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Boss Maker pod-casts, hosted by George Pennant, offers regular news, views & interviews for small business owners & entrepreneurs. Join the Boss Maker family and take part in addictive broadcasting. The show looks into marketing, finding new customers and how to steadily grow a small business. Facts about for sole traders, business planning and spotting business opportunities.




Give Yourself The Sack

Apr 14, 2014 54:07


In 2007, Laurel Staples quit her mechanical engineering job start her own business. Today, she is a successful photographer in Nashville, TN and uses her talents to help musicians and other creative people brand themselves through visually telling their story. In addition to her photography business, Laurel also runs a blog and podcast called “Go

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Clear focus on your Business

Apr 2, 2014 52:33


Clara Chorley is the CEO and Founder of Clarity Unlimited. She has an extensive and unique background as a Career Satisfaction Expert, and both business consultant and humanitarian. In addition to being a successful and happy entrepreneur, Clara has been a volunteer for over 15 years. She is author of the book T.U.R.N.: 4 Steps to

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Escape Artist – Curtis Lovell II

Mar 31, 2014 48:55


Curtis Lovell II is an American escape artist and illusionist. He is known for his high-profile escape performances and his appearance on top television programs. CBS News, Washington Times and other media outlets dubbed him as “The premiere escape artist of our time.” Despite being a high profile performer Curtis is also a business owner.

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Business Show

Mar 31, 2014 43:25


The next Business Show is in May 2014. George Pennant speaks to Nick Woore a manager for the show. Nick explains how a small business can benefit by exhibiting at this important event. He also explains how Boss Maker listeners can can make huge savings. For more information about the show go here To take

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Women in Business

Mar 31, 2014 44:51


As a Business Strategist and Mentor Michelle Dawson has spent her life’s work helping women move from just the dream of having a business to having the successful business of their dreams. Whether they are thinking about or actually have started a business or ministry, She wants to help women be the best they can

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Chess helps Women in Business

Oct 25, 2013 58:28


“SHESS is a creative play on two words — “she” for female and “chess” for the game. The term represents “your game of life” and how a woman’s way of approaching her life can be, intellectually and cognitively, elevated by incorporating the skills, tactics, and strategies learned by playing the game of chess. As a

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