevate LIVE with Gretchen Carlson and the Podcast All-Stars

May 30, 2017 41:43


Gretchen Carlson has had an amazing career in media, and recently made waves by becoming a tireless advocate to stop sexual harassment and bring equality into the workplace. In this special live episode, Gretchen talks to Kristy and Maricella about her new book, Be Fierce, her career journey, the importance of including men in the conversation about equality, and more. Plus, a few past guest of the Ellevate Podcast join us on stage for a lighting round.

Episode 59: Amplifying Women's Voices with Mary Mazzio

May 23, 2017 37:04


Mary Mazzio, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, is also an Olympian, a lawyer, and an awesome female role model. At Ellevate, we believe that you can’t be what you can’t see, and Mary firmly supports that idea. In this episode, Mary shares how thinking about having a daughter made an impact on her views of herself and her impact in the world, her production company, "50 Eggs", how her experiences in college sports helped her feminism, resilience and grit, and her newest documentary I Am Jane Doe.


Episode 58: Furthering Girls' Education, with Tammy Tibbetts

May 16, 2017 32:58


Tammy Tibbets created She’s The First to educate and empower girls all around the world, providing scholarships to girls in low income countries who will be the first in their families to graduate from high school. In this episode, Tammy shares her career journey and how she found her professional mission and started her nonprofit, the challenges girls face when it comes to education, how giving girls access to education can create a change in the community, some of the challenges non-profits face and tips for breaking into the non-profit world, the role social media has played in her career and how the skills she learned translated into entrepreneurship, generation"Z" and the role of age in the workplace.

Episode 57: Listening and Learning with Julia Taylor Kennedy

May 9, 2017 32:12


Julia Taylor Kennedy now works at the Center of Talent Innovation, but her career has taken twists and turns all due to her curiosity and desire to learn about many different topics. In this episode she shares her journey or how she got into radio, her real-life run in with the imposter syndrome and why you need to be confident and raise your hand, veterans in the workplace, how you can create a career using the skills you love,  politics in the workplace, and more.

Episode 56: Wake Up to the Joy of You, with Agapi Stassinopoulos

May 2, 2017 41:09


Agapi Stassinopoulos inspires people around the world to find the joy in their lives. She believes that all humans go through the same things but yet we feel separated, so she encourages us to be open to connecting with others and become more mindful. In this episode, Agapi talks about gratitude, finding our center, making your own destiny, and dealing with your inner critic. This special episode also includes a guided meditation for you to follow along.

Episode 55: Changing the Face of Angel Investing, with Natalia Oberti Noguera

Apr 25, 2017 33:09


Natalia Oberti Noguera is a true believer of “you can’t be what you can’t see.” She founded Pipeline Angels to help level the playing field in funding for women and nonbinary femme social entrepreneurs. In this episode, Natalia shares her journey, how you can influence the world around you through a culture of change, the importance of women investing in women, and more.

Episode 54: Always a Bridesmaid, with Jen Glantz

Apr 18, 2017 36:19


Jen Glantz found, by chance, a skill set that she didn’t know was needed in the market and used it to build a business. She’s now a professional bridesmaid and her company, Bridesmaids for Hire, help women all over the world wrangle the troops and make sure that their wedding day goes out without a hitch. In this episode, Jen shares her journey as an entrepreneur, best and worst stories from weddings she’s been involved with, the importance of finding the right mentor, and balancing business and relationships.

Episode 53: B Corps, Using the Power of Business to Create Social Change, with Rose DeStefano

Apr 11, 2017 26:21


Rose DeStefano is a B Impact Fellow at B Lab, the nonprofit that certifies businesses as B Corporations. In this episode Rose talks about what B Corps are and how they are having an impact in the world, the Best for NYC initiative, her career and how her mentors have influenced her journey.

Episode 52: Changing Business from the Inside, with Catherine Plano

Apr 4, 2017 34:08


Catharine Plano is an executive coach and a leadership development professional. She believes that we all have the resources we need to make a difference in the world, we just need to tap into our own potential. In this episode, Catherine shares her thoughts on what holds us back from achieving happiness, different ways of communicating with your team, her thoughts on family leave and how we can change the business world from the inside.

Episode 51: Avoiding Burnout, with Emilie Aries

Mar 28, 2017 36:38


Emilie Aries had a career that started with a bang: she was the youngest state director in the nation helping President Obama push for policies like federal health reform, was recruiting training and managing hundreds of volunteers, and living a busy life… until it caught up with her. Finding herself burnout at age 25, Emilie decided to change her life. She founded Bossed Up, a training company that helps women manage career transition and avoid burnout. In this episode, Emilie shares her own experience with burnout, how to avoid it, her views on what it takes for gender equality to be real, the realities of meritocracy and how to rejuvenate.

Episode 50: Fearless Girl and Fearless Women, with Kristy Wallace

Mar 21, 2017 43:39


You already know Kristy Wallace as the president of Ellevate Network and host of the Ellevate Podcast, but today you get to hear the real story behind her career and what brought her to Ellevate as we turn the tables on her. In this episode, Maricella interviews Kristy and they talk about career shifts, feminism and diversity, raising your kids (boys and girls) to be feminists and to care about the world around them, finding and following your professional mission and being a working mom. 

Episode 49: Killing It with Sally Hubbard

Mar 14, 2017 33:55


Sally Hubbard has had a winding career path. She went to law school with the idea of being a women’s rights lawyer, worked at the New York District Attorney’s office under personalities like Elliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo; as a journalist covering mergers and acquisitions, and is also an entrepreneur and podcast host. Oh, and not to mention a feminist. In this episode, Sally shares insights from her podcast “Women Killing It,” her winding career path and how switching jobs is strength, not a weakness and what the definition of feminism means to her.    Also, if you have questions for Ellevate, need career advice, or just want to say hi, send them in to podcast@ellevatenetwork.com and we’ll answer them on the air!

Episode 48: Disrupting Industries and Taboos, with Miki Agrawal

Mar 7, 2017 35:36


Miki Agrawal is in the business of period, pee and poop. She is the co-founder and CEO of THINX, the period-proof underwear company that’s disrupting the $15 billion feminine-hygiene market. Miki is a strong voice, a proponent of innovation and social enterprises, and is committed to changing the conversation to break taboos, particularly around normal bodily functions that keep many girls and women back, particularly in the developing world. In this episode, Miki talks about being a twin, her journey building THINX, making taboo topics mainstream, and her favorite entrepreneur moments. 

Episode 47: Advancing Women’s Leadership with Miriam Grobman

Feb 28, 2017 31:12


Miriam Grobman works to advance women's leadership through strategy, leadership development and organizational culture. Her career took many turns: she started off in Wall Street, moved to Brazil to work at a mining company, and finally decided to start her own business. In this episode Miriam talks to Kristy about working abroad, taking risks, creating change, and closing the gender gap.


Episode 46: New Leaders And Role Models, With Janet Balis

Feb 21, 2017 37:51


Janet Balis has had a career full of twists and turns: from consulting, to media, to entrepreneurship, she's done a bit of everything. She also has had the pleasure of working with strong leaders like Arianna Huffington and Martha Stewart. In this episode, Janet shares her career journey, her process of building her personal brand, how much she's learning from the younger generations and some great tips to be more productive.

Episode 45: Flex-Work, Life and Motherhood, with Manon DeFelice

Feb 14, 2017 40:26


Manon DeFelice is the Founder and CEO of Inkwell, a company dedicated to connect senior level women with flexible job opportunities. Her career path has been non-traditional to say the least.  She started off right after college designing compensation packages for the top executives in large businesses. She went to law school, worked with the Manhattan DA office with the sex crime unit, and  after graduating while pregnant, she had an offer from a large law firm rescinded and decided to go to work for the NYC Mayor’s office to work on human trafficking and the commercial exploitation of children. In this episode, Manon shares her career journey, how it shaped her both in her family life as a mother and as an executive, how she negotiated her first job offer, some of the issues working moms face,  the impact that flexibility can have on employees, and more.

Episode 44: Change, Sports and Sponsors with Karen Potter

Feb 7, 2017 29:43


Karen Potter is a Director of Social Collaboration, Talent & Learning Technology at Citi. Karen immigrated to the United States from Guatemala when she was seven with her single mom and two siblings. In this episode, Karen shares her story and memories of when she moved as a child, how playing sports had an impact on her career, and how networking and showing up brought her to where she is today. 

Episode 43: Setting and Achieving Goals with May Busch

Jan 31, 2017 34:04


January’s almost over; have you been sticking to your new year goals? How do you make sure you stay on track? This week’s guest, May Busch, went from being a senior executive for Morgan Stanley to creating her own path and becoming an executive coach. With over 24 years in investment banking, May has quite the insight and experience she wants to share with other executive women to help them advance in their careers. In this episode, Kristy and May discuss how to accomplish goals, how to track and achieve progress, and what you can do to take action in your lives.

Episode 42: Women Running for Office with Erin Loos Cutraro

Jan 24, 2017 34:44


Erin Loos Cutraro is the Co-Founder & CEO of She Should Run, an organization working to increase the number of women getting involved in elected office. After an intense weekend where more than 3 million people around the world marched to make their voices heard in support of equality and women’s rights, this is the perfect time to talk about the reasons there aren’t that many women in elected office. Erin shares some of the work She Should Run is doing to connect leadership and policy, research they have done around the double standards that women face in the campaign trail, some of the barriers to entry for women, and where you should start if you’re curious about running for office. Also, Maricella and Kristy went to DC together this weekend and the two debrief about how they feel about their role in politics.

Episode 41: Own It - The Power of Women at Work, with Sallie Krawcheck

Jan 17, 2017 35:39


How are you owning 2017? In this special episode, Sallie Krawcheck, Chair of Ellevate Network and Founder and CEO of Ellevest,  talks to Kristy about her new book, Own It. Sallie knows the business world is changing, and she thinks that with these changes, women are strategically positioned because of our innate strengths, to be successful. We have the opportunity to use the power we don't even know we have to change the world. We just need to stop taking the advice that says we should act like men.

Episode 40: Getting Out Of A Career Rut With Nancy Halpern

Jan 10, 2017 31:16


Nancy Halpern is the Principal of KNH Associates, which offers skills in communication coaching, leadership development and team building. In this episode, Nancy talks with Kristy about the definition of success, how to survive and thrive in a challenging work environment, and what to look for in a career coach.

Episode 39: Disrupt Yourself with Whitney Johnson

Jan 3, 2017 31:43


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017, the year to #OwnIt. In this first episode of the new year, Kristy chats with Whitney Johnson, author of Disrupt Yourself, podcast host and co-founder of 40 Women to Watch Over 40. Whitney has come to understand the core truth of innovation: companies don't disrupt, people do. Whitney shares the accelerators that can help us grow, her take on delegating, and why a personal brand is important.

Episode 38: Ellevate End of Year Special (Part 2)

Dec 27, 2016 30:05


In the second part of our 2016 special, the Ellevate team shares info on events and what's on deck for 2017, on who is the ideal Ellevate Network member (and, more importantly, who is not). And discover the behind the scenes of the Ellevate Podcast, including the beginning of what is now the weekly show that we love making for you. 


Episode 37: Looking Back and Moving Forward, Ellevate Year End Special (Part 1)

Dec 20, 2016 39:09


It's been a busy year for Ellevate Network! In the first part of this two-part special episode you'll get to meet the people behind the scenes and learn what's next for the future of Ellevate. Hear from Sallie Krawcheck and Kristy what they think of 2016 and how sharing your stories helps women advance in business. You’ll get to meet Ellevate’s corporate partnership team (who may or may not have an alter ego) and learn what are some the wonderful companies who are investing in their female employees by working with Ellevate; the people behind Ellevate’s online presence including the brave man (and his dog) who decided to work for gender equality; our Texas office (pssst it’s not really an office) where all chapter coordination takes place; and hear from the two brains behind Ellevate’s social media and content. You’ll definitely learn the inside scoop of why Ellevate is what it is (hint: it’s because of the people).


Episode 36: Creating Opportunities, with Ramona Ortega

Dec 13, 2016 31:25


Ramona Ortega is the founder and CEO of My Money, My Future. Ramona grew up in Napa, CA; her parents were farmers and didn't go to college. Her career has spanned journalism, cooking, policy and advocacy, corporate law and now entrepreneurship. In this episode Ramona talks about the importance of having your family's support, building your career towards your goal, serving the needs of people of color when it comes to finances, and why financial security is so important for innovation.

Episode 35: The Importance of Risks and Failures for Entrepreneurs, with Kate Ryder

Dec 6, 2016 28:31


Kate Ryder is the Founder and CEO of Maven, a company that’s disrupting the healthcare industry by providing women with a network of women’s health and family providers around the country. But Kate started her career as a journalist. While she was writing an article on the Chinese travel market and its potential business opportunities, she realized her calling to be an entrepreneur. In this episode, Kate discusses the importance of storytelling, go-to tips for entrepreneurs, her greatest failure that lead to the beginning of her career, and the most important aspect of building a new brand (especially in healthcare), and more.

Episode 34: How To Advocate For Your Financial Future With Lisa Stone

Nov 29, 2016 24:59


Lisa Stone is a Principal in Bernstein Global Wealth Management, however, when she started her career that’s not what she set off to do -- she was heading to another country, bright-eyed and hopeful, with the vision of changing the world. Yet, life happens, and she went into finance. She has now been at Bernstein for 13 years. In this episode, Lisa shares her career journey, how to become comfortable (and successful) doing sales, picking a financial advisor, the bag lady syndrome, and more.

Episode 33: The Importance of Mission and Purpose, with Heidi Hackemer

Nov 22, 2016 32:20


Heidi Hackemer is the founder of Wolf & Wilhelmine, a brand strategy company that helps CEOs find what their brands are, and what their place is in the world. She believes in the importance of having a clear mission that you care about to be able to attract talent and clients. Before W&W, Heidi had a high-powered corporate job, which wasn’t making her happy. So she decided to drive across the US in a truck. In this episode, Heidi shares her career journey, her take on personal brand (and it’s not what you think), the impact her travels have had on her, being an introvert, and more.

Episode 32: Building a Network that Matters, with Avani Patel

Nov 15, 2016 25:42


Avani Patel is the Founder and CEO of Trendseeder and the Director of Start Up Studio at Harvard Business School in NYC. After six years of practicing law, Avani decided to quit and go to Columbia Business School to follow her passion for the fashion industry. She went on to start her own business to help pave the way for entrepreneurs within the fashion, beauty, health & wellness industries. In this episode, Avani talks about the importance of building your network, dealing with failure, pivoting, and how important self-awareness is for success.

Episode 31: From Strikeouts to Home Runs with Jennifer Gefsky

Nov 8, 2016 28:59


Jennifer Gefsky is the Co-Founder of Après and the host of the Après podcast, The Aftershow. She started of her career as a lawyer, specializing in “sports law” and moved from her law firm to MLB. When her second child was born, Jen continued to work but wasn’t happy. She  decided to take a break from her very high-powered, high-stress career, and then everything changed. After having worked so long and built her career, Jen had quite a bit of an adjustment to make. In this episode, Jen talks about her career and what led her to become an entrepreneur, the importance of passion and perseverance, and being comfortable with failure.

Episode 30: Embracing the Power of Diversity with Lauren Leader-Chivée

Nov 1, 2016 37:07


Lauren Leader-Chivée does not have a political background, but she has dedicated her career to closing the most critical personal, professional and political gender gaps for women. She founded All In Together to help inspire more women to get engaged in the political process. In this episode, Lauren shares information about her book, Crossing The Thinnest Line, the similar reasons behind the gender gap in business and in politics, why it’s important to increase the participation of women in politics, why diversity matters and how we can help embrace diversity by acknowledging our differences.

Episode 29: Finding a New Path, with Karen Davis-Farage

Oct 25, 2016 25:15


Karen Davis-Farage had a long career in the tech industry and, after 32 years, found herself without a job. It was through the influence of her son and her husband that Karen found her next career: becoming an entrepreneur. Karen is the President and Co-Owner of Pole Position Raceway, a company she leads with her husband. In this episode, Karen shares her advice for getting through tough times, working through a career transition, and the importance of having a network and continuing to learn from others.

Episode 28: Investing in Girls, with Barbara Murphy Warrington

Oct 18, 2016 25:48


If you thought the Girl Scouts are only about cookies, think again. Barbara Murphy Warrington is the CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater New York. She’s moved back and forth from the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, with some stops along the way in entrepreneurship and in the public sector, but her focus has always been on helping organizations with their leadership development. In this episode, Barbara shares her career journey, the importance of role models, some of the programs the Girl Scouts are working on, and more.

Episode 27: Investing in Women, with Adam Quinton

Oct 11, 2016 37:44


Adam Quinton is passionate about diversity and inclusion. And it’s not just talk: he spends his time (and money) investing and advising companies with diverse founders, teaching as an adjunct professor at Columbia, and working as an executive in residence for the Center of Talent Innovation helping companies become more inclusive. In this episode, Adam shares his journey into the start-up space after having a successful career in finance, his view on the importance and value of diverse teams, his advice for companies that want to become more inclusive, his method for evaluating the companies he invests in, and the dangers of stereotypes.

Episode 26: Reinventing Work for Women, with Annie Dean and Anna Auerbach

Oct 4, 2016 30:57


Annie Dean and Anna Auerbach believe the leadership pipeline is broken and that having flexible work opportunities for ambitious women would be the way to fix it. After both of their high achieving careers (Annie is a lawyer and Anna a consultant who then worked in the nonprofit sector) they started their own company, Werk, with the aim of helping women stay in the workforce and not opt-out when they become mothers. In this episode, Annie and Anna share their mission, why we need to take the term “mommy track” out of commission, why guilt and shame should not be a part of flexible work arrangements and their advice for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Episode 25: Closing The Money Gaps with Sallie Krawcheck

Sep 27, 2016 33:45


As the chair of Ellevate Network and Founder and CEO of Ellevest, Sallie Krawcheck is on a mission to close the money gaps: the gender pay gap, the gender investing gap, the gender achievement gap. In this episode Sallie shares news about her upcoming book, Own It, the skills women bring to the table in this changing business environment, her career journey, dealing with the naysayers and her lessons learned as a mom.

Episode 24: Time Management and Entrepreneurship with Angela Lee

Sep 20, 2016 23:44


Angela Lee has always had a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, she is the Assistant Dean at Columbia Business School and she is the founder of 37 Angels, a community of women angel investors with the mission of educating early stage investors. In this episode Angela talks about delegating, time management, prioritizing while being an entrepreneur, and more.

Episode 23: The Power of Resilience with Jas Boothe

Sep 13, 2016 26:35


Jas Boothe epitomizes the power of resilience and how much one person can do to make a positive change in the world. She is a disabled Army veteran, an activist, and the founder of Final Salute, an organization that seeks to provide safe and suitable housing to homeless women Veterans and  their children. In this episode, Jas shares her story, how she decided that she needed to take matters in her own hands to be a changemaker, and how the lessons she learned in the military have helped her in her new path.

This episode of the Ellevate Podcast is sponsored by Fidelity Investments.

Episode 22: Changing A Company’s Culture, with Nellie Borrero

Sep 6, 2016 23:09


Nellie Borrero is the Global Inclusion and Diversity Managing Director at Accenture. She’s been at the company for 30 years, and it’s her passion for making a difference what really drives her. In this episode, Nellie tells us about her career journey, how she turned a tough situation into a big opportunity to make a difference in her company, her advice for speaking up and tips to improve self-awareness.

Episode 21: Pursuing Balance and Fulfillment in Your Personal and Professional Lives, with Sam Ettus

Aug 30, 2016 24:12


Samantha Ettus gets a lot done: she’s a work/life expert, author, radio host and all around badass. Her passion is to help women realize they can absolutely have thriving personal and professional lives and that there are tools to help her do that. Her new book, The Pie Life: A Guilt‐Free Recipe for Success and Satisfaction, is the ultimate playbook for women who want to sustain thriving personal and professional lives at the same time. In this episode Samantha shares strategies for work/life integration, developing your network through social media, and building your personal brand.

Episode 20: Goal Attainment and Building Your Practice, with Dr. Chloe Carmichael

Aug 23, 2016 22:35


How do you manage stress? Dr. Chloe Carmichael is a clinical psychologist who specializes in goal attainment, stress and anxiety management. Her practice has grown significantly as a result of her hard work, making it an interesting case of entrepreneurial grit. In this episode she shares her career journey, how she grew her practice to include video therapy and coaching, and tips she has learned about building and managing teams.

Episode 19: Military, Veterans and Career Transitions with Amanda Veinott

Aug 16, 2016 21:33


Amanda Veinott is passionate about creating career opportunities for veterans when they return to civilian life. In this episode she shares why hiring veterans is good for business, why career transitions are so tough, why internships are important and what is her best piece of advise for people in the military.

Episode 18: Finding Your Own Career Path, with Jess Torres

Aug 9, 2016 23:03


Jess Torres has had a very interesting career journey. She is the Editor in Chief of Siempre Mujer, but to get here she had to do a lot of exploring and soul searching. Jess’s thoughtful approach to her career is in an inspiration. In this episode, Jess shares her path, her thoughts on the importance of having a support network and the right partner, and some advice for people who are still trying to find what they want to do next.

Episode 17: Creativity and Authenticity, with Jess Williams

Aug 2, 2016 25:21


Jess Williams is the Founder of Communal Creative, but many will know her from her work at Birchbox and Thrillist where she lead the creative design and brand. Jess helps brands define who they are and create magical moments with their clients. In this episode, Jess shares her career journey, her best advice for someone who is thinking through the next steps in their career, and the importance of relationships and authenticity for success.

Episode 16: PR, Resilience and Giving Back with Jennefer Witter

Jul 26, 2016 29:23


Jennefer Witter has a long and proven track record in PR. She’s an author and the founder and CEO of The Boreland Group, a public relations firm dedicated to working with small businesses to get them their share of media attention. In this episode, Jennefer shares her career history, how resilience has been an important part of her successful journey, and why women should (and do) help other women.

Episode 15: Speaking Up and Getting What You're Worth with Deepali Vyas

Jul 19, 2016 23:52


Research has shown that a diverse team leads to better business results. But to create gender diversity in a company, there first have to be diverse candidates seeking out new positions. Deepali Vyas, executive recruiter, search consultant and coach at Hedrick & Struggles, has seen first hand how women struggle to step up to the plate in their job search. In this episode, she talks to us about why women hesitate when applying for a higher position or asking for a raise or promotion, as well as lots of tips on how to best present yourself in an interview to show you’re not just a way to fill their diversity quota, but the best person for the job.

Episode 14: Confidence and Assertiveness with Julia Landauer

Jul 12, 2016 25:25


Julia Landauer redefines the modern race car driver. She has been dedicated to her sport since she was 10 years old, and has managed to make history after becoming the first female NASCAR Track Champion in her division. In this episode, she shares her journey, the business side of racing, how all the decisions she’s made have brought her to where she is now and her passion for encouraging more girls interested in STEM.

Episode 13: Communicating Effectively (and directly) with Tami Reiss

Jul 5, 2016 25:37


There is a lot of talk about how using words, such as “sorry” “just” “I think” can hurt our communication. Tami Reiss wants to change that. Tami is the CEO of Cyrus Innovation and the Founder of Just Not Sorry, a Google Chrome plugin that underlines trigger words in your emails that may undermine your communication. In this episode, Tami shares insights of her career in tech, how she came up with the idea for Just Not Sorry, and how she brought it to life.


Episode 12: Design the Life You Love with Ayse Brisel

Jun 28, 2016 20:47


Ayse Brisel, Co-founder of Brisel + Seck, uses her design training and process to do much more than just build beautiful and functional things. She is the author of Design the Life You Love, a book that shows you how to use design process to change your point of view on all aspects of your life and really create a different, and more satisfying, life. In this episode, Ayse shares her career background, why she thinks design is so important and why more women should be in the field.

Episode 11: Becoming a Financial Grownup with Bobbi Rebell

Jun 21, 2016 20:40


Bobbi Rebell is a journalist and an author. Her book, How to Be a Financial Grownup: Proven Advice from High Achievers on How to Live Your Dreams and Have Financial Freedom, shares insights and candid stories from some of today’s leaders (including our own Sallie Krawcheck) about the moment they became “financial grownups.” In this episode, Sallie shares a little of her financial grownup story (which involves divorce) and discusses the importance of being a financial grownup. In addition, Kristy and Bobbie have a conversation about Bobbi’s book, her column on Reuters about Millennials, and how this group is reaching their financial maturity.

Episode 10: Getting Over the Career Slump with Kathy Caprino

Jun 14, 2016 32:57


Kathy Caprino is an international career success consultant, speaker, writer and trainer dedicated to the advancement of women in business. She often talks about dealing with professional crisis, finding personal and professional fulfillment, and leaving toxic environments. In this episode, she talks to Kristy Wallace about how women can find their true potential by stepping back and acknowledging what isn’t working in their current career paths.

Episode 9: Sports, Business and Thought Leadership with Mandy Antoniacci

Jun 7, 2016 29:35


Mandy Antoniacci is passionate about sports and about helping progress the game to make it better for future generations. In this episode, she shares her thoughts about role models and mentors, the gender inequality in sports, why women are a huge sports-business trends this year, some great insights about socially-conscious companies (like Ellevate!) and tips for framing yourself as a thought leader.

Episode 8: Talking Career Transitions and Negotiations with Caroline Ceniza-Levine

May 31, 2016 26:47


Caroline Ceniza-Levine has had a very non-linear career path. Starting as a classical pianist, then trying out banking, moving into consulting and then into recruiting. She now uses her experience to advise clients on reaching their goals. In this episode, Kristy and Sallie first discuss career change and what Ellevate members think are the most important elements for a successful transition and Sallie shares lessons she’s learned as she’s reinvented herself throughout her different career stages. Kristy and Caroline then talk advice for those thinking of changing their careers and about negotiations.

Episode 7: Being an Entrepreneur with Georgene Huang

May 24, 2016 19:44


Georgene Huang, co-founder of Fairygodbooss, is on a mission to change workplace culture. She talks to us about her journey as an entrepreneur, the inspiration behind her company, and some the findings about the importance of workplace culture, family-friendly policies and more.

Episode 6: The Value Of Time And Money with Cali Yost

May 17, 2016 27:06


Cali Yost has been an entrepreneur since before it was in vogue. Her professional mission has been to bring flexibility into the workplace and she has built a successful career and personal brand by following it. In this episode she shares her career journey, tips for achieving a flexible work arrangement, and how taking risks paid off for her.

Episode 5: All About Risk with Karen Finerman

May 10, 2016 29:42


As a hedge fund manager and “The Chairwoman” on CNBC’s Fast Money, Karen Finerman knows a thing or two about taking risks. In this episode, Karen speaks candidly about her career, mistakes she’s made, and how she knew at age 15 that she wanted to be a risk arbitrageur.

Episode 4: Work-life Balance with Laura Vanderkam

May 3, 2016 16:56


Laura Vanderkam spent quite some time studying time diaries of successful professional women and their families in an effort to understand how they balance it all. In her book, “I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Build Lives That Work” she shares her takeaways in a practical manner. She joins us at Ellevate to talk about creativity, writing, and how successful women manage their time to achieve balance.

Episode 3: Emotional Intelligence with Betty Liu

May 3, 2016 29:27


Betty Liu, journalist, author, podcaster, and host of Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop”, talks with us about her career and lessons she’s learned along the way. Betty shares her take on having a strong network, and the importance of emotional intelligence for success.

Episode 2: Your Personal Brand with Ariel Hyatt

May 3, 2016 28:38


Ariel Hyatt has been a fierce entrepreneur for more than 20 years and runs Cyber PR®, a dynamic social media & content strategy company based in New York City. She talks about her career path (including how she reinvented it after losing her first job) and gives some actionable tips to really build your personal brand. 

Episode 1: Closing the Money Gap with Jean Chatzky

May 3, 2016 33:03


Jean Chatzky is not just a personal finance expert, she’s an experienced journalist, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and much more. In this episode, she shares how she got to be the person she is now, and shares some useful personal finance tips.