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Information and insights to help you build your legal practice by positioning yourself as an expert in your field.
Build Your Legal Practice


Information and insights to help lawyers to attract the clients and work they want.





It's all a dress-rehearsal

Aug 9, 2017 00:03:39


Develop the skills to build your practice - before they become critical.

Be prolific

May 18, 2017 00:03:10


To build profile in your chosen field, you need to publish a flow of articles. Here are some ways to repurpose an article you've already written.

Pick a goal

May 18, 2017 00:04:12


If you're doing something you enjoy, you'll work harder and longer and be more successful. Here are some ways to choose a goal to work towards.

Dare to dream

May 18, 2017 00:03:41


What are your aspirations for your legal practice or your career? Start by admitting them to yourself, the decide to go for it.

Never run out of ideas

Aug 31, 2016 00:05:54


How to keep on coming up with ideas for articles.

Develop your team

Jul 25, 2016 00:02:45


Is there a difference between coaching and mentoring?

Give them what they want

Jun 22, 2016 00:04:23


When you are preparing to give a presentation, how will you know if it will meet the needs of your audience?

Drive your career

May 9, 2016 00:03:00


When you write an article or give a presentation, who are you doing it for?

The ultimate competitive advantage

Mar 4, 2016 00:03:15


You don't get competitive advantage simply from buying something that is also available to your competitors.

Create your own future

Dec 17, 2015 00:05:11


What's the secret to staying on track with your goals and accomplish those things you wanted to achieve?

Build Your Profile

Nov 13, 2015 00:04:24


There is massive opportunity for lawyers to differentiate, build profile and attract clients through thought leadership activities

To differentiate, be different

Nov 3, 2015 00:02:55


How to achieve a differentiation that is not just marketing spin

Make Yourself an Expert

Sep 18, 2015 00:03:13


If you don't feel sufficiently confident of your expertise to offer yourself as a presenter, work on becoming an expert in something.

Help them to recommend you

Aug 10, 2015 00:04:44


How to help your clients to write better testimonials

Alone in the Crowd

Jul 27, 2015 00:03:37


If you arrive at a networking event and don't know anyone there, how do you handle the situation?

Walk through the door

Jul 9, 2015 00:03:32


Force up your learning curve by recognizing when opportunities are being offered.

Innovation in Legal Practice Conference

Jul 6, 2015 00:03:15


The International Bar Association will hold a conference with the theme Innovation in Legal Practice, in Adelaide, Australia, on 17-19 February 2016.

Table Manners

May 12, 2015 00:04:17


Meal-time business meetings present a very good opportunity for networking. Make the most of these, by creating a pleasant atmosphere at the table.

The ordinary days

Apr 28, 2015 00:03:10


Use the ordinary days, when nothing very exciting is happening, to work towards your goals.

Stop Procrastinating

Apr 14, 2015 00:04:41


It's easy to put off things we don't like doing. But procrastination never leads to a good place.

Produce a better translation

Mar 23, 2015 00:02:58


When what you say is going to be translated into another language, it takes an extra effort to ensure that your message is conveyed in the way you intend it.

Let them get to know you

Mar 12, 2015 00:05:54


Social media provides a wonderful opportunity for potential clients to find out what you are like, giving them the confidence to approach you.

Be adaptable

Feb 25, 2015 00:04:36


Know what you want

Jan 30, 2015 00:03:08


The first step in setting goals for your legal practice is to specify what you want to achieve. But this is not as easy as it sounds.

Explain Yourself

Dec 13, 2014 00:04:00


When you are presenting, consider if there is anything about you that will make the audience curious. Will it distract them from what you are saying?

Make them laugh

Dec 4, 2014 00:05:24


Should you start your presentation with a joke?

Help them take action

Nov 26, 2014 00:04:16


How to turn networking into business

Networking is work, not play

Nov 5, 2014 00:05:02


Structure Your Day

Oct 14, 2014 00:04:04


Get them talking about you

Sep 30, 2014 00:03:56


Word of mouth is the most powerful form of promotion. But relying on doing a good job and word spreading is a slow way to build your practice.

Be a Careful Curator

Sep 19, 2014 00:05:50


Supplement your own original content with other people's material, but respect their intellectual property rights.

Question Time

Aug 8, 2014 00:05:12


How to stay in control and maintain the good impression you've created with your presentation.

You can't teach that!

Jul 29, 2014 00:05:12


Learning by osmosis is too slow for modern law firms.

It's a talk, not a read

Jul 21, 2014 00:06:30


Why you should not literally "speak to your paper".

The Marketing Mix

Jun 28, 2014 00:06:08


Advertising is only one form of promotion. You need to use a variety of methods that all work together.

Get It Listed

Jun 18, 2014 00:02:46


To find time for practice develop, you must make time.

Grab the Chance

May 7, 2014 00:04:12


For every skill there has to be a first time. Grab the chance to practise and learn.

The Big Rocks

Apr 30, 2014 00:04:44


Is social media a time waster or an important strategic activity?

Help others to help you

Apr 7, 2014 00:04:36


Many lawyers don't like delegating, despite knowing the benefits. Ask yourself: why?

The Law of Inertia

Apr 7, 2014 00:03:32


Most of us, in our working lives, want to see a general upward trend. Don't entrust your career to inertia.

Speaking through your fingers

Apr 7, 2014 00:03:48


Internet communication has the character of conversation and calls for different skills from letter-writing.

How do you eat an elephant?

Apr 7, 2014 00:03:42


To achieve your practice development goals, break them into bite-sized bits

Make Yourself Memorable

Dec 17, 2013 00:02:58


When you meet someone for the first time at a networking event, you are unlikely to make an immediate sale of your legal services. It's more realistic to initiate a relationship on which you can build.

Invest in Your Vision

Nov 5, 2013 00:03:36


What do you want your legal practice to become? What do you need to do to turn that vision into a reality?

Aim Beyond the Goal

Oct 24, 2013 00:04:30


To accomplish big goals, you need smaller ones.

Guilt by Association?

Sep 30, 2013 00:03:22


Whom should you connect with on LinkedIn? Don't become paralyzed by this decision?

Give them some value

Aug 23, 2013 00:05:32


When writing an article or giving a presentation, it's important to give the audience some "take-home value"; some genuine advice that they can use in their businesses or their lives.

Give them some value

Aug 23, 2013 00:05:32


The Real Referrers

Jul 24, 2013 00:04:26


Referrals can come from some surprising sources. What are you doing to position yourself as an expert in the minds of people in your network?

Codify your training

Jul 12, 2013 00:05:36


Improving your ability to train new lawyers will build value in your law firm.

Break through the career plateau

Jun 4, 2013 00:04:22


Don't let your career stagnate - force up your learning curve and take your career to the next level.

Give them something to talk about

May 22, 2013 00:03:46


To discover new ways to help your clients, you need to know what they are thinking about. To do this, you need to get them talking.

Blogging Creates Connection

May 8, 2013 00:03:36


Blogging helps your readers to feel they know you before they've even met you, making them feel more comfortable about contacting you.

The key to your client's world

Apr 23, 2013 00:03:36


Trend analysis is used by business to predict the next big opportunity or looming threat. The same technique can be used by lawyers to gain a deeper understanding of the environment in which their clients operate.

Hold up a mirror

Apr 10, 2013 00:03:56


It's not easy to recognize our own unique strengths. But colleagues can help each other.

Just Make a Start

Feb 27, 2013 00:03:14


Many lawyers have difficulty imagining that they could position themselves as prominent experts. Start with an ambitious vision and simply work towards achieving it.

Give Your Year a Great Start

Jan 22, 2013 00:03:44


Practical actions to ensure that the New Year is a new year, not simply a repeat of last year.

How to Practise Your Presentation

Dec 20, 2012 00:04:50


If you want to make the most of a speaking opportunity - practise! It will refine your presentation and ensure it properly showcases your expertise.

The Secret to Being a Confident Presenter

Nov 6, 2012 00:04:34


Presenting is much more than simply delivering information. Here's how to feel more confident when speaking in front of a group.

Who are you, when no one is watching?

Nov 1, 2012 00:04:28


To be a better mentor, be a better role-model.

Build Your Own Ladder

Oct 31, 2012 00:05:04


Set your own career goals; don't rely on others to set your course.

Provide the Proof

Oct 30, 2012 00:04:10


"Word of mouth" is the most powerful form of promotion. You can boost word of mouth through thought leadership.

Be Teachable

Oct 26, 2012 00:04:52


When building your practice, to get a different result you must try something different.

Business Dating on the Internet

Oct 25, 2012 00:05:46


The Internet presents new ways to meet people and build your network.

Mentor for Growth

Sep 24, 2012 00:04:42


How to help your lawyers to develop a "growth mind-set"

Go For Growth

Sep 13, 2012 00:07:12


To get different results, you need to do something different, and this needs to be supported by a "growth mindset".

How to be One in a Million

Sep 6, 2012 00:03:58


Don't be daunted by the prospect of building your profile.

When is a blog not a blog?

Aug 28, 2012 00:04:42


When it's just an online bulletin board

Presenting, or Just Saying?

Aug 24, 2012 00:04:36


When you give a presentation, it's not enough to say your points - you need to present them.

Start with a Strategy

Aug 17, 2012 00:04:28


Decide what you want to be known for - and by whom.

Make Every New Year a New Year

Aug 16, 2012 00:03:44


What do you do to ensure that the new year is not simply a re-run of the previous one?

Beyond the Comfort Zone

Aug 15, 2012 00:04:56


To get different results, you need to do things differently.

Top of Mind, not just for Mr Google

Aug 14, 2012 00:05:22


The purpose of developing informational content is not just to achieve Google rankings; it's to build engagement with your market.

Build a Career as a Thought-Leading Lawyer

Aug 13, 2012 00:03:52


How to build your career with a view to becoming a go-to expert in your chosen field of practice

Leverage Your Thought Leadership

Aug 8, 2012 00:03:18


How to get more value from the time you spend writing and speaking.

Conquering Writer's Cringe

Aug 8, 2012 00:04:30


To be more prolific with your articles, don't blame writer's block; address the deeper issue of writer's cringe.

Know What You Know

Aug 8, 2012 00:04:44


Don't simply report on the law. Draw on your unique experience when writing and speaking.

Create Your Content Bank

Aug 4, 2012 00:04:00


Be ready to write, when you have that elusive half an hour available.

Communicate Constantly

Aug 4, 2012 00:04:02


Become a better mentor by creating more value in every interaction.

Making it Relevant

Aug 4, 2012 00:04:42


How to make greater impact with your seminar or conference presentation.

Be Prolific

Aug 2, 2012 00:04:16


How to create a flow of valuable information to position yourself as a go-to expert.

Show An Interest

Aug 2, 2012 00:03:10


How to build relationships with your clients.

Know What Interests Them

Aug 2, 2012 00:02:24


How to adopt the client's perspective when choosing topics for writing or speaking.

Find Something To Say

Aug 2, 2012 00:04:20


How to find topics for your writing and speaking, that will interest your clients.

Widen Your Circle

Aug 2, 2012 00:04:50


Why networking is not about simply "working the room".

Beware of Imitations

Aug 2, 2012 00:04:38


The importance of being your authentic self as a legal practitioner.