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Scratching your bike itch online

Apr 2, 2020 01:00:08


With outdoor riding limited or banned in much of the world, bikes are going online. There are virtual trade shows, replays of races, and of course virtual riding. We talk about what's available to help you scratch the bike itch. 

Then, an important discussion: Who from the modern pro peloton would win an early-1900s style Tour de France? 

Nerd Alert this week has some practical tips on making sure you're prepared to take care of yourself if you do get out on the bike. 

Milan-San Remo and a sparkly clean chain

Mar 25, 2020 01:08:50


The Olympics are postponed, the Tour de France hangs in the balance, and we have a homemade bread recipe you simply must try. 

This week's episode includes reporting from this year's edition of Milan-San Remo, including reactions from Koen de Kort and Adam Hansen. 

This week's Nerd Alert walks you through a cleaning and lubing process that will keep chain marks off your living room carpet. 

From the Top: Building Rapha

Mar 24, 2020 01:25:02


CyclingTips has a new podcast! It's called From the Top, and it's hosted by CT Founder Wade Wallace. In it, Wade chats with the people who built some of the biggest brands in cycling. 

This first episode is with Simon Mottram, the founder of Rapha.

This is the only episode of From the Top that will be found on this feed, so make sure you subscribe to From the Top so you never miss an episode. 

The anti-virus virus show

Mar 18, 2020 46:33


Bikes are an escape, and so in this episode of the podcast we try to talk about anything but the bad news swirling all around us, and instead look to the positives: What can we do to fill our time? Do socks belong over or under leg warmers? Can you wash a bike in the shower and dry it with a hairdryer? 

Plus, a special song to close out the episode from Cofidis pro Nathan Haas. 

Knee warmers, friend or foe?

Mar 12, 2020 01:03:07


Knee warmers, are they good or bad? This is the very important topic that dominates this week's Nerd Alert segment. James and Neal are on Team Good, Caley and Abby are on Team Bad. Which team are you on? 

It's a good thing this week's Nerd Alert is lighthearted, because the rest of the episode... isn't. Sorry. We run through the latest coronavirus news, abuse allegations, and then say a sad goodbye to Nico Portal and Ben Sonntag. 

The bad news bears

Mar 4, 2020 01:10:02


It's been a rough week in cycling-related news. Coronavirus, abuse allegations, Gianni Moscon - none of it is particularly uplifting, but we need to talk about it. And, don't worry, we do throw some good news in there, too. 

Then, in this week's Nerd Alert, James discusses a frequently overlooked component that can make your bike safer. 

The cheapest way to make your shifting better

Feb 26, 2020 01:00:14


This week's episode opens with a news roundup, from Valenciana to the UAE Tour to track worlds. Then we discuss coronavirus and it's potential impact on the pro calendar. 

Then, James discusses a cheap, easy way to make your shifting better. 

Testing gravel bikes in Arizona

Feb 21, 2020 39:03


This week's episode comes to you from Sedona, Arizona, where much of the CyclingTips crew is currently testing a slew of gravel bikes. James, Abby, Caley, and Dave Rome discuss what exactly these sort of tests look like, plus dig into the week's news. 

In the pocket of Big Tubeless

Feb 12, 2020 40:14


James, Neal, and Abby are back in Vecchio's for this week's episode and kick things off with a rundown of the week's news. 

Then, James digs into some new rolling resistance data that suggest using latex tubes can be just as fast as a good tubeless tire. 

What if schools had a bike mechanic class?

Feb 6, 2020 49:23


Neal, Dane, Abby, James, and Caley are back in Vecchio's are run through the latest news, including the young stars of cyclocross worlds and San Juan, and then put the Ferrari allegations in context. 

In this week's Nerd Alert, James brings back a report from the Outdoor Retailer show about a bike mechanic class that's coming to American schools. Finally, we find out which podcast host is the best (and worst) mechanic. 

The things we saw at Tour Down Under

Jan 29, 2020 47:22


Neal, James, Dane, and Caley are back at Vecchio's following a chat through the week's pro cycling news, including discussion of the Tour Down Under, coronavirus, and the craziness at the Vuelta San Juan.

Then, James debunks the concerns around racing with disc brakes, once and for all. 

TDU Live: Pro mechanics share their secrets

Jan 25, 2020 43:19


We're back from the Specialized/Blacksheep Chateau in Adelaide, this time with a pair of pro mechanics and a lot of questions. 

James Huang and Dave Rome lead this episode, which delves into the world of team mechanics. How do they keep white bar tape clean? How often are they swapping chains? We get tips and tricks to keep your own bike running smoothly. 

Live from TDU: Coaching world champions

Jan 23, 2020 44:43


We're back again from the Specialized/Blacksheep Chateau in Adelaide, this time with Neal Henderson, the head of sports science at Wahoo and a coach who has helped 47 athletes (including Rohan Dennis) win world championships.

We ask him about Dennis, how to get Shoddy Dave to the finish line of the Strade Bianche sportive, and about his coaching philosophy and use of data. 

Live from TDU: Ruth Winder and Brodie Chapman

Jan 22, 2020 33:45


This week, the CyclingTips Podcast comes to you live from Adelaide, Australia, where we've set up at the Specialized/Blacksheep Chateau for the Tour Down Under. This episode includes a chat with TDU winner Ruth Winder and one of its key animators, Brodie Chapman. 


The band is back together

Jan 16, 2020 54:58


James, Neal, Caley, Dane, and Abby are all back in Vecchio's for this week's episode, the first of 2020 with the whole CyclingTips Podcast crew. The episode opens with a news roundup, discussing Bernie Eisel's retirement, Lorena Wiebes' contract controversy, and more. 

Neal sits down with Tim Johnson to discuss the place of national governing bodies in the growth of gravel racing. 

Matt de Neef calls in from Melbourne, just back from covering Aussie nationals. 

Finally, James discusses Castelli's new ultra-lightweight kit in this week's Nerd Alert. 

Froome, Dennis, and the Movistar Nothingburger

Jan 9, 2020 46:00


We're back! The first CyclingTips Podcast of 2020 runs through major storylines we're keeping an eye on ahead of the coming race season, including Rohan Dennis opening up about an unhealthy relationship with food, Chris Froome's time at team camp (or lack thereof) and the sponsor search of the world's best women's team. 

In this week's Nerd Alert, James discusses the value of WorldTour sponsorship for cycling brands following the announcement that SRAM will now sponsor Movistar, ending the team's 37-year run with Campagnolo. 

CyclingTips Awards: The best bikes and riders of the decade

Dec 19, 2019 52:00


It's awards season! And we're about to click ov er into a new decade. So we put two and two together, and this episode awards the best rides, riders, controversies, and bikes of the twenty-teens. 

Oh, and we pick a few of the worst things, too. 

Micro-mobility in the age of ebikes (and scooters)

Dec 11, 2019 01:06:35


This week's episode opens with discussions of the latest news, including Rohan Dennis' move to Ineos, the new Women's WorldTour teams, and WADA's move against Russia. 

Then, Jonathan Vaughters talks about his attempt to hire the winner of Dirty Kanza.

In this week's Nerd Alert, James dives into the subject of micro-mobility, and we talk scooters and ebikes.  

Sneak preview: Nerd Alert podcast

Dec 9, 2019 35:56


This is a sneak preview of our new Nerd Alert podcast, so if you like what you hear, make sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. 

Although we’ve done all-tech podcasts in the past, the new Nerd Alert will now come to you on a more regular basis — every other week — and will be co-hosted by global tech editor James Huang, Australian tech editor Dave Rome, editor-in-chief Caley Fretz, and professional mechanic Zach Edwards, who owns and operates Boulder Grupetto in Boulder, Colorado.

For this initial episode, we discuss in detail the key findings in Dave’s most recent tech feature, which dives into Adam Kerin’s incredibly exhaustive research on chain efficiency and durability. Which chains last the longest, and which ones aren’t worth the extra money? What’s the most economical way to keep your expensive drivetrain running smoothly? And what are our hosts’ favorite chain lubes?

Doping in the women's peloton and a chat with JV

Dec 4, 2019 57:49


This week's episode features special guest Jonathan Vaughters of EF-Education First. He's in town ahead of his impending Flagstaff climbing showdown with Neal Rogers. 

The show opens with a discussion of Egan Bernal's decision to race the Giro and Tour, and then pivots to Sofie de Vuyst and doping in the women's peloton. 

Finally, James laments the lack of winterized helmet options on the market. 

What is RED-S? And why does it matter?

Nov 28, 2019 01:07:57


This is the first episode of Freewheeling, a new podcast from Abby Mickey and the editors of CyclingTips. Please note that Freewheeling will exist on the regular CyclingTips Podcast channel this week only. In the future, you'll have to subscribe to Freewheeling separately. 

This episode tackles important angles on athlete health and nutrition, and delves into RED-S, or Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports. Abby speaks with Ruth Winder, current US National Road Champion, about her fight to stay healthy in a sport that prizes low weight, and Jackson Long, a nutritionist who specializes in athlete health. 

Carbon forks keep breaking. Why?

Nov 20, 2019 55:41


This week's episode opens with a discussion of team allocations for the Tokyo Olympics, then delves into the proper pronunciation of Mads Pedersen.

In this week's Nerd Alert, James speaks with a carbon expert about carbon fiber fork steerer failures - sparked by last week's BMC recall. Is the push for integration making bikes less safe?  

Poulidor, mandatory helmets, and a Shimano gearbox

Nov 14, 2019 52:12


This week's show opens with a remembrance of Raymond Poulidor, who passed away this week. 

Then, we dive headfirst into the tribunal of Richard Freeman and the sordid testimony this week of Shane Sutton. 

In this week's Nerd Alert, we discuss mandatory helmet laws and a patent for a Shimano gearbox. 

California's hiatus and pro mechanic's toolboxes

Oct 30, 2019 50:15


The Tour of California is going on hiatus - or is it done for good? Caley and Neal discuss the news that America's biggest road race won't happen in 2020. 

Former Team Sky and British Cycling doctor Richard Freeman is finally testifying. What do we expect to hear? 

In this week's Nerd Alert, Dave Rome talks through a pro mechanic's toolbox - what they use, what they don't, and why. And then Caley's true feelings about torque wrenches slip out. 


A Tour de France for millennials

Oct 17, 2019 01:01:24


The 2020 Tour de France is low on sprint stages, low on time trials, low on long stages, and is full of climbs from end to end. It's a Tour that looks more like a Vuelta - more dynamic, less formulaic. It's a great match for today's ever-shortening attention spans. 

Is that a good thing? 

In this week's Nerd Alert, James looks into some strange moves at Strava and the failure of cars to stop when they're supposed to.  

Finding the right saddle and disqualifying Zwifters

Oct 9, 2019 01:02:17


This week's episode opens with a discussion of the British Zwift eRacing national champion who had his title stripped and was given a 6-month ban after he cheated on his way to his national title. 

Then, we look ahead to Lombardia, the last of the Monuments. 

Finally, James takes a look at a new system from WTB that claims it can guess which saddle you need based on, of all things, the width of your wrists. 

What NASA knows about tires

Oct 2, 2019 47:43


This week's episode opens with our final thoughts on the World Championships, including the controversy surrounding the disqualification of Nils Eekhoff in the men's U23 race. 

In this week's Nerd Alert, James pulls out a study from NASA that provides some insight into why some tires might be better than others on wet roads. 

The end of the Worlds

Sep 29, 2019 34:19


In our final Worlds episode, Dave and Caley chat with Abby Mickey about Annemiek van Vleuten's dominant performance in the elite women's race, then break down a thrilling, brutally difficult men's race. 

Then Caley tries more English foods, and Dave's mum makes an appearance. 

The Worlds: Jumping from junior racing to the WorldTour

Sep 27, 2019 59:54


The Worlds roll on. The time trials, juniors, and espoirs are behind us, and only the elites remain. 

Caley and Dave are in Harrogate, trying out all sorts of local delicacies, and open this week's episode with a discussion of junior world champion Quinn Simmons' quick jump up to the WorldTour. 

Then, Caley sits down with Abby Mickey to preview the elite women's race and talk about the junior road race winner, Megan Jastrab. 


The Worlds: Time trials and Yorkshire food products

Sep 25, 2019 44:43


This week's episode comes straight from Harrogate, where the Yorkshire worlds kicked off on Monday and continue through Sunday. Caley Fretz and Dave Everett are on the ground and discuss Chloe Dygert's dominant win, Rohan Dennis' redemption ride, Yorkshire accents, Yorkshire food products, a rider from Ghana, and much more. 

Reporter alleges embarrassingly outdated bike "works just fine"

Sep 19, 2019 01:05:06


This week's episode opens with a discussion of Iain Treloar's recent column on his old Cannondale CaadX, which, contrary to all known marketing, still shreds. 

Where has the bike industry gotten it right, and where has it inflated claims of technological advancement? James and Caley discuss. 

Then, Marshall Opel sits down with Dirty Kanza winner Colin Strickland for a wide-ranging chat about all things gravel. 

Riding outside is dead. Long live riding outside.

Sep 11, 2019 01:00:45


James is back from a Eurobike show full of bikes with motors and bikes for riding nowhere, and it feels like an existential moment for the bike world. How do we feel about these changes to the fundamental nature of cycling? 

Plus, we hear from Sepp Kuss and Nielson Powless on their time at cycling's new juggernaut, Jumbo-Visma, and discuss Mathieu van der Poel's insane Tour of Britain sprint. 

Eurobike, Movistar's infighting and Roglic's Vuelta lead

Sep 5, 2019 38:30


In this week's episode, Caley and Neal are joined by Dane Cash to discuss the ongoing Vuelta a Espana, now in its second week. Can Primoz Roglic hold his lead? Is Movistar's lack of cohesion actually a good thing? Then we hear, briefly, from CyclingTips' reporters in Germany, where the Eurobike tradeshow just kicked off.

Gremlins in electronic drivetrains

Aug 29, 2019 40:24


This week's episode comes to you from Rapha's Boulder, Colorado clubhouse. We talk Vuelta, Marcel Kittel, Colorado Classic, and then James brings up something a bit controversial: Electronic drivetrains aren't always reliable.

Where are they now: A Tyler Hamilton interview

Aug 27, 2019 40:38


In this special episode of the CyclingTips Podcast, Marshall Opel sits down with Tyler Hamilton. 

Hamilton raced for two of the most notorious teams of cycling's doping era, US Postal and CSC, and wrote a tell-all book called The Secret Race after he was banned for doping for a second time. He moved to Montana, largely to escape the pro cycling world. Marshall caught up with him there and found out what he's been up to, and what his relationship to the sport looks like now. 

Finding a good mechanic and Tom Dumoulin’s move

Aug 20, 2019 53:16


This week’s Podcast comes to you from a Boulder institution, Vecchio’s Bicicletteria, where Neal, James, and Caley first talk about Tom Dumoulin’s move to Jumbo Visma (is that team as strong as Ineos now?) and then dig into the best way to find a good mechanic.

Tech rants and raves

Aug 14, 2019 50:42


There's a lot to rave about in modern bike tech, and a lot to rant about, too. James Huang leads this episode off with a Nerd Alert segment discussing the best and worst of the bike industry. 

This week's episode is recorded from our Endless Gravel van, and we have chief gravel correspondent (and van driver) Marshall Opel on the show to discuss gravel racing and victory - and whether the two belong together. 

Finally, Matt de Neef is in Boulder all the way from CT's Melbourne office and discusses his ride up Mt. Evans, the highest paved road in North America.  

NEW TECH SERIES: Nerd Alert (Ep 1): Go faster with aerodynamics made simple

Jul 29, 2019 46:09


As cyclists, we are forever chasing the elusive free watts of power, extra few kilometers per hour and a few less grams on the scales, all with the goal of going faster.

In our new dedicated Tech series we're calling 'Nerd Alert', we aim to dispel the myths, understand the technology, and bring you the information you need to go faster.The first episode sees James Huang and Caley Fretz sit down with Specialized’s director of integrated technologies, Chris Yu, and Professor Robert Chung to discuss all things aerodynamics and just how much it matters.

Tour Daily: The end of the Tour

Jul 29, 2019 36:38


The best Tour de France in years is over. Caley and Rupert are in Paris, joined by Joshua Robinson of the Wall Street Journal and Matt White, director sportif at Mitchelton-Scott, to discuss the last three weeks. 

Tour Daily: Bernal secures yellow

Jul 28, 2019 55:31


Egan Bernal secures yellow for Paris as Vincenzo Nibali wins Tour de France stage 20 from the break.

Caley, Iain, Rupert, and the Wall Street Journal's Josh Robinson talk about Bernal's Tour performance, what it means for Colombia, and what it means for the race.

Tour Daily: An extraordinary day in the Alps

Jul 27, 2019 47:01


Egan Bernal is in the yellow jersey after a wild stage 19 at the Tour de France, which was cut short due to extreme weather and hazardous road conditions.

Caley, Rupert, Iain, and the Wall Street Journal's Josh Robinson discuss the day's dramatic events and where the race stands with two days left.

Tour Daily: Strange tactics

Jul 25, 2019 01:00:10


Nairo Quintana won the stage, but did Movistar even want him to? And Egan Bernal got a gap, only to have his teammate try to bridge across. It was a day for odd tactics, and Rupert and Caley are joined by's Bonnie Ford and the Wall Street Journal's Josh Robinson to talk through a spectacular day of racing.

Plus, James Huang calls in for a Nerd Alert segment on climbing bikes.

Tour Daily, Updated: Booted from the Tour

Jul 24, 2019 45:32


Luke Rowe and Tony Martin were kicked out of the Tour following an incident. Did they deserve it? Can they appeal?

Caley, Rupe, and Iain are once again joined by Josh Robinson of the Wall Street Journal to talk about the day's racing, and the day's controversy. Then, they discuss Josh's Thursday front page story on the two men in charge of artfully adjusting inappropriate road paint.

Tour Daily: The heat of Nîmes

Jul 23, 2019 43:50


The Tour de France rolled out of its second rest day and into baking temperatures and a relatively straightforward sprint stage. But nothing at the Tour is every truly straightforward. 

Geraint Thomas fell down again. Caleb Ewan proved he's the man to beat in Paris, if he can get there. Iain Treloar only got two keychains from the caravan. Caley, Rupert, and Josh Robinson break down the heat-soaked action and look ahead to the looming Alps. 

Tour Daily: The Tour caravan and the second rest day

Jul 22, 2019 44:21


It's hot in Nîmes. Very hot. Caley, Rupert and Iain are joined by Joshua Robinson of the Wall Street Journal in the shade of a square in this southern French city to discuss the legacy of this year's Tour de France winner. 

To wrap things up, Iain takes us deep into a Tour de France caravan schwag experience. 

Tour Daily: The battle for yellow tightens

Jul 22, 2019 55:52


Simon Yates nabs his second Tour stage win as Julian Alaphilippe cedes time on stage 15.

Caley, Rupert, and Iain delve into the wide-open general classification battle at the Tour de France, with insights on rising star Emanuel Buchmann from Felix Mattis. Also, hear from Richie Porte after an action-packed day in the Pyrenees.

Tour Daily: Pinot soars to a Tourmalet triumph

Jul 21, 2019 01:04:36


Thibaut Pinot powered to the stage 14 victory on the Tourmalet, while Julian Alaphilippe continued to shine as big names like Geraint Thomas lost time.

Caley, Rupert, and Iain wonder if it's time to start believing in Alaphilippe and consider who else might be able to knock him out of yellow. Also hear from Abby Mickey and Marianne Vos after a compelling race at La Course.

Tour Daily: Alaphilippe amazes

Jul 20, 2019 56:08


Julian Alaphilippe takes an impressive stage 13 time trial win to extend his Tour de France lead. Marianne Vos storms to victory at La Course.

Caley, Rupert, and Iain talk with Bonnie Ford and Joshua Robinson about a compelling day in France.

Tour Daily: Dennis abandons

Jul 19, 2019 34:16


Simon Yates got his first Tour de France stage win, Rohan Dennis abandoned the race under unusual circumstances.

Caley, Rupert, and Iain discuss the day's events from Pau with some insights from other Tour journalists as well, plus a brief appearance by Dave Everett.

Tour Daily: Sprint stages

Jul 18, 2019 42:05


Caleb Ewan took his first Tour de France victory, Richie Porte was part of a big crash, and Jens Keukeleire defended the Hour Classification with exceptional panache.

Caley, Rupert, and Iain check in from a restaurant in Toulouse and talk through the day's big stories, plus look ahead to the Pyrenees and beyond. 

Tour Daily: Rest day rides with Alaphilippe

Jul 16, 2019 36:54


Rupert, Caley and Iain Treloar, and a pile of special guests, are in Albi, France for the first rest day of the Tour de France. They discuss the new ebike from Specialized, and riding with the Quickstep team to a coffee shop. Then the conversation turns to the upcoming Pyrenees and Alps, what yesterday's splits mean for the overall and for Ineos' dominance, and whether Thibaut Pinot still has a chance. 



Tour Daily: Crosswinds

Jul 15, 2019 40:50


What could have been a mellow sprint stage was anything but. The GC was flipped on its head, all thanks to a bit of wind. 

Caley and Rupert are joined by Ann Braeckman, Iain Treloar, and Ian Parker to break down the day's racing, and what it might mean for the Tour ahead. 

More importantly, we rate the press buffet and determine the current leader in the hour classification. 

Tour Daily: The Hour Classification

Jul 14, 2019 37:25


Daryl Impey stole the show in the Tour's 9th stage, taking a breakaway win. Julian Alaphilippe remains in yellow. Luke Durbridge has the coveted Hour Classification. Can he defend it through tomorrow?

The Giro Rosa wrapped up with a somewhat predictable result. Abby calls in with the latest, and then looks ahead to La Course, which takes place in Pau this week.

Tour Daily: A new type of Tour stage

Jul 14, 2019 46:02


Thomas De Gendt did what he does best to nab stage 8 of the Tour de France from the breakaway, while Julian Alaphilippe retook the yellow jersey in Saint-Étienne. Caley and Rupert talk panache, Alaphilippe's chances to stay in yellow, Thibaut Pinot's overall hopes, and more.

At the Giro Rosa, Anna van der Breggen topped Annemiek van Vleuten to take a mountaintop victory on stage 9. Van Vleuten still leads as the race heads into its final stage.

Tour Daily: Technical difficulties

Jul 13, 2019 14:33


If you listened to stage 7’s episode and were annoying by interference noises, we do apologize. We’ve pulled that episode down (so if you listened, congrats, you experienced an extinct episode!).


Thankfully, our Giro Rosa coverage survived. So here’s that. We’ll be back to normal after stage 8 of the Toue wraps up.

Tour Daily: La Planche des Belles Filles

Jul 11, 2019 44:33


The first true test of the Tour de France left almost every team a winner - with one notable exception - and provided a look into the next two weeks of racing. The standouts? Geraint Thomas and Julian Alaphilippe. Caley and Rupert discuss the day's racing, and what it all means. 

At the Giro Rosa, a lumpy stage ended as a few others have before. Abby Mickey calls in with the details. 

Tour Daily: Ineos' curious wheel choice

Jul 10, 2019 49:49


On the eve of the Tour's first foray in the mountains, Ineos decided to test out some new wheels: Lightweights. Every rider on the team was on the super light carbon hoops. But is that a good idea? James calls in and offers his perspective. 

Caley and Rupe and in Colmar, where today's stage finished, and run through the green jersey battle and look ahead to La Planche des Belles Filles tomorrow. 

At the Giro Rosa, it's a story of dominance.

Tour Daily: Viviani's first Tour stage win

Jul 9, 2019 39:07


Elia Viviani sprinted to his first ever Tour de France stage victory with a strong display of speed and great lead-out from his Deceuninck-QuickStep teammates. Caley and Rupert talk sprint battles and we hear from Caleb Ewan, third on the day, before looking ahead to the hills and mountains on the horizon.

At the Giro Rosa, Annemiek van Vleuten powered to a queen stage victory and took a commanding overall lead.

Tour Daily: Early post-ups and Alaphilippe's class

Jul 8, 2019 31:06


Julian Alaphilippe took the first yellow jersey for a Frenchman since 2014, and what a show it was. Caley and Rupert chat about his ride, and then look ahead to the green jersey competition. 

At the Giro Rosa, we saw another finish end with an 'oops.' 



Tour Daily: Secrets of the Team Time Trial

Jul 7, 2019 40:59


It's a long way to Paris, but a few contenders for the yellow jersey lost big time in Sunday's team time trial. 

Caley and Rupert discuss the results of the day, who won and who lost, and what it might mean for the rest of the race. 

Then we hear from Toms Skujins, who on stage 1 took picked up a call from nature he just couldn't send to voicemail. 

Finally, Abby Mickey rings in with an update from the Giro Rosa, where an early celebration lost the day. 

Tour Daily: The surprises of stage 1

Jul 6, 2019 38:31


The opening stage of the Tour de France was won by a rider nobody would have picked before the start. Caley and Rupert discuss Mike Teunissen's victory, what it means for the green jersey competition, and why we might expect at the team time trial tomorrow. 

At the Giro Rosa, Marianne Vos showed us all why she's the greatest of all time. 


Pre-Tour horror stories; Giro Rosa, stage 1

Jul 5, 2019 53:29


Welcome to the first Tour Daily episode of the CyclingTips Podcast, which will run from today until the end of the 2019 Tour de France. Caley Fretz is joined by Rupert Guinness at the grand depart in Brussels, Belgium. Guinness, a veteran of 31 Tours, tells stories of pre-Tour prep gone wrong, from Stephen Roche's ill-timed bathroom break to Pedro Delgado's missed prologue. 

Next, Abby Mickey calls in for a wrapup of the first stage of the Giro Rosa, and a look ahead at the stages to come. We also hear from newly crowned US champion Ruth Winder. 



The Tour de France preview

Jul 2, 2019 01:03:12


The Tour is here. Neal, Caley, and James preview a difficult, climb-filled route, discuss the favorites for each jersey (except polka dots, which are definitely going to Julian Alaphlippe), and then dive into a hypothetical: What happens to Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas if Egan Bernal, just 22 years old, wins this Tour de France? 

Keep an eye out for our Giro Rosa preview later in the week. 



The birth and death of a bike company

Jun 26, 2019 01:13:57


This week's episode takes you on a journey from the meteoric rise to catastrophic fall of a bike company called SpeedX. 

It's all a conspiracy. Or is it?

Jun 19, 2019 01:22:24


The theme of today’s episode: Conspiracies.

There is a surprisingly large contingent of people who believe that Chris Froome’s crash last week was faked.

And the manager of a women’s cycling team is claiming that accusations of sexual and psychological abuse from at least nine riders are all part of an orchestrated conspiratorial campaign against him.

Pro cyclist Abby Mickey joins Caley and Neal in the basement to discuss the latest racing news, plus the latest maneuverings of the Illuminati. 

The things you can learn from sweat

Jun 11, 2019 57:15


Sweat! Paying attention to it can help you be a better cyclist. This week we're joined in the basement by special guest Dr. Allen Lim, who explains how to hydrate for your own sweat profile. It's all a bit more complicated, and yet also more simple, that it first appears.

But first, Caley, Neal and Allen talk through the first few stages of the Dauphine, and Allen provides some insight into how pros time their form ahead of the Tour de France. 

Giro hangovers and Dirty Kanza exploits

Jun 4, 2019 01:06:04


After an exhausting week of delivering the Giro diaries, Caley has gone on vacation, but not before filing one last segment from the Giro d’Italia. In Caley’s absence, Neal and James are joined by Marshall Opel, our “Man the Van” pursuing an Endless Gravel Summer. After chatting about the rumors that Team Ineos is courting Giro winner Richard Carapaz, and whether the sport needs to implement budget caps, Marshall shares his experiences and observations from the Dirty Kanza 200. Finally, Neal previews his upcoming interview with MTB world champion Kate Courtney, who is two for two in XCO races in 2019.

Giro diaries: Wait, can you hit spectators?

Jun 1, 2019 31:56


The queen stage of this Giro d'Italia saw early fireworks but seemed to fizzle in the end, until the final climb. But it wasn't a GC battle that caught our eye, it was Miguel Angel Lopez, felled by a spectator, and his quite reaction to be taken down. 

Caley and Neal discuss the incident and then rate this year's Giro. Was it a good vintage?  

Giro diaries: Chaves gets his win

May 31, 2019 28:51


A year after he dropped out of the Giro with what would turn out ot be Epstein Barr virus, Esteban Chaves found redemption in the Dolomites, taking an emotional stage win with his parents in the crowd.

Caley is joined by Ian Dille of FloBikes to talk through the stage, plus look ahead to Saturday's massive mountain stage. Will it be a firecracker, or a fizzle? 

Giro diaries: Oops said the sprinters

May 30, 2019 21:25


The final bunch sprint of this Giro d'Italia turned out to be... not a bunch sprint. Oops, said the sprinters. 

Caley and Neal break down the sprint team's mistakes, discuss the trade rumors swirling around Movistar's GC stars, and debate whether Vincenzo Nibali, Mikel Landa, or Simon Yates will attempt a Froome-esque long bomb. 


Giro diaries: The strange lives of pro cycling photographers

May 29, 2019 38:07


Dave's gone home, but Caley is still on the ground in Italy, and he calls up Neal to chat about Wednesday's mountain stage and the two big GC days still to come. 

Plus, we talk to Jered and Ashley Gruber about their lives on the road, plus get some top tips on how to come watch the Giro yourself. 

Giro diaries: The Mortirolo

May 28, 2019 48:46


Straight to you from a traffic jam in northern Italy, Caley and Dave break down the antics of the Mortirolo and discuss the gear choices (and mechanical issues) brought on by the famed climb. Plus we hear from Hugh Carthy, Fabrizio Guidi, and Primoz Roglic. 

Giro diaries: Adam Hansen and the second rest day

May 27, 2019 28:04


It's raining in Bergamo, host city for the Giro d'Italia's second rest day. Dave and Caley do a small hotel tour and run into none other than Lotto-Soudal's Adam Hansen, who has a high-tech new way of monitoring his pedal stroke. Then it's time to reminisce about Giro stages past, and get excited about what's coming up in the race's last week. 

Giro diaries: When Sharks attack and ski jumpers fall

May 26, 2019 24:31


Caley and Dave start their day on a roundabout island, surrounded by the peloton of the Giro d'Italia, and end it sitting on a set of steps that lead down to Lake Como. In between was one of the most exciting Giro stages we've seen in years. 

Needless to say, it was a good day. Listen in for details of Primoz Roglic's bike swap, plus the daring ethos of Hugh Carthy. 

Giro Diaries: Pink for Carapaz and a bowl of rocks

May 25, 2019 27:34


Richard Carapaz struck out alone and won big — he took the stage and the pink jersey. Caley and Dave discuss Movistar's two-pronged tactics, why these sort of maneuvers work in the Giro but not the Tour, and, as a result, why the Giro is better than the Tour. 


Giro diaries: The first big mountain stage

May 24, 2019 25:49


The Giro d'Italia has officially entered the high mountains, and stage 13 did not disappoint. Caley and Shoddy Dave dropped into the race on its lucky 13th day and bring you this episode from atop the final climb, the first uphill finish of this Giro. 

The gravel mullet and its dedicated drivetrain

May 22, 2019 01:17:01


The Giro d'Italia is in full swing, and James, Neal, and Caley kick off with the latest news from Italy, plus a chat with the 20-year-old winner of the Tour of California. A discussion of the modern doping landscape, including motorized doping, wraps up this week's racing segment. 

Marshall Opel, our man in the Endless Gravel Summer van, is in the basement to chat about Shimano's new GRX gravel groupset, plus the balance between serious gravel racing and laid-back gravel riding. Is the sport road-ifying? Are we going to see more trainers on the start line of major gravel races? Should we care? We dig in. 

The Tire Size Selector Graph and a bloody Giro

May 15, 2019 51:39


The Giro d'Italia saw losses for Tom Dumoulin and a win for Primoz Roglic, the Tour of California may finally be won by its home team, and a couple of old sprinters are back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. This week's episode opens with a discussion of the latest racing news — all these things, and more — and then turns to the decidedly nerdy. 

Get out a pen and paper, because it's time to go to class. Caley and James discuss tire sizes for gravel racing, and note the apparent linear relationship between the amount of dirt and gravel in an event, and the size of the tire best suited to that event. Except, as always, there are a pile of caveats. 

The Giro, threaded bottom brackets, and free Giant frames

May 8, 2019 59:52


This week's episode opens with the latest in racing news then Neal, Caley, and Dane look ahead to the Giro d'Italia and Tour of California, both of which kick off this weekend. 

In this week's Nerd Alert, James explains why Trek's rumored move to threaded T-47 bottom brackets is big news for the bike industry, and the crew discusses Giant's new no-questions-asked carbon frame replacement program. 

A better Liege and Rapha's attempt to fix cycling

Apr 30, 2019 59:57


Neal, James and Caley are back in the basement for the first time in nearly a month and open this week's episode with a pressing question: Is Liege-Bastogne-Liege finally exciting? And, follow up, why can't ASO give us live coverage of the women's race? 

That discussion ties into the second part of the show, which digs into the Rapha Roadmap for the future of road cycling. This massive document lays out problems with pro cycling, and proposes solutions. But would those solutions work? And who would implement them? 

In this week's Nerd Alert, James poses a reader question: Does a product's place or origin matter? 

That Amstel finish and tubeless uncertainty

Apr 24, 2019 01:00:46


We're back in a basement, though it's not the same basement. Neal has some sort of flu, so Caley and James are in James' basement this week, along with Dane Cash. The three discuss Mathieu van der Poel's incredible Amstel Gold victory — one of the most amazing finishes we've ever seen — and Kasia Niewiadoma's daring attack, then look ahead to Fleche Wallonne. 

In this week's Nerd Alert, James chats with a tubeless rim manufacturer that isn't happy with the new tubeless "standard." 

Tire pressures and cobbled corners: Inside Paris-Roubaix

Apr 15, 2019 43:05


Dave Everett and Caley Fretz begin their Sunday in Hell with a walk around the pits at the start in Compiegne, chatting with Silca's Josh Poertner about tire optimization. Then they hop in their rental car and head out on course. 

Will their oil pan survive? What does it feel like to stand on the final corner before the Roubaix velodrome? These and other important questions, answered herein. 


The RoubaixCast: A deep dive into the new Specialized Roubaix

Apr 10, 2019 01:05:47


The new Specialized Roubaix launched this week, and you've probably seen the headlines: It has a new Future Shock, aero tube shapes, stealthy, sleek looks, and more.

Just as we did with the Venge last summer, we wanted to dig deeper. So we asked for an early test bike, rode it, and then flew to Specialized headquarters in Morgan Hill, California, sat down with the engineers and product managers behind the bike. 

This podcast goes deep into the development of the Roubaix, from early mistakes to tricky fixes to final product. 

A walk through the Tour of Flanders

Apr 8, 2019 59:15


It's holy week, and this week's episode comes from the ground at the Tour of Flanders, including interviews at the Antwerp depart and Oudenaarde finish.

Caley is joined by Dave Everett for a wander around the Flanders, including chats with the John Degenkolb, Heinrich Haussler, Taylor Phinney, Ruth Winder, Jonathan Vaughters, and more. 

Caley takes you inside the celebrations at EF, and Dave settles an age-old question: Socks over leg warmers, or under? 

Flanders is coming

Apr 2, 2019 01:04:23


It's here. Holy week. Flanders, Roubaix, the best one-day races all year. Neal, James, and Caley start off the show with a look at E3 and Gent-Wevelgem, and what they tell us about the way things could play out across the fields of Belgium and northern France.

On this week's Nerd Alert, James calls up the researcher behind Virginia Tech's third-party helmet safety tests to get the real story behind all the claims and counterclaims that have been thrown around since Bontrager announced its Wavecell helmet line. 


Dropped chains and daredevil descents at Milan-San Remo

Mar 26, 2019 53:16


La Classicissima! Milan-San Remo put on a show, with daredevil descents and dropped chains, and a worthy winner. But Trefeo Binda might have been even better.

Neal, Caley, and Dane Cash break down the weekend's racing, attempt impromptu race commentary of Volta Catalunya, and discuss Matthieu Van der Poel's post-crash recovery. 

In Nerd Alert, James has been digging into John Degenkolb's dropped chain on the Poggio. What is it about road racing that makes 1x hard to perfect?

Sky's new money and the search for safer helmets

Mar 20, 2019 01:09:03


Dave Brailsford did it. He found a sponsor. What does the Ineos news mean? Who's the man behind the money? This week's episode digs into the announcement.

Plus, we round up the week's racing news, from Paris-Nice to Tirreno to Drenthe, and have a look at the recently announced hilly start of the 2020 Tour de France.

James is in New York City for the launch of Bontrager's new WaveCell helmet tech. He talks to the researchers behind the development, which is claimed to be 48 times more effective at preventing concussions. 

How one athlete beat the biological passport

Mar 12, 2019 01:02:17


We open this week's episode with a breakdown of one of the season's best one-day races, Strade Bianche, plus a look at a windy first few stages of Paris-Nice.

Then, we hear an astounding interview from the Nordic Nation podcast with Karel Tammjärv, one of the cross country skiers busted in Austria for blood transfusions. Tammjärv explains in detail how he got around the biological passport. 

In this week's Nerd Alert, James sits down with Mavic to talk about the newly settled road tubeless standard. 

Finally, we remember Kelly Catlin, who died last weekend. 

Semi-classics, blood bags, weird frogs, and Zwift racing

Mar 6, 2019 01:14:45


This week's episode opens with an analysis of last weekend's Belgian opener, then we chat with Dane Cash about Rohan Dennis' general classification ambitions. 

Neal rang up the communications director from E3 Harelbeke to ask about that weird frog poster. Then we dig into the recent doping confessions of two Austrian cyclists. 

Finally, we ask an existential question: Is Zwift making us soft? 

When will pros ride tubeless?

Feb 27, 2019 01:10:26


We open this week's episode with a recap of recent racing, plus a call-in from our man in the Middle East, Dane Cash. 

Then James, Neal, and Caley discuss the very strange E3 Harelbeke poster, which appears to show two body painted women turning themselves into a frog. Or something. We're not quite sure. 

Then, in Nerd Alert, James calls up Josh Poertner to ask about the entry of tubeless tires into the world of pro cycling. Josh says they'll be everywhere in five years. 

This episode wraps up with a chat about riding across Kyrgyzstan.

How journalists stay objective and how pro mechanics deal with discs

Feb 21, 2019 01:11:44


This week's episode opens with a roundup of February's racing, including discussion of the exhilarating Tour Colombia and how that style could be translated to Europe.

Then we talk retirement and legacy with Helen Wyman. 

In this week's Nerd Alert, Dave Rome speaks with pro mechanics about the particular difficulties of implementing disc brakes into the WorldTour. 

Plus, we answer VeloClub questions about chain wear, the lure of Campagnolo, and objectivity in journalism. 

Neutral service perils and the ethics of Middle Eastern races

Feb 13, 2019 59:21


After wrapping up the week's racing news, Neal, James and Caley dive into a discussion of the ethical quandary presented by big-money race promoters in ethically dubious countries. 

On Nerd Alert, we call up Jeff Rowe of Neutral Sans Frontiers to ask how 12-speed SRAM complicates an already complicated situation. 

Finally, we answer VeloClub listener questions, both philosophical and pragmatic. 

Wheel comfort and products that don't need re-invention

Feb 6, 2019 43:46


This week's episode opens with cyclocross worlds, including a dissection of Lucinda Brand's odd pit crash. Then we have a dispatch from Australia and the Herald Sun Tour. 

Then, on Nerd Alert, James gets a bit ranty about water bottles that don't use a regular water bottle cage, and we award the first CyclingTippy WHY?! Award. 

Finally, we answer a VeloClub question: Are carbon wheels more comfortable than aluminum wheels? 

QuickStep's missteps and how to slow down your fast friends

Jan 31, 2019 57:57


This week's episode opens with the sordid tale of Iljo Keisse's disrespectful act toward a woman in Argentina, his subsequent apology, and then his team's utter failure to properly address the issue. 

Then, James posits an interesting question: Is it possible to use equipment to close the gap between riders of different abilities? What's the best way to do it? 

The fuzzy line between gravel and mountain bikes

Jan 23, 2019 53:00


The Tour Down Under has wrapped up, Richie Porte won on Willunga again but didn't win the race. Caley and Neal kick off this week's episode with a discussion of Porte's efforts, and then we have a dispatch from Matt de Neef in which he chats with riders who are on new teams.

In this week's Nerd Alert, a debate rages over the fuzzy line between gravel bikes and mountain bikes. At what point is a gravel bike just a hardtail with drop bars? New gravel bikes with 29-inch wheels and 2.0" tires — mountain bike sizes — have us wondering what on earth is going on. 

Tramadol, automated drivers, and a chat with Phil Liggett

Jan 16, 2019 01:20:38


Bike racing is back! Neal, James, and Caley begin with the news that the UCI will ban the painkiller Tramadol, often used in "finish bottles," from competition beginning in March. Then they take a look at Elia Viviani's first WorldTour sprint of the year and chat with Jonathan Vaughters about his team's new kit (and his Flagstaff duel with Neal). 

James has issues with some of the vehicle tech being launched at the Consumer Electronics Show, and thinks it may actually make riding more dangerous. 

Finally, Neal calls Phil Liggett to talk about his longtime co-commentator, Paul Sherwen, who recently passed away. 

Quiet disc brakes and the best racing coming in 2019

Jan 9, 2019 01:06:01


Disc brakes can be very loud. It's a reality that road cyclists are beginning to come to grips with, but there are things riders can do to minimize the noise. For some insight, James and Caley call up Christian Huele, a former pro cyclocross racer who now works for SwissStop. 

But first, there's quite a lot to be excited about as the 2019 racing season kicks off. Neal has a list of the big moments and trends to keep an eye out for this year. 



The Second Annual CyclingTippy Tech Awards

Jan 4, 2019 52:59


It's time for the second annual CyclingTips Podcast CyclingTippy Awards!

James Huang and Caley Fretz are joined by Dave Rome (all the way from Sydney) for a rundown of the best, worst, fastest, slowest, and most annoying tech of 2018. Plus, we make our tech predictions for 2019. 

Ask Us Anything

Dec 30, 2018 51:41


James, Neal, and Caley are in the basement for the final episode of 2018 with a pile of questions from you, our dear listeners. They answer questions about gravel bikes, drivetrain upgrades, favorite snacks, road racing tactics, and more. 

Thank you to everyone who listened, laughed, shared, and commented this year. The CyclingTips Podcast wouldn't exist without you.  

Sky's pullout could change pro cycling

Dec 20, 2018 57:47


Telecommunications giant Sky is pulling out of cycling. Caley, Neal and James discuss the implications this will have on the sport. 

Caley also catches up with EF-Drapac boss Jonathan Vaughters to talk about cycling's future.

In Nerd Alert, James chats about a bike he recently tested and why it's really good. 

The Peter Sagan show plus tires

Dec 12, 2018 52:16


Is Peter Sagan switching to mountain biking? Where does he rank among the all-time greats? Caley, Neal, and James discuss a recent interview where the three-time world champ suggested he'll leave road racing in a few years. 

In Nerd Alert, Donn Kellogg of Donnelly Sports joins the trio to talk tires and things of that nature.

Armstrong remembers Sherwen

Dec 5, 2018 53:42


Caley, Neal, and James are back in the basement with a new snack. The trio remembers legendary commentator Paul Sherwen and call Lance Armstrong to get his thoughts. In Nerd Alert, Specialized's Head of Human Performance Todd Carver joins the group to talk 'Q Factor' aka pedal stands width.

Contador stories, Tafi's Roubaix bid and a gift guide

Nov 29, 2018 57:47


Caley, James, and Neal reflect on the Giro Della Donna and Alberto Contador's appearance. Caley talked to Contador about many things while he was in Australia.

Andrea Tafi, as many of you have heard, is attempting to ride Paris-Roubaix next year at 52. We chatted with exercise physiology graduate Zach Nehr about the science behind aging and endurance sports.

In nerd alert, the guys discuss Specialized's new MIPS helmets and give our listeners an impromptu gift guide.

Breakdown rides and Continental goes tubeless

Nov 16, 2018 38:37


He calls them breakdown rides. Rides that take him deep enough into himself that something breaks or heals, or sometimes both. Iain Treloar speaks to us about a recent breakdown ride he took.

Also, James is back from his top-secret mission to get the scoop on Continental's foray into tubeless road tires. Is an industry standard coming soon?

Why did Peter Flax stop wearing a helmet? And SRAM 12 speed details

Nov 7, 2018 01:06:34


Caley and Neal chat with Peter Flax and ask him why he stopped wearing a helmet a few months ago.

Then, Caley calls up James to chat about the new SRAM 12-speed cassette that was spotted over the weekend at the Saitama Criterium in Japan. The nerd alert duo discusses the other new tech they spotted beside the cassette.

Weight loss, power meters, and anodization

Oct 30, 2018 57:19


Caley, James and Neal are back in the basement discussing an array of topics from Neal's weight-loss plan, power meters and radios in bike racing, and personalizing your frame with anodization. 


How to make your gravel bike better

Oct 24, 2018 44:20


Caley, James, and Neal are in the basement talking gravel bikes and how to make your gravel bike better. The conversation gets nerdy when it comes to tires and wheels. Is 650b the way to go for a gravel bike?

And, the trio talks about the WorldTour calendar and how it's way too long and too complicated.

Lombardia, gear boxes, and the future of Zwift racing

Oct 16, 2018 45:09


Caley, Neal, and James are in the basement to discuss Thibaut Pinot's emphatic victory at Il Lombardia and how the Frenchman is cycling's most mortal star.

The trio then debates Zwift racing and whether virtual racing is a future discipline of cycling. Sides are definitely chosen between the three when talking about the pros and cons.

Finally, James gets super nerdy when he brings up a gearbox he saw at Chris King's recent open house and builder showcase in Portland. Are gearboxes the future?

Rapha's partnership with EF-Drapac and how we test bikes

Oct 10, 2018 01:11:37


Caley, Neal, and James open the episode in the basement by reading an email they received from a fan. 

The trio then discusses how to fix bike racing. The conversation centres around Rapha's new partnership with EF-Drapac. We hear from EF-Drapac CEO Jonathan Vaughters and Rapha CEO and founder Simon Mottram.

Also in nerd alert, James dives deep into how he reviews products. The conversation turns to his relationship with bike companies. Do companies incentivize him to write a good review?

The Valverde conundrum and lens tint technology

Oct 5, 2018 50:36


Caley, Neal, and James are back in the basement, albeit a bit later this week, but, nonetheless, the trio discusses the many layers that are surrounding Alejandro Valverde's win at the world road championships.

In nerd alert, James catches up with Oakley's Kyle Donahue at Interbike to examine lens tints and what sort of technology goes into creating lenses that let us see the world crisply. As it turns out, the technology isn't all that simple.

Cycling's calendar problem and tubular gravel tires

Sep 26, 2018 47:53


Caley, Neal, and James are back together in the basement to tackle what they see as a major problem in professional cycling — the calendar. The UCI announced new reforms for 2020 and the trio are less than thrilled. 

Also, James caught up with Challenge Tires' Morgan Nicol to discuss the future of gravel tires and Nicol revealed an interesting new product the company is working. Challenge has been testing a tubular gravel tire. Could a tubular gravel tire change the gravel scene as we currently see it? 

Woods' emphatic win, Millar's CPA bid, and Interbike

Sep 19, 2018 57:21


It's just Caley and Neal in the basement this week with James away at Interbike.

Neal catches up with EF-Drapac's Michael Woods to discuss his La Vuelta stage win and the very personal story he shared on live television after.

Also, the duo discusses the upcoming vote for President of the CPA, the rider's union, and the controversy surrounding the vote.

Finally, Caley calls James to ask the one question everyone wants to know from the 2018 Interbike show, "What's the coolest thing he's seen?"

Are bikes too expensive?

Sep 11, 2018 45:12


Caley, Neal, and James dive deep into the price of bikes, especially high-end bikes. Why is a top-end road bike, so much more expensive than a top-end mountain bike? Are bike companies taking advantage of consumers?

Plus, Neal and Caley look at the week in racing and discuss American Kate Courtney's emphatic win at the cross-country mountain bike world championships.

A gravel rider’s pursuit record and tariffs

Sep 6, 2018 54:07


Caley, James, and Neal open this week's episode chatting about Kanstantsin Siutsou's positive test for EPO. 

Then the trio talks about Ashton Lambie's individual pursuit record and how he isn't your typical track world record holder. We also hear from Lambie.

Finally, Steve Frothingham of Bicycle Retailer joins the show to talk tariffs and how the new tariffs taking effect against China will affect the bicycle market - and potentially make buying bikes in the US more expensive. 

Remembering Dario Pegoretti and the demise of Aqua Blue Sport

Aug 29, 2018 47:35


Caley, James, and Neal open this week's episode examining the opening days of the Vuelta a Espana and look at the recent emergence of LottoNL-Jumbo as a serious GC grand tour team.

The trio also chats about the folding of Aqua Blue Sport and a peculiar anonymous email we received.

Finally, Italian frame builder Dario Pegoretti passed away last week at the age of 62. We talk with Silca's Joshua Poertner, who worked closely with Pegoretti, about the Italian legend.

A deep dive with the Specialized Venge's design team

Aug 24, 2018 01:11:11


A bike, any bike, is a sum of its decisions. Good ones and, yes, sometimes bad ones.

Who makes those decisions? People do. Well, mostly. Computers help quite a lot these days. But even with all sorts of fancy software, building a new bike from scratch still takes a huge team of people. It takes engineers of all sorts. A product manager to make sure the thing works. Aerodynamicists to make it fast. Designers to make it pretty. The announcement of a new model is the final step in a process that began two to three years prior. That’s two to three years of decisions.

A pile of new bikes came out before the Tour de France this year. Among them was this Venge. We wrote about it then, and we’ve been riding it since. One thing stuck out: It’s a lot better than the last Venge. Way better.

That comes down to decisions. So, at Specialized’s invitation, we flew to Morgan Hill, California, home of Specialized HQ, and sat down with four people responsible for most of those decisions.

This episode is brought to you by Specialized.

What is cool in cycling and the importance of resilience

Aug 22, 2018 53:06


We open this week's episode looking back at the Colorado Classic where UnitedHealthcare went 1-2 in the both the men's and women's final overall standings. The program is sent to fold at the end of the season.

Then, Shane Stokes talks with an array of people, including Brian Holm and Mark Cavendish, about the importance of resilience in the sport of cycling. 

Finally, James, Neal, and Caley talk about what makes things cool in cycling and who decides this. 

Sad stories and a rant from James

Aug 14, 2018 59:25


We open this week's episode with a small rant, and a bit of cursing. James doesn't like it when cyclists treat each other as the enemy. We're all friends here, right? 

Then, a discussion of some of the unfortunate events of the last week. We have Lance Armstrong's thoughts on the Jan Ullrich situation, plus the sad story of Adrien Costa's climbing accident and the incredible reaction from the cycling family. 

Finally, a look at the winner of last week's Tour of Utah, a young climber from Colorado named Sepp Kuss, and then a look ahead to the Colorado Classic. 

The mystery of Mr. X, Sagan's run at worlds, and traveling with your bike

Aug 8, 2018 56:45


And we're back to your regularly scheduled programming. 

Caley is back from the Tour de France and rejoins James and Neal to talk about the racing that's gone on since the Tour finished (yes, there's been some) and the best ways to travel with your bike, without breaking it. 

Plus, a dive into the mystery of Mr. X, a shadowy figure who went from cycling advocate to cycling hater. Our own Matt de Neef and Iain Treloar spent the better part of two months digging into his story, and bring you a short documentary with their findings. 

TDF Stage 21: An emotional ending

Jul 29, 2018 44:08


Caley Fretz and special guest Rupert Guinness relax on a balcony overlooking Paris and discuss the events of the last three weeks. They talk about the highs and lows, and examine the future of Team Sky at the Tour de France.

Dave Everett chimes in from the beach in the Basque Country near his home, where he watched the final kilometres of the stage around the Champs-Élysées.

Finally, Caley checks-in with a few of our favourite riders at the finish to see how it truly feels to the finish the Grande Boucle.

TDF Stage 20: TT paddock walk about

Jul 28, 2018 38:20


Caley Fretz and Dave Everett take a stroll through the team paddock in Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle, site of the stage 20 individual time trial. The duo bumps into Castelli's Steve Smith and the trio discusses Geraint Thomas' race issued skinsuit and how it differs from his team issue kit.

After the stage, the dynamic duo ventures back to Dave's house to have a chat about the stage over dinner. Will Thomas win more Grand Tours and is the Giro-Tour double possibly in the modern-era?

TDF Stage 19: Protecting riders from themselves and tactics with Toms pt. 3

Jul 28, 2018 44:28


Caley Fretz, Dave Everett, and special guest Rupert Guinness discuss the GC shakedown from stage 19 and Dave provides insight into the penultimate day time trial, as he lives only 20 kilometres from the stage start.

And, Dave shares why he stopped racing when the trio discusses whether the race jury should step in and remove riders who are injured.

Finally, Toms Skujiņš joins the podcast again to talk tactics. This time it's about survival instead of fighting for the win.

TDF Stage 18: Pau, Froome/Thomas rivalry, and Robbie McEwen

Jul 27, 2018 46:54


Caley Fretz, Dave Everett, and special guest Rupert Guinness begin by telling stories about the history between Pau and the Tour de France. 

Most of the trio's conversation centres around Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas, and if there's a potential rivalry between the two.

Also, Dave wonders the start paddock before the stage and talks with Rory Sutherland, Tom Scully, and Toms Skujiņš.

And, the legend Aussie sprinter Robbie McEwen makes a surprise appearance. 

TDF Stage 17: A passionate Sagan fan and end of the Froome era

Jul 26, 2018 35:23


On this episode, Dave Everett finds the most passionate Peter Sagan fan, Rupert Guinness gets stuck at his hotel, and Caley Fretz experiences a dismal press buffet.

The trio discusses the excitement of the intense short stage and they want more of them. Rider safety again comes up, as a fan was seen trying to crash Geraint Thomas in the finale of the race.

And, will Chris Froome ever win another Tour?






TDF Stage 16: Farmers' protest and remembering Casartelli

Jul 25, 2018 49:16


Caley Fretz, Dave Everett, and special guest Rupert Guinness ventured over the Col du Portillon and into Spain for dinner.

The trio's conversation begins with Dave explaining his day in the Katusha-Alpecin team car and what it was like inside the caravan during the bizarre neutralisation that occurred early in the stage.

Then, Rupert explains how Philippe Gilbert's crash into the ravine during the stage brought back memories of when Fabio Casartelli died on the same descent in 1995. Rupert was covering the Tour in '95 and he takes us through what it was like to be at the race on that tragic day.

TDF Rest Day 2: Brailsford's odd comments and rider safety

Jul 24, 2018 23:34


Dave Everett is back on the Tour de France, and joins Caley Fretz and Rupert Guinness at the dinner table to finish off the Tour's second rest day.

The trio discusses Sir Dave Brailsford's interesting comments from the Team Sky press conference and they look at how his comments could affect the safety of the peloton.

But, before the trio get to talking they get interrupted by a few fellow journalist friends. 

TDF Stage 15: Tactics with Toms pt. 2

Jul 23, 2018 29:22


Trek-Segafredo's Toms Skujins is back to discuss breakaway tactics with Caley Fretz. 

Special guest Rupert Guinness joins Caley after the stage to talk about the important things at the Tour de France like the odd press buffet they had today.

Of course, the duo discusses what happened in the stage and take a sneak peek at the upcoming stages in the Pyrenees.

TDF Stage 14: Roglic's emergence and a four-rider race

Jul 22, 2018 27:33


Caley Fretz and special guest Rupert Guinness chat on a runway high above the town of Mende. The dynamic duo gets interrupted on a few occasions, but that doesn't deter them from discussing the emergence of Primož Roglič. Caley notes LottoNL-Jumbo may be the team to take it Sky and not Movistar. 

Also, Caley and Rupert are furious over having to pay for the press buffet.

TDF Stage 13: Time cut controversy and a chaotic finale

Jul 21, 2018 25:04


Caley Fretz and special guest Rupert Guinness find a makeshift paradise to relax and talk about the slow stage 13. The duo dives into how the commissaires changed the time cut on stage 12 and how fewer sprinters in the race have actually made the bunch sprints more dangerous.

They also look at the general classification and discuss who could make a run in the final week.



TDF stage 12: Dutch corner and how it changed in 2018

Jul 20, 2018 32:55


Caley Fretz spends the day on the famous Dutch corner of Alpe d'Huez and notes the changes for 2018, especially the increased security.

Special guest Rupert Guinness finds Caley after the stage to talk about the GC contenders and how they look as the race leaves the Alps.

And, Rupert is impressed with Alpe d'Huez's press buffet after worrying about it for many days.

TDF Stage 11: Is there drama between Geraint Thomas and Chris Froome?

Jul 19, 2018 30:46


Caley Fretz and special guest Rupert Guinness discuss the excitement that was stage 11 while sipping on a glass of rosé and overlooking the valley below.

Team Sky are balancing Geraint Thomas and Chris Froome as co-leaders, but is there any drama between the two? The duo looks back on previous co-leader teams at the Tour.

And, we hear from Taylor Phinney on surviving in the grupetto and Mitchelton-Scott director Matt White gives his thoughts about the double uppercut the team was dealt on Wednesday.


TDF Stage 10: Running up Alpe d'Huez, pandas, and the best interview ever

Jul 18, 2018 38:26


Caley Fretz and special guest Rupert Guinness examine the first day in the mountains, as Dave Everett struggles with working and paying attention to the race at the same time in the press room and asks for a few tips.

The trio go on a few tangents and Rupe talks about the one time he ran up Alpe d'Huez.

And, La Course and the most emotional interview ever! Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig cried her heart out at the finish in happiness and laughter. She also caused few journalists to tear up as well.

TDF Stage 9: Chaos on the cobbles and Giro Rosa wrap-up

Jul 16, 2018 28:56


Caley Fretz and special guest Rupert Guinness discuss the chaotic day on the cobbles and, now that it's finished, whether a cobbled stage belongs in the Tour de France.

The duo also reflects on John Degenkolb's (Trek-Segafreo) emotional post-stage interview.

And, Ruth Winder (Sunweb) looks back on a tough 10 days of racing at the Giro Rosa while in the car driving away from the final finish line. Her teammate, Lucinda Brand, makes an appearance as well.

TDF Stage 8: Head-butting, cobbles preview, and the Zoncolan

Jul 15, 2018 54:48


Over dinner, Caley Fretz and special guest Rupert Guinness discuss the day's action and look at the highly anticipated cobbled stage at the Tour.

We hear from Trek's Matt Shriver on the technical aspect of a cobbled  Tour stage and EF Education-First's director sportif Tom Southam explains the tactics aspect.   

At the Giro Rosa, Ruth Winder and Skylar Schneider give their takes on a crazy stage. The day involved thunder and lightning, and the tough Monte Zoncolan.

TDF Stage 7: Culture of the Tour and a tiring Giro Rosa

Jul 14, 2018 29:45


Caley Fretz flashes back to the good ol' days and goes out on course to experience the culture of the Tour de France.

Special guest Rupert Guinness finds Caley at the finish, once he arrives, to talk about how these long slogs through the countryside of France are a necessity to the face of the Tour de France.

Ruth Winder tunes in and it's apparent it's been a tiring Giro Rosa thus far, but only two days remain.

TDF Stage 6: #BantheBuses and a tiring Giro Rosa stage

Jul 13, 2018 26:25


Caley Fretz and special guest Rupert Guinness discuss the professionalism of riders talking with the media after a bad day at the Tour and how some deal with it better than others.

Plus, Guinness gives his thoughts on team buses and how things have changed since he covered his first Tour de France in 1987. #BantheBuses 

And, we have a double diary entry from the Giro Rosa, as Ruth Winder and Skylar Schneider both tune-in to talk about the brutal uphill time trial and incredibly long transfer after.

TDF Stage 5: Tactics with Toms, press buffet, and Giro Rosa goes climbing

Jul 12, 2018 27:25


In a new segment, Caley Fretz talks "Tactics with Toms," and special guest Rupert Guinness looks back on the good ol' days of the press buffet. 

The dynamic duo also discusses the exciting finale of the stage and provide insight into the unique way ASO designed the route.

Also, Sunweb's Ruth Winder tunes in as always from the Giro Rosa, where it was the first summit finish of the 2018 race.

TDF Stage 4: A sprint finish and a special Giro Rosa diary

Jul 11, 2018 28:08


Caley Fretz and special guest Rupert Guinness discuss stage four's bunch sprint and whether Mark Cavendish will win a stage at the 2018 Tour or whether the Manx missile will beat Eddy Merckx's Tour stage win record.

And, Sunweb's Ruth Winder gives us a very special diary entry from the Giro Rosa (Hint: She won!).

TDF Stage 3: Walking the TTT pits with an aero guru

Jul 10, 2018 01:29:47


It's team time trial day at the Tour! Caley Fretz walks the pits with Silca's Josh Poertner and the duo dive deep into the world of time trial bike tech. 

Caley is also joined by Dave Everett, and special guest Rupert Guinness to talk about the day's racing action.

Plus, Ruth Winder gives us an update from the Giro Rosa and how she's lucky to still have all her skin. 

TDF Stage 2: Sagan victorious, TTT preview, and a Giro Rosa flashback

Jul 9, 2018 22:11


Caley Fretz, Dave Everett, and special guest Rupert Guinness dissect all the action from the second stage of the 2018 Tour de France and discuss how the day's headlines were again the high number of crashes that occurred. 

The trio also look forward to stage three's team time trial, and which general classification contenders could gain back time.

At the Giro Rosa, Ruth Winder flashes back to racing the same stage in 2013 and how it is one of the best experiences she's had so far in her young career.

TDF Stage 1: Gaviria wins, Froome crashes, and Giro Rosa update

Jul 8, 2018 36:02


The 2018 Tour de France began on the island of Noirmoutier-En-L’Ïle and Neal Rogers gives a recap of all the action from the opening stage.

Special guest Rupert Guinness, who is covering his 30th Tour, joins our on-the-ground reporters Caley Fretz and Dave Everett to discuss the chaos of stage one. He also shares a fascinating story from when the Tour last visited Noirmoutier-En-L’Ïle in 1999.

Plus, we hear rider diaries from Ruth Winder and Skylar Schneider on the second stage of the Giro Rosa.


Rider fits are changing, Tour rookie Toms Skujiņš, and the Giro Rosa has started

Jul 7, 2018 42:23


Caley Fretz, James Huang, and Dave Everett discuss what they've seen and heard so far before the Grande Boucle starts on Saturday.

In nerd alert, they discuss a change in rider fits they've noticed and how riders are moving their saddles forward.

Plus, we hear from Ruth Winder (Sunweb) at the Giro Rosa, catch up with Toms Skujiņš (Trek-Segafredo) about his first Tour, and talk with EF Education-Drapac's Chief Vibe Officer Taylor Phinney.

Finally, Jonathan Vaughters provides his thoughts on the handling of Chris Froome's case.

How Froome was cleared and a big Tour de France preview

Jul 3, 2018 01:00:10


This week's episode kicks off with Neal and Caley discussing the UCI's abrupt dropping of Chris Froome's Salbutamol case. The dynamic duo analyze the statements given by all parties and dive into how this decision will affect the future of professional cycling.

Then it’s preview time. The Tour de France begins Saturday and this year's route is a doozy. We outline the route and explain which stages are the ones you will not want to miss.

Finally, the favourites and possible contenders for the different Tour jerseys are examined and, of course, the duo make their predictions on who will win this year's Grande Boucle. 

The world's safest helmets, Greg LeMond's comeback, and new national champions

Jun 28, 2018 01:01:40


This week's episode kicks off with a roundup of last weekend's national championships, which occurred across much of Europe and in North America, before diving into a new helmet test that attempts to rank popular helmets not for weight or aerodynamics but for how safe they are. Surprisingly, that's a novel concept. 

Finally, an interview with the author of a book about Greg LeMond's comeback from being shot while turkey hunting in 1987. 

The tech episode: Drivetrain futures and hate for new standards

Jun 21, 2018 58:29


It's all tech, all the time this week. Caley Fretz and James Huang are joined by Dave Rome to run through the future of road drivetrains from all three major manufacturers, plus a look at players trying to break in like FSA and Rotor. 

Plus, plenty of hate for closed-off standards, 1x drivetrains that are dropping chains, and electronics that just won't work. No drivetrain company escapes our ire this week. 

The myth of N+1 and our need for more bikes

Jun 12, 2018 49:00


James Huang thinks you have enough bikes. Do you? For years we've believed in N+1, the equation that dictates that the correct number of bicycles to own is the number you currently own (N), plus one. But bikes are more versatile than ever, and that means maybe you don't need +1. Maybe N is enough. 

Plus, Neal Rogers and Caley Fretz break down the Criterium du Dauphine, including Team's Sky's dominant performance and Geraint Thomas' chances of riding for himself at the Tour de France. 

New bikes at the Dauphiné, Dirty Kanza controversy, and ebikes on singletrack

Jun 6, 2018 01:15:20


The Dauphiné used as a final test for bikes and equipment before the Tour de France. So what have we seen? What does it mean? We run through the latest goodies from France.

Then, we dig into the controversy that came out of Dirty Kanza last weekend. Kanza is the world's premier gravel event, and is growing rapidly. That's led to some growing pains. 

eBikes are coming. In many places, they're already here. James Huang and Caley Fretz sit down with two experts in the field to run through the arguments for and against their use on- and off-road. 

Froome wins pink, Floyd defines "doing a Landis"

May 31, 2018 01:23:34


In this episode, Neal Rogers and Caley Fretz dissect the controversial stage 19 ride of Chris Froome, who has been accused of both being both "unbelievable" and a tactical mastermind. Which is it? 

The ride has been compared to Floyd Landis' escapade at the 2006 Tour de France. So we called up Floyd to find out what he thinks, and to help define exactly what "doing a Landis" might mean. 

Plus, a chat with Chad Haga, one of Tom Dumoulin's Giro lieutenants.

Undroppable Yates, Bernal's Tour debut, and old bikes made new again

May 23, 2018 49:48


We're back to our regular weekly episodes, and that means a return to the Giro d'Italia. The big TT was Tuesday — how did things shake out? Was Simon Yates' final weakness actually weak? Neal and Caley break down the last week of the Italian grand tour. 

Plus, reports suggest Colombian phenom Egan Bernal will race the Tour de France. Is that a good idea? 

And finally, a Nerd Alert in which James Huang rides an old road bike to see just how far road bikes have come (or not come, as the case may be.)

Tour of California, Ep. 8: Team doc duties, Tim Johnson analysis, and Lachlan Morton's introspection

May 19, 2018 39:11


In this episode, Caley Fretz catches up with former pro Tim Johnson to break down the final stage of the Amgen Tour of California and analyze the top sprinters ahead of the Tour de France. 

Plus, a chat with Rally doctor Kelby Bethards about what it takes to keep his team moving and thoughts on form and ability from an introspective Lachlan Morton.  

Tour of California, Ep. 7: The Queen stage

May 19, 2018 37:36


Egan Bernal and Katie Hall came into the queen stage of the Amgen Tour of California with the weight of expectation. Both delivered. In this episode, we break down the GC battles and chat with Hall and Bernal's chief lieutenant, Tao Geoghegan Hart to find out how they did it. 

Plus, a chat with the 20-year-old American who finished 7th, despite a flat tire in the time trial. 

Tour of California, Ep. 6: Tahoe the decider and Kendall Ryan's big stuffed bear

May 18, 2018 37:04


Fernando Gaviria took his second stage win and Kendall Ryan took her first ever leader's jersey in Elk Grove, California on Thursday. Caley Fretz is on the ground at the race and chats with Ian Boswell about the speed of the peloton (he says it's faster) and Toms Skujins about his breakaway confidence and his victory solute. Plus he checks out a strider race for 3-year-olds. 

Then, Neal Rogers joins to dig into the GC picture, and how things might play out on the Tahoe stage. The men face a hard stage, harder than previous editions to Tahoe, and the stage will decide the overall for both the men's and women's race. 

TOC heats up and an aero lesson with a wind tunnel engineer

May 17, 2018 46:10


The second of three key stages at the Tour of California, a 34km time trial through Morgan Hill, is now behind us. Where to the favorites sit? Neal Rogers and Caley Fretz walk the pits at the TT and chat discuss the stage. 

Plus, a Nerd Alert with wind tunnel engineer Chris Yu, who gives us a lesson in bike aerodynamics. 

Tour of California, Ep. 4: Do the Toms dance

May 16, 2018 31:04


Toms Skujins has now won three stages in four starts at the Tour of California. How does he do it? More brains than brawn, he says. And did he plan that victory solute? Not exactly. 

Neal Rogers and Caley Fretz and in California and break down Tuesday's attack-filled stage, then look ahead to the time trial in Morgan Hill, which could decide the race overall. We hear from Peter Sagan and his director Patxi Villa, plus Egan Bernal and stage winner Skujins.

Tour of California, Ep. 3: Egan Bernal, you are a good road rider

May 15, 2018 27:22


Yesterday, Egan Bernal told us that he is, quote, "Not yet a good road rider."

The first decisive GC stage of the Amgen Tour of California suggested otherwise. The Colombian talent spread his wings and flew away from the rest of the field.

We catch up with the new race leader plus his teammate Teo Geoghegan Hart, Tour de France climber's jersey winner Rafal Majka, and Brit Adam Yates to break down the stage. 

Finally, the first in a recurring series: Why are you here? The Tour of California is a long way to go for the European peloton, so we asked classics man Oliver Naessen why he made the trek. 



Tour of California, Ep. 2: The first sprint and 15 minutes with Egan Bernal

May 14, 2018 34:00


The first stage of the Tour of California ended, predictably, in a sprint. What did we learn from it? Who's leadout train is firing on all cylinders? Who needs to find their sprint legs? The best sprinters in the world are here, duking it out. 

Plus, a 15-minute sit-down with one of the brightest talents in the sport, Colombian Egan Bernal. He's introspective and has his feet firmly planted on the ground. 

Tour of California, Ep 1: Race preview, and do wide roads matter?

May 12, 2018 28:19


The Amgen Tour of California kicks off Sunday and we'll record daily episodes all week for our beloved podcast listeners. This is the first: A preview of the week to come, in which we hear from top GC contender Tejay van Garderen and sprinter Caleb Ewan. 

Plus, everything is bigger in America, including the roads. How does that affect the racing? We chat with the pros to find out. 

Dispatch from Israel and pro racing with no front derailleur

May 9, 2018 54:20


The Giro d'Italia kicked off in Israel last weekend. What was it actually like? What did it mean to Israeli cyclists, and what did it mean to Palestinian cyclists? Matt de Neef filed a dispatch with answers. 

Neal Rogers and Caley Fretz break down the racing of the first week and look ahead to the first GC battle on Etna. 

This week's Nerd Alert includes a chat with Aqua Blue's mechanic about racing at the highest levels of the sport without a front derailleur. 


Your Giro d'Italia guide and a road tubeless rant

May 3, 2018 01:07:25


The Giro d'Italia is about to kick off and we run through the key stages, evaluate the major contenders, and discuss the unique opening weekend, the first ever partenza outside Europe. 

This week's Nerd Alert sets off with a small rant from James on the bike industry's inability to set its own tubeless standards, then morphs into a discussion of e-bikes on trails, and is topped off with an analysis of Vista Outdoor's announcement that it will see a number of its bicycle brands. Did the boycott work? 

The coolest things we saw at Sea Otter

Apr 25, 2018 01:05:39


This week's episode comes to you from the grounds of the Sea Otter Classic, which is quickly becoming the go-to show for forward-looking bike tech. We run through the coolest tech from the festival and get some insight from SRAM into where the industry is headed. 

It's not all Sea Otter, though. We're back in Boulder for the second half of the show to chat Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Lotto Soudal's team troubles, and the origins of CyclingTips itself with CT founder Wade Wallace. 


Roadside repairs and the secret to Amstel Gold

Apr 18, 2018 01:04:20


There are tools and skills you need to bring on every ride — what are they? This week's Nerd Alert tackles roadside and trailside repairs. 

But first, Michael Valgren won Amstel Gold in exactly the same way he won Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. What's his secret? Is the new Amstel finish better than the old one? It's now a finish that better suits the fast men, including Peter Sagan, because the Cauberg is farther from the finish line. Does that make for better racing? Time for some debate.

Plus, Neal chats with the folks behind USA Crits, a series of the best criteriums in the US. 

We have Roubaix fever and there is no cure

Apr 10, 2018 49:50


Paris-Roubaix did not disappoint. This year's edition was chaotic, beautiful, and terrifyingly difficult. As it always is. We break down Peter Sagan's win, the mistakes QuickStep made, and chat with Niki Terpstra and Taylor Phinney on the velodrome's infield. 

This week's Nerd Alert focuses on Sagan's unique bike, his crazy mid-race stem adjustment, and the special models pros get to use. 

Who will win Paris-Roubaix?

Apr 7, 2018 37:10


On the eve of cycling's hardest one-day race, Caley Fretz and Neal Rogers discuss a muddy recon day, breaking QuickStep's dominance, Peter Sagan's chances, who might go home with the cobblestone trophy. 

In a Tesla at the Tour of Flanders

Apr 3, 2018 46:22


This week we're coming to you from the fields of Flanders, just hours after the Ronde. Caley Fretz and Dave Everett chat about the race, marvel at Belgian bike culture, lament bikes lost in canals, and dream of hearty stew.

Plus, Caley has a dispatch from his ride in one of EF's Tesla team cars during the race, Koen De Kort talks about recon rides, and — Nerd Alert — Trek-Segafredo's technical director Matt Shriver talks about bike setup for Flanders and Roubaix.  

Flanders and frame compliance

Mar 28, 2018 01:02:24


As tires get bigger and pressures decrease, is frame compliance really all that important anymore? Doesn't comfort just come from your tires? James Huang sets out to answer that question in this week's Nerd Alert. 

But first, it's Flanders week. Harelbeke and Gent-Wevelgem are in the rearview mirror, and De Ronde looms. Who's looking good? Who isn't? Can anyone beat back the strongest QuickStep team we've seen in years?

It's not all cobbles, though. The Volta a Catalunya saw a battle of GC men, and Alejandro Valverde was the most impressive. That didn't sit well with everyone. 

The driverless car question and the beauty of Milan-San Remo

Mar 21, 2018 55:38


A driverless car hit and killed a woman walking her bike across a road in Tempe, Arizona last weekend. The incident is a reminder that autonomous vehicle technology is still in its development phase, and reopened questions as to whether such vehicles are truly ready for public roads. We chat with advocate and journalist Peter Flax about the coming wave of autonomous vehicles. 

But first, Milan-San Remo! The first monument of the year was last Sunday, and Neal and Caley break down the finale and argue over how good the race actually is. Then they go on a massive tangent about covering the Tour de France and how the reporting game has changed. 

Plus, Flax stays on the line to chat about his story on about the Crash Race, which is exactly as nuts as it sounds. 

Cold weather clothing, SRAM's e-Eagle, and a racing roundup

Mar 14, 2018 01:04:42


Winter turns to spring, summer turns to fall, and cyclists the world over have to figure out how to dress for the transition. This week's Nerd Alert picks the best clothing for the often cold, variable weather of shoulder seasons. 

Paris-Nice and Tirreno-Adriatico are now behind us, and Milano-Sanremo is just ahead. What can the first two major stage races of the year tell us about the coming classics season? There's a long list of injuries and illnesses that will affect the coming races. 

Nino Schurter was spotted on a new electronic, wireless mountain bike group. Will the clutch on a mountain bike derailleur kill battery life? Schurter also pulled out of his pedal at the first World Cup of the season. Was it his fault? 

The chasm between ethics and the law; Trek's Checkpoint fun-o-meter

Mar 8, 2018 01:02:23


A hallmark of the modern cycling scandal is its location, wedged somewhere in between the ethical line the sport has drawn for itself and the legal line drawn by the WADA code. This week's news surrounding Team Sky and Bradley Wiggins is no different. We dig into how those lines are drawn, and how they might be re-drawn. 

Strade Bianche was, once again, an incredible day of racing. Some are calling for a sixth monument. Would this race qualify? 

Nerd Alert returns (briefly) to the gun and boycott debate before focusing one something far more enjoyable: The new Trek Checkpoint is the latest in a string of bikes designed for fun on any surface. 

The future of indoor training and a gun debate in cycling

Feb 28, 2018 49:58


The conversation and debate over gun control following the Parkland shooting in Florida has seeped into the cycling world, as some consumers have called for a boycott of bike brands owned by the massive firearms and ammunition company Vista Outdoor, which is a major benefactor of the National Rifle Association. But would such a boycott even be effective? 

Plus, we run through the week in bike news, from Tom Dumoulin's terrible bike throw to Alexander Vinokourov's strange financial woes, and James Huang pulls out his crystal ball and looks into the future of indoor training, augmented reality, and games like Zwift. 

NAHBS predicts the future of bikes, plus a look at concussion tests

Feb 21, 2018 53:06


In this week's episode: The first cobbled classics of the season, a test for concussions, how the North American Handmade Bicycle Show predicts the future, and a sit-down with world champion Chantal Blaak. 

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad is this weekend, and it will feature the final 60km of the old Tour of Flanders course. That means the Muur and the Bosberg are back in a finale, together at last. 

A new blood test can detect proteins released when someone has a head injury. Right now, there's no sport-wide concussion protocol in place. Does such a blood test have a place in cycling? 

Nerd Alert! James Huang just got back from NAHBS, a reliable predictor of the bikes we'll be riding (and yearning for) in a few year's time. 

And finally, Anne-Marije Rook sits down with world champion Chantal Blaak for a wide-ranging interview. 

The world's slowest wheel change and Sky's bond with the Olympics

Feb 14, 2018 54:49


As the winter Olympics kick off, Caley and Neal look into the link between the Games, world politics, and Team Sky's scandals. Turns out Sky and American democracy have quite a lot in common.

But first, a quick news roundup and a chat with Brandon McNulty, just 19 years old, who almost won a stage of the Dubai Tour in a solo breakaway. 

This week's Nerd Alert dissects Elia Viviani's ridiculously long disc brake wheel change and Katie Compton's disc-sliced knee. Plus, should e-mountain bike racing be a thing? 


A two-year bike review and distracted riding rants

Feb 8, 2018 41:21


This week's podcast sifts through the week in bicycle news — from a muddy cyclocross worlds to Adrien Costa's decision to step away from the sport — before taking a deep dive into two of James Huang's recent reviews.

The week in bicycles was full of racing news. Colombia Oro y Paz, a new stage race, set off on Monday, as did the Dubai Tour, the first opportunity for the world's top sprinters to go head-to-head. Cyclocross worlds wrapped up on Sunday with a somewhat surprising victory, and one of America's brightest young talents, Adrien Costa, has decided not to race for Hagens Berman Axeon in 2018.

The Angry Asian (our very own James Huang) isn't angry about people who ride with headphones, but he is a bit disappointed in them. James recently tested a solution: bone-conduction headphones. We find out whether they really work, and let James get a bit ranty while we're at it.

Finally, James recently finished up a two-year (yes, two years) test of Trek's aero Madone. What did he learn from living with the bike for that long? Has his view of aero bikes changed?

Amateur dopers and a Nerd Alert

Jan 31, 2018 59:16


Three American amateur racers were suspended for doping, or avoiding anti-doping tests, in the last week. What's going on?

Wout Van Aert is going to race Paris-Roubaix. Can the 'cross star compete?

We take issue with a tweet from Outside Magazine.

Nerd Alert! James Huang and Caley Fretz discuss James' recent trip to the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow in this week's tech segment. 

Plus, a look at the cyclocross world championships with Neal Rogers and Anne-Marije Rook and then a chat with mountain biker Kate Courtney. 

"Why so serious?" asks Peter Sagan's tattoo

Jan 25, 2018 44:09


Peter Sagan has a tattoo of himself that asks the cycling world, "Why so serious?" Good question, Peter, good question. Caley Fretz and Australian Editor Matt De Neef are only semi-serious as they discuss Sagan's icon status and then wrap up the Tour Down Under. On the docket are the impressive ride of Sky's young Colombian Egan Bernal, a chat with George Bennett about a surgery for side cramps, and deciding once and for all whether time bonuses are good for bike racing. 

In the mechanics' pits at the Tour Down Under

Jan 17, 2018 01:06:28


The Podcast is in Australia! Caley Fretz and CyclingTips founder Wade Wallace start off with a few Tour Down Under predictions (which will almost certainly be wrong) and then Dave Rome gives us a guided tour of the mechanic's pits at the year's first WorldTour Race. There are new powermeters, new sponsors, and lots of integration in the pro ranks this year. 

The Women's Tour Down Under saw its most competitive edition ever and Simone Giuliani was there to report on the action. 

James Huang is just back from the world's largest consumer electronics show, CES, and spent some time checking out vehicle technology that could save cyclist's lives. 

Finally, Neal Rogers and Anne-Marije Rook dig into US Cyclocross Nationals, including chats with Katie Compton, Stephen Hyde, and Jeremy Powers. 


Dispatches from Colombia and Australian Nationals

Jan 9, 2018 01:03:37


Now is the time to visit Colombia. After decades of violence, the cycling-mad nation is open and safe and utterly beautiful. Caley Fretz spoke with Colombian guide Francisco Lopez about the country's long overdue exhalation, and what it means for both locals and cycling tourists. 

But first, Simone Giuliani and Matt de Neef report on last weekend's Australian Nationals. There were hat-tricks and surprises and excessive heat. 

James Huang is en route to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and hints at his drone shopping plans. 

Finally, Neal Rogers chats with the director of a new documentary on Eritrean Cycling called King of the Mountains and with an up-and-coming American talent Neilson Powless. 

CT Tech Awards: Great gear and dubious marketing claims

Jan 1, 2018 42:39


This year saw dubious and outlandish marketing claims, brilliant bits of trickle-down engineering, and trends that will change the face of the bike industry forever. What was the best tech of 2017? What about the worst? Caley Fretz, James Huang, and Dave Rome hand out the first annual CyclingTips Tech Awards (working title — help us come up with a better one in the comments). 

The best (and worst) racers and races of 2017

Dec 26, 2017 01:04:20


As the holidays swirl around us and the calendar ticks over, it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the first annual CyclingTips Podcast Awards.

Caley Fretz, Neal Rogers, Shane Stokes, and Anne-Marije Rook look back at a season that had a bit of everything — incredible victories, deplorable acts, above-average intrigue — and award the best and worst of the 2017 pro cycling season. 


Everesting on Everest and exactly five minutes of Chris Froome

Dec 20, 2017 01:12:35


Everesting noun. An endurance test in which a cyclist rides up and down a climb until he or she reaches the elevation gain of Mount Everest. 

What if someone Everested on Mount Everest? CyclingTips own Andy Van Bergen gave it a shot, and he's on the podcast to chat about preparation, altitude sickness, and the emotion that builds behind any massive endeavour. 

Lance Armstrong has been invited to the Tour of Flanders. What does he get out of it? What does Flanders get? What do we get?

USA Cycling is borrowing from the British cycling model with its new National Team. Neal brings us a report on the changes. 

There isn't much left to say about Chris Froome's salbutamol situation. We decided to give the topic five minutes. Neal starts a timer and Caley provides a brief update. 

James loves a good e-bike, and he thinks the e-bike discussion is focused on the wrong bikes.  



Chris Froome has tested positive. What does it mean?

Dec 14, 2017 01:31:15


Chris Froome has tested positive. A sample from the Vuelta a Espana was found to contain double the legal limit of the asthma drug Salbutamol. What does this mean for Froome? What exactly is Salbutamol? What does it do? Caley Fretz and Shane Stokes dig into the breaking news. 

In this episode, your hosts chat with Peter Flax about his recent feature on American racing mainstay Bill Elliston, then call up Enve and Mavic to ask them about safety concerns with carbon clincher wheels. Finally, after eight positive tests at the Vuelta a Colombia, can we trust the best performances of Colombian cycling? Klaus Bellon, a writer born in Bogota and now living in the U.S., gives us a reason to believe. 

The CyclingTips Podcast: What happens when pros don't like their bikes?

Dec 5, 2017 48:55


What happens when a pro doesn't like his or her bike? Well, sometimes they switch teams. For time trialists in particular, following the fastest equipment is a well-honed path to success. News Editor Shane Stokes caught up with Ryan Mullen to chat about the time he thinks he'll gain with a move to Trek-Segafredo, and Neal Rogers and James Huang dig into a rift between 'cross star Wout Van Aert and his team's bike sponsor.  

Ever tried bunny hopping a patriarchy? Ellen Noble does it, pretty much every weekend. Ella editor Anne-Marije Rook brings us a story about empowerment through airtime. 

And yes, we were wrong about Chris Froome going to the Giro. But now that we know he's going, what does it mean? Caley Fretz thinks he may not win any more Tours de France as a result. 

CyclingTips Podcast: 2018 Giro under scrutiny with Froome, Israel headlines

Nov 29, 2017 58:10


The Giro d'Italia is going to Israel, and Chris Froome might be going to the Giro. Can we separate sport and politics in the most politically charged city on earth? Will Froome risk missing out on his fifth Tour de France and aim for the maglia rosa? 

Caley Fretz, Neal Rogers, and James Huang open this week's episode with a look at the news and controversy swirling around the Giro d'Italia. Then, James goes public with his bold attempt to make a rim brake bike stop as well as a disc brake bike and Ella editor Anne-Marije Rook chats with America's first cannabis sponsored cyclist. 

This episode of the CyclingTips Podcast is brought to you by Stages Cycling. 

Is Wiggo exonerated? Not exactly.

Nov 21, 2017 40:41


The controversy dates back to 2011, when a mysterious medical package was flown from Manchester to the French Alps near the end of the Criterium du Dauphine. Last week, UK Anti-Doping dropped its investigation into Bradley Wiggins and the jiffy bag, and then Wiggins released a statement extolling his exoneration. 

But is he, really? We chat with the reporter who broke key details of the Wiggins story, Matt Lawton, and then look into Wiggins' changing public statements on doping and dopers with CyclingTips News Editor Shane Stokes. 

Then, a look at the health — or lack thereof — of elite athletes. A recent SHecret Pro column dug into the topic, and Ella editor Anne-Marije Rook went looking for answers. Are elite athletes actually healthy? 

CyclingTips Podcast (2.0): Motors, MVDP, and 12-speed road shifting

Nov 16, 2017 48:21


Welcome to new CyclingTips Podcast, a revamped weekly show with hosts Caley Fretz, Neal Rogers, James Huang, and CyclingTips editors from around the globe. Every week, we'll bring you big, beautiful, emotional stories, insider tech knowledge and tips, unique interviews, and much more. 

This week, Caley, Neal, and James dig into the spat between Phil Gaimon and Fabian Cancellara, which could be headed for a court room. We found a lawyer of our own to find out whether Gaimon is truly in hot water over a passage in his book that says Cancellara "probably did have a motor."

Then, we hear from Neal and Mathieu van der Poel. One of them is writing a big feature, the other is an unbelievable, once-in-a-generation talent. 

Finally, James does the math on 1x drivetrains following the news that pro team Aqua Blue will ride without front derailleurs at the highest level of pro racing next year. 


Doping for a documentary: An interview with Icarus director Bryan Fogel

Sep 9, 2017 01:46:38


For the documentary Icarus, lifelong cyclist Bryan Fogel set out to experience the effects of performance-enhancing drugs, and to see just how easy it might be to beat anti-doping tests. With the help of Russian scientist Grigory Rodchenkov, Fogel used EPO, testosterone, and Human Growth Hormone as he trained for the 2015 Haute Route. Along the way, however, he inadvertently became entrenched in Rodchenkov’s clandestine world of helping Russian athletes dope for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. For this podcast, Editor Neal Rogers spoke with Fogel about the original mission for the project, focusing on everything that ended up on the cutting-room floor after his documentary took an unexpected, and unimaginable, turn.

From roadie to retired, episode 2 with Will and Shoshauna Routely

Sep 5, 2017 33:59


In our "retirement" miniseries, we talked to several cyclists about their retirement, and what their lives are now. You’ll hear that while some have moved away from cycling and onto to non-cycling related jobs, others are finding retirement quite difficult. 

In this episode, we talked to cycling couple Will and Shoshauna Routely. At the end of 2016, they both retired at the same time --albeit not entirely by choice -- and they've started a new business together. Away from the cycling industry, the Routely are now brewing Kambucha in Canada. 

How bike shops can survive in an Amazon world

Aug 26, 2017 01:05:31


It has never been a more challenging time to run an independent brick-and-mortar bicycle shop, what with decreasing profit margins, a more knowledgeable and demanding clientele, and the impossible situation of trying to compete head-to-head with gargantuan online retailers who not only have everything in stock, but also sell it cheaper. The road ahead is undoubtedly rocky, but there is a path forward — which is a good thing, since every cyclist will need the help of a good bike shop sooner or later. 

Adam Hansen talks about racing a record 19 consecutive grand tours

Aug 22, 2017 40:10


Adam Hansen is the Energizer of the pro cycling world. With more than 380 days of racing over the 19 past grand tours, he just can't seem to be stopped. CyclingTips roving report David Everette talks with Adam about his persistence and his remarkable energy and efficiency: in addition to being a pro cyclist, Adam makes time for software development, a cycling shoe company, and more. 

From roadie to retired, part 1: Life after cycling with Phil Gaimon

Aug 18, 2017 26:28


The active career of a professional cyclist is a relatively short one. While there certainly are some exceptions, most pros retire in their early thirties.

As an athlete, their whole life revolves around the next training session, the next race, the next goal and the next season.  Their lives are filled with travel and their social circles tend to consists of other cyclists with the same lifestyle.

And so, being a professional cyclist is so much more than a job. For most, it’s an identity and a way of life. Losing that when retirement comes, can be a very difficult thing and each athlete copes with it differently.

In this miniseries, we talked to four cyclists about their retirement, and what their lives are now. You’ll hear that while some have moved away from cycling and onto to non-cycling related jobs, others are finding retirement quite difficult.

In this first instalment, we chatted with American Phil Gaimon (who last rode for Cannondale) and his self-proclaimed “worst retirement ever.”

Come back later for chats with Swedish rider Emma Johannson and cycling couple Will and Shoshauna Routley.

The great eBike debate: Do pedal-assist mountain bikes belong on singletrack?

Aug 3, 2017 01:02:53


On the road, pedal-assist eBikes make a certain amount of sense for certain applications. But what about on singletrack, where skill level often develops in tandem with fitness — and where access is ongoing challenge for mountain bikers? For this podcast, editor Neal Rogers spoke with a wide variety of stakeholders, including eMTB manufacturers, mountain-bike racers, and representatives from the International Mountain Bike Association, who find themselves in the middle, torn between widening their base and disenfranchising those who have fought for trail access since the advent of the sport.

True Tales from the Grupetto

Jul 29, 2017 54:37


In this episode of the CyclingTips podcast, roving reporter David Everett asks the hard questions. Specifically, he asks pros what it's like to ride in the Tour de France grupetto. With stories from Andres Greipel, Sky DS Servais Knaven, Quick Step Floors DS Brian Holm and more, and finds out -- among other things -- that if you want to avoid losing a body part, you'd better do as the Bus Driver says. 

Superstition and rituals in the Tour de France

Jul 17, 2017 55:20


The Tour de France is plenty difficult and dangerous even considering the things racers can control. Safer bikes and courses help with danger; better training and equipment helps with chances of success. 

But that still leaves a lot of factors that are out of racers' control. How do riders in the Tour de France deal with those things? Sometimes with luck, ritual, and superstition. 

In this episode of the CyclingTips Podcast, News Editor Shane Stokes talks with Cadel Evans, Greg Lemond, Taylor Phinney, Sean Kelly, and many more former and current racers about how they work to control the uncontrollable in the Tour de France.

Debutants in the Tour de France

Jul 10, 2017 47:32


25% of the racers in this year's Tour de France are racing it for the first time. For many of these racers, it's a dream come true...until suddenly it's not. For this episode of the podcast, the editors of CyclingTips caught up with several TdF debutants before the race to learn about their hopes and expectations, and then again during the race to find out what the reality is like. The results span from incredible—white and polka-dot jerseys—to heartbreaking: serious and painful accidents. This is a can't-miss episode of the CyclingTips podcast including pre- and during-race interviews with Taylor Phinney, Paddy Bevin, Stefan Kung, as well as pre-race interviews with Damien Howsen and Jay McCarthy.

Insider's Look at the 2017 Tour de France: What to Expect

Jul 2, 2017 49:35


CyclingTips' Matt de Neef and Shane Stokes are on the ground in Dusseldorf, Germany with an insider's look at what you can expect from this year's course, the  favorites for all the important battles, and predictions for the critical first week stages. Featuring clips from Peter Sagan, Cadel Evans, Matt White, and Dan Martin, this is the deep-dive TdF pre-race episode you should not miss.

Why Specialized decided to step away from gender-specific geometry

Jun 30, 2017 39:41


For years Specialized has been beating the drum of women’s specific bikes, but when it comes to the 2018 line of bikes, Specialized is diverting from that approach. The 2018 Tarmacs and Diverges feature a unisex frame with gender-specific touch points. Ella Editor Anne-Marije Rook sat down with Specialized’s road product manager, Stephanie Kaplan, to talk about what led to Specialized’s 180-degree turn on gender-specific geometries. 

Does frame stiffness matter?

May 29, 2017 50:57


Road bikes are often evaluated on a linear scale: if a light bike is good, a lighter one is better; likewise for aerodynamics, stiffness, and rolling resistance. But while the effects of weight, aerodynamic efficiency, and rolling resistance are easy to measure and simple to correlate to real-world riding, the influence of frame stiffness isn’t as clear. Is stiffer better? Maybe — but maybe not.

Going Mobile: What You Need to Know About Bike Shops on Wheels

May 23, 2017 01:12:25


Mobile bike repair vans are gaining a lot of traction among busy cyclists who don't want to load half a dozen bikes and cart them to the bike shop, wait two weeks, and then come back to pick them up. And companies like VeloFix and Beeline Bikes cater to cyclists who might feel intimidated by the traditional bike shop "insiders-only" vibe. But with this of services, what happens to the culture of cycling, often centered around well-known, deeply-stocked stores like Vecchios and The Bicycle Trip? Editor-in-Chief Neal Rogers talks with all these people to see how mobile shops and brick-and-mortar shops compete...and how they can work together.

Is your power meter as accurate as you think?

Apr 10, 2017 01:05:00


The cycling world is full of marketing hyperbole, and when it comes to power meters, there's no more important claim than accuracy. Almost without fail, every power meter currently available supposedly produces data that is within +/-2% of the actual value. But is that actually the case? According to US technical editor James Huang and a three-person panel of experts who discuss the topic on this week's CyclingTips podcast, not everything may be what it seems. 

What happens when cyclists can’t ride their bikes?

Mar 29, 2017 01:02:37


For most cyclists, riding their bike is more than a hobby. It’s a way of life. The bike can represent many things to many people — endorphins, fitness, identity, freedom, fresh air, therapy, a social network. What happens when, for one reason or another, this is removed from their lives, indefinitely? We spoke with three hardcore cyclists — Levi Leipheimer, Georgia Gould, and Kenny Jones — who are all currently adapting to life off the bike.


Makeup, hair and style: Does the way you look on a bike matter?

Mar 4, 2017 39:15


Following her mother’s motto of ‘be tough but still be a lady’, pro cyclist Breanne Nalder won’t leave the house until she’s properly put together, even if she’s going out for a training ride. So much so that she has permanent eyeliner tattoed on her. Her teammate Jen Luebcke meanwhile matches her earrings to her kit, Mandy Heintz likes to have her nails done for special races while Clare Rose goes au natural, letting her legs do all the talking. As a female pro athlete, does it matter what you look like?

Ella Editor Anne-Marije Rook talked to five riders from the Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling team about the importance and pressures of appearance in women’s cycling. 

What lurks beneath carbon fiber's mysterious surface?

Feb 20, 2017 57:26


There are good reasons why carbon fiber has emerged as the king of structural material. It's supremely light, can be incredibly stiff and strong, and it can also be formed into wild shapes that simple aren't possible with metals. But it's also a multi-layered material, and only the outer surface is visible. What's underneath there? And should we care? US technical editor James Huang peels back the proverbial onion with HIA Velo senior composites engineer Chris Meertens and Australian carbon fiber repair and inspection guru Raoul Luescher to see what's really inside. 

Putting the 'World' in WorldTour: Understanding the global expansion of elite men's road cycling

Feb 14, 2017 49:47


The highest-level of elite men's road cycling is called the WorldTour, and yet, until this year, just three of the series' 27 events were outside of Europe. In 2017 the sport's governing body has expanded the WorldTour by another 10 events. So what does that mean? And what impact does that have on races, teams and the sport?

Risk vs reward: What drives amateur bike racers to risk life and limb every weekend?

Feb 9, 2017 51:13


The recent near-death experience of Masters racer Mike Allec highlighted the inherent dangers of bike racing — not just at the professional level, but across all categories. Whether you’re 18 or 81, hurtling your bicycle into tight spaces at high speeds brings with it a very real possibility of road rash, broken bones, or worse. And while younger riders are generally fearless, and may well be pursuing a career in the sport, for amateur snd Masters racers, the willingness to risk injury for their passion is based on intangibles.    In this episode, Elden Nelson and U.S. Editor Neal Rogers speak with Mike Allec about his close call, and how it's changed his outlook on competition, at least in the short term. In addition to sharing their own “worst race accident stories,” and why they continue to compete, they also speak with elite amateur racers Frank Cundiff, from Virginia, and Sarah Barber, from Idaho, who discuss the rewards they get from racing, and how they reconcile that with the very real risk of injury.

Genevieve Jeanson: Making Peace With the Past

Jan 30, 2017 54:23


In the early 2000s, Genevieve Jeanson was a rising star in women’s cycling. National titles, World Cup wins, and dominating victories at American classics – the young French Canadian was taking the American and international scene by storm. But her career came to an immediate stop in 2005, when she tested positive for erythropoietin (EPO) and retired soon thereafter.

While history quickly wrote her off as a doper, over time we learned that there was a lot more going on than meets the eye. Jeanson revealed that her relationship with coach Andre Aubut was physically and emotionally abusive. EPO had been forced on her since she was just 16 years old, and for over a decade he control her whole life.
As her 10-year ban from competition comes to an end, Jeanson talked to Ella Editor Anne-Marije Rook about making peace with past.

What’s watts with drivetrain friction and chain lube

Jan 25, 2017 01:01:20


Cycling is a game of inputs and outputs: how much power you’re able to produce in your legs vs. how much of that power is actually put to use in propelling you forward. Of the four main obstacles you have to overcome while riding — aerodynamic drag, gravity, rolling resistance, and mechanical friction — mechanical friction is the least significant, but it’s far from zero. US technical editor James Huang takes an in-depth at how much friction there is and what we can do about it, but also easy and inexpensive things to do at home to ensure we’re making the most of our efforts.

Changing Lives in the Off-Season with Team Novo Nordisk

Jan 16, 2017 01:08:38


The winter months often include bonding sessions for many pro squads, most famously the military-style camps used by Team CSC/Saxo Bank in the past. However the all-diabetic Team Novo Nordisk went an entirely different route altogether, combining group energy and altruism to help others while at the same time coming closer together. 

CyclingTips’ Shane Stokes travelled to the Dominican Republic to document this, and also spoke to one of the riders about living with diabetes. 

What do Britney Spears and Marco Pantani Have in Common?

Jan 9, 2017 01:02:18


CyclingTips talks with music video directing legend Nigel Dick, who -- in addition to having directed more than 500 music videos (including by Oasis, Guns N' Roses, and many more), is a cyclist and cycling film director, capturing everything from the Tour de France to a day in the life of David Millar.

Surviving as an Independent Cycling Publisher in a Facebook World

Dec 24, 2016 01:04:27


CyclingTips Publisher Wade Wallace and Red Kite Prayer owner Patrick Bradytalk about the future of online cycling content and how it's being disrupted by megasites like Facebook and Google that take all the advertising dollars -- and how other sites who create great content can survive in this environment. Both RKP and CyclingTips have launched member supported models to help keep creating high quality content for their readers and we speak about the challenges they face, the way they're dealing with those challenges, and what's next.

Testing frames for safety and small builders - should they or shouldn’t they?

Dec 12, 2016 49:51


Mainstream bicycle companies subject their bikes to all sorts of objective testing, both for performance and safety purposes. Smaller custom builders, however, don’t usually hold themselves to those same standards — but should they?

How Girona Became a Pro Cycling Mecca

Nov 29, 2016 01:10:42


It started with former professional Johnny Weltz, continued with Lance Armstrong and the US Postal Service team and then blossomed into a location inhabited by well over 100 professional riders. The small Spanish city of Girona is one of the biggest hubs of professional cycling in the world, but why is this the case? 

Talking to pro riders and others, CyclingTips looks at the history of Girona, the many pluses of the city and also considers what the future has in store. 

David Walsh on his pursuit of Lance Armstrong and his time with Team Sky

Nov 22, 2016 01:02:19


Irish sports journalist David Walsh is best known for his work in helping to expose Lance Armstrong as a doper. In this interview, Walsh caught up with CyclingTips to reflect on that period of his career and to give his perspective on Team Sky in light of the team’s recent TUE controversy.

A look behind the curtain at the grim realities of product development

Nov 7, 2016 59:55


We all take for granted the shiny, new bikes, components, and accessories that fill the floors and shelves of bike shops. But how many of you have given much thought to what’s required to actually put them there? How does an idea become an actual finished product? For this week’s CyclingTips podcast, US technical editor James Huang and host Elden "Fatty" Nelson chat with three industry insiders who let loose on the ugly truth of what it takes. In short: it’s way, way harder than you think.

Creaky Press-Fit Bottom Brackets and the Promise of T47

Oct 21, 2016 54:11


Press-fit bottom brackets have become the norm over the past decade as companies continue to try to make their bikes lighter and more feature-packed, but they're also more prone to annoying creaks, which oftentimes can't easily be fixed. What if there was a viable alternative? James Huang discusses the new T47 threaded format with the folks at Praxis Cycles, Chris King, and Enduro Bearings to see why T47 may work better, why there are so many politics around its adoption, and how we got here in the first place.

Mike Creed: From road pro to team director to US Paralympics Cycling Head Coach

Oct 11, 2016 58:52


From 2002-2013 American Mike Creed was a professional road racer, on teams such as U.S. Postal Service, Discovery Channel, TIAA-CREF, Rock Racing, and Optum. In his first year as a team director at SmartStop, his riders went 1-2 at the 2014 U.S. national road championship. And in 2016, he turned down an offer to be a director with Cannondale-Drapac to be head coach of U.S. Paralympics Cycling. Find out why, and what memories he took away from the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, in this podcast interview.

Equal Prizes for Women's Racing: Perspectives from a Promoter and a Racer

Oct 4, 2016 01:03:02


Should women have an expectation of winning as much as men for equivalent races? CyclingTips editor Anne-Marije Rook talks with Kris Auer — a race promoter with  forward-looking principles — and Assos racer Juliet Elliott about the need for change in cycling, what some promoters are doing about it (and why), and what everyone needs to do in order to move toward equality in this sport.

How the Sausage Gets Made: Bike Product Management Tales from Dave Koesel

Sep 12, 2016 01:02:06


If you've ever wondered how your bike got spec'd -- how the parts that it comes with were chosen and what negotiations, politics (yes, politics), innovations went into its design and execution -- this episode is for you. Dave Koesel, currently General Manager of 3T America, was in charge of product management for many years at Felt, and brings a lot of experience and wisdom to this conversation with CyclingTips Technical Editor James Huang and co-host Elden Nelson. 

Dave Zabriskie and Floyd Landis

Sep 1, 2016 01:20:40


This is the second of two conversations we had with Floyd. Part 1 was mostly conversation about where Floyd is and what he’s doing now. This time, we go more into the bike…and also, we brought Floyd’s friend, partner at Floyd’s of Leadville, and former teammate — Dave Zabriskie. You won’t want to miss this wide-ranging conversation with these two as CyclingTips US editor Neal Rogers talks about disc brakes, bickering in the pro peloton, parakeets, Dave and Floyd’s perspective on their racing days, and a lot more. 

The Floyd Landis Interview, Part 1: Live from Floyd's of Leadville

Aug 24, 2016 44:21


US Editor Neal Rogers and Podcast Host Elden "Fatty" Nelson join Floyd Landis in Leadville, CO at Floyd's of Leadville HQ to talk about Floyd's new venture: what it is, why, and where it's going. We talk about apologies: both those given and received, and even talk a little bit about cycling...or more specifically, why Floyd doesn't ride anymore. This is a can't-miss conversation with a name every cyclist recognizes, but few cyclists know.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Rethinking Road Bike Tire Sizes and Pressures

Aug 19, 2016 01:02:16


For years, the common thinking when it came to road bike tires was that they needed to be narrow and pumped up to high pressures for the fastest roll. Some key studies are now disproving those long-held beliefs, though, with supporting data telling us that what we should actually riding are wider tires and lower pressures. CyclingTips US technical editor James Huang joins us for this week’s CyclingTips podcast, along with Silca company owner Josh Poertner (formerly the technical director for Zipp) and Jan Heine from Bicycle Quarterly and Compass Bicycles.

2016 Tour de France Finale

Jul 29, 2016 01:22:34


In this concluding podcast from the 2016 Tour de France, recorded the morning after Sunday’s final stage in Paris, our team on the ground in France — Matt de Neef, Shane Stokes and Dave Everett — discuss the standouts from the last block of racing.

These include the battle for yellow and the key moments where Chris Froome opened time on his rivals, as well as Peter Sagan’s dominant hunt for green and a question of who – if anyone – can beat him in future years. There’s also an analysis of Froome’s challengers, and how some rode above expectations while others underperformed; Adam Yates’ impressive victory in the best young rider classification and a teammate explaining what may be his most important attribute; Stephen Roche’s tip for future Tour success; Sean Kelly’s view of two of the top guns from this year’s race; personal highlights from the race and much more.

Along with the on-the-ground crew, CyclingTips Podcast Host Elden Nelsen and U.S Editor Neal Rogers provide additional insight, including Tour analysis and parallels with the Brady Bunch.

2016 Tour de France podcast: Cavendish, Sagan, Froome, Martin, Yates, Contador, and more

Jul 13, 2016 01:13:02


In this second podcast from the 2016 Tour de France, recorded on the race’s first rest day, our team on the ground in France — Matt de Neef, Shane Stokes and Dave Everett — discuss the many storylines to have developed over the first nine days of racing. Among them: Chris Froome’s incident with a spectator and audacious downhill attack; Alberto Contador’s unceremonious exit from the race; Dan Martin’s impressive riding; the return of Mark Cavendish; the phenom that is Peter Sagan; and the breakout ride from   Adam Yates. And since they’re not at the race, Elden and U.S. Editor Neal Rogers must settle for the next-best thing — interrupting the recorded podcast from the boys in France to share their own opinions and get the last word on every topic.

2016 Tour de France podcast: Pre-race analysis, interviews with Sagan, Gerrans, Van Garderen, Porte, and Vaughters

Jul 2, 2016 01:09:00


In this first podcast from the 2016 Tour de France, Elden and U.S. Editor Neal Rogers discuss what it’s really like to cover the Tour de France as a journalist, while our team on the ground in France, Shane Stokes and Dave Everett, give context to pre-race interviews with Peter Sagan, Richie Porte, and Simon Gerrans. Also: Tejay van Garderen on sharing team leadership at BMC Racing, and Jonathan Vaughters on the recent Cannondale-Drapac partnership.

Extreme Racing with Jesse Carlsson, Andy Van Bergen, Alain Rumpf, Sarah Hammond, and Wade Wallace

Jun 29, 2016 01:02:26


Today we get into the heads of people who love extreme racing and riding. Wade Wallace, publisher of CyclingTips tallks with Jesse Carlsson, who has ridden the Tour Divide and WON the Trans America race last year. He talks with Sarah Hammond just HOURS after she completes the Trans Am race, and interviews Alain Rumpf — who used to work for the UCI, but has recently completed his first adventure race and now considers traditional racing boring. Finally, CyclingTips own Andy van Bergen talks about an extreme riding phenom you might have heard of and which he created: Everesting. What is it, why would you do it, and what’s the next thing he’s got up his sleeve. 

It’s an episode for people who think the Tour de France is a cute little ride…right now on the CyclingTips podcast.

James Huang Talks Disc Brakes: Pros, Cons, Why's and When's

Jun 23, 2016 50:52


US Technical Editor James Huang talks disc brakes on road bikes, getting racer perspective from Cadel Evans and pro mechanic perspective from BMC’s Ian Sherburne. The pros, cons, whys and when’s of an important and controversial bike technology on this episode of the CyclingTips podcast.

Rebecca Rusch on Mount Kilimanjaro, Getting "Chicked," Mixed-Gender Racing, and the Dirty Kanza

Jun 16, 2016 50:12


Ella CyclingTips Editor Anne-Marije Rook talks with seven-time world champion Rebecca Rusch about fair play in mixed-gender racing starts, biking up and down Mount Kilimanjaro, and the problem with the term “getting checked.”

An Post Ras, Planet Krypton, and Racing Comebacks with Shane Stokes

Jun 8, 2016 01:04:23


Shane Stokes takes a look at the An Post Rás, the legendary Irish event which has been part of the early careers of many big name riders. Won by Stephen Roche and Tony Martin in the past and also featuring the likes of Mark Cavendish, John Degenkolb and Sam Bennett, the race is one for the hardmen. We also explore some other subjects, including the gruelling nature of the sport and how it can take a toll on those chasing excellence.

Neal Rogers Interviews Wiggins, Boonen, Talansky, Merckx, and More

May 30, 2016 01:14:09


Neal and Fatty talk about some very personal interviews Neal got while at the Amgen Tour of California. You won’t want to miss this first episode of the new CyclingTips podcast, including conversations with Bradley Wiggins, Tom Boonen, Andrew Talansky, Brent Bookwalter, and Axel Merckx…and the up-and-coming phenom: Nielson Powless.