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Ep 489 - Terminator: Dark Fate - Brian Redban

Nov 5, 2019 01:05:47


*FILMS DISCUSSED: TERMINATOR DARK FATE, LAST DAYS OF PHIL HARTMAN, ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE, THE BANKER, 21 BRIDGES* Chris and Graham welcome back Brian Redban to talk films. Graham and Chris were let down by Terninator and Brian couldn't see it because the theater's copy was broken. Brian liked the Phil Hartman doc. The Banker trailer is intriguing. 21 Bridges looks good for a plane. Han Shot First, now and forever. 

Ep 488 - Dolemite Is My Name - Marc Guggenheim

Oct 29, 2019 51:08


*FILMS DISCUSSED: JOJO RABBIT, DOLEMITE IS MY NAME, TRAIN TO BUSAN, MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN, THE KING* Chris and Graham welcome back Marc Guggenheim to talk about the DC crossover on CW and more! Marc wasn't as pumped for Joker as the guys. Chris felt JoJo Rabbit was a little scattered. Graham loved Dolemite. Motherless Brooklyn looks good and not sure what to make of The King. This episode will live past the end of times. 

Ep 487 - Zombieland Double Tap - Jon Reep

Oct 22, 2019 01:06:29


*FILMS DISCUSSED: PARASITE, ZOMBIELAND 2, RISE OF SKYWALKER, BLOODSHOT, BLACK AND BLUE, COUNTDOWN* Chris and Graham welcome back Jon Reep. Jon talks about taking his mom to Joker and living at home. Jon and Graham split on Zombieland 2. Chris liked Parasite even though the marketing threw him. New Star Wars trailer looks perfect. Vin Dielsel's new film looks surprisingly good. An episode for all! 

Ep 486 - El Camino - Kevin Ronca

Oct 15, 2019 01:14:32


*FILMS DISCUSSED: EL CAMINO, AD ASTRA, IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON, THE REVOLUTION TELEVISED, JUNGLE CRUISE, THE KING'S MAN* Chris and Graham welcome doc director, Kevin Ronca. Kevin talks about his doc about the 2016 Democratic primary, The Revolution Televised. Graham and Kevin liked El Camino: A breaking Bad Film. Chris was let down by Ad Astra. Graham had fun watching In The Shadow Of The Moon. Jungle Cruise and The King's Man trailers look very avoidable. This episode will not be televised. 

Spoiler Ep 99 - Joker - Cecily Knobler

Oct 9, 2019 01:10:41


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Cecily Knobler is here to discuss the brilliance of Joker with Chris and Graham. 

Ep 485 - Joker - Anastasia Vigo

Oct 8, 2019 01:00:41


*FILMS DISCUSSED: IN THE TALL GRASS, JOKER, BIRDS OF PREY, 6 UNDERGROUND* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Anastasia Vigo. Anastasia talks about the Dunktown podcast and how In The Tall Grass was a good home viewing. Graham and Chris liked Joker. Birds of Prey trailer could go either way. 6 Underground is most things that are wrong with Hollywood. This episode is like a garbage strike in Gotham. 

Ep 484 - Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile - David Huntsberger

Oct 1, 2019 01:21:31


*FILMS DISCUSSED: EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE, ARCTIC, SHRIEKFEST FILMS, THE IRISHMAN, WOUNDS* David Huntsberger is back to talk films with Chris and Graham. Graham liked the Ted Bundy film Extremely Wicked. David was excited at seeing Arctic. Chris breaks down some cool films he saw at Shriekfest. The Irishman trailer looks great. Wounds trailer is for horror fans. This episode is like being stuck in Iceland. 

Summer Movie Wrap Up

Sep 24, 2019 36:12


Chris and Graham talk about the major films that came out in the summer of 2019. #nauticalprotocols

Ep 482 - Angel Has Fallen - Micah Wright

Sep 17, 2019 01:26:13


*FILMS DUSCUSSED: THE GOLDFINCH, FAHRENHEIT 451, ANGEL HAS FALLEN, BASKETBALL OR NOTHING, MIDWAY, LIKE A BOSS* Micah Wright is here to talk films, FNX Comedy series on Amazon Prime and more! Chris found Goldfinch to be a mess. Micah liked Angel Has Fallen and Dodger Dogs. Farhenheit 451 was a letdown according to Chris. Graham liked the Netflix doc series Basketball Or Nothing. Midway and Like A Boss trailers could go either way. And the biggest weekend of counter programming in a while! This ep will make you take your sunglasses off. 

Shriekfest Preview - Denise Gossett

Sep 12, 2019 32:00


Chris and Graham talk to Denise Gossett about the 19th Shriekfest Horror Film Festival this September 26-29 in Hollywood, CA!

Ep 481 - IT: Chapter Two - Rick Overton

Sep 10, 2019 01:12:16


*FILMS DISCUSSED: IT CHAPTER 2, THE WANDERING EARTH, THE FRONT RUNNER, THE BEST OF ENEMIES, JOKER, DR. SLEEP* Chris and Graham welcome Rick Overton to the ATC studio. Rick liked Wandering Earth, Chris was massivily dissapointed in It 2. Graham liked Front Runner and Best of Enemies more than he thought he would. New Joker trailer looks good. Dr Sleep looks the oposite of good. This ep will give you a double thigh strian. 

Ep 480 - Big Announcement

Sep 3, 2019 39:29


Graham and Chris announce the end of Comedy Film Nerds. After 10 years the 600th and final episode will be on December 12, 2019. Thank you everyone for a wonderful decade of talking and making movies. 

Ep 479 - Blinded By The Light - Stef Zamorano

Aug 27, 2019 01:06:54


*FILMS DISCUSSED: A VIGILANTE, BLINDED BY THE LIGHT, KNOCK DOWN THE HOUSE, UNDERWATER, LADY AND THE TRAMP* Chris and Graham welcome first-time guest Stef Zamorano. Chris wanted more from A Vigilante. Stef loved Knock Down The House. Graham fell in love with Blinded By The Light. Underwater trailer looks silly. Lady And The Tramp is only for Disney streaming. An episoded that is a death trap, a suicide rap we gotta get out while were young. 

Ep 478 - Night Moves - Jake Johannsen

Aug 20, 2019 01:20:59


*FILMS DISCUSSED: NIGHT MOVES, THE RED SEA DIVING RESORT, HOBBS AND SHAW, JURASSIC PARK LIVE, LAST CHRISTMAS, PARASITE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Jake Johanssen. Graham liked most of Night Moves. Jake and his wife had fun at Hobbs and Shaw. Chris was disappointed by The Red Sea Diving Resort. Last Christmas trailer is good but tells us too much. Parasite is another cool film from South Korea. An episode you can eat during. 

Ep 477 - The Farewell - Mark Ellis

Aug 13, 2019 01:09:51


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE FAREWELL, SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK, GOOD BOYS, THE ADDAMS FAMILY* Chris and Graham welcome back Mark Ellis. Graham hopes The Farewell gets some Oscar love. Chris was not expecting Scary Stories to be so scary. Mark likes good Boys. Everyone is on the fence about Addams Family animated film. 

Ep 476 - Fast & Furious presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Aug 6, 2019 55:36


*FILMS DISCUSSED: HOBBS AND SHAW, STOP AT NOTHING, THE LIGHTHOUSE, 1917* Chris, Graham and Aaron talk about the Fast and Furious films and more! This episode is all about family! 

Spoiler Ep 98 - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - Mike Schmidt

Jul 29, 2019 45:47


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Graham and Chris welcome back Mike Schmidt to talk all things Quentin and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. 

Ep 475 - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - Mike Schmidt

Jul 29, 2019 01:03:02


*FILMS DISCUSSED: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Midsomer, and more* Mike Schmidt is here to talk Quentin films and more!

Ep 474 - The Lion King - Adam Ferrara

Jul 23, 2019 01:04:17


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE LION KING, THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE, DAVID CROSBY: REMEMBER MY NAME, TOP GUN: MAVERICK, CATS* Chris and Graham welcome first-time guest, Adam Ferrara. Chris found the Lion King to be a "useless money grab." Graham loved The Art Of Self Defense. Adam was disappointed with the David Crosby doc. All in for Top Gun: Maverick. Chris is the only one who doesn't see the appeal of Cats. Wide range of DVD's and then new Quentin film this weekend! This ep is like buying a boat from Peter Tork. 

Bonus Ep - Comic Con 2019 Preview - Ric Meyers

Jul 17, 2019 36:12


SURPRISE! Ric Meyers is here to give you a San Diego Comic-Con preview! 

Ep 473 - Spider-Man: Far From Home - Joe Matarese

Jul 16, 2019 57:33


*FILMS DISCUSSED: SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME, WILD ROSE, YESTERDAY, STAND AND OLLIE* Chris and Graham welcome first-time guest Joe Matarese. Graham and Chris liked Spider-Man. Joe enjoyed Wild Rose. Graham loved Yesterday. Chris thought Stan and Ollie missed an opportunity. 

Spoiler Ep 97 - Toy Story 4 - Steve Simeone

Jul 2, 2019 40:47


*SPOILER ALERT!! KEY ELEMENTS WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Steve Simeone is here to talk all things Toy Story. 

Ep 472 - Toy Story 4 - Steele Saunders

Jun 25, 2019 01:05:36


*FILMS DISCUSSED: TOY STORY 4, ACTION POINT, LATE NIGHT, I AM MOTHER, DOCTOR SLEEP, TROLLS WORLD TOUR* Steele Saunders is back! Chris and Steele liked Toy Story 4. Steele enjoyed watching how bad Action Point was. Graham liked Late Night. Chris thought I Am Mother was good for a Netflix film. Trolls World Tour looks like only 5-year-olds will like it. Doctor Sleep is a mystery. 

Spoiler Ep 96 - Godzilla: King Of The Monsters - Neil T. Weakley

Jun 18, 2019 47:38


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Neil is here to talk about why he loved this film. #skullislandscones

Ep 471 - Dark Phoenix - Cole Stratton

Jun 10, 2019 59:34


*FILMS DISCUSSED: DARK PHOENIX, LATE NIGHT, FORD V FERRARI, AD ASTRA* Graham and Chris welcome first-time guest Cole Stratton. All three liked Dark Phoenix. Cole enjoyed Late Night. Ford V Ferrari looks interesting. Ad Astra left the panel confused. Thank you for listening. 

Spoiler Ep 95 - Rocketman - Ron Placone

Jun 5, 2019 52:48


*SPOILER ALERT!! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Ron Placone is here to talk about why Rocket Man was a good musical. 

Ep 470 - Rocketman - Chris Gore

Jun 4, 2019 01:03:21


*FILMS DISCUSSED: ROCKET MAN, GODZILLA, RAMBO: LAST BLOOD, THE KITCHEN* Chris and Graham welcome back Chris Gore from Film Threat. All three guys liked Rocket Man. Godzilla: King Of The Monsters was all the popcorn fun they thought. Rambo trailer looks silly but a good time. The Kitchen trailer makes gun loving look easy. An episode is the Toho of podcasts. 

Ep 469 - Booksmart - Daniel Van Kirk

May 29, 2019 01:04:53


*FILMS DISCUSSED: BRIGHTBURN, BOOKSMART, RIM OF THE WORLD, PUMP, TERMINATOR DARK FATE, ANNABELLE COMES HOME* Dan Van Kirk is back to talk films with two old nerds. Dan and Chris were let down by Brightburn. Graham had fun watching Booksmart. Rim of the World gave Chris a premise hangover. Graham liked the doc Pump, even with some disclaimers. This episode is better than seeing Graveyard Abortion live!

Ep 468 - John Wick 3: Parabellum - Tom Merritt

May 21, 2019 01:03:33


*Films discussed: John Wick 3, Rocket Man, See You Yesterday, Angel Has Fallen, Maleficent* Tom Merritt is back! Chris liked John Wick 3 but found it got a little old. Tom had fun with Rocket Man. Graham was happy with See You Yesterday. Angel Has Fallen looks ridiculous as does Maleficent 2. This episode was rescued by a time traveler. 

Ep 467 - Tolkien - Lesley Wolff

May 14, 2019 01:12:45


*FILMS DISCUSSED: TOLKIEN, UGLY DOLLS, LET THEM PLAY, POKEMON DETECTIVE PIKACHU, THE HUSTLE, IT CHAPTER 2* Chris and Graham welcome first-time guest Leslie Wolf. Chris was not happy with Tolkien. Leslie and her daughter loved Ugly Dolls. Graham wants everyone to see the baseball doc Let Them Play. Chris was surprised at how he liked Pokemon. Trailer for It 2 is creepy!

Ep 466 - Knock Down The House - Jackie Kashian

May 7, 2019 01:40:51


This episode does contain Avengers: Endgame Spoilers. *Films Discussed: Knock Down the House, Unicorn Store, Avengers End Game, Spiderman* Chris and Graham welcome Jackie Kashian to talk Marvel and more! Chris and Graham both like Knock Down the House. Chris didn't like Unicorn Store as much as Graham. Jackie gives her take on End Game and the MCU. Good Spiderman trailer! 

Spoiler Ep 94 - Avengers: Endgame - Kevin Avery

May 1, 2019 01:02:55


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED, INCLUDING ENDING* Kevin Avery joins Chris and Graham to talk about how great Endgame was! 

Ep 465 - Avengers: Endgame - No Spoilers

Apr 30, 2019 01:03:14


*FILMS DISCUSSED: AVENGERS ENDGAME, DEVIL AT THE CROSSROADS, GAME OF THRONES, BRIGHTBURN, GEMINI MAN* Chris, Graham, and Aaron talk about Endgame. They all liked it and want to see it again. Graham liked the Robert Johnson doc, Devil At The Crossroads. Chris and Aaron liked the latest GOT ep even though it was darkly lit. The Brightburn trailer looks cool. Unlike Gemini Man. Travel through time and get this episode along with some infinity stones. 

Spoiler Ep 93 - Us & Shazam

Apr 24, 2019 35:07



Ep 464 - Queen Of The Desert - Ethan Edenburg & Eric Jackowitz

Apr 23, 2019 59:03


*FILMS DISCUSSED: QUEEN OF THE DESERT, HIGH LIFE, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3, HOBBS AND SHAW, CHILD'S PLAY* Chris and Graham welcome first-time guests, Ethan Edenburg and
Eric Jackowitz. Graham gives some bath tips from Queen of The Desert. Eric did not like High Life. Chris liked Dragon 3 more than 2. Graham saw a doc about the Flint Water Crisis but wants to talk about it later. An episode for morning radio. #pluto #kidmaning

Ep 463 - Hellboy - Mike Siegel

Apr 16, 2019 57:32


*FILMS DISCUSSED: SHAZAM, HELLBOY, UNICORN STORE, STARSHIP TROOPERS TRAITOR OF MARS, RISE OF SKYWALKER, THE PROFESSOR* Chris and Graham welcome back Mike Siegel. Mike talks about the travel tales podcast and why Hellboy was all over the place. Chris liked Shazam. Graham had fun with Unicorn Store. New  Star Wars trailer looks good. Unlike The Professor. #teakarma

Ep 462 - Shazam - Kim Iversen

Apr 9, 2019 01:08:12


*FILMS DISCUSSED: SHAZAM, PET SEMETARY, BLACKWAY, JOKER, MY SPY* Chris, and Graham welcome Kim Iversen into the ATC studio. Kim and Graham both liked Shazam. Kim and Chris both disliked Pet Semetary. Graham found Blackway to be ridiculous. All three are not sure about Joker trailer. My Spy Trailer looks silly. An episode that is more dangerous than Blackway!

Ep 461 - Dumbo - Emma Tammi

Apr 2, 2019 01:03:04


*FILMS DISCUSSED: DUMBO, THE HIGHWAYMEN, THE WIND, THE BEACH BUM, DEADWOOD* Graham and Chris welcome filmmaker Emma Tammi. Chris was disappointed with Dumbo. Graham liked The Highwaymen. Emma talks about directing the Wind. Emma and Graham are excited for The Beach Bum while Chris is not! Better than prairie demons! 

Spoiler Ep 92 - Captain Marvel

Mar 27, 2019 01:19:02


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED, INCLUDING ENDING* The one and only Jackie Kashian is here to talk all things Marvel! 

Ep 460 - US - Rick Overton

Mar 26, 2019 01:03:21


*FILMS DISCUSSED: US, THE MIAMI SHOWBAND MASSACRE, AQUAMAN, STAN AND OLLIE, SECOND ACT* Chris and Graham welcome Rick Overton back into the NERD GARAGE! All three liked US. Miami Showband Massacre is a good doc according to Graham. Sean Connery gives some advice. VOD/DVD is a wide range of sorcery. This ep is when you know you love vaudeville. 

Ep 459 - Captain Marvel - Heather Dowling & Michelle Barton

Mar 19, 2019 01:19:29


*FILMS DISCUSSED: CAPTAIN MARVEL, CAPTIVE STATE, TRIPLE FRONTIER, AVENGERS ENDGAME, FROZEN 2* Graham and Chris welcome first-time guests, Heather Dowling, and Michelle Barton. They talk about their crowd-funding project "Down The Middle." Everyone was let down by Captain Marvel. Michelle and Heather did not like Captive State. Chris was miffed at Tripple Frontier. New Avengers and Frozen Trailers look good! This episode in the mung fruit of podcasts! 

Ep 458 - Summer Movie Preview - Laura House

Mar 12, 2019 01:05:27


Laura House is here to talk about the upcoming 2019 Summer Movies!

Ep 457 - Fighting With My Family - April Wolfe

Mar 6, 2019 01:09:48


*FILMS DISCUSSED: FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY, CAPTAIN MARVEL, PADDLETON, THE KING, GRETA, HELLBOY, ROCKETMAN* Chris and Graham welcome April Wolfe from Max Fun. Graham liked Fighting With My Family. April Enjoyed Captain Marvel. Chris was surprised by Paddleton. Graham found The King to be a very interesting Elvis Doc. April thought Greta was just ok. Some good films coming up on demand and in theaters. Join us!

Ep 456 - Oscar Wrap Up - Murray Valeriano

Feb 26, 2019 01:08:36


Oscar Wrap-up with Murray Valeriano. Murray was there with his Oscar-nominated wife, Mary Zophres. So he's got the skinny. Graham asks why Chris was drunk on Mary Poppins and more!

Ep 455 - Oscar Preview - Doug Benson

Feb 19, 2019 01:23:19


2019 Oscar Preview with Doug Benson! Chris, Graham, and Doug all give their picks. Get your Oscar Pool ready!

Spoiler Ep 91 - Cold Pursuit - Mike Schmidt

Feb 14, 2019 01:08:09


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDiNG ENDING* Mike Schmidt is here to talk about all the problems with this film. #SnowPlowJones

Ep 454 - Cold Pursuit - Jay Kogen

Feb 12, 2019 01:10:08


*FILMS DISCUSSED: COLD PURSUIT, TWO KILLINGS OF SAM COOKE, GREEN BOOK, VICE, ALADDIN, PET SEMETARY* Graham and Chris welcome Jay Kogen onto the show. Chris and Graham thought Cold Pursuit went off the rails. Graham liked Sam Cooke more after watching the doc. Chris and Jay were both disappointed in Green Book and Vice. An episode full of frumphering. 

Ep 453 - Can You Ever Forgive Me? - Ricky Carmona

Feb 5, 2019 01:26:01


*FILMS DISCUSSED: BLAKKKLANSMAN, CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME, POLAR, IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK, THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD, TOY STORY 4, AVENGERS: ENDGAME* Chris and Graham welcome Ricky Carmona from the Who Shot Ya? Podcast. Chris liked Blackkklansman. Graham thinks Can You Ever Forgive Me is Oscar worthy. Chris hated Polar. Ricky liked If Beale Street Could Talk but felt it was a little long. Graham wants everyone to see They Shall Not Grow Old. Good Superbowl Trailers! Ramping up to the Oscars! 

Ep 452 - Glass - Justin Wood

Jan 29, 2019 01:15:42


*FILMS DISCUSSED: GLASS, SPLIT, THE FAVOURITE, the MID 90'S, ICARUS, EXTREMELY WICKED, AMONG THE SHADOWS*  Chris and Graham welcome Justin Wood to the show. Graham liked Glass and Split. Chris didn't get the hype of The Favourite. Justin liked Mid 90's. Graham was amazed at Icarus. 

Special Bonus Episode - Oscar Nominations

Jan 23, 2019 32:20


The 2019 Oscar nominations are here! Chris and Graham talk about what movies were snubbed. Join in on the message boards! 

Ep 451 - Vice

Jan 22, 2019 01:03:52


*FILMS DISCUSSED: VICE, MARY POPPINS RETURNS, BEAUTIFUL BOY, EIGHTH GRADE, JOHN WICK 3, MISS BALA* Chris and Graham talk about flying to Japan for Tea and suicide. Graham liked Vice but it's not Best Picture. Chris and family enjoyed Mary Poppins. Graham found Beautiful Boy to be a wonderful film. Chris and his 13-year-old child liked Eighth Grade. John Wick is back to settle some scores as is Miss Bala. #skypecago 

Spoiler Ep 90 - Bird Box and Roma

Jan 17, 2019 01:02:39


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILMS ARE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris, Graham and Aaron discuss Birdbox and Roma. (Please see Roma on the big screen)

Ep 450 - Destroyer

Jan 15, 2019 01:04:58


*FILMS DISCUSSED: DESTROYER, YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE, SERENITY, SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME* Chris, Graham and Aaron are here in the rain at ATC. Graham thought Destroyer missed the mark. Chris and Graham split over You Were Never Really Here. Nobody thinks Serenity looks good. New Spider-Man trailer is amazing. Only one good DVD but Glass is in theaters this week! 

The Interview

Jan 10, 2019 18:15


Graham Elwood interviews Chris Mancini about his scripted drama/horror podcast "Conversations From The Abyss"

Ep 449 - Aquaman - Freddy Wong and Matt Arnold

Jan 9, 2019 01:29:22


*FILMS DISCUSSED: AQUAMAN, BIRDBOX, ROMA, WHAT MEN WANT, US* Graham and Chris welcome Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold from The Storybreak podcast. Chris had fun at Aquaman. Graham was the only one who liked Birdbox. Everyone agrees that Roma is one of the best pictures of the year.  An episode that is like a dog in the next room. 

Ep 448 - 2019 Movie Preview

Jan 1, 2019 51:13


Chris, Graham, and Aaron talk about some of the big films that are coming out in 2019. 

Ep 447 - Year End Thank Yous

Dec 25, 2018 39:55


Chris and Graham want to thank everyone that makes CFN possible! Without all the help and support from fans, podcasts, advertisers, and all we couldn't do it! So thank you for a wonderful 2018! See you in 2019. 

Spoiler Ep 89 - Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse - Ron Placone

Dec 20, 2018 46:07


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED, INCLUDING ENDING* Ron Placone joins Chris and Graham to talk about the new Spider-Man animated film. 

Ep 446 - Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse - Marc Guggenheim

Dec 18, 2018 01:10:24


*FILMS DISCUSSED: SPIDER-MAN INTO THE SPIDERVERSE, WHO KILLED JAM MASTER JAY?, THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES, ROMA, THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD* Marc Guggenheim is back to talk Spider-Man, TV shows and more! Chris liked Into The Spiderverse, as did Graham until it gave him a headache. Who Killed Jam Master J is a good Netflix doc. Chris was surprised that he liked Christmas Chronicles. Roma and They Shall Not Be Forgotten look good! 

Ep 445 - Bumblebee - Sam Tripoli

Dec 12, 2018 01:09:26


*FILMS DISCUSSED: WIDOWS, BUMBLEBEE, CHASING TRANE, AVENGERS: ENDGAME, COLD PURSUIT* Chris and Graham welcome back Sam Tripoli to talk films. Graham liked Widows. Chris was Surprised at liking Bumblebee. The John Coltrane doc was good and Sam talks about how good the Netflix docs are. Avengers trailer looks fantastic! And Cold Pursuit is an Icy taken. 

Ep 444 - Creed II

Dec 4, 2018 01:04:29


*FILMS DISCUSSED, CREED II, THE DISCOVERY, POKEMON DETECTIVE PIKACHU, CAPTAIN MARVEL* Chris and Graham are here talking Rocky films and more. Chris really liked Creed II, and they discussed all the Rocky films. Graham was amazed at Netflix film, The Discovery. Pokemon trailer actually looks good. the second. Captain Marvel trailer makes it even better. Slow week for DVD and VOD. Oscar films are starting to pop up to get to the theaters! 

Ep 443 - Ralph Breaks The Internet - Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

Nov 27, 2018 01:16:34


*FILMS DISCUSSED: RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET, INSTANT FAMILY, GREEN BOOK, THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS, GEORGE HARRISON: LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLD, ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL, THE LION KING* Stefanie Wilder-Taylor joins Chris and Graham in the ATC HQ. Chris thought Ralph was all over the place. Stefanie was pleasantly surprised by Instant Family. Graham thinks Green Book is Oscar worthy. Chris was let down by Buster Scruggs. George Harrison doc was great in Graham's eyes. Deadpool PG-13 trailer is hilarious. New Lion King looks promising. This episode is #notmytorture 

Spoiler Ep 88 - Overlord

Nov 20, 2018 40:59


*SPOILER ALERT!! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM ARE DISCUSSED, INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham discuss the fine points of Overlord. 

Ep 442 - Overlord - Henry Phillips

Nov 15, 2018 01:14:57


*FILMS DISCUSSED: OVERLORD, MID90S, BOY ERASED, TRICKY DICK AND THE MAN IN BLACK, ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE, STAN AND OLLIE* Chris and Graham welcome back, Henry Phillips. Chris and Graham both liked Overlord. Henry was pleasantly surprised by Mid90s. Chris liked Nicole Kidman in Boy Erased. Graham found a good doc in Tricky Dick and The Man In Black. Anna and The Apocalypse look like fun! Stan and Ollie might get some Oscar gold. This episode will clear out your sinuses. 

Spoiler Ep 87 - Bohemian Rhapsody - Grant Lyon

Nov 8, 2018 42:44


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM ARE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Grant Lyon, from the film Killer Kate, goes deep about Bohemian Rhapsody with Chris, Graham and mega Queen fan, Aaron. 

Ep 441 - Bohemian Rhapsody - Matt Weinhold

Nov 6, 2018 01:24:39


*FILMS DISCUSSED: BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, THE VISIT, A DARK SONG, MANDY, HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3, ISN'T IT ROMANTIC?*. Graham and Chris welcome back Matt Weinhold to talk about horror movies and more. All three liked Bohemian Rhapsody but didn't love it. Chris and his daughter were disappointed by The Visit. Matt recommends A Dark Song and Mandy. How To Train Your Dragon 3 looks good. Not so sure about Isn't it Romantic? This episode is better than a satanic hippie cult in Topanga Canyon. 

Ep 440 - The Hate U Give

Oct 30, 2018 01:00:38


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE HATE U GIVE, THE OLD MAN AND THE GUN, THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR REALMS, VOX LUX* Chris and Graham talk to Aaron about the ATC Comedy Fest. Graham liked The Hate U Give. Chris had fun with The Old Man And The Gun. Nutcracker looks ridiculous. Vox Lux could go either way. Enjoy with coffee. 

Ep 439 - Live From ATC Festival - Sklar Brothers

Oct 26, 2018 01:15:27


Chris and Graham are joined by Jason and Randy Sklar to discuss The Karate Kid, Lady Gaga: 5 Foot 2, Hold The Dark, The Haunting Of Hill House, we watch trailers for Destroyer and Escape Room. Be sure to wear your meat gi for this one!

Ep 438 - First Man

Oct 16, 2018 51:40


*FILMS DISCUSSED:  FIRST MAN, KILLER WOMEN WITH PIERS MORGAN, PET SEMATARY, THE MULE* Chris found First Man to be a letdown. Graham likes the Netflix Doc Series Killer Women. Pet Sematary remake looks like could be better than original. The Mule has the first real Oscar talk of 2018. This ep needs to be put in a U-haul and driven to Phoenix by Aaron. 

Spoiler Ep 86 - Venom

Oct 9, 2018 30:03


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM ARE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham discuss all the reasons Venom was not great. 

Ep 437 - Venom - Frank Woodward

Oct 9, 2018 01:14:07


*FILMS DISCUSSED: VENOM, A STAR IS BORN, AQUAMAN, OVERKILL* Frank Woodward is back to talk films and horror script names. All three were disappointed with venom. Graham liked A Star Is Born. Chris saw some cool films at Shriekfest. Each new Auqamnan trailer makes it harder and harder to get excited. Chris wants Overkill to be great, Graham not so much. This episode is the final Wrong Turn of podcasts. 

Ep 436 - The House With The Clock In The Walls - Patrick Ney

Oct 2, 2018 01:21:52


*FILMS DISCUSSED: SOMM, THE HOUSE WITH THE CLOCK IN ITS WALLS, QUINCY, RBG, X-MEN DARK PHOENIX, HOLMES AND WATSON* Graham and Chris welcome Patrick Ney. Patrick talks about being a comic and a wine sommelier that relates to the doc Somm. Chris found Clock in its Walls to be very uneven. Graham likes Quincy the doc about Quincy Jones. All three not convinced the new X-Men film is going to be any good. Holmes and Watson look like a train wreck. This episode has oaky after tones with a smooth finish. 

Shriekfest Preview - Denise Gossett

Sep 27, 2018 41:59


BONUS EP!! Chris and Graham talk to Denise Gossett about the upcoming Shriekfest in LA and Orlando. She outlines some of the new films in the horror fest that has been going on for 18 years. 

Ep 435 - Mike Bertolina

Sep 26, 2018 59:42


*FILMS DISCUSSED: OPERATION FINALE, SISTERS BROTHERS, WHITE BOY RICK, CAPTAIN MARVEL, BUMBLEBEE* Mike Bertalina from ATC is here! Chris was disappointed by Operation Finale. Mike was surprised by liking the Sisters Brothers. Graham liked White Boy Rick and couldn't understand the low Rotten Tomato's number. Captain Marvel trailer looks awesome. Mike and Chris are excited for Bumblebee while Graham is perplexed. A wide range of good-looking films in theaters this weekend. This episode will make you want to become a male stripper!

Spoiler Ep 85 - The Predator

Sep 20, 2018 40:10


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham talk about all the things that are wrong with The Predator. 

Ep 434 - The Predator - Darren Carter

Sep 18, 2018 01:01:44


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE PREDATOR, DEATH WISH, ELVIS 68 COMEBACK SPECIAL, MARY POPPINGS RETURNS, WILDLIFE* First-time guest Darren Carter joins Chris and Graham in the ATC bunker. Chris and Graham were blown away at how bad Predator was. Darren had fun at the Bruce Willis remake of Death Wish. Darren and Graham talked about how much they liked the Elvis 68 Comeback Special. All three are going to see new Mary Poppins and Wildlife. #datamines

Ep 433 - Peppermint - Jackie Kashian & Simon Ore

Sep 11, 2018 01:32:12


Graham and Chris welcome Jackie Kashian and Simon Ore to discuss Peppermint, Clive Owen, and The Masters Of The Universe. Also discussed is the Comics' Comics Kickstarter from Starburns Press. Is this episode canonical or noncanonical? #hemancocktailparty #noncanonical 

Ep 432 - Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Sep 4, 2018 50:21


*FILMS DISCUSSED: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT, SEARCHING, BAD TIMES AT THE EL ROYALE, THE FRONT RUNNER* Chris, and Graham are here talking films. Chris liked Mission Impossible a little. Graham liked the inventive storytelling of Searching. Bad Times At The El Royale trailer got a split from the guys. As did The Front Runner. This episode will make you taunt the media. 

Ep 431-Black Cat-Grant Gary & Peter Pardini

Aug 27, 2018 01:14:21


*FILMS DISCUSSED: BLACK CAT, LIKE FATHER, FLAVORS OF YOUTH, BATMAN VS TWO-FACE, BATMAN AND HARLEY QUINN* Chris and Graham welcome the filmmaking team behind Black Cat, Grant Gary, and Peter Pardini. Graham was surprised by Like Father. Chris liked Flavors of Youth. Batman VS Two-Face is a 60's TV show throwback. Batman and Harley Quinn are good for the DC animated universe. Everyone liked The Old Man And The Gun trailer and Peppermint. Not much on VOD or in theaters. 

Ep 430 - BlackkKlansman - Shawn Pelofsky

Aug 21, 2018 01:03:20


*FILMS DISCUSSED: MILE 22, IBIZA, BLACKKKLANSMAN, THE LAST SHARKNADO, WIDOW, DEADPOOL 2* Chris and Graham welcome back Shawn Pelofsky into the ATC dungeon. Shawn talks about Graham's gay candles. Chris was disappointed in Mile 22. Shawn found Ibiza to be ok. Graham liked Blackkklansman. The new Sharknado looks perfect. Widow is a Taken spin-off. A weird weekend of films is upon us #gaycandlesleepcabinet @catpushingawheelbarrow

Spoiler Ep 84 - The Meg - Ron Placone

Aug 16, 2018 36:07


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris, Graham and Ron Placone are here to discuss everything about The Meg!

Ep 429 - The Meg - Ron Placone

Aug 14, 2018 01:05:00


FILMS DISCUSSED: THE MEG, EXTINCTION, TEEN TITANS GO TO THE MOVIES, WONDER WHEEL, LIZZLE, VENOM* Ron Placone is here to talk films and more with Chris and Graham. Ron and Chris were more critical of The Meg than Graham. Chris was disappointed with Extinction. Graham loved Teen Titans. Chris had no idea why Wonder Wheel was made. Two trailers and then Mile 22 looks good. This episode will open up the shark super highway.#tortureshark

Ep 428 - Comic-Con Wrap Up - Godzilla

Aug 7, 2018 58:24


*FILMS DISCUSSED: AQUAMAN, GODZILLA KING OF MONSTERS, GLASS, TITANS* Neil T Weakley is here to talk Comic-con and all the trailers that were released in San Diego!

Ep 427 - Ric Meyers Yearly Kung Fu State Of The Union

Jul 31, 2018 54:09


*FILMS DISCUSSED: PARADOX, BUY BUST, IP MAN 4, MASTER Z, MERMAID 2 AND MORE!* Ric Meyers is here to bring Chris and Graham up to speed on all things in the Kung Fu/Martial Art film world!

Ep 426 - Sorry To Bother You - Leonard Maltin

Jul 25, 2018 01:14:03


*FILMS DISCUSSED: SORRY TO BOTHER YOU, HOW IT ENDS, LEAVE NO TRACE, DON'T WORRY HE WON'T GET FAR ON FOOT, THE DEATH OF STALIN, FANTASTIC BEASTS, CUT THROAT CITY* Chris and Graham welcome movie reviewer Leonard Maltin. Graham liked Sorry to Bother You more than Mr. Maltin. Chris was disappointed by How It Ends. Leonard thinks Leave No Trace is one of the best films of the year. Death of Stalin was funny for Mr. Maltin. Chris and Leonard are excited about Fantastic Beasts. All three are looking forward to Cut Throat City. Two good choices in theaters this weekend. RIP Jon Schnepp. 

Ep 425 - Skyscraper - Craig Shoemaker

Jul 18, 2018 01:10:52



Chris and Graham welcome first-time guest, Craig Shoemaker into ATC HQ. Craig and Graham loved the Mr. Rodgers doc. Chris felt very let down by Skyscraper. Mary Queen of Scots left all three unsure. Goosebumps 2 is a postcard for the movie industry's problems. This ep will cure your ailments with laughter!

Spoiler Ep 83 - Ant-Man and The Wasp

Jul 12, 2018 39:08



Ep 424 - Ant-Man and The Wasp - Cheryl Jones

Jul 11, 2018 01:06:31


*FILMS DISCUSSED: ANT-MAN AND THE WASP, GONE WITH THE WIND, THE PREDATOR, DUMBO* Chris and Graham welcome Cheryl Jones from the Movies Made Me podcast. All three liked Ant-Man. Cheryl had a lot of issues with Gone With The Wind. The Predator trailer has many mildly excited. Chris has no interest in Dumbo, while Cheryl and Graham want to see it. 

Spoiler Ep 82 - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Jim Bruce

Jul 3, 2018 46:23


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED, INCLUDING ENDING* Jim Bruce joins Chris and Graham to talk about the problems with this dino film!

Ep 423 - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Brent Weinbach

Jun 27, 2018 01:10:19


*FILMS DISCUSSED: JURASSIC WORLD FALLEN KINGDOM, HEREDITARY, SLEEPLESS, IN THIS CORNER OF THE WORLD, CREED 2, WELCOME TO MARWEN* Graham and Chris welcome first-time guest Brent Weinbach into the ATC studio. Chris and Graham were both let down by Jurassic World. Brent liked how scared he was after seeing Hereditary. Graham couldn't finish Sleepless even on a plane. Chris found In This Corner Of The World to be uneven. The episode is like jumping on a mattress while eating gummy chews. 

Ep 422 - Incredibles 2 - Erin Foley

Jun 19, 2018 01:11:03


*FILMS DISCUSSED: INCREDIBLES 2, THE ENDLESS SUMMER, BUMBLEBEE, THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER'S WEB* Chris and Graham welcome back Erin Foley! Erin and Chris like Incredibles 2 more than Graham. Graham watched The Endless Summer with Robert August doing commentary. Chris is oddly excited for Bumblebee and all three had no idea what The Girl In The Spider's Web is about. Go For It!

Weakley Monthly Film News - June

Jun 12, 2018 58:20


Hello you lovely CFN fans! We wanted to give you a taste of what you get when you  are a Patreon supporter. You get Neil T. Weakley's monthly film news that has all the updates on what films are getting made in Hollywood. 

Spoiler Ep 81 - Solo: A Star Wars Story

Jun 6, 2018 01:03:04


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Kevin Avery is here to talk about the good and the bad from Solo.

Ep 421 - Solo: A Star Wars Story - Ari Stidham

Jun 5, 2018 01:18:26


*FILMS DISCUSSED: SOLO, CARGO, VICTORIA AND ABDUL, FILM STARS DON'T DIE IN LIVERPOOL WRECK IT RALPH 2, NIGHT SCHOOL* Chris and Graham welcome first-time guest Ari Stidham to ATC global HQ. All three liked Solo but weren't blown away. Graham found Victoria And Abdul to be a fine plane movie. Chris wanted Cargo to have a little more budget. Graham enjoyed Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool. Night School trailer had everyone laughing. Ralph Breaks The Internet has everything for a good sequel. Not much on DVD/VOD but, a wide range of choices in theaters. This episode is like a bed on a desk. 

Spoiler Ep 80 - Batman Ninja

May 29, 2018 33:25


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING! Chris and Graham talk about the Batman Ninja animated film is grave detail. 

Spoiler Ep 79 - Deadpool 2 - Jackie Kashian

May 23, 2018 43:12


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE REVEALED INCLUDING ENDING* Marvel expert Jackie Kashian is here to talk about why Deadpool 2 was so great!

Ep 420 - Deadpool 2 - J. Keith Van Straaten

May 22, 2018 01:00:56


*FILMS DISCUSSED: DEADPOOL 2, RBG, BLACKKKLANSMAN, TERMINAL, SOLO* J. Keith Van Straaten is here for the first time to talk films and his new podcast Go Fact Yourself. Graham and Chris loved the new Deadpool. J. Keith enjoyed the Ruth Ginsberg documentary. The new Spike Lee film looks good while Terminal looks like a bag of nonsense. 

Turner Classic Movie Festival 2018 Bonus - Allan Havey

May 17, 2018 56:22


Allan Havey is back to talk about the Turner Classic Movie Film Festival. It's a yearly treat to hear about watching films like Throne of Blood, Once Upon A Time In The West and Hamlet on the big screen. 

Ep 419 - Tully

May 15, 2018 01:05:49


*FILMS DISCUSSED: BREAKING IN, TULLY, KODACHROME, TEEN TITIANS, PREDATOR, DEADPOOL 2* Graham had low expectations for Breaking In. Chris liked Tully even with some craziness. Kodachrome was uneven. Teen Titans trailers were both funny. Predator makes no sense. But who cares since Deadpool 2 is this weekend!  Also a cameo by Murray Valeriano #ragtag #PaparazziJulie

Ep 418 - Summer Movie Preview

May 8, 2018 46:51


Chris and Graham are here to go over all the big films coming out this summer! Like Deadpool 2, Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Jurassic World and more!

Spoiler Ep 78 - Avengers: Infinity War - Aisha Tyler

May 2, 2018 01:06:12


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham welcome back Aisha Tyler back to the ATC studio to talk about how great Infinity War and the MCU is. 

Ep 417 - Avengers: Infinity War - Andrea Allan

May 1, 2018 01:11:44


*FILMS DISCUSSED: AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, SUPER TROOPERS 2, VENOM, CRAZY RICH ASIANS* Graham and Chris welcome (late) Andrea Allan into the ATC cave. They talk about why they loved Infinity War. Andrea was a little let down by Super Troopers 2. Venmon trailer split the room. So much to talk about while in a magicians basement. 

Ep 416 - Super Troopers 2 - KATG

Apr 24, 2018 01:28:15


*FILMS DISCUSSED: I FEEL PRETTY, SUPER TROOPERS 2, BEIRUT, EQUALIZER 2, LIFE OF THE PARTY, DEN OF THIEVES, MAZE RUNNER* Keith and The Girl are back! They give an honest review of I Feel Pretty. Chris liked Super Troopers 2. Graham was surprised by BeiruTrailersers are not great, but who cares when Infinity War is here!

Ep 415 - Rampage - Laura Hernandez

Apr 17, 2018 01:00:34


*FILMS DISCUSSED: RAMPAGE, A QUIET PLACE, THE MIRACLE SEASON, OCEANS 8, THE MEG* Chris and Graham welcome first-time guest Laura Hernandez to the ATC bunker. Chris liked the silly fun of Rampage. Laura was let down by A Quiet Place. Graham cried at the sports film Miracle Season. Laura talks about her favorite horror films. Oceans 8 and The Meg have fun trailers. Bring it!

Ep 414 - A Quiet Place - Shishonia Livingston

Apr 10, 2018 01:05:44


*FILMS DISCUSSED: CHAPPAQUIDDICK, A QUIET PLACE, SOLO, THE FIRST PURGE* Chris and Graham welcome first-time guest Shishonia Livingston into the ATC HQ. Shishonia and Graham both liked parts of Chappaquiddick but found it uneven. Chirs was disappointed by A Quiet Place. All three are not that excited about Solo movie. The First Purge looks like more of the same. An episode that will make you have a baby in silence. 

Spoiler Ep 77 - Ready Player One

Apr 4, 2018 44:07



Ep 413 - Ready Player One - Tom Merritt

Apr 3, 2018 57:25


*FILMS DISCUSSED: READY PLAYER ONE, ISLE OF DOGS, THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS, THE TITAN* Chris and Graham welcome back Tom Merritt. All three like Ready Player One. Chris liked Isle of Dogs a little better than Tom. Clock House looks silly as does The Titan. An episode full of rich luxurious alpaca hair!

Spoiler Ep 76 - Pacific Rim: Uprising - Miguel Fiero

Mar 28, 2018 40:41


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Miguel Fierro joins Chris and Graham to talk about Pacific Rim: Uprising. Is it as good as the first one? 

Ep 412 - Pacific Rim: Uprising - Avi Lieberman

Mar 27, 2018 01:00:48


*FILMS DISCUSSED: PACIFIC RIM, UNSANE, ZEN DIARIES OF GARY SHANDLING, DEADPOOL 2, ACTION POINT* Chris and Graham welcome back Avi Liberman to talk films. Graham and Chris were let down by Pacific Rim. Avi liked the Gary Shandling doc and the thriller Unsane. New Deadpool trailer makes it look even better. Johnny Knoxville new film looks fun. This episode is the #hunkymumbler of podcasts!

Ep 411 - Tomb Raider - Laura House

Mar 20, 2018 01:04:29


*FILMS DISCUSSED: TOMB RAIDER, LOVE SIMON, INFINITY WAR, ADRIFT* Graham and Chris welcome back Laura House to new ATC studio. Laura talks about her new comedy album, Mouth Punch and getting engaged. Graham like Tomb Raider just a wee bit more than Chris. Laura was taken with Love Simon. Everyone is ready for Avengers Infinity War. Adrift is a true story or is it? Listen an learn how to not record a marriage proposal and more on CFN Ep 411!

Spoiler Ep 75 - Annhiliation

Mar 14, 2018 33:07


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED, INCLUDING ENDING! Graham and Chris talk about what they liked and didn't with this interesting Sci-fi film. 

Ep 410 - Annhiliation - Jon Schnepp

Mar 13, 2018 01:22:17


*FILMS DISCUSSED: ANNIHILATION, A WRINKLE IN TIME, COBRA KAI, FANTASTIC BEASTS 2, THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN LIVES: WHAT HAPPENED?* Chris and Graham welcome first-time guest Jon Schnepp, into the ATC Studio. Jon liked Annihilation more than Chris and Graham. Chris family liked Wrinkle In Time more than Jon. Cobra Kai Youtube series looks great! Fantastic Beasts 2 looks fun. There are many Oscar films to choose from on DVD/VOD. Two good films this weekend so don't let this episode fall into a #BloodGulch. 

Ep 409 - Oscar Wrap Up - Mike Schmidt

Mar 7, 2018 01:30:48


Mike Schmidt is here talking about the 2018 Oscars. 

Ep 408 - Oscar Preview - Doug Benson

Feb 28, 2018 01:36:10


Get your Oscar Pool lined up with Chris, Graham and Doug Benson! We go through all the Oscar nominations and who we think should win and will win. It's A SHOULDWILL SHOWDOWN!

Spoiler Ep 74 - Black Panther - Todd Perry

Feb 21, 2018 52:00


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING*. Chris and Graham welcome Todd Perry to the ATC new HQ! Todd Was VFX supervisor on Black Panther so there is much to learn from this episode! 

Ep 407 - Black Panther - Sheila Chalakee

Feb 21, 2018 54:24


*FILMS DISCUSSED: HOSTILES, BLACK PANTHER, 50SHADES FREED, EVERY DAY, THE INCREDIBLES 2* Chris and Graham welcome first-time guest Sheila Chalakeee into the new ATC studio. Sheila liked Hostiles and how everyone was depicted. Graham and Chris loved Black Panther. Sheila found 50 Shades to just be ok. All three were laughing with Everyday trailer. Incredibles 2 looks fun along with Game Night and Annihilation! An episode that makes you want to have a red sex dungeon. 

Ep 406 - All The Money In The World - Kinner Shah

Feb 14, 2018 55:36


*FILMS DISCUSSED: ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD, PETER RABBITT, 15:17 TO PARIS, 3 BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING MISSOURI, VENOM, DEADPOOL 2, BLACK PANTHER* Chris and Graham welcome first-time guest Kinner Shah into the NEW ATC studio! Graham liked Christopher Plummer's performance in All the Money In The World. Kinner found that 15:17 To Paris needed more. Chris wasn't as put off by 3 Billboards. Two great trailers and Black Panther comes out this weekend!

Ep 405 - The Darkest Hour

Feb 7, 2018 01:10:28


*FILMS DISCUSSED: DARKEST HOUR, BATTLE OF THE SEXES, THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX, SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT* Chirs, Graham and Aaron talk about how Darkest Hour is a good companion piece to Dunkirk. Graham liked watching Battle of The Sexes on a Plane. Chris wants Netflix to stop making bad films like Cloverfield Paradox. Solo trailer looks good and everyone is as excited about new Mission Impossible as Aaron is. It's the Ras Al Ghoul of episodes. 

Spoiler Ep 73 - The Shape Of Water

Feb 1, 2018 36:40


*SPOILER ALERT!! KEY ELEMENTS DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris, Graham and Aaron talk about why this film deserves all of its Oscars nominations. 

Ep 404 - Hostiles - Jessimae Peluso

Jan 31, 2018 01:03:25


*FILMS DISCUSSED: HOSTILES, GET OUT, MOLLY'S GAME, PHANTOM THREAD, THE HURRICANE HEIST, WINCHESTER* Chris and Graham welcome first-time skype guest Jessimae Peluso. Chris liked Hostiles although it was a little uneven. Jessimae loved the niche that Get Out created. Graham thinks Molly's game is deserving of all the Oscar nominations. Chris can't understand why Phantom Thread is so boring and getting Oscars noms. Jessimae talks about her love of horror films. A Hurricane Heist is coming to a theater near you and more! 

Ep 403 - The Greatest Showman - Jon Reep

Jan 24, 2018 01:10:35


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, SHAPE OF WATER, THE POST, TOMB RAIDER, HOSTILES* Chris and Graham welcome first-time guest Jon Reep. Jon talks about how to pronounce his hometown and his podcast. Chris liked Greatest Showman even with some weird tangents. Jon enjoyed Shape of Water. Graham wanted a little more from The Post. Everyone seems a little optimistic about Tomb Raider and unsure about Hostiles. Many DVD/VODs to choose from. And a Maze Running of films in theaters. This ep will give you jungle teeth!

Spoiler Ep 72 - Bright

Jan 18, 2018 38:45


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham discuss why they didn't like bright and how the Netflix model can continue. 

Ep 402 - The Shape Of Water - Jim Ruel

Jan 17, 2018 01:14:59


*FILMS DISCUSSED: SHAPE OF WATER, RUMBLE THE INDIANS WHO ROCKED THE WORLD, BRIGHT, THE COMMUTER, RED SPARROW, TULLY* Graham and Chris welcome Jim Ruel into ATC studio. Chris and Jim really liked Shape of Water. Jim and Graham liked the Native rock doc Rumble. Bright is a really bad film. Chris had low expectations about The Commuter and was still disappointed. Red Sparrow is confusing. Tully is Marry Poppins 2.0. An episode of all time and space! 

Spoiler Ep 71 - Downsizing - Tom Clark

Jan 11, 2018 41:47


*SPOILER ALERT!! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING!*. Tom Clark is here to talk about why he didn't like Downsizing. Chris agrees with him while Graham did not. 

Ep 401 - Downsizing

Jan 10, 2018 55:41


*FILMS DISCUSSED: DOWNSIZING, COCO, I:TONYA, JUMANJI, PADDINGTON 2, BRIGHT* Happy New Year! Graham and Chris kinda split on Downsizing. Chris really liked Coco. Graham found I, Tonya enjoyable. Chris was surprised by Jumanji. Graham has no idea why Chris is excited about Paddington 2. Both guys are bewildered by Bright. An episode to start 2018!

Year End Thank You!

Dec 25, 2017 25:55


Graham and Chris want to thank everyone involved in making Comedy Film Nerds happen! You are all wonderful! Happy Holidays and remember that HAN SHOT FIRST!!  Let's make 2018 fantastic!

Ep 400 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Spoiler Ep - Steele Saunders

Dec 20, 2017 55:32


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED, INCLUDING ENDING!* Steele Saunders just flew in from Australia to talk to Chris and Graham about why they all loved the new Star Wars movie. Thank you everyone for getting us to 400 episodes! We love doing this!

Ep 399 - Lady Bird - Mark Ellis

Dec 13, 2017 01:00:10


*FILMS DISCUSSED: LADY BRYD, SHAPE OF WATER, I TONYA, READY PLAYER ONE, JURASSIC WORLD 2, STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest Mark Ellis into the ATC bunker. All three liked Lady Bryd and were shocked Greta Gerwin didn't get a Golden Globe nomination. Mark thinks Shape of Water is a solid film. I Tonya has good performances. Jurassic 2 trailer is good! New Ready Player One trailer shows more of what already looks awesome. Mark has already seen Last Jedi and gets us all excited!

Ep 398 - The Disaster Artist - Leah Mansfield

Dec 6, 2017 01:14:04


*FILMS DISCUSSED: DISASTER ARTIST, CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, MUDBOUND, WONDER* Graham and Chris welcome Leah Mansfield into the ATC HQ. Chris and Graham really liked Disaster Artist. Leah enjoyed Call Me By Your Name. Chris wanted Mudbound to get to the point. Graham was pleased with Wonder. Good trailers and more! An episode that will make you park on the street.

Spoiler Ep 70 - The Disaster Artist - Rosie Tran

Dec 6, 2017 48:19


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Graham And Chris talk about The Disaster Artist with Rosie Tran.

Spoiler Ep 69 - Justice League

Nov 29, 2017 31:05


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING*. Chris and Graham break down what they liked and didn't like about Justice League. 

Ep 397 - Justice League - Brenton Biddlecombe

Nov 29, 2017 01:05:35


*FILMS DISCUSSED: JUSTICE LEAGUE, JIM & ANDY, ROMAN J. ISRAEL, BULLET HEAD, RAMPAGE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Brenton Biddlecombe. In addition to doing social media for ATC and the Comedy Store, Brenton is a stand-up comic. Brenton like JL better than Chris and Graham. Graham and Brenton both really liked the doc Jim and Andy. Graham found Roman J. Israel very uneven. Bullet Head trailer makes no sense at all. While Rampage has the charm of The Roc going for it. This episode will make you want to call Brenton by his brothers name. 

ATC Fest Live From Phoenix

Nov 22, 2017 55:40


Graham and Chris welcome filmmaker and comic Mike Young. Mike and Graham talk about the scams they ran as college kids. Mike tells us about the films he's directed. Chris and Graham talk about movies that slipped through the cracks.

Ep 395 - Murder On The Orient Express - Esther Ku

Nov 15, 2017 01:24:00


*Films Discussed: Murder On The Orient Express, Secret Life Of Lance Letscher, What Happened To Monday, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, The Greatest Showman, The Post* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest Esther Ku. Chris was not impressed with Murder On The Orient Express. Esther liked the doc Secret Life Of Lance Letscher. Chris had no idea about What Happened To Monday. Graham liked the performances of Three Billboards. Two good trailers and DVDs. Big weekend in theaters. An episode that is going to start a revolution. 

Spoiler Ep 68 - Thor: Ragnarok - Jackie Kashian

Nov 8, 2017 50:39


*SPOILER ALERT!! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Graham and Chris welcome Jackie Kashian to talk Thor and the whole Marvel universe. 

Ep 394 - Thor: Ragnarok - Kurt Long

Nov 8, 2017 01:09:21


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THOR RAGNAROK, SUBURBICON, I TONYA, DOWNSIZING* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest, Kurt Long. All three liked Thor a lot. Graham found Suburbicon to be uneven. I Tonya looks great. New Downsizing trailer makes the film seem more interesting. Big list of DVD/VOD releases which makes the new releases seem less horrible. An episode that's better than a limo ride.  

Ep 393 - Cult Of Chucky - Matt Weinhold

Nov 1, 2017 01:09:07


*FILMS DISCUSSED: CULT OF CHUCKY, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, MUDBOUND, WINCHESTER, THE DARK TOWNER, KIDNAP* Chris and Graham welcome back Matt Weinhold. Chris and Matt liked Cult of Chucky. Graham thinks Thank You For Your Service should be seen. Mudbound looks good while Winchester is a mess. This episode will make a ghost get lost! 

EP 392 - Marshall - Erin Foley

Oct 25, 2017 01:17:04


*FILMS DISCUSSED: PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN, GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN, MARSHALL, PHANTOM THREAD, JOURNEY'S END* Chris and Graham welcome back Erin Foley to talk movies and WNBA. Erin liked Professor Marston, Chris thinks Goodby Christopher Robin will get some Oscar noms. Graham found Marshall to be too cliche. All three couldn't figure out the Phantom Thread trailer and Journey's End. Erin talks about some of her favorite sports films and more! The most full throttle episode ever!

Spoiler Ep 67 - The Foreigner - Ric Meyers

Oct 19, 2017 55:07


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Ric Meyers joins Chris and Graham to talk about how surprised they all were at this film! 

Ep 391 - The Foreigner - Marc Guggenheim

Oct 18, 2017 01:03:52


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE FOREIGNER, PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN, THE NEW MUTANTS, SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING* Chris and Graham welcome back Marc Guggenheim to the ATC bunker. Chris and Graham liked Jackie  Chan's new film. Graham found Professor Marston to be interesting. Everyone is intrigued by The New Mutants trailer. Marc talks about the state of super hero films. An episode that will stand the test of time!

Ep 390 - Live From LA Podfest

Oct 18, 2017 01:27:28


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE FOREIGNER, THE DISASTER ARTIST, THE COMMUTER, PACIFIC RIM 2, BOO 2, PROUD MARY, AMITYVILLE, Star Wars* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest Laurie Kilmartin and returning guest Joey McIntyre to the show. Recorded in front of a live audience at the 2017 LA Podcast Festival.

Spoiler Ep 66 - Blade Runner 2049

Oct 11, 2017 52:37


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Alice Frazier into the nerd garage. All three talk about why they liked the film and try to answer each others questions. 

Spoiler Ep 65 - American Made

Oct 4, 2017 35:39


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham talk about why they liked American Made, but felt it had a lot of Hollywood polish. 

Ep 389 - American Made

Oct 4, 2017 01:06:14


*FILMS DISCUSSED: AMERICAN MADE, ACTS OF VENGEANCE, ANNIHILATION, CHURCHILL* Graham and Chris talk about why they liked American Made even though it was a little Hollywoody. Acts of Vengeance is Antonia Banderas Taken. Annihilation trailer is how you tease a film. Aaron talks about why he loves Podfest. Something for everyone coming out on DVD. And then it's Blade Runner and My Little Pony on the same weekend! It's the drug cartel of episodes! 

Ep 388 - Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle - Ron Placone

Sep 27, 2017 01:05:46


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE, KINGSMAN THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, STRONGER, PITCH PERFECT 3, MAZE RUNNER THE DEATH CURE* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest, Ron Placone into the ATC cave. Chris didn't really like Ninjago. Graham was bored with Kingsman. Ron liked the non-hollywoodness of Stronger. Two part 3's that should join forces. Nothing good on DVD but Tom Cruise is back to sell cocaine! A Rage filled ipecac for listening! 

Ep 387 - Mother - Megan Gailey

Sep 20, 2017 01:03:19


*FILMS DISCUSSED: MOTHER, AMERICAN ASSASSIN, THE SHAPE OF WATER, DOWNSIZING* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest, Megan Gailey. Megan and Chris were both shocked by Mother. Graham found American Assassin to be good spy fun. The Shape of Water has a new trailer making it look even better. Downsizing had all three intrigued. Two good DVD/VOD in Wonder Woman and The Big Sick. Make sure to snack early for this ep!

Spoiler Ep 64 - It - Dave Anthony

Sep 13, 2017 37:41


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM DISCUSSED, INCLUDING ENDING* Graham, Chris and Dave Anthony talk about why they liked IT. 

Ep 386 - It - Dave Anthony

Sep 13, 2017 01:13:43


*FILMS DISCUSSED: IT, THOR RAGNAROK, FIFTY SHADES FREED, MOTHER, AMERICAN ASSASSAIN* Graham and Chris welcome back Dave Anthony into the ATC world headquarters. Dave and Chris liked IT just a little bit more than Graham. Everyone is confused by Hulk talking in new Thor trailer. Fifty Shades looks like a Bourne film with S and M.  Some good choices on DVD this week and then two films that can be better than expected. This ep will make you go down into the sewers. 

Spoiler Ep 63 - Death Note

Sep 8, 2017 34:35


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Graham and Chris have Shawn Marek in the garage to talk about al the problems with this film. 

Ep 385 - Death Note - Shawn Marek

Sep 8, 2017 01:12:58


*FILMS DISCUSSED: DEATH NOTE, GOOK, THE SNOWMAN, HOME AGAIN, IT* Chris and Graham welcome back Shawn Marek onto the nerd garage. All three were confused by Death Note. Graham liked the indie film Gook. Shawn was mildly amused by The Layover. The Snowman looks interesting. Home Again made Chris excited while Graham will avoid it. Not great DVDs but IT looks like a great horror film! This ep comes with it's own Death God. 

Ep 384 - Dave Made A Maze - Kevin Avery

Aug 30, 2017 01:00:44


*FILMS DISCUSSED: DAVE MADE A MAZE, PATTI CAKES, GIFTED AND MORE* Graham and Chris welcome back Kevin Avery into the ATC studios. Chris like how inventive Dave Made A Maze was. Kevin like Patti Cakes because it reminded him of his rap days. Graham was touched by Gifted. Death Note made Graham stand alone and inspired a spoiler ep. A lot of indie film talk as no big releases are out. This ep will make you want to add supreme to the end of your name. 

Ep 383 - Logan Lucky - Dennis Gubbins

Aug 23, 2017 52:40


*FILMS DISCUSSED: LOGAN LUCKY, DUNKIRK, WIND RIVER, MOLLY'S GAME, REMEMORY* Chris and Graham are back in the nerd garage with Dennis Gubbins! (ATC had some tech issues but that won't stop us) Chris was let down by Logan Lucky, Dennis and Chris finally saw Dunkirk and liked it as much as Graham did. Graham wants you to see Wind River. Everyone is excited for Molly's Game and so-so on Rememory. It's wonderful to sleep with t-shirts again! 

Spoiler Ep 62 - Kidnap

Aug 17, 2017 32:20


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham split on the Halle Berry film Kidnap. 

Ep 382 - Kung Fu Yoga - Jessica Michelle Singleton

Aug 16, 2017 58:04


*FILMS DISCUSSED: KUNG FU YOGA, INGRID GOES WEST, THE LAST DALAI LAMA?, THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD, THE MONSTER PROJECT* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Jessica Michelle Singleton into ATC's bunker. Chris was bewildered by Kung Fu Yoga. Jessica was not ready for Ingrid Goes West. Graham found enlightenment in The Last Dalai Lama. An episode that will make you be a better person and have Lacrosse legs. 

Ep 381 - The Dark Tower - Mike Schmidt

Aug 9, 2017 01:10:21


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE DARK TOWER, KIDNAP, DETROIT, MOTHER, DEATH WISH* Chris and Graham welcome back Mike Schmidt to the show. Mike flips out about not being in the garage. Chris was the only person with an expectation of The Dark Tower being any good. Graham was very surprised at how much he liked Kidnap. Chris and Mike were blown away at how good Detroit was. Two good trailers and much much more! Episodes like this are only summoned by demons!

Spoiler Ep 61 - Detroit - Mike Schmidt

Aug 9, 2017 47:17


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham welcome Mike Schmidt into the ATC studio to talk about the film Detroit. 

Ep 380 - Atomic Blonde

Aug 2, 2017 01:06:49


*FILMS DISCUSSED: AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL, ATOMIC BLONDE, THE BIG SICK, READY PLAYER ONE, SUBURBICON* Chris and Graham talk to producer Aaron Brungardt about this weeks films. Graham was inspired by Inconvenient Sequel. Chris found Atomic Blonde a little uneven but overall good. The Big Sick is a really good film in Graham's eyes. Ready Player One trailer looks like Spielberg is in rare form. Suburbicon trailer has everyone a little cautious. One good DVD and then two different films in theaters this weekend. This episode is like a loyal boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Spoiler Ep 60 - War For The Planet Of The Apes - Matt Weinhold

Jul 27, 2017 49:17


*SPOILER ALERT!! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM, INCLUDING ENDING WILL BE DISCUSSED* Chris and Graham welcome back Matt Weinhold to talk about what they liked and didn't like in War For The Planet Of The Apes. 

Ep 379 - Dunkirk - The Sklar Brothers

Jul 26, 2017 01:13:01


*FILMS DISCUSSED: DUNKIRK, LANDLINE, TEEN TITIANS THE JUDAS CONTRACT, THE BIG SICK, WAR FOR PLANET OF THE APES, JUSTICE LEAGUE, THOR RAGNAROK* Chris and Graham welcome back Jason and Randy Sklar to ATC studios. Jason loved Landline. Graham was amazed by Dunkirk. Chris was let down by Teen Titans. Randy thinks Big Sick should get some Oscar nominations. Chris found War For Planet of The Apes to be his favorite. Differing opinions of new Justice League trailer and some good options on DVD. An Atomic and Inconvenient episode!

Comic Con Kung Fu Bonus Ep

Jul 25, 2017 01:02:48


Graham and Chris talk to Ric Meyers and Neil T. Weakley about what new action nd martial art films are coming out. Ric has been inspired by WellGo USA regarding the future of martial art and Kung Fu films. 

Ep 378 - War For The Planet Of The Apes - Jason Love

Jul 19, 2017 59:49


*FILMS DISCUSSED: WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES, CARS 3, THE BIG SICK, A WRINKLE IN TIME, BIRTH OF THE DRAGON*  Graham and Chris welcome first time guest Jason Love into ATC bunker. Jason and Graham both liked War for Planet of The Apes. Chris was not as excited as his kids about Cars 3. Jason had a good time watching The Big Sick. Wrinkle in Time trailer looks good. While Birth Of The Dragon could be too much hollywoodery. An episode from the sands of time. 

Spoiler Ep 59 - Spiderman: Homecoming - Jud Meyers & Scott Tipton

Jul 13, 2017 58:49


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM ARE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham welcome first time guests from Blastoff Comics, Scott Tipton and Jud Meyers. They talk about the history of Spider-Man comic books and how it related to the new film. Three of them liked it more than one. Listen and find out. 

Ep 377 - Spiderman: Homecoming - Ben Acker & Ben Blacker

Jul 12, 2017 59:05


*FILMS DUSCUSSED: SPIDER-MAN, GEOSTORM, DAVE MADE A MAZE, FATE OF THE FURIOUS* Chris and Graham welcome back Ben Acker and Ben Blacker to talk films! The two Ben's discuss putting Thrilling Adventure Hour on hiatus and writing comics. Everyone liked the new Spider-Man film. A debate on whether Geostorm will be fun bad or just bad. This episode is like asking the Hulk to not punch you in the face for $50. 

Spoiler Ep 58 - Baby Driver

Jun 30, 2017 36:20


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Graham, Chris and Aaron talk about what they liked and didn't like for Baby Driver.

Spoiler Ep 57 - War Machine - Jimmy Dore

Jun 29, 2017 50:29


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Graham and Chris welcome comedian and political commentator, Jimmy Dore. They didn't agree about everything in War Machine, but all said it was a good topic for Netflix to put out. Good film and episode to learn more about why we are still fighting a war in Afghanistan 16 years later. 

Ep 376 - Transformers: The Last Knight - David F. Sandberg

Jun 28, 2017 01:09:28


*FILMS DISCUSSED: TRANSFORMERS, ROUGH NIGHT, THE BAD BATCH, PATERSON, BEATRIZ AT DINNER, BATTLE OF THE SEXES, ANNABELLE: CREATION* Graham and Chris welcome the director of Lights Out and Annabelle, David F. Sandberg, into the ATC studio. Chris expectations of Transformers were very low and still not met. Graham is glad woman can now make lame comedies like men have. David liked the visuals of The Bad Batch. Chris was happy with the simplicity of Paterson. Graham still isn't sure about Beatriz at Dinner. David talks about the making of Annabelle. This  episode is like a Battle of The Sexes for films! 

Ep 375 - The Hero - Nikki Glaser

Jun 21, 2017 55:24


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE HERO, TICKLED, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, SNATCHED, FLATLINERS, GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest, Nikki Glaser, into the ATC magic castle. Graham felt a little let down by The Hero. Nikki was captivated by the doc Tickled. Chris found Justice League Dark to be uneven. Nikki had some great insight about a rough cut of Snatched. Flatliner's trailer looks silly. Goodbye Christopher Robin trailer is hard to figure out. DVDs are Transforming you to see The Big Sick in theaters. An episode that even a cranky Batman will enjoy. 

Spoiler Ep 56 - The Mummy

Jun 15, 2017 45:21


*SPOILER ALERT!! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris, Graham and Aaron talk about why The Mummy is a horrible mistake from start to finish.

Ep 374 - The Mummy - Mick Garris

Jun 14, 2017 01:00:15


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE MUMMY, IT COMES AT NIGHT, BLACK PANTHER, CARS 3* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest and filmmaker, Mick Garris. Mick talks about the two Mummy projects that he was involved in that never got made. Chris and Graham both hated Mummy and are excited to tell you about it. Mick wants people to know about the indie horror film, It Comes At Night. Everyone is excited by the Black Panther teaser. Decent DVDs and in theaters! This ep will make Bette Davis scream like a Mexican horse! 

Spoiler Ep 55 - Wonder Woman

Jun 7, 2017 01:04:16


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Graham and Chris welcome back Kimberly Browning to discuss why they all loved Wonder Woman! 

Ep 373 - Wonder Woman - Laura Swisher

Jun 7, 2017 01:02:59


*FILMS DISCUSSED: WONDER WOMAN, MINDHORN, AMERICAN MADE, MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest, Laura Swisher. Everyone liked Wonder Woman and glad it was made. Chris was disappointed with Midhorn. Laura will see American Made rather than the bad accent train murder film. Everyone is kinda curious about Mummy Impossible and for cocaine season to start. This episode will not let you tell it what to do! 

Ep 372 - Pirates Of The Caribbean - Erik Griffin

May 31, 2017 01:10:55


*FILMS DISCUSSED: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, KING ARTHUR, WAR MACHINE, CHRISTINE (2016), MERRY KISSMAS, EMOJI MOVIE* Graham and Chris welcome back Erik Griffin. Erik talks about his new gig on Showtime, I'm Dying Up Here. Chris was disappointed with Pirates. Erik had low expectations with King Arthur which made it ok. Chris found War Machine uneven. Graham liked some things about Christine but it was too slow until he got lost in nextflix Christmas movies. Emoji is another kid film that will do well. Ok DVDs and then will DC finally get it right with Wonder Woman?? An episode for the ages. 

Ep 371 - Alien: Covenant - Amy Miller

May 24, 2017 01:07:34


*FILMS DISCUSSED: ALIEN: COVENANT, SNATCHED, MIFUNE: THE LAST SAMURAI, TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST ASSHOLES, THE GLASS CASTLE* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest, Amy Miller into ATC HQ. Graham and Chris split on Alien. Amy thinks Snatched is a fine film with wine. Graham nerded out on the Mifune doc. Transformers trailer is longer than the film. Glass Castle is an odd choice. Several good films out on DVD and a horrible weekend for new films. This is the best episode for an off brand Megan Fox. 

Ep 370 - King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword - Steve Gillespie

May 17, 2017 01:05:56


*FILMS DISCUSSED: KING ARTHUR, SLEIGHT, THE RED TURTLE, CHASING THE LOTUS, WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES, WONDER WOMAN* Graham and Chris welcome first time guest, Steve Gillespie into the ATC dungeon. Steve talks about his new stand-up comedy album, Alive on State Street and how King Arthur left him bored. Graham found Sleight to be Dope light. Chris liked the animated poetry of The Red Turtle. Surfing doc, Chasing The Lotus, is great for surfers like Graham but maybe not everyone else. New Planet Of The Apes trailer looks good while everyone is not sure about Wonder Woman. Will Alien be any good or does Wimpy Kid stay in an attic and watch his family. This ep is the final chapter!

Spoiler Ep 54 - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 - Jackie Kashian

May 10, 2017 48:05


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM, INCLUDING ENDING, WILL BE DISCUSSED* Resident Marvel expert, Jackie Kashian, joins Graham and Chris to discuss why Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is so great! 

Ep 369 - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - David Huntsberger

May 10, 2017 01:06:34


*FILMS DISCUSSED: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2, NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, RUBY RIDGE, THE DARK TOWER, BLADE RUNNER 2049* David Huntsberger is back to talk about his new(ish) podcast and comedy album! Graham and Chris both really liked Guardians 2. David wants people to see Nocturnal Animals. Graham found a good PBS doc about Ruby Ridge. Dark Tower trailer left all three wondering if the film will be any good. Blade Runner 2049 full trailer raised many questions. This ep will make you want to ride a horse with a show saddle! 

Ep 368 - The Circle - Steve Byrne

May 3, 2017 59:33


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE CIRCLE, BOSS BABY, SANDY WEXLER, 47 METERS DOWN, ONCE UPON A TIME IN VENICE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Steve Byrne into ATC Studios! Graham was not a fan of The Circle. Steve and his kid loved Boss Baby. Chris needed 3 days to watch Sandy Wexler. 47 Meters down is either a great wink at shark terror films or a disaster. Once Upon A Time In Venice might be suffering from bad trailer disease. Some good films out on DVD if you missed them. Even Chuck is going to see Guardians of The Galaxy 2 this weekend! This episode is really America's Julia Roberts. 

Ep 367 - The Promise - Faith Choyce

Apr 26, 2017 01:04:08


*FILMS DISCUSSED: FREE FIRE, THE PROMISE, THE BLACKCOAT'S DAUGHTER, THE SEVEN FIVE, DRONE, KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Faith Choyce into the ATC studios. Faith talks about why Free Fire was better than she expected. Chris liked first time director Oz Perkins film, The Blackcoat's Daughter. Graham talks about the politics surrounding The Promise and why it should be seen. If you like corrupt cop docs like Graham then you will like The Seven Five. Drone trailer gives away too much. New Kingsman film might be better than first. Dancing and fighting are in new DVDs while a Latin Circle enters the theater.

Ep 366 - The Fate Of The Furious - Troy Conrad

Apr 19, 2017 01:05:17


*FILMS DISCUSSED: THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS, COLOSSAL, POWER RANGERS, STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI, DETROIT, THE FOUNDER, PUNCHING HENRY* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Troy Conrad into ATC studios. Troy talks about his unique show, Set List. Graham and Chris loved the dumb fun of Fast 8. Chris finally saw Power Rangers and found it to be all over the place. Troy didn't like Colossal until the end. Everyone is pumped for some Last Jedi. Detroit appears to be another solid film from Kathryn Bigelow. Punching Henry rounds out a good DVD list which makes the awful new releases not sting so much. This episode will have you realize that it's all about family...14 times. 

Ep 365 - Personal Shopper - Jordan Brady

Apr 12, 2017 01:29:12


*FILMS DISCUSSED: YOUR NAME, PERSONAL SHOPPER, THIER FINEST, THOR: RAGNAROK, CHUCK, THE MUMMY* Graham and Chris welcome back Jordan Brady. Jordan talks about his new documentary, I Am Battle Comic. Chris loved the anime film Your Name. Graham likes the ghosts of Personal Shopper. Jordan enjoyed Their Finest. Thor trailer is getting everyone excited, while The Mummy looks like a waste of time. Two good Oscar films are out on DVD. If you like cars, submarines and ice then this weekend if for you! This ep will get you lost in the Amazon looking for a gifted kid. 

Ep 364 - T2 Trainspotting - Dino Stamatopoulos & Leah Tiscione

Apr 5, 2017 01:03:52


*FILMS DISCUSSED: T2 TRAINSPOTTING, I DONT FEEL AT HOME IN THE WORLD ANYMORE, GIMME DANGER, IT, MACK WELDON* Chris and Graham welcome first time guests Leah Tiscione and Dino Stamatopoulos. They talk about their graphic novel Trent. Graham found T2 to be just ok. Leah and Dino liked the Iggy Pop documentary, Gimme Danger. Chris was pleased with indie film, I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore. Graham was the only one scared by the It trailer. Everyone is excited for new Planet of The Apes film. Rouge One is the only DVD to concern yourself with. A colossal blue style jesus is opening in theaters. The ultimate Bergman episode.

Ep 363 - Power Rangers - Riley Silverman

Mar 29, 2017 01:08:20


*FILMS DISCUSSED: POWER RANGERS, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, LIFE, JUSTICE LEAGUE, SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Riley Silverman into the ATC studios. Riley liked Power Rangers for what it was. Chris and his family found Beaty and The Beast to be ok but not better than the original. Graham wished Life never made it into movie theaters. Two super hero trailers that show the difference between DC and Marvel. One good monster of a DVD and no earthly reason to see new releases. This episode will make you want to drain the tent! 

Ep 362 - Beauty And The Beast - Ramon Rivas II

Mar 22, 2017 01:03:37


*FILMS DISCUSSED: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS, GET OUT, BELKO EXPERIMENT, COCO, DESPICABLE ME 3* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Ramon Rivas II. Graham liked Beauty and The Beast even though the movie was not for him. Chris liked low budget horror film, The Girl With All The Gifts. Ramon was happy he saw Get Out. Graham is all about Belko Experiment. Ramon saw two Elijah Wood classics. Coco trailer gave all three hope while no one is that pumped to see Despicable Me 3. Not sure what anyone can do with the lame slate of DVDs and new releases this week. An episode for all those who want a real life The Purge.

Spoiler Ep 53 - Logan

Mar 15, 2017 43:47


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Graham, Chris and Sam Tripoli talk about why they loved Logan.

Ep 361 - Kong: Skull Island - Paul Gilmartin

Mar 15, 2017 01:00:22


*FILMS DISCUSSED: KONG, SING STREET, LOGAN, WONDER WOMAN, BABY DRIVER* Paul Gilmartin is back with Chris and Graham at ATC studios. Chris liked Kong: Skull Island. Graham and Chris enjoyed the fun of Sing Street. Everyone is very skeptical about the Wonder Woman trailer, while Baby Driver looks slightly more promising. Paul talks about why documentaries are his favorite genre. Decent DVD and in theaters this week. An episode that encourages you to go up the river to battle demons.

Ep 360 - Logan - Nick Youssef

Mar 8, 2017 59:26


*FILMS DISCUSSED: LOGAN, GET OUT, ALIEN COVENANT, WAR MACHINE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Nick Youssef. Nick talks about an upcoming podcast and the history of the Comedy Store. Chris and Nick liked Logan a lot. Graham and Nick were excited about Get Out. New Alien trailer looks good. All three were a little confused about War Machine. Good DVDs and two very different films coming out in theaters. This ep is all about the S and B!

Ep 359 - Oscar Wrap-up - Murray Valeriano

Mar 1, 2017 01:37:01


It's the first ever show recorded at the All Things Comedy Studio. Chris and Graham welcome back comedian Murray Valeriano. Murray's wife, Mary Zophres, was nominated for costume design so we get the full run down on the best picture mix up and more! It's a CFN Oscar exclusive! Better than candy falling from the sky. 

Ep 358 - Oscar Preview - Doug Benson

Feb 22, 2017 01:40:29


It is the annual Oscar Preview ep with Doug Benson. Chris, Graham and Doug discuss their picks to win awards in each category. This ep can make or break your Oscar office pool! We ay who we think should and will win!

Ep 357 - I Am Not Your Negro - Laura House

Feb 15, 2017 01:04:12


*FILMS DISCUSSED: FIFTY SHADES DARKER, I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO, GHOST IN THE SHELL, PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES* Laura House is back talking about her new meditation podcast. Chris did not like Fifty Shades but Laura knew he wouldn't because it was not for him. Graham thinks I Am Not Your Negro is a great doc that America doesn't want to see. Ghost in the Shell keeps getting worse. Laura wants to see Javier Bardem as an ugly pirate. DVDs for every movie need and more movies to avoid while you are getting caught up on oscar films. You will need a spanking after listening to this ep. 

Ep 356 - Hell or High Water - Nate Gowtham

Feb 8, 2017 01:19:35


*FILMS DISCUSSED: HELL OR HIGH WATER, LIFE ANIMATED, BATMAN RETURN OF THE CAPED CRUSADERS, MISS SHARON JONES, LOGAN, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL 2* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest and documentarian Nate Gowtham. They talk about meeting at the Napa Valley Film Fest and how every party had wine. Chris finally saw Hell or High Water and loved it. Nate enjoyed Life Animated. Chris liked new Batman animated film but his kids did not. Graham wants everyone to know about Miss Sharon Jones. Nate talks about his doc, Colin Hay: Waiting for My Real Life. Three doc filmmakers talking about the process and some of the oscar nominations in the doc category. Logan and GOTG trailer look great! A couple of interesting DVDs and weirdness in theaters. This ep will make you want to start a solo career. 

Spoiler Ep 52 - 13th

Feb 2, 2017 58:27


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest John Opdycke. John is president of Open Primaries and talks about how 13th shows what needs to be fixed in American politics. This film and episode are very informative and helpful to understand the history of Americas problems and how to fix them. 

Ep 355 - Resident Evil - Bert Kreischer

Feb 1, 2017 01:19:29


*FILMS DISCUSSED: RESIDENT EVIL, REQUIEM FOR THE AMERICAN DREAM, HIDDEN FIGURES, LADY IN THE WATER, CATFIGHT, WILSON* It's another first time guest! Bert Kreischer joins Chris and Graham in the nerd cave. Bert talks about why podcasts are so great. Chris had fun at Resident Evil until he heard about the accidents. Graham enjoyed and was informed by Noam Chomsky's Requiem For The American Dream. Chris had good things to say about Hidden Figures. Bert comes out of the M. Night closet and talks about Lady In The Water. Catfight is the best trailer out right now! Some good DVDs and new releases. This ep will make you cry on a plane!

Ep 354 - Lion - Mary Lynn Rajskub

Jan 25, 2017 01:08:05


*FILMS DISCUSSED: TRESSPASS AGAINST US, JACKIE, THE FOUNDER, LION, LOGAN, POWER RANGERS* Chris and Graham welcome back Mary Lynn Rajskub into Nerd central. She talks about not playing Zoe in the new 24. Chris didn't like Trespass, Mary Lynn liked Natalie Portman in Jackie but the rest fell flat. Graham and Chris split on The Founder. Graham explains how good Lion is. Oscar nominations came out. Logan trailer looks good and Power Rangers is cat nip for boys. Weird DVD assortment and don't see A Dog's Purpose. This ep will make you want to live like a British Hillbilly. 

Ep 353 - Hidden Figures - Matt Fulchiron

Jan 18, 2017 01:17:57


*FILMS DISCUSSED: MOONLIGHT, SILENCE, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, PATRIOTS DAY, HIDDEN FIGURES, CHIPS, I AM MICHEAL* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Matt Fulchiron into the box cave. Matt talks about The Full Charge Podcast and seeing two movies in a day. Chris liked Moonlight but had some questions. Graham and Matt were a little split on Silence. Matt got what he expected for Patriots Day. Graham got his space nerd fix in Hidden Figures. A lot of dudes being dudes in the new trailers. Go to the movies this week so you can eat fries on a motorcycle with multiple personalities as a modern woman. ONLY ONE DVD FOR YOU TO BUY THIS WEEK...EAR BUDS! 

Ep 352 - Fences - Annabelle DiSisto

Jan 11, 2017 01:08:24


*FILMS DISCUSSED: CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, I'M NOT YOUR GURU, FENCES, RESIDENT EVIL* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Annabelle DiSisto into the nerd HQ. They talk about the Golden Globes and Annabelle having to pay money to work at a Hooters. Chris liked Captain Fantastic. Graham and Annabelle tell Chris about Casey Affleck's horrible behavior after he says he liked Manchester by The Sea. Annabelle was inspired by the Tony Robbins doc. Graham thought Fences had great performances. Everyone is happy that Resident Evil is still going. Real tough DVD choices and fake beards and haircuts in theaters. This ep will make you want to teach finance classes in a theater! 

Ep 351 - Passengers & Year End Thank You

Dec 27, 2016 25:19


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Chris and Graham talk about why Passengers failed. Then they do their year end thank you to everyone in CFN land that helps make it all happen. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING EVERYTHING WE DO! 

Spoiler Ep 51 - Rogue One

Dec 22, 2016 01:04:40


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF MOVIE WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Mike Schmidt joins Chris and Graham in the nerd garage to discuss Rogue One and why all three loved it.

Spoiler Ep 52 - Passengers

Dec 22, 2016 46:10


*SPOILER ALERT! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Chris and Graham welcome fan and kickstarter backer Joe Hummel to discuss Passengers. Listen and learn why you should save your money. 

Ep 350 - Rogue One - Samm Levine

Dec 21, 2016 01:21:31


*FILMS DISCUSSED: ROGUE ONE, COLLATERAL BEAUTY, LA LA LAND, DUNKIRK, BLADE RUNNER 2049* Graham and Chris welcome back Samm Levine into the CFN Santa workshop. Samm and Graham bury some hatchets. Chris and Graham liked Rogue One. Samm and Graham had to do a mini spoiler about how bad Collateral Beauty was. Chris had fun at LA LA Land. Dunkirk and Blade Runner 2049 trailers look great! Samm tells a Inglorious story. Ok DVDs and a bunch of business in theaters. This ep will make you want to sit on the aisles so you don't see the answers. 

Ep 349 - LA LA Land - Chip Chinery

Dec 14, 2016 01:03:46


*FILMS DISCUSSED: OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY, LA LA LAND, TE FOUNDER, SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING, FAST AND FURIOUS 8, WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest and money expert, Chip Chinery. Chris found Office Christmas Party to be a by the numbers comedy that was not great. Chip and Graham liked the throw back nature of LA LA Land. Chip's enjoyment of biopics made The Founder a good watch. Three trailers that make next summer look fun and more! I think some kind of spaceship film is coming out this weekend but not sure...

Ep 348 - Moana - Cecily Knobler

Dec 7, 2016 01:03:33


*FILMS DISCUSSED: MOANA, ALLIED, SILENCE, THE MUMMY, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2* Frist time guest Cecily Knobler joins the lads in the CFN t-shirt cabana. Chris and Cecily liked Moana. Graham and Cecily both found Allied to be a C+ at best.  Silence and The Mummy look like ridiculous nonsense while GOTG 2 is going to be awesome! Only one logical DVD choice this week and three solid films in theaters! This episode is the Fastest and Mummiest of all shows!

Spoiler Ep 50 - Doctor Strange

Dec 1, 2016 46:54


*SPOILER ALTER! KEY ELEMENTS OF FILM WILL BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING ENDING* Jackie Kashian brings her extensive knowledge of all things Marvel to talk about Doctor Strange. 

Ep 347 - Fantastic Beasts - Chris and Graham

Nov 30, 2016 50:45


*FILMS DISCUSSED: ARRIVAL, FANTASTIC BEASTS, BILLY LYNN'S LONG HALFTIME WALK, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, GHOST IN THE SHELL* Chris and Graham are locked alone in the nerd garage to talk films. Graham liked Arrival even with Chris pointing out some accent issues. Chris was glad Fantastic Beasts was made and fits into the Harry Potter world. Graham was 100% disappointed in Billy Lynn. It's a really slow week for new trailers, DVDs and in theaters. This ep is a perfect holiday compliment to your meal.

Ep 346 - Wrestling Films - Colt Cabana

Nov 23, 2016 59:50


*THEMED EPISODE! WRESTLING FILMS AND PRO WRESTLERS WHO WERE IN FILMS* First time guest and pro wrestler, Colt Cabana talks about being a comedy pro wrestler and some of his favorite films. Chris shares his childhood love of pro wrestling and all three talk about their favorite wrestling films and more! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ep 345 - Arrival - Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

Nov 16, 2016 01:35:42


*FILMS DISCUSSED: ARRIVAL, TROLLS, MIDDLE SCHOOL, NAPA FILM FEST MOIVES: STICKY NOTES, SWIM TEAM, LITTLE BOXES, GOOD BUSINESS* Chris and Graham welcome back Stefanie Wilder-Taylor to talk movies and the election. Chris was let down by Arrival. Stefanie and her kids were surprised by how much they liked Trolls and Middle School. Graham saw some great films at Napa Valley Film Fest last week. Sticky Notes, Little Boxes, Swim Team and Good Business are all films to look out for. 

Ep 344 - Doctor Strange - Kevin Pollak

Nov 9, 2016 01:18:15


*FILMS DISCUSSED: DOCTOR STRANGE, 13TH, THE LATE BLOOMER, RADIOACTIVE VETERAN* Kevin Pollak is back to talk movies with the gents. Chris and Graham both liked Doctor Strange while Kevin gives his comic film rant. Graham was moved by the prison doc 13th. Kevin talks about the film he directed, The Late Bloomer. A nice list of trailers to discuss, which is good since DVDs are lame. Good Veterans Day movie and book along with two good films coming out in theaters. Let's hope this episode isn't rigged! 

Ep 343 - The Accountant - Cathy Ladman

Nov 2, 2016 01:08:54


*FILMS DISCUSSED: SHIN GODZILLA, IN THE VALLEY OF VIOLENCE, THE ACCOUNTANT, SWISS ARMY MAN* Chris and Graham welcome long time comic friend and first time guest, Cathy Ladman. Cathy talks about being on a new Showtime series called, "I'm dying up here." Chris was let down by Shin Godzilla. Cathy and Chris split on The Accountant. Graham enjoyed the bizarre nature of Swiss Army Man. Cathy expected a little more than In The Valley Of Violence delivered. Some Ok DVD choices and then a Strange Doctor comes to a cinema near you! An episode that is like getting a Romanian Salt Mine for Christmas. 

Ep 342 - Live from LA Podfest - Will Wheaton & Cecil Baldwin

Oct 21, 2016 01:26:23


*FILMS DISCUSSED: BOO: A MADEA HALLOWEEN, ROUGE ONE, PASSENGERS, JACK REACHER, COLLATERAL BEAUTY, KIDNAP* Live from 2016 LA Podcast Festival. First time guests Wil Wheaton and Cecil Baldwin talk about a wide range of films coming out in the fall/winter. Welcome to the next generation of CFN live shows!

Ep 341 - Girl On The Train - Denise Gossett

Oct 12, 2016 01:03:48


*FILMS DISCUSSED: GIRL ON THE TRAIN, HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE, BATMAN BAD BLOOD, JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2* Chris and Graham welcome Denise Gossett for her first full episode in the gargoyle garage. Graham was disappointed in Girl On The Train. Chris found Hunt for The Wilderpeople to be uniquely interesting. Animated Batman was a let down for Chris. Denise talks about the 16 years that she has been producing Shriekfest and how indie horror films are evolving with better scripts and the use of technology. A good selection of  DVDs and theatrical premiers this week. This ep will wake the dead!

Ep 340 - Magnificent 7 - Karen Rontowski

Oct 7, 2016 01:14:14


*FILMS DISCUSSED: MAGNIFICENT 7, MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN, JACKIE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Karen Rontowski, into the t-shirt/box fort. Chris and Graham split on Magnificent 7. Chris found Miss Peregrine's to be better than the book. Karen talks about being a ghost hunter and what are the best and worst paranormal films. Then Karen does a Tarot card reading for CFN. Will they ever make it out of the garage? Listen and find out! 

Ep 339 - Magnificent 7 - Steele Saunders

Sep 30, 2016 01:17:27


*FILMS DISCUSSED: MAGNIFICENT 7, KICKBOXER VENGEANCE, STAR TREK III, FOR THE LOVE OF SPOK, THE PREQUELS STRIKES BACK* Chris and Graham welcome back Steele Saunders into the t-shirt labyrinth. All three talk about some of their favorite moments from 2016 LA Podfest. Chris set a low bar for Kickboxer: Vengeance and it still wasn't met. Steele had fun watching Magnificent 7. Graham watched Spok doc and ST3 to have a full Star Trek week. Steele suggests the Prequel doc to help see the other side of the Star Wars Prequels. Not great DVDs or in theaters so just buy the LA Podfest live stream. 

Ep 338 - Snowden - Stephen Sajdak

Sep 22, 2016 56:31


*FILMS DISCUSSED: SNOWDEN, CARTEL LAND, BLAIR WITCH, MISS SLOANE, FIFTY SHADES DARKER* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest Stephen Sajdak. Stephen talks about his We Hate Movies podcast and The Anaconda museum. Graham liked Snowden even with #JGL doing a weird voice. Stephen and Chris were really disappointed with Blair Witch. Cartel Land gave Graham some sobering information as a good doc can. Miss Sloane looks good and why in sweet Christmas is there a Fifty Shades sequel?  This ep tastes better than a freshly baked Romanian Molly!

Ep 337 - Sully - Chris Gore

Sep 14, 2016 01:30:45


*FILMS DISCUSSED: SULLY, FOR THE LOVE OF SPOCK, STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN, SKIPTRACE* Chris and Graham welcome back Chris Gore in the the weight bench hut. Graham and Gore really liked Sully and Clint Eastwood. Mancini found For The Love Of Spock to be a nice doc about Leonard Nimoy. Graham saw Wrath of Khan on the big screen and it started a big discussion about why the JJ Abrams Star Treks fall short. Mancini was dumbfounded by Skiptrace. Some good trailers and DVD's then cover up your webcam's cause Snowden comes to town! An episode that is best served cold!