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I would like to welcome and thank your for visiting Blueprint Your Career podcast. My goal for this podcast is to help you find the right career and offer motivation to help you obtain your career goals. I will do that by talking to people in various Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, financial, and Medical Careers. Interviewing career and motivational experts. I hope to provide continuous awareness of the various careers that exist both the most popular and the unknown!



How to Ask for a Raise: A Celebration of Labor Day

Sep 4, 2018 26:30


How do you know when it’s time to ask for a raise? How will you know when it’s time to walk away from your current employer? In this episode of Blueprint Your Career podcast Tonya Sloans shared some of her best career advice when it comes to asking for more money and a few things to consider before you approach your employer.


What You Will Learn In This Episode:

Off topic: What is a federal ethics attorney? Money is the hardest topic to discuss, it causes breakups in marriage and so much anxiety and resentment at work. When is it the best time to ask for a raise? When is the worst time to ask for a raise? What is your best advice for bringing up the topic of money with your employer? What happens if you get denied for a raise initially and how long should you wait to ask again? When should you consider looking for another company especially when things don’t go as expected? What are a couple mistakes people should avoid when asking for more money and what do you recommend they do instead?


Website: Power Women Enterprise

Upcoming Event Information: Power Your Career Forward (Power Breakfast & Workshop


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Career Conversations: What is a Healthcare Strategist With Shereese Maynard

Sep 3, 2018 33:16


On today’s episode of Blueprint Your Career Podcast our guest is Shereese Maynard who is an accomplished senior-level healthcare strategist, Keynote speaker, the founder of DrWellBe. She’s joined us today for a segment of the show called “Career Conversation.” A career conversation episode discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly about a particular professional career.


A healthcare strategist is an emerging role that didn’t exist a few years ago. It’s a role that has room for growth from the basic entry level to a senior level position like Shereese.


What You Will Learn In This Episode:


What is a healthcare strategist? What is the role of “Experience Officer” and the various titles that they are called? Top five duties of a healthcare strategist at the basic level. Why you need to take a good look at the maternity wards in some hospital. A shout out to the Mercy Hospital Systems, listen why. What educational requirement is needed to qualify for this type of position? What is the good, the bad, and ugly of a healthcare strategist How to get to the next level, once you get into this profession? Why is reading your best friend in this industry? Be on the lookout for a new app for physician burnout co-created by Shereese

The Most Significant Challenges Of Going Back To School As An Adult

Aug 26, 2018 19:02


Today we have The Ultimate Guide for Finding and Winning More Money for College Now and the bestselling author Ashley Hill.

We discuss:

The top 3 financial challenges for adults going back to school either for a new college or professional development continuing educational degree. Tips on for someone who is wanting to go back to school and listening right, what they can do now to push past this and get more money for school. Ashley's final thoughts and parting advice to get adults back to school regardless of what degree they plan to pursue.

What is Emotional Intelligence And The Role It Plays In Living A Healthy and Successful Life With Dr. Cynthia Howard [Podcast]

Jan 7, 2015 40:46


Podcast Insider “What is Emotional Intelligence And The Role It Plays In Living A Healthy and Successful Life With Dr. Cynthia Howard

Dr. Cynthia Howard (RN, CNC, PhD) is an expert in resilience who believes in the partnership of the mind, body, heart and soul as the foundation of success. She is a coach, teacher, adviser, speaker and consultant who has helped thousands of people dramatically change both their professional and personal lives.


Our Guest: Dr. Cynthia Howard


Website: Resilience Beyond Burn Out and Lead and Live More Brilliantly

Twitter: @masterwellbeing

Facebook: Vibrant Radian Health

Book: H.E.A. L.  Healthy Emotion Abundant Life

Tea Drinkers: Yerba Mate Tea  Wisdom Naturals (Mentioned during the interview)



Cynthia shares her story on how potential employers said she was over qualified and over educated. She was, for the most part unemployable after being laid off from her nursing position.


During the interview Cynthia discusses her journey from working as a nurse in ICU to entrepreneurship. And the many doors she actually knocked on to build her first business, meanwhile going to school to get her masters then doctorate degrees. She eventually create a full-time income and supported herself.


As a successful entrepreneur, Cynthia’s  insecurities led her back to corporate America for a short period of time, until she realize this wasn’t the path for her and didn't mind being let go from the position .


We discuss “What is Emotional Intelligence and roles it plays in our lives?”

Learning how to deal with your emotions during your time of career transitions and what the different emotions mean to our health.

Cynthia shares the word of the day and what the “Heart Focus Breathing” is and the steps to take to help with daily stressors. She mentions how using a daily journal of gratitude keep your emotions deliberately focus.

How to deal with complainers and negative emotional charge from your working environment.

The role Emotional Intelligence plays to entrepreneur starting your business and what can hinder your overall success.

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Finding Your Passion with Ceo of Higher Scores Test Prep Lauren Gaggioli -Podcast

Nov 26, 2014 34:44


Lauren Gaggioli is the founder and head mentor at Higher Scores Test Prep, an online ACT & SAT test prep company, and host of The College Checklist Podcast. She's also the founder of an ACT &SAT tutoring company in San Diego called Gold Star Test Prep. With Gold Star Test Prep, she's been serving families throughout Southern California for 7 years.

Contact Our Guest: Lauren Gaggioli


Website: Higher Scores Test Prep

Podcast: The College Checklist Podcast  

Twitter: @HigherScores

Google Plus: Higher Score Prep

Facebook: Higher Scores


Podcast Insider:


Lauren shared a few of her networking tips for anyone that is leery about networking, or if they’re  extremely introverted and becomes nervous at the thought of it.

You’ll be interested in knowing about her degree she graduated with, from New York University and how she found her passion and became the ceo of Higher Scores Test Prep.

We discussed who Lauren mentors are and the greatest advice she has received thus far.

Lauren discusses how she maintains a healthy balance between her  life, business, conference, and being active on social media.

Need another time management tool, well another useful productivity tool is mentioned.

What new projects we can look forward to with Lauren in 2015.

And More.......

How To Face Your Fears and Achieve Your Goals with Executive Career Coach Darleen Ghirardi

Sep 15, 2014 37:26


How To Face Your Fears and Achieve Your Goals with Darleen Ghirardi


Darleen Ghirardi


Darleen Ghirardi is the voice of authentic career acceleration for women who want to shatter the glass ceiling gracefully. As founder and CEO of Darleen Ghirardi International LLC. she has created a dynamic enterprise that is devoted to empowering women leaders, to climb the corporate ladder without selling their soul. Darleen’s entrepreneurial plans were hatched while working as a corporate executive for gaming corporate giant. One day she finally realized that her passion and calling in life is to help woman climb the corporate ladder without feeling like they had to become someone they are not - just as she did herself..”Darleen is a contributing author to the book “The Power of the Platform, Speakers on Life”


Contact Our Guest



Twitter: @darleenghirardi

Email: Darleen Ghirardi

LinkedIn Group: Spark Your Career and Ignite Your Future

Book Resource Mentioned: Coach Yourself to a New Career: 7 Steps to Reinventing Your Professional Life (Affiliate)

Podcast Insider:


Darleen discuss her inspiration to move forward from her corporate career into entrepreneurship.

How she keeps motivated during stressful times and what she have found helpful.

The benefits of having a coach/mentor and the type of coach Darleen had during and after her career transition.

Challenges are a part of life, Darleen shares how she overcame them and she provides advice for others during their transition.

During the interview, we discuss when someone should consider taking on a life, or business coach.

Success tactics are discussed for those who are seeking a career change but are fearful and have doubts.

Ways to change one's mindset when transitioning into another profession or into entrepreneurship.

Some tips are shared about how to do a career transition and making it less stressful.

Darleen offers advice for those who are in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s that are seeking to make a career transition but may have obstacles and major concerns about moving forward.

Career Spotlight


Survey Researcher in the Social Scientist field


Website for more info:



Inside The Confidence Lounge With Aaron Morton

Aug 12, 2014 41:15


BluePrint Your Community Guest


Aaron Morton is the founder of The Confidence Lounge, a community of ambitious introverts who want to excel in their career. He helps people create the right mindset, develop exquisite communication skills and ensure confidence is the “Default State”, all factors that make you stand out.You can find him at The Confidence Lounge.

Connect with Aaron Morton





Book Recommendation:The Mastery by Robert Greene(Affiliate)



Podcast Insider Episode #19


- The motivational beginnings of Aaron Morton shared with the Blueprint Your Career Community.


- Aaron shares how he helps professionals find and highlight their “Thinking Blind Spots and how that can actual hinder you from moving forward and create an action plan.


- What is a confidence coach and how this type of coach can help someone transitioning into another career or into entrepreneurship.


- We discuss the the concept “The Fear of Missing Out” what is it, how it becomes a problem when setting goals, the struggle that presents itself, and tips to help change your mindset.


- Some confidence concepts are discuss and the effects that they have on your overall decision making skills. The “Imposter Syndrome” is part of the discussion and how you can move past that point.


- Throughout this episode Aaron offers various tips that can help with developing your confidence in various situations. Many of those tips given in the podcast are done through visualizations exercises. A particular tactic mentioned: Thought Experiments, what it is and what needs  


- We discuss how someones environment can be affect someone level of confidence but not to confused with feelings of anxiety with is normal.


- A book recommendation is given about the process of confidence building and Aaron shares why he has chosen this particular book and why the Blueprint Community should consider adding it to their reading library.


- The programs and services that Aaron Morton can help anyone struggling with confidence to move forward is shared. Plus if you sign up for his email list you get special subscriber invitation to his group coaching.


Click here to download full audio interview!


Final Thoughts


Building our confidence is a journey and an issue many of us work on in our daily lives.The visualizations exercises mentioned in the podcast are just a few that can help. But I am interested in here from the listeners of the Blueprint Community. Do you have any tips or exercises that you use in your daily routine to help you build your confidence?



Leave a comment below, and your response along with a shout out will be an upcoming podcast episode!


How To Use Evernote In Your Business Effectively with Jason Frasca

Jul 20, 2014 35:02


Jason Frasca


He’s called the Optimizer! An Evernote consultant for individuals and business looking to get started or bend Evernote to their needs. Jason Frasca Consulting specializing in small business requiring content / marketing strategy, digitization to optimize business performance and to solve operational and business inefficiencies. He is also the author of “Evernote Success- Strategy and Tactics To Set Up A Successful Evernote Environment.”  


This interview is pack with tips and tactics for organizing and managing Evernote, so make sure to grab a pen/pad or whatever you use to take notes. Listen to the interview for this gold nugget interview!


How To Contact Jason:


Website: Jason Frasca

Twitter: @Jaymf

Google +: Jason Frasca

 Book: Evernote Success


Podcast Insider: Interview Highlights


What other programs other than Evernote can actually compete with it.

If you are new to using the Evernote program some tips were discussed on where to begin.

Jobseekers tips on what to do with job postings you want to apply to. Tips for saving a resume and cover sheets to evernote to make unique edits.

Features of Evernote that are free and what are premium features. And what features are user friendly for mobile users.

3 Evernote tactics for the solopreneur trying to use it in their business.

Jason shares one thing that he dislikes about using the program, you have to listen to hear what that is.

For the busy entrepreneur, there is insight on how long it could possibly take to learn how to effectively use Evernote.

Jason dives into ways to organize your Evernote to keep you from wasting time attempting to find your information.

In Jason’s Book “Evernote Success- Strategy and Tactics To Set Up A Successful Evernote Environment”  he provides information about what someone can expect to learn when they purchase his book.


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Every Thursday at 8pm ET I have a #LetsNetwork twitter chat. We discuss general entrepreneurial topics meanwhile sharing, learning, and engaging together!  Arrive early and stay late and bring your links and any program/service/product you would like to share with the community. Follow hashtag #LetsNetwork

Google Plus Marketing Tips and Strategies with Stephan Hovnanian

Jun 25, 2014 43:40


Google Plus Marketing Tips and Strategies with Stephan Hovnanian


Special Guest 

Stephan Hovian is the ceo of  Shovi Websites,a website design and email marketing He does everything from building  custom websites, semi-custom WordPress sites, provide hosting, website management, and email marketing services. His  company located outside Boston. The company has been in business since 2000.

Stephan is also the author of the Google Plus Pro Tip Series of ebooks, available on Kindle. If you’re looking to ramp up your Google+ skills then you definitely need to purchase them on amazon. Stephan is also the host of the google plus hangout show Googleplus Spotlight every wednesday at 12:30 pm.

Website(s):Build a Better Smarter Web Presence

Twitter:Stephan Hovnanian

Google Plus Hangout on Air: G+ Business Spotlight

Books:Google Plus Pro Tip Series

Needing Help with Google Plus Optimization (Click Here)


A Discussion About Stephan and Google Plus


- Stephan shares his unconventional  path of becoming an entrepreneur in web design.

- Is Google Plus a "Ghost Town" and why write several e-books about this network platform.

- There are four books in the Google Plus Pro Series. Stephan offers his recommendation on which book to start reading first, to help small business owners new to Google plus understand the platform.

- Why should someone starting a business or that have an existing business should be active on Google plus and what are some of the perks.

- Should entreprenuer use G+ profile page or business pages.

-Stephan goes into details about each of the Google Plus Pro Series book.

1. Google+ Pro Tips: Strategies for Posting and Sharing on Google+

2. Google+ Pro Tips: How to Bring Your Audience to Google+

3. Google+ Pro Tips: Managing Your Google+ Circles 4. Google+ Pro Tips: How to Get More Visibility on Google+


- What kinds of tools to use for managing Google Plus.

- Stephan Hovnanian shares what is next for him on his small business journey!


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Learn How To Build A Winning Social Media Audience With Cendrine Marrouat

Jun 22, 2014 44:02


Learn How To Build A Winning Social Media Audience With Cendrine Marrouat


A little about Our Guest!

Cendrine Marrouat a former English major and hold a bachelor’s degree in English-to-French translation. And she's bilingual! Originally from France but currently residing in Winnepeg, Canada.

In her 11-year career, she have done pretty much everything involving writing: teaching, translations, poetry, theatre, spoken word, reviews, blogging content curation, and journalism.

Cendrine has self-published six collections of poems, released a CD, and wrote two plays. She decision to work in social media to connect with like minded entrepreneurs. She have dedicated the last four and a half years to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs leverage the power of online relationships and become strong and trusted brands. She is now the current author of the "The Little Big eBook on Social Media Audiences: Build Yours, Keep It, and Win. All available on Amazon or her website.


How to contact Cendrine

Website:Social Media Slant

Twitter: Cendrine Marrouat

Book: The Little Big ebook on Social Media Audience: Build Yours, Keep it, and Win (Affiliate Link)


Our Discussion


- Cendrine Marrouat discusses her transition from creating poetry into social media and the process she went through.


- What is the best way to determine your audience when starting with your own business.


- How can can entrepreneurs determines who their audience is and where can they begin to find them.


- We drive into a popular topic of social listening, what is it and why it’s important to building your business brand. Cendrine shares the tools uses for social listening.


- To Facebook or not to Facebook? That is the question that is brought up and if you are wondering the same thing, listen to some concerns that were brought.


- How can someone go about building a social media community when you are just starting out in business.


- Why you need to embrace your own unique voice, when you’re on social media as a part of your business brand.


- Recommendations are offered for learning the Google plus platform and how to make the transition from Facebook and Twitter and the benefits of socializing on that platform.


- Cendrine opens up why you need to be receptive to constructive, criticism especially as an entrepreneur.

Show Mentions


Mia Voss @TheMiaConnect


#LetsNetwork Twitter Chat Every Thursday at 8pm ET


Career Spotlight - Ghost Writer



- American Grant Writing Association


- Writer’s Relief - A list of writer’s associations





- Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition, Writers and Authors, on the Internet



- How Much to Charge for Ghostwriting -Gigi Starr


What You Need To Know Before You Launch Your Business with Joellyn Sargent

Jun 10, 2014 36:09


What You Need To Know Before You Launch Your Business with Joellyn Sargent


Our Guest

Joellyn 'Joey' Sargent creates powerful momentum for business growth. As president and founder of the Claravon Consulting Group, she helps leaders align strategy, marketing and customer experience, generating breakthrough results in performance and profitability.

Joey is the author of Beyond the Launch: the practical guide to building a business that thrives. She speaks around the world and is often quoted by media like Fox Business,, and MktgProfs.

An award-winning executive and entrepreneur, Joey has worked with companies from startups to the Fortune 500, including UPS, PGi and BellSouth (now AT&T). She holds an MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Joellyn Sargent


Twitter: @JoellynSargent

Blog: JoeySargent

Book: Beyond The Launch: The Practical Guide to building a business that thrives. (Affiliate Link)


Our Discussion

- What entrepreneurs need to before they launch their business.

- We discuss the "Sticking Points" the entrepreneurs encounter and the antidotes for them.

- The importance of being focus in order to achieve business and life success.

- What are the benefits to having an advisory board and the best way to put one together and who should be included?

- How to handle the inevitable plateau that small business owners face at some point in time.


Show Shout Outs

Blair Warner - @upgrademycredit

Ashley Hill - @prepforcollege

Cendrine Marrouat - @cendrinemedia


Atlanta's Fashion Designer La Krisha Joseph-Baker Interview - From Corporate To Entrepreneur

May 7, 2014 38:37


Atlanta's Fashion Designer La Krisha Joseph-Baker Interview - From Corporate To Entrepreneur


Originally from Wichita, KS,  Lavender’s Jungle  designer La Krisha Joseph-Baker joined the Atlanta fashion scene in 2012. Lavender's Jungle is a cutting edge full figured fashion line that caters to women size 14-24.


Classically trained by her Great Grandmother, a master seamstress, she refers to her technique as "old school.


In her first year, La Krisha managed to produce 4 collections and participated in numerous fashion shows including the largest Full Figured fashion show to date, New York’s Full Figured Fashion Week. In 2013, La Krisha hit the ground running, taking Full Figured Models to places untapped in the Full Figured Industry; she directed and coordinated an underwater photo shoot for her 2013 Spring/Summer campaign entitled "Mermaid’s Paint" featuring celebrity model Kai Morae.


La Krisha may be new to the Atlanta fashion scene but she certainly is not new to the world of fashion!


La Krisha Joseph-Baker


Instagram: Lavendersjungle

Topics Discussed


- La Krisha shares her story of how  one day at work she prayed for the courage to pursue her dreams of getting back in touch with her childhood love,fashion.


- The fear of becoming an entrepreneur, and how she overcame them and stepped out on faith and pushed passed her insecurities.


- The importance of having a support system.


- La Krisha discusses how she was able to place her fashion designs in over 15 boutiques worldwide.


- What kind of  strict guidelines are needed for a fashion designer to get their designs in Macy’s department stores.


- How perseverance is the key to success and longevity in this industry.


- Three success tips La Krisha offers to someone  interested in becoming an entrepreneur, especially those interested in fashion.


-  She shares what its like working for yourself  and shares who her  dream client is. (Hint, she’s an English singer- songwriter and recently did the new James Bond theme song)


- Ways to update and improve your sewing craft and why it is important to keep current with the fashion trends.


- More advice for aspiring entrepreneurs interested in fashion industry; the importance of having a strong and smart strategy to give you a leading edge over your competition in the fashion industry.


- What’s next for La Krisha in this fashion industry


Books Mentioned

The Art of War 

Personal Branding: The Key To Successful Career Development with Ellory Wells

Apr 27, 2014 47:33


Personal Branding: The Key To Successful Career Development with Ellory Wells


“Say what you mean and mean what you say.” Also, “Do what you say you
will do”

Ellory is a personal development coach who focuses on leadership and personal branding. He has over 15 years of sales experience, and before starting his own coaching business, he spent 4 years building a $15 million
business for one of the largest IT companies in the world.

Ellory sharesthat knowledge and expertise the readers on his blog, Empowering the 80 Percent dot com, listeners to his podcast, the Empowered Podcast with Ellory Wells, and with the people he coaches.


Ellory Wells

Twitter: @Ellorywells



Topics Mentioned:


- What is Entre-Preneurship? A phrase coined by Dan Miller.

- How can someone handle the fear of finally making their career transition.


- Productivity Tip given to Ellory Wells by "The Podcast Answer Man"- Cliff Ravencraft.


- Ellory discusses the best reason to carry your cell phone, hint: It's can be used for more than making calls, texting, and emails.


- The surprise templates features that come with Ellory's personal branding e-book.


- Discount for One on One coaching with Ellory Wells


Free Gift For Listeners ONLY! (Click for more information)


Books Mentioned:

How I Raised Myself From Failure Frank Bettget

Rise: 3 Practical Steps for Advancing Your Career, Standing Out as a Leader, and Liking Your Life - Patty Azzarello


Career Spotlight:

Occupational Therapist


American Occupational Therapist Association 


Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition, Occupational Therapists,
on the Internet at





Job Hunting? In Career Transition? Then You Must Read "Hired! The Book, The Path To Employment In The Social Media Era"

Apr 15, 2014 01:03:33


Job Hunting? In Career Transition? Then You Must Read "Hired! The Path To Employment In The Social Media Era"


Jeff Sheehan holds a BBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, a M.S. in Finance from Bentley University, and a M.S. in Marketing from Georgia State University with additional training at Northwestern University and the University of Virginia. With over 30 years of high-tech global sales, marketing, and advertising experience marketing to many Fortune 500 companies.



Jeff is now a marketing consultant and job search mentor, as well as the volunteer director of the Holy Spirit Catholic Church Career Ministry in Atlanta. Jeff ranks in  the top 1% of people on LinkedIn. With over 265,000 followers on Twitter, he has been recognized by some as the #1 Marketer In The World To Follow On Twitter , #2 in Social Media, and #1 in Sales. He is also among the Top 50 People Most Retweeted in the World by Mid-Size Marketers.


He is a well known speaker in the Atlanta area on the use of of LinkedIn, Personal Branding, Social Media, and Marketing.

Jeff is  a Toastmaster (CC), volunteers extensively for multiple charities, and is an engaging and informative speaker on marketing, social media, and the use of social media in the job search. He is the co-author of the just released book: 'HIRED! Paths to Employment in the Social Media Era (


Al Smith  has been an executive for seven companies and has in excess of 35 years of management, sales, marketing, training and coaching experience. He has been a hiring manager since his early twenties.  Al’s track record of success as a multiple award-winner in five diverse industries, speaks to his innate ability to transfer skills to changing landscapes. 


He is national trainer for three companies in two industries, Al has learned from the insightful techniques of Miller-Heiman, Xerox, American Management Association, Kimberly-Clark, Systema and others. He has morphed those taught and life tested experiences combined with with an innovative, proprietary methodology that is interspersed with self-deprecating humor to make many of his points hit home.

Mr. Smith has been heard internationally via webinars, coaching classes, seminars and live speaking engagements.  He has helped in excess of 1,000 people with their job search during the past four years.  Al believes that every candidate is unique and should learn every method for finding a job because no single  method is right for everyone.  One size does not fit all.


Al is widely recognized for his creative presentations and ability to communicate complex material in readily understandable terms.  Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t know it well enough.”  If correct, few know how to help those in job transition secure new employment better than Al Smith.


A number  of these traits are on display in HIRED! Paths to Employment in the Social Media Era.   For your benefit, no stone is left un-turned.Al is Director of the Unity North Atlanta Career Ministry, volunteers extensively and is an engaging keynote speaker whose topics are numerous, entertaining and packed with insight.


Topics Discussed

We start the discussion on how long the book took to be created and why they decided to write a book like this that covers a multitude of topics relationg to job hunting, the interview process, and strategies to use. Jeff and Al go over their extensive backgrounds and share personal stories, and what motivated them to author this book. They share their knowledge and how they continue to help job seekers, and people in career transition to develop their business skills. How the website  TransitionSherpa was created. What questions people going through a career change should be asking themselves before they start job hunting. Al and Jeff shares what groups of people will benefit from the book "HIRED! Paths to Employment in the Social Media Era" A discussiong takes place about the the current job process for those currently job hunting. Strategies and Tactics on how to organize your resume for optimal results are shared in this interview. Are paid resume services really needed? Tactics for Linkedin and Twitter are discussed and how to network effectively, efficiently, and ethically. What are "Rich Keywords." How to use keywords in your resume. Jeff gives insight to how H.R. recruiters find potential employees and what you need to know to shine among a sea of applicants. Why and How you should be using word clouds to develop your resume. Questions you should be asking during your job interview and Al shares what is the most powerful question you need to know.

Tools Mentioned


WORDLE ABCYA Word Cloud (Advance)

Technical Support Specialist - Interview with Vandy Prince

Apr 9, 2014 28:56


Technical Support Specialist - Interview with Vandy Prince

I have started a new segment in Blueprint Your Career podcast called, " Career Conversations!"

The show is about when I have a one on one with a professional in a particular career and converse about the Good, The Bad, and The Aggrevating aspects of their career. We also discuss, education, skills, and pay about this career profession.


Today's guest is Vandy Prince who is a Technicaly Support Specialist originally from The Common Wealth of Dominica. We had a great time with this interview, and definitely helpful, if you're interest in this profession.


Career Discussed


Computer support specialists provides help and advice to people and organizations using computer software or equipment. Some, called computer network support specialists, support information technology (IT) employees within their organization.

Your typical work day will mainly have full-time work schedules; however, many do not work typical 9-to-5 jobs. Vandy works from 7am - 7pm with on call rotations

Education Requirements: A wide range of skills used in different computer support jobs, there are many paths into the occupation. A bachelor’s degree is required for vertical advancement into computer positions,
but an associate’s degree or postsecondary classes may be enough for others.

Pay Scale: It varies based on your location and skill experience. Range is from $10/hr - $

Technical Support Specialists Skills and job duties:

Keen people skills, customer service oriented.
Paticience is a must!
Be able to multi-task when necessary.

You will also need to;

-Pay attention to customers when they describe their computer problems.
-Ask customers questions to properly diagnose the problem.
-Walk customers through the recommended problem-solving steps.
-Set up or repair computer equipment and related devices.
-Work with new computer hardware or software, such as printers, word-processing software, and email.
-Assist users in installing software.
-Provide others in the organization with information about what gives customers the most trouble and about other concerns customers have.

Work Environment: You can work in many different industries, including information technology (IT), education, finance, healthcare, and telecommunication.

Any environment that uses technology so your options are endless!


Links For More Information

Technical Support Specialist

Career Forum on Indeed



Farnoosh Brock: Turning Your Passion Into A Career

Mar 15, 2014 47:08


"This turning deeply, towards what you love, saves you."  ~Rumi

Farnoosh Brock is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, a published author, a speaker and a business coach. She started her own media and publishing company, Prolific Living after a long corporate career. She shows professionals going through “mid-career crisis” how to move up the corporate ladder or how to leave cubicle life to start their own businesses. She also focuses on green juicing and smoothies in her health & fitness niche business.


About Farnoosh Brock









Topics Discussed


- How blogging became a passion.

- Farnoosh Brock shares how blogging transformed into a "side hustle."

- How skills you have leads can lead you to your destined path.

- Learning how to trust yourself by using proof and fact, to quiet your fears.

- What is Mind Mapping and how it can help you.

- How Farnoosh found balance within her life and how she discovered her creative genious.

- The importance of making clear priorities.

- Farnoosh Brock shares her surprising book choice.

- New book launch "Smoothie Bible"


Websites/Tools Mentioned



- Things 2

- Google Calendar (Time Management)


Career Spotlight


- Radiographer (Radiologic Technologist)


The American Registry of of Radiologic Tecnologist


Occupational Handbook


 If you enjoyed the interview, please consider giving a 5 star review on ITUNES and let me know you have by leaving a comment below. I would greatly appreciate it!






When to Consider Changing Careers with Career Coach Maggie Mistal

Mar 2, 2014 37:35



"CNN dubbed Maggie Mistal, "one of the nation's best known career coaches."

She is a certified life purpose and career coach who for seven years hosted "Making a Living with Maggie" on SIRIUSXM and now runs a monthly podcast on iTunes.

Her motivational advice of Soul Search, BEFORE Job Search has transformed the lives of her listeners and her personal coaching clients. Maggie has been featured across the media including NBC's Today Show, Fox Business, CNN, as well as The New York Times. Maggie is a Mom committed to being a great career example to her son Mercer and all women. In her spare time she created her own off-Broadway cabaret show aptly titled, “Follow Your Dreams.” Twitter: @MaggieMistal Podcast: Making A Living With Maggie


Topics Mentioned

Maggie Mistal shares why it pays to diversify you career basket. Discuss her career time with Martha Stewart. Did you know 75% of people are unahappy in their career? Maggie shares an inspiration personal story about her Mother's own career success. Soul Searching and why you need to do it. How important for your mind and heart to be aligned for your career change. A technnique Sheri Shepard shared with Maggie Mistal during their interview. The best time management tool. How saying "No" can be important to your career or business. Discuss why the best job will be the one you create. How to customize your job interview. Your special coaching discount for listening to this interview.



Resources Mentioned

Maggie Mistal - The Soul Search Workbook contains: - Over 30 pages of exercises to help the user uncover the eight core elements that make up his/her ideal career. Elements include: Interests/Passions, Motivators, Purpose,Strengths and & The Best Work Environment just to name a few. The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be- Jack Canfield (Book) Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway - Susan Jeffers (book)

Please mention you heard the podcast for special, pricing on this workbook!




Career Spotlight


A Color Consultant

Website Resource:


Sensational Color


The IACC-International Association of Color Consultants/Designers


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Jared Easley Shares Why Taking Action is Important

Feb 17, 2014 38:30


You can get everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." ~Zig Ziglar


Jared Easley is a self-described “everyday guy” who is passionate about connecting with others, communicating, leveraging new media & cultivating a community of like-minded citizens. He is married to his amazing wife Rachel & they have a beautiful daughter named Lana, and they live in South Florida - I found Jared though his podcast which I found motivational and the guest he had on the show I found myself relating to some fears I have with starting this podcast. After reaching out to congratulate him on the show and a few conversations later, I finally got the nerve to ask Jared to be on my show. 

Jared Easley Twitter: @jaredeasley 

Topics Discussed

How "Starve the Doubts" podcast came to fruition. The importance of taking the first steps to achieving your goals. Jared talks about what is a podcast and the benefits of starting your own or listening to podcast. Why you should communicate your goals. Which social media network is best for networking.

Resources Mentioned Pressgram - A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life (Book)


Career Spotlight

Video Game Tester (Quality Assurance, tester) - has a directory of employers and articles - job listings and a game tester career description

Tip: Please do not "Pay to Play" when inquiring about QA gamer position. Don't sign up for any one time membership fee to get a job.

Lorane Gordon Share With You, Happiness Your Way!

Feb 2, 2014 27:15


“A person Who Appreciates ‘What Is'  Is A Happy Person."  


Inspirationalist Lorane Gordon, a major manifester herself and an expert in the field of Law of Attraction and Present Moment Awareness is once again bringing her dynamic, loving and inspirational teachings to the world.

Lorane Gordon is a wife, a mother, a teacher and a seeker. Since the age of thirteen, she has traveled the world studying and meditating with enlightened masters. She made the transition from “seeker” to “finder” when she realized that all spiritual paths lead to the present moment: NOW.

After a 10 year period of reevaluating her message, she has burst back on to the scene stronger than ever. Lorane gives you the tools you need to manifest the life of your dreams and to live in joy in the only moment there is, the present moment.


In This Episode:

Lorane Gordon discusses how happiness can be a major factor to your overall success in life and your career. She shares how being a life coach has been a life long journey and one she continues to be excited about daily. Manifestation skills are discussed, along with steps to changing your mindset. Lorane also shares with us the  laws of attraction and how someone beliefs prevents them from moving forward in their professional career or from being an entrepreneur.


Mentioned Resources:

Free 5 min guided meditation mp3

Laws of Attraction-Affirmations http://Laws of Attraction -Affirmation. with R.J. Banks Michele Penn - Peace in the Present Moment (Book)


Where you can find Lorane Gordon:


Career Spotlight:

Mystery Shopper



Interview with Oh So Pinteresting's Cynthia Sanchez -From Nursing to Entrepreneur!

Feb 2, 2014 47:13


“Why Not Go Out On A Limb, That’s Where The Fruit Is!”

Cynthia Sanchez is the founder and CEO of Oh So Pinteresting. She and her team work with businesses to create and implement Pinterest and social media solutions. Her clients range from companies in the sports apparel industry to Beverly Hills jewelers. She is a national speaker, writer and podcaster and has been featured in Social Media Examiner and Entrepreneur as a leading Pinterest expert.

Prior to her venture in social media, she worked as a registered radiation oncology nurse. With her background in the medical field, she brings a holistic approach to social media planning and strategy. She is a graduate of Baylor University and resides with her family in Fort Worth, Texas.

On this Episode:

Cynthia Sanchez shares about her career transition from being oncology nurse to entrepreneur. Cynthia discusses how her passion for Pinterest  propelled her forward into the world of social media, and become an opportunity to a new professional career. She tells her story about her journey, her fears, and her success and offers steps, so that you can do it too!

Resources Mentioned:

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by Eker, T. Harv  

How to find Cynthia Sanchez:


Twitter: @OSPInteresting

Career Spotlight

Personal Assistant

Website Resource:

CEO Mark Babbitt, Father, Entreprenuer and Mentor Shares His Thoughts About Networking,Finding Mentors and Developing Your Personal Skills

Jan 21, 2014 40:25


Mark Babbitt is CEO of YouTern, a community that enables young talent to become highly employable by

connecting them to high-impact internships, mentors and contemporary career advice. YouTern’s advocacy

of mentor-based career development and self-learning – as well as its work with companies building engaging

company cultures that attract Millennial talent – has received national attention:

• Mashable calls YouTern a “Top 5 Online Community for Starting Your Career”

• Forbes named the start-up a “Top Website for Your Career” in 2012 and 2013

• In 2013, listed YouTern a Top 5 finalist for “Best Career Blog” and “Best Job Site for Students”

Mark is a keynote speaker, author and blogger who contributes to The Huffington Post, Bloomberg News and Mark’s upcoming books include:

• “A World Gone Social: How Business Must Adapt to Survive” with Ted Coine | AMACOM | July 2014

• “The Ultimate Guide to Internships (and Making Your College Years Matter Again)” | Allworth Publishing

New York | Sept 2014

On this podcast episode we discuss:

The kind of skills someone should you work on developing and how.

The power of networking.

What social media is best for you.

How Yourtern can help people of all ages find a mentor.

Advice on ways to transition into your career or entreprenuership.

Websites to Check Out

Twitter: @youternmark

Email -


Career Spotlight

Transcription transcription job listings medical transcription careers

Alexis Lior shares how a power statement and positive affirmations is the key to success

Jan 13, 2014 40:47


"Today is a great day to live the beauty of your dreams"

Alexis Lior discusses how you can be F.R.E.E. and the positive effect of having a power statement as well as using positive affirmations, which can help you with becoming more successful in your your career transition.

Alexis Lior is Certified Success and Excellence Life Coach. With ten years of experience as a developmental trainer and career advisor in the public and private sector she has developed workshops, created resourceful tools and written a book for the advancement of trainees and clients. Her approach is practical, realistic, and results-driven leading to the ultimate goal of living a passionate, purpose-driven and empowered life.

Website Resources

Alexis Lior  FLOW Ink, LLC "Live New, Live F.R.E.E" Website: Visit her website and sign up for her free 20 minutes consultations, and let her know you read about it from BluePrint Your Career Podcast!

3 Thing You Should Consider Before Signing Up for an Ultrasound/Sonography Program.

Dec 23, 2013 24:18


Episode 3 - BluePrint Your Career Podcast

Today's show has a Career Spotlight  which highlights the profession of a Body Painter.

Discuss topics such as:

-Working Enviroments

-Employment opportunities



-Skills required

Topic: 3 Thing You Should Consider Before Signing Up for an Ultrasound/Sonography Program.

1. What type of school should you sign up with, when considering a sonography program?

2. Discuss the importance of Networking.

3. Not choosing a program base on how long it takes to complete.


1. site for determining schools who sonography program is accredited.

2. information about the type of specialties within sonography and qualification requirements.

3. more informatio about sonograpy and songrapers as well as news in ultrasound.

Product Safety and Regulatory Analyst Interview with Ashley Hill

Nov 28, 2013 27:59


Are you interest in a career as a Product Safety and Regulatory Analyst? Maybe you’re not quite sure what job skills and education is required for this career profession. In this interview with Ashley Hill we discussed the following:

Overview about a product safety and regulations analyst.

What kind of classes or program needed for this career?

What is the best part of this job?

What part of the job that can be difficult and frustrating?

What is a realistic salary expectation straight out of school?

What kind of skills needed for this profession?

What are the typical works hours?

What are some actionable steps to take for those interested in this career straight out of high school vs. career change?

How to find a mentor in this field?

What advice to offer someone who is interested in this career?

What social media platform is best for finding a job in this field.

How to reach Ashley HIll?

Website Resource

The Regulatory Affairs Professional Organization -

Contact Ashley Hill  - @prepforcollege

BluePrint Your Career with Angela Hemans- Introductions Episode 1

Nov 13, 2013 09:59


I would like to welcome and thank your for visiting Blueprint Your Career podcast. My goal with this podcast is to help you find the right career and offer motivation to help you obtain your career goals. I will do that by talking to people in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medical careers. Interviewing career and motivational experts. I hope to provide continuous awareness of the various careers that exist, both the most popular and the unknown.

If you are interested in a hearing about a particular career within the science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or medical careers or know someone who would like to be interviewed, please write to me at feedback@blueprintyourcareer.