Celtics Stuff Live | The Original Boston Celtics Podcast

Celtics Stuff Live | The Original Boston Celtics Podcast


Celtics Stuff Live was the original live interactive webcast produced specifically for Celtics fans. The show originally aired for two hours every Sunday night and featured regular and prominent guests such as Mike Gorman, Sean Grande, Steve Bulpett, Marc Spears, Peter Vecsey, Mark Murphy, Scott Souza, Kelly Dwyer and Gary Tanguay and broadcast on CelticsBlog.com. Justin Poulin was one of the first members of the internet media to be credentialed with access to the locker room. After effectively retiring in early 2012, Celtics Stuff Live returns with Jon Duke and Justin Poulin featuring the interviews and expert analysis that listeners came to expect from the show in the Danny Ainge era. Now broadcasting on CLNS radio, Celtic Stuff Live is back! ---- CLNS Radio is an Boston-based, online, sports radio station that broadcasts some of the most well known sports radio shows in the country. *For booking or advertising inquiries, please contact the North Station Media business offices at info@clnsradio.com North Station Media also offers a comprehensive podcast university. or more information, contact the NSM business offices at nickg@clnsradio.com


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474: The Draft Recap

Jun 24, 2019 54:05


Celtics Stuff Live's Justin Poulin and Jon Duke looked at Thursday's NBA Draft as the Celtics turned page from the Kyrie - Horford era... or did they?

Jon and Justin looked at the Celtics choices of Romeo Langford, Grant Williams, Carsen Edwards, and Tremont Waters and the likelihood of their making an impact on the team this season.    In the post credits outtake, Justin had an interesting name to attach to the Celtics' newly create max slot.

573: Anthony Davis is a Laker?!

Jun 17, 2019 01:03:50


Celtics Stuff Live's Justin Poulin and Jon Duke picked up the pieces following the trade of Anthony Davis to the Lakers with the CSL guys on opposite ends of this one. Jon's disappointment at the inability to start a prolonged period of Celtics dominance with Davis and Kyrie at the helm remained strong, but the cost of the Lakers deal was so over the top... well, it's hard to be that upset. Justin, on the other hand, was over the moon and can't wait to see how Tatum, Brown, and Smart lead the franchise into a new era.

Before wrapping up, we got into a little bit of a draft talk and how the "flatness" of the draft from 4 to 14 or so impacts Boston and their targets.

572: Woj Bombs and Rich Paul

Jun 13, 2019 31:40


Celtics Stuff Live's Justin Poulin and Jon Duke ran through an avalanche of Celtics rumors of the day starting with the Woj Bomb that the Celtics have entered serious trade discussions to acquire Anthony Davis. Coming just hours after SI's cover story on Rich Paul where Paul states Davis will hit free agency next summer if he's dealt to Boston, the concept of Boston pushing ahead on trading for Davis is seriously intriguing. Then coupling the interest in Davis with Kyrie's questionable future... it's a wild time in the Celtics offices on Causeway Street. Not to mention Kevin Durant's achilles injury and what that does to Kyrie's supposed plans to pair up with KD in New York... in Brooklyn or Manhattan with the Knicks. 

Whew.... 1 week till the Draft.   Celtics Stuff Live is powered by betonline.ag. It’s the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals! Support our podcast by making a wager on your pick by going to www.clnsmedia.com/CSL and use promo code: CLNS50 to get 50% cashback on your first deposit.

571: Reporting the Reporters Reports

Jun 3, 2019 43:50


Celtics Stuff Live's Justin Poulin and Jon Duke discussed the results of Anthony Davis's meeting with the Pelicans and apparent continued request for a trade. Coupling that news with continued "reports" from "reporters" indicating where the mercurial Kyrie Irving wants to play next season, Justin has had just about enough with all of the chit chat.

In the show's second half, the CSL guys looked at a Kyrie and Al-less Boston in 2020, how the Celtics could pivot into a youth movement, and how Houston's reported opening the market on their roster could combine.   In the outtakes... it was Jon and Justin and getting to the heart (or is it mind) of what makes this Kyrie situation so challenging for all of us.   Celtics Stuff Live is powered by betonline.ag. It’s the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals! Support our podcast by making a wager on your pick by going to www.clnsmedia.com/CSL and use promo code: CLNS50 to get 50% cashback on your first deposit.

570: Your Welcome

May 28, 2019 47:49


Celtics Stuff Live's Justin Poulin and Jon Duke reacted to the Raptors dispatching the Bucks in six games whether that impacted their view of the Celtics disappointing season. You won't be shocked at the answer. Next up the guys reacted to a listener email concerning  the point guard position in 2020 following Kyrie's uncertain future and Rozier's recent napalm laced comments to ESPN. Then the hallmark CSL shows in May in days gone past returned... it's draft time. Jon gassed up Brandon Clarke but didn't exactly show the same love to some Wildcats.

And this outtake is not one to be missed... without apology.   Celtics Stuff Live is powered by betonline.ag. It’s the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals! Support our podcast by making a wager on your pick by going to www.clnsmedia.com/CSL and use promo code: CLNS50 to get 50% cashback on your first deposit.

569: The Silliest of Seasons

May 20, 2019 50:25


Celtics Stuff Live's Justin Poulin and Jon Duke kicked around Steve Bulpett's reporting this weekend concerning the Celtics' strong position in acquiring Anthony Davis and the tie that binds toward a Kyrie Irving return to Boston. Then Justin wanted to gaze down a dystopian future without AD, Kyrie, or the Jays... which ends next summer with some surprisingly good news.

Celtics Stuff Live is powered by betonline.ag. It’s the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals! Support our podcast by making a wager on your pick by going to www.clnsmedia.com/CSL and use promo code: CLNS50 to get 50% cashback on your first deposit.

568: Season Recap & Lottery Results

May 15, 2019 52:22


Celtics Stuff Live's Justin Poulin and Jon Duke ripped apart the Celtics' "effort" against the Milwaukee Bucks in five measly games last week. It was the worst of times... and the worst of times. Kyrie's mental breakdown over the course of games 2-5 and the entire Celtics squad laying down has thrown the entire psychotic summer of free agency into a overdrive.

After the break, the results of the Draft Lottery, which put the Pelicans in place to draft Zion and trade Anthony Davis, helped to shape the Celtics and the trade market they will enter for Davis. The Knicks and Lakers falling out short of the top spot helped Boston, but Justin isn't sure he wants to make a move for Davis with Splash Brothers 2.0 in Jaylen and Jayson ready to grow in green.

567: The Squadoosh Factor

May 2, 2019 50:06


Celtics Stuff Live's Justin Poulin and Jon Duke broke down the Celtics-Bucks series as it heads to Boston all tied up 1-1. Though each team has a blow out under their belts, the Celtics pulling off a win in Milwaukee provides the C's with homecourt advantage and the confidence they can win on the road. Though the role officiating plays in setting a tone in each game can nullify any potential advantages.   In the show's second half, Jon and Justin looked at how the Celtics can find success in the face of a Bucks defense which prevents easy looks at the rim and had been sending extra people at Kyrie Irving.  To wrap up, the life and legacy of John Havlicek came into focus and how 'John' was such an amazing man and basketball legend deserving of far more praise than he receives.   The outtakes moved on the games 3 and 4 and where this series is going from here. You'll need Celtics green shaded glasses for this one.

566: Who ARE those guys?

Apr 22, 2019 55:42


Celtics Stuff Live's Justin Poulin and Jon Duke are riding high off of the Celtics' four game sweep of the Indiana Pacers, looking nothing like the team that struggled through the regular season. Gordon Hayward's emergence has helped the Erotic City 5 lineup become the closing unit, just as the preseason predictions suggested.    In the show's second half, Justin and Jon took opposing sides on the Kyrie's shot selection and the whether it is necessary for Kyrie to be "his best self" in taking long 3's. Then the show turned toward the Milwaukee Bucks and how a 2nd round series against Giannis and Co. might shake out. 

565: Mighty Mighty Green Goggles

Apr 12, 2019 49:14


Celtics Stuff Live's Justin Poulin and Jon Duke looked ahead to the upcoming first round of the NBA Playoffs and the Celtics' prospects against the Indiana Pacers. Marcus Smart's injury adds some challenges to Brad Stevens' lineups and rotations, but the CSL guys saw some opportunities for players to assert themselves.   In the show's second half, Justin and Jon looked toward the NBA Draft and where the final standings left the Celtics with a bushel of draft pick options... which may or may not be impacted by the Anthony Davis sweepstakes.   And in the outtakes... it was time to go in on Dwyane Wade and jump to The Truth's defense.

564: Is It Over Yet?

Apr 2, 2019 37:34


Celtics Stuff Live's Justin Poulin and Jon Duke discussed the Celtics continued 1 step forward, 1 step back season following a decent win against the Pacers, an abominable loss to the Nets, and an irritating win over the Heat.  How this Celtics team gets out of its own way in the playoffs and how the culture of this team continues to be a challenge for Brad Stevens. With only four games remaining in the regular season, 50 wins seems like a significant long shot. 

563: Celtics Suck Live

Mar 25, 2019 33:57


Celtics Suck Live's Justin Poulin and Jon Duke tried to valiantly talk their way through the Chutes and Ladders 2019 Celtics season. The losses have been horrendous but the solutions are not easy: do you really let a top 10 NBA player walk in July? Do you trade away young blue chip players for a top 5 NBA star to play with the above mentioned mercurial PG?

In the show's second half, it was all about who sets the tone for the team and whether such a tone can change with weeks remaining in the regular season.   Do the Celtics have us, as the Patriots did 3 months ago, right where they want us... questioning their potential and expecting an early round loss?

562: Attitude Is Everything

Mar 19, 2019 40:50


Celtics Stuff Live's Justin Poulin and Jon Duke looked back on the Celtics 2-1 week highlighted by the return of THE LITTLE GUY... Isaiah Thomas. Thomas's return to Boston, punctuated by an emotional tribute video, brought back fond memories of Thomas's teams in Boston and the comparison to the current bi-polar roster makes the memories even fonder.   In the show's second half, the out sized impact of Marcus Morris came into focus and who could replace his prominent role in time for the playoffs. With Malcom Brogdan and possibly Kyle Lowry injured... is the field in the east clearing for the dysfunctional Celtics?

561: Is THIS The Turning Point?

Mar 13, 2019 41:33


Celtics Stuff Live's Jon Duke and Justin Poulin caught up after the Soul Plane made it's return to Boston with the Celtics finishing their California trip with a 3-1 record.  Jon and Justin got into the new Kyrie, UNO games on the team plane, and to wrap up the show, the guys looked at the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Which matchups work best for the Celtics? Listen and find out.

560: Justin and Jon take opposing sides on the future of Kyrie in Boston

Mar 4, 2019 47:13


Celtics Stuff Live's own Podfathers, Justin Poulin and Jon Duke, discussed the down and down week for the Celtics as the only consistent effort was a poor one. Continued questions about the team's ability to play together and the impact of changes coming this summer have reigned over the club. Jon and Justin looked at where a larger role for Jaylen Brown might come, but that was only the an appetizer to a longer discussion.... where Justin and Jon take opposing sides on the future of Kyrie in Boston.  

559: The Roller Coaster Does Not Stop

Feb 25, 2019 49:07


Tell me when you've heard this before... the Celtics played well against a really good team and then disappointed against a horrendous team.   Justin and Jon looked into the leadership problem on this team and why they seem to be unable to consistently do much of anything. Is it on Kyrie? And what about Brad?   Speaking of Brad, Jon and Justin looked at the rotations employed and what it might take for Jaylen Brown to get a longer look, Marcus Morris to get a shorter look, and maybe for Rozier not to get a look at all.   In the outtakes... we've all had enough of the public relations effort employed by Kyrie, no matter if he is right or not.

558: Justin's Still Not Happy

Feb 19, 2019 42:48


It's the All Star Break, but there is no respite from the rumors and speculation surrounding the Celtics summer of stars. Kyrie, Anthony Davis, and Kevin Durant spent the past weekend in a bromantic whirlwind that set Twitter ablaze. Jon and Justin discussed the wild weekend and how the confluence of rumors could impact the Celtics in 2020 and beyond. This show went pretty wild as Jon became excited at the prospect of a Kyrie, KD, and Brow lineup and Justin was... let's just say just a tad less than impressed. 

In the show's outtakes... Jon and Justin looked ahead to the Bucks and Bulls games this week. Or at least Justin did...

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Feb 19, 2019 10:19


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557: The Celtics Are Annoying

Feb 11, 2019 45:15


The expletives were flying for Celtics fans after a pair of dispiriting losses to Lebron's Lakers and Doc's Clippers and Celtics Stuff Live was no exception... expletives omitted of course. Jon and Justin laid into the Celtics' effort before looking at how much responsibility Brad Stevens bears and whether he is capable of coaching all star players.  Speaking of Kyrie, his role as a leader has been discussed but perhaps more importantly is how well Kyrie and his teammates are meshing as he moves in and out of the lineup.

In the show's second half, the show focused on Mook Morris's comments on the team not having any fun and not playing for each other. Justin looked to Al Horford's leadership capabilities to pull the team together on the defensive end on a team clearly in need of unifying forces. Without the ability to come together, Jon looked at Kyrie's pending free agency and how much his unhappiness deeply effects his July 1 decision. Opening – Lakers/Clippers Analysis 5min – Brad Stevens Shouldering Responsibility…Is he capable of coaching all stars? 9min – Kyrie fragility – can the young players and the team shift gears with him and out of the lineup 16min – Mook Morris Comments 22min – Horford needs to captain the defense 25min – Similar issue last year…will they get better? 27min – Kyrie’s mental health more important than his physical health 33min – Deadline & Week Ahead Predictions

556: Deadline Hype Machine

Feb 5, 2019 37:52


The Celtics are rolling as winners in 9 out of their last 10 games (the only loss to the Warriors in a nailbiter) and all anyone is talking about is Kyrie's future and Anthony Davis. Justin and Jon looked at what this hot streak means in context of a season deemed by many to be a disappointment, but is that fair? Haven't the Celtics been really good for long enough that the losing streaks are outliers?

Then in the show's second half, the CSL guys turned their attention to Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis. Between Davis's trade demands, Kyrie's comments in NY, Klutch Sports' attempts to alter the media narratives, and Ainge holding a lot of the cards... this should be a fascinating 72 hours until the trade deadline. And then another possibly wild five months until the opening of free agency in July.    In the outtakes. Jon talked about his trip to the Garden in the Celtics game last Wednesday and getting to hang out with Mr. CLNS, himself... Nick Gelso.

555: Anthony Davis Overshadows Warriors/Celtics Talk

Jan 30, 2019 57:38


As if this Celtics was lacking for intrigue, this past week had it all for Celtics fans. Jon and Justin broke down the Celtics' effort against the Warriors in the Saturday primetime game and noted a pair of wing players who need to do more for the guys in green to be victorious in June. In the show's second half, the CSL guys went in deep on the Anthony Davis situation and the myriad of ways Brow's availability impacts the Celtics. From Kyrie's future to what a potential deal might look like to how the Celtics might look like with Anthony Davis in the fold.   For those who enjoy the outtakes, Jon and Justin looked to the week ahead (which includes Jon's trip to see the C's take on Charlotte on Wednesday) and provide a Super Bowl prediction.

554: Are We There Yet?

Jan 22, 2019 34:24


Four wins in a row, including a great victory over the Raptors, were a tremendous lift for the inconsistent 2019 Celtics, but even this run of success was overshadowed last week. Jon and Justin looked at how the week moved from Jaylen Brown's plea for togetherness transformed into a pair of apologies from Kyrie: one to the team and another to Lebron James for being a twerp when they were both in Cleveland.  The subsequent 4 game win streak over some peppy teams like the Hawks and Heat who don't roll over easily. Maybe, just maybe, they've turned the corner.

Before wrapping the show, Jon and Justin looked ahead to the matchup with the Warriors on Saturday night in Boston. Boogie is back, the Warriors are looking as strong as ever, and with the Celtics trending upward; Saturday night could be one for the ages.

553: Celtics Culture Clash

Jan 14, 2019 41:48


In matter of three days the Celtics went from having solved all of what ailed them through the first half of the season to right back up that proverbial creek without a paddle. What looked so promising against the league's #1 defense in the form of the Indiana Pacers reverted to sloppy play and poor decision making against the Heat and Magic. Jon and Justin looked at the obvious clash of the old guard players led by Kyrie Irving and the new guard players targeted by Irving like Rozier and Jaylen Brown.   The leadership of the squad came into question in the show's second half as Brad Stevens faces the most critical juncture of his NBA coaching career while Kyrie attempts to accept the mantle as team leader just 18 months after asking to leave the overbearing leadership of Lebron James.    Last up, the role (or lack there of) Terry Rozier has played in the Celtics' continued struggles came into focus. How much value does Rozier still possess?   And for those looking to stick around after closing time... Jon and Justin preview a very interesting week ahead with Toronto coming to town on Wednesday.

552: The One Where Jon is Right About Everything

Jan 9, 2019 38:30


Celtics Stuff Live returns in the new year to look back on the post Christmas road trip and the C's return to winning basketball with a 3-0 home stand. Improved ball movement, the return of Horford and Morris from injury, and most of all, confident efforts from Hayward, Rozier and Brown. Maybe those three bench players have found their games and are ready to consistently help the Celtics win night after night.

In the show's second half, Jon and Justin discussed the impacts of these bench players returning to form and if Marcus Morris's place on the roster will be impacted. Jaylen Brown's play, in particular, brought out a vitriol laced tirade from Jon on Bill Simmons's belief that Jaylen should be moved because his trade value has sunk to virtually nothing. Justin then took up the hammer to go after Rainin' J's John Karalis in recognition of his recent hire at Mass Live as a Celtics beat writer.   And because of the anger filled finish, the outtakes section consisted of our predictions for the week so stay tuned after our Sammy Elias shout out.

551: Please Let This Be The Turning Point!

Dec 26, 2018 40:02


The Boston Celtics gave their fans an incredible Christmas gift with a nice win over the Sixers during a entertaining Christmas Day contest. We can only hope this win, coupled with the blowout over the Hornets serves as the turning point after a dispiriting 3 game losing streak... bottoming out in a home loss to the league worst Suns. Justin and Jon talked about the Celtics performance and whether there are building blocks of better days ahead. Has Tatum figured it out?   In the show's second half, the CSL boys looked at Gordon Hayward's struggles. What does he need to do to get back to the form he showed early this month? Is playing him at power forward an opportunity to unlock his play?   Last up, Jon and Justin gave their predictions on the week ahead as the team goes on the road to Houston, Memphis, and San Antonio. A trip like this solidified the 2008 Celtics... will it do the same for the 2019 team? We'll find out.

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550: The Men In The Middle

Dec 17, 2018 36:26


Michael Jackson sang about the Man In The Mirror, but Celtics Stuff Live this week talked about the Men In The Middle. The injury to Al Horford opened the door for Aron Baynes, Daniel Theis, and the Timelord, Robert Williams. How each player's strength augments the Celtics' attack and how each help the Celtics use more rim running in their offense as key pieces through the Celtics 3-1 week.

In the show's second half, Justin and Jon looked at Gordon Hayward and Jaylen Brown as they return from illness and continue to bolster a second unit. A hat tip to The Athletic's Jared Weiss for an outstanding breakdown of Brown's improved form.   To wrap, the guys predicted the week upcoming, including a key matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday.   Our Presenting Sponsor: One in 100- Score a Pair of Celtics, Patriots Bruins or Red Sox Tickets for LESS than a Pizza or Beer! Go to http://bit.ly/2OKvuIA for more information.

549: Celtics Winning Ways Continue!

Dec 10, 2018 47:50


Two absolutely dominating efforts against the Knicks and Bulls have the Celtics not only as winners of their last 5 games, but as the league's leader in Net Rating over their last 10 contests. Jon and Justin discussed why the team has not only continued to succeed with the Marcus Brothers (thanks Kevin McHale!) in the starting lineup, but now with Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier finding their footing. How long will the team stay with this lineup? Do they even need to go back to the lineup they had intended to start the season?   In the show's second half, Justin and Jon talked about the recent injuries to Celtics big men Aron Baynes, Yabu, Al Horford, and the excused absence of Robert Williams. With Daniel Theis as the last man standing after the Chicago game, questions abound if good health doesn't return to the big man rotation. Lastly, the guys looked at the week ahead and whether the good times should keep rolling along.  Plus another bonus clip after the show on the potential of making a deal for Anthony Davis and the value of the Celtics draft picks.

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548: Are the Celtics fixed?

Dec 3, 2018 44:19


On this week's edition of Celtics Stuff Live, Jon and Justin seem to think so after a 3-0 week and, more importantly, the team playing the brand of basketball everyone expected of them entering this season. The CSL guys looked at the additions of the Marcuses (Morris and Smart) into the starting lineup as a catalyst for the improved play. But looking ahead, Jon and Justin discussed how to fit Jaylen Brown back into a train rolling down the tracks and does the emergence of Gordon Hayward force Brad to get him back in the starting group?   Last up, Jon and Justin looked ahead to a quieter week with only a pair of games but also several days of practice. Justin really liked the opportunity the break provided players who haven't received a lot of playing time and Jon concurred with a focus on one player.. the Timelord, Robert Williams.

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547: Al Horford & The Search For Purpose

Nov 26, 2018 37:24


The woes continue for the Celtics and the questions are beginning to pile up as everyone tries to understand how this team continues to disappoint. The word of this week is clearly "Purpose." The team seems to play without it, particularly offensively, as the team seems to sleepwalk through its aimless efforts in scoring the ball. But that isn't meant to mask the highly flammable nature of the team's pick and roll defense after J.J. Barea joined an ever growing list of players killing the C's from that set. Jon mentioned Al Horford seemed tired two weeks ago and Justin wondered if Horford's health is impacting the team's poor efforts defensively.

In the show's second half, Jon and Justin looked at the latest Anthony Davis rumors from Chris Sheridan whose source suggests the Celtics are an even money bet to get the MVP candidate in the trade market.    Last up... Justin and Jon poured over the strange schedule this coming week and Justin is not a fan.

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546: A Message to Mad Brad - Do The Fans A Favor!

Nov 19, 2018 45:05


Despite a fantastic overtime win over the Raptors, the Celtics are once again struggling for consistency and an identity. Jon and Justin went in deep on what ails the Celtics and which prescription Mad Brad could cook up to get the team back to full health. Jon sees the issues as dependent on a change in the starting lineup and accompanying rotations. Justin is willing to go so far as to cue up significant roster moves... even after agreeing, to his chagrin, with Jon's preseason call for Baynes to start.

It's been a uncomfortable first month of the season for everyone.

545: Jimmy Butler and They Stink Right Now

Nov 14, 2018 41:41


The Celtics have stunk for far too long. The painful slog of watching the C's after staying up to watch them finish a 1-4 roadtrip had Jon and Justin ready for changes in the team's approach. The oft discussed starting lineup got most of the attention with Hayward and Jaylen struggling the most of the team's starters. As for who to replace them in the starting lineup... you'll have to listen to find out.

  In the show's second half, the Sixers acquisition of Jimmy Butler came into focus. Jon predictably hated the spacing Butler's arrival would create for the Sixer offense, while Justin channeled his neighbors enthusiasm for the deal... or at least that's what Jon said.   Make sure to listen to the end... things get weird.

544: Chemistry & Consistency

Nov 5, 2018 33:31


Perhaps the Celtics haven't yet found their groove, but the path remains cloudy. After arguably playing their best game of season against the previously undefeated Milwaukee Bucks, the Celtics offense again ground to a halt in Indiana Saturday night. Inconsistency from the Celtics starters has created issues for Brad Stevens as he tries to build chemistry and offensive flow, but building that consistency has been an issue. Jon and Justin took a closer look at Jaylen Brown as the canary in the coal mine as to why the Celtics offense has struggled. Justin has his ideas how to fix what ails the Celtics... will it work on a tough west coast trip this week?

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543: Scary Terry & The Halloween Mailbag

Oct 31, 2018 44:45


With the Celtics finally becoming the Celtics again, in winning their last three games, Jon and Justin were feeling the Kyrie's #becool mantra. Kyrie's return to form against the Pistons on Tuesday night, following a haircut the previous day, had the guys feeling optimistic about Kyrie's return to his pre-injury form. Thanks to some questions from Twitter, the CSL guys weighed in on a variety of topics from Robert Williams role after the Theis injury to starting lineup changes (Brown for Smart?) to the production needs from Kyrie.

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542: Kyrie & The Feels

Oct 22, 2018 46:52


The start to the Celtics season has be a solid one, but the obvious slow starts from Kyrie, Gordon, and Theis have left the team looking less than supernatural. Jon and Justin broke down some of the icy numbers from Kyrie's shooting and where his performance thus far was surprisingly effective. In the show's second half, the guys gave the same treatment to Gordon Hayward after Gordon unthawed his shooting form in Toronto.   Jon and Justin wrapped the show by looking at the CP3 - Rondo spit take and giving their predictions for the week ahead.

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541: Trust the Progression

Oct 16, 2018 53:35


Tonight the Celtics kick off the 2019 NBA season and Celtics Stuff Live has a preview of the opening night matchup with the despised Philadelphia 76ers. Can the Celtics rebound from a lackluster preseason to face Ben "The Coward" Simmons?   Then, Jon and Justin took a look into the crystal ball and handed out preseason predictions on Celtics MVP, DPOY, 6th Man, and Most Improved. Then looking at a league wide perspective, guessed the number of Celtics wins, the top 4 in the East and West, who the Final 4 playoff teams will be, and how the NBA Finals will play out.   This was a return to the longer shows of CSL Past... but it's worth it.   Our Presenting Sponsor: One in 100- Score a Pair of Celtics, Patriots Bruins or Red Sox Tickets for LESS than a Pizza or Beer! Go to http://bit.ly/2OKvuIA for more information.

540: Kyrie Re-signation

Oct 9, 2018 37:56


When Kyrie Irving dropped the bomb at last Thursday night's season ticket holder event that he intends on re-signing with the Celtics next summer, it settles so much of the Celtics future. Jon and Justin looked at what Kyrie's commitment does for the team and how it specifically impacts two players: Terry Rozier and Anthony Davis.   In the show's second half, the Celtics' abysmal preseason effort was in the cross-hairs. Listless play on the defensive end, the ball sticking on offense and few paint touches has everyone, including Brad Stevens, looking for a better result. Justin thinks some of Hayward's slow start is related to regaining his strength and endurance, while Jon saw an issue of cohesion with so many players seemingly trying to show all they've added to their games in the summer.    Before wrapping, Justin and Jon talked about Marcus Smart electing to bring justice to J.R. Smith on Saturday night. Smith has been easy with the cheap shots against the Celtics in years past but Smart was having none of it.    Our Presenting Sponsor: One in 100- Score a Pair of Celtics, Patriots Bruins or Red Sox Tickets for LESS than a Pizza or Beer! Go to http://bit.ly/2OKvuIA for more information.  

539: Point Guard of Emphasis!

Oct 1, 2018 42:13


A 1-1 exhibition record seems appropriate given the inconsistency of the Celtics' start, but the trendlines are there for an incredibly successful season. Justin and Jon looked at the end of the Celtics bench's role in closing out both games and the play of Guershon Yabusele, Robert Williams, and the rest of the Yabu Tang Clan.    Then the point guards came into focus from Terry Rozier's white hot start to Kyrie Irving's attempts to find his form following injury. While Gordon Hayward had a promising chase down block, he, Kyrie, and the rest of his teammates seeking flow to their games faced significant roadblocks in the form of NBA officials points of emphasis. The points of emphasis are meant to reduce physical play, but all they seem to do is make a view physically ill from the constant stoppages of play.   Wrapping up, Jon and Justin looked at the start of the season and gave some brief predictions on the ability for the C's to get off to a good start.

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Oct 1, 2018 04:48


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538: Celtics are back, baby!

Sep 26, 2018 34:20


Media Day is always filled with optimism, but the manner in which Kyrie Irving put to bed his desire to leave via free agency has greatly fed into that good ship lollipop vibe. Jon and Justin broke down Kyrie's comments and tried to figure out exactly how excited to be.   In more somber news, Marcus Smart talked about the recent passing of his mom and how basketball is often the calm in the metaphorical storm around him. Jon and Justin gave their condolences on Mrs. Smart's passing, and talked about how the Celtics culture has handled the all too frequent passing of members of the franchise family.   To wrap up, Scary Terry's boastful praise of Jayson Tatum's play in pre-camp scrimmages kicked off some lineup talk. Coupling this with Brad's concerns about putting in the work, rather than allowing the team to be anointed as great, could impact how the team's lineups are structured.

537: Preseason Isn't So Far Away!

Sep 17, 2018 41:24


Celtics Stuff Live came back to the podcast airwaves as Celtics media day sits just 7 days away!

Gordon Hayward's return to full health led Jon and Justin into a wide ranging discussion on the starting lineup choices for Brad Stevens for Opening Night against the Sixers and beyond. Jon refuses move off his stance that Aron Baynes will be starting to keep Horford fresh. Justin ain't buying it... at all.   In the show's second half, the guys discussed reprehensible details of Jabari Bird's alleged assault on his girlfriend. Though many details are still to be released, the episode spurred a conversation on how the league can handle mental health issues in the face of criminal acts by the players under their care.   Thankfully, real live Celtics games are just days away... can't wait!

536: Opening Night, Jaylen's Confident Prediction, and Bird versus KG?!

Aug 10, 2018 50:39


We finally have a starting point for the 2019 NBA season... and our Boston Celtics will kick it all off for the NBA against the Philadelphia 76ers opening night. Justin and Jon extensively looked at that matchup and tried to determine how the Celtics might start that game... Horford and going small or Horford and Baynes and one of the C's talented wings sitting.

  One of those talented wings, Jaylen Brown, told CJ McCollum's podcast that he expects the Celtics to make the NBA Finals. In a Lebron-less Eastern Conference, Jaylen's prediction isn't nearly as controversial as one typically would expect.   To wrap up the show, Justin and Jon looked at the ongoing debate following Cedric Maxwell's visit to Celtics Beat on Sunday. Max suggested that Kevin Garnett was a better all-around player as a former Celtic, and then the hot takes flowed. Justin careful in showing his appreciation for KG, but Jon was ready to spill blood in his defense of Larry Joe Bird.

535: Smart's Contract, IT Calls Danny and Kawhi in Toronto

Jul 30, 2018 51:47


After a brief vacation break Celtics Stuff Live returned to a flurry of late July NBA news, including the signing of Marcus Smart to a four year contract at a cool $52 million. Smart has a pair of fans in Jon and Justin, who were overjoyed at his re-signing. Not only does it keep a crucial piece of the Celtics run to Banner 18 in 2019, but it also provides a mid tiered contract that is easily dealt for bigger fish. The guys also talked about Isaiah Thomas reaching out to Danny Ainge about the Celtics interest in signing him this summer. While the pieces didn't fit at this time, it's great for karmic reasons.

  In the show's second half, Justin and Jon recapped the release of Abdel Nader and the signing of Jabari Bird to become the team's new 15th player. Then the CSL guys broke down the Raptors acquisition of Kawhi Leonard; how the deal helps Toronto and San Antonio and creates a tougher hurdle to the Finals, at least in the short term.   Look out for the CLNS Media YouTube channel and CSL's latest video talking with Jon's son Carter and his gift of a pair of game sneakers from Marcus Smart.

534: What Have We Learned In Vegas?

Jul 16, 2018 44:12


The Summer League Hospital Celtics may have only gotten 5 minutes from Robert Williams and have shut down the Ojeleye Factory and Jabari Bird for rest, but it seems the team has seen all it needs to see from Semi and Jabari. While the Summer League has been remarkably unremarkable, the amount of news from Vegas hasn't been voluminous but CelticsBlog's Keith Smith put out a comprehensive post with plenty of nuggets for Jon and Justin to discuss. In particular, the news of Guerschon Yabusele's less than helpful year in China setting back his defensive habits was particularly noteworthy.

  In the show's second half, Jon and Justin poured over the Kyrie Irving situation and Smith's source's belief that Kyrie wants to return to Boston. There may be some concern a recruiting effort with Kevin Durant could lead Kyrie to New York, but is that really a better situation than in Boston with Tatum, Brown, Hayward, Horford, and on and on....??? 

533: Summer League, Free Agency & Kawhi

Jul 7, 2018 36:00


Jon and Justin kicked off the show looking at the rocky, though still brief, tenure of Robert Williams. To say this kid has a lot of growing to do is only half true, with reports from Summer League practice that he is dunking with his elbows and swatting shots like he's on the beaches of Rio.   Moving ahead, the continued restricted free agency of Marcus Smart again reared its head, as most of the money on the market is spent.  Clearly today's report by Mark Murphy shows that Smart's representation isn't keen their belief he would receive a giant contract offer hasn't materialized.    In the show's second half, Jon and Justin looked at the ongoing Kawhi Leonard discussion. While thankful he hasn't yet been dealt to a competitor, there are real questions as to what exactly Kawhi wants and how the Spurs can end up with anything resembling the type of trade package deserving of a player of his caliber.

532: Boo Butt to Boston

Jun 25, 2018 39:16


It's no Bob. It could be Robert or Rob. But, it is also Boo Butt.    That's what Robert Williams prefers to be called by friends and family, but Jon and Justin are ready for Weird Celtics Twitter to do its magic in creating a new moniker for the newest member of the Celtics.   Jon and Justin talked about the new archetype of a Celtics big man, whose athleticism and brute force know no equal in recent Celtics history. How Brad Stevens fits these strengths in with the current team will be fascinating.   In the show's second half, attention to turned to free agency and where Lebron James and Kawhi Leonard may end up. The worst case scenario, of both ending up in Philly, reared its ugly head and how the Celtics would contend. Does that possibility force the Celtics to become more competitive in going after Kawhi?   And in wrapping up the show, the CSL guys gave some love to Marcus Smart, in hoping he'll re-sign before the start of free agency on July 1. Jon also briefly talked about how Tweeting about his youngest son's adoration of Smart caught Marcus's attention and then pledged to send him a pair of game worn sneakers!    Re-sign that man, Danny Ainge!

531: Celtics Stuff Live's 12th Annual Draft Night Show

Jun 25, 2018 01:15:48


Celtics Stuff Live hosts it's 12th Annual Draft Night show.  We pick up for the final hour of the show right before the Celtics select Robert Williams from Texas A&M.  Joining us are Jeff Goodman from the new CLNS Media Podcast, The Good and Plenty Podcast along with Sam Sheehan from The Celtics Round Table on CLNS Media.  Enjoy the show!

530: Kawhi Takes Over The Show

Jun 18, 2018 44:50


It was 10 years ago today... 

The Celtics blew out the Lakers in Game 6 of the 2008 NBA Finals and clinched their 17th NBA championship. Then, as now, Celtics Stuff Live was on the air to break it all down. Jon and Justin relived that evening and the years of struggle (both the team's struggles and the struggles within the show) leading up to that night, and then made comparisons to the current squad.

Then the battle began as Justin and Jon squared off as to why or why not the Celtics should be interested in Kawhi Leonard. Is the medical risk far too great? Or, was Kawhi's absence not as great a concern because it was posturing against a franchise he had grown tired of? Add into the mix the likelihood that Jaylen Brown would be involved in trade talks and things got spicy on the CSL airwaves.

529: Lebron to Boston? Are you %&*@ing kidding me?

Jun 12, 2018 44:38


Apparently if you believe Stephen A. Smith's report, there is a chance the Celtics will have a shot at sitting down with James as he figures out Decision 3.0.   Jon and Justin looked at the pros and cons (yes... there ARE cons) to Lebron James joining the Celtics and what that would mean to the franchise and the players on this roster.   One player impacted, particularly, by the Lebron rumor is Kyrie Irving. The CSL guys talked about the kerfuffle over Kyrie's free agency and whether there is any truth to Kyrie's interest in the Knicks.    Wrapping up, Justin had to get Jon's deep thoughts on former Duke Blue Devil Grayson Allen's NBA prospects. 

528: Offseason...not Postseason

Jun 4, 2018 44:48


The first show of the off season for Celtics Stuff Live comes with mixed emotions. It was only a week ago the Hospital Celtics were vanquished by Lebron and Cavs, Jon and Justin still aren't ready to put their bitterness aside.   But for their faithful listeners, the offseason talk has begun with a spirited discussion about the Celtics rotation in 2019.    In the show's second half, Justin and Jon looked at the prospects of trading up into the top 7-8 in this year's draft. Who the Celtics would target in that area and what ripple effects come from that move.

527: "There's Always Next Year"

May 28, 2018 44:22


The hospital Celtics just didn't have enough shots left in their doctor's bag to pull out one more "against all odds" win in the 2018 NBA playoffs. Horrendously poor shooting from the Celtics backcourt of Rozier, Smart, and Brown left the team lacking of enough offense to push ahead of a typical Lebron effort in Game 7.   Jon and Justin looked back on the end of the Celtics season and gazed briefly into a future of where the franchise goes from here.   Here's a hint... the future? It's pretty bright.

526: Mike Breen Sucks

May 22, 2018 44:19


After a pair of dispiriting performances in The Land, the Celtics return home with the series tied at two games a piece. Jon and Justin broke down Game 4 and talked about the Celtics inability to get stops when necessary.   It goes without saying that officiating played a large role in this series, perhaps most notably Marcus Morris's aborted 4 point play which was called back due to a phantom foul. Look for Tony Brothers in Game 5.   To wrap up the show, Jon and Justin looked ahead to Game 5 and what the Celtics offense needs to do to bring this series home.   Also, Mike Breen sucks.

525: Game "won" recap and Lebron vulcan mind meld

May 14, 2018 44:40


As Game 1's go, this was pretty nice.   The Celtics blowout the Cavs to kick off the Eastern Conference Finals and Jon and Justin broke it all down. Once again the Celtics ultra switchable wings made it difficult for opposing offenses with Horford playing free safety.   In the show's second half, the CSL guys looked at whether Lebron is on his way out. Are there clues in his approach?

524: "You got lucky..." 

May 7, 2018 43:13


"You got lucky..."    That might be what Jayson Tatum told Joel Embiid after just missing a thunderous dunk on the Sixer big man, but it certainly doesn't resemble the Celtics 3-0 series lead over the Sixers.   Justin and Jon broke down the amazing Game 3 victory in enemy territory and looked ahead to not only a Game 4 (with Justin in attendance) but also to a now likely Conference Finals date with Lebron James.   The CSL guys looked at the psychology of this decisive series and whether long term damage may have been incurred by the young Sixers stars.    Let's all hope Justin makes it out of Game 4 alive... or this might be the very last edition of Celtics Stuff Live!

523: Bucks Series Recap, Jaylen Brown Hamstring, and 76ers Preview

Apr 30, 2018 42:58


Giannis might think the Celtics were not the better team in their series with the Bucks but that won't matter when the Celtics start game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semis against the Sixers Monday night.   Jon and Justin broke down the Celtics series with the Bucks. In particular, the value of the experience of key members of the Green (like Mook, Smarf, and Horford) helped carry them through game 7 and should be incredibly helpful against Philly (.... or is it Phila?)   Wrapping up the show, the injury of Justin's guy, Jaylen Brown, loomed large as Justin and Jon jumped inside Brad Stevens brain to figure out how to slow down Embiid and the booming Philly offense.


Apr 25, 2018 42:35


That's the rallying cry Celtics fans will be shouting over the next 48 hours as Game 6 rounds into focus. Marcus Smart was a tremendous boost to the Celtics as the fourth year point guard returned early from injury (as Jon predicted a month ago).   Following the recounting of games 3, 4, and 5; Justin went on an incredible tirade attacking the poor work by NBA officials in this series and then strapped on his tinfoil hat to question whether the league's motives are dictating poor officiating to steer the outcome of games.   Before wrapping up the show, the guys look ahead to Game 6 and there was a split between Jon and Justin as to whether there would be a Game 7 in Boston.

521: 'The Kids Are Alright'

Apr 18, 2018 35:36


"The Kids Are Alright."   Or so Pete Townsend says, but "The Who" might also fit as to what Eric Bledsoe is still saying about Terry Rozier over a pair of devastating games. Adding to that Jaylen Brown's 30 point game 2 and Jon and Justin are feeling damn good about the Celtics chances of moving on to round 2.   In this vacation sponsored addition of Celtics Stuff Live, Jon and Justin broke down the first two games of the series, and looked into why trading Rozier or Brown would be so difficult in a deal for Kawhi Leonard.    To wrap up the show, Justin and Jon looked at the remainder of the series and how long the Joe Prunty Era will last in Milwaukee. (Answer: Not long)

520: Kyrie Surgery, Kawhi Trade Talk, & Jabari Bird is the Word

Apr 9, 2018 45:24


Enough injuries.   Please.   The Celtics went through yet another week of bad injury news, culminating in the announcement of Kyrie Irving's season ending knee surgery.    So, Celtics fans, Justin and Jon among them, have had better days, but the opportunity to see players like Tatum, Brown, and Rozier grow will be tremendous in this playoff season. However, the Kawhi trade speculation infected the discussion with Jon and Justin squaring off as to whether the Celtics should make a deal for the Spurs Finals MVP.   In the show's second half, Jabari Bird got his time to shine after a pair of tremendous efforts of the bench. Unfortunately for Abdel Nader, Bird's emergence has increased calls for his release... and those calls were coming from inside the CSL house.

519: Celtics win over raps, making a play for first place, and playoff implications

Apr 2, 2018 35:13


The wins keep on-a-rollin' with one being even more incredulous than the next. After the Celtics dispatched the East-leading Raptors on Saturday night, the #1 playoff seed came into reach with the Raptors only 2 games ahead. With the specter of Wednesday's rematch in Toronto looming, the playoff implications are HUUUUGE!   Jon and Justin dug into the potential playoff matchups in the East and which provided the best path forward. The 24 hours where the Raptors and Celtics face the Cavs and Bucks respectively before their rematch on Wednesday will likely tell the tale as to how these playoffs may be setup... at least to start.

518: The Path Through The Playoffs & League Wide Injuries

Mar 30, 2018 44:48


The Celtics were playing so well with an active roster something between a Summer League roster and a G League roster that it felt improper for Jon and Justin to record an edition of Celtics Stuff Live. But finally with a break in the schedule and a tremendous last second victory, CSL is back.   Jon and Justin talked about about the myriad of injuries the team has faced and how Coach of the Year-to-be Brad Stevens has made it all happen. Looking ahead to the Playoffs, the CSL guys looked at the potential playoff path, why Philly is a better playoff opponent, and the potential of a Celtics-Rockets Finals in the face of all of these injuries.

517: Ray Allen, Big Baby & Injury Strategy

Mar 19, 2018 44:57


Ray Allen is coming out with a book next month that nearly absolves himself of any sort of blame in his ongoing rift with his former Celtics teammates. Can you imagine what the CSL guys had to say?

Well,  Jon "Doc Brown" Duke and Justin "Marty McFly" Poulin jumped back into the Delorean to talk about the 2008 Celtics and Ray Allen's inability to accept nearly any blame in this high school drama. 

Not to be left out, Glen "Big Baby" Davis was in the news thanks to his arrest for selling a decent amount of marijuana. This lead to Jon and Justin talking about how mental health is handled in today's game and whether being honest provides opponents with a competitive advantage.

To wrap, Jon and Justin looked at the copious injuries that have hit the Celtics within the last week and whether the team should extend itself at all to attempt to get a higher playoff seeding.

516: Celtics Injuries, NCAA Bracket & Bench Play

Mar 12, 2018 42:34


The Celtics got bitten hard by the injury bug... first with Jaylen's frightening fall, then Horford heads home sick, and wrapping with Kyrie exiting the Pacers game early with his balky knee. But Jon and Justin see opportunities for growth with the keys getting passed to certain younger Celtics.

Jon gave a bit of a preview of the NCAA Tournament and which NBA Draft prospects stand the best chance for a deep run into tournament. Jon also gives up his sleeper picks for your bracket busting fun,.

To wrap, Jon and Justin gave their predictions for the 3 games this week, including a match-up with future Celtics Anthony Davis.

515: The Houston Game, Greg Monroe, Lakers Pick & Gordon Hayward Return

Mar 5, 2018 43:53


In Houston we had a problem late in the game, but the Celtics nearly won a hard fought game against the league leading Rockets. This isn't horseshoes, but "close" might be good enough when you are on the road facing a club still VERY SALTY over the outcome of the last matchup in Boston.

Justin had some criticism for Brad Stevens handling of the final minutes and the removal of the scorching hot Greg Monroe in favor of the scuffling Al Horford. Jon backed "Team Dad" Horford and saw Al as a necessary and nearly permanent fixture at the end of Celtics games.

In the show's second half, Justin and Jon recorded from Hayward Island as they maintain their stance that Gordon Hayward will return to play for the Celtics this season. Justin is unconvinced the numbers associated with the Alter-G are all that helpful in understanding Hayward's recovery progress.

514: All Star Break, Smart Resurgence, Jaylen's Consistency & 2nd Unit Tatum?

Feb 26, 2018 43:51


Celtics Stuff Live is back from its All Star hiatus and thankfully we have some real live Celtics wins to discuss and celebrate. Marcus Smart's return from injury was welcomed, due in no small part to the team's inability to defend throughout his absence.    In the second half of the show, Justin crowed proudly on the recently strong play of Jaylen Brown and tried to determine whether a bigger role is headed Brown's way. Jon wasn't convinced, but saw an increased need for Brown's emergence if Jayson Tatum doesn't return to his early season form.

513: Paul Pierce's #34 Retired, Tough Cavs Loss, & Possible Post Trade Deadline Acquisitions

Feb 12, 2018 44:11


It was a magical day Sunday as the Boston Celtics raised Paul Pierce's #34 to the rafters. A fantastic ceremony included appearances by Antoine Walker, Doc Rivers, Rajon Rondo, and the next player to be honored in that fashion, Kevin Garnett. Bobby Manning joined Jon and Justin to provide some of their favorite Paul Pierce memories and looked back at Pierce's long and successful career in green.

There was a game today as well, and while all involved would love to forget it ever occurred, that was not a luxury the CSL Guys could afford. Bobby took aim at the Celtics uneventful trade deadline compared to the moves made by the Cavs while Justin and Jon were more frustrated with the Celtics play. 

Marcus Smart was again a topic of conversation as the Celtics held on to the point guard at the trade deadline. Jon was optimistic about the team's chances to keep him in free agency thanks to Lou Williams' setting the new market for deals of this size. 

512: Cleveland Collapse, Trade Deadline & Paul Pierce's Jersey Retirement

Feb 7, 2018 48:46


The much anticipated matchup with the Raptors went about as well as going through Customs with a machete, but Celtics Stuff Live gave thanks to the Cavs for making the rubber glove treatment seem pale in comparison. Jon and Justin took pride in calling the demise of the Cavs as far back as this fall and noted how Kyrie truly was the canary in the coal mine.   In the show's second half, Jon detailed some of the options before the Celtics at the trade deadline and Jon and Justin laid out Marcus Smart's future with the team.   To wrap up the show, Justin looked ahead to Sunday's game against the Cavs and the retirement of Paul Pierce's #34 jersey in a special postgame ceremony. Jon and Justin discussed Paul Pierce's legacy and what he has meant to the franchise and its fans over the last 20 years.    And in building the connection with its fans, Justin had the opportunity to attend the Super Bowl Sunday game against Portland. What made this visit so special is that Justin was able to bring his son Riley to his first Celtics game. Justin and Riley were able to chat with CLNS Media's Nick Gelso at halftime. You can view the video of Justin, Riley, and Nick here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dhK-mxaNq0

511: Warriors Game, MVP Chants in LA, Marcus "not so" Smart, and Trade Deadline Rumors

Jan 29, 2018 43:02


The Celtics took a huge blow losing to the Warriors 109-105, but Jon and Justin are very encouraged to the point where both were ready to call this a Finals preview.    Next up, the Marcus Smart injury caused Jon and Justin to debate what Smart's role is on the team going forward and whether he has any trade value. Pairing the Smart injury with the recent rumor of Tyreke Evans possibly joining the Celtics per Ron Tillery of the Commerical Appeal.   To wrap up, Justin talked about the flack the show received for discussing Jayson Tatum hitting the rookie wall and how so many local and national observers have come to Jon and Justin's side of the debate. Let's hope Tatum breaks through soon!

510: Celtics 3-Game Skid, Tatum Hitting The Rookie Wall, IT Coming Back?

Jan 22, 2018 43:48


O'fer the week is never good, but coming on a 3 game homestand against teams that are not among the league's best, is not what the team hoped for coming back from London.    Jon and Justin dug into the team's recent struggles and zeroed in on Jayson Tatum and asked whether he had hit the Rookie Wall.   Before wrapping up, Cleveland's defensive struggles put Isaiah Thomas into the cross hairs. Jon and Justin talked about the absurd machinations it would take to bring Isaiah back to Boston via the Disabled Player Exception. Unlikely? Definitely, but not impossible.

509: London Trip, Comebacks, Fultz Shot, Lakers Pick & Hayward in Sandals

Jan 16, 2018 46:00


London called and the Celtics answered against the Sixers last week with a great comeback last week in jolly old England.   Justin and Jon recapped the Sixer game and discussed Kyrie's postgame visit to the JJ Reddick podcast, which generated far more headlines than it deserved. Transitioning from the Philly game, the conversation moved to Markelle Fultz's horrific looking jumpshot and how the Lakers are faring in relation to giving the Celtics another top 5 pick in June.   To wrap up, Justin and Jon looked to the week ahead just after some interesting discussion on the fit of Marvin Bagley, DeAndre Ayton, and Mo Bamba in the Celtics lineup next year.

508: First Half Review, Terry Rozier, Trades & The Draft

Jan 8, 2018 44:26


What a first half of the season it has been! Jon and Justin took a look back at the Celtics play to this point and discussed how the team moved from a gruesome injury to one of its cornerstone players to the best record in the Eastern Conference at the halfway mark.   In particular, Terry Rozier's recent hot streak spurring the Celtics six game win streak next to Marky Marcus and the Spunky Bunch. Will it continue and will it impact the Celtics' targets in the trade market over the next month?   To wrap up, the potential Lakers draft pick was a hot topic as Justin talked about the three big men around the top of the draft boards... Ayton, Bomba, and Bagley. You can guess who Jon likes.

507: The Cavs Game, Isaiah's Return, and Jon's Family @ Rocket's Game

Jan 4, 2018 44:32


It's 2018 and the Celtics have entered the new year with half of their season already complete and a league best 31 wins to show for it.

Jon and Justin discussed the Celtics latest conquest over the Cleveland Cavaliers and the recently healthy Isaiah Thomas. Though IT didn't play, Celtics Twitter was ablaze over the past 2 days as Thomas asked to postpone a video tribute to him until the next Cavs game in Boston... when Paul Pierce's jersey goes into the rafters.

In the 2nd half of the show, Jon recounted his trip to the Garden with his family to see the epic comeback against the Rockets last week and hanging out with the legendary Tommy Heinsohn.

Jon and Justin wrapped up the show with a look ahead and how the London trip may impact the team moving forward.  

506: Tatum on the second unit, Wizards and Rockets games on tap.

Dec 18, 2017 44:40


They're back
No, they aren't
No.. really.. they're back.

The Celtics have been consistently inconsistent in their play, but Jon and Justin try to figure out how the team can turn out of the skid they both feel is on the way. Jon and Justin talked about Jayson Tatum's strong game in Memphis on Saturday and how that could portend to fix many of the team's ills. To wrap, Jon and Justin spent some time looking at the Christmas week schedule and a pair of standout home contests against the Wizards on Christmas Day and the league leading Houston Rockets three days later.

505: Headgear, Star Wars, and Hayward's Possible Return

Dec 13, 2017 32:53


The Celtics were not singing "Sweet Home Chicago" after an embarrassing blowout Monday night and a 1-2 weekend, but Celtics fans saw a bright light at the end of the tunnel. The report from the Globe's Adam Himmelsbach that Gordon Hayward has designs on a return this season provided a great amount of optimism on a generally dour week. Jon and Justin discussed how staggering the minutes of Kyrie and a recovering Hayward could provide a boost for the Celtics postseason run.

504: Slipping Defense, Improving Offense; the hows and whys

Dec 5, 2017 44:28


Goodbye losses, hello winning ways. The Celtics returned to the land of the successful with a trio of wins before heading into some treacherous waters in the week to come. Justin and Jon talked about the improved Celtics offense and the corresponding defensive slippage. Can the Celtics continue their success without the defense they exhibited in the season's first month?

To wrap up the show, the CSL guys picked games of the week ahead and Jon jumped up on his soapbox to tear into the NBA-Nike apparel deal. It IS Christmas, after all.

503: Gorman's Birthday, Draper PBP Review, and Smart Starts

Nov 27, 2017 44:52


After a taking a turkey fueled break last week, Celtics Stuff Live returned with the Celtics streaking once again and a big birthday celebration for Mike Gorman on Friday night.  Justin and Jon explained how important Gorman was in the creation of Celtics Stuff Live and then proceeded to give their grades on Gorman's Saturday evening replacement, Kyle Draper.

In the second half of the show, the hosts, being Smart-inistas, discussed the idea of moving the colonel of the Combat Muscles Army to the starting lineup permanently. 

502: Celtics Winning, Increased Role For Tatum, Phenomenal Rebounding and Bench Play.

Nov 13, 2017 44:50


How does 12 wins in a row sound? It sounds real good to Jon and Justin as they looked carefully at a defense which is fueling this unbelievable run and contributions from players beyond anyone's reasonable expectations. Perhaps most of all, Jayson Tatum's performance has been phenomenal and causes Jon and Justin to revisit the Pierce comparisons to another Celtic great. The offensive burst from Terry Rozier and Marcus Smart in the second unit received a fair amount of discussion prior to a close up look at the match of the best teams in the NBA on Thursday... the Golden State Warriors and your Boston Celtics. To wrap... Justin eviscerates League Pass and it is glorious.

501: Kyrie Irving Buying Into The System, Aggressive Al Horford, Defense and Rebounding?!

Nov 6, 2017 44:18


Jon and Justin are simply amazed at the Celtics performance as of late, and the fact that they possess the best record in all of the NBA despite the injury bug hitting hard at the outset of the season.  The discussion surrounds praise for Kyrie being unselfish and buying into the system, credit due Brad Stevens for being such a masterful creator of culture, the play of the bench unit and the Lakers Pick/Jahlil Okafor.

500: First Place Celtics, Philly Nonsense, and West Coast Opponents on Deck

Oct 30, 2017 44:32


If you thought the Celtics would be in first place just under two weeks after Gordon Hayward's injury, then you better head to Vegas. Jon and Justin figure out how the Celtics were able to make this leap, largely thanks to long and stretchy defense, Jayson Tatum man-child-ing, and Kyrie and Horford getting themselves some mojo. The nonsense going on in Philly with Markelle Fultz got the CSL Boys Hanes in a bunch and they look ahead to a very interesting week ahead with games against the Spurs, Thunder, Kangz, and fellow first place Magic.

499: Importance of Extra Practice, Jayson Tatum Shot Blocker, and Kyrie Goes Off When???

Oct 24, 2017 43:59


Jon and Justin make their first comments since the Hayward Injury discussing the waterfall effect it has had on the second unit rotations which was a point of contentious debate between the hosts in the preseason.  This leads to emphasis on the need for the extra practice time that all teams are benefiting from this season.  From there, discussions who will provide offense punch on the second unit (Rozier/Tatum) and the gaps they fill from last year's team in terms of rebounding and shot blocking respectively.  To close out the show, Jon wants to know when Kyrie (and his teammates) are going to pull it all together, meanwhile hoping that Irving goes supernova to win one of the upcoming games.

498: Figuring out the #Celtics second unit and rotations

Oct 16, 2017 01:01:40


Jon and Justin preview the season, make their predictions for the number of wins and compare the construct of this team versus last year, specifically in regards to the bench depth.  Neither is certain that this team will be any worse defensively, especially with the flexibility so many players have to switch.  However, the real debate comes when discussing whether Brown/Tatum can or should be expected to stay in the starting line-up and whether the second unit needs some veteran players to stabilize the defense and still generate offense in the early to mid second quarter.  That period of time in the game was particularly troublesome for last season's version of the Celtics who struggled to generate offense with IT4 on the bench and frequently let large leads slip away.

497: #Celtics Preseason Action, Slim Smarty and No Contract Extension, Rozier Flirts w/ A Trip-Dub

Oct 10, 2017 44:17


Celtics Stuff Live gives Marcus Smart a new nickname, scratches their heads at the Embiid contract extension, and hypothesizes why the Celtics Org hasn't at least opened a dialogue with Marcus Smart with only a week left to extend his deal when you have to assume a larger contract would be key in future trades at the very least if they did not want to keep him around after this season.

496: #Celtics 1st Preseason Game, Initial Reactions, Jaylen Dunk-show

Oct 3, 2017 51:25


Jon and Justin give their assessment of the overall performance of the roster in the first preseason game of action for a lot of new Celtics players.  The guys have praise for Aaron Baynes, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and Daniel Theiss.  More focus on the end of the bench as Kyrie Irving's confidence, ability, and emerging leadership efforts are notable.  Jason Tatum also rebounds in the 4th quarter against the Hornets' bench after struggling through 3 quarters.

495: Marcus Smart's conditioning, Carmello to OKC, and don't sleep on Yabusele

Sep 28, 2017 44:51


Jon and Justin go back to the well on Marcus Smart now that the pictures are out and this is no BS weight loss, the beast is noticeably lighter.  While the early reports say that the weight loss = quickness Justin is more interested in seeing the impact on his leaping ability when the Celtics finally play a game this Monday evening.  From there they catch up on late late late offseason action with the Carmelo trade to OKC and breakdown that gamble by Sam Presti with a number of expiring contracts on the roster.  Finally, we skipped the opportunity on the last show to let Jon let his freak flag fly on Yabusele.  Not this time, the wait is over not only for Jon but Yabu too!

494: Sacred Duck Boats, First Hot Take w/ Kyrie Irving, Celtics Roster Rundown

Sep 19, 2017 45:32


Jon and Justin can't wait another day for training camp.  With Media Day just a week away the show is immediately derailed with Duck Boat Hot Takes and a really bad Christmas week analogy.  Eventually, the show gets back on track in discussing Kyrie Irving's appearance on ESPN's First Take.  In the second half of the show, a quick rundown of the roster gets the crew close enough to training camp that they can taste it.

493: More Ray Allen Cuz That's The Way He Wants It, Isaiah Thomas in The Players Tribune, Awkward Press Conference, Side Stepping Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown In Favor of Terry Rozier

Sep 12, 2017 44:09


Jon and Justin, like Ray Allen, can't help themselves and let that conversation die.  Mostly cuz, that's the way Ray wants it.  Isaiah Thomas excellent work in The Players Tribune and the awkward press conference also make their way into the opening segment of the show.  But in the second half, the guys side step Marcus Smart (20 lbs lighter) and a rap writing Jaylen Brown in possible favor of Terry Rozier in the starting line-up because #3 is always the breakout year on Celtics Stuff Live.  Guest appearance from Downtown Julie Brown.

492: Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward Press Conference, Isaiah Thomas decision to not have surgery, New Celtics Rotations + Marcus Smart is still due breakout season

Sep 5, 2017 45:34


Jon and Justin discuss Isaiah Thomas' hip injury concerns, break down the Irving/Hayward Press Conference and how deep the rotations will really go with the hosts in complete disagreement.  In the second half of the show, Jon encourages Justin to embrace his numerology superstitions and determine which of them would be Beavis and which would be Butt-Head.  Finally, the two close out the show discussing Marcus Smart's responsibility in setting the tone and establishing the culture with all the new faces on the roster.

491: Making sense of the Kyrie - Isaiah Thomas debacle + Lakers or Nets Pick hold the most value?

Aug 29, 2017 57:32


Jon and Justin take a deep dive into the Kyrie Irving trade, specifically with new reports that the Cavs will be asking for Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum to complete the deal in response to their medical review of Isaiah Thomas' hip injury.  While both hosts believe that the Celtics can and should stand pat, they agree that the biggest loser in all of this is Thomas but that the Cavs still have the most to lose if the deal is voided.  In the second segment, a debate about whether the Nets pick or the Lakers pick is more valuable and Justin doesn't miss an opportunity to take a shot back at Ray Allen for his comments criticizing the Boston fanbase.

490: Celtics' Schedule Highlights + New Uniforms + Isaiah Thomas hip injury update

Aug 14, 2017 51:30


Jon and Justin review the three games that we know so far on this year's slate along with new uniforms.  In the second half of the show Kyrie Irving updates, Isaiah Thomas' hip recovery and Marvin Bagley's decision dominate the discussion.

489: Cavs Implosion, how it helps Celtics + Celebrating 10 Yr Anniversary of Kevin Garnett

Aug 1, 2017 45:06


Jon and Justin spend the first half of the show reminiscing about the KG trade 10 years ago, but that quickly devolves into mix tape nostalgia.  In the second half, we enjoy watching the Cleveland Cavaliers fall apart from the outside and speculate that Danny Ainge would absolutely trade Lebron and keep Kyrie Irving.  Rounding out the show, is reasoning the Shane Larkin signing and lingering concerns over Isaiah's hip.

488: Celebrating Paul Pierce w/ the Only Celtics Podcasters that were THERE!

Jul 19, 2017 01:24:45


Jon and Justin both return from vacation and offer up a robust show that kicks off with the announced signing of Paul Pierce who will retire a Celtic.  More talk of rotations, summer league wrap-up and assessing the Mickey/Jackson cuts cover the first half of the show.  In the second half, the new Training Facilities, staff turnover and rule changes round out the show.

487: Celtics say farewell to Avery Bradley, so do Justin & Jon + Jayson & Semi at Summer League

Jul 10, 2017 01:02:46


Jon and Justin bid farewell to Avery Bradley and welcome the additions of Marcus Morris and Aron Baynes who replace the loss of depth and bring much needed toughness to the frontcourt.  Starting line-up and potential rotations are discussed along with the Summer League performances of Jayson Tatum and Semi Ojeleye specifically round out the show.​


486: Hayward Deal Still Incomplete + 7/11 take their Celtics' Summer League Tour to Las Vegas

Jul 7, 2017 45:08


Jon and Justin pull away from their family vacations in "Parts Unknown" to discuss the Hayward signing and what steps may be next.  Summer League is also underway and there is some gushing over the performances of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown with some concerns expressed regarding the possibility of relying on Zizic this season as a rotation player.  And, the guys aren't sure that Porzingis is out of the mix yet...

485: How the Celtics can acquire Gordon Hayward & Paul George

Jun 27, 2017 01:08:03


Jon and Justin pick up where they left off in the late first round of the Live Draft Night Show, discussing the second round picks and potential contributions if the Celtics make room for Hayward and attempt to execute a sign and trade with Indiana for Paul George.  They also debate whether the Cavs/Nuggets/Pacers three way is truly a threat to Boston's or just a way to drive up the price in negotiations.  Isaiah Thomas' hip injury and concerns about whether the team might consider letting him go in Free Agency sprinkle the second half while Blake Griffin and Prozingis resurface as potential targets with varied cap implications.

484: Making Sense of Celtics Trading #1 Pick to Sixers + Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

Jun 19, 2017 01:11:36


Just when you thought the draft was going to be a boring #1 overall pick, Danny executes a trade with the Philadelphia 76ers that has much of Celtics Nation freaking out.  There is lots of speculation, including who the Celtics will pick at #3 or if they will spin it off in a subsequent deal for the likes of Jimmy Butler, Paul George or possibly even Blake Griffin and using such a move to attract a free agent such as Gordon Hayward.

484: Celtics Off-Season Scenarios + Gordon Hayward GO GREEN? and NBA Finals Talk

Jun 12, 2017 01:07:03


Jon and Justin spend the first half of the show discussing the finals and free agency thanks to Gordon Hayward's wife posting a picture of his daughter wearing a "Go Green" shirt on Instagram which was quickly removed.  The second half moves into the draft, but then takes an odd turn as they debate the merits of attempting to trade for Blake Griffin if Chris Paul goes to the Spurs.  Enjoy the show!

483: Gordon Hayward & Markelle Fultz w/ Ryan Bernardoni of Celtics Hub

Jun 5, 2017 01:09:50


Jon and Justin welcome Ryan Bernardoni of CelticsHub to talk about the Offseason, Gordon Hayward and Markelle Fultz.  Ryan recently released a two-part series examining the salary cap implications that decisions made this year and next will have on the Celtics ability to build a championship contending team both now and later, along with some potentially difficult decisions ahead.

482: Salary Cap Expert, Sam Sheehan of Celtics Hub + Recap CELTICS NBA Playoffs

May 31, 2017 01:17:13


Jon and Justin welcome two guests onto the show to kick off the Celtics offseason after falling to Cleveland in 5 games since our last show.  Bobby Manning from CelticsBlog and The Bobcast helps us set the table for the draft and free agency before bringing in Sam Sheehan of the Scorching Shamrocks Podcast and Celtics Subreddit to take us on a deeper dive into the cap with Jon and debate the difficult decisions to come.  Bobby is reluctant to part with Rozier, Sam is certain that Bradley is the most likely casualty, and Justin questions why the team should be in a rush to make a deal instead of waiting until the trade deadline to make the hard choices.

481: Celtics def Cavs + Stop LeBron James + Addressing Fans on Twitter

May 23, 2017 54:04


Jon and Justin celebrate the Celtics victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers sans Isaiah Thomas on a last second rim bouncing 3-point shot by Avery Bradley.  The team effort is lauded, but plenty of praise heads Marcus Smart's way for playing the pat of the team's departed MVP candidate.  As we wrap the first half of the show, Jon explodes on Reggie Miller and sets the table for the 2nd half with some additional criticism for the haters on twitter after the Game 2 blowout.  Finally, the discussion shifts to what it will take to win Game 4 on the road in Cleveland.

Celtics Get #1 Pick in NBA Draft + Markelle Fultz? Draft or Trade?

May 17, 2017 44:57


The official CLNS Media Draft Lottery Show features Jon Duke and Justin Poulin who are astounded by the fact that the ping pong balls bounced the right way this time.  With Boston's exciting Game 7 victory against the Wizards leading them to the ECF there are a wealth of options at Danny Ainge's disposal.  It's a great time to be a Celtics fan!

480: The Keys to a Game 7 Win for the Boston Celtics vs Washington Wizards

May 15, 2017 01:06:36


Jon and Justin kick it off with a quick recap and analysis of games 5 and 6 and move quickly into their preview of the final game of the second round series against the Washington Wizards.  In the second half of the show, the draft lottery is the main point of emphasis while Justin and Jon debate their potential reactions if the Celtics fall below the #1 overall pick. 

479: Celtics Playoff Road Woes Continue + Injury Report + Road Ahead vs Wizards

May 9, 2017 51:52


Celtics Stuff Live hosts Justin Poulin and Jon Duke lament the effort in the Celtics Game 4 loss on the road to the Wizards.  Wondering if Avery Bradley is struggling due to the hip pointer and more concerning was the play of Jae Crowder which appears to be inexplicable.  Make no mistake, the Celtics still have home court advantage and that has been the deciding factor in the match-ups between these two teams all season long. However, Washington put the hurt on the Celtics with their biggest unanswered scoring streak yet and the starting line-up continues to be in flux.

478: Wizards vs Celtics Game 1 Recap, Game 2 Preview + NBA Playoffs

May 1, 2017 01:06:38


The Celtics have won 5 games in a row despite another tough start at home to kick off their second round series against the Washington Wizards.  Jon and Justin break down Game 1 and give credit where it's due for many players, especially Marcus Smart and Kelly Olynyk who helped jumpstart the team after spotting the Wizards a 16-0 lead in the first minutes.  We also discuss the quick turnaround for the series and Paul Pierce's final game of his career as the Clippers get bounced by Utah in Game 7 of that series.

477: Celtics steal Momentum as Bulls series swings back to Boston

Apr 24, 2017 01:18:14


Celtics Nation is pleased to see the Bulls Series all knotted up at 2 games each.  Jon and Justin discuss the impact of the Rondo Injury, praise the performance of IT in game 4 and line-up changes with Gerald Green being inserted into the starting line-up grabbing rebounds and hitting treys.  

476: Regrouping from Celtics Game 1 Loss to Bulls + Isaiah Thomas' Tragic Loss of Sister

Apr 17, 2017 01:12:36


The Celtics drop Game 1 at home under difficult circumstances for Isaiah Thomas and his family.  The usual suspects were present in the loss, poor bench play and a lack of rebounding.  Jon and Justin break down the loss and preview Game 2 then looking around the league at Doc Rivers, Kristaps Porzingas, and the Raps/Bucks series.

475: Celtics Regular Season Finale Show + Keys to NBA Playoff Success

Apr 10, 2017 58:02


The last episode of Celtics Stuff Live during the Regular Season has Justin and Jon looking to the postseason with caution.  Rebounding is an issue, but this team needs someone to step up and the crew has their sites set on one player.  

474: Celtics v Cavs Preview + Questioning LeBron James & the Cavs Strategy + Jae Crowder's Mysterious Elbow Injury

Apr 4, 2017 01:03:36


In the first half or the show Jon and Justin look ahead to Wednesday's match-up against the Cavs and second guess just about every decision the organization has made since the All-Star break, including the one from Sunday to play Lebron James extended minutes to secure a win against Indiana.  In the second half of the show the guys discuss Jae Crowder's elbow and how "weird" it is that we do not have an update yet on the status.  From there, Jon finally has his chance to through serious like the way of the Dancing Bear, now playing in Maine with the Red Claws, and review a curious re-ordering of the 2016 draft class recently put out by Chad Ford and Kevin Pelton.​

473: Boston Celtics take 1st Place in NBA East | LeBron's Injury | Blake & Hayward = Free Agents

Mar 28, 2017 01:06:12


The Celtics are now in sole possession of first place after the Spurs thump the Cavs who are slipping down the stretch.  Jon and Justin discuss Lebron's injury in that match-up and the likelihood that the Celtics will finish in 1st place.  We also look back at the win predictions from Chris Forsberg's ESPN Celtics Summer forecast to see how likely they are to come true for the season.  Also covered in the show are recent updates on the Blake Griffin and Gordon Hayward free agent front for potential offseason acquisitions along with our preferred postseason opponents. 

472: Celtics Take #2 Seed in NBA Eastern Conferece | March Madness Roundup

Mar 21, 2017 01:17:42


Jon and Justin kick off discussing a "more dominant than the scoreboard indicates" win against the Wizards that has them in the driver's seat for the 2nd overall seed in the Eastern Conference with an eye on Cleveland as they try to manage Lebron's load down the stretch.  Other topics on the show include what the Celtics need to focus on between now and the playoffs, Ray Allen on the outs with the '08 Championship Team reunion vacation, and a round up March Madness and potential Celtics lotto picks.

471: Celtics Potential NBA Draft Picks | Jayson Tatum | West Coast Review

Mar 13, 2017 01:08:37


Jon and Justin express frustration with losses to the Clippers and Nuggets over the past week, while lauding the performance of the defense against the Warriors in a late night win on Wednesday.  With March Madness on deck, there is some love for Jayson Tatum and a look at some of the potential Celtics draft picks that will be featured during the tournament.  In the second half of the show, we look at the Western Conference standings and potential playoff match-ups as well as the Celtics seeding in the Eastern Conference and how they will perform against lesser opponents down the stretch with so many home games and not much distance to travel.  Will they "Do Their Job"?

70: March Madness & Boston Celtics Draft Pospects, Roster Flexability, Future Moves & Cornucopias

Mar 7, 2017 01:10:08


Coming off a brutal last minute loss to the Suns, Jon and Justin begin to look ahead to March Madness and prospects in the draft because who wants to relive Sunday night, really?  In the second half of the show, we discuss Positional Flexibility as it relates to the existing roster, future moves and cornucopias.  

70: The Good, Bad & Ugly of the Boston Celtics | The Jaylen Brown & Marcus Smart emergence

Feb 27, 2017 01:03:59


Jon and Justin come out of the All-Star break on fire, unlike the Celtics who dropped one to the Raps withe their new additions sans Lowry and escaped with a victory last night against the Pistons.  The good news is that Justin's untouchables Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart played a big role in the messy win.  The bad news is that The Duke had to hear about it and revisit the kind of superstitious numerology that makes Justin appear a little off his rocker.  Enjoy the show, it is a fun one!

69: Celtics Trade Deadline Special + NBA All-Star Weekend, Demarcus Cousins to New Orleans

Feb 21, 2017 01:04:35


The trade deadline is fast approaching and with Isaiah Thomas giving us the googly eyes we decided to stay woke and record late night, waiting on every tweet like all other manic Celtics twitter insomniacs.  All Star weekend, Boogie, Hield versus Brown, PJ Tucker and Free Agency ran the gamut on this show.

68: Celtics to make deals at NBA All-Star Weekend? More Potential Trade Targets

Feb 13, 2017 01:05:44


Jon and Justin discuss the upcoming All-Star break and how the timing of Paul Pierce's last game sets the table well for some solid networking over the weekend.  We also get into the trade deadline, our list of untouchables, and potential trade targets at the deadline (mostly PG and JB).  Justin also laments the Jaylen Brown injury while Jon lauds the performance of James Young when called upon in the second half in a win against the Jazz.  Enjoy the show!​

67: Paul Pierce Day Reactions | Celtics Defense Emerging | Jaylen Brown's Growth

Feb 7, 2017 01:00:31


Jon and Justin bask in the afterglow of Paul Pierce's final game in Boston and a week full of winning as the team went undefeated in this past week's set of games.  A little credit is handed out to Doc Rivers for his role in making the day extra special with not a dry eye to be found.  Jon and Justin also break down the progression of Jaylen Brown and debate Avery Bradley's fit on the roster now that the defense has found it's way in his absence.

66: Celtics Defensive Turnaround | Carmelo Anthony to Boston? | The Paul Pierce Legacy

Jan 30, 2017 01:09:39


Jon and Justin discuss the recent defensive turnaround which will hopefully be the final resolve of a season long identity crisis at that end of the floor.  The Carmello  rumors don't seem to want to go away and Rondo pays tribute to "His Vets" as things in Chicago play out predictably poor.  Finally, with Paul Pierce's last game in Boston less than a week away, we talk about his legacy and remember some classic moments from his career.

065: Boston Celtics Week in Review vs Hornets, Blazers, Knicks

Jan 23, 2017 59:13


Jon returns to the show after his week vacation in Disney and has his checklist of gripes for a Celtics team that has lost it's way on defense and went 1-2 in his absence.  There is some debate about the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony as a possible trade target, and proof that Phil Jackson has not been on Red Auerbach's level.

064: Celtics Mid Season Review, Previewing 2nd Half of NBA Season

Jan 16, 2017 01:01:14


Patrick Gilroy fills in this week while Jon Duke is vacationing at Disney World.  With the first half of the season set to close after the completion of tonight's tilt against the Hornets, we offer a mid-season review and set expectations for the second half.  Kelly Olynyk gets heavy discussion following his best performance of the season against the Hawks and subsequent bizarre ankle injury at practice on Sunday.  So goes the Celtics and while their depth doesn't put them over the top, it certainly keeps them from falling to the middle of the pack in the Eastern Conference.  All  tht and more on this week's edition of Celtics Stuff Live.

063: Preview Celtics v Raptors Game | Jimmy Butler, Gordon Hayward NBA Trade Rumors

Jan 9, 2017 01:06:15


Jon and Justin kick it all off with a look at the standings which find Tuesday's opponent, the Toronto Raptors, with a single game of separation in the standings.  The Celtics have won four straight while the Raps are 5-5 in their last ten games and the Celtics find themselves right where we thought they would be; fighting their Atlantic Division rival for 2nd place in the Conference.  In the second half of the show we take a quick look at Olynyk and Smart before giving our takes on Jae Crowder's response to the fans cheering for Gordon Hayward and rumors that Jimmy Butler may be available once again.

62: Boston Celtics Preview in 2017 | The Rajon Rondo Meltdown

Jan 3, 2017 01:09:08


Jon and Justin return from a holiday break with lots to discuss from around the NBA.  The Celtics squad is now healthy and the schedule has finally begun to loosen it's grip.  Old Friend Rajon Rondo finds himself in a predictably awkward position with his new team and Justin wonders if it was all by design, not just in Chicago but Atlanta as well.  Enjoy the show!​

061: Adam Kaufman elaborating on the DeMarcus "Boogie" Cousins Trade Rumors | Wrapping up 2016 for the Boston Celtics

Dec 24, 2016 44:37


A very special Christmas Eve edition of Celtics Stuff Live featuring Adam Kaufman from Celtics @ 7 on 98.5 The Sports Hub making his first appearance on the show.  Adam elaborates on his Boogie Cousins trade rumors as a good follow up to our interview with Mike Gorman on Thursday and discusses the curious trifecta of seemingly contradictory concerns for the team  through the first 3rd of the season.  That being health, perimeter defense and needing Isaiah's offense to close games.  Happy Festivus!    

060: Mike Gorman, voice of the Boston Celtics, spends the full show talking Celtics, NBA basketball

Dec 22, 2016 01:10:57


Good friend Mike Gorman makes his first appearance on Celtics Stuff Live for the 2016-2017 Regular Season.  We discuss the big win against the Grizzlies on Tuesday night, Isaiah Thomas' comments that they "turned the season around" and took a close look at the four most promising young players on the roster.  In the second half of the show, Jon and Justin asked Mike to settle their twitter debate on the lengthy reviews involving the league office and his experiences with Scal and the third person in the broadcast booth.  Don't miss this one - an hour of Mike Gorman to put you in the holiday spirit.

059: Celtics Trade Rumors - DeMarcus Cousins to Boston (again)? | Celtics 1st Semester Report Card

Dec 19, 2016 01:01:33


Jon and Justin kickoff the show discussing the Isaiah Thomas, Boogie Cousins, and Noel trade chatter along with new CBA as details have begun to emerge that have a significant impact on teams ability to trade and structure their plans for the future.  With December 15th behind us and January 15th around the corner, the ratification of the new CBA should open the flood gates coming out of the holidays.  A look back at the week, the play of of the second unit and a healthy roster are discussed as well as whether Jonas Jerebko or Kelly Olynyk should supplant Amir Johnson in the starting line-up.  Enjoy the show!

058: Celtics Struggle without Isaiah Thomas | Marcus Smart Stepping Up | Should Kelly Olynyk be inserted into Starting Line-up?

Dec 12, 2016 59:28


Jon laments his correct prediction for the Celtics record over the past week at 1-3 and Isaiah's injury is not pegged as the culprit.  While the injury has left the team without a go-to scorer in crunch time, it has also allowed Marcus Smart to showcase his passing abilities.  Justin wonders if it is time for Olynyk to move into the starting line-up as was discussed during the preseason.  Enjoy the show!

057: Celtics 2016 v Celtics 2017 - The Flawed Isaiah Thomas Defensive Line-up | Boston Celtics Week in Review

Dec 5, 2016 01:00:59


This week on Celtics Stuff Live, Jon and Justin discuss the flaws with the IT and D line-up in comparison to last season's team.  How strangely some of the strengths and weaknesses have been opposites with the exception of the rebounding deficiencies that have consistently plagued the club.  You had to know Boogie Cousins would be a topic of trade conversation as Justin eases on his boycott of any such trade as he has in the past.  Jon also comes clean with his college bball allegiances as well, with Alma Mater UMaine having played his Duke Blue Devils over the weekend on Saturday.  Enjoy the show!

056: Celtics Week in Review vs #Wolves, #Spurs | Isaiah Thomas Criticisms & Avery Bradly, Marcus Smart Comparisons

Nov 28, 2016 59:05


Jon and Justin review their predictions from last week including a close one against the T-Wolves and an encouraging performance against a perennial powerhouse in the San Antonio Spurs.  We give David Lee a hard time, discuss Justin's Dad's criticism of Isaiah Thomas when watching over the Thanksgiving holiday and make some Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart comparisons. Enjoy the show!

055: Al Horford, Jae Crowder Return - Boston Celtics Week in Review

Nov 21, 2016 52:54


Celtics Stuff Live takes a look back at the week including Scal Trade Rumors, Justin's night at the Garden as a Guest of CSNNE and the return of Al Horford and Jae Crowder as the team is now full strength for the first time this season.  Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving this week!

054: Boston Celtics Week In Review: vs Pacers, Knicks, Wizards | The Return of Kelly Olynyk

Nov 14, 2016 49:47


Jon and Justin take a look at the past week of ups and downs, both in terms of the Celtics efforts and the play of Jaylen Brown and James Young.  Kelly Olynyk also seems to have returned to form rather quickly following shoulder surgery and has helped defensively more than we realized.  And finally, Marcus Smart has moved into the starting line-up for Jar Crowder and his contributions have been undeniable. 

053: Red Claws Play-By-Play, Chris Sedenka & Jared Weiss of CLNS & CelticsBlog

Nov 12, 2016 01:09:40


The play-by-play voice of the Main Red Claws, Chris Sedenka, joins Justin to preview the Red Claws season which begins tonight.  With the Celtics relationship continuing to grow and the plethora of draft picks makes the Red Claws a must watch for every die-hard Celtics fans.  In the second part of the show, Jared Weiss from The Garden Report on CLNS Radio and CelticsBlog gives insightful analysis into the defensive and rebounding struggles that we have seen from the Celtics.  He also reluctantly answers whether he thinks Jared Sullinger or Evan Turner would be more helpful to the team today and we close out the show discussing the offseason training focus of Jae Crowder and Marcus Smart.  Enjoy!​

052: Celtics Injury Impacts - Al Horford & Jae Crowder | Weekly NBA Predictions

Nov 7, 2016 46:40


Jon and Justin review their predictions for last week and the impact that injuries to Horford and Crowder have had on the the team's play and ability to hit shots beyond the arc.  We also question Tyler Zeller's place in the starting rotation over Jerebko in light of the loss to the Nuggets.  Finally, we make our predictions for next week and give Jaylen his props for rising to the occasion against Lebron James in the loss last Thursday night.

051: Meet Marc Spears | Summer Interview Series Finale | Boston Celtics Media

Nov 5, 2016 55:37


Good friend Marc Spears joins Justin Poulin for this week's Celtics Stuff Live interview.  We talk about his move to ESPN's "The Undefeated", his time on Boston with the Globe covering the 2008 championship team, and his work with the National Association of Black Journalists.  We also talk about Jaylen Brown's connection to the Kerr family and whether or not Ray Allen's number should be retired with the Celtics.​

050: Boston Celtics Week 1 Recap vs Nets, Bulls, Hornets | NBA Preview Week 2

Oct 31, 2016 59:14


The first week of the Regular Season is in the books and Justin wastes no time in touting the fact that he predicted the W-L record for week one.  We discuss the second unit, and in particular the emergence of playing time for Jordan Mickey in the Saturday match-up against the Hornets.  Other topics include questioning whether the team can continue the trend from last season of performing well on the second night of back-to-backs.  The front court play, specifically Amir Johnson and Tyler Zeller, is scrutinized and the ultimate insertion of Kelly Olynyk into the starting lineup would be warranted.  Finally, the debate turns to whether Horford is being underutilized and our predictions for week 2 result that includes another back-to-back with two national televised games against the Bulls and Cavs

049: Boston Celtics Final Roster Evaluation | CSL Fantasy Basketball League | NBA Opening Night

Oct 25, 2016 01:09:28


The cuts have been made and the ground has been broken for a new practice facility honoring the Patriarch of Celtics basketball.  Jon and Justin discuss the worst of birthday presents for RJ Hunter, but more so the curious case of Benjamin Bentil.  This all leads to a discussion around the Celtics having so many assets that some may eventually come back to haunt them and the hunch that a completed CBA may allow for more action on the trade front this season.  Of course, what organization seems more poised for collapse and trade, then the Celtics first prime time opponent of the season, the Chicago Bulls?  Tossed into the mix is a quick review of the Celtics Stuff Live fantasy basketball league and a few other tangents.

048: Tom Westerholm of MassLive, Boston Celtics Injuries & Why Hunter should be cut

Oct 21, 2016 47:03


Tom Westerholm makes his first appearance on Celtics Stuff Live to help wrap up the preseason.  We discuss shortening the preseason, the unlucky timing of Marcus Smart's injury and the task Terry Rozier will have in replacing Evan Turner.  We also discussed whether Kelly Olynyk should have elected to have shoulder surgery sooner and Tom gives an AMAZING breakdown of the case for Young and against Hunter for the final roster cut.  We hope you enjoy!

047: 6 Players Who Won't Make the Boston Celtics Roster, Al Horford's New Nickname

Oct 17, 2016 58:06


With only two preseason games remaining and roster cuts imminent, Jon and Justin break down a list of 6 players of which two will not make the Celtics squad.  Offering up their predictions and wild card scenarios.  RJ Hunter gets some love for his performance in the second half against the Knicks showing confidence and signs he is evolving form a shooter to a scorer.  The discussion then turns to the rotations and substitution patterns which have seemed clunky at times.  Justin gives Al Horford a new nickname and what show would be complete without discussing the roles and performances of Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown.

046: Legendary Earl Loyd Interview - 1st African American NBA Player | CSL Archive Flashback

Oct 14, 2016 01:14:41


Celtics Stuff Live looks back this week to one of the highlights of the show, an interview with Early Lloyd from March 2008.  Earl Lloyd is known as the first black person to play in an NBA game (one of four players to break the barrier in the 1950-1951 season).  Early talks about his upbringing in Virginia, College days at West Virginia State College, and how much the world has changed since his playing days.  One of best quotes from the interview is something that he learned from his parents, "Never dignify ignorance."  We hope you will enjoy this interview as much as we did when we recorded it over 8 years ago.

045: Boston Celtics Rotations, Player Development & Potential Trades

Oct 11, 2016 58:44


Jon and Justin discuss potential line-ups and substitution patterns, Avery Bradley's development, trading Olynyk for Noel since both are up for a payday and how end of the bench players such as Mickey, Hunter, and Young are looking to make the team.  There is also some talk about the draft and stash big men and how they seem to stay in the news even if they didn't stay in the country after the draft/summer league.​

044: Meet Eric Weiss of Sports Aptitude | Media Summer Interview Series

Oct 8, 2016 01:18:46


An old friend joins Celtics Stuff Live, as Eric Weiss of Sports Aptitude makes an appearance ​in the offseason interview series.  Eric has been mentioned throughout this series as he and Jeff Clark from CelticsBlog helped to pioneer credentialed access for CelticsBlog as the first blog to gain access to the locker room.  Since then, Eric has provided coverage for DraftExpress, Scout.com, and Yahoo Sports before venturing into the field of analytics and starting his own company.  We discuss his immersion in the tech boom culture during his college years in the Bay Area.

043: Boston Celtics Training Camp Week 1 Recap | Preview Preseason

Oct 3, 2016 56:56


With training camp underway, Celtics Stuff Live has the benefit of Media Day and the Green and White Scrimmage on Friday night to base some initial observations.  With Tuesday's game against the 76ers on tap to kick off the preseason, Jon and Justin make some connections to the rebuild in Philadelphia and the big man jinx that has plagued the organization now infecting Ben Simmons with a broken foot.  We also break down the backcourt depth as an advantage, who the team should have their eyes on (Cleveland or the Raptors), and the Jaylen Brown debate continues...    

042: Meet Chad Finn | Boston Globe | Summer Interview Series | Boston Celtics Media

Sep 29, 2016 01:10:53


Chad Finn joins Jon and Justin as the Offseason Interview Series is wrapping up through the preseason.  Chad's interview with Bobby Manning was the inspiration for the series and Chad shares his unique career path with our listeners.  The trio of UMaine alumni looks back on the heyday of the hockey program and the opportunity that the program's success had in vaulting Chad's career.

041: Media Day! Boston Celtics 2016-17 Season Primer | Jon Duke Returns!

Sep 26, 2016 01:05:23


Jon Duke returns from parts unknown as training camp opens up for Media Day.  We cover the themes you can expect to hear about during training camp and just can't shake the trade talk that has plagued us since February.  Justin and Jon also pay tribute to Kevin Garnett with his retirement having been announced over the weekend.  Enjoy the show!​

040: Meet Bobby Manning of Celtics Blog, CLNS Radio & The Bobcast Podcast | Summer Interview Series

Sep 22, 2016 01:10:26


Bobby Manning joins Celtics Stuff Live as the offseason interview series is nearing it's close with training camp right around the corner.  As you likely already know, Bobby inspired the series during an episode of his show The Bobcast in which he interviewed Boston.com's Chad Finn.  Bobby started his making a name for himself early, contributing to CelticsBlog during High School and has now just arrived in Syracuse to begin his collegiate career and is on staff at the school newspaper.  He reflects on how he got his start at CelticsBlog and discusses his emphasis on learning.  Enjoy the show!

039: Meet Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston | Summer Interview Series | Boston Celtics Media

Sep 19, 2016 01:20:52


Chris Forsberg joins Celtics Stuff Live as our 8th guest in the offseason interview series.  Chris shares his advice on "Just Say Yes" and being adaptable.  He also shares about how he had planned to go to Holy Cross but ended up at Northeastern and ultimately landing an intern position at the Globe where he and Chad Finn were contributors to the Boston.com website.  Justin and Chris wrap up discussing Forsberg's illustrious racing career and attempt to determine if there is such a term that is a combination of doppleganger and namesake.  Enjoy!​

038: Meet John Karalis of Red's Army & Locked On Celtics: Raining J's Podcast

Sep 2, 2016 01:27:49


Justin Poulin speaks with John Karalis of RedsArmy.com and the Rainin' J's Podcast on the LockedOn Netwoek in this episode of the offseason interview series.  This one gets a little personal and focuses on John's basketball career and his time at Emerson majoring in broadcasting.  Enjoy!

037: Meet Jared Weiss, Celtics Locker Room Report for CLNS Radio

Aug 29, 2016 01:30:34


Justin Poulin speaks with CLNS' very own video pioneer, Jared Weiss on this episode of the offseason interview series.  The Host of the Garden Report was just 20 years old when he first covered the Celtics as a credentialed member of the media.  We talk about his evolution from lifelong season ticket holder to providing objective content as well as the importance of having a sense of humor, the power of creative control, and differentiating your personal brand.

036: Meet Brian Robb of Celtics Hub & 98.5 The Sports Hub | Celtics Media Summer Interview Series

Aug 26, 2016 01:04:52


Brian Robb from CelticsHub.com and 98.5 the Sports Hub joins host Justin Poulin for the fifth installment in the offseason interview series.  Brian talks about diversifying contributions to various outlets, applying statistical analysis, and shares a funny story from the locker room.  You can follow Brian on Twitter @CelticsHub

035: Meet Nick Gelso, Founder of CLNS Radio | New Media Audio - Visual Sports Coverage & Monetization | Boston Celtics

Aug 22, 2016 01:24:12


Nick Gelso, the founder of CLNS Radio, joins Celtics Stuff Live as the fourth guest in our offseason interview series.  The interview features discussions around developing the CLNS Radio network, pioneering video coverage from a credentialed new media outlet, and the progress being made in monetizating online media content.  We hope you will enjoy!​

034: Meet Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog | Summer Media Interview Series

Aug 19, 2016 01:15:29


Jeff Clark, founder of CelticsBlog, joins Justin Poulin for the third installment of the Celtics Stuff Live Offseason Interview Series.  We discuss the early days,  even before blogs existed, message boards, and chat rooms.  Jeff tells us that while content is surely King, "Community Is Queen".  Stepping into the wayback machine, we also talk about having worked together in 2006 along with Eric Weiss to secure credentialed access to the Celtics locker room.  This is a can't miss episode!

033: Meet RealGM Radio's Danny Leroux (Dunc'd On NBA Podcast Co-Host)

Aug 15, 2016 01:30:47


Danny Leroux joins Celtics Stuff Live for the 2nd installment of our offseason interview series focusing on the careers of those who cover the Celtics and the NBA.  Danny writes for RealGM and hosts the RealGM Radio podcast here on CLNS Radio.  He is also a frequent co-host on the Dunc'd On Basketball Podcast and has begun writing for The Athletic.  Danny began to cover the Warriors while in Law School and this experience helped him to craft convincing arguments​ and develop a methodology for approaching his work.  He shares with us some sage advice, fun stories, and his thoughts on the Celtics.  We hope you enjoy!

032: Meet Sean Grande, Radio Voice of the Boston Celtics

Aug 9, 2016 01:33:13


Sean Grande kicks off our off-season interview series.  The series inspires to bring fans closer to the professionals who cover your favorite team.  Sean covers a wide range of topics from his upbringing in New York City to his newest venture with Bellator MMA on Spike Sports.  The Voice of the Frozen Four was willing to talk Hockey East with your hosts, both UMaine grads.  We also cover his days at WEEI as the Sports Director, his alter ego "Flashboy", and his relationship with Bill Simmons.  Enjoy!​

031: ESPN Summer Forecast Review | Boston Celtics

Aug 2, 2016 35:07


Chris Forsberg's Summer Forecast begins today and Jon and Justin analyze their answers for round 1.  Make sure you head over to ESPN Boston and read all  the answers.  We always discuss Doc Rivers interview with Woj and a dream up a scenario where Paul Pierce joins the Celtics for some or all of the season instead of signing a one-day contract to retire in a Boston uniform.​


Click BONUS to listen.

030: Kevin Garnett Traded to Boston Celtics! July 31, 2017 Podcast Flashback

Jul 31, 2016 01:25:36


Celtics Stuff Live is bringing you another bonus show this week, this time flashback in honor of the 9th anniversary of the KG trade that changed everything and brought the Celtics banner 17.  Eric Weiss co-hosted with Justin Poulin featuring guests Steve Bulpett, Scott Souza and Sean Grande.  It was the first week that the gang had decided to take a week off since the show's inception and well,  Murphy's Law,  Jon Duke did make an appearance however, returning from his annual vacation in New Hampshire to close out the show.  Enjoy this little slice of Celtics history through the lens of Celtics Stuff Live!​

029: Breaking Down the Boston Celtics Salary Cap w/ Sam Sheehan

Jul 29, 2016 52:16


Sam Sheehan joins Justin Poulin in this special edition of Celtics Stuff Live to breakdown his work on the cap and resulting article on Celtics reddit.  Sam is the host of Scorching Shamrocks here on CLNS Radio where he takes regular abuse from his co-host Sullivan James Sullivan.  ​

028: Chris Forsberg of ESPN Fills in for Jon Duke | Boston Celtics Off-Season Round Up

Jul 25, 2016 01:15:07


Justin welcomes Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston to the show while Jon Duke vacations in parts unknown, stranded thanks to fallen timbers and electrical lines.  Chris and Justin go around the offseason horn, taking stock of the moves, rumors and potential implications for the upcoming season.  Comments made by Jae Crowder this week and Saturdays signings of Green/Zeller lead the charge while we make sure to pay Al Horford some serious respect after the news cycle moved on too quickly after his signing.  Enjoy!​

027: Boston Celtics Trade Rumors - Sorting thru the Chaos | Justin vs Durant Part II

Jul 19, 2016 01:15:19


Jon and Justin return from vacation to discuss Trade Rumors, Summer League, Jared Sullinger and questions from Twitter.  Also, just minutes before recording Steve Bulpett opens the Kevin Durant wound and Justin picks up right where he left off.  We announce another winner of the FanEssentials.net giveaway, remember to retweet the show announcement with #FanEssentials for your chance to win and follow us on twitter @CSL_TweetLive, @CSL_Justin and @CSL_Duke.​

026: Chad Finn of the Boston Globe | Looking Past Kevin Durant

Jul 6, 2016 01:32:54


Jon and Justin put the Durant experience behind them with the help of guest Chad Finn from the Boston Globe.  After an initial rant out of Justin's system, we look forward to next season and appreciate the positive progress of the team and celebrate the Horford signing.  But now what?  Trades?  Who goes?  What happens to Sully?  All this and more...



025: Al Horford to Boston is Kevin Durant next?

Jul 3, 2016 37:32


Jon and Justin take to the pod-waves with their initial reaction to the Horford signing.  We encourage the fans to go all in, enjoy the moment, and be optimistic about the likelihood of bringing @KDTrey5 to Beantown. Just listen, it will make you feel good.

024: NBA Free Agency: Al Horford - Kevin Durant - Boston Celtics

Jul 3, 2016 01:19:02


Jon and Justin jump in on the ramped up podcast coverage with an early release of Celtics Stuff Live after staying up all night developing twitter thumb waiting on Horford updates.  With NBA Free Agency well underway and disgusting money being thrown around like bachelors in a strip club, the hosts attempt to keep their sanity and contain their excitement about the dream scenario of Horford joining the Celtics to make their pitch to Kevin Durant tonight.  Lots of great questions from the twitter following and a Summer League preview is also included - Enjoy!​

023: Making Sense of the NBA Draft for Boston Celtics | Kevin Durant makes fans hopeful?

Jun 27, 2016 01:08:25


Celtics Stuff Live returns just days following another 5 1/2 hour Draft Night Show.  With the benefit of time and Fridays press conference, Justin and Jon make better sense of the Celtic's draft strategy and began to look at free agency just round the corner.  Kevin Durant give Celtics fans a reason to be hopeful that he might consider a move to Boston and  we look at who might be on the list of players on his list.

022: NBA Draft 2007 Flashback - How the 2008 Boston Celtics Championship Team Came Together (Part 3 of 3)

Jun 23, 2016 01:11:06


Celtics Stuff Live aired for almost 7 straight hours on Draft Night 2007 packed with guests from traditional and new media.  It was a defining moment for the only toll free call-in webcast produced specifically for Celtics fans.  As we approach what could be another pivotal moment in Celtics Draft Night lore, we will look back on the night that changed everything.  The first step in a remarkable transformation process which saw the Celtics rise from almost-worst to first.  This is the third and final installment in the series chronicling the night as it unfolded.

021: NBA Draft 2007 Flashback - How the 2008 Boston Celtics Championship Team Came Together (Part 2 of 3)

Jun 22, 2016 01:08:54


Celtics Stuff Live aired for almost 7 straight hours on Draft Night 2007 packed with guests from traditional and new media.  It was a defining moment for the only toll free call-in webcast produced specifically for Celtics fans.  As we approach what could be another pivotal moment in Celtics Draft Night lore, we will look back on the night that changed everything.  The first step in a remarkable transformation process which saw the Celtics rise from almost-worst to first.  This is the second installment in a three part series chronicling the night as it unfolded.

020: NBA Draft 2007 Revisited - How the 2008 Boston Celtics Championship Team Came Together (Part 1 of 3)

Jun 21, 2016 57:21


Celtics Stuff Live aired for almost 7 straight hours on Draft Night 2007 packed with guests from traditional and new media.  It was a defining moment for the only toll free call-in webcast produced specifically for Celtics fans.  As we approach what could be another pivotal moment in Celtics Draft Night lore, we will look back on the night that changed everything.  The first step in a remarkable transformation process which saw the Celtics rise from almost-worst to first.  This is the first in a three part series chronicling the ​night as it unfolded.

019: Kevin O'Connor | Boston Celtics - NBA Draft Preview

Jun 21, 2016 01:08:59


Kevin O'Connor is our guest this week leading up to Thursday night's draft.  The discussion focuses on Murray, Brown and Labissiere for the top tier prospects as well as some sleepers later in the draft and rising prospect Sabonis.  Jon and Justin follow up with their final takes heading into  the draft and announce plans for the draft night show and a Part 3 series looking back at Draft Night 2007 that will release in the three days leading up to the draft.​