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The best hypnosis podcast on the planet. Period. Six time award winning hypnotist Mike Mandel and his trance-junkie co-host Chris Thompson discuss all things related to hypnosis, self hypnosis, NLP, peak performance, self improvement and more. This podcast makes you smarter and lets you laugh while you learn.

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Session 146: Cold Reading is Awesome!

Mar 27, 2020 45:00


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Special Edition #1: COVID-19 Thoughts

Mar 24, 2020 44:51


This special edition podcast is here to help you make the most of your time during the COVID-19 global crisis.  Show notes at https://mikemandelhypnosis.com/2020/03/24/podcast-covid19/

Session 145: Dealing with Disaster

Mar 13, 2020 47:16


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Session 144: Discovering Your Sub-Personalities

Feb 28, 2020 34:46


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Session 143: All About Anxiety

Feb 21, 2020 46:49


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Session 142: Personal Development Lessons from Chris (Part 2)

Feb 6, 2020 45:06


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Session 141: Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever - part 2

Jan 17, 2020 36:46


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Session 140: Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever (Part 1)

Jan 3, 2020 39:54


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Session 139: Personal Development Lessons from Chris

Dec 27, 2019 45:49


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Session 138: Aim Your Brain

Nov 23, 2019 46:37


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Session 137: Fascinating Hypnosis Conversation

Nov 8, 2019 45:47


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Session 136 - The Architecture of Change

Oct 25, 2019 47:27


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Session 135: Words That Work

Oct 12, 2019 43:18


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Session 134: Top Ten Wellness Tips

Sep 27, 2019 51:45


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Session 133: Top Ten Transformational Techniques

Sep 14, 2019 43:54


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Session 132: Top 10 Greatest Hypnotists of All Time

Aug 30, 2019 48:24


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Session 131: Interview with Michael C. Anthony, World's Greatest Stage Hypnotist

Aug 12, 2019 50:29


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Session 130: Hypnosis Mail Bag

Aug 3, 2019 46:19


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Session 129: No Instructions Required

Jul 20, 2019 45:12


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Session 128: Logical Levels and Your Best Life NOW!

Jul 8, 2019 40:02


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Session 127 - Hypnosis and Manipulation

Jun 21, 2019 43:33


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Session 126: Communication Pitfalls

Jun 8, 2019 53:04


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Session 125: Part 2 of Suggestion, Regression and Timelines

May 17, 2019 34:37


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Session 124: Suggestion, Regression and Timelines

May 3, 2019 36:10


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Session 123: Turn Insomnia into Quality Sleep

Apr 19, 2019 58:07


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Session 122: Ramping Up Your Creative Power!

Apr 5, 2019 47:13


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Session 121: Building a Quality Life

Mar 23, 2019 45:19


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Session 120: Communication Tips Part 3

Mar 8, 2019 44:22


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Session 119: An Interview with Anthony and Freddy Jacquin

Feb 22, 2019 55:23


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Session 118: Communication Tips Part 2

Feb 9, 2019 51:41


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Session 117: Powerful Communication Strategies Part One

Jan 26, 2019 44:28


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Session 116: The Principles of Hypnosis Part 4

Jan 11, 2019 51:56


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Session 115: Principles of Hypnosis Part 3

Dec 28, 2018 42:29


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Session 114: The Principles of Hypnosis Part 2

Dec 14, 2018 42:03


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Session 113: Principles of Hypnosis Part 1

Nov 30, 2018 48:16


This is the first episode in a series on the principles of hypnosis. For full show notes go to http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/2018/11/29/podcast-113/

Session 112: The Unconscious Mind and Never Surrender

Nov 14, 2018 34:04


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Session 111: Dealing with Toxic People

Oct 29, 2018 46:34


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Session 110: An Interview with Dr. Richard Nongard

Oct 12, 2018 50:57


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Session 109: Las Vegas Aftermath, Hypnosis Cards, and a Dishwasher

Sep 29, 2018 35:51


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Session 108: Rudy Giuliani, Mail Bag and the Lawn Tree Blooms

Sep 14, 2018 49:05


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Session 107: Assertion, Argumentation, and Inner Child Work...

Aug 24, 2018 35:36


For complete show notes visit http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/2018/08/20/podcast-107/

Session 106: Interventions, Incidentalomas and the Magic Cabbages

Aug 10, 2018 43:10


Full show notes posted at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/2018/08/10/podcast-106/

Session 105: Wellness, Ego States and Blood Chokes

Jul 27, 2018 36:16


Here are the show notes from this episode: We’re excited about Hypnothoughts Live coming up in just a few weeks. James Tripp is coming to Toronto in September. He’s teaching on hypnotic phenomena and change work Think Tank word for today is chemical…think about how two substances can mix and make major change happen, or how powerful change can happen simply based on the movement of tiny electrons! The rewind technique is also known as the “fast phobia cure” in NLP. Gary asks if we have any research to support its use. We do not. We discuss the difference between a researcher and a practitioner. Chris is distracted by a phone call from his mechanic! Mike has become a big fan of Inner Active cards which he discusses having used to negotiate between two ego stages in order to get even more lean. Chris highly recommends a podcast by Dr. Peter Attia called “The Drive” Mike reviews Bob Burns’ ideomotor signalling protocol called “The Swan”.  We highly recommend it. Why does modern music suck? MEE – The mere exposure effect!

Empowering Question: What still needs to be done to have a great 2018, and what will I do now to make it happen? What is still undone in my life to create a great year, and what massive action will I take in that direction…NOW…

Empowering Metafive: Niagara College, and the shoulder-spin blood choke

Ending: The smoke goes up the chimney just the same

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Session 104: Hypnotic Influence, Assertion, and the Window of Doom!

Jul 12, 2018 42:53



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Session 103: False Memories, Monica, and That’s Ridiculous!

Jun 30, 2018 41:37


Here are the show notes from this episode: We’ve got brand-new microphones! It’s much better quality, it only sounds worse! 100 Days of Awesome continues with more strategies! Plus we answer our Mailbag questions from around the world… June Architecture of Hypnosis was the most international ever! Students from US, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Dubai, and India mean we’re doing something right! November Architecture of Hypnosis is booking now. Come out and change your life forever! We have a one-day MINDSCAPING Certification Course this August in Las Vegas on the day before HypnoThoughts Live! We’re bringing hypnosis trainer extraordinaire, James Trip to Toronto in September! Come out one day early and learn Graphology from Mike Mandel! Word of the Day from the Think Tank: Sanctuary –  What does that mean to you? Mike ties it to Inner Active Cards available here… What sanctuary are you clinging to, and how different will your life be when you head outside? Can hypnosis be used by a therapist for evil purposes?Anyone in a position of authority can misuse their authority. Mike is interviewed by David Fairweather for “The Hypnosis Project”. The topic is the nefarious purposes of hypnosis. Video embedded in the show notes at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/2018/06/29/podcast-103/. MINDSCAPING creates hypnotic trance! You can use it with pretty well anything else…but it’s not hypnosis…is it? Chris has been using 100 Days of Awesome in the area of wellness… Check out the videos of Dr Jason Fung online…All about fasting and eating properly. Chris and Mike are going about 40 hours without food! False Memories! We cannot tell if a memory of something’s real or not. Mike worked with a young woman abused by a teacher and her brain said it was her father who did it! No memory is reliable! Mike doesn’t teach Past Life Regression, but he honours his client’s model of the world, even if it doesn’t agree with his…

Empowering Question: What questions do you have for us, that will change your life when you get the answers? What answers do you need from us, and what questions can we ask to start the process of new and better awareness?

100 Days of Awesome Continues!

That’s ridiculous! This is courtesy of our psychiatrist friend, Dr Adam Stein… The Monica Intervention! It really messes up people’s mind, especially when said with pseudo-anger and impatience! Back to Adam Stein…Have the client keep saying “That’s ridiculous!” Then map it across to their fear or worry… Hebb’s Law as a metaphor: A toboggan going downhill…Much better than the forest metaphor! “That’s ridiculous!” is a compliance set! The Reset Button! Human Givens Theory says we can step outside our lives and check for what needs a reset…What can you reset?

Empowering Metafive: What is the worst job you ever had? Mike’s was working the counter at the Red Barn.

Ending: Henry Squatter and the nudist colony!

Session 102: Eliminating Allergies and More Days of Awesome

Jun 14, 2018 40:33


Here are the show notes from this episode: We apologize to Richard Hill, who is the LEAD author of A Practitioner’s Guide to Mirroring Hands.  This podcast will teach you how to reduce or perhaps eliminate an allergic response in yourself. We will also continue our theme of making your life awesome by elaborating on some of the key videos we’ve posted on Instagram as part of our 100 day challenge. Music: Mike and I are absolutely LOVING this new band called “Greta Van Fleet”, who sound a lot like early Zeppelin. Find them on Apple Music. James Tripp is coming to Toronto! Come join us this September. We’re also hosting a one day Graphology training in Toronto the day before James Tripp teaches. Come to Toronto to get more bang for your travel buck! 7:00 – we start discussing allergies, which we look at as a phobia of the immune system. The allergic response is purely unconscious.  People typically can’t consciously control these things just like we can’t consciously control body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. If you run this NLP Allergy Technique on yourself make sure to test it only if the situation is safe!  Don’t test something where you’ve typically had an anaphylactic reaction unless you have professional medical supervision! We’ve included a supplemental video on this page. If you’re reading these show notes elsewhere make sure to visit our website to see the video under the Episode 102 show notes. Evidence that this works: Our friend (and student) Rob posted an amazing video showing him deeply sniffing a Lilac bush, which used to create an incredible allergic response in his body. Rob attended the Architecture of Hypnosis in 2017 and one of the other students helped him completely eliminate this problem. Chris is no longer allergic to dogs!  His family is getting a puppy! 22:25 Commercial Break:  a fresh new episode of the Honey Halmark show. 23:40 – We shift over to our 100 Days of Awesome challenge. This challenge is all about how to live a more awesome life. 24:15 Mike talks about the Two Minute Rule. The funny thing about starting to DO something is that you typically enter the ego state that is good at (or wants to be) doing that thing. 25:30 Mike talks about how to handle criticism. Criticism is just information. 27:00 Chris discusses the quality of your reasons for saying “no”. When you improve the quality filter on saying no you’ll find yourself saying YES more, and experiencing a better life. Our friend Yahya Bakkar taught us that something is either a hell yes! or a hell no. 30:00 – Chris talks about allowing yourself to leave mistakes in the past. Just let go! 32:10 – Learn to get good at taking baby steps towards change so you’re not overwhelmed. 35:00 Mike forces Chris to generate an empowering question on the fly!

Empowering Question:  How can you find new and powerful ways of making decisions that will take your life forward NOW?

Empowering Metafive: Remember it’s not a metaphor, it’s a meta-five!  This one is the story of Turmeric.

Ending: We Built This City

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Session 101: Mirroring Hands and Awesome Days

May 25, 2018 42:28


Here are the show notes from this episode: We’re into the second hundred podcasts! Today is all about hypnosis and awesomeness… It’s Day 14 in the “100 Days of Awesome” challenbge and we’re doing a joint video… James Tripp is confirmed! We’re bringing this world class trainer to the University of Toronto, so book now! Mike will be teaching his amazing Graphology Course the day before the James Tripp event. Check it out here. Mirroring Hands by Ernest Rossi is an excellent book for all therapists! You can use the technique on yourself too! Ultradian Rhythms are where it’s at! Learn to co-operate with them… Small changes add up to huge changes over time! Start making those small changes…NOW… This all started with The Wellness Academy…You need the mental game to make lasting change! You can’t out-exercise a crappy diet! If you avoid sugars and grains (including wheat, corn and rice) and vegetable oils, you’re well on your way… Check out the book Body by Science by Doug McGuff MD! That’s McGuff, not McGruff. He isn’t the crime dog. He’s a doctor and a genius. Listen to the words, not what you think the person’s saying! Watching television is NOT exercise, but it doesn’t mean you’re stupid if you enjoy running … Ken Sweatman himself would have been proud of the 10 minute rant Chris just went on! There are no refunds in your life when it comes to time! It’s a choice you made! You don’t want your life to be “a complete waste of time”… Do you love what you do? If not, what are you going to do about it? Is it a “Hell yeah!”…or a “Hell no!” Find your unique niche and everything becomes way easier! What product or service do you have to offer? How to you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Cold sores are persistent little bastards. Learn the lesson of persistence from the common cold sore…They don’t give up!

Empowering Question:  What have I heard from this podcast that I will adopt today as my own? What is the one thing that has grabbed me today, and what will I do about it NOW?

Empowering Metafive: Choice you made!

Ending: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Session 100: Addictions and 100 Days of Awesome!

May 11, 2018 53:29


Here are the show notes from this episode: May Hypnosis Training is sold-out, and June is too! We’ve opened up the November 2018 training, so look here… Melissa Tiers did an amazing job teaching for us at the University of Toronto! And we had it videoed for her too… Hats off to Mike Mandel for doing an amazing MINDSCAPING training on the Friday… Are addictions just habits that are driven by anxiety? We think so. Most people just stop the addiction when they’ve had enough, although people are told they’ll have to deal with it for their whole lives… Mike’s mentor Derek Balmer turned alcoholics into social drinkers… People get addicted to a dopamine release with their smart phones and squeezing blackheads… People in the AA program keep on saying “I’m an alcoholic” and reinforce the problem at the level of Identity! It’s all about self-directed neuroplasticity and you’re rewiring your brain! What’s the benefit of the addiction? Find another way to get it… Stop! Push the picture down and away, and then re-script. The result is new neural pathways! The Meta Pattern is the same as ADAC: Associate – Dissociate – Associate – Collapse! Setting up the Awesome Anchor! It’s Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic, and you can stack it up with resources! The 100 Day Challenge begins Saturday May 12th, so make your life awesome! Videos for 100 days on our Instagram Channel…#MMHAwesome We will be awarding significant prizes to those who post and follow along! The tattoo anchor! The picture turned out wrong…Horrible, but funny, so stack those positive anchors… Virtual  Gastric Band treatment? You still have to change what you eat. We don’t prescribe, diagnose, or treat disease, and we’re not telling you what to do; just what we do.

Empowering Question:  How will you use all the awesome and free Brain Software material to have an awesome and fantastic life?

Empowering Metafive: Henry O’Hagen and the missing childhood

Ending: The MMHA Theme Music (Thanks Greg McColl!)

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Session 99: Guilt, Shame, Empathy and the Bucket List

Apr 20, 2018 44:33


Here are the show notes from this episode:  May Hypnosis Training is sold-out! There are still about 4 spots for June. Melissa Tiers’ class is almost filled up, so look here… A smorgasbord of stuff today…

Word of the Day: PHYSICIAN

Guilt and Shame are not the same! Some people never get over shame… Guilt is about what you have or haven’t done…Shame is about who you are…Behaviour vs Identity Shame is ‘There’s something wrong with me!” Logical Levels are only a model, and the test of a model is whether or not it’s useful! Environment, Behaviour, Capabilities, Beliefs and Values, Identity, Purpose or Mission We did a whole podcast on Logical Levels in episode 74. Here it is on YouTube also. Chris does a really annoying and vaguely familiar voice for an extended Ken Sweatman-like period of time… People stuck at Environment respond as though life is happening to them…New Behaviours change the Environment… Capabilities (abilities) enable us to exhibit new Behaviours. Beliefs (and Values) effect our Capabilities… Watch out for the I AM statements! “Well I’m JUST an employee…” Guilt is at the level of Behaviour. A Scapegoat becomes the family garbage-can. They have Shame put upon them! Scapegoats often have to go NO CONTACT! Don’t accept shaming behavour from others, and don’t put shame on others! We all live our labels. Which ones are you living? Low self-esteem is really common with today’s college students…at least the ones Mike has met… Self-image should be accurate, not positive! Hitler had lots of self-esteem, and he was totally evil… We have to look into the Abyss…the Shadow side of our personalities… Be a rugged individualist and be ready to push back! Opposite of shame? It’s empathy. Self-acceptance and acceptance of others. Mike believes everyone carries the Imago Dei. We all have intrinsic worth. Empathy is second position in NLP terms! Mike started as a stage hypnotist, who relabelled himself as a communicator! Be careful what labels you take on! NLP, Hypnosis and a Bucket List! Mike wants to keep doing the same stuff because he loves what he does. Smart questions help you reach it! What do you need to do, or what needs to happen to make it happen? Use submodalities! Make a dissociated image of yourself, already having what you want… Daily self-hypnosis will help too! Unlock new ideas and consciously make them happen… The Pixel Method of Self-Hypnosis! The source is secret…but Mike’s admitting it’s not original to him…

Empowering Question:  What are the things I absolutely must experience before I run out of time, and how will I ensure I cause them to happen? What is the most important to me now…that I need to cause then…to make sure I miss absolutely nothing…and how will I start it happening…today…?

Empowering Metaphor: David Lang

Ending: A Criminal Mind

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Podcast listeners can get a fantastic deal on our Stress Relief audio training by following this link: http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/stress7.

We are teaching MINDSCAPING in May as well as hosting Melissa Tiers for an addictions workshop.  You can get details on that and all other live events at ourevents page

Registration is open for our  June and November  Architecture of Hypnosis training at the University of Toronto.The May has sold out. Email us if you need details on that.

Session 98: Take Action Now!

Apr 7, 2018 41:06


Here are the show notes from this episode: Moving from Thinking to Taking Action! If you don’t execute, nothing happens! Move away from analysis paralysis and towards action. Closing in on MINDSCAPING certification on Friday May 4th, 2018! Melissa Tiers will be arriving from New York to teach her Addictions Protocol Word of the Day: Vehicle – Getting from where you are to where you want to be… The Magic Question again! What do you want? or the Clean Language version: What would you like to have happen? Check out the Hypnotherapy Sandwich here. Identify the target in positive terms, because you’re the one who’s going to take action! Be very thorough in your changework so the change lasts… Don’t attempt to fix everything at once! One key thing or key big-chunk at a time is enough Chris says “Life is a Road-trip” which is a great metaphor! Stop blowing money? Or start saving money? What do you want? Tiny changes over time stack up and lead to great rewards. You have to start though… Write down your plan and make it manageable to avoid Overwhelm. Too much Chaos steals Order! The 2 Minute Rule! It enables you to get started NOW! Celebrate small victories… The Big Chunks of Life – Resources, Health, Money, Relationships…etc. What’s the priority for you? If I could only have one of these important things, which would it be? Clear the clutter, and the time-clutter! What will you remove that takes too much of your time?

A word from our sponsor: The Shizzjigg Corporation

Six Action Shoes:

Navy blue formal shoes – Procedures, checklists, routines. Gray sneaker – Exploration, investigation, sneaking and gathering evidence. Brown brogues – Sensible shoes for practicality and pragmatic action. Orange gumboots – Firefighter boots for safety, emergencies, urgent problems. Pink slipper – Care, compassion, sensitivity, human feelings and comfort. Purple riding boots – Emperor on a horse. Leadership, command and Imperial authority.

Read Six Action Shoes by Edward De Bono. It’s an awesome book so buy it now!

Empowering Question:  What will I take action on today to get myself moving toward where I want to be? What will I do this very day to get started in the optimal direction for my life?

Empowering Metaphor: The Minden Tidal Wave

Ending: The Border Crossing at the Maginot Line 


Session 97: Learning to Think Better

Mar 24, 2018 38:04


Here are the show notes from this episode: This is all about thinking folks! Alone, in small groups or huge gatherings… Everyone needs to think well, and we’ll show you how… It’s Spring today! Hurrah! Melissa Tiers is coming to Toronto soon! Come to Toronto and join us in the class. And while you’re at it, take the MINDSCAPING training with Mike… May Architecture of Hypnosis is SOLD-OUT! You can still come to the June class if you book soon. Come to HypnoThoughts Live 2018 in Las Vegas in August, and meet Chris and I and study with us live… Check out our Wellness Academy and change your life. It’s the stuff we do, and the way we live! MINDSCAPING intersperses with other therapies, or you can use it alone… Chris is managing ego states and just rockin’ through 2018…managing time with his daughters Axolotl and Barbarella… Mike’s word Onward will enable him to write his Magnum Opus…His eating has changed too, as has gene expression! The Word of the Day is CHALLENGE We are moving away from the Krysse and Jeff Show to a new business model… Mike does a horrible cough and forgets to say “We’ll edit it out”… Mike will be a Senior Citizen on April 29th! That’s really old… Is thinking just asking and answering questions? Don’t substitute the kinesthetic sense for thinking! It seldom works! The moron who invested based on his good feelings… It’s okay to notice if something feels right…but it must be based on sound analysis too… Watch out for the scam artists! They’re out there…and facts don’t care about your feelings… Am I substituting feelings for thinking? Ask yourself… Investigative thinking sorts through the known and finds the relevant. Exploratory thinking searches the unknown… Investigative thinking shows up in inverted V formations in the writing. Analytical thinking shows up as deep V formations that touch the baseline. It shows up in Ms and Ns… Analysis discards what is not needed, because more information will not always help…You must sort and discard! Keen comprehension is sharp points in the writing; often when Ms and Ns look like Us…This is quick mindedness… Cumulative thinking is slower, building block thinking. It is tied to creativity too… Mike jumps in with a hilariously brilliant joke about drinking poison and a real estate agent! Elon Musk gets it right, folks! Intuition is a thinking skill. It’s not psychic, but the answer is…6 of clubs! It’s making drawing conscious conclusions based on unconscious clues. As the right questions! It’s part of the Socratic Method! The Large X explanation. The upper V is success. The lower inverted V is failure. They’re both exponential! Chris says that everything that is growth oriented in any direction is exponential. He’s right! Everything you do to improve your life will have an exponential effect! This podcast is the proof it works…Loochie! 10% improvements are awesome, even though Chris Ken Sweatmans it a bit… It is crucial to increase your schema. Add new stuff! Always. Everyday. Be a Renaissance Man or Polymath Woman! Turn off the damn television and fill your brains with something useful. Edward de Bono’s book: Six Thinking Hats is awesome! The Blue hat is the sky. The organiser’s hat. Processes, control, the agenda, the summary, etc. The Green Hat is growth, life, creativity, new ideas. Great ideas can come from stupid ideas – like Post-it Notes! The Black Hat is organised negativity. What can screw up? What’s wrong with the plan? Don’t wear the Black Hat when you’re being creative! Wear it at the end when implementing the plan. The Yellow Hat is the sun! It’s optimism, fun, positives and benefits. The White Hat is pure data. Information, no emotion at all, facts and figures and stats, Google Analytics, etc. The Red Hat is emotions. It justifies any emotions, good and bad. Gut sense, anger, fear, etc. It switches us to the kinesthetic system! The key is flexibility. Learn to switch between them all! Just by wearing imaginary hats, you can direct the thinking of yourself, or a group.

Buy Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono. It’s a great book! All his books are great, come to think of it!

Empowering Question:  What is my strongest thinking style, and how will I make better use of it today? What is my strongest thinking style, and how will I apply it today, to have a better life tomorrow?

Empowering Metaphor: The nine men and women and the jigsaw puzzles

Ending: The Anthem of The Bag Men of Edward the Confessor (When Drumming Comes and Juju)

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Session 96: Making Order and Chaos Work for You!

Mar 4, 2018 40:21


Here are the show notes from this episode: Melissa Tiers is coming to Toronto soon! Come to Toronto and join us in the class. And while you’re at it, take the MINDSCAPING training with Mike… May AoH is SOLD-OUT! You can still come to the June class if you book soon. Chris is giving Mike a raise! Woo hoo… Mike’s been reading Jordan B. Peterson’s book – 12 Rules for Life and it’s all about Order over Chaos… Chris bought the Audible book and Mike lies and says you can get an “audio highlighter” now. Chris believes him, which is scary when you think about it. Mike wants to see a firearms thing that helps you change guns and continue targeting on aliens if they’re attacking Earth! This is how we do it! This is how we do it Downtown… The Taoist symbol, Yin Yang is an order vs chaos symbol. Look for the dot there, folks! The point is to have one foot in each world…Neither too much chaos, nor too much order… Perfect order cannot be achieved, and a garbage dump accepts everything – but it’s not pure Chaos because there is still structure and Order! Chris says “Conversationally interested hypnotists” which is brilliant or just weird. Mike calls Chris “Yin” and breaks into a spirited rendition of The Captain Game It’s official! Chris used to play Dungeons and Dragons in Montreal. Who would have guessed? Lawful Evil – Chaotic Good…strange…and with Chaotic Neutral you never know what’s going to happen… Too much chaos is bad, but so is too much order. Anarchy is too much Chaos. Fascism is too much order! So is boredom. A little Chaos is a good thing. It staves off too much order and boredom and staleness… Mike found order through the electronic calendar. Anxiety can mean too much Chaos! Too much unpredictability… Start with Podcast #1 if you’ve just gotten into Brain Software. There is an arc to what we do! Chris nearly says too much but is reigned-in just in time… Chris invokes the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle but Mike isn’t sure why.  so he applies it to the temperature of bath water. There’s Order everywhere! Even phone numbers, because you cannot call any number at random and hope to get the correct person… Mike invokes Edward de Bono’s Provocative Operation and explains how chaos intrudes can create abject creativity… Even our podcast is an example! There’s a structure but then we wing it by adding Chaos! Chris comments on another podcast that has too much order. .. There are always elements of Order in all Chaos and vice versa… Chris laughs and Mike yells “Loochie!” Don’t smell the dishcloth! Or most things for that matter… Chris spoils the illusion of the downtown Toronto expensive studio… What special thing do we do for our 100th podcast? We can tell when we have a foot in each world; neither bored, nor overwhelmed. Chris mentions his daughter and Mike calls her Glapotrynne, which is damn hilarious and creative and brilliant! We seek some Chaos to escape from boredom. Mike says “Then they will Singh!” but Chris misses it completely. Mike exposes Chris’ condescending abuse that the audience never hears… Chris has heard stories… Mike brought order to his life with graphotherapy! Organize those small letter Fs folks by balancing those loops. Check out our graphology video here! Remember to start small when you’re adding Order to the Chaos of your life! Add Chaos by getting out of the rut! Learn something new to spark your creativity… Jokes reset your attention span! How cool is that? Make sure you do it every ten minutes or so… Foveal vision is a RAM hog! “Those who are not at threshold are willing to accept the level of Chaos in their lives.” – Mike Mandel Mike starts singing Callejjonno but Chris seizes the locus of control. Gotta be change, gotta be me, and gotta be now… You cannot be forced to go to threshold (although you can stir the pot and nudge them) Don’t put a chaotic malcontent into an orderly workplace. He’ll screw up everyone else! It will lead to a level of despision… Check out our Wellness Academy and change your life. It’s the stuff we do!

Empowering Question:  What is the greatest area of chaos in my life and how will I impose positive order upon it? What components of my daily life have become much too orderly and rigid and how will I open doors to a bit of creative chaos?

Empowering Metaphor: Feeding the birds and squirrels…

Ending: Brian? Brian? Andy’s here…

Session 95: All About Anxiety

Feb 17, 2018 42:51


Here are the show notes from this episode: The show gets off to a bad start, with Mike saying “Loochie” way too many times… We’ve made it to Podcast #95! Unbelievable…The early shows were horrible. Chris actually says “Kltpzyxm” for the first time! What is anxiety? It’s why we’re here…for your…now…that’s right… You can get our Stress Relief audio product at mikemandelhypnosis.com/stress7 Warrington Reversal from Chris! He’s on a roll, folks! Chris catches himself saying “The most soon”??? What was that? Anyway, we have Melissa Tiers and MINDSCAPING coming up… There may be a single spot left for the May Architecture of Hypnosis training… You will love our training! Come to Toronto… Mike admits he dreamed about Melissa Tiers and punched out some scruffy guy…He used a fist which is a No No! What about the UK Hypnosis Convention? We aren’t going this year…(sob) Mike is needed elsewhere, and it’s ecology first! Tammy from Israel asks a question…What about metaphor cards? Mythos and OHcards are awesome! Sneeze! What about George Dillman and his pressure-point knockouts…What’s happening here?!!? If you’re in a martial art where the opponent has to believe in it for it to work…you might want to find a new martial art… Tappety tap tap on the pressure points… NLP Mindreading discussed! Not telepathy…but thinking you know what they are thinking…and there’s also reverse mindreading too! 6 of clubs! Correct. Chris gets stressed when people email for support and force him to reverse mindread… Loochie!  (It’s a useful and pointless word) Do not sip from the Bag of Pykthos! Give us your mindreading examples! Audio message from Charles the Marathon runner with cardiovascular problems and panic attacks… Anxiety is always trepidation about the future, but it might have a connexion to the past… You must jump in on anxiety as soon as it begins! That’s how you’ll rewire your brain. Some dick in a movie theatre lighting up the room with his cell phone! Shut him down! (Loochie is Mike’s new swear-word) Mike tells about his previous anxiety when he’d phone home and get no answer. It all started back in 1963… Mike calls Chris’ daughters Drusilla and Dentistrica, which is brilliant! In the night…in the dark…Mike’s parents were missing! Yikes! Free-floating anxiety is bad because it’s just there… Chris recalls anxiety from high-school when breathing became conscious…He sang in his head and switched on his right brain! Mike and Chris believe that anxiety is a behaviour, not the person’s identity or something that’s just happening to them. Again we say: Deal with anxiety the moment that first spark begins to burn… Kevin’ Laye’s Psy-Tap is awesome! He taught us how to shut down panic attacks in seconds! Grip and squeeze the first 2 fingers of your hand and hold until the fear vanishes… You can use Mike’s 6 Step Tapping Method Seven Eleven breathing works too…It brings in more parasympathetic response… Mike’s frickin’ genius comes in, and so does Chris’ genius! Do Kevin Laye’s method while you breathe in the Seven Eleven pattern! Mike sounds like he’s having a stroke, but he’s just remembering the term EMDR. Change the voice in your head and stop it scaring you! Your house might have burned down! The Spin Technique is awesome too. Use your actual physical hands to change the spin. It works best that way! Make sure you add the laughter. Mikemandelhypnosis.com/stress7

Gus Grissom Update:  Elon Musk from SpaceX contacts us!

Empowering Question: What makes you nervous, anxious or afraid…and what are you going to do to shut it down the next time it starts happening?

Empowering Metaphor: Howard Roach, the World’s scariest dentist

Ending:  He said Captain…I said wot? (Captain Sensible)


Session 94: Being Your Best

Feb 3, 2018 45:52


Welcome Fellow Ghost Riders! You are officially a rider on the hypnotic ghost…and it’s Force 10 again!

So if you’re into being your best, this is exactly the place to be! So pull up your RCA radio, ’cause he we go…These are days of victory!

Check out the show notes below while you’re listening. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you!

Here are the show notes from this episode Mike mentions that it’s almost Groundhog Day. Woo hoo! Let your unconscious mind let one or more of the following to begin to change your life… Chris gives a fairly interesting seed and vegetable metaphor There’s some stuff comin’ up: MINDSCAPING Certification and Melissa Tiers in May. Plan to attend all three! Hurrah to our new friend, Robert Smith, the creator of Faster EFT! See you in Las Vegas… Take out the trash before you build the new house! Email discussed. Chris explains the intervention should be earlier in the communication. Interrupt your own pattern! Mike gives the John Grinder quote as a solution. How am I exquisitely maintaining this behaviour? The Silent Treatment is passive aggression! Don’t do it. Go when you can, not when you have to, and keep the communication lines open. What you permit, you promote! Good one, Al! Mike calls Chris’ girls “Sentica and Voralaya” which is brilliant! The Ontario Government’s ridiculous video. Video embedded here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol6vQoH7yWE&feature=youtu.be It’s SO BAD! Fail, fail, fail. It’s worse than try. It almost commands failure. Mike tells you how to quit smoking and it’s 100% successful! Stop. There is no other way. These things we recommend are things we actually do! They’ll work for you too… Chris built his schema and Mike is creaking the chair but admits it, so it’s okay. The Magic Question: What do you want out of life? How will you know when you have it? What needs to change in your life? What have you been procrastinating about? Procrastinate later! Do it with alacrity. Do the worse stuff first! Procrastinate in a positive sense. What relationship needs work? What will you do about it? Who will you fire if they become toxic in your life? Be honest with yourself. What are the old tape loops you run? Mike tells about a guy who was “extremely dickish” and loved even bad attention. STOP! Push the picture away and replace the thought. Check out The Anti Anxiety Toolkit by Melissa Tiers! Are there any fires to put out? Do you have any blind spots? Chris and Mike discuss one of Newton’s Laws of Motion. Stop the sliding, negative momentum in your life! Put the brakes on NOW! Take a personal inventory. Be honest and aware! Health is hard to get back, despite our resilience. The death rate is still one per person. Deletion, Distortion and Generalization.  The Magic Number 7 plus or minus 2… Autopilot can be a dangerous thing, especially if it’s driving you into the ground! Suppression and repression. It’s an intervention, Chris! Here come Oprah and Eckhert Tolle! Chris stacks the negatives. Mike makes a new backwater stupid sound. Wyn was SO negative! There won’t even be a parking spot. Chris mutes his computer and Mike goes back to the stupid droning backwater sound as a protest. Help tune the RAS to focus on the target state.

Gus Grissom Update:   Spotted in Rio by Roger Frenulum at the Zardoz Punk and Metal festival!

Evaluate! Who else will benefit from the changes you make? Use the Add/Remove Protocol… Mike can be heard quietly saying “Sure…sure…” like Derek Balmer used to. Use questions that are inline with your key values in life. Layer in the presuppositions too! What’s next? This is a really powerful question. Everybody has something to offer! How will you give back to others? It’s great therapy to get our minds off ourselves! ONWARD is working for Mike. MANAGEMENT is working for Chris too! You can begin to unconsciously notice all kinds of things… Learn your Enneagram type. Self-knowledge is very powerful…

Empowering Question: What key piece of information did I hear in this podcast that I’m absolutely going to make work for me today?

Empowering Metaphor: The skipped third course at the South Indian restaurant…

Ending: Ghost Riders on the Storm!

Session 93: Energy and Negative Emotions

Jan 19, 2018 37:57


Here are the show notes from this episode Mike has repositioned himself as the Scarecrow of Hypnosis! Even Chris doesn’t pretend to understand why. Today is all about Energetic Therapy! You’ll learn how to free yourself and others from pain and negative emotions, often in seconds! Hypnothoughts Live 2018 is on its way! Make sure you check it out and come and study with Mike and Chris, and make a ton of awesome new hypnotic friends! Mike and Chris will be teaching MINDSCAPING, so whether you’re a coach, social worker, therapist, psychologist, whatever…come to Las Vegas and get certified in this amazing protocol! Mike first studied Meridian Based Psychotherapy with Swiss psychologist Willem Lammers. Mike’s grief was cured in front of the class, and you can apply these same techniques on your own psychological pain. It’s awesome to be set free in seconds! Get rid of your emotional pain, whether it’s fear, anger, sadness or trauma, and report back as to how well it worked for you! Does this really work by discharging electromagnetic disturbance in the brain? Mike and Chris aren’t sure exactly what happens, but it works, dammit! The great thing about these tapping therapies is: They only remove negative stuff. People who use this report that they can think of traumatic stuff or elicit old phobias with no bad kinesthetic at all. The bad feelings are stripped from the visual and auditory recall. Roger Callahan to Gary Craig, to Tapas Fleming and Larry Nims, and Robert Smith to Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! You don’t have to believe in these algorithms to make it work. You can just start tapping on these points while you think of your problem, and clear all sorts of bad emotions – usually forever! Tapping the forehead hits the bladder meridian. That’s what the old-school hypnotists were doing without knowing what they were doing, when they were doing it. Larry Nims stopped tapping. He just imagined tapping, and got the same results. Give it a shot once you’ve activated the spots by tapping them, and see what happens. Mike still likes Be Set Free Fast, but now uses faster methods. Here are the points from Mike’s 6 Step Tapping Method:  Center of the top of the head, forehead, outer corner of the eye, under the eye, under edge of the collarbone, squeeze or tap the inside of the wrist.  Make sure you’re saying a word that keeps you focused on your problem as you tap. If you have anxiety start tapping on the very top of your head about 50 times, several times per day and notice how you feel. (At this point, Chris corrects Mike and makes him feel like a dick on a worldwide podcast to millions of people. Well…thousands of people.) This stuff is so effective, Mike taught his method to a trainer in Minnesota and the trainer cured a fear of heights in another trainer in a few minutes! How can you apply this in your own life? You have nothing to lose by going after your own emotional pain. Make sure you check the SUDs -The subjective units of distress so you can tell that it’s going away. Make sure you’re bringing that vaded ego state to the executive by feeling the bad emotions. Always tap with all of your fingers, so you’ll be sure to hit that sucker! You can use either side of the body. Go after all the roots of the problem. Keep on tapping until it’s zero. Mike explains that this is your First Aid Toolkit and you can start using it right away. Use it on all negative emotions, anytime, anywhere. Use this to help your kids too! You’ve got the history and the system we use, so start using it! We’ll even send you a cheat sheet if you want it!

Commercial Break:   The Shyzzjigg Corporation

Use the back of the hand point to put yourself into an awesome empowered state. Make sure you’re saying positive affirmations, as though you mean them. It only takes about 30 seconds to install a powerful ego state! If you want to feel awesome, check with your doctor and then tap the spot on the back of your hand between the fourth and fifth metacarpals, while saying those affirmations. The rest is automatic! I feel AWESOME! All my resources are online! I am energized and ready for anything! True science follows the evidence wherever it leads. Tap those points and notice how you feel… Make sure you do the proper 6 points when you eliminate bad emotions. If you make up your own points, they just won’t work. Is this somehow defractionating people and bringing them out of trance? Maybe…maybe not…but it works! Mike references his nasty fall. He used homeopathy to recover and thinks it’s working on the same energetic system as the tapping. He invokes Dr Andrew Lockie, an ObGyn from Scotland.

Empowering Question: What negative emotions will I focus on zeroing completely, and as  I review those negative emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness and trauma, which ones will I clear today, and how amazing will my life be when that happens?

Empowering Metaphor: The standing ovation and the radiator!

Ending: The Warrington Reversal (aka “Scare Ya?”)

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We discussed the best hypnosis conference in the world, Hypnothoughts Live, which you can get details about here: HTLive website

We are teaching MINDSCAPING as a pre-conference course in Las Vegas. You can get details on that and all other live events at our events page

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Session 92: Onward in 2018

Jan 6, 2018 38:49


It’s Winter Solstice as we record this! So Welcome all to Episode 92 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! You’re officially riding the hypnotic storm…

This is how we do it…this is how we do it Downtown!

The word for the year is Onward! So let’s get moving…

Check out the show notes below while you’re listening. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you!

Here are the show notes from this episode: Mike begins by telling the story of how he nearly went bowling with Jim Carrey! This is how we do it…this is how we do it Downtown! It’s a great line, Chris! What’s the One Word for 2018? Mike’s is Onward! Chris’ One Word is Management…Self-management, life-management, etc. Let’s switch on that Reticular Activating System, folks! Mike’s word used to be Alacrity. Now it’s definitely ONWARD! Mike calls Chris’ wife and daughters Zithromax, Rendlesham and Cytobobula, which is fantastically funny. Chris completely ignores everything except the antibiotic reference, leaving Mike to solely enjoy his own humour. Our business is expanding…and our new words are needed… Mike is the worst multi-tasker in the world! But he admits it so it’s okay! Chris has to treat Mike like a brilliant 5-year-old! He does it with good management skills! What is your word for 2018? Get it nailed down now while there’s still time. Don’t pick a word like Insomnia or Cancer! Chris is way too strong and fit and has set the bar way too high for us mortal beings… Now for the Mail Bag of Edward the Confessor… Chris tells us what trainings are coming up in 2018…see our events page. Tom from Washington asks critical questions about pressit the blotz! Mike answers Tom. It’s a lot like the Branson Protocol! Mike answers vitally important questions about Santa, Doctor Who and the Tardis. Sir Francis Drake circumcised the globe with a 30-foot cutter! Mark in Indiana asks if Mike has ever read scripts at people, and the answer is NO. Mike started on stage doing hypnosis and mentalism where no scripts were needed. Mike’s education is Earl Beatty Public School, Wexford Public School, and Wexford Collegiate Institute (which he didn’t graduate from!) Mike’s biggest mistakes were onstage in the early days…What’s needed and what’s just theatre? Do shows and you’ll find out… Always have a Plan B. Make sure you have a bail-out if needed… Michael C. Anthony is brilliant at bailing out from horrible events…He uses mentalism and magic as his Plan B. Hypnosis for alcoholism or excess drinking: Mike and Chris answer questions about Derek Balmer‘s method for turning alcoholics into social drinkers. Beware of labels! They affect you at the level of Identity and can really screw you up if they’re disempowering. Mike refers to the time he knocked out a drunk with a right cross on a hayride. Chris gets the time of year wrong. When someone falls off the wagon, it can be devastating; depending on how they frame it. Chris makes a clever comparison of neglecting to take the garbage out and then generalizes it to everything his wife asks him to do! Mike refers to a tabloid article about how a third of women’s husbands are actually space aliens. It’s actually very few of them. Don’t prescribe. Don’t diagnose! Don’t treat for any specific disease! Retro-Avoidance Ego States prevent Vaded Ego States from becoming Executive! Mike really enjoys yelling “Hurrah!” What would you like to have happen? Mike thinks it’s essential to treat the pain or trauma the client is carrying…

Commercial Break:  Life’s Abrupt End Morticians, and The Shyzzjigg Corporation

Is Graphology scientific? Resentment…procrastination…over 200 traits show? Statistically significant. It’s a soft-science and a subset of psychology. (Thanks, Chris!) Graphotherapy really can change your personality! It’s not the hand that writes; it’s the brain! Change the handwriting and change your life! Dave in Florida asks about MINDSCAPING at the end of a hypnosis session. Can it be used to check your work? Yes! MINDSCAPING has a built-in check for ecology. Always Future Pace clients before letting them go home. Chris ties in the Elman Induction with Dave’s question. MINDSCAPING can be a covert check on the work that’s been done! Mike sneaks in a Guinea Pig Laugh. What do you do if you have to cough? Mike mentions Himalayan Salt Pipes to clear the lungs. But we aren’t telling you to do this…

Empowering Question: What will I begin to do today to ensure that 2018 will be the most awesome and productive year I’ve ever had?

Empowering Metaphor: The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Ending: Dave Ambrose from the 25th Dimension!

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We discussed graphology. We have an online course available here.

We talked about ego status and many other personal development topics.  Check out our Personal Development Academy! You can learn the same techniques that Chris and Mike use to have awesome lives!

We answered a question about MINDSCAPING, which is available as an online course here.

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Session 91: The Fascinating Field of Hypnosis

Dec 15, 2017 40:12


Welcome fellow falcon flyers to Episode 91 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! We’re flying, even though that old tranquillity we used to know, is completely gone. Nevertheless, these are days of victory!

This podcast is all about hypnosis! Hypnosis, hypnosis, and more hypnosis!

Check out the show notes below while you’re listening. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you!

Here are the show notes from this episode: A lesson in cause and effect…Chris hammer fists Mike in the nose. Mike kicks Chris in the testicles. Mike loves being “the walking hypnosis machine”. Mike resists calling Chris a bastard. Stephan Moccio wrote Wrecking Ball for Miley Cyrus! 2 versions of the counterstrike story… A mild kick in the testicles can fix things! Hypnosis has always been with us…Drumming, stories around the fire…etc. Don’t tell your kids scary stories at night! Mike hilariously amuses himself by calling Chris’ girls “Garafraxa and Grophelia”. Chris starts well and now launches into a Ken Sweatman story, but Mike rescues things… Make sure your metaphors are subtle! Stories are naturally hypnotic… Mike likes the “offline metaphor”… Adam Sandler and the film Click… Chris begins well, but quickly gets into a Ken Sweatman story, with an insane amount of detail and Mike pretends to be interested… The Ultimate Hypnosis Film is still My Dinner With Andre… Chris interrupts, but Mike won’t be distracted from his hilarious point he’s making about the pantomime cat. Formalized trance is a ritual… Braid thought that eye-fixation caused trance…He was wrong! Mesmerism, anyone? A beautiful ludicrosity! Chris takes over the Mesmer story… Chris speaks of Mesmer “Passing magnetic stones…” Mike resists the obvious joke. Hey! This stuff really comes out! Mesmer was the first mutant hero: Magneto! Prestige helps hypnosis…The Royal Touch came from Edward the Confessor! Your brain contains a complete pharmaceutical chemical chest! Chris mentions the placebo effect, and correctly states that hypnosis is an amplifier. Build prestige to increase your hypnotic ability! You too can be trained at the University of Toronto! People like the average moron say that they don’t believe in hypnosis…or dentistry? It’s legitimate, folks! But how many kinds of hypnosis are there? Never mistake the model for the real deal. You cannot touch the critical faculty or put it in a wheelbarrow… The Ritual of Hypnosis is a useful model. We don’t emerge, people, because we know they’re not submerged! Some people say there are no levels of trance…Some people say that trance and hypnosis are different things… Keep it simple, folks! That’s elegance, and that’s what our Neo-Ericksonian model is.

Gus Grissom Update!

Paramnesia is FMS or False Memory Syndrome… To preserve a memory: Don’t access it! Chris talks about preserving money by not spending it, but it’s not the same thing at all…(Editor’s note: Yeah, it’s exactly the same thing) The invisible gorilla? Well, he’s wrong! Mike explains his forensic method. He makes a rare mistake by claiming the case he discusses was on YTV. It was Discovery. Embedded commands can be done in a waking state through the use of analogue marking.  No need to get insomnia tonight…

Empowering Question: What are you going to do today to ensure you’ll learn all you neeed…and how exactly will you proceed…to make hypnosis a huge and fulfilling part of your life?

Empowering Metaphor: Metro Toronto Zoo, and a tiger on the loose!

Ending: The Return of Jenny…

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Melissa Tiers is coming to Toronto! You can register here.

Registration is open for our May and June 2018  Architecture of Hypnosis training at the University of Toronto.

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Session 90: How to have an awesome life

Nov 30, 2017 34:49


Welcome to Episode 90 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! You’re riding the Hypnotic Hawk! Get airborne, and rip down a grain elevator or two…Our prostates are fine…and all is awesome!

This podcast is all about you! Check out lots of ways to make your life better than ever!

Check out the show notes below while you’re listening. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you!

Here are the show notes for this episode: Never make your life work! Work is a four letter word… November Architecture of Hypnosis SOLD OUT!!! Get ready for May… Here come a list of cool things to make your life better. Don’t wait! Not until New Years and not even until Monday! Chris describes Threshold! Gotta be change…now…and me! Take stock of your life! Turn on the critical thinking. We are capable of reflexing thinking…We can step back and look at things. Watch your own life playing out on a stage…Is it what you really want to have happen? What would you like to have happen? Use a Clean Language question to tune your RAS, and then focus intently on that outcome. Mike brilliantly says “I want less money so my life can really suck!” It was a much funnier line that Chris realized. Too many open loops lead to anxiety. Mike admits he gets a form of OCD when he’s under stress, but he admits it, so it’s okay. Chris invoked Warren Buffett and his list of 25 things that are important. Only 5 of them are allowed on the list though. Too many irons in the fire is problematic, because they share the heat… Prioritize your Life! Put 80% of your time on the 20% that’s most important… What resources do you have in your life? Mine those suckers. How can you gather new resources? What’s the most important thing right now? Chris tells an Uber story that gets dangerously close to being a Ken Sweatman story. Track it or fail! Tim Ferriss said what you don’t track, you don’t change. Find a way to track whatever you’re working on. Public declarations work. Unfortunately, Chris is still pronouncing Cialdini “Chee al deenee”. (Edit from Chris … OK fine, it’s supposed to be “Chal-dee-nee”, got it.) Get into the right state for the job! Use the Grinder Model to shift things. Chris gives a clever plug for the Personal Development Academy. These are the same techniques that Mike used to change from being a telephone operator to a world-class hypnosis trainer. Chris used these techniques to switch from being a Bay Street stock analyst, to a job that never sucks. Let go of that unforgiveness! It lets you off the hook. Learn to calm your mind daily. Take mental breaks – Walk, listen to calming music, meditate, etc. Notice those nostrils! Chris invoked Steve Roehm and how he explains that you should start small with change. Great advice! We interrupt for a short break: Station Identification from the Shyzzjigg Corporation! Stop wasting time! You don’t have an infinite amount of time. Mike’s almost 65! Yikes!!! Make use of your life! Turn off the frickin’ television for just one hour per day and get nine weeks of free time. Put some culture in your life! Art, music, ballet, opera, literature, poetry…It gives depth to our lives! Put it back on the shelf! See if you can resist buying stuff and walk away. Strengthen those important relationships! Pull out the weeds. Maintain the quality relationships! Who are the five people you spend the most time with? Clear out the toxic people! Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence and three times is enemy action! Fire the effers! Learn to shut down at night! Sleep is a nutrient. Make sure you aren’t deprived of it. Laugh a lot. Even if you look insane. Never mistake your job for your life! You won’t be on your deathbed wishing “If only I’d worked more…”

Empowering Question: Which of these concepts am I going to apply today, and how will I continue moving toward a better life?

Empowering Metaphor: Donald Thain – The Wizard of Wexford

Ending: We won’t spoil it in the show notes.

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Session 89: An Interview with Steve Roehm

Nov 1, 2017 46:44


This podcast is a great interview with our friend, Steve Roehm, a hypnosis trainer we describe as “intensely laid back”.

His story is fascinating. He talks about hiring a “Redneck from Kentucky” to help him quit smoking and then becoming fascinated with how hypnosis works. He’s helped over 4,000 people quit smoking and drops all kinds of awesome knowledge on us in this episode.

Full show notes at:

Session 88: Thirteen Relationship Hacks

Oct 6, 2017 41:11


Podcast #88: Thirteen Relationship Hacks by

Welcome to Episode 88 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! We have only one question for you: Whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know?

This podcast is all about relationships, and we’ve brought you 13 relationship hacks that can change your thinking and your behaviour.

Check out the show notes below while you’re listening. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you!

Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike’s retiring from the stage?!? Oh no…But he’s still going to be training Storm Riders worldwide. The final show ever is coming up in March 2018. Buy one of our ubercool Brain Software shirts! There’s a huge bonus for you! ($100.00 worth!) Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and a default mystery bundle! This shirt will make you seem more powerful and attractive. It’s true! Better relationships mean a better life! Skills map across. People are not the same, folks! Deal with it… We all react in our own ways! Ego States are great to learn about! Notice them in others, and in yourself too. Notice which one is executive! The boyz forget to edit out the words “sexual vigour”. Ego States are burned in neural pathways in your brain. Notice them becoming executive. Find out which triggers cause different Ego States to become executive! Open loops irritate people! They leave things hanging, and men especially hate open loops. Women: Give us closure! Please! Zeigarnik Effect! Yikes! Filler phrases again! Notice them and learn to stop doing them. When a woman has PMS, you shouldn’t bring up that she has PMS! Be careful which loop you open…and when. Learn to really listen! Make it clear you are listening too. Give the person your full attention by using Mike’s intention technique! Gotta love those tendrils of light! If the person doesn’t give you attention. Stop talking and wait. It’s powerful. The mythical Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy office building… Put that phone face down and listen! The John Grinder method of Rapport! Pretend that the other person is the most fascinating and important person you’ve ever met, and continue to congruently pretend it. “Were there other women there, and were they wearing yoga pants?” Beware reverse mind reading. Don’t expect other people to know what you’re thinking. Be specific as to what you mean! Learn your partner’s triggers that set off negative patterns. Then stop doing them. Borderline people switch instantly! Mike has learned to stop triggering the “cockadoody” response. Watch out for those auditory anchors. Mike used to get depressed on the road. Now he crafts his states. We pause for station identification an an important message from our sponsor. Learn the Love Language of your partner! There are 5 of them: Acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, gift giving. We discuss them in session 75 here When you learn it, fulfill it! Your relationship is a garden. Make sure you pull the weeds. Admit to faults. Avoid the triggers! Generate light, not heat! There are 3 levels of argumentation! Don’t EVER drop the Atomic Bomb! It’s a relationship killer. Be an adult. Let things go! Choose to forgive, because it’s a choice. The feelings will follow. Forgiveness does not mean condoning the bad behaviour! You can release the nasty person from your life. Beware the Zombies! They’re arguments that come back from the dead. Mike says “cockadoody” again. Learn to zip up your mouth! Let people finish their sentences. Milton Erickson listened intently, and so can you. People like other people who make them feel good about themselves! Chris says that Mike carries around a lot of weapons, making him seem like a psycho.

Empowering Question: Which of these hacks are you going to immediately apply to your relationships, and what results do you expect?

Metaphor: Gary Foo and the practical joke series.

Ending: You’ll have to listen. It’s our finest hour ever …

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Session 87: An Interview with Jason Linett

Sep 19, 2017 44:27


Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike and Chris will be bringing the hypnotic storm to the UK this November.  We start at the UK Hypnosis Convention and we then move onto a master class in Suffolk. We’re interviewing Jason later than expected because Mike had car problems on our originally scheduled date. But he did NOT die in a fiery crash and his car is fixed! Jason first got interested in hypnosis the same way Chris did! What hooked us on hypnosis: “Things are happening that are different than normal”. How did Jason get into hypnotherapy after first becoming interested in stage hypnosis? It’s all due to a horrible eBay accident. Mike discusses the immense overlap between stage hypnosis and hypnosis for therapy. In the early years, Jason wondered whether he should hide his hypnotherapy interests from his stage hypnosis audiences and vice-versa. He soon realized the error of his thinking. Jason used to work as a stage manager.  Perhaps this is how he became so freaking well organized! Hypnosis seemed like a more “pure” way of doing magic versus carrying around a deck of cards, or other props.  Effects of the mind … Mike used to do a huge stage show with pyrotechnics done by “Lunatech”, but Chris hears “Lunatics”, which sounds way funnier. Jason prompts Mike to call him a “special forces hypnotist” based on his approach to hypnosis sessions. As the “hypnosis market guinea pig” Jason won’t teach a marketing strategy that he hasn’t actually used himself. If you want to learn from someone who really knows his stuff, follow Jason! Mike and Jason discuss how much a theatrical background plays into doing therapy work with clients. While Jason takes marketing concepts and applies them to the field of hypnosis, Chris and Mike have a podcast that takes concepts from hypnosis and brings them to the lay person to apply in daily life. How the heck did Jason become such an outstanding public speaker? (because he really, REALLY is) Every scene has a reason. Every story has a purpose. Speaking is a theatrical performance! Listen to Jason explain why he would record the audio of his stage hypnosis shows and listen to it while driving home after the show. Looking to become an exceptional speaker? Map out the entire performance first. Know exactly what experience you want the audience to have. Mike shares a cool tip on how he lights up the audience’s receptive neural pathways just as he starts a corporate keynote. What can you do if your introduction completely FAILS to resonate with you audience? Mike shares a cool story from a friend. Chris points out that Jason doesn’t just change the behaviour of his clients.  He helps them build a new identity where the problem behaviour doesn’t fit anymore. This fits in with Dilts’ Logical Levels from Podcast 74 Jason’s best advice for hypnotists: Harness your specialty. Embrace what you’re good at. Example: Most hypnotists are crappy website designers. Want help learning the marketing side of hypnosis? Check out “Hypnotic Business Systems” and make sure to use promo code MMH to save 10% (the code also works at his hypnosis training site, Hypnotic Workers) Jason brilliantly explains how he duplicates himself via online webinars so that he doesn’t constantly have to repeat the same information to every new client. He looks for ways to just do something once. This concept is pure gold, folks. Pay close attention. We help people!


Note: The November 13 – 17 Architecture of Hypnosis training at the University of Toronto is sold out, but we’ve opened up the May 2018 class and it’s filling up already.  Get on board! Click here for details!

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Ending: The Bingo Game and King for a Day.

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Session 86: Focus, Empathy and Weird Word Whiskers

Aug 15, 2017 37:51


Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike has arrived from Bob Lake, because he cares about you! Hypnothoughts Live is nearly here! It’s the best hypnosis conference on Earth. Mike wants to talk about …but Chris interjects that his attention span is next to zero. (No kidding! He didn’t let Mike finish what he was saying!) Television used to be black and white with slow scenes and character development. It’s all about focus, folks! Does acetaminophen really reduce empathy? Apparently, if you take it, you just don’t care! Mike keeps trying, but somehow, just can’t seem to care! Microexpressions are not being judged accurately and we are saying goodbye to the power of mirror neurons. If we stop caring about each other…what kind of therapists will we be? Chris used to read 1,000 word articles, but something’s gone horribly wrong. Even Mike’s not immune (gasp!) It takes a couple of days for Mike’s brain to slow down. Switching on and off like a crazy monkey! It’s like a drug, and Chris is onto something… Mike studied neuroscience and gives the example of coffee and the brain beginning to expect it. It’s the same with stimulation from images. Chris talks about mental fasting, which is really clever. Beware of word whiskers! English is extremely precise. Use it like a tool…you know? The filler phrase attack! Nice one Chris!!! Mike coughs like a lunatic from the tickle created by laughing. Like? The one that drives Mike insane, although “I mean…” is even worse. So anyway…   Anyway has a legitimate purpose as a recentering phrase. Please don’t say “Yada Yada Yada” or yeah…no…yeah…now… You know what? We have to stop talking about this. Let’s put an end to word whiskers! Awareness is the first step! It’s okay to pause! Chris’ Dad is doing a horrible throat sound whisker. Mike brilliantly invokes Gus Grissom. He goes on to explain the elderly woman’s horrible musical sound whisper: “Uh…hmm…mmm…” Mike is actually beginning to annoy himself! Hypnosis is an enhancing of focus. What a great definition! Focus created a throbbing thumb… The Reticular Activating System again! You can tune it. Mike used the RAS to find The Peterkin Papers again… The Engineer speaks! The brain is tuned by wanting the book and presenting it to conscious awareness. Mike and Chris are NLP people. The Magic Number 7  +/-  2 By putting stuff in your environment to remind you of your focus, it helps bring it into being. LTP is long-term potentiation…leading to permanency through Hebb’s Law. Mike bought a camera and camera advertisements appeared everywhere… MTV in the 1980s with Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles led to lack of attention! Lack of growth in a cancer is good! Mike talks about being at effect rather than being at cause. The 4 Love Languages Reprise… We all need things in the foreground to habituate connexions… You can use focus to help relationships too! “Uh…hmm…mmm” Mike admits to a rare relational error and actually apologized. When we ask you an empowering question it enables you to step outside the situation with a new focus… When things go wrong, someone’s lost track of the target state! Refocus, people! What would you like to have happen? (Thanks David Grove) Mike’s Word of the Year is back to Alacrity! Flow did not work for Mike. It made him way too laid back. Mike hits Chris in the solar plexus, purely for his own amusement. Mike says that Chris’ word Strength “will kick in at some point”, which is hilarious!

Empowering Question: In what area of your life is focus lacking, and what will happen when you re-engage it today?

Empowering Metaphor: The missing memories…

Mike’s Introduction to Ericksonian Hypnosis 2 day class at Hypnothoughts Live is SOLD OUT!!!

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Ending: Dave Ambrose, the People’s Physicist!

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Session 85: The Ryan Intervention, Hitler, and the 4th Johnny!

Jul 1, 2017 40:39


Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike begins the show by admitting that he likes LOUD! And why not? He was into Black Sabbath way back in 1970! “If it’s too loud, you’re just too damn old!” Mike saw a plastic flying saucer being lifted by heavy equipment… Our student Florian has taken the hypnotic storm to Africa…The picture of the bell is proof! Check out Caveman Lodge in Zanzibar! You can see the bell… Whenever he gets fired, Chris just rehires himself. Self-directed neuroplasticity coming up… Las Vegas is looming…Come to Hypnothoughts Live 2017. Mike’s session is filling up… Mike suspects Chris has had a stroke, but it’s only a demi-stroke. The Ryan Intervention discussed…Created by our Enneagram One friend… Don’t lend other people’s stuff! He unwinds by doing woodworking, and his wife’s on his case. He offers drugs, alcoholism, massage parlours, as alternative ways to unwind. It works, because it’s really reframey! She saw it as an annoyance and a waste of time, but he shows the benefit. Books are on the way, and they’re awesome! Bo Bennett writes great stuff. 300 logical fallacies explained for you! Reductio ad Hitlerum is real! WTF??? Mike’s been doing this for years! By making someone seem to have something in common with Hitler, they automatically lose the argument! Underwires? Undergirds? Mike self-corrects to “undermines”! 12 years ago Mike accused Chris of being like Hitler because he’s left-handed! Can the brain process negatives? We’re really discussing the unconscious and it’s inability to handle negatives without deletion. Don’t PANIC!!! Make it easy for a stressed-out mind, by framing things in the positive. Tell people what to do, not what not to do… Even the unconscious mind is a model… Chris mentions autopsies now, which is weird, but Mike reigns him in… Beware the Straw Man! Conscious / Unconscious is only a model, but it’s a useful one! Walk the plank easily…unless it’s between two 50 storey buildings! Focus on crossing safely! If you focus on not falling…you probably will… The unconscious protects the physical body so it has somewhere to live! The intention might be protective, but ineffective… Mike alone on Huyckes Island…in the night…in the dark…Imagination on steroids. The 4 Stages of Competence! Bring in the emotions that will motivate! ADAC – Associate, Dissociate, Associate, Collapse!

Commercial Break: The Shyzzjig Corporation

ADAC Continued…Associate into the problem…Dissociate from the problem…Stop!…Associate into a Powerful State (shopping for weapons)…Collapse them together! Point at that sucker, just like Milton Erickson! Repeat as needed…You are literally rewiring your brain, folks! Do it with a Pattern Interrupt too! Whoa! This stuff really comes out! Karl Smith and the backwards phone number! (I don’t even care!) Forests get paths from use. The brain’s the same! It’s sort of like the old NLP Swish Pattern, only better!

Empowering Question: What obsessive or compulsive thoughts will I erase from my mind?

Empowering Metaphor: The camping trip…

Mike and Chris will be taking the Hypnotic Storm to Las Vegas again in August! Come hang out with us and Storm Riders from around the world at the Orleans Hotel, and while you’re there, take our 2 day Introduction to Ericksonian Hypnosis. Details arehere.

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Ending: The cheese tray, the road accident, and the 4th Johnny…

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Session 84: PGO car crashes, online attacks, and Nelson Mandela

Jun 11, 2017 37:29


Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike begins by screaming “Loochie Hi Oh!” in the background, which sets the tone for what’s coming… Are we all hypnotized? The quarter game on steroids! Chris fears this might be an intervention Using PGO spikes to your advantage – Yes, there’s sound neuroscience for this! Mike does a good Gandalf impression, which Chris doesn’t pick up on, because he hasn’t seen The Lord of the Rings The electricity intervention! Best used in a text message or in a chat room. It really sounds weird… Backgammon for blood! Shut her down! This stuff really comes out! Are you into…you know…electricity? It sounds like it might be obscene or some horrible sexual thing that nobody talks about! Mike recalls the Jack 0′ Lantern Attack in his online chess games! Chris directs us to the PGO spike – Shock, novelty and surprise! That damn guy Bryan! He’s been attacking us online without motive, and may actually be a dick… Mike gives Chris permission to Ken Sweatman the story, and naturally Chris responds to the opportunity… The Sweatman story goes on for several minutes…Chris still hasn’t mentioned Bryan… We aren’t con men! Honest we’re not! How can a free video be a con?!?! There’s not even an offer attached! Chris responded to a vituperative email, and now the gloves are off… Full disclosure from Chris! How you become our customer…We are transparent and everyone wins, except Bryan! Mike can be heard in the background, quietly saying “dick…” Chris actually says A-hole and then asks for permission. We have a “No Dick Policy!” We don’t hang-out with them or interact with them. But Bryan wasn’t done yet… Chris tells the best way to use Social Proof is with Facebook comments! Bryan attacks our comments online because he thinks our students aren’t real… Our Storm Riders went aftah that peckah! It was an onslaught of support! Whoa! This stuff really comes out! Bottom line? Use social proof in your favour. Bryan has actually helped us with his dursatision The PGO Spike – Pons, geniculate body and occiput. Who’s lurking in that dark alley waiting to kill me? Oh, it’s a bag of garbage… Fight – Flight – Freeze…It’s a superhighway folks! Christophe the psychiatrist confirmed it! Fender bender in the rain! He used the PGO Spike to ensure the other driver would agree with his version of the accident! “Yes, I don’t know what he did! That car just pulled out in front of you and stopped! Then he just left!” The hypnotist winds up paying no $500.00 deductible, and gets his car fixed for free with no increase in insurance! Life can be nobody’s fault!

Commercial Break: You’re Still Just Danny!

Mike and Chris will be taking the Hypnotic Storm to Las Vegas again in August! Come hang out with us and Storm Riders from around the world at the Orleans Hotel, and while you’re there, take our 2 day Introduction to Ericksonian Hypnosis. Details arehere.

Note: The November 13 – 17 Architecture of Hypnosis training at the University of Toronto is already half full! Book now or wait until May 2018 for the next one! Clickhere for details!

Our first UK training is also coming up in November! It’s a hypnosis Master Class, so come on out! You get full certification in MINDSCAPING too…Go to the UK Hypnosis Academy Facebook page for details!

Back into the show! Mike preframes by explaining that he did 24 college level lectures in Quantum Mechanics with theoretical physicist, Professor Benjamin Schumacher. Mike was reading about CERN. What the heck are they doing there? A positron is just an electron going backward in time! This freaks Chris out. Quantum computing is here, and Elon Musk is on the edge of new technology. Has the space/time continuum changed? Some physicists think it’s possible to enter another universe… Has it already happened?!?! Every decision we make can shift things…but dammit! Things have changed! The Mandela Effect is here! Mr Rogers, Moonraker, We are the Champions of the World! It’s all changing folks! The braces are gone, so that’s why they fell in love. A European VISA commercial is an artifact… Where’s that huge island off the west coast of Australia? (Mike makes a rare error and invokes Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but the film is actually Dazed and Confused.) That’s where the Malaysian aircraft disappeared! It’s freaking us out… The first James Bond was Barry Nelson! What’s going on here? Mirror mirror on the wall is gone, but Mike’s most freaked out by the Bible changes. Even the 1961 Bible has changed!!! Chris nails the issue with his scientific brain: There are only 2 possibilities here…Either a lot of people remember things incorrectly, or these things have changed… Michael C. Anthony is freaked out by this too. Charles Schultz is now Charles Schulz! Chris said “I’m planning on doing absolutely nothing with this knowledge. It isn’t going to change my life!” (He’s in denial and needs an intervention) The statue of The Thinker…his hand has moved!

Empowering Question: What is your greatest gift or talent, and how will you use it to overcome your greatest weakness?

Metaphor: The Lord of the Rings and Christopher Lee!

Ending: Dave Ambrose, the People’s Physicist and a hearty Kltpzyxm!

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Session 83: Inversion and Rejection, plus Miss ASMR!

May 26, 2017 34:48


Welcome to Episode 83 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! The Hypnotic Hurricane is horrendous in the scope of it’s harshness! Watch out power lines and trailer parks…

Check out the show notes below while you’re listening. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you!

Here are the show notes for this episode: Chris does a great introduction, welcoming all of us! But he says “glance” and it sounds like “glans” which is unfortunate. Only 2 weeks to the Architecture of Hypnosis, June training… The May class was awesome, as was Karl Smith’s amazing Kinetic Shift training. We had our first neurosurgeon in the class. We have credibility at last… Mike says “amazing” twice, which is terrible, so he wants to begin speaking in received speech. The story of the Facebook ads. Warning! Grammar violations, but Mike invokes Webster’s Dictionary… A One Star Review! WTF!?!?!? Chris was being the Good Cop, which was very nice! Better to have our friends and fans come to our defence… The orphanage burned down! Hilarious! Mike really amuses himself here! We’re going to the UK to teach, and maybe even Costa Rica…Warning! There are bot flies there! Mike is being interviewed by the awesome hypnosis trainer, Igor Ledochowski, which is great collaboration… Let’s talk about inversion – one should safeguard the testicles. Chris explains psychological inversion, which is a cool technique. (We got it from JamesClear.com) We look at the Target State to tune the RAS, but once you have that in sight, now you can invert things! How would you design a failed marriage? Chris comes up with some great ideas! How to be a lousy Dad? Make sure you do the opposite! How can we make the podcast fail? Apparently by doing everything we’re already doing. The PMI – Plus Minus Inventory is a very powerful tool Do the PMI on both issues; staying and going, whatever it is. This way you’re applying the inversion to the PMI… Mike is considering being an investment banker. This is so ridiculous that it requires no comment, but Chris almost does a Guinea Pig laugh! Don’t let your job become doing PMIs! Mike apparently used this technique on the way to the Christmas party, but he doesn’t  remember… Phonological ambiguity “new direction” or “nude erection”? You decide. Mike is still obsessed with ASMR and Miss ASMR is the best of all…Most beautiful mouth in the universe! Some people find ASMR to be annoying…the rest of us are addicted! Christophe, our psychiatrist from France is also into ASMR. Chris Thompson hates it though. REJECTION! (Cough actually edited out) How do you deal with rejection? Norm Yates and Ken Hunter rejected Mike…(sob) Nobody likes being desocialized! Chris was rejected from a baseball team! Hard to believe that anyone would dump The Golden Boy… Chris is a super-athlete too! And he doesn’t give a You Know What! We’re back to testicles, which Chris reframes as “fortitude” Mike was rejected by an NLP Trainer! Yikes! How can this happen?!? (It wasn’t Hugh Comerford because he’s awesome!) Sometimes there are no answers. Just move on… Oh no! It’s an intervention!!! Mike’s being fired from his own hypnosis academy! The person who cares least is the one who’s in control! Let it frickin’ go! You can’t have a friendship with everyone. Mike attempts to talk about Miss ASMR again, but repents.

The Gus Grissom Update: Grissom is back in Toronto, delivering a birthday card…He’s listening to the podcasts….

Our first UK training is coming up in November! It’s a hypnosis Master Class, so come on out! You get MINDSCAPING too…Go to the UK Hypnosis Academy Facebook page for details!

Empowering Question: What is the simplest thing I can implement in my life to avoid a host of problems?

Metaphor: Toshi

Architecture of Hypnosis has a few spots for June 2017. Get in NOW or you’ll have to wait until November …(The June dates are are June 12-16) Ending: Danny Boy plus freestyle chanting!

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Session 82: Pre-suasion and Chris' Big Dictionary

May 5, 2017 39:04


Here are the show notes for this episode: Chris begins badly by explaining in advance how nonsensical this podcast is. Mike can never get him to stop telegraphing or debriefing the humour… Woah! This stuff really comes out! Hilarious to us…but still disturbing. Architecture of Hypnosis training in May is SOLD OUT! There is still some space in June…Book it now! Mike sneaks in a guinea pig laugh. The Wellness Academy is better than ever. Mike is very concerned about the umbrella in Chris’ garden… Aren’t you glad the dictionary is in alphabetical order? The mail bag is in! Dan at The Bay checkout…Let’s change people’s states! We do not respond to the world, and neither do you! Our experience is framed by our language… Do you have to do something? Or do you get to do something? For the record: Chris admits he did not get beaten up as a kid! Another email from our online student John; the pharmacist who falls flat on his face. There are lots of ways to interrupt a pattern! Shock, surprise, fear, etc., can trigger a PGO spike. Can the REM Induction be used on Skype? Nope. Can you pattern interrupt a pattern interrupt? The hidden phone…On of Mike’s Finest Hours! Vanishing an iPhone with someone else’s hands – all without their knowledge! Different restaurant – different waitress – same iPhone! Ken Sweatman has arrived… Indirect suggestion at work. Erickson would have been proud of Mandel! Distraction makes it easy! Waitresses with amnesia. This stuff is so cool! “It doesn’t matter…” A Robert Cialdini Pre-suasion discussion ensues. It’s a brilliant book! Read it. Pre-suasion preps the person to be influenced by you. Offer a warm drink to influence before you make your pitch… If you’re an athlete a higher number has a powerful effect on how your athleticism is perceived. Offhandedly mention the million dollars you aren’t going to charge! It drops the anchor. If you read senior words, you’ll walk slower! If you want to seem younger, move faster! Mike makes a brilliantly funny wizard hat joke, which Chris actually improves upon. Heavy clipboards are way more important! Chris actually asks Mike if he’s ever heard of the iPad. Shocking… After a wonderful explanation of groups and helpfulness, Chris wrecks it by saying the redundant “close proximity”. Toronto is drivable for lots of Americans, and the Canadian dollar is very low, which is great for our students from the USA. Come out and train with us before Canada builds a wall along the border… Mike refers to Chris’ daughters as Ramphorinsicus and Aravuantavay!

Commercial Break: We didn’t have a sponsor!

Empowering Question: What could the empowering question be, if you were to create one?

Metaphor: Mike’s Ultimate Enjoyment Day!

Architecture of Hypnosis is  sold-out status for May 2017. Get in NOW for the training in June…Then there’s only November left…(The June dates are now officially set as June 12-16) Ending: The Voice of B.J. Thomas for Pepsi, circa 1974

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Session 81: Triggers, Bacon, and Cold Pizza!

Apr 7, 2017 42:50


Here are the show notes for this episode: Yep! We made it to number 81! The most victorious podcast ever… If you’re going on a picnic, there’s going to be ants in your sandwiches…but no ants in your casters, thanks to the Shyzjigg Corporation! Mike is almost a knight! But no history lesson here… Mike’s a cook…not a chef, but he loves knives. Triggers! What are they and what the heck do they do to us? A bacon discussion ensues…Let’s call people “Bacon”! Chris’ daughters Staphysagria and Vorolaya will love this! Call people bacon, unless they’re Jewish. Keep it kosher with chicken bacon if necessary! As our friend Jason Linett says “We help people.” We discuss the hilarious “hide the phone” prank Mike played on Chris last week (The funny thing is, Mike did it again at lunch after this podcast was recorded!) Chris is clearly puzzled and amazed, but Mike lets him run with it. Chris actually calls Mike “you bastard” which is horrible in a family rated podcast. Such filth. The waitress stole the phone, but she doesn’t know about it consciously. Mike is clearly really proud of this, and rightly so. It’s hypnotic magic, boys and girls! The Zeigarnik Effect in action! Timing is everything…make sure the 7 +/- 2 chunks are occupied. What’s coming up? Karl Smith in Toronto on April 29 and 30 to teach the Kinetic Shift! It’s going to be awesome… Architecture of Hypnosis still has a few spots for May and June 2017. Chris says “cheaper” way too many times and it sounds strange. HypnoThoughts Live 2017 is just a few months away. Come and study and hang with us in the epicenter of culture, Las Vegas! Mike’s teaching the Essentials of Ericksonian Hypnosis for 2 days. The boyz are also going to the UK in the Fall. It’s going to be awesome! What sets you off? Words get coded in your brain emotionally, so watch out, wimp-boy! Mike combats Chris’ earlier obsession with the word “cheaper” by hitting the lazy button about 10 times. You have to access the kinesthetic system to get to emotions. Triggers happen during sports events too. Mike goes on a Ricky Henderson tirade that continues to infuriate him. Are these bad states Ego States? Chris gives a great response! Mike doesn’t teach British Jiu Jitsu in his Egyptian Mau or Bengal cat playing state. (Good thing too…) State of mind, or sub-personality. Ask Gordon Emmerson… The Executive Ego State is YOU…(at least at that moment…) Some people trigger us on purpose. This can be dangerous… Withheld information!? Oh no! Back to the Zeigarnik Effect… “This is serious!” Don’t make me kill you!!!!! Chris’ daughters (Texephone and Clemnestrata) won’t let him leave a loop open. Notice when the triggers have fired. Where did they originate? Chris says he grew up in Montreal and Mike adds that he “killed a couple of kids with an axe!” Chris actually personified his skis and physically attacked them for being stupid. Mike invokes John Cleese in Faulty Towers. Chris says “EElogical” which Mike jumps on at record pace. Trauma is a memory distortion. The past intrudes into the present. Mike invokes Edwin Twitmyer and the knee jerk reaction. Chris admits he used to trigger his daughters, Samothrace and Yseult, by not tickling them. Mike reports Chris to Children’s Aid. The evil tickling torture of Gerry Childs! We are not our emotions! Practice QTiP (Quit taking it personally!) Associated vs Dissociated Mike admits he used to look like Dumbo. Chris teaches the Power of SO…

Commercial Break: You’re Still Just Danny!

Empowering Question: What triggers set me off on a regular basis, and what am I going to do to stop being reactive?

Metaphor: The Power of Food to Annoy…

Architecture of Hypnosis is approaching sold-out status for May 2017. Get in now, or wait until June…Then there’s only November left…(Update, the June dates are now officially set as June 12-16 Ending: Mike begins a brilliant round of Free-Style Chanting, and Chris joins in with great gusto and power.

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Session 80: We cut open the Mail Bag, and it didn’t hurt a bit!

Feb 23, 2017 33:34


Welcome to Episode 80 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson!

The Power of the Cataleptic Colonic Cyclone grows ever more evacuative, and you’re in its path…

Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you!

Here are the show notes for this episode: Yo wassup? You found us, but despite what we said last podcast, there’s no booze here… 5 Stars and we’re still going strong… You can send an email to info@mikemandelhypnosis.com and let us know your questions! Preferably record them as an audio file so we can include them in a future episode. It’s Mail Bag day! (Ouch) Karl Smith’s coming to the Hypnotic World Epicenter! We’re hosting him and taking the class too. An advertisement for HypnoThoughts Live 2017! It’s going to be amazing, especially when we win the Orleans Casino Bowling Tournament with the Dream Team we’ve purchased! Mike was just at Wagner’s opera, Gotterdammerung! It really hits the unconscious mind. The words are the conscious mind and the music is the unconscious…really cool stuff. Chris is not an opera fan……..yet. Culture is what makes us human and gives us depth. Mike refuses to do the Guinea Pig Laugh. Did a young Leonard Cohen hypnotize his maid to do the naughty? Mike and Chris think it’s unlikely. Erickson was a meticulous researcher and the greatest hypnotist in history…bar none! Remember that television (including Derren Brown) is not reality. You never see the whole story… Chris fixates on the French Maid story, and clearly has issues here. Pykthos is invoked again! Can hypnosis help learn a language more quickly? Yes! And there’s lots of ways to do it. Chris talks about entering the zone. Mike answers in flawless German. Let’s call an ego state to the executive! It works, folks! Chris continues for awhile but Mike wisely breaks into the explanation and seizes control, teaching how to tap the Triple Warmer and get the right ego state in the executive. Chris takes control of the show an references MINDSCAPING. Mike responds in perfect French. Chris mentions learning and Mike answers in excellent Russian. Mike pretends that Chris has written in. Hilarious. A listener wants to specialize in pain control. But how? Mike claims to be the god Hypnos in human form. Why does everyone equate hypnosis with smoking cessation? Chris shamelessly promotes our hypnosis training school. We recommend Jason Linett for hypnosis marketing! Mike and Chris tell how to get your hypnosis pain-control practice going… Chris says we’re eating our own cooking. Mike says he’s wrestling with his own underwear. We admit that we’re marketing! Check us out… Word of mouth works, once it reaches critical mass… Medical doctors have no problem referring patients to a competent hypnotist…You must convince the doctor that you’re not a dick though. Mike thinks Chris is going on too long about this, and says “Let’s not hammer it into the rectum”. Mike suggests we’ll edit the phrase out of the podcast, but let’s face it … that’s not going to happen! Can hypnosis help with burns? You betcha! Mike had a weird year…anaphylactic shock from a wasp sting, and a nasty burn! A 425 degree metal tray can burn you! Chris talks about high coefficient of heat transfer. Mike corrects him and explains he’s talking about thermal inertia. Chris persists, but Mike references a college level course in Meteorology he’s just completed and the subject ends properly. Chris shows restraint by holding back the credibility of his mechanical engineering degree. They’re both correct, but he’s happy to allow Mike to believe he’s more correct. Mike admits he was “momentarily dickish”. Remember: Flush burns with cold water until help arrives! Bradykinins are released at the site of a burn and make it worse. Hypnosis in the first hour after a burn can stop those nasty bradykinins! Mike says that Chris’ burns turn to scabs (because he’s Polish) and then become cancer! He then howls with laughter at his own comedic brilliance. Chris got a bacon burn! Is there anything worse? The hypnosis worked for him too! Chris turns the bacon story into a Ken Sweatman story, and Mike quietly calls him “Ken”. Mike gets Christ to look away and then coughs on his neck. Callum is a cop. He’s interested in training. Come to Toronto! Robban in Sweden asks about using the rewind technique to detraumatize. Mike clarifies the muddy waters of Chris’ explanation. Mike say’s that you can’t have a memory backwards, but means that you can’t have an emotion backwards. Yes folks, it was a rare mistake. Mike learned some of this from Willem Lammers. Chris pulls a Bandler book from the shelf and Mike trumps him and yells “Hurrah!” This is the second time they’ve done this podcast. The first version sucked!

The Gus Grissom Update! Sponsored by Shyzjigg!

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Architecture of Hypnosis is approaching sold-out status for May 2017. Get in now, or wait until June…Then there’s only November left…(Update, the June dates are now officially set as June 12-16) Empowering Question: What is the most valuable relationship that you’ve been neglecting, and how will you strengthen it today? Ending: Dave Ambrose the People’s Physicist!

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Session 79: Spotting a Logical Fallacy

Jan 26, 2017 37:20


Welcome to Episode 79 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson!

Technical difficulties abound! Something went horribly wrong, but here’s the podcast anyway… (it’s not that big a deal)

Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you!

Here are the show notes for this episode: Podcast #80 is next! Mike wants to bring in some booze! Mike starts with a Gerry Kein cough, and mentions the Generation of Morons we see everywhere. Let’s talk about logical fallacies, children! You’ll hear these in politics, advertising, etc. Only 2 groups of people in the world… Upcoming stuff! Karl Smith arrives in April to teach the Kinetic Shift! Chris and Mike will be students in the class, so come and join them. Architecture of Hypnosis is nearly sold-out for May 2017. Get in now, or wait until June…Then there’s only November left… Mike does his really stupid old British guy voice, purely for his own amusement. Bandwagon is the first logical fallacy in the podcast. Mike admits that he used to be a telephone operator. Bell Canada sent a salesman to Mike’s house to sell him an upgrade. Note to Bell: It didn’t work. We all want to be part of a Tribe! Groups are safer than lone wolves. Chris invokes Robert Cialdini, who’s an awesome author! Mike’s wife decides by committee… Being a Brit, Mike manages to bring the Germans into the discussion.  Let’s invade France! Strawman! When losing an argument, redefine the terms of the argument and then attack the new definition. We must respect the elderly, because Mike’s getting close… A Red Herring is often used if you’re winning the argument. It’s pure distraction. Chris brings up reciprocity at this point, which is a good addition. Mike tells the tale of the patient NLP Trainer who kept spatially anchoring the point of interruption… Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc! (The Great Courses are awesome! Google them.) I got my car washed and it made it rain! Mike invokes Magical Thinking! Mike’s friend of 53 years, Brian McDowell thinks carpet fluff can change the course of a hockey game that’s happening elsewhere. Check cause and effect, and listen for Post Hoc! The No True Scotsman fallacy. Just keep redefining things until it works for you. Mike mentions Occam’s Razor. Friction doesn’t exist! It’s all about demons… The Gambler’s Fallacy or the Law of Independent Events. The dice and cards have no memory! There is no equilibrium to be restored. Chris talks about the stock market…he knows what he’s talking about. The taxi driver Webb, and the lottery tickets. Sound is getting weird now! Keep listening though, and just pretend someone’s tapping his fingers on the table in a senseless rhythm, and you’ll be okay! Being hit by lightning is more likely than winning the lottery! Would you pick the numbers that won last week? Human Givens says that strong emotions make us stupider! Even really good emotions do it. When you’re in love, you’re stupid. Seriously. Stupid. Mike says that good hypnotherapy gets the emotions involved. He invokes the example of a stupid inlaw he had to deal with. You can’t use logic to say that you can’t use logic! Thanks Aristotle! Circular Reasoning A proves B because B proves A… Chris makes a tedious point about spreadsheets, and Mike pretends to be interested. Ad Hominem is to attack the person, rather than refuting what they’re saying. “Your hat looks stupid, so I don’t have to listen to you!” Mike says that white dudes lie all the time! They don’t. Neither do other races, although Martians might… Get somebody angry and flustered and then point it out to win the argument! (It’s a cheap shot. Don’t do it.) False Dilemma is related to the double-bind. Sometimes there are gray areas…Politicians are great at this one.

Empowering Question: How will I become more ruthlessly logical to see through all attempts to manipulate?

Gus Grissom Update! Grissom has clearly gone into hiding. No sightings in awhile…

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Empowering Metaphor: Fred Penner and Melanie Haber… Ending: Come on along with the Black Rider!

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Session 78: Three Models of Language

Dec 25, 2016 41:05


Welcome to Episode 78 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson!

We are communicating with you from the very centre of the trauma room of the hypnotic rash ER! That’s how serious this whole storm thing is getting…and the snow has arrived!

Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you!

Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike gets off to a bad start by saying “testicle”. He’s irritated because of the blood in his eye, and the heavy snowfall he’s been shoveling while it’s not even winter yet. Mike promises to make no guinea pig laughs, but does just one. Mike is speaking remotely via Skype, despite his winter tires, because Toronto had 500 car crashes in one day! Chris preframes “the great content we have”… Chris and his wife Tildanna go for a walk together, despite the weather. Chris is way too interested in the subject, clearly thinking this is a promotional podcast for winter clothing. Mike calls Chris “Ken” but Chris continues. Registration is open for the May 8-12 Architecture of Hypnosis Class The training is already half full! Come to Toronto and study with us… Reminder: Karl Smith will be in Toronto at the World Hypnotic Epicenter to teach the Kinetic Shift for an entire weekend! Come out and be classmates with Mike and Chris! Check it out at mikemandelhypnosis.com/karl The Immense Power of Language is the Snow Theme today! Mike admits that he’s a stickler for precision in language…Don’t short-change yourself. “Try to get some sleep…” You’ll hear it in films all the time, and you know it’s not going to happen! Words have an effect! Here are the 3 influential models of language that Mike uses: Meta Model, Milton Model, and the Metaphor Model. The Milton Model is incredibly hypnotic! It directs attention inward to subjective experience. “Certain things are beginning to happen…notice that growing sense of ease…” This stuff is vague, folks! Mike invokes Peter Reveen so Mike impersonates him. “Ladies and gemmelemen…” Some hypnotists suggest, which enables the subject to disagree. We direct instead of suggest! (Mike spends a few seconds saying “Nome sane?” for his own amusement.) Mike brilliantly defines the models, beginning with the Meta Model. The Structure of Magic by Bandler and Grinder got it all started. (It’s still an excellent read.) The Metal Model uses language to clarify language… The Magic Question is What do you want? You must identify the target state. Jamie Smart and the shopping list metaphor. The Meta Model gives greater and greater specificity. Chris gives an example from his daughter Texephone’s life. Never assume! Humans generalize, delete and distort. It’s how we navigate life. The Milton Model is the opposite! Mindreading is when we think we know what someone’s thinking without asking them. The Milton Model throws all sorts of generalization, deletion and distortion at a person. The Metaphor Model is the use of Clean Language. David Grove, a New Zealand psychologist invented it. Clean Language prevents you from “leading the witness”. It stops us from imposing our metaphors and models of the world on our client. We use an average of 6 metaphors a minute! Mike thinks Clean Language is awesome! It extracts the subject’s metaphors. Just like in Mike’s MINDSCAPING, when the metaphor changes, the client changes too! Mike gives a huge plug to Judy Rees and Clean Language, and he’s not getting paid to do it. This is the last podcast of 2016! How sad… Chris explains how he’s re-structured the use of time in his life to develop a wider knowledge base. It’s working…Mike notices Chris is getting even smarter! Chris is also reading Clean Language, but warns us to beware of Parkinson’s Law: Any task will require the full amount of time allotted to its completion. Mike talks about selective gravity.

Empowering Question: What will you do today to re-order the tasks in your life, to put the important stuff up front?

Gus Grissom Update! Virgil Grissom spotted in Manhattan!

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Empowering Metaphor: Christmas, Brian McDowell, and the mechanical hockey game. Ending: Dennis Bryce-Morgan and the language Brilli, and the Spangler iron trader!

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Session 77: Laughnosis with James Hazlerig

Dec 6, 2016 32:42


Welcome to Episode 77 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson!

Mike has been dubbed “The King of the Hypnotic Kingdom”, which Chris admits is fairly lame. But we couldn’t be bothered to come up with anything better, so it’s settled.  Mike is King. Today’s podcast is all about how laughing relates to hypnosis and our interview guest is the incredible Texan hypnotist, James Hazlerig.

Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you!

Here are the show notes for this episode: Only one show left, the massiter branch of the facial nerve, and he’s not black! This show’s about laughter, so Mike has revived the Guinea Pig Laugh! Mike is way more British than the average Brit, and he’s got Irish blood too. Also some Iberian, and Viking DNA. Mike’s wife has the black DNA that Mike wanted, all the way from Benin Africa. James Hazlerig from Austin Texas is on the show by invitation! It’s all about the power of laughter and the Little Book of Laughnosis, so Mike does the Guinea Pig Laugh again. So this doctor in India started it all with Laughter Yoga. They told jokes until they ran out, but found a connexion with Pranayama (Yogic breathing) Imagining lemons causes salivation, so why not make laughing noises, which they did.  Chris attempts to tie Clark Hull into it all, but quickly gets lost in his own meanderings. Amy Cuddy did the Ted talk about body positions and standing like a super hero. When you decide to laugh or even smile, you release endorphins, serotonin, etc. Mike quotes Richard Bandler and the drugs our bodies produce. James says that laughter is the orgasm of smiling. We edit it out, but he’s right, damn him! Oxytocin, the bonding chemical hits too. Meetings in the morning? Oh…I get it. Dogs get oxytocin too. Cats probably couldn’t care less. Dogs have owners and cats have staff. James leads laughter yoga classes! Chris says it’s infectious, but means contagious. Hence the laugh tracks on comedies. Laughter makes us love other people! Even other people in restaurants. Mike finds this to be hilarious. Transcendence! We don’t take laughter seriously enough. Mike tells James about his insane laughter game. You have to laugh like a psycho! Play the laughter game when you’re out with your friends. It’s hilarious! Make sure you tell us what happens… Chris is a self-confessed “personal drug dealer” and references Tim Ferris. Drugs change your brain! So does meditation, playing music, laughter… Unconditional intention laughter affects your brain because of Hebb’s Law: Neurons that fire together, wire together. James is honest. He’s a naturally depressed, angry, anxious person. Mike ties the laughter in with Architecture of Hypnosis class. Laugher produces positive states for any purpose, even exercising. Chris makes a connexion with trampolines and laughter. Mike responds by quietly doing the Guinea Pig laugh again. Bilaughteral Stimulation anyone? Let’s fire both brain hemispheres, children…Listen to the result… You can even do this quietly while lying in bed! Tap and laugh: Thighs, stomach, chest, head, sky… The frequency climbs! Mike nearly has a stroke from laughing. Chris’ wife is upstairs and we all wonder if she’ll think we’ve gone crazy given all the laughter. She found it to be unfunny when he told her later that he’d put her in the podcast. Mike admits to buying The Three Stooges Ultimate Collection. He’s going to do James’ stuff first. Chris says “Who needs booze?” James and Mike think he’s gone too far. Laughter bypasses the Critical Faculty! Let’s reprogramme those minds, folks! Chris begins reading aloud from James’ book. He indirectly takes shots at people from Newfoundland and also blondes, but he’s quoting a study referenced in James’ book, so it doesn’t count. Get out and buy The Little Book of Laughnosis by James Hazlerig, available at Amazon! Empowering Question: How will you include intentional laughter in your life today, and how will it change your life? Ending: The Spunky and Beezer Show!!!

Insist on Shyzjigg!

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Session 76: Fun vs. Depression and Scaring People in the Street

Oct 23, 2016 33:15


Welcome to Episode 76 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson!

The rash is getting moist and moving inland with alarming speed, so stay out of its way, or face a lifetime of hypnotic itchiness!

Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you!

Here are the show notes for this episode: Chris begins brilliantly with the following introduction: Mike is back from the Canadian Wilderness, is into Neoclassical Dark Wave (but who isn’t these days?) and is secretly hoping he’s black. The Trio is addressed…Mike loves the music of Dead Can Dance. You will too… Mike coughs as he says Microsoft, so nobody hears him. He’s having his DNA analyzed and wants black blood to justify his obsession with the blues and the poetry of Langston Hughes. If he has any black DNA, Mike is going to claim to be black from now on, as his personal kick into the very pouch of racism and racists everywhere. We’re talking all about FUN today. Chris attempts to talk about Ego States but Mike keeps control. Is your life too full of activity? If there’s no fun, what’s the point? You are the author of the fun in your life! Make yourself your number one project! Chris goes back to the relationship discussion in the last podcast. He references people who are in competitive or un-fun states. Mike asks What is the point of your life? Mike references a friend who’s now overloaded with the work of 2 people. He referenced Mark Twain to contrast fun and work. Chris asks How do you know you’re having fun?  Toronto Blue Jays just got knocked out of the playoffs. Mike segues to hockey, and makes an incredibly brilliant Comet Kohoutek joke, which Chris pretends to get. In a hypothetical hockey game, a rubber disk has a completely different effect on Detroit and Toronto. Mike preframes Ego States…Paul Federn, Watkins and Watkins and Gordon Emmerson. These are sub-personalities. They aren’t psychological. They are part of the physical structure of the brain. They are digital, and only one can be Executive at a time. Chris explains the Classroom Metaphor. Mike interrupts him for his own amusement. Chris presses on, and amazingly, avoids doing a Ken Sweatman impersonation. Mike commends Chris and seizes control. All metaphors are imperfect though, as Chris points out. Which state is Executive? You need the right one for the task at hand. Mike explains with the dog story…Teacher stuck in the Executive!!! Mike says that depressed people have a depressed state that hogs the Executive. Chris points out the obvious, and says that you’ll be happy with a happy state in the Executive. Mike humours him. They invoke Griffin and Tyrrell of the UK  (Human Givens Theory) and John Grinder. Move and breathe to change your state. Mike and Chris are not doctors, psychologists, or therapists. They’re educators and unconscious coaches. Mike talks about the girl at the funeral and the inappropriate comments of the Executive Ego State. Make a shopping list of things that are FUN. The boyz move to discussing Retail Therapy. Mike sometimes buys stuff to feel better. Now he keeps the price scaled down. Cold Steel knives are awesome! Chris goes back to the shopping list of fun stuff from the past. He says that no-one is infected with FUN. Mike likes this, and says FUN sounds better and more active than happiness. Mike wants to go downtown with Paul Pacific and twitch to scare people as he saw on YouTube. Mike finds it hilarious to scare people in non-threatening ways. Practical jokes are awesome! Chris and Mike continue laughing, because even the thought of scaring people is fantastic. Get sad people having fun! Chris mistakenly says “Retail therapy” and tries to pass it off as intentional, but Mike jumps on it. When Chris is in the zone, he doesn’t even realize how competitive he is (insensitive to others). Mike is studying meteorology and loves learning. Chris reminds us that we all had fun as children. Get a recipe list, and build the FUN back into your life. Moving and breathing to support this will help. Chris mentions that Mike is in his 60s. He then says TEE-vee, which sounds weird. Family board games are awesome. Mike especially likes beating Michael C. Anthony at backgammon for money… John Grinder taught Mike to overwhelm bad states with good stuff. Silvia Hartmann does this too! Buy her book Positive EFT. Commercial Break.   Newsflash! You can’t be depressed while you’re having fun…Get out there and build the FUN back into your life. Make fun for other people too, or at least scare them. Coming up in the next podcast: The Power of Laughter with James Hazelrig. Add intentional laughter to your life! Mike does the scarecrow laugh to terrify Michael C. Anthony, and now you can too! Empowering Question: What did you used to do to build a high level of FUN into your life, and what are you going to do today to get it back? Gus Grissom Update – Byron Bay Australia! Send your sightings of Gus Grissom to GusGrissom@Mailinator.com Ending: What becomes of you my love?

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Session 75: Relationships and Love Languages

Sep 23, 2016 39:53


Welcome to Episode 75 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! The storm is becoming intergalactic! Join us, or get out of our way…

Today, our brilliant friend Dave Ambrose, the People’s Physicist, takes over the intro from the 17th dimension. Apologies to Coby in Texas, who he calls “Cody”.

Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you. Remember to send your Gus Grissom sightings to:gusgrissom@mailinator.com

Here are the show notes for this episode: After Dave Ambrose’s amazing introduction, Chris takes the helm of the studio. Chris intros Mike: The Premier Storm Rider in the room…etc. It’s the end of summer! Where has the year gone? It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re drinking kale and studying Japanese Cultural History and Meteorology, via The Great Courses. Check them out… Mike says that if you get smarter and smarter, you’ll be happier! Relationships…intimate and otherwise are on the menu. The (probably) last ever live graphology training at the University of Toronto has been and gone. The awesome digital graphology course is available online atmikemandelhypnosis.com/handwriting Ken Walton has become obsessed with his new graphological powers… Karl Smith from the UK will be coming to Toronto! The dates are set to April 29-30, 2017.  This is an amazing strategic alliance. Karl will be teaching his amazing Kinetic Shift. Email is to get on the notification list for signup, as we haven’t setup a page for this just yet. Scott Sandland will be bringing Karl to California, the week before his Toronto training (April 22-23 in California). Mike invokes the Law of Requisite Variety. Life is all about having choices! The Wellness Academy rolls on in Week 1. It’s easy to do and can change your life. We are not born with pharmaceutical deficiency! Remember this. Mike has perfect bloodwork in his 60s. He has reversed fatty liver and feels amazing at 63! Acronym for Wellness is DAM! Diet, Activity and the Mental Game. Avoid processed carbohydrates, avoid sugar and processed foods, don’t drink calories (aside from the helathy low-sugar smoothies. Eat whole fruit in moderation instead of drinking fruit juice. Eat quality proteins and fats. Do 15 minutes of bodyweight exercise, 4 or 5 times per week. No equipment needed and gym memberships are strictly optional. Mike explains how he used to run 6 miles but his cardio improved when he switched to high-intensity bodyweight exercises. Commercial Break – Ant Proof Casters and the ShyzJihg Corporation. Mike explains his qualifications in speaking on relationships. He seems impressed with himself. Mike’s friend’s marriage is falling apart. She needs space. He doesn’t feel good about that. If you’re stupid enough to dump Mike, you’re a frickin’ idiot! The Needy Detector…The pathetic case of the Human Ashtray! Don’t walk on eggshells for anybody, men or women! Get some backbone. Don’t set off the Needy Detector! In a relationship, the person who cares the least is the one who’s in control. Chris goes into an awesome Science Geek mode. He repeats what Mike said, in many, many, many more words. Highly recommended book: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Love is a strategy. What fires yours? Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Gift Giving, Acts of Service. We tend to do our own Love Language and expect the same one in return. We only respond to our own Love Language. Friendships, business relationships, whatever, it still applies. Ryan The Giver! Sauerkraut and knives. You’re Still Just Danny!…on the Honey Hallmark Network at 8… …and later…Larry Gomez, the Man Who Might be Mexican How do we discover a person’s Love Language? They unconsciously act out their own need for attention and affection. You can elicit their Love Language by asking them! It all starts to get very Ken Sweatman…There is much to evaluate in our relationships. Basement vs Balcony people. We can’t fix toxic people. Don’t waste your time. Mike talks about the wine throwing woman who is now fired! He goes on to discuss toxicity and handwriting. Get rid of the basement people. Surround yourself with balcony people and be a balcony person for them. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times in enemy action! Mike is shuffling papers. Chris appreciates it and affirms Mike. Mike strangles Chris. It’s Wednesday – Brit Jiu Jitsu night! Zombie arguments! Kill the zombies and don’t let them rise from the dead. Learn to control your own states. Chris begins a rather unusual example from sales. Mike pretends it applies to the current discussion by saying “It’s all human interaction.” Mike created Zombie Death Certificates! Available from The Shyzjihg Corporation… Chris attempts to end the podcast without Mike’s metaphor. The Gus Grissom Update: Gus Grissom has apparently gone into hiding. There have been no sightings for weeks. Please watch out for Gus, and make sure you email any sightings to gusgrissom@mailinator.com

Check out this video and sign up today for Mike’s amazing online graphology training!

Empowering Question: Who are the most toxic people in my life, and what am I going to do to move on?

Metaphor: The starfish on the beach.

Remember: Our November Architecture of Hypnosis class is now sold out and the waiting list is building. Get on the waiting list in case a spot frees up AND we’ll use that list as early bird notification for the May 2017 class

Ending:  The Little Book of Laughnosis

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Session 74: Logical Levels: An Awesome Method for Personal Change!

Aug 17, 2016 36:28


Welcome to Episode 74 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Never before has a hypnotic typhoon gained so much energizing moisture, so quickly!

This podcast is all about the transformative power of Logical Levels! Make sure you apply this information and have an awesome life…

Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you. Remember to send your Gus Grissom sightings to:gusgrissom@mailinator.com

Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike is brandishing a Cold Steel Roman Gladius on the very edge of the moisture of the storm! He’s cut down the amount of wine in his Beef Bourguignon, as taught by chef Mark McEwan. Yes, the National Steel ukulele is the ultimate portable blues instrument! Mike’s Hypnothoughts Live MINDSCAPING course is sold out! (The Hypnothoughts Live conference is still open for tickets though…) Mike gives Hugh Comerford a plug for NLP Training, and talks about Robert Dilts, Nice Guy. Chris and Mike open a discussion on Dilts’ Logical Levels. Chris preframes that he learned Logical Levels by watching Mike teach it on video. This is awesome stuff that can change your life! The bottom level is Environment. People at this level are stuck at Effect. They feel like life is happening to them. Mike hilariously calls Chris’ daughters Hyperica and Gelsemium. The names are getting weirder, but the kids are learning these tools from Chris. One (Gelsemium) actually did the Jerry Intervention. These levels apply to organizations too; not just people. You have to be at Cause, not Effect! People who feel victimized are often stuck at the level of Environment. Mike points out that everything that’s happened is in the past. Mike says that all the time we have is coming to us from the future,  which is brilliant! You can effect the level where you are, or chunk up to a higher level. Next level up is Behaviour. What are you doing? Thinking? Saying? At Cause, means you’re the one in charge! Change Behaviour, and Environment also changes. A filthy house can be transformed! Chris begins discussing the concept of choosing a word for the year. Mike says he remembers that Chris’ word was vasectomy, leading to much hilarity, and Mike declaring himself to be a “comic genius”. They edit it out. Mike’s word was alacrity. (Chris’ actual word was balance) Mike talks about using the power of procrastination to procrastinate later. Mike does a “Jerry Kein cough” which is also edited out … except that it’s not really edited at all. Level 3 is Capabilities, which is really just abilities. New Capabilities will automatically add to possible behaviours. They discuss how the Architecture of Hypnosis came out of Mike’s study of Gothic Cathedrals. You sometimes have to practice in order to get new capabilities. Mike shameless drops a name by saying in an offhand manner that he “was having lunch with John Grinder”. Physicality plus saturation did the trick. Review is the key… Mike is flying to Quebec to discuss stress with financial planners and pension managers. The boyz discuss playing blues on a stratocaster to replicate Clapton. Beliefs are on top of Capabilities. Whether you believe something is possible, or not…you’re probably right. The Wizard of Oz as an example, and Mike sings Over the Rainbow in the background. Chris begins making a point from The Wizard of Oz and Mike doubts that Chris has even seen it. He says Chris might have been thinking of The Bag of Pykthos – The Movie. Or maybe Mike just imagines that would have been much funnier. Start to question beliefs that no longer serve you!!! Replace them with more useful beliefs. Use the Meta Model to attack and dismantle useless or limiting beliefs. Above Beliefs is Identity. This is the Ego, the “I” statements. Even depression can be at the level of Identity. Mike says ego eimi from koine Greek to be cultured and impressive. Mike reminisces about his early days as a “Stage Hypnotist” and how he reframed his career by changing his Identity to I am a Communicator! Get this fact: Recognize your Identity statements, and change them if you need to! Mike gives a fool-proof method to quit smoking. It works every time! I am overweight. I am a failure. I am a bad listener. These are all Identity statements. Chris and Mike have awesome lives! They actually apply this stuff. The final level is Spiritual/Mission. NLP cannot touch this one. Mike gives the example of Saul of Tarsus who was transformed to the Apostle Paul;  who went from being a persecutor of the early church, to the greatest apostle of all. Focus on Identity Statements. They’ll give you the most bang for your buck! The Gus Grissom Update: Virgil “Gus” Grissom was sighted in Wichita Kansas, by school bus driver, Honey Hallmark. Hallmark was surprised to see Grissom had apparently purchased Wu Tang Clan CDs. Make sure you email in any sightings togusgrissom@mailinator.com

Mike is teaching the next Graphology Class in Toronto – Saturday September 17th and Sunday September 18th, 2016 – this event is coming up fast. Check out this video and sign up today!

Empowering Question: When you think of your life, what symbol comes to mind, and are you thoroughly happy with it, or would you like to modify it, or trade it in for something else entirely?

Metaphor: A rainy day in Winnipeg…

Remember: Check out Hypnothoughts Live, as well as Mike and Chris’ Architecture of Hypnosis training in Toronto in November.

Ending: There’s somebody back in Aragon…

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Session 73: The secret to changing another person’s behaviour

Jul 29, 2016 29:39


Welcome to Episode 73 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! This could be our last podcast before attending Hypnothoughts Live in Las Vegas this coming August, but hopefully we’ll record one more before then.

This podcast is all about how to change someone else’s behaviour. Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you. Remember to send your Gus Grissom sightings to: gusgrissom@mailinator.com

Here are the show notes for this episode: This is your last chance to sign up for our MINDSCAPING workshop in Las Vegas and get a discount to your Hypnothoughts Live ticket. We already have well over 50 people signed up and we prefer smaller groups, so we’re shutting down registration soon. It’s all too common for people to want someone else to change … because we tend to think we’re perfect and we don’t need to change. The other person needs to change, right? It’s important to remember that relationships are communication loops. The way to change someone else, magically, is to change yourself. John Grinder taught Mike to ask the question, “What am I doing that is exquisitely maintaining that other person’s behaviour?” If you ask this question to yourself you’ll often come up with useful answers. Chris asks Mike to do a detailed breakdown of the NLP personal edit known as “Theatre of the Mind”. It’s an absolutely brilliant technique that was taught to Mike by his mentor. Don’t JUST listen to this. Learn it and then use it on yourself as a personal test.  Then use it with clients, friends, family, etc. Shock yourself at how incredibly powerful this is. We discuss how formalizing this as a “personal edit” is more effective than just consciously analyzing the situation and thinking about how you *should* change. Mike explains another great NLP technique that makes use of two chairs and an exploration of the three perceptual positions. The three perceptual positions are: 1) Self; 2) Other person, or  empathy; 3) Dissociated, or observer. Chris admits to using a horrible line on his wife that he KNOWS will irritate her, and relates it to the Theatre of the Mind personal edit that Mike taught in this episode. Mike discusses the importance of having an exit strategy for conversations. Chris brings up the “What’s next?” exit – this is the question all hypnotists should ask to their clients at the end of a session. Mike talks about dealing with pain by speaking to it directly – it sounds like it should be totally nuts but it isn’t. Check it out as an exercise to use for yourself! Want to setup your own personal anchor to fire off an incredibly resourceful state at anytime?  Mike explains how to begin the process such that you stack on more and more positive stuff each time you do it.  This is amazing stuff!  Anchors must be replicable, repeated, and unique so you’re not firing them by accident. Mike is teaching the next Graphology Class in Toronto – September 17th and 18th – this date is coming up fast. Check out this video. The Gus Grissom Update: Grissom was spotted in Jonesboro, Louisiana by a local deputy. We’re determined to find this man and speak with him. Make sure you email in any sightings to gusgrissom@mailinator.com Empowering Question: Who is the single most toxic person in my life, who always manages to drag me down to their level, and what am I going to do about it today?

Metaphor: The cottage bear

Remember: Check out:this link for the MINDSCAPING training at Hypnothoughts Live in Las Vegas, in August 2016! Bonus: When you pick up a digital copy of MINDSCAPING using that link you can attend our one day class for free AND get a significant discount on your conference ticket.

Ending: Dave Ambrose, the People’s Physicist, discusses Robert Oppenheimer.

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Session 72: Riders on the rash and power of reframing!

Jul 1, 2016 28:24


Welcome to Episode 72 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! This is podcast is powered entirely by ukulele; the only certain protection against hypnotic rash. Today we ask that musical question:

Hey script readers…Can you really stop us? Can you stop us at all?

Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you. Remember to send your Gus Grissom sightings to:gusgrissom@mailinator.com

Here are the show notes for this episode: The shear hypnotic quality to the bounds of the colon of the world! Chris and Mike say a big hello to Mario from Romania and Christophe from France who attended the sold-out June Architecture of Hypnosis training at the University of Toronto. Roman and his awesome daughter also attended from Winnipeg, along with 25 other students. Upcoming training: The Architecture of Hypnosis, November 14 to 18 (Monday to Friday) at the University of Toronto. This will be the final hypnosis training for 2016, and the last training ever where the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy online will be offered FOR FREE! (It’s filling up already, with students coming in from Spain and Switzerland, so book now…) Chris promotes the 2 day Graphology training, also at the University of Toronto, September 17 and 18 (Saturday and Sunday). Mike has been a handwriting specialist and has done graphology forensically since 1993. Check the video atmikemandelhypnosis.com/handwriting Remember: The writing never lies… The boyz jump into content and discuss Reframing. Chris finds the excellent Bandler and Grinder  book from the 1970s while they’re talking. Content vs context reframing. Is the glass half empty or half full? Changing the context changes the meaning, because without context, there is no meaning whatsoever. Mike explains the blue-painted face phenomenon, and how context changes meaning. Chris gives a fairly lame example about the meaning of laughter changing on the street vs in a pub. Mike feigns interest to avoid hurting Chris’ feelings, and cleverly switches to a story of a man on a train in England who kept laughing while reading a book, and how he confronted him. Mike makes an extremely rare mistake, because the book is actually called The Wilt Alternative, and is a hilarious read. Mike asked John Grinder about the classic 6 Step Reframe to find out what the reframe was. Chris and Mike discuss how Mike was frequently bullied as a young, extremely brilliant boy. He could have framed the situation as I am a victim, but had better options. Identity statements are powerful stuff. Robert Dilts’ Logical Levels describe 6 different ways of viewing situations. Mike and Chris explain. The levels are (going up) Environment, Behaviour, Capabilities, Beliefs, Identity and Spiritual/Mission. Identity statements are I AM statements. Mike thinks AA has it wrong by telling people to say I am an alcoholic! Mike gives the example of a personal reframe he used, by reframing himself as a Communicator…Chris mistakenly switches the discussion to commodities, such as gold, lead, and wheat, and profit margins. Mike gently brings the topic back. Brain Building provided the answer. Chris chunks up from stage hypnotist, to hypnotist, to communicator, and explains how he’s “zooming out”. Mike reluctantly admits Chris is correct this time. Chris is gaining confidence and speed and starts talking about smoking, and immediately begins to channel Ken Sweatman. The subject becomes organ language. Mike teaches the literal reframe, where the movie is stopped at the peak moment and the submodalities are changed. The decorative frame and museum light complete the procedure. Chris gives a surprisingly effective example about his daughters, Santa Domingaand Lucretia, in the school system. That which you cannot anticipate becomes irrelevant clutter and wastes your time. Chris tells how he and his wife, Dorotrapula, focused on what they could control instead of what they couldn’t control. As Chris explains, Mike can be heard saying “Nice…nice…” but isn’t listening at all, because he’s preparing to deliver the Empowering Question! Ladies and Gentlemen: The Gus Grissom Update: Grissom was spotted outside St. Basil’s Church next to Brennan Hall, University of Toronto, by Capt. Rick Green of Michigan. Grissom was wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey and although Green pursued Grissom, he managed to slip away. Empowering Question: When you look at your life, where are you wasting the most time, and what are you going to put in its place that is entirely empowering and useful?

Metaphor: The Tour From Hell – 1999

Remember: Check out:this link for the MINDSCAPING training at Hypnothoughts Live in Las Vegas, in August 2016! Bonus: When you pick up a digital copy of MINDSCAPING using that link you can attend our one day class for free AND get a significant discount on your conference ticket.

Ending: Dave Ambrose, the People’s Physicist...Kltpzyxm!

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Session 71: Gus Grissom is Alive and Well in Tweed Ontario!

Jun 4, 2016 40:04


Welcome to Episode 71 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! From Toronto Canada, to the trenches of France and the Orient Express, this is the only podcast you’ll ever need. On the heels of the sold-out MayArchitecture of Hypnosis training at the University of Toronto, Mike and Chris get ready to teach a weekend of MINDSCAPING, and then yet another sold-out hypnosis course. The hypnotic infection is officially incurable.


Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you.

Here are the show notes for this episode: The boyz begin by updating the listeners regarding the most recent Architecture of Hypnosis training in Toronto, which drew numerous internationals, including 4 medical doctors. Chris recaps the last few years, and then Mike coughs loudly. Meta-analysis starts…Every live class leads to the rediscovery that caring about people has a profound effect. Mike talks about John Grinder’s awesome rapport secret. Chris adds that the highest level is to really care. The classes are kept small, to build friendships with attendees. Las Vegas is approaching again! 26-28 of August, 2016, with a pre-conference event on August 25. The online MINDSCAPING training has been enlarged for free. Chris uses the word “effing”, but Mike is more concerned that he said “no brainer”. Regression vs Direct Suggestion in Hypnosis (DSiH) Bernheim and Liebeault used DSiH and still got great results with no metaphors or regression. Chris channels Erickson, and then begins channeling Ken Sweatman. Regression and Parts Therapy do not preclude DSiH. Make your suggestions positive, repeat them, and keep them simple. No flowery language! No mechanistic repetition. People hate it. Mike shows tremendous restraint! As the Rickson Gracie of hypnosis, he resists the temptation to continue the discussion point. An extended discussion of sleep nearly begins… Use whatever the situation dictates! Initial Sensitising Event (ISE) is like a thorn or a piece of shrapnel in a wound. An ISE can hide behind Activating Event (AE) Following the amplified feeling becomes an Affect Bridge to the ISE… The ISE creates a platform that the phobia can build upon. Mike reports on his former fear of high ceilings that originated with St Wilfrid’s Anglican Church which triggered the ISE from when he slipped on the wet grass near the pond. The unconscious notices the connexion… Chris likes Mike’s shrapnel metaphor. Strip the negative emotion by actualizing the event… Backwards, forwards, just run the damn thing, but make sure the client’s relaxed first! Ideomotor signals are a means to accessing the unconscious mind. Keep them simple! They work even in a superficial trance. Very, very effective, for getting to unconscious stuff and shift it! Chris reports on working with a claustrophobic client where the client didn’t verbalize what came up. DSiH can be used along with ideomotor to complete the work. We built not dependency, but independency! Metaphor complete… After an update on June’s Architecture of Hypnosis course, which is sold-out, Chris talks about denying things to draw attention to them. Mike gives the example of his friend on a television talk show who demanded that his opponent “Turn to that camera, and tell everyone you do not sacrifice babies to Satan…” Chris uses an excellent example of his daughter Staphysagria, and bossy behaviour at school. Chris tells about his other daughter Texephone, and the example of the stolen candy. Mrs. Coletart’s roof and the bird, and reprise of the Isn’t the real issue… Chris explains how Texephone used the Jerry Intervention with success!!! Mike refers to her as “Clymnestrata or Synecdoche…” Mike explains the brand new Gibraltar Method. To throw an irritating person off their game, just meaningfully call them “Gibraltar”. This is beyond context-free and is now schema-free humour. What we need is the Gus Grissom Update! Send in your Gus Grissom sightings to gusgrissom@mailinator.com

Empowering Question: What is your greatest talent, and how are you going to use it to overcome your greatest weakness?

Gus Grissom Update: Gus Grissom was spotted sipping a cup of coffee in Tweed, Ontario at Kelly’s Restaurant. He denied being Gus Grissom, and fled, when confronted by Washona Teale, who only wanted an autograph.

Remember: Check out: this link for the MINDSCAPING training at Hypnothoughts Live in Las Vegas, in August 2016! Bonus: When you pick up a digital copy of MINDSCAPING using that link you can attend our one day class for free AND get a significant discount on your conference ticket.

Ending: Dennis Bryce-Morgan and the supply train.

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Session 70: Let’s focus on the positive! Even if it kills someone.

Apr 30, 2016 44:13


Welcome to Episode 70 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Not only is the hypnotic storm a hypnotic rash now, but it’s delivering the kind of results you’d expect from a high-quality anabolic steroid!

If you like podcasts and listen to a lot of them, stop now! This is the only podcast you will ever need.

Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you.

Here are the show notes for this episode: Plausible deniability! Angus Young’s 61st birthday, and chicken at a coffee shop drive through! Is Mike the real-life Gus Grissom? April 1st when recorded! Chris is still talking about the wacky endings and ruining them. Mike says donuts “are full of wheat and they kill you!” How to order Swiss Chalet chicken at a Country Style Donuts shop… April Fools Day is illegal in China. Episode is all about focusing on the positive! Mike discusses AC/DC and the travesty of Axl Rose filling in for Brian Johnson. Another reference to Virgil “Gus” Grissom! Chris acts like a morning guy on an FM station. After a bad start, he begins a Ken Sweatman story. People complain about everything! Complaining becomes habituated. Life is good and bad. Where is your focus? What do you want? This is the Magic Question! Present Me vs Target Me. What do I want the Me to be at some definable time? Focusing on Present Me creates a stuck state. Mike runs into clients who even after they fix things, have to know why it happened. Mike thinks it goes back to Freud and psychoanalysis. If you’re better, who cares? If a tree falls in the forest… Chris says “lariss” instead of hilarious. Present is where we’re stuck. We need momentum and resources to move forward. Chris uses a fairly weak soccer ball metaphor that nearly gets the point across. It becomes a Ken Sweatman story. Mike manages to exit the story by talking about transformation. Mike’s wife is a personality genius and says you have to look into the abyss of your own personal darkness. Otherwise, we won’t change. Self-awareness is critical. Mike references Chris’ move to Hypno East from Toronto. Baby steps…Chris uses a business example and claims he does all the marketing (true) but also attempts to claim he creates the brilliant products too, obviously thinking Mike’s senile and he’ll get away with it. He wisely backs away from this dangerous thought… Take baby steps! Move forward each day, in business, or any area of life. Take action! Keep walking, running, whatever you need to do, and you’ll arrive at your destination. Chris begins a financial lecture about asset classes, stocks, mutual funds, etc. Baby steps again! Mike is silently frustrated, attempting to get away from the endless baby step discussion. Mike admits to being a senior citizen and collects a pension! My F! I’m buying a Tesla! It’s all coming apart in this podcast, but after yet another mention of baby steps, they move on. Chris promises to tell how he got his wife with an April Fool Tesla joke, but is lying and never mentions it again. (Chris is proof-reading these show notes and will have to finally explain the hiliarious joke in the next podcast!) The Grinder Model! How to call powerful high-performance states to the executive. The laundry list begins… 4 Levels of the Grinder Model are universally applicable. On the bottom isPerformance. How well, how elegantly will you do something? Next one up is State. This will ensure good performance. The more powerful your State, the better your Performance. Physiology will shift State. Chris says “slunshed” which is not a word. Mike pretends it doesn’t bother him, but then talks about driving his elbow into Chris’ head. There is a connexion. How would I move if I was a powerful person? Who is confident, and how would he or she move? The AS IF Frame! If I was confident…how would I stand. Mike invokes Kim Kardashian, because she’s visually quantifiable… Breathing is top level, and shifted in Qi Gong, Tai Chi, martial arts, yoga, etc. Support powerful states with breathing and physiological shifts. Mike mentions Paul Federn, Watkins and Watkins, Gordon Emmerson, etc. Ego states speak, act, and even look different from each other. Make sure the right one’s in the executive! Mike performs at Western University every year, where the kids are about 18 years old. How does he do it? Chris is obsessed with doing the laundry. Mike is calling the best state to the executive. Hypnosis shows work the same way! Call up the volunteers who present ego states that fit the criteria of the desired show. The right state in the executive will love being there! Watch our for teachers! They often keep their teaching states in the executive when dealing with adults! Mike explains how to breathe in the right state! Hypnothoughts Live 2016! August 25th MINDSCAPING course with Mike Mandel in Las Vegas! Lunches are included. One all inclusive awesome hypnotic event! Book the online MINDSCAPING training. Go tomikemandelhypnosis.com/htlive2016   Get a bonus of a full day training with Mike in Las Vegas, as well as the digital course. You also get a discount on your Hypnothoughts Live ticket! Come and hang out with Mike and Chris in Las Vegas, at the best hypnosis training in the world! The Personal Development Academy is here now! Go tomikemandelhypnosis.com/pda   Check it out, along with all the incredible bonus material that’s included for FREE! Do what we’ve done, and transform your life! Waking hypnosis? Ormond McGill? Men staring at women as they pirouette…Is this hypnosis? News Flash! You’re never asleep in hypnosis. Watch our for PGO spikes though…Novelty, surprise and shock, can trigger an inroad to the unconscious mind. Monsters and Magical Sticks. Great book! Erickson just says “That’s right…” Chris is in full Ken Sweatman mode by now, and you can tell Mike’s losing interest. Chris is obsessed by the boss and the woman’s dress. Mike is very lenient with Chris. Mike says “Yes, Ken Sweatman!”

Empowering Question: What old rules have you been living your life by, and what new rules will you write today, to replace them, as you move toward your goals, with alacrity.

Gus Grissom Update: Gus Grissom was 150 lbs and 5’7″.

Metaphor: Matty and the wooden guns.

Remember: Check out:this link for the MINDSCAPING training at Hypnothoughts Live in Las Vegas, in August 2016! Bonus: When you pick up a digital copy of MINDSCAPING using that link you can attend our one day class for free AND get a significant discount on your conference ticket.

Ending: Dave Ambrose, the People’s Physicist.

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Session 69: Social Hypnosis, and You’re Still Just Danny!

Mar 30, 2016 38:30


Welcome to Episode 69 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! This is the only hypnosis podcast you need, because it’s the only hypnosis podcast on the planet that answers questions like:

If Dracula had a rash, would he still be an adequate hypnotist?

Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you.

Here are the show notes for this episode: Chris begins Podcast #69 brilliantly, with references to Mick Jagger, iPhones, and the kind of social diseases you actually want to get. Mike clips the word “Yes” that he likes to yell, and thinks it’s really clever. Mike rips apart white people by admitting he’s a white guy who can’t dance. Mike raves about slapjacks as an everyday carry self-defence weapon. He doesn’t want to go to jail for stabbing someone, and recommends Green Man Leather in Toronto. Transgender hypnosis? What are they talking about? Social hypnosis is hypnosis that’s done outside a therapeutic or research setting. It’s the fun stuff onstage, in the street, or at a party. Mike refers to his enormous hypnosis library. He get’s lost but recovers the discussion. He talks about the old books that recommend telling people to drink turpentine, which is dangerous and insane. (Seriously! This can be fatal! Do notattempt this ever.) Mike argues that water isn’t toxic but Chris the science geek says it can be. Back to social hypnosis. Mike talks about the old days back in 1975. He hypnotized a girl to keep reliving her birthday surprise party. Homoaction anyone? A Storm Rider emailed about hypnotizing a guy to not recognize his girlfriend. It worked too well, but Mike and Chris aren’t buying it. It smells like flounder, Your Honour… Mike explains the early days when high-school girls wouldn’t snap out of hypnosis at his shows, because he was a frickin’ Rockstar and they wanted the attention. Back to the guy who couldn’t recognize his girlfriend…Implication? The man has more power than even he has! Phenomena? Chris asks what can you use that can’t be faked in a social hypnosis session. Mike talks about the speed of response and going beyond what is required. Both of which are key indicators. Mike reminds the listeners that the unconscious is much faster than the conscious mind. This is a good podcast! Erickson said that it’s impossible to adequately fake hypnosis, because it turns into hypnosis very quickly. Mike talks about Hilgard and Hilgard pain studies, and the paradox of analgesia without hypnosis. Mike mentions Jacquin and Sheldrake’s belief that hypnosis is a social construct, and that their own confirmation bias is getting in the way of adequately viewing contrary data. With hypnosis you can make people think the cows have come home. One of Mike’s most brilliantly funny lines yet. Hypnotic rash? It can be produced in response to suggestion. Mike begins talking about an experiment done last year in his hypnosis class, but quickly digresses into inanity, using his usual elderly man voice, invoking Lady Melbury’s low cut garment and mentioning Henry Squatter. He comes back to reality, and Chris verifies the hypnotic rash occurred as Mike claims. Chris begins a strange topic about onions in people’s eyes and Mike correctly names it as the allium cepa response. Chris says he likes to suggest that people are choking when they attempt to drink water, but Mike wisely reigns him in. (Chris is not permitted to do social hypnosis, because he causes too many heart attacks. Mike cannot drive Chris’ Tesla for similar reasons.) Onstage hypnosis is structured. At a party most people know each other. The street version is difficult because the hypnotist is a stranger without much prestige; at least at first. A phone rings in the background and Mike offers a golf bag to “caller number 17”. Chris rightly says “You must control your environment!” Safety first folks! Safety for the subject as well as for the audience. Storm Rider Derek in Las Vegas is applauded for his awesome skills. Mike points out that you have a foot in the door with friends. Storm Rider shirts or cool business cards provide great credibility and immediate prestige. That’s why Mike and Chris teach at St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto. Setting the hypnotic scene…Use trusted friends as helpers. They’ll help you deal with the jerks and manage the crowd. A Green Man Leather slapjack works well too… No bad subjects, just lousy hypnotists. Pick the people who are genuinely interested. Watch out for the alpha male in the group! Sometimes you can just wing it, and it will work. Chris begins a Ken Sweatman story about a time he wung it. He ran a man to exhaustion on an imaginary treadmill and the man fell “like a sack of bricks on the ground”. Mike recommends you do some group stuff because it will be pretty funny and easy to do. Look for your best subject! External Trance Indicators are the key. Hank Stone puts imaginary gerbils in people’s pants. Make sure you use Yes Sets and Compliance Sets. They pave the way to an easy induction! Go into standard suggestibility tests to build heteroaction. Social settings need rapid inductions. Mike reminds you to deepen the trance by fractionation. Mike can’t remember Drake’s last name. Chris asks what else he’s forgotten, and tells him not to have a whiteout. Some hypnotists repeat things mechanically. Congruence works well to install suggestions. Watch out for post-hypnotics. Take care of your subjects and protect yourself from litigation! Chris is obsessed with Mick Jagger for some unknown reason, and mentions him repeatedly. Mike talks about their friend Michael C. Anthony and his brilliant stage show. Mike reminds the listeners to always remove test suggestions, even if they didn’t work. End with positive suggestions! Make sure you bring them all the way out of trance. Chris mentions the Mike Mandel Personal Development Academy! Matthias, an MD in Boston convinced Mike and Chris to create this awesome course. This is 64 HD videos with a ton of bonuses, so check it out at: mikemandelhypnosis.com/pda

Empowering Question: No empowering question this time around.

Metaphor: The story of the robot dinosaurs.

Remember: Check out:mikemandelhypnosis.com/htlive2016 for the MINDSCAPING training at Hypnothoughts Live in Las Vegas, in August 2016!

Ending: You’re still just Danny!

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Session 68: Mind if I 'Scape You?

Mar 5, 2016 39:29


Welcome to Episode 68 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! This is more than just a hypnosis podcast. It’s the only place on earth where you can get a good quality hypnotic rash!

Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you.

Here are the show notes for this episode: Podcast #68 starts abruptly, with reference to Janis Joplin and Jelly Babies and Chris calling Mike to task for lack of modesty. Mike responds brilliantly by spasmodically coughing on Chris’ neck. MINDSCAPER Susanne Witt is in the studio as a guest on today’s program! Mike makes a joke about Baghdad which they decide to edit out…except they didn’t … edit it … out. Chris begins a preframe about how he won’t be telling a Ken Sweatman story, which immediately becomes a Ken Sweatman story about not telling a Ken Sweatman story. Chris broaches the MINDSCAPING subject, and that’s what this program is mostly about. Mike repents and says that Chris’ explanation was so brilliant and cogent that Mike wants to learn about MINDSCAPING! Susanne explains how Mike tested MINDSCAPING on three female therapists/Hypnobabes. Emails keep coming in, all about amazing MINDSCAPING results! Chris explains how Milton Erickson used metaphors that changed people’s lives. He compares it to MINDSCAPING and Susanne says our unconscious minds want to protect us and give us good lives. Mike can be heard channeling Erickson in the background and talking about sending his daughter out to buy oil for the wheelchair. Chris pretends to ignore him. Chris and Mike discuss how MINDSCAPING accesses a specific map for the client; large or small issue. They talk about the stuff Susanne’s worked on with clients and the sound get’s suddenly weird but sounds cool, so it is not fixed. MINDSCAPING works even if you have no previous experience with hypnosis. Trance just happens! They discuss buildings that say “Trust” and fish appearing in MINDSCAPES. There are 2 aspects to MINDSCAPING: Seeing the map and landscaping the map. Susanne talks about how she often “sees” the client’s map. Mike kept a forest intact to protect the owls that were nesting there. Chris goes into good detail about how the protocol works. MINDSCAPING involves the client! The therapy goes deep and resonates for days or even weeks after the session. The Layla example: “This $hit works!” Chris mentions a man who bought the online MINDSCAPING course and used it immediately to help his son, who saw a blue Swedish fish floating behind him… You never know what’s going to be in their map! Susanne explains working with an artist whose map was a dry riverbed. He’s now doing reproductions of Picassos! Chris asks about the “dry river bed” which super-literate Mike calls a “wadi”. Chris says “watty” and Mike corrects him. Creativity responds well to MINDSCAPING. Mike gives the example of a man from Neil Strauss’ Society International and how he helped him get his creativity back. You can do MINDSCAPING online, which becomes MINDSKYPING! Mike gently points out that Chris said “progress” when he meant “process”. Chris promises to be much more careful in future podcasts… Threshold is needed in most therapies – Something must change! It must be me! It must be NOW! MINDSCAPING  can be used to push people toward threshold. Chris explains and Susanne takes the easy way out, because she’s “intimidated” by Mike and to a much lesser extent, Chris. Mike goes into a tirade about his great vigour at his age, while doing the voice of an elderly man. Chris manages to reign him in. Mike talks about the beta testing and how Susanne ‘Scaped him. Mike explains the water, horizon and the pirate ship that’s on his desk. When rechecked later, the ship had moved out toward the gap in the horizon and everything took off… Chris explains how MINDSCAPES just happen without planning what will be experienced. Susanne responds with the snail story – a gift from the unconscious mind… NEVER explain a MINDSCAPE!!! Susan tells a Ken Sweatman story about a Skype client and how the snail image worked for her. The client caught the shift in the imagery, and changed stuff in his life. Susanne’s MINDSCAPE story changed the client’s own situation. Chris talks about a kid’s percentile and his difficulty to score well on an entry exam for a private school. The father bought the online MINDSCAPING training, and his first client was his son, who scored 30 percentile units higher, the very next day after the session. Mike explains about the Green Man and how it fit in the subject’s map. How weird can it get? Mike tells the golden tree story but avoids channeling Ken Sweatman, although it gets close. Waterfalls in MINDSCAPES? Look for the caves behind them… Mike says “We cannot let this go, without discussing the Goat Man!” Chris screams “Oh no!!!” in genuine terror. Susanne sounds quietly traumatized. Mike tells the story of the East Indian client and the father issues. It leads to the deserted subway station, the father’s voice, and the imaginary binoculars reveal…The Goat Man!!! Mike explains that it was an archetype. How many NLP Practitioners does it take to change a lightbulb? How many Ericksonian hypnotists? How many MINDSCAPERS?  Chris talks about the daily use of metaphors to help people get where they want to go, and solve a lot of their own crap. Mike, Chris and Susanne are all available to do MINDSCAPING online! Chris makes an inadvertent inappropriate comment at exactly 30:10 of the podcast, but Mike shows admirable restraint, and says nothing… SusanneWitt.com is the website for Susanne, the Coach of the Unconscious Mind… MINDSCAPING came from many roots, including conversations with Mike’s mentor, Derek Balmer Mike explains the phenomenal correspondences between MINDSCAPING and graphology. Mike invokes The Goat Man again, and Susanne pleads “Stop it!” Come out to Hypnothoughts in Las Vegas in August! Mike will be teaching a full day of MINDSCAPING…Buy the online course and attend the live training for free, and get a discount on your Hypnothoughts ticket too! Check it out here: MINDSCAPING promotion for Hypnothoughts Live Hypnothoughts Live is awesome! Scott and Richard have done an amazing job, so come on out in August! Join the Hypnotic Storm Riders at the Irish Pub drink-off at the Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas! Chris mentions “The Wacky Ending” but Mike chides him for talking about it! Chris says he’s the marketer so Mike drops it, knowing that Chris is generally correct in these matters.

Empowering Question: This is one of the strangest empowering questions yet, and it’s way too complex to write down. Mike goes into a “weird spin” and tells Chris he’s “just cut the throat of a man your age…”

Metaphor: Life is a metaphor…so stop looking for one here!

Ending: The Jenny Song

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Session 67: Cold-reading, the Jerry Intervention, and jokes while driving!

Feb 13, 2016 41:24


Welcome to Episode 67 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! The Hypnotic Storm is spreading like a rash, and you’re infected!

Check out the show notes below and scroll down to listen to the podcast directly on this page. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you.

Here are the show notes for this episode: The podcast begins with the usual stupidity, with Mike doing guinea pig laughs over Chris’ intro, and then yelling “Hurrah!” for no apparent reason. A new way to vaguely confuse and sexually stress people by asking them to invest in you! Mike admits he’s pathologically ontime, as are all Enneagram Eights, and does love Oregon Pinot Noir, as well as the Washington State offering. They discuss Mike’s near crash enroute to Hypno East because of a guy texting. Toronto isn’t a backwater! 16 lanes of highway prove it! Mike uses a badge and yells that he’s not a cop to gain the advantage over idiots. Come out to Hypnothoughts in Las Vegas in August! Mike will be teaching a full day of MINDSCAPING…Buy the online course and attend the live training for free, and get a discount on your Hypnothoughts ticket too! Check it out here: MINDSCAPING promotion for Hypnothoughts Live. Chris goes well beyond the requisite explanation and it all gets dangerously close to a Ken Sweatman story, and draws Mike into the explanation of whatMINDSCAPING is and how it works. Chris and Mike discuss cold-reading, and the confirmation bias, the worst of this being Kripkean Dogmatism. Mike tells how in Newfoundland on a documentary shoot he convinced 2 observers that he’d never gotten up off a couch, which made the appearance of a selected card in a card-case across the room near miraculous. Events are reconstructed after the fact, which makes cold-reading seem real. People tend to remember only what fits their confirmation bias. Mike demonstrates the method on Chris, using his tan as an example. Mike advises to Google the Classic Reading! It fits most people. Chris brilliantly cold-reads that Mike hasn’t done the Classic reading recently. Mike says “Your sexual adjustment has caused you some difficulties…” and isn’t kidding! Cold readers make broad statements, and their dupes make specific applications of the material. Graphology is far more effective than cold-reading because you’ll be correct! Mike has been a certified handwriting expert since 1993. He provides forensic graphology and college lectures. Check out Mike’s online graphology course! You can see a cool video here: Introduction to Graphology and there’s over 7 hours of awesome training for you in the online course. A question comes in about rapid inductions and PGO spikes. Chris sends listeners to the rapid induction video on the blog at mikemandelhynosis.com Family members can be your worst subjects…at first, anyway. Mike tells how his student Mohammed hypnotised his father after one day of training. Chris explains the use of the startle effect and the PGO spike. Confusion means the brain looks for resolution. Chris starts to explain and begins channeling Ken Sweatman. Mike quickly takes control of the conversation and explains the need for rapport. They discuss a hilariously inept video from a hypnosis trainer that “drips with ridiculosity”. Mike’s REM induction fires a PGO spike, but the subject doesn’t know when it will happen. Chris mentions hiccups and startling the sufferer. Mike feigns interest. The startle must be poweful! Mike recommends Gil Boyne’s brilliant videos. Mike applauds Chris’ use of the Jerry Intervention, or: Seizing the power via confusion. Chris tells how he psychologically decimated the man for using sweeping generalizations and straw man arguments. Chris says that the man was an idiot, and Mike can be heard in the background, quietly chanting “Dick?…Dick?…” Chris continues speaking as Mike laughs. Chris thinks that Mike was laughing at Chris’ brilliance, but Mike is actually laughing at the way he kept chanting “Dick?…and wasn’t actually paying attention to anything Chris was saying. Chris explains how he actually used the Jerry Intervention, and says “This was textbook Jerry Intervention” and Mike laughs until he coughs and injures something. I think you know! is discussed. It all drips with portent and confusion. Who the hell is Jerry?!? Jerry was SO right about you! It’s now becoming a Ken Sweatman story. Life should be effortless, enjoyable and vaguely annoying to other people! Mike tells you how to do 3 really cool practical jokes while driving, and you do them at your own risk, and assume all responsibility for the results. Rememer: We are NOT responsible. At all. For anything. Ever. Mike tells how brilliant stage hypnotist Michael C. Anthony got him with the first of these practical jokes. Stomp on the accelerator and try to make it through the light. (Unless you’re in Chris’ Tesla, in which case you will make the light.) The second joke involves a horrific sharp turn and the relieved laughter when the car doesn’t roll and then burst into a fireball. The third joke is the best! Nothing like surviving a car crash…Stupid, but brilliant! (We aren’t telling you to do this, so don’t.)

Empowering Question: What is it going to take for you to apply these empowering questions for your life…and how soon are you going to do it?

Metaphor: Mike’s mentor, the late Derek Balmer and the parking meter…

Ending: The brilliant song writing of Heinrich Dieter: Aufnahmevermogen aufmerksamkeitsverteilung!

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Session 66: Chris is a “bast”, Alacrity, Incarceration, and Dennis Bryce-Morgan in the studio!

Jan 20, 2016 37:53


Welcome to Episode 66 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! This is without a doubt the finest podcast we’ve ever done!

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Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike starts by calling Chris “a bast” because he doesn’t want to say “bastard” on a podcast. They review how life should be effortless, enjoyable and vaguely annoying to other people! Mike reviews his beginnings as a performer, back in 1975 on the Tommy Banks Show. The multiple uses of “Is that what you’re calling it these days?” and how it sounds obscene… Mike and Chris name a waitress “Jessica” because she looks like a “Jessica”. Mike cracks his neck and reminisces about torticollis and a sadistic teacher. Chris got back from Dominican Republic with this wife and kids. Mike calls them “Vorolaya, Clymnestra and Allistrate” and Chris ignores him. Better than a New Year’s resolution is a Word for the Year! What’s yours? Mike’s word for 2016 is “Transformation”; both self and others. Chris’ word is “Balance”. Chris begins explaining how he transformed his own life. This quickly disintegrates into an uninteresting Ken Sweatman story. Towards and Away – Make sure you decide which they are… Chris does a quick sell on Mike’s Navigator System, and then begins another Ken Sweatman story about how he and Mike formed the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy. The Personal Development Academy should be available by February. Get on the email list! Mike brags about lecturing Landscape Ontario and how well it went. Hypnothoughts Live is coming up in August! Mike will be teaching, so come to Las Vegas and hang out with us!  MINDSCAPING is coming to Las Vegas. Mike will be teaching a one day intensive! Update: Prior to publishing this podcast we confirmed the details. Find out more. The Wellness Academy is here again. Mike and Chris mention that David Bowie and Alan Rickman are dead, and Mike and Chris are all about wellness. Hypnosis, NLP, language…that’s what we’re mostly about. It’s Brain Software. The story of a traumatized woman who has insomnia to this day; but only in her own bed. Her unconscious mind is protecting her. If you’re in an abusive relationship, Mike says “Get out!” Mike believes, addictive behaviours are the ineffective means of dealing with stress, without getting to the root cause. Chris uses a scraped knee as a largely feckless metaphor. When vaded states are healed, people get well and problems disappear. Mike talks about hypertension, caused by his Egyptian Mau, Gwaihir. Mike does a brilliant impersonation of Elvis exuding fragrance, to stop things getting too damn serious. Canada’s guitar hero, Kim Mitchell is in hospital after a heart attack. Mike knows Kim and wishes him a speedy recovery. Mobile technology! Mike is forced to admit that he now sends text messages. But he doesn’t do it in traffic. Mike and his friend Lisa believes there’s a dopamine release in response to texts coming in. Mike makes a reference to gruel, but Chris misses it completely. No iPhones during dinner! Is technology running your life, or helping you run a more effective life? Chris begins yet another tedious and long-winded Ken Sweatman story about the Blackberry he used to own. Mike casually drops the news that he gets paid “thousands and thousands of dollars” when he speaks, but says it with great modesty. Is your life real, or virtual? VR is awesome in some contexts…but not all. Mike demonstrates his comic genius, by joking about VR goggles to see the next VR goggles.

Empowering Question: Who is the most important person in your life, and what are you going to do today to make the quality of their life even better.

Metaphor: The missing time. 

Ending: And now for a special treat, Chris Thompson interviews 112 year old Dennis Bryce-Morgan!  

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Session 65: Beach Volleyball, Timelines, the Dancing Hair, and all the zany fun of another episode of the Honey Hallmark Show!

Dec 12, 2015 32:58


Welcome to Episode 65 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Those of you who enjoy this sort of podcast, will find this to be just the sort of podcast you enjoy!

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Here are the show notes for this episode: Chris begins by explaining and justifying his bizarre, complicated, expensive, and largely unsuccessful eye-surgery. You can hear the fear in his voice, and the regret that he had PRK instead of Lasik. Chris realizes he’s telling a Ken Sweatman story, and attempts to resell it as a metaphor. It falls horribly flat, resulting in the loss of thousands of devoted Brain Software listeners. (editor’s note from Chris: Can you tell Mike is  writing the show notes now? This stuff is absolutely hilarious!) Chris forgets the program is about hypnosis and NLP and goes into an extended rambling story about beach volleyball and his upcoming vacation. He’s going to the Dominican Republic for Christmas, to lie on the beach, ogling mega-babes in thongs, and Mike pretends not to be envious. René from Germany comes to St. Michael’s College for the Architecture of Hypnosis training, and experiences first-hand, the excitement of squirrel bites, rabies, tetanus, etc. Amazingly, René survives, thanks to Mt. Sinai Hospital’s Emergency Dept. He’s still not foaming at the mouth, so all appears to be well… Mike teaches our listeners the Dancing Hair. This is a pseudo-magic trick that squirts stinging salt water into a victim’s eyes; just like the sort of thing Bryce-Morgan would do to Henry Squatter. Mike throws down the challenge, offering a prize to the first person who successfully performs the Dancing Hair in a public place and records it. Mike and Chris pick up the mail on their way to lunch, where they plan to eat-off and drink-off. Neil Strauss has sent Mike a copy of his newest book. Thanks Neil! NLP Timelines! How we code time affects how we view the world. By changing the location and submodalities of temporal events, we change our experience of life itself. In time, or through time…which one are you? Mike gives an example of doing a Timeline shift in King’s Cross, Sydney Australia’s red light district, and explains how to work with a mismatcher. Mike admits that he has never been accused of modesty! He often secretly thinks of the word “membrane” though. The conversation turns to bullying, and editing the past. Mike has hunted down and annihilated all the bullies from his past (at least in his Timeline).

Empowering Question: What is going to make 2016 the best year you have ever had, and what are you prepared to do NOW, to make sure that that occurs?

Metaphor: The cottage at Minden Ontario, and the wildlife encountered there…(Mike brilliantly renames Chris’ wife and two daughters, referring to them as Vorolaya, Tamarind and Gloxinnia, purely for his own amusement.)

Ending: Honey Hallmark Episode 2!  More zany fun with that frizzy red-haired woman, who drives a school bus, and loves greeting cards, but isn’t much different than the rest of us! 

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Session 64: The Bag of Pykthos mystery, psychedelic endings, hypnotizing South Americans, and how tomato seeds can lead to inadvertent circumcision!

Oct 30, 2015 41:36


Welcome to Episode 64 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Amazingly, we continue with our 5 Star Rating, despite the absolute idiocy of this podcast.

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Here are the show notes for this episode: Despite technical difficulties, we’re still here! Two Silver Bags of Pykthos arrived in the mail! Who the heck was it?!? Mike explains how he just helped out the Soulpepper play Marat/Sade as the Mind Consultant. More about pattern interrupts…Chris messes people up with them; then helps them get resourceful! Chris tells a Ken Sweatman story about using a pattern interrupt on his daughter Gloxinnya But isn’t the real reason…??? Mike challenges Chris to give his product free to the planet. Chris reverses and attempts to get Mike to sell his hypnosis training cheaper. It doesn’t work. 1971: Mike’s friends were the intelligentsia of Wexford Collegiate. Mike begins a Ken Sweatman story. The Mike Gray psychedelic ending as a pattern interrupt. Mike is called “A bloody idiot!” by his mentor, Derek Balmer. Mike grips Chris spasmodically, and coughs on his neck without warning, and is greatly amused by his own brilliant humour. Congrats to Steve in Australia for a mind-boggling hypnosis show! It’s just the beginning for Steve… Chris drops Larry Elman’s name to gain prestige. He goes on to quote Dave Elman, Larry’s father. A Ken Sweatman story rapidly develops and goes almost nowhere, although Chris talks about lotions and petroleum jelly and numbness, and placebos. The story continues for about 5 more hours, or seems to… Is the placebo “waking hypnosis”? Does it even matter? Or is waking hypnosis a placebo? Mike complains of being contacted by every lunatic on the planet. He tells of dealing with a moron via pointing out the red herring…Well you’re wrong!!! Factor vs Faculty, yet again. Words mean things… Dan asks about hypnotizing the deaf. Mike answers…The story of the Dominican Republic and hypnotizing the South Americans. Unconscious cues can lead to hypnosis. Mike at a school for the deaf, where 2 people signed the entire show. “He’s okay, he’s waving…” Chris doesn’t realize the story’s over and largely uninteresting, and keeps it going, rapidly converting it to yet another Ken Sweatman story. Igor at Hypnothoughts. Was he having a stroke, or was it the CVA Induction? Question about Florida…A principal who got raked over the coals because of alleged connexions between student deaths and his hypnotic interventions. Chris says “Ath-a-lete” but Mike exercises admirable restraint and says nothing. It leads to another opportunity for Chris to channel Ken Sweatman. Someone is furious with Mike, calling him “arrogant and abusive”. Mike admits to the arrogance, but does not accept the abusive title. The word is losing all meaning which is sad and dangerous. The man from Montreal was on a tirade, not understanding hyperbole and discussion. Some of Mike’s in laws need diagrams to stay ontrack during discussions. This is because they are idiots. Mike calls for precision in the richest of all languages: English Empowering question: What vital task will you complete before the end of this year?

Session 63: Logic, graphology, alternate sexuality, and street fights with James Randi...It's the Honey Hallmark Show!

Oct 1, 2015 41:15


Welcome to Episode 63 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Testing…testing…testicule! We are back in Toronto, and are riding the very crest of the nexus of the cathexis of the Hypnotic Sturm und Drang…and we’re doing it for you. Check out mikemandelhypnosis.com for more info on what we’re up to.

Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike is the very font of logicicity. You need language for logic! Proof vs. evidence. Beware the Kripkean dogmatist! The ultimate in closed mindedness and confirmation bias. Anecdotal evidence? It doesn’t mean it’s not true. When is logic unnecessary? Hypnosis! Trance bypasses logic. Trance logic and M.T. Ornee at the University of Pennsylvania, and cognitive dissonance. Experiments and social compliance. PGO Spikes and humour, shock, texting and car crashes. Evidence? We didn’t do the research so there isn’t any. Instant inductions are all the rage! Dealing with refractory subjects through repetition of the same technique? Gil Boyne: The Master of the instant induction. http://www.gilboyneonline.com/ The No TV Challenge! Any takers? The graphology course has been and gone, and been recorded on video. It will be a product soon! Alan Turing, graphology, alternate sexuality, and the Turing Test. The Straw Man Fallacy! Mike says that James Randi can bite his wand, and challenges him to a street fight. If Randi loses and Mike chokes him out, Randi’s a lousy debunker, because he couldn’t debunk Mike’s British Jiu Jitsu. Speak Pipe question from a guy called Chris, regarding handshakes and subtly transmitted information. Mike answers, invoking Dave Elman. Eye engagement and firm thumb pressure are the key. We need to do a video on this! Empowering question: What’s next? Therapeutic Metaphor: The Garden of the Senses.

Wacky ending: The Honey Hallmark Show! She’s got frizzy red hair and she drives a school bus, and she’s obsessed with greeting cards!

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Session 62: Hypnothoughts Live in Las Vegas!

Aug 28, 2015 33:00


Welcome to Episode 62 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! For this episode of the podcast we’ve taken the hypnotic storm to Las Vegas. That’s right! We recorded this on-scene at the Hypnothoughts Live 2015 conference. For more information on how to ride the hypnotic storm, rather than being swept away by it, check out the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy and join the growing cadre of Hypnotic Storm Riders, worldwide!

Here are the show notes for this episode: Sorry for the distortion in the first 30 seconds. Chris screwed up with our portable sound recorder (but he admits it, so it’s OK.) Mike and Chris are on scene in Las Vegas with an army of storm riders. Chris has been talking too much so he has a rough voice. Our special guest is Scott Sandland, founder of Hypnothoughts.com, and he tells us how it all got started. But wait! There’s more! We also have special guest hypnosis storm riders who share their main thoughts from the conference. We’ve never had so many live guests in one show! Mike and Chris are newbies at this conference. It was our first year but we’ll be back next year and we sincerely encourage you to come too! It’s an amazing and fun event, and it’s super budget friendly. Hear us talk about William Wood, Michael Watson, Derrick Watkins, James Hazlerig, Dave and Cheryl Elman and Dave Snyder. All of these people were highlighted either by Mike and Chris or by our round-table discussion with students. Hear what Dan has to say about Mike Mandel as a speaker and his opinion on the Mandel Triangle. Hear about how he’s taking hypnosis skills into the courtroom during trials. Ryan talks about how great it was to connect with other hypnotists in Las Vegas. He also shares a cool self hypnosis technique that he picked up at the show. Rick tells us how incredible James Hazlerig’s presentation was on the topic of nested loop metaphors. Mike and Chris explain what these are and why they are useful. Lisa points out how much of an effect we had with our clan of storm riders wearing the same T-shirts. We wore these shirts for far too many days in a row, but whatever. Nadine loved Hypnothoughts Live because of the incredible variety of presentations available. Chris corrects her on a horrendous mistake (You’re welcome, Dave!) Mike was thrilled to find out that a few different instructors are using his explanation of the Elman induction to teach their students. Our own Louisiana Stephen talks about how his very first podcast was this one, and now he’s here with us!/li> Richard, one of our very first online hypnosis students, talks about a freaky and magical hypnotic induction Mike did on him. Listen to his story about disappearing shoulder pain. Haris talks about how he’s officially a “Mike Mandel boy” according to Larry Elman. Haris loved David Snyder’s presentation about detecting deception.

Session 61: Top 10 Terms Every Hypnotist Needs to Know!

Aug 17, 2015 28:44


Welcome to Episode 61 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! The hypnotic storm that we caused is still raging! For more information on how to ride the hypnotic storm, rather than being swept away by it, check out the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy and join the growing cadre of Hypnotic Storm Riders, worldwide!

Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike has been oil pulling! He has the gums of a man half his age… Vegas is approaching! Mike and Chris will be in “Lost Wages Nevada” for Hypnothoughts Live! No doctorates in clinical hypnosis! Just scam organizations… People get angry when forcibly educated Hypnotic illiteracy is everywhere. No apology! Critical Faculty vs. Critical Factor! Does it matter? Yes. The November 2015 Architecture of Hypnosis class had 8 spots left when we recorded the podcast but is now sold out, but get on the waiting list in case someone cancels or for early bird notification of the next class in May 2016. The double-bind of forcing people to repent or keep saying it incorrectly! Find another teacher? Hyperbole! Lighten up folks! Mike uses “agave” instead of “argument” Mike institutes the Bag of Pykthos Award! Mike taken to task? NOT! Somnambulism is the working state of hypnosis. No light trances please! Fractionation, not refractionation, or fractionalizationalism! Dave Elman’s brilliant extrapolation on Bernheim’s work Looking forward to meeting the Elmans in Las Vegas Heteroaction vs Homoaction (It was Weitzenhoffer, Mike didn’t make it up) Suggestibility tests are purely to build heteroaction Storm Rider Justin and the stuck candle holder Convincers are not suggestibility tests! Convincers ratify trance. “You can’t see what you’re not looking for…” – Derek Balmer Calibrate and notice shifts happening…it makes your work easier. Utilization vs Incorporation Catalepsy is concomitant with trance. Eyes don’t get stuck together! Hypnotic phenomena occur naturally, without being suggested Calibration – That which most hypnotists fail to do… Blanket Release is the idea that test or entertainment suggestions are always removed Empowering question: Which area of your hypnotic knowledge is the weakest, and what are you doing to fix that?

Wacky ending: Lady Melbury brought to Completion…


Session 60: Foreign accents, strange warts and hypnotizing crazy people

Jul 28, 2015 34:51


Welcome to Episode 60 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! We’re back again and we’re thrilled to be here. If you want to learn hypnosis online make sure you check out the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

Here are the show notes for this episode: We had to completely scrap our first recording of this podcast. We had technical problems and we thought the end result was crap. Sorry for the delay!. Chris pointed out that whenever someone says “To tell you the truth” it presupposes that they’ve been lying to you prior to that point. It’s filler language. Avoid it. Mike challenges everyone to create massive confusion at the Drive Thru! We call this the non-identifiable foreign accent joke, otherwise known as “Lemon Cobra”. Mike and Chris discuss another great gag called “Tag team intentional misunderstanding.” Have fun with this one because, when done right, it’s brilliantly funny. Jack emailed us with a half-joking (but still serious) question about hypnosis involving Batman, the Joker and crazy people. Mike reminds us all that hypnosis isn’t about the hypnotist exerting his or her will on someone else. Chris brings up the importance of rapport. Mike explains the difference between expressive vs. receptive aphasia and how it matters to a hypnotist (or subject!) Can you eliminate warts using self hypnosis? Wendy asked a question pertaining to our Power Induction course. Can you inductions that make use of catalepsy for someone who is lying down? How do you go about making someone else feel like they are the most important person in the room? How can mats on the stage floor screw up a stage hypnosis show? The November 2015 Architecture of Hypnosis class has only a few spots left (9 as of the recording date) Clearly Mike and Chris should not take their singing act on the road. Ever.

Closing Metaphor: Fuller’s Restaurant.

Session 59: Vitreous detachment, earbud hypnosis, and the word “membrane”

May 5, 2015 39:17


Welcome to Episode 59 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! NLP, hypnosis, personal development, we cover it all. If you want to learn hypnosis online make sure you check out the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

  Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike is 62 now, and has no more problems with vitreous detachment, after a retinologist exam involving what was essentially a vaginal speculum in the eye. Chris emailed thousands of people and got birthday greetings for Mike, from students and listeners around the world. If you didn’t respond, Chris wants you to know that you failed him. The first ever disempowering question! Use it if your life is going too well, and you need to screw it up a bit. Some people actually live their lives like this! Instant inductions discussed. Want to know what’s going to be happening in the hypnosis world in 18 months to 2 years? You’ll hear it here first… Mike killed and buried the progressive relaxation induction a few years ago. Other trainers are now finally getting around to attending the funeral. Can you take credit for a sentence? Mike and Chris say NO! Is there a magic sentence that will automatically, and in seconds, induce trance? NO again! Without preparation, nobody goes into, or at least stays in trance…Set up is essential to do good hypnotic work. Chris recommends Mike’s excellent blog post on hypnotic preparation. You can see it at: MikeMandelHypnosis.com/prehypnosis Without rapport you’re wasting your time. Were there really 24 strangers in the lobby of the Holiday Inn, standing around in trance? Nope. Being liked can get you almost anything in therapy, hypnosis, or even life. Mike explains that car salesmen are matched to you when you approach the showroom. The Yes Set depotentiates resistance. The Compliance Set creates automatic obedience. Mike’s new favourite word is membrane. Therapy via earbuds? Hmmmm….It worked for the pick-up artists. Failure is only feedback, and it’s essential to learning. Principles vs. specific techniques The May 2015 Architecture of Hypnosis class has one space available. The June AoH course still has some availability. MINDSCAPING is coming up in June and there is no prerequisite to attend. Metaphor: Little Matty’s Ghost…(Mike says 58 Woodington Ave., but it was actually 504 Milverton Blvd.) Mike ends with an original song and does his rather stupid Tom Waits impression.

Empowering Question: None today; just the disempowering one…I think…

Closing Metaphor: Little Matty’s Ghost and the lightning bolt.

All About The Enneagram: An Interview with Bettylynn Stoops

Apr 18, 2015 24:32


All about the Enneagram personality typing system! This is a bonus episode. It's not a numbered episode of the Brain Software series, but we know you folks have expressed an interest in this topic. Mike and Chris had a chance to sit down with Bettylynn Stoops, an Integral Master Coach who teaches the Enneagram system. We hope you enjoy this extra episode.

Session 58: The Amazing Kreskin, flying tables and naked audiences

Apr 13, 2015 42:38


Welcome to Episode 58 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! This episode is packed with fun and useful stuff as always! Get ready to laugh as you build a better life. If you want to learn hypnosis online make sure you check out the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

  Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike is officially banned from gambling by every casino in Toronto. He’s also been getting insufficient sleep, which has elevated his blood pressure. Chris is being pushed to book the rooms in Las Vegas, where the Stormriders will be gathering this August for Hypnothoughts Live 2015. Mike reminds the audience that there’s still time to book  a spot for MINDSCAPING training in Toronto, on June 6 and 7.  This is a great modality for all therapists, counsellors, coaches, etc. Mike answers Sam’s email questions about the alleged psychic powers of the Amazing Kreskin. Mike traces the methodology Kreskin uses, back to the original solo mentalist, Joseph Dunninger. The subject turns to “table tipping”, a parlour game from the early 1900s. Mike explains how to experience this fascinating phenomenon at home, through ideo-motor response and physics. Can a wooden table be made to fly, with just fingers touching it? Mike says yes, and it’s a great trick that you can do too. Mike recommends a film, loosely based on Kreskin’s life, starring John Malkovich, but can’t recall the name. (The Great Buck Howard) Chris and Mike deconstruct Kreskin’s hypnotic induction, which depends on heteroaction. Chris inadvertently says “off of” instead of “off” or “from” and Mike jumps all over it. They go on to discuss the Law of Diminishing Return, and how offering too much money to a hypnotized person can backfire on the hypnotist. Do subjects in hypnosis shows actually see the audience naked? Yes…and no. Mike refers to polygraph studies, performed by his psychologist friend, Dr. Arthur Perlini and the legendary Nick Spanos. Mike references the variety of visual hallucination, and how a young Jamaican black man was transformed into Mick Jagger. Chris reads an email question on how is it possible for a mentalis to touch one person and have another person feel the touch. Mike responds. Chris accidentally uses the filler phrase “I mean…” and goes into a Porky Pig impression as a form of self-castigation. Mike recommends that Chris switches to self-castration as a stronger deterrent to filler language. Mike and Chris discuss the creative ways one can make an elevator pitch as to what hypnosis is. Mike does his new hilarious joke, and coughs on Chris’ neck, and laughs hysterically. Chris says it’s not Mike’s best work, but Mike thinks it’s so stupid, it’s actually become brilliant. A listener in Saudi Arabia asks about using affirmation to attract wealth. Mike and Chris deconstruct the method, and recommend the use of empowering questions and self-hypnosis. Caden from the US asks for NLP book recommendations. Mike gives a list of great books by Bandler and Grinder and other authors. The hosts remind the audience of the upcoming added Architecture of Hypnosis training in Toronto which will be June 22 to 26.

Empowering Question: How will you ensure that Chris and I never forget to do an empowering question, and how will it be implemented in your life, in a way that will be glannative and persuasive, while removing all dursative elements, so that even if things change at a more rapid rate than you had expected, you’ll still be just fine?

Closing Metaphor: Thunder Bay and the man who didn’t say anything.

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Session 57: Unnecessary FIller

Mar 27, 2015 41:37


Welcome to Episode 57 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! This episode is packed with fun and useful stuff as always! Get ready to laugh as you build a better life. If you want to learn hypnosis online make sure you check out the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

  Here are the show notes for this episode: Reminder we’re hitting Las Vegas this August for Hypnothoughts Live 2015. We dive into a discussion of unnecessary capitalization and unnecessary quotes. Do you know what strange capitalization tells you about a person (even in typed content)? Listen and find out. The winner of our contest from Podcast Episode 56 is Matthew from El Paso, TX. Congratulations on a hilarious use of the tag team context free humour model that we shared during our last podcast. Michael’s question is about working a typical 9 to 5 job, but he recently has been feeling as if he’s living in the third person. Can this be related to his job not being fulfilling, or his newfound interest in personal development? Mike talks about de-personalization syndrome. We segue into a discussion of the law of comparison, which you’ll find useful to apply in a number of ways. Mike drives Chris nuts by continually finishing his sentences on purpose. Unfortunately for Chris, this is a natural talent that Mike has. Fortunately for you, it’s easy to get quite good at this and use your new power to annoy others. We revisit the concept of threshold. Often times, we get emails or phone calls from someone who wants us to help a friend. Guess what? If the person who needs the help isn’t asking for the help it simply does not work. This is a good discusion and worth listening to. Chris talks about using small tests to find out if someone is serious about the change they want you to help them make. If people fail small tests they are not serious, and not worth your time to help. Mike reminds us that this puts the client at cause (rather than at effect). Mike also reminds us how Erickson used ordeals to get clients to change their behaviour. We discuss several irritating linguistic habits that we notice in others and even catch ourselves doing! How many of these are you doing yourself? Get rid of the filler phrases from your speech patterns! We discuss, “Are you using your stories or are your stories using you?” Find out how this applies to your life, and the lives of those you care about. Mike shares a huge tip on how to get people to like you. Hint: It’s all about THEM, not about you.

Empowering Question: What is the biggest blind spot in your life right now, and what are you prepared to do immediately to correct the situation?

Closing Metaphor: The Wood Lot.

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Session 56: Spunky, Beezer and the Context Free Humour Tag Team

Feb 26, 2015 34:40


Welcome to Episode 56 of our hypnosis podcast, Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! We’ve got a great episode for you … and we actually had to record this one twice! Yup, Our studio computer went haywire on us. But the second time was an improvement. And hey, We had fun recording it! If you want to learn hypnosis online make sure you check out the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

  Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike just came off a two-day introduction to Ericksonian Hypnosis, which he teaches a couple of times per year for NLPWorks (the only NLP training in Canada we recommend, BTW). Mike explains the main difference beween this class and our 5-day full hypnosis training course. Congratulations to Jessie T, the winner of our contest from Podcast #55. She even sent us the hilarious text message chain where she beautifully applied the context free humour that we challenged everyone to use. Chris has just returned from a trip to San Diego to attend a marketing conference.  He explains how marketing can be done better when you consider courting / dating as a metaphor for sales. We talk about hypnotic intersection and covert / conversational hypnosis. Chris talks about an example of applying this with a young woman who believed she had a case of stage fright. We have some fun with a tutorial on what we call “Stacking Negatives”. It’s a hilarious way to confuse the heck out of someone by … well … stacking a bunch of negative statements on top of one another (along with some other clever tricks).  Check it out and enjoy! Mike and our mutual friend Ryan also invented a new context-free humour tool, which we challenge you to get on camera and send to us. We call it the tag team technique, and you’ll need to listen to the podcast to capture the full enjoyment potential. Mike talks about how subtle language can be with an explanation of using the word “only”. Contest for this podcast: Apply either stacking negatives or tag team in a real situation and send us the evidence / story.  Winner claims a digital download of their choice for free.

Empowering Question: When it comes to your personal wellness, whether it be diet, activity or mental game … which is the most neglected area of your life and what are you going to put into action starting right now.

Closing Metaphor: Ravens in Northern Ontario.

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Session 55: Black Hats, Reframes, Violets and Lavender

Dec 17, 2014 32:45


Welcome to Episode 55 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! We’ve got a very full episode for you with lots of great content including some fun context free humour. If you want to learn hypnosis online make sure you check out the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

  Here are the show notes for this episode: We discuss Mike’s last stage hypnosis show for the year, which took place last week. We brought a group of about 25 past hypnosis students with us and it was tremendous fun to have everyone able to see the structure of hypnosis in action. The two of us have started using a strange and fun new way to refer to stupid behavior or stupid statements by others. It all started when Chris sent Mike an audio message, and Mike misheard the content, thinking Chris had referred to somone “Drinking from the bag of Pykthos.” So Mike crafted an entire Greek mythology back story included at the bottom of this post. Whenever you refer to the bag of Pykthos, or Lavender and Violets (or anything related to this), it now means you are referencing the stupidity of whoever you direct your reference towards. The person who emails us with the funniest, most clever, or subtle use of this new context free humour mechanism wins a free download from our website of their choosing. Contest closes on December 24th, so you have just over a week. Have fun, and remember not to explain the reference! Let the recipient remain confused. Getting back to serious business, we discuss the Black Hat, which comes from Edward de Bono’s book “Six Thinking Hats”. Mike explains that the “Black Hat”, which represents discernment, or applying logic to identify reasons to be cautious or conservative, should not be applied when you are in a creative phase. For example – if you feel stuck in your job and want to craft a new career, don’t hang around people who wear the black hat. They won’t be helpful to you in your brainstorming. We also have a serious discussion about entering situations with the proper mental framing. Often times people will frame things as being very difficult, or requiring a lot of effort. This is not particularly useful if you are going into a business meeting where you need a new solution to a problem, or adopting a new lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise. We recommend reframing “I have to” into “I get to” whenever possible. Start noticing how other people around you frame things.

Empowering Question: What will it take for you to get off your butt and start transforming your life … NOW!

The Back Story to the Bag of Pykthos
King Menelaus of Ithaca hired his brother Pykthos who was skilled in the use of herbs, poisons and Pharmakeia. He filled a leather bag with various plants, including lavender and violets, and the witch, Circe, knitted a covering bag of the finest silver thread. The potion inside would cause abject stupidity, and would be given to all of Menelaus’ rivals, but he feared lest Pykthos might use it on him, so he threw it into the fire.

The leather burned away, but the silver remained, holding a sweet liquid, redolent of violets and lavender, a single drop of which would cause permanent stupidity.

Based on the above, here are the wonderful phrases at our disposal:

Your speech drips with the lavender fluid of Pykthos! You have clearly dipped your straw in the silver bag of Pykthos… Your tongue is redolent with the odour of lavender and violets… Clearly, my friend, you have drunk deeply from the lavender bag of Pykthos! Dined with Menelaus recently? Is that a slight Ithacan accent I detect?

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Session 54: Hidden Observer and Ego States

Nov 27, 2014 40:14


Welcome to Episode 54 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! We’re back with another info-packed session. Make sure you check out the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

  Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike will be presenting at the Hypnothoughts Live conference in Las Vegas during August 2015. Come on out! All of the education sessions (including Mike’s) are included in the very reasonable conference fee of $289. Chris and Mike would love to hang out with you! Jeff asked us to explain two seemingly contradictory statements that we’ve made on this podcst: 1) Hypnosis can’t make someone do something that violates their moral code; 2) Mike was able to hypnotize a waiter to take a library card as payment for lunch. We explain how this all makes sense, and Mike talks about the concept of a hidden observer in hypnosis. Eric sent us in a question asking about how best to use embedded commands in everyday conversation while helping people and without sounding weird. Mike tells a funny story about a guy who left a very heavy-handed voice message with insane levels of analog marking. Chris talks about how to do this by engaging the interest of another person and coming up with embedded commmands unconsciously as you talk. Another listener question: Is the stuff Mike talks about with respect to handwriting analysis (grapholoyg) real? Is it based on actual data? It sounds so unbelievable. Mike answers this in thorough detail. Can you become a hypnotherapist without having a psychology degree? This was another question from a listener and you’ll really enjoy the way Mike frames the answer. Mike discusses one of his newest protocols, the Mandel Ego State Integration protocol. He talks about ego state theory, and how to deal with vaded (damaged) ego states. Fascinating stuff! Tidbit to take away: Anytime you say you want to do something but behave in a different manner to what you say you want … it means you have a conflict between two ego states.

 Closing metaphor: Camping trips

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Session 53: Hypnotic Intersection

Oct 29, 2014 41:30


Welcome to Episode 53 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! We seem to be taking a long time returning to our regular publishing schedule, but we're back and we have tons of awesome podcast plans! Make sure you check out the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

  Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike tells Chris about his phenomenal trip to Boston, which includes doing random hypnosis on the plane, meeting Rory Block, and spending time with an online student. Both Mike and Chris have shifted away from sugars and grains in the diet. We are feeling fantastic! Mike talks about hypnotic intersection, which is an intriguing concept, and how it ties to his trip to Boston. Mike and Chris talk about how many other hypnosis trainers are hessitant to perform demonstrations, which is in stark contrast to how we run the Architecture of Hypnosis training. Mike discusses calibration exercises from back in his NLP training days with Derek Balmer. This seques into a discussion of calibrating an Irish woman on a plane, intersecting her with communication and using it as a hypnotic experience to help her get past grief. Mike shows Chris how rapport becomes a trance. A quick discussion of the hierarchy from incompetence to conscious incompetence. Mike gives an example on this topic. Mike and Chris talk about a book they found online. Mike gives some useful advice about the use of scripts during sessions. What are ideomotor responses?

 Closing metaphor: Doctor Roach and the Power of Rain

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Session 52: Insanely Stupid Food Aversion Hypnotherapy

Sep 21, 2014 32:18


Welcome to Episode 52 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! This is rather embarrassing to admit, but Chris had this episode sitting on his Macbook for over 2 months and forgot it was waiting to be published! We're really sorry about the long delay since our last podcast. We should be back to our regular bi-weekly schedule starting now that summer is over and we are finished recording content for our online training program, the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

Here are the show notes for this episode: We discuss the potential for giving someone hypnotic suggestions in the hypnagogic state. This is a trance-like state that develops as you are falling asleep. The opposite of this is the hypnopompic state, which happens as you are waking up. Mike suggests you can give yourself positive affirmations most effectively in the hypnagogic state. Can you deliver hypnotic suggestions to someone who is in the hypnopompic state? Mike's explanation seems so obvious once you hear it. We discuss food aversion therapy, where some hypnotists seem to apply absolutely stupid techniques. Never do this! Chris gets Mike to talk about what a good hypnotherapist would do instead of the stupidity of causing someone to feel ill at the smell of pizza. Mike talks about a woman who had to carry an epi-pen because she could not even touch a photograph of nuts because she'd start to have an anaphylactic reaction ... just from touching a picture. This is why Mike describes allergies as a phobia of the immune system. A good hypnotherapist will look for the reason behind the behavior. Chris discusses a story from The $100 Startup, a fantastic book by Chris Guillebeau. It's interesting how people feel they got their money's worth more often, when hiring someone to do a service, when the provider goes through some kind of ordeal. If a locksmith pops open a lock in 30 seconds and charges $100, the customer can often feel ripped off despite getting a better result (less time to solve their problem). Mike relates this to a story about fixing a guy's anxiety in about 3 minutes, despite booking a 90 minute session. It's a good idea to fill the rest of the session with other ecological suggestions for ego strengthening, or whatever makes sense for the client.

 Closing metaphor: Jim locked his keys in the van

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Session 51: Building a Powerful Trance

Jul 25, 2014 31:41


Welcome to Episode 51 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! We’ve got another interesting and hypnotic discussion that I think you’re going to love. You’ll discover how to build powerful trances and make effective (positive) suggestions. Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike talks about the discussions made on the previous podcast and shows how to get even further. The main topic discussed this week is about the laws of suggestion. What are they? Listen up to find out. The purpose of truth and logic in hypnosis or in making suggestions What will happen if we bring in emotions into hypnosis or with suggestion? Chris talks about the video series we recently published involving Mike debunking common hypnois myths. Mike talks about how to generate good rapport with a subject. Mike discussed the topic of literalness and Raphael Rhodes’s Theory of Psychic Relative Exclusion. Empowering Question:Who in your life are you most able to influence and how will you do it for their benefit today? Closing metaphor: Canada Geese at the Parking Lot Please leave a rating for this podcast in iTunes! Go leave a rating in iTunes, and send in your questions by emailing questions (at) MikeMandelHypnosis (dot) com.

Session 50: The Magic of Mentalism

May 31, 2014 33:06


Welcome to Episode 50 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! We’ve got something special in store for you in this week’s episode filled with information and as usual, humor. So sit back, relax and enjoy a ride in the hypnotic storm.

Here are the show notes for this episode: We’ve got our mindscaping class, the 2014 edition coming up here in Toronto on June 7th and 8th. There’s a few spots left. Our November hypnosis training will be on the week of November 3, 2014. There are only 6 spots left. So, if you are interested to join our trainings, head on over to mikemandelhypnosis.com/class. Mike reviews a discussion he had about Hellstromism which he used to find a certain object. Mike and Chris have an interesting discussion about mentalism which is a fascinating field and has a very rich history. Who is Joseph Dunninger, the Pilkington’s and Kreskin and what are their roles in the history of mentalism? Mike shows a great mentalism effect to amaze people which he learned from a variety performer, Bill McClure. (Hint: It’s fairly easy but you need to have guts to pull it off) Mike furthermore shows two tricks he knows; One is a very old trick he came up with and the other is one that he adopted. They’re both truly amazing! Mike talks about Logical Non Sequitur double bind which is an Ericksonian method, a tremendously powerful tool. Mike gives a few really good examples including the Mandel Taser Challenge. What are the three levels of argumentation? Most people are not logicians as Mike has emphasized and they can go through something else. What could that be? What is a priori argument or a priori situation? Mike shares his experience with it and how he dealt with it.

Closing metaphor: The Painting at the Art Shop

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Session 49: Posthypnotic Suggestion, a Powerful Tool

May 6, 2014 38:45


Welcome to Episode 49 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! We’ve got some really amazing stuff in store for you in this podcast which you will truly enjoy listening to and learning from.

Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike explains the Mepps Fishing Lure metaphor from Podcast 48. What is really the purpose of the Mepps Fishing Lure Story? It might not be what you think. There’s an interesting model about willpower that Mike discusses which states that we all have a finite amount of willpower each day. Is it possible to increase your willpower? Well, Mike’s got the answer for you. And what does the small letter T have to do with it? Mike and Chris have a thorough discussion about it. In September, Mike will have a weekend Graphology 101 course at the University of Toronto downtown (Queens Park Circle) campus and slots are still open. Also, there are still some slots available for the MINDSCAPING course in June which is very useful for therapists, counselors and hypnotherapists. Chris asks Mike a question relating to overcoming addictions specifically involving alcoholism and smoking. Are these two different or are they the same? Mike further gives some great advice to alcoholics which involves dietary changes. Mike and Chris talk extensively about posthypnotic suggestions. Is there really any magic in it? Mike recalls giving a posthypnotic suggestion to an officer while working at the Ontario Police College. What is the difference between a posthypnotic suggestion and continuance of suggestion? And how do you make a posthypnotic suggestion useful?

 Empowering Question: “What stories from your childhood inspire a state of curiosity within you and what are you going to do to explore that even further today?”

Closing metaphor: The Story of the Large Oyster
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Session 48: How Metaphors Work

Apr 16, 2014 43:54


Welcome to Episode 48 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Fair warning … we recorded this on April Fools’ Day. But we keep the content *mostly* serious after the joke is revealed. Enjoy the podcast.

Here are the show notes for this episode: We spend a good chunk of time explaining how stories are crafted to effect change in other people. These are called metaphors, and are a key component of Ericksonian hypnosis. Milton Erickson often told stories (metaphors) to cause his clients to change. Mike explains the two layers of a metaphor: 1) Content; 2) Structure. Mike shows you the easiest way to slip into metaphor without anyone noticing what you are doing. This phrase is golden to anyone who is interested in the topic of conversational hypnosis Mike gives you a framework for creating what we call “isomorphic” metaphors, or stories that have a 1:1 correlation to a specific problem that the listener is dealing with. He calls upon a metaphor (the clockmaker) that he’s told before, but breaks down exactly how it works. MINDSCAPING, a relatively new model of therapy that Mike developed (or discovered) is a perfect way to have the subject / client create his or her own metaphor where the metaphor always fits perfectly to the problem or challenge. We still have some space left for our upcoming class. Sign up for MINDSCAPING here. Appeal to authority is a classic and powerful means of influence. It’s so powerful it can be misused, and we break it down for you in this episode. The example we use should give you a good laugh. Our upcoming May hypnosis training is still full, but our November class still has space. It’s filling up fast so grab a spot before it’s too late. Sign up here) or if you prefer to take our online hypnosis training you can join our online community here.

 Empowering Question: Disaster! We completely forgot to include an empowering question on episode 48, so we’ll make sure to resume them with the next podcast episode.

Closing metaphor: Mepps Fishing Lure
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Session 47: Context Free Humour and More

Mar 23, 2014 41:54


Welcome to Episode 47 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! This one is (at least for us) unbelievably funny. We spend quite a bit talking about context free humour, and Mike’s latest incarnation of implementing it via emails to friends. Chris was victim #1, and we challenge you to go out and have fun with this.

Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike and Chris talk about Mike’s latest context free humour emails, and we share the example Mike wrote to our friend Paul. Chris breaks down how it works, and we challenge you to do the same and post it to our Facebook page. Mike goes onto share some hilarious details of a set of corporate (joke) presentations he used to be involved with. This gives you a lot of material to get started in terms of understanding the wide set of scenarios you can apply context free humour. Do it! We got a question from a guy we’ll call “Jack” (he didn’t want any personal stuff disclosed) and Jack feels stuck in his life, and is dealing with a lot of addictions (behavior, not chemical). He’s spending too much time at night screwing up his life. Hopefully our discussion on the topic will help Jack and help others who listen. For those of you involved in helping others remember the Mandel Model of therapy. Detraumatize first. Then you build a new high performance state and apply that state to make important changes in your life. Tiny changes made over a long period of time lead to massive changes. Mike brings up the topic of procrastination and we discuss the Jerry Seinfeld method of getting stuff done. We’ve given it the simple name “Maintain the Chain”. We have several live classes coming up here in Toronto. Our May 2014 hypnosis class is already sold out, so the next availability is November 2014 (sign up here). We’re also holding a MINDSCAPING class and a graphology class this year, with full details on our website. We tackle a really important question from John in Oshawa, who wanted to know why a hypnotist should not ever guarantee results with a live subject.

It’s an excellent question, and we cover this topic in depth here.

John also asked about the meaning of the therapeutic metaphors at the end of each podcast. Mike gives a wonderful answer. This question has come up several times, and if listeners (that’s you!) want to know more about how this works let us know. We’ll cover it in another podcast.


 Empowering Question: What chain are you going to start building and maintain today, and what is your first step toward building that chain NOW…?

Closing metaphor: The 133rd Cub Pack in Toronto

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Session 46: Language Patterns and Arguments

Feb 19, 2014 32:26


Welcome to Episode 46 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! This episode is a fun discussion of how to tackle arguments, use language patterns and more.

Here are the show notes for this episode: We had a guy who got really mad at Mike because of what was said on Podcast Episode #43 which was the podcst that discussed horrendous technique taught by other hypnotists in prior decades. Of course the upset fellow resorted purely to personal attacks without actually addressing the content in any way. This is the sure sign of a weak argument, and we have fun discussing it. We mentioned the May 12-16 Architecture of Hypnosis class in the podcast, but it sold out really fast, so by the time this podcast has gone live there are no more spots. Our next live training is November 3-7 in Toronto, and you can always email us to get on the early bird list to sign up. You can get details here. We discuss the concept of centering people’s thoughts back on a problem and focus on problem solving rather than focusing on the emotions surrounding the problem. Mike reveals a hilarious line you can use to accomplish this. We tackle a really important question about using hypnosis to get over past trauma. The specifics of the problem are common and involve wanting to forgive someone (in this case a spouse) and being unable to let go of the past. Can hypnosis help? Language patterns are always a big hit amount students, and we spend some time on this podcast episode discussing how they work, how to use them, and provide some examples such as “When you connect the dots …”

 Empowering Question: What is your absolute greatest talent and how are you going to use it for the benefit of others?

Closing metaphor: The early warning system.

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Session 45: Boring People into Trance?

Feb 1, 2014 33:33


Welcome to Episode 45 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel. This episode is a bit shorter than our usual, but it's still full of fascinating and hilarious discussion about hypnosis and other fun stuff.

Here are the show notes for this episode: Our May 12-16 Architecture of Hypnosis class is happening soon. As I publish these show notes we have 6 spots left. You can get details here. We talk about a recent major train accident and the train engineer whose defense lawyer argued he was in a state of "highway hypnosis". Is this a real thing?. Mike and Chris have a conversation about one hypnosis trainer who claims that Milton Erickson used to bore people into trance. Is this at all true? Find out who actually DID bore people trance (it wasn't Milton). Want to know the ultimate rapport secret? Mike learned this from John Grinder years ago and it's absolute gold. We talk about NLP strategies, and Mike shares a cool way to *always* be able to find your car in a parking lot (how often have you parked somewhere and then not been able to find your car later?) Vera in California sent in a question about intuition, and whether or not it's real. Find out what Mike says, and whether it relates to hypnosis.

 Empowering Question: What are you going to do this year (and what are you going to stop doing) that is going to make 2014 the best year you have ever had??

Closing metaphor: The slide projector story.

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Session 44: Be strong and take control of your own life

Jan 15, 2014 37:14


Welcome to Episode 44 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel. This episode is full of awesomeness including stories from the most recent hypnosis class and great advice to think differently and take control of your own life.  We also tackle several questions from around the world.

Here are the show notes for this episode: At the time we recorded this we had not yet set dates for the next Architecture of Hypnosis class. But now the dates are set, and it runs May 12-16 in Toronto. You can get details here. We talk about self stultifying comments and tautological phrases, which you're going to start noticing everywhere after listening to this podcast. But this time you'll be verbally armed and ready to deal with the offenders. Avoid using what we call "the ultimate yes set for idiots". Context free humour has been a hallmark of Mike's existence. Listen to Mike talk about the "Turkey Water" story. Absolutely hilarious stuff, and it's OK if you start doing this stuff for your own amusement. With respect to pressit the blotz you'll probably want to make sure you've listened to all of our past podcasts. We discuss using hypnosis to create synesthesia, which is to overlap senses. In the demonstration Mike did in class this past November, he installed (within a subject) the ability to see music. Mike describes how he worked with her hypnotically to do this. Do you understand the difference between remedial change and generative change? They are very different. Worth understanding ... Can you learn a new language faster with hypnosis? We address this question from Stephen. Mike relates learning a new language to learning a new style of music. We had another really excellent question from Joanne: "How can you use hypnosis to deal with cancer?" Mike talks about this at length. Neil in Australia wants to know why the medical community doesn't make more use of hypnosis. This is an excellent question, which Mike handles in excellent form as usual. We have a great discussion on taking control over your own life, particularly when it comes to medical health.

 Empowering Question: What part or aspects of your life have you given control of to other people? And what are you going to do about it NOW?

Closing metaphor: The story of Mike's Uncle Ken

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Session 43: The complete insanity of yesterday's mainstream hypnosis

Dec 11, 2013 34:37


Welcome to Episode 43 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel. This must be our most sarcastic episode ever, since we spend quite a lot of time discussing some of the garbage that has been published about hypnosis over the years. If you ever wondered why hypnosis isn't always taken seriously, just listen to some of this crap and you'll quickly realize what the industry is still fighting to overcome.

Here are the show notes for this episode: Mike and Chris just wrapped up the video recording of an awesome lesson on stage hypnosis as part of the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy. Mike spilled his guts on how to conduct a stage show after performing about 5000 shows throughout his career (and counting). We spent some time talking about what we call "hypnosis garbage". There seems to be a real lack of good quality hypnosis demonstration out there, which is the only possible way we can see some of the stuff that's out there being considered good. Yes it's true that some hypnotists actually teach you to stand behind your subject when hypnotizing them. How are you expected to calibrate? It's idiotic. Another dursative failure, from our perspective, is when people take valid hypnosis skills and try to turn them into something so complicated you need all kinds of DVDs and flash cards to learn them. It's ludicrous. Hypnosis is really not that complicated. There are a lot of marketers creating all sorts of filler information. It isn't needed. It really isn't. We discuss hypnosis scales, which are also useless. Mike brought a copy of the Aron's Master Dept Scale into the studio, and I've included a photo below. This stuff is totally meaningless. Mike gives us a nice impromptu demo of how easy it is to make hypnosis sound casual and conversational. Chris follows up with a pretty good example of how to transition from a question to hypnotic language

 Empowering Question: What are you waiting for ... I mean really ... what are you waiting for ...and how will things change once you just get on with it.

Closing metaphor: The story of the little boy and his ball of gaffer tape.

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Session 42: What are the Limits of Hypnosis

Nov 18, 2013 44:36


Welcome to Episode 42 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel. This podcast has to win a prize for the most loud and irrelevant introduction EVER.

Here are the show notes for this episode: We discuss the "as if" frame and how you can apply it to your life. When you behave as though you already have the result you're looking for, things get incredibly awesome. We address a question from a listener who's interested in using hypnosis to lengthen a bone. Is this even possible? It's a fascinating question without a doubt. Mike often talks about treating most subjects in a single session. So when should you use more than one session? Hear what Mike has to say about it. Erik sent us in a fun story about using something similar to the "word salad" Erickson used in Bandler and Grinder's book "Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson". In Erik's case, he used this same idea to build rapport with his young son who would mumble-speak (for lack of a better term). What a great story! Chris handles a question from Mike about how to deal with a four year old child who has suddenly become an authority on everything. It's the final week to register for the Architecture of Hypnosis live class with Mike. If you can't make it to this class, there is a TON of incredible content (plus hours and hours of bonus material) available in the online hypnosis course. Next up - we handle a question from Ron about how to tell if a hypnosis subject is sleeping or in trance. This is actually a pretty common question, so you'll probably enjoy the discussion around it. Mike reveals a really great Meta Model question you can use to help people make changes. You'll love this one!

 Empowering Question: What is your greatest talent or skill, and how are you going to use it for the benefit of others? What is your greatest weakness and how will you minimize its effect on your life.

Closing metaphor: The story of Dale and his basement apartment.

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Session 41: Generating Your Own Hypnotic Language

Oct 26, 2013 44:31


Welcome to Episode 41 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel. This podcast is a fun one, as always, and we've covered some really important topics.

Here are the show notes for this episode

There is a real tendency for people to describe themselves based on what they do for a living. This is a real problem because most people wouldn't continue doing their jobs if they had unlimited money. So why describe yourself based on your job? Mike talks about a study looking at people's regrets in life. All regrets are relational, which is fascinating. The lesson to learn from this is focus on relationships to truly enjoy your life. The Architecture of Hypnosis 5-day training (live with Mike Mandel in Toronto) is coming up towards the end of November. Sign up now. We have a chat about hypnosis scripts and their mis-labeling. We propose that people stop saying "script" when they mean "example". If you are first learning hypnosis there's nothing wrong with reading examples of hypnoosis sessions (i.e. transcripts). But you should never learn hypnosis by taking an actual script and reading it at a client / subject. If you read a script, as written, you are no longer interacting with your subject. You are no longer in a psychodynamic loop. So let's not call them "scripts" when we mean "transcripts" or "examples". Chris discusses his metaphor for hypnotic language (Ericksonian) which he calls the "unrolling the infinite canvas". When you understand this metaphor and apply it to your own hypnotic language you'll quickly realize you don't need to read scripts at people. We have an interesting dialog about how to price hypnosis sessionss if you are a hypnotist or hypnotherapist. This discussion applies equally well to other professional coaching services or really any kind of professional service. The bottom line: Avoid selling packages called "Gold", "Silver" and "Bronze" when you intend to deliver your best possible work. There is too much risk of putting forth a message that Bronze package is of lower quality than the Silver or Gold. Are you delivering your best possible work or not? If yes, call the packages something else. We make a few good book recommendations for people who are interested in getting started in the field of NLP and Hypnosis.

 Empowering Question: What is the next skill you are going to learn? And how are you going to master it in record time?

Closing metaphor: The story of Albert Davies.

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Session 40: The Chris and Jeff Show

Sep 27, 2013 39:41


Welcome to Episode 40 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel Just for fun we've called this on The Chris and Jeff Show, as Mike explains early on in the audio.

Here are the show notes for this episode

We discuss a question from Victoria in Sydney, Australia on weight management with clients. How do you know if someone is at threshold? How can you help get them to threshold and eliminate limiting beliefs such as "I have the fat gene"? The Architecture of Hypnosis 5-day training (live with Mike Mandel in Toronto) is coming up towards the end of November. Sign up now. We go into some additional depth on all of these so-called "studies" that prove NLP doesn't work. Mike shows you how to combat anyone referencing such a study using the Meta Model (which, funny enough, is part of NLP). Discover John Grinder's method of learning through saturation, as explained to Mike directly from the source many years ago. We answer Julius' question about whether or not hypnosis is real, and how to learn rapid / instant inductions.

 Empowering Question: What's the most emotionally powerful memory from your childhood, and what does it teach you about how to have a better life...now?

Closing metaphor: Flight over Saskatchewan

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Session 39: Riders on the Storm

Sep 13, 2013 32:33


Episode 39 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel is now live! We changed up the intro music because enough of you have said the music was too common elsewhere. True true. It's a standard Apple loop available in Garageband. ANyway, we're back, and we have another awesome podcast for you. See if you can find the new made up word Mike has inserted into everyday language.

Here are the show notes for this episode

But isn't the real issue here ...We introduce you to a hilarious language pattern you can use to mess with people's minds. If you start using this just for fun you'll not only laugh (and make others laugh if they are in on it), but it will be excellent practise for you to generate ideas on the fly. This is good for any hypnotist to be able to do. We talk about the placebo effect as well as the nocebo effect. Anyone involved in helping other people needs to understand how this works, and how to take advantage of it alongside your existing work. Mike explains why one of the US police forces he ahas worked with paints their lockup room Pepto Bismol pink! This leads us into a discussion about how so-called "experts" test hypnosis as if it is some kind of digital phenomenon that you can apply just like a light switch or an orally administered drug. Sorry folks ... it's not the same. The stories people tell themselves ... Chris brings up an interesting example about how people can get really screwed up (emotionally) by telling themselves a story and acting as if it's true. Make sure to sign up for the November live hypnosis training This course is coming up fast and will run over two weekends (plus a Friday). Become an amazing hypnotist!

 Empowering Question: What stories are you continuing to tell yourself and which ones is it time to drop from your repertoire.

Closing metaphor: The Wizard's Duel

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Session 38: Flow states and Practical Jokes

Aug 15, 2013 34:46


Episode 38 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel is now live! This podcast episode was fun and (as always) hilarious. I think Mike outdid himself with the whacky ending.

Since we're moving into full transcripts (always available under the podcast tab at MikeMandelHypnosis.com the show notes will be very condensed.

Here are the show notes for this episode

We spend a lot of time talking about flow states, and how to get into them. We discuss the power of TV and the Internet to cause you to enter the wrong kinds of trances, taking you out of a flow state. Mike explains how you can steal states (very cool) Learn the power of a anchoring through the hilarious "Whiteout" story Discover the power of congruence (and some misdirection) with Mike's hilarious iPhone password hacking app story "Cracker" Make sure to sign up for the September 7th handwriting analysis course (also in Toronto, a one day course). You can get all the details at http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/handwriting

 Empowering Question: What stories have you been telling yourself even though they're not true. And how is this affecting you?

Closing metaphor: Your computer has a virus!

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Session 37: The Riders of the Hypnotic Storm

Jul 19, 2013 32:11


Episode 37 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel is now live! This podcast covers a lot of really cool hypnosis material, and is bound to entertain you while it educates you!

Here are the show notes for this episode

We recorded this one week after launching the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy, which is going incredibly well so far.  This is by far the best online hypnosis training you can get anywhere.  Check it out at http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/academy and listen to the AMAZING testimonial we got from our former student, David (Thanks so much, David, for sending us your thoughts) Mike and Chris conducted a "Live on Air" Google Hangout discussing a real life example of hypnotic language in business. Did you know fireman in France are using emergency hypnosis?  This is awesome, because it shows so clearly how different it is from classical  hypnosis. It's really much more of a conversational technique,  but it's conversational in the context of an emergency.  This is hypnosis for high stress situations. Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR Induction) - any regular podcast listener knows that Mike and Chris find this induction to be unbelievably dursative (that means BAD).  We discuss this in quite some details, because what Mike uses on his CDs is not PMR.  Relaxation alone does not create a hypnotic state! We got a fantastic email from a listener asking about how she can overcome her apparent limitation in achieving financial comfort.  Through some email dialogue it turns out there was an obvious secondary gain at play.  Not having money was helping her in a strange way.  Listen to this and you'll understand why Mike often says, "How does that belief serve you?" Make sure to sign up for the September 7th handwriting analysis course (also in Toronto, a one day course). You can get all the details at http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/handwriting

 Empowering Question: What neglected talent or skill have you been wasting ... and how are you going to use it to improve the lives of others?

Closing metaphor: Earl Beatty Public School and Norm Yates.  Hypnosis students:  Email us and tell us what you notice in this metaphor.

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Session 36: Creating Peak Performance

Jun 28, 2013 40:07


Episode 36 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel is now live! This is an awesome podcast because Mike teaches you many of the techniques from his Peak Performance with Self Hypnosis CD.

Here are the show notes for this episode

Quick reminder: There is only two weeks left until the Jul 8-12 intensive hypnosis training here in Toronto. Check out at 

Session 35: The Threshold of Change and The Models of Hypnosis

Jun 13, 2013 41:46


Episode 35 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel has arrived!  After letting the time slip away and forcing you all to wait over a month between episode 33 and 34, I've almost returned to our regular 2 week schedule.  Almost.  I'm still working very hard to get the online hypnosis training done (remember I'm in charge of all technical stuff while Mike is the content genius).  More on that below.

Anyway, this podcast episode is truly fantastic.  No matter what your level of experience with hypnosis and communication, you're going to love the discussion we have on this podcast.

Here are the show notes for this episode

What is threshold?  It's that emotional state you need to reach to make change.  Mike explains how he failed to hit a goal he set for himself (but he admits it, so it's OK.) We discuss threshold and change.  Do you know what needs to happen to create change?  Do you think you can push other people to make change that they're not ready for?  You'll enjoy learning the answers to these questions. Chris tells listeners what he said to a friend that caused her to quit her job (after she'd been talking about wanting to make a change for a very long time).  What did he say?  Why did it trigger her to make the change?  You'll find out when you listen. With all of the different models of hypnosis out there, people get into all sorts of arguments about what the "right" model is.  Do we care? What does Mike think about this?  It's fascinating. We're launching the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy online training on Tuesday (yes, for real!).  Chris talks about what makes Mike such a different (and better) trainer than other hypnosis trainers.  If you think our online course will be just about hypnosis, we'll set the record straight for you on this podcast. Mike discusses the 4 waves of hypnosis.  You'll learn some cool history about hypnosis and hear Mike describe Mesmerism, direct hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis and this mysterious 4th wave of hypnosis (or is it just a refinement?)  Also, if you don't know what the Bruce Lee phenomenon is, you need to hear what Mike has to say about it. What happens when a stage hypnotist tells 30 people their hands are stuck together ... and NONE of them experience the desired result?  It makes for a bad night on stage.  It happened to Mike.  Find out why (and what he's learned since that horrible 1975 disaster). Discover how one of our listeners took what he learned from this podcast to deal with his bipolar disorder (something he'd been suffering with for more than a decade). You have to hear Mike and Chris discuss the use of labels that medical professionals use to create new disorders and sell pharmaceuticals.  Find out how teachers are actually prescribing drugs to grade school kids.  Frightening.  Parents NEED to listen to this. Our July hypnosis training is fast approaching.  Get your spot while you still can.

Empowering Question:  What is that label that someone else, or even you, have caused yourself to wear?  How is it limiting your life and how will the quality of your life radically improve when you shed that label as a stuck state.

Closing metaphor: Tiddlywinks.

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Session 34: Improving Your Memory (Part Two)

May 23, 2013 40:50


We're back with the episode 34 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel. It's been over a month since we published part one of this series on building a powerful memory.  Did you think we forgot?  Nah.  Mike and I just got crazy busy with other things that were simultaneously going on in our lives, plus we've been creating content for the online hypnosis training course, plus I had a wedding to attend so I was gone for a week.

I promise not to leave you all hanging this long for a podcast again ... at least for at least the next few months.  We'll be back on track publishing every two weeks, approximately.

If you missed part 1 of this series, please check out Podcast #33

Here are the show notes for this episode

As we recorded this podcast we were part way through our latest hypnosis training here in Toronto, with 25 students having attended. Special hello to David who actually drove here from San Francisco!  Totally awesome.  The next class is July 8th-12th, so go sign up if you're interested in learning hypnosis. Mike talks about the difference between short term and long term memory.  He explains how this all matters in terms of using intelligent review of material rather than using rote memory techniques. How do you memorize different lists of items using the same techniques as taught in session 33 (one gun, two shoe, three tree, etc)?  You use a different "memory picture" for each list.  Put one list, for example, underwater.  Or make it so that everything on list #3 is on fire.  Clever! Why are numbers so difficult to remember for most people?  How can you address this?  Use the phonetic alphabet,  which comes form Bernard Zufall.  This is something he teaches on the Memory Power CD, but you podcast listeners get this information for free :) How can you easily remember a person's name?  The trick is in associating the name to their face, which Mike explains here. The brighter you make pictures, or the more bizarre you make the scenes that you use to memorize things, the better the result. Recommendation:  Mike recently finished reading Anthony Jacquin's wonderful book Reality is Plastic, and highly recommends it.  He later lent his copy to me and I tremendously enjoyed it.  We have no business affiliation here, this is purely Mike recommending products and books he actually thinks are exceptionally good. Mike takes a few questions from our hypnosis Q&A mail bag, and as always the answers are educational and entertaining.

Empowering Question:  What is the one thing you are going to do this year that will make a huge positive difference in your life, and how will you begin this process today

Closing metaphor: High School English (Chris takes a turn delivering the metaphor.  Like it?  Hate it?  Let us know)

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Session 33: Improving Your Memory (Part One)

Apr 20, 2013 40:50


We're back with the episode 33 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel. This is the podcast that you need to remember not to forget  to always be listening to!

The focus of podcast 33 is improving your memory.  Here are the show notes

Your word of the day is omphalos, the Greek word for navel.  I'm always learning new words from Mike on these podcasts! If you remember Mike talking about Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil for increasing intelligence, you won't be surprised to hear him talking about it as something that is important to the function of your brain (hence memory) too. We segue into a quick discussion of farmed fish versus wild fish.  Most farmed salmon actually grey in colour, which is why the food actually has pink dye in it so that it looks appetizing to humans.  Farmed fish is full of crap.  Avoid it.  We eat healthy wild fish because we believe they are far better for the brain / health. Mike is also a user of Ginko Biloba.  This supplement is known for helping you keep your brain sharp. Exercise!  Your brain will be healthier if your body is healthy.  Get appropriate exercise.  Get off that couch.  Listen to this podcast (and others) while you get out walking, running, or otherwise moving in some healthy way. Drink clean water!  Notice people who stay well hydrated don't get hangovers if they drink too much alcohol?  Not that we're recommending lots of booze followed by water, but the point is clear.  Drink lots of water to keep your brain and body well hydrated for proper function. Memory:  All memory is association.  Example - if someone shows you a US $1 bill, you store all sorts of connections.  You'll connect it to the colour green, to the concept of finance, etc. There are always associations between words (or concepts), and it's unconscious.  So if you make the association happen consciously you'll find that it is insanely easy to remember things! Chris recently read the book Moonwalking with Einstein, where author Joshua Foer talks about the "Memory Palace" technique, which is quite ancient.  But it's highly effective for remembering lists.  Highly recommended book. Mike and Chris talk about the importance of creating wild, crazy and utterly bizarre images and mental movies in order to create more powerful associations. Mike goes through a simple list of objects that you can tie to the numbers 1-10 in your mind.  This is called a "peg system". If you memorize this simple list you'll instantly be able to remember any list of 10 objects and it's order.  You'll be able to instantly recall any of the items on the list at any random sequence, or in perfect order, or backwards.  This technique is so simple, yet so impressive to people. We will make it easy for you!  Here is the list:  1) Gun; 2) Shoe; 3) Tree; 4) Door; 5) Hive; 6) Sick; 7) Heaven; 8) Gate; 9) Wine; 10) Den Another method to memorize objects in order is the link method.  Mike explains the simple way to implement this.When you use the link method you'll easily be able to remember the order of items in a list, but you won't be able to answer a question such as "what's number 5 on the list?" After years (literally, no exaggeration) of students asking Mike to teach a handwriting analysis course, we've finally set aside a Saturday for a one-day intensive.  The date will be September 7th (2013).  There will be early-bird pricing announced shortly so if you want to get an early bird invitation to this class please send me an email (info at mikemandelhypnosis dot com).  Tell me you want to be on the list.  I'll contact you. We have officially announced the dates for our next 5-day intensive Architecture of Hypnosis course.  It will run July 8-12 in Toronto.  You can get all the information on the next hypnosis class here. Online training: We are making excellent progress!  We're on track for a May launch.  We've continued to add content to our system including several incredible quality demonstrations from the April hypnosis class (currently happening as we post this podcast!). Empowering question for this podcast: What is it that you keep putting a larger band-aid (bandage) on instead of treating it at cause?

Closing metaphor: Tropical ulcers

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Session 32: How to Increase Your Intelligence

Apr 8, 2013 40:38


We're back with the episode 32 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel. Welcome to the very umbilicus of Global Hypnosis!

Here are the show notes

This episode is all about how to get smarter.  Mike constantly amazes people with his encyclopedic knowledge in so many areas.  What people don't necessarily realize is that Mike has spent most of his life learning new things.  His lifestyle allows him plenty of time to do this.  But the most important question he asks himself every day is "How can I get even smarter today than I was yesterday and have an absolute blast doing it?" You must build your schema.  Learning a wide variety of topics builds your "bulk schema" and your brain will recognize patterns because your brain is a pattern recognizing machine.  If you do what you always have done all the time, you'll get atrophy.  You'll get stupider.  TV does this to you (watching the same shows, or sports). Language is a remarkable tool to get smarter.  Mike recommends people buy a really good dictionary.  Get one of those big hardcover Oxford type dictionaries.  Keep it handy when you read.  If you run into a word you don't know when reading, stop and look it up.  This is how you'll acquire new words all the time. Learn new languages!  Get you brain full of new stuff, and learning to be even moderately conversational in new languages is very important.  Besides, language (as a skill) is necessary to understand and communicate logic. Avoid the TV.  Documentaries and other educational forms of TV have a purpose.  But watching endless fictional series and reality TV shows are not going to make your life any better.  Reading is far better.  Reading is active while TV is passive.  TV is a trance inducer that causes people to slump deeper in their chair, slow their breathing, etc. Omega 3 fatty acids are something that Mike takes every day (through fish oil).  He's not suggesting that you take this, only that he finds it important for himself.  Most people's diets are way too high in Omega 6 and enough Omega 9, but not enough of the Omega 3.  The brain requires these essential fatty acids to function properly.  Most of the brain is lipid (i.e. fat).  Avoid exciotoxins such as MSG and Aspartame that damage neural pathways. Read biographies, or listen to audio book biographies.  The brain can't tell the difference between something that was vividly imagined versus something that actually happened.  This is why stories are so amazing!  When you read a great biography your brain takes in someone else's life experience into your schema.  Your unconscious absorbs important elements. Learn through great courses.  Mike is a huge fan of a company that sells The Great Courses.  These courses are taught by the best professors around and they make anything sound fascinating.  The courses all seem to go on sale at least once per year at significant discounts.  We're not affiliate with them in any way.  Mike is just a customer, and recommends them. Listen to great podcasts (like this one) which are totally free.  Check out iTunes University where you can take courses for free. Get enough sleep.  It's essential to your brain.  You need REM sleep cycles to integrate things that have come into your life during the prior day.  Good quality sleep makes you smarter.  Mike suggests people should NOT wake up to an alarm.  Chris asks what people can do if they have to wake up for a day job.  Mike says "go to bed early enough to get a good night's sleep".  Simple.  Or learn to power nap as discussed in Podcast 31. Our April hypnosis training is now full. But we opened a new class set Monday to Friday July 8-12 here in Toronto. You can get all the information on the next hypnosis class here. Online training: We've now completed 5 lessons of our upcoming online hypnosis training.  We originally wanted to launch it in April.  We may make that timeline, but it's probably going to slip into May simply because we have high quality standards! Empowering question for this podcast: What is beneath your problem.  What is it that's holding that problem up and how can you remove that supportive structure?

Closing metaphor: The banging has started ...

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Session 31: Power Napping, Grief and The Idiocy of Tautology

Mar 21, 2013 36:40


We're back with the 31st episode of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel. We just keep rolling, folks. Enjoy this one. Here are the show notes.

Tautology: Do you know what this is, how stupid it really is and what to do when faced with it in a discussion / argument? Find out. It's fascinating to listen to Mandel explain this one. Mike talks about his latest trips to Montego Bay and Thunder Bay for keynotes and forensic lectures, and gives us a bit of insight into what makes up a forensic lecture. If you've ever had a chance to see Mike do the human lie detector, it's absolutely amazing. It really shows off the power of calibration. Our April hypnosis training is now full. But we opened a new class set Monday to Friday July 8-12 here in Toronto. You can get all the information on the next hypnosis class here. We discuss bizarre hypnotic interventions. We recently recorded a YouTube video of Mike talking about his most strange hypnotic intervention from the past, and it's really fun to talk about this, and how Erickson used paradoxical interventions and ordeal to help his patients. Online training: At the time we recorded this podcast we were just starting to record high quality video training material for our upcoming online hypnosis training site. We're now well into the content production and expect to launch in April. For those of you unable to travel to Toronto to study with Mike, now you'll be able to do this online. This is NOT some repackaged seminar footage. We're creating brand new material for you. Grief: After a long illness, Mike lost his beloved Bengal cat. We discuss how grief is something you must go through, you can't just get over it. We also discuss how interesting it is that grief seems to be related to the hypnotic effect of hetroaction / homoaction (Mike explains this brilliantly, as usual). Question from a listener: We had another question from Arizona, USA pertaining to relaxation and recording an induction. What do you do when you can't calibrate the subject? How do you still induce trance without resorting to progressive relaxation? Mike's answer is one that you might want to listen to twice. Empowering question for this podcast: What relationship are you devoting insufficient time to now, and how will it improve your life when you fix this?

Closing metaphor: Simple Wine: The story of Dr. Mike Mandel wanting to become a wine writer, and jumping in at the top of the industry.

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Session 30: Dealing with Pain and other Fun Hypnosis Conversation

Mar 5, 2013 37:25


Here it is! The 30th episode of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel. I can hardly believe we've already published 30 episodes. It keeps getting better and better. Here are the show notes.

We talk about the incredible training weekend we had for MINDSCAPING students in February. It was a huge success and we'll definitely be working towards getting the material online (after we launch online hypnosis training, which is our top priority). Pain and discomfort - we spent quite a bit of time on this subject. Chris finally started reading "Hypnotherapy" by Dave Elman (a book Mandel highly recommends). Mike points out that you must always get permission from the subject's doctor before working on pain. That said, Mike has never had a doctor refuse the request. Doctors are more than willing to have a hypnotherapist help deal with a problem that they are, themselves, often unable to deal with. How do you deal with pain? You can use a shift in language, for example shifting the instance of pain to the past tense. Or you can change the meaning by using words like "that discomfort" rather than "pain". But avoid painted words such as pain, agony, etc. Refer to pain as a discomfort, or a pressure, or something more neutral. We discuss the "control panel" method for dealing with pain. This is a direct technique and does not involve flowery vague conversational Ericksonian language patterns. You don't need that when you have a deep trance in a subject. You can go after the discomfort directly by having them access a control panel in their mind and "turn down" the discomfort to an appropriate level. Mike points out that if you have the subject physically reach out and turn a knob or move an imaginary slider, it has a profound effect. Get the subject involved. Yet another method to deal with pain is to change systems. Pain is kinaesthetic (feeling). If you change it to the visual sense by having the person imagine it's a color instead of a feeling, what colour would it be? Then have the subject change the color to something they'd like better. Mike points out some examples of colors are naturally more pleasing. Then change the color back into the kinesthetic system and notice how it feels. Mike also discusses using distraction as a method for dealing with pain. If Mike was at an AC/DC concert with a broken ankle, he surely wouldn't feel any pain while watching Angus on his guitar! Yet another method for dealing with pain is dissociation. If you don't know what this means listen to the podcast. It's a critical skill for all hypnotists and NLP practitioners to use. What about people who can't visualize? We had a really great example of this situation in the MINDSCAPING class in February. One of our students approached Mike during the morning break. He said to Mike, "I can't visualize". Mike said the magic sentence to him and of course, the guy started to visualize without realizing it. As soon as Mike pointed out to him that he was visualizing, his belief imploded. Did you know that once you have a resource it's impossible to remember what it felt like to not have the resource? Dr. Mandel explains this beautifully. Glove anasthesia as an inroad to dealing with emotional pain: This is a really interesting discussion about how you can use pain control techniques to shift physical pain control into emotional pain control. Mike discusses hypnosis in a chair versus lying down on a mat. This comes from a listener's question and brought forth some great discussion.

CORRECTION: When we recorded this podcast the April hypnosis class was sold out. We had one student cancel due to out of country travel so there is officially one spot left as of today. Architecture of HypnosisRegister here

Closing metaphor: The totally insane story of open heart surgery in Fiji (that never happened). Why are so many hypnotists so darn weird?

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Session 29: Hypnosis and pattern matching, dealing with grief and Mike's hacked email account

Feb 15, 2013 36:46


We're back with incredible 29th episode of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel!. A lot of great discussion on this session as always. Without further delay here are the show notes!

Mike talks about the brain's pattern matching system. As an example Elvis impersonators (back in the late 70s) could make women go completely crazy even though they knew it wasn't really Elvis. Please completely ignore the Justin Bieber reference. When Mike and I record podcasts together we get into these bizarre yet hilarious states. We talk about grief. Mike explains how grief can even be experience when fictitious characters die, and uses the example of Sherlock Holmes. As much as we try to avoid grief, we can't avoid it. The feeling of loss that is created is what we're uncomfortable with. Mike shares some strategies to deal with grief, seeing as he has dealt with it a lot personally in is own life. If you're dealing with grief or preparing to deal with it, this is some pretty powerful stuff you need to hear. Recently Mike's email got hacked, and this leads to an interesting story about how one particular online marketing scam makes use of the authority principle. The scam was quite complex and well written ... yet EVIL. So we break it down and discuss these things on podcasts because we want all to recognize them and avoid getting caught in a scam. Mike segues into a hilarious story about his friend Paul holding up traffic on a totally deserted road while wearing a fireman's outfit. Again, this plays on the rule of authority. I apologize for having to beep out a small but inappropriate joke that was not suitable for broadcast! If you ever come out to our Jiu Jitsu class or hypnosis training, we promise to explain it in full detail! We're introducing empowering questions with each podcast. Make sure to check out the empowering question that Mike poses to you towards the end of this podcast. It's quite powerful. Do it.

Final reminders: Mike Mandel's Architecture of Hypnosis class in April now has only 2 spots left. It will be filled up before you know it. If you're hoping to attend, register. Otherwise you'll miss it.

Closing metaphor: The bizarre story of surrogate EFT

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Session 28: What's Happening in the World of NLP (with Hugh Comerford)

Jan 27, 2013 39:10


We're back with the utterly amazing 28th episode of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel!. This time we have our special guest, Hugh Comferford from NLP Works, who is Canada's foremost NLP trainer and the man that Mike Mandel refers to as "The best NLP trainer I've ever seen".

NLP, for those not aware, stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Here's the quick version of discussion topics that we went through:

Mike asks Hugh to explain what happened to the world of NLP. Hugh's answer provides some nice insight into just how distorted this field has become. Don't fall for the garbage, guys. Train with real pros like Hugh. Hugh explains 3 different definitions of NLP. They are about: 1) Modeling; 2) Process; 3) Distortion of tools to "control" people, and sometimes this gets used in a degenerative context, and often goes off the rails. Guess what? If someone offers you a $99 weekend NLP practitioner training certification - it's not going to teach you enough NLP to be considered a practitioner. Chris brings up the concept that NLP is not a science. It's a model. Mike refines this by saying it's a "model about models". Hugh talks about using NLP to help clients disconnect from fear, build rapport, and many other examples that give people measurable results. Mike points out that everything Hugh says falls perfectly into line with the Mandel Model of Therapy (discussed on other podcasts). This model says that a therapist can't go into the labyrinth, kill the minotaur and drag the subject out. He can only shine the light on the path and guide the subject. The importance of asking good questions - Hugh often asks his clients to teach him how to do what they do. For example, "How do you get so scared?" Once you understand how to create a state, you can then, as Hugh puts it, "mess things up" so they can't get back to their old (negative) state. Mike and Hugh discuss the neuroscience that is now proving exactly how NLP works. Remember NLP was never introduced as a science. Richard Bandler and John Grinder didn't care about science being able to prove that something works. They cared about observing results. But now that neuroscience is advancing, it's becoming more clear as to how it works. Hugh goes through a discussion of eye accessing cues, and how the brain accesses certain senses by moving the eyes in a particular direction. This is a model, not reality for everyone. But you can calibrate each person and use their particular behavior to use this model effectively. It's fascinating stuff! We progress to a discussion of where NLP is today, and how perceptual positions and movement was brought into the model. Mike points out that it is simply appalling how some NLP "trainers" are performing NLP training events and even certifying other trainers, when they've never done proper training themselves. Lesson for you: Find out what the credentials are of YOUR trainer before you sign up for an NLP course. Find out who trained your trainer. Chris asks Hugh to explain just how complicated NLP is to learn. Hugh jokes about "NLP Geeks", who are the folks nobody else can understand (and make NLP sound weird). Hugh's job is to demystify NLP and explain it in plain English. As he says, it is NOT complicated or difficult. Mike points out that great instructors are teaching principles. They are not teaching techniques. Don't use scrips in NLP. As Hugh points out, scripts simply allow you to read. Nothing more.

Hugh Comerford's organization NLP Works can be found by clicking this link.

Final reminders: Mike Mandel's MINDSCAPING class in February is filling up. There is now less than 2 weeks to register.

The April training of The Architecture of Hypnosis is a little further out, but is filling up in record time, so if you want a spot make sure to sign up before it's sold out.

Closing metaphor: The master clockmaker. Pay attention to this one, folks.

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Session 27: Clean Hypnotic States, Congruence, and Comedy

Jan 12, 2013 29:42


Here we are, back again with the awesome 27th episode of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel!

Here's the outline of amazing and fun stuff we talked about on this podcast:

It is official.  Toronto is the NUCLEUS of world hypnosis.  There.  I said. it. Dr. Mike explains the importance of working with clean states in hypnosis.  He describes this as not only important but crucial!  The hypnotic state needs to be cleanly separated from the waking state (see next point!) Those of you "other" hypnotists who insist on saying "We don't awaken subjects, we emerge them", get over yourselves.  Hypnosis is something we simply model as being related to sleep because that's how the public sees it.  We know it isn't sleep.  We just don't make a big deal about it. Tip:  If you are working with a subject in a somnambulistic state with his eyes open, have the subject close his eyes before awakening him.  This will cleanly sever the trance state from the waking state. We talk about how a stage hypnotist can get trained to become a hypnotherapist.  Ensure your trainer knows what the heck he is doing.  Ideally come to Toronto and study with Dr. Mike.  The next course is in April. Congruence - what is it?  Dr. Mike provides an exceptional explanation and talks about why it matters so much to communication (which includes hypnosis, since hypnosis is simply a form of communication)  We also talk about incongruence, and how people can express incongruence when they speak. We can't help ourselves from beating this drum again:  Hypnosis is simple.  It's EASY.  Most people get very poor training because they're not learning from people who really understand how hypnosis works and how to teach it in such a simple fashion. There are several other fascinating parts of the conversation between Mike and Chris.  Listen to it.

UPDATE on Hypnotic Power Inductions:  If you're on our mailing list you know we recently launched our first DVD training product called Hypnotic Power Inductions:  Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation. We held a one-week sale upon the launch and had the pleasure of shipping this new product to so many of you across the world!  The feedback has been rolling in, and we're so pleased to know that you guys are LOVING the content Mike delivered to you.  Keep sending in your feedback.  We appreciate it.

Closing metaphor: The San Antonio Airport.  Powerful message here.  

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Session 26: Hypnosis, NLP, Anchoring, Milton Model and Much More!

Dec 21, 2012 39:06


Dr. Mike and Chris Thompson are back with the 26th episode of the awesome Brain Software podcast!

Here's the outline of amazing and fun stuff we talked about on this podcast:

Coming up in February is Mike's brand new MINDSCAPING certification training here in Toronto.  Mike describes what it is, what it's for, and if you'd like to join us for the weekend training on Feb 9/10, visit the MINDSCAPING page. We talk about anchoring and NLP.  There are a lot of people who think NLP is a pseudo-science.  These people misunderstand NLP entirely.  It is NOT a science.  It's a model.  Nobody from the NLP community (at least those properly trained) have ever claimed NLP is a science. Mike discusses the straw man argument - when someone sets up a word like "hypnosis" by defining it in his own way (the wrong way) and then goes on to deconstruct it to prove that it doesn't work.  Fascinating explanation. Chris gets tested by Mike to define anchoring.  Thankfully he passes the test!  Anchoring is attaching a stimulus to a specific state.  It relates back to classical conditioning, but does not map across perfectly because anchoring (in NLP) is done at a peak state, causing the anchor to be set after only one instance. Mike, by the way, is a huge fan of anchoring the state of confusion.  When he does this to people it's absolutely hilarious (and he did this to Chris before the podcast episode was recorded). We get a great explanation from Dr. Mike on exactly how to elicit peak states in order to set an anchor properly. You'll learn about the John Grinder model for creating peak states.  We challenge you to USE this stuff to anchor a peak state in yourself so that you can fire off the anchor whenever you want.  It really does work! We discuss how people debate with each other these days.  Open minded versus narrow minded ... being opinionated versus not having a strong opinion.   Mike talks about weak points in debating such as the "All I know" statement (which he reframes into a weakness).  Another example is when people change the discussion after they realize they're logic is flawed. This discussion is absolutely  hilarious because you'll easily relate it to your own life and laugh out loud. Hypnosis is the opposite of logical flow, as Mike beautifully demonstrates through the use of Milton Model language "word salad". We handle a couple of email questions as well on this session.

Our first ever hypnosis DVD training product is now out:  It's called Hypnotic Power Inductions:  Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation. Visit that link to see Mike's intro video.  As we publish this podcast episode, there is still one day left to get the introductory pricing on this product!  We always launch products at a discounted price in the first week or so.  This time is no different.  We're quite surprised (pleasantly) with how many people have ordered this so far!  Awesome!  It's going to take your hypnotic inductions skills to the next level!

Closing metaphor: First Christmas in Canada. This is an absolutely incredible set of stories!

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Session 25: Mentalism, Handwriting and Hypnosis

Dec 8, 2012 30:21


Mike and Chris Thompson are back with the 25th episode of the awesome Brain Software podcast!

Here's the outline of amazing and fun stuff we talked about on this podcast:

We start with some more ways to goof around with telemarketers. Mike's favourite is to tell them he doesn't speak English. Say it congruently with no accent, and it's hilarious. Mike explains a very cool, but ultra simple mentalism effect with cards. Amaze and astound your friends. We talk about hypnosis and handwriting analysis. Different handwriting traits can give you insights into more effective trance inductions. Remember that all hypnotic subjects are great subjects, however the hypnotist needs to be flexible. Mike's explanation of how to tie in handwriting with hypnosis is quite fascinating! When he put the literary "D" in his own handwriting, Mike noticed that he suddenly started to "get" poetry, for example. When you change your handwriting you change your brain. MINDSCAPING! We're holding a training course in February 2013 on Mike's incredible therapeutic technique known as MINDSCAPING. If you have studied with Mike and learned the "Art Gallery" method, you'll find that MINDSCAPING is far more powerful. You can learn this whether or not you have any background in NLP and hypnosis (and you'll be learning about both during this course). Leverage inductions and depth of trance: Chris asks Mike to expand on the concept of using deep trances for all hypnotic work. As Mike explains, the simplest ways to deepen a trance are often the best. So many hypnotists are poorly trained and therefore unable to produce anything more than a light trance. They then have their subjects speak in light trance, which often takes them out of trance. What's going on with people who don't believe in hypnosis? Chris got an interesting email from a parent who claimed to be using "Christian" parenting methods, and therefore doesn't believe in hypnosis. Recall Chris teaches language tools, derived from hypnosis and NLP, to parents. Mike says believing hypnosis doesn't exist has nothing whatsoever to do with religious beliefs. It's no different than believing dentistry doesn't exist. Remember that hypnosis is just a label. People have generally been programmed by the media to have beliefs about it that are entirely inaccurate. And believing something doesn't exist doesn't change the science behind it. Hypnosis is scientific, plain and simple. We have a discussion about the existence of "the unconscious mind", which some people say does not exist. What these people don't get is that we're talking about a models. Models are not reality. They're just useful ways of looking at something, or understanding the world around us. In the case of NLP and hypnosis, the unconscious mind is what we think about as running our heart valves, enzyme production and other aspects of our life that we don't consciously control (or even think about most of the time). To say the unconscious doesn't exist is to say that you control your own heart valves consciously. Ever heard anyone make such a claim? Neither have we.

Upcoming release of Hypnotic Power Inductions DVD: Mike's latest product is called "Hypnotic Power Inductions: Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation". It is a combination DVD (training video) and supplemental audio CD, where Chris and Mike talk in a similar way to these podcasts, going through many of the finer points of hypnotic trance creation. We are literally a few days from the release of this product. We're just waiting on the final production version hitting Chris' mailbox! It may even arrive today. We're excited to launch this product. Get on our email list if you want to be notified of its release. We always give initial access (at better pricing) to our email list.

This DVD and CD training set is AWESOME.

Closing metaphor: The Story of Claremont, Ontario.

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Session 24: You Can't Fix Stupid

Nov 24, 2012 36:12


Here's the 24th episode of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel!

Here's the podcast we recorded on the heels of Hurricane Sandy and just ahead of Halloween. As always, we had a blast. Here's the basic outline:

Mike and Chris go through a couple of other fun ways to mess with telemarketers. We segue into a discussion of the meta model, which is a model for eliciting details about, for example, something someone else is saying.  It helps turn incomplete information into a much more complete message. Mike contrasts this with the Milton Model, which is used in a completely different way. We had a question about Mike's product "A Good Night's Sleep", regarding giving people specific suggestions. In most hypnotic therapeutic interactions a good hypnotist won't give specific instructions such as, "You shall fall asleep every night at exactly 9 o'clock". Suggestions should be artfully vague. "You can get tired and sleepy at the appropriate time" is a far more effective suggestion! Mike and Chris talk about the idea of multiple voices on hypnosis recordings. This stems from another question from a listener who finds that too many voices on a hypnosis recording coming at you from all angles is "ultra annoying" (in his words). We agree. As Mike says, people tend to overcomplicate hypnosis. When you break it down into its simplest components, hypnosis is EASY. That's why we have complete newbie students who graduate through Mike's training to become excellent hypnotists. Keep it simple! Another question came in about home study courses in hypnosis. Dr. Mike doesn't yet offer a home study course so the questioner wanted to know if other courses are worth getting. The answer is - yes, some of them are. But you do not need a set of 40-odd DVDs to learn the basics. If you're going to spend that number of hours studying hypnosis, take a live course. You'll learn a lot more. Chris talks about product refund rates, and two strategies that product vendors use to reduce refunds. These psychological principles are worth understanding. What certification do people actually get when they study hypnosis? With Dr. Mike's class, you get certified that you've trained with him. Most hypnosis courses can't give you a title to put after your name. Different jurisdictions have different rules / legislation / governing bodies. Mike relates a story about the Ontario Hypnosis Act from 1990. This act was repealed in 1997 and if you actually go read it, you'll see why. It's incredibly stupid, unenforceable and was obviously written by people who are clueless. We had another good question come in about the use of hypnosis for borderline personality disorder (BPD). He had asked his own therapist about this, and the therapist used a totally archaic hypnotizability test, deemed him not to be a good subject and continued with his existing methods. Mike suggests that emotional problems can be effectively treated with something called Faster EFT. Hypnotists and other therapists SHOULD learn some of these alternative therapeutic modalities. Add them to your toolbox, folks!

Upcoming release of Hypnotic Power Inductions DVD: Dr. Mike's latest product is called "Hypnotic Power Inductions: Elegant and Effortless Trance Creation". It is a combination DVD (training video) and supplemental audio CD, where Chris and Mike talk in a similar way to these podcasts, going through many of the finer points of hypnotic trance creation. When we recorded this podcast we thought the product would already be launched by now. It's not, and it WILL be released in approximately 1 to 2 weeks. Get on our email list if you want to be notified of its release. We always give initial access (at better pricing) to our email list.

This DVD and CD training set is AWESOME.

Closing metaphor: The Story of the RMS Carinthia.
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Session 23: The Nonsense of Hypnotizability Studies

Nov 9, 2012 39:07


We're out with session 23 of the best hypnosis podcast in the UNIVERSE!

This one is a bit controversial because we discuss a recent hypnosis study done at a prominent university.  The study aimed to understand what's happening the inside the brains of so-called "unhypnotizable" people compared to highly hypnotizable people.  Of course these kinds of tests are flawed from the beginning.  Pretty much everyone on the planet is hypnotizable because:

Hypnosis is totally natural Hypnosis is something you do to yourself anyway ... A good hypnotist understands how to establish rapport Well trained hypnotists know how to adapt their techniques (covertly) to get results every time. I love how Mike puts it when he says that to claim you're not hypnotizable is the same as saying you're "stupid and have no powers of imagination whatsoever and no attention span".  Who really wants to be THAT person? Mike also points out that hypnosis is a learning state.  The more you learn about hypnotic trance, the better you get at it.  So to assume that someone is not hypnotizable is dumb enough to begin with ... but to forget to remember that people get better at something with practise?  That's simply ludicrous. During this podcast I worked on a metaphor to compare hypnotists and subjects to a sniper and a target.  Mike noticed that I had the metaphor backwards.  So here it is:  Claiming that a subject is not hypnotizable is like a sniper blaming his target for not getting hit. Mike and I have also decided that it's time to setup our own hypnosis discussion forum.  Because on certain other forums you have poorly trained hypnotists who essentially function as: The inept teaching the irrelevant to impress the ignorant.    Keep in mind that "ignorant" simply means "one who does not know".  We've all been there before. If you don't know much about hypnosis you need to ensure that you learn from the right people.  Learn from people who are actual experts.  Avoid learning from those who are convincing, yet inept. If you're interested in joining our brand new hypnosis forum either send us an email or join our email list on the website because we will announce the forum's launch to our list. We also had a great question about Mike's "breathing with the hand" hypnotic induction which you can watch on YouTube.  The questioner wanted to know if the subject needs to be a natural somnambulist (someone who is supposedly super-hypnotizable).  The answer got us talking about leverage inductions and the principle on which they operate.  The simple truth of the matter is that you shouldn't be thinking about "bad subjects" versus "good subjects" in hypnosis.  Just use elegant and effortless trance inductions, and be skillful in adapting to the needs of the subject. We also discuss instant inductions.  These are also called shock inductions.  What is often missing in some YouTube videos is the pre-talk or suggestibility tests that are done before the instant induction.  Mike explains that instant inductions create an immediate PGO spike in the brain (explained in the podcast), and a command such as "Sleep now" will drop someone into trance.  BUT - they won't stay in trance without rapport. Here's another interesting point about instant inductions:  Since they are based on the startle reflex, they won't work if the other person knows what is coming!  This is a point that most other hypnotists just don't seem to understand. Humor and language:  Mike Mandel is a master of using nonsensical language in such a congruent manner.  It's absolutely hilarious to watch him confuse the heck out of someone by saying absolutely nothing.  Our latest meaningless phrase is "Pressit the blotz".  The key to using these nonsensical phrases is to build up massive anticipation in the listener, so they're intently listening for what's next.  That's when you drop the meaningless phrase.  But you don't try to hide the phrase.  You state it with authority, and with absolute congruence.  Use this on the next telemarketer who calls you.  It's hilarious!

Closing metaphor:  The Donald Thane Story.  

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Session 22: The Buffet is So Much Better than Grilled Cheese and Fries

Oct 20, 2012 31:31


We're out with session 22 of the best hypnosis podcast in the UNIVERSE! That's right. Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel is back.

We recorded this podcast on the back of our Fall 2012 Architecture of Hypnosis course at the University of Toronto.

Discussed on this podcast is:

We talk about the incredible results of our hypnosis class. One of our students, Gil, had an incredible experience getting over his anxiety of facing an audience. The students in the class really bonded well together and had incredible experiences together. As Mike says, we give students the buffet, or smorgasbord. Mike teaches so much in 5 days it is like drinking from a fire hose. Compare this to other trainers (with much less experience), who serve the equivalent of grilled cheese and fries. Mike has plans for his past students to keep training. It will be called Mike Mandel's Wizard School, and it's going to be a BLAST, taking you to an even higher level of hypnotic capabilities. Come study with Mike so you can be a part of this. During the latest hypnosis class we hired a film crew to come in and record Mike demonstrating (and deconstructing) 6 hypnotic inductions. We'll be making this available as a DVD product (with CD audio supplement for improved material absorption). Expect this in the next month! It's suited for anyone who wants to learn or improve their hypnosis skills. There are two types of people on the planet. You're either the good kind or the "special" kind (and there's a little test to find out, as Mike explains on the podcast) We talk about integration as a process that all people go through their whole lives. Nobody is ever fully integrated. We all need to learn to let go of our egos, biases, and other limitations. As Chris says: You're either growing or you are dying. Chris talks about some of the common questions that hypnosis students asked during the course. Mike makes an important correction about something Chris says regarding the hypnotic subject (this is a nice fine point). You'll discover why classical methods of self hypnosis are less effective, and how to actually get good at self hypnosis. Suggestibility tests versus convincers - we talk about the main differences and reasons for using both during hypnosis. Did you know that testing for hypnosis causes hypnosis? Wait! We talked about this with Gabriello on podcast 21, so it's a great reminder! The closing metaphor is about Michael C. Anthony and the Excite landing page in Ohio. This one is totally bizarre!

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Session 21: Street hypnosis with Gabriello Pitman

Oct 5, 2012 36:49


Session 21 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel is now LIVE. This one involves another special guest - the one and the ONLY, Toronto street hypnotist Gabriello Pitman

Discussed on this podcast is:

How is Street Hypnosis similar and different to Stage Hypnosis? Mike and Gabriello talk about how the techniques are essentially the same, but street hypnosis is completely different in that you're approaching others rather than having them come to your show expecting to see (or participate in) hypnosis. Gabriello talks about how to approach people to introduce hypnosis. One of the best places to start, to learn reframing is the book by the same title by Bandler and Grinder. Gabriello talks about Ross Jeffries' CIQ model for introducing yourself. Compliment them, introduce yourself, and then ask an open ended question. The question should relate to hypnosis (and as Dr. Mike always explains, talking about hypnosis creates hypnosis). Yes sets are FUNDAMENTAL in all good persuasive communication. Street hypnosis makes use of a yes set or an agreement set to get things started. Yes sets remove resistance. Gabriello talks about the importance of establishing a compliance set, which is again very traditional for any student who's studied with Dr. Mike. This is particularly important if doing hypnosis inside of a pub or bar. Suggestibility tests and pre-talk: Gabriello explains what these steps mean, and which to do first. So many people still don't understand anything about hypnosis, and may have fears that you need to dissolve through demystification of hypnosis. Safety is a primary concern whenever doing stage or street hypnosis. Both Mike and Gabriello discuss how to deal with safety (and we have a bit of a laugh here). Another key element of street hypnosis is that you're not on a stage, so friends may interfere. You've got to become a master of dealing with this. Gabriello deals with this in his compliance set. Suggestibility tests - Mike pulls out another great historical reference to Andre Weitzenhoffer, who wrote about heteroaction back in 1957. Testing for hypnosis causes hypnosis. Conforming to one suggestion increases the likelihood of conforming to the next. Mike and Gabriello talk about how it's entirely possible to skip a formal hypnotic induction just by using heteroaction. Chris recounts watching Gabriello do exactly this at a bar. What type of person learns street hypnosis? Gabriello talks about the three major types of people he's come across, and why they want to learn hypnosis. We discuss convincers, i.e. what can you to that will genuinely convince others that a parson isn't faking? There are still so many people who believe hypnosis isn't real (we pity them), and convincers are a great way to overcome this. The closing metaphor is about ancient China, and the Emperor's scale model of the country. Let this one really sink in ...

Session 20: Reframing, submodalities and more mentalism

Sep 21, 2012 32:51


We're back! Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel Session 20 is now LIVE.

Discussed on this podcast is:

What is reframing? It's either a different point of view, or a complete paradigm shift. Mike explains how reframing works. One of the best places to start, to learn reframing is the book by the same title by Bandler and Grinder. Dr. Mike talks about an example of a client working through grief, and the way he helped her reframe the emotional response she was dealing with. Content reframing vs. Context reframing: These are the two types of reframing, but we find that content reframes are much more common. Chris explains two reframing metaphors that he used recently, to help diffuse the anxiety of a student. Dr. Mike brings up the incredibly powerful technique of shifting submodalities to change the meaning of something. This is absolutely a powerful way of reframing. Mike teaches you how to do literal reframing. This was not planned at all, but what Mike describes was the EXACT tool he first used on Chris back in 1993 when they first met. The method is so good there's no need to change it year in and year out. What are submodalities? They are the building blocks of the ways we process information (either through visual, auditory or kinesthetic modalities). Mike explains this in plain English. Mike explains a fascinating set of mind reading (mentalist) tricks that he has used over the years. He explains exactly how they work, so pay close attention! Reminder: Both of us are available to do personal consultations via Skype. Just email us to get more information. The closing metaphor is spooky fascinating, and dates back to the 1800s

Session 19: Practical jokes, marketing, and hypnosis Q&A from the audience

Sep 6, 2012 40:41


We're back! Dr. Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson have published Session 19 of the best hypnosis podcast on the planet!

We talk about:

Practical jokes, and Mike's hilarious way of messing with people in his passenger seat A complete deconstruction of a water filter marketing tactic.  This tactic, designed to sell water filters to residential home owners, makes brilliant use of Cialdini's rules of influence and persuasion Having many models of the world, which gives you choice, instead of being limited by fewer ways of tackling problems.  Remember the NLP maxim "choice is better than no choice". Discussion of a husband and wife scenario where the husband psychologically withdraws when the wife is enjoying success in life, causing her to begin to get ill (to the point of it being chronic).  Mike breaks this down in terms of how to recognize patterns and tie it to past events in life. You are not your patterns!  The map is not the territory! How to do a values hierarchy exploration in your own life (and in your relationship).  Remember to use "end values" when you do this rather than "means values".  Example:  if you value vacations in the sun, that's something specific.  Ask yourself what that does for you and you'll eventually arrive at the end value (perhaps it is freedom).  A bodybuilder might value being muscular, but the end value may be power.  Confidence is not an end value either.  Confidence may give you a sense of belonging (connection to others).  That would be an end value. Hypnobirthing, and the use of hypnosis for childbirth.  We discuss how hypnosis can be used for the childbirth process, including a fascinating story from Mike.  Discover how and how not to use self hypnosis for childbirth. Weight management and metabolic rate:  Can hypnosis raise your metabolic rate?  How do you even know if your metabolism is too slow, thereby causing a weight problem?   This is a hot topic, and we dive right into truth versus nonsense. The closing metaphor is one you won't want to miss.

Session 18: Weight management with hypnosis (with special guest Didi Vergados)

Aug 15, 2012 41:00


The world's best hypnosis podcast is back!  Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel session 18 is all about the topic of weight management.   Our guest on this podcast is Didi Vergados, who is an experienced hypnotist with a focus on helping clients with weight management (and yes, she trained with Mike!).  We talk about why hypnosis works for weight management, and how Didi help clients tackle eating problems, self confidence, motivation and more.  Why are diets so horrible?  Should you actually "try" to stop eating a certain food forever?  All of this is discussed.  Learn about submodalities in NLP, anchoring (and stacking anchors), and food aversion.  Learn the real secret for being motivated to change (including exercise).  Mike closes out with the Huyckes Island metaphor.

Session 17: Handwriting and hypnosis, age regression, the Enneagram model and hypnosis Q&A

Jul 27, 2012 37:56


Dr. Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson are back for Session 17 of the best hypnosis podcast on the planet! Here's what we've got for you in Podcast Session 17:

What is handwriting analysis and how does it correspond to hypnosis?You'll find this stuff fascinating. What is age regression? What about "past life regression"? If you don't believe in past lives but a client does, should you tamper with the client's model of the world? What's a good NLP technique for detraumatization? Learn about the amazing Enneagram personality typing system. It is always fascinating to hear Dr. Mike talk about this. Can you utilize analog marking (and embedded commands) in a text message? Answer: NO. Dr. Mike explains why. Don't be fooled by some of the junk you see on YouTube :) There are three types of animals that can appear to be hypnotized. What are they and is it really hypnosis? How do you use hypnosis to improve a skill such as Forex Trading? (question from a listener) What can a hypnotherapist do when a client doesn't want to discuss the details of a problem? (Hint: Content free therapy!)

The closing metaphor is about Canadian pianist, Glen Gould. What a wonderful story.

Sign up for Mike Mandel's quickly approaching hypnosis training: This amazing training course runs for 5 days the week of Sept 24-28th at St Michael's College on the University of Toronto campus. Registrations are happening. Don't miss out. Class capacity is limited.

Session 16: Pain management, creativity and problematic people

Jul 10, 2012 34:50


We're back with the best hypnosis podcast on the planet!  Did you know Mike Mandel hypnotized Alanis Morissette when she was in high school? What the heck are Dexter references doing in a hypnosis podcast?  Mike Mandel talks about using hypnosis for pain management, and explains the concept behind his Delphi Deck for creativitiy.  We also spend some time talking about how to deal with problematic people in your life.  Is it really worth letting problematic people wreck any part of your life?  We think not.  Chris Thompson tells a great story about a pink stuffed pig, and using metaphor as a therapeudic intervention with his children.  Ever wanted to say something to someone but felt uncomfortable saying it directly?  Learn how to use the quotes technique.  

Session 15: Conversational hypnosis, propaganda and marketing

Jun 20, 2012 28:33


The master is back with Session 15 and more brain software goodness!  Mike Mandel gives a review and discussion of Igor Ledochowski's Non Awareness Set, which closely relates to something Mike calls "looping".  Igor gave it a much cooler name though.  Mike also explains in detail how he used conversational hypnosis to trance out a waiter and have him agree to accept a Toronto Public Library card as payment for lunch.  Why have Mike and Chris left another hypnosis forum?  We share our thoughts.  Also a great discussion of propaganda and other attempts at mass control and seemingly crazy marketing tactics.  Make sure to check out Mike Mandel's upcoming hypnosis training at http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/class

Session 14: Hypnotic phenomenon, hypnosis uses, anchoring, amnesia and much more!

Jun 6, 2012 37:35


Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson are back for more insanely hilarious discussion of hypnosis, NLP, and more.  Mike's next hypnosis training is now CONFIRMED and on our website.  We talk in detail about more stuff that happened during Mike's last hypnosis training including dental hypnosis, anaesthesia and analgesia, hypnosit convincers, suggestibility tests, amnesia (hilarious) and more.  Mike talks about how to compound numbness using Glove Anaesthesia.  He reaveals some secrets about NLP anchoring and setting anchors at peak state.  We discuss spatial anchoring and how it can be used to literally 'set aside' problems in a disagreement.   Mike talks about EFT and the research flaws of deciding everything is an emotional problem.  He also talks about why the direct model of hypnois AND the indirect model (Erickson's model) are both so important to understand.  http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com

Session 13: Dr. Mike's latest hypnosis class, REM and Elman inductions, and more

May 23, 2012 35:42


We're back with Session 13 of Brain Software with Dr. Mike Mandel! We spent a lot of time talking about how to do hypnosis on this podcast, since at the time of recording, Dr Mike Mandel had just finished training his latest crop of students.  We discuss the Dave Elman induction (see website for YouTube demo), the new REM induction invented by Mandel, and we discuss why they work so well to induce trance and create a hypnotic state.  We discuss present state vs. target state, direct versus indirect hypnosis, The importance of asking good questions (not "why" questions), and we unleash details of Dr. Mike's upcoming hypnosis training in Toronto.  Join us!  http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com

Session 12: Self hypnosis, human givens, REM sleep, fixing insomnia and building confidence

Apr 24, 2012 29:04


Mike explains why self hypnosis has traditionally been difficult and how you can successfully use self hypnosis.  We discuss dissociation and how it's used in NLP.  Did you know that accessing a memory changes the memory?  Mike gives an unbelievably bizarre example of this from his own life. We also talk about the Human Givens model, and how REM sleep has an important job with respect to emotional health.  This is fascinating!  How many social contacts do you think the avergae person can maintain?  Find out on this podcast.  How can you build powerful resourceful states for self confidence?  Mike explains the "as if" frame as the solution to achieving this.  We talked about a door to door marketing company and their sales pitch which was wonderfully designed with social psychology in mind.  Finally, we discuss insomnia and the law of reversed effect.    http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com

Session 11: Telemarketers, Lucid Dreaming and more Hypnosis Q&A

Apr 7, 2012 31:28


The best hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP podcast on the planet is back with Session 11!  Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson dive right into the topics you've been asking about. We start off with a great breakdown, by Mike, about how a telemarketer fraudster used a compliance tactic against a listener.  Yes sets and compliance sets can give you the inroad you need to get others to go along with your requests.  Watch out for telemarketers using this against you! Mike also shares some tips on lucid dreaming and we discuss the hypnogogic state.  We tackle several other questions including how to draw in an audience when presenting!   Then we end with what I suspect is our most bizarre metaphor and extro ever.  http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com

Session 10: Hypnosis and other models of therapeutic change

Mar 26, 2012 32:48


The best hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP podcast on the planet is back with Session 10!  Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson discuss Tad James' timeline therapy, Dr. Larry Nims BSFF, and Mandel's own Navigator System.  Chris also asks Mike more reader questions about hypnosis.  As always, we keep the show entertaining and educational.  Announcement:  Mike Mandel's new Pain Management product is now available for those of you dealing with chronic pain.  Get more information at:  http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/pain-management-feel-better-with-natural-drug-free-pain-relief/  ** As always please leave us an honest rating for this podcast in iTunes and send in your questions!

Session 09: The Mandel model of therapy and more hypnosis & NLP discussion

Mar 10, 2012 28:13


In this session of Brain Software with Mike Mandel, we don't JUST talk about how to utilize a hypnotic trance for effective client healing.  Instead, Mike Mandel takes you through the importance of de-traumatization, and the 4 most important elements of NLP which you can remember using the acronym Mr. CC.  They are 1) The Meta Model; 2) Rapport; 3) Calibration; 4) Congruence.  A great therapist knows how utilize each of these skills to help clients.  This episode will appeal to anybody, not just therapists.  It's lively and entertaining as usual.

Session 08: Hypnogogic states, dreams and much more Q&A about hypnosis

Feb 24, 2012 30:49


The world's best hypnosis podcast continues! In Session 8, Mike Mandel talks about utilizing the hypnogogic state to segue into a guided dream that you'll remember in the morning.  Very cool stuff!  Chris asks Mike lots of questions that were sent in by email.  Why do we use 3 resource options in the NLP edit "dock on the bay"?  Should you use amnesia to "forget" a past love?  Mike really breaks this one down and suggests much better options involving internal alignment.  What are some ways to help somebody relax and calm down so they can fall asleep more easily?  Mike explains the two types of insomnia along with some suggestions for dealing with them.  The discussion on getting to the threshold of change is fascinating.   How do you get into a creative state to write stories?  The closing metaphor is a true story about Mike Mandel's first meeting with Rubin "Hurricane" Carter.  If you have questions for a future podcast send them to info@MikeMandelHypnosis.com and be sure to visit MikeMandelHypnosis.com

Session 07: Messing with People's Minds Part 2

Feb 8, 2012 31:37


Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson continue where they left off in Session 06, with more discussion around using language to influence people in fun and interesting ways.  We talk about double binds, string sentences, confusion principles, pattern and TOTE interrupts, anchors & amnesia, establishing rapport and more.  We're planning to hold a live webinar and we're interested in your ideas on what topics you'd like to learn about.  Please submit your honest feedback on this show within iTunes!  Visit http://www.MikeMandelHypnosis.com for more information.

Session 06: Messing with People's minds Part 1

Jan 26, 2012 31:44


In session 6 we decided to have a bit of fun.  Well that isn't quite accurate.  We ALWAYS have a blast recording these podcasts, but this time I think we took it to a new level.  I spent the whole podcast interviewing Mike about how to playfully mess with other people's unconscious minds.  We talk about embedded commands, analog marking, amnesia, confusion techniques, and how to use confusion to cascade into trance. I think you'll enjoy it.  And stay tuned for session 7, because we had more stuff to cover and decided to create a 2-part series on this topic.  http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com

Session 05: More hypnosis Q&A, Mentalism, Metaphors & Training

Jan 11, 2012 35:52


In Session 5 Mike Mandel handles many more of your questions.  Dealing with sleep paralysis; Full body catalepsy in stage hypnosis; More about reality tunnels; Positive and negative anchors (in NLP); Hypnosis for weight loss (or weight management); How often should you use hypnosis recordings?  We also discuss the "castle" that everyone seems to want to visit from Mike's CDs.  Mike's next hypnosis class happens in April 2012.  Hellstromism - how to find hidden objects by having a subject's mind guide you to it.  The closing metaphor for this session is "Poor Rupert", which has a wonderful message for your unconscious mind.  Visit http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com to sign up for our email updates!

Session 04: Hypnosis and TV, reality tunnels, opinions of other hypnotists, self hypnosis, Hellstromism

Dec 28, 2011 27:57


In Session 4 Mike Mandel  handles more questions about hypnosis.  Should young kids watch TV?  Does TV cause trance?  What are reality tunnels and how to they impact a person's belief systems?  What does Mike Mandel think of some of the other well known hypnosists out there such as Igor Ledochowski, Tad James, Richard Bandler, etc?  How can you do self hypnosis?  Mentalism - Mike talks about Hellstromism, which he'll teach you about more in the next podcast.  Therapeudic metaphor:  The nineteen set. 

Session 03: Hypnosis Q&A, metaphors, headaches, hilarious stage hypnosis "therapy" and the Acid Test revealed

Dec 13, 2011 30:06


In this session we cover many typical questions about hypnosis.  Can you hypnotize a strong willed person?  How do metaphors work?  We talk about using submodality shifts to eliminate headaches.  Mike talks about some of the most interesting shifts he's seen people make using hypnosis.  Mike tells one of the most interesting stories I've ever heard about doing covert therapy on two polar-opposite people in a stage hypnosis show.  And of course, Mike teaches you how to do the acid test discussed on Session 02.  This is mentalism at its finest, folks!  As always, Mike delivers a closing metaphor for your own growth and development.

Session 02: The most popular hypnosis questions we get, and Mike Mandel's answers

Nov 30, 2011 31:24


Mike Mandel tackles a wide variety of common questions about hypnosis.  Can everyone be hypnotized?  What if you think you can't visualize?  Should hypnotists use scripts with clients?  What does AC/DC music have to do with hypnosis?  With hypnosis, what are the differences between so-called "conscious" and "unconscious" activity?  Mike brilliantly explains the critical faculty, which separates the conscious and unconscious mind.  Did you know fear and stress make you more suceptible to suggestion?  What does hypnosis feel like?  When you come out of trance how do you were hypnotized?  Mike Mandel also shares some of the secrets of mentalism with The Acid Test, a very cool trick he's performed for live audiences in the past.  Starting on this podcast session, Mandel will be offering a therapeutic metaphor at the end of each session.  No charge :)

Brain Software with Mike Mandel Session 01

Nov 18, 2011 27:46


Due to overwhelming positive feedback to our first beta-test podcast, we've officially launched this podcast.  The format is friendly and fun. It's a conversation style podcast between Mike Mandel and one of his top students, Chris Thompson. In this first session, Mike Mandel describes how he got involved with hypnosis at the age of 12.  We discuss the myths surrounding hypnotizability of subjects, and Mike reveals some of his secrets surrounding stage hypnosis. Mandel also explains two different models for thinking about how hypnosis works.  We touch on content free therapy, which is really interesting.  Towards the end of the show we discuss the ever-popular topic of covert hypnosis and influence.