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Caught Up: A Podcast From South Boston


Maureen Dahill and Heather Foley share with you all the latest and greatest scoop about South Boston and beyond. From finding a parking spot, the best spots to eat and drink, to local politics, people, places and things, Maureen and Heather share their insights like only two girls from Southie know how! They’ll get you Caught Up on weekly hot topics.


Caught Up Episode86: I'm Too Sexy For This Podcast

Dec 2, 2019 01:01:47


It's Caught Up - after dark - the sexy episode. Things are heating up! Heather and Maureen dim the lights, pour themselves a glass of wine, and do a deep dive into People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue. 

Caught Up Episode 85: The One With All The Thanksgiving!

Nov 23, 2019 01:04:50


Maureen and Heather talk turkey on this week's episode!  The topic is Thanksgiving and all it's delicious goodness - from mash potatoes with gravy, wearing caftans and elastic waist pants.  Also mentioned - Hallmark Channel, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Heather's regret she never pursued her dream of being a Rockette. 

Caught Up Episode84: Caught Up Spooktacular...kinda

Oct 30, 2019 58:28


Maureen and Heather get into the spirit of Halloween and discuss scary movies, Misery's Annie Wilkes' fashion sense, Mounds vs. Almond Joy's, and costumes from your closet. Also not so spooky tales of Friday fish dinners with seniors, Paul Rudd, and why comedian Will Noonan is being stingy with his homemade bread. 

Caught Up Episode83: I'm Dreaming of a Hallmark Christmas

Oct 17, 2019 01:00:04


Nothing says Christmas like a sappy, overly-sentimental made-for-TV movie on the Hallmark Channel. Maureen and Heather do a deep dive on all that is the Christmas season on the Hallmark Channel with a sprinkling of Lifetime too. A busy career woman forced to move home to help with her family’s struggling Christmas tree farm? The girls are tuning in.

Caught Up Episode82: Off The Cuff

Oct 10, 2019 57:34


This episode, Maureen and Heather take listeners through every online dating blunder they can think of. Later, Maureen breaks down Bad Ronald while Heather sends out a personal message to Clark Kent. 

Caught Up Episode81: Caught Up Catch Up

Oct 4, 2019 56:31


It’s an Early Halloween treat as Maureen finds hubby Peter’s stash of candies and discovers “faux baked beans.” Meanwhile, Heather visits a new brew pub in the Seaport District to find her inner “Nantucket.” Plus tales of encroaching nature in Southie and a big reveal involving a well-known local politician.

Caught Up Episode80: That's What Friends Are For...

Aug 23, 2019 58:24


First, an update on the Southie supermarket situation, including a sausage scenario. Then, Maureen and Heather go 411 on new neighbor, Will Noonan. But their main topic on this episode revolves around friends and the reasons to stop being a BFF! Plus, juvenile delinquency, meatball contests and pepperoni capers.

Caught Up Episode79: Stop & Don’t Shop

Aug 8, 2019 55:15


Southie citizens Maureen and Heather welcome back Maureen’s husband and firefighter Peter Gailunis and former MA DOT and Boston Transportation Department Administrator (and Brain Aneurysm Foundation booster) Tommy Tinlin to discuss corporate responsibility and neighborhood services. From pot-holed and dirty parking lots to spoiled vegetables and a lack of community involvement, the gang of four enumerates the problems with local establishments run by absentee corporate owners.

Caught Up Episode78: You've Got To Be Kitten Me

Jul 25, 2019 52:59


Recently, the trailer of the new movie based on the musical CATS electrified the internet. Or is that exasperated, exculpated and exonerated? Definitely not those last two… Maureen and Heather explain why.

Caught Up Episode77: How To Win a Guy in 129 Ways

Jul 19, 2019 01:07:06


Today, if you’re seeking companionship, you can find a million people online. But in the 1950’s you only had two choices: bump into a nice guy or gal at an “I hate Sputnik” party or read an advice column in a magazine. On today’s episode, Heather and Maureen point a contemporary lens on some old tropes. Plus, finding a tailor in Southie and the diet dilemmas of a princess.

Caught Up Episode76: The Goldblum Standard

Jul 4, 2019 55:23


Your two inimitable hosts recently took in a performance by actor and musician Jeff Goldblum at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre. Very enjoyable show even if some “locals” in the audience didn’t know where Brookline is… plus lots of people-watching at the New Kids on the Block / Debbie Gibson concert and an awkward restaurant incident.

Caught Up Episode75: Hunky In The Middle

Jun 25, 2019 52:52


Cancel the APB. Maureen and Heather are aliiiiiive …and preparing for Hunk season. Guys, get ready to be judged! Plus Maureen turns 50, gets a hat and sees a toy story.

Caught Up Episode74: Song of Ice (Hockey) and Fire

May 14, 2019 01:01:16


Rear Admiral of Barstool Sports and the Spittin’ Chiclets Podcast joins Madame Heather and Maureen for another costume-drama and dragon-filled episode of our show. Meanwhile, as the big bad Bruins inch closer to Lord Frederick Arthur Stanley, the gang gets “caught up” in the excitement.

Caught Up Episode73: Jolly Jane

May 8, 2019 57:48


Maureen and Heather take another “stab” (Episode19 “The Boston Boy Fiend”) at dissecting the story of a local historical true crime. Boston-born Honora Kelley, aka Jane Toppan, may have killed more than thirty people in one of the earliest known cases of “Angel of Death” compulsion.

Caught Up Episode72: Smoke and Mirrors

Apr 30, 2019 57:56


Back in the day, you needed wigs and makeup to disguise your appearance. Today, digital Apps make it easy to mask defects or embellish looks. On this episode of “Caught Up,” Maureen and Heather consider Instagram “fake views.” Plus, Margherita urges; Vito’s toy; Easter bunnies; terrible turkeys; Mul’s Diner demise; and a succession of Southie non-sequiturs.  

Caught Up Episode71: G.O.T. Extravaganza

Apr 10, 2019 01:00:00


HBO’s Game of Thrones offers up its final season and the Caught Up gang plus special guest Michael Ratty dismember, disgorge and disseminate all their favorite details.

Caught Up Episode70: Crime and Punishment

Apr 2, 2019 56:15


Or why would the “Hot Pockets Heiress” risk the wrath of Heather and Maureen (not to mention the legal consequences) to get her kid into college? And in other local news: wild turkeys on a rampage, two middle-aged women brawl on the highway and a young Celtics fan accused of using a racial slur. Plus, is it ok to sneak a 14 year old into an R-rated movie?

Caught Up Episode69: The Inventor

Mar 27, 2019 01:02:50


Blood and futz on this episode of “Caught Up,” as Maureen and Heather apply their unique analysis to HBO’s “The Inventor.” Plus peeps, hoarders, and a “Mommie Dearest” turn by Patricia Arquette.

Caught Up Episode68: Rabbit Rabbit!

Mar 6, 2019 01:05:08


Noticing that Southie is teeming with rabbits, Maureen and Heather take us on an urban safari through various species of birds and mammals. Plus, the opening of Sullivan’s means spring is around the corner; the “momo” challenge means the internet makes people crazy; and “limbo” means there’s a place for babies who aren’t baptized. 

Caught Up Episode67: Abducted In Plain Sight

Feb 19, 2019 49:17


The story behind the true crime series on Netflix gets the full (monty) treatment from Heather and Maureen. Listen in as our heroines dissect this real life B-Grade “Mars Needs Women” horror-fest. After this episode, you may never trust the neighbors (or your parents) again…  

Caught Up Episode66: We're Back!

Feb 5, 2019 54:24


Where did they go? Hiding in Hingham? Cocooning in Cohasset? Conniving at Capo’s? Maureen and Heather return for another episode of Caught Up. Talking points include a Countess, a Festival, a true crime, a Super Bowl commercial and an alcohol free month.

Caught Up Episode65: The 12 Topics of Christmas

Dec 20, 2018 49:38


Join Merry Maureen and Happy Heather for this rapid fire episode of “Caught Up” and receive the gift of gab. I could list all the topics they cover, but where’s the surprise in that? Safe to say, your preference for naughty or nice won’t determine how much you enjoy this show!

Caught Up Episode64: #DirtyJohn

Nov 30, 2018 52:39


The gals scrutinize shopping season, imbibe winter beverages, and dissect the new Bravo TV show “Dirty John.” Plus spoiler alert: Heather loves velvet… 

Caught Up Episode63: What's Happening!

Nov 22, 2018 01:01:18


Declaring 'Monday is the new Friday,' Maureen and Heather catch you up with their latest melodious musings. Topics include meatball cocktails, music by Memmolo, Marathon marriage proposals and the fate of Marian Manor. Happy holidaze everyone!

Caught Up Episode62: We Are Thankful for Book Club

Nov 13, 2018 41:53


Eternal questions on the podcast this week: why do people hang Christmas decorations before Halloween? Do we really want fennel and apricots in our stuffing? And of course the great cranberry sauce debate: industrial jelly from the can or home-made? Plus – and this is a big deal – Maureen and Heather finally give us their rollicking review of “Book Club,” featuring four AARP-approved Hollywood goddesses…and Andy Garcia.

Caught Up Episode61: Everybody Loves A Parade!

Nov 5, 2018 42:35


Maureen and Heather comment on their activities since the last show; including a scripted Halloween and celebrating the world champion Red Sox. Plus, finding contentment in comparisons, Heather recommends Disney World. And of course, there’s an election this week. Your fabulous hosts don’t want to hear any excuses: GET OUT and VOTE! It’s cool!

Caught Up Episode60: Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Oct 12, 2018 59:02


Autumn means colorful leaves, cooler nights, flannel pajamas, apple picking and allergies. And long lines at all the bars and restaurants in Southie. But that doesn’t stop our heroines from bouncing around town on a week night.

Plus, Maureen and Heather seek celebrity-list status and an inspirational story about a baseball dream and a service animal.

Caught Up Episode59: The More You Know

Oct 1, 2018 45:31


This week, Caught Up trains its eagle eye on the human brain and Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month. Guests Tommy Tinlin, an aneurysm survivor and lifelong Southie resident and Christine Buckley, Executive Director of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, join Maureen Dahill and guest co-host Peter Gailunas for a conversation about symptoms, prevention and treatment. Plus how to study for the Fire Department Captain’s test and finding the world’s biggest pile of dog droppings.

(Additional music by Dr. Doctor, “Semilanceata,” Fungi Compilation, Nenormalizm Records, 2018 - via

Caught Up Episode58: Last Week Today!

Sep 28, 2018 58:22


Bangs for the buck? Heather and Maureen talk hair, blackberry donuts, Nigerian princes, Bert & Ernie’s relationship, speeding in Southie, Red Sox banners and Emmy winning bosoms.

From humps to honeypots, this episode of Caught Up will sting you in all the right places…

Caught Up Episode57: August and Everything After...

Aug 30, 2018 42:25


A bevy of brilliant topics on Caught Up this week. Talking points include full moon yoga, service monkeys, and the temporal liberties taken by TV writers. Plus, is it safe to drink alcohol? A study from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation says no, not really. What will Heather and Maureen do now? Eat more? Wear a compression suit? Listen and find out.

Caught Up Episode56: A Whole Bunch of Nonsense

Aug 23, 2018 55:39


Back from a brief summer hiatus, M & H reminisce about last year’s Oscar nominated films, “yacht rock,” and meeting other podcast stars. Plus, Grace graduates, restaurants rotate and millennials mourn the morbidity of mayonnaise.

Caught Up Episode55: To BDE or not to BDE

Jul 26, 2018 42:28


To describe this week’s episode, we turn to an article in the writers explaining ‘Big Dick Energy’ as “…the self-confidence to know that a colossal endowment isn’t a measurement of one’s value. BDE might stem from having a literal BD, but it’s not dependent upon any sort of genitalia. And in fact, perhaps the epitome of BDE is the complete security of not needing other people’s benchmarks — wealth, intelligence, beauty, or a BD — to know one’s own worth.” Confused? Maureen and Heather will fill in the gaps…

Caught Up Episode54: The Hatchet Gang

Jul 19, 2018 46:12


Sharp objects catch our host’s attention on this episode…like axes used by rampaging women to destroy bottles of alcohol in 1856. Shocked as they are by “dry towns,” Maureen and Heather give due respect to members of the Rockport, MA temperance league and their hatchet wielding vigilantes. Were they Bible thumping, bored old biddies or unemployed suffragettes with unbearably tight corsets and drunken husbands? Plus the fascinating lives of drag queens and modern day attitudes towards drugs.

Caught Up Episode53: Swing Time!

Jul 12, 2018 52:34


Aka the upside down pineapple episode. If you’re a married couple looking for some extra-curricular activity or just a balding man with a pony tail, this is the show for you! Spouse swapping? You bet. Pony play? Oh yeah. Plus unicorn floats, giant bird sculptures and pineapples. Did I mention pineapples? Send all your swinger stories to Maureen and Heather, care of Caught Up. (Please don’t send them to me; I just write the blurbs…)

Caught Up Episode52: A Whole Lot of Nonsense!

Jun 29, 2018 51:29


Sports talk? The Men’s World Cup catches the attention of our hosts. Also, traffic calming in Southie… Plus Calamari at Capo, the cuteness of clogs, compassionate massages on Carson Beach, and Maureen’s dad’s casa (he’s selling his house). Note to residents: Pick Up After Your Dogs!

Caught Up Episode51: You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Podcast!

Jun 22, 2018 58:20


Special guest Michael Ratty helps Maureen and Heather break down and analyze the changing world of television and movie consumption and the enticing shows on your summer binge-list. Plus a nostalgic look at the most memorable summer blockbusters.

Caught Up Episode50: Miss Congeniali-tease

Jun 14, 2018 01:01:43


Yes, we’ve reached podcast number 50. And we’re celebrating the half century mark with fireworks, a parade, and a beauty contest! Topics include true crime, going commando and other naked truths.

Caught Up episode49: Summer Lovin'

Jun 7, 2018 41:24


News Flash: Southie’s got the cleanest beaches and Maureen and Heather are saving you a parking spot. So what’s stopping you from enjoying this summer themed program? Add two tablespoons each of Floatzilla flotillas and party crashers with an ounce of nostalgia for the Spice Girls and classic shark movies and you’ve got a Caught Up summer sensation.

Caught Up Episode48: Back In The Saddle

May 31, 2018 43:22


Maureen and Heather return to the scene of the crime – your ears – after a long hiatus. Lifestyle updates include college graduations, games of “ding dong ditch,” and investigating a mysterious mom and baby gang. Plus, how to launch a TV career in Southie, attract birds to Sully’s and eat crab cakes.

Caught Up Episode47: Cult Following

Apr 12, 2018 55:51


In this episode, emergency first responders from the ‘70’s wear cabernet-colored velour track suits while eating rice cakes and watching a docuseries about Oregonian alternative religionists. Maureen and Heather, dynamic meditation and true crime spoiler alerts…

Caught Up Episode46: Sound Bites & Praise His Light!

Mar 30, 2018 01:00:36


Maureen and Heather are quick learners: Irish Step dancing, check; comedy club stars, check; responsible drinkers, check; good Catholics, check. It is after all, the season for all you Jesus Christ Superstar fans… Plus recommendations for which TV documentaries and other favorites to watch… And who bit Beyonce?

Caught Up Episode45: Calamity Dames

Mar 4, 2018 01:01:03


Podcast Storm Alert! Heather and Maureen are talking about the weather! And Spanx... And menstrual cramps... And late-night menus... And magazine spreads... Plus: will Heather find a soul mate or be eligible indefinitely?

Reminder: come to the Caught Up live show at Laugh Boston on Wednesday March 14, 2018 FREE! (but get tickets ahead of time)

Caught Up Episode44: Olympics and Oscars!

Feb 25, 2018 01:02:40


"A Boston-based public relations professional with more than nine years of high pressure, director-level media relations experience," today's guest, Michael Ratty, has never had to face the type of pressure leveled by Maureen and Heather! Seriously, it's an ear-popping conversation about ordering at Sully's; the light at the end of the winter tunnel; scoring the Olympics; and what to wear while watching the Oscars.

Plus: can anyone learn how to curl? Listen to this episode of Caught Up to find out!

Caught Up Episode43: The One After the Super Bowl

Feb 9, 2018 57:30


The ‘city of champions’ takes one on the chin. Maureen and Heather regret not eating enough during the big game. But the fun continues at Heather’s birthday, Uber rides, and movie theaters. Plus a review of the halftime show, the selfie kid, and Tom Brady’s hair. And the gals announce the date for ‘take 2’ of Caught Up LIVE at Laugh Boston.

Caught Up Episode42: Are You Ready For Some Football?

Jan 30, 2018 35:40


So the Patriots are playing in the Superbowl. Of course, Maureen and Heather predicted they would. Are they sports experts? Do they know the difference between X’s and O’s and Cheerios? Well yes; but who they really love, is Tom Brady! Especially all his self-improvement, mind-body karma, drink a gallon of water a day, play ‘til you’re 100 years old Oprahnicity.

Caught Up Episode41: Resolutions?

Jan 23, 2018 43:27


Topics include: salt lamps; aunt’s weekend and the end of “no alcohol January;” foods designed to tempt us off our diets; and watching the Patriots while partying in Fort Lauderdale. Plus “six degrees of Southie separation” and another live Caught Up Podcast show at Laugh Boston!

Caught Up Episode40: Downward Spiral

Jan 3, 2018 48:56


Holidays, health and old habits get the twice over from Maureen and Heather. Their advice: goals for the new year must be “real” and don’t leave your dog freezing on the porch! Plus the gals float trial balloons about test brunches, skin creams, salt lamps and surprise genetic ancestries. And remember: “no one parties like Maura McDonough…”

Caught Up Episode39: Happy New Year!

Dec 27, 2017 56:27


Heather and Maureen dissect their recent live show at Laugh Boston. Plus adventures at the mall, bathrobe culture, hockey ringers, the wonders of Chinese / Polynesian food, and a Robert Kraft sighting. And as the calendar turns, memories erupt of New Year’s Eve, shrimp fra diavolo and a giant fire.

Caught Up Episode38: Holiday Hustle & Bustle

Nov 30, 2017 59:55


Tis the season for high school football championships (go Catholic Memorial!),  hiding booze in your pocketbook (“a neat trick”) and launching a new enterprise (“Caught in Dorchester”). Plus Maureen and Heather discuss the vagaries of being in gift mode for Christmas…while staying sane the whole time. And of course, no holiday season would be complete without a conversation on teenagers, sex education, and cadavers.

And please don’t forget about “Caught Up’s” FREE live show at Laugh Boston on Thursday December 7th at 8pm!

Caught Up Episode37: Did You Miss Us?

Nov 22, 2017 46:27


Maureen and Heather are BACK! In the interim, there was an election, new TV shows, and some “sexy” announcements. Plus new businesses opening in Southie, a Will Noonan sighting, and a huge new turn in the life of “Caught Up!” Happy holidays everyone!

Caught Up Episode36: I AM WOMAN

Oct 25, 2017 56:16


Maureen and Heather examine misogyny and sexual harassment in Hollywood, social media, politics and general civic life. Plus a few personal memories of “mansplaining” and the nerve of people who park their cars facing the “wrong” way.

(Editor’s note: several of George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television” – but apparently, you can say on a podcast – are uttered during this program…)

Caught Up Episode35: Poop-ourri

Oct 18, 2017 51:34


This week it’s a mixed bag of chicken waffles, tequila bombs, and favorite Southie eateries. Plus closet cleaning, cat cafes and the perils of POOP. Potty training was never this much fun.

Caught Up Episode34: But Wait! There's More! Thank You!

Oct 11, 2017 01:01:47


The products hawked on those funny late-night commercials get the once, twice, and thrice over on this week’s episode of “Caught Up.” Or as your favorite infomercial pitchman or woman says: “As seen on TV.”  

Caught Up Episode33: Advice To My Younger Self

Oct 4, 2017 45:08


Spurred on by a bouncer who looked at their ID's and called them “ma’am,” Heather and Maureen offer their fledgling selves advice on how to stay healthy and be successful while growing older. Plus, a review of the new Lady Gaga doc and the beauty of voting.

Caught Up Episode32: Wedding Bells

Sep 26, 2017 58:55


Wedding traditions: pro or con? Talk amongst yourselves… oh wait, that’s what Maureen and Heather do.

Caught Up Episode31: Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Sep 20, 2017 01:21:31


A mega-gigantic episode this week folks. Heather and Maureen are joined by Barstool Sports writer and Spittin’ Chiclets Podcast co-host “Rear Admiral” Brian McGonagle. Topics range from gentrification and rules of behavior for neighborhood newcomers to a crazy day in Southie featuring chickens, poop, and a mad biter. Plus how to cope with your life using wine and hot fudge sundaes and a dash of dish on TV and movies.

Caught Up Episode30: Southie Christmas

Sep 6, 2017 30:56


Gift giving season (aka “Move In Day”) arrives in the neighborhood as the new school year begins and Maureen and Heather can’t wait to unwrap their consternation over the crap that gets left on the street.

Caught Up Episode29: Winning!

Aug 29, 2017 32:46


A woman from Chicopee just won more than $750 Million in the lottery.  What would Maureen and Heather do with all that money? (Maybe a house in Southie with off-street parking…) On this episode of Caught Up, Maureen and Heather day dream out loud about their hopes and desires. Plus baby names, goats, and height matters!

Caught Up Episode28: End of Days

Aug 22, 2017 55:21


In the news: nuclear threats, white supremacists and Tiki torches vie for your attention. Meanwhile, it’s August and local stores are selling Halloween candy! Plus Maureen’s genetic ancestry revealed, Heather throws shade on people who share the “Chewbacca Mom” video, and “Insecure” is one of their favorite TV programs. (Editor’s note: maybe, someday, the famous Maura McDonough will make an appearance on the podcast...)

Caught Up Episode27: Shame! Shame! Shame!

Aug 15, 2017 01:00:20


Social media provides a platform for people to bare their souls… and at times, their butts. Meanwhile, many people use the ‘Net to throw dirt on others. What gives? On this episode of “Caught Up” Maureen and Heather discuss body image, glass houses, and the compulsion to share online. Plus, they really like this little Taqueria in Dorchester’s Lower Mills…

Caught Up Episode26: Summer Bucket List

Jul 28, 2017 58:46


The gals explain what ought to be done before Summer 2017 comes to a close. Plus Heather demonstrates her new voice, Maureen shows off vacation slides, and Diana Ross sings a twenty minute version of “I Will Survive.”

Caught Up Episode25: Sex On The Beach

Jul 20, 2017 29:12


Put the kids to bed for this one folks. The gals discuss public displays of affection…naked…on the beach!

Caught Up Episode24: NKOTB

Jul 15, 2017 31:25


Heather and Maureen review the music, the artists, and the crowd who attended the New Kids On The Block / Boys II Men / Paula Abdul concert at Fenway. Plus an investigation into why there’s no splash in the new Splash Park.

Caught Up Episode23: Jerks of 311

Jul 7, 2017 01:12:35


Comedian Will Noonan returns for another hour long shot at podcast fame. In this week's episode Will helps Heather and Maureen dish on the complainers who have problems with Gelato... and dog lovers... and yoga in the park?! Plus the local poop on professional wrestling, raccoon love, and much more.

Caught Up Episode22: I'm Walking Here!

Jun 30, 2017 31:06


Distracted and inconsiderate drivers of Boston: listen up! Smartphone wielding, earbud wearing pedestrians of Boston; lend Maureen and Heather your ears! The gals spout advice on how to be safe and courteous while walking and driving around Southie.

Caught Up Episode21: Basic Bitch

Jun 21, 2017 31:45


Today’s show features identity politics as Maureen and Heather try to figure out if they are “basic” (middle class white women who like mainstream things) or “moms on the go.”

Caught Up Episode20: Southie Summer

Jun 15, 2017 58:55


What is proper beach etiquette? Will the Tall Ships bring tall sailors? And why is Uncle Franny razzing the power walkers? As the temperatures rise, Maureen and Heather review the hot spots, characters and events that make summer Southie stand out from the crowd… even if the crowd is wearing an inappropriately revealing bathing suit.

Caught Up Episode19: The Boston Boy Fiend

Jun 8, 2017 01:01:36


Maureen and Heather discover the story of a 19th Century South Boston serial killer. You’ll appreciate the gritty details as your hosts imagine the circumstances and motivations of these intriguing characters. Oh, and man junk.

Caught Up Episode18: Southie Scholarship

Jun 2, 2017 50:43


The gals take an academic look at the old town with special guest historian, urbanologist, and MASS ART visiting lecturer Max Grinnell.

Caught Up Episode17: Southie After Hours

May 25, 2017 01:01:39


Warning: the show this week is 80 Proof and 100% fun.  Surgeon General says don't drink this podcast and drive; 'cause Maureen and Heather explain the stuff that happens after hours and after dark...

Caught Up Episode16: Signs of Spring In Southie

May 19, 2017 59:42


Giant development projects, quick trips to Aruba, fidget toys, rompers, New Kids on the Block tours, City Council races, and street cleaning… it must be Spring in Southie.

Caught Up Episode 15: Odds and Ends

May 5, 2017 01:00:18


This week it’s a tour de force of universal life questions. Is drinking on a Monday holiday, ok? Bangs or blow-out? And buttons… who knew buttons were so interesting?

Caught Up: Episode14: The Southie Turkey

Apr 27, 2017 58:03


In the much anticipated (and requested) hour long "Caught Up" extravaganza, Maureen and Heather welcome a very special guest: Comedian Will Noonan.

Caught Up Episode13: Southie Speak

Apr 21, 2017 26:50


Grab a spuckie and a tonic and join Maureen, Heather and special guest in the pahlah for a lesson in neighborhood vocabulary. Quiz counts for 35% of your grade.

Caught Up Episode12: Good Neighbor

Apr 13, 2017 22:53


They say good fences make good neighbors. In Southie, good stoops make good neighbors. Maureen and Heather have all the “poop” on community camaraderie.

Caught Up Episode11: Current Affairs

Apr 6, 2017 35:02


Maureen and Heather raise a glass to Miss Harriet, take note of a partially collapsed house on O Street, celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Dateline NBC” and explore the daily events in their own lives.

Caught Up Episode10: Pull UP To The Bumper!

Mar 30, 2017 30:02


Parking, like politics, sometimes can be a blood-sport in Boston. And this week, Maureen, Heather, and a special guest put a Southie spin on parking.

Caught Up Episode9: Southie Shop 'Til You Drop

Mar 22, 2017 27:14


Maureen and Heather reminisce about South Boston department stores from their childhood, and recall buying stuff like “Coed Naked Skiing” and “Raisin Hell” t-shirts.

Caught Up Episode8: Southie Shenanigans

Mar 16, 2017 30:47


Saint Patrick's Day. Parade. Controversy. Plus a breakfast with politicians, what to eat (hint: corn beef, cabbage and green bagels) and evacuating on Evacuation Day.

Caught Up Episode7: Documentary Diaries

Mar 15, 2017 29:07


Maureen and Heather document their favorite recent non-fiction film subjects, including competitive tickling, social media-influenced killers and crazy bad mothers.

Caught Up Episode6: Last Week In Southie

Mar 8, 2017 30:01


The gals discuss current events including the surprise early opening of Sully's, Oscar screw-ups and 'gutter bingo.'

Caught Up Episode5: Losing My Religion

Mar 4, 2017 31:34


Maureen and Heather binge watch HBO’s “The Young Pope” and explain Catholic education, purgatory, and how and why nuns live so long.

Caught Up Episode4: You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Feb 24, 2017 29:48


This week Maureen and Heather begin welcoming Spring in Southie by rejoicing in the upcoming re-opening of Sullivan's on Castle Island. And reminisce over the Boston Beer Garden which closed recently.

Caught Up Episode3: Doggone Dirty Days

Feb 14, 2017 34:09


Everything you always wanted to know about dog poop in Southie, but were afraid to ask!

Caught Up episode2: Let it Snow

Feb 10, 2017 25:16


When it snows in Boston, people shovel out space for their cars. Then they put objects in the street and call "dibs" on those spots. On this episode of "Caught Up," "space savers" are the hot topic.

Caught Up episode1: Getting To Know You

Feb 9, 2017 46:46


In our first episode, hosts Maureen Dahill and Heather Foley introduce themselves and some of the topics they'll be dishing about during the show.