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Episode 39 - 2017 Irrigation Show Preview

Sep 16, 2017 00:34:48


We are less than two months away from the 2017 Irrigation Show and Education Conference. Listen in to get a preview of this event. We also discuss Hurricane Irma and other weather-related events.

Episode 38 - Disaster Response

Sep 2, 2017 00:31:57


In this episode, IA members & staff join all those across our country thinking about and supporting those affected by Harvey. John shares some of the devastating statistics, and we discuss disaster response efforts, including the congressional schedule for September.

Episode 37 - Water in the News

Aug 26, 2017 00:31:55


During this episode, we hear about John's latest trip to Disney World and some new research on the water cycle. Water really does touch every aspect of life!

Episode 36 - The Power Of Water

Aug 12, 2017 00:32:55


In this episode, John and Elizabeth share highlights of their recent trip to the National Conference of State Legislators annual meeting and another update on WaterSense. Brent then gives background on his time at Niagara Falls and the power of water!

Episode 35 - Water Updates From ASABE And Capitol Hill

Jul 25, 2017 00:33:59


Join us as we cover a variety of water-related topics including Smart Irrigation Month, current irrigation research, the 2018 farm bill and WaterSense authorization. We also talk sharks, play the Birthday Game and get a Tip of the Day from Brent.

Episode 34 - Smart Irrigation Month

Jul 13, 2017 00:31:26


This week, John and Elizabeth highlight irrigation technology as part of Smart Irrigation Month. We also play the birthday game and discuss the benefits of efficient irrigation.

Episode 33 - Turfgrass and Lawns

Jun 22, 2017 00:32:35


This week, John, Brent and Elizabeth break down a recent Freakonomics podcast titled "How Stupid Is Our Obsession With Lawns?" We also discuss the role of turfgrass in the U.S., the benefits of yard space, and Brent gives his tip of the day.

Episode 32 - Celebrities and Water

Jun 3, 2017 00:30:11


Join us for some fun as we talk about celebrities...and water! With Brent out we are excited to welcome listener Corinne Butler as our guest.

Episode 31 - Memorial Day

May 27, 2017 00:33:09


It is Memorial Day weekend. Join us as we discuss its history and the role flowers and landscaping have played in honoring the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Episode 30 - Infrastructure Week

May 20, 2017 00:35:15


It's Infrastructure Week! Join us for a conversation about water infrastructure. We also catch up on some current news.

Episode 29 - Andy Talks Water

Apr 28, 2017 00:27:42


Today is "Take Your Child to Work Day" and we are excited to have John's son, Andy, as our featured guest. Join us as we learn about water (and Minecraft) from a third-grader.

Episode 28 - New Water Technologies

Apr 13, 2017 00:29:40


This week, John, Brent and Elizabeth researched some interesting and new water technologies. Join us to hear about the latest innovations. Don't forget to provide us feedback.

Episode 27 - Water In Sports

Apr 8, 2017 00:30:13


With Brent on vacation, John and Elizabeth focus on one their favorite topics - sports. We discuss how water makes sports what they are and highlight the sports we see as relying on water the most.

Episode 26 - Water Pressure

Apr 1, 2017 00:35:21


Today we highlight how a water resource could affect decisions about the border wall. We also step away from current events to educate people about water pressure.

Episode 25 - Water Resource Challenges In the United States & Around The Globe

Mar 25, 2017 00:31:04


Join us to catch up on some activities in Washington, DC, and for a discussion on the current water situation in California. We also share background on the drought in Kenya and the flooding in Peru.

Episode 24 - Water Stewardship

Mar 18, 2017 00:35:10


After John's week at a World Bank water event, the BWTL team reconnects and discusses water stewardship. Before you get started, think about what "eat smarter, save water" means to you? We also quickly highlight President Trump's budget proposal for USDA, EPA and the Interior Department.

Episode 23 - Alternative Water Sources

Mar 11, 2017 00:35:49


Listen to this episode to learn about alternative water resources. You'll hear about the differences between graywater and black water. Brent also shares his ideas about how to define alternative water.

Episode 22 - Irrigation Industry News, Water Wars & Budget Battles

Mar 3, 2017 00:30:51


John, Brent and Elizabeth finally reunited and catch up on recent irrigation industry news, Florida and Georgia's water battle and potential implications of President Trump's upcoming budget.

Episode 21 - Family Farm Alliance

Feb 25, 2017 00:30:11


Recording from Las Vegas, John and Elizabeth catch up with Dan Keppen at the annual Family Farm Alliance meeting. Join us to learn about how regulations really impact irrigated agriculture.

Episode 20 - The Farm Bill

Feb 15, 2017 00:29:37


On this episode, John and Elizabeth share details about the comprehensive piece of legislation that covers most federal government policies and programs related to agriculture. With Congress already at work on the 2018 farm bill, this is something that we will likely be touching on during other episodes this year.

Episode 19 - Standards

Feb 3, 2017 00:31:32


John and Brent discuss standards in today's episode. Don't let the topic scare you away. It may sound boring, but we keep it lively by discussing how standards affect your life and with a new game!

Episode 18 - News from Washington

Jan 28, 2017 00:29:37


In this episode, we give updates on the new administration's first week of work in Washington. From the status of cabinet positions related to water to trade decisions, John, Brent and Elizabeth give context to some recent activities.

Episode 17 - Current Events and Water in 2017

Jan 20, 2017 00:31:16


On this episode, we focus on some of the changes we are already starting to see in 2017. From the incoming presidential administration to the abrupt end to drought in much of California.

Episode 16 - Workforce Development

Jan 14, 2017 00:24:45


On this episode, Brent and Elizabeth are joined by a special guest to discuss workforce development as it relates to the irrigation industry. We are happy to have Janine Sparrowgrove share her expertise about promoting careers in irrigation.

Episode 15 - Talking Water in 2017

Jan 7, 2017 00:32:52


Happy New Year! Thank you for listening to our first episode of 2017. Join us as we discuss the water crisis in Syria and continued drought conditions in the United States - one state may surprise you. John also shares a personal story highlighting the water-energy nexus.

Episode 14 - 2016 Year in Review

Dec 25, 2016 00:31:25


John, Brent and Elizabeth recap the top water stories of 2016. Thanks for listening to Bringing Water to Life.

Episode 13 - Drought Management

Dec 17, 2016 00:35:04


During this episode, we highlight some aspects of drought management plans and share our takeaways from the 2016 Drought Summit.

Episode 12 - 2016 Irrigation Show

Dec 10, 2016 00:25:18


Join John, Brent, Elizabeth and featured guest Warren Gorowitz of Ewing Irrigation on the floor of the 2016 Irrigation Show!

Episode 11 - Dakota Access Pipeline

Dec 2, 2016 00:30:31


In this episode, we highlight the ongoing Standing Rock protests and how the DAPL relates to water quality. John also shares some interesting innovations that could lead to an increase in the productivity of crops.

Episode 10 - Current Events

Nov 18, 2016 00:30:30


John, Brent and Elizabeth reunite to discuss some current events and their potential effects on water.

Episode 9 - Election Results

Nov 15, 2016 00:20:28


John provides a quick election recap on this special edition of BWTL.

Episode 8 - Irrigation Industry

Nov 3, 2016 00:31:23


On this episode, we are joined by Jay Robbins, current president of the Irrigation Association and president of Irrigation-Mart. He shares his expertise about the irrigation industry and we touch on the effects irrigation technologies can have on water use.

Episode 7 - Certification

Oct 25, 2016 00:29:43


Brent is back! We are also happy to introduce listeners to our featured guest, Clover Belluz. During this episode, she will educate you on what it means to be a certified irrigation professional. Don't forget to stick around to meet her famous cat, Mr. Fuzz.

Episode 6 - Water Law

Oct 19, 2016 00:31:18


On this episode of Bringing Water to Life, Jeff Eisenberg shares his knowledge of water rights in the United States.

Episode 5 - The Water-Energy Nexus

Oct 12, 2016 00:31:05


​John and Elizabeth discuss some current news and then tackle the water-energy nexus on this episode of BWTL.

Episode 4 - Live From WaterSmart Innovations

Oct 7, 2016 00:28:40


Dr. Kelly Kopp from Utah State University joins us for a conversation about pressing issues facing water availability throughout the U.S.

Episode 3 - Have You Heard of WaterSense

Sep 23, 2016 00:35:28


Join us for a conversation about the Environmental Protection Agency's WaterSense program (think Energy Star, but for water).

Episode 2 - Water is Key to Food Security

Sep 23, 2016 00:33:42


During this episode, we discuss food, agriculture and water.

Episode 1 - An Introduction

Sep 16, 2016 00:33:43


​Welcome! This is the Bringing Water to Life podcast. We want to thank you for joining us for the first episode. Each week, we will be talking about water. While we come from the irrigation industry, this podcast is focused on telling the story of water. On this week's podcast, we introduce BWTL and give you our take on water use in America