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David Egts and Gunnar Hellekson of Red Hat discuss privacy, security, robots, and internet ephemera.

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Episode 154: Filter Out the Humans

Mar 8, 2018 45:24


This week Dave (https://twitter.com/davidegts) and Gunnar (http://atechnologyjobisnoexcuse.com/about) talk about fake followers faking people, real people trying to be fake bots to be successful fake people, and applying the Allen Curve to avoid turning into your enemies Google Home (http://home.google.com/) The Follower Factory (https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/01/27/technology/social-media-bots.html) 'Humans Not Invited' Is a CAPTCHA Test That Welcomes Bots, Filters Out Humans (https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/gy8g8b/humans-not-invited-is-a-captcha-test-for-robots) The car of the future is taking shape—and it will know how we feel about it (https://arstechnica.com/cars/2018/02/the-car-of-the-future-is-taking-shape-and-it-will-know-how-we-feel-about-it/?amp=1) Camille Tuutti talks about GovernmentCIO Media's focus — and about her life as a cyborg (https://www.governmentciomedia.com/camille-tuutti-dave-egts-covering-tech-innovators-future) D&G Term of the Week: Allen Curve (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allen_curve) Study: Being near colleagues helps cross-disciplinary research on papers and patents. (http://news.mit.edu/2017/proximity-boosts-collaboration-mit-campus-0710) D&G Book Club: The A-hole Survival Guide (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33503509-the-asshole-survival-guide) Cutting Room Floor * ParadiseOS (http://palm.computer/) is a turn of the century dystopian parallel computing universe * Think Malls Have A Future? See If You Can Save This One Yourself (https://www.fastcodesign.com/90160611/believe-american-malls-have-a-future-see-if-you-can-save-one-yourself) * EEYGAAH!! And Other Vintage Comic Book Screams of Terror (https://flashbak.com/eeygaah-and-other-vintage-comic-book-screams-of-terror-384820/) * 11 Words and Phrases Popularized by Teddy Roosevelt (http://mentalfloss.com/article/48811/11-words-and-phrases-popularized-teddy-roosevelt) * Nostradamus Wrote Prophecies; He Also Made Jelly (https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/nostradamus-jelly-maker-book-recipe) We Give Thanks * The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

Episode 153: Min svävare är fylld med cyborgs

Feb 22, 2018 22:44


This week Dave (https://twitter.com/davidegts) talks with Camille Tuutti (https://twitter.com/camilletuutti) about government change agents and chip implants! GovernmentCIO Media (https://www.governmentciomedia.com/) Ashley Mahan, FedRAMP agency evangelist, General Services Administration: Government Cloud-Vetting Program’s Chief Cheerleader Sounds Off (https://www.governmentciomedia.com/government-cloud-vetting-programs-chief-cheerleader-sounds) David Lilley Jr., Former DHS geospatial information officer, now with Department of the Army: Former DHS Leader Says Change Agents Must Lead Revolutions (https://www.governmentciomedia.com/former-dhs-leader-says-change-agents-must-lead-revolutions) March 15: CXO Tech Forum: Uncle Sam Meets Silicon Valley (https://unclesammeetssiliconvalley.splashthat.com/) Patrick Hamilton Walsh (https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickhamiltonwalsh/) Dangerous Things (https://dangerousthings.com/): Custom gadgetry for the discerning biohacker Epicenter (https://epicenterstockholm.com/) Swedish startup hub A Swedish start-up has started implanting microchips into its employees (https://www.cnbc.com/2017/04/03/start-up-epicenter-implants-employees-with-microchips.html) My hovercraft is full of eels in many languages (http://www.omniglot.com/language/phrases/hovercraft.htm) We Give Thanks * Camille Tuutti (https://twitter.com/camilletuutti) for being our special guest star! * Stefani Shepherd (https://twitter.com/GovITStef) for the photo! Special Guest: Camille Tuutti.

Episode 152: A Rasputin with Dreadlocks

Feb 9, 2018 31:52


This week Dave (https://twitter.com/davidegts) and Gunnar (http://atechnologyjobisnoexcuse.com/about) talk about: from Tinder with love, from China with hair bands, and from law enforcement with malware Fail-Safe (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/354259.Fail_Safe) Got six (https://shop.steelers.com/pittsburgh-steelers-got-rings-terrible-towel) The CoreOS bet (https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/coreos-bet) D&G Joke Kit of the Week: Police Hand out Malware-Infected USBs as Prize in Cyber-Security Quiz (https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/police-hand-out-malware-infected-usbs-as-prize-in-cyber-security-quiz/) You will love this conversation with Jaron Lanier, but I can’t describe it (https://www.vox.com/2018/1/16/16897738/jaron-lanier-interview) Ripple, a Tinder spin-off backed by Match, launches app for professional networking (https://techcrunch.com/2018/01/08/ripple-a-tinder-spinoff-backed-by-match-launches-app-for-professional-networking/) See also: I asked Tinder for my data. It sent me 800 pages of my deepest, darkest secrets (https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/sep/26/tinder-personal-data-dating-app-messages-hacked-sold) D&G Term of the Week: Brushing Americans Are Receiving Unordered Parcels From Chinese E-Criminals -- And Can't Do Anything To Stop Them (https://www.forbes.com/sites/wadeshepard/2017/11/27/americans-are-receiving-unordered-parcels-from-chinese-e-criminals-and-cant-do-anything-about-it/#2ba0400573da) Fake orders: The dark side of China's booming e-commerce business (https://www.digitalcommerce360.com/2016/05/11/fake-orders-dark-side-chinas-booming-e-commerce/) Cutting Room Floor * 3M Introduces New Line Of Protective Foam Eye Plugs (https://www.theonion.com/3m-introduces-new-line-of-protective-foam-eye-plugs-1822590036) * H.P. Lovecraft’s Poem "Nemesis" Gets Unexpectedly Sung to the Tune of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” (http://www.openculture.com/2018/01/h-p-lovecrafts-poem-nemesis-gets-unexpectedly-sung-to-the-tune-of-billy-joels-piano-man.html) * A Grandfather Clock BarBot (https://hackaday.com/2018/02/01/a-grandfather-clock-barbot/)

Episode 151: The masses have sharp eyes

Jan 18, 2018 45:20


This week Dave (https://twitter.com/davidegts) and Gunnar (http://atechnologyjobisnoexcuse.com/about) talk about: security awareness meets art, the Supreme Court meets fantasy sports, your Party loyalty meets your credit score, and some Russians meet in San Francisco LEDE (https://lede-project.org/) is the new OpenWRT Both the OpenWrt and LEDE projects are happy to announce their unification under the OpenWrt name (https://lede-project.org/#announcing_the_openwrtlede_merge) Kernel Side-Channel Attacks - CVE-2017-5754 CVE-2017-5753 CVE-2017-5715 (https://access.redhat.com/security/vulnerabilities/speculativeexecution) Can You Mine Cryptocurrency With a Tesla? A Feasibility Study (https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/8x5wy5/cryptocurrency-tesla-bitcoin-mine-ethereum) The Windup Girl (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Windup_Girl) The Secret History of the Russian Consulate in San Francisco (http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/12/14/the-secret-history-of-the-russian-consulate-in-san-francisco-putin-trump-spies-moscow/) Security awareness as an art exhibit: Art Eavesdrops on Life and Pagers (https://hackaday.com/2017/12/24/art-eavesdrops-on-life-and-pagers/) FantasySCOTUS: Wisdom of the Crowd Accurately Predicts Supreme Court Decisions (https://www.technologyreview.com/s/609852/wisdom-of-the-crowd-accurately-predicts-supreme-court-decisions/) Dave got published again: Mining cryptocurrency with Raspberry Pi and Storj (https://opensource.com/article/17/12/raspberry-pi-cryptocurrency-mining) D&G Life Imitating Art Item of the Week: Social Credit Score Black Mirror season 3 episode 1: Nosedive (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5497778/) Inside China's Vast New Experiment in Social Ranking (https://www.wired.com/story/age-of-social-credit/) See also: China’s watchful eye (http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/world/wp/2018/01/07/feature/in-china-facial-recognition-is-sharp-end-of-a-drive-for-total-surveillance/) Cutting Room Floor * Nuclear War Survival Skills (https://archive.org/details/NuclearWarSurvivalSkills_930) * How to Build Your Own Family Fallout Shelter (https://lifehacker.com/how-to-build-your-own-family-fallout-shelter-1818854562) * How to Stock a Fallout Shelter Pantry (https://skillet.lifehacker.com/how-to-stock-a-fallout-shelter-pantry-1818917188) * Arduino in a Micro-ATX form factor (https://hackaday.com/2017/12/23/micro-atx-arduino-is-the-ultimate-breakout-board/) We Give Thanks * The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

Episode 150: Stubbornness and Vanity

Dec 19, 2017 40:35


This week Dave (https://twitter.com/davidegts) and Gunnar (http://atechnologyjobisnoexcuse.com/about) talk about: bots that want to be your lawyer, bots that want to waste scammers’ time, bots that want to be your therapist, and bots that want to be your friend Tracksmith (https://www.tracksmith.com/) Nvidia's AI Creates Artificial Human Faces from Celebrity Photos (https://www.pcmag.com/news/357068/nvidias-ai-creates-artificial-human-faces-from-celebrity-ph) This Chatbot Will Help You Sue Anyone (https://www.technologyreview.com/s/609418/this-chatbot-will-help-you-sue-anyone/) NDA Lynn (https://ndalynn.com/): an AI lawyerbot who can review your NDA Send scam emails to this chatbot and it’ll waste their time for you (https://www.theverge.com/2017/11/10/16632724/scam-chatbot-ai-email-rescam-netsafe) Using chatbots against voicespam: analyzing Lenny’s effectiveness (https://blog.acolyer.org/2017/08/28/using-chatbots-against-voicespam-analyzing-lennys-effectiveness/) Check the YouTube playlist (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gj7AgYt4C6c&list=PLduL71_GKzHHk4hLga0nOGWrXlhl-i_3g)! ‘The Woebot will see you now’ — the rise of chatbot therapy (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2017/12/03/the-woebot-will-see-you-now-the-rise-of-chatbot-therapy/) Replika (https://replika.ai/) This app is trying to replicate you (https://qz.com/se/machines-with-brains/1018126/lukas-replika-chatbot-creates-a-digital-representation-of-you-the-more-you-interact-with-it/) What My Personal Chat Bot Is Teaching Me About AI’s Future (https://www.wired.com/story/what-my-personal-chat-bot-replika-is-teaching-me-about-artificial-intelligence/) Cutting Room Floor * Wardrobe Snacks: The Satisfaction of Matching Outfits With Different Foods (https://flashbak.com/wardrobe-snacks-satisfaction-matching-outfits-different-foods-388444/) * Corp Gear: A collection of weapons made out of Corporate Logos. (http://tomgalle.online/Corp-Gear) We Give Thanks * The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

Episode 149: Bully Stick

Dec 5, 2017 31:34


This week Dave (https://twitter.com/davidegts) and Gunnar (http://atechnologyjobisnoexcuse.com/about) talk about a communications device nobody wants, domain names nobody wants, TV standards nobody wants, and pictures Facebook wants Open Technology Fund (https://www.opentech.fund/) Bully stick (https://www.petsmart.com/dog/treats/chewy-treats/only-natural-pet-free-range-6-braided-bully-stick-dog-treat-32233.html) D&G Creepy Thing of the Week: This Little Girl Is Not What She Seems (http://www.neatorama.com/2017/05/04/This-Little-Girl-Is-Not-What-She-Seems/) The Experience Tube (https://www.experiencetube.com/) Sexysenator.com, americanjerks.com, toddlerjail.com and other unregistered domains (https://boingboing.net/2017/11/24/tiny-zines-big-yuks.html) D&G Ad Optimization Experience of the Week: FCC Approves Next-Gen ATSC 3.0 TV Standard (https://entertainment.slashdot.org/story/17/11/17/2147214/fcc-approves-next-gen-atsc-30-tv-standard) Facebook’s New Captcha Test: 'Upload A Clear Photo of Your Face' (https://www.wired.com/story/facebooks-new-captcha-test-upload-a-clear-photo-of-your-face/) To prevent revenge porn, Facebook will look at user-submitted nude photos (https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/11/to-prevent-revenge-porn-facebook-will-look-at-user-submitted-nude-photos/) Man fined for painting road signs to aid his commute (http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-42181263) Cutting Room Floor * It Is As If You Were Doing Work is a browser game celebrating Windows 3-era cubicle drudgery (http://boingboing.net/2017/07/04/it-is-as-if-you-were-doing-wor.html) * Everyday Foodie Menus (http://www.neatorama.com/2017/06/03/Foodie-Menus/) * Billionaire bunkers: A look inside the world’s largest doomsday shelters (http://globalnews.ca/news/3611776/billionaire-bunkers-doomsday-shelters/) * Confirmation Bias Goggles (1970) (https://scarfolk.blogspot.com/2017/06/confirmation-bias-goggles-1970.html) * Colonel Sanders Faraday Cage Brought to You By KFC and Staples (https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/wjg38m/daily-dystopia-a-colonel-sanderstm-faraday-cage-brought-to-you-by-kfcr-and-staplesr) We Give Thanks * The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

Episode 148: Our Friend Adrian

Nov 21, 2017 15:14


This week Dave (https://twitter.com/davidegts) talks with Adrian Keward (https://twitter.com/adriankeward) about Ansible use in public sector and lessons learned from public sector customers around the globe Welcome Adrian Keward (https://twitter.com/adriankeward)! British Army Talks DevOps at AnsibleFest London 2017 (https://www.ansible.com/blog/british-army-devops-ansiblefest-london) Ansible helps the US Army with Hurricane Harvey relief (https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/09/08/red_hat_speed_fiends_celebrate_automation/) Network Rail (https://www.computing.co.uk/ctg/news/2412536/enterprise-mobility-brings-network-rail-agility-never-before-conceived-to-be-possible) Red Hat Government Symposium 2017 (https://fedscoop.com/events/redhatgov/2017/) Red Hat Forum Tokyo (https://www.redhat-forum.jp/) Around the world .. but not in 80 Days – Government approaches to Open Source around the world – Part One (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/around-world-80-days-government-approaches-open-source-adrian-keward/) Around the world .. but not in 80 Days – Government approaches to Open Source around the world – Part Two (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/around-world-80-days-government-approaches-open-source-keward/) We Give Thanks * Adrian Keward (https://twitter.com/adriankeward) for being our special guest star! Special Guest: Adrian Keward.

Episode 147: Dadbag

Oct 31, 2017 40:09


This week Dave (https://twitter.com/davidegts) and Gunnar (http://atechnologyjobisnoexcuse.com/about) talk about: Game Boys in your medical devices, unicode in your domain names, cryptocurrency miners in your browser, and commercial software in your national security systems Just sayin’: 13 'brain belts' where the world's smartest people reside (http://www.businessinsider.com/13-brain-belts-where-the-worlds-smartest-people-reside-2017-8) Vogue: 6 Reasons Akron, Ohio, Should Be On Your Radar (https://www.vogue.com/article/akron-ohio-travel-guide-lebron-james) Pocket (http://getpocket.com/) Tom Bihn Tristar (https://www.tombihn.com/products/tri-star?variant=16396837575) and Daylight (https://www.tombihn.com/products/daylight-backpack?variant=20794066631) combo Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport (https://dfw.regency.hyatt.com/en/hotel/home.html) 465k patients told to visit doctor to patch critical pacemaker vulnerability (https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/08/465k-patients-need-a-firmware-update-to-prevent-serious-pacemaker-hacks/) Meanwhile: Game Boy Advance Hiding In a Medical Device (https://hackaday.com/2017/09/24/game-boy-advance-hiding-in-a-medical-device/) Fake domain names with unicode characters: Chrome, Firefox, and Opera users beware: This isn’t the apple.com you want (https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/04/chrome-firefox-and-opera-users-beware-this-isnt-the-apple-com-you-want/) Try this: Go to https://www.xn--80ak6aa92e.com/ (https://www.xn--80ak6aa92e.com/) YMMV depending upon browser (works on Firefox, but not on Chrome) Coinhive (https://coin-hive.com/): "Monetize Your Business With Your Users' CPU Power" D&G Term of the Week: Cryptojacking Coinhive Is Rapidly Becoming a Favorite Tool Among Malware Devs (https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/coinhive-is-rapidly-becoming-a-favorite-tool-among-malware-devs/) Chrome Extension Embeds In-Browser Monero Miner That Drains Your CPU (https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/chrome-extension-embeds-in-browser-monero-miner-that-drains-your-cpu/) Showtime Websites Used to Mine Monero, Unclear If Hack or an Experiment (https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/showtime-websites-used-to-mine-monero-unclear-if-hack-or-an-experiment/) Someone Made an Ad Blocker But for Cryptocurrency Mining (https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/d3yp9a/someone-made-an-ad-blocker-but-for-cryptocurrency-mining) Symantec CEO: Get Commercial Software Off National Security Systems (http://www.nextgov.com/cybersecurity/2017/09/symantec-ceo-get-commercial-software-national-security-systems/141158/) Exclusive: Symantec CEO says source code reviews pose unacceptable risk (http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-cyber-russia-symantec/exclusive-symantec-ceo-says-source-code-reviews-pose-unacceptable-risk-idUSKBN1CF2SB) Would You Video Chat With An Airline Customer Service Rep? (https://consumerist.com/2017/08/22/would-you-video-chat-with-an-airline-customer-service-rep/) Cutting Room Floor * Robots, Now Wielding Nunchucks (https://www.technologyreview.com/the-download/608955/robots-now-wielding-nunchucks/) * The Dadbag (http://thedadbag.com/) * See the whole product line (http://thedadbag.com/range.html) * Sony Releases New Earbud Detangling Spray (http://www.theonion.com/graphic/sony-releases-new-earbud-detangling-spray-56996) * Quickly Find the Hipster Neighborhoods in Any Major City With This Tool (https://lifehacker.com/quickly-find-the-hipster-neighborhoods-in-any-city-with-1818681545) * Emacs client for Slack (https://github.com/yuya373/emacs-slack?_lrsc=ff3ee0b4-a7dc-4c29-9295-41086c592fb2&sc_cid=701600000011zELAAY) brings Zawinski's Law of Software Envelopment to 2017 * See also Emacs client for Rocketchat (https://github.com/4hiziri/rocket-chat) (HT Anthony Green (https://twitter.com/antgreen)) * Greek philosopher or ailment? (https://wronghands1.com/2017/09/15/greek-philosopher-or-ailment/) * Memory Chemicals (https://scarfolk.blogspot.com/2017/10/memory-chemicals-1979.html): For more information, please reread We Give Thanks * Anthony Green (https://twitter.com/antgreen) * The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

Episode 146: The Mutability of History

Aug 31, 2017 39:49


This week Dave (https://twitter.com/davidegts) and Gunnar (http://atechnologyjobisnoexcuse.com/about) talk about repurposing voices, videos, keystrokes, and pacemaker programming Same Waze, Bigger Screen: Waze for Android Auto is Here (https://blog.waze.com/2017/07/Waze-for-Android-Auto.html) D&G This Week in Biometrics: Japanese researchers spin up toilet paper gyroscopes for science (https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/05/15/toilet_paper_gyroscopes_for_science/) HT Jim Wildman (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-wildman-93870a1/): Breaking News (http://www.radiolab.org/story/breaking-news/) LyreBird (https://lyrebird.ai/demo): Copy the voice of anyone HP laptops covertly log user keystrokes, researchers warn (https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/05/hp-laptops-covert-log-every-keystroke-researchers-warn/) Radio Controlled Pacemakers Are Easily Hacked (http://hackaday.com/2017/05/27/radio-controlled-pacemakers-are-easily-hacked/) Events have reminders before they are scheduled to begin, but should they have reminders before they are scheduled to end? See also: Back to Work #331 (http://5by5.tv/b2w/331) Cutting Room Floor * The ghostly radio station that no one claims to run (http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20170801-the-ghostly-radio-station-that-no-one-claims-to-run) * Twitter number stations (http://hackaday.com/2017/05/09/number-twitters/) * The Other Side Of The Berlin Wall: Life On A Street In 1980s East Germany (http://flashbak.com/the-other-side-of-the-berlin-wall-life-on-a-street-in-1980s-east-germany-384648/) * $425 Convertible Jorts Are Proof We Live In The End Times For Denim (https://consumerist.com/2017/05/18/425-convertible-jorts-are-proof-we-live-in-the-end-times-for-denim/) * Today In WTF Fashion: TopShop Sells Clear ‘Jeans’ While Nordstrom Charges $425 For ‘Muddy’ Ones (https://consumerist.com/2017/04/25/today-in-wtf-fashion-topshop-sells-clear-jeans-while-nordstrom-charges-425-for-muddy-ones/) * Leo Tolstoy’s Macaroni and Cheese Recipe (1874) (http://flashbak.com/leo-tolstoys-macaroni-and-cheese-recipe-1874-380708/) We Give Thanks * Jim Wildman (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-wildman-93870a1) and the D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

Episode 145: Mark Giveth, Mark Taketh Away

Aug 22, 2017 39:27


This week Dave (https://twitter.com/davidegts) and Gunnar (http://atechnologyjobisnoexcuse.com/about) talk with Mark Thacker (https://twitter.com/Thackman) about RHEL 7.4 security and storage, and how to kill a feature Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 bolsters security functionality and performance, Linux container features and automation capabilities for complex IT environments (https://www.redhat.com/en/about/press-releases/red-hat-bridges-hybrid-multi-cloud-deployments-latest-version-red-hat-enterprise-linux-7) RHEL 7.4 launched Aug. 1, 2017 (RHEL 7.4 Release Notes for Security here (https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/7/html/7.4_Release_Notes/new_features_security.html)) Network Bound Disk Encryption (https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/7/html/Security_Guide/sec-Using_Network-Bound_Disk_Encryption.html) USBGuard (https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/7/html/Security_Guide/sec-Using-USBGuard.html) (See Lucy’s excellent blog post (http://rhelblog.redhat.com/2017/08/03/built-in-protection-against-usb-security-attacks-with-usbguard/) on this) Audit (https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/7/html/Security_Guide/chap-system_auditing.html) enhancements for human readability (ausearch --format text) OpenSCAP (https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/7/html/Security_Guide/chap-Compliance_and_Vulnerability_Scanning.html) NIST Certification SELinux support with OverlayFS (https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/7/html/7.4_Release_Notes/new_features_file_systems.html) System Role for SELinux configuration (https://access.redhat.com/articles/3050101) D&G This Week in Vendor Abandonment: Btrfs (https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/7/html/7.4_Release_Notes/chap-Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux-7.4_Release_Notes-Deprecated_Functionality.html) Red Hat Acquires Permabit Assets, Eases Barriers to Cloud Portability with Data Deduplication Technology (https://www.redhat.com/en/about/press-releases/red-hat-acquires-permabit-assets-eases-barriers-cloud-portability-data-deduplication-technology) We Give Thanks * Mark Thacker (https://twitter.com/Thackman) for being our special guest star! Special Guest: Mark Thacker.

Episode 144: Mark Thacker: Product Management Zelig

Aug 15, 2017 12:34


This week Dave (https://twitter.com/davidegts) and Gunnar (http://atechnologyjobisnoexcuse.com/about) talk with Mark Thacker (https://twitter.com/Thackman) about technical product management and getting things done in open source and proprietary organizations Gopher (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gopher_%28protocol%29) Sun Microsystems (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Microsystems) Quantum Corporation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_Corporation) Help Wanted: We’re hiring Senior Product Manager, Storage (https://careers-redhat.icims.com/jobs/56920/senior-product-manager%2c-storage/job) Strategic Partner Product Manager, Business (https://careers-redhat.icims.com/jobs/56340/strategic-partner-product-manager%2c-business/job) We Give Thanks * Mark Thacker (https://twitter.com/Thackman) for being our special guest star! Special Guest: Mark Thacker.

Episode 143: Ostensibly Helpful, But Actually Dangerous

Aug 1, 2017 40:36


This week Dave (https://twitter.com/davidegts) and Gunnar (http://atechnologyjobisnoexcuse.com/about) talk about things that are ostensibly helpful, but actually dangerous: robotic tutors, voice modulators, autocomplete, and the hellscape of Android VPN apps Creeper sauce (http://ontapgrille.com/location/stow/?page=menu) is back! Gunnar can’t wait for the delivery of his Tom Bihn Tristar (https://www.tombihn.com/products/tri-star) Human vs. robot ping pong (https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/this-robot-is-almost-definitely-going-to-kick-your-ass-at-ping-pong) Hushme Lets You Talk On The Phone Privately While Pretending To Be Bane (http://www.neatorama.com/2017/03/21/Hushme-Lets-You-Talk-On-The-Phone-Privately-While-Pretending-To-Be-Bane/) Researchers Issue Security Warnings About Several Popular Android VPN Apps (http://lifehacker.com/researchers-issue-security-warnings-about-several-popul-1791617644) The browser setting everyone should turn off now (https://www.thrillist.com/tech/nation/change-chrome-autofill-browser-settings-prevent-credit-card-hacking) Is The Future Of Television Watching on Fast-Forward? (https://entertainment.slashdot.org/story/16/06/26/2044239/is-the-future-of-television-watching-on-fast-forward) Network Television Stations Speed Up TV Shows to Fit in More Ads (http://lifehacker.com/network-television-stations-speed-up-tv-shows-to-fit-in-1797131517) Couch to 5K (http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml), RunKeeper (https://runkeeper.com/), and the value of chains Cutting Room Floor * Recreating Asteroids with open source and a laser projector (http://hackaday.com/2017/03/08/light-replaces-electrons-for-giant-vector-graphics-asteroids-game/) * We can now 3D print Slinkys (http://hackaday.com/2017/03/09/we-can-now-3d-print-slinkys/) * Robot Solves Sudoku on Paper (http://hackaday.com/2017/07/10/robot-solves-sudoku-on-paper/) * AI Move Poster Generator (http://www.neatorama.com/2017/07/11/AI-Move-Poster-Generator/) * Create Hilarious Fake Inspirational Messages With InspiroBot (http://lifehacker.com/create-hilarious-fake-inspirational-messages-with-inspi-1796535110) * New paint colors invented by neural network (http://lewisandquark.tumblr.com/post/160776374467/new-paint-colors-invented-by-neural-network) * Metal band names invented by neural network (http://lewisandquark.tumblr.com/post/160407271482/metal-band-names-invented-by-neural-network) * Neural networks can name guinea pigs (http://lewisandquark.tumblr.com/post/161854386267/neural-networks-can-name-guinea-pigs) * Princeton students after a freshman vs. sophomores snowball fight, 1893 (http://weird-vintage.com/post/163036593408/weirdvintage-princeton-students-after-a) * A Virtual Machine, in Google Sheets (http://hackaday.com/2017/07/05/a-virtual-machine-in-google-sheets/) We Give Thanks * The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

Episode 142: Spring Cleaning

Jul 25, 2017 36:48


This week Dave (https://twitter.com/davidegts) and Gunnar (http://atechnologyjobisnoexcuse.com/about) talk about: power with stomach fluids (and blood), networks with light, and communication networks without people AirPods (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AirPods) The World of Yesterday (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World_of_Yesterday) by Stephan Zweig (The Grand Budapest Hotel (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Grand_Budapest_Hotel)) Gut juice could power the next generation of health gadgets (https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/02/gut-juice-could-power-the-next-generation-of-health-gadgets/) Self-driving potato (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNjPHcIzQkM) Morbid Battery Uses Blood Electrolyte (http://hackaday.com/2017/03/19/morbid-battery-uses-blood-electrolyte/) Networking by flickering lights gets some commercial traction (http://boingboing.net/2017/02/24/blinkenlights.html) Malware Lets a Drone Steal Data by Watching a Computer’s Blinking LED (https://www.wired.com/2017/02/malware-sends-stolen-data-drone-just-pcs-blinking-led/) Malware Uses Router LEDs to Steal Data From Secure Networks (https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/malware-uses-router-leds-to-steal-data-from-secure-networks/) Meanwhile, near Dave’s house: Macedonia police warn about gas company scam (http://www.ohio.com/news/local/macedonia-police-warn-about-gas-company-scam-1.749225) D&G This Week in Vendor Abandonment: Google reportedly removing SMS texting from Hangouts on May 22 (https://arstechnica.com/business/2017/03/google-reportedly-removing-sms-texting-from-hangouts-on-may-22/) Google currently has at least 11 communications apps (http://www.computerworld.com/article/3164407/mobile-apps/googles-myriad-messaging-apps-which-are-best-for-you.html) Related: XKCD on Chat Systems (https://xkcd.com/1810/) Cutting Room Floor Meet the Scientists Who Are Making Bread with Cockroach Flour (https://munchies.vice.com/en/articles/meet-the-scientists-who-are-making-bread-with-cockroach-flour) ‘Aliens’ Xenomorph Themed Ceramic Tiki Mugs (https://laughingsquid.com/aliens-xenomorph-themed-ceramic-tiki-mugs/) Dayalets Hellish Vitamin Mascots: Nightmares From The 1950s Doctor’s Office (http://flashbak.com/dayalets-hellish-vitamin-mascots-nightmares-from-the-1950s-doctors-office-374008/) We Give Thanks The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

Episode 141: Download This Podcast Or We Shoot This CloudPet

Apr 25, 2017 22:31


Two million recordings of families imperiled by cloud-connected toys' crappy MongoDB (https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/02/28/cloudpets_database_leak/) CloudPets' woes worsen: Webpages can turn kids' stuffed toys into creepy audio bugs (https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/03/01/cloudpets_woes_worsen_mics_can_be_pwned/) Exploit code has been open sourced here (https://github.com/pdjstone/cloudpets-web-bluetooth) Speaking of remote control… Watch: The first pro football team where fans called the plays. Here's what happened. (http://www.si.com/indoor-football/salt-lake-screaming-eagles-nebraska-danger-indoor-football-league) Satan enters roll-your-own ransomware game (https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/01/23/satan_enters_blackhat_ransomware_game/) Ransomware for Dummies: Anyone Can Do It (https://krebsonsecurity.com/2017/03/ransomware-for-dummies-anyone-can-do-it/) Dave got published 4x How agencies can take a page out of industry's open playbooks (https://fcw.com/articles/2017/01/27/comment-egts-open.aspx) How to get up and running with sweet Orange Pi (https://opensource.com/article/17/1/how-to-orange-pi) Internet-enable your microcontroller projects for under $6 with ESP8266 (https://opensource.com/article/17/2/internet-microcontroller-board-esp8266) Book review: Up to no good with 'Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents' (https://opensource.com/article/17/3/book-review-raspberry-pi-secret-agents) Faking TV Remote Control with Paper and a Lighter (http://hackaday.com/2017/02/07/faking-tv-remote-control-with-paper-and-lighter/) Cutting Room Floor KISS is selling air guitar strings! (http://dangerousminds.net/comments/kiss_is_selling_air_guitar_strings) 45 minutes of Paul Stanley’s stage banter (http://dangerousminds.net/comments/kiss_this_45_shitastic_minutes_of_paul_stanleys_stage_banter) This Gallery Of Vintage Clowns Proves They’ve Always Been Scary (http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/this-gallery-of-vintage-clowns-proves-theyve-always-been-scary/) (see all 3 pages!)

Episode 140: Hansel and Gretel

Apr 18, 2017 23:30


Container lab w/Dan Walsh and Bob Kozdemba: A practical introduction to container security (https://rh2017.smarteventscloud.com/connect/sessionDetail.ww?SESSION_ID=99901) Container infrastructure trends: Optimizing for production workloads (https://rh2017.smarteventscloud.com/connect/sessionDetail.ww?SESSION_ID=107203) Container standards Open Container Initiative (https://www.opencontainers.org/) OCI Image Format Specification (https://github.com/opencontainers/image-spec) Containers image (https://github.com/containers/image) skopeo (https://dgshow.org/127) Containers storage (https://github.com/containers/storage) runc (https://github.com/opencontainers/runc) buildah - a tool for building OCI images (https://github.com/projectatomic/buildah) cri-o (https://github.com/kubernetes-incubator/cri-o) Hansel and Gretel (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hansel_and_Gretel) Special Guest: Dan Walsh.

Episode 137: The Invisible Hand

Feb 14, 2017 24:54


Or you could just use noseprints Heartbeat Could Be Used as Password to Access Electronic Health Records Bruce Schneier says: My guess is that there isn't nearly enough entropy in the reproducible biometric, but I might be surprised. The article's suggestion to use it as a password for health records seems especially problematic. "I'm sorry, but we can't access the patient's health records because he's having a heart attack." With heart-firming embrace, squishy device keeps blood pumping Watch this invisible robot grab a fish out of the blue Robotic Grocers Have Learned How to Handle Your Vegetables Speaking of getting your heart pumping: Stadium Sized Cellphone Light Show Is Controlled By Sound American Airlines Will Soon Offer a Cheaper Economy Fare Cutting Room Floor Replace Your Inspirational Posters With Retro Patent Prints Sporestack: Anonymous, API-driven server deployment using Bitcoin for payment 1,000 Musicians Play Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Live, at the Same Time

Episode 135: Way Too Much Cowbell

Jan 17, 2017 24:07

Episode 134: Drone Sweaters

Jan 10, 2017 58:04


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about holding your TV for ransom, unwitting cryptocurrency miners, writing email with military precision.   2017 FIRST Robotics Competition STEAMWORKS Game Animation 1Password HealthKit Hacker’s Company Handing Out Code That Can Turn Any Car Into A Self-Driving Vehicle New Scheme: Spread Popcorn Time Ransomware, get chance of free Decryption Key Android Ransomware Infects LG Smart TV Almost related: LG's latest audio product is a speaker you wear around your neck You Could Be Mining This Cryptocurrency Without Knowing It From September: Malware Infects 70% of Seagate Central NAS Drives, Earns $86,400 L.A. County targeted in phishing cyberattack; private information of 750,000 people compromised Turn on 2FA (tell your friends) “Secure the News” Grades Media Sites on HTTPS—And Most Fail How to Write Email with Military Precision @TheDuckTalks says: I have a friend who inspired others to use it. The Navy has many examples of it; here's the Army's take   Cutting Room Floor Scammers Ran A Fake U.S. Embassy In Ghana For A Decade Before Being Shut Down Blade Runner Gets Re-Created, Shot for Shot, Using Only Microsoft Paint Getting WAY Too Excited About Computers: Open-Mouthed Wonderment in 80s Tech Adverts This Prohibition-Era Alarm Was For Catching No-Good Soda Pop Thieves Get Deliciously Crafty With a Cheese-Filled Hot Glue Gun A slow Atari 2600 emulator is now inside Minecraft—and it’s pretty cool Science fiction vintage Japanese matchbox art mashup prints For the cybersecurity person who has everything: Stuxnet in scarf form A keyboard with a keyboard: Creative Prodikeys combined both types of keyboard in one Piggybacking Robots: Overtrust in Human-robot Security Dynamics Drone Sweaters Paper Airplane Machine Gun   We Give Thanks @TheDuckTalks for helping us be better communicators!

Episode 132: #132: The Elusive Dinocorn

Dec 27, 2016 27:49


Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Related: All proceeds from the sale of The Open Organization will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation Dragon Con Lost Wonder Workshop Dash Scratch and Scratch Jr. FIRST Kindle Fire Coby’s recommended reading list Visible Ops Private Cloud: From Virtualization to Private Cloud in 4 Practical Steps Anything by Clayton Christensen D&G (and Coby) Term of the Week: The Dinocorn   We Give Thanks Coby Holloway for being our special guest star! Special Guest: Coby Holloway.

Episode 131: #131: Send In the Clowns

Dec 20, 2016 35:57


You Can Now Use LastPass On Multiple Devices for Free D&G Joke Kit of the Week: Introducing Cold Medicine That Comes in K-Cup Form Freaky Expanding Pill Stays in Your Gut for Days to Deliver Drugs Motorola gets more Lenovo-y: Microsoft apps will be pre-loaded on Lenovo and Motorola Android devices Chinese IoT Firm Siphoned Text Messages, Call Records New Chrome extension automatically negotiates with Comcast for rate discounts Unrelated: Hellekson Law(!) How I got tech support scammers infected with Locky San Francisco Rail System Hacker Hacked Wickedly Clever USB Stick Installs a Backdoor on Locked PCs Rogue Cellular Infrastructure Disguised as Office Printer D&G Christmas gift idea? These Fake Fingerprint Stickers Let You Access a Protected Phone While Wearing Gloves Great. Now Even Your Headphones Can Spy on You IP over QR codes D&G in the news: Podcast: Would You Ride in a Driverless Car? Google’s neural networks invent their own encryption Send in the Clowns Cutting Room Floor Jimmy Fallon, Metallica & The Roots Sing "Enter Sandman" Using Classroom Instruments Wiimote-controlled, Raspberry Pi Zero-powered electric skateboard Raspberry Pi-powered robot that reads your emotions using Google Cloud Vision Commodore Home -- Your Smart Home for 1983 Slack client for Commodore 64 Tetris in your MBR Guy Makes Alexa Speak Through A Robotic Singing Fish Just Because He Can Randomly Generated Catalog of Creepily Nondescript Domestic Surveillance Equipment Open Source Pancakes McDonald’s Launches iOS App To Find McRib, Immediately Invite Your Friends Exactly what Your Next Dinner Party Needs: Nuclear Reactor Porcelain Plates The fantastic culinary horrors of the 1970 book 'Happy Living: A Guide for Brides.' Gastro-Disasters: Spectacularly Appalling Food Adverts from Yesteryear Winter Is Coming, So Please Enjoy This Insane 1980s Book Of Knitted Sweaters Vintage Photos Of Creepy Clowns An Animated Version of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner Made of 12,597 Watercolor Paintings Autonomous drone lands for battery swap using HTC Vive Lighthouse & Arduino We Give Thanks The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

Episode 130: #130: Bless Your Heart

Dec 13, 2016 30:25


OpenShift Ansible Tower CloudForms Red Hat OpenStack Platform SC16 2016 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix Singularity Dmac! Slurm Jeremy Eder on D&G! Shadowbox We Give Thanks Jamie Duncan for being our special guest star! Special Guest: Jamie Duncan.

Episode 129: #129: Mohana the Shark

Nov 1, 2016 50:20


Agencies Try a Tool That Digs Up What Google Doesn't The Enterprisers Project on machine learning biases Beware of biases in machine learning: One CTO explains why it happens To reduce biases in machine learning start with openly discussing the problem Uber driverless cars in Pittsburgh We Take a Ride in the Self-Driving Uber Now Roaming Pittsburgh Uber’s self-driving cars are already getting into scrapes on the streets of Pittsburgh Video of what it looks like: Steelers go for a driverless ride Lauren and Dave saw one on the way to a Steelers game Federal CISO Unveils Plans to ‘Proportionally’ Protect Data, Create a Cyber Mascot See also: NSA’s CryptoKids Encrypt-y the Bear in D&G #22! Mohana’s podcast recommendations Reply All (Dave recommends starting with #69 Disappeared) Product Hunt Radio Ventured The Ezra Klein Show The Weeds Song Exploder Gunnar likes the one with John Roderick Mohana likes the one about Bob’s Burgers WTF with Mark Maron a16z Podcast 99% Invisible We Give Thanks Mohana Ravindranath for being our special guest star! Special Guest: Mohana Ravindranath.

Episode 128: #128: State-Sponsored Cleaning Lady

Oct 25, 2016 30:20


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: DDoS attack on DynDNS, DDoS Coin, and a USB killstick.


Gunnar recommends following @MachinePix and @TheJoinery_jp on Twitter Your Nexus phone will soon automatically connect to open Wi-Fi networks Stealing login credentials from a locked PC or Mac just got easier USBee stings air-gapped PCs: Wirelessly leak secrets with a file write Now you can buy a USB stick that destroys anything in its path Someone Is Putting Malicious USB Sticks in Australian Mailboxes Gunnar recommends the latest Mom and Dad are Fighting D&G Ad Experience Optimization of the Week: Facebook Testing Autoplay Video Ads That Have The Sound Turned On By Default uBlock Origin working great Why the silencing of KrebsOnSecurity opens a troubling chapter for the ‘Net Record-breaking DDoS reportedly delivered by >145k hacked cameras Distributed Censorship or Extortion? The IoT vs Brian Krebs Hacker Releases Code That Powered Record-Breaking Botnet Attack DDoSCoin: Cryptocurrency using DDoS attacks as (malicious) proof of work The Terrible Security Of Bluetooth Locks Dave’s a blogger now? Government insight, Linux containers, and Microsoft: Three reasons you can’t miss this year’s Red Hat Government Symposium People, Please Don’t Store Private Data in Your Address Book 9 tricks to appear smart in brainstorming meetings

Cutting Room Floor

Names For Emotions People Feel But Can’t Explain Angry Desert Rain Frog Squeaks With Displeasure Know Who’s at the Office with the Raspberry Pi Wheelie-popping, modified racing roomba Ultra Orthodox Rabbis Sing Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” on the Streets of Jerusalem Marionette playing Rush’s Tom Sawyer and 2112 Overture and Temples of Syrinx Musicians Obsolete? Sony A.I. Creates Beatles-Inspired Song Vintage driver’s licenses once issued to Alfred Hitchcock, Johnny Cash, James Brown, & more! HAARP Holds Open House To Dispel Rumors Of Mind Control Vintage Pocket Guides to Syria & Beyond for the WW II American Soldier Photos from Inside NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain Combat Center National Air and Space Museum Offers Audio Tours in Klingon Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool Wizards Now Have Their Own Version Of Apple Pay Chinese tourist who lost wallet in Germany ends up in refugee shelter New Teddy Ruxpin: Adorable Or The Blinking Demon Of Your Nightmares? Lock Up Your Raspberry Pi with Google Authenticator HRROOGA! And Other Vintage Comic Book Monster Sounds Real-life Space Invaders with drones and lasers


We Give Thanks

The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

#127: CRI-O, Skopeo, and Fork-o with Dan Walsh

Oct 18, 2016 25:53


This week Dave talks with Dan Walsh about CRI-O (née OCID) and forking.

"No, I said *skopeo*."“No, I said *skopeo*.” Running production applications in containers: Introducing OCID by Dan Walsh and  Mrunal Patel CRI-O Project Open Container Initiative Cloud Native Computing Foundation skopeo libVirt Maha Shaikh wants to study more on forking XFree86 vs. X.org Project Atomic Docker Patches Forking Docker Not


We Give Thanks

Dan Walsh for being our special guest star!


Special Guest: Dan Walsh.

Episode 126: #126: Defense In Depth 2016

Sep 27, 2016 15:59


This week Dave and Josh Bressers pregame Red Hat Defense in Depth 2016!


October 6: Red Hat Defense in Depth Josh’s secure supply chain talk USBGuard Josh’s Red Hat security roadmap talk w/public sector spin Steve Grubb on application whitelisting with fapolicyd (File Access Policy Daemon) Robin Price and Martin Preisler’s OpenSCAP lab Lucy Kerner on compliance automation with OpenSCAP, Ansible, Satellite, and CloudForms Dan Walsh on container security w/coloring books Subscribe to Josh and Kurt Seifried’s new podcast: Open Source Security Podcast

We Give Thanks

Josh Bressers for being our special guest star! Special Guest: Josh Bressers.

Episode 125: #125: Third Time’s the Charm

Sep 20, 2016 34:28


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: DEFCON, United Airlines security case study, and a chaser of meeting hygiene.


Moomin Små Grodorna OpenWRT FTW RHV 4! Sub-$400, open source, Raspberry Pi-powered screening device for retinal diseases ‘Faceless Recognition System’ Can Identify You Even When You Hide Your Face DNS Tunneling: Getting The Data Out Over Other Peoples’ WiFi Police in D’s hometown giving out “good tickets” FREE DRINKS FROM THE POLICE!! Surprise! Scans Suggest Hackers Put IMSI-Catchers All Over Defcon New air-gap jumper covertly transmits data in hard-drive sounds Hackers Could Break Into Your Monitor To Spy on You and Manipulate Your Pixels Universal Serial aBUSe With $40 of Arduino kit Almost every Volkswagen sold since 1995 can be unlocked with an Arduino Man Pleads Guilty To Hacking United Airlines To Steal Travel Vouchers United made some updates to better protect your MileagePlus account TechCrunch: It’s time to publicly shame United Airlines’ so-called online security Define Your Meeting “Type” Beforehand to Make Sure They’re Productive Panda Express Introduces Hybrid Utensil Called Chorks

Cutting Room Floor

gitdown: a script which moderates your git committing activity based on your blood alcohol content (BAC) using an Arduino Tattoos by Robotic Arm With Pinpoint Accuracy Self-balancing stick Nation’s First Pizza ATM Proves Dreams Really Can Come True Swingify: turn any song into a swing song io808: classic drum machine in the browser Bob Hope’s Two Suitcases Packing List (1969) For sale: 4 offshore Lake Michigan lighthouses The Idiomatic: idiom generator Movie album cover mashups This French Museum Can Sell You a Genuine D-Day Tank Beach debris cleaning robot How to Send a Secret Message With Techno at a Rave The CIA Puts Hundreds of Declassified Documents About UFO Sightings Online, Plus 10 Tips for Investigating Flying Saucers The Founder: A Dystopian Business Simulator

Episode 124: #124: Carolina, Containerized

Sep 13, 2016 40:50


This week Dave catches up with Patrick Casey, Stephen Braswell, and Boris Kurktchiev of the Carolina CloudApps team on they help UNC faculty, students, and administrators get apps up and running faster with OpenShift!

Screenshot 2016-09-05 15.05.37

Carolina CloudApps 450 apps on 4 container hosts Almost 600 users Andrew File System Carolina Stories is a collection of stories about people, innovations and milestones at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, due in part to private support (and it’s powered by OpenShift) Caterpillars Count! is another good example on the platform – citizen scientists Carolina CloudApps commercial UNC-Chapel Hill builds open development and hosting environment with Red Hat

We Give Thanks

Patrick Casey, Stephen Braswell, and Boris Kurktchiev of the Carolina CloudApps team for being our special guests! Special Guests: Boris Kurktchiev, Patrick Casey, and Stephen Braswell.

#123: It’s Just Lunch

Sep 6, 2016 47:55


This week is an encore presentation of the Red Hat Summit 2016 Government Luncheon where Dave talks with Chris Hample of Booz Allen Hamilton, Amitava Shee of University of Michigan, and Jeff Blank of the National Security Agency about the power of participation in government and education.


Project Jellyfish University of Michigan MedBus Examples of NSA on GitHub National Security Agency Information Assurance Directorate RedhawkSDR SIMP Common Criteria

We Give Thanks


Chris Hample of Booz Allen Hamilton, Amitava Shee of University of Michigan, and Jeff Blank of the National Security Agency for joining us at the Summit and letting us share the session!



Special Guests: Amitava Shee, Chris Hample, and Jeff Blank.

Episode 122: #122: You’d Better Recognize

Aug 15, 2016 51:11


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about recognition: facial recognition, keystroke recognition, Dothraki recognition.


UMD Cyber Defense Training Camp RescueTime. Sorry. NIST declares the age of SMS-based 2-factor authentication over Radio Hack Steals Keystrokes from Millions of Wireless Keyboards Cameras Are Getting Better at Seeing if You’re Nervous Meanwhile: Machine Learning is Fun! Part 4: Modern Face Recognition with Deep Learning Galaxy Note 7 will ship with iris scanner. Craigslist: OFFICE OF PUBLIC ART SEEKS KLINGON, ELVISH, OR DOTHRAKI SPEAKER (Pittsburgh, PA) Dodging Stray Bullets in Lebanon With The World’s First Bulletproof Headscarf Google’s Dialer App Now Warns You When You’re Getting a Call From a Spammer Amazon Patents Way To Turn Lampposts, Church Steeples Into Drone Perches Dave got published: How Automation Can Unleash Government IT Innovation See also D&G 101 — Ansible: Good Technology, Great Coffee Defense in Depth on October 6 Red Hat Positioned in the Visionaries Quadrant of Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure Why Carry Your Suitcase When You Can Attach it to Your Bottom? Heavy Metal and Natural Language Processing – Part 1

Cutting Room Floor

Arduino absentmindedly blows bubbles Open Source Gardening Robot ‘FarmBot’ Raises $560,000 Robo hobo bamboozles passers-by Ourobot: What happens when a snake bot swallows its own tail Watch a Bratwurst-Grilling Robot Serve Up Perfectly Seared Sausages Mother was walking the dog, saw Boston Dynamics walking their robot. Over 1000 robots break world record with synchronised dance routine There’s going to be a Raspberry Pi driverless racing championship A Hamster Powered Machine That Draws Pictures Of Hamsters Fake Chalets: Unmasking the Bunkers disguised as Quaint Swiss Villas Mid-Century Men At Vintage Computers QUESS. A curated magazine, written by computers, for people. (h/t emorisse) Systematic breakdown on Bladerunner production design? Coming right up.

#121: Open Sourcing with Open_Sourcing

Aug 2, 2016 32:43


This week Dave and Gunnar talk with Maha Shaikh about open source, the nature of community, and life as an open source academic.


Maha says:

In a nutshell my work is, firstly, around making sense of how companies choose communities, what criteria they use and how they evaluate them.

Secondly, I look in great detail into how companies are learning to find new mechanisms of control to manage organizational forms like communities where traditional forms of obligation and redress inscribed into contracts are no longer possible. This also involves how companies have forced themselves to become comfortable with ‘less’ control.

Thirdly, how we can theorize and learn from online communities like open source ones to make sense of how ‘serious work’ is carried out in rather loud online settings where many voices create a cacophony somewhat unhelpful for creative work like coding.

The New Hacker’s Dictionary, Third Edition and see also The Open Organization Dr. David A. Wheeler Maha’s website

We Give Thanks

Maha Shaikh for being our special guest star!

Special Guest: Maha Shaikh.

Episode 119: #119: Who’s your dadada?

Jul 26, 2016 41:09


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: authentication, password management, and robot lawyers.


Major Hayden has a new SELinux t-shirt! HT @PetrosinoKyle: Cyborg locusts could play an important role in national security Human remote control (not cockroaches this time): A YouTuber’s Goofy Helmet Lets You Operate a Human Like a Remote-Controlled Car American Airlines’ Rewards Will Be Based On Ticket Price, Not Miles Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest password was ‘dadada’ Yahoo and Twitter CEOs Have Their Twitter Accounts Compromised Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quora account has been hacked @Deray’s Twitter Hack Reminds Us Even Two-Factor Isn’t Enough See also: So Hey You Should Stop Using Texts for Two-Factor Authentication Be warned, there’s a nasty Google 2 factor auth attack going around Google enables new two-step ‘prompt’ log-in verification from your phone KeePass Vulnerability Could Let Attackers Steal Your Passwords With Shady Updates KeePass responds D&G Term of the Week: Typosquatting… How a college student tricked 17k coders into running his sketchy script This segment sponsored by Ansible: Coder fired after 6 years for automating his job Speaking of robots, rise of the robot lawyers: This chatbot appeals parking tickets and wins 60 percent of the time DevNation Federal on July 28! D&G Product Marketing 101: Sears Expanding DieHard Brand With Foray Into The Car Tire Business Related: Sears takes its Kenmore brand out of the Kitchen with new line of TVs


Cutting Room Floor

Making an Edible Virtual Reality Viewer for Your Phone Web App Reveals How Misleading Maps Really Are “Wonderful fenced community”: An Entire West Virginia Town That Was Formerly a Spy Base Is for Sale Stephen King’s The Shining Is Now an Opera, and The Tickets Are All Sold Out CERN Animal Shelter for Computer Mice Highlights From The Online Knitting Reference Library 1849 to 2012 Historical Dandies: British Cigarette Cards (1932) This paparazzi-proof scarf is the closest thing to an invisibility cloak Webaround: a 52″ Webcam Background Fake fingerprints: The latest tactic for protecting privacy The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies

We Give Thanks

The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics! Kyle Petrosino for giving us new ways to turn insects into cyborgs!

#120: One Tough Hippo

Jul 19, 2016 24:00


This week Dave talks with Paul Laurence, co-founder of Crunchy Data about Crunchy Certified PostgreSQL, its Common Criteria certification, why it works great on OpenShift, and integration with SELinux!


PostgreSQL Crunchy Data Crunchy Delivers First Commercially Available 100% Open Source Relational Database Management System To Receive Common Criteria Certification Crunchy MLS PostgreSQL Press release Technical details Bonus link: Multilevel Security with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SELinux Autoscaling PostgreSQL Containers on OpenShift with Paul Laurence The open source model w/small companies a16z Podcast: Selling to Developers

We Give Thanks

Paul Laurence of Crunchy Data for joining us on the show! Special Guest: Paul Laurence.

Episode 118: #118: Red Hat Insights Insights

Jul 12, 2016 27:22


This week Dave talks with Andrew Hecox about Red Hat Insights and why you should really, really check it out!



NetApp AutoSupport Red Hat Access Recommendations Access Labs Red Hat Insights Check the intro video! Check out the latest features in development Self-driving cars

We Give Thanks

Andrew Hecox for being our special guest star! Special Guest: Andrew Hecox.

Episode 117: #117: Summit Preview with Dan Walsh

Jun 21, 2016 22:53


This week Dave gets a Red Hat Summit preview from Dan Walsh on containers, containers with systemd, and systemd with containers.



Red Hat Summit 2016! Dan’s sessions Government and Academic Luncheon and Government Breakout Dan at DevConf: Docker versus Systemd Crayons not included SELinux coloring book Container coloring book

We Give Thanks

Dan Walsh for being our special guest star! Special Guest: Dan Walsh.

#116: The Vulnerability Hunter

Jun 13, 2016 37:11


This week Dave talks with Kurt Seifried about CVE, DWF, and why Red Hat not only thinks about stuff like this, but does something about it.


CVE Red Hat’s CVE database Red Hat’s OVAL information Red Hat’s IAVM mapper OpenSCAP and SCAP integration with Satellite Hackers build alternative to ‘flawed’ CVE bug ID system Distributed Weakness Filing (DWF) System announcement DWF What’s the best way to learn more? Red Hat Security Blog Open a support case secalert@redhat.com

We Give Thanks

Kurt Seifried for being our special guest star! Special Guest: Kurt Seifried.

Episode 115: #115: Automate Your Curmudgeonry

Jun 7, 2016 52:43


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about kill switches, killer robots, killer apps, and killing products.


David Grohl Alley: Mission Accomplished! Bruce Willis is not moving to Dave’s neighborhood Pycon 2018-2019 in Cleveland? SleepBot Sign up for Gunnar’s Newsletter Remember our discussion about data tampering?  Malware scam appears to use GPS data to catch speeding Pennsylvania drivers Meanwhile: Build your own speed trap camera system with a Raspberry Pi and OpenCV MIT Develops Accurate System for Tracking People, Objects via WiFi Enjoy Architecture of Radio SkullConduct: Biometric User Identification on Eyewear Computers Using Bone Conduction Through the Skull KillerDrone = drone + chainsaw Hacker reveals $40 attack that steals $28k police drones from 2km away Android’s unpatched dead device jungle is good for security D&G This Week in Vendor Abandonment: Google reaches into customers’ homes and bricks their gadgets Don’t forget to set your Google Living Will D&G This Week in Vendor Abandonment (Page 2): TSA spent $47,000 on an app that just randomly picks lanes for passengers Speaking of travel: Poor-taste wi-fi name grounds Perth flight D&G Joke Kit of the Week: TSA Lines Causing Frowns? Send in the Clowns! (and Tiny Horses) Websites take control of USB devices: Googlers propose WebUSB API Meanwhile… Half of people plug in USB drives they find in the parking lot Speaking of Google: Google Spaces and Google Allo and Google Duo Red Hat Product Security Risk Report: 2015 Red Hat Summit Government Luncheon and Red Hat Summit Government Breakout Fighting Unicorns in the latest issue of NASA’s AeroSpace Frontiers (bottom of page 4) D&G This Week in Product Design: Why do BIC pen caps have holes in them? The part of the show where Dave causes Gunnar to have a seizure: The perfect suffix for your “cyber-” buzzword

Cutting Room Floor

Containerizing Ave Maria Barbershop solo? A Metal Tribute to iPhone Ringtones Arduino-powered LEGO nuclear reactor Bistrobot: Sandwich making robot Milk-based 3D scanner Your Amazon Echo can now teach you all about The Art of War PAC-MAN suit The Swedish Number: Get connected to a random Swede and talk about anything Simulate electronics circuits in your browser w/HTML5 CIA Operative’s 9-Step Hotel Safety Checklist Terrifying Workplace Safety Video Is a 4-Minute Horror Movie Chinese opsec funnies: your foreign boyfriend is a western spy! ShadyURL: Don’t just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening. Super 8 hotel art gallery Hopefully, You’ll Never Need to Use Polycom’s High-Tech Prison Phone Classic Programmer Paintings Creating sparklines in unicode (h/t emorisse) Visual search engine for satellite imagery (h/t emorisse)

We Give Thanks

The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

Episode 114: #114: Rolling a D8

May 31, 2016 29:07


This week, Gunnar talks with Adam Weingarten of Acquia and Nneka Hector of DSFederal about working with Drupal in government and the upcoming DrupalGovCon.


whitehouse.gov: the OG. Drupal 8 is now object-oriented and opinionated. Dries Buytaert is the godfather of Drupal. Nneka enjoys Puppet and Behat. Drupal takes security seriously. Want to hang out with other Drupal folks in DC? Hit the Meetups. Nneka uses Drupal on OpenShift, and Gunnar owes Nneka $20. Want to start with Drupal? Start with the documentation!

Episode 113: #113: Badge of Open Source Honor

May 10, 2016 28:35


This week, Gunnar talks with Dr. David A. Wheeler and Emily Ratliff about the Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative and their new Badge program.


Dr. David A Wheeler Emily Ratliff OpenSSL “Heartbleed“ The Tragedy of the Commons Linux Foundation‘s Jim Zemlin: “Never let a good crisis go to waste” (presumably with apologies to Rahm Emmanuel) Core Infrastructure Initiative Census Project Best Practices Badge Karl Fogel’s Producing Open Source Software

Episode 112: #112: Blockchain for the Rest of Us

Apr 26, 2016 16:16


This week Dave talks with Jeremy Eder about blockchain, Hyperledger, OpenShift Blockchain, and more!

KnCMiner-Wide-2I spent all my profits on new fans. Blockchain Hyperledger Ethereum Used for ‘First’ Paid Energy Trade Using Blockchain Tech OpenShift Blockchain Initiative

Cutting Room Floor

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (Unprofitably) mine Litecoin using a RHEL 7 container

# Dockerfile for cpuminer
# usage: docker run creack/cpuminer --url xxxx --user xxxx --pass xxxx
# ex: docker run creack/cpuminer --url stratum+tcp://ltc.pool.com:80 --user creack.worker1 --pass abcdef
FROM         rhel7
MAINTAINER   David Egts <david.egts@gmail.com>
RUN          yum -y update && \
yum -y install git automake gcc make curl-devel
RUN          git clone https://github.com/pooler/cpuminer
RUN          cd cpuminer && \
./autogen.sh && \
./configure CFLAGS="-O3" && \
WORKDIR      /cpuminer
ENTRYPOINT   ["./minerd"]

We Give Thanks

Jeremy Eder for getting us all blockchained up!

Episode 110: #110: I’ll Be At The Bar

Apr 5, 2016 1:09:24


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: IoT hacks, cyborg insects, and Dave’s local crime report.

HHonors-Digital-Key“Let’s just put crime tape around it until we figure it out.”

Fighting Unicorns win Excellence in Engineering Award at the Buckeye Regional Strong appearance at the Queen City Regional! The Ohio Pinball and Arcade Show Hilton Digital Key Police: Wanted Florida man bit fingerprints off to hide identity Summit prosecutor drops charge against former Stow BMV deputy registrar and now case dismissed Updategate: Microsoft splashes Tomb Raider ad over Windows 10 lock screens Google Hands Free Google Wants to Save News Sites From Cyberattacks—For Free Swarm of Tiny Pirate Transmitters Gets the Message out in Syria Speaking of swarms: Creepy experiment uses implanted electrodes to make beetles run faster Reddit’s warrant canary died? Hopelessly broken wireless burglar alarm lets intruders go undetected Garage door openers have had rolling codes since 1997 (which is slightly more secure) SimpliSafe uses 433 MHz and 315 MHz as noted by The Register with complementary video Remember Foscam from a previous episode? This is Why People Fear the ‘Internet of Things’ MouseJack: Injecting Keystrokes into Wireless Mice Amazon and Brita’s Wi-fi Water Pitcher Automatically Buys New Filters for You Amazon Now Offers More Than 100 Dash Buttons NSA boss reveals top 3 security nightmares that keep him awake at night Meanwhile at the Pentagon… DOD invites you (well, some of you) to “Hack the Pentagon” this month Michael Hayden interview on Off Message podcast New article by Lauren and NASA: Image processing at NASA with open source tools Dave interviewed by Federal News Radio: OMB’s 3rd policy memo in a week targets software purchasing RHEV 3.6 is out! Red Hat offers no-cost RHEL subscription to developers An Arduino-powered VR cycling experience for $40 Now There’s a Virtual Reality App To Help With Public Speaking Anxiety Why You Can’t Trust GPS in China


Cutting Room Floor

PHP Terminal GameBoy Emulator With Medieval Instruments, Band Performs Classic Songs by The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica & Deep Purple The SkyWall 100 bazooka captures drones with a giant net 4-Bot – A Raspberry Pi Connect 4 Robot! Apple Pi? Acrostic beat poem generator


We Give Thanks

The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

#109: I Blame Open Source

Mar 24, 2016 32:34


This week, Gunnar talk to Josh Bressers, Security Strategist for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, about how product security teams work, the difference between engineering and product management, and how he became the change he wanted to see in the world.

bressersStart here for Red Hat security. Everything you needed to know about Red Hat Security Advisories. A staggering amount of security response data from Mark Cox’s team. The 2004 Red Hat Security phishing scam. Red Hat Insights OpenSCAP in Satellite and CloudForms Special Guest: Josh Bressers.

Episode 108: #108: A Commitment to Your Privacy

Feb 26, 2016 53:54


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: iPhones, politics, politics with iPhones; glibc, containers, containers with glibc; Azure, Red Hat, Azure with Red Hat.


Freeblade rules everything around Gunnar The new Remember The Milk is here! Speaking of bad product management, Twitter’s algorithmic timeline an object lesson in the relationship between marketing and product management Instructable: Control a Cockroach with Arduino for under $30 Raspberry Pi repurposed into automated complaining machine FCC speed test app Local police wrestle with success of license plate camera system D&G This Week in Security Through Obscurity Ashley Madison Offering Profile Photo Masks, Rendering Users Completely Unrecognizable To Their Loved Ones HT Mrs. Egts: Stick shift foils would-be Cleveland carjackers Don’t time travel with iOS devices Apple Encryption “Debate” Apple Admits Mistake for ‘Error 53’ iPhone Bricking, Offers Fix D&G Mailbag: Jim Wildman asks for our opinion on Amazon Dash Hackable: Build your own poop database with Amazon Dash Install your own code: Dash Hacking: Bare-Metal STM32 Programming Internet of Things to be used as spy tool by governments: US intel chief Ghost Fleet Hacked Toy Company VTech’s TOS Now Says It’s Not Liable for Hacks Husband learns wife is pregnant from her Fitbit data HT Kevin Chin and Erich Morisse: The new frontier of voter tracking He Said He Was An Undecided Iowan Until He Received This Controversial Mailer From Ted Cruz. 4USXUS Is Your One-Stop Shop For Keeping Up With Your Congressional Representatives Not cool: Hackers demand $3m bitcoin ransom from hospital to unlock vital files Dave on #OpenOrgChat on February 18 and later this year! glibc will destroy your containers from the inside RHEL on Azure Google and Red Hat announce cloud-based scalable file servers White House publishes 2016 and 2017 budget on Github and Medium (h/t matt.micene) Online No One Knows You’re Dead What’s the Stuff Between the Wafers of a Kit Kat?

Cutting Room Floor

Build your own Arduino-powered virtual reality cycling experience for $40 These LED Lamps Run on Candle Power Subtitled R2-D2 is Bitterly Sarcastic Run DOS-era viruses in your web browser with the Internet Archive’s Malware Museum Internet Archive Does Windows: Hundreds of Windows 3.1 Programs Join the Collection 24 Things You’ll Find In Every Hipster Restaurant For Sale: Nuclear bunker in Northern Ireland Epic ‘Frinkiac’ Search Engine Matches Any Simpsons Quote With Its Still This Boulder Has a Hidden Wi-Fi Router That Needs Fire to Turn On Snoop Dogg Stars in Burger King Training Video Robotic limb turns drummer into three-armed musical cyborg Watch 540 Robots Perform a Synchronized Dance Routine Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” Played By An Actual Rose Bush Scratch-And-Sniff Posters Help Mask the Smells of NYC Subways How to Spam People via Telegram, According to a 1928 Handbook Nigerian astronaut lost in space needs $3m to get home – could be a scam Space travel posters from JPL The National Archives Has Released a Coloring Book of Retro Patents So, Dutch Cops Are Teaching Majestic Eagles to Hunt Drones Man’s best friend for conference calls Scalia wordplay is fun. (h/t ghelleks) now I’m fascinated by the idea of machine pareidolia (h/t matt.micene) How am I just now learning about the Falkirk Wheel? (h/t ghelleks) To solve my OPM grievances, I’m securing the services of this attorney. (h/t ghelleks) 5 Ways Companies Manufacture Happiness (h/t davidegts) Are these the permissions that you would expect from a emoji keyboard? (h/t uzoma) “We can safely assume that people sharing an Ubuntu docker based container know and trust one another, and their use of Ubuntu is explicitly covered as personal use in our policy.” (h/t matt.micene)


We Give Thanks

The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics! Jim Wildman, Kevin Chin, Mrs. Egts and  for the mailbag items!

Episode 106: #106: You Can’t Patch Stupid

Jan 26, 2016 51:07


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: Internet of Things! How ubiquitous network-connected sensors make our lives easier and our privacy forfeit.


Unbuttoned History Fugitive who sent cops selfie to replace mugshot is arrested Forbes Asks Readers To Disable Adblock, Serves Up Malvertising One Ring to pwn them all: IoT doorbell can reveal your Wi-Fi key Nest Thermostat Leaked Zip Codes Over the Internet Backdoor Account Found on AMX Conference Room Devices Used by White House, US Military $30 webcam spun into persistent network backdoor Stranger hacks family’s baby monitor and talks to child at night This has been going on for a while (2015) Twitter bot that posts caps from unsecured web cams (h/t emorisse) The Internet of Things That Talk About You Behind Your Back Smartwatches Can Be Used To Spy On Your Card’s PIN Code D&G Gunnarbait of the Week: AT&T CEO won’t join Tim Cook in fight against encryption backdoors Room 641A, not to be confused with Room 101 Going open can be a culture shock, featuring Paul Smith on D&G D&G Mailbag: Sandra McCann writes…

Something that would be nice to hear/discuss – how to keep an open organisation from slipping down into command and control as the org grows and morphs over the years. That’s got to be tricky to keep ahead of, I’d think.

Get your 30-day OpenShift TestDrive Lab here Google and Red Hat integrate OpenShift Dedicated and Google Cloud Platform to make adopting containers easier Interesting Things Happen When Verizon Gives You Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Old Number

Cutting Room Floor

Visualize Tor traffic Cyber Squirrel 1: Map attacks on the electrical grid of the U.S. and other nations, and the cause, if it can be determined Unrelated (or that’s what they want you to think): The X-Files Episode Map Let’s remap Europe based on travel times to regional capitals. (h/t ghelleks) Three words can replace GPS coordinates. (h/t ghelleks) Arduino-powered thermometer scarf 10 Popular Children’s Books That Have Been Translated Into Latin Wolfenstein in 600 Lines of Awk Forget the manbun, the manbraid is where it’s at Artisan rusty trash can E-Mail Spam Goes Artisanal Putin’s top Internet adviser seems to own a piracy torrent site Municipal Bat-Roost (h/t matt.micene) Reverse skeumorphism. (h/t ghelleks) US hires GRR Martin to wipe out ISIS and kill the F35 (h/t emorisse) If anyone needs me, i’ll be watching this until further notice (h/t ghelleks) Excellent collection of photographs from the 40’s (?) (h/t emorisse)

We Give Thanks

Sandra McCann for the D&G Mailbag letter! The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

Episode 105: #105: DIY Dystopia

Jan 12, 2016 47:07


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: DIY LPRs, Crowdsourced Panopticon, and Universal Key Escrow is a thing we’re talking about now.


Proud Daddy: Lauren declared runner up in the National Center for Women in Technology 2016 National Award Competition It begins: FRC 2016 kickoff on January 9! Gunnar can strongly endorse helicopter rides for toddlers Endorsement: the Ring Doorbell DEADWOOD MOVIE Google Begins Testing Password-Free Logins Sad to lose Ian Murdoch (h/t uzoma) Review of N Korea’s operating system, Red Star (h/t emorisse) D&G Joke Kit of the Week: United Airlines Bringing 200 Comfort Dogs To Seven Airports For A Bit Of Holiday Travel Stress-Relief HT James Kirkland: OpenALPR is open source automatic license plate recognition Meanwhile: Boston PD stops using LPRs, implicitly admitting that stolen vehicles are not super interesting. Facewatch: A different kind of social network Create Your Favourite Actor From Nothing But Photos See How Disney Uses Software to Change an Actor’s Emotions Wanna Get Backstage? Just Add Yourself To The Band’s Wikipedia Page In Major Change, Army Removes Social Security Numbers from Dog Tags D&G This Week in Common Sense: Microsoft may have your encryption key; here’s how to take it back DevOps gone bad?  Facebook Secretly Tested Users’ Apps Addiction: New Report The Father of Online Anonymity Has a Plan to End the Crypto War Celebrating 15 Years of SELinux Dave and Gunnar talk DevOps with FedScoop


Cutting Room Floor

Post-Apocalyptic Thomas the Tank Engine These Color Studio Portraits from the 1970s Are Almost Too Awkward R2-3PO: Attack of the Poorly Made Clones The 340-Page Tokyo Disaster Preparedness Guide is Packed with Great Design Woman Perfectly Adds Herself to Other People’s Old Photos ‘Hipster Santa’ makes appearance in Portland Here’s A Video Of Boston Dynamic’s Awesome Big Dog Robot Pulling Santa’s Sleigh Executive Coloring Book from 1961 Complete your home security system with a fog cannon Proving complex arguments via crowdsourcing and explicit argument logic platform (h/t emorisse) OG cyberpunk games available online (h/t emorisse) Weirdest charts from 538 (h/t emorisse) This wasn’t @emorisse, he swears (h/t emorisse) Interactive, latitude adjusted proof that DST is garbage (h/t matt.micene) I was sent here for my security refresher, and I’m beginning to think it’s part of the test.

We Give Thanks

The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics! James Kirkland for the ALPR tip!

Episode 104: #104: Tamper Evident

Dec 8, 2015 52:24


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: credit card vulnerabilities, Dell vulnerabilities, and whether programmers are engineers.

"We Care"“We Care”

Lauren, now in book form:  See page 18 of The Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book

Speaking of Raspberry Pi… Turn your Raspberry Pi into FM Transmitter Raspberry Pi Zero Not everyone is impressed: Raspberry Pi Zero, or Minus One? Entropy drought hits Raspberry Pi harvests, weakens SSH security How to defeat Chip and Signature: A $10 Tool Can Guess (And Steal) Your Next Credit Card Number Hilton’s point of sale system is a POS: Hilton Worldwide Has Identified and Taken Action to Eradicate Malware Starwood too: Another Day, Another Hack: Credit Card Stealing Malware Hits Hotel Chain Slate Money Gabfest on, among other things, the economics of rewards programs. Those Gas Pump “Anti-Skimming” Stickers Are Really Just Pointless Decoration Lenovo no longer has a monopoly on pre-installed PC security vulnerabilities: Dell apologizes for HTTPS certificate fiasco, provides removal tool Security enhanced body cams: Police body cams found pre-installed with notorious Conficker worm Man-in-the-middle attack on Vizio TVs coughs up owners’ viewing habits Gmail Will Soon Warn Users When Emails Arrive Over Unencrypted Connections Let’s Encrypt now in public beta! Seeing through walls with Wi-Fi We guess it’s healthier than X-ray vans Estonia and e-Residency through blockchain (h/t emorisse) Signal is now available in Chrome Jim Whitehurst blogs about a question from his appearance on D&G 100 Programmers, Let’s Earn the Right to Be Called Engineers I Write Like: Dave writes like Cory Doctorow, Gunnar writes like H. P. Lovecraft D&G Joke Kit of the Week: CIA’s Simple Sabotage Field Manual: A Timeless, Kafkaesque Guide to Subverting Any Organization with “Purposeful Stupidity” (1944)

Cutting Room Floor

This can’t possibly go wrong: robots taught to disobey humans (h/t emorisse) Impress your TSA friends: Knife wielding tentacle tentacle Great News! Groupon Has a Sale on Clip-on Man Buns D&G This Week in Cognitive Surplus: Check Which McDonald’s Restaurants Are Serving All-Day Hash Browns Before You Go Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. It’s a time for sharing For Uzoma Click-o-Tron auto-generates clickbait with recurrent neural networks

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#103: Please Engage with Our Brand

Nov 24, 2015 40:52


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about partnerships: D&G + Nextgov, Red Hat + Microsoft, Marriott + Starwood, New Haven police + your stuff.

please engage with our brand

Lauren strikes again: Young computer scientist shares her open source story Todoist now has the “repeat after completed” feature Gunnar Gets Keybase.io Invites, now what BadBIOS meets ad experience optimization: Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC Nextgov’s article about our podcast episode about their article The cat sharing economy is for real: Clear Your Calendars—#UberKITTENS Are Back As heard in D&G 28: Old Chippewa Lake amusement park up for sale Yahoo! does password free signin New: How to Enable Amazon’s Two-Step Authentication Good news / bad news: Windows 10 has a Start menu.  Windows 10 Start menu displays ads. US proposal aims to regulate car privacy, make hacks illegal Erich’s TCO for OpenStack presentation from the Tokyo summit is now live New Haven PD very well-intentioned. (h/t uzoma) Marriott Buys Starwood (h/t uzoma) Shred your boarding pass: What’s in a Boarding Pass Barcode? A Lot See also (or not): ClearImage Free Online Barcode Reader / Decoder Shred your frequent flier card? American Airlines Jumps On Industry Bandwagon, Will Now Award Frequent Flier Miles Based On Ticket Price Product Releases! RHEL 7.2, including RHEL for Real Time, RHEL Server for ARM (Development Preview), and RHEL Atomic Host OpenShift 3.1 and Red Hat Atomic Enterprise Platform 3.1 Public Preview Red Hat Container Development Kit 2 Beta Red Hat Software Collections 2.1 and Developer Toolset 4 RHEV 3.6 Beta Microsoft ♥ Red Hat ♥ Microsoft .NET running on OpenShift 3! Red Hat CVE Database Revamp ISIS used PlayStation 4s to plan Paris. Or did they? Hack your meetings by taking all the action items

Cutting Room Floor

You Can Now Download The Soothing Sounds Of K-Mart The American Government’s Sears-for-Spying Payment Plan On what street did you lose your childlike sense of wonder? Nihilistic Password Security Questions Statue of Lenin Replaced with Darth Vader (with WiFi hotspot in head) Ladybird Books for Grownups Yamaha Designs a Robot That Can Ride Motorcycles China Unable To Recruit Hackers Fast Enough To Keep Up With Vulnerabilities In U.S. Security Systems Meanwhile in Scott McCarty’s kitchen… Please engage with our brand. BSODOTD Turn an ASCII diagram into something handwritten. War stories from the future Machine Gun + Elephant = War Machine

We Give Thanks

Our Inception friends at Nextgov The D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

#102: CIA ♥ Boris Pasternak

Nov 19, 2015 36:07


This week Dave and Gunnar talk with Mohana Ravindranath about CIA, 18F, and other TLAs.



Welcome Mohana Ravindranath! CIA Social Media Team: We Use Twitter to ‘Explain Our Mission’ The Informers 18F Takes on ‘Micropurchasing’ Experiment Dave and Gunnar encourage everyone to check out Nextgov!

We Give Thanks

Mohana Ravindranath for being our special guest star! Camille Tuutti for introducing us to Mohana!


Special Guest: Mohana Ravindranath.

#101: Ansible: Good Technology, Great Coffee

Oct 27, 2015 36:57


This week Dave and Gunnar talk with Justin Nemmers about Red Hat’s newest acquisition, Ansible!



Ansible, the company Ansible, the project Fun fact: Ansible was named after the fictional instantaneous hyperspace communication system featured in Orson Scott Card‘s Ender’s Game, and originally invented by Ursula K. Le Guin for her 1966 novel Rocannon’s World. Le Guin states that she derived the name from “answerable,” as the device would allow its users to receive answers to their messages in a reasonable amount of time, even over interstellar distances. Ansible Tower OpenSSH for Windows Update Ansible coffee vs. Red Hat coffee Raleigh Coffee Company Get started with Ansible

We Give Thanks

Justin Nemmers for being our special guest star! Special Guest: Justin Nemmers.

#100: A President and CEO We Like

Oct 5, 2015 35:58


This week Dave and Gunnar talk with Red Hat President and CEO Jim Whitehurst about his new book The Open Organization!


This week Dave and Gunnar talk with Red Hat President and CEO Jim Whitehurst about his new book The Open Organization!

The Open Organization Square CEO Jack Dorsey Says If You’re Making Decisions, You’re Not Leading

We Give Thanks

Jim Whitehurst for being our special guest star! Brian Mikkelsen for giving us the idea and encouragement to interview Jim! Special Guest: Jim Whitehurst.

Episode 99: #99: Tufte Stamp

Oct 3, 2015 50:42


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: Apple App Store Infection, Hacking Car Dealerships to Hack Their Cars, almost-Running Man in the UK, and the robot fuel challenge.


Hundreds of Legitimate iOS Apps Infected by Malware, Removed From App Store Now over 4,000 infected apps Car Hack Technique Uses Dealerships to Spread Malware A TV Show D&G May Like: Hunted Bitcoin Is Officially a Commodity Flex = Amazon’s Uber-ization of package delivery Peeple = Yelp for people, whether you want it or not Dave on The Open Organization Twitter chat on October 8! HT Mark Hilburger: Michael Daniel, Special Assistant to the President and the Cybersecurity Coordinator, says “north of 80 percent” of intrusions rely on “known, fixable vulnerabilities.” One third of DOD sw vulnerabilities come from security software Remember EATR, the Military Robot That Was Supposed to Eat Humans?

Cutting Room Floor

Years you have left to live, probably. Another abandoned amusement park by Dave’s house: Geauga Lake closed 8 years ago; new aerial video of the abandoned park surfaces 17 Computer-Generated Hipster Baby Names No One Else Has Yet The Keyboard Waffle Iron Obvious Plant: Enjoyable, credible fake reviews and helpful hints A New Caption That Works for Every New Yorker Cartoon: “Hi, I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” Behold: The Ultimate Crowdsourced Map of Punny Businesses in America Run MS Word 4 on Mac OS 7 in your browser with Javascript Trump endorses Red Hat. WWII scout plane trumps F-35 traceroute bad.horse 3D printing like a Terminator (again) (h/t matt.micene)


We Give Thanks

Mark Hilburger for the security alert! D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

Episode 98: #98: Not that NSA

Oct 1, 2015 22:30


This week Dave talks with Jeff Blank of the NSA at the Red Hat Summit about the past, present, and future of SCAP, the SCAP Security Guide, and Common Criteria!

Screenshot 2015-09-27 15.12.57


Dave wants everyone to read The Open Organization NSA Information Assurance Directorate (IAD) SCAP OpenSCAP SCAP Security Guide Common Criteria Red Hat Common Criteria and other certified products The Common Criteria Protection Profile for General-Purpose Operating Systems is being developed on GitHub and rendered on OpenShift


We Give Thanks

Jeff Blank of the NSA for being our special guest star!

Episode 97: #97: Less than Lethal Manbun

Sep 29, 2015 34:29


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: smartphone messes, flying messes, policy messes, Uber messes.

Image courtesy Capitol Hill Seattle.Image courtesy Capitol Hill Seattle. Apple Is Taunting Publishers With Ad-Blocking and Apple News Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ app is now available on Android Android fanboys are trolling Apple’s Move to iOS app with 1-star reviews 9 year old with a Muslim name arrested for making bomb. Or clock. Whatever. There’s a guy collecting offers on how to help the kid. (h/t emorisse) Cheap Smartphones Quietly Becoming Popular In the US 20+ Chinese Android Smartphones Models Come With Pre-Installed Malware Remember all those app permissions you blindly agreed to?  Android ransomware lures with porno, takes your picture and then ‘fines’ you D&G Quote of the Week: “From a gov­ern­ment side, our re­spons­ib­il­ity is to talk to folks and ex­plain to them: We’re not ma­ni­acs. The FBI is not an ali­en force im­posed on the Amer­ic­an people,” said FBI Dir­ect­or James Comey Coincidence? The X-Files returns on January 24 Totally not related: The Expert Back doors, like TSA luggage lock master keys (which are now self 3D printable and on github), don’t work Uber ride data publicly accessible through Google Meanwhile… Uber Gives $5.5M To Make Amends For Stealing Carnegie Mellon’s Self-Driving Car Scientists This week in “Airlines are garbage”: American Airlines flies uncertified plane to Hawaii Weaponized police drones are now legal in North Dakota California wants to enhance your driver’s license experience DoD looking to replicate the successes of 18F/USDS in Force of the Future plan (h/t matt.micene) Silicon Valley is more biased against women than USN (h/t matt.micene) Congressional polarization, visualized. (h/t emorisse)

Cutting Room Floor

How to Write an Error Message (h/t unwosu) Tiny fedora for your manbun Hipster Barbie Is So Much Better at Instagram Than You Artisanal Firewood Punk stock photography Directions to Schrödinger’s elevators in the Möbius building Man flying 54 propeller super drone 1976 NASA Graphics Standards Manual Interactive Tor map 15 Rules From the Hobo Ethical Code of 1889 Gunnar’s new homepage until further notice This AWS in Plain English is the best, esp. Direct Connect. What DevOps needs to learn from USSOCOM (h/t matt.micene) OpenOffice is a disaster

We Give Thanks

D&G Show Slack Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

Episode 96: #96: DevOpsSec Panel at Defense In Depth

Sep 10, 2015 38:13


This week Dave talks with Josh Bressers, Trevor Quinn, Bob St. Clair, and Dan Walsh about DevOpsSec!


2015 Defense in Depth @RedHatGov blog coverage: Defense in Depth pregame: Defense in Depth Event Will Bring Red Hat Summit’s Security Focus to the Beltway Defense in Depth panel postgame: DevOps: A Timely Solution to a Timeless Challenge Dan Walsh refresher on container security


We Give Thanks

Josh Bressers, Trevor Quinn, Bob St. Clair, and Dan Walsh for being our special guest stars! Alex Tinsley for choreographing a most excellent Defense in Depth!

Episode 95: #95: Run By Horses

Sep 1, 2015 56:21


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: San Jose’s license-plate opportunity, AT&T’s wifi opportunity, UK government’s Oracle opportunity, and DISA’s email opportunity.

1970s PORTRAIT OF BUSINESS...512 Megabytes? Gunnar’s font and dotfile guidance License plate reader led police to man who killed reporter, cameraman Forget license plate readers on police cars, how about on garbage trucks? D&G Security Doghouse: Adobe and AT&T Adobe Digital Editions 4 lets you install Norton Security Scan by default Hackers Exploit Adobe Flash Vulnerability In Yahoo Ads Swift on Security has an eloquent piece on the nightmare of general purpose computing. AT&T Hotspots: Now with Advertising Injection Meanwhile: Ad Blockers Will Prevent You From Seeing $22B Worth Of Unwanted Ads This Year UK government reportedly working to end its reliance on Oracle UK government inks fresh deal with Oracle D&G Bait of the Week: DISA cracks down on email storage Widespread Use of Yammer Social Network at VA Ran Afoul of Agency Rules, Watchdog Says HHS won’t stop using Yammer despite security warning at VA Lauren and the Fighting Unicorns picked up by… Crain’s Business Cleveland: A young group of fans The Plain Dealer: NASA robotics tournament in Brook Park inspires youth, volunteers How to make a minority look like a majority with Social Networks Julian sez: “epistemic closure”

Cutting Room Floor

1982 DC Comics Style Guide Stock photos from the 1970s Mad Max Ancient Mythology A-ha’s “Take On Me” Performed by North Korean Kids with Accordions The Chickeneers (via jduncan and jcallaway) Oracle doesn’t need your security help, so stop reverse engineering their code already (h/t matt.micene) Passion comes from work and experience not the other way around (h/t matt.micene)

Episode 94: #94: Subject Matter Experts

Aug 17, 2015 45:37


This week Dave talks with Uzoma Nwosu and Robin Price about expert Subject Matter Experting and expert child raising with technology.

robin uzoma dave

Robin wants everyone to read The Open Organization and go to Defense in Depth Uzoma wants everyone to enjoy Satellite 6.1 Chess.com bazooka joeCryptography with Bazooka Joe.

Cutting Room Floor

The Expert

We Give Thanks

Uzoma Nwosu and Robin Price for being our special guest stars!

Episode 93: #93: Air Gap

Aug 11, 2015 47:41


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: airlines, air gaps, gaps in Tor security, securing hitchhiking robots in Philly, and filling your calendar with productive meetings.


PSA: All Major U.S. Airlines Offer Free Cancellations Within 24 Hours, Except One Related: Report: Airlines Installing Uncomfortable Bumps In Seatbacks Because It Pleases Them Your air gap won’t prevent decryption key theft (h/t emorisse) WebRTC as an attack vector Crypto activists announce vision for Tor exit relay in every library Meanwhile: New attack on Tor can deanonymize hidden services with surprising accuracy Google Knows What You Did Last Summer, Now Shows It To You In Google Maps Robots vs. The City of Brotherly Love: Hitchhiking Robot Lasts Just Two Weeks in US Because Humans Are Terrible Dave isn’t surprised: Philadelphia Eagles fans booed Santa Claus Fake hitchBOT video Craigslist ad Lauren talks LIDAR in Manipulating data in 3D with LidarViewer Dave gets interviewed in How the open sourcing of government creates opportunity for software engineers Oracle will sue you into spending more money (h/t matt.micene) Container Corner NC: First State on OpenShift (h/t uzoma) Atomic Apps explainer. Container Best Practices Guide Ansible and Red Hat A+ Red Hatting from Sam Knuth Burr Sutter is the Demo King. Kiss the ring. Congrats to Dan Walsh, Matt Micene, Shawn Wells, and others for being Red Hat Summit 2015 top presenters! This is why we can’t have secure things (h/t matt.micene) Phone discipline or antisocial impatience? The Condensed Guide to Running Meetings Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule

Cutting Room Floor

Modular repairs monolithic (h/t emorisse) MetalCaptcha: captcha with heavy metal band logos Let It Go – from Frozen (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli) 1000 people play Foo Fighters’ Learn to Fly Star Trek fan video of William Shatner covering Pulp’s “Common People” Motivational speech waiting to happen: ‘Leaders and lifters’ help ants move massive meals The Two Gentlemen of Lebowski: What If The Bard Wrote The Big Lebowski? The Proper Way to Eat Hot Dogs, According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (part of the American Meat Institute) Everything is awesome with Princess Yellow Feather Beautiful fonts on RHEL7. github all the things (h/t matt.micene)

We Give Thanks

D&G Show Clubhouse for the discussion topics!

Episode 92: #92: Moose Hunter

Aug 5, 2015 33:16


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk with Paul Smith about our CEO’s new book, The Open Organization, in front of a live studio audience!

Paul, sweaty from moose hunting.Paul, sweaty from moose hunting. Things have changed since episode 5! See also: Brian Mikkelsen on episode #76 The Open Organization Paul follows The Open Organization on Twitter Tom Peters: Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders Jim Whitehurst recommends Stanley McChrystal’s Team of Teams

We Give Thanks

Paul Smith for being our special guest star! Bob St. Clair for providing us with the live studio audience! Red Hat North American Public Sector for being our live studio audience!

Episode 91: #91: The Truck Factor

Jul 28, 2015 1:01:28


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: Kommisars in the board room, Akron Police Department’s compulsory feeling of safety, more warm fuzzies from OPM, and more Yahoo! news than you ever thought possible.


Lauren strikes again: US Air Force lab: robots, open source, and virtual reality D&G Mailbag: Thanks to Red Hat Middleware Solutions Architect David Murphy for finding our episode 89 Easter egg! Soylent Shake: Burger chain adds bugs to the menu…on purpose ‘Private’ biz Xiaomi sets up Communist Party exec committee Police stop Akron drivers to build safe relationships Iowa school district asks principals to wear body cams OPM, ODNI turn to paper forms to keep security clearance process going Let’s not forget: Digital Photocopiers Loaded With Secrets Russian Security Now Using Typewriters to Thwart the NSA D&G Uber Evil Move of the Week: FTC asked to block Uber from getting location data in background D&G Ad Experience Optimization of the Week: The Next Java Update Could Make Yahoo Your Default Search Provider Speaking of getting optimized: US Bombs ISIS Command Center After Terrorist Posts Selfie Online D&G This Week in Vendor Abandonment: Yahoo does Spring Cleaning: Shuts down Maps, Pipes & more No, seriously, they’re really out D&G This Week in Things We Wish Vendors Would Abandon: Flash Ironically(?), occupyflash.org uses Flash to see if Flash is installed Worldwide PC shipments biggest drop in 2 years thanks to mobile No joke? Commodore Pet smartphone Top 500 Supercomputer List Reflects Shifting State of Global HPC Trends D&G Red Hat Summit Replay Video of the Week: Security compliance automation with Red Hat by Matt Micene See it reenacted live at Defense in Depth! It’s like Netflix for Red Hat Training: Red Hat Learning Subscription So Long Voicemail, Give My Regards To the Fax Machine The Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative The CII Census Project White paper by Dr. David A. Wheeler! D&G Term of the Week: Truck Factor


Cutting Room Floor

PG-13: Ultra Hal AI Chatbot Talks with another Ultra Hal AI Bot Top Secret: The goofy retro ‘undercover’ fashion guide for East German secret police spies Baby goats in pajamas America Used to Give Out Weird Participation Awards for Nuclear Tests Now you finally know: Why Do Some Guitarists’ Fingers Smell Like Garlic? 600 years of war casualties visualized e-NABLE provides open, 3-D printed protheses for children, will make you cry Disney business plan Warhammer 40k Mr. Potato Head Iterating on large projects like Google Hybrid Cloud is not a Strategy, It’s a Symptom Open source chess with http://lichess.org (h/t robinpriceii) Google proves machines dream of more than Electric Sheep (h/t matt.micene) html5 games made from crack (h/t robinpriceii) littlebobby encryption (h/t robinpriceii) condo high rise with drone landing pad (h/t emorisse)


We Give Thanks

Thanks to Red Hat Middleware Solutions Architect David Murphy for finding our episode 89 Easter egg! The whole dgshow Slack crew

Episode 90: #90: Cesspool of Unix

Jul 12, 2015 48:48


This week Dave and Gunnar talk with Dan Walsh about containers, coloring books, and bedtime stories.


Translate me: The Container Coloring Book by Dan Walsh and Máirín Duffy Red Hat Summit video: Container security: Do containers actually contain? Should you care? Red Hat Summit video: Super privileged containers Articles and more Are Docker containers really secure? Keeping Up with Docker Security

We Give Thanks

Dan Walsh for being our special guest star! Máirín Duffy for her illustrations.

Episode 89: #89: Home Alone

Jun 23, 2015 53:28


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: OMB, Uber, Slack, GitHub, OpenStack, Docker, the slow-motion password Armageddon, and our favorite OpenShift customers.

The Bear at the Beach

D&G This Week in Meeting Hygiene: Steve Jobs vs. Lucasfilm CFO Bonus link: Steve Jobs Knew How to Run a Meeting: Here’s How He Did it Uber is a garbage company, chapter 283 Optimizing Dave’s ad experience: Amazon Now Selling Ad Space On Shipping Boxes Two High School Interns Return to the GVIS for the Summer Slack loves the Fighting Unicorns Slack for Linux Red Hat Software Collections 2.0 Now Available (h/t Robin Price) Cisco buys Piston, IBM buys Blue Box Docker backlash begins Congressman submits PR on FITARA repository (h/t Matt Micene) Your most paranoid fantasies about cybersecurity threat sharing with DHS were basically right on OPM is a garbage agency 90% of credit card readers still use the default password, Gunnar builds cabin in the woods If you generated your ssh key on Debian between 2006 and 2008, it’s time to build a new key Auditing GitHub users’ SSH key quality (h/t Robin Price) gpg keypair workflow even i can follow (h/t Matt Micene) Meanwhile: Password Manager LastPass Got Breached Hard LastPass for Apple Watch? Apple to require 6-digit passcodes on newer iPhones, iPads under iOS 9 Not sure how we missed this: Irate Congressman gives cops easy rule: “just follow the damn Constitution” Mark Bohannon, Vice President of Global Public Policy and Government Affairs at Red Hat, has more to say about this D&G Public Sector CIO of the Week is Tony Scott: US CIO Orders All .Gov Websites To Require Encrypted Connections Check the compliance dashboard at pulse.cio.gov Guidance from 18F See you at the Red Hat Summit! Gunnar is moderating Red Hat as a Catalyst for Government Dave’s fireside chatting about security w/Jeff Blank of the NSA Data Virtualization Tutorial from Kenny Peeples Red Hat certified engineers get 1000 hours of AWS or Google, free for nuthin’ thanks to Ravello Kolla = Deploying OpenStack on Kubernetes, blowing minds xsos – Support tool for sosreports (h/t Robin Price) Red Hat loves OpenShift OpenStack on OpenShift, FedRAMP’d Latr.fm Saves Individual Podcasts Episodes to a Special Feed Delete your browser history? That’s a felony. (h/t Jim Wildman) This story on Russian trolls is bonkers Microservices will not cure cancer, thank God.

Cutting Room Floor

Heroic citizen’s rooftop sign has been trolling people arriving in Milwaukee for years Wedding drone fail Cantas is a Trello clone, built by some folks at Red Hat. Paul Ford is a national treasure. A map of the Paris Metro in Git branches. Pay for votes, but in a good way. Anyone see this as not proceeding as planned? Interloper! Smart-y Pants! (h/t Matt Micene) 1980s computer controls Grand Rapids Public Schools heat and AC

We Give Thanks

Matt Micene, Robin Price, and Jim Wildman!

Episode 88: #88: The Usual.

Jun 10, 2015 48:42


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: Robots, security, hating on Uber. The usual.


Gunnar is all excited about Mad Max: Fury Road Robotic Cockroaches Are Perfect Tiny Aircraft Carriers for Robotic Birds Origami Robot Folds Itself Up, Does Cool Stuff, Dissolves Into Nothing Over 30% of Official Images in Docker Hub Contain High Priority Security Vulnerabilities Meanwhile, Šimon Lukašík never sleeps: docker-oscap Google’s new Saved Passwords site and Smart Lock for Passwords are now available Report: During Canada tax raid, Uber “remotely encrypted corporate data” Facebook adding PGP support to messages and notifications Speaking of metadata: Patriot Act §215 expires, for now Penn State uses Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, and Red Hat Satellite to focus on what matters Oh, and NC.gov runs on OpenShift Help Gunnar understand why Google Photos isn’t the second coming How to Get Out of an Unnecessary Meeting

Cutting Room Floor

Uzoma call your office: Soviet DJ has the reels of steel. Watch This Terrifying Cheetah Robot Jump Over Hurdles GitTorrent is decentralized Git using BitTorrent and Bitcoin Scientists Make Unclear Breakthrough After Giving Robot Cancer Norwegian Navy Beard Application Convert an old rotary phone to a mobile one for some reason using an Arduino HT Erich Morisse: “Lose Yourself” in sign language will get you super pumped Learning parallelism can be hilarious and profane Trash Day vs. Here Comes the Airplane

We Give Thanks

Šimon Lukašík for helping us keep our containers clean Erich Morisse for the Eminem.

Episode 87: #87: Always Cat6, Never Cat5

May 27, 2015 49:06


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: airlines meeting security researchers, Firefox meeting advertisers, FitBit meeting dogs, Roomba meeting Orwell.

So I was in a local trolleybus earlier today, fiddling with the in-bus entertainment system. pic.twitter.com/qZ0d3Y6Q9r

— Martijn Grooten (@martijn_grooten) May 16, 2015

Feds Say That Banned Researcher Commandeered a Plane Swedish Chamber of Commerce would appreciate you spending some time with Gripen. Meanwhile: United Will Reward People Who Flag Security Flaws—Sort Of Uber continues to be deplorable. That self-driving car partnership with CMU? More like a poaching vehicle. Robot Hall of Fame Firefox wants to optimize your ad experience: Firefox Will Soon Get Sponsored Suggested Tiles Based On Your Browsing History Screengrab Researchers want to optimize your Firefox experience: Firefox’s optional Tracking Protection reduces load time for top news sites by 44% MiBand for $15 Ingrid’s plant gadgets Planet Money on Xiaomi OpenBand open source Android app for MiBand Fitbit meets dog collar: DogTelligent Optimizing your vacuum drone experience: The Next Roomba May Recognize All Your Crap Palate cleanser: Video of cat wearing shark costume riding Roomba The Open Organization by Jim Whitehurst Watch FICO gush about how awesome OpenShift is Slack as memo-list

Cutting Room Floor

HT Robin Price: Learn Vim the Web 2.0 way with OpenVIM 14 of the Most Depressing Place Names in North America Don Draper reviews children’s books Mad Men in the 21st century New Seinfeld episode! Fira Code font includes programming ligatures

We Give Thanks

Robin Price for the VIM tip!

Episode 86: #86: Drone Tortoise

May 19, 2015 43:50


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: optimizing experiences! Drones, dressing rooms, airplane seats, ads, and software licensing.


D&G This Week in Drone Hysteria: How a Drone Could Spoof Wi-Fi, Steal Your Data DRONE TRUCKERS!!! The World’s First Self-Driving Semi-Truck Hits the Road SELFIE DRONE!!! Throw This Camera Drone in the Air and It Flies Itself DRONE POLICE!!! Drone cops are coming! Illinois gets go-ahead to use ‘unmanned aircraft’ to photograph crime scenes and traffic accidents XKCD ON DRONES!!! HT Uzoma Nwosu: Keurig CFO blames DRM for bad results InfoWorld moves open source coverage to the main desk, no longer a special beat EMC Vipr Windows is now a service. 10 SKUs? Madness! Optimizing your flight experience: This Airplane Seat Knows When You’re Nervous Optimized ad experience w/Uber Optimized fitting room experience w/MemoryMirror Martin Preisler strikes again!  Scanning remote machines with OpenSCAP Nulecule (“noo-luh-kyul”) Military Embedded Systems thinks containers are “fascinating.” They are correct! We just invested in VMTurbo Red Hat Wins SIIA Software CODiE Awards for Best Cloud Management Solution and Best Open Source Innovation Eric Mill’s defense of deprecating HTTP Hailo explains how micro services work in practice HT Mrs. Egts: A young engineer asked for career advice online. Big mistake.

Cutting Room Floor

Listen to Wikipedia change 23 Minutes of Blade Runner ambient noise More headshot ideas: Eyes Wide Open Make Up Art Wage slave vs bitcoin miner

We Give Thanks

Coffee correspondent Uzoma Nwosu for the Keurig update! Martin Preisler for the great SCAP work! Mrs. Egts for the career conundrum!

Episode 85: #85: In Control

May 7, 2015 44:48


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: Controlling the mind, the body, and your drones.  Also: RHEL 6.7 beta, JBoss EAP 6.4, and controlling the enterprise with DevOpsDays Austin.


RoboLoCo reunited: Robot stolen in Tennessee turns up, but it’s found just too late for Loudoun team Forget cockroaches: Control Someone Else’s Movements Using Your Brain Feds Warn Airlines to Look Out for Passengers Hacking Jets Meanwhile X47-B drone does air to air refuelingThis is an Alert” by Thomas Pierce The Age of Drone Vandalism Begins With an Epic NYC Tag DroneBase Lets Any Business Rent A Drone And Pilot Nirmal, call your office: First donut in space Bamboozled: What the bar codes on your driver’s license reveal about you, and why it matters There’s an app to view the data Not science fiction: Miami wants to predict when and where crime will occur Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall Macroviruses are BACK and are the future of malware, says Microsoft Ha! Win 10 preview for Raspberry Pi 2 pops out of the Microsoft oven Microsoft bringing Windows 10 to Arduino with open source libraries Meanwhile, try these with Android ArduDroid SensoDuino Dave w/GSA and Cisco: Cloud without Commitment webinar on Thursday, May 14 Red Hat Summit Government Luncheon on Thursday, June 25 RHEL 6.7 in beta JBoss EAP 6.4 is out! A very nice Borg writeup from New Stack and The Platform talks about the future of Omega DevOpsDays Austin

Cutting Room Floor

Tiny robots climb walls carrying more than 100 times their weight Random startup company website generator Random startup company announcement generator Headshots w/Photoshop Unintelligible 90s Rock Band Guy Unboxing video: Weird Al and his Grammy Enhanced interrogation with Colonel Sanders French news station leaks social media passwords during interview about security breach

Episode 84: #84: The Kill Chain

Apr 21, 2015 43:48


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: automated swarms, automated chefs, and automated kill chains.



Gunnar declares Clash of Clans and DomiNations horrible disappointments You’d think they’d be air gapped: Hackers Could Commandeer New Planes Through Passenger Wi-Fi Star Trek update It is indeed the Klingon High Council Klingon coming soon to Duolingo! “BioBot” Roaches Could Save Lives With Tiny Backpacks Just a regular day at the office: Intel CEO controls a swarm of robot spiders with gestures Runaway movie D&G Joke Kit of the Week: Soylent Blue? Fancy a tasty byte? Cookbook written by supercomputer Probably safer with Fresh Food Fast, courtesy of Gunnar’s wife. Facebook holds the largest private collection of biometric data Twitter moves non-US accounts to Ireland away from the NSA Google “find my phone” The classic Android Device Manager also still works Dave is back in Military Embedded Systems: COTS software challenges in the military electronics market “Hey everyone, look  at me running Oracle on RHEL6 on RHEL7 using Docker.” BPM 6.1, BRMS 6.1 are out, announcement coming April 21st Common Criteria announced for JBoss EAP 6.2! EAL 4+ Labocki strikes! A beautiful RHCI architecture overview Red Hat Customer Portal answers in Google search results Ceph works. Just ask Yahoo. GEN_Cartwright_VJCSGeneral Cartwright on organizational agility and culture change

Cutting Room Floor

Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python… Galaxy Song What if Pixar Made Furious 7? Washington DC Gothic

We Give Thanks

JP Sherman for helping us stay authoritative!

Episode 83: #83: Like Feral Hogs

Apr 14, 2015 1:02:39


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: airgaps, airline smell-o-vision, reproducible builds, and meeting tips revisited.

https://dgshow.org/files/2015/04/CAF5ordXEAE0oZ0.mp4 Lauren and the Fighting Unicorns on WKYC News! Robo Loco BOLO! How Duolingo makes money teaching Gunnar Swedish D&G Mailbag: @UNIXSA finds our easter egg The long national nightmare is over, Hilton moves to passwords instead of PINs Meanwhile IHG password = your favorite number from 0000 to 9999. Virginia passes shortest-ever limit on retention of LPR data: 7 days, as long as there’s not an active criminal investigation Can you FOIA LPR data? Of course you can. Ars has 4.6M photos to prove it. Not SQRL: Yahoo’s New, Simple Way to Log In Verizon Wireless Customers Can Now Opt Out of ‘Supercookies’ Users can unsubscribe from the program on Verizon’s website or by calling 1-866-211-0874 Google Fiber TV now delivers ads based on your viewing habits AT&T data breaches revealed: 280K US customers exposed Air gaps: not actually perfect Pop up ads redirect you to the Apple App Store, making web pages unreadable. Rip the publishers apart like feral hogs? Endorsed! D&G Joke Kit of the Week: TSA Behavioral Screening Criteria Airlines Infuse Planes With Smells To Calm You Down (And Make You Love Them) Related: Smell like a Whopper: Burger King will sell cologne in Japan Riot Control, but with Drones. Meanwhile: Dave makes CatBot: Automated Cat Laser Red Hat Summit! CWE Vulnerability Assessment Report 2014 HT Šimon Lukašík: Yesterday, Martin Preisler has published Windows and MacOS X enabled SCAP-Workbench Jamie Duncan provides SOSCleaner for containers Do you like DevOps? Us too. A Customer We Like: PayChex, who just released a WebLogic cartridge for OpenShift Reproducible builds are great The Economist has some critical thinking for meetings

Cutting Room Floor

Robochop forever. Making a secure phone call is insane. h/t Bruce Schneier Wave power with bonus desalination. So clever. Mail a Spud 8 German Travel Tips for Visiting America Soyuz Space Capsule Owner’s Manual This week in Benthamite irony Baby Flask, Step by Step New App Lets You Work For Your Company Even While You Sleep

We Give Thanks

@UNIXSA for counting properly. Šimon Lukašík for the SCAP-Workbench heads up and Martin Preisler for the redemptive suffering! Jamie Duncan for keeping our container sosreports clean

Episode 82: #82: Kittens and Robots

Mar 26, 2015 35:42


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk with Lauren Egts about killer kittens and adorable robots.


FIRST Lauren’s team: Team 2399 The Fighting Unicorns This year’s game: Recycle Rush This weekend: Buckeye Regional Live stream This April: FRC World Championship!

We Give Thanks

Lauren Egts for the robotics update!



Screenshot 2015-03-25 12.04.22

Episode 81: #81: Key Exchange with Robot Vomit

Mar 17, 2015 55:00


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about First round of Thunderdome, product design success and failure, RHEL 7.1, urban dashboards, and the Cumulative Threat.


Gunnar is horrified by Google’s audio history on him. Are you? Dave sticks his keyboard in dishwasher Fighting Unicorns are going to the FRC World Championship! Security Thunderdome results!  Vote for round two now!
Raspberry Pi 2 is out and it will run Windows 10? Susceptible to intense flashes of light Almost related: Dave files a Raspbian bug Jet Blue and Virgin America are Offering In-Flight College Classes HotelsByDay Lets Travelers Book Daytime Hotel Rooms For Less Than Overnight Stays D&G This Week in Soylent Packaging: KFC Bringing Edible Coffee Cups To UK HT Uzoma Nwosu: SQRL Uber pledges to enlist 1 million female drivers by 2020 D&G Movie Plot Kit of the Week: Scientists store data inside DNA that could last MILLIONS of years Washington lawmakers want computer science to count as foreign language New “Happiness Monitor” Continuously Measures Your Mood, Reports It to Your Boss See a pic of the monitoring device here! Different kind of happiness monitor: STD Dongle D&G This Week in Vendor Abandonment: Google to close Google Code open source project hosting RHEL 7.1 is out! RHEL for Real Time RHEL Atomic MLS containers? D&G Mailbag letter from Šimon Lukašík: Check out OpenSCAP Compliance Center! Roadmap and project definition presentation Demo video by Šimon Signal 2.0 is out! History of the Urban Dashboard The cumulative cyber threat. DNI is all about it.

Cutting Room Floor

FIRST web page viewed by “FIRST” browser via c.1965 modem and terminal See esp the bookmark usage at 9:21 Domino Etch-a-Sketch makes Gunnar nervous BATTLESHOTS. It’s like Battleship, but with liquor Brides Throwing Cats NUKEMAP

We Give Thanks

Uzoma Nwosu for the SQRL pointer! Šimon Lukašík for the Mailbag letter and for all your great SCAP work!

Episode 80: #80: Security Thunderdome

Feb 24, 2015 34:56


This week, Dave and Gunnar open the Security Thunderdome, and talk about red-teaming large bureaucracies.

Gunnar is planning a visit to Akron While in Akron, stop by Cleveland’s Randall Park Mall D&G Security Doghouse Fantasy League ← VOTE HERE

Verizon Wireless to Allow Complete Opt Out of Mobile ‘Supercookies’ (Soon) AT&T gives you a discount of $30/mo for monitoring your Internet OR charges you $30 unless you comply with their surveillance regime. You pick! Lenovo preinstalls MITM-enhanced adware Superfish is sure it’s all going to be fine Facebook is now tracking you across websites on advertiser’s behalf for a better ad experience, of course Google Now now SLURPS data from third party apps so YOU don’t have to Today In Creepy Privacy Policies, Samsung’s Eavesdropping TV diff this w/1984 And there’s more: Samsung Smart TVs Don’t Encrypt Speech Or Transcriptions But wait, there’s more! Samsung smart TVs inserting ads into third-party apps Uber Will Add Panic Button And Location/Journey Sharing In India On February 11 The Onion’s Take: “It’s nice knowing Uber is willing to do everything it can to protect its customers short of properly screening its drivers.” We’ve seen this before

In other news…
Death Guild Thunderome

NRO releases MLS HPC system Big ups to Matt Zager: Five ways open source middleware can impact unmanned systems RHEV 3.5 is out! RHEL OSP 6 is out! Red Hat Mothership is written up in DesignMilk Willard event: Sonny Hashmi says “Open will win every time.” Oh, and private cloud isn’t a thing. Pop Quiz: How long does it take for your emails to no longer be private? 180 days Pop Quiz: Who’s in charge of Federal IT? Green bubbles and why small decisions make a big difference Adobe Kickbox is live Bonus link: Author also wrote Make Room! Make Room! which became the movie Soylent Green Stainless Steel Rat

Cutting Room Floor

For Soren’s birthday party: Highly Dexterous Robot Can Fold Balloon Animals, Close Zip-Ties EFF’s Parker Higgins on the DOJ’s abiding consistency wrt encryption Guitar face instructional videos Mattell’s ViewMaster relaunch! Fastest-selling toy of all time? Playmobil’s Martin Luther Perils of public code: Intel’s Galileo build scripts use some dude’s grub fork on GitHub Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine $160 for Sony 64 GB microSDXC card with Premium Sound

Episode 79: #79: 10 Feet from Felony

Feb 17, 2015 21:50


This week Dave and Gunnar talk with Nirmal Mehta about Arduino, explosions, and prohibited airspace avoidance tips.

Ignore the beeping.Ignore the beeping. Arduino NOVA HAB: Arduino + hydrogen + explosives in the outer atmosphere! eGIS

We Give Thanks

Nirmal Mehta for joining us on the show!


Episode 78: #78: Project Jellyfish

Feb 10, 2015 49:55


This week Dave and Gunnar talk with Nirmal Mehta about Jellyfish, Project Jellyfish, and how to get a company to open source a project.


NIST Cloud Broker Definition Project Jellyfish Booz Allen Open Sources Jellyfish Cloud Broker for ManageIQ Community Video: Design Summit – Extending ManageIQ with Jellyfish – Nirmal Mehta Grab the code here ManageIQ Licensing is a mess. Stephen Walli has some opinions. Choosing an open source license on GitHub

Episode 77: #77: Chilling Effects

Feb 3, 2015 1:08:56


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about surveillance on Main Street and China, reader mail about cutting costs in the DOD, and three new additions to the Security Doghouse.

Candid photo of Sparky.Candid photo of Sparky. Ohio is cold in the winter: Akron and Cuyahoga Falls close ice rinks because of cold weather D&G Hobby of the week: FPV Quadcopter Racing See also Cheerson CX10 Mini LED RC Quadcopter and cx10_redtx D&G This Week in Irony: Cops decry Waze traffic app as a “police stalker” DEA Cameras Tracking Hundreds of Millions of Car Journeys Across the US More details and pics here Meanwhile: Delaware eyes digital driver’s licenses Cop who stole nude pics off arrested women’s phones gets no jail time Everybody wants backdoors: China’s New Rules for Selling Tech to Banks Have US Companies Spooked Great Firewall of China, weaponized Camfrog DMCA’s themselves D&G Security Doghouse: Gogo issues fake HTTPS certificate to users visiting YouTube Meet KeySweeper, the $10 USB charger that steals MS keyboard strokes NFL app sends user names, passwords, & email addresses as clear text Marriott Testing In-Room Access To Netflix, Hulu, And Other Streaming Services Windows 10 free for all Windows 8.1 and 7 users for first year after release Apple anticipates Gunnar’s “consumption tools” worry. Crunchy and Red Hat on PostgreSQL on OpenShift Security Announcements Update on FIPS 140-2 plans GHOST: Get it? Reading David Wheeler has a new paper on container security Probably the best whitepaper you’ll ever read on Red Hat middleware General Justice, on the record Dave on containers and RHEL 7 To-Do Matt Micene is nominee for Opensource.com 2015 People’s Choice Awards Vote for us on iTunes, while you’re at it Dan Benjamin’s Podcast Method told us this is a good idea. OpenShift is InfoWorld technology of the year Purdue now has a “Red Hat Doctoral Researcher in Open Innovation CommunitiesWhen the European Space Agency needs a cloud, the come to Red Hat Kim Kardashian’s Butt delivered by Gluster D&G Coincidence of the Week: There’s a real company called Cyberdyne who makes HAL [Hybrid Assistive Limb], the world‘s first cyborg-type robot, by which a wearer‘s bodily functions can be improved, supported and enhanced See also: The Open Prosthetics Project Nick Bostrom is a tremendous thinker, and is creating the antidote to Skynet

Cutting Room Floor

10 Funnier Alternatives to Lorem Ipsum Marshmallow Farming.Too much rain ruins marshmallow crop in North Carolina Christmas Serial (ft. Amy Adams Golden Globe® 2015 Winner) – Saturday Night Live Moon: The star or planet debate 15 Unique Illnesses You Can Only Come Down With in German Slackbot Bot Turns A Roomba And A Tornado Siren Into A Wonky Little Robot That DJs And Gives High Fives BusinessTown: Richard Scarry’s Busytown for the Modern Age 10 Things You Won’t Be Able To Do Anymore If SkyMall Goes Away Let’s watch an SLR work at 10,000 frames per second.

We Give Thanks

Sparky for the mailbag letter!

Episode 76: #76: Tallest Guys in the Room

Jan 27, 2015 1:00:09


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about the history of Red Hat with Brian Mikkelsen, head of DOD sales, elder statesman, and tall guy.


JonAS was our first foray into J2EE application servers, but nobody remembers that. Beer and a culture of sharing. Brian’s 5 Pillars: RHEL, RHEV, JBoss, Storage and Cloud The original team: Nathan Jones, Brian Mikkelsen, Chris Runge, Wayne Rhone, Mary Beekman. Anyone remember Jeff Kidwell? The infamous memo-list. A baby Spot was Brian’s first sales engineer, even before he could drink. The transition from rip-and-replace to innovator. “Where the STIG scripts at?” From Justin to OpenSCAP. General Justice and FBCB2, the “Blue Force Tracker“. Want to work for Brian? Hit him up.

Episode 75: #75: Panopticon on the Shelf

Jan 6, 2015 1:03:09


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about the new mail bag, joke kit, two-factor auth, and unmanagement.


Lauren unleashes her software and hardware hacking skills: Best of open hardware in 2014 Raspberry Pi B+ and camera module SimCity: It’s as bad as Civilization Amex Chip-and-Signature: What’s the point? D&G Joke Kit of the Week: An Automated Cat Litter Box With DRM CatGenie community custom firmware and cartridge emulator! NYPD Cop Killer Used App to Track Police Movements Since Early December He sees you when you’re sleeping: Santa Claus and the Surveillance State You no longer need to check your tuba: U.S. Department of Transportation Issues Final Rule Regarding Air Travel with Musical Instruments Don’t be this guy Help Wanted (must be proficient at barn door closing): Director of Vulnerability Management at Sony Let’s Talk Calmly About Security and Privacy Two-factor authentication oversight led to JPMorgan breach, investigators reportedly found Meanwhile in IdM in RHEL 7.1 beta: one time passwords Marriott petitions FCC to block personal WiFi to protect their $750/day conference WiFi Computer solves the Erdős discrepancy problem. Punchline: the proof is 13GB long, larger than the entire Wikipedia. SkipLagged is discrete math for travel nerds. Oh, and they’re getting sued. Of course. Unmanagement and unleadership New Year’s Resolution: Replace “I Have To” with “I Get To” To Be More Thankful and Mindful Sort of like saying “my wife”? I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.

Cutting Room Floor

3D-Printed Gun Folds and Shoots Paper Airplanes Lorem Ipsum, but for Beyonce. (ht @leahbannon) Dinner Scrum Almost related: The Dining Cryptograhers Problem

We Give Thanks

Matt Micene for our first Mailbag letter!

Episode 74: #74: NEST 9000

Dec 30, 2014 1:03:00


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about your singular uniqueness on the web, miniaturizing almost everything, and Dell IT using OpenShift.


One of these things is not like the other: Fodor’s Go List 2015 “A foreign language has been creeping into many of the presentations I hear and the memos I read. It adds nothing to a message but noise, and I want your help in stamping it out. It’s called gobbledygook. There’s no shortage of examples. Nothing seems to get finished anymore it gets “finalized.” Things don’t happen at the same time but “coincident with this action.” Believe it or not, people will talk about taking a “commitment position” and then because of the “volatility of schedule changes” they will “decommit” so that our “posture vis-à-vis some data base that needs a sizing will be able to enhance competitive positions.” That’s gobbledygook.” – Thomas J. Watson OpenShift’s Joe Fernandes’ comes out swinging in 2015. Endui App Looks To End DUIs Microsoft releases Project Orleans, code behind Halo 4 Jessica Silbey on Berkman Center’s Radio Berkman Podcast: determining the effect of copyright law and regulation through interviews with creators She’s promoting her new book, “The Eureka Myth: Creators, Innovators, and Everyday Intellectual PropertyChromium to start marking HTTP as insecure AmIUnique.org: Learn how identifiable you are on the Internet Google integrates Nest with Google Now, Gunnar sets himself on fire USB Armory: Open Source USB Stick Computer USBdriveby: covertly install a backdoor and override DNS settings with style This Board Lets You Give Any Arduino Project Predator-Style Heat Vision Outsmarting traffic together: People finding their ‘waze’ to once-hidden streets Dell IT uses Red Hat OpenStack after stumbling with some other guys OpenShift at SPAWAR, so that’s nice If you don’t have an opinion about the North Korea thing, may we suggest Pete W Singer’s? Alamo Drafthouse NSFW PSA: See also: Team America: World Police Oblique Strategies: Something Don Draper would say? Oblique strategy generator

Cutting Room Floor

The Creepy, Kitschy and Geeky Patches of US Spy Satellite Launches Panda: The Action Movie Ayn Rand Reviews Children’s Movies Also from Mallory Ortberg: Literary Break-up Texts


We Give Thanks

Dr. David A. Wheeler for the mobile browser suggestion!

Episode 73: #73: Devil Giraffe

Dec 23, 2014 34:04


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about forks, k-cups, and a Very Special Solutions Architect.

Screenshot 2014-12-13 07.50.01

Gunnar’s favorite tips on zoning policy in SimCity HT Robin Price: Keurig 2.0 Genuine K-Cup Spoofing Vulnerability Future of Popular Coding Tool in Doubt After It Splits in Two Let’s build a fingerprint reader into a trackpad Identity theft man bites dog New Red Hat Reference Architecture: Deploying Oracle Database 12c on Red Enterprise Linux 7- Recommended Practices Give the gift of RTM and get bonus months Margaret Hamilton is the coolest developer you’ve never heard of, looking like a 2014 hipster in 1972 and taking humans to the Moon Red Hat Solutions Architects are multi-dimensional Example: Ben Breard, his guitar, and the Purdie Shuffle

Cutting Room Floor

D&G Christmas ideas Brilliant guerrilla marketing: This Year You Can Rent Your Ugly Holiday Sweater Makes the perfect Christmas gift: Gently used Rapiscan backscatter body scanner for $8K For the child who has everything: Devil Giraffe For the man without beard Christmas decorations: Beard Christmas decorations Speech synthesis Christmas choir A table held up by buckets resting on it Mathematically perfect donuts At last: an in-browser Spirograph

We Give Thanks

Ben Breard for the Chick’n Pick’n Blues! Robin Price for the Keurig announcement

Episode 72: #72: Everything’s broken.

Dec 16, 2014 51:34


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about social media, which is broken. Also, BitCoin’s broken. And passwords are broken. Forge.mil is broken. Maker culture is broken. You get the idea.


Dave finds out CatSip is a thing, and wasn’t what he purchased One more reason to increase VTC use: Marriott and Hilton Announce Penalty for Last-Minute Cancellations The winner is: Google Music, mostly because of Chromecast. That’s how they get ya. Spotify account deleted, because I’m not buying new hardware. Videoconferencing is broken, but Firefox now includes well-packaged WebRTC for real Konklone says: get yourself a hard token BitCoin: not super anonymous if you’ve got €1500, turns out Amnesty International launches Detekt, which looks for surveillance software on your computer Smartphones are broken. Phones from 3rd tier vendors come with “Deathring” built right in “The Product Is You”: Social Media Edition Twitter’s taking an inventory of your running apps for advertising purposes. Opt out. The Photos You Post Online With a Product Could Be Used By Marketers Social Media Bots Offer Phony Friends and Real Profit Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tweetbots: Hosting a Hubot on OpenShift USPTO DevOps Meetup January 14th, Alexandria, VA, starring Etsy New Red Hat Security Site Let’s talk about procurement from Paul Brubaker of VMware Forge.mil goes down. Did anyone notice? DevOps Cafe podcast. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s worth hearing. Even if you don’t care about DevOps. Especially: Matt Coté and Jay Lyman Adrian Cockroft Economic failures of https Maker Culture is a kind of chauvinism. Gunnar’s convinced.

Cutting Room Floor

D&G Book Club: If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript For Uzoma: Breakmaster Cylinder drops Lakshmi Singh Welcome to the delightful subculture of Lego Album Covers The most thorough dissection of “Alien”’s design and typography you could possibly hope for CIA Admits Role In 1985 Coup To Oust David Lee Roth: “The last thing we wanted was to have another ‘Panama’ on our hands” Docker on Raspberry Pi

9-Factor Auth: something you have, something you know, something you are, something you desire, something you fear, something from deep insi

— Parker Higgins (@xor) November 18, 2014

a kid in this coding class said “you use the hashtag key to add a comment” and i set myself on fire so that's basically why i'm on fire

— Andrew Dupont (@andrewdupont) July 26, 2014

We Give Thanks

Robin Price and Shawn Wells for the security microsite Others?

Episode 71: #71: Everyone gets a lollipop.

Dec 9, 2014 43:09


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about Lollipop, and a little Inbox. But mostly Lollipop.


Android Official Blog: A sweet Lollipop, with a kevlar wrapping: New security features in Android 5.0. Android Clipboards: it’s complicated Gunnar explains how Chromecast transforms his Tinder experience. WhatsApp now includes a TextSecure backend and is encrypted by default Metadata. It’s a thing. Wearable black box: Fitbit Data Now Being Used In The Courtroom Google Inbox update: Why Did Google Decide To Split Inbox From Gmail? Gmail API

Episode 70: #70: A TAM We Like

Dec 2, 2014 40:43


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk to Dave Sirrine, Technical Account Manager and delightful human being.


Welcome Dave! Mmmm… Cookies FTW and Because BACON! What is a TAM? We’re hiring by the way Check out the Customer Portal’s Red Hat Access Labs like the IAVM to CVE mapper! CLI based cve mapper written in Python – cvewatch Red Hat Certificate System, Red Hat Directory Server, and Identity Management Dealing with angry people

We Give Thanks

Dave Sirrine for joining us on the show today!

Episode 69: #69: Supercookies

Nov 27, 2014 57:09


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about mobile phone surveillance that you pay for, peer-to-peer dropbox replacements, and the many faces of lock-in.


Peaky Blinders is like a watered-down Deadwood and will suffice for now AT&T Stops Using ‘Super Cookies’ To Track Cellphone Data Word of the week: “Middlebox”. 4G carriers don’t care one bit for your SPDY-laden, encrypted traffic. Hippie. BitTorrent Sync vs Cloud: Where Can You Trust Your Personal Data? Anybody try Syncthing.net or Transporter? Let’s Encrypt is a new certificate authority from the EFF and friends Tyranny of the default: Firefox dumps Google for search, signs on with Yahoo HT James Kirkland: E-Cigarettes From China Spreading Malware Through USB Charger 10,000 pay phones to become Wifi base stations in NYC see also: Ricochet Wireless This Week in Vendor Lockin: Anti-Competitive Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs In OS X This Week in Vendor Abandonment: Netflix Kills Off Its Public API, Takes A Few Applications Down With It Lawsuits as an Investment: Crowdfund Your Next Lawsuit With LexShares Gunnar helps give The Watchful Eye: Mitigating Risk in the Cloud on December 3 in Washington, DC Red Hat Private PaaS Workshop on December 11 in Washington, DC Red Hat Summit CFP now open! HT Itamar Heim: RHEV compliance policy scans with Nessus! FIPS compliant password vault with JBoss EAP and RHEL, thanks to Rich Lucente How have we not heard of DavMail? Connects standards-compliant clients to Exchange. Thanks, French defense establishment!

Cutting Room Floor

Save a bundle by anesthetizing octopi yourself: How to anesthetize an octopus Parakeet that sounds (and kinda looks) just like R2-D2! Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut, A 19 Minute Music Video Ground Drone: Low cost mobile robotics platform Brain transplant: OpenWorm’s mind in a LEGO robot’s body Browser based fluid dynamics simulator JS1K Night Highway


We Give Thanks

James Kirkland for the e-cigarette word of warning Itamar Heim for the Nessus and RHEV good news! Rich Lucente for the FIPS compliant password vault

Episode 68: #68: Not my circus, not my monkey.

Nov 18, 2014 35:57


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: computers that think, computers that think they’re thinking, and people that think computers are people.


Gunnar is a Trello addict The Mother of all Web Tracking Catalogs. I think we’re done now. Housewarming gift via Heat template: Germans get free heating from the cloud BrowserStack gets utterly humiliated ChatOps is just thrilling User modeling with Watson That Time 2 Bots Were Talking, and Bank of America Butted In The ultimate weapon against GamerGate time-wasters: a 1960s chat bot that wastes their time Lauren and her juggling app mentioned on Gizmodo and Lifehacker UK GCN wins Gunnarbait of the week Preceded by this article on DHS and Coverity. Succeeded by Dave’s article 6 tips for adopting open source published on GCN RHEL Atomic beta now out! Dave keeps the SELinux on in the Docker docs OpenShift Enterprise 2.2 is out, with Fuse and A-MQ Messaging cartridges (xPaaS!) and CloudForms integration https://install.openshift.com/ is mind-blowing. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 to 6.6 risk report Google Cloud Platform says: “Red Hat has contributed tirelessly to almost every component of the stack and has been instrumental in shaping and improving the overall production readiness of Kubernetes.” Not my circus, not my monkey: Idioms of the World HT Bob St. Clair and related: Management Time: Who’s Got the Monkey? 

Cutting Room Floor

Cat Math What Happens When A Photographer Secretly Takes Over A Town’s Surveillance Camera Software-Defined Talk Podcast

We Give Thanks

Bob St. Clair for monkey management tips

Episode 67: #67: “Your encryption is useless, Charlie Brown”

Nov 11, 2014 56:04


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about encrypting everything, why encryption doesn’t matter, and why we are all Charlie Brown now.

Lucy, in the role of a cloud server provider. Or telco. Or regulator. Lucy, in the role of a cloud server provider. Or telco. Or regulator. Every videogame memory from Gunnar’s childhood, implemented in JavaScript Taipan! UK spy chief, parroting his US counterparts, calls for crypto backdoors End-to-End Gmail Encryption code is up. New from the EFF: Secure Messaging Scorecard PrivacyGrade: Grading The Privacy Of Smartphone Apps Verizon and AT&T “supercookie” MITM attack. See if you’re being tracked at the obviously named amibeingtracked.com. D&G bait of the week: Dropbox’s Drew Houston Responds To Snowden’s Privacy Criticism: It’s A Trade-Off Aerophobia meets claustrophobia: Windowless Planes Will Give Passengers Panoramic Views. Ready To Use Within 10 Years. Yay? Why Facebook Just Launched Its Own ‘Dark Web’ Site Check your Hilton HHonors Points: Hackers plunder Hilton ‘HHonors’ rewards points, go on shopping spree ORNL and Dave’s replay: GovLoop: How Open Source Can Help Overcome Government’s Biggest Challenges OpenStack User Survey November 2014 are out. We maintain the vast majority of technologies used in computer, network, and storage, and 40% of the user base. Sweet! Heroism as anti-pattern: “VPAT is Public Sector specific, and therefore all previous cases have been resolved successfully by referring to Gunnar.” Ben Balter’s guide to communicating on GitHub works even without GitHub. EFF guide to avoiding surveillance includes not just articles, but “playlists” based on user stories.

Cutting Room Floor

Good Grief! Cancer Boy! is a strange little film reveals the utter futility of Charlie Brown’s very existence – in German! Related: Nein Quarterly Windows93 Movie trailer of the week: Daylight Saving Scientific paper of the week: The hipster effect:When anticonformists all look the same YouTube Flight Training of the week: Practice landing a Boeing with a charming Lithuanian accent.

Episode 66: #66: Old School

Nov 4, 2014 22:50


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about old-school network security, old-school email addresses, and an old-school partner with a new-school cloud broker.


Gunnar is delighted by Google InboxPocket Casts, and Klipsch headphones.  Not so much by the Bose. https podcast broken? Blame everyone. VMware’s tool to harden virtual networks: a spreadsheet RHEL 6.6, now with the SCAP Security Guide! With Laplock, You Get A Text Message When Somebody Unplugs Your Laptop Facebook and Yahoo Find a New Way to Save the Web’s Lost Email Addresses Gunnar at the Red Hat Forum in Dallas on Wednesday, November 5 Jason Kincl of ORNL and Dave on GovLoop’s How Open Source Can Help Overcome Government’s Biggest Challenges on Thursday, November 6 BAH releases their cloud broker to the ManageIQ community FICO Case Study: Your credit score depends on OpenShift Fixing a profoundly broken company tool with OpenShift Google “etymology companion”, and see a sweet diagram of the word’s origins

Screenshot 2014-10-26 17.57.09

Cutting Room Floor

CARDIAC: CARDboard Illustrative Aid to Computation Torturing virtual people with crowd simulation software Bulgarian Folk Dancing with AC/DC Plants Can Tell When They’re Being Eaten Belly Armor: Faraday apparel SkyMaul 2: Where America Buys His Stuff Photojournalism in Grand Theft Auto

Episode 65: #65: Blue Glove Treatment

Oct 21, 2014 56:12

Episode 64: #64: A Pig We’ll Miss

Oct 7, 2014 1:03:15


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about FBI Whining (aka “Clipper II”), Malvertising, Richard Branson’s alarming new PTO policy.


Lauren: “R.I.P. to Ginners, the inspiration for this game. She had a long life and we loved her a lot, and got a lot of love in return.” Straight outta Akron: TinyCircuits’ new TinyScreen: A color display the size of your thumb! There’s lock-in, and then there’s RICO: Keurig coffee sued for $600M by Ontario-based Club Coffee Apple, Google default cell-phone encryption “concerns” FBI director “Apple will become the phone of choice for the pedophile,” said John J. Escalante, chief of detectives for Chicago’s police department. “The average pedophile at this point is probably thinking, I’ve got to get an Apple phone.” The level of privacy described by Apple and Google is “wonderful until it’s your kid who is kidnapped and being abused, and because of the technology, we can’t get to them,” said Ronald Hosko, who left the FBI earlier this year as the head of its criminal-investigations division. “Who’s going to get lost because of this, and we’re not going to crack the case?” Eric Holder says: “When a child is in danger, law enforcement needs to be able to take every legally available step to quickly find and protect the child and to stop those that abuse children. It is worrisome to see companies thwarting our ability to do so.” No fly list? Chinese security body-searches 10,000 pigeons Also in China: Firechat p2p chat is being used by protestors in Hong Kong… and it’s also not secure. Bonus link: Drone Shows Thousands Filling Hong Kong Streets This Week in Irony: Pakistani Man Indicted for Selling StealthGenie Spyware App Meanwhile, local law enforcement buys and gives away ComputerCop poorly designed spyware to the public Is your local law enforcement giving out ComputerCop, like Dave’s and Gunnar’s? How to steal ATM pins with an iPhone Immune to spyware: The NoPhone D&G Black List Term of the Week: Malvertising D&G White List Term of the Week: Provenance Cloudflare introduces Universal SSL MIT Students Battle State’s Demand for Their Bitcoin Miner’s Source Code Lauren and her juggling app featured in Raspberry Pi Today OwnCloud on Red Hat Storage! Here’s the Reference Architecture Hortonworks with Red Hat Storage? Why yes, we got that too! What to do about Shellshock? Running RHEL 4? Make sure you have ELS which includes 10+ fixes to well known critical and important level security vulnerabilities! Shawn Wells is not just our sponsor, but a GCN Rising Star winner and FedScoop50 nominee! Congrats Shawn! 18F delights and amazes Gunnar with this open source guidance that doesn’t make him nauseous. Federal-wide open source policy? ¯\(ツ)/¯ Billionaire Richard Branson Wants Everyone to Have Unlimited Vacation

Cutting Room Floor

The Radio Hat is the perfect accessory for Faraday Pajamas! Where the Wild Things Are (as read by Christopher Walken) HT Mrs. Egts: Octoberfest in Kent featuring traditional food from Taco Tantos! Wait, what? Windows 95 backpack Zombie Safe Zone Map

We Give Thanks

Ginners for being the inspiration that launched Lauren’s open source career! Ken Burns and TinyCircuits for the TinyScreen update! Mrs. Egts for the Octoberfest update.

Episode 63: #63: Presidential Style

Sep 23, 2014 55:56


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about more about civet cat scat, the TI-84 racket, my mobile backend, and Red Hat Cloud for Government.

Soren would like to apologize for screaming bloody murder for the duration of this episode.

Richard M. Nixon Boards the White House Helicopter August 9, 1974.

Gunnar’s presentation au Quebec, mais pas en français. Dave enjoys Hard Core History on the Silver Line SELinux labeled NFS is super easy to configure on RHEL 7 HT Matt Micene:

Catching up on the podcast, your missing Indonesian coffee animal is the Civet Cat. There’s a huge deal around “sustainable” and cruelty free gathering of scat…

Screenshot_9_19_14__10_41_AMHT Erich Morisse:

Your show got me thinking of my long neglected Yahoo! email account, and I wanted to see if there was any signal buried in the years of neglected spam. On a whim, I tried regex figuring most real people would have their name as Firstname\sLastname. By gum! It worked: from:"^[^/s]* [^/s]*$" -in:trash
Worst part: Nope, no signal in the noise. (see pie chart)

Ripe for disruption: The unstoppable TI-84 Plus: How an outdated calculator still holds a monopoly on classrooms See also Life imitating art: Facebook — for rich people (for just $9,000) Let’s recall Metcalfe’s law Related: New App Matches You With Others In Vicinity Who Wasted $2.99 On Same App USSS to check visitor blocks before they arrive at the White House Lauren is Code.org’s Student of the Week! Gunnar will be at Code for America 2014 in San Francisco September 23-25, NASCIO 2014 in Nashville September 28 to October 1, and the Red Hat Forum in Washington DC October 23 RHEL 5.11 Risk Report Red Hat welcomes FeedHenry! Red Hat Cloud for Government launched A Partner We Like: Autonomic’s ARCWRX Solution is Ready to Fill PaaS Void After DISA STAX Sunset Another Partner We Like Just as Much: Booz Allen Hamilton and Red Hat have teamed up to host the ManageIQ Design Summit October 7-8 cobra-commanderD&G Job Title of the Week: Chaos Commander Gunnar did housekeeping this week Let’s talk about dotfiles and why they should all be on git Moved from screen to tmux, mostly because tmux is google-able Cupcake: help people avoid censorship by installing a Chrome extension

Cutting Room Floor

Prosthetic anti-surveillance face Goodnight, Dune George Mason University’s Green Machine pep band rages against the machine Hamster wheel standing desk Metástasis con Walter Blanco The Suitsy: The business suit onesie hybrid (“It’s like if a jumpsuit and a business suit had a lovechild.”)

We Give Thanks

Matt Micene and Erich Morisse for the follow up!

Episode 62: #62: Gone With the Wind

Sep 16, 2014 43:16


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about man-in-the-middle attacks, and that’s pretty much it.


TORNADO! Chromebook update: OpenVPN now works out of the box on Chrome OS 37.0.2062.119 (Platform version: 5978.80.0/5978.81.0) or higher Google Hangouts gets a huge update, including Google Voice integration Meanwhile: AT&T to Launch WiFi Calling in 2015 Gunnar visits OTF Conscious Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans Using Non-Invasive Technologies Totally creepy: A New Type of Phishing Attack Canvas fingerprinting is creepy, and how it’s being delivered (by AddThis) is creepier. Gunnar will be at Salon du Logiciel Libre et des technologies ouvertes du Québec le 17 septembre 2014 SLED Red Hat Virtual Summit 2014 on Sept 24 and 25 From the Gospel of St. Kurt: Is your software fixed? Satellite 6 is GA: Get started here Red Hat Open Demos HT Dave Sirrine: Awesome RHEL 6 to 7 cheat sheet! Microsoft, eBay apps open to man-in-the-middle diddle Check the list Finding Android SSL Vulnerabilities with CERT Tapioca The Man in the middle: Comcast Wi-Fi serving self-promotional ads via JavaScript injection Rogue ‘Cell Towers’ Can Intercept Your Data; At Least One Found In Chicago Bonus: “The police seem to have interpreted the agreement to bar them even from revealing their use of Stingrays to judges, who we usually rely on to provide oversight of police investigations” Top Secret America Solutions: RedPhone TextSecure Tox

Cutting Room Floor

Poststructuralism explained with hipster beards Breast pump hackathon More clothing as survelliance countermeasure

Episode 61: #61: Monkey Business

Sep 9, 2014 46:43


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: monkey selfies, elephant-based coffee, and yak shaving with OpenStack.

Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. Dave is all all Skyped up on RHEL 7 Provides 32 bit qtwebkit which isn’t in EPEL HTTPS mandates: “With great power comes a tiny amount of responsibility.” D&G Joke Kit of the Week: Monkey’s selfie cannot be copyrighted, US regulators say Open source intelligence: Gun Safety, Self Defense, and Road Marches – Finding an ISIS Training Camp Hard Core History Shamless plug for my friend Graeme’s wonderful ISIS piece Stealing encryption keys through the power of touch When not working for America’s Got Talent finalists, Lauren spends her free time working at NASA. #2!!! –> Top 5 articles of the week: Linux, Hadoop, and NASA! Lauren’s Raspberry Pi virtual reality wall at NASA Dave takes RH254R for RHEL 7 Now with less yak shaving: Red Hat Introduces Open Virtual Appliance for Seamless OpenStack Evaluations Almost related: OpenShift Enterprise Offline Developer Virtual Machine Image CloudForms 3.1 released Lonely jobs, part 2: No. 1 Most Expensive Coffee Comes From Elephant’s No. 2

Cutting Room Floor

Ben Balter’s Glossary of Government Acronyms IBM’s 1937 corporate songbook Pop songs as Shakespearean sonnets InternetSteamGauge: a pressure gauge to display Internet usage 26 Famous (And Free) Fonts You’ll Want To Start Using Immediately 15 foot tall parking sign Meanwhile in Japan: Apologies as a Service

We Give Thanks

Brian Stevens for his leadership and mentorship

Episode 60: #60: Faraday Pajamas

Aug 26, 2014 51:21


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about vampire plants, spider oaks, and ultrasonic potatoes.

No radiation gets in, only creepy vibes get out. Lauren’s latest project now published: Raspberry Pi powered juggling performance Gunnar loves pajamas, especially these HT Matt Micene: Ultrasonic everything Gunnar removes chips, water, and plants from the Faraday cage in his basement: Researchers reconstruct human speech by recording a potato chip bag The Gyroscopes in Your Phone Could Let Apps Eavesdrop on Conversations Bad Bio: Evil Talking Plants Use DNA Communication Open source mind control: A new brain-computer interface lets DIYers access their brain waves Yahoo to provide PGP encryption for mail Almost related: AOL still has 2.3 million dialup subscribers SpiderOak Implements A Warrant Canary Google Says Website Encryption – Or Lack Thereof – Will Now Influence Search Rankings In-Q-Tel CISO Dan Geer: Security expert calls home routers a clear and present danger More from Dan Geer: CIA’s venture firm security chief: US should buy zero-days, reveal them Good news/bad news for Shawn Wells: Ohio Turnpike says sponsorships, ads OK, but not naming rights to tollway Formal ALUG Meeting: Controlling juggling pins with Raspberry Pi – Lauren Egts on September 4 Try the tel:// hack yourself by clicking here to call Red Hat’s 800 number and buy something

Cutting Room Floor

Google Mesa is crazytown From O’Reilly Radar’s Four short links: “Paper by Googlers on the database holding G’s ad data. Trillions of rows, petabytes of data, point queries with 99th percentile latency in the hundreds of milliseconds and overall query throughput of trillions of rows fetched per day, continuous updates on the order of millions of rows updated per second, strong consistency and repeatable query results even if a query involves multiple datacenters, and no SPOF. (via Greg Linden)”

We Give Thanks

Matt Micene for making us more paranoid Mr Porter for the thumbnail on this post.

Episode 59: #59: Alphabet Soup

Aug 22, 2014 51:21


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: GSA USDS 18F OMB OSS LOL BBQ & RHEL SSG, RHEL VPAT, KVM, EAP GA, IBM+BRMS.


Dave gets all Chromebooked up How to Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Google Cloud Print Server Gunnar gets all RØDE Podcastered up Calling Dr. Clater: Star Trek Axanar and Star Trek Phase II Correction: MSFT wasn’t subject to EU data protections, and in fact that’s what the Judge’s decision was about: whether they could comply with the warrant given the nexus of jurisdiction GSA and 18F: Open Source First 18F goes open first. GSA follows suit. US Digital Service announced, with Playbook and TechFAR. Bonus Gunnar press hit Lessons from the UK’s Govt Digital Service Gunnar’s posts on 18F and USDS More transparency made the Fed quieter, more conservative, more worried about how smart it sounds Gunnarbait of the week: Microsoft’s Olivier Bloch Explains Microsoft Open Source (Video) This Week in Vendor Abandonment: Rackspace bows out commodity IaaS market in favor of ‘managed cloud’ Lauren’s new Raspberry Pi project’s maiden voyage: Impossible Deceptions, Charles Peachock & Jason Alan Magic on August 23 Formal ALUG Meeting: Controlling juggling pins with Raspberry Pi – Lauren Egts on September 4 Dave bait: Docker kicks KVM’s butt in IBM tests Performance Analysis of Docker on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 RHEL 6.6 Beta is out Includes the SCAP Security Guide!!! VPAT for RHEL 7! JBoss EAP 6.3 is GA Reminder: JBoss BRMS and IBM are the only BRMS worth looking at, per Forrester OpenShift now up at UNC The copy of the U.S. Constitution that’s installed on every Mac

Cutting Room Floor

Fold a shirt in 2 seconds TBD: A SkyMall catalog of the future Philosophy Referee Hand Signals Beautiful Open Source Project Sites Building a Better Butter Knife

Episode 58: #58: You Will Know Dave’s Vacation By the Trail of Destruction

Aug 12, 2014 38:45


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about Barthelona, Gaudi, Toledo, Detroit, the Stasi, and why cloud providers can’t have nice things.


Barcelona and Detroit trip report Barcelona Uber is there but illegal Nova Icària is the Egts family’s preferred Barcelona beach When in town, be sure to check out Montserrat, Las Ramblas, and Sagrada Família Detroit Maker Faire Dave highly recommends: The Henry, Autograph Collection The Stasi almost caught up to Dave Truck crashes into East Toledo Tony Packo’s Toledo faces water crisis after dangerous toxin found in supply Don’t Drink the Water … In Lake ErieDon’t order the Toledo Outback Bloomin’ Algae. It’s terrible.” Gunnar can’t stop watching the new Mad Max trailer Gunnar BobbleheadStasi doppelgänger follow up: Chinese 3D Printer Allows You to 3D Print a Human Sized 1:1 Wax Replica of Yourself Almost related: Bannerman = Uber for bodyguards Chromecast to use ULTRASOUND Striesand is an onramp-to-darkweb-in-a-box. Think of the Streisand Effect. HT Robin Price: Google’s Project Zero Now you can experience the ultimate joy like never before using Pinwheel! Obama administration says the world’s servers are ours Is AWS stumbling? Lowering Cost of Government IT on August 21 Lauren’s new Raspberry Pi project’s maiden voyage: Impossible Deceptions, Charles Peachock & Jason Alan Magic on August 23 Dear EPA: Please buy CloudForms. Love, Dave and Gunnar. Start here with James Labocki and Thomas Cameron InfoWorld ♥s OpenShift OpenShift Enterprise on Autonomic Resources’ PaaS solution, ARCWRX, is “in evaluation” for FedRAMP authorization Want to learn more? Dan Walsh on Docker Security

Cutting Room Floor

Weird Al’s Foil — stay for the plot twist David A. Wheeler bait! Mathematically-proved OS kernel is open source (on Github) Watch James Baldwin debate William F. Buckley at Cambridge in 1966 Gunnar is ready for this 34″ monitor Bertolt Brecht sings “Mack the Knife” and creeps Gunnar out Declassified: The Government’s Secret Plan For a Military Moon Base That Time The CIA Kidnapped A Soviet Spacecraft MakerBot 3D printers now available in a dozen Home Depot stores Tips For Crafting A Strong Password That Really Pops

We Give Thanks

HT Robin Price for the Project Zero heads up

Episode 57: #57: 10¢ Beer Night

Jul 22, 2014 40:49


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: Dave’s Russian agents, VMware’s nightmarish Docker future, everyone learns what “navigator” is in Greek.


Cпасибо? Dave’s article is mentioned in Russian D&G bait: Will Docker and VMware Compete? Betteridge’s law of headlines Libswarm and Apache Mesos will help with management Red Hat and Google Collaborate on Kubernetes to Manage Docker Containers at Scale Learn more here Linux Wants Automakers to Stop Failing at Infotainment by Using Common Software Joe Brockmeier has a new podcast Silence is golden: Video Essay Beautifully Shows Martin Scorsese’s Use of Silence in Film 10 Cent Beer Night Tim Russert of NBC’s Meet the Press was a student at at the time: “I went with $2 in my pocket. You do the math.”

Cutting Room Floor

Today in Videoconferencing Entlistungsfreude: The satisfaction achieved by crossing things off lists GitBook: no excuses HT Erich Morisse: DOD’s industry is “Accounting”, per LinkedIn Ohio news flash: Alice Cooper inducted into the White Castle Hall of Fame Speaking of Cleveland You talkin’ to me? Next time you’re in Austin, check out Robert De Niro’s Taxi Cab License Used to Prepare for Taxi Driver Also at the Ransom Center, a chilling World War I exhibit that Gunnar really enjoyed

We Give Thanks

Erich Morisse for the civics lesson.

Episode 56: #56: Surveillance and PSYOPs

Jul 15, 2014 53:56


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: Government Surveillance, Corporate Surveillance over land, sea and air, Personal Surveillance, and a vague but pervasive sense that you’re being monitored at this very moment.

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Matthew Burton has a podcast: “Let’s Talk Calmly About Security and Privacy” Don’t call me Shirley: Sherlybox is a private Dropbox based upon Raspberry Pi See also the ‘NSA-proof’ Protonet Economics of Bulk Surveillance This week in irony: Tech leaders unite on government data collection reform Do as I say, not as I do: Google Edition Google Fit to curate steps, calories, heart rate, other biometric data Control Google Glass w/telekinesis using MindRDR Google launches SkyNet Google to offer low-cost Wifi hardware to businesses, free access to customers Do as I say, not as I do: Facebook Edition Tyranny of the default: Facebook to show ads based on your browsing history, but let you change them Why online tracking is getting creepier The (PSYOP) product is you: Facebook tries to explain motives for secret user experiments Facebook and Newspeak Speaking of altruism, end-to-end encryption in Gmail Almost related: More Corporations Using Tag And Release Programs To Study American Consumers Defense in Depth 2014 on July 30 Lowering Cost of Government IT on August 21 Lauren’s new Raspberry Pi project’s maiden voyage: Impossible Deceptions, Charles Peachock & Jason Alan Magic on August 23 Do as we do: Red Hat doesn’t want your data HT Jamie Duncan: soscleaner!

Cutting Room Floor

HT Matt Micene: Fake followers can improve your prevalence Bing search results Animal Farm: Watch the Animated Adaptation of Orwell’s Novel Funded by the CIA (1954) How the CIA secretly published Dr Zhivago Ayn Rand’s Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Collectivism Totally incognito: Designers create a Faraday-cage cloak to foil NSA, other spies Know Your Double: A doppelgänger field guide Free Internet, free nightmares: The Clown Motel LettuceBot is an open source killer robot for lettuce “The machine worked fast. Very fast. I’ve never seen anything work so fast.

We Give Thanks

Jamie Duncan for soscleaner! Matt Micene for the Gunnarbait

Episode 54: #54: Dockah Dockah Dockah

Jul 8, 2014 43:42


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about containers, Project Atomic, Containers, RHEL 7, Containers, RHEV 3.4, and DockerDockah.

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United joins Delta with point per dollar spent, not miles flown. Animals. Text STOP to 48369 to quit iMessage Standing desks are passé: More Office Workers Switching To Fetal Position Desks Feedly and Evernote Go Down As Attackers Demand Ransom This week in vendor abandonment: Netflix Will Shut Down Public API Support For Third-Party Developers On November 14 What Are You Talking About? The Cloud Edition on July 16 Defense in Depth 2014 on July 30 Lowering Cost of Government IT on August 21 Lauren’s new Raspberry Pi project’s maiden voyage: Impossible Deceptions, Charles Peachock & Jason Alan Magic on August 23 Dave’s new article: How Linux containers can solve a problem for DOD virtualization Major Hayden on CoreOS v. Atomic Getting started with Docker Dockah, dockah, dockah. IAVM to CVE mapper in the Red Hat Customer Portal RHEL 7 is out and already in evaluation for Common Criteria! RHEV 3.4 is out! A Customer We Like: The Broad Moving to open source? 5 years worth of anticipated savings will be swallowed by exit costs of proprietary software New DOD Acquisition in NDAA “it’s complicated”

Cutting Room Floor

Tom Lee on Internet of Things: “It was unclear why your boss was paying for you to get drunk at SXSWi but he was and it was awesome and everything was surely about to change.” Partially Examined Life Austin gets a Container Bar. Get it? Hawaii 5-0 Drum Fill This week in cognitive surplus: Star Wars in alphabetical order Um, no: A Brilliant Double-Decker Armrest That Would Make Flying Less Hellish

We Give Thanks

Major Hayden for teaching about the differences between CoreOS and Atomic

Episode 55: #55: Mike Guerette loves developers.

Jun 25, 2014 19:48


This week, Dave and Mike pay the rent by talking about Red Hat’s developer tools.

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Red Hat Developer Blog has technical articles on Red Hat Software Collections and Red Hat Developer Toolset and their related technologies, plus DevOps and much more. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Program Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Subscriptions Red Hat Software Collections (dynamic languages, databases, web servers) Red Hat Developer Toolset (GCC, etc.): What “Developer Support” means Red Hat Developer Toolset now in more RHEL subscriptions

Episode 52: #52: Sixteen Tons

Jun 4, 2014 30:38


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about Apple’s lock-in empire, autonomous vehicles, and improvisational theater as a way of life.

Ernie Ford

Southwest adds non-stop flights from Canton-Akron to DCA Soylent Youngstown: This Ohio cricket farm is first in US to raise ‘chirps’ for human consumption Scratch (the creative learning environment from #MIT) version 2.0 now open source! Swift: Apple owns the language, the tools, the means of distribution, and demands 30% of your revenue Sixteen Tons Banality of Evil: Apple’s not quite sure why you’re locked in Winners of FBI Corporate Hackathon Competition announced Russians capture cigarette-smuggling drone Google’s Next Phase in Driverless Cars: No Steering Wheel or Brake Pedals Tim Lee says this will normalize car sharing OpenWorm Kickstarter Dave and others from Red Hat at the AFCEA DC Emerging Technologies Summit 2014 on Friday, June 13 OpenShift Enterprise 2.1 now available! Free OpenShift O’Reilly book by Steven Citron-Pousty and Katie Miller RHEL6 STIG has been freshly updated Dan Risacher uncovers Gunnarbane: “SDN is as big as the original packetization in the network,” declared Stephen B. Alexander, senior vice president and CTO for Ciena. “We can light fiber as much as physics will allow. We can create terabit flows; but you’ll want to slice these terabits into different missions. SDN will virtualize networks—user-bespoke networks,” he stated 3 Ways Embracing the Principles of Improv Can Change Your Life

Cutting Room Floor

Advice to a Young Programmer from Tom Lee My Friend Totoro, Bus Stop Scene via Oculus Rift Pornburger.me is exactly what it sounds like Unlock Android with a manicure New Hobby: DOD Infographics Today in cognitive surplus: Auto Buds h/t Rebecca Williams Collective Noun Collective Handmade, Artisanal Plungers The Hipster Logo Design Guide Word of the Day: Cumulocentrism PSA: Reset your Bitly password! PSA: Change your Ebay password! And turn on 2 factor authentication for free while you’re at it please PayPal too

We Give Thanks

Dan Risacher for giving Gunnar a seizure Rebecca Williams for giving us something to talk about

Episode 51: #51: A Visit with the Doctor

May 20, 2014 59:11


This week Dave and Gunnar talk with special guest star and elder statesman of open source in security and government, Dr. David A. Wheeler about Heartbleed, security reviews, and why security vulnerabilities are like human organs.

Dr. David A. Wheeler

David’s How to Prevent the next Heartbleed article got picked up by Slashdot Fuzz testing All about Heartbleed How the Heardbleed bug works (in XKCD cartoon form) Heartbleed tick-tock HT Summer Maynard: What Heartbleed Can Teach The OSS Community About Marketing FIPS 140-2 The Linux Foundation starts the Core Infrastructure Initiative Open source code has fewer errors than proprietary code SCAP HT Robin Price: OpenSCAP 1.0.8 passed the NIST SCAP 1.2 certification David dislikes “responsible disclosure” as much as Gunnar dislikes “cybersecurity” Patches welcome: David’s FLOSS numbers database with special thanks to Paul Rotilie David’s Fully Countering Trusting Trust through Diverse Double-Compiling PhD dissertation and public defense video!

We Give Thanks

Dr. David A. Wheeler for guest starring and everything he’s done to advance the cause of open source in government. Summer Maynard and Robin Price for giving us ideas to talk about Paul Rotilie for helping with the FLOSS numbers database

Episode 50: #50: Trenton on Notice

May 13, 2014 42:46


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: procurement disasters past, present, and future, cloud arbitrage, Bannana Slugs and storage, and the Large Hadron Collider, homesteading on the cloud.


TRANSPORTER was the storage device we couldn’t think of in episode 47 Hackpad got bought by Dropbox Retraction: Psych! Microsoft didn’t really open-source MS-DOS (thanks David A. Wheeler!) Trigger Warning: NJ procurement Compare this with the UK red line policy VanRoekel in Congress, hat in hand. Nike stops making FuelBand — Dave and Gunnar Trigger Warning! Gunnar Fitbit Force rash status: Pending Compare and contrast: 5 things tech buyers just don’t care about and Google’s Project Ara Could Bring PC-Like Hardware Ecosystem To Phones HT Matt Micene: Bored with trading oil and gold? Why not flog some CLOUD servers? Chicago Mercantile Exchange plans cloud spot exchange Emergent and Red Hat JBoss BRMS Workshop & Happy Hour Storage workshop: Modern Data Protection Tour by Red Hat Red Hat welcomes Inktank! OpenShift and Hortonworks Data Platform GearD: The Intersection of PaaS, Docker and Project Atomic by Matt Hicks Dell and Red Hat Deliver Enterprise-Grade, OpenStack Private Cloud Solution, Extend Co-Engineering to Deliver OpenShift and Linux Container Solutions CERN uses RHEV to tell the difference between matter and anti-matter. Do you? CERN’s Zombie movie Sovereign: Ansible playbooks for homesteading on the Internet How can I get colleagues to stop bickering about trivialities? Design Thinking Wikipedia, Design, and Consensus

Cutting Room Floor

More drones moving to Linux New album released via Linux kernel module steganography Time is a flat circus HT Lauren: Programmer Ryan Gosling Raspberry Eye is a Raspberry Pi answer to Google Glass UFO typologies, circa 1967 1979 Mercedes El Camino The World’s Longest Conveyor Belt is 61 Miles Long D&G DIY Joke Kit of the Week: Convicted Terrorist Sentenced to Read Malcolm Gladwell Book Meanwhile in Cleveland: Verbatim: What Is a Photocopier? Almost related: Front Fell Off HT Doug Denny: Disgusting Computers Reading Rainbow HT Dan Walsh: SELinux coloring book now on GitHub Free OpenShift O’Reilly book by Steven Citron-Pousty and Katie Miller Red Hat Summit attendees get another free O’Reilly ebook

We Give Thanks

David A. Wheeler, Matt Micene, Lauren, Doug Denny, and Dan Walsh for giving us things to talk about! Mike Richichi for being “the colleague”. In truth, he was Gunnar’s boss.

Red Hat Summit 2014: Docker and Cloud Brokers with Nirmal Mehta

Apr 29, 2014 30:57


Dave and Gunnar talk with one of their favorite partners: Nirmal Mehta of Booz Allen Hamilton, Red Hat Innovation Award winner in 2013. It’s a nerdfest. And a Dockerfest.


Hey Nirmal: His name is Solomon Hykes. Atomic Project the container certification program Vagrant Nirmal wants a workflow. the Devnation Netflix session: it’s what Docker enables. the systemd session Open Source: yes, we actually buy that stuff. Chris works on BPMS, and it’s nice to know that it’s Chris. BAH’s Open Broker Platform = CloudForms + JBoss Fuse Dan Walsh’s Dockah Dockah Dockah

Red Hat Summit 2014: OpenShift with Dan Juengst

Apr 28, 2014 16:13


Dave got a chance to talk with OpenShift Marketing guru and D&G superfan Dan Juengst.


PaaS: stuffed crust innovation. The sausage you need, the pepperoni on-demand. Dell announced their support for OpenShift OpenShift Online Marketplace: we figured out how make other people money on OpenShift! SAP now building Sybase cartridges OpenShift, Docker, and RHEL. It’s on. geard is how RHEL manages containers, and it’ll fold into OpenShift upstream. Atomic Project is RHEL purpose-built to hold containers. Steve and Katie did an O’Reilly Book on OpenShift for Dan’s son. OpenShift .NET support: coming right up. Thanks, Uhuru! Who’s using OpenShift? Cisco, Boeing, CenturyLink, Dreamworks, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. And that’s just the folks who’ll talk about it in public! Boeing and Cisco are using OpenShift for rapid prototyping Dreamworks is running their mobile apps on OpenShift Did you go to Devnation? You should have. Good news if you missed Dan’s session: we wrote it up.

RH Summit 2014: DOD Cloud with Ted Brunell

Apr 27, 2014 12:00


Ted’s Red Hat’s Cloud Architect for DOD. He enjoys roast beef, Docker, and OpenStack.


Ted’s Twitter handle is amazing. Innovation of the People, By the People, For the People Certified Cloud Provider Program Shawn Wells and the SCAP Security Guide Meat Docker, again. Brian Stevens’ keynote. Walk-on from Soren. Container Certification Program

RH Summit 2014: James Kirkland, King of Things

Apr 26, 2014 52:03


Dave chats with James Kirkland, Red Hat’s undisputed Internet of Things expert, with a cameo from Jan Mark Holzer.

Canadians pronounce RHEL wrong. The Chatsworth train collision got Positive Train Control started. They’re using AMQP. Injury, death! Canadians pronounce routers wrong. Why REST isn’t the only answer. How messaging works in electrical grids (this is where Gunnar gets jealous he wasn’t on the line) Most smart meters use MQTT. Yes, we support it. Bosch Connected World 2014 Snowden jokes! Robot freight trucks. They’re coming, and they’re uninsurable. Lee Congdon kicked us out of the room. Docker + IoT: using containers to deliver applications to a standardized, embedded platform. and don’t forget better app density in SWAP environments Personal privacy and aggregate privacy as two different things “Enterprization” of the control tier, getting professionalized and formally supported by an IT-like organization Look for ARM64 on there, with containers ARM64 on Fedora Ob Raspberry Pi mention Configuration Drift New AMQ Release: AMQP, HA without shared storage Devnation: it was great. How to Learn in Your Sleep James’ advice for the road, and for life: wants you to cultivate your Zen nature. Also, don’t be afraid to ask if you need something. App Choices Get TripIt Pro. CamScanner. Dave suggest leaving a Google Hangout with your whole family open, so you can update your family on what’s going on. Everybody’s child is in FRC, which is not an isolationist movement. ENDORSED: Minecraft Mods for kids

RH Summit 2014: Jan Mark Holzer, Panda Breeder

Apr 25, 2014 19:44


Dave and Gunnar talk with Jan Mark Holzer, who’s a “consulting engineer” in the same way Sherlock Holmes is a “consulting detective.” He’s a legend at Red Hat, and we were really lucky to get some time with him.

He gets around. 2.5 months in the air last year. Lucky for us, he’s a compulsive photographer. Customer Roundtables were a big hit. Open Compute Project

Red Hat Summit 2014: CODEvolved with Matt Micene

Apr 24, 2014 11:11


Dave and Gunnar catch up with Hellekson’s Law consigliere Matt Micene of DLT. They have a project called CODEvolved, which lets you stand up your own OpenShift in Amazon EC2.


They even figured out how to do a hybrid model: on-premise and on EC2. Want to run this on bare metal? They covered that, too. xPaaS is coming! .NET is coming!

Red Hat Summit 2014: Linux Kernel Internals with Linda Wang

Apr 24, 2014 29:16


Dave talked with Linda Wang, Senior Software Engineering Manager with Red Hat. Her team handles memory management, scheduling, kdump, and all that gnarly low-level stuff. Learn how kpatch was created because of a missed conference call, and get some tips from Linda on how to participate in kernel development.


We’re adding Snappy compression in the kernel How containers are supported by kernel namespace, control groups, systemd, and SELinux – and why Docker is a big deal. Linda missed a conference call, so now we’re supporting kpatch. She did a whole session on it. Check out the RHEL Roadmap session Auto NUMA balancing Get the RHEL 7 Release Candidate!

Episode 47: #47: Out-of-Order Execution

Apr 10, 2014 1:06:00



This week Dave and Gunnar talk about home storage, open source 5th columnists at MSFT, the Amazon unicorn factory, Gunnar’s new job, new workflow, and Georgios Papanikolaou, a monthly visitor of guinea pigs.

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Image courtesty of [@feitclub](https://twitter.com/feitclub/status/450821996650057728/photo/1)Image courtesty of @feitclub Redshift in EPEL dynamically adjusts screen brightness and color based upon location and time of day like f.lux OpenSpritz and FBReader OpenSpritz Plugin for speed reading! Dave’s choice is jetzt on Firefox with a workaround Lauren, now in ebook form and as an Opensource.com 2014 People’s Choice Award nominee Bonus link: Ellie the robot is ready to compete Gunnar is thrilled about a revamped and open sourced dgshow.org his other new new project Soren! Gunnar’s Drobo 2.0? — Google Drive prices slashed! Anyone try Insync? Is Space Monkey the device Gunnar thought he heard mentioned on Back to Work? Anyone try the Synology Dropbox-like storage product? Goodyear Zeppelin arrives near Dave’s house Goodyear’s next generation iconic airship takes flight RHEL 6.6’s plans for inclusion of the SCAP Security Guide Heartbleed: oy. See if your favorite web site is vulnerable ← Runs on OpenShift! Sleep well — Red Hat has you covered Open Wifi: don’t listen to this radio in my window. By extension, is it then illegal to strobe someone else’s server? Gunnar’s been complaining about this since 2003 Microsoft releases source code for its OS and Word (MS-DOS 1.1 and 2.0 and Word for Windows 1.1a specifically) Microsoft Launches .NET Foundation To Foster The .NET Open Source Ecosystem AWS urges developers to scrub GitHub of secret keys ATM operators eye Linux as alternative to Windows XP Dave and Gunnar need this like we need smart watches: Google and Microsoft are out to stop dual-boot Windows/Android devices Nice open source list of 2 factor authentication sites + ways to pester those who don’t have it yet HT Dave Sirrine: ScratchJr — Coding for Young Kids Cisco cozies up to Red Hat and KVM RHEL on Google Compute Engine with Cloud Access! AWS Achieves DoD Provisional Authorization RIP, the server. It’s time to breathe the air of cloud connection ‘Amazon has destroyed the unicorn factory’ … How clouds are making sysadmins extinct AFSPC CIO thinks we’re doing consolidation, not cloud. Agree? Disagree? Talk amongst yourselves. HT Bob Kozdemba: How to request resources for Non-Profit, Open Source, or Educational Institutions A Customer We Like: NASA and their launch control center firing room featuring Red Hat (Enterprise) Linux (6)! slack.com looks really interesting for collaboration Gunnar plays with capture tools like NewsBlur and Blogtrottr but can’t quit rss2email and processing tools like Pinboard which he still needs to figure out D&G Book Club: The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer Ken Burns 6 hour documentary coming in 2015 The pap test for cervical cancer screening is due to Georgios Papanikolaou in 1928 where he studied the menstrual cycles of guinea pigs Related: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks — start with the Radiolab episode and follow up episode Bonus book: Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well

Cutting Room Floor

Pretty great interview with Horowitz of Andreesen Horowitz A persuasive case for government-run/subsidized Internet Semantic Versioning — It’s a thing Amazon Dash: genius Make your own GitHub ribbon with CSS alone Twilight Zone action figures (in black and white!) The Expert JakToGo: Great for smuggling hams into movie theaters too

We Give Thanks

Dave Sirrine for letting us know about ScratchJr Bob Kozdemba for helping spread the word about free OpenShift for non-profit, open source, and educational institutions

Episode 49: #49: A Word from Our Sponsor

Apr 1, 2014 48:06


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk with Shawn Wells about the origins of the SCAP Security Guide, community building with the government and integrators, and future plans for the OpenStack Security Guide.

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Breaking News: SCAP Security Guide is shipping in RHEL6.6!

NSA SNAC Guide SCAP mil-oss, the finest collection of DOD open source nerds you’ll find anywhere SCAP Security Guide RPMs are in EPEL! Check out the National Checklist Program Repository for SCAP policy for all kinds of products like the one for RHEL 6 Do manual checks with OCIL like this one for JBoss EAP 5 jOVAL, create and use SCAP on basically any platform. System Deployment & Security Auditing with RHN Satellite & Nessus: slides
and recording SSG is the upstream for the RHEL STIG OSCAP Anaconda Addon project Subscribe to gov-sec for updates on a Defense in Depth Day near you Jeff Blank’s and Shawn’s upcoming Summit session OpenStack Security Guide Call to action: join the fun on scap-security-guide!

We Give Thanks

Shawn Wells for leading the SSG community and stopping by to speak with us!

Episode 48: #48: Tiny Circuits, Big Factory

Mar 21, 2014 21:41


This week Dave and Gunnar talk with special guest correspondent Lauren Egts about her interview with Ken Burns of TinyCircuits for Open Source Hardware Week!

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Lauren Egts and Ken Burns

Lauren’s Opensource.com article interviewing Ken Burns of TinyCircuits: Like Arduino? Miniaturize your project with TinyCircuits Arduino Check out Open Source Hardware Week at opensource.com

We Give Thanks

Ken Burns for making tiny open source hardware and letting us share the audio of the interview! Lauren Egts for interviewing Ken Burns and being our guest correspondent!

Episode 46: #46: Prisencolinensinainciusol

Mar 12, 2014 1:01:19


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: talk about: backups, media players, Amazon GovCloud, new JBoss releases, Gilligan’s Island.

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Star Trek Continues E02 “Lolani” puts Dave in a state of euphoria The Twilight dude puts Gunnar in a state of euphoria Drobo or Dropbox or something else? Delta SkyMiles To Be Based On Price Of Ticket, Not Distance Of Flight Added to the list of Things Gunnar Won’t Buy: Keurig’s next generation of coffee machines will have DRM lockdown Apple CarPlay coming to a Volvo near you “Will Apple allow Google Maps on CarPlay?” Google opens up Chromecast with new streaming SDK for iOS, Android, Chrome cloud.cio.gov is surprisingly useful! Better than Cam Scanner? Google Drive updated with quick-scan widget and animated GIF support From the ACLU: How location data can be abused FCC To TV Companies: You Can’t Broadcast Emergency Alert Tones If It’s Not An Emergency RIT now offers a minor in open source. Red Hat and RIT have been working on this for a while! So we don’t get hate mail from Langdon White: Check out DevNation April 13-17 in San Francisco! Get the lowest rate for the Red Hat Summit by going through your Red Hat account team. Over 40 OpenStack sessions! Dave moderating Government Lunch panel and Innovation Award Finalist panel! RHEL is now on GovCloud! JBoss BPM, BRMS released: welcome, Polymida! JBoss Fuse ESB on OpenShift: You can fit the install command in a tweet! .NET support hits OpenShift Origin! Oracle 12c install guide for RHEL 6 Inktank has publicaly stated support for RHEV3.3 and RHEL OSP4 in their 1.1 release In exchange, we published benchmarks that show Gluster is 2x as fast as Ceph. We’re classy! RTM pro-tip: yearly reminder for old blog posts Clever Map Reveals Which Cities Get the Best Weather 17 Facts You Might Not Know about Gilligan’s Island Commedia dell’Arte Free nightmare are available via Google Image search for plague mask HT D&G Ambassador to Japan Adam Clater: Why do Japanese people wear surgical masks? It’s not always for health reasons Far Side classic: How Nature Says “Do Not Touch”

Cutting Room Floor

Choosing secure passwords by Bruce Schneier Short rib recipies don’t qualify as Massachusetts vehicle inspection stickers Download 15,000+ Free Golden Age Comics from the Digital Comic Museum World’s fastest nose typer Fake chef pranks local morning TV shows How computer-generated fake papers are flooding academia SCIgen paper generator What languages sound like to foreigners Prisencolinensinainciusol: Oll raigth! When your stab proof suit is at the dry cleaner’s, wear taser-proof clothing

We Give Thanks

Adam Clater for keeping us up to speed on Japanese culture.

Episode 45: #45: DevNation

Mar 10, 2014 33:30


This week Ray Ploski and Langdon White prep Dave and Gunnar for DevNation!

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Screenshot 2014-03-08 18.07.11

Check out www.devnation.org and follow @DevNationConf and #DevNation Developer Toolset and Red Hat Software collections DevAssistant AeroGear LiveOak Apache Cordova xPaaS Ceylon Vert.x Gene Kim of The Phoenix Project will be keynoting! From Ray for Langdon: C Sharp evangelist position in Cambridge

We Give Thanks

Ray Ploski and Langdon White for talking about DevNation with us!

Episode 44: #44: Glad to be here

Mar 5, 2014 1:12:32


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about affordances, partnerships, and a bunch of reasons Red Hat is a great place to work.

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Sophisticated multi-touch interfaces in vehicles have consequences.Sophisticated multi-touch interfaces in vehicles have consequences. Gunnar gets angry about DRM all over again and gets a ChromeCast while Dave is still thrilled with his Roku 3 Google buys SlickLogin, a startup out to kill the password with sound If you can’t wait for the book or movie, check out the D&G Origin Story Fork your own agency open source policy “Run me on OpenShift” Dave bait: Dear Car Makers: Please Hire People Like This Affordance So we don’t get hate mail from Langdon White: Check out DevNation April 13-17 in San Francisco! Get the lowest rate for the Red Hat Summit by going through your Red Hat account team kpatch! Learn more here Dave on a panel about How to Acquire and Implement Secure Cloud Solutions at the Symantec Government Symposium The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence welcomes Red Hat as a National Cybersecurity Excellence Partner Alcatel-Lucent and Dell are using Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform for (Software Defined) Networking Red Hat Storage 2.1 released! Test drive this and more on AWS! Red Hat Urges Supreme Court to Address Impediments to Innovation The Best Cloud Computing Companies And CEOs To Work For In 2014 A lifehacker we like: Dave and Gunnar review Jim Whitehurst’s productivity tricks Speaking of CEOs: How to Write Emails Like a CEO Email signature rules of engagement: the now-defunct protocol.by See the archived protocol builder related: remember geekcode? Is that a wallabag in place of Pocket or …?

Cutting Room Floor

Using Civ IV in schools: ENDORSED Tom Lee: “it’s especially vital now as the current generation of granary workers prepares to retire” HT Uzoma Nwosu: Exploring regional listening preferences The to-be-created OpenShift app of the week: Infinifriends sitcom script generator Bitcoins vs. Beanie Babies Plague Doctors are terrifying Guinea pig alternative: The sugar glider

We Give Thanks

AT&T U-verse for a great customer support experience. Jim Whitehurst for being a CEO we admire. Tom Lee for reminding us of the granary workers. Uzoma Nwosu for letting Dave know that Florida Georgia Line exists and is really popular in Ohio. Chris Williams found a bug in our mp3 encoding. Thanks, Chris! Problem fixed.

Episode 43: #43: Amquft

Feb 19, 2014 58:42


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: robotics, public and not-so-public goods, and redesigning airlines.

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Adam Clater: please explain. Dave is glad he’s moving to US Airways: United Airlines drops Cleveland as hub airport HT Cleveland expat James Labocki: Did Burke Lakefront Airport Miscalculations Add to Hopkins Hub Troubles in Cleveland? Meanwhile: Delta’s 80’s In-Flight Safety Video Almost related: Dave makes contingency plans for in-flight calling with DrumPants Risacher cited Hellekson’s Law twice at the Adobe Government event last week. Woo! Robotics fun: Team 2399‘s Epic Weekend! This year’s challenge Team 2399’s robot vision code on GitHub with OpenCV Ars rolls in with a telepresence robot Goldfish driving a robot car CFPB pull request of the week: I want RSS, you don’t have RSS, so here’s a patch enabling RSS on your website Comcast customer surprised to learn new router is also public hotspot Graph only Verizon FIOS here: Netflix ISP Speed Index Netflix speeds are down. But don’t blame Verizon. How Netflix and Google Could Lead the Fight For Net Neutrality NBC Olympic Coverage Is Killing Cord Cutters like Gunnar Dave is moderating a Red Hat Summit panel of Innovation Award finalists! HT Langdon White: Check out DevNation April 13-16 while at the Red Hat Summit! Red Hat and Hortonworks Deepen Strategic Alliance on Hadoop New by Dave: 2 questions to ask before diving into infrastructure-as-a-service RedHatGov on GitHub! British Airways RHEVs up private cloud Try it yourself! Boarding pass redesign More boarding pass redesign Ticketmaster redesign Gunnar’s fitbit and stated vs. revealed preferences The Perfect Way to Hold a Hamburger, Proven by Science

Cutting Room Floor

NSA-o-matic When not denouncing people in North Korea, try the State of the Union generator Postmodernism Generator Scott Pakin’s automatic complaint-letter generator Klingon valentines Evil Mad Scientist Valentines

We Give Thanks

Dan Risacher for mentioning Hellekson’s Law! Langdon White for reminding us to talk about DevNation!

Episode 42: #42: Topic Roulette

Feb 5, 2014 1:09:00


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: cleaning out the attic, transparency in companies, new RHEV release, and Packing for Mars by Mary Roach.

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That's Dave on the right.That’s Dave on the right. Lauren’s new article: Like Arduino? Miniaturize your project with TinyCircuits EFY Times’ version, now updated to include a little attribution Now use sound to levitate and do neat things with water HT Dan Walsh: Learn Spanish using SELinux Announcing New Amazon EC2 M3 Instance Sizes and Lower Prices for Amazon S3 and Amazon EBS Amazon’s ‘schizophrenic’ open source selfishness scares off potential talent, say insiders Amazon is a hornet’s nest of malware Adware vendors buy Chrome Extensions to send ad- and malware-filled updates Red Hat Summit sessions now live — 160+ sessions in 15 parallel tracks! Gunnar tells us How APIs will drive agency PaaS adoption RHEV 3.3 is now out! Self hosting helps further Dave’s vision of Secure virtualization for tactical environments Red Hat Storage adds new data protection features too Robin Price and Ted Brunell get CAC enabled OpenSSH to push code into OpenShift using git! See also: Dan Risacher‘s most awesome PuTTY-CAC A Customer We Like: The Lockheed Martin Cyber Security Alliance Gunnar’s version of AMSR: Hellekson Syndrome or “things fitting perfectly into other things” HT Erich Morrisse: Cow tunnels are the subterranean part of Manhattan’s lost meat infrastructure Michael Bay freakout lesson: there is no such thing as winging it D&G Book Club Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berkun Packing for Mars by Mary Roach Jump to Android’s Quick Settings with a Two-Finger Drag The Sims Changelog is amazing

Cutting Room Floor

Using sprintf() is a decision you can never take back North Korea knows what’s up Art sadly imitating life: A conference call in real life Awesome infoviz: Google’s Music Timeline: A Visualization of 60 Years of Changing Musical Tastes 16 Stupid Tech Job Interview Questions: Show Your Snark Q: If you could throw a parade of any caliber through the Zappos office, what type of parade would it be? A: I would return the money for the parade to shareholders.

We Give Thanks

Dan Risacher for making PuTTY-CAC, the constructive feedback, and being a good sport! Dan Walsh for helping us brush up on our Spanish. Robin Price and Ted Brunell for their CAC work! Erich Morrisse for adding “cow tunnel” to our vocabulary.

Episode 41: #41: Storage Manager Managers

Jan 28, 2014 49:24


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk to Ric Wheeler and Tom Coughlan, high priests of storage at Red Hat. It’s a total nerd-out, from shingled drives to data megatrends.

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Early disc farming.Early disc farming. All kinds of exciting storage features to check out in RHEL 7 beta Btrfs Device Mapper Storage Manager OpenLMI LVM SSDs dm-cache tuned pNFS Labeled NFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Red Hat Storage and GlusterFS Great storage partners like Jon Benedict and NetApp

We Give Thanks

Ric Wheeler and Tom Coughlan for visiting with us!

Episode 39: #39: A Scratch Programmer We Like

Jan 13, 2014 37:37


This week Dave and Gunnar celebrate Youth in Open Source Week, and talk with Dave’s favorite open source developer: his daughter, Lauren.

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Youth in Open Source Week at Opensource.com Lauren is a fan of Darik’s Boot And Nuke Lauren’s Gluster and Scratch on Raspberry Pi presentations at the Akron LUG The Great Guinea Pig Escape Lauren at the Cleveland and Akron Mini Maker Faires and Element 14 and Opensource.com interviews The Hathaway Brown Fighting Unicorns all girl robotics team! Episode 21’s movie of the week: Bots High

We Give Thanks

Jen Wike and Opensource.com for encouraging young coders, and young coder Lauren Egts for guest starring! Lauren's adorable Valentine to Dave.Lauren’s adorable Valentine to Dave.

Episode 38: #38: Penchant for Hyperbole

Jan 7, 2014 1:14:58


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: watching your email, hearing your GnuPG key, the smell of fresh-baked OpenStack, a taste of ARM on Fedora, a touch of Skynet.

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This episode’s title is dedicated to Peter Larsen. We heard you, and welcome your feedback!

Lauren wins the National Center for Women & Information Technology Aspirations in Computing 2014 Ohio Affiliate Award PaaS and Three Cruelties of Federal IT Gunnar enjoys Plague Inc when not catching up on Game of Thrones Dave says Roku 3 + Android app + {YouTube|Netflix} = Awesome Almost related: Fulfill your New Years resolution of clearing out your YouTube backlog at 2x speed Pandora for Android gets an alarm clock but it needs a cell or wifi connection Learn Over 60 Google Now Commands with This Infographic Jaguar makes fun of Mercedes-Benz cars for having the vestibular ocular reflexes of a chicken BadBIOS, part n: Acoustic cryptanalysis, and there’s a CVE for that Gmail blows up e-mail marketing by caching all images on Google servers Disable it if you want: Disable Automatic Image Loading in Gmail to Save Data and Privacy PSA: Your Phone Logs Everywhere You Go. Here’s How to Turn It Off Ebooks now read you Related: Google Play Books update allows ePub and PDF uploads right from your device Google Adds to Its Menagerie of Robots Related: U.S. military may have 10 robots per soldier by 2023 See also: Cyberdyne Systems, DARPA Tried to Build Skynet in the 1980s, A Bizarre Petting Zoo Where Robots Replace Animals D&G DIY Joke Kit of the Week: Robot anesthesiologists to put patients under before colonoscopies Turning mobile phones into 3D scanners Microsoft Security Essentials misses 39% of malware in Dennis test Open Cloud Meetup, hosted by our own Jason Callaway The Dan and Gunnar Show presents Is it PaaS or something else? via web January 14 and 15 Massachusetts launches open cloud to spur big data R&D Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 4.0 is here Fedora 20 is out: ARM is now Tier 1 and Gunnar’s FedUp Today in “OS is dead”: Want to run OpenShift on ARM? OK, why not Dan Risacher on Hellekson’s Law Betteridge’s Law: For example, Is REST losing its flair – REST API Alternatives HT Robin Price: WebRTC and Echoplex Salt vs. gravel vs. cheese vs. beet juice

Cutting Room Floor

HT Jim Stogdill: Fear, Uncertainty, Dopamine (or: “How to build an effective cult”) Totally unrelated: Free OpenShift stickers! Easily denounce your friends with a North Korean press release generator This week in cognitive surplus: George Takei’s and Newt Gingrich’s Amazon reviews Why are eggs egg shaped? This Crazy Pneumatic Tube System Will Deliver Burgers at 87 MPH Nokia’s Strategy For Selling The Lumia 2520 Windows 8 Tablet Is To Make You Very Uncomfortable EGTS stands for Electric Green Taxiing System and can stand for other things too How to make really long words in German Charming Parisian Subway Etiquette Guide Airport cell phone crashing

We Give Thanks

Peter Larsen for being a good sport about our show titles Dan Risacher for advancing the cause of Hellekson’s Law astroturfing Robin Price for the WebRTC and Echoplex pointers Jim Stogdill for mind-hacking videos

Episode 36: #36: “Totally on Board”

Dec 10, 2013 1:04:37


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: Audio hacking, Nexus 5 hacking, currency hacking, OpenShift Enterprise 2.0 hacking, lake monsters, and a new segment: the Security Dog House.

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Goat Man

Red Hat Canada Thanksgiving greetings remind Dave of lessons learned from The Last Lecture Today in Audio Hacking: Scientist-developed malware prototype covertly jumps air gaps using inaudible sound D&G Beard of the Week: Matt Micene‘s first video interview including a Hellekson’s Law cameo Polarized sunglasses + horizontal Nexus 5 = navigation in darkness Lauren’s Republic Wireless Moto X seems really nice so far Unlocked 16 GB Moto G on Amazon for $200 Google dead man switch: Inactive Account Manager Google searches for thoughtcrimes Google releases always on voice search for Chrome Twitter Announces “Tailored Audiences” For Ad Retargeting D&G PSA of the week: Install AdBlock Plus and disable 3rd party cookies Build your own surveillance state Build your OWN Apple iBeacon with a Raspberry Pi Build Your Own GPS Car Tracking System UPDATE: Encrypt the Web Report: Who’s Doing What with missing column Comedy laden, target rich environment: “Hello Santa” Offers A Memorable, But Pricey, Video Call With A Real-Life Santa Dave writes movie script, Gunnar comes up with a fresh twist on an existing business idea A Prediction: Bitcoin Is Doomed to Fail, just like other non-government backed currencies such as gold and tulip bulbs Red Hat Summit registration now open! Gunnar makes annual pilgrimage to Vegas for Gartner Data Center boondoggle, December 9-12 Awesome Red Hat Support Tool video RHEL and Fedora security features matrix HT Frank Dachille: Red Hat and Google Compute Engine – Extending the Datacenter OpenShift Enterprise 2.0 coming December 11 NASA (in particular Rich Rinehart of NASA Glenn for his Mars Opera kickstarter FlightAware Misery Map ParkWhiz.com is awesome HT Dave’s wife: D&G Security Doghouse Company of the Week: National Center for Safety Initiatives for them asking clients to “email a photo of your driver’s license, passport, state ID”, looking like a government agency, and the web site’s autoplay of Charlie Brown funeral music

You recently submitted a criminal background screening request to National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI). In order to continue with the review of your file, NCSI needs important information from you.

Please submit a physical copy of ONE of the following forms of government issued ID documents to NCSI’s Compliance Department as soon as possible:

1.) Valid Driver’s License

2.) Passport

3.) State Issued Id

You may scan the document, take a photo and upload it, or even take a photo with your cell phone and send it to us. We accept .jpg, .pdf, .doc, and .png file formats. The following are the contacts for electronic submissions:

Upload: www.ncsisafe.com

Email: compliance@ncsisafe.com

E-mail and digital upload are preferred, as the image tends to come through more clearly and we are able to complete your screen more quickly. Please keep in mind that if you do not have a scanner, digital camera, or camera phone, many libraries have a scanner that is available to the public.

If you are absolutely unable to submit your ID using any of the above methods, you may send your ID via fax to 1-(440) 542-9833. Please note that faxes can come through unclear, and faxing your ID rather than submitting electronically may cause your screening to be delayed. “If you are faxing the request please include a cover page with your name and daytime phone number. Also, if you choose to fax, please enlarge and/or brighten the image so it is clear to read. If we cannot read your ID and you do not provide your name and number, we do not know who to contact to request a clear copy.

Your background screening cannot be completed until NCSI receives the required documentation from you. To avoid further delay, your prompt response to this request is necessary and appreciated. Please allow 2-3 days receipt and processing of your document. During this time, please continue to check your status at www.ncsisafe.com

Yours in safety,

Compliance Department

National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI)

Suitable for framing in your doomsday bunker: The Lake Monsters of America Bessie the Lake Erie monster Lake Erie Monsters minor league hockey team in Cleveland Lake Worth Monster goat man Almost related: Mothman and The Mothman Prophecies

Cutting Room Floor

Action Figure Resume NASA writes to Coke+Mentos Rocket Designer Cheese made from feet, belly buttons, and tears Venn menu The Largest Island in the Largest Lake in the Largest Island in the Largest Lake in North America Google BBS simulator Awesome airplane simulators. Awesome waiting-in-line simulators.

We Give Thanks

Red Hat Canada, Matt Micene, Frank Dachille, Rich Rinehart, and Mrs. Egts for giving us things to be thankful for and to talk about

Episode 35: #35: Say My Name

Nov 28, 2013 1:05:07


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: US Government bitcoins, skeumorphic bitcoins, TSA coin-flips, twitter drops a dime on the US government, OSS payload this Federal IT award season, our $.02 on RHEL 6.5 and Fedora 20.

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Uzoma Nwosu likes Google Reminders and Keep, now part of Google Now on Android. Location-based reminders! GTDAgenda folks want Gunnar to try their stuff East Austin Studio Tour Will Cordis recommends Flight001 luggage Dave suggests that the Housekeeping Olympics add a Traveler category for Gunnar to dominate Boston Cops Outraged Over Plans to Watch Their Movements Using GPS GovLoop report on the Agency of the Future, featuring open source HT Matt Micene: TSA is a coin flip Twitter announces perfect forward secrecy HT Dave’s wife Melissa: U.S. Agencies to Say Bitcoins Offer Legitimate Benefits Related: As China Looms, the U.S. Ponders Ways Not to Destroy Bitcoin HT Tony James: Coin Gunnar makes annual pilgrimage to Vegas for Gartner Data Center boondoggle, Dec 9-12 Dave making a guest appearance at Patrick Regan‘s presentation on FreeIPA at the Akron LUG on Dec 5 Fedora 20 is just around the corner RHEL 6.5 is chock-full of public sector goodness including SCAP 1.2, ECC and Suite B crypto, and smart card enabled SSH! Bonus link: A (relatively easy to understand) primer on elliptic curve cryptography Brian Harrington’s magnificent beard + OpenShift makes Robin Price think of “Battle Gnome cosplay” A partner we like: Autonomic gets DOD FedRAMP approval This week in sucking up: Paul Smith wins FedScoop 50 this year Fierce Government’s 2013 Fierce 15 honors tons of government open source advocates: Matthew Burton, Michael Byrne, Doug Maughan, Jason Kahn, Keith Trippie A customer we like: FCC and their Android App Lets You Test Wireless Broadband Speeds Dropbox Buys Supercomputing Startup — And That Makes Perfect Sense The Credit Belongs to the Man in the Arena by Teddy Roosevelt “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Cutting Room Floor

Blood-chilling Lorde cover by creepy sad clown

We Give Thanks

Uzoma Nwosu, Will Cordis, Matt Micene, Tony James, Patrick Regan, Robin Price, and Mrs. Egts for giving Dave and Gunnar things to talk about Bonus points for Mrs. Egts for being married to Mr. Egts

Episode 34: #34: Velociraptor

Nov 19, 2013 50:27


This week on Dave and Gunnar: Oracle plays with science, Amazon plays with the US Postal Service, and everyone plays with tracking you like a criminal.

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FLIGHTMARE! Inflight cell calling debuts, dealing heavy blow to quality of life U.S. Reaches Preliminary Deal in American-US Airways Merger Lawsuit Adam Clater will soon be able to recharge his beard phone and guinea pig with microwaves HT Jason Calloway: Beard followup badBIOS and more apocalyptic movie plot ideas, part III: Russia: Hidden chips ‘launch spam attacks from irons’ Sorry state of baseband OSes Larry Ellison misunderstands science and economics Amazon Is Closer Than Ever to Running the U.S. Postal Service Did your Adobe password leak? Now you and 150m others can check Anatomy of a password disaster – Adobe’s giant-sized cryptographic blunder Facebook makes Adobe fans change their horrible, horrible passwords How stores use your phone’s WiFi to track your shopping habits Attention, Shoppers: Store Is Tracking Your Cell Google Is Testing A Program That Tracks You Everywhere You Go You Are a Rogue Device: A New Apparatus Capable of Spying on You Has Been Installed Throughout Downtown Seattle. Very Few Citizens Know What It Is, and Officials Don’t Want to Talk About It. Google updates Google+ Hangouts updated… for one tap location sharing More good news: Facebook patented making government data handoffs easier Toronto tailor introduces bulletproof three-piece suits Dave at SC13 in Denver November 17-22 Gunnar to deliver Ironman 90 minute keynote Alamo ACE (AFCEA) in San Antonio on November 19-20 OpenShift’s everyday low prices: Announcing 50% Lower Gear Prices, More Countries, and 2GB Gears in the Silver Plan Happy 10th birthday Fedora! SELinux coloring book HT Tony James: Automated auditing the system using SCAP Rapport with panelists is more important than knowing what you’re going to say Bonus tips: Confessions of a Public Speaker

Cutting Room Floor

HT Nathan: Boston Symphony mourns JFK The 1960s Superhero Who Was Powered by Smoking Awesome: Vocals only version of Happy Together by The Turtles And lots more including Alice in Chains, 11 yo Michael Jackson, Beatles, and Dire Straits! Universal Translator? Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Translator with Speech Recognition and Playback 39 Raspberry Pi 3D Scanner The Automata of Terror: Cinema’s 8 Scariest Robots Cognitive surplus: London Underground Simulator game review Related: New York Bus: The Simulation Goodwill Computer Museum in Austin, TX! And if you are near Bletchley Park check out The National Museum of Computing And if you are near Fort Meade check out The National Cryptologic Museum

We Give Thanks

Jason Calloway, Tony James, and Nathan for giving us ideas to talk about!

Episode 33: #33: Beard Phone

Nov 12, 2013 51:31


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about badBIOS and unreliable narrators, 85% of Android is crap, warrant canaries, and special guest star Adam Clater talking about OpenShift and ownCloud

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badBIOS disputed Analysis is wrong Researcher skepticism Almost related: Motorola wants you to tattoo a smartphone microphone onto your throat Cloud to Butt 2.0: xkcd substitutions Chrome extension Risk Walking Dead Survival Edition Gunnar is enjoying his Nexus 5 and its inability to receive email using client certificates Protect your Android phone by getting rid of its crapware Power Plants and Other Vital Systems Are Totally Exposed on the Internet Google aims to replace car dashboard buttons with Minority Report hand gestures Frenzy Is a Private, Dropbox-Powered Social Network A Red Hat Solutions Architect Manager We Like: Adam Clater because he tells us about OwnCloud on OpenShift Red Hat Government Symposium was outstanding. A bunch of great announcements from CFPB, DOE, and ODNI! D&G Show video edition! Challenges in the cloud How does PaaS differ from IaaS? Why is PaaS better for managers? How PaaS changes the way developers work co-starring Bob Kozdemba Red Hat Summit CFP extended to November 19 for customers and partners Red Hat Innovation Awards nominations open until December 13 Dave will be at Supercomputing 2013 November 17-22 Gunnar will be at JBoss Day in Austin on November 12 C5ISR Summit in Charleston on November 13 Alamo ACE (AFCEA) in San Antonio on November 19 Word of the Week: “Warrant Canary” Apple just used one. How to mostly dial with Google Voice with a correct call log for later Hadoop analysis Voice Plus GV Outbound Call Log Repair CallTrack logs to your calendar Hadoop 10 Tips for an Awesome Coffee Meeting

Cutting Room Floor

HT Noel Weichbrodt: More hipster than you: the carbon-fiber penny farthing Why we should get rid of Daylight Savings Time The most terrifying reading of Goodnight Moon you’ll ever hear Grave markers embedded in airport runway Nine worst doctored photos of Chinese officials

We Give Thanks

Adam Clater for guest starring! Gunnar’s mom for teaching us about warrant canaries

Episode 32: #32: Dude.

Nov 6, 2013 53:55


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about alien invasion, BIOS invasion, privacy invasion, and invasion of common sense at FAA.

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He's a dandy.He’s a macaroni. History of Rome is amazing. Check out Revolutions! Gunnar bait of the other week, part 2 Deep Brain Stimulation stimulator goes somewhere other than your head and the leads go in your brain — don’t let some fly by night surgeon tell you otherwise Remember the Milk is forgetting to Remember the Customers: Andrew @ Remember The Milk OCT 29, 2013 | 08:56PM EDT Hi Gunnar, Thanks for your feedback! I'll make sure that the development team gets your thoughts for review. Feedback is very important to us, and we review feature requests on a regular basis as we work to improve Remember The Milk. If you're interested in Remember The Milk news, please keep an eye on our blog for any future announcements: http://blog.rememberthemilk.com/ Or, follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/rememberthemilk If there's anything else I can help you with, please let me know. New FAA Guidelines Permit More Device Use, All The Way From Take-Off To Landing Also, TSA pre-crime Book of the week: The New Kingmakers: How Developers Conquered the World http://resume.github.io can build an objective git-powered resume for any GitHub user Re-read Garann Means’ Meritocracy rant HT Travis Kepley: Cloud-to-Butt Chrome extension HT Kelsey D. Atherton: How We Killed Privacy — in 4 Easy Steps: Stop blaming the NSA. We did this to ourselves. Related: Former spy chief overheard giving off-the-record interview from Acela train War of the Worlds radio broadcast was 75 years ago Local (Akron) perspective Let’s ask Wikipedia Spooky news for Halloween: Meet “badBIOS,” the mysterious Mac and PC malware that jumps airgaps Thoughts on Intel’s upcoming Software Guard Extensions (Part 2) Red Hat Summit Call for Proposals closes November 5 Red Hat Government Symposium is on for November 6! JBoss Day in Austin on November 12 C5ISR Summit in Charleston on November 13 Alamo ACE (AFCEA) in San Antonio on November 19 Origin of the word dude Deconstructing Led Zeppelin’s Classic Song ‘Ramble On’ Track by Track: Guitars, Bass, Drums & Vocals

Cutting Room Floor

Baby Carrots: A BAG OF LIES How Reid Hoffman pitched LinkedIn, an annotated deck AT&T Corporate. Video about. UNIX. 19th century 9 lb multitool with pistol

We Give Thanks

Matt Micene as usual Travis Kepley Shawn Wells, for being the AV guy Jennifer of US Airways for carrying Dave’s library book through the airport

Episode 31: #31: Pizza Hat

Oct 29, 2013 36:37


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: turning people into products, patches into pounds and pence, protecting poultry, priorities, primary patchers on projects, and PDFs into poison.

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How do you say "infringement" in Farsi?How do you say “infringement” in Farsi? Gunnar: There’s an app for that HT @CampCatastrophe: Deep Brain Stimulation implant “about the size of a stopwatch” Almost related: LG jumps on the vestibulo-ocular reflex chicken powered steady cam bandwagon Not related: Chicken safety vest HT Keenan: First Amendment expert Eugene Volokh on Sufficient Speech vs. Facebook HT Matt Micene: If you use Google services, you could become an ad next month Step 1: Opt out here Step 2: Enable Adblock Plus or Adblock Edge Moral of the story: don’t get Scroogled. At least Microsoft isn’t doing creepy tracking. Oh wait, never mind. LinkedIn makes hacker’s dreams come true State Decoded has the SCAP Security Guide baked in! HT Mil-OSS: Google Offers New Bounty Program For Securing Open-Source Software News Flash: Oracle Still Hates Open Source Software Mil-OSS weighs in Nominations Now Open for 2014 Red Hat Innovation Awards Red Hat Summit Call for Proposals closes November 5 Red Hat Government Symposium is on for November 6! JBoss Day in Austin on November 12 C5ISR Summit in Charleston on November 13 Alamo ACE (AFCEA) in San Antonio on November 19 Cantas = open source Trello Matt Micene and Dave celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a blog post RHEL 5.9 to 5.10 risk report Measure it yourself RIP acroread OpenStack Havana is out! Activity dashboard RHEV 3.3 beta has OpenStack goodness too HT Yasir Syeed: OpenStack threatens Paas? Customers and partners we like Emergent and Red Hat Announce Cloud Collaboration Around OpenShift PaaS The Navy’s newest warship is powered by Linux The Eisenhower Matrix The Ten Most Expensive Vehicles To Operate

Cutting Room Floor

Pizza Hat HUD for your car Raspberry Pi internet controlled whoopie cushion Build your own Arduino powered Enigma machine Open source HTML5 Full Screen Mario Run Linux on an emulated MIPS processor… in your browser w/JavaScript! (Securely?) Boot to Zork using UEFI A Klingon Christmas Carol performed in the original Klingon with English supertitles and narrative analysis from the Vulcan Institute of Cultural Anthropology Jim Henson’s Muppet Computer from 1963 The scientific proof why Dave is addicted to Nacho Cheese Doritos 27 Actors Who Got Their Starts on Miami Vice

We Give Thanks

@CampCatastrophe, Keenan, Matt Micene, Mil-OSS, and Yasir Syeed for encouraging us by giving us items to discuss!

Episode 30: #30: Sequestration and Subscriptions

Oct 23, 2013 1:01:43


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about Vulcan death grips, death from above, and the death of the open source business model.

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A Hill Staffer checks his phone as Capitol Hill police take aim on the grounds of the Capitol.A Hill Staffer checks his phone as Capitol Hill police take aim on the grounds of the Capitol. Congressional API on IFTTT Government shutdown and API abandonment Red Hat Storage is one way to replicate your important big data in the cloud Bill Gates admits that Ctrl Alt Delete was a mistake Wikipedia article on Control-Alt-Delete SGI Vulcan Death Grip = Left CTRL + Left SHIFT + F12 + / on the number pad Practice safe USB charging Target practice: F-16 drone flying at 40,000 feet, Mach 1.47, and doing barrel rolls pulling 7Gs Meanwhile, Gunnar needs to power off his Walkman and Palm Pilot on US Airways, for now HT Matt Jamison: Linux Kernel Development: How Fast it is Going, Who is Doing It, What They are Doing, and Who is Sponsoring It (2013 Edition) Gunnar bait of the week courtesy of Mike Olson Board Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer at Cloudera: “So here is the conundrum facing enterprise infrastructure software companies: You can no longer win with a closed-source platform, and you can’t build a successful stand-alone company purely on open source.” Red Hat Summit Call for Proposals now open! RHEL 5.10 released! RHEL 6.5 beta released! New RHEL packaging provides stacking, instances, portability Satellite 5.6 released! Open demos available now! Dave and Gunnar are liking the Red Hat Consulting internal podcast by Ian Tewksbury and Krain Arnold Be like Ian and Krain: Get yourself a modcluster t-shirt and the party invitations from famous people will follow Red Hat and HP win VA Scheduling contest SCAP Security Guide welcomes ORNL as contributor! SCAP Security Guide builds now in Koji!

Cutting Room Floor

The Onion reviews the movie “Gravity”

We Give Thanks

Matt “Jamo” Jamison for the Linux Foundation report pointer! Ian Tewksbury and Krain Arnold for a great podcast!

Episode 29: #29: Travel Pudding

Oct 2, 2013 1:22:15


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about Pudding ‘n Airplanes, Penguins ‘n Space, Parkinson’s ‘n Chickens, Printing ‘n 3D, and IMAP.

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Lauren can’t stop watching Bohemian Gravity Lots of Twitter folks getting compromised. Do you have login verification enabled? HT Matt Micene: Court: Facebook ‘Like’ Is Protected By the First Amendment HT Mark Bohannon: Penguins in Space! Asteroid mining and Linux Travel hack of the week: Engineer earned 1.25M airline miles by buying $2,200 of pudding PT Anderson is vindicated Barry and Lavon are delighted Let’s talk about elastic demand curves A Spoon Full Of Sensors To Help Parkinson’s Patients Feed Themselves Chicken Head Tracking Vestibulo-ocular reflex Mercedes-Benz cars apparently handle like a chicken Chicken Powered Steadicam Cleveland Clinic deep brain stimulation SCI Run GitHub Adds 3D Modeling Features That Make It A Printer-Agnostic Choice For Object Sharing Gunnar likes Vehicle Forge Blackberry sold for $5B The decline of BlackBerry in one chart Outlook.com now has IMAP Save time by letting TripIt read your email Related: LinkedIn denies harvesting user email accounts without permission HT Phil Shapiro: Geek Gurl Diaries Use Scratch and a Makey Makey to play sounds through a Raspberry Pi using marshmallows Taste of Red Hat Training: Install, configure, and deploy in Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Gunnar presenting at postponed NIST Cloud Computing and Mobility workshop Dave as panelist at Symantec Government Symposium on October 2 Gartner ITxpo on October 6-10 Lauren at Akron Mini Maker Faire on November 2 Red Hat Government Symposium on November 6 registration now open! OpenShift for Citizen Engagement Reproducible Builds for Fedora Bonus links: Trusting Trust from Dr. David A. Wheeler’s PhD thesis and video of him defending it How to run vulnerability scan on Red Hat Enterprise Linux using OVAL and OpenSCAP A partner we like: DotCloud Pivots And Wins Big With Docker, The Cloud Service Now Part Of Red Hat OpenShift Watch Australians Explain How to Do an Australian Accent The United States has more libraries than McDonalds and Starbucks What Did Barney Rubble Do for a Living?

Cutting Room Floor

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an extraordinary gift to all of us Ernest Hemingway’s Favorite Hamburger Recipe Stevie Wonder plays “Superstition” on Sesame Street in 1973 9 Muppets Kicked Off Sesame Street Unlocking an iPhone 5S with a cat’s paw Jaws text adventure Excel based Turing Machine 103 year old car phone Infovis: 92 Years of Bigfoot Sightings in the US and Canada NASA Will Pay $18,000 To Watch You Rest In Bed–Really How To Order A Drink When Your Bartender Is A Robot Lily Collins is McAfee’s Most Dangerous Celebrity™ for 2013

We Give Thanks

A constitutionally protected tumbs up to Matt Micene Mark Bohannon for reminding us to consider open source software when doing asteroid mining Phil Shapiro for telling us about Geek Gurl Diaries The Akron Library for hosting the Akron Mini Maker Faire, writing a nice article about Lauren, and inspiring folks to be Makers!

Episode 28: #28: Abandonment Issues

Sep 24, 2013 1:21:06


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about Batman, Acxiom as your personal data custodian, the TSA Pre-✓ Class War, and the HACK REACTOR.

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Abandoned Ferris Wheel

Dave visits an abandoned amusement park in Chippewa Lake, OH which was featured in a 10 min documentary and was the filming location of Closed for the Season Gunnar needs a Dark Knight intervention When not listening to D&G: Windows XP apocalypse and your own countdown clock to April 8, 2014 Yahoo! doppelgängers KnowEm Tracks Down All the Sites You’ve Registered a Username Simply provide your name, address, birth date and last four digits of your Social Security Number: Data Broker Acxiom’s New Site Allows Users To View And Edit The Marketing Info It’s Collected How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking Great for converting lists of SSNs and photos of birth certificates: CloudConvert Converts Almost Any File Type Between Formats The TSA Racket is Now Selling Your Basic Rights Back to You TSA screening about to get a lot worse When not taking Klingon MOOCs: Apocalypse 101: Take the Free Walking Dead Online Course From UC Irvine New Walking Dead Spinoff Coming to AMC in 2015 Inside Hack Reactor, The Coding Bootcamp That Wants To Be The CS Degree Of The Future Google Releases Raspberry Pi Web Dev Teaching Tool, or spend less time yak shaving and learn web programming right away with OpenShift HT Major Hayden: Yahoo’s Mayer gives phone passcodes a pass Replay of GovLoop’s How to Securely Deploy Open Source Software featuring David A. Wheeler, Josh Davis, and Dave Dave was a panelist with friend of the show Dan Risacher at GovLoop’s Agency of the Future event NC Datapalooza was fantastic. Gunnar presenting at NIST Cloud Computing and Mobility workshop on October 1-3 Dave as panelist at Symantec Government Symposium on October 2 Gartner ITxpo on October 6-10 Red Hat Government Symposium registration now open! Red Hat Software Collections and Red Hat Developer Toolset 2.0 are GA! HT @RedHatOpen: Emulate a Common Access Card in a VM by using certificates generated on the host Two factor auth site of the week is GitHub who has a nice security history page Technical Debt & Vendor Lock-In by friend of the show Matt Micene of DLT State of Texas wants $11 to receive updated address info Get hooked on a feeling with D&G’s word of the week: Haptography

Cutting Room Floor

Box.net now “NSA-proof” OpenID vs IndieAuth Great photo of Sealand, courtesy of Gunnar’s mom Tweet2Cite: APA- and MLA-compliant citations for your toots Perfect for regional jets: USB powered soldering iron Epic blockbuster trailer: Monty Python and the Holy Grail A scientific guide to saying “no”: How to avoid temptation and distraction Legal advice if you want to be a superhero in San Diego Send your teeth to the Tooth Fairy using a RaspberryPi and pneumatic tubes CERN Lecture Belt for the punishing environments of today’s physics lecture circuit

We Give Thanks

Matt Micene for helping us stay technically debt free David A. Wheeler, Josh Davis, and Dan Risacher for advocating open source in the DoD

Episode 27: #27: Manchurian Candidate

Sep 10, 2013 1:09:46


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: spying, conspiracy theories, boxing and calculus in Ohio, Klingons in Illinois, the return of Nirmal, a ball peen update, and LUG parenting teachable moments.

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Never trust a man with a mustache.Never trust a man with a mustache. Don King‘s Ohio training compound is close to Mike Tyson‘s Ohio abandoned mansion with tiger cages in Trumbull, OH Indian Government To Ban Use of US Email Services For Official Communications Google Facebook privacy disappointment of the week: Facebook To Overhaul Data Use Policy Sponsorship opportunity #1: Gunnar Advanced Computer Eyewear Life imitating art? From 2011: The Onion: Facebook “Is Truly A Dream Come True For The CIA” NSA compromised crypto standards? Tencent is giving away 10 TB worth of free cloud storage, Baidu and Qihoo 360 offer 1 TB Bruce Schneier on conspiracy theories “Secrets belong to a small assortment of individuals, and inevitably become hostage to private agendas.” — Malcolm Gladwell Watch Ask a Korean dismantle Malcolm Gladwell Praveen Swami in 2010: Wikileaks ‘secrets’ reveal the paranoid mindset of internet activists obsessed with conspiracies There’s always HavenCo Gunnar’s friend Evan Rose built the Sealand and HavenCo websites back in the day! Evan in hindsight: “Holy sh*tsnacks, that’s ugly” Career advice PSA: Public cloud salesmen should not flock to be smart watch salesmen OhioState’s calculus MOOC is on GitHub Jim Fowler makes Dave want to take calculus again Dave presenting via web with David A. Wheeler and Josh Davis at GovLoop Government Innovators Virtual Summit on September 10 Gunnar keynotes NC DataPalooza on September 12 Dave receiving AFCEA DC AFCEAN of the Month award at AFCEA DC’s Monthly Luncheon on September 16 Dave as panelist at GovLoop Agency of the Future on September 17 Gunnar presenting at NIST Cloud Computing and Mobility workshop on October 1-3 Dave as panelist at Symantec Government Symposium on October 2 Gartner ITxpo on October 6-10 Red Hat Government Symposium registration now open! Illinois Government Website Offers Klingon Translation, but not Vulcan Related: Star Trek III is back on Netflix streaming but Dave and Lauren don’t see the Klingon or Vulcan subtitle options on our Roku Movie of the week: There Will Be Blood A Partner We Like: Booz Allen Hamilton’s US Army Red Hat Summit Innovation Award video and success story are now live! Concerning trend: First the NFL, now IT suffers from the consequences repeated head trauma Sponsorship opportunity #2: The Economist app is amazing: articles in their distinctive font, and podcasting all rolled into one Sponsorship opportunity #3: We learn what “peening” is, and it’s not as inappropriate as you might think, thanks to Trey Oats and Adam Clater Parenting lesson learned: Don’t be a helicopter LUG parent and let your child find her own presenters Exhibit AExhibit A

Cutting Room Floor

Major Says” lives! Eric Mill of Sunlight posts a how-to for adding HTTPS your website for $0 Mark Bohannon‘s Open Source in Government update

We Give Thanks

Jim Fowler for making math education even more interesting and useful. Trey Oats and Adam Clater for peening best practices. Mel McGee for answering Lauren’s call to present on wearable computing at the Akron LUG!

Episode 26: #26: Hedbänger’s Bäll

Sep 4, 2013 49:42


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: snollygosters firing 9 or every 10 sysadmins, even yet still more Google and privacy, hands-free computing, Gunnar’s reputation management problems, and Dave’s “how to say no” weapons turned against him.

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Dave gets incepted.Dave gets incepted. Lauren mentioned on Crain’s Business Cleveland podcast HER Ideas in Motion hands-on learning for girls in technology and media arts How the Egts family rolls on Mother’s Day: Mother Daughter Hack Day Gunnar visits Sweden! Zach Sciales says nice things about Red Hat and the D&G Show! Automation Myths: The NSA Can’t Replace 90% of Its System Administrators Dave’s Confining Users with SELinux video series Red Hat is hiring Code By Voice Faster Than Keyboard Google Adds Your Flights, Reservations, and Purchases to Voice Search Google Cloud Storage now provides server-side encryption So you can store the data at rest w/encryption, but you need to decrypt it to work on it unless you use homomorphic encryption as discussed in D&G #9 Google says UK privacy laws can’t touch it Egts family spring break candidate: Principality of Sealand HavenCo Trsst: a distributed secure blog platform for the open web Man Crosses Twitter and Google Reader to Create Open Source Love Child Meet the Indie Web hackers who want to jailbreak the internet Groklaw Shuts Down, A Self-Described Casualty In The Privacy Wars PJ’s reasoning Open Technology Fund Lauren is a developer! Scratch on Raspberry Pi video now live! Major Hayden now uses Linux! (Wait, what?) Super fun flying club, from United: Inside United’s Secret Club for Top Fliers Gunnar at OSHERA on 5 September. Dave presenting via web with David A. Wheeler and Josh Davis at GovLoop Government Innovators Virtual Summit on September 10 Gunnar keynotes NC DataPalooza on September 12 Dave receiving AFCEA DC AFCEAN of the Month award at AFCEA DC’s Monthly Luncheon on September 16 Dave as panelist at GovLoop Agency of the Future on September 17 Gunnar presenting at NIST Cloud Computing and Mobility workshop on October 1 Dave as panelist at Symantec Government Symposium on October 2 Red Hat Government Symposium registration now open! Gunnar’s GCN article: Do you have a cloud exit strategy? Here’s one clear path. Headbangers Ball: Dave’s recap of FedScoop’s Lowering the Cost of Government with IT Summit Note the TV hanging from the ceiling to the right of the panelists Dave’s Fedscoop TV video Dan Walsh blogging about Dave’s software defined Multi Level Security video series D&G updated Blacklist: cyber, “software-defined” JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 in evaluation! Hellekson’s Law: request denied, for now Would a title of nobility make Gunnar more notable? The Magic of Incentives: Brazilian Journals’ Self-Citation Cartel Smashed CommaFeed backlinks from Wikipedia to D&G! “How to say no” update: Adam Clater makes Dave an offer he couldn’t refuse This is what it looked like There’s a difference between being right & being persuasive Word of the day that we aren’t allowed to use any more: snollygoster — an unprincipled but shrewd person

Cutting Room Floor

FeedBin: A new OSS RSS reader entrant ExplainShell: A command line explainer HT Jared Jennings: darcs is simpler and more fun than git. but http://hub.darcs.net and http://patch-tag.com aren’t quite github. Unrelated but delicious: D’Arc’s Pizza in Windber, PA Soylent Green, for real: “I didn’t get to be the reviews editor of a major technology website by reading stupid directions.” Heavy Metal Umlaut Quiz Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” reenacted with librarians Black Flag’s Henry Rollins to keynote the 2013 California Library Association conference Knitters are banned from library due to dangerous needle use A creepy robot that can sneak under your door Plan ahead: Drone guidelines for Burning Man OpenDesk.cc Is Like Ikea For Open Source Zealots Regular expresssion crossword puzzle sites of the week

We Give Thanks

Rachel Wilkins Patel for getting girls into technology and media arts and being a great role model Zach Sciales for letting us know we’re helping! Dan Walsh for blogging about Dave’s MLS video series Adam Clater for using our mind tricks against us for everyone’s benefit Jared Jennings for the tip on Darcs

Episode 25: #25: Great Expectations

Aug 27, 2013 51:40


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: Google’s expectations of privacy, VMware’s expectations of profit, Dave’s expectations of SELinux, and Gunnar’s inflated expectations of productivity software.

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Another VMware customer. Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld Incarnations of Immortality by Piers Anthony Google: Cloud users have ‘no legitimate expectation of privacy’ Yes, Gmail Users Have Some Privacy. Here’s What You Can Expect Why Some Startups Say the Cloud Is a Waste of Money VMware CEO: OpenStack is not for the enterprise What’s a ball-peen hammer? “‘We want to own corporate workload… We all lose if they end up in these commodity public clouds. We want to extend our franchise from the private cloud into the public cloud and uniquely enable our customers with the benefits of both. Own the corporate workload now and forever.'” – Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO, making friends NC DataPalooza NIST Cloud Computing and Mobility workshop Red Hat Government Symposium registration now open! Dave’s Multilevel Security with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SELinux video series Autonomic Resources’ OpenShift: reserve your account Gunnar’s shaving the yak, and back with Remember the Milk TaskPaper too simple OmniFocus like developers run wild with options Things too simple, missing location awareness, etc. RTM the least bad option, but still pretty bad. So much opportunity. A Bit Better RTM add-on for Firefox and Chrome

Cutting Room Floor

Getty’s Digital Resources free to all Indy Web: Meet the Hackers Who Want to Jailbreak the Internet Something for Gunnar’s coffee table — Infographic: An Amazing Atlas of the World Wide Web Teaching kids STEM with zombies and graphing calculators Unreadable Binary Epoch clock

We Give Thanks

Gunnar thanks Dave for not saying “cyber” this episode

Episode 24: #24: A Laptop Made of People

Aug 20, 2013 1:18:44


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: Twitter security, Chrome security, SpiderOak security, SnapChat security, Open Security, OpenShift security, and calendar security.

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A prototype.A prototype. Twitter improves 2 factor authentication Android Device Manager web page going live for some users Google Chrome lets you – or anyone using your computer – see the plaintext web passwords stored by your browser (by design) “Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead,” Benjamin Franklin LavaBit and Silent Circle shut down. Gunnar came back from Mil-OSS LANT Open Security from the folks that brought you mil-oss Red Hat Government Symposium registration now open! Hellekson’s Law is now under review Gunnar considers signing up for Reputation.com and ponders their sponsorship eligibility OpenShift Enterprise on top of a trust between IPA/IdM and Windows Active Directory TaskPaper vs. Remember the Milk Hackpad with Dropbox integration DropDAV: DAV for Dropbox, paging Adam Clater Unrelated but still useful: Fix Dropbox Connection Issues With NetworkManager and Wifi The new dgshow.org website? Fork us! Creative People Say No

Cutting Room Floor

3D printable objects modeled on expired 19th century patents

We Give Thanks

Adam Clater for getting us to think about storage liberation

Episode 23: #23: Klingons and the Cognitive Surplus

Aug 6, 2013 44:53


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: key deathwatch, mobile carrier deathwatch, klingon deathwatch, and Google Meat, Mk I.

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Red Hat's Eye of Sauron.Red Hat’s Eye of Sauron. Action photos from Lauren’s Akron LUG presentation on Scratch and Raspberry Pi Lauren’s impromptu app Gunnar sitting in Red Hat’s new office, which dominate the Raleigh skyline Soylent Green is Google!: Something to snack on while you wait for your mind to be uploaded Netflix US removes Star Trek III due to missing Vulcan and Klingon dialogue Klingon lesson of the week: “Heghlu meH QaQ jajvam” means “today is a good day to die” Bonus link: How to Learn English Through Awkward Aerobics in 1992 Japan What could possibly go wrong: Shloosl Copies Your House Keys Using a Smartphone Photograph Millions of Kwikset Smartkey Locks Vulnerable to Hacking, Say Researchers Add these books to your reading list Lauren won’t need to ask for an iPhone, she can now make her own OpenBTS: Mobile carrier deathwatch? Almost related: Republic Wireless, and they are located in Red Hat’s old NC State offices Gunnar driving to Mil-OSS LANT, RIGHT NOW Dave moderating an open source tech leadership panel at Fedscoop’s Lowering the Cost of Government with IT Summit Preview: Luke Fretwell and Gunnar talk Open GIS with FCC GIO Michael Byrne Gunnar and Dave are working ahead on the Red Hat Government Symposium 10gen and Red Hat Deliver Integrated Security Solution for MongoDB Use Red Hat Enterprise Linux Identity Management for MongoDB SSL cert management & data in motion encryption Use Red Hat Enterprise Linux Identity Management to centrally manage MongoDB users 10 Annoying Sounds People Need to Stop Making Dave is guilty of pulmonic ingressive voiceless alveolar glide and mid-central vowel, with optional unreleased final bilabial stop, and cybersecurity More Zeppelin news (near Dave’s house): Goodyear bids goodbye to blimps, says hello to zeppelins YA Novel for Lauren, if she likes Zeppelins: Leviathan

Cutting Room Floor

Raspberry Pi based robotic beer dispenser How To Setup Your Own Free Mail Server (using RoundCube on OpenShift) (83% accurate) vampire robots? Cocktail party idea: yarn based laser grid First Open Source Airplane Could Cost Just $15,000 Ted Brunell’s interview OpenROV: Open source robotic submarine HT Lauren: Vulcan’s Trekcetera Museum opened August 2, 2013 Yes, There’s an Air Force Class Flying With My Little Pony Patches 167 Theremin Players Perform Beethoven Pay attention to detail: Hotel Takes Special Requests from Guests Very Seriously

We Give Thanks

Lauren’s computer science teacher Mr. James Allen for attending Lauren’s Akron LUG presentation and being so supportive Dave Hamblin, Community Support Lead at Premier Farnell, and Element 14 for raffling off a Raspberry Pi at Lauren’s Akron LUG presentation Rick Nemer, Steve Alexander, and all the folks who organized and attended Lauren’s Akron LUG presentation

Episode 22: #22: The Al Capone School of Management

Jul 31, 2013 1:09:35


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: Professional Wrestling, Professional Android Security, Professional Evangelism with Steve Citron-Pousty, and a very unprofessional Linus Torvalds.

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Cutting someone's mail queue in half.Cutting someone’s mail queue in half. Gunnar’s buddy Andy suggests he builds his own desk: Make Your Own Multi-Level, Adjustable Height Standing Desk Gunnar thinks Andy, a carpenter, is overdue for a visit to Austin Multi level filing system makes a perfect accessory for a multi level desk WWE embarrassed as wrestling match outcomes leaked online Google Storing WLAN Passwords In the Clear c#29: “Is the general public willing to lose access to their backup should they forget their password?” Encrypt-y the Bear: only you can prevent password leakage Listener action item: We need a Dan Walsh-looking Encrypt-y the Bear picture Crypto Cat is a registered trademark of the NSA CyanogenMod to incorporate SELinux Linus Torvalds Defends His God-Given Right to Offend You Red Hat Partner Day Events Mil-OSS, August 7th and 8th in Charleston, SC Lauren’s Scratch on Raspberry Pi Akron LUG presentation on August 1 The Great Guinea Pig Escape has >1000 views! CloudFORMS NOW!: A web site we like and need to know who made it RHEL 5.10 beta includes SCAP 1.2 and Red Hat Access Red Hat Summit 2013 – Streamlining and Accelerating Your IT Service Delivery with OpenShift Enterprise Department of Interior joins the ranks of SCAP Security Guide committers Gunnar at the Champions for Change event An open source effort we like: Code for America HT Steven Citron-Pousty: (OpenShift powered) Interactive Atlas Highlights Water Use Issues in California Interactive Atlas Highlights Water Use Issues in California The New California Water Atlas

Cutting Room Floor

Speak Spanish like Che Guevara: Coup Lingo Emulate a Raspberry Pi with Pidora on QEMU Upgrade your microwave oven to be controlled by a Raspberry Pi Powering your Raspberry Pi with fire If you aren’t ready yet to upload your mind to Google: Inside Google HQ: What does the future hold for the company whose visionary plans include implanting a chip in our brains?

We Give Thanks

Andy for reminding us how bad we were at wood shop Element 14 and the Akron LUG for being so supportive of Lauren and young makers everywhere Steven Citron-Pousty for guest starring on the show! Erich Morisse for helping us speak Spanish like a revolutionary Kutiman, for the Mother of All Funk Chords

Episode 21: #21: Slaves to Fashion

Jul 18, 2013 52:18


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about the worst virus remediation ever, the NSA all up in your phone, fashion advice from Dan Walsh, and a whole bunch of Gunnarbait.

This episode is dedicated to Seth Vidal. Please visit this page of Seth Vidal memorial events.

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Dapper Dan.Dapper Dan. Gunnar’s housewarming gift to himself: The Uplift desk Smoking with skeumorphism, round 2: Anti-Smoking Cage Helmet An asthma-inhaler-looking Nicotine delivery device isn’t as cool as an electronic cigarette What if they looked like Neuroin inhalers? AT&T Considers Selling Your Browsing History, Location, And More To Advertisers. Here’s How To Opt Out MIT Project Reveals What PRISM Knows About You This week in Gunnarbait: Security-Enhanced Android: NSA Edition Reality check: Yes, the NSA contributed code to Android. No, you don’t have to freak out about it Get your very own “setenforce 1” tshirt For first time ever, feds asked to sit out Defcon hacker conference Researchers Now Pulling Out of DEF CON In Response To Anti-Fed Position US government agency destroys hardware to clear malware No More 3D TV On The BBC Please, We’re British — And Glasses Are A Hassle Movie of the week: Bots High Survival Research Labs More Gunnarbait: Google Explains Why Its Cloud Service Is Different When It Comes To Lock-In Events Mil-OSS, August 7th and 8th in Charleston, SC Drupal4Gov, August 14 and 15th in DC Adam Clater wants an open standard instead of Dropbox Gunnar’s mom is using OpenShift (really!) Joe Biden sings the praises of the Villages Gunnar plays with OwnCloud OwnCloud on OpenShift thanks to Isaac Christoffersen Liberate your Files: A Solution from Vizuri using ownCloud, OpenShift, & Red Hat Storage Server by Isaac Christoffersen, Matt Richards, Ted Brunell

Cutting Room Floor

Mosh: SSH over UDP for stateless terminals Once you’ve mastered the Purdie Shuffle, try the Amen Break A piece of Gunnar’s childhood for sale Raspberry Pi powered anthropomorphic coffee making robot Hyper realistic 3D printed spider octopod robot RepRap Morgan: 3D printer that prints its own parts Hardware design and controller firmware on GitHub Scratch-controlled barking robot dog! How Girls Should Serve Raspberry Pi How to Travel Around the World for $418 Documents Reveal How the NSA Cracked the Kryptos Sculpture Years Before the CIA “Linux for Workgroups”: Linux 3.11’s feature set now confirmed

We Give Thanks

Major Hayden for the Defcon tip Adam Clater for getting us to think about a more open Dropbox Isaac Christoffersen for the OwnCloud on OpenShift Quickstart Evan Rose reminding us of the Amen Break

Episode 20: #20: CommaFeed with a Bullet

Jul 9, 2013 1:04:38


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about Le PRISM, Slashdot Gunnarbait, OpenStack Security Guide, the Indie Web, a petabyte of tax data, and an interview with the creator of CommaFeed.

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wpid-IMG_20130703_181522.jpgWelcome to Texas, Gunnar. Le PRISM: France Has A PRISM-Like Program With Millions Of Trillions Of Metadata Elements PRISM & Big Data: Big Data and Analytics: The Hero or the Villain? PRISM Break: EFF’s list of free, open, secure alternatives to proprietary software Gunnarbait: NSA Backdoors In Open Source and Open Standards: What Are the Odds? The OpenStack Security Guide is up! When almost every networking vendor works togeter on the OpenDaylight project, they have to tell the DOJ Why Automakers Should Stop the Infotainment Arms Race LibreOffice Accelerates Open Source Spreadsheets, Thanks to AMD El Reg encounters mObi: R2-D2 for retailers Microsoft to shut down TechNet subscription service Red Hat Developer Tools & Services are available Red Hat is Developer Wonderland Young Coders at PyOhio 2013 Akron LUG August 1: Teaching your kids to code with Scratch on Raspberry Pi by Lauren Egts Intuit runs RH Storage, could his 1PB this year Linux Journal white paper: Using an Open Source Framework to Catch the Bad Guy by Red Hat superstar Mark St. Laurent

The Alamo Drafthouse TicketbotThe Alamo Drafthouse Ticketbot

An Open Source Project We Like: CommaFeed from Jérémie Panzer PC Magazine 4 out of 5 star review! Eric Mill’s definitive guide to owning your online identity Why you should look at IndieWebCamp PermitRootLogin forced-commands-only is basically magic Term of the week: The Purdie Shuffle Made famous by Bernard “Pretty” Purdie Dave wants to learn whatever he’s teaching: Led Zeppelin’s “Fool in the Rain” from the 1979 album In Through the Out Door John Bonham’s isolated drum track and awesome article discussing other Purdie Shuffle variations by Steely Dan and Death Cab for Cutie Toto’s “Rosanna” from the 1982 album Toto IV Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro (RIP) on the Rosanna shuffle Bonus link: Mother of All Funk Chords featuring Bernard “Pretty” Purdie and a dude with a mullet playing the theremin at 2:43

Cutting Room Floor

A Citizen’s Guide to Open Government, E-Government, and Government 2.0 Avira says farewell to Linux German antivirus company Avira is discontinuing its Linux products in order to focus more on developing its Mac OS X and Windows lines. The company says small businesses and consumer systems “almost exclusively rely upon Windows or Mac operating systems” and that “Linux installations have been declining steadily for years.” Sign that the Linux desktop is declining, or that the Linux desktop doesn’t need commercial antivirus since it has AIDE, Tripwire, and ClamAV? Pi-Rex – Bark Activated Door Opening System with Raspberry Pi New Breed of Banking Malware Hijacks Text Messages Tricks people to install a 3rd party app on their phones to intercept SMS messages and forward them LinkedIn, Twitter, and banks use SMS for 2 factor authentication SMS transmission alternatives which may aid in two factor authentication A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers 256 milligram MTU! Lauren asked Dave if it mattered if you used an African or European swallow IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service Adaptation of RFC 1149 for IPv6 Doubling down on Markdown for science Prior art: Superman intvented 3D printing in 1964 A New Way to Heal Broken Bones: 3D-Printed Casts MindMup: Open source browser based mind mapping Where the Egts family went on vacation two years ago: The National Museum of Computing History (TNMOC) in Bletchley Park

We Give Thanks

The authors of the OpenStack Security Guide Jérémie Panzer for all his work on CommaFeed and taking the time to let us interview him Jason Hibbets for the Citizen’s Guide tip Adam Clater for the IP over Avian Carrier tips

Episode 19: #19: “This is an exploding motorcycle.”

Jul 2, 2013 1:01:59


This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: Gunnar smoking funny cigarettes, OpenShift all over the place, motorcycles, hacking Gunnar’s house (in a bad way), how to ask for help, and how to receive help like a gentleman.

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See if you can find where he installed the Raspberry PiSee if you can find where he installed the Raspberry Pi Dave got to see a motorcycle explode at Thunder in the Valley since our last episode Solar powered Raspberry Pi The Singularity Is Near: Mind Uploading by 2045? This is what it will actually look like Related: Home automation at the Hellekson residence? Why Gunnar can’t have nice things Open source preference blunted in UK Government guide Hellekson’s Law of Software Policy Unrelated: 11 Wacky “Laws” Named for People Dave’s favorite = Hofstadter’s Law “It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter’s Law.” DISA Plans $450 Million Commercial Cloud Buy A Partner We Like: Autonomic Resources Well, look at that: a FedRAMP’d cloud running Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization OpenShift on Autonomic Resources cloud PayPal now builds products on its internal PaaS, namely OpenShift on OpenStack You can be like PayPal too Deploy to OpenShift from Cloud9 Catching up Wayman (and ourselves) on what he (we) missed at the Red Hat Summit Summit videos and presentations Major Hayden enjoyed the systemd video. Be like Major Bonus links: Dave’s SELinux video series on the Customer Portal sVirt SELinux user confinement MLS (coming soon!) OpenSCAP coming to an Anaconda near you Quitting smoking with skeumorphism Install Cyanogen on your Nook Color GitHub Embed geojson Embed STL for 3D models It’s a floor wax! It’s a desert topping! Say “orange” to avoid sneezing on demand Per the internet, pickle, pineapple, watermelon, and cucumber also work A pickled cucumber is indeed a fruit No word in the English language rhymes with orange Eminem disagrees Red Hat’s gov-sec mailing list for US government employees and contractors On help: “Sometimes, all you have to do is ask, and it can lead to all your dreams coming true.” – Randy Pausch

Cutting Room Floor

RIP I Am Legend author and Twilight Zone writer Richard Matheson Agency web icons, for use with presentations, cakes, tattoos, etc.

We Give Thanks

Major Hayden for the systemd video tip Camille Acey for being so responsive on the tooter Matt Micene, for letting us name-check him. Randy Pausch, RIP — thanks for the perspective! Richard Matheson, RIP — thanks for the sci fi!

Episode 18: #18: Jason Hibbets pries open Raleigh.

Jun 25, 2013 57:20


Dave’s off on a motorcycle or something, so this week, Jason “Open Government Machine” Hibbets and Gunnar talk about CityCamp, Code for America, civic innovation, and (of course) Jason’s new book.

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Red Hat official history Red Hat Customer Portal opensource.com Red Hat Magazine: still up! City Camp Transparency Camp Barcamp rules Raleigh is open by default. The tweet from Bonner that started it all City Camp NC Kevin Curry Gunnar’s Hawaii Tips Code for america CfA brigades divisions adopt-a-hydrant Foundations for an Open Source City, Jason’s book Creative Commons The 5 pillars/elements/foundational whatevers: Fostering a culture of citizen participation Having an effective open government policy (see Gunnar’s “open source policy that’s better without open source post) Having an effective open data initiative, which means things like NYC’s Checkbook 2.0 Promoting open source user groups and conferences Being a hub for innovation and open source businesses Jason’s policy tips Indiegogo Behind the sales scenes

Episode 17: #17: An Internet of *My* Things

Jun 19, 2013 1:11:26


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: Evolution of evolution, skeumorphism (again), Onion Pi, Brick Pi, Red Hat Summit 2013, an interview with Nirmal Mehta and some lessons learned from Google and NSA.

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Nirmal big and small.Nirmal big and small.

So this is an enormous episode, the longest we’ve done yet. If you just want to hear from Nirmal, jump to 1:00:00. Yes, an hour in. This episode is epic.

Deepest apologies to Rackspace: it was another user hogging all the swap. Related Red Hat Summit keynote and session videos Death of skeumorphism: iOS7 OMB asks for 10% discretionary cut citing redundancy — previous plan was 5% This Week in Pi BrickPi Onion Pi Gunnar helps out the good people at the Open Technology Fund This Week in Panopticon Google is different from NSA because one of them has to get a court order. Discuss. NSA leak via USB drive. Time for a security check. Disable USB in RHEL Confine users in RHEL (featuring Dave) Google to keep its calendar CalDAV API public after developer backlash, debuts contacts CardDAV API to boot Foreign hackers seek a soft target at VA Takeaways: Dave gets to say cyber to wind up Gunnar Hackers (and proctologists?) type wearing latex gloves (picture of the week runner up) A chain is only as strong as the weakest link Whatever happened to Google? Services from multiple vendors with loose integration better than monolithic tight integration? Google buys Waze NSA Leaks Present a Business and Ethics Crisis for Silicon Valley Google Reader deathwatch: CommaFeed is getting better and better! Must see demo video, but seems to only work for Pasadena Please vote up Dave’s feature request! AFCEA DC Emerging Technologies Symposium 2013 on June 20 in Washington, DC Defense in Depth Workshop on June 26 in Tysons Corner, VA An award-winning customer we like: Nirmal Mehta of Booz Allen Hamilton

Cutting Room Floor

What happens when you give a guinea pig a cherry? Guinea pig armor Atari 2600 Superman 49th parallel — border skirmishes waiting to happen: “Canada & The United States: Bizarre Borders Part 2”

We Give Thanks

Glyn Moody making our day by letting us know about CalDAV’s and CardDAV’s return to Google Gunnar’s sister Wendy, for her Guinea Pig enthusiasm.

Episode 16: #16: Red Hat Summit, Day 3: Major Hayden lives!

Jun 15, 2013 34:13


Today, Dave and Gunnar talk about the third day of the Red Hat Summit, and interview Major Hayden at last! This one is super-nerdy, that’s fair warning.

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Just look at him: a man comfortable with the safety of his systems.Just look at him: a man comfortable with the safety of his systems. Hortonworks partnership Storage integration with OpenStack: Verified: the customer portal is awesome. Kids love Gnome Classic. Dell GovCloud runs on Red Hat. OpenStack, on like donkey kong.

Episode 15: #15: Red Hat Summit 2013 Day 2, Our Biggest Fan

Jun 13, 2013 13:28


On the second day of Red Hat’s 2013 Summit, Dave and Gunnar talk about RHEV 3.2’s launch, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, the Mirantis/Red Hat OpenStack partnership, and OpenShift with our #1 fan.

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Well, look what we found: young Dan!Well, look what we found: young Dan! RHEV 3.2 now featuring storage live migration plus other goodness! Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform can’t meaningfully fit in the same tweet as Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz Mirantis and Red Hat partnership: joint support and Mirantis’ Fuel point-and-click management tool now manages RHEL OpenStack Platform OpenStack certification program Dan Juengst’s radio interview on Federal Tech Talk We Give Thanks Dan Juengst, our #1 fan The ladies chatting by the coffee machine for their unplanned cameo.

Episode 14: #14: Red Hat Summit 2013 Day 1, Hayden Hunting

Jun 13, 2013 24:56


This week, Dave and Gunnar broadcast from Boston, on the first day of the 2013 Red Hat Summit.

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Have you seen this man?Have you seen this man? Back to Work, with Dan Benjamin and Merlin Mann. Face to face Acxiom, NewLease, and Verizon Terremark are now CCPs Dell GovCloud using RHEL and RHEV AWS running RHEL on the free tier – 750 hours/month OpenShift now for sale! JBoss Windup Dave, Gunnar, and Lauren featured on opensource.com

We Give Thanks

To everyone who we interviewed yesterday, in order of appearance: Erich Morisse, Adam Clater, Brian Cook, Dan Walsh, James Kirkland, Lene Jensen, Ray Ploski, Shak, Shawn Wells, Thomas Cameron, Jim Tyrrell, and Christopher Basquez.

Episode 13: #13: Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz is German for winning Scrabble.

Jun 6, 2013 57:32


This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: NYC Checkbook, passwords, FSF getting silly, open source dying, killing patent trolls with fire, RHEL6 STIGs, Rasberry Pi, and next week’s Red Hat Summit.

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Beefy Miracle, courtesy of Red Hat, licensed CC-BY-SA.The mustard shall indicate progress. And oversight from German regulators. NYC Checkbook 2.0 LinkedIn adds two step verification Anatomy of a hack: How crackers ransack passwords like “qeadzcwrsfxv1331” FSF’s insane campaign against regulations.gov Monty thinks open source is dying Patent troll attacks podcasting “The farther over goal they are, the safer I feel.” — Roman Mars of 99% Invisible White House Trollhunt USPTO + StackExchange == Crazy Delicious Gunnar and Luke interview Phase2 about Drupal on FedOSS Defense in Depth Workshop June 26 in Tysons Corner, VA RHEL6 STIG! STIG! Pi and Pigs: Lauren and Dave’s interview with Element 14’s community team Lauren’s summer job: Case Western Reserve University’s think[box] institute for collaboration and innovation Lil’ G-man using Scratch with his makeymakey and Playdoh (action photo) Raspberry Pi puts holes in China’s Great Firewall Raspberry Pi + rocket launcher == one step closer to world domination Pidora is a part of Dave, Lauren, and Dan Walsh’s secret project Red Hat Summit 5K: run with Jim Whitehurst and benefit The One Fund Boston Word of the day: Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz German for “law for the delegation of monitoring beef labelling” Formally dropped, but feel free to use it anyhow, especially when playing Scrabble in German Hear the proper pronounciation here Longest word ever composed in German: Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft German for “Association for Subordinate Officials of the Head Office Management of the Danube Steamboat Electrical Services” The longest word in the Oxford Dictionary of English is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Is the English Language open source? The “Story of English” on PBS

Cutting Room Floor

We’re the #1 search result for “alliteration and vampires” on Google Colonizing the internet, one keyword at a time! Developer codes VNC-over-GIF tool… in 37 (but growing) lines of code! Atari video game burial site to be excavated

We Give Thanks

Karl Fogel for writing the Checkbook 2.0 article Eric Sorenson and Lil’G Man for sharing their computer science research Will Cordis for the password cracking article tweet Gunnar’s Dad for the Rasberry Pi The Element 14 Community Team for taking the time to interview Lauren and inspire kids and adults around the world

Episode 5: #5: Sycophants

Apr 5, 2013 20:57


This week Dave and Gunnar provide a very special episode of the Dave and Gunnar Show, in which we talk to our boss, Paul Smith, who runs Red Hat’s US Public Sector group.

]3 Photo courtesy FedScoop. Show Notes 10 years ago Matthew Szulik Red Hat Government‘s website the SELinux project Jim Whitehurst on managing in an open source company. In case you can’t tell, we’re hiring. Gunnar messed up by saying “wearing your best suit” and not making a Paul Smith joke. Shawn Wells and the SCAP Security Guide project Everything we sell Hit up Paul on Twitter!