Blues Guitar Jam

The Best Tool on DVD for All Guitar Players.
Blues Guitar Jam


The Blues Guitar Jam Podcast is for players who want to find the best tools available to help them enjoy playing their guitar. Practice is so important to increase your skills. We are going to first focus on a great product on DVD "I Am The... Blues Lead Guitarist" from GCG an awesome tool to play along with, 8 different Blues Jams with the amazing "Oscar Jordan Blues Band".




Shuffle In E - Jam Session

Jul 4, 2008 00:04:27


Here is a Free Jam Session for you to download and play along with. ou are the lead guitarist and the band provides the backing track. On the DVD there are 8 different Jams in various keys to help you improve you playing skills, Enjoy, play hard.

About Bluesman Oscar Jordan

Jul 4, 2008 00:03:24


Oscar Jordan is one of the top Blues Guitar players. Hailing from So Cal, he has skills and feel that leave listeners thinking that this is a man who has grown up in the south. Here is an insight into the man, the player and his band.