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Welcome to the weekly podcast of C3 Church Oxford Falls led by Pastor Phil Pringle. To learn more visit our website at http://myc3church.net or download the C3 Church App.

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This One Thing | Phil Pringle

Feb 1, 2020 2210


New Normal | James Murray

Jan 26, 2020 2288


Everyday :: Meaning | Tam Edwards

Jan 25, 2020 1598


Everyday :: Happiness | James Edwards

Jan 18, 2020 1918


Take Hold | Alex Lee

Jan 11, 2020 1866


Living Free & Living Whole | Chardon Lewis

Jan 4, 2020 1795


Gratitude | James Edwards

Dec 21, 2019 2213


You Are Known | Mark Saundercock

Dec 14, 2019 1997


You Are Loved | James Edwards

Dec 7, 2019 2015


Stories of Life :: Parable of the Banquet | Pat Antcliff

Nov 30, 2019 2015


Stories of Life :: Parable of the Persistent Widow | Tammy Edwards

Nov 23, 2019 1224


Removing The Blockage | John Pearce

Nov 16, 2019 1612


Stories of Life :: Parable of the Minas | James Edwards

Nov 9, 2019 2241


Stories Of Life :: Parable of the Sower | Phil Pringle

Nov 2, 2019 1698


An Unfamiliar God | John Cameron

Oct 26, 2019 1795


On Top Of My World :: Money Matters | Amanda Antcliff

Oct 19, 2019 35:21


We are called by God to be wise stewards of the money that God gifts into our hands. Amanda Antcliff explores why our money matters.

On Top Of My World :: My Body Balance | Sheralyn Bucknell

Oct 12, 2019 29:33


Taking care of our body is a spiritual discipline, just like prayer, worship and bible study. Join Sheralyn Bucknell exploring Body Balance.

On Top Of My World :: Master My Mind | Pat Antcliff

Oct 5, 2019 34:59


Our minds can be a minefield that we need to manage. Join Pat Antcliff exploring how we can master our minds.

On Top Of My World :: State Of My Heart | Vicki Simpson

Sep 29, 2019 27:25


God is interested in the state of your heart. Join Vicki Simpson as she explores how the condition of your heart can influence your whole life!

Faith Filled Life :: Faith Steps Out | Phil Pringle

Sep 22, 2019 26:57


Phil Pringle shares on ‘Fighting the Good Fight’ of faith. Faith calls us to live above our circumstances and believe God is faithful to fulfil His promises.

Faith Filled Life :: Faith Hears | Phil Pringle

Sep 8, 2019 31:39


Phil Pringle talks about how we can keep our faith strong by hearing the Word of God. We need to tune our spiritual ears to hearing what the Word of God is saying to us.

Faith Filled Life :: Fathers Day Panel

Sep 1, 2019 30:08


In this special Father’s Day episode, Ryan Smith hosts a panel with Bill Trestrail, Jamie Malcom, and Joel + Mark Saundercock talking all things faith + family. The panel explores how persistence and patience are needed for faith to function in our everyday life.

Caught Up In His Unity | Josh Kelsey

Aug 25, 2019 36:33


Unity is not the absence of division, unity is what we do when we are divided. In this message, Pastor Josh Kelsey, Lead Pastor of C3 NYC brings a word around the culture of unity, and how when we are united with Christ, we are greater united with each other.

It's Complicated :: Care-frontation | James Edwards

Aug 18, 2019 31:55


It's Complicated :: It’s Not Me, It’s You | James Edwards

Aug 11, 2019 36:27


It's Complicated :: #Friends | Tam Edwards

Aug 4, 2019 31:36


You Shall Receive Power | Pastor Phil Pringle

Jul 1, 2019 35:44


This week, Ps Phil shows how God wants to bless people through you and does so using the power of the Holy Spirit. When the power of God comes through us it is intended to be used for His kingdom. You also need to faith in God's installation before it comes to fruition, and not the other way around. This is imperative since what we believe in and how we connect with heaven will determine our behaviour.

Lord Help Me - Find Truth | Katie Haldane

May 19, 2019 22:55


Katie teaches how the truth of the word is relevant to today's society. She also shows how grace and truth leads to freedom and how Jesus can represent all these attributes. What she elaborates by explaining that the truth in the word is vastly different from the world. We, as Christians, must understand this to gain wisdom in life. In order to do so we must listen to the holy spirit when we are prompted to and read the word, rather than follow what society tells us to do.

Lord Help Me - Be Refreshed | Tam Edwards

May 12, 2019 32:49


Ps Tammy shares that it is not difficult to find refreshment in God. In fact, we just need to position ourselves to experience His fullness. God comes to refresh us in the form of the Holy Spirit. We need to trust God in order to be closer to Him. From doing this consistently, we can find the refreshment that we are all seeking so desperately.

Lord Help Me - Get Power | James Edwards

May 5, 2019 38:59


Ps James shows how God realises that we are not perfect from time to time, but He never forsakes or leaves us. He wants to help us on all levels and discover the power of the Holy Spirit. From doing so we will be empowered and discover who we are, as His children, in the kingdom of God.

Why Jesus? :: For Peace | Phil Pringle

Apr 14, 2019 39:37


Why Jesus? :: For Freedom | James Edwards

Apr 7, 2019 30:50


Why Jesus? :: For Light | James Edwards

Mar 30, 2019 27:50


Glory Revealed | Phil Pringle

Mar 23, 2019 25:18


Ps Phil Pringle shares how the glory of God had first started and revealed by likes of John the Baptist and Moses. PHe shows we must position ourselves to get ready for what is to come and clear out anything in preparation for God. What occupies your attention is what you look at, which is why we must use the Bible as a true reflection of ourselves. Jesus Himself is the revealing of the glory of God and the spirit of the Lord.

Under Construction :: Windows | Amanda Antcliff

Mar 16, 2019 27:58


Under Construction :: Doors | Mark Kelsey

Mar 9, 2019 45:00


Mark Kelsey shares how we are given opportunities from God as to how we can be aware of these doors. Mark gives his own account of how he was introduced to God and the life-changing events that happened afterwards. Mark also shows that to see God, we must have a transformed way in our way of thinking. Instead of following the world, we must have a relationship with God. By doing so, we can have access to our calling, discover empowerment and experience that richness that we are to inherit.

Under Construction :: Paths | Phil Pringle

Mar 2, 2019 34:17


A Meaningful Life :: A Generous People | James Edwards

Feb 23, 2019 28:13


We are called as Christians to lead a meaningful life. For us to do this, we should leave a legacy. One way to do this is to be generous and God gives us how generous his truly is. Afterall, it was God who gave His only son to save our lives. By being a generous example, we can reflect the image of God and put hope into peoples' lives.

A Meaningful Life :: Gifted To Give | Alex Lee

Feb 16, 2019 21:48


Alex Lee shares how God wants to unlock the gifts in our life. He shows how it is more blessed to give than receive as spoken in the book of Acts. Try not to be too complacent in your ways is a key to releasing your potential. As you step out and trust God; He will show up. Start with what you got and see what God can do.

A Meaningful Life :: Linked In | Mark Saundercock

Feb 9, 2019 25:37


Mark Saundercock talks about how we often go through times of trial and our first instinct is usually not to look to God. What we don't realise is that God is always there for us in times of trouble. Mark shares how when we combine prayer with being 'Linked-in' to our church community, we will find that things will start to turn around for us.

A Meaningful Life :: New Wine Skins | Phil Pringle

Feb 2, 2019 22:30


Phil Pringle encourages us to move into 'new wine skins' and not pouring into the old wine skins (Luke 5:37-39). From this we can transition to broader areas and reach new heights in our spiritual and personal lives. We can expect good things with fresh oil.

Seize The Year :: Take The Step | Phil Pringle

Jan 26, 2019 29:30


Phil Pringle encourages us to step out and become unstuck from our current situation as we unfold the new year ahead. He shares how our fears can hinder us from fulfilling God's will and that we need to have faith to move forward. Once we do, we will find the power of the Holy Spirit taking us to areas that we couldn't do on our own.

Seize The Year :: What’s The Plan? | Phil Pringle

Jan 19, 2019 37:33


Phil Pringle talks about how we often make plans expecting major transformations. He explains how we go looking outward for answers, but in actual fact we should be praying to God for dependency. Prayer can create deeper connection, especially when we do this together. From this, we can gain wisdom and clear direction that is Spirit filled and Spirit lead.

Seize The Year :: What Are You Becoming? | Jake Sweetman

Jan 12, 2019 33:51


Jake Sweetman shows us that God is more interested in our character than our skill set to serve in His Kingdom. In order to achieve this, we need to have a clear heart to fight the 'optional fights’, as well as a prayerful life to strengthen our character.

Seize The Year :: Dream Big | Alex Lee

Jan 6, 2019 31:35


Alex Lee shares how the eternal dream is what we should be focusing on. It has to be God sized and not dreams that fill our selfish desires in order for this to succeed. We have to be aware that we are here on Earth to expand God's kingdom, and ultimately lead people towards Jesus. This is the only thing that is guaranteed eternally; a life for us in heaven.

The Outpouring | Phil Pringle

Dec 29, 2018 26:29


Phil Pringle encourages the us by showing how being filled with the Holy Spirit is the ultimate way to live in today's society. He also reveals how there is much to look forward to in the year 2019 as we say farewell to the year 2018.

The Gift | Pat Antcliff

Dec 22, 2018 35:42


Pat Antcliff explains how gift giving during this time of year parallels the ultimate gift given to mankind. As Christians we are reminded of how God gave us the greatest sacrifice of all; His one and only son, Christ Jesus. Through Him, we have the wholeness and joy that surpasses any understanding in this Earth.

Good News | James Edwards

Dec 15, 2018 33:07


James Edwards preaches on 'Good News' as Christmas approaches. He shows how God's plan and purpose for each and everyone of us and He does this by providing His only son - Jesus. In a world where we are surrounded by bad news, we as Christians have the opportunity to deliver the good news and be the light of the world. We can represent the glory of God effectively by reassuring others as well as experience the goodness of His presence.

Making Room | Phil Pringle

Dec 8, 2018 27:56


Phil Pringle talks about the meaningfulness of coming to God's house. He shares accounts from the biblical town of Bethlehem and how it is more than just the well known birth place of Jesus. From this town, Phil explains the story of Ruth and Naomi, and how the power of what you are go through can turn into something much more destined than expected. We must understand the power of God will not let us down and that He wants only the best for us.

Faith & Praise | Phil Pringle

Dec 1, 2018 38:53


Phil Pringle shares how when we believe God we can go into warfare because of the growth in our spirit. He shows that praising God is a courageous act of belief. Phil shows how important it is to have a revival of faith as we overcome our circumstances. It is our responsibility to use the tools that are within us to praise God effectively. Once this is enabled, we are able to effectively bring light to others and discover the fruitfulness of life.

True Worship :: Sing Louder | Amanda Antcliff

Nov 24, 2018 26:30


Amanda Antcliff shares the story of Jehoshaphat from 2 Chronicles to demonstrate how to overcome our battles by seeking God. Amanda reveals how we must be hungry for God and lift our eyes in the midst of trials. By doing so, you will soon discover how to view things from a different perspective and experience a shift in your circumstance.

True Worship :: Living Worship | Ryan Smith

Nov 17, 2018 29:55


Ryan Smith shows us how there is a worldly culture associated with our society that competes for our worship. This form of distraction includes social media, music and entertainment and can easily arrest our attention. He further points out that world is trying to convince us to live a certain way, but Godly worship helps us resist the temptation to conform to worldly patterns. Ryan then shows us that it is up to us to make the lifestyle choices that that support a life of worship. It is what God designed us to be.

Have You Got Your Passport? | Canon J. John

Nov 3, 2018 29:59


The delightful and humorous Canon J. John shows us how more often than not we need to look up to see that God is readily there. He says that we all have times of crisis, even if we don't admit it, and the answer is to always look towards God. We must be humble and understand He is the one who has foresight and insight. We need to look around to see how we are dealing with other people to also gain a better perspective of life in God's kingdom.

Faith :: Faith To... | James Edwards

Oct 27, 2018 35:50


James Edwards speaks about activating our faith

Faith :: Faith For... | Phil Pringle

Oct 20, 2018 31:34


Phil Pringle shares on what you can do with your spirit when there are times of constant disappointment. Phil reminds us that we shouldn't just keep waiting for the perfect time for God by referring to characters in the bible. It is better to have a consistent relationship with God, regardless of the circumstance, in order to have a fulfilled spirit. Afterall, we are all designed to have faith in Him.

Faith :: Faith In... | Mark Saundercock

Oct 13, 2018 31:37


Mark Saundercock shares that our faith is not in a principal, a concept or philosophy. Our faith is in Jesus Christ. Jesus has the keys to what we’re believing for, whether it’s in our family, our work, our health, or whatever area of our life.

Faith :: Faith Is... | Phil Pringle

Oct 6, 2018 37:58


Phil Pringle encourages the us by showing how faith will still prevail till the very end. We must keep persevering and rejoice in the Lord, even during our trials. Through this, we can become a stronger person on the other side and have a better understanding of God's miraculous power.

Unstuck :: Facing Up To Fear | James Edwards

Sep 23, 2018 41:39


James Edwards preaches from our Unstuck series - 'Facing Up To Fear'. He shares how we can break out of the pattern of fear and that we should not embrace our negative spirit, by finding God's freedom. Plus from our relationship with God, we can expel all fear. Ps James effectively shows how our past traumas and anxiety no longer has to reduce our lives and demonstrates our ability to overcome.

Unstuck :: A Mature Response To Failure | Ryan Smith

Sep 16, 2018 27:41


Ryan Smith shows how we must free ourselves from the old things that does not work. Plus move forward into the new things that God has for us. Our mistakes don't define us and that there is a mature response to failure that opens us to new challenges that God has for us. Ryan reveals that when we give genuine repentance to to God we will discover healing in our hearts and gain access to freedom that we are rightly given.

Unstuck :: Need Direction? | Phil Pringle

Sep 9, 2018 41:29


Phil Pringle preaches on how to become unstuck in everyday situations that can prevent us from our calling in God's kingdom. He shares ways to keep on track and how to recognize potential obstructions. By taking correct steps and through forgiving others, we can be positioned to be given a clean slate in God's eyes.

Destiny | Sam Chand

Sep 2, 2018 33:36


Dr Sam Chand shares how we are all put on this earth to have a destiny in life that has been given to us freely. Rather than give up in life, we should have an expectation that God will fulfil this and that nothing can stop it from happening. Sam powerfully motivates us by communicating that our present circumstances do not define our future destiny.

Behind the Scenes :: Convinced | Phil Pringle

Aug 26, 2018 40:02


Phil Pringle sheds light on what God really has in store for us, and reveals the fruitfulness from having a relationship with Jesus. Phil explains how God has the ability to place you in the right place to form the relationships we need, to flourish in the church. Phil also shows that we don't have to look elsewhere for solutions and that Christ is all the strength we need to find the blessings that we seek.

Behind The Scenes :: Honest To God | Mark Kelsey

Aug 19, 2018 38:43


Mark Kelsey defines what it means to be 'good' and in order to be good, we need to establish what is good in the Godly sense. He gives examples shows how to overcome evil by being the light of the world. From this transformation, we can effectively represent Christian living, as well as God's glory, to its fullest potential.

Behind the Scenes :: Prepared to Pray | Phil Pringle

Aug 12, 2018 25:47


Phil Pringle preaches on the power of praying and how it should never be underestimated. He explains how everytime we pray, we make a stronger connection to heaven, and in turn see great things happen in return. Prayer forges into the future that has been given only by God.

Behind the Scenes :: Upon Reflection | Cathie Clancy

Aug 5, 2018 32:59


Cathy shares of her experience as a young Christian and how things don't always go according to plan. She tells first-hand how circumstances can be corrected with knowing Jesus and that all things can be redeemed according to Him. From her example, we can understand that we are not limited and bound by misfortune and that God can turn around whatever issues we may face.

On Purpose :: Confident In Community | Ryan Smith

Jul 29, 2018 20:37


Ryan Smith explains what is necessary to improve our overall spiritual well-being. He shows how emotional health goes hand in hand with spiritual health and goes into depth as to how we can administer this. This ultimately helps us become a more responsible and effective representation of Christ, which is what we are all called to do in life.

On Purpose :: Creating Community | Pat Antcliff

Jul 22, 2018 38:08


Pat Antcliff talks about ways in which we can connect within Church and gives examples from his own life on how to do this. Pat shares how fellowship can be most effective in groups, such as a connect group. It is not about the building of the church, but the interaction of the people within it to make community happen.

On Purpose :: Growing On Purpose | Tam Edwards

Jul 15, 2018 31:40


Tammy Edwards shares how God will interrupt the pattern of our life in order to change the course of our future and bear fruit. The longer we choose to live in Christ the better we will reflect Him with our fruitfulness.

On Purpose :: Growing For A Purpose | James Edwards

Jul 8, 2018 35:01


James Edwards introduces the pathways for us to effectively grow on purpose. He further explains that we need to be equipped in the right areas to further perfect our values of Christ within us. As we journey through our Christian journey, we grow together with the greater common purpose to help others within the community.

Romans 7 | Michael Ramsden

Jul 1, 2018 40:41


This week we have Michael Ramsden, Director of Ravi Zacharias International from Oxford, U.K. preaching on Romans 7. Passionate about talking to people who have questions of faith, he preaches on how we live in a hostile and divided culture. With his effective and humorous style of of communication, Michael addresses how and why people may think the Christian Faith has failed.

Money Wise :: Blessed To Be A Blessing | Phil Pringle

Jun 24, 2018 29:18


Phil Pringle shares the vision for our church as we progress into the future including 8 reasons why it is good to be generous in character. Being generous helps us become healthier Christians and demonstrates how God can work within the community. With all this in mind, Phil Pringle shows how being a Vision builder can continuously accomplish amazing possibilities within the church.

Money Wise :: Priorities | Phil Pringle

Jun 17, 2018 37:57


This week in our series "Money Wise”, Phil Pringle talks about Priorities. He focuses on how we need to be aware of our the future when in this day and age. We can accomplish this best when we step back and allow God to show us how to steer in the right direction. He shows that when we put God's purposes first, all our priorities come together.

Money Wise :: Money Management | Panel

Jun 10, 2018 45:13


This week we have a panel with James Edwards, Peter Freedman, Simon Aimies, Anne Amiradaki & Richard Forsyth to discuss the area of money management and budgeting. How we envision our finances is crucial not just for the now, but also for the future. Understanding this area allows us to grow in our personal development and also gives us the freedom to bless others with our finances. Since God wants to bless us in all areas of our lives, we have to be responsible with what has been given to us to make it fruitful.

Money Wise :: God, Money & Me | Paul de Jong

Jun 3, 2018 33:33


God, Money & Me comes out of Paul’s personal search to discover how to break the restriction of financial lack. All too often we are led to believe that giving is the only solution needed to experience financial breakthrough. It is true that generosity is a kingdom value. However, you may be surprised to learn that giving alone will not create financial freedom. For that to occur, we require four main ingredients that, once activated on a foundation of revelation, will create a life and a future of financial breakthrough and blessing.

Penticost Sunday | Phil Pringle

May 20, 2018 26:57


It is Pentecost Sunday and this week Ps Phil preaches about the Holy Spirit and why it is important for people to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Mother's Day | Phil Pringle

May 13, 2018 28:12


Phil Pringle honours all mothers on Mother’s Day by referencing examples in the bible. He explains, in depth, how God reaches out to you in ways not to harm you and that your surrender to Jesus is a faithful act that will shape your spiritual journey. Also, that all things in the household can work for the good of God's kingdom and that you are always accepted in His eyes, as opposed to be seen as inferior. Through this, you will understand that God's ability is unlimited when it comes to your circumstances.

Born To Run | Jamie Malcolm

May 6, 2018 36:33


Jamie shares how we we can mistakingly cling onto our past while blaming God for the 'What if?'. Instead of letting go and seeing what is ahead of us, we look inward. Instead of seeing God as a source of hope and the answer to our future. Jamie effectively and humorously demonstrates what most of us have gone through, by showing how in order to charge forward we must let go of our ashes.

Strength | Erwin Raphael McManus

Apr 29, 2018 38:01


Erwin Raphael McManus preaches on strength. "God isn’t sending you through trials to show you what you’re not - He’s sending you trials to show you who you are".

You're Not Done Yet | Sam Picken

Apr 22, 2018 29:04


Sam Picken shares how God is not done even when you think there is nothing more. Ease is not the qualification of your calling in life. Also, that you can dislodge yourself from your rut and into God’s promised life. We can accomplish what our will on earth is through God and we must remember our destiny is in eternity.

Freedom Is Here | Phil Pringle

Apr 22, 2018 29:04


Phil Pringle preaches on 'Freedom Is Here' on the eve of this year's Presence Conference. He shows that we are able to free ourselves from whatever strongholds we may have. We were never meant to have fear, as it was never intended from God. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we have the authority to conquer fears, to reveal the freedom that has always been given to us.

Culture :: The Word | James Edwards

Apr 15, 2018 38:24


Ps James Edwards speaks about the passion that we have not only for our church, but also the people in our city. In order to achieve this, we must pursue Jesus and establish that relationship to build and nourish our fellowship towards others. To be living the right culture, James effectively explains how we must oppose the daily temptations we may come across to experience a more fruitful living.

Culture :: The God Priority - His Presence | Phil Pringle

Apr 8, 2018 27:29


In this message, Ps Phil shares the importance on putting God first by sharing ways for us to achieve this on a daily level. He shows how we must adopt a culture to consistently seek God if we are to strengthen our relationship with Him. From practicing our daily commitment, we can experience the presence of God and discover the spiritual fruitfulness.

No Greater Love :: Reaching Out | Ryan Smith

Mar 10, 2018 28:37


In this first week of our new series “No Greater Love”, Ryan Smith talks about Reaching Out. Ryan talks about what we must do when we reach out to God...as well as shows the things that we must do when God when reaches out to us. We may not notice these signs, due to a highly distracted society we live in, as well as not letting go of our own past. He also shares how God may not show up according to our timeline, but can appear in a time of desperation.

Culture of Generosity | Phil Pringle

Mar 3, 2018 34:27


In this episode of the podcast, Phil Pringle shows how generous living and giving can make a change in other people's worlds. He does this by explaining how God does not withhold from people, but quite the opposite, as an extraordinary giver in life. To be generous is no only is this a practicality, but also an attitude that we can adopt to help others. And with this way of life and culture, you will experience signs of God's blessings in return.

Thrive :: Connected - To Purpose | Pat Antcliff

Feb 24, 2018 33:43


In this episode, Pat Antcliff preaching on the topic of Purpose and Connecting. Pat shares how all people need a sense of meaning, and purpose and that in order to achieve this we must press into God. He reminds us that we are the salt of the earth and that we can thrive and move together through connecting with others in the house of God. Through this message, Pat shows how having purpose can enrich our lives and enable us to see that we all have a destined part to play in serving Jesus.

Heartbeat Sunday | Phil Pringle

Feb 17, 2018 27:49


We have Phil Pringle preaching on the Heartbeat Sunday, where once a year, he addresses the vision for C3 church worldwide. He describes what the core heartbeat of the church as he shares the word in order to support this. While doing so, he encourages the audience that there is a hopeful outlook for their future, as we move forward together, as a church.

Thrive :: Connected - To The House | Phil Pringle

Feb 10, 2018 30:48


In this episode of our series Thrive, Ps Phil Pringle speaks on being "Connected - To The House". He shows how imperative our relationships are with one another. How we need to maintain and repair these relationship in order to avoid disconnection and strengthen bonds. God has appointed us to be connected and thrive when we are in healthy growing community.

Thrive :: Connected - With One Another | Phil Pringle

Feb 4, 2018 30:21


In this episode of our series Thrive, Phil Pringle shows us how God has called us to community by connecting with others. He shows us that God did not design us to be alone, and that having successful relationships is key to a fruitful life.

Thrive :: Connected - To One Another | James Edwards

Feb 3, 2018 26:22


In this episode of our series Thrive, Ps James speaks on being “Connected - To One Another”. He explains how, in an independent world, thriving can only happen when we are connected. We need to find fellowship within the church in order to achieve the community that God intended. We were never meant to be in isolation and that we grow stronger when we come together in His kingdom.

The Journey Home :: Full House | Phil Pringle

Dec 16, 2017 34:01


“Full House” is part 3 in our series: “The Journey Home”. Ps Phil shows us through the story of Mary & Joseph, that we are designed by God to do his will on Earth. God does this by filling us with His almighty power of the spirit in order for His will to come to pass.

The Journey Home :: Heart of the Home | Phil Pringle

Dec 9, 2017 27:59


Phil Pringle preaches about 'The Heart of the Home' and shares how there needs to be a commitment to experience the blessings from a Christ-filled life. This can be achieved by staying on a path of discipline. Instead of going off-track on a path of destruction, Ps Phil shows how we must choose the right path and correct pilgrimage when it comes to our journey.

The Journey Home :: Belonging | Phil Pringle

Dec 2, 2017 30:34


Phil Pringle preaches that "The Journey Home - Belonging" is more than being in the place of purpose for your life. He explains how your divine purpose, within God's house of many rooms, can be achieved by surrendering to Him. He shows how God predestined all of us to not only follow Him freely, but ultimately, give us all eternal life.

A Ploy & A Plan | Jenny Gilpin

Nov 25, 2017 28:54


Jenny Gilpin preaches on the 'cup of deliverance' that will compel you to move in the spirit. She shares of her experience of finding her birth mother and how it changed her entire understanding of how she was conceived. This didn't stop her from pursuing God and that He had the most divine plan for her from the time she was in the womb. From this message, you will discover that God the creator can change your future, regardless of what has happened in the past.

Full | James Edwards

Nov 18, 2017 21:22


Ps James preaches on the topic of being 'Full' where he explains that we don't need to feel empty once we find that relationship in God. James shares that when we turn our attention to alternative things, they can end up making us feeling even more thirsty. He goes on by saying that when we discover the fullness of God, we can experience an overflow of goodness that has always been intended for us.

Faith :: Backfire - Phil Pringle

Nov 15, 2017 22:07


Phil Pringle preaches on 'Faith - Backfire'. He shows how the impossible can be revived by referring to the experiences of Israelites and Moses and how God was able to counter the wrath of the Egyptians. Ps Phil powerfully communicates how this can be applied to today's society by showing that even in the midst of our financial, physical, spiritual or relational setbacks; we can expect God to help us to become 'unstuck' in our difficult situation.

How I Came Back to Life - Ian McCormack

Nov 4, 2017 49:07


Ian McCormack speaks about his experience of coming back to life after being stung by venomous jellyfish in Mauritius. He shares how his spirit left his body during the aftermath and of his encounter Jesus without being a believer at the time. It is the moment where Jesus had spoken to him and showed Ian glimpse of heaven, while his physical body back on Earth was pronounced dead by doctors at the hospital. Upon returning back to his human form, after this extraordinary encounter, Ian dedicated his life to the Lord and has been sharing this famous testimony and leading others to the Christ.

The Wonder of Worship - Phil Pringle

Nov 3, 2017 19:26


Phil Pringle preaches on why we should all worship. He explains that when we worship we create an area that welcomes the presence of God and details three areas for us to achieve this. Phil shares how the ability to communicate to God is not only a divine opportunity, but also an incredible life changing connection.

The Consciousness of God - Dr Caroline Leaf

Oct 21, 2017 37:33


Dr Caroline Leaf delivers a phenomenal message on 'The Conciousness of God'. She explains how our thought patterns can re-structure our brain and how we are all designed to think of God and/or Holy Spirit consistently throughout the day. She discusses, in great detail, how Godly or toxic thoughts affect our body as well as the people and environment around us.

Faith :: Go The Bold - Phil Pringle

Oct 14, 2017 27:18


Ps Phil Pringle shares how being bold is a matter of switching on faith. We can prevent ourselves from being a victim of discouragement by turning our complaining into praising. Phil shows we can also counter this by turning to Jesus who gives us our true source of boldness and faith.

Customer Feedback: "Hi Ps Phil, I listened to 'Go the Bold' podcast this morning - it has to be your best podcast ever! I needed a faith boost after a heavy day at work yesterday & that message packs a punch! Thanks for making these available online, its changed my day. Mike"

Step Out of Stuck - Paul Scanlon

Oct 8, 2017 44:07


Paul Scanlon preaches on when we can get to a place of stuck, or 'Bethesda', where high expectation is not met. He shows how we recognise the symptoms and advises the necessary steps to 'leave the colonnades' and closer to break through.

Know Your Why - Ken Costa

Sep 30, 2017 37:17


Ken Costa addresses the question that we all ask ourselves; what is the calling on our lives? He shares how we commonly question the reasons for our living, our destiny and our purpose. Ken then describes how Jesus Christ is the answer to the unsettling world we live in and that, if we seek him first, we will find resolve to our 'why'.

Everyday Life :: The Walk of Faith - Phil Pringle

Sep 24, 2017 36:38


In this episode of our series "Everyday Life”, Ps Phil Pringle preaches about “The Walk of Faith". Ps Phil shares how we should approach our daily lives with Christ at the center, and shows where and how we need to make sacrifices for God's miracles to take affect.

Everyday Life :: People Who Pray - Chris Pringle

Sep 17, 2017 28:07


This episode we have the delightful Ps Chris Pringle preaching on ‘Everyday Life - People Who Pray’. Ps Chris shares how we can strengthen our prayer life by following 3 practical key points. Practicing these effective methods enables a more thankful, unleashing a closer relationship with God.

Everyday Life :: Healthy Habits (Prayer) - Phil Pringle

Sep 10, 2017 24:28


This episode Ps Phil Pringle is preaching on Everyday Life - Prayer. He explains how to have a successful healthy habit to maintain and build your character within the church. He also reveals how, with repeated use of good habits formed around our priorities, we can achieve a more promising destiny in God's kingdom.

Fathers Day :: Dangerous Love - Phil Pringle

Sep 3, 2017 30:00


This episode we have Ps Phil Pringle preaching on 'Dangerous Love’ for Fathers Day. He shows us that God is a father figure in more ways than we realise. Ps Phil explains how God practices fatherhood with us, which influences how we parent ourselves.

Hope - Phil Pringle

Aug 27, 2017 28:47


Phil Pringle preaches on the topic of 'Hope' and shares how to find inspiration in times of discouragement. He shows
us we shouldn't procrastinate salvation and how through God and the Holy Spirit, we can turn despair into blessing.

One Another :: Connect - James Edwards

Aug 20, 2017 38:18


James Edwards preaches on what it is to be together as 'one' and how we need to be connected in fellowship with Christ. James shows how when we become Christians, we become the representation of Christ in the world. Therefore, we don't need just a Saviour, but also an embodying community to be successful.

One Another :: The Body of Christ - Ryan Smith

Aug 13, 2017 26:11


Ryan Smith preaches on this month's subject of One Another. He explains how in community we are stronger and lists what it means to be in the body of Christ. Ryan shows that we are not isolated in our journey with God and how His protection also means we are accountable to one another.

One Another :: When in Pain - Dr Alicia Britt Chole

Aug 6, 2017 38:39


Special guest, Alicia Britt Chole preaches on staying present with the people of God whenever we deal with times of pain. She helps us realise that distance is used by the enemy to determine your success and failure. To overcome this, we must stay honest, present and close to God in every moment, and not further apart.

One Another :: Heart Clutter - Dr Alicia Britt Chole

Aug 6, 2017 34:48


Special Guest Alicia Britt Chole talks how heart clutter and can hinder all things in our world affecting us physicality, emotionally and relationally. She shares the way to be effective it to be open to decrease, or a thinning in our heart clutter, and to increase our communion with God.

One Another :: Our Father - Phil Pringle

Jul 30, 2017 24:34


Phil Pringle preaches on the spiritual benefits of connecting with one another within the church. He explains that we are not supposed to live in isolation and gives examples of how powerful it is when two or more are gathered in agreeance with one another.

Vision Builders - Phil Pringle

Jul 11, 2017 23:40


Ps Phil Pringle preaches on expanding our vision and following the call of God to build The church. Ps Phil shares the vision of C3 Church as we head into our Vision Builders weekend and encourages us to rise in faith with our giving and expectations in seeing Sydney a city for Christ.

Boundaries :: Freedom - Phil Pringle

Jul 9, 2017 35:45


Phil Pringle preaches on the topic of Boundaries. He focuses on how there are elements in life that can prevent us from using our personal resources well. He shows how these examples can cause 'enslavement' without us realising how potentially corruptive it is to our lifestyle. Through God, he further discusses ways to maintain our boundaries plus how to free ourselves from the unfruitfulness of daily distractions.

The House of God - Reuben McIntyre

Jun 18, 2017 35:45


Reuben McIntyre preaches on church - the House of God! Church is a huge part of our Christian walk. It provides a place for worship, growth and fellowship. When we truly understand what the House of God is and why we have church, we are able to respond with a full heart.

When God Persues Us, What's Your Response? - Deb McIntyre

Jun 11, 2017 33:13


Deb McIntyre preaches on Choices and encourages us to think about what happens when we stop pursuing & crying out to God. She shares of characters such as Paul who in Romans wrote of the struggle’s we face as Christians, but we also have Jesus cheering us on from the sidelines and chasing after us. Listen to this message to learn Deb’s tips on making great Choices in our Christian walk.

Penticost Sunday - Phil Pringle

Jun 4, 2017 17:04


Phil Pringle preaches on Penticost Sunday and encourages the crowd by explaining its historic significance. He expands on how the encounter of the Holy Spirit helps us unleash our greatest potential with the power from heaven. As well as enabling the viewer to put God first, rather than turning to the ways of the world.

Love the one You're with - Rick Shelton

May 26, 2017 33:56


Rick Shelton preaches on how to be fulfilled with what you are and who you are with. In addition to this, he shows that investing in people is pivotal and that love always originates with God. Rick further explains how when you step out of the boundary of love; it mis-aligns your world and sours you internally.

The Greatest of these… Relationships - Phil Pringle

May 24, 2017 37:59


Phil Pringle preaches on the topic of relationships and how imperative it is to understand the needs of others. He expands on how most relational problems can be resolved with mutual communication, respectful love and a how we relate to God.

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