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If you have trouble in getting to sleep then why not try listening to 'Boring Bill'? Boring Bill has a microphone pointed at him and then he'll rant for the length of the podcast. If you have any ideas for things for Bill to talk about or any questions yo
Boring Bill Podcast


If you have trouble in getting to sleep then why not try listening to 'Boring Bill'? Boring Bill has a microphone pointed at him and then he'll rant for the length of the podcast. If you have any ideas for things for Bill to talk about or any questions you would like to ask him about his life for him to answer on the podcast- email:!



Boring Bill 34 - UK Television Stations

Oct 24, 2010


Boring Bill has returned has another podcast on UK Television Stations, at the request of one of our subscribers. Sorry for the sound quality, but enjoy!

Boring Bill 33 - Online Social Networking

Oct 25, 2009


Today Bill talks about Social Networking on the Internet, focusing on the two main sites for this, Twitter and Facebook.
As a side note, the podcast has accounts on both of these sites, that a look:

Boring Bill 32 - The Question of Background Music

Oct 18, 2009


Today Bill addresses the question of whether background music adds anything to the podcast, he does this my putting background music on for the duration of this podcast.
Let us know what you think of the podcast with background music - do you prefer it?
Email us: boringbillpodcast@gmail.comor mention @bbpodcast in a Tweet.

Boring Bill 31 - Reintroduction

Oct 11, 2009


In case we have anyone new to the Boring Bill Podcast, today Bill reintroduces himself and the podcast.
Don't forget you can email Bill at

Boring Bill 30 - Big Ben

Oct 4, 2009


Today Boring Bill talks about Big Ben, the Great Bell of the Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster in London.
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Boring Bill 29 - Never Again <10

Sep 27, 2009


Today Bill explains why we don't be putting up editions of the BBP before Edition 10 in future apart from Edition 2 that was put up a few weeks ago.
But we could do a podcast that takes its subject from these old editions - what do you think? Email:

Boring Bill 28 - Rambling

Sep 20, 2009


Today we talk about Rambling, not the walking type of rambling but rather rambling in speech.

Boring Bill 27 - Ye Olde Bill

Sep 13, 2009


Today Bill introduces the very first (full) edition of the Boring Bill Podcast to show how things were back when the podcast first started up.
It was actually the second ever edition but the first was a viewing podcast so there would have been little point in airing that.
Let Bill know what you thought of the early version of the podcast, email as always is

Boring Bill 26 - Bookbinding

Sep 6, 2009


Thanks to another suggestion from James from Cornwall, this week's subject is bookbinding.
Please send your podcast subject suggestions to

Boring Bill 25 - Basic Microeconomics

Aug 29, 2009


Some may say that Isoquants and Indifference Curves are not that most interesting of subject matters although not to Bill.
These microeconomic graphs are able to put economics students across the world to sleep in their respective lecture theatres so hopefully they will rank well on the boring-scale.
Just to let you know as well that we now have a Twitter account:
Email BBP at:
You can also find us on Podcast Alley:
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Boring Bill Podcast in iTunes

Aug 27, 2009


Just to let you know that you can subscribe to the Boring Bill Podcast through iTunes; take a look:

Ask Boring Bill Questions!

Aug 26, 2009


We are hoping to do a "Question Bill" edition of the Boring Bill Podcast, where Bill answers any questions you have and would like Bill to answer.
Please email any questions to, you could also send a short mp3 of you asking your question that we could put directly in the show.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Boring Bill 24 - 2005 British General Election Results

Aug 24, 2009


Well thanks to the suggestion of James, one of the podcast's viewers we have a new edition of the Boring Bill Podcast, a selection of election results from the 2005 British General Election.
While we can't make any promises about when future podcasts will come, this at least is a completely new edition and it won't be the last. Watch this space.
Don't forget you can email

Boring Bill 2008 - Coming Soon

Jan 22, 2008


Boring Bill plans a return to podcasting in February 2008. Watch (or subscribe to) this space.

You can still email if you have any ideas for the return.

Bill's Microphone

Jan 19, 2008


Just throught we would let you know that Boring Bill now has a new microphone.

Everything is underway for a return in February. We're currently thinking the first podcast will be out in the first half of February, perhaps the 6th - but we're not sure just yet.

Any show ideas or comments email as normal.

Boring Bill 23 - The Common Cold

Mar 25, 2007


Boring Bill is back! It has been months and months since we have released a new podcast but here one is. Bill talks about coming back to the podcasting world and then talks about the Common Cold which he currently has. Enjoy.

Don't forget the email address:

Boring Bill 22 - The Creative Commons Copyright System

Feb 10, 2007


This podcast was recorded in October 2006 and has not been available for download until February 2007. The podcast will hopefully release some new shows soon.

Today, in this short show, Boring Bill talks about the Creative Commons Copyright Licence. Remember our email address is

Boring Bill 14 - Watching Paint Dry

Sep 24, 2006


It was only a matter of time until this subject came up in the a show with Boring in the title. In number 14 Boring Bill explains why watching paint dry is actually a very enjoyable thing (from his point of view anyway.) Email you suggestions for shows to and remember we have few people subscribing at the moment so spread the word about this podcast!

Boring Bill 21 - Talking About the Weather

Aug 10, 2006


Today Bill talks about the ever-infamous British common subject of conversation; the weather. Rain, sun, show - all covered today. Please send your show suggestions to and remember to let us know about the recording volume for today's show.

Boring Bill 20 - Breakfast

Aug 8, 2006


The podcast is back and the topic today is breakfast. Hopefully something you'll enjoy after a good nights sleep after listening to Boring Bill. Remember the email address is and feel to send show suggestions there. We've turned up the recording volume today. Please let us know if the volume was too high or too low or if the quality was any different today. Thanks.

Boring Bill 19 - Hello Again and Batteries

Jul 13, 2006


Well Boring Bill has just done a very short show today just to say hello again and have a quick chat about batteries. He has done 19 shows now and we hope you do email to let us know what you think.

Boring Bill 18 - History of the British Parliament

Jun 25, 2006


The British Parliament and its history is vast. Thanks to Wikipedia's article, Boring Bill manages to read it in a nicely boring way. In the background today there is some music, let Bill know what you think about it:

Boring Bill 17 - Lets Talk About Cheese

May 20, 2006


You guessed it, podcast #17 is Bill talking about cheese! Brand names of cheese, types of chesse and so on. Nice and boring. Be warned however that today we turned the recording volume right up because it seems people have been having problems with it being too low. It is far louder than before so keep the volume adjustment down to be safe. Email address is:

Boring Bill 16 - Trains Arrivals

May 20, 2006


Boring Bill gets the chance to tell you about some train arrivals to London Waterloo station. He even gets the break-down information on some delayed trains to find out what went wrong. Very boring this one. We are up to show 16 and we still want our listeners to send in ideas for shows, email:

Boring Bill 15 - Something Quite Different

May 18, 2006


In the 15th show instead of Boring Bill speaking we have a bit of music to play people. This is a one off and won't happen again on this podcast but we just thought it might help you getting to sleep. Email your comments to: Enjoy.