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Build a Cubicle Free Business Podcast


A blog about building useful niche websites that enable you to be cubicle free


CF 009 : Zero to Over $4000 per Month in Six Months with Doug Cunnington

Feb 6, 2014 47:20


How to Plan Your Project and Build a Lucrative Amazon Affiliate Website – Build a Cubicle Free Business Podcast – Episode 9 I really hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed doing it. Doug Cunnington, the guy I interview, has a remarkable story that even many Pros can learn from and something that […]

CF 008 : Fundamentals of Creating Killer Content with John McIntyre

Jan 23, 2014 40:39


How the Internet is Changing the World and How You Can Benefit with Great Copywriting – Build a Cubicle Free Business Podcast – Episode 8 This week we get to meet John McIntyre, a guy who’s methods I have been applying to my own business. I really wanted to share the story of a man […]

CF 007 : Golden Lessons and a Fun Challenge : The Five Dollar Challenge

Jan 16, 2014 35:55


Discover How to Delegate Quickly and Easily – Build a Cubicle Free Business Podcast – Episode 7 This week I start by asking the guys what they have found most useful so far in my process of coaching. It is pretty awesome to see how far the guys have come in such a short time. Highlights […]

CF 006 : Fully Uncovering the Opportunity & Ensuring a Successful Launch

Jan 9, 2014 25:18


Define the Needs of Your Target Audience While Growing a Customer Base for Launch – Build a Cubicle Free Business Podcast – Episode 6 This week we tackle a challenge the guys face with fully understanding the opportunity they think exists but need to validate and define. After sending out many targeted emails over past […]

CF 005 : Build a Lucrative Online Business Fast : How to Create a Minimum Viable Product

Jan 2, 2014 24:55


Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – Build a Cubicle Free Business Podcast – Episode 5 This week we see that Spencer and Darcy are facing some really tight time constraints. To help achieve the guys goals we discuss Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and I provide a bunch of examples to get the guys creative juices […]

CF 004 : Create A Compelling Future : Making Goals That Work

Dec 26, 2013 24:50


Powerful Motivations Shared and Making Goals That Work – Build a Cubicle Free Business Podcast – Episode 4 This week we find out that awesome things are happening  as Spencer and Darcy get an early win from emails sent out to their target market (Avatar) they identified last week. Then we get stuck into the methodology […]

CF 003 : Generate More Sales Effortlessly : Develop An Avatar for Your Online Business

Dec 19, 2013 22:06


How to Create An Irresistible Offering By Making An Avatar – Build a Cubicle Free Business Podcast – Episode 3 This week we discuss some wins for the week and get stuck into ensuring we are creating an irresistible service that people want to buy. The “avatar” or “one person” is all about creating a fictional person that is […]

CF 002 : Facing Awesome Challenges and Winning : Creating a One Page Business Plan

Dec 17, 2013 25:16


The One Page Business Plan – Build a Cubicle Free Business Podcast – Episode 2 Well G’Day Freedom Seekers! Summary This week we see how the guys are facing massive challenges uncovered from the project plan and move on to creating a one page business plan. This episode will set the foundation for an incredible business […]

CF 001 : Make Money Online Faster by Simple Project Planning

Dec 12, 2013 31:31


The ULTIMATE Plan for Online Business Well Hello Freedom Seekers! Summary In my first episode you will meet two guys named Spencer and Darcy. For the first few weeks at least, I will be working as a business coach with Spencer and Darcy to help get their business off the ground. The idea is that […]