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March 2019 – Explaining Advancement-The Trail to Eagle

Feb 21, 2019 13:00


Advancement is an important part of the Scouting program, but you already know that, right? But advancement in Scouts BSA is very different from Cub Scout advancement. Wayne Huddleston, who serves on the National Advancement Task Force, explains the purpose of advancement for Scouts BSA members, what resources are available, and everything in between. Host […]

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February 2019 – Training: Why You Need it and How to Get It

Jan 24, 2019 15:43


This episode is all about training. We’re talking with seasoned Scouting veteran Dan Maxfield about why it’s important, how to get trained, and everything you need to know about training. Whether you’re new to Scouting or have been around the Scouting block a time or two, you’ll be left wondering, “With so many training opportunities […]

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January 2018 - A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Troop

Dec 28, 2018


So, you’ve decided you might like to be a Scoutmaster. Congratulations! Are you a member of a school, church, or civic club that thinks it might be a good idea to have a troop? Good for you! But, hmmm … where do you begin? Fear not! This episode gives you a step-by-step guide to starting a troop. You’ve got this!

December 2018 - Scouts BSA Frequently Asked Questions

Nov 21, 2018


The new Scouts BSA program—in case anyone out there hasn’t already heard—means girls will be allowed to join Scout troops in February 2019. This is a big change to our already fantastic organization, so naturally the questions have been pouring in. We’ve gathered a list of the most frequently asked questions and joining us is the woman with all the answers—April McMillian. April is the department manager of Program Development here at the BSA National Service Center and will help us get the right answers to all those burning questions.

November 2018 - Crossover for Adults

Oct 26, 2018


This month’s episode stems from a tweet we received asking if we could have an episode not on youth who cross over from Cub Scouting to Scouts BSA but on adults who cross over from Cub Scouting to Scouts BSA. And we agreed that would make for an interesting discussion. So, we invited Steve Bowen back to the show. You may remember Steve from the November 2014 show where we discussed the development of merit badges. In addition to being on the National Merit Badge Subcommittee and other national committees, Steve has served as both a Cubmaster and a Scoutmaster, so we look to him for guidance on this topic.

October 2018 - Be Prepared for Your First Meeting

Sep 27, 2018


OK, listeners, we’ve had discussions on new-unit development and recruiting youth and leaders, so now is the time to start planning those meetings and activities. But we don’t want to throw everything out there at once, so let’s figure out what you need to do to Be Prepared for that first meeting. To help us with that is Lorie McGraw, a Scouting volunteer for 23 years with the Indian Waters Council in Columbia, South Carolina, Somehow, she found time to also prepare to be an assistant Scoutmaster for a new all-girl troop that will start next year.

September 2018 - Can We Talk? Make New Friends From All Over the World!

Aug 24, 2018


Jamboree-on-the Air and Jamboree-on-the-Internet events held every October. The World Scout Bureau reported that last year, JOTA and JOTI events had more than 1.5 million Scout participants from more than 160 countries! In this month’s episode, 2 of the JOTA/JOTI team members, Jim Wilson, (JOTA rep) and Greg Wojcicki (JOTI rep) share with us how you can be a part of these world-wide events. The events take place in October so you should listen to this episode soon… like right now.

August 2018 - Finding Leaders for Your All-Girl Troop

Jul 27, 2018


Girls will become eligible to become Scouts BSA troops in 2019, which will be here before you know it. We talked a few months ago about new unit development, so now let’s talk about recruiting leaders for those units with Scott Berger, a 50-year BSA veteran who currently serves on a multitude of committees and task forces with the Patriots’ Path Council in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey.

July 2018 - Recruiting Campaigns

Jun 28, 2018


If you’re a regular listener (and of course you are), you’ll recall that back in May we discussed what you need to do to start a new unit. But first, you need the youth for that unit. Now is the time to start recruiting. We need some fresh ideas for the digital times we live in, so join us to discuss recruiting campaigns with Hayley Cordaro, the Social Media Specialist with the Communications Team here at the National Service Center. One of her main responsibilities is developing digital strategies for the BSA.

June 2018 - Everything You’re Doing Is Already STEM

May 29, 2018


Back in March of 2015, we did an episode about introducing STEM into your unit, and we talked about some pretty cool STEM activities. Since then, STEM has gotten pretty popular, and units are really taking their activities to the next level. In this episode, Emily Campbell Roundtable Commissioner for in the Gulf Coast Council in Pensacola, Florida, shows us how STEM can be integrated into stuff you’re already doing to earn the Nova and Supernova awards.

May 2018 - New-Unit Development: Providing Scouting to Girls

Apr 28, 2018


We all know by now that girls will be able to join Scouting in 2019, but it’s already May, which means 2019 is just seven months away. That seems like a long time but we all know it’ll be here before we know it. Gene Butler, the Business Development Specialist for the National Alliances team at the National Service Center, joins us to explain what’s needed to start a troop so we’re ready on day one to provide this wonderful program we call Scouting to girls.

April 2018 – Youth Protection Training

Apr 1, 2018 11:40


April is Youth Protection Month and the Boy Scouts of America takes that very seriously. True youth protection can be achieved only through the focused commitment of everyone in Scouting. In this special crossover CubCast/ScoutCast episode, BSA Director of Youth Protection, Michael Johnson, explains how the revised Youth Protection training helps volunteers and professionals maintain […]

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April 2018 - Youth Protection Training

Mar 30, 2018


April is Youth Protection Month and the Boy Scouts of America takes that very seriously. True youth protection can be achieved only through the focused commitment of everyone in Scouting. In this special crossover CubCast/ScoutCast episode, BSA Director of Youth Protection, Michael Johnson, explains how the revised Youth Protection training helps volunteers and professionals maintain a culture of Youth Protection awareness and safety at the national, regional, area, council, district, and unit levels.

March 2018 - The Webelos Den and Your Scout Troop

Mar 1, 2018


In this special CubCast/ScoutCast episode, Amy and Bryan chat with Linda Baker, Program Vice President of the Northeast Region, about preparing both your Webelos Den and your Scout troop for the Webelos-to-Scout transition plan. Linda is currently working on the task force updating the Cub Scout handbooks and is a local Troop Committee Chair, so she has a great perspective from both sides of the transition process.

February 2018 – The Den Chief

Feb 1, 2018 12:56


Why are we talking about Den Chiefs in ScoutCast? Because not only is a Den Chief great for a den (and we’ll talk about that, too), but Northeast Illinois Council Commissioner John Duncan shares with us how it’s fantastic leadership training for your Scout or Venturer.

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February 2018 - The Den Chief

Jan 31, 2018


Why are we talking about Den Chiefs in ScoutCast? Because not only is a Den Chief great for a den (and we’ll talk about that, too), but Northeast Illinois Council Commissioner John Duncan shares with us how it’s fantastic leadership training for your Scout or Venturer.

January 2018 - Why You Should Go to the World Jamboree!

Dec 29, 2017


We’re starting the ScoutCast year by talking about the World Scout Jamboree to be held right here in the USA at the Summit! Sign-ups are already underway, so we’re here to talk about why you should register to attend this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We’ll be discussing things like dealing with all the different languages and cultural differences – especially food - of all the contingents. We’re joined by World Jamboree Team Lead Marty Walsh, who shares with us all the wonders that await Scouts at this historic event.

December 2017 - The Importance of Adult Recognition

Nov 10, 2017


While Scouters don’t volunteer just for the awards, it’s sure nice to get some recognition for your hard work from time to time. District Executive Kenneth Toole of the Central Minnesota Council contacted the ScoutCast mailbox and said he’s got someone so fantastic at promoting those adult awards that we should invite him onto the show. And that’s exactly what we did. Loren Meinke of Brainerd, Minnesota, who’s been volunteering his time with the Boy Scouts for 48 years shares with us the importance of giving and receiving awards.

November 2017 - The e-Bully

Oct 26, 2017


This month’s ScoutCast is ripped from the pages of the November issue of Boys’ Life Magazine where there’s a fictional, heart-warming tale about two boys who are bullied who then find ways to use that bullying to their advantage. And it’s written by none other than James Patterson, the award-winning, best=selling author. So we at ScoutCast thought bullying would be an important topic to discuss this month - specifically, the kind found out there on the internet because there ain’t no bully like a e-bully. And joining us for the discussion is Tahia Marable, Program Manager for Education Outreach and Prevention with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

October 2017 - Scouts and Screen Time

Sep 28, 2017


There’s a fascinating new book that came out a few months ago called Saving Our Sons: A New Path for Raising Healthy and Resilient Boys. This book features the latest research on how too much screen time with electronics and video games can affect male emotional intelligence, male motivation development, and the male brain. Join Bryan and Lee as they discuss this hot topic with the book’s author, Michael Gurian.

September 2017 - Scouts and Scholarships

Sep 1, 2017


Did someone say, “Free money”? Let’s face it – because Scouts get to have some incredible experiences, they already have an advantage to receiving a lot of scholarships that are out there. But did you know that there are many scholarships that are Eagle Scout-specific? Ryan Larson, the Associate Director for Alumni Relations at the National Service Center, joins us to explain what’s out there, where they are, and how and when to apply.

August 2017 - Boy Scouting e-Training

Jul 28, 2017


So, you’re a new Scouting volunteer. Thanks for joining us! You’re probably wondering right about now what you’ve got yourself into. But relax – this month’s episode is all about what is probably the best advice you’re ever going to get in Scouting and that is: Always ask who snores before picking a tent mate. No, wait! The best advice is actually TAKE. THE. TRAINING. Just click the Download button as Dan Maxfield, who served on the task force that created these online training courses, explains how the new online training modules will enable you to know exactly what to do and where resources can be found.

July 2017 - Cultivating Volunteers

Jun 28, 2017


Do you remember the episode on Succession Planning we did back in January? We talked about looking within your unit for that special person who might someday take your place. Well, this month we take it a step further by looking for volunteers who are needed right now and explaining where you can find them outside your unit. Helping us in this search for volunteers is Shooting Sports Instructor and ScoutCast veteran Bill Adams, from the Southern Shores Field Service office in Hartland, Michigan. We’ll discuss the surprising places you can find potential volunteers to fill positions at the unit, district and even council level.

June 2017 - Presenting the New Member Coordinator

Jun 20, 2017


It’s a topic so big it cannot be contained in one podcast! Ellie Morrison, assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 308 in Waco, Texas, joins CubCast’s Amy Hutcherson and ScoutCast’s Bryan Wendell in a special CubCast/ScoutCast crossover episode to share with us everything you need to know about the New Member Coordinator (meaning a coordinator for new members, even though, yes, it is a new position … well, you get it).

June 2017 – Presenting the New Member Coordinator

Jun 19, 2017 11:30


It’s a topic so big it cannot be contained in one podcast! Ellie Morrison, assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 308 in Waco, Texas, joins CubCast’s Amy Hutcherson and ScoutCast’s Bryan Wendell in a special CubCast/ScoutCast crossover episode to share with us everything you need to know about the New Member Coordinator (meaning a coordinator for new […]

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May 2017 - Something EDGE-y

May 4, 2017


The May/June issue of Scouting magazine features a story by our very own ScoutCast host, Bryan Wendell as he accompanied Troop 7031 of Flagstaff, Arizona on a pretty exciting canoeing adventure to Yellowstone National Park. He witnessed the incredible leadership of Matt Nichols, the Assistant Scoutmaster as he brought the Teaching EDGE to life. So please join us as Bryan and Lee chat with Matt in greater detail about that trip and the finer points of EDGE.

April 2017 - Building the Budget

Mar 31, 2017


OK, listeners, let’s talk budgets. Sure, the best things in life are free, but everything else costs money and practically every entity runs on a budget: the government, businesses, households. Even your troop needs to budget for all those fun activities and trips. We checked in with a few Scoutmasters who told us that sometimes, they just let the Troop Committee handle the budget because it can be a bit overwhelming. So we got some help on that for you. Charlie Garwood, who joined us in September to talk about working with the troop committee, has come back to ScoutCast to show us how your troop or crew can plan the budget.

March 2017 - Generational Diversity

Feb 24, 2017


OK – “generational” probably has to do with generations, right? And “diversity” means different types of people. So one could assume that together this means different generations. But, what does that have to do with Scouting or, more specifically, your troop or crew? Pat Wellen, manager of the Research and Strategy Team at the National Service Center, tells us how figuring out the right strategy to ask for parent participation specifically depends on what generation they’re from. It’s really a fascinating discussion, so join us, won’t you?

February 2017 - Boy Scout Retention

Jan 30, 2017


Webelos are beginning to cross over into your troop and while getting boys into your troop is one thing, it’s important to know how to keep them in the troop and coming back week after week. Charles “Doc” Goodwin is the Scoutmaster of Troop 236 in Kettering, Ohio, and for more than 30 years his troop consistently has had more than 100 Scouts! So what’s his secret?

January 2017 - Succession Planning

Dec 30, 2016


Sometimes here on ScoutCast, we remind listeners that they need to have a succession plan in place should a leader or committee member be unable to keep their commitment, but we realized it might be a good idea to also help listeners put a good succession plan in place. Committee chair Kathleen Daggett of Santa Rosa, California, joins us for this eye-opening discussion. (What? Leaders don’t grow on trees?)

December 2016 - Boards of Review

Dec 1, 2016


Let’s take a minute to think about your troop or crew meetings. Hopefully by this point, you’re in the norming or performing stage and everyone is having fun, but have the meetings gotten a little predictable? Every now and again, you should have a meeting that stands out above the rest, a meeting where everyone leaves saying, “Wow!” So right here on ScoutCast is Eagle Scout Mark Ray, key writer of the 13th Edition of the Boy Scout Handbook and the new two-volume Troop Leader Guidebook to help lead the discussion.

November 2016 - Boards of Review

Oct 25, 2016


Listener Bryan King asked us if we could do a show about the Board of Review process. Advancement specialist Mike LoVecchio agreed with that suggestion because, as he told us, “I get calls all the time with questions about Boards of Review.” You do? Well then, Mike, you’re just the person to come on ScoutCast and answer our questions. Let’s find out together what Mike says are some of the most frequently asked questions about Board of Reviews.

October 2016 - Scouting Alumni / Council Alumnus of the Year

Sep 28, 2016


The Scouting Alumni Association is a call to all who have been positively impacted by the BSA. That includes family members of Scouts past and present, volunteers, Scouters, and community leaders. Is that you? We hope so and because we Scouters love awards, there’s even a Council Alumnus of the Year Award! Mike Movius, committee member of the National SAA as well as chairman of the Pacific Harbors Council NESA and Scouting Alumni Association Committee explains it all right here on ScoutCast. Join us, won’t you?

September 2016 - Working With the Troop Committee

Aug 29, 2016


Do you know what a troop committee is or what the members are supposed to do? What’s the relationship between the Scoutmaster and the committee? Charlie Garwood, who currently serves as the Area 5 vice president for program for the Piedmont Council in Gastonia, North Carolina, joins us for the discussion.

August 2016 - The Kodiak Challenge

Jul 26, 2016


As Scout leaders, you all know how important advanced leadership training is. We’ve got NYLT and NAYLE and Kodiak. That’s right – we said Kodiak. Oh sure, a few years ago the Kodiak Trek may have been just for Venturers, but now – Kodiak is open to all Scouters! , Peter Self, who served as national staff advisor to the Kodiak syllabus shares with us why you should implement the Kodiak Challenge into your troop’s advanced leadership training and how to make it happen.

July 2016 - Think the Jamboree Door is Closed? Here’s How to Open It

Jun 28, 2016


Has your son or anyone in your troop or crew signed up to go the 2017 National Jamboree yet? No? Why not? You already know what a great experience it will be for them and that they’ll make a ton of new friends, but maybe you all think it will be too financially or physically challenging. Maybe the jamboree is only for a privileged few, or maybe you think the door is closed because (gasp!) of the girls in your crew! Whatever the reason you think the jamboree door has been closed, corporate partnership manager Owen McCulloch tells us how to grab onto that door handle and open it wide.

June 2016 - Who Can Sign Off on Requirements?

May 26, 2016


That’s the question that appeared in the ScoutCast mailbox courtesy of listener Rich Eitzel. “We aim to please, said host Lee Shaw, so we invited advancement task force member Wayne Huddleston onto the show for an in-depth discussion of who can sign off requirements for both merit badges and ranks. Is it the merit badge counselor or the Scoutmaster? Maybe it’s the senior patrol leader or maybe all three, but can one over-ride the another’s decision? Click the Download button to find out!

May 2016 - How the Exploring Program Can Support Your Troop

Apr 28, 2016


You may have read the title of this episode and thought, “Did I read this right? Exploring can support my Boy Scout troop?” Well, it’s true! Joining us as we explore the many different ways the Exploring program can offer support to your Scouts is senior Exploring specialist Kristen Falatko and Boy Scout program specialist Garfield Murden. We were surprised by what they shared with us and we bet you will be, too.

April 2016 - Summer Community Activities

Mar 29, 2016


A lot of troops and crews think that just because they have some kids going to Philmont, Sea Base, Northern Tier, or the Summit, they can take the summer off. ScoutCast host Bryan Wendell thinks summer is “the greatest season of the year” for troop and crew activities, so we invited Jeff Bostwick, a member of the Boy Scout Experience Task Force, to share with us some of the activities you can do and how those activities can benefit your troop, crew, and community.

March 2016 - The Guided Discovery Process

Feb 26, 2016


The Scoutmaster is the adult leader of a youth-led troop. The Venturing Advisor is the adult leader of a youth-led crew. How do you assist the youth without lecturing? What is the process of shifting the attention off of yourself, as the adult leader and onto the senior patrol leader or crew president? Join us as Boy Scout Development Task Force member, Larry Green, guides us through this discussion of the guided discovery process.

February 2016 - The Scoutmaster’s Minute

Jan 28, 2016


The Scoutmaster’s Minute is a brief inspirational message, usually given at the end of a meeting or at the end of an activity in which you bring the whole group back together. But what makes a good Scoutmaster’s Minute? Does it have to be at the end of the meeting? And does it have to be a minute? We asked these questions to John Duncan, Council Commissioner with the Northeast Illinois Council, who gave us a lot of food for thought.

January 2016 - The Outdoor Ethics Guide

Dec 31, 2015


So the way we hear it; the Leave No Trace Trainer is now going to be replaced with the Outdoor Ethics Guide, but Leave No Trace is still being implemented, and oh, Tread Lightly has been added into the mix. Sound confusing? Well, all you need to do is click the download button as Dave O’Leary, the Outdoor Ethics coordinator for the Northeast Region, joins us to explain everything we need to know about this new youth leadership position.

August 2015 - Boy Scout Program Updates

Jun 1, 2015


Not being one to rest on its laurels, the Boy Scouts of America is constantly looking at ways to improve the Boy Scouting experience for both youth and adults. We invited 411 Task Force member Diane Cannon from the Sam Houston Area Council in Houston, Texas, to ScoutCast to share the process of how updates to the current program are decided. Join us for this surprisingly fun discussion.

July 2015 - Recruiting in Your Community

Jun 1, 2015


Letting your community know what your unit is up to is good for both the unit and the community. Michael Ramsey, department manager of Marketing and Experience Management, is here to explain how spreading the joy of Scouting in our communities can be your best recruiting tool.

June 2015 - Just What is the Order of the Arrow?

Jun 1, 2015


You’ve probably heard of it, maybe even know someone who’s in it. Some people think it has something to do with Indians…(maybe?) Some even suspect it’s a “secret society” within the Boy Scout organization. And why are the members so gosh-darn loyal? National Chief Nick Dannemiller joins us as we explore the mystery that is the Order of the Arrow. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

September 2015 - How to Sell Popcorn When You're No Longer an Adorable Cub Scout

Jun 1, 2015


Everyone knows Scouting is full of really cool activities like camping and kayaking and building robots, but like everything else on Planet Earth, it costs money. So another big part of Scouting is fundraising. It's not too difficult when you're a cute little Cub Scout, and you give a great big smile with those adorable chubby cheeks and start stumbling through your script. You're just so doggone precious, people gladly buy whatever you're selling. But what about when the Scouts get older and a little less adorable? Donovan Fisher, aka The Popcorn Scout, and his dad, Scott, with the Washington Crossing Council in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, are here to share with us Donovan’s secrets as the third highest selling Scout in 2013 with more than $23,000 in sales. Did Dad help? Let's find out.

December 2015 - Plan B

Jun 1, 2015


You’re familiar with Plan B, right? It’s what you have ready as a backup just in case your original plan falls apart. Now the Boy Scouts of America is very good at being prepared should something unforeseen happen during an activity, but what if something goes awry and that activity might not happen at all? Do you just cancel? We here at ScoutCast don’t think you should so we invited Bill Adams, a 30-year Scouting volunteer from the Southern Shores Field Office in Hartland, Michigan, to join us for a discussion on how to get your troop ready for whatever may come its way.

November 2015 - Scout Safety

Jun 1, 2015


Whether you’re new to Scouting or have been with us for a while, you’re probably - and hopefully - very familiar with the Guide to Safe Scouting and the BSA’s rules and regulations regarding safety. You can tell we take safety very seriously. Here to explain the method to the madness of these regulations is our very own Richard Bourlon, team lead of Health and Safety. Let’s find out together.

October 2015 - Advanced Leadership Training: What’s In It for You?

Jun 1, 2015


Don Wendell, father of ScoutCast co-host Bryan Wendell and former chair of the National Advanced Leadership Task Force, stops by the ScoutCast studio to tell us all about the various advanced leadership courses that the BSA offers and how those courses will help you become not only a better leader (which makes the program better for the youth), but also a better employee, manager, parent, etc., and have a good time doing so. Take the first step to being a better you and click the Download button to hear more.

May 2015 - How the New Cub Scouting Program Affects Your Troop

May 1, 2015


With the new Cub Scouting program, Webelos are going to be a whole lot better prepared than they used to be to join your troop. What do you, as a Scout leader, need to do to get ready? Join ScoutCast hosts Lee Shaw and Bryan on Scouting blogger Bryan Wendell as they discuss all the details with Dennis Kampa, author of the BALOO Training Guide and Cub Scout Adventures task force member. His answer may surprise you.

April 2015 - How Venturing Can Help, Not Hurt, Your Troop

Apr 1, 2015


Contrary to popular opinion, the Venturing program does not have plans to take the boys out of your troop and into its crews. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Venturers can be mentors, help with service projects and help strengthen your unit. Still not buying it? Then click the Download button and listen in as District Executive Patrick Higgins, of the Simon Kenton Council in Columbus, Ohio, chats with us about how these two programs can harmoniously work together.

March 2015 - Incorporating STEM into Your Troop Meetings

Mar 1, 2015


Is your troop stuck in a rut, doing the same activities year after year? How about using pipe foam and duct tape to build a miniature roller coaster (and learning about kinetic energy) or making a catapult out of craft sticks and rubber bands and sending things flying through the air (while secretly measuring velocity and distance)? Ron Colletti of the Greater St. Louis Council shares the kits he prepares for incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in your den and pack Meetings. Your Scouts will have a blast…literally!

January 2015 - Getting Permission to Handle Awkward Situations

Jan 1, 2015


If you’re a seasoned Scoutmaster, assistant Scoutmaster, or Venturing Advisor, you know what we’re talking about. Awkward situations and the discussions that need to take place because of them is a common occurrence in Scouting. But, the Scout or Venturer is not your child, so first you have to have an awkward conversation with the parent or guardian to get permission to have that discussion. It takes some experience to know how to handle these situations tactfully, so longtime Scoutmaster and current Venturing Advisor Peter Self shares the microphone with us to discuss in great detail how to get permission to handle awkward situations.

February 2015 - How to Motivate a Scout Along the Merit Badge Trail

Jan 1, 2015


How do you explain the benefits of merit badges to a boy? Sure, you’re the adult, you get it, but how do we explain it so the Scout gets it? And what if all he wants to do is earn the outdoor badges like Camping and Kayaking? How do you pique his interest in ones like Chess, Law, or Reptile and Amphibian Study? Zach Chopp-Adams, advisor for the C2 section of the Michigan Crossroads Council, wrote one of his Wood Badge tickets on motivating Scouts to earn merit badges and shares his insight right here on ScoutCast.

December 2014 - Lifesaving Awards

Dec 1, 2014


Scouts in Action is the most popular feature of Boys’ Life magazine so we thought it might be nice to end the ScoutCast year with a discussion about the different lifesaving awards and how they get awarded. Chuck Ezell, department manager for Regional Operations Support, joins us for this engaging discussion.

November 2014 - New Merit Badges

Nov 1, 2014


Did you know that in the past five years the Boy Scouts of America increased the number of merit badges a boy can earn from 121 to 134? What are the new ones and what’s the future of merit badges? New Merit Badges Task Force volunteer Steve Bowen answers these and other questions about the new merit badges Scouting has to offer. Do you know what the No.1 earned merit badge last year was? We do.

October 2014 - Venturing Updates

Oct 1, 2014


Why make updates to Venturing? Having just completed his term as one of the national venturing vice presidents, Aaron Parks-Young of Garland, Texas, he knows all about the new updates to an already great program, including some really cool updates to the new and improved awards. And he shares them with Scoutcast!

September 2014 - The How and Why of the Patrol Method

Sep 1, 2014


Boy Scout founder Lord Baden-Powell once said, “The Patrol (method) is the one essential feature in which Scout training differs from that of all other organizations, and where properly applied, it is absolutely bound to bring success. It cannot help itself!” So before accepting the position of area director for Area 5 of the Central Region, Mark Griffin was tasked with developing training and a big part of that was helping leaders understand the patrol method and how to get the most from it. He shares a lot of that understanding right here on ScoutCast.

August 2014 - Recruiting Older Scouts and Venturers

Aug 1, 2014


Scott Woolery is the chartered organization representative for a troop in Plymouth, Minnesota, that can boast that it has 104 registered boys and has been continuously chartered since 1916. We were fairly certain that not all of these boys transitioned from Webelos, so how did he do it? How is it possible that the troop has 104 boys? We invited Scott to ScoutCast to answer those questions and more; his answers may surprise you!

July 2014 - How Your Troop Can Get the Most From Boys’ Life Magazine

Jul 1, 2014


Mike Goldman, editorial director of Boys’ Life magazine (who gets paid to think like a 12-year-old boy) likes to say “if it’s in a boy’s life – it’s in Boys’ Life.”  Join us as he shares his passion for the magazine that not only gives leaders all kinds of great ideas for having  successful units; it is the ultimate advancement tool.

June 2014 - Just What is the Order of the Arrow?

Jun 1, 2014


You’ve probably heard of it, maybe even know someone who’s in it. Some people think it has something to do with Indians…(maybe?) Some even suspect it’s a “secret society” within the Boy Scout organization. And why are the members so gosh-darn loyal? National Chief Nick Dannemiller joins us as we explore the mystery that is the Order of the Arrow. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

May 2014 - Duty to God – It’s More Than a Patch

May 1, 2014


A priest and a rabbi walk into ScoutCast…to talk about Duty to God. No, it’s not a joke; Father Don Hummel and Rabbi Peter Hyman join us to explore the concept of Duty to God in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America. How does the BSA define religion? Do you have members in your troop or crew who are of different faiths? How do you deal with that? If you want the answers to these questions, just click the download button.

April 2014 - Scout Widows (and Widowers)

Apr 1, 2014


Jeff Kearney of Downington, Pennsylvania, has been very active in Scouting for over 10 years; Founder and Cubmaster of Pack 91, NYLT Course Director, Scoutmaster, and the list goes on. His lovely wife, Deborah, is left behind to take care of all the day-to-day family stuff. So how do you handle it when your spouse is not around, spending most of his or her time helping the youth of America build character? It’s for Scouting, after all, so what can you do? Jeff and Deborah engage us in a fabulous discussion in how to be deeply involved in Scouting and still be happily married.

March 2014 - New Program Features

Mar 1, 2014


It’s true! Troop Program Features will soon become simply Program Features! Why? Because these 48 new modules can be used not only by troops, but also by Varsity teams and Venturing crews! You want to be prepared with how to use them, right? We called Program Features Task Force Chairman Jim Virgin, from Portland, Oregon, to share all the new and exciting activities Program Features has to offer!

February 2014 - A Sneak Peek at Project 411

Feb 1, 2014


You’ve heard the rumors: “Those guys at the national office are going to ruin everything with all the Project 411 changes!” But tune in to this ScoutCast, as Peter Self, an active participant on the 411 Task Force, dispels the myths and rumors and gives us a sneak peek at what’s really going on; who’s on the task force, the reasons for the changes, what changes are being made, and what’s going to stay the same.

January 2014 - MyScouting Tools

Jan 1, 2014


Debra Kendrew, the Senior IT Project Manager who is responsible for the volunteer experience with respect to MyScouting Tools. She works closely with volunteers just like you to ensure the new tools being developed meet your needs. We asked Debra to give us all the details so this tool can be utilized by everyone in scouting and how to get the most from it.

December 2013 - Unique Challenges With the Eagle Scout Process

Dec 1, 2013


As a young man grows from Life Scout to Eagle Scout, he goes through a set of prescribed requirements that must be met in order to earn the esteemed award. Sounds reasonable enough, right?  Well, Wayne Huddleston, Eagle rank and Palm specialist on the National Advancement Committee, shares with us that sometimes the road to Eagle Scout doesn't go as smoothly as it should.  Click the Download button to find out more

November 2013 - Working With Problem Parents

Nov 1, 2013


We asked 56 experienced Scoutmasters from across the country, “What do you know now that you wish you knew as a new Scoutmaster?” The overwhelming response was not handling issues with the kids, but with…their parents!

So with the help of Zach Chopp-Adams, who has been a Scoutmaster or assistant Scoutmaster since he was only 18 years old and serves as Advisor for the new Section C2 in the Michigan Crossroads Council, we discover how the grown-ups can be the problem and how to handle it when they are.

October 2013 - Who’s Who in the Zoo

Oct 1, 2013


Unit committee, unit commissioner, district commissioner— just who are all these people? We know being a new leader can be pretty overwhelming, but these are people who can help you with this “job” you volunteered for, making it a much better experience for you and the kids. Joining us for this episode is Ed Martin, Scout Executive for the Black Warrior Council in Tuscaloosa, Ala., and, expert on who’s who in this zoo we call scouting.

September 2013 - The Chartered Organization and You

Sep 1, 2013


You may think of the chartered organization as the place to hold your weekly troop meetings, but Charles Dahlquist, long-term Scouter with the Great Salt Lake Council, is here to tell us that it can be so much more than that. Tune in as he explains the relationship you should be having with your chartered organization and the benefits from cultivating that relationship.

August 2013 - How to Answer a Parent’s Youth Protection Questions

Aug 1, 2013


As parents consider Scouting, they are sure to have questions about keeping their child safe. Heidi Steppe is joining us to help answer those questions. For over 20 years, Heidi has dealt heavily with youth protection questions in Scouting’s Legal Department and is also the Youth Protection and Membership Standards Advisor. More importantly, as a mom, Heidi can definitely relate to the concerns any parent has in placing his or her child in an extracurricular activity.

July 2013 - Technology and Your Troop: A Blessing and a Curse

Jul 1, 2013


“Bryan on Scouting” is Scouting magazine’s award-winning blog. We asked Bryan about ever-changing technology and whether a troop should change along with it. His answers may surprise you, so put on those earbuds and click the download button for a fun discussion on how technology is both a blessing and a curse for your troop.

June 2013 - Membership Standards Review

Jun 1, 2013


Many of you have a lot of questions regarding the recent vote at our National Annual Meeting last month. The resolution was approved to remove the restriction denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation alone by a 61 percent majority. The adult standard remains the same. Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock joins us from the Summit Bechtel Reserve, home of the 2013 National Scout Jamboree to answer those questions.

June 2013 - Economic Diversity in Your Troop

Jun 1, 2013


As much as we'd like it to be, Scouting isn't free; uniforms, camping equipment, and activities, cost money. What do you do when you have kids that come from all different economic backgrounds, or if someone's economic situation changes? Joining us for this fascinating topic is the team leader of the Council Fund Development Team, Mark Moshier, who shares with us how to keep funds from being a problem in a Scout's involvement.

May 2013 - Youth Leadership

May 1, 2013


Most people agree that there are natural born leaders, but the Boy Scouts of America believes that leadership is a skill that can be developed. Joining us for this discussion on developing youth leadership is Linda McKnight, vice president of program with the South Florida Council. Linda has been course director for Wood Badge and NYLT and has facilitated many Philmont conferences, including What’s New in Youth Leadership Training.

April 2013 - Anger Management

Apr 1, 2013


Anger is one of every human’s basic emotions, but it’s difficult to keep calm and cool yourself when handling a boy in your troop who has anger issues. Download this episode for an interesting conversation with Suzette Rizzi, a 25-year licensed social worker in Illinois and a member of the National Committee for Scouts With Special Needs, as she shares with us the skills and strategies for manage anger in ourselves and the youth in our troop.

March 2013 - How to Handle Boys in the Troop With ADD, ADD/ADHD, and Special Needs

Mar 1, 2013


Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. What is it? How do you know if someone in your troop has it and, more important, how do you as a leader handle a boy who has this disorder or other special needs? Joining us for this delicate yet important discussion is Tony Mei, a 40-year Scout volunteer with the Marin Council in San Rafael, California. He’s been working with Scouts with disabilities for almost 15 of those years and has developed training for College of Commissioner Science classes for Scouting with special needs and disabilities, including ADHD and autism spectrum.

February 2013 - How to Handle Discipline in the Troop

Feb 1, 2013


How so you handle discipline in your troop without spoiling the fun or spending all your time going over rules and regulations? What’s the difference between discipline and punishment? Here to explain it all is organization psychologist, Betsy Eubanks, who serves as a Venturing crew Advisor and assistant district commissioner with the Montana Council and teaches a class at the Philmont Training Center called Boy Management. (Even if you already know the difference, this podcast will serve as a good reminder).