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Democracy Now! is an independent daily TV & radio news program, hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González. We provide daily global news headlines, in-depth interviews and investigative reports without any advertisements or government funding. Our programming shines a spotlight on corporate and government abuses of power and lifts up the stories of ordinary people working to make change in extraordinary times. Democracy Now! is live weekdays at 8am ET and available 24/7 through our website and podcasts.


Democracy Now! 2020-04-03 Friday

Apr 3, 2020 59:00


We speak with an ICU nurse in New York protesting for more COVID-19 protective gear; The pandemic surges in the Philippines and Indonesia; How Taiwan is containing coronavirus; The Congressional Hispanic Caucus demands the release of ICE detainees.

Democracy Now! 2020-04-02 Thursday

Apr 2, 2020 59:00


With millions losing their jobs, President Trump's coronavirus response has been to support drug manufacturers and suspend environmental rules; How the coronavirus is impacting India and the Global South.

Democracy Now! 2020-04-01 Wednesday

Apr 1, 2020 59:00


Delivery drivers at UPS demand safe working conditions to avoid illness amid a massive increase in online orders; How pregnant people are coping with uncertain conditions during the pandemic; Calls grow to cancel rent during the coronavirus outbreak.

April 1 Coronavirus Global News Roundup

Apr 1, 2020


Wednesday, April 1, 2020 — A Coronavirus pandemic news roundup from the surge in cases in the United States to Italy and Spain, to Guam, Indonesia and Uganda.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-31 Tuesday

Mar 31, 2020 59:00


Michigan becomes a growing hot spot for coronavirus and struggles to prepare for a surge in COVID-19 cases; We speak with Tara Reade about her allegations that Joe Biden assaulted her when he was a senator and she was his staff assistant in 1993.

Supreme Court Crushes Media Diversity in Ruling on Lawsuit Accusing Comcast of Racial Discrimination

Mar 31, 2020


The Supreme Court has postponed oral arguments, but handed down five opinions on last Monday, including a decision considered a blow for the civil rights community: the case of Comcast v. National Association of African American-Owned Media.

March 31 - Global Coronavirus News Roundup

Mar 31, 2020


Tuesday, March 31, 2020 — A Coronavirus pandemic news roundup from the surge in cases in the United States to India and Spain, to Italy, Afghanistan and Central America.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-30 Monday

Mar 30, 2020 59:00


The coronavirus is described as the public health failure of the century; In New York, tens of thousands of unhoused people are left with no way to safely shelter in place; A group of unhoused mothers, families and elders reclaim vacant Los Angeles homes.

Global Coronavirus News Roundup

Mar 30, 2020


March 30, 2020 — A Coronavirus pandemic news roundup from the United States to Spain and Italy, to Nigeria, Russia and the Philippines.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-27 Friday

Mar 27, 2020 59:00


Congressmember Ilhan Omar and author Matt Stoller join us as Congress votes on a $2 trillion emergency relief package to address the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus; We look at domestic violence during the pandemic.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-26 Thursday

Mar 26, 2020 59:00


We get an update from a New York City emergency room doctor; Bernie Sanders successfully strengthens assistance to laid-off workers in the $2.2 trillion emergency relief package; India orders 1.3 billion people to shelter in place.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-25 Wednesday

Mar 25, 2020 59:00


New York City has 60% of all new COVID-19 cases in the U.S.; Spain is becoming the COVID-19 epicenter of Europe; Puerto Rico announces $787 million financial package; Sen. Richard Burr received privileged briefings about economic threat of coronavirus.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-24 Tuesday

Mar 24, 2020 59:00


Senate Democrats stop Republicans from advancing a coronavirus stimulus package many are calling a corporate bailout; Brigades of Cuban doctors combat the spread of COVID-19 internationally; COVID-19 has begun to spread in the U.S. prison system.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-23 Monday

Mar 23, 2020 59:00


COVID-19 could spread like wildfire among the 37,000 people held in immigrant detention centers that contract with ICE; The U.S. continues to have a desperate lack of tests and protective gear for frontline medical workers.

"I'm Nine Months Pregnant, and I'm Bringing My Baby into a World I No Longer Understand."

Mar 23, 2020


Reporter Amy Littlefield joins us to discuss her article, “I’m nine months pregnant, and I’m bringing my baby into a world I no longer understand. I have to remain hopeful anyway.”

Democracy Now! 2020-03-20 Friday

Mar 20, 2020 59:00


The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 passes 250,000 worldwide, surging in Italy and growing in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America; Mutual aid groups emerge across the U.S. to protect each other in the face of COVID-19.

"This Is a War," Says Doctor on COVID-19. "We Are at the Beginning of a Surge, and It's Terrifying."

Mar 20, 2020


Global health expert and infectious disease specialist Dr. Michele Barry compares the U.S. response to the coronavirus with other countries.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-19 Thursday

Mar 19, 2020 59:00


Naomi Klein warns against "coronavirus capitalism"; Economist Joseph Stiglitz discusses the White House stimulus plans; Civil rights activist Elizabeth OuYang says Trump is fueling hate by blaming the COVID-19 outbreak on a "Chinese virus."

Nobel Laureate Economist Joe Stiglitz: Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic with Progressive Capitalism

Mar 19, 2020


In Part 2 of our look at President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says Trump’s push for a payroll tax, for example, “would be undermining the fiber of our economy.”

Democracy Now! 2020-03-18 Wednesday

Mar 18, 2020 59:00


Lawmakers debate stimulus measures to fight economic effects of the coronavirus. We speak with Rep. Ro Khanna; Joe Biden sweeps three primaries marred by chaos at polling places; Mass shutdowns & layoffs put millions of U.S. restaurant workers at risk.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-17 Tuesday

Mar 17, 2020 59:00


Spain becomes the second European country to impose a nationwide lockdown in response to coronavirus; Coronavirus poses a major threat to 2.3 million people locked in U.S. prisons; One teenager's website tracking the pandemic has become a vital resource.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-16 Monday

Mar 16, 2020 59:00


Democratic presidential rivals Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders face off in their first head-to-head debate amid the coronavirus outbreak, in a D.C. studio with no live audience. We bring you excerpts of the debate and response from two scholars.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-13 Friday

Mar 13, 2020 59:00


We look at how the Trump administration has failed to account for what may be thousands of coronavirus infections because of ongoing problems with access to testing.

Meet the 17-Year-Old Behind a Website Tracking Coronavirus Cases That Is Now a Vital Global Resource

Mar 13, 2020


We speak with a teenager whose website that tracks coronavirus has become one of the most vital resources for people seeking accurate and updated numbers on the pandemic.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-12 Thursday

Mar 12, 2020 59:00


After recent losses, Bernie Sanders vows to stay in the race and debate Joe Biden on Sunday; The World Health Organization calls COVID-19 a pandemic; Senate Republicans block legislation requiring employers to grant paid sick leave; Italy is locked down.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-11 Wednesday

Mar 11, 2020 59:00


Joe Biden scores decisive primary victories Tuesday, including in the key state of Michigan; As the coronavirus pandemic grows, nurses on the frontlines are holding a national day of action to protest lack of basic protections for nurses and patients.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-10 Tuesday

Mar 10, 2020 59:00


We spend the hour looking at the coronavirus pandemic, from the Trump administration's mismanagement of the crisis to the lockdown in Italy to how prisons are handling the outbreak from Iran to New York to immigration jails in Washington state.

War Contractor Erik Prince Has Close Ties to White House & Report Reveals His Dirty Tricks for Trump

Mar 10, 2020


In Part 2 of our interview with The Intercept’s investigative reporter Matthew Cole, he examines in detail Erik Prince’s ties to the Trump administration.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-09 Monday

Mar 9, 2020 59:00


Two main Afghan presidential candidates hold inauguration ceremonies, amid U.S.-Taliban peace deal negotiations; A New York Times report reveals Erik Prince, founder of the mercenary firm Blackwater, recruits ex-spies to help infiltrate liberal groups.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-06 Friday

Mar 6, 2020 59:00


Elizabeth Warren suspends her presidential campaign; Author Adam Cohen discusses the U.S. Supreme Court's long record of blocking progress and creating "a more unjust America."

Justice Denied: 50 Years of Supreme Court Rulings That Gutted Civil Rights, Voting Rights & Expanded Inequality

Mar 6, 2020


In an extended interview, lawyer and journalist Adam Cohen discusses his new book, “Supreme Inequality,” which argues the U.S. Supreme Court has blocked social progress and expanded inequality over the last five decades.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-05 Thursday

Mar 5, 2020 59:00


As cases of COVID-19 spread worldwide, we hold a roundtable discussion on whether coronavirus presents a clear argument for healthcare for all; Long wait times plagued Democratic primary polling places in Texas throughout Super Tuesday.

Joe Biden's History of Selling the Iraq Invasion, Expanding Prisons & Pulling Democrats to the Right

Mar 5, 2020


Following former Vice President Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday wins, we continue our extended interview with Branko Marcetic, author of “Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe Biden.”

Democracy Now! 2020-03-04 Wednesday

Mar 4, 2020 59:00


Bernie Sanders adviser Chuck Rocha reacts to Super Tuesday results; Black voters in the South overwhelmingly vote for Joe Biden; Jacobin magazine staff writer Branko Marcetic on "The Case Against Joe Biden."

Democracy Now! 2020-03-03 Tuesday

Mar 3, 2020 59:00


We host a debate between Dr. Cornel West, a surrogate for Bernie Sanders, and Rep. Bobby Rush, national co-chair of the Mike Bloomberg 2020 campaign; The Intercept's Ryan Grim provides analysis on the Democratic establishment coalescing behind Joe Biden.

Democracy Now! 2020-03-02 Monday

Mar 2, 2020 59:00


Donald Trump's deal with the Taliban aims to end the war in Afghanistan; An update on Julian Assange's U.K. extradition case; In Texas, Jessica Cisneros runs for Congress against a conservative Democratic incumbent; Coronavirus deaths rise in Iran.

Iranian Infectious Disease Specialist on How the U.S. Should Address the Coronavirus Pandemic

Mar 2, 2020


We continue our interview with Dr. Kamiar Alaei, Iranian global health policy expert, co-founder and co-president of the Institute for International Health and Education, and a visiting professor at the University of Oxford.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-28 Friday

Feb 28, 2020 59:00


Russia-backed forces in Syria kill 33 Turkish soldiers; Thousands in the Dominican Republic protest the suspension of elections and celebrate Independence Day; New Jersey families protest plans to demolish a public school to make way for a cancer center.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-27 Thursday

Feb 27, 2020 59:00


President Trump puts Mike Pence in charge of the U.S. response to coronavirus, despite his disastrous public health record as Indiana governor; How the climate crisis is exacerbating disease outbreaks; Anti-Muslim violence kills dozens in India.

Stop-and-Frisk Cost NYC $1 Billion in Civil Suits over Police Misconduct While Bloomberg Was Mayor

Feb 27, 2020


Bob Hennelly, reporter who covered billionaire Michael Bloomberg during his time as mayor, says civil suits related to stop-and-frisk cost city taxpayers $1 billion.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-26 Wednesday

Feb 26, 2020 59:00


Author Anand Giridharadas discusses the "billionaire election" and wealth inequality; South Carolina's primary tests 2020 candidates' support among African Americans; Reporter Bob Hennelly says Michael Bloomberg has lied about releasing his taxes.

Meet Omar Radi, the Moroccan Journalist Who Was Jailed for a Single Tweet & Faces Trial on March 5

Feb 26, 2020


In Morocco, journalists, human rights defenders and activists increasingly face harassment, censorship, torture and imprisonment simply for expressing their opinion.

Amy Goodman Interviews Tom Steyer & Elizabeth Warren at South Carolina Environmental Justice Forum

Feb 26, 2020


Amy Goodman interviews Elizabeth Warren and Tom Steyer in South Carolina at the first-ever Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice.

WATCH: Super Tuesday 2020 Coverage with Democracy Now! & The Intercept

Feb 26, 2020


WATCH: Super Tuesday 2020 Coverage with Democracy Now! & The Intercept

Democracy Now! 2020-02-25 Tuesday

Feb 25, 2020 59:00


Harvey Weinstein is found guilty of rape and sexual assault by a jury in New York; We speak with Chuck Rocha, senior adviser to Bernie Sanders, about the campaign's success in early primary states and what's changed since 2016.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-24 Monday

Feb 24, 2020 59:00


Senator Bernie Sanders wins the Nevada Democratic presidential caucuses with support from Latinx voters; We host a debate on democratic socialism with economists Paul Krugman and Richard Wolff.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-21 Friday

Feb 21, 2020 59:00


On the 55th anniversary of Malcolm X's murder, we look at the new Netflix docuseries "Who Killed Malcolm X?" We speak with filmmaker Shayla Harris, scholar Abdur-Rahman Muhammad and Ilyasah Shabazz, one of Malcolm X's six daughters.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-20 Thursday

Feb 20, 2020 59:00


We host a roundtable discussion on Wednesday night's contentious Democratic debate in Las Vegas, ahead of the Nevada caucuses this Saturday.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-19 Wednesday

Feb 19, 2020 59:00


Ahead of the Nevada caucus, no Democratic candidate receives a Culinary Workers Union endorsement; A new study shows Medicare for All will save U.S. residents more than $450 billion every year; Latinx organization Mijente endorses Bernie Sanders.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-18 Tuesday

Feb 18, 2020 59:00


The jury in Harvey Weinstein's trial begins its deliberations on whether to find the disgraced movie mogul guilty on rape and sexual assault charges; A new film takes a close look at Joe Biden's extensive role in the Iraq War.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-17 Monday

Feb 17, 2020 59:00


Democratic presidential candidates are accusing billionaire Michael Bloomberg of buying his way to the nomination and spreading his wealth to keep critics silent; In Yemen, 31 people were killed in U.S.-backed Saudi airstrikes.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-14 Friday

Feb 14, 2020 59:00


A lawsuit against the city of Detroit alleges that its housing policies have widened the racial wealth gap; The One Billion Rising campaign seeks to end sexual violence against women and girls; We speak with playwright Eve Ensler and singer Taína Asili.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-13 Thursday

Feb 13, 2020 59:00


Closing arguments begin in the trial of accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein; Anti-pipeline protests break out across Canada in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en land defenders; Amy Klobuchar faces mounting scrutiny over her record as a district attorney.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-12 Wednesday

Feb 12, 2020 59:00


Bernie Sanders wins the New Hampshire primary; Unearthed audio exposes Mike Bloomberg defending "stop-and-frisk" in racial terms; A South Bend City Council member decries Pete Buttigieg's treatment of the black community during his time as mayor.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-11 Tuesday

Feb 11, 2020 59:00


President Trump unveils his 2021 budget request, proposing massive cuts to Medicaid and food stamps while increasing spending on the border wall, the military and nuclear weapons; Polls open in New Hampshire in the nation's first presidential primary.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-10 Monday

Feb 10, 2020 59:00


In a joint interview, Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley sit down with Nermeen Shaikh to talk about resistance, protesting President Trump, reshaping U.S. foreign policy, and their personal histories.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-07 Friday

Feb 7, 2020 59:00


The U.S. Navy deploys a new nuclear weapon for the first time since the Cold War; The coronavirus death toll tops 630 people in China; At least 200 Salvadoran asylum seekers were killed, raped or tortured after being deported from the U.S.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-06 Thursday

Feb 6, 2020 59:00


The Senate acquits President Trump in the third impeachment trial in U.S. history; Results from Monday's Iowa caucuses continue to be released; The National Archives is allowing millions of documents to be destroyed or deleted by ICE.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-05 Wednesday

Feb 5, 2020 59:00


Iowa Democrats release only partial results from Monday's caucuses; President Trump delivers his State of the Union address; Latinx authors criticize the publishing industry over "American Dirt" and other failures.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-04 Tuesday

Feb 4, 2020 59:00


Chaos and confusion continues in Iowa as the state Democratic Party delays releasing results from Monday's caucus; As Sanders surges in national polls, we host a debate on whether the Vermont senator is the Democrats' best bet to beat Donald Trump.

Laurie Garrett on Coronavirus: Racist Attitudes Could Aid & Abet the Spread of the Pandemic

Feb 4, 2020


Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer Laurie Garrett talks about the spread of coronavirus and why it is more dangerous than anything the world has seen since the arrival of HIV.

Democracy Now! 2020-02-03 Monday

Feb 3, 2020 59:00


Trump is expected to be acquitted on Wednesday, as the Senate trial resumes today; The first caucus of the 2020 race takes place in Iowa; Trump expands his travel ban to six more countries; Over 17,000 cases of the coronavirus are confirmed worldwide.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-31 Friday

Jan 31, 2020 59:00


The Republican-led Senate appears poised to acquit President Trump as early as Friday in the historic impeachment trial; We look at the groundbreaking film "Disclosure" and depictions of transgender people in television and film over more than a century.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-30 Thursday

Jan 30, 2020 59:00


At the Senate impeachment trial, Trump's lawyer says a sitting president can take action to boost re-election chances if he feels re-election is in the public interest; A new film exposes the racial and gender biases baked into artificial intelligence.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-29 Wednesday

Jan 29, 2020 59:00


Israel moves to annex 30% of the occupied West Bank under Trump's so-called Middle East peace plan; Trump's impeachment trial continues; South Dakota lawmakers debate a bill that would criminalize gender-affirming surgery for transgender youth.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-28 Tuesday

Jan 28, 2020 59:00


President Trump's legal team defends his actions as calls mount for the Senate to allow witnesses to testify; Beloved feminist activist Isabel Cabanillas is assassinated in Juárez, Mexico; We speak to world-renowned Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-27 Monday

Jan 27, 2020 59:00


The latest on the impeachment trial in the Senate; NBA legend Kobe Bryant dies at 41; The short film "Ours to Tell" looks at the fight for reproductive rights as the Trump administration intensifies its attacks on abortion.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-24 Friday

Jan 24, 2020 59:00


Updates on President Trump's impeachment trial; The International Court of Justice orders Burma to protect Rohingya Muslims from genocide; An unexpected victory for unhoused Oakland moms who had occupied a vacant home to protest housing unaffordability.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-23 Thursday

Jan 23, 2020 59:00


Democrats accuse Trump of abusing his power in the Senate impeachment trial; A conversation with Academy Award-winning actor Tim Robbins.

Poisoned Water & Corporate Greed: Attorney Robert Bilott on His 20-Year Battle Against DuPont

Jan 23, 2020


On Wednesday, the Environmental Working Group released a shocking report about how toxic fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS have been found in the drinking water of dozens of U.S. cities.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-22 Wednesday

Jan 22, 2020 59:00


Democrats accuse Republicans of orchestrating a cover-up at Trump's impeachment trial; The “architect” of the CIA’s torture program testifies at Guantánamo Bay; Reporter Glenn Greenwald is charged in Brazil over an investigation of political corruption.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-21 Tuesday

Jan 21, 2020 59:00


The Senate opens the third impeachment trial of a U.S. president in history; The National Archives apologizes for doctoring a photo of the 2017 Women's March to remove criticisms of President Trump; Greta Thunberg speaks at the World Economic Forum.

"Our House Is Still on Fire": Full Speech by Greta Thunberg at World Economic Forum in Davos

Jan 21, 2020


The 17-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg delivered a speech Tuesday to the world leaders and global elite gathered in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum, one year after she first condemned the forum for its inaction on climate change.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-20 Monday

Jan 20, 2020 59:00


SPECIAL: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in His Own Words

Democracy Now! 2020-01-17 Friday

Jan 17, 2020 59:00


U.S. senators are sworn in to serve as jurors in the third presidential impeachment trial in U.S. history; A conversation with the daughter of Honduran indigenous environmental activist Berta Cáceres; The translation crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-16 Thursday

Jan 16, 2020 59:00


The House delivers articles of impeachment to the Senate; The Poor People's Campaign calls for a presidential debate on poverty; Russia's prime minister resigns amid Putin's constitutional changes; Moms 4 Housing is evicted from a vacant Oakland house.

#Moms4Housing: Meet the Mother & Daughter Armed Police Just Evicted from a Vacant House in Oakland

Jan 16, 2020


We continue our conversation with Oakland mom Misty Cross, who was evicted alongside other mothers fighting homelessness Tuesday from a vacant home they had been occupying for two months. Cross and three others were arrested by a heavily militarized police force in the early hours of Tuesday morning, sparking outrage. All four were released on bail Tuesday afternoon. We also speak with Cross’s daughter Destiny Johnson and Oakland activist Carroll Fife, the director of the Oakland office for Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-15 Wednesday

Jan 15, 2020 59:00


In the final debate before the Iowa caucuses, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders openly spar for the first time, but both agreed on many policy issues, including the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from the Middle East.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-14 Tuesday

Jan 14, 2020 59:00


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi prepares to send impeachment articles to the Senate; A group of mothers fighting homelessness in Oakland occupy a vacant house with their children; Poet Martín Espada remembers Latino community activist Luis Garden Acosta.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-13 Monday

Jan 13, 2020 59:00


Iranians protest for a third day after the military said it accidentally shot down a Ukrainian airliner; Lawrence Wilkerson denounces war in the Middle East; Nearly 150 are arrested on Capitol Hill in a protest urging radical climate action.

Women Protest Against Accused Rapists Harvey Weinstein & President Trump

Jan 13, 2020


In New York City, at least 100 women protested against accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein outside the Manhattan courthouse where the disgraced Hollywood mogul is standing trial for rape.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-10 Friday

Jan 10, 2020 59:00


A new film tells the story of how data firm Cambridge Analytica attempted to use Facebook to sway elections across the world. We speak to the directors of the Oscar-shortlisted documentary "The Great Hack."

Democracy Now! 2020-01-09 Thursday

Jan 9, 2020 59:00


President Trump vows to impose new economic sanctions on Iran but appears to step back from the brink of war; A New York Times report details "China’s push to turn Muslim minorities into an army of workers."

"Modern-Day Slavery": China Is Forcing Muslims into Forced Labor, Prison & Indoctrination Camps

Jan 9, 2020


We look at the systematic oppression of Muslim minorities in China, from labor programs pushing Uyghurs and Kazakhs into low-wage work in Chinese factories to the indoctrination camps where at least 1 million adults from the Uyghur community are being imprisoned.

"A Translation Crisis at the Border": U.S. Immigration Courts Are Failing Mayan-Language Speakers

Jan 9, 2020


As record numbers of migrants seek refuge and asylum in the United States, we look at a key problem preventing many of them from getting due process: inadequate translation for indigenous peoples who speak Mayan languages.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-08 Wednesday

Jan 8, 2020 59:00


Iran strikes two bases in Iraq housing U.S. troops as "revenge" for the assassination of top general Qassem Soleimani; A 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocks Puerto Rico, plunging nearly the entire population into darkness in a mass power outage.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-07 Tuesday

Jan 7, 2020 59:00


New details emerge about how Cambridge Analytica manipulated voters worldwide, from the 2016 election in the U.S. to the Brexit campaign; We look at Oscar-shortlisted documentary "The Great Hack" and speak with a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower.

Facebook Is a Crime Scene: "The Great Hack" Documentary Details Big Data's Threat to Democracy

Jan 7, 2020


As new details emerge about how the shadowy data firm Cambridge Analytica worked to manipulate voters across the globe, we continue our look at the documentary, “The Great Hack.”

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Qassem Soleimani Worked with U.S. in Fight Against Taliban & ISIS

Jan 6, 2020


Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, who served as Secretary of State Colin Powell’s chief of staff from 2002 to 2005, discusses the U.S. assassination of Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani, who once worked with the United States to fight the Taliban and ISIS.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-06 Monday

Jan 6, 2020 59:00


The fallout continues from the U.S. assassination of Iran's top military commander Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad last week.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-03 Friday

Jan 3, 2020 59:00


Iran vows revenge after the U.S. kills Iranian commander Major General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad, a major escalation of the conflict between Iran and the U.S.; In Australia, at least 18 people have died in massive wildfires.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-02 Thursday

Jan 2, 2020 59:00


Iran-backed militia members break into Baghdad's U.S. Embassy as thousands protest recent U.S. airstrikes in Iraq and Syria; Thousands in Syria flee a Russia-backed government offensive in Idlib; Protests continue in India against a new citizenship law.

Democracy Now! 2020-01-01 Wednesday

Jan 1, 2020 59:00


2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote, and we begin the new decade with a New Year's Day special about one of the most influential women in U.S. politics: first lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-31 Tuesday

Dec 31, 2019 59:00


A man accused of stabbing five Jewish worshipers at a New York Hanukkah celebration is charged with hate crimes, as a report counts more mass killings in 2019 than any year dating back to at least the 1970s; A conversation with media legend Pat Mitchell.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-30 Monday

Dec 30, 2019 59:00


After President Trump tweeted about Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore's appearance on Democracy Now! last week, we air Part 2 of our interview, in which Moore shares his predictions for the 2020 presidential election and beyond.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-27 Friday

Dec 27, 2019 59:00


The film "Bedlam" looks at how the criminal justice system is often the first point of entry into mental health treatment for many people living with schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder and other conditions.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-26 Thursday

Dec 26, 2019 59:00


We spend the hour with Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore on the 2020 election, impeachment and healthcare. Last week, Moore witnessed the historic vote to impeach the president from the front row of the House gallery.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-25 Wednesday

Dec 25, 2019 59:00


In special broadcast, we spend the hour remembering Toni Morrison, one of the nation’s most influential writers, who died in August at the age of 88 from complications of pneumonia.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-24 Tuesday

Dec 24, 2019 59:00


Academy Award-winning actress and activist Jane Fonda was arrested for a fifth time at the Fire Drill Fridays protests she started in Washington; In a new book, Pat Mitchell shares her life story and path to becoming the first woman president of PBS.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-23 Monday

Dec 23, 2019 59:00


Renowned oncologist Dr. Azra Raza argues in her new book "The First Cell" that early detection and prevention are the best ways to fight cancer.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-20 Friday

Dec 20, 2019 59:00


Following the final Democratic presidential debate of the year, held in Los Angeles Thursday night, we host a roundtable discussion on what the seven candidates were and were not asked.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-19 Thursday

Dec 19, 2019 59:00


President Donald Trump has been impeached by the House of Representatives in a historic vote; The Justice Department's inspector general says the FBI used false information to get approval to wiretap a Trump campaign adviser in the Mueller investigation.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-18 Wednesday

Dec 18, 2019 59:00


Thousands protest to call for Trump's impeachment ahead of a historic House vote charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress; People celebrate measures in New York and New Jersey allowing undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses.

Extended: Democratic Candidates Focus on Public Education at Forum with Civil Rights & Labor Groups

Dec 17, 2019


Seven candidates appeared Saturday at the historic Democratic Presidential Forum on Public Education in Pittsburgh, an event organized by public education organizations, unions, civil rights organizations and community groups. We play highlights from the forum and get response from Keron Blair, director of the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools in Atlanta; Jitu Brown, national director of the Journey for Justice Alliance; and Carol Burris, executive director of the Network for Public Education Action. She recently authored a report titled “Still Asleep at the Wheel: How the Federal Charter Schools Program Results in a Pileup of Fraud and Waste.”

Democracy Now! 2019-12-17 Tuesday

Dec 17, 2019 59:00


Protests erupt across India against a new anti-Muslim law; Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi defends the Burmese military against allegations of genocide of Rohingya Muslims; We host a panel on Democratic candidates' public education platforms.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-16 Monday

Dec 16, 2019 59:00


The COP25 U.N. climate summit ends without major new targets or plans to reduce emissions; We speak with Ralph Nader about the impeachment case against Trump and the latest on Boeing's faulty 737 MAX jets.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-13 Friday

Dec 13, 2019 59:00


In the U.K., Conservatives win a landslide victory in national elections; The U.N. climate summit in Madrid ends without significant new commitments from rich countries; A new report finds global heating is already displacing tens of millions of people.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-12 Thursday

Dec 12, 2019 59:00


Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg addresses world leaders at the U.N. climate summit, where hundreds of demonstrating activists were forced out of the halls by police Wednesday; The low-lying Marshall Islands are ground zero of the climate crisis.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-11 Wednesday

Dec 11, 2019 59:00


2020 candidate Mike Bloomberg refuses to take questions at the U.N. climate summit, while staged actions continue to protest climate inaction; Climate-fueled wildfires rage across Australia; The House introduces articles of impeachment against Trump.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-10 Tuesday

Dec 10, 2019 59:00


Rich countries like the U.S. are stalling COP25 climate talks; The Washington Post's exposé on the war in Afghanistan; Voices of indigenous organizers outside COP25; Indigenous resistance in Canada and the U.S.; Eriel Deranger on Teck's tar sands mine.

Eriel Deranger on the Negative Impact of Resource Extraction on Indigenous Communities in Canada

Dec 10, 2019


Indigenous leaders in Madrid, Spain, are demanding action on the climate crisis, an end to resource extraction destroying their territories, and justice for missing and murdered indigenous women and girls.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-09 Monday

Dec 9, 2019 59:00


Outside COP25, hundreds of thousands of people march through Madrid to demand climate justice; Police shut down an activist-led "toxic tour" of Spain's dirtiest companies; Oil giants are found liable for the climate crisis in the Philippines.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-06 Friday

Dec 6, 2019 59:00


In Madrid, organizers of the alternative climate summit shine a light on issues ignored at COP25; Two young organizers of Fridays for Future, from Uganda and Chile, talk about their work; A look at corporate influence at the U.N. climate conference.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-05 Thursday

Dec 5, 2019 59:00


We speak with Edward Snowden about unlawful U.S. mass surveillance; Sahrawi activist Aminatou Haidar speaks about resisting the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara for more than three decades; A look at Sweden's social welfare system.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-04 Wednesday

Dec 4, 2019 59:00


The Right Livelihood Awards celebrate their 40th anniversary; Indigenous Yanomami leader Davi Kopenawa has dedicated his life to protecting the Amazon; A U.N. report says 7 million children worldwide are deprived of their liberty.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-03 Tuesday

Dec 3, 2019 59:00


We broadcast live from Stockholm, Sweden, where Greta Thunberg will be honored with the Right Livelihood Award this week; Today is International Day of Persons With Disabilities; Violence against Indigenous forest protectors is mounting in the Amazon.

Democracy Now! 2019-12-02 Monday

Dec 2, 2019 59:00


Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi tenders his resignation after security forces killed at least 44 people taking part in anti-government protests; Historian Tariq Ali gives his analysis of the U.K. election.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-29 Friday

Nov 29, 2019 59:00


An hour with David Byrne, the celebrated musician, artist, writer, cycling enthusiast, filmmaker and now Broadway star. He has a new hit Broadway show called "American Utopia."

Democracy Now! 2019-11-28 Thursday

Nov 28, 2019 59:00


Lakota historian Nick Estes talks about Thanksgiving and his book “Our History Is the Future." Indian author and activist Arundhati Roy discusses the crisis in Kashmir and rising authoritarianism in India.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-27 Wednesday

Nov 27, 2019 59:00


This week marks the 20th anniversary of the Seattle WTO protests, one of the largest anti-globalization mobilizations ever; The protests also gave birth to a global citizen journalist movement.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-26 Tuesday

Nov 26, 2019 59:00


Israel deports the Human Rights Watch’s Israel & Palestine Director Omar Shakir in its latest crackdown on dissent; Over 340 have been killed in Iraq since October in nationwide anti-government protests; Oprah honors Toni Morrison in NYC memorial.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-25 Monday

Nov 25, 2019 59:00


Security forces in Egypt raid the office of the country's last independent media outlet; Pope Francis calls for a world without nuclear weapons; U.S. Navy Secretary Richard Spencer is ousted following President Trump's pardoning of three soldiers.

Daniel Ellsberg on Pardoning War Criminals, Impeachment, Whistleblowing, Julian Assange & More

Nov 25, 2019


We continue our conversation with Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg about President Trump recent pardons of soldiers accused or convicted of war crimes. He also talks about the Trump impeachment inquiry and more.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-22 Friday

Nov 22, 2019 59:00


Hundreds of thousands in Colombia take to the streets in the largest national strike the country has seen in years; The fight to block Julian Assange's extradition to the U.S. continues, as Sweden drops an investigation into sexual assault allegations.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-21 Thursday

Nov 21, 2019 59:00


During Wednesday's impeachment hearing, U.S. Ambassador Gordon Sondland tells lawmakers that he was ordered by President Trump to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate the Bidens; we host a roundtable on the Democratic debate.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-20 Wednesday

Nov 20, 2019 59:00


Top officials describe Trump's pressure on Ukraine as "inappropriate"; Iranian security forces have killed over 100 protesters; Trans Remembrance Day honors the thousands of transgender and gender nonconforming people who have been killed worldwide.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-19 Tuesday

Nov 19, 2019 59:00


Anti-indigenous violence continues in Bolivia after President Evo Morales's ouster; the Trump administration announces it no longer views Israeli settlements as an international law violation; why the presidential primary system is racist.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-18 Monday

Nov 18, 2019 59:00


An unprecedented leak of Iranian intelligence sheds light on Iran's control of the Iraqi government; At least 23 have died in Bolivia amid escalating violence since the military forced out President Evo Morales; Texas halts the execution of Rodney Reed.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-15 Friday

Nov 15, 2019 59:00


The Supreme Court begins hearing arguments on DACA this week; Sen. Cory Booker participates in the first-ever Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice; Rodney Reed is scheduled to be executed next week despite growing evidence that he is innocent.

New Report: How International Sanctions on North Korea Harm Women & Prevent Humanitarian Aid

Nov 15, 2019


A new report shows that international sanctions imposed on North Korea are having adverse consequences on humanitarian aid and economic development in the country, with a disproportionate impact on women. We speak with the report’s authors and Christine Ahn, the international coordinator of the campaign Korea Peace Now! and founder and executive director of Women Cross DMZ.

How Investigative Journalism Sparked a Revolution in Puerto Rico & Brought Down Gov. Rosselló

Nov 15, 2019


As anti-government protests rage across the globe, from Chile to Hong Kong to Iraq, we look back at this year’s historic demonstrations in Puerto Rico that ousted Governor Ricardo Rosselló in July. We speak with members of Puerto Rico’s Center for Investigative Journalism.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-14 Thursday

Nov 14, 2019 59:00


The first public hearing on impeachment reveals new details about Trump's dealings with Ukraine; In Chile, protesters condemn gov't plans to rewrite the Constitution; Activist Medea Benjamin faces threats of arrest after protesting sanctions in Venezuela.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-13 Wednesday

Nov 13, 2019 59:00


We speak with legendary journalist Bill Moyers, who covered the Nixon and Clinton impeachment hearings, as the House begins televised impeachment hearings into President Trump; A debate on the political crisis in Bolivia and whether it constitutes a coup.

After Evo: As Right-Wing Senator Declares Herself President, What's Next for Bolivia?

Nov 13, 2019


We continue our conversation with Pablo Solón and Kevin Young about the political crisis in Bolivia.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-12 Tuesday

Nov 12, 2019 59:00


Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is free after 580 days behind bars; Chesa Boudin is San Francisco's newly elected district attorney; Socialist Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant declares victory in her re-election race.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-11 Monday

Nov 11, 2019 59:00


Bolivia's first indigenous president, Evo Morales, resigns following what he described as a military coup; A conversation with Senator Elizabeth Warren about the climate crisis at the first-ever Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice.

The Silence Is the Loudest Sound: Arundhati Roy Condemns Indian Crackdown in Kashmir

Nov 11, 2019


As India’s crackdown on Kashmir continues, we speak to Indian author and activist Arundhati Roy.

Should First Primaries Be in Whitest States? Warren Says, "I'm Just a Player in the Game"

Nov 11, 2019


Amy Goodman asks Senator Elizabeth Warren if Iowa and New Hampshire should hold two of the first votes in the presidential primary season.

Photographer Cecil Williams Remembers the Orangeburg Massacre & Documenting Civil Rights Era

Nov 9, 2019


Civil rights photographer Cecil Williams recalls photographing the aftermath of the 1968 Orangeburg massacre when three unarmed black students were shot dead at South Carolina State University.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-08 Friday

Nov 8, 2019 59:00


The first-ever Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice takes place Friday in Orangeburg, South Carolina; in 1968, the Orangeburg massacre killed three unarmed black students when police opened fire at South Carolina State University.

Singer iLe Discusses Music, Activism & Puerto Rico's Struggle for Independence

Nov 8, 2019


Some of Puerto Rico’s biggest artists were at the forefront of the demonstrations that ousted Ricardo Rosselló, and the song “Afilando los Cuchillos,” “Sharpening the Knives,” became an anthem of the protests. We recently sat down to discuss music, activism and Puerto Rico with Ileana Cabra Joglar, better known as iLe.

South Carolina Reverend: Faith Leaders Must Be on Frontlines of Fight for Environmental Justice

Nov 8, 2019


The first-ever Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice is being held at South Carolina State University Friday night in Orangeburg. Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman will co-moderate the event with former Environmental Protection Agency official Mustafa Ali. Leaders from frontline communities will attend tonight's forum, including Reverend Leo Woodberry, who has been fighting against environmental racism in South Carolina for years.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-07 Thursday

Nov 7, 2019 59:00


Algerian elections are scheduled for next month as demonstrators proceed with sustained protests; Two former Twitter employees are charged with helping Saudi Arabia spy on critics; "The Pollinators" looks at the dangers of a decline in bee colonies.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-06 Wednesday

Nov 6, 2019 59:00


In Texas, calls are mounting to halt the upcoming execution of Rodney Reed, a black man convicted of a rape and murder he says he didn't commit; Tuesday's local elections see major victories for Democrats nationwide.

"DREAM 9" Activist Who Once Infiltrated ICE Detention Center Faces Possible Deportation

Nov 6, 2019


Longtime immigration activist Marco Saavedra faces his final asylum hearing in New York on Thursday.

WATCH: 2019 Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice

Nov 6, 2019


WATCH: 2019 Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice

Democracy Now! 2019-11-05 Tuesday

Nov 5, 2019 59:00


Trump begins to formally pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement; A Honduran immigrant with DACA status fights his mother's deportation as she recovers from stage IV cancer; Voters head to the polls in statewide elections across the U.S.

Greensboro Massacre Survivor: We Must Remember the 1979 KKK Shooting That Killed 5 Anti-Racists

Nov 5, 2019


It’s been 40 years since Ku Klux Klansmen and American Nazis opened fire on an anti-Klan demonstration in Greensboro, North Carolina, killing five anti-racist activists. The killing spree took 88 seconds. No one was convicted for the massacre. We speak with Dr. Marty Nathan, whose husband Dr. Mike Nathan was killed in the 1979 Greensboro massacre.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-04 Monday

Nov 4, 2019 59:00


Indigenous forest protector Paulo Paulino Guajajara is shot dead in the Amazon; Special report on homelessness in San Francisco; The Greensboro massacre, 40 years later: when the KKK & American Nazis killed five anti-racist protesters in broad daylight.

Democracy Now! 2019-11-01 Friday

Nov 1, 2019 59:00


Chicago teachers head back to school, marking the end of a historic 11-day strike; A former Gambian beauty queen testifies against the country's former dictator, accusing him of rape; In Colombia, five indigenous leaders have been massacred.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-31 Thursday

Oct 31, 2019 59:00


As a major study warns 300 million people are at risk from rising sea levels as mass protests cause Chile to pull out as host of the U.N. climate summit; Climate-fueled fires erupt across California; The House votes to formalize the impeachment process.

Rep. Ro Khanna: The Time Is Right to Impeach President Donald Trump

Oct 31, 2019


The House of Representatives voted Thursday to formalize the impeachment process against President Trump. The probe centers on whether Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Trump’s political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter, who served on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company. On Wednesday, House Democrats requested that Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton testify. We speak with California Congressmember Ro Khanna, who says the time is right to impeach the president.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-30 Wednesday

Oct 30, 2019 59:00


Lebanon's prime minister resigns after nearly two weeks of nationwide protests; Bernie Sanders endorses public defender Chesa Boudin for San Francisco district attorney; The film "Decade of Fire" looks at how fires ravaged the Bronx in the 1970s.

How Policymakers Tried to Clear the Bronx of Its Original Residents By Letting It Burn

Oct 30, 2019


We continue our discussion with Vivian Vázquez Irizarry and Gretchen Hildebran, co-producers and co-directors of the PBS film “Decade of Fire,” which re-examines the devastating fires that swept the South Bronx throughout the 1970s.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-29 Tuesday

Oct 29, 2019 59:00


California declares a state of emergency as wildfires torch land from Los Angeles to north of San Francisco; In Iraq, 18 protesters were shot dead overnight in the latest crackdown on nationwide protests; Mass demonstrations continue in Chile.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-28 Monday

Oct 28, 2019 59:00


ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the world's most wanted man, died during a raid by U.S. special forces; At least 18 people have died in Chile since massive protests began over economic inequality.

A Fight Against Neoliberalism: Over A Million Chileans Protest Amid Violent Crackdown

Oct 28, 2019


The protests in Chile began in response to a subway fare hike and have grown into a mass uprising against the government.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-25 Friday

Oct 25, 2019 59:00


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was grilled by lawmakers over the company's policy allowing politicians to lie in political advertisements; We report from the Bay Area, where housing insecurity is leaving a record number of people out on the street.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-24 Thursday

Oct 24, 2019 59:00


President Trump lifts sanctions on Turkey after a Turkish invasion of northern Syria earlier this month displaced hundreds of thousands of people; Republican lawmakers storm a closed hearing room, disrupting the impeachment inquiry.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-23 Wednesday

Oct 23, 2019 59:00


Mark Zuckerberg testifies on Capitol Hill amid mounting criticism of his company. We speak with Roger McNamee, a former mentor to Zuckerberg and early investor in Facebook, who says the tech giant has become a threat to democracy.

Early Facebook Investor: We Need to Hold Big Tech Accountable For Creating "Toxic Digital Spills"

Oct 23, 2019


Early Facebook investor Roger McNamee talks about big tech companies are amplifying hate speech and disinformation. He also talks more about his book, “Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe.”

From Mike Brown to Atatiana Jefferson, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Examines 5+ Years of #BlackLivesMatter

Oct 23, 2019


More than five years after African-American teenager Michael Brown Jr. was killed by police in Ferguson, Missouri, scholar and activist Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor reflects on the movement’s progress and ongoing struggles for justice.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-22 Tuesday

Oct 22, 2019 59:00


Mass protests in Lebanon continue as hundreds of thousands demonstrate against dire economic conditions and austerity, demanding the country's leaders step down; the homeownership rate for African Americans in the U.S. is at its lowest level since 1950.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-21 Monday

Oct 21, 2019 59:00


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorses Bernie Sanders for president; Catholic peace activists, known as the Kings Bay Plowshares 7, go to trial for an anti-nuclear protest in 2018; At least eight people are dead in Chile as police crack down on protests.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-18 Friday

Oct 18, 2019 59:00


Sex trafficking survivor Cyntoia Brown-Long talks about getting a life sentence for killing a man who bought her for sex, fearing for her life. She received clemency this year and has a new memoir about her experience inside the U.S. prison system.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-17 Thursday

Oct 17, 2019 59:00


In Chicago, over 25,000 public school workers go on strike to demand better learning conditions for students; As many as 300,000 civilians flee northern Syria as Turkey's assault on Kurdish-controlled areas continues.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-16 Wednesday

Oct 16, 2019 59:00


Democratic presidential candidates faced off on the Middle East, guns, reproductive rights, impeachment, taxing the rich, healthcare & more at the Democratic presidential debate hosted by The New York Times & CNN in Ohio. We host a roundtable discussion.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-15 Tuesday

Oct 15, 2019 59:00


A white police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, is arrested and charged with murder after killing Atatiana Jefferson, an African-American woman who was inside her own home; Investigative reporter Aaron Glantz discusses his book "Homewreckers."

"The Federal Government Actually Paid Him": How Steve Mnuchin Profited from the Housing Bust

Oct 15, 2019


In his new book “Homewreckers,” investigative reporter Aaron Glantz looks at the devastating legacy of the housing bust and the key players who benefited as millions of people lost their homes and savings.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-14 Monday

Oct 14, 2019 59:00


Turkey is heightening its military offensive in northern Syria amid the withdrawal of U.S. troops; Cities and states across the U.S. celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day; Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed receives the Nobel Peace Prize.

Would Brett Kavanaugh Be on the Supreme Court If the FBI Had Fully Probed Sexual Misconduct Claims?

Oct 14, 2019


A new book by two reporters at The New York Times raises questions about how the FBI conducted its background check of then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-11 Friday

Oct 11, 2019 59:00


We spend the hour with Chanel Miller, the remarkable writer who was known to the world as "Emily Doe" for years after she was assaulted by Stanford student Brock Turner. In her memoir, "Know My Name," Miller reveals her identity and reclaims her story.

"To Girls Everywhere, I Am With You": Chanel Miller Reads from Her Victim Impact Statement

Oct 11, 2019


Sexual assault survivor Chanel Miller reads an excerpt of the victim impact statement she read during the trial of her assailant, Brock Turner.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-10 Thursday

Oct 10, 2019 59:00


Turkey launches an assault on Kurdish-controlled northern Syria with Trump's tacit approval; What the assault means for the fledgling Rojava project; The family of Kaysera Stops Pretty Places, a Native American teenager, seeks justice for her death.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-09 Wednesday

Oct 9, 2019 59:00


Tens of thousands in Ecuador protest austerity measures and rising fuel prices; 2020 candidate Julián Castro criticizes Trump's immigration policies; The Supreme Court hears historic cases to determine employment protections of LGBTQ people.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-08 Tuesday

Oct 8, 2019 59:00


More than 700 activists with Extinction Rebellion are arrested amid a global campaign of direct action demanding climate solutions; The UAW strike enters its fourth week; Chicago teachers prepare to strike for better working conditions.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-07 Monday

Oct 7, 2019 59:00


The U.S. Supreme Court hears three cases looking at whether employment nondiscrimination protections extend to LGBTQ people; The U.S. withdraws troops from Syria as Turkey prepares to invade Kurdish-controlled areas.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-04 Friday

Oct 4, 2019 59:00


As an impeachment inquiry into President Trump moves ahead in Congress, we revisit a conversation with filmmaker Charles Ferguson about his documentary "Watergate" and how U.S. institutions responded to the crisis.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-03 Thursday

Oct 3, 2019 59:00


We look at the housing crisis in San Francisco and Trump's attacks on the city's homeless population; California is fighting back against Trump's rollback of air pollution standards; a new California bill would ban private prisons statewide.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-02 Wednesday

Oct 2, 2019 59:00


The family of Botham Jean, an unarmed black man, hails the murder conviction of the white policewoman who killed him; police escalate violence against Hong Kong protesters; in Haiti, anti-government demonstrations call for the president's resignation.

Democracy Now! 2019-10-01 Tuesday

Oct 1, 2019 59:00


As the impeachment inquiry into President Trump heats up and House Democrats subpoena Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, we host a debate on impeachment; in Newark, the ongoing water crisis continues.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-30 Monday

Sep 30, 2019 59:00


We spend the hour with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, whose new memoir "Permanent Record" details his journey from government insider to vocal dissident.

Filmmaker Charles Ferguson on Richard Nixon, Watergate & Impeachment

Sep 30, 2019


An interview with filmmaker Charles Ferguson, whose documentary “Watergate” re-examines the dramatic events surrounding the break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in 1972, which precipitated the eventual resignation of President Richard Nixon two years later under threat of impeachment.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-27 Friday

Sep 27, 2019 59:00


After the release of a whistleblower complaint, Democrats are ramping up efforts to impeach Trump for pressing the president of Ukraine to investigate the Bidens; In Egypt, protesters are demanding the resignation of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-26 Thursday

Sep 26, 2019 59:00


Famed NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden discusses his memoir, "Permanent Record." He also responds to the Justice Department lawsuit against him and news of an impeachment inquiry into Trump, which was triggered by a whistleblower complaint.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-25 Wednesday

Sep 25, 2019 59:00


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launches a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump's alleged corroboration with Ukraine to investigate the Bidens; Trump praises nationalism at U.N.; Amid U.K. turmoil, a conversation with British singer-songwriter Billy Bragg.

Aminatou Haidar, the "Gandhi of Western Sahara," Wins Right Livelihood Award

Sep 25, 2019


The 2019 Right Livelihood Awards have just been announced. One of this year’s honorees is Sahrawi human rights activist Aminatou Haidar.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-24 Tuesday

Sep 24, 2019 59:00


Scores of world leaders and activists convened for talks at the U.N. Climate Action Summit Monday; Celebrated writer Ta-Nehisi Coates joins us for a conversation about his debut novel, "The Water Dancer."

Democracy Now! 2019-09-23 Monday

Sep 23, 2019 59:00


Interviews and speeches from the historic Youth Climate Strike; Longtime journalist and climate activist Bill McKibben on the race to avoid climate disaster.

Bill McKibben: To Confront the Climate Crisis, We Need Human Solidarity, Not Walls & Cages

Sep 23, 2019


Bill McKibben, the longtime journalist and co-founder of, talks about climate migration, the 2020 Democratic candidates, the Green New Deal and more.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-20 Friday

Sep 20, 2019 59:00


A roundtable discussion with youth activists in New York, Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis who are organizing actions as part of the Global Climate Strike; We also speak with an Afghan teen climate activist whose visa was denied by the U.S. government.

Breaking the Silence: Gambian Beauty Queen Publicly Accuses Former Dictator of Rape

Sep 20, 2019


Gambian beauty queen Fatou “Toufah” Jallow talks about why she plans to testify before Gambia’s ongoing public truth and reconciliation commission.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-19 Thursday

Sep 19, 2019 59:00


Ahead of the mass climate strike, the secretary general of Amnesty International calls for global action against the climate crisis; We speak to former Gambian beauty queen Fatou "Toufah" Jallow, who has accused former President Yahya Jammeh of rape.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-18 Wednesday

Sep 18, 2019 59:00


After Israel's second election of the year, Benjamin Netanyahu and his main rival Benny Gantz appear to be tied; Members of United Auto Workers enter their third day of nationwide strikes for better working conditions.

UAW General Motors Strike Is Rooted in Decades-Long Struggle for Dignity

Sep 18, 2019


We speak with longtime labor reporter Steven Greenhouse, author of the new book “Beaten Down, Worked Up: The Past, Present, and Future of American Labor,” on the history of American unions, the recent wave of teacher and auto worker strikes, and where the 2020 candidates fall on labor issues.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-17 Tuesday

Sep 17, 2019 59:00


We spend the hour with renowned climate activist and journalist Naomi Klein, author of the new book "On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal."

Naomi Klein: By Not Holding Climate Debate, DNC Fails to Grasp "Intersectional Nature of the Crisis"

Sep 17, 2019


Renowned activist and author Naomi Klein evaluates the 2020 Democratic presidential field and how the candidates are addressing the climate crisis.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-16 Monday

Sep 16, 2019 59:00


Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for Saturday's attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities; 250 media outlets have banded together to improve climate coverage; Trump finalizes plans to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-13 Friday

Sep 13, 2019 59:00


We host a roundtable discussion about Thursday night's Democratic debate, the third of the primary season with the 10 leading 2020 candidates, at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-12 Thursday

Sep 12, 2019 59:00


Trump ousts national security adviser John Bolton, hawk with long history of militarization abroad; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows to annex nearly a third of the occupied West Bank; In Newark, New Jersey, the water crisis continues.

Water Crisis in Newark: Community Demands Action as Lead Contamination Reaches All-Time High

Sep 12, 2019


Newark high school teacher Yvette Jordan and Natural Resources Defense Council official Erik Olson join us for Part 2 of a discussion about the water crisis facing thousands in Newark, New Jersey. The NRDC filed a lawsuit against Newark over the summer, accusing the city of violating federal safe drinking water laws.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-11 Wednesday

Sep 11, 2019 59:00


We speak with 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, who launched a school strike for the climate that went global. She will address the U.N. Climate Action Summit before a Sept. 20 global strike, and protest Friday at the White House.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-10 Tuesday

Sep 10, 2019 59:00


A Florida lawmaker calls for the U.S. to allow entry to survivors of Hurricane Dorian; African asylum seekers are trapped in Mexico due to new restrictive migration policies; A Palestinian student starts classes at Harvard after initially being deported.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-09 Monday

Sep 9, 2019 59:00


President Trump publicly canceled secret peace negotiations with the Taliban; an ICE agent opened fire on an undocumented immigrant in Nashville during a traffic stop; corporate media is ignoring the link between Hurricane Dorian and climate change.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-06 Friday

Sep 6, 2019 59:00


Hurricane Dorian continues north, battering the Carolinas as rescue efforts continue in the Bahamas; the legacy of former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, who has died at 95; prolific activist Lisa Fithian on her new book and nonviolent movements.

"Shut It Down: Stories from a Fierce, Loving Resistance": Lisa Fithian Reflects on Decades of Protest

Sep 6, 2019


Activist and organizer Lisa Fithian looks back on decades of activism and paves a road forward for current movements in her new book, “Shut It Down: Stories from a Fierce, Loving Resistance.” We speak with Fithian in Part 2 of a conversation about protest movements throughout time, combatting the climate crisis, and nonviolent direct action.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-05 Thursday

Sep 5, 2019 59:00


2020 hopefuls outline their climate plans in CNN town hall after the DNC refuses to allow full debate on the climate crisis; Nearly 2 million people in Assam, India, are at risk of being rendered stateless.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-04 Wednesday

Sep 4, 2019 59:00


Hurricane Dorian strikes the Bahamas, where widespread floods are engulfing the islands; in the Philippines, activist Brandon Lee remains in critical condition after being shot in August; Nigerian activist Omoyele Sowore enters his second month in jail.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-03 Tuesday

Sep 3, 2019 59:00


A gunman in West Texas killed 7 and injured dozens Saturday, less than a month after the massacre in El Paso; Hurricane Dorian continues to devastate the Bahamas as it approaches Florida; pro-democracy protests enter their 13th week in China.

Martin Lee: We Want Genuine Democracy in Hong Kong

Sep 3, 2019


Martin Lee, the “Father of Democracy” in Hong Kong, speaks about the ongoing protests and China’s threat to use military force to stop the demonstrations.

Democracy Now! 2019-09-02 Monday

Sep 2, 2019 59:00


Democracy Now! follows humanitarian activist Scott Warren into the Sonoran Desert as he accompanies other No More Deaths volunteers on a water drop. We also speak to Alvaro Enciso, creator of the project Where Dreams Die.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-30 Friday

Aug 30, 2019 59:00


The Trump administration ends the medical deferred action program for immigrants with severe medical conditions; In Nogales, Mexico, the family of José Antonio Elena Rodríguez continues to seek justice for his 2012 killing by a Border Patrol agent.

Rami Khouri: The U.S. Is Erasing "The Palestinian National Reality from Our World"

Aug 30, 2019


Rami Khouri, senior public policy fellow, professor and columnist at The New Arab, says that much of the instability in the Middle East stems from the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. We spoke with Khouri, who is currently a journalist-in-residence at the American University of Beirut, about how the U.S. is exacerbating tensions in the region. The U.S. is trying to erase the “Palestinian national reality,” he says. “There’s about 12 million Palestinians in the world. And they have an identity. They have rights. … And the United States is basically telling the Palestinians, 'You don't exist. You don’t have rights. The Israelis have rights in Israel and Palestine. Their rights are superior to yours.’”

Democracy Now! 2019-08-29 Thursday

Aug 29, 2019 59:00


Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg arrives in New York, greeted by crowds of supporters; U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson suspends Parliament ahead of Brexit; Remembering legendary peace activist Frances Crowe.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-28 Wednesday

Aug 28, 2019 59:00


At least 900 refugees have died crossing the Mediterranean in 2019; Unprecedented fires in the Amazon reflect Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s far-right policies; Israeli airstrikes in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq create tensions across the Middle East.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-27 Tuesday

Aug 27, 2019 59:00


An Oklahoma judge orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $572 million for fueling the state's opioid epidemic; Following the death of David Koch, we speak with Christopher Leonard, author of "Kochland," about how the Kochs changed the U.S. economy and politics.

"Kochland": Christopher Leonard on the Secret History of Koch Industries & U.S. Corporate Power

Aug 27, 2019


Following the death of billionaire right-wing donor David Koch, we look at how he and his brother Charles Koch transformed the American economy and political system from funding climate change deniers to fighting organized labor.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-26 Monday

Aug 26, 2019 59:00


A recent mysterious nuclear accident in Russia is drawing comparisons to the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. As Kashmir enters its fourth week of lockdowns, we speak with a leading feminist activist about her recent fact-finding visit in the territory.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-23 Friday

Aug 23, 2019 59:00


We speak with Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon, a leading critic of the Trump administration's immigration policy; Fires in the Amazon rainforest continue to devastate indigenous communities and wildlife.

How Jair Bolsonaro Emboldened Brazilian Agribusiness to Torch the Amazon & Attack Indigenous People

Aug 23, 2019


World leaders are calling for the protection of the Amazon as massive fires continue to scorch the world’s largest rainforest, which produces about 20% of the oxygen on the planet. Andrew Miller, advocacy director for the conservation organization Amazon Watch, says the fires are worse now than in previous years as a direct result of far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s policies, which encourage exploitation of the Amazon for mining, logging and agricultural activity.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-22 Thursday

Aug 22, 2019 59:00


Eleven presidential candidates attended the Native American Presidential Forum in Sioux City, Iowa, this week. We convene a roundtable to discuss how indigenous issues are impacting the 2020 race.

"One Big Jail": Fact-Finding Mission Finds Widespread Abuses in Kashmir as India Tightens Grip

Aug 22, 2019


Kashmir remains under tight restrictions after India revoked the special status of the Indian-controlled part of the Muslim-majority region. India imposed a curfew, cut off all communications and reportedly arrested more than 4,000 people, including many political leaders. We speak with Kavita Krishnan, a leading women’s rights activist in India who just returned from a fact-finding mission to Kashmir. She is the secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association and a member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist). “We felt that the whole of Kashmir was one big jail,” Krishnan says.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-21 Wednesday

Aug 21, 2019 59:00


We return to the border with Alvaro Enciso, an artist who builds and places crosses in the sites where migrants have died in the Sonoran Desert. New York's Child Victims Act has allowed hundreds of victims to file cases since its enactment last week.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-20 Tuesday

Aug 20, 2019 59:00


Daniel Pantaleo, the police officer who killed Eric Garner in 2014, has been fired. We speak with Garner's daughter Emerald; Right-wing protesters are outnumbered by counterprotesters in Portland; A mass suicide bombing at a wedding in Kabul kills 63.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-19 Monday

Aug 19, 2019 59:00


A special broadcast from Arizona, speaking with activists leaving water and other aid for migrants crossing the Sonoran Desert and a local organization working to identify human remains near the U.S.-Mexico border.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-16 Friday

Aug 16, 2019 59:00


With Trump's urging, Israel bars entry to Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib; Atlantic staff writer Vann Newkirk talks about the racist policies that dispossessed black Americans in the "great land robbery" of the 20th century.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-15 Thursday

Aug 15, 2019 59:00


Horror at Metropolitan Correctional Center. How Jeffrey Epstein's death is exposing decades of abuse at the NYC jail; With Epstein gone, survivors are going after his accomplices and estate; The Child Victims Act goes into effect in New York this week.

New York Lawmakers Behind Child Victims Act Say It Will "Transform Trauma into Real Action"

Aug 15, 2019


Part 2 of our conversation with two New York state legislators, Senator Alessandra Biaggi and Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou, who helped pass the Child Victims Act. The state law, which went into effect Wednesday, extends the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse and includes a “lookback period,” giving survivors of any age a year to take legal action even if their cases had expired under the old statute of limitations. Hundreds of cases have already been filed. Both Biaggi and Niou are sexual abuse survivors, and they have spoken about the importance of the Child Victims Act in personal terms. “It is a remarkable thing, it is a privilege, to be able to transform trauma into real action that will help … hundreds, if not thousands, of people across the state of New York,” Biaggi says.

Sister Helen Prejean on Fighting the Death Penalty, Meeting with the Boston Marathon Bomber & More

Aug 15, 2019


Sister Helen Prejean reflects on her decades of fighting the death penalty and why she has met multiple times with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was convicted in the Boston Marathon bombing case.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-14 Wednesday

Aug 14, 2019 59:00


Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Sonia Nazario explains how crime and corruption in Honduras fuel migration north; Sister Helen Prejean, famous anti-death penalty activist, reacts to the Trump administration reinstating the federal death penalty.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-13 Tuesday

Aug 13, 2019 59:00


We spend the hour with award-winning author and academic Ibram X. Kendi, whose new book, "How to Be an Antiracist," comes out Tuesday.

Ibram X. Kendi on Trump, Obama & Why "Internalized Racism Is the Real Black-on-Black Crime"

Aug 13, 2019


We continue our conversation with Ibram X. Kendi, founding director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University and author of “How to Be an Antiracist.” In his new book, Kendi examines race and racism in the United States, including how he personally navigated these issues as a young man. “I didn’t realize it until later just how many racist ideas I had internalized,” Kendi says. “I didn’t realize until later that internalized racism is the real black-on-black crime.”

Democracy Now! 2019-08-12 Monday

Aug 12, 2019 59:00


Jeffrey Epstein is dead, but the fight for justice continues for his many victims; Mass protests force authorities to ground flights at Hong Kong International Airport; In Russia, tens of thousands march in largest anti-government protest in years.

Nina Khrushcheva on Moscow Protests, Nuclear Tensions & How U.S. Media Creates Animosity Toward Russia

Aug 12, 2019


We speak with international affairs professor Nina Khrushcheva about the recent protests in Moscow and how the U.S.-Russian relationship is faring under Trump and Putin.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-09 Friday

Aug 9, 2019 59:00


ICE agents raid poultry processing plants in Mississippi, arresting 680 people; A new IPCC report sounds the alarm on the climate change impact on land resources; New documents reveal Monsanto's attempts to discredit critics and journalists.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-08 Thursday

Aug 8, 2019 59:00


As India revokes Kashmir's special status that granted it some autonomy, we convene a roundtable to discuss the implications for the region. We discuss the dangers of linking mental health issues to mass shootings.

Behind the Lines: Shane Bauer Travels to Syria to Uncover America’s Role in the Syrian War

Aug 8, 2019


Award-winning reporter Shane Bauer of Mother Jones talks about his groundbreaking, 30,000-word investigation on the war in Syria.

Meet Janna Jihad, the 13-Year-Old Palestinian Journalist Exposing the Israeli Occupation

Aug 8, 2019


“My camera is my weapon.” Those are the words of a celebrated Palestinian journalist who has been reporting on the Israeli occupation from the West Bank for more than six years.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-07 Wednesday

Aug 7, 2019 59:00


We remember the trailblazing novelist, teacher and editor Toni Morrison, who has died at the age of 88. We speak with legendary authors and friends of Toni Morrison, Angela Davis, Nikki Giovanni and Sonia Sanchez.

Angela Davis, Nikki Giovanni & Sonia Sanchez on the Crisis in America & the Death of Toni Morrison

Aug 7, 2019


Legendary writers and activists Angela Davis, Nikki Giovanni and Sonia Sanchez discuss the gun violence epidemic in the United States in the wake of the latest mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Giovanni, who teaches at Virginia Tech, talks about the massacre at her institution in 2007 that left 32 people dead and wounded another 17, and her efforts to warn administrators about the student who would carry out one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history. The three women also continue their discussion from Part 1, reflecting on the life and legacy of their late friend Toni Morrison, who died Monday at age 88.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-06 Tuesday

Aug 6, 2019 59:00


Gun control advocates call for an assault weapons ban and a stronger response to the latest massacres; How racist conspiracy theories fuel violence; Parents of Parkland shooting victim Joaquin Oliver describe their efforts to keep his memory alive.

Democracy Now! 2019-08-05 Monday

Aug 5, 2019 59:00


Shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, leave 29 dead; Trump's rhetoric helps legitimize white supremacist ideology; How misogyny is driving domestic terrorist and white supremacist crimes.

Never Apologize: How the NRA Fights Gun Control Even After Mass Shootings

Aug 5, 2019


In the aftermath of mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, calls are once again intensifying for Congress to pass gun control legislation, with many pointing to the political influence of the National Rifle Association as a main cause of inaction to address the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. The NRA, however, is in disarray, with allegations of corruption and a power struggle at the top of the organization rocking the gun lobbying group over the past year. For more on the NRA, its ability to quash gun control efforts, and the effect gun culture has had on civic life, we speak to reporter Alex Yablon of The Trace, a news outlet that covers guns and gun violence in the U.S. He says that even after mass shootings, the NRA never backs down from its hard-line positions. “Instead of apologizing or going on the defensive, they go on the offensive,” says Yablon. “They demand that lawmakers make it easier for more people to carry guns in public, and they very frequently attack the integrity and the character of those who want to crack down on loose gun laws.”

Democracy Now! 2019-08-02 Friday

Aug 2, 2019 59:00


Newly released video shows the dying moments of Tony Timpa, a Dallas man who died during a 2016 police encounter; We look at the history of U.S. healthcare and Big Pharma propaganda campaigns against expanding access; Greenland experiences record melts.

Climate Scientist Jason Box: "Our Economic System Is Crashing with Reality"

Aug 2, 2019


A heat wave is causing unprecedented melting of the Greenland ice sheet. Meanwhile, the World Meteorological Organization just declared July 2019 the hottest month ever recorded. We speak with Jason Box, professor and ice climatologist at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, about the intensifying climate crisis. He says humanity must move toward living in balance with the environment. “If we don’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately stabilize CO2 … there’s no real prospect for a stable society or even a governable society,” Box says. “Perpetual growth on a finite planet is, by definition, impossible.”

Democracy Now! 2019-08-01 Thursday

Aug 1, 2019 59:00


We get reaction to the second night of this week's CNN-hosted Democratic primary debates from Harvard professor Cornel West and renowned civil rights activist Dolores Huerta.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-31 Wednesday

Jul 31, 2019 59:00


We host a roundtable discussion on Tuesday's Democratic presidential primary debate with journalist Mehdi Hasan, immigrant rights activist Erika Andiola and former Michigan gubernatorial candidate and political organizer Abdul El-Sayed.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-30 Tuesday

Jul 30, 2019 59:00


Puerto Rico's future remains unclear as Gov. Ricardo Rosselló resigns; Jair Bolsonaro's government intensifies deforestation of the Amazon and downplays the murder of an indigenous leader; Advocates demand answers after another death in ICE custody.

"Immigrant Beat" Band MAKU Soundsystem in Conversation & Performance on Democracy Now!

Jul 30, 2019


The NYC-based Afro-Colombian band MAKU Soundsystem performs in the Democracy Now! studio and talks about their music.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-29 Monday

Jul 29, 2019 59:00


Trump insults Baltimore in his latest racist attack; Russian authorities conduct mass arrests of opposition protesters in Moscow; In Colombia, protesters in dozens of cities decry the killing of indigenous, Afro-Colombian and environmental leaders.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-26 Friday

Jul 26, 2019 59:00


The Trump administration is reinstating the federal death penalty; A judge temporarily blocks Trump's plan to bar nearly all migrants from seeking asylum in the U.S.; How China is systematically separating Muslim children from their families.

John Paul Stevens Left "Profound" Legacy Challenging Death Penalty, Gun Laws & Executive Power

Jul 26, 2019


Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens died last week at age 99, almost a decade after retiring from the high court. Stevens was nominated in 1975 by Republican President Gerald Ford, but he came to lead the liberal wing of the court for decades and authored key decisions on cases around presidential powers, national security and campaign financing, among other issues. Stevens said at the end of his tenure on the court that his one regret was a 1976 vote upholding a Texas capital punishment statute that revived the death penalty. Stevens later opposed most death penalty sentences. He retired from the court in 2010 as the second-longest-standing justice. We speak with Baher Azmy, legal director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, about Stevens’s life and legacy. “He embodied these virtues of compassion, humility and wisdom, which stands in such an obvious contrast to the narcissism and bullying and lies in the White House,” Azmy says of the late justice.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-25 Thursday

Jul 25, 2019 59:00


Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló announces his resignation; Special counsel Robert Mueller testifies before Congress about Russian interference in 2016; Boris Johnson becomes U.K. prime minister and packs his Cabinet with hard-line Brexiteers.

Ash Sarkar: Boris Johnson Is Not Fit to Be British Prime Minister

Jul 25, 2019


Ash Sarkar, senior editor at Novara Media, talks about the deep opposition to new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-24 Wednesday

Jul 24, 2019 59:00


Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló is expected to step down today; Amid global weather extremes, we speak to scientist Michael Mann about how the media can responsibly cover the climate crisis; We look back at the Young Lords of NYC, 50 years later.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-23 Tuesday

Jul 23, 2019 59:00


Puerto Ricans take to the streets demanding the resignation of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló; We speak with journalist Carla Minet, who published the "Ricky Leaks" that sparked the protests, and the musician iLe, whose new song has become the movement's anthem.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-22 Monday

Jul 22, 2019 59:00


Iran seizes a U.K. oil tanker and its crew amid escalating tensions; In Hawaii, indigenous resistance against the construction of a telescope on Mauna Kea grows; EPA won't ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos even though it can cause brain damage in children.

The "Outdated Pesticide" Chlorpyrifos Is Linked to a Range of Health Issues. Why Isn't It Banned?

Jul 22, 2019


An extended conversation with Patti Goldman of Earthjustice about the Environment Protection Agency’s decision not to ban the powerful pesticide chlorpyrifos.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-19 Friday

Jul 19, 2019 59:00


Author and historian Ibram X. Kendi responds to Trump's attacks on Ilhan Omar and other congresswomen of color; British whistleblower Katharine Gun recalls how she came across an explosive NSA memo in the lead-up to the Iraq invasion of 2003.

15 Years Later: How U.K. Whistleblower Katharine Gun Risked Everything to Leak a Damning Iraq War Memo

Jul 19, 2019


We speak with a British whistleblower whose attempts to expose lies about the Iraq invasion was called “the most important and courageous leak” in history by acclaimed Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg. Her name is Katharine Gun.

"For Sama" Documentary Compiles Five Years of Footage from Aleppo by Syrian Citizen Journalist

Jul 19, 2019


We continue our look at the award-winning documentary, “For Sama,” a devastating account of war-torn Syria.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-18 Thursday

Jul 18, 2019 59:00


Puerto Ricans take to the streets calling for the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rosselló; The award-winning documentary "For Sama" reveals what daily life has been like for Syrians in the civil war.

Disney Heiress Meets with Disneyland Workers & Calls Out Disney for Getting Rich by Exploiting Them

Jul 18, 2019


We continue our conversation with Abigail Disney, the heiress of the Disney fortune, who is once again speaking out against the company’s unfair labor and wage practices.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-17 Wednesday

Jul 17, 2019 59:00


Federal prosecutors say they won't bring charges against NYPD officer implicated in the death of Eric Garner; After Prime Day, we look at Amazon's mistreatment of workers & cooperation with ICE; Abigail Disney condemns Disneyland's labor practices.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-16 Tuesday

Jul 16, 2019 59:00


Trump launches a racist attack against four congresswomen of color, telling them to go back to their own countries despite all of them being U.S. citizens; We speak with 2020 presidential candidate Julián Castro about Trump's racism, immigration and more.

Ani DiFranco on Trump, Her New Memoir, Defying Music Moguls & Working with Pete Seeger and Prince

Jul 16, 2019


Legendary Grammy Award-winning songwriter, guitarist and activist Ani DiFranco has published a new memoir and joins us for an extended conversation.

"Who Is the DNC Loyal To?": Dahr Jamail Questions DNC Veto of Primary Climate Debate

Jul 16, 2019


We continue our interview with independent climate journalist Dahr Jamail, staff reporter at Truthout and author of “The End of Ice: Bearing Witness and Finding Meaning in the Path of Climate Disruption.”

Democracy Now! 2019-07-15 Monday

Jul 15, 2019 59:00


The Trump administration's ICE raids on undocumented people largely failed to materialize, but immigrant communities continue to live under threat; We speak with Rosa Sabido, an undocumented woman living in sanctuary; Flooding in South Asia kills dozens.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-12 Friday

Jul 12, 2019 59:00


As the Trump administration prepares nationwide raids targeting undocumented immigrants for deportation, we host a roundtable discussion with immigration activists; An interview with former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, deposed in a U.S.-backed coup.

Taina Bien-Aimé on Jeffrey Epstein's Arrest, Alex Acosta, Fighting Sexual Trafficking and More

Jul 12, 2019


Taina Bien-Aimé, executive director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, discusses the recent arrest of Jeffrey Epstein and how it is related to her efforts to end sexual trafficking.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-11 Thursday

Jul 11, 2019 59:00


Democracy Now! Thursday, July 11, 2019

Democracy Now! 2019-07-10 Wednesday

Jul 10, 2019 59:00


We look at decades of deadly U.S. immigration policy on the border with prize-winning journalist John Carlos Frey, author of the new book "Sand and Blood: America's Stealth War on the Mexico Border."

Democracy Now! 2019-07-09 Tuesday

Jul 9, 2019 59:00


Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is charged with sex trafficking & conspiracy in NYC; Glenn Greenwald is under investigation for exposing a massive political scandal in Brazil; Ongoing fallout from Trump's decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear accord.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-08 Monday

Jul 8, 2019 59:00


The U.S. women's national soccer team wins its record fourth World Cup; Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is arrested on sex trafficking charges; Prosecutors in Alabama drop manslaughter charges against a woman whose pregnancy ended after she was shot.

Lynn Paltrow on Fetal Personhood Laws & the Criminalization of Pregnancy

Jul 8, 2019


After prosecutors drop manslaughter charges against a woman in Alabama whose pregnancy ended after she was shot in the stomach by a co-worker, we speak with Lynn Paltrow, executive director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women, about the criminalization of pregnancy.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-05 Friday

Jul 5, 2019 59:00


An hour with the legendary political dissident Noam Chomsky on fascism, nuclear weapons, climate change, the recent arrest of Julian Assange & more.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-04 Thursday

Jul 4, 2019 59:00


In a Fourth of July holiday special, we hear Frederick Douglass's historic speech “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro" read by actor James Earl Jones; Ta-Nehisi Coates on reparations and why Joe Biden should not be president.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-03 Wednesday

Jul 3, 2019 59:00


CBP is investigating the posting of racist messages by current & former Border Patrol agents on a secret Facebook group. We speak to ProPublica's A.C. Thompson; Federal prosecutors will retry humanitarian aid volunteer Scott Warren for helping migrants.

Ousted Honduran President Zelaya: U.S.-Backed Coup Destabilized My Nation Forcing Migrants to Flee

Jul 3, 2019


A conversation with former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted in a U.S.-backed coup in 2009. Zelaya reflects on that coup, what has happened to Honduran politics since then, and the migration crisis that has seen hundreds of thousands of Central Americans flee to the U.S.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-02 Tuesday

Jul 2, 2019 59:00


Protesters storm Hong Kong's legislature on the anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong to China; Kamala Harris weathers attacks on her identity, aided by Donald Trump Jr.; A look at Harris's record as a supposedly "progressive prosecutor" in California.

Democracy Now! 2019-07-01 Monday

Jul 1, 2019 59:00


Donald Trump becomes the first sitting U.S. president to enter North Korea during a historic meeting with Kim Jong-un at the DMZ; Amid worldwide Pride celebrations, the Queer Liberation March in New York presents a radical alternative to corporate Pride.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-28 Friday

Jun 28, 2019 59:00


On the last day of the term, the Supreme Court weighs in on partisan gerrymandering and Trump's census citizenship question; We get reaction to the second night of the first Democratic presidential primary debate.

Japanese-American Activist: I Was Incarcerated During WWII. Jailing Migrant Kids Is an "Atrocity"

Jun 28, 2019


We speak with Japanese-American psychotherapist Satsuki Ina, a survivor of World War II internment camps who is now a leading activist against the jailing of migrant children on the border.

Japanese Americans Were Jailed at Ft. Sill During WWII. Now Trump Wants to Cage Migrant Kids There

Jun 28, 2019


As ongoing chaos enveloped immigration jails along the southern border last weekend, five Japanese-American elders who are survivors of U.S. internment camps demonstrated outside the Fort Sill Army post in Oklahoma, where the Trump administration plans to indefinitely detain 1,400 immigrant and refugee children starting next month. We speak with Mike Ishii, co-chair of Tsuru for Solidarity.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-27 Thursday

Jun 27, 2019 59:00


After the first night of a two-part Democratic presidential primary debate, we host a roundtable discussion with Ana María Archila, Aimee Allison, Varshini Prakash and Anand Giridharadas.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-26 Wednesday

Jun 26, 2019 59:00


After reportedly removing 300 children from a filthy immigration jail in Clint, Texas, DHS moves 100 back; How a doctor became a whistleblower after inspecting immigrant jails; Japanese-American psychotherapist born in a U.S. internment camp speaks out.

Oregon Climate Bill Dies After Rogue GOP Lawmakers Flee Capitol with Support of Right-Wing Militias

Jun 26, 2019


Less than a week after Republican lawmakers in Oregon fled the Capitol to avoid voting on a landmark climate change bill, Senate Democrats said Tuesday that they did not have enough votes to pass the legislation. We spoke to Oregon Democratic state Representative Karin Power before the news about the bill broke Tuesday.

Jonathan Kozol on "When Joe Biden Collaborated with Segregationists"

Jun 26, 2019


Web-only conversation with longtime author and education activist Jonathan Kozol.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-25 Tuesday

Jun 25, 2019 59:00


Trump imposes new sanctions on Iran; Jonathan Kozol on Joe Biden's long history of working with segregationists; Oregon enters day six of a standoff after militia-backed GOP lawmakers fled the Capitol to avoid voting on a landmark climate change bill.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-24 Monday

Jun 24, 2019 59:00


Lawyers visit a Border Patrol facility where children are detained in unsafe and unsanitary conditions; Japanese-American internment camp survivors protest the jailing of migrant kids; Julian Assange supporter Ola Bini speaks about his arrest in Ecuador.

Targeted for Being a Friend of Julian Assange? Ola Bini Released After Two Months in Ecuadorian Jail

Jun 24, 2019


Web-only conversation with Swedish programmer and data privacy activist Ola Bini following his release from over two months in an Ecuadorian jail.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-21 Friday

Jun 21, 2019 59:00


President Trump orders, then abruptly cancels, military strikes on Iranian targets following weeks of escalating tension; Former Guatemalan Attorney General Thelma Aldana on corruption in the country and why she was barred from running for president.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-20 Thursday

Jun 20, 2019 59:00


Ta-Nehisi Coates, the acclaimed author and journalist whose 2014 Atlantic cover story, "The Case for Reparations," gave renewed urgency to the question of reparations, joins us for the hour.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-19 Wednesday

Jun 19, 2019 59:00


Regulators sound alarm after Facebook announces plan to launch global payment system; Meet Tiffany Cabán, the Latina public defender running to be Queens district attorney; African-American family sues the city of Phoenix after cops hold them at gunpoint.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-18 Tuesday

Jun 18, 2019 59:00


Remembering the rise and fall of Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's first and only democratically elected president, who died Monday after collapsing in court; James Goodale, former general counsel for The New York Times, reacts to Julian Assange's espionage charges.

Former New York Times General Counsel James Goodale on "Fighting for the Press" from Nixon to Trump

Jun 18, 2019


Web-only conversation with James Goodale, former general counsel of The New York Times. In 1971, he urged the paper to publish the Pentagon Papers, which had been leaked by whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-17 Monday

Jun 17, 2019 59:00


As many as 2 million people take to the streets of Hong Kong to demand the resignation of Carrie Lam, the city's chief executive; A conversation with director Rick Rowley about his new documentary, "16 Shots," about the murder of Laquan McDonald.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-14 Friday

Jun 14, 2019 59:00


The U.S. blames Iran for damage to oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz; Swedish programmer and Julian Assange supporter Ola Bini jailed in Ecuador for months without charge; Israeli lawyer Lea Tsemel on why she's spent decades defending Palestinians.

Defending the Palestinian Resistance Movement: New Film Chronicles Life of Pioneering Israeli Lawyer

Jun 14, 2019


Web-only conversation with Israeli attorney Lea Tsemel and Rachel Leah Jones, director of “Advocate,” a new documentary about Tsemel.

National Security Laws Are Being Used as Excuse to Clamp Down on Press Across the Globe

Jun 14, 2019


Web-only conversation with Australian professor Joseph Fernandez and Peter Greste, founding director of the Alliance for Journalists’ Freedom.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-13 Thursday

Jun 13, 2019 59:00


Up to a million in Hong Kong protest a bill that could see extradition of residents to mainland China; The trial of humanitarian activist Scott Warren ends in mistrial; Transgender Afro-Latinx woman Layleen Polanco's death at Rikers Island stirs outrage.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-12 Wednesday

Jun 12, 2019 59:00


The Intercept reveals the judge who helped jail former President of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva likely aided federal prosecutors who targeted him; We look at horrific conditions for immigrants held in for-profit detention jails around the country.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-11 Tuesday

Jun 11, 2019 59:00


We speak with Washington Governor Jay Inslee, who has made addressing the climate crisis the centerpiece of his presidential campaign; Press freedoms are at risk in Australia after two police raids on journalists.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-10 Monday

Jun 10, 2019 59:00


Mexico and the U.S. reach a deal to avert a trade war, but The New York Times reports that Mexico had promised to take many of the steps they agreed to months ago; Rev. William Barber on how gerrymandering fuels attacks on healthcare, human rights.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-07 Friday

Jun 7, 2019 59:00


"When They See Us." The damning new series tells the story of five teenagers of color wrongfully accused and convicted of raping a white woman jogger in Central Park 30 years ago. We spend the hour with creator, writer and director Ava DuVernay.

Animal Rights Activists: Cops Punish Protesters While Letting Corporations Off for Animal Torture

Jun 7, 2019


Following the release of nearly 100 animal rights activists who were arrested for carrying out a rescue mission and protest at a Northern California duck farm this week, we speak with the founders of the group that coordinated the protest, Direct Action Everywhere. Priya Sawhney and Wayne Hsiung are both facing years of jail time for conducting a series of actions protesting animal torture in recent years.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-06 Thursday

Jun 6, 2019 59:00


The death toll from a crackdown on activists in Sudan continues to rise; The Trump administration passes new restrictions on travel to Cuba; Animal rights activists describe the conditions at a factory farm where they carried out a rescue of ducks.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-05 Wednesday

Jun 5, 2019 59:00


Thousands in London protest Trump's state visit; Senate Republicans oppose Trump's proposed tariff on Mexican imports; We look at violence faced by transgender women in the U.S., after the recent deaths of a trans asylum seeker and a black trans woman.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-04 Tuesday

Jun 4, 2019 59:00


A national inquiry in Canada determines that the murder & disappearance of indigenous women and girls amounts to genocide; As the 2020 election heats up, we look at the deepening divide within the Democratic Party with Intercept bureau chief Ryan Grim.

Democracy Now! 2019-06-03 Monday

Jun 3, 2019 59:00


How a proposed citizenship question on the census connects to GOP gerrymandering and anti-abortion laws; Author Adam Cohen says his book on eugenics was misused by Clarence Thomas; An Iraq War veteran says Trump is wrong to want to pardon war criminals.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-31 Friday

May 31, 2019 59:00


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has suffered "psychological torture"; Former members of the underground Jane Collective describe abortions before Roe v. Wade; A couple reflect on Dr. George Tiller's murder 10 years ago.

These Women Provided Illegal Abortions Before Roe v. Wade. Will Activists Have to Go Underground Again?

May 31, 2019


As Roe v. Wade faces unprecedented attacks across the country, we look at the history of a radical underground feminist organization called Jane that provided safe abortions for women despite the procedure being illegal.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-30 Thursday

May 30, 2019 59:00


Israel heads to the polls after Benjamin Netanyahu fails to form a coalition government; Oklahoma sues Johnson & Johnson over the opioid crisis; We look at Harriet Tubman's legacy after Trump delays putting her on the $20 bill.

Kate Clifford Larson on "Bound for the Promised Land: Harriet Tubman, Portrait of an American Hero"

May 30, 2019


Web-only interview with historian Kate Clifford Larson about her biography of Harriet Tubman.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-29 Wednesday

May 29, 2019 59:00


Missouri's only abortion clinic might be forced to close by Friday, ending access to legal abortion in the state; A humanitarian volunteer with the group No More Deaths faces up to 20 years in prison for providing aid to undocumented migrants.

No More Deaths: Scott Warren & Catherine Gaffney on How Humanitarian Aid Is Criminalized Near Border

May 29, 2019


Web-only conversation with Scott Warren and Catherine Gaffney of No More Deaths.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-28 Tuesday

May 28, 2019 59:00


Green candidates across Europe surge in popularity and far-right parties score major victories in EU elections; We look at the student debt crisis after billionaire Robert Smith offers to pay off the student loans of the 2019 Morehouse graduating class.

Former NAACP President Ben Jealous on Student Debt Crisis & the Need to Make Pubic Universities Free

May 28, 2019


Web-only conversation with former NAACP President Ben Jealous and De’Jaun Davis-Correia, a 2019 Morehouse graduate.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-27 Monday

May 27, 2019 59:00


Noam Chomsky for the hour on how ultranationalist movements across the globe threaten democracy, the arrest of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, the Green New Deal, Russian meddling in the 2016 election and more

Democracy Now! 2019-05-24 Friday

May 24, 2019 59:00


The U.S. Justice Department charges WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with 17 new charges under the Espionage Act; Assange's attorney Jennifer Robinson, journalist Jeremy Scahill and Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg weigh in.

Assange Is Indicted for Exposing War Crimes While Trump Considers Pardons for War Criminals

May 24, 2019


Web-only discussion with Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and Jeremy Scahill of The Intercept.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-23 Thursday

May 23, 2019 59:00


Violence breaks out in Indonesia after the election; Narendra Modi wins a landslide victory in India; A leaked report raises new questions about chemical weapons use in Syria; Amnesty calls for U.S. reparations for destruction in Raqqa, Syria.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-22 Wednesday

May 22, 2019 59:00


A growing number of House Democrats push for impeachment; A new investigation reveals solitary confinement is used to punish immigrants in ICE jails; How taxi industry leaders in New York inflated a speculative bubble that devastated drivers.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-21 Tuesday

May 21, 2019 59:00


A Guatemalan child dies after being apprehended by Border Patrol, the fifth child migrant death since December; Leading Saudi feminist activist Loujain al-Hathloul remains imprisoned for leading a movement to lift a ban on female drivers in Saudi Arabia.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-20 Monday

May 20, 2019 59:00


We spend the hour with investigative journalist Katherine Eban, author of the new book "Bottle of Lies," in which she exposes fraud and dangerous manufacturing practices in the generic drug industry.

Why Did the FDA Go Easy on Generic Drug Makers After Inspections Exposed Quality & Safety Concerns?

May 20, 2019


We continue our interview with investigative journalist Katherine Eban, who says generic drug manufacturers are cutting corners at the cost of safety and getting away with it. Her new book is “Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom.”

Democracy Now! 2019-05-17 Friday

May 17, 2019 59:00


An Alabama abortion provider says the state's anti-choice law will jeopardize patients' health; Why today's anti-abortion laws have their roots in the 2010 election; Immigrant rights activists respond to Trump's "merit-based" immigration plan.

Anand Patwardhan on India's Election, Modi & India's Ongoing Violence Against Its Own People

May 17, 2019


Voting in India concludes on Sunday in a parliamentary election that is widely seen as a referendum on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is seeking a second term in office. We speak to the Indian filmmaker Anand Patwardhan.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-16 Thursday

May 16, 2019 59:00


A new report details the systematic torture, abuse and killings inside Syria's sprawling prison system; Monsanto is ordered to pay $2 billion in damages for cancer linked to its weed killer Roundup; The U.S. sits out a global pact to reduce plastic waste.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-15 Wednesday

May 15, 2019 59:00


Alabama passes a near-total ban on abortion, one of many state bills meant to challenge Roe v. Wade; Updates on the Venezuelan embassy occupation in D.C. by activists opposed to U.S. intervention; Protesters in Sudan continue to call for civilian rule.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-14 Tuesday

May 14, 2019 59:00


As the U.S. escalates tensions with Iran, we speak with former Iranian nuclear negotiator Seyed Hossein Mousavian; Author and playwright Eve Ensler talks about "The Apology" she wishes she had gotten from her abusive father before his death.

Eve Ensler Reads from Her New Book "The Apology" & Discusses Surviving Years of Abuse

May 14, 2019


Web-only interview with the celebrated playwright and activist Eve Ensler about her new book, “The Apology.”

Democracy Now! 2019-05-13 Monday

May 13, 2019 59:00


We spend the hour with acclaimed Indian author and essayist Arundhati Roy, discussing India's election and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist party, Julian Assange, climate change and her latest book of essays.

Arundhati Roy on Kashmir, the Danger of U.S. Attacking Iran & Her New Book “My Seditious Heart”

May 13, 2019


Web-only conversation with the Indian writer and activist Arundhati Roy.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-10 Friday

May 10, 2019 59:00


Air Force veteran Daniel Hale is arrested for allegedly leaking information on the U.S. drone program; Organizers raise money to bail black mothers out of jail for Mother's Day; The National Rifle Association descends into infighting.

The Trace’s Mike Spies on "Secrecy, Self-Dealing, and Greed at the NRA"

May 10, 2019


A major new report published by The Trace in partnership with The New Yorker finds that while the NRA has blamed its recent financial woes on left-wing attacks on the Second Amendment, the real damage to the organization comes from within.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-09 Thursday

May 9, 2019 59:00


The House Judiciary Committee votes to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress; As Uber prepares IPO, drivers for ride-sharing companies go on strike; A new U.N. report shows an alarming loss in biodiversity due to human activity.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-08 Wednesday

May 8, 2019 59:00


A new report on Donald Trump's taxes shows he lost $1.17 billion from 1985 to 1994; The new political action group Supermajority aims to mobilize women ahead of 2020; The Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution could be closer to ratification.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-07 Tuesday

May 7, 2019 59:00


The Trump administration ratchets up tensions with Iran; Human rights groups continue to sound the alarm over China's internment and surveillance policies against ethnic Uyghurs and other Muslims; Republicans move to claw back voting rights in Florida.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-06 Monday

May 6, 2019 59:00


A ceasefire agreement has been reached in Gaza after an intense three days of fighting left 25 Palestinians and four Israelis dead; We look at the improbable comeback of Blackwater founder Erik Prince with Intercept reporter Matthew Cole.

The Complete Mercenary: Matthew Cole on Erik Prince’s Improbable Comeback Under Trump

May 6, 2019


Web-only conversation with the Intercept’s Matthew Cole on Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-03 Friday

May 3, 2019 59:00


A judge ruled Thursday that a panel on Palestinian rights can go forward, despite anonymous student complaints that it would cause "irreparable harm"; two award-winning teachers talk about why they boycotted an event honoring them at the White House.

Live in the DN Studio: Mexican Singer Lila Downs Protests U.S. Immigration Policy & Covers Manu Chao

May 3, 2019


Six-time Grammy Award-winning singer Lila Downs joins us to perform and talk about her new album, “Al Chile.”

Democracy Now! 2019-05-02 Thursday

May 2, 2019 59:00


Political turmoil continues in Venezuela a day after a failed coup attempt against the Maduro government, backed by the U.S.; the U.K. Parliament declares a climate emergency following mass protests.

Democracy Now! 2019-05-01 Wednesday

May 1, 2019 59:00


Amid an ongoing coup attempt in Venezuela, we speak with historian Miguel Tinker Salas about the situation on the ground and economist Jeffrey Sachs about the toll of U.S. sanctions; Rep. Ilhan Omar responds to attacks from President Trump and others.

Meet the Activists Occupying Venezuela's Embassy in D.C. to Protest U.S.-Backed Attempted Coup

May 1, 2019


As a coup attempt is underway in Venezuela, activists are occupying the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, D.C., to protest the U.S.-backed efforts at regime change. Activists with CodePink and other organizations have taken over the building with the permission of the Venezuelan government and are entering day 17 of their sit-in. Dozens are sleeping there every night to protest the ongoing attempted coup. Democracy Now! was inside the embassy with demonstrators on Tuesday.

Ilhan Omar's Full Speech: Trump's Attacks on Me Target Women, People of Color & Immigrants Everywhere

May 1, 2019


Congresswoman Ilhan Omar addressed a crowd of black women leaders from around the country in front of the Capitol building Tuesday at a rally in her defense, following a series of right-wing attacks against her. Omar is one of the first two Muslim congresswomen in history and the first member of Congress to wear a hijab.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-30 Tuesday

Apr 30, 2019 59:00


Angela Davis, Barbara Ransby and scores of other prominent black women gather in Washington in support of Ilhan Omar; Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó calls for a military coup in Venezuela against the government of Nicolás Maduro.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-29 Monday

Apr 29, 2019 59:00


We spend the hour with author Robert Caro, whose books on Robert Moses and Lyndon B. Johnson are among the most celebrated political biographies ever written. Caro's new memoir is "Working: Researching, Interviewing, Writing."

Robert Caro Shares Reporting Tips from His Legendary Career Exposing Dealings of LBJ & Robert Moses

Apr 29, 2019


Web-only conversation with the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Robert Caro. His new book is “Working: Researching, Interviewing, Writing.”

Democracy Now! 2019-04-26 Friday

Apr 26, 2019 59:00


The Trump administration attacks women's health, at the U.N. and inside the U.S.; Celebrated journalist Maria Ressa talks about her fight for press freedom under Rodrigo Duterte's authoritarian rule in the Philippines.

Despite Two Recent Arrests, Filipina Journalist Maria Ressa Continues to Speak Out for Press Freedom

Apr 26, 2019


Web-only interview with Maria Ressa, founder, CEO and executive editor of Rappler, an acclaimed Philippine news website.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-25 Thursday

Apr 25, 2019 59:00


An investigation finds U.S.-led airstrikes on Raqqa, Syria, killed more than 1,600 civilians in 2017; Unearthing Joe Biden's checkered history in Washington; Navy SEALs were told to keep quiet about war crimes allegedly committed by their platoon chief.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-24 Wednesday

Apr 24, 2019 59:00


SCOTUS is poised to allow the Trump admin to add a question about citizenship to the 2020 census in a move that could lead to 6 million people not responding; We speak to economist Joseph Stiglitz about his new book, "People, Power, and Profits."

Democracy Now! 2019-04-23 Tuesday

Apr 23, 2019 59:00


A right-wing vigilante group in New Mexico terrorizes hundreds of migrants near the U.S.-Mexico border; Students in Arizona and at Johns Hopkins protest immigration authorities and police on campus; D. Watkins on his new book "We Speak for Ourselves."

Democracy Now! 2019-04-22 Monday

Apr 22, 2019 59:00


Coordinated bombings in Sri Lanka kill at least 290 and injure hundreds more, with government officials blaming a radical Islamist group for the bloodshed; Indigenous environmental activist Dallas Goldtooth speaks about Trump's pipeline approvals.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-19 Friday

Apr 19, 2019 59:00


Award-winning journalists Glenn Greenwald and David Cay Johnston return to Democracy Now! for a debate on the redacted report by special counsel Robert Mueller, released on Thursday, and what it means for the Trump administration.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-18 Thursday

Apr 18, 2019 59:00


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez collaborates with The Intercept and illustrator Molly Crabapple to produce a video imagining a future shaped by the Green New Deal; As William Barr prepares to release the Mueller report, we hear from Noam Chomsky on Russiagate.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-17 Wednesday

Apr 17, 2019 59:00


300 climate activists arrested in Extinction Rebellion protests in London; Over 170 killed in Libya in warlord assault on Tripoli; Bowing to pressure, ICC drops probe into possible U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan.

62 Arrested After Extinction Rebellion Stages Die-In Outside NYC City Hall to Demand Climate Action

Apr 17, 2019


Protesters shut down traffic outside New York City Hall Wednesday, partially blocking access to the Brooklyn Bridge, staging a die-in to demand radical action on climate change and remaining in the streets until the police arrested at least 62 people.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-16 Tuesday

Apr 16, 2019 59:00


Paris mourns after a fire rips through the Notre-Dame cathedral; Palestinian activist & BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti speaks out after being denied entry to the U.S.; Ilhan Omar faces a spike in death threats amid new attacks from Trump & the NY Post.

Bill McKibben: Climate Change, Artificial Intelligence & Genetic Engineering Threaten to Destroy Humanity

Apr 16, 2019


Democracy Now! 2019-04-15 Monday

Apr 15, 2019 59:00


Bill McKibben sounded the alarm on climate change in 1989. Three decades later, he says we haven't done enough to avert disaster; A former general running for president of Indonesia reportedly has plans to purge his political enemies, if elected.

Trump vs. Mother Earth: Indigenous Activist Dallas Goldtooth Slams Trump's Pipeline Executive Orders

Apr 15, 2019


President Trump signed two executive orders last week to facilitate the approval of pipeline projects at a federal level, limiting states’ ability to regulate such projects.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-12 Friday

Apr 12, 2019 59:00


We spend the hour with Noam Chomsky, who spoke with Amy Goodman at Boston's historic Old South Church. The world-renowned dissident discussed threats to democracy from far-right governments around the world, as well as the need for popular resistance.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-11 Thursday

Apr 11, 2019 59:00


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested by British police today after Ecuador rescinded asylum it offered him in 2012, opening him up to extradition to the United States; Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir is ousted by the country's military.

"A Dark Day for Journalism": WikiLeaks Vows to Fight Julian Assange's Extradition to U.S.

Apr 11, 2019


Video of press conference with Julian Assange’s attorney, Jennifer Robinson, and Kristinn Hrafnsson, editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-10 Wednesday

Apr 10, 2019 59:00


Benjamin Netanyahu appears to have secured a fifth term as prime minister following a close Israeli election in which Palestinians saw few differences between the parties; How underfunding and corporatization of higher education impacts academic freedom.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-09 Tuesday

Apr 9, 2019 59:00


The Trump administration designates Iran's elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization. We speak with Trita Parsi; After pushing out DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Trump demands even more hard-line policies.

Trump Pushes For More Separation of Families on the Southern Border, Amping Up Attacks on Immigrants

Apr 9, 2019


Democracy Now! 2019-04-08 Monday

Apr 8, 2019 59:00


As NATO turns 70, Trump's call for more defense spending from member states could grow the size of already-bloated militaries and possibly fuel a new arms race; Anti-nuclear activists facing up to 25 years in prison for a 2018 protest share their story.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-05 Friday

Apr 5, 2019 59:00


Boeing admits fault for the first time in two 737 Max 8 crashes; Ralph Nader, whose grandniece died on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, calls for Boeing to be held accountable; How defense contractors benefit from Trump's call for more NATO spending.

Joe Cirincione: Trump Says NATO Nations Aren't Paying Fair Share of Military Spending. That's Not True.

Apr 5, 2019


Democracy Now! 2019-04-04 Thursday

Apr 4, 2019 59:00


Turkish voters defeat the ruling party in local elections, and results are disputed; Algeria's 20-year president resigns after mass protests; yellow vest protesters in France hold 20 straight weeks of anti-government demonstrations amid police clampdown.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-03 Wednesday

Apr 3, 2019 59:00


A whistleblower says Trump officials skirted security clearance rules, raising alarm in Congress; Lori Lightfoot makes history as the first black woman and first openly gay person to lead Chicago; A look at AMLO's first 100 days as Mexican president.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-02 Tuesday

Apr 2, 2019 59:00


Puerto Rico relief funds get held up in Congress as Trump falsely claims the island received more aid than Texas and Florida; Trump threatens another Obamacare repeal; How replacing private health coverage with Medicare for all could fix a broken system.

Democracy Now! 2019-04-01 Monday

Apr 1, 2019 59:00


U.K. lawmakers struggle to make a deal as the Brexit deadline looms; Trump threatens to close the southern border as he cuts aid to Central American countries; The poet who inspired the Great March of Return speaks about the "scream for life" in Gaza.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-29 Friday

Mar 29, 2019 59:00


The descendant of two enslaved people forced to pose for photos in 1850 is suing Harvard University over rights to the images; Former political prisoner Albert Woodfox discusses his new memoir about spending more than four decades in solitary confinement.

Freed Prisoner Albert Woodfox on Transformation & Hope After Four Decades in Solitary Confinement

Mar 29, 2019


Our extended interview with Albert Woodfox, the longest-standing solitary confinement prisoner in the United States. He was held 43 years in isolation in a 6-by-9-foot cell, until he was released just over two years ago. Now he joins us in studio with his his new memoir.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-28 Thursday

Mar 28, 2019 59:00


Examining the Green New Deal with Rhiana Gunn-Wright, one of the architects of the plan to fight climate change; How regulatory agencies have been captured by industry under President Trump; Fighting racial bias in an age of hate crimes and mass murder.

Investigating Bias: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do

Mar 28, 2019


Our extended interview with professor Jennifer Eberhardt about her investigation into how implicit bias impacts everything from hate crimes to microaggressions in the workplace, school and community, and what we can do about it.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-27 Wednesday

Mar 27, 2019 59:00


Purdue Pharma‚ the maker of OxyContin, agrees to a landmark $270 million settlement with Oklahoma over claims the company contributed to the deaths of thousands. We spend the hour on the opioid crisis.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-26 Tuesday

Mar 26, 2019 59:00


Fears rise of another invasion of Gaza after days of Israeli airstrikes in the territory, as well as rocket fire from Hamas militants; Public health advocates raise the alarm over suicide and urge better suicide prevention.

Psychiatry Prof. Kelly Posner Gerstenhaber on the Questions to Ask to Help Screen for Suicide Risk

Mar 26, 2019


Extended web-only conversation with Kelly Posner Gerstenhaber, professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, founder and director of The Columbia Lighthouse Project.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-25 Monday

Mar 25, 2019 59:00


Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Glenn Greenwald and David Cay Johnston debate the outcome of the Mueller report, which has found no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Iconic Beat Generation Bookseller & Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti Turns 100; Watch Our 2007 Interview

Mar 25, 2019


Lawrence Ferlinghetti, a leading literary figure of the Beat Generation, turned 100 on Sunday.

Peace Activist Frances Crowe Turns 100; She Once Set Up a Pirate Radio Station to Air Democracy Now!

Mar 25, 2019


The legendary peace activist Frances Crowe has just turned 100.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-22 Friday

Mar 22, 2019 59:00


Trump says the U.S. will recognize Israeli control of the occupied Golan Heights; Cyclone Idai wreaks unprecedented destruction on southern Africa; Indigenous communities disproportionately impacted by Midwestern flooding.

Extended Conversation with Vicky Ward on "Kushner, Inc."

Mar 22, 2019


Web-only interview with investigative journalist Vicky Ward, author of “Kushner, Inc.: Greed. Ambition. Corruption. The Extraordinary Story of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.”

Our History Is the Future: Lakota Historian Nick Estes on Indigenous Resistance to Climate Change

Mar 22, 2019


We continue our interview with Lakota historian Nick Estes on his new book, “Our History Is the Future.”

Democracy Now! 2019-03-21 Thursday

Mar 21, 2019 59:00


Amnesty International accuses the U.S. of possible war crimes in Somalia for killing civilians in a secretive air war; Ongoing protests rock Haiti; "Kushner Inc" reveals how Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner have used their White House posts for personal gain.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-20 Wednesday

Mar 20, 2019 59:00


Brazil's far-right President Jair Bolsonaro visits Trump at the White House; We look at decades of police violence in Chicago with civil rights attorney Flint Taylor, author of "The Torture Machine," and Rutgers professor Lilia Fernández.

Okwui Enwezor, Noted Curator and Promoter of African Art, Dies at 55

Mar 20, 2019


Renowned Nigerian art curator Okwui Enwezor has died at age 55 after a battle with cancer.

Court Upholds Chicago Officer's 7-Year Sentence for Killing Unarmed Black Teenager Laquan McDonald

Mar 20, 2019


The Illinois Supreme Court has let stand a less than 7-year prison sentence for former police officer Jason Van Dyke, who was found guilty last year of second-degree murder for killing African-American teenager Laquan McDonald in 2014.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-19 Tuesday

Mar 19, 2019 59:00


New Zealand mourns the worshipers killed in two Christchurch mosques. Most of them were immigrants or refugees; The U.S. gov't blocks International Criminal Court staff from entering the U.S.; Trump maintains close ties to Boeing despite Ethiopia crash.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-18 Monday

Mar 18, 2019 59:00


New Zealand races to enact new gun reform measures three days after a white supremacist gunman shot dead 50 Muslim worshipers at two mosques in Christchurch; 1.4 million children across 125 countries strike to demand bold action on climate change.

"This Country Needs to Get Its Priorities Straight": Voices From NYC School Strike For Climate

Mar 16, 2019


Hundreds of thousands of students in over 100 countries went on a “school strike for climate” demanding immediate, urgent action to curb global warming.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-15 Friday

Mar 15, 2019 59:00


A white right-wing extremist attacks two mosques in Christchurch, killing 49 people; Anand Giridharadas, author of "Winners Take All," on the college cheating scandal; A campaign searches for a blood stem cell donor for a young journalist fighting cancer.

"Winners Take All": Anand Giridharadas on the Elite Charade of Changing the World

Mar 15, 2019


Extended web-only conversation with Anand Giridharadas about his book, “Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World.”

Danielle Sered: To End Mass Incarceration, We Must Radically Change How We Approach Violence

Mar 15, 2019


An extended conversation with Danielle Sered, executive director of Common Justice, a Brooklyn-based organization that offers alternatives to incarceration for people charged with violent felonies. She says that ending mass incarceration will require a radical change in the way our society approaches violence. Her new book is titled “Until We Reckon: Violence, Mass Incarceration, and a Road to Repair.”

Democracy Now! 2019-03-14 Thursday

Mar 14, 2019 59:00


The political crisis in Venezuela deepens as the U.S. pulls its embassy staff from Caracas; Democratic lawmakers push forward with impeachment proceedings for Trump; Danielle Sered on violence, mass incarceration and her new book, "Until We Reckon."

The Case Against Joe Biden: How the Former VP Fueled Mass Incarceration & Protected Big Banks

Mar 14, 2019


As Joe Biden prepares to possibly join a growing roster of 2020 hopefuls in a bid for the presidency, we speak with Harper’s magazine editor Andrew Cockburn about what he sees as Biden’s dangerous track record.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-13 Wednesday

Mar 13, 2019 59:00


The U.S. refuses to ground Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes despite two fatal crashes; In major scandal, federal prosecutors charge wealthy parents who paid their children's way into elite colleges; We look at Joe Biden's record as he considers a presidential bid.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-12 Tuesday

Mar 12, 2019 59:00


Journalist David Cay Johnston on Trump's budget & the growing probes into his finances; Protests continue in Sacramento after the DA announced the officers who killed Stephon Clark would not face charges; Hampshire College faces growing financial crisis.

Extended Conversation on the Fight for Hampshire College as Student Sit-In Enters 41st Day

Mar 12, 2019


Extended web-only conversation about the financial crisis at Hampshire College and what it means for the future of higher education.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-11 Monday

Mar 11, 2019 59:00


The U.S. government has created a secret database of activists, lawyers and journalists linked to the migrant caravans. We speak with an activist who was targeted; Glenn Greenwald & Dan Ellsberg respond to whistleblower Chelsea Manning's recent jailing.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-08 Friday

Mar 8, 2019 59:00


As the House passes a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bigotry and other forms of hate, we hear Rep. Ilhan Omar in her own words and host a discussion with Gideon Levy and others; Valeria Luiselli on her novel "The Lost Children Archive."

Valeria Luiselli on Trump's Border Crisis, Ethical Storytelling & Her Book "Lost Children Archive"

Mar 8, 2019


An extended discussion with Valeria Luiselli on her new novel “Lost Children Archive.”

Democracy Now! 2019-03-07 Thursday

Mar 7, 2019 59:00


The Senate questions John Abizaid, Trump's pick to become U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia; Leading Yemeni activist says U.S. bombs have killed & injured more than 1,000 in the Saudi-led war; How the U.S. is also arming the United Arab Emirates in Yemen.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-06 Wednesday

Mar 6, 2019 59:00


As Democratic lawmakers co-sponsor a new House bill to create a single-payer, Medicare-for-all system, we speak to Rep. Pramila Jayapal; Greg Grandin on his new book, "The End of the Myth: From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America."

Historian Greg Grandin on the Racist and Violent History of U.S. Border Agents

Mar 6, 2019


Extended conversation with Greg Grandin, author of the new book, “The End of the Myth: From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America.”

Democracy Now! 2019-03-05 Tuesday

Mar 5, 2019 59:00


The Trump administration is rapidly escalating a secretive air war in Somalia. At least 252 people have been killed in U.S. airstrikes so far this year; Historian Daniel Immerwahr on "How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States."

Democracy Now! 2019-03-04 Monday

Mar 4, 2019 59:00


A U.N. inquiry finds Israeli forces may have committed crimes against humanity by killing at least 183 people in Gaza; An undocumented immigrant rights activist is detained just weeks after appearing in an acclaimed film at the Sundance Film Festival.

Democracy Now! 2019-03-01 Friday

Mar 1, 2019 59:00


Immigrant rights activist Patricia Okoumou faces jail time for protesting family separation; Youth activists who confronted Sen. Dianne Feinstein demanding she support the Green New Deal speak out; Shoshana Zuboff on "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism."

Big Tech Stole Our Data While Democracy Slept: Shoshana Zuboff on the Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Mar 1, 2019


We continue our interview with Shoshana Zuboff, author of “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power.”

Democracy Now! 2019-02-28 Thursday

Feb 28, 2019 59:00


A historic summit to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula ends without an agreement after Kim Jong-un demands the U.S. lift sanctions on North Korea; Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen testifies on Capitol Hill.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-27 Wednesday

Feb 27, 2019 59:00


We speak to physicist and nuclear expert Zia Mian as tension escalates between nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan; Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif resigns; R. Kelly posts bond & pleads not guilty to sexually abusing four women and girls.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-26 Tuesday

Feb 26, 2019 59:00


The Trump administration fights to strip citizenship from a U.S.-born woman seeking to return after joining ISIS; and the former medical overseer for NYC jails publishes a stunning new book on the deadly health risks of incarceration.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-25 Monday

Feb 25, 2019 59:00


As the U.N. calls for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Venezuela, the U.S. considers using military force to topple Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. We spend the hour with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-22 Friday

Feb 22, 2019 59:00


Venezuelan President Maduro closes the border with Brazil in an escalating standoff with the U.S.-backed opposition leader; a new film documents the history of "The Negro Motorist Green Book" and how African Americans safely navigated Jim Crow America.

Vandana Shiva: We Must Fight Back Against the 1 Percent to Stop the Sixth Mass Extinction

Feb 22, 2019


We speak with world-renowned environmental leader and ecologist Dr. Vandana Shiva about climate change, seed sovereignty and her new book, “Oneness vs. the 1%.” Shiva is an Indian scholar, physicist, and food sovereignty and seed freedom advocate.

Ojibwe Author David Treuer on Retelling the History of "Indian Life Rather Than Indian Death"

Feb 22, 2019


We continue our discussion with David Treuer, author of the stunning new book, “The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee,” an examination of Native America from 1890 to the present day.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-21 Thursday

Feb 21, 2019 59:00


The Supreme Court unanimously rules to limit police from imposing fees and fines and seizing possessions to raise revenue for local governments; journalist David Wallace-Wells's new book says Earth is on course to become uninhabitable.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-20 Wednesday

Feb 20, 2019 59:00


Dems accuse the Trump admin. of pushing a plan to transfer nuclear energy technology to Saudi Arabia in potential violation of U.S. law; Saudi scholar faces death sentence for activism; Saudi students in the U.S. vanish while facing criminal charges.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-19 Tuesday

Feb 19, 2019 59:00


Trump calls on the Venezuelan military to abandon its support for President Nicolás Maduro and to support self-proclaimed president Juan Guaidó; we look at the anti-corporate activism that thwarted Amazon's plans to open headquarters in NYC.

Full Video: Angela Davis in Conversation with Imani Perry in Birmingham, Alabama

Feb 19, 2019


Civil rights icon and scholar Angela Davis returned to her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, for an event organized after the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute withdrew a major award for her. While the institute reversed its decision, Davis has yet to say if she will accept it.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-18 Monday

Feb 18, 2019 59:00


Angela Davis returns to her hometown of Birmingham after the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute rescinded an award for her due to her support for Palestinian rights. The institute has since reversed its decision, but Davis has yet to accept the award.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-15 Friday

Feb 15, 2019 59:00


Public Citizen will sue to stop Trump's emergency declaration to fund the border wall; immigrant activist Erika Andiola on the spending bill; 201 years after the birth of Frederick Douglass, we speak with his great-great-great-grandson.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-14 Thursday

Feb 14, 2019 59:00


Ilhan Omar grills special envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams over his record in Latin America in the 1980s, as the U.S. continues efforts to topple the Venezuelan government; We look at gun control in America, one year after the Parkland school massacre.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-13 Wednesday

Feb 13, 2019 59:00


Venezuela accuses the U.S. of shipping arms to the opposition on planes with possible CIA ties; A new book sheds light on the struggle for public education and the stunning prosecution of Atlanta public school teachers in a cheating scandal.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-12 Tuesday

Feb 12, 2019 59:00


Denver teachers launch their first strike in 25 years; Faculty at Wright State University in Ohio conclude one of the longest public university strikes in U.S. history; Journalist Dahr Jamail on finding meaning in the climate catastrophe.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-11 Monday

Feb 11, 2019 59:00


Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald on Jeff Bezos’s fight with the National Enquirer; Amazon’s role in building a global surveillance state; rising state violence and homophobia in Brazil under Jair Bolsonaro and more.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-08 Friday

Feb 8, 2019 59:00


Dr. Leana Wen responds to the Supreme Court temporarily halting a Louisiana abortion restriction; Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey unveil their Green New Deal resolution; the ACLU continues to fight to reunite separated migrant children.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-07 Thursday

Feb 7, 2019 59:00


A political crisis grows in Virginia as the governor and attorney general both admit to once wearing blackface and the lieutenant governor is accused of sexual assault; Trump's former housekeeper Victorina Morales speaks out against the president.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-06 Wednesday

Feb 6, 2019 59:00


Rep. Ilhan Omar responds to Trump's SOTU remarks on immigrants, Venezuela, Israel and more; activist Ana María Archila attends the speech as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's guest; vulture funds capitalize on a new Puerto Rico debt agreement.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-05 Tuesday

Feb 5, 2019 59:00


As the U.S. rejects calls for negotiations in Venezuela, Pres. Nicolás Maduro warns against attempting to use military force to topple his government; Jury heads into deliberations in the trial of Mexican drug lord "El Chapo" after 11 weeks of testimony.

Crisis at Frigid, Dark NYC Prison: "A Choice Was Made Not to Treat People Like Human Beings"

Feb 5, 2019


Reports spread widely on social media that over 1,600 prisoners were being held in Brooklyn without heat, hot meals or electricity, including during last week’s polar vortex.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-04 Monday

Feb 4, 2019 59:00


Virginia's Legislative Black Caucus and NAACP call on Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam to resign over blackface photos; Historian Rhae Lynn Barnes traces the use of blackface in the U.S.; Electricity returns to NYC federal jail after protests.

Democracy Now! 2019-02-01 Friday

Feb 1, 2019 59:00


We look at two stunning films at Sundance: Clemency, a dramatic movie from the perspective of a prison warden tasked with carrying out a death row execution, and Always in Season, a documentary about the possible lynching of a black teenage boy in 2014.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-31 Thursday

Jan 31, 2019 59:00


Stacey Abrams is suing Georgia officials over election mismanagement; Women's March leaders discuss anti-Semitism and anti-blackness at Sundance; actor Tessa Thompson explains the Time's Up initiative; documentary "RBG" is nominated for an Academy Award.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-30 Wednesday

Jan 30, 2019 59:00


We spend the hour with investigative journalist Allan Nairn on Venezuela, where the U.S. is accused of preparing a military coup. Nairn also discusses Elliott Abrams, the right-wing war criminal linked to genocide who is now Trump’s Venezuela envoy.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-29 Tuesday

Jan 29, 2019 59:00


Broadcasting live from Sundance, we look at a stunning new film telling the stories of some of the women who have accused movie titan Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault dating back decades. It's called "Untouchable."

Democracy Now! 2019-01-28 Monday

Jan 28, 2019 59:00


Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) speaks out against U.S.-backed regime change in Venezuela; "Where's My Roy Cohn?" director Matt Tyrnauer talks about how a former aide to Joseph McCarthy became a mentor to Donald Trump and Roger Stone.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-25 Friday

Jan 25, 2019 59:00


Venezuela is in crisis as opposition forces try to unseat Nicolás Maduro's government. Scholar Steve Ellner and historian Alejandro Velasco weigh in; plus, CodePink's Medea Benjamin protests Mike Pompeo's speech to the OAS over the "coup" underway.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-24 Thursday

Jan 24, 2019 59:00


Venezuela says the U.S. is stoking a coup as Trump recognizes an unelected opposition leader as "interim president"; leading European human rights attorney Wolfgang Kaleck, lawyer for Edward Snowden, reflects on his decades of work in a new book.

Edward Snowden's Lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck on the Global Fight for Human Rights

Jan 24, 2019


Web-only conversation with Wolfgang Kaleck, founder of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights.

Voices from the NYC Women’s Unity Rally: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Gloria Steinem & More

Jan 24, 2019


Women took to the streets across the country and the world Saturday, two years after the historic 2017 Women’s March protesting President Trump’s inauguration.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-23 Wednesday

Jan 23, 2019 59:00


Los Angeles teachers declare victory after a historic 6-day strike for smaller class sizes, more student supports and higher pay; the Supreme Court allows the Trump administration to ban trans people from serving in the military.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-22 Tuesday

Jan 22, 2019 59:00


Video has gone viral showing a group of Catholic high school students apparently mocking an indigenous tribal elder. We speak with Omaha elder Nathan Phillips; Then Native American writer David Treuer on "The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee."

Democracy Now! 2019-01-21 Monday

Jan 21, 2019 59:00


In a Democracy Now! and Pacifica Radio Archives exclusive, we air a newly discovered recording of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from 1964 addressing segregation, civil rights and his support for Nelson Mandela and the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-18 Friday

Jan 18, 2019 59:00


19 die in an ISIS attack in Syria, including four Americans. We talk with Rep. Ro Khanna about U.S. wars; plus, the U.S. and Brazil increase pressure on Venezuela's president, stoking fears of a coup. We speak to Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-17 Thursday

Jan 17, 2019 59:00


Federal workers protest across the country as the government shutdown enters its 27th day. Is it time for TSA workers to strike? Plus: The shutdown hits Indian country hard, and hearings begin for former coal lobbyist & acting EPA head Andrew Wheeler.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-16 Wednesday

Jan 16, 2019 59:00


U.K. Parliament rejects Theresa May's Brexit plan in the worst defeat in British history; As confirmation hearings for AG nominee William Barr continue, we look at his record on criminal justice & more; Judge strikes down U.S. census citizenship question.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-15 Tuesday

Jan 15, 2019 59:00


Teachers in Los Angeles strike for the first time in 30 years; Confirmation hearings begin for William Barr, Trump's attorney general pick; AZ activists face jail time for providing humanitarian aid to migrants crossing the U.S. border.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-14 Monday

Jan 14, 2019 59:00


Florida posthumously pardons the "Groveland Four," African-American men falsely accused of raping a white girl 70 years ago; As the government shutdown drags on, the IRS bows to lenders and reopens a division to help the mortgage industry.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-11 Friday

Jan 11, 2019 59:00


In a Democracy Now! exclusive, legendary scholar & activist Angela Davis speaks out after the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute rescinds a human rights award for her, apparently due to her activism for Palestinian rights and support of the BDS movement.

Prison Abolitionist Mariame Kaba on Cyntoia Brown, the First Step Act and NYC Building 4 New Jails

Jan 11, 2019


In a web exclusive conversation, we speak with prison abolitionist Mariame Kaba about Cyntoia Brown being granted full clemency by Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam after serving 15 years in prison, the failures of the criminal justice reform bill known as the First Step Act, and the fight against NYC jail expansion as Mayor Bill de Blasio proposes building four new jails.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-10 Thursday

Jan 10, 2019 59:00


Consumer safety takes a hit and national parks fill with waste under the government shutdown; a rape and trafficking survivor is granted clemency 15 years into a life sentence; Haitian groups sue the Trump admin over revoked immigration protections.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-09 Wednesday

Jan 9, 2019 59:00


President Trump issues a xenophobic televised address attacking immigrants and demanding border wall funding; longtime NBC reporter William Arkin speaks out after resigning his job over corporate media's role in encouraging perpetual U.S. war.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-08 Tuesday

Jan 8, 2019 59:00


Rep. Rashida Tlaib reiterates her call for Trump's impeachment as the government shutdown enters day 18; the documentary "Crime + Punishment" exposes racial quotas in the NYPD and retaliation against the officers who dare to defy the system.

First Nations Pipeline Protest: 14 Land Protectors Arrested as Canadian Police Raid Indigenous Camp

Jan 8, 2019


In Canada, armed forces raided native Wet’suwet’en territory in British Columbia Monday, with at least 14 arrests being reported. Land defenders faced off with Royal Canadian Mounted Police as the police breached two checkpoints set up to keep pipeline workers out of protected territory. Indigenous leaders are reportedly being blocked from their territory.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-07 Monday

Jan 7, 2019 59:00


House Dems introduce a major bill to expand voting rights; Green New Deal advocates criticize Nancy Pelosi's new committee on climate change; Shocking documentary "Surviving R. Kelly" uncovers singer's decades of abuse, predatory behavior and pedophilia.

#MuteRKelly: Survivors, Family Members Seek Justice for Black Girls Preyed on by R&B Star

Jan 7, 2019


A web exclusive conversation on “Surviving R. Kelly,” a 6-hour documentary series documenting the decades of allegations against the famed singer.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-04 Friday

Jan 4, 2019 59:00


Congress swears in its most diverse group of lawmakers ever; activists try to shut down a migrant children's prison in Texas as members of Congress call for the same; how Trump's labor secretary cut an easy deal for serial sexual abuser Jeffrey Epstein.

Perversion of Justice: The Shocking Story of a Serial Sex Abuser & Trump's Sec. of Labor, Who Helped Him

Jan 4, 2019


We look at the unbelievable story of multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who for years orchestrated a sex trafficking network of hundreds of underage girls and is accused of regularly molesting children as young as 13 at his Florida mansion. But the serial sex offender received a shockingly lenient sentence for his crimes: 13 months in county jail, with many of his days spent at his Palm Beach office with regular visitors.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-03 Thursday

Jan 3, 2019 59:00


Netflix is under fire for pulling an episode of Hasan Minhaj's show "Patriot Act" in Saudi Arabia at the kingdom's request; A remarkable documentary takes us inside the life of 2018 Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad. It's called "On Her Shoulders."

Democracy Now! 2019-01-02 Wednesday

Jan 2, 2019 59:00


Federal workers sue the Trump administration over the government shutdown as 800,000 employees remain furloughed or work without pay; As Jair Bolsonaro takes office as president of Brazil, we speak with Fernando Haddad, who ran against him.

Netflix Pulls Episode of Hasan Minhaj’s Show for Criticizing Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi Killing

Jan 2, 2019


Netflix is coming under fire for pulling an episode of U.S. comedian Hasan Minhaj’s show “Patriot Act” from Saudi Arabia, after officials from the kingdom complained to the streaming company.

Democracy Now! 2019-01-01 Tuesday

Jan 1, 2019 59:00


Today, we re-air an exclusive Democracy Now! documentary from Western Sahara, which has been under Moroccan occupation since 1976. "Four Days in Western Sahara—A Rare Look Inside Africa's Last Colony."

Democracy Now! 2018-12-31 Monday

Dec 31, 2018 59:00


In a holiday special, we revisit our conversation from October with Noam Chomsky about violent U.S. policies in Latin America, Trump's withdrawal from the INF nuclear treaty, the GOP's climate change policies and the synagogue attack in Pittsburgh.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-28 Friday

Dec 28, 2018 59:00


A judge rules journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal can appeal his conviction; antiwar activist Medea Benjamin reacts to plans to withdraw U.S. troops in Syria and Afghanistan; "The War at Home," a 1979 film on antiwar protests in the 1960s and '70s, is back.

"The War at Home": 1979 Film on Anti-Vietnam War Protests Hits Theaters Again with New Relevance

Dec 28, 2018


“The War at Home,” a landmark documentary about antiwar protests in the 1960s and ’70s in Madison, Wisconsin, has just been re-released nationwide.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-27 Thursday

Dec 27, 2018 59:00


Without Notifying Anyone, ICE Dumps Hundreds of Migrants at El Paso Bus Station Around Christmas; "RBG": As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Recovers from Surgery, a Remarkable Film Charts Her Trajectory

Democracy Now! 2018-12-26 Wednesday

Dec 26, 2018 59:00


8-year-old Guatemalan boy dies in Border Patrol custody days after high court rejects asylum ban; Richard Wolff: We need a more humane economic system; Meet the Yemeni Americans suing Trump in an attempt to reunite with loved ones

Democracy Now! 2018-12-25 Tuesday

Dec 25, 2018 59:00


Today, we take a journey through the life and work of Yip Harburg, the Broadway lyricist who wrote such hits as “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” and who put the music into The Wizard of Oz.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-24 Monday

Dec 24, 2018 59:00


A special broadcast with the legendary activist and academic Angela Davis on running from the FBI, lessons from prison, Aretha Franklin and much more.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-21 Friday

Dec 21, 2018 59:00


James Mattis resigns in protest as Trump orders troop withdrawals from Syria and Afghanistan; Bipartisan criminal justice reform bill the FIRST STEP Act is poised to become law; Rep. Nanette Barragán escorts Honduran mother & her children across border.

Shutdown Showdown: Rep. Nanette Barragán on Dire Conditions at Border and Trump's "Ineffective" Wall

Dec 21, 2018


Part 2 of our conversation with California Rep. Nanette Barragán, who is just back from the U.S.-Mexico border. Barragán, along with Rep. Jimmy Gomez, escorted a 39-year-old Honduran mother of five, Maria Meza, across the border. Earlier this month, Meza was photographed clinging to her children and fleeing tear gas fired by U.S. Border Patrol, in an iconic Reuters image that sparked international outrage. Their asylum request is now being processed. Barragán recounts camping out overnight with Meza’s family on the U.S. side of the border near the Otay Mesa Port of Entry between Tijuana and San Diego and overhearing a U.S. border guard say, “Oh, good, we got rid of one of them,” as she left.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-20 Thursday

Dec 20, 2018 59:00


President Trump orders the withdrawal of all 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria; Civil rights groups boycott Facebook for allowing Russian trolls to target African Americans ahead of the 2016 election. We speak with NAACP President Derrick Johnson.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-19 Wednesday

Dec 19, 2018 59:00


Lawmakers demand answers after a 7-year-old girl dies in Border Patrol custody; Psychologists call for unceasing media coverage of jailed migrant children as 140 remain apart from their families; Cambodians see a spike in deportations under Trump.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-18 Tuesday

Dec 18, 2018 59:00


A Palestinian-American in Texas loses her job for refusing to sign a pro-Israel oath. We talk with her & Glenn Greenwald about state laws targeting the BDS movement. Marc Lamont Hill speaks out after his firing for a speech supporting Palestinian rights.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-17 Monday

Dec 17, 2018 59:00


A new book by Ralph Nader connects Donald Trump's presidency to the unchecked power of Clinton, Obama and Bush; a New York Times investigation follows U.S.-made bombs to a Yemeni village where 31 civilians were killed.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-14 Friday

Dec 14, 2018 59:00


Amid potential failed talks at the U.N. climate summit in Poland, former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed says island nations "are not prepared to die"; we speak with Nasheed and several climate activists taking direct action on the climate crisis.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-13 Thursday

Dec 13, 2018 59:00


As the world's biggest polluters obstruct the U.N. climate talks, we look at the role of the fossil fuel industry at the summit, the impact on developing nations that have done the least to cause the crisis and how Costa Rica is decarbonizing its economy.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-12 Wednesday

Dec 12, 2018 59:00


A top Trump energy adviser runs away from Democracy Now!'s questions at the U.N. climate talks; a Filipina climate activist searches for justice after losing family members in Typhoon Haiyan; advocates say the U.S. is poisoning the U.N. climate talks.

Climate Migrants: Millions More Could Be Displaced by Global Warming as Carbon Emissions Rise

Dec 12, 2018


We continue our conversation with Harjeet Singh, who says big polluters are hindering climate talks even as countries from the Global South warn that without drastic action they face annihilation.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-11 Tuesday

Dec 11, 2018 59:00


At the U.N. climate summit in Poland, we talk to 15-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg about her months-long strike against climate change; climate scientist Kevin Anderson calls for a Marshall Plan to shift away from fossil fuels.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-10 Monday

Dec 10, 2018 59:00


Marcy Wheeler says federal prosecutors could indict the Trump Organization; thousands protest at the U.N. climate summit in Poland as the U.S. joins Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in downplaying a study on the catastrophic threat of climate change.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-07 Friday

Dec 7, 2018 59:00


As U.N. climate talks in Poland continue, Ojibwe environmental leader Winona LaDuke calls for an indigenous-led Green New Deal; Yanis Varoufakis and Bernie Sanders form a progressive movement to fight the rising right wing around the globe.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-06 Thursday

Dec 6, 2018 59:00


A Uyghur activist's family disappears after she speaks out against China's persecution of Muslims and ethnic minorities in the country's northwest; a new documentary follows survivors of Spain's Franco dictatorship in their pursuit of justice.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-05 Wednesday

Dec 5, 2018 59:00


Wisconsin Republicans stage a power grab as a Democratic governor prepares to take office, Ruth Conniff talks about the people pushing back; As media memorializes George H.W. Bush, John R. MacArthur remembers his propaganda campaign in the 1991 Gulf War.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-04 Tuesday

Dec 4, 2018 59:00


George H.W. Bush invaded Panama in his first year as president, killing 3,000 people and setting the stage for U.S. wars to come. We look at this legacy with historian Greg Grandin, writer Ariel Dorfman and human rights lawyer José Luis Morín.

Democracy Now! 2018-12-03 Monday

Dec 3, 2018 59:00


George H.W. Bush is dead. We look at his legacy, from the 1991 Iraq invasion that began decades of U.S. wars to his inaction during the AIDS epidemic. We interview independent Sen. Bernie Sanders on the Green New Deal & U.S.-backed illegal war in Yemen.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-30 Friday

Nov 30, 2018 59:00


Democracy Now! broadcasts from Vermont, where the Sanders Institute hosts a gathering of international progressives. We air Sen. Bernie Sanders' keynote speech and look at the growing momentum for Medicare for All.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-29 Thursday

Nov 29, 2018 59:00


The Senate advances a bill to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen; Argentinian prosecutors consider charging Saudi crown prince with crimes against humanity; Journalist George Monbiot on why going vegan could save the planet.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-28 Wednesday

Nov 28, 2018 59:00


As the migrant caravan arrives at the border, historian Dana Frank explains how the U.S.-fueled political crisis in Honduras has led thousands to flee; We look at the history of tear gas after Border Patrol used the chemical weapon on women and children.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-27 Tuesday

Nov 27, 2018 59:00


Outcry grows after the U.S. fires tear gas at mothers and children seeking asylum; a Border Patrol officer who shot an unarmed Mexican teen is acquitted; Tom Robbins investigates the mental health crisis in U.S. prisons.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-26 Monday

Nov 26, 2018 59:00


Ahead of Mississippi's runoff Senate election, Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith draws fire for her racist comments and campaign platform; a damning new government climate report directly contradicts the Trump administration's environmental policies.

A Green New Deal: Bill McKibben Hails Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Plan to Combat Climate Change

Nov 26, 2018


Extended conversation with Bill McKibben of

Remembering KPFT's Ray Hill, Pioneering "Prison Show" Host and LGBT Activist in Houston

Nov 26, 2018


Ray Hill, a co-founder of Pacifica radio station KPFT in Houston, Texas, died Saturday from heart failure. He was 78.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-23 Friday

Nov 23, 2018 59:00


Today, we re-air an exclusive Democracy Now! documentary from Western Sahara, which has been under Moroccan occupation since 1976. "Four Days in Western Sahara—A Rare Look Inside Africa's Last Colony."

Democracy Now! 2018-11-22 Thursday

Nov 22, 2018 59:00


In a holiday special, we revisit our conversation from October with Noam Chomsky about violent U.S. policies in Latin America, Trump's withdrawal from the INF nuclear treaty, the GOP's climate change policies and the synagogue attack in Pittsburgh.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-21 Wednesday

Nov 21, 2018 59:00


Trump pledges support for Saudi Arabia despite evidence its crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi's killing; Journalist Ronen Bergman on Israel's assassination program; Professor Neta Crawford on the human and financial toll of the U.S. "war on terror."

Democracy Now! 2018-11-20 Tuesday

Nov 20, 2018 59:00


A federal judge blocks Trump's ban on migrants seeking asylum outside ports of entry; Reporter A.C. Thompson exposes links between white supremacy and the military in a chilling new investigation: "New American Nazis."

Democracy Now! 2018-11-19 Monday

Nov 19, 2018 59:00


As California burns, we speak with prisoners paid just $1 an hour to fight the state's wildfires; Filipino journalist Maria Ressa speaks out as Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte attempts to shut down her groundbreaking news site Rappler.

Renowned Filipino Journalist Maria Ressa Speaks Out Against Duterte: Media Must Fight Gov't Impunity

Nov 19, 2018


Web exclusive interview with renowned Filipino journalist Maria Ressa, who is speaking out against Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte for his attacks on the free press. Duterte has repeatedly targeted Ressa and her acclaimed news site Rappler for reporting on the deadly “war on drugs” in the Philippines.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-16 Friday

Nov 16, 2018 59:00


The Justice Department inadvertently reveals it has prepared an indictment against Julian Assange; NYT exposes Facebook hired a Republican firm to discredit critics; We speak to the prison firefighters on the front lines of the CA wildfires.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-15 Thursday

Nov 15, 2018 59:00


Rep. Ro Khanna speaks out as House Republicans block debate on ending U.S. support for war in Yemen; a family demands justice for slain Chicago 26-year-old Jemel Roberson; a new lawsuit accuses ICE of targeting undocumented organizers for their activism.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-14 Wednesday

Nov 14, 2018 59:00


Local officials push back as Amazon announces it will split its second headquarters between NY and Arlington, Virginia. We host a discussion on corporate welfare. Defense Sec. James Mattis visits the border, where thousands of troops have been deployed.

Fernando Garcia: The Militarization of the U.S. Border Will Spread If We Don't Fight Back

Nov 14, 2018


Extended discussion with Fernando Garcia, founding director of the Border Network for Human Rights, an advocacy organization based in El Paso.

Kathy Kelly: Trump Sides with Saudis & U.S. Defense Contractors While Yemeni Children Face Famine

Nov 14, 2018


Extended conversation with Kathy Kelly, co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, a campaign to end U.S. military and economic warfare.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-13 Tuesday

Nov 13, 2018 59:00


The death toll rises to 44 as California battles its deadliest fire ever; six people die in Gaza following the heaviest Israeli airstrikes since 2014; Maryland challenges the legality of Trump's choice for acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-12 Monday

Nov 12, 2018 59:00


100 years after armistice, journalist and author Adam Hochschild reflects on lessons from World War I and the danger of new wars today; Suzanne Gordon talks about the Thousand Oaks, CA, shooting and GOP-led attacks on the Veterans Health Administration.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-09 Friday

Nov 9, 2018 59:00


Thousand Oaks, CA, mourns victims of Wednesday's mass shooting; Florida prepares for possible recounts in Senate and governor's races; Rashida Tlaib is elected one of the first Muslim congresswomen in Detroit; peace activists protest the war in Yemen.

Newly Elected Native Congresswoman Deb Haaland on Climate Change and Suppression of Native Votes

Nov 9, 2018


Web-only conversation with Deb Haaland of New Mexico, who just became one of the first Native American congresswomen.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-08 Thursday

Nov 8, 2018 59:00


Trump fires AG Jeff Sessions, replacing him with Trump loyalist Matthew Whitaker. We speak with the ACLU's David Cole & former Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman, who voted to impeach Nixon; Deb Haaland makes history as one the nation's first Native congresswomen.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-07 Wednesday

Nov 7, 2018 59:00


Democrats seize the House with historic firsts for women of color; Stacey Abrams refuses to concede GA governor's race until every vote is counted; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is elected to Congress; Florida re-enfranchises 1.4 million people.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-06 Tuesday

Nov 6, 2018 59:00


Early voting numbers break records; a lawsuit proceeds against a citizenship question on the census; a record number of women of color run for U.S. office; Big Oil fights an anti-fracking measure in Colorado; Florida could re-enfranchise 1.4M people.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-05 Monday

Nov 5, 2018 59:00


After a self-proclaimed misogynist murders two women at a Florida yoga studio, feminist author Soraya Chemaly discusses the toxic male supremacy movement; Before the midterms, we speak with Noam Chomsky on elections, nuclear warfare and climate change.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-02 Friday

Nov 2, 2018 59:00


As John Bolton calls Venezuela, Cuba & Nicaragua a "troika of tyranny," we speak with Noam Chomsky about U.S. foreign policy in Central America & the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre; Ilana Glazer cancels event at NYC synagogue due to anti-Semitic graffiti.

After Anti-Semitic Threat, Ilana Glazer Talks Hate Crimes, #MeToo and Midterm Elections

Nov 2, 2018


A political event hosted by Ilana Glazer of Comedy Central’s “Broad City” at the Union Temple Synagogue in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, was canceled Thursday night after anti-Semitic and racist messages were found scrawled on walls throughout the building.

Democracy Now! 2018-11-01 Thursday

Nov 1, 2018 59:00


Parkland dad Fred Guttenberg calls on voters to elect politicians who stand for gun control in the wake of hate-fueled gun attacks in the United States; Investigative journalist Allan Nairn says fascism is at stake in the midterm elections.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-31 Wednesday

Oct 31, 2018 59:00


As President Trump claims that he can end birthright citizenship in the United States, we speak with professor Martha Jones about the history of the 14th Amendment; In Brazil, President-elect Jair Bolsonaro threatens fragile democracy & the Amazon.

Video: Amy Goodman and Voting Rights Activists Weigh Historic Vote to Re-Enfranchise 1.4M Floridians

Oct 31, 2018


As voters in Florida prepare to vote on Amendment 4, a measure to restore voting rights to 1.4 million people, Amy Goodman speaks with Desmond Meade, president of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, and Howard Simon, executive director of the ACLU of Florida.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-30 Tuesday

Oct 30, 2018 59:00


A gunman kills 11 worshipers at a Pittsburgh synagogue; an avid Trump supporter mails bombs to prominent Trump critics; a white gunman murders two African Americans in Kentucky. We spend the hour looking at the domestic terror sweeping the country.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-29 Monday

Oct 29, 2018 59:00


A gunman opens fire in a Pittsburgh synagogue, killing 11 worshipers; Brazil elects far-right demagogue Jair Bolsonaro, who Glenn Greenwald calls the "most extremist leader" in the democratic world.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-26 Friday

Oct 26, 2018 59:00


The Trump administration has approved oil drilling in federal waters off Alaska's coast; Hurricane Michael damaged Air Force jets worth $6 billion; we report from hurricane-ravaged Mexico Beach, FL; Saudi Arabia's ties to U.S. universities face scrutiny.

Does Saudi Forensic Doctor Who Allegedly Dismembered Khashoggi Have Ties to Univ. of New Haven?

Oct 26, 2018


In Connecticut, activists are calling on the University of New Haven to cut ties to King Fahd Security College in Saudi Arabia. According to news reports, the Saudi forensic doctor who allegedly dismembered Jamal Khashoggi’s body served on the editorial board of a publication tied to King Fahd Security College.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-25 Thursday

Oct 25, 2018 59:00


Federal authorities probe pipe bombs sent to a number of prominent Democrats, all critics of President Trump; FBI arrests leader of a California neo-Nazi gang; Gustavo Arellano on Orange County congressional races; California votes on rent control.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-24 Wednesday

Oct 24, 2018 59:00


Georgia's GOP candidate for governor is caught on tape worrying too many people will vote; civil rights groups sue over voter purging in Georgia; Latinos in Kansas see voter suppression; tech companies profit from helping ICE speed up deportations.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-23 Tuesday

Oct 23, 2018 59:00


Turkey has located the remains of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi as journalist Rula Jebreal talks about her final interview with him for Newsweek; Trump lashes out against the caravan of Central American migrants fleeing violence.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-22 Monday

Oct 22, 2018 59:00


The U.S. announces plans to pull out of a landmark nuclear arms pact with Russia; The NYT exposes a Trump administration memo attempting to eliminate the rights of transgender people; Israel injured 130 Palestinians protesting occupation in Gaza Friday.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-19 Friday

Oct 19, 2018 59:00


As evidence mounts that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is directly implicated in the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, we speak with Saudi dissident Madawi Al-Rasheed; B'Tselem leader Hagai El-Ad calls for global action against Israeli occupation.

Indigenous Writers & Activists on Indian Child Welfare Act & Ongoing Struggle for Native Sovereignty

Oct 19, 2018


Extended discussion with three leading indigenous writers and activists. Tara Houska is in Fargo, North Dakota. She is national campaign director for Honor the Earth and an Ojibwe lawyer. In Anchorage, Alaska, we speak with Mark Trahant, editor of Indian Country Today. He’s a member of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. In Seattle, Washington, we speak with Gyasi Ross, a member of the Blackfeet Nation and host of the podcast Breakdances with Wolves.

B'Tselem's Hagai El-Ad Calls for Global Action Against Israel Amid Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza

Oct 19, 2018


Israeli human rights activist Hagai El-Ad called for the international community to take action against Israeli “apartheid” Thursday in his first official testimony in front of the United Nations Security Council about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the West Bank.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-18 Thursday

Oct 18, 2018 59:00


A roundtable of Native American activists and journalists respond to Sen. Elizabeth Warren releasing DNA test results of her Native ancestry; Native women run for office in record numbers as Indigenous people in North Dakota face voter suppression.

The UAE Hired Former U.S. Soldiers to Kill Leaders in Yemen. Is This the Future of War?

Oct 18, 2018


A new BuzzFeed News investigation has revealed that the United Arab Emirates hired U.S. mercenaries to carry out assassinations of Yemeni leaders it deemed “terrorists.”

Democracy Now! 2018-10-17 Wednesday

Oct 17, 2018 59:00


As gruesome details emerge about Jamal Khashoggi's reported killing, we speak with Jamal Elshayyal and Sarah Aziza about Saudi Arabia's history of punishing dissidents; A new investigation reveals UAE hired U.S. mercenaries to kill Yemeni leaders.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-16 Tuesday

Oct 16, 2018 59:00


As midterms approach, voter suppression measures target people of color in Georgia, North Dakota and across the U.S.; Florida could restore voting rights to 1.4 million ex-felons; Prof. Carol Anderson credits Trump's 2016 win to voter suppression.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-15 Monday

Oct 15, 2018 59:00


International outcry continues around Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul; The Trump administration considers forcibly separating immigrant families once again; Salvadoran Archbishop Óscar Romero is named a saint.

"Assassination of a Saint": Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero Is Canonized as Murder Remains Unsolved

Oct 15, 2018


As Pope Francis names Salvadoran Archbishop Óscar Romero a saint, we continue our interview with Matt Eisenbrandt, a human rights lawyer and the author of “Assassination of a Saint: The Plot to Murder Óscar Romero and the Quest to Bring His Killers to Justice.”

Democracy Now! 2018-10-12 Friday

Oct 12, 2018 59:00


Trump refuses to halt arms sales to Saudis despite Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance; Rep. Ro Khanna pens Internet Bill of Rights amid Facebook & Google privacy breaches; Johns Hopkins names building for Henrietta Lacks, whose cells changed modern medicine.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-11 Thursday

Oct 11, 2018 59:00


As Hurricane Michael pummels Florida, a look at Governor Rick Scott's history of climate change denial; Before a limo crash killed 20 in upstate NY this weekend, its owner was an FBI informant; Professor Jason Stanley on his new book "How Fascism Works."

Tar Sands Valve Turners & Dr. James Hansen: We Need Civil Disobedience to Fight Climate Change

Oct 11, 2018


On October 11, 2016, activists in North Dakota, Washington, Montana and Minnesota turned the manual safety valves on four pipelines, temporarily halting the flow of nearly 70 percent of the crude oil imported to the United States from Canada. We speak to two of the activists, who were just acquitted, along with their lawyer and former NASA scientist James Hansen.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-10 Wednesday

Oct 10, 2018 59:00


As U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley announces she is resigning her post, a look back on her dangerous legacy from Iran to Palestine; two years after activists shut down pipelines across the country, "valve turners" win acquittal in Minnesota.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-09 Tuesday

Oct 9, 2018 59:00


Brazil's far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro moves closer to becoming president; IPCC warns humanity has only a dozen years to avert climate catastrophe; 2017 Nobel Peace Prize winner Beatrice Fihn urges international cooperation to disarm North Korea.

Beatrice Fihn of the Nobel-Winning ICAN: We Need to Dismantle & Disarm the World's Nuclear Arms

Oct 9, 2018


As the U.S. continues negotiations on the Korean Peninsula, we speak with Beatrice Fihn, executive director of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, about the fight to disarm the world.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-08 Monday

Oct 8, 2018 59:00


As Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court, we speak with CODEPINK's Medea Benjamin, Jodi Jacobson of Rewire.News and Soraya Chemaly, author of "Rage Becomes Her"; Mehdi Hasan discusses the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-05 Friday

Oct 5, 2018 59:00


As the Senate prepares for a vote on Brett Kavanaugh, playwright Eve Ensler reads a letter to white women who support him; The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to Denis Mukwege & Nadia Murad; Glenn Greenwald on Brazil’s upcoming election.

Glenn Greenwald on U.S. Hacking, Edward Snowden, the Dangers of Obsessing over Russia & More

Oct 5, 2018


Extended conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept.

The "School-to-Prison Pipeline" Now Extends to Preschool. Meet the Activists Fighting Back.

Oct 5, 2018


Brett Kavanaugh is outraged at the public scrutiny of his yearbook and teenage behavior. But across the country, black and brown students are being criminalized as early as the age of 3, leading to the “school-to-prison pipeline” that critics say now extends to even preschool.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-04 Thursday

Oct 4, 2018 59:00


A major New York Times exposé reveals how Donald Trump built his empire from his father's money through tax evasion and outright fraud. We speak with David Barstow, three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter and lead author of the piece.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-03 Wednesday

Oct 3, 2018 59:00


Mental health experts ask for a psychological assessment of Brett Kavanaugh over his hostility and drinking; psychiatrist Bandy Lee details mental health concerns about Donald Trump; education justice activists fight to end the school-to-prison pipeline.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-02 Tuesday

Oct 2, 2018 59:00


Kavanaugh's former schoolmate asks fellow Georgetown Prep alums to break their silence; the ACLU comes out against Kavanaugh; the Trump administration ships more migrant kids to a Texas tent city; Lori Wallach of Public Citizen reviews Trump's trade deal.

Democracy Now! 2018-10-01 Monday

Oct 1, 2018 59:00


Sexual assault survivors confront Sen. Jeff Flake, triggering an FBI investigation before the final vote on Brett Kavanaugh; advocates say Kavanaugh has repeatedly perjured himself; Kimberlé Crenshaw talks about lessons from Anita Hill's 1991 testimony.

Lisa Graves: Brett Kavanaugh Is Lying About Drinking, His Yearbook and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Oct 1, 2018


Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has lied under oath about his drinking habits and sexual references in his high school yearbook. That’s according to Lisa Graves, a former aide to Senator Patrick Leahy.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-28 Friday

Sep 28, 2018 59:00


We feature excerpts of Thursday’s historic hearing when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her, including Blasey Ford’s full statement, excerpts of Kavanaugh and their questioning under oath.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-27 Thursday

Sep 27, 2018 59:00


As Trump calls sexual assault allegations against him and Kavanaugh a “con game,” we get response from Trump accuser Jessica Leeds and speak with Cosby rape survivor Lili Bernard; Yale students protest Kavanaugh’s confirmation; Trump threatens Venezuela.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-26 Wednesday

Sep 26, 2018 59:00


Trump threatens Iran at the U.N. and draws laughter for boasting about his administration; White House adviser Stephen Miller’s uncle opposes his anti-immigrant policies; Bill Cosby rape survivor Lily Bernard reacts to his sentencing.

Cosby Rape Survivor Lili Bernard: Sentencing Signals Shift from Misogyny to Believing, Valuing Women

Sep 26, 2018


We continue our interview with Lili Bernard, a visual artist and actor who has accused Bill Cosby of drugging and raping her in the early 1990s when he mentored her in preparation for her guest-starring role on “The Cosby Show.”

Democracy Now! 2018-09-25 Tuesday

Sep 25, 2018 59:00


Amid new allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh we speak with "Me Too" movement founder Tarana Burke; journalist Marcy Wheeler on the state of Mueller’s Russia probe; Naomi Klein on Puerto Rico’s recovery one year after Hurricane Maria.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-24 Monday

Sep 24, 2018 59:00


Rewire.News editor Jodi Jacobson on new sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh; Holton-Arms School alumnae rally in support of Dr. Blasey Ford; historian Barbara Ransby on a 1991 Black feminist campaign supporting Anita Hill.

Dr. Barbara Ransby: 27 Years After Attacks on Anita Hill, Patriarchy & Misogyny Are "Alive and Well"

Sep 24, 2018


We continue our interview with historian and activist Barbara Ransby, who in 1991 spearheaded a manifesto in support of Anita Hill that was signed by nearly 1,600 black feminists organized as “African American Women in Defense of Ourselves.”

Democracy Now! 2018-09-21 Friday

Sep 21, 2018 59:00


We spend the hour with Michael Moore, whose new film Fahrenheit 11/9 premieres today. In it, Moore crosses the country, documenting not only the rise of Trumpism but also the teachers' strikes, family separations, inequality and the Flint water crisis.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-20 Thursday

Sep 20, 2018 59:00


Reporter Sarah Posner on the secret network of right-wing activists shaping Brett Kavanaugh's image; two women transported by sheriff's deputies die in South Carolina floodwaters; Shane Bauer’s new book examines the business of private prisons.

The Business of Punishment: How Forced Prison Labor Has Generated Revenue Since the Colonial Era

Sep 20, 2018


We continue our interview with award-winning journalist Shane Bauer about his new book, “American Prison,” which dives deep into the profit-earning motives of U.S. prisons.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-19 Wednesday

Sep 19, 2018 59:00


Michael Moore on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh; Rev. William Barber on how the poor are suffering after Hurricane Florence; Amnesty International says Trump's new refugee cap is a matter of life and death.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-18 Tuesday

Sep 18, 2018 59:00


The Intercept’s Ryan Grim reports on assault accusations against Brett Kavanaugh; immigrants seeking aid after Florence fear deportation; 7 years after Occupy Wall Street, author and activist Nathan Schneider talks about the cooperative movement.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-17 Monday

Sep 17, 2018 59:00


Slate's Dahlia Lithwick says "Our System Is Too Broken to Assess the Sexual Assault Claim Against Kavanaugh”; Facebook declares a Think Progress report “fake news”; Botham Shem Jean’s family lawyer says police are smearing him to protect his killer.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-14 Friday

Sep 14, 2018 59:00


Indigenous and climate justice activists protest outside and inside the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco; plus, we host debates on two systems proposed as climate change solutions: cap-and-trade and geoengineering.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-13 Thursday

Sep 13, 2018 59:00


As Hurricane Florence heads towards the Carolinas, activists are concerned that animal waste from industrial hog farms and coal ash ponds could pollute waterways; author Bill McKibben discusses why climate change action needs more urgency.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-12 Wednesday

Sep 12, 2018 59:00


20 percent of firefighters battling California wildfires are prisoners paid just $1/hour. We visit a fire camp to talk to some of them; then, journalist Antonia Juhasz explains her new investigation into the deadly work of building oil pipelines.

Trump's Friends Get Rich Off Oil Boom as Industry Limits Info on Pipeline Worker Injuries & Deaths

Sep 12, 2018


We continue our look at the massive oil and natural gas boom that has generated some of the deadliest jobs in the country.

Naomi Osaka's Win at U.S. Open Overshadowed by Umpire's Power Play Against Superstar Serena Williams

Sep 12, 2018


We continue our look at fallout from the women’s U.S. Open final Saturday, where tennis star Serena Williams lost to 20-year-old Naomi Osaka, after accusing umpire Carlos Ramos of sexism.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-11 Tuesday

Sep 11, 2018 59:00


A Category 4 hurricane is barreling toward the Carolinas, supercharged by climate change; John Bolton threatens the International Criminal Court; the U.S. punishes the Palestine Liberation Organization; Serena Williams faces a double standard.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-10 Monday

Sep 10, 2018 59:00


We bring you voices from the mass march in San Francisco calling for climate justice ahead of California Gov. Jerry Brown's Global Climate Action Summit; key Democrats say Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh lied in past confirmation hearings.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-07 Friday

Sep 7, 2018 59:00


New questions arise about Brett Kavanaugh's views on Roe v. Wade and racial profiling; the Trump administration introduces plans to detain migrant children indefinitely; in Syria, 3 million people in rebel-held Idlib face an imminent assault.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-06 Thursday

Sep 6, 2018 59:00


Judge Brett Kavanaugh's role in torture and domestic spying remain unknown as documents are suppressed; Arundhati Roy responds to India's growing militarization and crackdown on dissent as the country decriminalizes gay sex.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-05 Wednesday

Sep 5, 2018 59:00


We talk about Brett Kavanaugh's chaotic confirmation hearings with Heidi Sieck of VoteProChoice, Parkland shooting victim father Fred Guttenberg and Public Citizen's Robert Weissman; as Amazon's value reaches $1 trillion, what about its workers?

Sanders Introduces the BEZOS Act, Named for Amazon CEO, As Retailer Impoverishes & Mistreats Workers

Sep 5, 2018


As Sen. Bernie Sanders introduces a bill to tax corporations for every dollar their low-wage workers receive in government assistance, we speak with James Bloodworth, who went undercover an Amazon warehouse “picker” to expose working conditions.

"Unapologetic": Charlene Carruthers on Her Black, Queer and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements

Sep 5, 2018


Charlene Carruthers, national director of the Black Youth Project 100, joins us to discuss her timely new book, “Unapologetic: A Black, Queer, and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements.”

Democracy Now! 2018-09-04 Tuesday

Sep 4, 2018 59:00


Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings begin amid major outcry over his record on civil rights, abortion, labor, voting and environmental justice; Canada's Federal Court of Appeals halts expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Winona LaDuke & Indigenous Canadian Activist Back Campaign to Stop SLAPP Suits That Silence Protests

Sep 4, 2018


A coalition of environmental and civil liberties groups are launching a new campaign called “Protect the Protest,” to fight back against lawsuits aimed at limiting free speech.

Democracy Now! 2018-09-03 Monday

Sep 3, 2018 59:00


Filmmaker, musician and activist Boots Riley on his new film "Sorry to Bother You," capitalism, the labor movement, The Coup and more.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-31 Friday

Aug 31, 2018 59:00


Today, we premiere a Democracy Now! documentary from Western Sahara, which has been under Moroccan occupation since 1976. "Four Days in Western Sahara—A Rare Look Inside Africa's Last Colony."

Democracy Now! 2018-08-30 Thursday

Aug 30, 2018 59:00


The GOP opponent of Florida's black progressive gubernatorial candidate, Andrew Gillum, warns voters not to "monkey it up," and activists who worked with Gillum respond; Mississippi prisoners are dying at record rates; update on the nationwide prison stri

Democracy Now! 2018-08-29 Wednesday

Aug 29, 2018 59:00


The top student loan watchdog resigns over the Trump admin favoring predatory lenders; opposition grows to Betsy DeVos's plan to spend federal funds on arming teachers; a formerly incarcerated Texas woman faces more than five years in prison for voting.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-28 Tuesday

Aug 28, 2018 59:00


50 years ago this week, protests at the 1968 DNC in Chicago culminated in a police riot. We speak with Black Panther Bobby Seale, arrested for inciting a riot and gagged during the Chicago 8 trial, and SDS activists Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-27 Monday

Aug 27, 2018 59:00


We discuss John McCain's record with The Intercept's Mehdi Hasan, CodePink's Medea Benjamin and Norman Solomon; Democrats vote to limit the power of superdelegates; the pope faces allegations he knew about sexual abuse and failed to act.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-24 Friday

Aug 24, 2018 59:00


NSA whistleblower Reality Winner is sentenced to 5+ years in prison, the longest sentence ever in federal court for leaking government information to media; a Bangladeshi mother in Connecticut wins a last-minute stay of deportation after public outcry.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-23 Thursday

Aug 23, 2018 59:00


Rep. Al Green restates calls for Trump's impeachment in the wake of Michael Cohen's plea deal and Paul Manafort's guilty verdict; a North Carolina commission votes 9-2 to keep Confederate monuments at the state Capitol; Trump ramps up racist commentary.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-22 Wednesday

Aug 22, 2018 59:00


Stunning legal developments involving Trump's former attorney & campaign chair stir impeachment talk; the administration admits its coal deregulation will be deadly; a UNC student talks about her protest against a now-toppled racist Confederate statue.

Maya Little on the Fight Against Racist Confederate Statues (Part 2)

Aug 22, 2018


Part 2 of our conversation with Maya Little, the UNC doctoral student facing charges of property destruction and possible expulsion for pouring red ink and her own blood on the statue during an earlier protest in April.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-21 Tuesday

Aug 21, 2018 59:00


Pope Francis issues a letter to the world's Catholics addressing sex abuse in the church as calls grow for women to take leadership roles; prisoners across the U.S. launch a nationwide strike today over inhumane conditions.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-20 Monday

Aug 20, 2018 59:00


In California, ICE arrests man driving his wife to the hospital to give birth; armed guards forcibly reseparate fathers from sons at Karnes detention center in Texas; longtime pacifist and socialist David McReynolds dies in New York City.

Friends Remember War Resisters League Activist & Socialist David McReynolds, Long Targeted by FBI

Aug 20, 2018


We continue our look back at the life and legacy of longtime pacifist and socialist David McReynolds, who died Friday at the age of 88.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-17 Friday

Aug 17, 2018 59:00


Remembering Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul. We speak to professors Angela Davis, Mark Anthony Neal and Farah Jasmine Griffin on the civil rights and feminist icon.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-16 Thursday

Aug 16, 2018 59:00


A scathing 1,400-page report exposes the extent of the Catholic Church's child sex abuse cover-up in Pennsylvania; Michigan Democratic congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib talks about tackling civil rights & the importance of her Palestinian roots.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-15 Wednesday

Aug 15, 2018 59:00


It's been six months since the shooting massacre at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida; the Trump administration has still not reunited over 550 children forcibly separated from their parents at the border.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-14 Tuesday

Aug 14, 2018 59:00


As a man with cancer wins a $289M verdict against Monsanto, we look at how the company hid dangers of the Roundup herbicide. Yemen mourns 40 boys killed by a U.S. bomb in a Saudi-led airstrike, as AP reports the U.S. made deals with al-Qaeda there.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-13 Monday

Aug 13, 2018 59:00


A nuclear standoff builds with Iran as the Trump administration re-imposes economic sanctions; protesters interrupt Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to ask about his alleged ethical lapses and why he won’t address climate change’s role in ongoing wildfires.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-10 Friday

Aug 10, 2018 59:00


The left-wing runner-up in Colombia's presidential election discusses Venezuela, the drug war and climate change; a new documentary called "All For One" follows American and Russian filmmakers with disabilities collaborating to tell their own stories.

Extended Interview with Members of the Media Enabled Musketeers on Disability Rights & Filmmaking

Aug 10, 2018


Extended interview with Jon Novick and Ben Rosloff, filmmakers with Media Enabled Musketeers.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-09 Thursday

Aug 9, 2018 59:00


Climate change is driving uncontrollable wildfires in California; thousands of prisoners are battling the fires for $2 per day, including the largest fire in the state's history; today marks the 73rd anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing in Nagasaki.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-08 Wednesday

Aug 8, 2018 59:00


Voters headed to polls Tuesday in Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, Missouri and Washington state, but some key races remain too close to call; MOVE member Debbie Africa speaks about being released after nearly 40 years behind bars and united with her son Mike.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-07 Tuesday

Aug 7, 2018 59:00


One year after the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, neo-Nazis and fascists are planning another "Unite the Right" rally, this time in Washington, D.C. Anti-fascist demonstrators are mobilizing for a counterprotest.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-06 Monday

Aug 6, 2018 59:00


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro survives an apparent assassination attempt; we talk to 17-year-old Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi, free after eight months in an Israeli prison; today marks 73 years since the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-03 Friday

Aug 3, 2018 59:00


A new investigation confirms a brutal ethnic cleansing campaign is underway in DR Congo; Mexican journalist Emilio Gutiérrez Soto is freed from ICE detention; authorities find the body of Native American woman Olivia Lone Bear in North Dakota.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-02 Thursday

Aug 2, 2018 59:00


Wildfires rage across the Western U.S., fueled by climate change; global inequality and the deadly consequences of extreme weather work hand in hand against the world's poor; the NY Times Magazine devotes its latest issue to climate change.

Democracy Now! 2018-08-01 Wednesday

Aug 1, 2018 59:00


As Facebook shuts down 32 accounts it says were part of an effort to influence U.S. midterm elections, we look at how the tech giant accelerates authoritarianism and enables surveillance around the globe with media studies scholar Siva Vaidhyanathan.

Democracy Now! 2018-07-31 Tuesday

Jul 31, 2018 59:00


An investigation by The Boston Globe reveals the TSA has secretly surveilled thousands of U.S. air travelers under a program dubbed "Quiet Skies"; legendary radical former California congressmember and Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums dies at 82.

Democracy Now! 2018-07-30 Monday

Jul 30, 2018 59:00


World-renowned political dissident, linguist and author Noam Chomsky on U.S.-Russia relations, NATO, climate change, nuclear weapons, Israel, Gaza, and more.

Democracy Now! 2018-07-27 Friday

Jul 27, 2018 59:00


As the Trump admin. misses the deadline to reunite all separated migrant children with their parents, we speak with Noam Chomsky about the roots of the refugee crisis and about economic inequality, climate change, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and more.

Democracy Now! 2018-07-26 Thursday

Jul 26, 2018 59:00


The Trump administration admits more than 900 migrant children won't be reunited with families by today's court-ordered deadline; Michigan pediatrician Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha reflects on helping to expose the lead poisoning of children in Flint.

Democracy Now! 2018-07-25 Wednesday

Jul 25, 2018 59:00


Environmental advocates denounce the Trump administration's plans to gut the Endangered Species Act; a new study links rising global temperatures to suicides; a Central American activist calls for fixing discriminatory 1996 U.S. immigration law.

Democracy Now! 2018-07-24 Tuesday

Jul 24, 2018 59:00


New York Daily News's owner fires half the staff; Russian gun rights activist Maria Butina is charged with acting as an unregistered agent of Russia; white supremacists plan to hold a rally in D.C. on the anniversary of the deadly Charlottesville rally.

Democracy Now! 2018-07-23 Monday

Jul 23, 2018 59:00


Trump threatens Iran's president with "dire consequences"; Plowshares activists speak out from house arrest after their nonviolent protest against nuclear weapons; Israel passes a law giving the state license to discriminate against non-Jews.

Democracy Now! 2018-07-20 Friday

Jul 20, 2018 59:00


Ethiopia and Eritrea begin peace efforts; journalists expose more abuses of detained migrant children; a Salvadoran mother reunites with her traumatized son; psychologists try to prepare families for long-term trauma after separations at the border.

Democracy Now! 2018-07-19 Thursday

Jul 19, 2018 59:00


Pakistan suffers a deadly attack ahead of general elections overshadowed by arrests and accusations of interference by the military; a PBS reporter smuggled herself into northern Yemen to report on starvation and U.S. support for the Saudi-led war.

Democracy Now! 2018-07-18 Wednesday

Jul 18, 2018 59:00


We host a debate on violence in Nicaragua; Rev. Jesse Jackson remembers his friend Nelson Mandela on his 100th birthday; Eric Garner's mother continues to call for justice four years after he was killed in an NYPD chokehold.

Democracy Now! 2018-07-17 Tuesday

Jul 17, 2018 59:00


We get response from Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation to the Trump-Putin summit and speak with reporter Sam Husseini, who was dragged out trying to ask about the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty; Boots Riley, director of the new film, "Sorry to Bother You."

Democracy Now! 2018-07-16 Monday

Jul 16, 2018 59:00


Amid mass protests against President Trump and Russian President Putin in Helsinki, we speak with Finnish politician Heidi Hautala and host a debate on U.S.-Russia relations with journalist Glenn Greenwald and Joe Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund.

Democracy Now! 2018-07-13 Friday

Jul 13, 2018 59:00


We go to London for updates on Trump's U.K. visit and meeting with Theresa May; asylum-seeking Mexican journalist Emilio Gutiérrez Soto's detention may violate free speech rights; reunited migrant families may have to separate to pursue asylum.

Democracy Now! 2018-07-12 Thursday

Jul 12, 2018 59:00


As Trump calls on NATO member states to double their military spending ahead of meeting with Putin, we speak with Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation; we talk to Guardian columnist George Monbiot about Trump's visit to London amid mass protests.

Democracy Now! 2018-07-11 Wednesday

Jul 11, 2018 59:00


The Trump administration failed to meet a court-imposed deadline to reunite migrant children under 5 with families; Trump repeatedly threatened to invade Venezuela; Nevada plans to kill a death row prisoner using fentanyl for the first time.

Democracy Now! 2018-06-22 Friday

Jun 22, 2018 59:00


Debbie Nathan reports an immigrant mother seeking asylum has reunited with her son after 38 days in detention; a new report exposes substandard medical care for detained immigrants; an Eritrean man takes his life after being deported from the U.S.

Democracy Now! 2018-06-21 Thursday

Jun 21, 2018 59:00


Trump signs an executive order that paves the way for immigrant families to be jailed together indefinitely; private prison companies stand to profit from Trump's order; Yemeni prisoners are reporting horrific sexual abuse at UAE-run prisons in Yemen.

Democracy Now! 2018-06-20 Wednesday

Jun 20, 2018 59:00


We spend the hour with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh on My Lai, Abu Ghraib, Kissinger, Nixon and his advice on how to cover the Trump administration today.

Democracy Now! 2018-06-19 Tuesday

Jun 19, 2018 59:00


President Trump doubles down on practice of forcibly separating immigrant children from their parents; crisis in Nicaragua escalates with 178 people killed since widespread demonstrations to oust Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega began in mid-April.

Extended Conversation with Nicaraguan Government Minister Paul Oquist on Escalating Crisis

Jun 19, 2018


Extended conversation with Paul Oquist, a senior minister for national policy in the Nicaraguan government.

Democracy Now! 2018-06-18 Monday

Jun 18, 2018 59:00


Democratic lawmakers protest Trump's policy of family separation at the border; a worker at a nonprofit detention center for migrant children quits over conditions; the U.S.-backed, Saudi-led coalition launches offensive on Yemen's port city of Hodeidah.

Democracy Now! 2018-06-15 Friday

Jun 15, 2018 59:00


Jeff Sessions overturns a policy allowing domestic violence survivors to qualify for asylum; a scathing U.N. report looks at the policies worsening poverty in the U.S.; the Poor People's Campaign against poverty & racism enters its final week.

Democracy Now! 2018-06-14 Thursday

Jun 14, 2018 59:00


A special report from South Texas on the trauma of the Trump administration's new "zero tolerance" policy at the U.S.-Mexico border, the families separated and children detained and the residents who are fighting back.

Democracy Now! 2018-06-13 Wednesday

Jun 13, 2018 59:00


In Yemen, the U.S.-backed, Saudi-led coalition begins a major offensive against the key port city of Hudaydah; the Supreme Court rules 5-4 to uphold Ohio's purge of voters; hundreds are arrested in Poor People's Campaign protests nationwide.

Democracy Now! 2018-06-12 Tuesday

Jun 12, 2018 59:00


President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un meet face to face in a historic summit in Singapore, marking the first time a sitting U.S. president has met with a North Korean leader.

Democracy Now! 2018-06-11 Monday

Jun 11, 2018 59:00


A new CDC report says suicide rates rose 25 percent over the last two decades; Michael Eric Dyson on his new book "What Truth Sounds Like: RFK, James Baldwin and Our Unfinished Conversation About Race in America."

Michael Eric Dyson: "Many Republicans Have Normalized [Trump's] Vicious and Pathological Behavior"

Jun 11, 2018


Extended discussion with Michael Eric Dyson, author of the new book, “What Truth Sounds Like: Robert F. Kennedy, James Baldwin, and Our Unfinished Conversation About Race in America.”

Democracy Now! 2018-06-08 Friday

Jun 8, 2018 59:00


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is reshaping the agency to aid polluters & big business; Israel's military pushes a heavily edited video attempting to smear a slain Palestinian medic; Anthony Bourdain in his own words on Gaza; peace efforts in Afghanistan.

As U.S. Intensifies Airstrikes in Afghanistan, Pashtun Men Stage 400-Mile Walk Calling for Peace

Jun 8, 2018


Extended conversation with Kathy Kelly, co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

Democracy Now! 2018-06-07 Thursday

Jun 7, 2018 59:00


Headlines for June 07, 2018; Trump Frees Alice Johnson; What About Thousands Still Serving Life for Nonviolent Drug Offenses?; Students Push to Oust Nicaraguan President Ortega as Death Toll Rises Amid Bloody Police Crackdown; The Country Is Crying: Nicaraguan Mother Demands Justice After Police Kill Her Son at Protest; Mexican Court Orders Truth Commission to Oversee New Investigation of 43 Disappeared Students

Democracy Now! 2018-06-06 Wednesday

Jun 6, 2018 59:00


As a Harvard study estimates the death toll from Hurricane Maria is at least 4,645 people—70 times higher than the official count—we spend the hour with journalist Naomi Klein and Puerto Rican activists Katia Avilés-Vázquez and Elizabeth Yeampierre.

Will Trumpism Come to Canada? Naomi Klein on the Most Important Canadian Election of Her Lifetime

Jun 6, 2018


A crucial election in Canada tomorrow may bring a Trumpian leader to Canada’s most populous province.

Democracy Now! 2018-06-05 Tuesday

Jun 5, 2018 59:00


Trump claims he has the power to pardon himself and disinvites the Philadelphia Eagles from White House visit; journalist obtains rare audio of mass trials for migrants at U.S. border; SCOTUS sides with baker who refused cake to same-sex couple.

Democracy Now! 2018-06-04 Monday

Jun 4, 2018 59:00


As Israeli soldiers shoot dead Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar, we speak with Dr. Medhat Abbas in Gaza and Razan's cousin, Dalia al-Najjar; in Georgia, Stacey Abrams may become the first African-American woman governor in U.S. history.

Democracy Now! 2018-06-01 Friday

Jun 1, 2018 59:00


An explosive New York Times report has revealed that manufacturers of the drug OxyContin knew it was highly addictive as early as 1996. We spend the hour with journalist and author Barry Meier on Purdue Pharma & the opioid epidemic.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-31 Thursday

May 31, 2018 59:00


The White House taps Fred Fleitz, from an anti-Muslim think tank, as national security adviser chief of staff; the Israeli Navy intercepts a flotilla of protesters; Canada says it will purchase Kinder Morgan's highly contested Trans Mountain pipeline.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-30 Wednesday

May 30, 2018 59:00


A new study says Hurricane Maria's death toll is 70 times higher than the official count; "Roseanne" is canceled; Glenn Greenwald discusses the criminalization of animal rights activism and Julian Assange's situation in the Ecuadorean Embassy.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-29 Tuesday

May 29, 2018 59:00


Ireland votes in a landslide to lift an abortion ban in place since 1983; calls grow for Northern Ireland to liberalize its abortion laws; the shooting death of a 19-year-old Guatemalan woman in Texas ignites outrage over killings by U.S. border agents.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-24 Thursday

May 24, 2018 59:00


Headlines for May 24, 2018; NFL Bans National Anthem Protests on Same Day Video of Police Tasering of NBA Player Is Released; Volcano Lava Reaches Geothermal Plant and Pacific Ocean in Hawaii, Risking Public Health Disaster; "The Tale": Astonishing New Movie Tackles Filmmaker Jennifer Fox's Reckoning with Child Sexual Abuse

As Weinstein Set to Head to Jail, New Film Starring Laura Dern & Common Looks at Child Sexual Abuse

May 24, 2018


Part 2 of our conversation with filmmaker Jennifer Fox, director of the new movie “The Tale,” a narrative memoir about her own childhood sexual abuse. “The whole goal of the film is to be radically honest,” says Fox. “We make stories to make sense of chaos and trauma.” The movie premieres May 26 on HBO.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-23 Wednesday

May 23, 2018 59:00


Women win Democratic primaries in Georgia, Texas & Kentucky; Congress scraps banking regulations; Supreme Court rules against workers' rights; a Dallas activist the FBI may have targeted as a "black identity extremist" is released after months in jail.

Malkia Cyril on Facebook's Civil Rights Audit & How Amazon Sells Facial Recognition Tools to Police

May 23, 2018


Malkia Cyril of the Center for Media Justice discusses Facebook’s plans to conduct a civil rights audit, activists’ demands for Amazon stop selling their facial recognition service to law enforcement, and a proposal to restore net neutrality rules.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-22 Tuesday

May 22, 2018 59:00


Secretary of State Pompeo threatens Iran with "the strongest sanctions in history”; we look at black culture and history in Saturday's royal wedding and the U.K.’s mistreatment of Caribbean people; some Democrats continue calls for Trump’s impeachment.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-21 Monday

May 21, 2018 59:00


After a student at Santa Fe High School shoots dead 10 people, we host a roundtable with The Texas Observer's Kolten Parker, Texas Gun Sense's Ed Scruggs, The Intercept's Murtaza Hussain and Soraya Chemaly of the Women's Media Center Speech Project.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-18 Friday

May 18, 2018 59:00


As the EPA buries a study on the dangers of water contamination from chemicals found in Teflon, environmental lawyer Robert Bilott holds DuPont accountable; Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg on civil disobedience and the Iran nuclear deal.

Afro-Colombian Activist Francia Márquez, 2018 Goldman Prize Winner, on Stopping Illegal Gold Mining

May 18, 2018


Francia Márquez, a leading Afro-Colombian activist who is the 2018 recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize for Central and South America, joins us for an extended interview.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-17 Thursday

May 17, 2018 59:00


Canadian doctor Tarek Loubani on being shot by Israeli forces while helping injured Palestinians; 50 years ago today, Catholic priests and activists burned hundreds of draft records to protest the Vietnam War; North Korea may cancel its summit with Trump.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-16 Wednesday

May 16, 2018 59:00


The U.S. won't criticize Israel for military's massacre of Palestinian protesters; CIA director nominee Gina Haspel appears poised for confirmation; right-wing group launches nationwide effort to convince public sector union members to stop paying dues.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-15 Tuesday

May 15, 2018 59:00


Funerals are being held across Gaza after Israeli forces killed at least 61 Palestinians and injured over 2,700 others, as Palestinians mark the 70th anniversary today of the Nakba, or the Day of the Catastrophe.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-14 Monday

May 14, 2018 59:00


Israeli soldiers kill dozens of Palestinians amid massive nonviolent protests against the U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem; new Poor People's Campaign kicks off nationwide; Yanis Varoufakis on U.S. withdrawal from the Iran deal.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-11 Friday

May 11, 2018 59:00


Scholar Laleh Khalili on rising tensions between Iran and Israel in Syria; nonviolent protests enter their seventh week in Gaza; Black Mama's Bail Out is freeing black women from jail for Mother's Day; ICE detains teenage asylum seekers with adults.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-10 Thursday

May 10, 2018 59:00


The Intercept's Jeremy Scahill responds to the questioning of CIA director nominee Gina Haspel in the Senate Tuesday over her record on torture; exiled Syrian journalist Marwan Hisham & illustrator Molly Crabapple publish a memoir on the Syrian war.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-04 Friday

May 4, 2018 59:00


Acclaimed writers Ariel Dorfman and Viet Thanh Nguyen, both refugees, in a freewheeling conversation on refugee lives, Trump, U.S. wars and resistance.

Viet Thanh Nguyen & Ariel Dorfman on the Vietnam War, How Hollywood Reframes U.S. Imperialism & More

May 4, 2018


Extended discussion with the writers Viet Thanh Nguyen & Ariel Dorfman.

Arundhati Roy on the Rise of Fascism & Trump's Embrace of India's "Robber Barons"

May 4, 2018


Extended conversation with award-winning author Arundhati Roy.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-03 Thursday

May 3, 2018 59:00


Headlines for May 03, 2018; As Caravan of Migrants Begins Entry at U.S.-Mexico Border, Trump Admin Attacks Legal Asylum Process; Arundhati Roy's Latest Novel Takes on Fascism, Rising Hindu Nationalism in India & Abuses in Kashmir

Democracy Now! 2018-05-02 Wednesday

May 2, 2018 59:00


Puerto Ricans protest austerity on May Day; activists say the island's fiscal control board is slowing recovery after Hurricane Maria; Arizona teachers strike for more education funding; U.S. human rights lawyers speak out after being barred from Israel.

Democracy Now! 2018-05-01 Tuesday

May 1, 2018 59:00


10 journalists were killed in Afghanistan in the deadliest day for press in the country since 2001; the National Memorial for Peace and Justice opens in Montgomery, Alabama, remembering U.S. victims of white supremacy.

"Death Penalty Is Lynching's Stepson": Bryan Stevenson on Slavery, White Supremacy, Prisons & More

May 1, 2018


Extended conversation with Bryan Stevenson, the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, the nonprofit behind the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, the country’s first-ever memorial to the victims of lynching in the United States.

Democracy Now! 2018-04-30 Monday

Apr 30, 2018 59:00


Kim Jong-un tells South Korean officials he may give up nuclear weapons if Washington promises not to attack and commits to ending to the Korean War; and we look at the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. James Cone, a key figure of black liberation theology.

Democracy Now! 2018-04-27 Friday

Apr 27, 2018 59:00


North and South Korean leaders hold historic summit at the Demilitarized Zone; EPA Chief Scott Pruitt grilled by lawmakers over ethics scandals; children of Japanese-Americans interned during WWII oppose Trump’s travel ban.

Democracy Now! 2018-04-26 Thursday

Apr 26, 2018 59:00


As the Supreme Court takes on Trump’s travel ban, a U.S. citizen in Yemen is blocked from bringing his sick daughter to the U.S. for care; we look at how the Democrats pressure progressives to bow out of elections; Rohingya refugee crisis intensifies.

Democracy Now! 2018-04-25 Wednesday

Apr 25, 2018 59:00


Trump threatens Iran nuclear deal; Catholic hospitals and right-wing lawmakers push coercive fetal burial practices in Texas and Indiana; reproductive rights activist Alejandra Pablos freed from ICE detention at for-profit Eloy Detention Center.

Democracy Now! 2018-04-24 Tuesday

Apr 24, 2018 59:00


Scores of civilians have died in recent U.S.-backed Saudi airstrikes in Yemen, including on a wedding party; Raúl Castro transfers power in Cuba to new President Miguel Díaz-Canel; calls grow for the release of a Memphis Latino journalist arrested by ICE.

Democracy Now! 2018-04-23 Monday

Apr 23, 2018 59:00


Today marks 50 years since the start of the 1968 Columbia University student strike against militarism & racism. We speak with student leaders of the time—Nancy Biberman, Raymond Brown, Mike Rudd and our own Juan González—as well as author Paul Cronin.

Democracy Now! 2018-04-13 Friday

Apr 13, 2018 59:00


A Syrian researcher responds to U.S.-Russia tensions over an alleged chemical weapons attack; Trump hints he may reverse his campaign pledge and seek to rejoin the TPP; the Eviction Lab reveals nearly four Americans are evicted every minute.

Democracy Now! 2018-04-12 Thursday

Apr 12, 2018 59:00


Confirmation hearings begin today for Mike Pompeo, Trump's secretary of state pick, who could face resistance from Senate Democrats; political scientist Corey Robin discusses Paul Ryan's retirement from Congress & the teacher rebellions sweeping the U.S.

Democracy Now! 2018-04-11 Wednesday

Apr 11, 2018 59:00


Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces off with lawmakers for a marathon 5-hour hearing about privacy, data collection and the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Web Bonus: How "Vulture" Hedge Funds Are Killing Off the Newspaper Industry

Apr 11, 2018


Extended discussion looking at how The Denver Post has launched a revolt against its owner: New York-based hedge fund Alden Global Capital.

Exclusivo: Lula no Democracy Now! (Em Português)

Apr 11, 2018


No dia 19 de março o Democracy Now! colocou no ar uma entrevista exclusiva com o ex-presidente brasileiro Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Democracy Now! 2018-04-10 Tuesday

Apr 10, 2018 59:00


FBI raids office, home and hotel room of Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen; Trump warns of forceful response to alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria; Facebook's Zuckerberg to testify on Capitol Hill; Denver Post rebels against its hedge-fund owner.

Sudanese-American Musician Sinkane in Conversation & Performance

Apr 10, 2018


Musician Ahmed Gallab, aka Sinkane, recently stopped by the Democracy Now! studios to perform and talk about making music as a Sudanese-American artist in the age of Trump.

Democracy Now! 2018-04-09 Monday

Apr 9, 2018 59:00


Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept on the crisis in Syria, the jailing of former Brazilian President Lula and why he thinks Israel has become an "apartheid, rogue, terrorist state."

Democracy Now! 2018-04-06 Friday

Apr 6, 2018 59:00


Popular former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is ordered to report to jail; the U.S. inks a new arms deal with Saudi Arabia amid the country's bombing campaign in Yemen; a judge suspends the parole of an elderly former Black Panther.

Democracy Now! 2018-04-05 Thursday

Apr 5, 2018 59:00


Trump plans to deploy National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border; a caravan of Central American migrants and asylum seekers vows to march on despite threats; an exposé in The Nation reveals "How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe."

Democracy Now! 2018-04-04 Wednesday

Apr 4, 2018 59:00


Oklahoma and Kentucky teachers speak out on why they are walking out; Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Taylor Branch on the Rev. Martin Luther King’s radicalism in his final years.

Democracy Now! 2018-04-03 Tuesday

Apr 3, 2018 59:00


Is Sinclair turning into Trump TV? We speak to Andy Kroll of Mother Jones about the largest owner of local TV stations in the country. Then Rev. James Lawson and Michael Honey join us from Memphis on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of MLK.

Democracy Now! 2018-04-02 Monday

Apr 2, 2018 59:00


Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian protesters in Gaza on the anniversary of Land Day and kill at least 18 people, including children; we look at lessons from the 1968 Memphis sanitation workers' strike 50 years after MLK's assassination in Tennessee.

Naomi Wadler, 11: I Speak for Black Girls Victimized by Guns Whose Stories Don't Make the Front Page

Mar 24, 2018


Hundreds of thousands rallied for gun control in Washington, D.C. today for the March For Our Lives. The march was organized by survivors of last months’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Speakers included 11-year-old Naomi Wadler of Alexandria, Virginia.

Meet Three Student Journalists At Marjory Stoneman HS Who Survived & Reported on School Shooting

Mar 24, 2018


At the March For Our Lives, Amy Goodman interviews three students at Marjorie Stoneham High School who survived the Feb. 14 shooting. All three write for the Eagle Eye, the school’s award-winning newsmagazine.

"I Learned to Duck Bullets Before I Learned to Read”: Edna Chavez at March For Our Lives Rally

Mar 24, 2018


Hundreds of thousands rallied for gun control in Washington, D.C. today for the March For Our Lives. The march was organized by survivors of last months’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Speakers included Edna Chavez, a 17-year-old student from Los Angeles.

Democracy Now! 2018-03-23 Friday

Mar 23, 2018 59:00


Trump names John Bolton, who has openly backed war with Iran and North Korea, to top national security post; Trump's business dealings in India could violate U.S. anti-corruption law; an American professor sues Cambridge Analytica for his data.

Democracy Now! 2018-03-22 Thursday

Mar 22, 2018 59:00


Headlines for March 22, 2018; Reformer or War Criminal? Saudi Crown Prince Welcomed in U.S. as Trump Touts Weapons Deals; As Yemen Faces World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis, Senate Refuses to End U.S. Support for Saudi War; Are Israel & Saudi Arabia Pressuring U.S. Toward War with Iran?; 15 Years After Invasion of Iraq, Amnesia & Distortion Obscure U.S. Record of War Crimes & Torture

Democracy Now! 2018-03-21 Wednesday

Mar 21, 2018 59:00


Six months after Hurricane Maria, we speak with Intercept senior correspondent Naomi Klein and Puerto Rican anthropologist Yarimar Bonilla about disaster capitalism on the island and the battle over Puerto Rico's future.

Democracy Now! 2018-03-20 Tuesday

Mar 20, 2018 59:00


15 years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, we look at the consequences of the criminal war; Houston day laborers fight wage theft for reconstruction work after Hurricane Harvey; immigrant homeowners after Harvey report receiving little help from FEMA.

Democracy Now! 2018-03-19 Monday

Mar 19, 2018 59:00


Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on running again for president even as he may head to jail on corruption charges, the assassination of Rio city councilmember and activist Marielle Franco, and U.S. interference in Latin America.

Masha Gessen on the Role of Anti-Putin Candidates in the Russian Election & Calls for a Voter Boycott

Mar 19, 2018


Watch an exclusive excerpt from our February interview with Masha Gessen, the award-winning Russian-American journalist and staff writer at The New Yorker, in which she discusses the pending Russian presidential election.

Watch: Genre-Defying Band, Mourning A BLKstar, Performs Songs Dedicated to Police Brutality Victims

Mar 19, 2018


Watch Ohio-based band Mourning [A] BLKstar perform their songs in the New York City studios of Democracy Now! that are dedicated to victims of police brutality, including Tamir Rice and Eric Garner.

Democracy Now! 2018-03-16 Friday

Mar 16, 2018 59:00


50 years ago today U.S. soldiers slaughtered more than 500 Vietnamese women, children and old men. We speak to an American peace activist and two Vietnam War veterans who returned to Vietnam to mark the anniversary, and discuss the GI resistance movement.

Democracy Now! 2018-03-15 Thursday

Mar 15, 2018 59:00


Over a million students walk out of schools protesting gun violence; we remember 17-year-old Courtlin Arrington, shot dead in a Birmingham high school last week; farmworkers lead a boycott of Wendy's over abuses in the fields; Rebecca Solnit talks #MeToo.

Web Bonus: Stephen Kinzer on America’s History of Regime Change and Mark Twain's Anti-Imperialism

Mar 14, 2018


Web-only conversation with Stephen Kinzer, author of many books including “Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq” and “The True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the Birth of American Empire.”

Democracy Now! 2018-03-14 Wednesday

Mar 14, 2018 59:00


Roundtable discussion on the shake-up in the Trump administration after Trump ousted Rex Tillerson and tapped Mike Pompeo for secretary of state and Gina Haspel to head the CIA.

WATCH: Democracy Now! March For Our Lives Special Broadcast

Mar 14, 2018


WATCH: Democracy Now! March For Our Lives Special Broadcast

Democracy Now! 2018-03-13 Tuesday

Mar 13, 2018 59:00


Secretaries of state condemn plan to station Secret Service agents at polling stations; Education Secretary Betsy DeVos under fire after 60 Minutes interview; Louisiana residents face surveillance and investigation for resisting Bayou Bridge pipeline.

Trump Replaces Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo at State; Torturer Named New Head of CIA

Mar 13, 2018


President Trump has ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and said he will replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Trump announced the news on Twitter this morning. He also said CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel will be tapped to succeed Pompeo at the CIA. Both would need to be confirmed by the Senate.

Democracy Now! 2018-03-12 Monday

Mar 12, 2018 59:00


Widney Brown of the Drug Policy Alliance on President Trump's call to execute drug dealers; journalist Stephen Kinzer on 100 Years of U.S. interference & regime change, from Iran to Nicaragua to Hawaii to Cuba.

Democracy Now! 2018-03-09 Friday

Mar 10, 2018 59:00


President Trump accepts North Korea's offer to meet Kim Jong-un; as a report finds arsenic, lead, mercury in water around coal plants, Alabama and Puerto Rico residents fight coal ash; The New York Times highlights women omitted from its obituaries.

Obits & Omits: Meet Some of the Women Overlooked by The New York Times Obituaries Section, Until Now

Mar 10, 2018


As the world marked International Women’s Day on Wednesday, The New York Times began a new project highlighting the lives of remarkable women who never had an obituary in the paper, until now.

Democracy Now! 2018-03-08 Thursday

Mar 9, 2018 59:00


Women across the world mobilize for International Women's Day, including Spanish women who launched the first nationwide feminist strike in Spain's history; and we speak with Eve Ensler about her new one-woman play "In the Body of the World."

Democracy Now! 2018-03-07 Wednesday

Mar 8, 2018 59:00


West Virginia teachers celebrate victory in an historic strike and send a message to Oklahoma teachers weighing following in their footsteps; lawmakers consider rolling back key Dodd-Frank financial reforms; Texas primaries kick off 2018 election season.

Democracy Now! 2018-03-06 Tuesday

Mar 7, 2018 59:00


A debate on President Trump’s plans to impose new tariffs on imports of foreign steel and aluminum; Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy on Congress’s failure to pass gun control in the wake of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting.

Democracy Now! 2018-03-05 Monday

Mar 6, 2018 59:00


West Virginia and British teachers continue their historic strike; 90th Oscars project diversity but hand the majority of the awards to white men.

Democracy Now! 2018-03-02 Friday

Mar 3, 2018 59:00


Headlines for March 02, 2018; Mother of Accused NSA Leaker Reality Winner: My Daughter Wasn't Read Her Miranda Rights; Civil Rights Leader Who Desegregated U. of Georgia on Student-Led Movements of 1960s and Today

Legendary Journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault Reflects on the Day She Desegregated the U. of Georgia

Mar 3, 2018


Even as racial justice protests have swept the nation in recent years, a new report finds the gains of the civil rights movement have stalled—and in some cases lost ground—over the past half-century. Among the report’s findings: School segregation is on the rise, white supremacist movements are becoming emboldened and more violent, and child poverty has increased—from 15.5 percent in 1968 to 21 percent today. The report comes on the 50th anniversary of a report by the Kerner Commission, which was assembled by President Lyndon Johnson in the wake of uprisings by African Americans in Newark and Detroit. The commission concluded that the United States was “moving toward two societies, one black, one white—separate and unequal.” For more on the civil rights movement’s legacy, the student movements for gun control today, and her own pivotal role in the student-led movement to desegregate U.S. public schools and universities, we talk to legendary broadcast journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault. She’s won numerous awards for her work at PBS, NPR and CNN, and she’s authored a number of books, including “In My Place,” a memoir of her childhood and her years at the University of Georgia. Her recent piece for The New Yorker is headlined “Surviving School Desegregation, and Finding Hope in #NeverAgain.”

Democracy Now! 2018-03-01 Thursday

Mar 2, 2018 59:00


Headlines for March 01, 2018; A Message to Trump: Fund Background Checks and Public Health Research on Guns—Don't Arm Teachers; West Virginia Teachers Win Promise of Pay Raise, But Continue Strike over Soaring Healthcare Costs; "Freakishly Warm" Arctic Weather Has Scientists Reconsidering Worst-Case Scenarios on Climate Change

Web Special: Extended Discussion on "Black Panther" & Why Wakanda Matters

Mar 2, 2018


We host an extended web-only roundtable with three guests: Christopher Lebron, a professor at Johns Hopkins University who recently wrote “’Black Panther’ Is Not the Film We Deserve”; Robyn C. Spencer, a professor at Lehman College, who wrote “Black Feminist Meditations on the Women of Wakanda”; and Carvell Wallace, author of The New York Times Magazine story “Why 'Black Panther' Is a Defining Moment for Black America.”

Democracy Now! 2018-02-28 Wednesday

Mar 1, 2018 59:00


Supreme Court rules United States can jail immigrants indefinitely without a hearing; blockbuster "Black Panther" film has ignited conversations about colonialism, race, gender, U.S. militarism and the real Black Panther Party.

Democracy Now! 2018-02-27 Tuesday

Feb 28, 2018 59:00


A new investigation from Reveal exposes how banks across the U.S. discriminate against African Americans and Latinos seeking mortgages; the Supreme Court hears Janus v. AFSCME, a key case which could deal a huge blow to public sector unions.

Democracy Now! 2018-02-26 Monday

Feb 27, 2018 59:00


Gun manufacturers advertise to young people as students demand gun control; Supreme Court takes up Koch-funded challenge to mandatory union dues; six months after Hurricane Harvey, environmental justice is not part of Houston's reconstruction plan.

Democracy Now! 2018-02-23 Friday

Feb 24, 2018 59:00


Russian-American journalist Masha Gessen responds to Mueller's indictments and questions the media's obsession with "Russiagate"; world-famous filmmaker Raoul Peck releases a new movie, "The Young Karl Marx."

Democracy Now! 2018-02-22 Thursday

Feb 23, 2018 59:00


Florida school shooting survivors confront Trump and Rubio on gun control; a former intern for Sen. Rubio calls on him to enact stricter gun laws; and a roundtable on Syria with Wendy Pearlman, writer Alia Malek and Amnesty International's Rawya Rageh.