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It’s never easy when you are going through a relationship breakup. You often feel lost and alone not knowing where to turn. Your confidence has been shattered, you’re self esteem most probably is at all time low. You have been through the ringer emotionally and often don’t know how to move forward. Breakups can leave you feeling sad, angry, lost, alone and anxious about you’re future. Breakup Recovery podcast is jammed pack full of strategies, ideas and tips that are straightforward and practical. You will learn key skills that will assist you when you are stuck so you can embrace life again. Regain your confidence so you can turn your life around immediately and create lasting changes for the better. Listen to interviews from real people who share their stories, conversations with experts in their fields who offer their wisdom, inspirational tips, strategies and techniques on how you can navigate the breakup process. Stories that you can relate to and advice you can use to improve your situation.


#112 How To Survive The Holiday Season As A Single Person with Martha Bodyfelt

Dec 20, 2017 22:47


As the holiday season is fast approaching anyone who experiencing a breakup, separation or a divorce are possibly dreading this time of the year. Martha offers some practical tips and ideas to get you through not only the holiday season but also any other time of the year that can bring an uprising of emotions. This advice will help you to not only handle your reactions but help in your recovery.

Martha’s own marriage ended at the beginning of the holiday season. The hardest part of the breakup was that her ex-husband was not moving out of their apartment for some time. They had decided they would be civil and kind to each other and try and do Christmas as a coupe. This was the worst Christmas, as they were trying to work through the sadness and heartbreak, when this time of the year was supposed to be full of happiness, family and joy.

For a couple of Christmas after that Martha stayed in her apartment, as this time bought back all the feelings of pain of the ending of the marriage. Finding a good support system in the form of a therapist helped Martha. It was draining trying to project this image of the perfect wife, the perfect marriage. When she finally was honest with her self and became vulnerable and started telling friends, co-workers and family and not bottling all her emotions up inside of her she began the healing process.

Martha started to do things that she felt she couldn’t do when she was in the marriage, She travel to the places she wanted go to and started some of her own traditions. It took a few Christmas to get into the swing of things and the number one thing she had to do was to learn how to manage her expectations at this time of the year.

So often when relationships end and it comes to the holidays you can be down on yourself, saying things like why can’t I be happy, why can’t I have this togetherness, why can’t I have the perfect holiday. But if you take a step back and realise that maybe things are going to be a bit more subdued for a while and that’s ok. It’s a matter of having things that are simple and things that you love, if you expect that things are going to be small and simple, then your not going to be disappointed.

Martha believes you also have to be careful of your selective memories. Often at this time of the year you can cherry pick all the good and amazing things that happened when you were with your partner during the holiday season. You forget the rest of the story, some of the things that weren’t that good. So often you like to paint the picture that when you were with your partner everything was great and it probably wasn’t, so you have to be honest with yourself and don’t compare yourself and what is happening now with past experiences.

During this holiday season put yourself first for a change, do what you want, forget the expectations and traditions that have previously been part of your life. Now is the time to create your own traditions and do what you like and take care of yourself. This is an opportunity to change your outlook into more of a positive one. Instead of seeing this holiday season as a sad and traumatic time you have now been given this gift for you find out what you want to do and how you want to celebrate it. 

When you are in a relationship you tend to do things as a unit, what is good for the unit, what’s good for your partner, what’s good for the couple. But you have to be careful that you don’t loose yourself and identify when you are in a relationship. When you get out of a relationship you often don’t remember how to putt your self first and find what interests you. Self-care is so important to the recovery process and doing these things that make you happy don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. 

In life we have to have a balance with everything and the holidays are no different. If you find that the holidays are triggering things for you and the holidays are making it difficult for you to function and you feel that you are getting stuck. Martha encourages you to work with a therapist or join a divorce support group or single support group, that you can lean on and help you through this difficult process after your breakup.

There can be many days that will trigger your memories such as your wedding day. Martha offered a way to get through this particular day by thinking of something that happened during that day that you liked a good memory and incorporate that into that day each year. For Martha the good memory of her wedding day was the Greek restaurant that they went to and each year on her anniversary Martha either cooks herself an amazing Greek meal or goes out to a Greek restaurant. So now her anniversary is no longer a day where she mourns the ending of her marriage but a day where she gets to eat amazing Greek food.

You can connect with Martha @ and when you sign up for her newsletter you will get the Ultimate Divorce Goddess Recovery Guide.

#111 How To Stop Holding Yourself Back And Find Happiness After Your Breakup with Michelle Chalfant

Dec 15, 2017 20:05


Michelle Chalfant believes your limiting beliefs and the false stories that your tell yourself after your breakup can hold you back from recovering and finding happiness again. When you are going through a breakup you experience a lot of emotions such as shame, anger and sadness. Most people are not good at feeling their emotions, instead they use vices that distract them like drinking, going out or finding other things to do so they don’t feel and process their feelings.

Your mind can stay stuck in these false stories that you tell yourself; often these stories are incorrect and full of assumptions and living in the land of hope or the past. Some people do not know how to feel their emotions that are deep within us. When you work through and process these emotions and feelings that you are having, it brings clarity into your life and is important if you want to move forward after your breakup.

Michelle offered a number of tips and techniques to help people feel, acknowledge and process their feelings. The first one was to become aware that you are feeling something by completing some breathing exercises, such as deep and slow breathing and siting with the body. This technique begins the process of allowing these emotions to rise through the body. Visualizations and meditations also allows you to tune into the physical body and watch the feelings and emotions start to move through the body.

Journaling is another technique that Michelle shared in order to help people processing some of their emotions. Another technique is to have a friend witnesses what is going on with you, make sure they understand that they are not there to fix you. Which well-meaning family and friends want to do when they know you are in pain. The witnessing is a process for you to get everything off your chest and can be a healing experience.

EFT or emotional freedom technique is a method that helps emotions move through your body releasing it out of the meridians. Michelle had produced a number of helpful videos on her YouTube channel; she created a basic version that works with anything physical or emotional to help move you out of that place you are stuck in.

Michelle believes that we are on a mission of experience and this experience can be done through relationships. We come together with other people in order to learn and discover things; there is a purpose to every relationship. A relationship often finishes when you are finished learning from it, the relationship is done serving you and you have finished serving them.

Michelle hosts her own podcast called The Adults Chair. This podcast teaches people how to love themselves and live the highest and healthiest version of themselves. Based on a model of the Adult Chair it’s an easy to use spiritual and physiological techniques, tools, learnings and understandings broken down so anyone can understand them.

You can find guided meditations on Michelle’s website and YouTube channel. There is a particular meditation that is helpful when you end any type of relationship and its called ‘cutting of the chords’. Look for Michelle Chalfant on YouTube. You can also connect with Michelle @ and Twitter @MichChalfant

#110 All You Need To Know About Dating Again After A Breakup With Jenn Burton

Dec 6, 2017 20:47


In this week’s episode I talk with Jenn Burton on all things relating to dating again after a breakup. Jenn shares some important tips on dating so it can be done your way and on your terms so the experience can be fun and doesn’t have to filled with dread. We talk about how to know when you are ready to date again, how to begin this process, what preparations you need to complete before you start and amongst other things what your expectations should realistically be when dating a man.

Jenn’s own marriage broke up on her third year anniversary, after years of marriage counseling. Jenn came to the realization that her marriage had to be more than what she was experiencing. Love had to be more than all the trials and tribulations of a marriage. Her marriage had become all about making it all about her husband’s wants, needs and desires.

The day Jenn ended her marriage she was on her knees sobbing, praying and asking for a sign that would tell her there was more to love and life and three days latter a random request from a man who asked he out, opened her eyes that may be there was a lot more to love than she had thought.

Instead of doing what most people do after a breakup, spending time reflecting on life and grieving the ending of a relationship. Jenn felt she had done enough reflecting and want to go back into the dating world straight away. She didn’t want to be the one sitting there watching her ex-husband move on. Jenn listened to her heart and started dating straight away.

It’s very individual to know when you know you are ready to date again after a breakup. So some the relationship has been over for some time, and it’s a matter of making it official. And the preparation that you need to do before you go back into the dating scene depends on individual circumstances. For some when the relationship ends that you didn’t realise was coming, preparation is to take some time to reflect and take care of yourself. If you have decided to move forward taking self-care is the best preparation you can do.

Dating can be fun. You can feel like a teenage girl again, waiting for your first kiss, you can feel anticipation, butterflies, excitement and the magic feels so good.

Jenn has had some dating disasters in the beginning until she changed her thinking process. She would meet a man and line every thing up in her head, she would see him as her future husband before date three. Jenn would jump straight into the idea that this man would forever and never really let herself enjoy the dating process.

That’s why Jenn believes that self care and making sure your heart is not too fragile when you decide to date again is important because you can step into obsession or love sickness very easily if you start putting all your emotions and heart into something that you haven’t built any stamina for yet.

Jenn teaches women how to date multiple men at the same time, instead of giving your heart to one man right away until be has stepped up and asked for a commitment, because until they have asked for a exclusive relationship they will keep their options open.

Women are wired differently and are taught that once a man gives us any type of attention then he has our heart and we should focus all of our attention on him and shut down all our other options otherwise he will not want us. Men until they have decided that you are the one for them can’t handle your undivided romantic attention.

If you focus all your attention on them before they have decided that they want to be with you exclusively, your energy works in a way that it pushes them away, they are not that comfortable receiving that attention until they have decided that you are some one they would like to spend a considerable amount of time with.

Women can be guilty of acting a little weirdly once they give their attention to a man if he hasn’t whole-heartedly committed to them. They start to make it all about him, what’s his schedule, what is his likes, how can they hang out with his friends and we never really invite him on our journey.

There is no best way to connect with some one, however a great profile for on line dating, with well thought out good pictures is a good start. Women can meet a man anywhere, on line dating is one avenue to explore yourself romantically, and set firm boundaries on how you take care of your self and how much fun you have with men in general. It’s important to come from a place of wanting to have more fun than you have ever had before.

Jenn co-hosts a podcast called Single Smart Female, where they take questions from single females around the world about dating. The podcast attempts to shake up the statues quo for women and dating and bring something real and fun to it.

Whilst Jenn only works with women her tips for the male listeners of Breakup Recovery Podcast would be: Men can be very confused then it comes to how to treat women at times because different women want to be treated in different ways. But if men continue to be willing to ask the questions and keep that open dialogue because women change their minds and evolve.

Jenn has a special offer for the listeners of Breakup Recovery Podcast and if you go to this link: you will receive a free class on dating boundaries that makes you irresistible and unforgettable.

#109 How To Be Happy Again After Your Breakup

Nov 29, 2017 16:35


There can be a number of emotions that are stopping you from moving on after your breakup, separation or divorce. In this episode I am going to explore two reasons why you are not finding happiness in your life. I am going to be talking about the impact that grief and self-sabotage can have on your emotions and why not dealing with these two things can hold you back from moving forward and finding happiness again. 

Grief is an emotion that is not only associated with a relationship breakup up, but with any major loss that occurs in your life, some one or some thing that you care for, a death of a loved one, loss of a pet, the loss of a job or a loss of important possessions, and what I will be talking about in this episode, a loss of a relationship and a way of life.

When we lose someone, it can take time to adjust and learn to live life without that person. There is no right way or wrong way to grieve and each person will find a different way to deal with and work through his or her own grief. The time frame in which you will work through your grief will differ depending on so many situations. 

So what I am trying to say here is that every body is different and what works for one person may not necessarily work for you, the time it takes will vary so don’t compare yourself with some one else as their circumstances, situation and so many other variables makes it very difficult to compare

It is important to express how you are feeling to a trusted friend or family member or professional rather than bottling them up inside. You never know when someone else’s experience or perspective can give you information that you need and allows you to ease your burden by letting some one else help carry it. 

It takes time to adjust to your new way of life; there is no right or wrong time frame in which you should be over your breakup. Take one step at a time one day at a time and know that you can get through this even though there are times that you think you cant.  

It can be so easy to start and feel like you are finally moving forward in your life, then all of a sudden and out of the blue you feel that you are taking 2 steps backwards and the thought of moving forward is way beyond your grasp.

You might ask yourself are you self-sabotaging your progress, your happiness. No one wants to think that they are actually self-sabotaging their own happiness. Some of the questions you could ask yourself in order to work out if you are in fact self-sabotaging your happiness would be.

What are you continuing to still do that is holding you back from finding inner peace and happiness? What is holding you back from achieving your goals? Are you content in living in fear and misery? Are you comfortable in your thoughts? Do you fear the unknown that is why you are living in the past?

Fear and dread and anxiety can paralyse you. It can stop you from moving forward, from looking to the future with hope and confidence. Do you have some counter productive habits that are keeping you in the doom and gloom after your breakup?

So I want you to take a moment to listen to your self-talk. What are you saying to your self? Lets just focus on your breakup for the moment here. Are you telling yourself that you have the worst life, that your ex has done so much wrong to you; they have caused you all this hurt and anguish.

Or are you been mean to yourself. Are you saying things that only a bully would say? Are you telling yourself that you are worthless, that you are stupid for been in a relationship with that person in the first place? Are you constantly berating yourself? Are you telling yourself that you will never find happiness again? It is so important to be aware of your thoughts and behaviours.

I would like you to focus on solutions and take some time of self-reflection, take some time to work through what you want from your life, what activities will make you happy, what steps you need to take in order for happiness to return. I would like you to make peace with your pain after your breakup.  

#108 How To Have An Honest Relationship with Robert Kandell

Nov 22, 2017 21:10


Robert Kandell is a successful writer, teacher, podcast host and coach. He has helped people build successful and honest relationships through workshops, lectures and live events. Robert understands the challenges that arise when breakups happen and he shares his own breakup stories and the steps he undertook to get back on track.


One of the key strategies that Robert did following his breakup was to learn to be by himself. He started a four-month celibacy, where he did not look for another relationship, rather he looked within and found that he was always looking for validation from his partners. He needed to be right, he needed to know that he was a good man and he was attractive.  


With this information Robert started to look for ways to build up his own self-esteem. He had heard a saying that resonated with him that self-esteem is built upon estimable acts. So Robert learned to do things that made him feel good about himself, such as going to the gym and working with a personal trainer, he worked with a therapist and quite sugar.


Robert believes that most of us are taught to withhold the truth, to lie, to sooth other people’s egos. Often the truth is difficult to hear and say to another person, and if your relationship is built on lies and untruths then how can you have an honest and authentic relationship. Truth and open communication is the glue that holds a relationship together.


People hold back or hide some truths from their partner for fear and shame that they could loose their partner. This creates a false foundation because our partner doesn’t really know who we are. You walk around with disguises on rather then telling the truth. You assume their reaction and play out stories in your mind as to their reaction.


When coaching people Roberts tells his clients to tell their partner 100% authentic truth, and if that person chooses to leave them then they were not right for his client and tells them that they will find some one who is good for them. The basis for a successful relationship is telling the truth, being honest and feeling safe in telling that person everything about you. When you do this Its like a weight has been lifted of your shoulders and brings you closer to your partner rather than living in a mediocre relationship


You can find out more about Robert Kandell @ and on twitter @robertkandell and his podcast is Tuff Love.

#107 How To Survive 2 Divorces And Still Have a Positive Outlook On Life with Dave Jackson

Nov 15, 2017 32:15


Most people find the divorce process difficult at best, I was pleasantly surprised after having a conversation with Dave Jackson who has navigated the Divorce process not once but twice and found that he still had a positive outlook on life. For some the end of marriage brings doom and gloom, but Dave has been able to dust himself off, reflect on his actions, look at what he did, what he could have done and what he can do better in the future.

Dave talks about his first marriage and how the financial burden of trying to conceive and the pressure of not been able to have children resulted in them having to file for bankruptcy. Added to that his wife’s alcoholism and infidelity on her part, the relationship finally broke down and they decided to end their marriage. Dave moved in with his brother who helped him navigate some of the emotions that came with divorce as he too had had a similar breakup.

The second time around Dave did not listen to the red flags that continually raised their heads at the beginning of his relationship. He felt in order to fix his relationship he should get married, however after 6 months of marriage they were in counseling. Dave was continually been told he was abandoning her every time he did solo activities. His wife’s insecurities added to the breakdown of the marriage.

Neither would compromise nor understand each other’s needs and no one wanted to change. After 6 years of counseling Dave was tired and spent emotionally, they were making each other miserable. He believes you can be right or you can be married, so the marriage ended. Dave felt like a failure because he had gone through a divorce once before, he had invested in things like counseling, he had read books and attended retreats, but the marriage still ended.

Dave didn’t want to be that guy living alone with his cat, but he is. But on the other hand he can live the life that he wants to, he no longer dreads coming home to an argument, the stress has left his life and he has found peace and happiness. On reflection Dave has been able to see that he is attracted to people that need help, however if people don’t want to be helped or don’t want to change then this can lead to conflict and misunderstandings within relationships.

If you want to listen to any of Dave Jackson’s podcasts or connect with him you can do this @

#106 Discover The Secrets To Successful Relationships with Chris Armstrong

Nov 8, 2017 19:13


Chris is a relationship coach and in this episode we discuss how to Chris navigated his own breakup, how to sustain a successful relationship, the importance of knowing what we want and need in a partner, the significance of loving ourselves and how to achieving self love.

When Chris Armstrong went through his own breakup he let some time go by before he explored at the breakdown of his relationship. By taking this time he was able to look at it with a clear head. He filled his spare time with meaningful activities that he enjoyed doing. He talked to people that had a authentic interest and desire to understand how he was doing.

Understanding your non-negotiable traits that you need in a person is one of the keys to sustaining a successful relationship. So often people put their heart before their head or focus on finding someone that is the opposite to their ex-partner rather than looking for the qualities that are nonnegotiable like their personality, physical aspects and lifestyle traits.

Chris also explained how your self-confidence or lack there of has a huge impact on your relationships. If you are lacking self confidence, if you are second guessing yourself, having that double talk with yourself, how are you going to teach people how you should be treaded and often you will accept less than what you deserve. Confident people know what they need and know that their needs need to be met.

There are a number of behaviors to measures if you are a confident person. A confident person gets their self worth from the impact they have on others and the setting and achieving goals. A person that lacks self-confidence allows the judgments of others to weight heavily on himself or herself. They get their self worth from the validation of others or material things. If you are constantly putting yourself down, taking the blame when things go wrong and that is your default mode then you are lacking in self-confidence.

Chris shared some strategies you can put in place so you can feel more confident and love yourself more. One of them was to always look on the other side of the isle, no one is perfect and it is so easy to be critical of yourself and look for all your faults. Chris talked about the power of the incomplete partner and how the point of a good relationship is not for either partner to be perfect the idea is that if you have two incomplete people they can make a complete partnership, each person brings different things into the relationship.

If you don’t believe in yourself how can you attract someone to believe in you. You can read further articles that Chris Armstrong has written @ And twitter @Maze0fLove

#105 How To Cope With Change After A Breakup With Gary Szenderski

Nov 1, 2017 18:33


A breakup often involves many changes; there can be a change in your living arrangements, your routines, your status, your wealth and for the children, all of which can be overwhelming. Change for most people can be difficult, and it can be especially challenging if you didn’t want the change in the first place. You can feel that you have lost control and the things that you would normally be able to handle with easy can suddenly feel demanding.

Gary believes that everybody has the power to handle the changes in their life after a breakup. Once you change your perspective and start to see the opportunities and the good things that are happening for you, once you start making decisions that need to be made you start to feel the control come back into your life. Gary’s first major decision was to move his ex-wife and children closer to him.

Men are wired differently to women look at breakups from a different perspective. While men often worry about the necessaries like putting a roof over their families heads, making sure they provide a lifestyle and make ends meet, women come from a more holistic approach.

One of the strategies Gary used to help him through his divorce was to focus on starting a new company, which he put his heart and soul into; it bought positive energy into his day. He was angry at his ex-wife for the breakup and could see this anger was affecting the children so he made a conscious decision to change the anger into love, and once he did this the children felt a lot better, his anger issue disappeared. People often don’t think that have the power to change their thought so they don’t try.

Gary wakes up every morning and wonders what wonderful thing is going to happen to him today and then spends the rest of the day looking for it to happen. Gratitude is underrated and the more you appreciate what is coming to you the more it comes into your life. If you ask for help people will give it to you and the help and support comes from family, friends and the people that you work with.

Garry’s book ‘Szen Zone: Reaching a State of Positive Change’ is a compilation of heart warming and inspirational short stories that celebrate the power in each of us to create positive change in our lives. The general overarching theme of the book is change and all of the aspects of it - creating, surviving, and managing change with the goal to recognize the power we have to create positive change in our lives and be what we want to be.

To find out more about Gary Szenderski go to and Szen marketing – and twitter @GarySzenderski

#104 What To Do When You Get A Breakup Text Out Of The Blue From Your Husband Of 16 Years with Lisa Arends

Oct 25, 2017 18:10


Lisa’s life felt like a movie gone bad when she received a text whilst on holidays from her husband of 16 years telling her the marriage was over. And that was the last piece of correspondence she ever had from her husband. After some digging Lisa found that her husband had been living a double life, he had manufactured a job he didn’t have, he fabricated an income, racked up a 6-figure debt and had married another woman therefore committing felony bigamy.

Lisa felt completely alone, and started to journal her story as therapy, which soon become her blog ‘Lessons from the end of a marriage’ with the intention to help other people who were facing similar situations. The blog also shares stories on how to survive divorce, life in general, how to overcome abandonment, emotional abuse and gaslighting, which Lisa experienced.

People often struggle with the length of time it can take to get over a breakup, and want to feel better right away. They often get down on themselves when they don’t feel better on the time frame they have allowed.  

Having gratitude is an amazing and powerful tool that can be used to help train the mind to focus on all the good things that are happening in your life, rather than giving attention the bad things that are occurring after a breakup.

Another of Lisa’s tips is to start a journal, not just for dumping all your emotions and feelings in it and keeping you at the pity party. Divide the journal into three sections, the first section is for purging and get out all the pain ad the past. The second one is for the present, what you are thankful for right now, and for some problem solving. The third and last section is for your future hopes and dreams. They don’t have to feel attainable right now and that’s ok, its more for thinking forward and keeping the hope alive.

Lisa believes that people can get stuck in thinking that things will never be the same and they will never be happy. However things can be different and that is ok and could even be better. Having balance in your life is also important, not focusing too much on your troubles and worries, but spending time enjoying yourself and bringing happiness back into your life.

Lisa’s blog can be found @ and follow on twitter @stilllearning2b

#103 How To Get Support You Need When You Are Breaking Up with Lisa Thomson

Oct 18, 2017 16:18


If you are thinking about going through or have gone through your divorce, Lisa Thomson’s books and blogs are a great source advice for divorce navigation and recovery. Lisa was married for 17 years when she took a deep look at why she was unhappy and faced the hard truth about what she needed to do to bring the joy back into her life.

Lisa’s first book ‘The Great Escape; A Girl’s Guide To Leaving a Marriage’ provides practical how to tips and stories based on her personal experiences. It includes tips on co-parenting, budgeting, how to hire a lawyer and social changes to expect and how to move on after your breakup.

The blog on Lisa’s website helps readers to get to know her and she also shares humorous and touching stories as well as the challenges she faced when she went through her own divorce. Lisa’s second book ‘A Divorce Companion’ is a collection of the best blog posts that is designed to provide the companionship one needs during a divorce.

Some of Lisa’s tips for dealing with the anger you may be feeling after your breakup is to write down all your feelings, wether that be in words, scribbling’s or pictures. You can write a letter to your ex-partner and put in words all the things you would like to say to them but you haven’t been able to for some reason or another. You don’t send the letter; the process helps you to get all your feelings out so you can feel a lot better. It’s about channelling your feelings in other ways than directing them towards your ex-partner.

If you want to find out more about Lisa, read her blogs, purchase her book this can be found @

#102 Divorce Does Not Have To Mean Your Life Is Over with Tanya Somerton

Oct 11, 2017 18:39


So often when you are experiencing a breakup, divorce or separation you feel like you are swimming in play dough, your arms are moving but you are going no where. In this episode Tanya Somerton explores the benefits of working with a life coach and stylist, about gaining clarity on problems and issues you may have found elusive, some of the stigmas surrounding divorce, her book ‘The jelly bean jar’, working with both men and women and much more.

Tanya Somerton is a divorce expert who together with her team of experts, work with clients to turn the trauma and pain of a divorce around and begin the journey to recovery.

There can be a stigma associated with people who have been through a divorce, that there is something wrong with them, that they are not worthy of happiness, your future does not look bright. Tanya believes divorce does not mean the end of your life but it’s the start of something that can be amazing and wonderful.

In Tanya’s book ‘The jelly Bean Jar’ Tanya reveals her blueprint for a successful divorce, from dealing with professionals to save you time and money, the questions you need to ask, and the tricks and tools to set yourself up for future success and independence.

Tanya also offered listeners of Breakup Recovery Podcast her eBook ‘46 Mindset secrets to turn your life around and become wealthy’ for free. Use the coupon code ‘podcast’ when ordering in the cart process. More about Tanya and what she has to offer can be found @ and Facebook: Tanya Somerton - Divorce Angel

#101 How to Get Through The Divorce Process With An Army Of Angles with Tanya Somerton

Oct 4, 2017 21:51


Tanya Somerton is a divorce specialist who together with her army of angles, navigate the divorce process to ensure the best possible outcome and framing the future success for clients that are going through a divorce.

After experiencing the many challenges whilst going through her own divorce Tanya decided that the process should be more streamlined. She has developed a one-stop divorce shop where people only have to tell their story once and Tanya engages the necessary experts to work out the best strategy for her clients.

Because divorce is so much more than going to a lawyer, and security both emotionally and financially is a priority for her clients Tanya works on a holistic approach and can look at the situation from a non-judgmental viewpoint and can advise a course of action based on the evidence.

Tanya will look at a person’s portfolio of assets and together with a financial advisor and accountant will work out what is best for her client long term taking into account their goals for their future.

Tanya also offered listeners of Breakup Recovery Podcast her eBook ‘46 Mindset secrets to turn your life around and become wealthy’ for free. Use the coupon code ‘podcast’ when ordering in the cart process. More about Tanya and what she has to offer can be found @ and Facebook: Tanya Somerton - Divorce Angel

#100 How Do You Stop Loving Someone And Move On After Your Breakup And Should You Un-friend Your Ex On Social Media?

Sep 27, 2017 21:25


This is Breakup Recovery’s 100th episode where I asked listeners to send in the questions that they wanted me to cover in this special episode. I shared my insights, tips and strategies on a number of topics ranging from ‘how do you stop loving some one so much?’, ‘how do I move on’, ‘should I follow them on social media’ and ‘the importance of you’.

There are so many emotions that are going through your body after a breakup. You are possibly stuck and don’t know how to move forward, that is why you are listening to this podcast or reading articles, blogs and books to help you to recover and start to feel normal again. The hurt you are feeling can be so intense, you wonder if you will ever mend your broken heart and be happy again.

I don’t think it is that easy to stop loving some one, especially if you have spent a lot of time with this person. Or if you have been blindsided by the breakup, you never saw it coming. It can be very difficult to one-day stop loving the person you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with.

This question ‘how do I move on’ is universally asked by those that are going through a breakup. So don’t feel that you are the only person questioning yourself about how can you move on after your relationship ends. There can be a number of reasons that you feel that you are not moving on or that you are not moving on the way you would like to. In this episode I share some of the top reasons that might be holding you back from moving forward and enjoying life again.

If you are checking their instagram page, snap chat, their twitter account, their face book status, every hour, I want you to ask yourself this question, ‘why are you doing this?’. Are you looking for a sign that they are missing you, that their life is a mess, they are so unhappy and can’t live with out you? But is this a reality, have you ever seen someone’s post saying they are feeling crappy, they are a mess emotionally and they just aren’t coping? How is that going to make you feel when you see them out and about with their friends?

#099 You Can Have A Happy Life After Leaving A Sociopath with Stacy Brookman

Sep 20, 2017 17:37


After enduring a lengthy, stressful and difficult divorce from her sociopath husband, Stacy Brookman enrolled in a memoir class that changed her life forever. Stacy found when writing her crazy stories down on a piece of paper, she was able to gain clarity about her situation and work out the necessary steps she had to take in order to recover and move on from her breakup.

Writing out your stories after a traumatic and harrowing life situation, can give you insights into what has happened and the courage to move forward. Stacy believes that life storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool for personal transformation. Its not always about the gramma and punctuation, its about pulling the wool from over your eyes, seeing things in black and white so you can do something about your situation.  

‘Real life resilience’ is Stacy’s podcast and its mission is to tell stories of recovery from life’s most difficult trauma, and by example help people with tough life situations discover how to tell their own stories.

You can find out more about Stacy, read her blogs and listen to her podcast @

#098 The Optimist’s Guide To Divorce with Jill Sockwell

Sep 13, 2017 17:03


Jill Sockwell and her co-author Suzanne Riss were both divorced and looking for advice that was uplifting, and inspiring. Answers that were realistic and true to life that they themselves could put into place so they could navigate this challenging process called divorce. They couldn’t find this advice or the resources to match their requirements, so they wrote their book ‘The Optimist’s Guide To Divorce’, which is a ‘how-to’ for people going through a divorce.

Jill describes the divorce process as a marathon not a sprint and there can be a variety of solutions for the diverse challenges that divorce presents. Attitude is everything and it can be so easy to get caught up in the negatives, however if you try and look on the bright side, look for the best in this difficult situation then the process can be a little easier to deal with.

Breaking up can be an isolating experience initially so Jill and Suzanne started their Maplewood Divorce club in March 2103 so that women could come together and support and help each other through the challenging and testing process.

One tip that Jill would offer women going through a divorce is that it’s going to get better and look for ways to grown and change for the better from this difficult experience, some days are going to be better than others. Choose to look for the positives and one way to do this is to start a gratitude journal, even when you are not feeling amazing or ok, looking back over what you have written, all the good that is happening in your life will lift your mood

You can purchase the book ‘The Optimist’s Guide To Divorce’ @ and follow on Facebook @optimistsguidetodivorce

#097 How To Start Loving Yourself Again After A Breakup with Orion Talmay

Sep 6, 2017 19:02


Orion went through her own dark moments in life after her breakup from a very abuse partner. She was in a state of depression that lasted years until she found her own way to mend her heart and regain her strength. One of the strategies Orion shared in this podcast was mirror work. A very powerful approach that boosts your self-confidence and increases the love for yourself.

Orion also explored some of the mistakes that single women can make when looking for love again, as well as the importants of self-care and reconnecting to you feminine side. Orion suggested when reconnecting to your spiritual side it is essential to do so from a place of love rather than from a place of fear.

You can connect with Orion Talmay and find about more of what she has to offer and download her eBook ‘How to become a love magnet’ @

#096 Quick Effective Solutions That Work To Eliminate Stress And Overwhelm After a Breakup with Stephanie Dalfonzo part 2

Aug 30, 2017 24:09


Stephanie Dalfonzo offers some practical exercises that can quickly break up and change habits that are causing you to feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. Using these simple yet effective strategies and techniques can help bring you out of depression and into the present moment. Doing things differently does not have to be complicated, long or big, they just have to be of value. Like the restorative yoga pose of legs up the wall, even thought it’s a passive pose, combine it with controlled breathing helps lower anxiety and stress and calms the body.

In this episode Stephanie shares real stories and antidotes and guides you through techniques that will release tension and help you to feel better both physically and emotionally. When you are in absolute overwhelm it can be difficult to change your habits but Stephanie has broken these habits into small bite size achievable routines. Stephanie’s website is

#095 How To Find Ways to Cope With Despair And Stress After A Breakup with Stephanie Dalfonzo part 1

Aug 23, 2017 22:55


In times of crisis such as a breakup you need to find techniques and ways to deal with your emotions, if you don’t it is very easy to fall deeper into despair. Its not easy to move on when you are experiencing grief, stress and anxiety. In this episode Stephanie Dalfonzo explores the three P’s of pessimism that will keep you in a negative state of mind if you don’t work on making the simple shifts in your thought process to create lasting changes for the better.

When you are going through a breakup it can be difficult to find gratitude, however if you end your day thinking of the things that you are grateful for then sleep may come a little easier for you. If you spend your time imagining the worst and focusing on what you don’t want and what might happen, then that is what will happen, you are attracting more negativity into your life. If you make small changes in your life, stopping the cycle of negativity you will move forward. You can find out more about Stephanie @ and her 4 coping skills link @

EP#094 How To Accept The Relationship Is Over

Aug 16, 2017 15:50


Accepting that your relationship is over and making the necessary adjustments to your life can be difficult. It’s human nature to resist change and to cling to comfort. However the more you resist the breakup, the harder it will be to heal and move on and the easier it will be to fall into depression and anxiety. Learning how to accept a breakup you didn’t want or expect doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to being single or unhappy for the rest of your life. In this episode I offer some tips and ideas for you to take action and reclaim your identity so you can experience a bright future, heal and move on after your breakup.

EP#093 How To Achieve The Best Outcome For You When You Are Breaking Up with Karen Covy

Aug 9, 2017 20:26


Karen Covy is a divorce advisor, mediator, lawyer and divorce coach and her number one tip for people who are going through a divorce is to understand and educate yourself on what you are facing at the front end of your breakup so you will make better decisions during the process. In this episode Karen also shares the top three fears people experience when they are going through their breakups. Fear of not having enough money, fear of how the breakup will affect the children and fear that they will be alone for the rest of their lives. Karen also explores why you should set a goal or an outcome for what you want at the end the breakup process so you can better negotiate and accomplish what you set out to achieve by focusing on what is important to you. Karen’s website is

EP#092 Tips For The Single Parent with Julia Hasche from Single Mother Survival Guide

Aug 2, 2017 17:11


Julia’s number one tip for women who have broken up with their partners is to join a single parent or a single mum’s group. These groups will give you insights and help and support you through and beyond your breakup. Julia’s podcast is another great resource for single parents and was created to assist newly single mothers in all things they need to know about been single. Subjects range from sex, dating and relationships, helping your children through the separation, interviews with other inspirational single mums and why been a single mum is amazing. Find out more about Julia, her blog and her podcast @

EP#091 How Long Does It Take To Get Over Your Breakup with Otto Collins

Jul 26, 2017 19:49


Men often pretend that everything is ok when they are going through a breakup. They don’t want others to know that they are in fact hurting and unhappy and their life is a misery. Their world is falling apart and the negative and unhelpful story they are telling themselves will only keep them from moving forward. Otto explains that if you can sit with your emotions and feel them, don’t push them away of bury them they will pass. In time you will realise that the healing has begun, you are more present in conversations, you want to join your friends in activities, you start to smile more and want more from life. You can connect with Otto @


EP#090 How To Pick Yourself Up After A Breakup

Jul 19, 2017 15:00


Living through a breakup can be stressful, it can be daunting and it can be emotionally draining. Your thoughts are overwhelming as you struggle to think of positives in your life. So how do you pick yourself up after your breakup, how do you dig yourself out of the big dark hole you find yourself in? How can you change the negative story you keep telling yourself? In this episode I offer suggestion to do just that, to change the way you think and act, to bring happiness and joy back in your life. You can either stay in the depths of despair or you can climb back out and reclaim the life you want and deserve.

EP#089 Tools To Make Co-Parenting And Blended Families Work Successfully After A Breakup with Rosalind Sedacca

Jul 12, 2017 21:28


A breakup doesn’t mean the end of parenting obligations and as much as co-parenting is complex it is a process that can be done so long as the channels of communication are kept open, a certain level of respect is observed and the focus of attention is on the well being of the children. One of the tools Rosalind mentioned is an on line scheduling tool that eliminates a lot of the conflict between parents as it details the children’s activities, appointments and schedules find out more @ More tools, eBooks and courses that Rosalind offers can be found @

EP#088 How To Be A Successful Single Mom/Dad After Your Breakup with Honoree Corder

Jul 5, 2017 17:56


How do you go from being a hot mess to creating the life your want after your breakup? In her books, her blog and her program Honoree provides the formula for victory for single moms and dads so that they can find success, find new love, cook healthy meals and find a general sense of happiness. Self-acceptance and self love is the first step in attracting the life for yourself and your children. Find more about the Single Moms & Dads books @

EP#087 How To Navigate Grief & Loss For Yourself And You’re Children After A Breakup with Ali Wilks

Jun 28, 2017 26:17


There are so many challenges associated with dealing with the grief and loss you are feeling after your breakup. Not only do you have to navigate this process but often you have to help and support your children through this difficult time. Ali explores some ideas and strategies to not only help you but others that may be having difficulty accepting the changes that are occurring. We also discussed how keeping the children out of the conflict would help them to manage the major adjustments. The resources Ali mentioned were No One’s The Bitch, The I Have Series and Skirts At War. Find out more about Ali Wilks @

EP#086 How To Ease The Pain Of A Breakup

Jun 21, 2017 17:17


The ending of a relationship can be traumatizing and comes with negotiations and compromises as you navigate the separation process. In this episode I explore some strategies that will help ease this hurt in order for you to have a more painless breakup. So if your emotions are all over the place and you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed and anxious listen to this podcast so you can gain some strategies and ideas so that you can feel that you can cope and handle anything that comes your way with confidence and support. Not all breakups have to be as hard and difficult if you can learn to change the way you think and react to situations that come before you, you may find that your breakup is a lot more pain free then you thought it was going to be.

EP#085 How To Get Over A Cheating Partner – with CJ Grace

Jun 14, 2017 20:57


In this episode I talk with CJ Grace about how to get over the shock of infidelity a subject that CJ knows all to well and has written a book and many articles on this very subject. CJ believes that the best revenge is to get past wanting revenge and using the shock of infidelity to trigger positive transformation in your life. CJ’s book ‘Adulterer’s wife how to thrive whether you stay or not’ and her blog can be found at her web site

EP#084 How To Stop That Inner Voice Beating Yourself Up - With Rene Brent

Jun 7, 2017 15:21


Breaking up can rip open old wounds from childhood and its not until you release some of those false beliefs and perceptions that you can move forward with happiness. Rene shares some techniques she had successful used to stop that inner voice validating why you should stay in a place of hurt and anger, stop that merry go round and reframe those negative false beliefs to unsure a joyful life. Find out more about Rene Brent @

EP#083 Can You Be Friends With Your Ex After A Breakup?

May 31, 2017 18:57


Ending a relationship on any terms can be painful, especially when you’ve invested a lot of time and emotional energy into it. In this episode I explore some of the reasons why you can’t be friends with your ex due to circumstances and events that have happened. I also look at why it would be beneficial for you to at least have a friendly relationship because of certain situations that are unavoidable and children that will tie you to that person for a very long time. I talk about how important strong communication and setting mutually agreed boundaries would help to maintain the friendship.

EP#082 How To Turn The Pain Of A Breakup Into The Life You Deserve with Honoree Corder

May 24, 2017 20:31


Honoree is very good at helping people move through the process of divorce with their integrity and self-esteem still in tact. She talked about how to stop the war with yourself and to realise that hoping things will get better is not a strategy that will help you to move forward. It’s about putting practical and constructive steps in place and making them work for you.

EP#081 Breaking up Can Introduce A Level Of Instability For The Children with Alanda Josey

May 17, 2017 19:04


Alanda describes her breakup as one of the most painful and challenging process she has ever been through. The displacement for her children was regrettable. Listen to Alanda’s story as she took a leap of faith, took ownership of her decisions and learnt to trust her own judgment. She started her blog @ which is her journey of being a single mom, the challenges of parenting, divorce and much more.

EP#080 How To Heal The Emotional Pain Of Heartbreak After A Breakup with Patty Blue Hayes

May 10, 2017 18:09


Patty’s 12-week audio program ‘You Can Heal Your Heartbreak’ supports women on their healing journey. Her book ‘My Heart Is Broken. Now What?’ offers 12 practices for healing the emotional pain of heartbreak. It can be a bumpy path of healing and we all want the answers to the question of ‘how to get through this excruciating pain?’ Patty suggest that people not be afraid of their emotions. Its best to recognize, feel, express and release and its something we shouldn’t have to struggle through alone.

EP#079 You Can’t Get Through Your Breakup Alone And You Shouldn’t Have To with Amy Botwinick

May 3, 2017 16:45


There are so many challengers to deal with after a breakup. It takes courage to start a new life when you feel vulnerable, overwhelmed and scared. This is where Amy Botwinick can help as she assists people to find the bravery within and to look for the smart ways to move forward by building a strong team to surround and support you through this difficult process. Amy has written a book 'Congratulations On Your Divorce The Road To Finding Your Happily Ever After’ and co-author of ‘Divorce Party The Musical’  Amy can be contacted @

EP#078 What Can You Look Forward To After A Breakup?

Apr 26, 2017 22:39


When you are going through a breakup the idea that you have something to look forward to can seem impossible. You can get caught up in the intense feelings of unhappiness and sadness as you deal with the stresses and decisions that breaking up with your expartner brings. However this episode explores some of the things you can look forward to and steps you can put in place so you can enjoy your life again and look forward to happiness and joy

EP#077 How To Make Co-Parenting Work After A Breakup with Rosalind Sedacca

Apr 19, 2017 18:26


Co-parenting is a life long process that involves maturity and sensitivity for both parents. Rosalind suggests that if you think of yourselves as a co-parenting team you will have a better chance of making the transition and adjustment for the children much better post breakup. Children thrive more when they are surrounded with harmony and love. Find out more about Rosalind Sedacca @

EP#076 Infidelity with the Au Pair Ended A 16-Year Marriage with Abi Shepherd

Apr 12, 2017 16:27


Abi’s honest account of her mental health issues, her husband of 16 years leaving her for their Au Pair and finally finding her passion gives everybody hope that happiness and fulfillment can be found after a devastating breakup. Abi writes in her blog about divorce, separation, mental health and parenting subjects to name but a few and can be found at

EP#075 How Julia Left A Controlling Partner When She Was Pregnant with Julia Hasche

Apr 5, 2017 17:20


It wasn’t until Julia saw herself in the eyes of other people after an ugly interruption at her work place by her partner that the reality set in that his behavior was both inappropriate and not normal. Even though Julia found her self-pregnant she gained the strength to leave the emotionally abusive and controlling relationship

EP#074 How To Heal From A Broken Heart After Your Breakup with Susie & Otto Collins

Mar 29, 2017 20:48


Susie and Otto Collins are two people who have been there and done that. Along with working as relationship coaches, mentors and speakers, they have written many books to help people through their breakups including ‘How To Heal Your Broken Heart’. In this episode we cover a variety of subjects from how going through a breakup is normal but it doesn’t feel or seem normal to how both Susie and Otto helped each other heal from their own painful breakups. You can find out more information about this dynamic duo

EP #073 How To Stop Feeling Rejection After A Breakup

Mar 22, 2017 12:56


The intensity of the negative emotion of rejection after a breakup can be all consuming. It can be difficult to put this pain aside and concentrate on healing from the hurt and begin the journey of moving forward with your life. Don’t let these feelings of rejection take away the happiness in your life instead use this time to reconnect with you and what you want from your life from now on.

EP#072 Healing The Pain Of A Breakup With Poems with Paula Groothuis

Mar 15, 2017 16:23


After two failed marriages and years of crying Paula sought the therapy that would help her to move forward with her life. She set about finding spiritual healings that restored her love of life, healed her pain and accept who she really was. Writing poems for her book was a way to express her feelings and Paula shared a few of these in our interview. You can contact Paula @ pgoo@optonline,net

EP#071 Divorce Can Lead To A Suicide Attempt with Patty Blue Hayes

Mar 8, 2017 23:09


Patty’s 17-year marriage had devolved into emotional and substance abuse, and the shock of infidelity left her feeling vulnerable, crushed and broken. Her emotional pain became her physically pain and when she attempted to take her life she added feelings of shame and humiliation. Patty turned all of this into a successful book ‘Wine Sex and Suicide My Near Death Divorce’ and coaching business. You can get more info about Patty @


EP#070 How To Stop That Feeling That Your Divorce Is All-Negative with Dr. Kevin Karlson

Mar 1, 2017 18:18


Dr. Kevin Karlson is an expert in divorce litigation and recovery and helps people navigate through the emotional, legal, financial and physical aspects of the divorce process. Most people can feel overwhelmed with what has to be done and how little they know on how to get through the legal procedures. It’s easy to take a few steps forward and ten steps backwards. Read more from Dr. Kevin @

EP #069 Are You Ready To Move On After Your Divorce? With Vanessa Gaboleiro

Feb 22, 2017 16:36


Vanessa Gaboleiro is a divorce transformation mentor who helps recently divorced women recreate their lives. At a time when all her friends were getting engaged Vanessa was getting a divorce and it was through this experience that Vanessa developed the tools and strategies to help and guide women on their paths of self discovery. You can connect with Vanessa @

EP #068 How Do You Tell The Children You're Breaking Up with Rosalind Sedacca

Feb 15, 2017 17:16


Rosalind Sedacca is a divorce, parenting, dating and relationship coach. In this episode we talk about how parents can handle their breakups with out damaging or scaring their children on a deep emotional and psychological level. Rosalind’s work includes helping to educate parents to make wise decisions so they can move through their breakups in the best possible way. Download free resources from her website @

EP #067 Can There Be Any Positives After A Breakup?

Feb 8, 2017 13:25


You can often get stuck thinking about all the things that are going wrong, all the things that aren’t going your way, the pain and anguish you are feeling and all the things you want to change after your breakup. It can be difficult to find anything positive, anything that is going your way and anything to look forward to. In this episode I explore ways to rethink your breakup and turn your thought process around.

EP #066 How To Stop Feeling Lonely And Isolated After A Breakup

Feb 1, 2017 13:30


A breakup can lead to feelings of loneliness as you struggle with all the emotions you are feeling. Isolating yourself from the rest of the world is a common practice of people who are going through a breakup, as self-doubt and uncertainly take over. In this episode I offer some tips and ideas to help you overcome locking yourself away from the world that surrounds you.

EP #065 How To Manage A Narcissistic Expartner After A Breakup

Jan 25, 2017 15:42


Breakups are stressful enough without the challenge of having to deal with a narcissist expartner. Not all narcissists are the same however in this episode I share some techniques, tips and ideas so that you can take back your power and control and start your journey of recovery after your breakup.

EP #064 Do Quotes About Breaking Up Make You Feel Better?

Jan 18, 2017 14:59


A lot has been said and written about the power of using quotes to change your self-talk, to inspire you to see things differently and to help you through a dark period in your life such as a breakup. In this episode we explore some of the most popular quotes and the meanings behind them to see if they will help you to see your situation in a more positive note.


EP #063 Struggling To Move on After Your Breakup

Jan 11, 2017 13:53


Struggling to move on after your breakup is something that many people experience. Breakups often leave you feeling hurt and angry. Your emotions are all over the place as you battle to see a way forward. In this podcast episode I offer strategies and tips to help you regain your confidence so that you feel stronger and more able to find solutions to your problems.

EP #062 How To Find Solutions And Insights To Your Problems Through Meditation with Kathy Daniel

Jan 4, 2017 19:50


Breakups can leave you feeling confused and chaotic about the decisions and solutions you need to find for your problems. Listen to Kathy Daniel as she explains how a variety of meditation practices will leave you feeling calmer, more relaxed and better able to find solutions that will take you from survival mode to being more proactive and solution driven with your life.

EP #061 Surviving Work When You’re Breaking Up

Dec 28, 2016 16:19


Most of us need to work for a living in order to survive. So trying to get through your breakup and go to work at the same time can be overwhelming. Some days all you want to do is hide in the bathroom or curl up under your desk. In this podcast I offer some strategies so that you can get through your work obligations so that you can begin your journey of recovery.

EP #060 How To Survive Your First Social Event With Your Expartner with Alvia Turney

Dec 21, 2016 19:54


How do you get through your first social function when you know that your expartner is going to attend and possibly be there with their new partner? Or what can you do if you are finding yourself alone at Christmas, Thanksgiving or your birthday. Alvia Turney from Act 4 Tomorrow shares her tips on how to survive what can be a terrifying and anxious time and turn this around to feeling empowered and confident to attend any future events.

EP #060 Why Do We Fight With The Ones We Love Interview with Erik Newton

Dec 14, 2016 23:09


Why do you think we fight with our partners? Listen to Erik Newton as we discus this issue and how breaking up can help us to better understand both our expartner and ourselves. And if we do not become aware of our issues and do the emotional work necessary to heal and rebuild we will carry the damage and baggage into future relationships.

EP #058 How To Cope With Change After A Breakup

Dec 7, 2016 15:17


Dealing with change at the best of times can be daunting. However when you are going through a breakup these changes can bring fear and anxiety back into your life as you try and cope the best way you can. There are a number of ways to make this process easier for you so that you feel that you can cope and everything will work out.

EP #057 How To Start Loving Yourself Again After A Breakup – with Elise Carr

Nov 30, 2016 17:29


Elise explains how to weave together your sexuality and your spirituality to awaken consciousness in a really simple way. And how that giving yourself love and being loving with out criticism and judgement of yourself is one of the ways you are going to get back on track and feel healed and ready to move forward with your life after your breakup. Visit Elise Carr @

EP #056 How To Bring Harmony Back Into Your Life After A Breakup with Elise Carr

Nov 23, 2016 16:12


If you feel that you have lost your self, you have lost your power after your breakup, then Elise Carr is the one who can help you to regain your self worth, change the way you think about your life and reprogram the way you process events. Elise facilitates empowerment so that you can change the way you live, think and breath and develop a stronger relationship with yourself and others, so harmony becomes the norm.

EP #055 The Best Of Breakup Recovery Podcast For The Past Year 2016

Nov 16, 2016 20:44


In this 1 year anniversary episode I gathered the top 5 downloaded episodes and drawn from them an overview of all the important information, strategies, skills and techniques. And who doesn’t like a free giveaway, so listen to the very end for your opportunity to gain this offer.

EP #054 How To Help a friend Through A Breakup

Nov 9, 2016 16:25


What should you say and do to help your friend who is going through the breakup process? Even though you may feel powerless and watching a friend go through a breakup is heart wrenching, you can in fact help and guide them through this difficult process. It’s about listening, helping and just being there for them that will make all the difference to their lives and to the way in which they can move forward after their breakup.  

EP #053 Staying Sane During A Breakup

Nov 2, 2016 17:59


When you are going through a breakup you often wonder how you are going to cope with all the change that is happening in your life. You can feel that overwhelming fear that you are never going to get through the experience and that slowly you are loosing your sanity. Learn how to stay sane during your breakup and find ways that help you to cope and move forward with your life.

EP #052 How To Get Closure After A Breakup

Oct 26, 2016 16:07


Closure can be that elusive term that you think you need in order to move forward with your life after a breakup. Achieving closure can be different for everyone, so for some it’s a conversation, finding answers to unanswered questions, an apology or just an understanding why the relationship ended. You might never get closure but it is possible you will reach a point when you start to feel ok and moving forward is an option that is achievable.


EP#051 How Travelling Solo Helped Jen Get Over Her Breakup

Oct 19, 2016 17:41


Jen’s 10 year relationship had progressivity declined, the romance had gone and neither party were actively making the necessary changes to fix things. Part of Jen’s healing process was to travel solo and journal her thoughts and feelings. She also threw herself into the dating scene as part of her recovery process as well as taking better care of her health and well-being.

EP #050 Divorce Force with Greg Frank

Oct 12, 2016 12:45


Divorce force is an online community that is committed to empowering those affected by divorce. Greg Frank one of the co-founders explains how Divorce Force supports, educates, and answers many of your questions, which in turn helps you to navigate all aspects of divorce. Visit their web site for further information and download their free app.


EP #049 - Getting Over Some You Loved After A Breakup

Oct 5, 2016 18:26


There are so many stages you go through when dealing with your relationship breakup and these stages must be dealt with and worked through if you want to get over some one you loved after your breakup. While it is rarely easy, it is possible to move forward with your life. You can heal after your breakup and you can get over some one you loved.

EP #048 How Fear Can Paralyze Your Life – with Alvia Turney

Sep 28, 2016 15:11


Alvia from Act4Tomorrow shares how the fear that her clients have built up in their minds can keep them trapped in an unhappy relationship. Fear can build a scenario into something so large that it stops people from making informed decisions and moving forward. Having someone to help you to face your fears will not only empower you but will give you back the control you need to breakup with your partner.



EP #047 Overcoming An Abusive Relationship

Sep 21, 2016 17:34


Nothing is more damaging to your confidence and self-esteem than being in an emotionally abusive relationship. So often you make excuses for their behavior, think that it is your fault or feel that you can change their ways. In this episode I offer practical techniques so that you can overcome and move forward after leaving an abusive relationship.


EP#046 - Could you leave Your Children Behind? – Jan’s Story

Sep 14, 2016 20:42


After fifteen years of physical and mental abuse Jan made the heart breaking decision to leave the family home without her children. The abuse and intimidation continued even after she left; he stalked her, slashed her tyres & made continual death threats. Jan refused to play victim & regained her self-esteem and started a career she was told was out of her reach. Jan slowly rebuilt relationships with her children only to have her daughter tragically taken away from her.

EP #045 What is Breakup Boxes All About?

Sep 7, 2016 16:09


Taylor Brown tells us how her own breakup lead to a great idea and concept that takes the burden away from someone who has just broken up and needs to return their expartner’s belongings back to them. Her business Breakup Box offers a simple and hassle free way for you to send back anything your ex-partner has left at your home. Contact Taylor @


EP #044 Demystifying The Practice of Meditation with Kathy Daniel

Aug 31, 2016 15:47


Kathy Daniel helps to demystify meditation and talks about the benefits of transcendental meditation. How the practice of 20 minutes twice a day can bring your body back to normal and all the symptoms you are having due to the stress in your life after a breakup will all settle down. Kathy also answers some of the most common questions you may be having about starting a meditation practice.


EP #043 Why Breaking Up Hurts

Aug 24, 2016 16:14


The pain you feel after a breakup is often unbearable. It hurts you to the core as you struggle to overcome the strong emotions you are feeling. Everything seems so hard and challenging as you navigate the emotional and physical agony of a breakup. Don’t be one of those people who stays stuck in their breakup. Sure your heart may feel like it has broken but that’s not to say if cannot be mended.


EP #042 3 Ways That Will Help You Cope After Your Breakup

Aug 17, 2016 17:59


Coping with a relationship breakup can be one of the most difficult challenges a person faces in a lifetime. It can be destabilizing for the whole family as you try and navigate all the changes that are occurring. Coping after a relationship breakup is certainly not easy. In this podcast I offer three ways you can implement straight away to boost your chance of coping and moving forward after your breakup.

EP #041 3 Things That Keep You From Moving On After Your Breakup

Aug 10, 2016 18:30


Breakups are stressful and upsetting times. Trying to cope with so many changes and upheavals can be a complicated process. Every one tells you have to move on after your breakup, but what does that actually mean. How do you move on? In this episode I look at some of the things that could be holding you back and what you can do to change this.


EP #040 How To Ditch Co-Dependency Habits

Aug 3, 2016 17:21


The ending of a relationship is often a time of reflection as we look at the part we played in the breakup and why it all happened the way it did. When you are in a co-dependent relationship you are putting the power in another person for the source of your happiness. In this episode we explore some ways to change your habits or behaviours surrounding co-dependency.

EP #039 Facing Your Fears After Your Breakup

Jul 27, 2016 17:24


Relationship breakups can bring up many fears that can dominate your thoughts. It can paralyse and stop you from moving forward and create a cycle of more worrying thoughts and events that may never happen. Solutions and answers become out of the question as your internal chatter takes over. In this episode we look at ways to alleviate your fears and take back the control over your thoughts.


EP#038 How to Change Feeling Rejected & Discarded into Feeling Worthwhile – interview with Kathy Daniel

Jul 20, 2016 13:53


Kathy Daniel shares her effective technique she developed to help clients let go of the negative thought patterns surrounding their beliefs that they are not good enough or there is something in life that they can not have or do. Kathy helps turn a problem statement into a goal statement, along with a yoga/ kinesiology posture leaving you feeling light, connected, expansive and calm within.

Ep #037 3 Ways To Pick Yourself Up After Your Breakup

Jul 13, 2016 15:52


After a breakup you can have feelings of profound sadness along with anger, resentment and frustration as you try and navigate the breakup process. In this episode I will offer 3 practical ways you can put in place so that you can pick your self up after your breakup and begin to feel happiness and joy again.


EP #036 How Do You Know You Are Over Your Breakup?

Jul 6, 2016 15:16


In this episode I ask a number of questions so you can have some clarity whether you are over or not quite over your breakup. There are no right or wrong answers, its not a test, there is no judgement. It’s a matter of acknowledging where you are right now and gaining an understanding of what you need to work on, so that you can truly say you are over your breakup.

Ep #035 How To Choose A lawyer – Interview with Annalee Madssen

Jun 29, 2016 13:47


Finding the right lawyer can be the key to your sanity when you are navigating the maze that is the legal process after your breakup? Annalee Madssen from Feeney Family law helps to take the mystery out of choosing a lawyer. She explains what to look for, what to expect and how to hire the right person for you and your case.

Ep #034 How To Handle Stress After A Breakup

Jun 22, 2016 18:10


The pain can seem so real and intense both on a physical and emotional level after your breakup. Your life is uncertain now, and you worry about what your life is going to look like. The stress can leave you feeling exhausted and shattered. However you can bring enjoyment back into your life and in this episode we explore a number of ways to do this.

EP #033 Betrayal From Her Husband and Friend - Interview with Kim

Jun 15, 2016 16:14


Kim’s husband thought as the breadwinner in the family this equated to making all the decisions. But the betrayal of her close friend, the one she was confiding in shook her more than the end of her marriage, as she found out through a Facebook message that she was living with her ex-husband. Instead of giving her ex-husband and her ex-friend the power to keep her in a place of hurt she focused on her self, her health, her son and her business.


EP #032 Blindsided by Husbands Affair – Interview with Kate

Jun 8, 2016 16:40


Kate was blindsided by her husband when he came home and stated that the marriage was over. As she processed her feelings of shock and disbelief she decided to suppress all her emotions, put on a hard exterior only to have a breakdown 18 months latter. Kate soon learnt her husband’s long time affair was not her fault, she was not stupid for not seeing the signs, and it was ok to seek professional help and support from family and friends.

EP #031 3 Thing To Remember If Your partner Ends The Relationship

Jun 1, 2016 17:16


It can be tough to accept that your relationship is over and accept that someone you once loved doesn’t want to be with you anymore. It’s hard living with the rejection and it’s difficult to move on after a breakup. In this podcast I talk about how it’s not your entire fault, you have to let them leave and know that you are a worthy person.

Ep #030 Leaving a Verbal & Emotionally Abusive Husband – interview with Carmel

May 25, 2016 15:32


The reality of her husband’s affairs did not hit Carmel until she had separated from her husband. Looking back the verbal, emotional and sometimes physically abuse had taken its toll on her self-esteem and self worth. She was afraid of this man and did everything he demanded to keep the peace for her girl’s sake. With the help of family and friends, Carmel was able to get through her breakup and now wakes up each day with peace of mind and a knowing that she is a good person

Ep #029 - Journey Through Awareness – Interview with Julie Andrew

May 19, 2016 17:23


After separating and getting back together during her six-year relationship, Julie developed an awareness of what she did and didn’t want in her life. This stopped the cycle of drama, trauma, pain and suffering. She realized that having choices and seeing that different possibilities are available, and she gained a deeper understanding of what was going to work for her in all aspects of her life.


EP #028 Working Through The Grief – Interview with Kathy Daniel

May 12, 2016 17:36


After overcoming the challenge of an ex-wife who would constantly harass and threaten her partner using his daughter as pawn. The end of the relationship resulted from Kathy’s partner not being able to set financial boundaries and manage his money. Through self-awareness and courage Kathy worked through her grief and her own weaknesses to become a more rounded and confident person.

EP #027- 2 Ways To Rebuild Your Life After Your Breakup

May 4, 2016 18:11


Going through a breakup is no easy task. Your breakup can leave you feeling lonely, depressed and anxious about your future. You can find that you have somehow lost your sense of identity and don’t feel comfortable being alone. Breaking up is a process and it takes time to process the painful emotions, but if you put in place the 2 ways I have offered in this podcast then you will come out the other side with more self-awareness and the ability to start rebuilding your life.

EP #026 - 3 Ways To Stop Over Thinking Your Breakup

Apr 28, 2016 19:03


Do you over analyze your problems and repay them over and over again in your mind? Are you doing this so much that you are having difficulty even making a decision? This behavior is counter productive to your well-being and can lead to increased anxiety levels, stress and worry. In this episode I share 3 ideas that you can implement into your every day life so you can lower your stress levels, become clearer in your thinking and stop you from over obsessing about every detail of your breakup.

EP #025 - 3 Steps to Rebuilding Your Self Worth After Your Breakup

Apr 21, 2016 17:30


Unfortunately the end of a breakup can start a dark and gloomy journey into the world of low self-esteem, low self worth, anxiety and depression. Its time to build your self worth, be compassionate towards yourself, stop the inner critic, forgive yourself and accept what has happened. You have two options; you can keep living in the mental prison where you keep reliving past memories, holding on to hurt and resentment. Or you can choose to move forward; you can choose to change your thoughts, beliefs and actions. You can find happiness and you can move forward.

EP #024- Starting Over After a Divorce - interview with Alvia Turney part 2

Apr 14, 2016 17:12


The shock of finding out her husband had an affair sent Alvia into a rollercoaster of emotions and suicidal thoughts. Over the next five years Alvia shares how she went from being a broken woman who found it too confronting to leave her 23-year marriage to a life where she now uses her experience to help other people through their journey of divorce and separation.


EP #023 Infidelity Can Ruin a Marriage- Interview with Alvia Turney part 1

Apr 7, 2016 16:02


Alvia received a phone call one day out of the blue from a mystery man that wanted to meet with her. This man seemed to know an awful lot about her and her family and handed over an envelope that would change her life forever. Infidelity was never something that she had considered, but this information left her feeling scared, confused and physically drained. It was if she had being punched in the stomach and unable to process or decide what to do about her situation and where to go from here.

EP #022 - 3 Tips To Help You Move On After Your Breakup

Mar 31, 2016 17:16


Breakups are not easy, for most it’s a major transition and life change. You are not a helpless bystander in your life. And I shared 3 tips for you to practice so that you can start your journey to move on after your breakup. Stop playing the victim, stop comparing your self to others and be true to yourself. What it all boils down to is how much do you want your own happiness? Do you want to be shackled to the past wondering what if and obsessing over little details of your relationship? Or, do you want to let go, embrace what lies ahead of you and close the door on this chapter of your life?

EP #021 Creating the life you want - Interview with Mish Wright

Mar 24, 2016 16:25


Mish had to deal with moving to a new country, no friends or family close by, a toddler and being seven and a half weeks pregnant when her husband came home one day and dropped a boom shell that he had found his soul mate and it wasn’t Mish. Listen to the steps Mish took to crawl out of her deep dark depression hole, her loss of identity and create the life she wanted.

EP #020 Finding Your Voice - interview with Marleen

Mar 17, 2016 13:45


Marleen shares with us her story of how the end of her relationship helped her to find her voice. She took back her power, took control over her life, rather than continually looking at her past and being the victim of it. Marleen started to pay attention to her inner voice, reconnected with her self and refocused on what really makes her happy.

EP #019 Leaving an Narcissistic Abusive Relationship - interview with EJ Love

Mar 10, 2016 16:06


Are you in an emotionally abusive relationship? Are you finding it hard to leave?Listen to EJ’s story and how she no longer ignored her intuition and the red fags that keep coming her way about the narcissistic abuse, manipulation and threats from her partner were not good for her. EJ found the inner strength to work through and heal her abandonment, rejection and unloved feelings to find her self, get the creative flow back and allow the new opportunities to flow into her life.

EP #018 Is It Possible To Feel Grateful After a Breakup?

Mar 3, 2016 15:55


It’s hard and difficult but not impossible to think you have something to be grateful for when you are facing life’s challenges whilst going through a breakup. I’ll give you some tips and ideas to make this process of feeling gratitude a little bit easier during this time. And in doing so I believe you will gain massive and beneficial results as this powerful exercise forces you to count your blessings, notice the good things that are going on in your life, sometimes the things you take for granted, you acknowledge the pleasurable parts in your life, you start to appreciate everything you have as well as reflecting on what is beautiful in your life.

EP #017 What Does Act 4 Tomorrow Do? - Alvia Turney

Feb 25, 2016 16:10


Interview with CEO and founder of Act 4 Tomorrow, Alvia Turney.

Breaking up can be an emotional rollercoaster; the process can leave you feeling confused and depressed. It doesn’t have to be that way and by using the services that Act 4 Tomorrow provides, will help you to move through the process with a guiding hand full of knowledge and information so that you can make the right choices for you. Alvia also gives us a sneak preview of some of the other courses that Act 4 Tomorrow offers so that you can gain clarity for your situation.

EP #016 The Benefits of Yoga - Interview with Meagan Walker

Feb 18, 2016 24:12


Meagan Walker shares the many benefits that a yoga practice can have on both your physical and mental health. If you are having trouble managing stress levels or sleep quality, the simple exercise of yoga empowers you to improve your mood, reduce anxiety, help you feel happier and calm your mind. At the end of the podcast Meagan guides you through a short jet effective body scan that allows the outer busyness dissolve so you can connect to how you are truly feeling.

EP #015 Positive Vision

Feb 11, 2016 13:50


Creating a positive vision is about exploring a greater future for you. Your way of thinking, whether it is positive or negative, is a habit, and the good news is negative habits can be changed. I will talk about how having a positive attitude and actively thinking in a positive way can have many health and life benefits.

EP #014 Ideal Future

Feb 4, 2016 17:50


Where do you want to go in your life? Where do you see yourself in the next three, six or twelve months from now? And how important it is to set goals, so that you can turn your ideal future into reality.

EP #013 Suppressing Your True Feelings - Interview with Anne Louise

Jan 28, 2016 15:36


Anne Louise drifted into romance and marriage with a man that was her close friend. Her lifestyle comprised of workaholic husband, living in remote areas and a baby that arrived early in the relationship. Guilt and a sense of responsibility for everyone around her supressed her true feelings. Listen to the technique that saved her sanity and helped her on her road to recovery after her marriage breakdown.