Jez Ford & Bruce Jenner

__B'Jezus cocktail lounge

Sydney's finest musical duo perform a new song every week (or two) with some light-hearted banter to tickle your lobes
__B'Jezus cocktail lounge


Free flow music and motions



B'Jezus 19 The Grand CD Launch pt 3

Sep 28, 2008


Candles + beer + friends = BJ's BIRTHDAY! Stew visits as the boys celebrate with pt 3 of the Manly Boatshed gig

B'Jezus 20 INTERLUDE (Round)

Jul 17, 2007


Classic poddage interlude as the boys reinterpret their classic 'Round'

B'Jezus 18 The Grand CD Launch pt 2

Apr 13, 2007


Cheers, beers and the second part of the boys' new legendary Manly Boatshed set, topped and tailed by the usual drivel delivered from high above Sydney harbour

B'Jezus 17 The Grand CD Launch Podcast pt 1

Mar 16, 2007


Live from The Old Manly Boatshed, the boys introduce part one of their star-studded CD launch party

B'Jezus 16 Christmas Poddage

Mar 16, 2007


Rejoice rejoice, the prodigal podcast returns - with Santa vs the Angels over six rounds of tasty cocktails, PLUS moths sucking the tears of sleeping birds...

B'JEZUS 15 Interrupted (SUNSHINE)

Aug 11, 2006


Power down, laptop down. But the boys are back on the Pod.

B'Jezus 14 'Bad Boy' (LOVE POLICE)

Jun 17, 2006


New colours, Narnia, live tinkling - and a 2004 B'JEZUS CLASSIC performed live in Sydney...

B'Jezus Cocktail Lounge 13 'Buddha' (WALK INTO THE SUN)

May 25, 2006


Sorry for the long gap - busy mastering the new CD!
This week: Isaac arrives, Jez loses it, more guff, and the never-to-be-heard-again Penguin song

B'Jezus 12 - 12 Monkeys (KANGAROO ST)

Apr 24, 2006


'12 Monkeys' - the word game not the movie. TWO songs this week and some complete drivel as prelude.

B'Jezus Cocktail Lounge UNPLUGGED

Apr 9, 2006


The piano's out tonight, so it's live tinkling from the lads high above the lights of Sydney Harbour

B'Jezus 'X' Cocktail Lounge (LIFE)

Mar 17, 2006


Chat, orgies and Wombles in a strange rambling Cocktail Lounge

B'Jezus Reunion Podcast (NOTHING AFTER ALL)

Mar 7, 2006


The clink of bots as B'Jezus return to the pod.

B'Jezus Solo Pod (GO FOR THAT)

Feb 8, 2006


With BJ away, Jez confuses all by starting with the end of last week's podcast

B'Jezus Australia Day Podcast (TELL ME WHY)

Jan 29, 2006


Can chickpeas have cousins? (and other vital conjecture, together with a B'Jezus archive classic)

B'Jezus 6 Conspiracies (ROUND)

Jan 15, 2006


Parental guidance advised as Stew arrives for Conspiracy Corner, plus your chance to name a B'Jezus track!

B'Jezus New Year Podcast (VEGAS)

Jan 7, 2006


Fireworks, B'Jezus banter, and 'Vegas' premier

B'Jezus Christmas Cocktail Lounge - PERFECT MOMENT

Dec 23, 2005


Sleighbells and beer bottles ring out as B'Jezus indulge in the Christmas spirit

B'Jezus Podcast 2 (no. 3) SAVE IT FOR ANOTHER DAY

Dec 16, 2005


Mumbles, fireworks over Sydney, and a new song

It's the Fascinating Rhythm of the Big B'Jezus (SUNSHINE)

Dec 10, 2005


The premier of 'Sunshine', plus thrilling revelations about Beatrix Potter.

Kangaroo Street

Dec 6, 2005


B'Jezus - Kangaroo Street

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and enjoy the fascinating rhythms of the big B'Jezus...

The B'Jezus cocktail lounge

Dec 6, 2005


Drinks will be served shortly at this new podcast featuring Sydney's finest duo, B'Jezus.

Every week (or two) you'll find a new original song, introduced by the performers themselves while enjoying a balmy Wednesday evening's drinkies overlooking the blue waters of Sydney Harbour.