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Drama of the Week (feat. POD PLAYS)

Drama of the Week (feat. POD PLAYS)


Every Friday we bring you a new drama from BBC Radio 4 or Radio 3. Exercise your imagination with some of the best writers and actors on radio. Storytelling at its very best.





Curious Under the Stars - The Arrivals

Dec 6, 2019 2677


First in the latest series of the comedy drama set in Glan Don, a mysterious village perched on the wild Welsh coast. By Annamaria Murphy. Gareth and Diane's baby arrives early on the 302 bus into town, but that's not the only new arrival about to land in Glan Don. As the lives of the pub landlords are thrown into turmoil, up at the castle sleeping dragons are stirring. Starring Elis James (Josh), Emma Sidi (W1A) and Ifan Huw Dafydd (Gavin and Stacey). Gareth.... Elis James Diane.... Emma Sidi Emlyn..... Ifan Huw Dafydd Series created by Meic Povey Directed by James Robinson A BBC Cymru Wales Production.

Life Lines

Nov 29, 2019 4144


By Al Smith Producer/Director, Sally Avens Carrie ..... Sarah Ridgeway Ian ..... Michael Jibson Will ..... Rick Warden Frances ..... Rebecca Root Jenny ..... Sinead MacInnes Flo ..... Laura Christy Craig ..... Will Kirk Paramedic ..... Scarlett Courtney The Bystander ..... Ikky Elyas Bill ..... Clive Hayward Arthur ..... Neil McCaul Chris ..... Jonny Holden Mike ..... Greg Jones Martin ..... Shaun Mason Darren ..... Michael Ajao Monica ..... Amelia Lowdell Peter ..... Jonjo O’Neill

The National: Episode 1

Nov 22, 2019 2663


by Sarah Wooley 1963. Sir Laurence Olivier becomes the first Artistic Director of the National Theatre. But there are many political battles ahead, not least with his lieutenant, the critic Kenneth Tynan Sir Laurence Olivier . . . Robert Glenister Kenneth Tynan . . . John Heffernan Lord Chandos . . . Michael Pennington Cecil Tennant . . . Neil McCaul Diana Boddington . . . Scarlett Courtney Stephen Arlen . . . Will Kirk Harry . . . Rick Warden Neville . . . Greg Jones Peter O'Toole . . . Jonny Holden Reporter . . . Clive Hayward Directed by Marc Beeby The first of three dramas about the birth of the National Theatre. Funded at huge cost to the taxpayer, the “theatre to end all theatres” was front page news in its early years. Running it was a high stakes political business as much as it was an artistic one. Never before had one theatre been the focus for such relentless national debate about the relationship between the arts, government, press and the public. From its inception at the Old Vic to the opening of the Olivier Theatre in the National’s eventual home at the South Bank, from the fall of Macmillan to the rise of Thatcher, the series follows the legendary players in a fast-moving, entertaining saga. Big personalities clash and ambition, greed and power fight with artistic integrity and wider cultural responsibilities. Writer Sarah Wooley has an impressive record of dynamic, character-driven factual drama including 'A Nice Little Holiday' about John Osborne, 'Victim', about Dirk Bogarde and the making of the film of the same name, and 'Fifteen' about Andy Warhol.

The Pallisers Episode One of Three (Series One)

Nov 15, 2019 3393


Based on The Palliser novels by Anthony Trollope. Dramatised by Mike Harris. Episode 1 A pacy, radical reworking of the Palliser novels about high life and low politics in Victorian England. Vivacious 19-year-old Lady Glencora Palliser is married to the older, conscientious politician Plantagenet Palliser. Life should be good, but she is in love with someone else - the wastrel Burgo Fitzgerald. Starring Jessica Raine as Lady Glencora Palliser. Cora .... Jessica Raine; Plantagenet ..... Tim McMullan; Phineas Finn ..... Edward MacLiam; Burgo ..... Blake Ritson; Violet ..... Scarlett Courtney; Marie Goesler ..... Melody Grove; Kennedy/Slide ..... Neil McCau;l Bonce/Grimes ..... Greg Jones; Commons Speaker ..... Hamilton Berstock. Director/Producer Gary Brown This was originally aired on R4. You can find the next episode on BBC Sounds.

Tracks: Indigo Part Two

Nov 8, 2019 4141


Helen learns that her baby might be 'Indigo'. While Irene's cryptic note leads them closer to the 'child-mother'. Conclusion of the conspiracy thriller by Matthew Broughton. Starring Romola Garai and Jonathan Forbes. Omnibus of the last five of ten headphone-filling thrill-ride episodes. Helen…. Romola Garai Freddy….. Jonathan Forbes Ram….. Ashleigh Haddad Serena.... Scarlett Courtney Policeman.... Adam Courting Tony.... David Hounslow Irene.... Sally Orrock Director: James Robinson A BBC Cymru Wales production for BBC Radio first broadcast in 2019.

Tracks: Indigo Part One

Nov 8, 2019 4068


Dr Helen Ash is involved in a road accident. But where was she going in such a hurry? Why can’t she remember? And what is wrong with time? The return of the conspiracy thriller by Matthew Broughton. Starring Romola Garai and Jonathan Forbes. Chart-topping podcast and winner of Best Sound (BBC Audio Drama Awards) and Best Fiction (British Podcast Awards). Omnibus of the first five of ten headphone-filling thrill-ride episodes. Helen…. Romola Garai Freddy….. Jonathan Forbes Luke….. Andrew Gower Doctor…. Lucy Reynolds Frances…. Juno Robinson Julia.... Georgia Henshaw Irene.... Sally Orrock Rebecca.... Carys Eleri Owen.... Sion Pritchard Katherine.... Joanna van Kampen Mary... Scarlett Courtney Policeman.... Adam Courting Director: James Robinson A BBC Cymru Wales production for BBC Radio first broadcast in 2019.

Red Earth, Red Sky

Oct 25, 2019 2666


Based on a true story: 70 year old Paul had a dream in London where his sister, Evelyn, asked him to take her back to Agbor, their town of birth. The next morning he received a call saying his sister had died in Lagos. Paul, a religious man, knew what he had to do. Paul, and his niece Carol arrive in Lagos and are travelling along the Benin Bypass when the car is ambushed by masked armed men. They are dragged out of the car and taken into the bush and held to ransom. Paul - Nonzo Anozie Carol/Evelyn -Joan Iyiola Chinedu/Sunny - Peter Bankole Deborah - Susan Aderin Ovo- Seun Shote Franklyn - Adam Courting Written by Janice Okoh Produced and Directed by Pauline Harris BACKGROUND AND CONTEXT With 190 million people who are mostly at poverty level, kidnappings began as a protest against the rich oil workers in Nigeria, but now it’s a business. On average there are seven kidnappings a day. Red Earth, Red Sky unfolds against this backdrop. It’s based on true events of a family relative of Janice Okoh’s who was kidnapped in 2017. Two people were killed. No one has since been brought to justice. Further info on cast: Nonzo Anozie is best known for his role as Xaro Xhoan Daxos in the HBO television series Game of Thrones, Tank in RocknRolla, Sergeant Dap in Ender's Game, Abraham Kenyatta in Zoo, Captain of the Guards in Cinderella. Theatre includes At the age of 23 Anozie went on to be the youngest person ever to play the title role in King Lear in a Royal Shakespeare Company production. Anozie also received critical acclaim for his performance in the title role in Othello and as the prisoner in Edmond at the National Theatre, directed by Ed Hall. He has done a world tour with the Cheek by Jowl Theatre Company and won a Magnolia Award for best actor and the Sunday Times/National Theatre Ian Charleson Award for best young actor in a classical role. Iyiola starred opposite Chiwetel Ejiofor as Pauline Lumumba in A Season in the Congo at The Young Vic, directed by Joe Wright. She played the title role in the Duchess of Malfi at the RSC, for tv she has appeared in Black Earth Rising for the BBC, New Blood, Yonderland.

The Republicans - Ronald Reagan: Hanging By Our Thumbs

Oct 18, 2019 2676


By Jonathan Myerson Entertaining new dramas following the political swings of The Republican Party, through the personal stories of its Presidents. Closely based on the accounts of those who were there, we imagine the triumphs and disasters which have driven the party's electoral fortunes. 1987. Hold on tight for a knockabout journey through the crazy stories of the notorious Iran-Contra affair. Ronald Reagan’s landslide second term is on the ropes. Congress is investigating evidence that the US has illegally been selling arms to Iran, and secretly diverting the proceeds to fund Contra guerrilla fighters in Nicaragua – all with the President’s knowledge. But when NATO Ambassador David Abshire is recalled to try to get the facts straight, he discovers it all depends on what you believe….. Written by Jonathan Myerson Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting. Ronald Reagan . . . . . Kerry Shale Staffer . . . . . Rupert Simonian Bud McFarlane . . . . . Mark Heenehan Fawn Hall . . . . . Janine Harouni Oliver North . . . . . Paul Hickey Admiral Poindexter . . . . . Peter Polycarpou Nancy Reagan . . . . . Madeleine Potter Abshire . . . . . Chris Pavlo Don Regan . . . . . David Hounslow Shultz . . . . . Sean Baker Ed . . . . . Jonny Holden

The Citadel

Oct 11, 2019 3984


Dr Andrew Manson and his wife Christine are expecting a big event. Return of the medical drama set in the 1920s before the NHS. MANSON....... George Blagden DENNY...... Julian Lewis Jones CHRISTINE.... Catrin Stewart ANGHARAD... Jeanette Percival Omnibus written by Christopher Reason. Based on the novel by A J Cronin. Director: Gary Brown Producers: Pauline Harris and Gary Brown First broadcast in five parts on BBC Radio 4 in 2019.

The Beatboxer

Oct 4, 2019 2687


The Beatboxer by Testament A beatboxer goes into a call centre to run a training day. But the bosses have ulterior motives for him being there. Written by and starring celebrated beatboxer Testament. Subs ..... Testament Katherine ..... Susan Twist Samiya ..... Purvi Parmar Kristy ..... Verity Henry Graham ..... John Branwell Jaron ...... Dermot Daly Caspero ..... Sholto of The Pushwackers Director/Producer Gary Brown This was originally aired on Radio 4.

This Changeling Self

Sep 27, 2019 2654


Linda Marshall Griffiths' magical story of love and loss recorded on location at the Edinburgh Festival inspired by the Scottish myth 'Tamlin and the Fairy Queen.' The festival was always a place she liked to wonder. She could be there in full view and no-one thought she was more than a performer. She could catch people out, half-drunk some of them would do anything, go anywhere. And she took them. She used it as a time to cross over, let them have some of the songs she kept, some of the stories she knew. But this man, this one she wanted to keep. SHE.....Christine Bottomley HE.....Sacha Dhawan BROTHER.....Rupert Hill GIRL.....Kay McAllister Directed by Nadia Molinari This was originally aired on Radio 4.

Brief Lives, Series 11, Episode 1 of 5

Sep 20, 2019 2641


Brief Lives by Tom Fry & Sharon Kelly Ep 1 Return of Frank Twist and Sarah Gold as the Manchester paralegals. Frank and Sarah are estranged and Sarah enlists her friend Juliet to help run the agency. But when a local gangster's son is arrested can Juliet cope? This was originally aired on R4. You can find the next episode on BBC Sounds. Frank...David Schofield; Sarah...Kathryn Hunt; Juliet...Maria Major; Dean...Hamish Rush; Keith...Stephen Marzella; Lois...Verity Henry; Helen...Krissi Bohn. Director/Producer Gary Brown

How Does That Make You Feel? Series 11 Omnibus

Sep 13, 2019 4220


Starring Frances Tomelty, Roger Allam, Tim McInnerny and Rebecca Saire. Written by Shelagh Stephenson.Produced by Eoin O'Callaghan.

Great North Run

Sep 6, 2019 2694


Will promised to do the Great North Run with Em. But when that's not an option, Beyonce, The Black Eyed Peas, The Pharcyde, Moby, the Dixie Chicks, Laura Branigan, Bruce Springsteen, Kate Bush and Florence (and the Machine) become his running mates. A funny sad play by Tom Wells with an incredible playlist. Cast Will ..... Andrew Finnigan Em ..... Amy Cameron Sean ..... Joseph Ayre Janet ..... Susan Jameson Becky ..... Helen Clapp The Night ..... Michael Bertenshaw Writer ..... Tom Wells Director ..... Jessica Dromgoole This was originally broadcast on Radio 4 on Friday 6th September 2019.


Aug 30, 2019 2652


By Archie Maddocks Tonight's the night they had planned to conceive a child, but Layla and Paris, both mixed-race, delve into the reasons for and against, and expose the rocky foundations of their relationship. Layla ..... Rebekah Murrell Paris ..... Jake Fairbrother Guillermo ..... Mika Osei-Owusu Director: David Hunter

The Bulbul Was Singing

Aug 23, 2019 2608


Laura (Rebecca Humphries) is a young British woman who's been fighting with the Kurds against Isis. Now she's back in the UK, she finds herself charged with terrorism offences. By Judy Upton. Directed by Emma Harding Laura . . . Rebecca Humphries Ariman . . . Shaniaz Hama Ali Dad . . . Paul Hickey Jonas . . . Jonny Holden Instructor . . . Saya Zahawi D I Kent . . . Catherine Cusack PC Miller . . . Shaun Mason Serena . . . Debbie Korley Custody Assistant . . . Chris Pavlo This was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Monday 19th August 2019.

I'm Dying To Help

Aug 16, 2019 2654


by Jon Canter As people continue to live longer, they cost the NHS and Social Services far too much; in our futuristic dark comedy a new Prime Minister and her aide come up with a radical solution to the problem. All they need now is a volunteer. Sam . . . Tony Robinson Prime Minister . . . Haydn Gwynne Ella . . . Sophia di Martino Gerry . . . Paul Hickey Mr King . . . David Hounslow Chrissy . . . Debbie Korley Bianca . . . Debbie Korley Sue . . . Helen Clapp Mrs Griffin . . . Susan Jameson Directed by Sally Avens This was originally aired on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday 13th August 2019.

Curious Under the Stars Series 9 - The Fruits of Gwyddno

Aug 9, 2019 4074


A low tide reveals a sunken forest on the shores of Glan Don. And one of the trees bears forbidden fruit. More of the magical drama set in Glan Don, a mysterious village perched on the wild Welsh coast by Annamaria Murphy. Starring Sion Pritchard (Phoneshop), Emma Sidi (Pls Like) and Ifan Huw Dafydd (Gavin and Stacey). Gareth.... Sion Pritchard Diane.... Emma Sidi Emlyn..... Ifan Huw Dafydd Megan.... Aimee Ffion Edwards Gwynn.... Matthew Gravelle Series created by Meic Povey Directed by James Robinson and John Norton A BBC Cymru Wales Production first broadcast in five parts on BBC Radio 4 in 2019.

Flying Visits

Aug 2, 2019 4027


By Charlotte Bogard Macleod Hayleigh ..... Claire Rushbrook Mister Ellison ..... Karl Johnson Brenda ..... Elizabeth Counsell Chloe ..... Emily Meechan The Councillor ..... Paul Hickey Louise Standling ..... Catherine Cusack Mel ..... Debbie Korley Glenn ..... Shaun Mason George ..... Jonny Holden Director, David Hunter

House Rules

Jul 26, 2019 4039


Second series of Ben Lewis’s witty real-time drama set around a kitchen table at the weekly meetings of an argumentative yet lovable blended family. Drawing on her experience as Assistant Chairperson of the Key Stage 3 Debating Society, 14 year-old Amelia has established her very own weekly meetings at home. Every Monday evening, gavel in hand, Amelia calls the Washburn McGintys together to air their grievances and attempt to resolve their problems. But with a new baby due any day, and grandmother Jan still living in the house, there’s an air of uncertainty around what kind of a future the family hope to share. Cast: Amelia … Cleo Demetriou Jan … Barbara Flynn Sean… Jonathan Forbes Nicole … Claire Rushbrook Callum … Elliot Speller-Gillott Directed by Kirsty Williams


Jul 19, 2019 4124


Adapted by Anita Sullivan Part one of Apollo 11's five day journey to the moon. A verbatim drama, performed by actors, using the original NASA transcripts from the mission. In this first episode - Launch - Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins blast off from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida and prepare to leave Earth's orbit. It's fifty years since Apollo 11 put human beings on another world. Over the anniversary week, Radio 4 tells the story of the five day journey to the moon, using the astronauts’ own words, which are taken entirely from the transcripts of the mission. We travel with Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins on their epic journey, experiencing everything as they did. A unique perspective on the most historic journey in the history of humanity. Thanks to Professor Chris Welch, International Space University. Neil Armstrong.... Nathan Nolan Buzz Aldrin.... Ronan Summers Michael Collins.... Edward Hogg Narrator.... Maggie Aderin-Pocock Directed by James Robinson A BBC Cymru Wales Production

Nine Bob Notes

Jul 12, 2019 2630


Nine Bob Notes by Philip Meeks. Daniel lives in a retirement home. He has lived his adult life as a gay man, but now finds that he has to suppress his sexual identity in order to fit in. But then an ex-policeman comes to the residence and he and Daniel realise they have met before many years ago. A gentle and poignant comedy drama about two elderly men who discover a passion for life in their twilight years. Starring Matthew Kelly. Director/Producer Gary Brown

Daphne: A Fire in Malta

Jul 5, 2019 4009


Drama written by Lizzie Nunnery. Reporting by Alys Harte. Daphne Caruana Galizia was Malta’s top investigative reporter. She dedicated her life to holding power to account; investigating allegations of organised crime, cronyism and corruption on this tiny island state. On the afternoon of October 16th, 2017, she was driving to the bank to regain control of her account, which had been frozen at the request of a government minister, when she was killed after a bomb exploded under her car. Half a kilo of explosives, hidden under the driver’s seat, were detonated remotely. She was 53 years old. Daphne was often described as fearless. Her provocative, uncompromising style made her work both controversial - and high risk. But what compelled Daphne to take on these influential forces? Across the series, we explore five episodes from Daphne's life and investigative work. In telling her story, there is much we cannot know and so some we have imagined. Like Daphne, we draw on various sources - and sometimes conflicting accounts – in an attempt to piece together a picture of what might have happened behind the headlines. Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones, Suits, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, 24) plays Daphne. Daphne . . . . . Michelle Fairley Peter . . . . . Paul Hickey Matthew . . . . . Jonny Holden Other parts are played by: Catherine Cusack, Helen Clapp, Shaun Mason, Susan Jameson, David Hounslow, Chris Pavlo, Sean Murray, Debbie Korley, Debra Baker. Director: Sasha Yevtushenko This was originally heard on Radio 4.

The Invisible

Jun 28, 2019 5356


Original drama set in a speculative future London by Linda Marshall Griffiths A story of lost people. A story of erasure. The city flourishes, the streets gleam. All the ugly things on the streets, all the people you don't want, bit by bit, one by one, they vanish. London's an island; it's what we always wanted. So easy to live in; so beautifully accommodating. El Irving disappeared seventeen years ago. When his sister Tor, sees him on screen at a protest outside Westminster Abbey, she embarks on a journey that will lead her to the invisible. How easy is it to fall through the cracks?

The Cyprus Missing

Jun 21, 2019 2681


By Mario Theodorou London, 2014. Althea, a Greek Cypriot who has spent her adult life in London, has always believed that her father was killed in action during the Cypriot conflict of 1974. But a chance discovery causes her to question her family history, and go in search of answers within London's Cypriot community. Althea ..... Agni Scott Gizem ..... Fisun Burgess Eleni ….. Anna Savva Constantine ..... Chris Pavlo Young Althea ..... Christina Kyriakos Young Gizem ..... Jeyda Mustafa Mags ..... Catherine Cusack Missing Persons Rep .... Helen Clapp Wine Seller ….. Shaun Mason Soldier ….. Jonny Holden Director, Sasha Yevtushenko

A Woman on the Edge of Time

Jun 14, 2019 4079


In 1965, Hannah Gavron – a 29 year old, bright, sophisticated sociologist – gassed herself in a flat in Primrose Hill, north London. She left behind a suicide note, two small children, and an about-to-be-published manuscript: The Captive Wife. Four decades later, her son Jeremy tries to piece together the events that led to her death. Jeremy Gavron's book is dramatized by Sarah Daniels and stars Dominic Mafham, Helen Clapp and James Bolam. Directed by Emma Harding Jeremy............. Dominic Mafham Judy.............. Helen Clapp Leah............. Debbie Korley Hannah..............Sarah Ovens Bob.............. Sean Baker Young Leah...............Amy-Jayne Leigh Mima...............Megan Webb Aunt Susie..............Susan Jameson Tom.............James Bolam All other parts were played by Elaine Claxton, Catherine Cusack, Chris Harper, David Hounslow and Georgie Glen. This drama originally aired on BBC Radio 4

Me and Robin Hood

Jun 7, 2019 2662


One man channels his childhood obsession with the mythical outlaw, Robin Hood, by making a stand against our stress-filled, unequal, consumer-driven society. Shôn first met Robin Hood back in the autumn of 1975, as a seven-year-old-boy, living on the Isle of Anglesey. But what would it mean to be a modern day Robin Hood? How could you take the principles of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor and apply them to the complexities of our global economy? And what’s so great about Robin Hood anyway? The latest inventive piece of sonic storytelling magic from writer/performer Shôn Dale-Jones – Me & Robin Hood is a story about the growing gap between rich and poor, radicalism and the challenge of knowing that sometimes you have to do something wrong in order to do something right. It’s a comic story about how Shôn’s childhood hero re-enters his life when he needs him most. Me & Robin Hood began life as a one-man stage play, produced by Hoipolloi and the Royal Court. Shôn …. Shôn Dale-Jones The Therapist…. Clare Cage Directed by James Robinson A BBC Cymru Wales Production for Radio 4.

Vanity Fair: Episode 1

May 31, 2019 3456


Al Murray plays his ancestor William Makepeace Thackeray in this anarchic reboot. Thackeray's celebrated satire on sex, class and money in nineteenth century England given a new makeover in this pacey, anarchic dramatisation. Moneyless Becky Sharp leaves school with her upper class friend Amelia Sedley. But she is clever, cunning and determined to make her way in Regency society, and she'll trample on anyone who gets in her way. Thackeray (narrator)...................Al Murray Becky Sharp......................Ellie White Amelia Sedley..................Helen O'Hara Rawdon Crawley..............Blake Ritson Jos Sedley..........................Thom Tuck George Osborne..............Rupert Hill Dobbin................................Graeme Hawley Mrs Sedley.........................Emma Gregory Mr Sedley..........................Jonathan Keeble Mr Osborne....................Malcolm Raeburn By William Makepeace Thackeray. Dramatised by Jim Poyser with additional material by Al Murray. Director/Producer Gary Brown. You can find the next episode on BBC Sounds.

Keeping the Wolf Out: Gellert Hill

May 24, 2019 2675


Special Investigator Bertalan Lázár returns in Philip Palmer's crime drama set in communist Hungary in 1964. A child's body has been discovered by a hiker. It seems that Bertalan must first fight a turf war if he is going bring the perpetrator to justice. Bertalan Lázár .... Leo Bill Franciska Lázár .... Clare Corbett József Szabados .... Joseph Ayre Dmitri Dragunov .... Simon Scardifield Márk Mészáros .... Michael Bertenshaw András Vásáry .... David Hounslow Priest .... Christopher Harper Gyuri Varga .... Kenny Blyth, Dorina Varga .... Helen Clapp Ministry official .... Chris Pavlo Directed by Toby Swift You can find the next episode on BBC Sounds.

The Macefield Plot

May 17, 2019 2656


A drama by Daniel Thurman When fractious and enigmatic Edith Macefield (Sian Phillips) refuses to move out of her Seattle home the developers build a five-storey mall around her. Construction Manager Barry Martin (Stanley Townsend) endeavours to smooth troubled waters. Edith - Sian Phillips Barry - Stanley Townsend Joe - Joseph Balderrama Cops - Helen Clapp & Christopher Harper Director: David Hunter Originally aired on BBC Radio 4.


May 10, 2019 8978


Shakespeare's penetrating portrayal of political turmoil in a society at war with itself. Coriolanus, a great martial hero, is banished by those he despises, the common people of Rome. Disaster must surely follow. Coriolanus . . . Trystan Gravelle Volumnia . . . Diana Rigg Menenius . . . James Fleet Cominius . . . Paul Hilton Sicinius . . . Tony Turner Brutus . . . Joel MacCormack Lartius . . . David Hounslow Aufidius . . . Ray Fearon Virgilia . . . Clare Corbett Valeria . . . Susan Jameson Gentlewoman . . . Franchi Webb with Michael Bertenshaw, Kenny Blyth, Joseph Ayre and Christopher Harper Introduction by Natalie Haynes Directed by Marc Beeby This was originally aired on BBC Radio 3

Curious Under the Stars Series 8 - The Owl and the Ivy

May 3, 2019 4129


Gareth picks up a naked hitchhiker on the road into Glan Don. She seems to have sprung to life from the forest. More of the magical drama set in Glan Don, a mysterious village perched on the wild Welsh coast. Omnibus written by Alan Harris Starring Elis James (Josh), Emma Sidi (Pls Like) and Ifan Huw Dafydd (Gavin and Stacey). Gareth.... Elis James Diane.... Emma Sidi Emlyn..... Ifan Huw Dafydd Megan.... Aimee Ffion Edwards Fleur…. Catrin Stewart Bethan.... Hannah Daniel Matty.... Siw Hughes Series created by Meic Povey Directed by James Robinson A BBC Cymru Wales Production first broadcast in five-parts on BBC Radio 4 in 2019.

The Psalms

Apr 26, 2019 1745


Some of the most beautiful poetry in the Bible is in the Book of Psalms. In four special programmes for Easter, Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons reads from the King James Version. The Psalms show a whole range of human emotions. Here we find hymns, laments and songs of thanksgiving. In the first programme, Jeremy Irons reads the first psalms in the book, between Psalm 1 and Psalm 29, including one of the most well known of all, Psalm 23, as well as one of the longest, Psalm 18. Produced by Susan Roberts This was originally aired on Radio 4. You can find the next episodes on BBC Sounds.


Apr 19, 2019 2683


Henry Darke's first drama for radio tells the story of Jay, a rookie observer on a deep sea trawler. He must ensure adherence to the strict international laws covering fishing quotas, sustainability and safety. It's a time when you need to know who your friends are. Jay ..... Matthew Aubrey Kim-Long ..... Chike Chan Kate ..... Sarah Ovens Esther ..... Franchi Webb Carlitos ..... Joseph Balderrama Juan/Radio Operator ..... Simon Scardifield Dad ..... Kenny Blyth Lecturer ..... Michael Bertenshaw Sisco/Lazrus ..... Richie Campbell Directed by Gemma Jenkins Longline was a Radio 4 production.

Your Perfect Summer, On Sale Here

Apr 12, 2019 2684


Ben Tavassoli, Oliver Chris and Claudie Blakley star in Ed Harris's twisted romance. What will happen when VR games can deliver real love? Theo has been booked to give twenty-four hour care to a gamer who's in an elective coma. The new immersive game he's playing simulates your first love affair. But is it a simulation? Not to Theo... Ben Tavassoli stars as Rash in Anthony Horowitz's new police drama, 'New Blood', on BBC One. He played Alpha in 'No Offence', and has recently appeared in 'Silent Witness' and 'Tyrant'. Oliver Chris has starred in great British comedies from Bluestone 42 to Green Wing and The Office. He was the original Stanley Stubbers opposite James Corden in 'One Man, Two Guv'nors', played the Assistant Commissioner opposite Billie Piper in Richard Bean's 'Great Britain', and Prince William in Mike Bartlett's 'King Charles III'. Claudie Blakley became well-known for her roles in period dramas 'Cranford', 'Lark Rise to Candleford' and 'Gosford Park'. More recently she's starred with David Threlfall and Steven Macintosh in 'What Remains', with David Morrissey in 'The Driver', and recently theatre roles include 'The Painkiller' with Rob Bryden and Kenneth Branagh. Ed Harris's writing for radio has included winning the Audio Drama Award for BILLIONS, Sony Gold for THE RESISTANCE OF MRS BROWN, the Writer's Guild Award for TROLL, and THE WALL nominated for the Prix Europa. He writes the Radio 4 comedy DOT. The music for the game is by Abi Fry Theo ..... Ben Tavassoli Saskia ..... Claudie Blakley Paul ..... Oliver Chris Sophie ..... Scarlett Brookes Theresa ..... Adie Allen Game ..... Nicola Ferguson Human ..... Nick Underwood Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting This was originally broadcast on Radio 4.

Forest 404

Apr 5, 2019 1453


Can you feel loss for something you’ve never known? An environmental thriller starring Pearl Mackie, Tanya Moodie & Pippa Haywood. With theme music by Bonobo. Written by Timothy X Atack and directed by Becky Ripley. Each episode comes with its own talk and soundscape. Plus, you can take part in our interactive experiment to see how you respond to sounds of nature at: #Forest404 This is a Radio 4 Production. Subscribe to Forest 404 on BBC Sounds to hear the story unfold.


Mar 29, 2019 4184


Adapted by Lucy Catherine From the Red Book of Hergest, these are the tales of the Mabinogi. A new fantasy adventure, based on the iconic work of medieval Welsh mythology. Pryderi, Prince of Dyfed, heads to Harlech in North Wales, to win the hand of Princess Branwen of Gwynedd. But first he must impress her giant of a brother, King Bran the Blessed. The tales of the Mabinogi are tales of romance, tragedy, comedy and fantasy and together they form the earliest prose stories of Britain. Award-winning writer Lucy Catherine (The Master and Margherita, Being Human, Vanity Fair) gives these stories a modern flavour while remaining true to the vivid magic of Celtic mythology. Pryderi…. Darragh Mortell Brigid…. Aimee Ffion Edwards Pwyll /Bran…. Robert Pugh Branwen…. Rhian Blythe Arawn…. John Cording Matholwch.... Stephen Hogan Efnysien.... Richard Elfyn Nysien.... Rhodri Meilir Directed by James Robinson A BBC Cymru Wales Production This was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 3.

First Do No Harm

Mar 8, 2019 5185


A double bill of dramas looking at the crisis facing the NHS, both for those trying to challenge its workings from without and within. Elaine Newton's husband died while under NHS supervision, but attempting to clarify the faults that led to the tragedy brings the fury of the community down on her head. One doctor, Rhys Thomas, tries to help her. Cast Elaine......Rosie Cavaliero Rhys......Joel MacCormack Greg/Alan......Michael Bertenshaw Joy/Maz ...... Kelly Williams Niall/Ned......Joseph Ayre Jane/Annie......Sarah Ovens Colin......Don Gilet Mo......Annabel Facer Sue......Sharita Oomeer Dave/Karim......Ronny Jhutti Maggie/Tessa......Clare Corbett Lenny/Albie......Sam Dale Keith/Bojan......Christopher Harper Martha/Nadya......Franchi Webb Caz ...... Jade Croot Written by ..... Al Smith Directed by ..... Jessica Dromgoole Produced by ..... Jessica Dromgoole & Sally Avens First Do No Harm was originally aired on BBC Radio 4.


Mar 1, 2019 5393


Virginia Woolf's Orlando re-imagined by five poets An exhilarating, inventive, comedic odyssey spanning four centuries. A journey of self-discovery and transformation, unravelling gender expectations, identity and sexuality. Chapter 1 & 6: by Amanda Dalton Chapter 2: by Caroline Bird Chapter 3: by Zena Edwards Chapter 4: by Karen McCarthy Woolf Chapter 5: by Hannah Silva ORLANDO.....Emma Frankland OAK TREE.....Claire Benedict QUEEN ELIZABETH I / THE BLACKAMOOR.....Nina Sosanya MRS GRIMSDITCH.....Kate Rutter EUPHROSYNE / SASHA / MAID.....Natalie Grady NICHOLAS GREEN / CAPTAIN.....Rupert Hill GRACE......Leonie Elliott RUSTUM / NARRATOR.....Stephen Marzella SHELMERDINE/ BOW STREET RUNNER .....Cesare Taurasi Directed by Nadia Molinari Originally heard on Radio 3

China Towns: Episode 1

Feb 22, 2019 3440


Inspired by the novels of Arnold Bennett, an epic tale of money, passion and defiance set in the Staffordshire potteries. Dramatised for radio by Shaun McKenna and Lin Coghlan. You can find Episode 2 on BBC Sounds now. It’s the 19th Century and the Industrial Revolution is at full throttle. Only the ruthless thrive in this uncompromising world. Edwin Clayhanger leaves school with dreams of becoming a painter but his father’s having none of it. Ephraim Tellwright ….. Neil Dudgeon Darius Clayhanger ….. Tim McInnerny Edwin ….. Cameron Percival Aunty Hamps ….. Carolyn Pickles Big James ….. Ian Conningham Constance ….. Bryony Hannah Sophia ….. Alexandra Constantinidi Mrs Baines ….. Clare Corbett Mr Povey ….. Lewis Bray Shushions ….. Michael Bertenshaw Thwaite ….. Tony Turner Machin ….. Christopher Harper Snaggs ….. Don Gilet Jeannie ….. Saffron Coomber Incidental music arranged by Colin Guthrie and performed by Colin Guthrie, Peter Ringrose and Ian Conningham. Produced and directed by Marion Nancarrow Presiding over this seething mass of industry are Ephraim Tellwright and Darius Clayhanger, self-made men, they hold the fate of this community in their hands, passing judgement on those that put the prosperity and reputation of the Five Towns at risk. This is a radical reinterpretation of six brilliant Arnold Bennett novels for BBC Radio 4. It's his world seen with a modern eye. The books follow the inhabitants of Bursley and the Five Towns (of Stoke-on-Trent) from 1865 – 1903 in an epic sweep across 11 hours, as individuals rise, fall, age, flourish and see the world around them become unrecognisable, transformed by new technology. Fortunes are lost, hearts broken, empires built and compromises made. These tales of aspiration and passion, damage and danger are told with Bennett's forensic, (journalist’s) eye for human psychology and a surprising degree of witty comedy. The Producers are Marion Nancarrow and Gemma Jenkins.

Door in the Pillow

Feb 15, 2019 3455


Frank Cottrell-Boyce, award-winning screenwriter & novelist, tells a very personal story

Black Boy Fly

Feb 8, 2019 2694


Writer and star of the BAFTA-nominated comedy series Timewasters, Breakthrough Brit winner Daniel Lawrence Taylor writes an original play for Radio 4. This sly family comedy takes a look at the costs of gentrification. At the Peckham Branch of "So Woke" Coffee, street artist Sommore is painting a community artwork on the wall. But Sommore has moved out of Peckham. And moved her son out too, to a private school in West London. So what exactly is her message for the community? Sommore ..... Nadine Marshall Michael ..... Michael Ajao Ashley ..... Don Gilet Tom ..... Christopher Harper Luke ..... Ronny Jhutti Mrs Thomas ..... Clare Corbett Pearl ..... Carolyn Pickles Other parts played by Joseph Ayre and Tony Turner. Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting. Originally aired on Radio 4.

How to Survive the Roman Empire, by Pliny and Me

Feb 1, 2019 4094


Role Contributor Venta the slave keeps an observant eye on Pliny the Younger, his mother Marcella and Doris the Greek cook in this second series of adventures in 1st-century Rome. A BBC/Cymru Wales production Pliny the Younger - Kieran Hodgson Venta - Nigel Barrett Marcella - Joanna Scanlan Doris the Cook - Mia Soteriou Emperor Domitian - Ewan Bailey Lucipor - Ewan Bailey Regulus - Matthew Gravelle Calvin - Jon Key Director - Kate McAll Writer - Hattie Naylor

How To Burn A Million Quid: Rule 1

Jan 31, 2019 1631


Rule 1. Begin an inner alchemy to transcend the consensual reality tunnel and move from a state of fixation to a condition of mutability. Outrageous comedy drama telling the true story of the chart-topping pop duo known as KLF who, in 1994, burned £1 million in cash on a remote Scottish Island, with only one journalist and their roadie-come-fixer, Gimpo, in attendance. Why? Why would they do that? How To Burn a Million Quid lays the story bare. A comic, surreal and fast moving adventure that sees Bill and Jimmy rise to the very top of the music industry, becoming the biggest selling music act in the UK before crashing out of the industry in spectacular fashion and heading toward the art world with the intention of creating similar mayhem. Inspired by a madcap theatrical genius and a cult novel, they blaze a trail that takes them to Sweden, the North Pole and the Sierra Nevada, via Northampton, before arriving finally on the Isle of Jura, with two suitcases containing a million quid. It was their mission to cause chaos. And they did. A sonic roller coaster featuring Paul Higgins (The Thick of It, Line of Duty) as Bill Drummond, Nicholas Burns (Nathan Barley, The World's End) as Jimmy Cauty, with Kevin Eldon as Gimpo, Jeremy Stockwell as Ken Campbell and an outstanding cast of multi-voice comedy performers. Bill Drummond: Paul Higgins Jimmy Cauty: Nicholas Burns Gimpo: Kevin Eldon Ken Campbell: Jeremy Stockwell Everyone else: Kate O’Sullivan, Polly Kemp, Ronnie Jhuttie and Niall Ashdown Original music by Somerset & Lewin Original music by MZYLKYPOP (Mick Somerset, David Lewin, Simon Lewinski, Rachel E, Flip Clegg and Thom Foote) Sound Design by Carl Scheleeshti Johnson Produced and Directed by Boz Temple-Morris Written by Sean Grundy and Cara Jennings A HOLY MOUNTAIN production for BBC Radio 4.

Hello Caller

Jan 25, 2019 2650


In the last two years British Telecom has decommissioned and removed at least 20,000 phone boxes. But what if these boxes have always been able to remember all of the conversations that have been routed through them, what if the wires hold memories suspended in their copper strands? What if, faced with extinction, these voices breach, at least for a short time, the barrier between temporal reality and the pulses coursing through the cables? Built from a series of intercut ‘trapped’ phone calls, this is a ramshackle, effervescent collection of tales. Via the receiver and from within the wires we hear secrets, confessions, fears and declarations of love from voices now lost. This is a ghost story that relies on physics. Cast: All roles played by Annette Badland, Luke MacGregor, Sean Murray, David Reakes and Alex Tregear Writer………………Jonathan Holloway Directed by Alison Crawford 'Hello Caller' was based on an idea by Tim Dee.

Into the Maze - Episode 1

Jan 18, 2019 2635


As part of BBC Radio 4's Riot Girls season, a thriller by Ayeesha Menon that plays out across three locations - London, Saudi Arabia and Mumbai - exploring the struggles faced by women across the globe when it comes to sexual assault, harassment and personal freedom. Sisters Jamila and Saira grew up in a very traditional Muslim village in India, but are now forging independent lives of their own - Jamila in Mumbai, and Saira as a student in London. Saira also works at a hotel in London, but when she is raped by a rich and influential Saudi hotel guest, the lives of both sisters are thrown into turmoil. You can hear the next episodes, plus the rest of the dramas in Radio 4's Riot Girls season, on BBC Sounds. Directed by Emma Harding Jamila.....Maya Sondhi Saira.....Aysha Kala Najma.....Fatima Adoum Majid.....Silas Carson Zafar.....Amir El-Masry Clare.....Clare Corbett Colleague......Christopher Harper Sharon.....Jeanette Percival Andy.....Lewis Bray Ms Morgan.....Carolyn Pickles John McKinley.....Tony Turner DC Price.....Alexandra Constantinidi Officer Megan.....Lucy Doyle Wheeler.....Sam Dale Jamila's Boss.....Waleed Elgadi Guide.....Ronny Jhutti Research Consultant.....David Rhodes, Doughty Street Chambers

Stone - Episode 1

Jan 11, 2019 2683


A return of the detective series created by Danny Brocklehurst and starring Hugo Speer.

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Jan 11, 2019 1408


A special bonus episode of Drama of the Week to help you ease into January. From H.P. Lovecraft, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward is an investigation into the disappearance of a young man from a locked room in an asylum. You can find the whole box set on BBC Sounds. Cast includes Barnaby Kay, Jana Carpenter, Alun Armstrong, Adam Godley, Nicola Walker, Steven Mackintosh, Mark Bazeley, Samuel Barnett, Richard Cordery, Harry Kay, Penny Downie, Madeleine Potter, Phoebe Fox, Ben Crowe, Nathan Osgood, Susan Jameson, Samantha Dakin, Alex Lanipekun and Cherrelle Skeete. Producer: Karen Rose Director/Writer: Julian Simpson Sound Recordist and Designer: David Thomas Production Coordinator: Sarah Tombling Music by Tim Elsenburg A Sweet Talk Production for BBC Radio 4

The Canterbury Tales - Part 1

Jan 4, 2019 3464


Queen of Ambridge amateur theatricals, Lynda Snell, takes charge of this barnstorming new adaptation of Chaucer’s classic tales. Join the cast of The Archers to enjoy stories of courtly love, deadly rivalry and boisterous sex - with a little bit of magic thrown in for good measure. “A festive feast of spellbinding stories and bawdy banter … Another Lynda Snell triumph!” – The Borchester Echo Part 2 of The Canterbury Tales will be available on The Archers podcast from the 5th January. Written by Geoffrey Chaucer Dramatised by Nick Warburton Director …. Kim Greengrass Producer …. Alison Hindell Tellers of the Tales: Ruth Archer & Chaucer .... Felicity Finch David Archer & the Host .... Timothy Bentinck Kirsty Miller .... Annabelle Dowler Eddie Grundy .... Trevor Harrison Lilian Bellamy .... Sunny Ormonde Jazzer McCreary .... Ryan Kelly The Knight’s Tale: Theseus .... Nick Barber Woman of Thebes .... Sunny Ormonde Jailer .... Trevor Harrison Palamon .... Barry Farrimond Arcite .... James Cartwright Emily .... Emerald O’Hanrahan Soldier & Jolly Theban .... Ryan Kelly Gatekeeper .... Timothy Bentinck Diana .... Felicity Finch The Miller’s Tale: John .... Timothy Bentinck Alison .... Annabelle Dowler Nicholas .... James Cartwright Absolon .... Nick Barber The Wife of Bath’s Tale: Knight .... Barry Farrimond King Arthur .... Trevor Harrison Queen .... Annabelle Dowler Crone .... Carole Boyd The Sailor’s Tale: Merchant .... James Cartwright Monk .... Nick Barber Wife .... Emerald O’Hanrahan Other roles played by members of the company.

Good News Stories

Dec 28, 2018 4135


Five contemporary dramas inspired by stories from the old and new testaments. Written by Katie Hims Directed by Mary Peate A Plague of Frogs LAURA ..... Nadia Clifford MR VENTURA ..... Michael Bertenshaw LEILA ..... Jayda Pryce MOSES ..... Joseph Nicholas AMBER ..... Ella Purton Eleven 73s Solly ..... Don Gilet Carla ..... Lucy Doyle Jo ..... Saffron Coomber June ..... Rachel Davies Passenger 1 ..... Tony Turner Passenger 2 ..... Jeanette Percival Song of Solomon Solly ..... Don Gilet Marsha ..... Saffron Coomber Leila ..... Jayda Pryce Lloyd ..... Alex Lanipekun Carys ..... Alexandra Constantinidi Angel Delight Laura ..... Nadia Clifford Claudia ..... Jeanette Percival Angel ..... Tony Turner Rick ..... Cameron Percival Leila ..... Jayda Pryce Trumpet .... Peter Ringrose Ms Lazarus Jesus ..... Alex Lanipekun Atilla ..... Don Gilet Laura ..... Nadia Clifford June ..... Rachel Davies Driver ..... Tony Turner Receptionist ..... Saffron Coomber

The Haunting of M.R. James

Dec 28, 2018 3471


Every Christmas, the master of the ghost story, M.R. James would read a tale to his Cambridge students. In this original chilling drama he finds horrific events from those stories are echoed in reality alongside the inevitable forces of change and modernism. M.R. James ..... Mark Gatiss Gwendolyn MacBryde ..... Fenella Woolgar Jack Pownall ..... Ryan Whittle Dr. Luxmoore ..... Gerard McDermott Davey Steadman ..... Cameron Percival Sellerman ..... Ronny Jhutti Jukes ..... Michael Bertenshaw Grant ..... Tony Turner Thomas Herrick ..... Ewan Bailey Dr. Cameron ..... Chris Harper Webb ..... Sam Dale Student ..... Lewis Bray Written by Neil Brand Director: David Hunter

The Haunting of M.R. James: Ghost Stories

Dec 21, 2018 4141


Five haunting tales from the master of the ghost story M.R. James. Stars Mark Gatiss. Dramatised by Neil Brand Director: David Hunter The Mezzotint M.R. James ..... Mark Gatiss Dr. Williams ..... Patrick Brennan Dr. Binks ..... Tony Turner Dr. Nisbet ..... Don Gilet Mrs. Filcher ..... Jeanette Percival Verger ..... Michael Bertenshaw Casting the Runes M.R. James ..... Mark Gatiss Dunning ..... John Bowler Karswell ..... Ewan Bailey Gayton ..... Paul Heath Mrs. Gayton ..... Saffron Coomber Harrington ..... Ronny Jhutti Assistant ..... Lewis Bray The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral M.R. James ..... Mark Gatiss Archdeacon Haynes ..... Sean Baker Letitia Haynes ..... Carolyn Pickles Jane ..... Saffron Coomber Verger ..... Michael Bertenshaw Pulteney ..... Neil Brand Stevens ..... Cameron Percival Runciman ..... Lewis Bray A Warning to the Curious M.R. James ..... Mark Gatiss Paxton ..... Paul Heath Jeffers ..... Michael Bertenshaw Long ..... Tony Turner Vicarl ..... Ewan Bailey Molly ..... Saffron Coomber Woman ..... Clare Corbett Rats M.R. James ..... Mark Gatiss Thomson ..... George Watkins Betts ..... Michael Bertenshaw Mrs Betts ..... Carolyn Pickles Stewart ..... Sean Baker

Pilgrim - The Winter Queen

Dec 14, 2018 5295


Pilgrim returns! The immortal wanderer, William Palmer faces a new challenge when he discovers a mystery and a plan for revenge served very cold. A two-part adventure to mark the Winter Solstice. Pilgrim ….. Paul Hilton Mrs Bronson ….. Fenella Woolgar Roxanna ….. Carolyn Pickles Sam Notice ….. Tony Turner Matt ….. Cameron Percival Donny ….. Tayla Kovacevic Ebong Jack Sweet ….. Don Gilet Klara ….. Jeanette Percival Lloyd ..... Lewis Bray The Girl ..... Agnes Bateman Jonas ..... Michael Bertenshaw Taylor ..... Alexandra Constantinidi Directed by Marc Beeby and Jessica Dromgoole THE LEGEND: In 1195, while on a pilgrimage to Canterbury, William Palmer (Pilgrim) was cursed with immortality by the King of the Greyfolk for denying the presence of ‘the other world’ - a world of strange, unpredictable faeries, of magic and ancient ritual - which co-exists with our everyday reality. Ever since then it has been Pilgrim's fate to walk the line between the worlds of magic and of men, doing what he can to maintain the balance between the two.

Holding Back The Tide: Selling The Capstan

Dec 7, 2018 2678


Comedy about a small town resistant to change. When the local tearoom is threatened with takeover by a major coffee chain, The Breck Howe Preservation Society decide to take direct action to save it; John Hector has big ideas but unsurprisingly things don't go to plan. You can listen to more episodes of Holding Back The Tide on BBC Sounds. John ..... Ronald Pickup Richard ..... Paul Ritter Clare ..... Kate Duchêne Lux ..... Michelle Asante Robust Betty ..... Emma Handy Brandi ..... Saffron Coomber Librarian ..... Liam Lau Fernandez A Heavy ..... Don Gilet Wayne ..... Lewis Bray Written by Nick Warburton Directed by Sally Avens

Romance is Dead: Last Date

Nov 30, 2018 2678


A charming and quirky comic drama about the reluctantly dead. By Ben Lewis.

The Cherry Orchard

Nov 23, 2018 5270


Chekhov's celebrated stage play is given a new version by writer/composer duo, Katherine Tozer and John Chambers. Ranyevskya returns to the family estate after 5 years in Paris to face seemingly insurmountable debts. Local businessman Lopakhin is keen to offer her a way out but there'll be a price to pay. Ranyevskya ..... Emma Fielding Lopakhin ..... Neil Dudgeon Anya ..... Lucy Doyle Varya ..... Joan Iyiola Gayev ..... Dominic Coleman Peter ..... Nicholas Prasad Pishchik ..... Tony Turner Charlotte ..... Alexandra Constantinidi Yepikhodov ..... Matthew Wilson Dunyasha ..... Saffron Coomber Yasha ..... Liam Lau Fernandez Firs ..... Sean Murray The Tramp ..... Lewis Bray Music composed by John Chambers Directed by Toby Swift Katherine Tozer and John Chambers work as writer and composer respectively for PALIMPSEST, the innovative multi-media theatre company. Palimpsest have created bespoke work for Leighton House, Dr. Johnson's House and William Morris's Red House. Actor and writer Katherine Tozer has acted for the RSC, the Almeida, the Donmar and the Young Vic, in the West End, nationally and internationally in new work by Churchill, Brenton and Wertenbaker, in roles ranging from Phaedra to Blanche du Bois, for which she was nominated for a TMA award. She founded Palimpsest in 2013. John Chambers is a composer and sound designer. He studied at Trinity College of Music, winning the John Halford, Daryl Runswick, and Chappell composition prizes. For over a decade he has created music for theatre, including writer/director Steven Berkoff's premiere production of Oedipus. Composition highlights include a fanfare for Her Majesty the Queen (Royal Observatory, Greenwich 2007), a fanfare for the Olympic Torch Relay (Trafalgar Square 2008) and High Flight for Baritone Voice and String Quartet (performed by the Finzi Quartet).

Home Front: A Fragile Peace

Nov 16, 2018 4378


A special extended edition of Home Front, Radio 4's epic drama series marking the centenaries of the First World War. It’s 10 November, 1919, a year and a day after the previous episode (set on 9 November 1918), and Folkestone is preparing for the first Remembrance Day, and contemplating a new post-war world.

Curious Under the Stars

Nov 9, 2018 4118


Gareth and Diane have some unwelcome visitors. Stars Elis James and Emma Sidi.

Tracks: Chimera

Nov 2, 2018 2642


The return of the conspiracy thriller by Matthew Broughton. Starring Hattie Morahan.


Oct 26, 2018 2668


Swans by Eoin McNamee tells the story of a race against time to locate a young child who is being smuggled through Dublin Airport. But is it an inside job?

The Republicans: Richard Nixon

Oct 19, 2018 2672


Entertaining new dramas following the political swings of The Republican Party, through the personal stories of its Presidents. Closely based on the accounts of those who were there, we imagine the triumphs and disasters which have driven the party's electoral fortunes. 1970. President Nixon has announced the invasion of Cambodia, and student protests have ignited across the US, with National Guardsmen shooting four dead at Kent State University. Washington is on high alert. But when the insomniac President wakes up at 4a.m. to see defiant students gathering at the Lincoln Memorial, he walks over to talk to them, taking his White House butler with him. The Secret Service are left struggling to catch up, as the night takes a bizarre turn. Written by Jonathan Myerson Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting Richard Nixon . . . Jonathan Hyde Arnold Hutschnecker . . . Jack Klaff Manolo Sanchez . . . Joseph Balderrama Pat Nixon . . . Emma Handy Carrie Moore . . . Ellen Thomas Bob Haldemann . . . Aaron Vodovoz Secret Serviceman . . . Ryan Whittle Young Richard Nixon . . . Rupert Simonian Student . . . Saffron Coomber Writer . . . Jonathan Myerson Director . . . Jonquil Panting

When The Pips Stop

Oct 12, 2018 2712


A love song to Radio 4 by Oliver Emanuel.

Pearl: Two Fathers, Two Daughters

Sep 29, 2018 3473


Two voices of grief - one from six hundred years ago and one very much of the present day

Home Front: 24-28 September 1918

Sep 28, 2018 3494


The first omnibus of Season 15, Onward, set in Folkestone, in the week, in 1918, when the Allies launched their final, and decisive campaign on the Western Front. Adam, meanwhile, is on a mission to the harbour.

The Blackwood

Sep 21, 2018 1594


New drama born out of Jacob Polley’s award-winning Jackself. With music by John Alder.

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Sep 14, 2018 4125


A new series of AL Kennedy's comic drama starring Bill Nighy and Anna Calder-Marshall as John and Maggie attempting to give love one more chance. John ..... Bill Nighy Maggie ..... Anna Calder-Marshall Mrs Protheroe ..... Georgie Glen Written by AL Kennedy Directed by Sally Avens

The Trials of C.B. King Episode 1

Sep 7, 2018 2672


A brave man faces hatred & violence in the fight for Civil Rights in the Southern States

The Third Pill

Aug 31, 2018 2656


By James O'Neill. A comedy about finding the elixir of youth.

Tommies: 22nd August 1918

Aug 24, 2018 2681


Mrs Adeline Washington is one of only four black American YMCA workers, sent to support the 200,000 black American soldiers arriving in France in 1918. In this story by Patricia Cumper and Jonathan Ruffle, Mrs Washington's duties should keep her away from the fighting. But when she uncovers a shocking secret about the US 371st Regiment, currently in the frontline at Esnes-en-Argonne, she has to find any way to get there - and fast. Meticulously based on unit war diaries and eye-witness accounts, each episode of TOMMIES traces one real day at war, exactly 100 years ago, telling untold stories about the war in Gaza, Gallipoli, Serbia, Mesopotamia, Russia, Macedonia, Italy, Turkmenistan and Tanzania, as well as on the Western Front. And through it all, we've followed the fortunes of Mickey Bliss and his fellow signallers, from the Lahore Division of the British Indian Army. They are the cogs in an immense machine, one which connects situations across the whole theatre of the war, over four long years. Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting.


Aug 16, 2018 1665


Dark doings in the War Rooms as a suspicious death leaves the gals from personnel with no options other than to investigate. Comic adventures in Ed Harris' witty and quirky wartime comedy. Head over to iPlayer radio to catch up with other episodes in the series.

Brother of Mine

Aug 10, 2018 2672


Two brothers' relationship is tested to the limit when one is accused of a serious crime.


Aug 3, 2018 2664


Comedy drama about festivals and the start of legendary literary romance by Sarah Wooley

DOTW Undeniably Keith 27 July 18

Jul 27, 2018 2664


A warm, funny, contemporary love story with a twist by Lucy Gannon. Starring Doon Mackichan and Kevin Whately

The Steal

Jul 20, 2018 4135


Crime or incompetence? When Max returns from travelling he discovers that most of his expected inheritance has disappeared. Who is responsible and what has happened to the money? Max ..... Tom Forrister Linsey ..... Isabella Inchbald Fig ..... Kerry Gooderson Claire ..... Georgie Glen Greeley ..... Sean Murray Directed by Marc Beeby Written by Melissa Murray

From a Great Height

Jul 13, 2018 2644


When a nurse recognises her former teacher in hospital, their worlds begin to unravel

Ground Control

Jul 6, 2018 4211


by Colin Bytheway Tess is married to a real live hero, Scott Carter, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station. What an honour for her. Or is it? Is she always going to be simply Mrs Scott Carter? A comedy drama chronicling the ultimate long distance relationship. Tess ..... Tamsin Greig Scott ..... Adam James Anna ..... Georgie Glen Shariq ..... Nick Mohammed Sylvie ..... Felicite du Jeu Dmitry ..... Neil McCaul Reporter ..... Ryan Early Director ..... Sally Avens

First World Problems

Jun 15, 2018 2632


What would happen if the UK broke apart? In this everyday story of British folk, David and Ruth Fletcher face our next civil war. Episode 1: Making Other Plans. Head to BBC iPlayer to download the whole series.

The Interrogation: Heather

Jun 8, 2018 2623


DCI Matthews and DS Armitage are at a loss to find anyone with a motive for a brutal attack. Starring Kenneth Cranham and Alex Lanipekun.

The Last Flag

Jun 1, 2018 2632


Drama about the theft of the nation's last flag.


May 25, 2018 2618


Fast-paced comic drama about culture, kidnapping and conception.

Das Kapital

May 11, 2018 3412


Sarah Woods dramatisation of Karl Marx's iconic work marks 200 years since his birth.

Drama on 3: Measure for Measure

May 4, 2018 7476


by William Shakespeare - a play about religion, surveillance, coercion, sex and power.

19 Weeks

Apr 20, 2018 2685


Eve Myles stars as Emily in the true story of Emily Steel's late pregnancy termination.

Paradise Lost

Apr 6, 2018 3420


John Milton's Paradise Lost dramatized by poet Michael Symmons Roberts. Part Two.

Paradise Lost

Mar 30, 2018 5215


Michael Symmons Roberts' version of this epic poem is a gripping piece of storytelling for today. Part Two will be next week's Drama Download of the Week.

Tim Key's Late Night Poetry Programme: Cars

Mar 16, 2018 1683


Comic poet Tim Key and his friend and musician Tom Basden pick up a hitchhiker.

Boswell's Life of Byron

Mar 9, 2018 1733


Can time-travelling biographer Boswell help young Byron become a celebrated poet?

An Instinct for Kindness

Mar 2, 2018 2683


The personal account of one woman's decision to end her life when illness became too much

Riot Girls: Polygamy For Girls

Feb 23, 2018 2661


'It takes a village to raise a child.' Feminist vlogger Chloe undertakes a radical domestic experiment, when she recruits some extra wives to help raise her baby daughter. Lauren Cornelius and Luke Bailey star in Julie Mayhew's witty new play. Part of a season of provocative women's writing about transgressive women. Directed by Emma Harding Chloe ..... Lauren Cornelius Dan ..... Luke Bailey Alisha.... Teri Ann Bobb-Baxter Rosa ..... Aneta Piotrowska Gemma ..... Rebecca Humphries Barbara ..... Belinda Lang

That Was Then

Feb 16, 2018 1018


New audio thriller concludes, episodes 11-15. By Jonathan Myerson

The Effect

Feb 2, 2018 6461


by Lucy Prebble. Starring Jessie Buckley, Christine Entwisle, Damien Molony and Samuel West. "I can tell the difference between who I am and a side effect." Award-winning chemical romance. Connie (Jessie Buckley - 'The Last Post', 'Taboo') and Tristan (Damien Molony - 'Crashing', 'Being Human') are taking part in a clinical trial for a new psychoactive drug. So when they start to feel attracted to each other, can they really trust how they feel? A profound, and funny, play about love, depression and selfhood, winner of the Critics' Circle Award for Best New Play when it was performed at the National Theatre in 2012. Dr Lorna James .... Christine Entwisle Connie .... Jessie Buckley Tristan .... Damien Molony Dr Toby Sealey .... Samuel West Composer, Richard Hammarton Writer, Lucy Prebble Director, Abigail le Fleming THE WRITER Lucy Prebble is a writer for film, television, games and theatre. Before THE EFFECT she wrote the hugely successful ENRON (2010). Her first play, THE SUGAR SYNDROME (2003), won her the George Devine Award and was performed at the Royal Court. Lucy is an Associate Artist at the Old Vic Theatre. For television, she is the creator of the TV series SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL. She is Co-Executive Producer and writer on HBO’s media mogul drama, SUCCESSION. THE COMPOSER Richard Hammarton is a composer and sound designer for Theatre, TV and Film. His work has been heard throughout the UK and Internationally. He was part of the design team that won the Manchester Evening News “Best Design” award for DR FAUSTUS in 2010 and was Sound Designer for the Olivier Award winning play, THE MOUNTAINTOP. He also worked on the Ivor Novello winning RIPPER STREET for TV

That Was Then

Feb 2, 2018 1497


New audio thriller. 20 years after a murder, the convicted man walks free.

POD PLAY 5: BATHROOM | Drama of the Week Special

Aug 4, 2017 346


Let us transport you to a world where flies talk and party-goers escape down drain-pipes. Fly…Sandy Grierson Woman…Karen Bartke Writer…Ben Lewis Director…Kirsty Williams Sound Design…Catherine Robinson

POD PLAY 4: PARK | Drama of the Week Special

Aug 4, 2017 357


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is more MFI than MI5 in the hands of two incompetent and not-so-secret-agents. By Lee Mattinson. Cast AGENT D….. Krissi Bohn AGENT J….. Toby Hadoke Director Sharon Sephton Sound Design …. Catherine Robinson

POD PLAY 3: PUB | Drama of the Week Special

Aug 4, 2017 303


Take a seat at the bar in your local, but look out… one of the regulars is about to get a round in and it could be a painfully long order. A funny and moving original short audio work by award-winning writer Timothy X Atack, starring Alice Lowe (Sightseers, Prevenge) and David Hargreaves (The Crucible, King Lear at Bristol Old Vic), designed to be listened to on headphones on location. Customer …. David Hargreaves Barmaid …. Alice Lowe Show less

POD PLAY 2: BED | Drama of the Week Special

Aug 4, 2017 493


Lie on your bed, put on your headphones, and let Indira Varma and Joe Sims take you on a journey which we promise you’ve never made before. Ed Harris’ darkly inventive writing for audio and stage have won him multiple awards. Woman …. Indira Varma Man …. Joe Sims Director Jonquil Panting Sound Design …. Catherine Robinson

POD PLAY1: LIVING ROOM | Drama of the Week Special

Aug 4, 2017 455


By Charlotte Bogard Macleod. Leah and Milo are best friends but now Leah has been offered a job in Australia. She loves Milo but does he love her back? Leah is forced to get right inside his head to find out. Leah ….. Valene Kane Milo ….. George Mackay Director: David Hunter Sound Design …. Catherine Robinson