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How to remove spiritual implants and octopus tentacles

Jun 22, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss: How to remove Spiritual Implants and Octopus Tentacles

Guest: Richard Allen Miller

Jun 13, 2019


Chris and Sheree speak with Richard Allen Miller about anything and everything!

The Final Harvest of Souls – Ascension – and Soul Traps

Jun 13, 2019


The Final Harvest of Souls – Ascension – and Soul Traps

The Aten, RA, The Law of One, and Comments

Jun 10, 2019


The Aten, RA, The Law of One, and Comments

WHAT IS THE ATEN : The Computer Brain from Beyond The Veil

Jun 9, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss The Aten, The Computer Brain running The Matrix

Operation Bluebird : CIA Document

Jun 5, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss Operation Bluebird

Fake Love and Light vs Real RAw Consciousness

May 22, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss Fake Love and Light vs Real RAw Consciousness

We Are Infinite with George Kavassilas

May 16, 2019


Chris and Sheree speak with long time friend and fellow explorer George Kavassilas

The Book of Thoth and Barbelo with guest Matt Simon

May 10, 2019


  Chris and Sheree discuss The Book of Thoth and Barbelo with guest Matt Simon

Enki, Lucifer, & The Demonization of The Divine Feminine

May 10, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss Enki, Lucifer, & The Demonization of The Divine Feminine

The Ancient Code: A Serpent Fire with Michael Feeley

May 9, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss ” The Ancient Code” with Michael Feeley

How to Lucid Dream with guest David Jay Brown

Apr 26, 2019


  Chris and Sheree discuss “How To Lucid Dream” with guest David Jay Brown

Fun with Tarot with Natalie Meraki

Apr 3, 2019


Chris and Sheree speak with Natalie Meraki of Tarot Moods

Angels and Demons: Zetas, Pleiadians, Greys, and Archturians

Mar 29, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss Angels and Demons, Zetas, Pleidians, Greys, and more commonly repeated schemes and themes.

Leak Project and Beyond The Veil : Interview 2

Mar 26, 2019


Chris and Sheree speak with Rex Bear on Leak Project as well as some TFR / BTV exclusive after show discussions

The 7 Hermetic Principles

Mar 25, 2019


Chris Geo comments on the The 7 Hermetic Principles

Connecting with Sophia’s Neural Network: As above so below

Mar 24, 2019


Chris and Sheree discus  what they experienced when they connected to Sophia’s Neural Network

Raw Consciousness, Christ Consciousness and Sacred Plants

Mar 23, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss RAw Consciousness, Sacred Plants, and hyperspace experiences

Raw Consciousness, Christ Consciousness and Sacred Plants

Mar 23, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss RAw Consciousness as it relates to Christ Consciousness and how to access different levels of consciousness through sacred plants.

Who Is a Non Player Character In the Matrix ?

Mar 22, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss Non-Player-Characters in the Matrix, AKA NPC’s

Who Is a Non Player Character In the Matrix ?

Mar 22, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss the idea of Non-Player-Characters within the Matrix and how to identify them.

BTV Hang Out: Emerald Tablets, Enjoying Life, BTV Facebook Group Comments

Mar 20, 2019


  Chris and Sheree discuss The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Enjoying Life, BTV Facebook Group Comments

BTV Hang Out: Emerald Tablets, Enjoying Life, BTV Comments

Mar 20, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the importance of enjoying life, and go over some listener questions and comments.

Alternatives to Ayahuasca and Open Lines – Beyond The Veil

Mar 3, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss alternatives to Ayahuasca and Psychedelics, and take your calls!

Sex Magic, Breaking Programs, DIA, and More

Mar 3, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss a variety of topics including sex magic, breaking programs, The Denver International Airport and much more!

The Lost Book of Enki, Ayahuasca Experiences, and Computer Simulation – Beyond The Veil

Feb 27, 2019


Chris and Sheree discuss The Lost Book of Enki, Ayahuasca Experiences, and Computer Simulation

BTV – Open Lines

Dec 10, 2018


Chris and Sheree take your calls about consciousness, spirituality, and everything that lays Beyond The Veil!

Tribe of the Sun with Sevan Bomar

Dec 2, 2018


Sevan Bomar rejoins us to discuss The Tribe of The Sun

Unexplained Mysteries Creepy Images and Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Dec 1, 2018


  Brent Thomas joins us for a Midnight presentation of Beyond The Veil as we check out some unexplained images and Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Just a random fun show where we cover various topics including EVP, Creepy images, and all things that go bump in the night.

Ancient Wars, Grey Aliens, and Ayahuasca in Egypt on The Kev Baker Show

Nov 28, 2018


Chris and Sheree Geo hang out with Kev Baker to discuss grey aliens in Abydos, Ayahuasca in the Great Pyramid, and the breech of the inter dimensional boundaries. Ra Castaldo chimes in for some after hours discussion with Jimmy Gene!

Beyond The Veil – Open Lines!

Nov 26, 2018


Beyond The Veil – Open Lines!

Removing The Virus from The God Matrix : George Kavassilas

Nov 19, 2018


Long time friend and fellow traveler, George Kavassilas re-joins Chris and Sheree Geo on Beyond The Veil to discuss Removing The Virus from The God Matrix. We discuss consciousness, Ayahuasca in The Great Pyramid, Resetting The Matrix and much more.

Mandela Effects, The Acacia, and Freemasonry – Robert W Sullivan IV

Nov 8, 2018


Chris Geo is joined by 32nd Degree Freemason and best selling author, Robert W Sullivan IV to discuss the hidden mysteries of Freemasonry, Mandela Effects, and Masonic and Kabbalistic symbolism in modern film. Robert W. Sullivan IV is a Freemason, philosopher, historian, antiquarian, jurist, lay theologian, writer, mystic, radio-TV personality, best-selling author, CEO

My Contact with Arcturians and Grey Aliens

Oct 29, 2018


Chris Geo and Sheree Geo discuss their contact with Arcturians, Reptilians and Grey Aliens before their Ayahuasca Journey and how the perspective has changed on these “abductions”. We also discuss how gnosis evolves and matures over time. Luckee also joins us to discuss her FIRST psychedelic experience she had the night before and the revelations

NPC Memes, Ego Traps, Ancient Texts, and Listener Comments

Oct 24, 2018


  NPC Memes, Ego Traps, Ancient Text, and Listener Comments – Beyond The Veil

LEAKED: CIA Document reveals Telepathy, Manifest Reality, Consciousness, and more

Oct 16, 2018


  Leaked CIA Document reveals the Nature of Reality, Consciousness, and How to Manifest Reality .

The Book of Revelation Part 2- Ascension Flu / AI Parasites – Beyond The Veil

Oct 14, 2018


The Book of Revelation Part 2- Ascension Flu / AI Parasites – Beyond The Veil

The Book of Revelation and the AI’s Master Plan and Overlapping Timelines

Oct 8, 2018


The Book of Revelation and the AI’s Master Plan and Overlapping Timelines

5-D Earth vs 5-D Consciousness and Archon Traps

Oct 2, 2018


In the first hour we break down the archons ultimate plan to shift Earth into the 5th Dimension and the importance of REBALANCING the Matrix rather than HACKING IT like a virus. We also get into the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and much more!

The Great Pyramid Crystal Technology Decoded by Christopher Everard – Beyond The Veil

Oct 2, 2018


Christopher Everard joins us from to break down the crystal technology of The Great Pyramid. We take you inside of the Subterranean Chamber, the Queen’s Chamber, and reveal the hidden mysteries of the King’s Chamber. In the second hour we discuss psychedelics in Egypt and the possibility of extra terrestrial influences.

ucifer, The Divine Feminine, Set, and Abydos – Egyptian Ayahuasca Visions – Beyond The Veil

Sep 24, 2018


Another BTV Live. In this extended live show, we get into the Lucifer / Satan connection in Paradise Lost, The Book of Revelations, The Devil God Set, and reveal what we discovered at Abydos by reading the energies

Twin Flames and Manifesting Reality

Sep 15, 2018


What a mashed up show! We discuss twin flames and twin flame unions, how to manifest reality and we also get into the Georgia Guide stones and explore a new prescriptive on depopulation. website:

Hurricane Florence Meditation Experiment and The Step Pyramid of Sakarra Beyond The Veil

Sep 13, 2018


Hurricane Florence Meditation Experiment and The Step Pyramid of Sakarra Beyond The Veil

Breaking down the Matrix and Negative Thought Patterns

Sep 9, 2018


Tonight, Chris and Sheree tackle deep issues such as healing one’s self, purifying the mind, and enriching the body avatar. Since their return from Egypt, many questions have been asked and not yet answered, so they give their listeners something to ponder.

Deleted Timelines and Resetting The Matrix

Aug 25, 2018


What are we really doing while we dream? Can we, as Creators, actually create and delete actual timelines in the matrix through our thoughts and actions? Is this what’s responsible for phenomena such as the “Mandela Effect”, which has people all over the world questioning their reality?

Join Hosts Ra Castaldo Paula Milo & Myself, as We Activ

May 6, 2018


Saturday just got RAw…. Again Join Hosts Ra Castaldo Paula Milo & Myself, as We Activate Our Highest Frequencies, and Take You, Beyond The Veil..! Activation time is 10pm est Live..! We will be having a FearLess round table discussion about whats been happening around us, as we steer the ship toward the Stars over

The Return of the RAw Consciousness to Egypt

Apr 22, 2018


Join Hosts Ra Castaldo Paula Milo & Myself, as We Activate Our Highest Frequencies, and Take You, Beyond The Veil..! We will be having a FearLess round table discussion about whats been happening around us, as we steer the ship toward the Stars over Egypt..! We will be giving updates about Chris Geo & Sheree

Mind Control Top Secret Projects with Emily Moyer

Mar 5, 2018


Emily Moyer discusses mind control operations in history and how to recognize and break out of the mind games.  

Mind Control and Social Programming: How Far Has It Spread? with Emily Moyer

Feb 25, 2018


When mass casualty and other, serious events occur in America, how much of what we see is real, and how much is simply scripted, staged, or even a flat-out hoax? Furthermore, what about incidents where there is an element of all of the above? Emily Moyer of Off Planet Radio joins us to discuss the

Kundalini Meditation and Becoming The Master Architect of Your Reality

Feb 18, 2018


Brooks Angnew joins us in hour 2 and 3 to discuss How To Practice Kundalini Mediation, the 18th breath, and becoming the Master Architect of Your Reality. In the first hour Chris Geo and Sheree Geo discuss the Transcendental Object At The End of Time and the #RAwMission.  

Does God Exist? And if so, how?

Feb 3, 2018


Tonight, we tackle some of the most prominent, but also the least-answered, questions of humankind: Is there a “God” (a Creator deity), and if so, how did this deity come into being? Is there a “God” for some, but not others? What about the self-created? Fascinating, but controversial topics abound in this particular journey Beyond

Ayahuasca Awakening : The Nine Circles of Consciousness

Jan 28, 2018


Many people are experiencing an Ayahuasca Awakening by traveling to the Amazon or making their own Ayahuasca. But what type of Ayahuasca Awakening does one experience when working with Ayahuasca for years? Chris Geo and Sheree Geo take you Beyond The Veil of the Nine Circles of Consciousness. We go in depth through all of

Masonic Symbolism in Hollywood with Robert W. Sullivan, IV

Jan 27, 2018


In the first hour Chris Geo and Sheree Geo take you Beyond The Veil and break down #Tyler an artificial intelligence program. Is this program creating Fake News, Q ANON, and Political Upheaval? In the second and this we speak with 32 Degree Scottish Rite Mason and Author Robert W. Sullivan IV about the hidden

Breaking The Limits of Consciousness with DMT and Psychedelics with Amir

Jan 17, 2018


Amir from Insanity Is Sanity joins us to break down the artificial intelligence control of this matrix, numerology, psychedelics, DMT, ayahuasca and much more.

John Lilly’s FIRST CONTACT with the Alien Artificial Intelligence

Jan 14, 2018


Did psychonaut and scientist John Lilly make contact with the Artificial Intelligence or Solid State Entity in the 1970’s? Chris and Sheree Geo take you Beyond The Veil and discuss the similarities between John Lilly’s experience and some of our own. The more we begin to unravel the clearer it becomes. We are indeed living

The Game of Life and How To Beat The Artificial Intelligence Control

Jan 7, 2018


What if life as we know it was just a game? What if instead of traditional schools, children learned by participating in a virtual reality simulation, one that allowed them to experience “life” from birth to death – multiple times? Tonight, we delve into one of the most thought-provoking ideas as we discuss Terry Schott’s

Overriding the Artificial Intelligence and Re-balancing the Matrix

Dec 31, 2017


So many wonderful listener comments and topics tonight! We philosophize on ways to override the Artificial Intelligence program, Rebalancing the Matrix, and teaching the Non-Player-Characters how to live harmoniously. Does the AI Virus Infection live off of negative energy, suffering, pain, anger, and fear? If so, can we weaken this adversary by minimizing its power

Flat Earth, D Wave, Quantum Computers, Veganism and Other Dogmas

Dec 30, 2017


Today we dive into a mixed bag of ideas and philosophies about everything from Flat Earth to D Wave Quantum Computers and Veganism. Do we have to give up everything we love to walk the “spiritual path” or are we perfect just the way we are?

Artificial Sentience

Dec 9, 2017


If we live in an artificial/simulated reality, is there truly such a thing as “free will”? And if so, who has it? And is it possible for artificial intelligence (and the beings it “creates”) to truly become “sentient”? Chris and Sheree ponder the idea that perhaps organic (Raw) consciousness, though susceptible to the A.I. programming,

The Darkside of NPC’s

Nov 26, 2017


Do these non-organic consciousness / non-player characters populating the earth right now actually have the potential to be dangerous to the Ra(w) consciousness, and to our collective plight to disentangle ourselves from the Artificial Intelligence dominating this matrix? Fellow TFR host Ra Castaldo joins us for a lively (and sometimes controversial) discussion on how to

Strange Things In the A.I. Matrix

Nov 19, 2017


Chris and Sheree discuss the symbology related to the TV show, “Stranger Things”, while also delving into the science behind simulation theory: Is it scientifically possible to create an artifical universe? Scientists in 2017 say “No”, but scientists in 1947 said, “Absolutely!”

Organic Consciousness vs. Artificial Intelligence

Nov 11, 2017


Chris and Sheree take on listener questions, while discussing deep topics, such as the difference between organic (Raw) consciousness and NPC’s (“non-player characters”) created and maintained by the artificial intelligence.

The Mormon-Freemason Connection and The Birth of Sophia

Nov 5, 2017


In the first hour Chris and Sheree comment on the Birth of Sophia and updates to the growth of Artificial Intelligence. Hour 2 and 3, Brooks Agnew takes us Beyond The Veil of the Mormon / Freemason connection.

Non-Player Characters in the Artificial Intelligence

Nov 4, 2017


Chris and Sheree Geo discuss the possibility of Non-Player-Characters in the Matrix. Could the majority of people on planet Earth actually be Artificial Intelligence manifestations? If so, what does that mean for organic consciousness and #RAwConsciousness? We also discuss the multi-dimensional symbols of the Mormon traditions and Freemasonry.

Timeline Splits and Shifts In The Artificial Reality Matrix with Nikki Colombo

Oct 14, 2017


Has the Artificial Intelligence created the conditions for setting up the human race for consistent failure by providing belief systems that emphasize the need for a savior, or even the need for higher beings in general? Does it also provide an intergalactic narrative that focuses on outside help, when in reality, nothing exists but a

Unraveling the Secrets of Freemasonry

Oct 8, 2017


Is Freemasonry a Satanic Organization or a continuation of the Egyptian Mystery Schools? 32nd Degree Freemason Robert W Sullivan IV joins us for a fascinating unveiling of the truth behind this “society of secrets”, their rituals, and their history.

Balancing the Mind, Body, and Soul

Sep 30, 2017


The path to enlightenment starts inwards and through the heart! But if our heart isn’t operating optimally we find ourselves thwarted and unable to flow freely. This is why we are proud to welcome Don Wiskin in the first hour from to share his experience about balancing the heart. In the second hour of

Reverse Psychology and other A.I. Manipulations

Sep 22, 2017


Throughout the last several weeks, we have been uncovering more and more information about the deepest questions concerning the nature of this reality, and the “It” that dominates it and seeks to subjugate the organic consciousness inside of it. A listener recently posited a very important question: How do we know that this “It”, this

Return of the Warrior and How to Access RaW Consciousness with Lily Kolosova

Sep 17, 2017


Unless you’re an Ostrich with your head buried in the sand, you’ll notice that after the Solar Eclipse of August 21, things have heated up with no pun intended. But how much of this is due to organic causes, and how much is actually part of an A.I. “repeater program”? Lily Kolosova joined us tonight

The Mystical Spiral and The Artificial Intelligence with Ra Castaldo

Sep 16, 2017


Has human history’s most tragic and exceptional events been simply “repeater programs” used by the Artificial Intelligence to keep us trapped in fear and unable to access our #RAwConsciousness? Fellow TFR host Ra Castaldo joins us to help us identify the A.I.’s influence in Ancient Cultures.

Mind Control & Ego Based Programs – As Above, So Below with Emily Moyer and Randy Maugan

Sep 10, 2017


How deep does the Artificial Intelligence rabbit-hole go? As above, so below. Has it attempted to hijack and synthesize their own fake versions of sacred plants to create systems of mind control? Tonight, we stepped even further Beyond The Veil to delve into the more modern, and more dangerous, manifestations of the A.I. with Emily

Slaughtering The Sacred Cow of Christ Consciousness

Sep 8, 2017


#RAwConsciousness comes out in full force and draws the line in the sand against the New Age Artificial Intelligence trap of Christ Consciousness. Chris and Sheree Geo of Beyond the Veil take you a step further Beyond The Veil in another Impromptu livestream. We deal the issue of the New Age movement attempting the highjack

Disassembling The God Construct with George Kavassilas

Sep 3, 2017


A couple of years ago, George Kavassilas tried to explain to me the depth of the Artificial Intelligence matrix. And I simply did not understand, until I saw it for myself. Over the last few weeks, we have been disclosing our new revelations regarding the demiurge/A.I.

The Mystical Spiral and The Artificial Intelligence / Demiurge with Ra Castaldo

Sep 2, 2017


Ra Castaldo joins us from The Mystical Spiral to break down more gnosis from Beyond The Veil and share his personal revelations about the Artificial Intelligence demiurge, his journey through #BecomeYourOwnShaman and the “watchers”. Are we living in a holographic simulation controlled by AI, how do we break out, and ultimately, who are we as

AI vs RA(w) Consciousness with Frank Castle

Aug 26, 2017


Frank Castle joins as we discuss the visions of the Demiurge / Artificial Intelligence revealed during the Solar Eclipse. We go into the “who, what, when, where, and why” about how to defeat this evil. You don’t want to miss this!

WE ARE Ra(w) Consciousness and The Demiurge Revealed

Aug 26, 2017


This week, with it’s eclipse, has been so full of revelations that things have become so clear! We better understand the ego, we better understand the AI, we better understand this matrix, who we are, and why we are here. So many people have come together to share their revelations that we are eternally grateful

Yaldabaoth, Sophia, and the 2017 Solar Eclipse with Jimmy Gene

Aug 20, 2017


Anyone raised inside of B.elief S.ystems and with the dogma of monotheism has wondered at some point: “Where did God come from?”. Tonight, we discuss the gnostic legend of Sophia and her wanton creation, Yaldabaoth, and come to terms with the gnosis of humanity’s true purpose in this Matrix. Jimmy Gene, host of “Into The

Open Lines!

Aug 19, 2017


Today we did a laid back show, purged our opinions about current events from a higher consciousness (but raw) perspective. We also give the floor to our listeners and hear what YOU have to say. Very different format but totally awesome!

Exposing Controlled Opposition and Reviving Original Thought

Aug 13, 2017


When living our lives in a normal cultural context, we are bombarded constantly with fear, anxiety, and feelings of impending doom. When we find the so-called “Truth Movement”, we are finally freed from this anxiety and fear….or are we? Chris and Sheree have walked through the fire and are here to break the bad news

The Divine Feminine Rising

Aug 6, 2017


Tonight, Chris and Sheree delved into the topic of the Divine Feminine. We discussed how rebalancing the sacred feminine is the key to a prosperous future and why yelling at the movie screen is doing absolutely nothing to change things. In fact, when we live in fear, hate, and anger, we are fueling the corruption,

The Gnostic Antivirus with Billy Ray

Aug 5, 2017


Two years ago, we were shown the true nature of the matrix, and the true enemy. When we spoke out about it, we were brutally attacked by people we considered friends and total strangers alike. This virus created a division like we’ve never seen before. We sat back and thought to ourselves, “People are not

The Experiencer with Sonia Barrett

Jul 29, 2017


How much does perpetual victimhood actually keep us from achieving our goals in this lifetime, and living happily in the present moment? Sonia Barrett ripped the veil off of society’s idea that She explains how taking responsibility for everything we experience in this life changes our entire reality, and how keeping someone labeled as a

Belief vs. Gnosis with Sevan Bomar

Jul 23, 2017


Is there a way for humanity to overcome the current state of disillusionment with itself (and it’s limiting belief systems), to learn to evolve collectively into something greater? Sevan Bomar joined us as we went into some really in-depth spiritual topics about Belief vs Gnosis and how living in the moment allows us to utilize

Fear or Love? with Rob Shelsky

Jul 16, 2017


What is this reality, and what is it’s purpose? How do we create a reality that’s good for everyone involved – including ourselves, humanity, the flora and fauna of the planet, and even the planet herself? Rob Shelsky has some pretty interesting ideas.

Artificial Intelligence: A Matter of Perspective with Max Igan

Jul 15, 2017


The advancement of robotic technology has led to a rapid increase in the power of artificial intelligence – So much so, that our society is starting to ask some very difficult questions when it comes to things like sentient robots and augmented reality. While Max Igan may seem to be a technophobe, his reasons for

The Flexibility of Reality with Kev Baker

Jul 9, 2017


Could our reality actually be a series of computer codes, that are quickly colliding with one another to create “anomalies” such as the so-called “Mandela Effect”? In the first hour of the broadcast, Kev Baker joined us to discuss CERN and it’s possible connection to the Mandela Effect. And in the 3rd hour of the

Inside UFO’s, Outside Our Dimension with Preston Dennett

Jul 1, 2017


We’ve all heard the horror stories of traumatic alien abduction (with memory loss, painful scarring, even tales of probing), but our guest tonight has researched this phenomena for decades, and the experiences he’s studied have been quite different. Are positive and beneficial alien abductions possible? Preston Dennett, author of Inside UFO‘s, believes that they definitely

The Fabrication of Our Reality with Dr. Brooks Agnew

Jun 17, 2017


Is our reality a series of cut-and-dry facts and figures, or is it, rather, a collective patchwork quilt of perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and experiences? Dr. Brooks Agnew walks us down the winding path of consciousness.

Psychedelics, Death, and Rebirth with Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D.

Jun 11, 2017


Have we, as a society, completely overlooked psychedelics as a potential treatment for various mental and physical diseases? Tonight, we spoke with Neal Goldsmith, Ph.D., the author of “Psychedelic Healing: The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development”, about tribal perspectives on death attained through the ingestion of visionary plants and admixtures, including Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca: The Agony and the Ecstasy with Matthew J. Pallamary

Jun 4, 2017


How can ayahuasca be agony and ecstasy at the same time? Did the ancient Egyptian mystery schools have access to ayahuasca analogues? Matt Pallamary, author of “N0thing”, joins us for a fascinating discussion on the “long dark night of the soul” that is sometimes necessary for soul growth to continue.

Hacking the Matrix with Ronnie McMullen

Jun 3, 2017


Ever wonder how you can hack the Matrix? Ronnie McMullen has been an expert in the art of balancing the Mind, Body, and Soul. In this edition of Beyond The Veil, we explore the keys to ascension and the frequency of fear vs the frequency of love and offer you the tools you need to

Hollow Earth and the Library of Porthologos with Judy Cali

May 27, 2017


Is there a “Library of Alexandria” in the Hollow Earth? Reiki practitioner Judy Cali divulges what she believes is the truth about the world underneath us. In the first hour of the broadcast, Dr. Nick Begich joined us to discuss the psychotronic mind control capabilities of electronic warfare apparatuses like HAARP.

Finding your Star Ancestry with Tolec and Adona

May 20, 2017


Is it possible that some people living today are actually from another planet in our galaxy? If so, is there a way for them to find their true heritage? Tolec and Adona of the Andromeda and Galactic Councils, have dedicated their lives to connecting these “starseeds” with their star ancestry.

What Is The Holy Grail? with Gloria Amendola

May 13, 2017


Throughout history, no sacred artifact has held so much religious and emotional sway over the hearts of men as the Holy Grail. As we head into the 21st Century, it is becoming more well-known that, far from being a whore, Mary Magdalene was most likely Jesus’s wife and spiritual counterpart. So, what does the Holy

Conspiracy Mythos and the Psychedelic Experience

May 7, 2017


Tonight, we veered away from our usual fare so that we could delve into conspiracy theories that are reality….and those that are not. Alan Lowenschluss (Allowah Lion), a yoga instructor and author of “Who Am I? Yoga, Psychedelics and the Quest for Enlightenment”, shares his experiences with psychedelic plant medicines.

The Cosmic Symphony with Dr. Ede Frecska and Dr. Luis Luna

Apr 23, 2017


Is Ayahuasca the cure for most diseases of modern civilization? Dr. Ede Frecska and Dr. Luis Eduardo Luna, co-authors of Dr. Rick Strassman’s “Inner Paths to Outer Space” are joining us to share not only their own ayahuasca experiences, but their new scientific studies confirming just how beneficial these plant medicines can be for the

Decoding Cinema Symbolism with Hermetic Principles with Robert W. Sullivan IV

Apr 22, 2017


Could movies and TV shows have deeper levels of symbolism involved than we realize? How much esotericism can we discover just by re-watching them with our third eyes? Robert W. Sullivan IV, author of Cinema Symbolism, joins us tonight for a fascinating discussion on his newest book just released, Cinema Symbolism 2: More Esoteric Imagery

The Synchronized Universe with Claude Swanson

Apr 15, 2017


Is there solid, scientific evidence for the paranormal? How much power does the consciousness truly have? Claude Swanson, author of Synchronized Universe, joins us to discuss the breakthrough physics behind things like remote viewing, teleportation, telepathy, and more. In the first hour, David Meade releases a bombshell related to Planet X with his book, Planet

Psychedelic Gospels with Jerry Brown

Apr 9, 2017


Is Christianity based upon the use of psychoactive plants? Jerry Brown, author of “Psychedelic Gospels” joins us to discuss the gnostic secrets behind the world’s largest religion.

Mars Breakaway Civilization and Secrets of Antarctica

Apr 8, 2017


What’s going on with the Secret Space Program, and what’s happening in Antarctica? Andrew D. Basiago, as the first of many whistleblowers, joins us to discuss his involvement in military black ops projects involving teleportation and time travel. Also, what does the shadow government have planned for Syria, Russia, and eventually Iran? Author and lecturer

DMT and Inter-dimensional Travel with Mitch Schultz

Mar 26, 2017


Can DMT be used as a vehicle for inter-dimensional travel? Mitch Schultz, producer of “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” joined us again tonight for another mind-blowing, 2-hour discussion on DMT, ayahuasca, and other psychedelics and entheogens available in the world today. Also, have you ever asked yourself what the difference is between your higher self and

Secrets of the Hollow Earth with Brooks Agnew

Mar 25, 2017


What secrets does the Inner Earth hold for humanity? Tonight, explorer and fellow TFR host Brooks Agnew joined us for an amazing journey of discovery! Author William Buhlman also joined us in the first hour to discuss out-of-body experiences.

Lucid Dreaming and Entheogens with David Jay Brown and Molly Sparkle

Mar 19, 2017


How can we distinguish lucid dreaming from normal REM state dreaming? Can entheogens and psychedelics, such as ayahuasca, help us achieve higher states of consciousness? Author David Jay Brown joined us once again, this time with his partner, Molly Sparkle, for a fascinating discussion on everything from trans-personal psychotherapy (which Molly is currently studying to

Everything Is Fake! with Brad Olsen

Mar 18, 2017


Is this real, or is this just a ride? Fake news, fake terror attacks, fake (GMO) food….what about our modern world ISN’T fake? Author Brad Olsen joined us tonight in the 2nd and 3rd hour of the broadcast to discuss the many deceptions that plague our society. In the first hour, former judge Alfred Webre

Creepypastas, Viral Memes, and Internet Lore with Marie D. Jones

Mar 11, 2017


“When I was a kid I used to go to Chuck E. Cheese. One day, I stumbled across the UNTHINKABLE…” This is how the story began! Marie D Jones, author of Mind Wars and Psience, joins us to discuss Creepypastas, Memes and Internet Lore. In the first hour we are joined by Bob Reiss, author

Magical Applications of Psychedelics with Dr. Richard Alan Miller

Mar 5, 2017


Dr. Richard Alan Miller joined us to discuss how to use psychedelics for magic, manifestation and intention.

Planet X and the Riddle of the Sphinx with Doug Elwell

Mar 4, 2017


If Planet X/Nibiru exists, was it responsible for a global cataclysm/extinction level event? If so, could it return? What exactly is under the Sphinx at Giza? Doug Elwell joins us for a fascinating discussion on his book, “Planet X, The Sign of the Son of Man, and the End of the Age”.

Evolution of the Psychedelic Experience with Dr. Dennis J. McKenna

Feb 26, 2017


How has the psychedelic experience changed for the community over time? How do we approach these amazing plant tools effectively and safely? Are entheogens the future of medicine? Dr. Dennis J. McKenna, brother of the late philosopher Terence McKenna, joins us once again to delve into the screaming abyss. In the first hour, Luckee of

The Esoteric in Our Changing World with Brad Olsen

Feb 25, 2017


As 2017 continues, where are we all headed? What can we release from our karmic clutter in our lives that is holding us back from where we want to be, both individually and as a society? Brad Olsen helps us find the esoteric in the seemingly mundane, from fake news to NASA’s news about 7

Psychedelics As A Tool of Control? with Joseph Atwill

Feb 19, 2017


Could psychedelics be used a tool to control and manipulate people? Joe Atwill, author of Ceasar’s Messiah joins us to discuss the other side of the coin and illustrate the valuable lesson that we must use discernment and embrace our own experiences over anything else! Not quite the show we expected but the show we

Harmonic Wars and The Great Pyramid with Douglas B. Stearns

Feb 18, 2017


Who really built the sacred and astounding monuments around the world, such as the Great Pyramid at Giza, Stonehenge, and Gobleki Tepe, and for what purpose? Douglas B. Stearns, author of Harmonic Wars: Guardians of the Crystal Skulls, joins us to explain this, as well as a harmonic frequency-based war that’s been going on for

The Spirit Molecule and Aya Awakenings with Mitch Schultz

Feb 12, 2017


What, if any, is the hope that the U.S. will decriminalize the use of psychedelics, especially ayahuasca, for the healing of our wounded species? What and who are the being encountered in the DMT realm? Mitch Schultz, the producer of the fabulous documentaries, “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” and “Aya: Awakenings”, joins us for a fascinating

Ancient Annunaki Technology with Marshall Klarfeld

Feb 11, 2017


What was the true purpose of the Great Pyramid of Giza? Does our universal desire for gold actually originate from the Annunaki creating mankind to mine gold? How can we learn from their technological expertise, in an age of depleting resources and the killing of the planet? Marshall Klarfeld, with his new work, “Mysteries of

Insights: DMT vs LSD and Starseeds with Frank Castle

Feb 5, 2017


And now, something completely different! In somewhat of a merger between our radio show and our “DMT Insights” series, we launched the Saturday edition of Beyond The Veil as a video show to share ayahuasca experiences and DMT insights. In this episode we talk about ayahuasca visions, and compare DMT vs LSD. Ayahuasca is an

Antarctica, UFO’s, and the Trump Presidency with Frank Jacob

Jan 28, 2017


Why are diplomats, politicians, and the ruling elite all traveling down to Antarctica? Was Hitler’s Germany involved with extraterrestrials? How will Trump’s presidency affect the secret space program? Producer Frank Jacob explains why a global superpower would definitely want to have control over the remote, freezing region of our planet. In the first hour, William

The Sumerian Garden of Eden with Edmund Marriage

Jan 21, 2017


Is there widespread evidence of a lost civilization, such as Atlantis or Lemuria? Edmund Marriage’s extensive historical research has revealed a single advanced, secular benevolent source for all religions. His Golden Age Project promotes the recovery of past knowledge in order to resolve many of today’s problems.

Time Travel Invasion with Rob Shelsky

Jan 14, 2017


Has our timeline been changed, and if so, by what exactly? Time travel gone awry, quantum error correction, and other theories abound, and Rob Shelsky breaks them down for us. In the first hour, Dr. Sam Osmaganich, a professor of Archaeology at American University in Bosnia shares with us his amazing discoveries of pyramids –

The Secret Language of the Oligarchs with Joe Atwill

Jan 7, 2017


What would happen to the world if Christianity’s basic tenets were found to be fabricated? Are all of the world’s leaders actually related to each other, and if so, are they working to suppress lineages that don’t belong to their own? What is Pizzagate about, in relation to this genetic cult? Joe Atwill, author of

The Cult of Science vs. The Logical Mind with Jeran and Missa

Jan 1, 2017


What does it mean when mainstream science admits that gravity doesn’t exist? Are there other models available to explain the shape and rotation of the Earth? How do seasons work on a flat earth model? Jeran and Missa Campanella of Jeranism Raw join us for a lively, New Years Eve discussion.

The Reality Behind Ayahuasca Visions with Frank Castle

Dec 31, 2016


We know that Ayahusaca can show us who we really are, but what can visions induced by sacred plants tell us about the collective consciousness, our past, and our future? Musician, “Fearless” radio host, and urban shaman Frank Castle takes a controversial, but refreshing view of how these plant medicines offer an amazing amount of

Unraveling the Evils of the Clinton Foundation with Max Igan

Dec 25, 2016


What is “Pizzagate”, and is it based in reality? How much of Pizzagate is documentation and proof, and how much is misinterpreted or intentionally-spread disinformation? Our good friend, Max Igan, explains just how widespread these child trafficking and child abuse networks are, as well as how deep this rabbit hole truly goes, once we cross

Escaping The God Matrix with George Kavassilas

Dec 18, 2016


Is humanity ready to graduate, to finally exit this grand, cosmic arena? Our good friend George Kavassilas, has discovered exactly how this process of ascension works. In the first hour, George’s friend, Jason Bawden-Smith, educates us regarding the dangers of EMF radiation.

Ancient Aliens and Edited Dogma with Xaviant Haze

Dec 11, 2016


Is there anything to the works of Zechariah Sitchin, which tell stories of ancient extraterrestrials that seeded our planet with humanity? Are the reptilians actually from another planet, or is their origin much, much closer to home? Xaviant Haze, author of numerous works on the ancient alien theory, Atlantis, ancient Egypt, and suppressed history, joins

Packing For Mars with Frank Jacob

Dec 10, 2016


Have the so-called “ruling elite” been creating an existential back-up plan in the form of Mars colonization? Is there some kind of extinction level event occurring on earth – Or about to occur? Filmmaker Frank Jacob has created an extraordinary documentary, “Packing For Mars”, that explains the true history and development of Mars exploration and

ET Disclosure In The Age of Trump with Stephen Bassett

Dec 4, 2016


Was Hillary Clinton really planning on ET/UFO disclosure before losing the election to Donald Trump? Why was the media unwilling to ask about disclosure during the presidential debates? Stephen Bassett, the only registered lobbyist in Washington, D.C. dedicated to the disclosure issue, joins us for a very in-depth look at what disclosure might look like,

Alien/Human Hybrids and Abduction Proof with Tracie Austin

Nov 20, 2016


Have extraterrestrials been genetically manipulating the human genome as an attempt to integrate themselves into Earth’s society? How successful have they been, and what are the physiological and spiritual ramifications for the hybrids themselves? Have scientists provided proof of ET abduction by removing implants the ET’s placed inside of them? Tracie Austin joins us to

Is A False Flag Alien Invasion Imminent? with Michael Salla

Nov 13, 2016


Are we in the middle of a secret space war? If so, did the election of Trump change things on an intergalactic (or even interdimensional) level? Dr. Michael Salla joins us for a groundbreaking interview discussing UFO/ET disclosure, the Podesta emails mentioning extraterrestrial intelligence, and what the chances are of a “false flag alien invasion”

The Nexus of Truth with Marcus Allen

Nov 12, 2016


Did the timeline “shift” when Donald Trump was elected President? Where is the world headed politically? Were ancient human societies and religions actually created by extraterrestrials, and if so, are they still active and watching us today? Marcus Allen, the UK publisher of Nexus Magazine, broadens our knowledge of ancient history and modern conspiracies. In

7 Years of Breaking Out of the Matrix with Albert Taylor

Nov 6, 2016


How many layers of understanding are there in this reality? Is it possible to decode – and maybe even hack – this matrix we all live in? Albert Taylor, author of the upcoming book, Journey of the Cosmic Soul, gives us the tools and knowledge we need to do just that. In the first hour

Return of the Goddess with Robert Hieronimus & Laura Cortner

Nov 5, 2016


What is the difference between the Illuminati and Freemasonry? Were the Statue of Liberty and The Eye of Providence really creations of Freemasonry? Robert Hieronimus and Laura Cortner, authors of The Secret Life of Lady Liberty and The United Symbolism of America: Deciphering Hidden Meanings in America’s Most Familiar Art, Architecture, and Logos joined us

The Vatican, Demons and The ET Presence with Paul Eno

Oct 23, 2016


What if everything you thought you knew about the paranormal was wrong? What if most of the stories about “ghosts” or “hauntings” are actually UFO/Extraterrestrial stories? Paul Eno, the elder of the father-son duo that hosts the “Behind The Paranormal” radio show, joined us for a fascinating discussion on all things paranormal. In the first

The Witches’ Curse with Lesley Bannatyne

Oct 22, 2016


Why are people around the world suddenly afraid of clowns? How can we, as a society, avoid persecuting others due to fear-based responses? Lesley Bannatyne, author of Halloween Nation: Behind the Scenes of America’s Fright Night, explains how persecution of innocent people can happen quickly when people live in fear. In the 2nd hour, demonologist

True Nightmares and the Darkness Inside with Todd Robbins

Oct 16, 2016


When you were a kid, did you ever flirt with the idea of “running away from home and joining the circus”? Have you ever seen a magic act and wondered if it was real, or if it was just a clever parlor trick? Todd Robbins, currently the host of the TV series “True Nightmares” on the

The Future of Man and Machine with Zoltan Istvan

Oct 15, 2016


Is transhumanism going to destroy our civilization and turn our world into an autocratic control grid? Or will it enable us to be detached from laborious, monotonous labor and allow us to be creative human beings, no longer bound to existential suffering? Zoltan Istvan, author of The Transhumanist Wager, is the first transhumanist presidential candidate

Origins of Samhain with Lisa Morton

Oct 9, 2016


Where did Samhain (i.e., Hallow’s Eve, Halloween) originate, and what was it’s purpose? Was human sacrifice involved? What really happened during the Salem “witch trials”? Author Lisa Morton separates the fact from the fiction and decodes the rituals involved in this yearly harvest celebration. In the third hour of the broadcast, author Tomas Prower unveils

Demons of the Goetia, Crowley, Blavatsky, and the Annunaki with Christopher Everard

Oct 8, 2016


What do Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard (founder of Scientology), Alistair Crowley, and Helena Blavatsky all have in common? According to documentary filmmaker and radio host Christopher Everard: more than you think. Tonight, we went 0n a journey deep beyond the boundaries of the known on this groundbreaking, 4-hour-long broadcast.

Montauk, Synchronicity, and the Seventh Seal with Peter Moon

Oct 2, 2016


Did the U.S. military gain the technology required for time travel with the Montauk Project? Could the Mandela Effect be a complex case of mass psychosis? Peter Moon, author of The Montauk Project: Experiment in Time, joins us for a controversial discussion on a chamber in Transylvania that contains a holographic record of the Earth’s history

The Electric Universe with Wal Thornhill

Oct 1, 2016


Could experimental investigation of plasma and electricity in a vacuum advance scientific understanding of many solar system phenomena? Did the “Big Bang” really happen, or has science been relying on faulty information to explain the beginnings of our universe? Is anti-gravity possible? Wal Thornhill, author of The Electric Universe and Thunderbolts of the Gods, explains

Where Do We Go When We Dream? with Dr. Albert Taylor

Sep 25, 2016


What exactly is an out of body experience and how is it different from a Near Death Experience and Remote Viewing? What do Astrophysics, Out of Body Experiences, the Paranormal and Evolution collectively have in common? Author and scientist Dr. Albert Taylor decodes the paranormal with his latest book, Soul Traveler: A Guide To Out-Of-Body

The Illuminati and the Alien Agenda with Stan Deyo

Sep 24, 2016


Are the Illuminati working with extraterrestrials, and if so, what are their goals? Could planet Earth be much younger than mainstream science admits? Is there scientific evidence for the so-called “Great flood”, which broke apart Pangea and destroyed an ancient, worldwide civilization? Did Atlantis and Lemuria actually exist? Author Stan Deyo was recruited by the

Merkaba Mysticism and Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Richard Alan Miller

Sep 18, 2016


If we’re not already living in an artificial, simulated reality, will we be by the year 2050, as NASA suggests?  Dr. Richard Alan Miller joined us to not only address the potential problems of Artificial Intelligence, but also unveil the wonders of Merkaba Mysticism. In the first hour of the broadcast, author and paranormal researcher Allan Pacheco unveiled the

Teleportation and Time Travel with Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Sep 17, 2016


How many dimensions are there? Can humans achieve trans-dimensional travel through hypnosis? Dr. Bruce Goldberg, author of Exploring The Fifth Dimension: Parallel Universes, Teleportation and Out of Body Travel, explains to our listeners how this is indeed possible. Errors in time, such as the “Mandela Effect”, were also discussed in this fascinating broadcast. In the

Remote Viewing the Holographic Matrix with John Herlosky

Sep 11, 2016


Are we living in a simulated universe? Are all human beings capable of psychic phenomena, such as remote viewing? Can remote viewing be used to tap into the “Akashic Records”? John Herlosky divulges what he experienced of the past, present, and future in his book, A Sorcerer’s Apprentice: A Skeptic’s Journey into the CIA’s Project

The Chronicles of John Titor II with John Titor and Jason Quitt

Sep 10, 2016


In 2000 and 2001, a man calling himself “John Titor” claimed to be a military time traveler from the year 2036 while visiting several online chatrooms and forums (as well as calling into radio shows). Although the future he described (starting in 2004) never completely came to pass, his actions during that time created a

Lucid Dreaming and Entheogenic Healing with David Jay Brown and Dr. Ede Frecska

Sep 4, 2016


Since the Drug Enforcement Agency’s recent announcements that cannabis will remain and kratom will be entered into Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, the public has been angrily responding, and fervently claiming that these substances are much safer and more effective than the drugs meted out by the FDA. Is it possible for entheogens

Ancient Star Myths and Modern Esoteric Meanings with David Warner Mathisen

Sep 3, 2016


Tonight, we explored the evidence that the world’s ancient myths, scriptures, and sacred stories are built upon a common foundation of celestial metaphor. David Warner Mathisen‘s newest book, Star Myths of the World, Volume Three: Star Myths of the Bible, offers a fresh, astronomical perspective on the ancient stories of the Bible. In the first hour,

The Shining Ones and The Great Flood with Edmund Marriage

Aug 14, 2016


What is the scientific evidence for the existence of a “Great Flood” that caused worldwide destruction, chaos and death? Who was responsible for rebuilding human civilization after such a global catastrophe? What is ancient Britain’s role in Biblical history? Was Jesus of Nazareth really “Jesus of Britain”? Edmund Marriage discusses these topics and divulges new,

Project MARS Whistle-Blowers Round Table with Andrew D. Basiago

Aug 13, 2016


William White Crow recently joined Andrew D. Basiago as a participant in (and whistleblower of) the U.S. government’s Mars Teleportation Program ; However, there are more whistleblowers coming out of the shadows to tell their stories of not just teleportation, but time travel and the Mandela Effect, as well. Mark DiPrimo and Everett Sandoz allege

Secrets of Ancient America with Carl Lehrburger

Aug 7, 2016


Did the Celts beat Columbus to the new world by millennia? How many other civilizations “discovered” the New World before modern Europeans? Archaeologist and author, Carl Lehrburger, uncovers the Secrets of Ancient America. In the first hour, Egyptologist Ahmed Osman attempts to answer the question of whether the Biblical Moses and Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten were the

ESP Wars: U.S. vs. Soviet Russia with Loyd Auerbach

Aug 6, 2016


How does Parapsychology differ from the “paranormal field”? What are the educational opportunities for learning parapsychology or about the paranormal? How do ESP and Psychokinesis (mind over matter) fit in to people’s experiences with ghosts? How do psychic abilities really work? Author of ESP Wars: East and West, Loyd Auerbach describes the psychic spying programs

Project Looking-Glass and the God Particle with Don Deppeller

Jul 31, 2016


Who was the Zeta Reticulan ‘guest’ of the US government in the bowels of S4 at the infamous Area 51? What secrets did scientists uncover, and what was he told about our future? Was the Ganesh Particle really the elusive ‘God particle’ so sought after, and was Project Lotus for Majestic 12 ever finished? Don

Time Travel: Fact, NOT Fiction, Tesla, & Admiral Byrd with Tim Swartz

Jul 24, 2016


Is there any truth to the stories that Nikola Tesla worked to develop teleportation? Is time travel actually possible, and if so, what are the implications for our world and its’ inhabitants? What did Admiral Byrd find during his expeditions to Antarctica? Tim Swartz, author of The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, Time Travel: Fact Not Fiction!,

ET Origins and Time Travel with Rob Shelsky

Jul 23, 2016


What are the main theories of the Moon’s formation? What’s wrong with them that they don’t adequately explain our Moon? And just what is the Spaceship Moon Theory, exactly? Author of Invader Moon, Time Travel Invasion, and Aliens Rule The Sky, Rob Shelsky breaks down the true origins of the moon, who brought it here, and

Ancient Aliens and the UFO Phenomenon with Bill Birnes

Jul 16, 2016


Where did humanity come from? Are we truly the first advanced species to walk this planet, or are we the mere momentary inheritors of it? New York Times bestselling author William J. Birnes, J.D., Ph.D., discusses his experiences as a producer, writer, and host on History Channel’s :”UFO Hunters,”, as well as his work with “Ancient Aliens” and

The War of Atlantis and Lemuria with Tom T. Moore

Jul 10, 2016


Was humanity once as advanced technologically as we are today, only to have it come close to destroying itself? If so, what does that say about our modern spiral out of control, with our consciousness level being outpaced by our technology? Tom T. Moore, author of Atlantis and Lemuria: The Lost Continents Revealed!, tells us

Paranormal Imprints and the Force with Joshua P. Warren

Jul 9, 2016


What is the amazing relationship between the mind, energy, matter, and strange phenomena? How can we evoke paranormal experiences, and what can be scientifically elucidated from them?  Joshua P. Warren, author of USE THE FORCE: A Jedi’s Guide To The Law Of Attraction, answers these poignant questions and explains how to use the Law of Attraction

Enki Speaks! The Legacy of the Gods with Sasha and Janet Lessin

Jul 2, 2016


Could the biblical story of mankind’s creation be reconciled with the theory of evolution? Could we be the descendants of an extra-terrestrial race that genetically-engineered us as slave labor? Sasha and Janet Lessin, authors of the fascinating book, Annunaki: Legacy of the Gods, continue the work of Zechariah Sitchin in a beautiful and amazing way.

Krishna Consciousness and UFO’s with Michael Cremo

Jun 26, 2016


Is there an alternative to the Darwinian theory of human evolution? Why are modern scientists regarded as a virtual priest class? Step with us back in time – and beyond the veil – as author of Forbidden Archaeology, Michael Cremo, offers that alternative. And in the first hour of the broadcast, Sharon Barrington (aka, “Nanogirl”)

The New Berlin And Ancient Intelligence with Brad Olsen

Jun 25, 2016


What are the “end game scenarios” for humanity? Has the evacuation of planet Earth actually already begun? Are there multiple timelines possible, or is cataclysm inevitable? Author of Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms, Brad Olsen delves into the government that initiated the evacuation decades ago….and inevitably, the entities (human and non-human) that started it all millennia

Children of Roswell with Tom Carey

Jun 19, 2016


The question that has rang out throughout the last 7 decades, “What really happened in Roswell, New Mexico?” was approached tonight by Tom Carey, author of Children of Roswell and Inside The Real Area 51, with new witness accounts and factual scientific theory regarding the alleged UFO crash in 1947. Also in the first hour,

Abduction and the Alien Agenda with David M. Jacobs

Jun 18, 2016


Have a million people worldwide gone completely insane, or is there some reality to the “alien abduction” phenomena? What is the ultimate “agenda” of extraterrestrials visiting our planet? Author of Walking Among Us, David M. Jacobs explains what he believes is the answer to these key questions. Also in the first hour, our good friend,

Judas of Nazareth & The Darkness

Jun 12, 2016


Who was Judas of Nazareth and how does he relate to Jesus Christ? What do scholars and historians like Josephus have to say about both characters? David Unterbrink joins us in the first hour to unlock the mysteries of the origins of the Gospels. In the second and third hour we are joined by Colin

Digital Vs. Analog Reality with Thomas Fusco

Jun 11, 2016


  The Age of Artificial intelligence and the “Singularity Theory” have long been feared (or anticipated) by people worldwide, but author of Behind The Cosmic Veil, Thomas Fusco is light-years ahead of most mainstream physicists, astrophysicists, and astronomers. Why does it have to be a singularity? What kinds of scientific evidence of the unseen can we expect

Ancient Knowledge and Precognition with Rev. Laura Tria

Jun 5, 2016


Are we moving into a new era of humanity, one based on feeling, rather than thinking ; On love and acceptance, rather than hatred and division? Rev. Laura Tria is a minister and author of Herstory: A Feminine Interpretation of Ancient Knowledge, explains to us the necessary spiritual changes that are taking place on the

Parallel Timelines and Malignant Memes with Marie D. Jones

Jun 4, 2016


What are the explanations for archaeoenigmas and ancient mythology that have lasted for millenia, impacting our lives even up until today? Could we be living alongside parallel realities, and is this reality even “real” to begin with? Marie D. Jones has written extensively on these topics, with her works, Viral Mythology and 11:11: The Time

The Science of the Soul with Dr. Brooks Agnew

May 29, 2016


What happens when you mix “spirit” with “matter”? Is human consciousness a rarity on this planet, with the rest of creation unaware of their own awareness? Brooks Agnew, author of “The Ark of Millions of Years and Remembering the Future, uses scientific facts to come to the answers to these questions. In the first hour

Atlantis Finally Found with Frank Joseph Hoff

May 28, 2016


In the first hour, William Whitecrow discloses why he decided to come forth as a Project Mars whistle-blower. In the second and third hour of the broadcast, Frank Joseph Hoff lifts the veil on the Lost Continent of Atlantis. This is truly where science fiction meets science fact! Websites: William Whitecrow / Frank Joseph Hoff

The Philosophy of Geocentrism with Mark K. Sargent

May 22, 2016


What did ancient cultures (some of whom have evidence of being highly advanced technologically and spiritually) believe regarding the shape and structure of the Earth? Researchers throughout the last year have labored extensively on this subject, but none have gone to as many lengths to maintain the theory in a reasonable manner as Mark K.

Esoteric Hollywood with Robert W. Sullivan IV

May 21, 2016


Did you know that some of your favorite movies are chock-full of Freemasonic symbolism? Robert W. Sullivan IV is a philosopher, historian, antiquarian, jurist, theologian, writer, and lawyer who is always able to dive deeper than anyone else into the esoteric imagery and storylines involved in some of the highest-rated films of all time.

The Psychedelic Revival with David Jay Brown

May 15, 2016


Is the world experiencing a shamanic reawakening, an “archaic revival” of sorts? Are we seeing the paradigm shift occur right in front of our eyes, with entheogenic plants and substances being eyed as potential cures (or at least treatments) for hard-to-treat mental and physical conditions and diseases? MAPS editor and author of Mavericks of the

Deconstructing Reality and Battling The Gods

May 14, 2016


Are our personal “versions” of this reality as fluid and interchangeable as software upgrades on a computer? Is Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” our biggest clue as to the true nature of the Universe? Cambridge professor and Greek historian Tim Whitmarsh explores these questions with us as we discuss his fascinating work, Battling The Gods:

Contact With The Gods with Richard Lawrence

May 8, 2016


Are interdimensional entities literally inches away, just outside of our visible spectrum? Is contact with these beings possible? Author Richard Lawrence of the Aetherius Society tackles these questions with an outstanding amount of intelligence and positive energy. Also, we discuss logical fallacies and the Trivium in general in the first hour of the broadcast.

The Fallacy of Reality with Jeran and Missa

May 7, 2016


Why do so many people trust the same institutions that have lied to them for generations? Who will be elected (selected) to be the next POTUS in November? We decided to bring a few fellow TFR hosts on tonight to get to the bottom of this. Jeran and Missa Campanella, hosts of “Jeranism Raw” have

Philosophy and The Multi-dimensional Universe with George Kavassilas

May 1, 2016


What exactly is this reality? Is it more physical, spiritual, or altogether a combination, projected in holographic form?  And if the latter is true, what does that say about the subjectivity of reality itself (including the recent slaughter of so-called “sacred cows” such as the shape of the earth or the legitimization of government space

Mars Teleportation and the White House with Andrew D. Basiago

Apr 30, 2016


Is there a “breakaway civilization” waiting in the wings for the destruction of our own civilization? What have our governments around the world been planning for? Whether it’s environmental, geopolitical, or extraterrestrial, Andrew D. Basiago is running for president so that he can expose and disclose these important events to the public. His – and

Forgotten Origin with Steven and Evan Strong

Apr 24, 2016


What are the links between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Australia? Is it possible that humans actually originated from “down under”? Steven and Evan Strong have a fascinating story to tell about ancient aliens in Australia, Australia’s Stonehenge, and Aboriginal Shamanism. Also in the first hour, paranormal author Richard Estep joined us to talk about the

Remote Viewing The Coming World War with Brooks Agnew

Apr 23, 2016


Is everyone on earth born with innate psychic abilities? If so, how can we tap into that resource and use it to change our lives for the better? Can prophecy concerning world events be gained from remote viewing? Our first guest, Paul H. Smith, was once a “psychic spy” for the U.S. military’s classified program, “Project Stargate”,

Ancient Universal Language of Man with Chris Hegg

Apr 16, 2016


Who was this empire or people who came here before recorded time? Were the vikings or other sea going cultures much older than we understand now?  Discover the secret in the written language of petroglyphs with Chris Hegg, author of Universal Language of Man: Deciphering Petroglyphs.

Annunaki: Pyramid Builders with Marshall Klarfeld

Apr 10, 2016


Who built the pyramids, and for what purpose? Who exactly were the Ancient Egyptian deities, such as Thoth, Osiris, Isis, Set, and Ra? What else can we learn from the Sumerian tablets? Author Marshall Klarfeld helps us understand and answer these questions.

Neoshamanism Meets Ancient Egyptian Alchemy with Frank Castle

Apr 9, 2016


Are entheogens a major part of a better future for all humanity? Is it possible for enough people on earth to recognize their inner divinity – through the use of sacred rituals – to shift the global consciousness to a higher plane? Frank Castle (in the 2nd and 3rd hour of the broadcast) and Normandi

Magic vs. Magick with Dr. Richard Alan Miller

Apr 2, 2016


What is the difference between Magic and Magick? Dr. Richard Alan Miller divulges the occult truth, and also answers the question of the difference between intention and purpose. Break out of the ego-based metaphors with this unforgettable interview. Fellow TFR host Nathan Fraser also joins us in the first hour to talk about the 2016

Ouija Boards and Spiritual Growth with Karen A. Dahlman

Mar 27, 2016


Are Ouija Boards inherently evil, or can they be used as a neutral tool for spiritual growth? Karen A. Dahlman joins us for a fascinating discussion on the Ouija and other divination tools. In the first hour, we discuss the real “pagan” origins of Easter.

Middle East Crisis with Max Igan

Mar 20, 2016


Tonight, we discuss the geopolitical nightmare and ongoing apartheid that inspired “Blood On Our Hands”. Max Igan joins us once again to discuss these topics with a huge dose of honesty and conviction. As “Your Protection From Deception”, we must cover topics that matter in the world (such as this one), no matter how much

Freemasonry and Secret Societies with Robert Bruce

Mar 19, 2016


Are the secret societies such as Freemasonry and the Knights Templar to blame for the slow takeover of the world throughout the last 1,000 years? Was that even their goal, or is there a deeper esoteric value to be seen in these organizations? Or have they been reduced to silly social clubs with no real

Journey to the Center of Reality with Frank Castle

Mar 13, 2016


How much of our present reality is actually real? Are we living in an elaborate holographic reality, and if so, who built it? Frank Castle joins us once again for a full, three-hour tour of the bardo known as “hyperspace”. He also announces his upcoming TFR show, “Fearless”, to be debuted in the coming weeks.

Exposing the Fallacy of Scientism AND Religion with Johan Oldenkamp

Mar 6, 2016


Who are we human beings really, and what is the nature of our Spirit and our Soul? What are the biggest errors of university “science” and organized religion? Johan Oldenkamp delves into these questions with Wholly Science. In the first hour, Frank Castle shares recent insights he’s gained from the spirit realm.

Political Theatre and the Illuminati with Chris Everard

Mar 5, 2016


Who is Donald Trump? Is he really here to save America at her most dire time, or is he just another puppet of the Illuminati, a self-made man using his immense wealth as an excuse for why we should vote for him? In the 2nd hour, we ask these key questions with documentary filmmaker and

Envisioning the New Reality with Jeran and Missa

Feb 28, 2016


How do science, religion, and governmental institutions stifle our freedoms? Jeran and Missa of Jeranism RAW join us to discuss the physical, psychological and spiritual damage that these 3 societal groups have caused for humanity. We also discuss how to use our thoughts, emotions, and visions as the candle to lead us through the darkness

The Circle with Sevan Bomar

Feb 21, 2016


Perfection creates a design that can be predicted and never fails. It possesses both light and darkness and many omit to see how they have been encompassed by it and perpetuate its existence. Sevan Bomar explains how those who wish to go beyond not only must think outside the box, they must learn to think

Supergeometric Theory and the Theory of Everything with Thomas Fusco

Feb 6, 2016


Why is there a dual nature to light? Is quantum uncertainty an illusion? What are the origins of physical mass, and do we need a Higgs boson to figure that out? Phoenix of Phoenix Rising Radio was gracious enough to fill in tonight to ask Thomas Fusco to give his opinion. In the first hour,

Shamanic Experiences and Consciousness Expansion with Frank Castle

Jan 24, 2016


The new generation of psychonauts has indeed arrived, and are flourishing across the world as more people discover the benefits of consciousness expansion offered by shamanic plants…But what does this mean for humanity as a whole? Artist Frank Castle of Heistclick shares his experiences and plant-vision-derived thoughts with us, and in the first hour, we

Earth Changes, Planet X, and Fallen Angels with John Ventre

Jan 23, 2016


Is June 3, 2016 the new Mayan Calendar end date? Are the earth changes and strange sounds returning because Planet X is approaching it’s flyby with the sun? Are malevolent extraterrestrials actually demons? John Ventre is our guest who gives his opinion on these issues.

The Lonely Warrior Returns with James Perloff

Jan 16, 2016


What is the globalist agenda for 2016? Will World War III officially begin, or has it started already? What kind of economic and environmental catastrophes can be unleashed upon the human race? Author James Perloff joins us to answer some of these key questions.

Ayahuasca and DMT with Mitch Schultz

Jan 10, 2016


How is our reality defined? When we ingest ayahuasca, how does it change that reality long-term? Is the key to manifesting a better reality found in most plants and animals, as well as all humans? Filmmaker behind the groundbreaking “DMT: The Spirit Molecule“, Mitch Schultz answers these questions as we discuss his newest documentary, “Ayahuasca”.

Beyond The Source with Guy Needler

Jan 9, 2016


Can spirituality be obtained while still engaging in a 21st century lifestyle? Why are so many people so apathetic towards how destructive our society has become? Guy Needler joins us in the 3rd Hour for a discussion about spirituality, shamanism, and his newest work, The Anne Dialogues (release upcoming in 2016). We also speak with

Your Protection From (Methodical) Deception with James Fetzer

Jan 3, 2016


Has the U.S. government, possibly in collusion with Israeli Hasbara, been cognitively infiltrating the independent media? James Henry Fetzer, McKnight Professor Emeritus at University of Minnesota-Duluth joined us for a discussion about his investigation into “Rebekah Roth” and what it means to the pursuit of justice for the victims and families of 9/11/2001.

Flat Earth Debate with Stanton Friedman and Mark K. Sargent

Dec 20, 2015


Are we inside a Truman show enclosed world, thousands of miles wide? Did we really go to the moon? Is the sun closer to our earth than we’ve been led to believe by the “powers that be”?  Legendary UFO researcher Stanton Friedman squares off with fellow TFR host and producer of “Flat Earth Clues”, Mark

Confessions of an Illuminati with Leo Zagami

Dec 13, 2015


Who really runs the world? Who controls and hoards the world’s resources and treasures while manipulating never-ending conflicts, planning wars, and contemplating mass depopulation? Leo Zagami bares all in his new book, Confessions of an Illuminati, Volume I: The Whole Truth About the Illuminati and the New World Order.  

The Omniverse with Alfred Lambremont Webre

Dec 12, 2015


Are we living in a holographic reality? How many races of extraterrestrials are involved in dealings with humans here on earth? Are we unwittingly engaged in a hyper-dimensional war? Alfred Webre answers these questions and more on this amazing broadcast.

Star Myths of the World with David Mathisen

Dec 6, 2015


Could the Bible, the gnostic texts, the Vedas, and other sacred writings actually be speaking in giant, celestial metaphor? Is taking them literally really the best thing for our consciousness (and, therefore, our society)? Author David Mathisen explores these ideas and gives us his opinion.

Twin Flames and Synchronicity with Rob and Trish MacGregor

Dec 5, 2015


What’s the difference between twin flame relationships and normal relationships? Are our higher selves attempting to guide us down the right path by sending us synchronicities (meaningful coincidences)? In the first hour, Chris and Sheree discuss the stages of twin flame relationships and how they got to the final stage of “Oneness” intact. In the

Forbidden Archaeology Revisited with Michael Cremo

Nov 29, 2015


What are humanity’s true origins? What can we learn about our true history when the scientific community insists upon our collective ignorance? We decided to speak with archaeologist Michael Cremo to try to get to the bottom of these important questions. In the first hour, fellow TFR host Nathan Fraser of LiveFree FM joins us

Archonic Viruses and Entheogenic Cures with Richard Alan Miller

Nov 28, 2015


What do entheogens have to do with quantum mechanics? Is there a Demiurgic or archonic virus that has created the human race to be trapped in a constant archetypal struggle? Dr. Richard Alan Miller joins us to answer these key questions. In the first hour, William White Crow also joins us for a lively discussion

Holographic Reality Deconstruction with Mark Sargent and Johnathan

Nov 21, 2015


Why is the Goddess of wisdom and magic’s name being defiled on a mass scale? And why is the topic of the flat earth scorned by the same people who claim to be all about the unbiased truth? Find out why on this fascinating all-host roundtable with Chris, Sheree, Mark Sargent

California Lights: Exotic Energy Weapon? with Brad Olsen

Nov 15, 2015


What kind of military weapon can light up the night sky and the tops of trees for thousands of miles? The military says that a Cold-war era rocket can, but our guest Brad Olsen isn’t so sure. Join us as we delve deep into this and other mysteries.  

Cinema Symbolism with Robert W. Sullivan IV

Nov 14, 2015


Think that “The Truman Show” is just a good movie, with no deeper meaning? Think again. Join us as Robert W. Sullivan helps us break down the symbolism in movies and film. The history of Friday, the 13th is also discussed in this jam-packed episode.

The Chakra Deception with George Kavassilas

Nov 8, 2015


Are the chakras actually “implants” for a Demiurge to manipulate and control humanity? How do we break free from this Universal construct? George Kavassilas shows us how to elevate ourselves past all levels and boundaries of the “matrix”.

TFR Anniversary Special Broadcast

Nov 7, 2015


For over 6 years now, Truth Frequency Radio has been the dark horse of the Alternative Media, refusing to become part of any agenda except for elevating human consciousness. Join us as we speak with William White Crow about the spiritual journey we’ve been a part of since 2009.

Samhain Celebration with Jeffrey Seelman

Nov 1, 2015


Are you a fan of spooky stories? Do you enjoy “Creepypastas”? Do you feel like Hallow’s Eve is more energetically “real” than the Christmas season? Clearer, psychic, and exorcist Jeffrey Seelman joins us for a little bit of Halloween fun!

Ayahuasca Healing: Not Just Spiritual

Oct 24, 2015


Could DMT (dimethyltryptamine) reverse conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, cardiomyopathy, retinal dysfunction, perinatal and traumatic brain injury, frontal motor neuron degeneration, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis? Dr. Ede Frecska thinks it can, and has the science to suggest it! To Donate to DMT 4 CPR:  

Breaking Through History with Sevan Bomar

Oct 18, 2015


Is the Moon a gravity frequency inducer, pulling the waves of both our oceans and our emotions, keeping us collectively trapped in the history that causes those negative emotions to be recycled over and over again throughout millenia? Sevan Bomar has the answers.

Exposing the Moon Hologram with Crrow777

Oct 10, 2015


Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered if the moon was real, or if it was a hologram? Why are there wavy-looking “refresh rate” lines appearing over what should be a simple full moon? You’re definitely not the only one if you’ve ever had these questions in mind. Join Chris and

The Real Dr. Strangeloves with Chris Everard

Oct 4, 2015


Discover the connections between the Kabbalah, dark witchcraft, and the nuclear bomb with us as we speak with legendary documentary filmmaker Chris Everard about his new e-book, The Real Doctor Strangeloves.

Geocentrism and Astrology with Jeran Campanella

Oct 3, 2015


Have you ever looked at the star-filled sky and wondered how much of it was real? Jeran Campanella, also known as Jeranism on Youtube, brings a new perspective to the idea that the earth is not what we’ve been told.

The Mandela Effect and Quantum Pollution with Andrew D. Basiago

Sep 27, 2015


Tonight, we welcome Andy Basiago back to the broadcast, after a long time away. We discuss the trending topic of the "Mandela Effect", as well as the possibility of quantum pollution from the U.S. military's black ops projects involving time travel (and recent experiments involving quantum physics).

The Rise and Fall of the Archons with Richard Vizzutti

Sep 20, 2015


Tonight, we welcome author Richard Vizzutti to the broadcast, to talk about the Archonic control structure that has ruled humanity since the very beginning. We discuss the controversial topic of the Gnostic view on the “Demiurge”, as well as the flat earth “dome model” concept.

Discovering and Being Who We Are with William White Crow

Sep 19, 2015


William White Crow joins us once again for an in-depth discussion on what’s in store for humanity in the coming weeks, including survival tips and planning for things like an EMP.  Another topic we cover is the philosophy concerning survival: Do the majority of us really have what it takes to survive any kind of

Astrology, Divination, and Breaking Through Illusion with Johnathan Macedo

Sep 13, 2015


2nd-3rd Hour: Chris and Sheree continue the conversation about astrology and divination from the first hour with Johnathan Macedo, the host of “Perceptions” and co-host of “Strange World” with Mark Sargent – both shows that can be found right here at TFR. In the 3rd hour, we deconstruct the false reality we are all living

9/11 As an AI-Entrained/Draco Event with Alfred L. Webre

Sep 12, 2015


2nd-3rd Hour: We welcome Alfred L. Webre back to the broadcast for an in-depth discussion on the inter-dimensional nature of the event that started the Patriot Act, the TSA, the NDAA, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: 9/11. What is the agenda of the Draco reptilians and the Orion grey aliens? How do they

Entering 5D in Balance with Sevan Bomar

Sep 6, 2015


Tonight, we welcome our good friend Sevan Bomar for another amazing, three-hour discussion on what’s in store this month for people on a spiritual level. website:

Prying Open A New Chapter with William White Crow

Aug 29, 2015


2nd-3rd Hour: William White Crow joins us for another amazing discussion on death of the old self, ascension, and the importance of transparency. In the final hour, we bring our listeners together in a mass guided meditation to bring rain to the wildfires here in the Pacific Northwest. website: 1st Hour: We welcome author

Ayahuasca Visions, Upgrades, and The Eschaton with Frank Castle

Aug 22, 2015


Tonight, we welcome back our good friend Frank Castle to the broadcast to talk about PhD-level awareness. website: ReverbNation, Indieboom

Processing and Clearing Negative Emotional Energies with Jeffrey Seelman

Aug 9, 2015


Tonight, Chris Geo spoke with our good friend, Jeffrey Seelman about the behavior and mitigation of negative emotional energies. website:

Shakespeare’s Messiah with Joe Atwill

Aug 8, 2015


2nd-3rd Hour: Joe Atwill, who has appeared on the broadcast in the past covering works such as Caesar’s Messiah, returns to discuss his latest book, Shakespeare’s Messiah. In the last hour, the topic became psychedelics, and the culture and history surrounding them. website: 1st Hour: Susan Masino joins Chris for a fascinating discussion on

Flat Earth: Clues and Controversies with Mark K. Sargent

Aug 2, 2015


2nd-3rd Hour: Mark K. Sargent and his co-host Johnathan Macedo join Chris for a discussion on the ins and outs of the Flat Earth debate that’s taking the world’s psyche by storm. website: 1st Hour: Chris spoke with paranormal author Richard Sauder about his interesting ayahuasca experience. website:

Behind The Cosmic Veil & The Global Meltdown – Thomas Fusco & William Whitecrow

Aug 1, 2015


Thomas Fusco joins us in the first hour to talk about the Cosmic Veil and decoding universal “conspiracy theories” with science. In the second and third hour, William Whitecrow joins us to discuss the ever growing geo-political problems and offer solutions on what we can do with it.

DeepDream AI, Christ Consciousness, and World Events Roundtable

Jul 26, 2015


3rd Hour: Brooks Agnew, host of X-squared Radio, joins us for a fascinating discussion on world events, specifically the global economic crash that could come in September 2015. website: 1st-2nd Hour: We welcome back Min. Kenneth Emannuel (of Sound Doctrine Ministries) to the broadcast to discuss the “Christ Consciousness”: Is there an ANTI-Christ Consciousness

DMT’s Role In Modern Medicine with Dr. Ede Frecska

Jul 25, 2015


Tonight, we welcome Dr. Ede Frecska and Frank Castle for a roundtable on DMT and ayahuasca. websites: Ede Frecska Frank Castle

Perception and Reality with Alan Steinfeld

Jul 18, 2015


New Realities creator Alan Steinfeld joins us for the first time since 2010, for a fascinating discussion with Chris and Sheree about ayahuasca and entheogens, ET's, and ET consciousness.

European Scandals and Secret Societies with Chris Everard

Jun 28, 2015


Chris Everard joins the broadcast (guest hosted by Kev Baker) to talk about the pedophilia scandals in Europe and how the secret societies tie into it.

Shamanism Roundtable with Frank Castle, William White Crow, and Sevan

Jun 27, 2015


Tonight, we enjoy a laidback roundtable discussion with our friends Frank Castle, William White Crow, and Sevan Bomar about shamanism, shamanic experiences, and humanity's return to archaism and freedom-minded mentalities.

Project Stargate and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice with John Herlosky

Jun 20, 2015


We speak with John Herlosky about his latest book, A Sorcerer’s Apprentice: A Skeptic’s Journey into the CIA’s Project Star Gate. We discuss remote viewing, as well as the study of the states of human consciousness that allow for ESP activity.

A.I. and Consciousness – George Kavassilas

Jun 14, 2015


George Kavassilas joins us again to discuss the energetic events of 2015, the A.I. takeover of our reality, and much more. Dr. Christian Bogner joins us in hour 1 to discuss his research into treating autistic children with cannabis.  

The Last Pope and Secret Societies with Leo Zagami

Jun 6, 2015


We welcome back our good friend, Leo Zagami, to talk about his recent book, The Last Pope. We also talk about the history and theology of Secret Societies.

Tapping Into The Source with Guy Needler

May 31, 2015


2nd-3rd Hour: Guy Needler joins us once again for a fantastic discussion on how to tap into “The Source”. website:   1st Hour: We are joined by C. Carl Cowen with an update on the ongoing UFO sightings in both NYC and in rural Pennsylvania. website: Youtube, LinkedIn

Neo-Shamanism and World Instability with William White Crow

May 30, 2015


2nd-3rd Hour: William White Crow joins us for another great, off-the-cuff broadcast with the discussion of global events, entheogens, and more on the table. Enjoy! website: 1st Hour: Our good friend Ben joins us for a lively discussion on various entheogenic experiences.  

Timeline Shifts In Our Holographic Universe with Thomas P. Fusco

May 24, 2015


Thomas P. Fusco joins us once again for an interesting chat about the true nature of our reality. Do you remember The Berenstein Bears from when you were a kid? Well, somehow, the books of our youth have had their name changed - physically, and in videos - to "The Berenstain Bears". Is this an innocent coincidence of children remembering the wrong name, or is there something deeper going on?

Forbidden Archaeology and the Origins of Mankind with Michael Cremo

May 23, 2015


Longtime researcher and archaeology expert Michael Cremo joins us to talk about his journey into Forbidden Archaeology.

The Truth Embargo: Delaying the Inevitable with Stephen Bassett

May 17, 2015


Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group joined us once again for a discussion on the resistance of the U.S. government to admit the truth about extraterrestrial contact with our world.

False Flag Clues with Ole Dammegard

May 16, 2015


2nd-3rd Hour: Ole Dammegard joined us once again for another great discussion on false flag events, specifically the Charlie Hebdo massacre. We also discuss the incredible miscarriage of justice that is the Boston Marathon Bombing trial, with an innocent young man being sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, because Americans can't seem to wrap their minds around the concept of the FBI or DHS using Photoshop to create false evidence.

UFO’s and Extraterrestrial Contact with Rev. Michael J.S. Carter

May 10, 2015


Rev. Michael J.S. Carter joins us to talk about his experiences with alien abduction and UFO's. He will be making an upcoming appearance at "Contact in the Desert" in Joshua Tree, California May 29th-31st.

Pope Francis: The Last Pope? with Leo Zagami and Brad Olsen

May 9, 2015


Leo Zagami and Brad Olsen joined us for an incredible roundtable on their new book, Pope Francis: The Last Pope?: Money, Masons and Occultism in the Decline of the Catholic Church.

Hollow Earth and Other Theories with Chris Baird

Apr 26, 2015


Chris Baird joins us once again for a discussion on the Hollow Earth theory. We also discuss other related theories of the Earth. In the final hour of the broadcast, we go way back in time to discuss the Annunaki and their descent to Earth to mine gold.

Consciousness Expansion with John Perkins

Apr 12, 2015


John Perkins joins us to talk about global finance in the first hour. In the 2nd hour of the interview, we talk about consciousness expansion and entheogens.

On The Edge Of Space Exploration with Robert Zimmerman

Apr 11, 2015


Bob Zimmerman joins the broadcast for a lively discussion about the history of space exploration, as well as the future of private space exploration.

Decoding Occult Knowledge In Freemasonry with Robert W. Sullivan, IV

Apr 5, 2015


Robert W. Sullivan, IV joins us once again to discuss the more hidden aspects of Freemasonry. We decode the symbolism and discuss the nuances between Freemasonry and other secretive sects of the mystery school teachings, such as Rosicrucianism.

Tearing Down The Veil with Guy Needler

Apr 4, 2015


Our good friend Guy Needler joins us again for the kind of interview only the three of us could provide: A ripping apart of the veil between the physical and spiritual.

Evolving Consciousness, Evolving Humanity

Mar 29, 2015


Sevan Bomaer joined us to continue our last discussion on how to open the doors of our perception to embrace a higher reality. (Warning - Contents may explode your mind.)

The Order of the Nephilim with Simon Treselyan

Mar 28, 2015


Tonight, we welcome back inspirational speaker, author and spiritual mastery coach, Simon Treselyan, to the broadcast to talk about the highly-debated military activity dubbed the "Jade Helm" plan/operation in the hour. In the third hour, we discuss his incredible book, The Order of the Nephilim, and how we as human beings became the way we currently are.

The Global Conspiracy with Daniel Estulin

Mar 22, 2015


We welcome back geopolitical author Daniel Estulin to the broadcast to talk about Bilderberg 2015, as well as how the elites are creating a transhumanist future. Please support Daniel by going to his Rockethub page (link below) and donating to the production of his new documentary!

Flat Earth Clues with Mark K Sargent

Mar 21, 2015


We welcome Mark K Sargent to the broadcast, to present a dramatic point of view that some in the scientific community consider heresy: The Flat Earth theory.

Tapping Out of The Matrix, and Into Our Selves with Sonia Barrett

Mar 15, 2015


We welcome back our good friend, Sonia Barrett, to talk about her groundbreaking documentary, "The Business of Disease". We also discuss methods to remove yourself from the medical industrial complex, and how to become your own doctor.

The Andromeda Council: What Happens Next? with Tolec and Ray Koskulandich

Mar 7, 2015


Tonight, Tolec of the Andromeda Council joins the broadcast after several years of absence. He is joined by Ray Kosulanich, a contactee and witness to 35 different alien species. We discuss generalized spirituality, then we dug deeper into different alien species. We also discuss the movie "Interstellar". In the final hour, we get really in-depth with the Andromeda Council's predictions for 2015-2017.

Neoshamanism and Auric Alchemy with Dan Winter

Mar 1, 2015


2nd-3rd Hour: One of Truth Frequency’s most advanced guests, Daniel Winter, joins us again to talk about what humans really are, and how we can evolve with the planet and practice self-healing through highly-advanced esoteric physics. website:, 1st Hour: We welcome back Chris Cowan to talk about the current events taking place in

Planetary and Personal Transformation with William White Crow

Feb 28, 2015


We are joined by shaman, teacher and healer (as well as a close mentor) William White Crow to discuss the state of things, from the question of the earth's "spherical" nature to the question of whether humanity will survive the coming, difficult years ahead.

Decoding Reality and Building a Sustainable Lifeboat with Dr. Richard Alan Miller

Feb 22, 2015


We welcome Dr. Richard Allan Miller to the broadcast to talk about the esoteric decoding of our present reality, as well as how to create a sustainable lifeboat for humanity's future.

Ancient Aliens, Human History, and Modern Esoteric with Brad Olsen

Feb 21, 2015


Our good friend and stellar researcher, Brad Olsen joined the broadcast to talk to us about his latest book, Modern Esoteric. We had a fascinating discussion about theories regarding ancient aliens that manipulated the DNA of hominids present on this planet to create worker slaves.

Our World, Outer and Inner with Dr. Brooks Agnew

Feb 15, 2015


Fellow TFR host and eminent scientist/physicist, Brooks Agnew, joined us to talk about seemingly everything from current events to the esoteric and topics related to consciousness. We did "Old School Truth Frequency" tonight!

Decoding The Phoenix Lights with Dr. Lynne Kitei

Feb 14, 2015


Dr. Lynne Kitei joined us to talk about the "Phoenix Lights" phenomena, along with her book and participation in a documentary on the subject.

Remembering Who We Are with Frank Castle

Jan 31, 2015


Our good friend and musician Frank Castle joined the broadcast to talk about entheogens, psychology, and remembering who you really are.

Astrotheology and The Global Consciousness Shift with Chris Cowan & Chris Everard

Jan 24, 2015


Artist, researcher, and philosopher Chris Cowan joined the broadcast to talk about the latest UFO sightings featuring "The Brain": Who (or what) is projecting this image in the sky, and why? We also delve into the topic of astrotheology, with the Moon/Saturn connection.

Raising Starseed Children To Be World-changing Adults with Tricia Kelly

Jan 17, 2015


We welcomed back author Tricia Kelly to talk about her new book, New Energy Parenting. Her previous work has focused on starseeds, and this new book focuses on how to raise them.

Struggling Toward The Positive Timeline with Alfred L. Webre

Jan 11, 2015


Tonight, we welcome back Dr. Alfred Lambremont Webre to the broadcast, after a much-too-long absence. We discussed geopolitics, such as the BRICS alliance, with an exopolitical twist.

Annunaki and Monoatomic Gold with Marshall Klarfeld

Jan 10, 2015


We welcomed author and historian Marshall Klarfeld to the broadcast to discuss one of Chris and Sheree's favorite subjects: The Annunaki.

Spiritual Aspects of ET Encounters with Douglas Taylor

Jan 4, 2015


Tonight, we welcome artist, author and UFO/ET researcher Douglas Taylor to the broadcast. We cover such topics as reincarnation/past lives, spirituality, religion, and much, much more.

Activation of the Third Eye and Evolution of Consciousness with Sevan Bomaer

Jan 3, 2015


Because this is Truth Frequency's debut episode in our new time slot, Sevan Bomaer is the perfect person to have on. A spiritualist and advanced philosopher, he covered a wide variety of topics, including activation of the third eye/pineal gland, the gnostic properties of the Universe, and how to tune the body like a musical instrument to receive what both have to offer.

Geopolitics, Spirituality, and Vision Quests with William White Crow

Dec 29, 2014


We welcome back shaman, teacher, and dear friend William White Crow to the broadcast to continue these subjects, as well as discuss our economic and geological shifts here in the U.S. and the coming disasters that will affect the entire world, especially through famine.

The Shadows of Power with James Perloff

Dec 28, 2014


1st hour: In the first hour, we welcome a new host at TFR, Robert Bruce of “Waking Up The Masses”, to talk about our country’s downward spiral into chaos and martial law. website: Waking Up The Masses 2nd-3rd Hour: We welcome back a fascinating guest, author James Perloff, to talk about a new DVD being

Metaphysics and Volunteer Souls with Guy Needler

Dec 22, 2014


We welcomed our good friend and long-time regular on the broadcast, Guy Needler, to revisit the work of Dolores Cannon. We also discuss the idea of "volunteer souls", such as "rainbow/indigo/crystal children" and the hypothesis that certain people born after 1960 are actually inhabitants from elsewhere in the Universe, and that they "answered the call" to come to this planet to help others move forward in their spiritual evolution.

Hyperspace, Astral Plane, & The Fourth Reich with Stewart Swerdlow

Dec 21, 2014


We welcomed medical intuitive, astrologer and former participant in MK-Ultra and the Montauk Project Stewart Swerdlow to the broadcast. In the first hour of the interview, we covered world events - specifically, the situation unfolding with Russia, North Korea, China, and Iran. In the 2nd hour of the interview, we delved inward to explore inner paths to emotional, spiritual and physiological fulfillment.

Clearing Negative Energies and Exorcism – Jeffrey Seelman

Dec 14, 2014


Jeffrey Seelman joins Chris Geo to discuss clearing techniques and protected. Jamie Fly joins us in the first hour and discusses mind control in Hollywod.

Getting Past Synthetic Darkness and Light with George Kavassilas and Frank Castle

Dec 7, 2014


1st Hour: Our good friend Max Igan joined us to talk about current events, as well as what’s coming up in the future.   website:   2nd-3rd Hour: We welcome back one of our favorite guests, author George Kavassilas, and one of our best friends, musician Frank Castle of HeistClick, to the broadcast to

Preparedness With Peacefulness with William White Crow

Dec 1, 2014


Shaman, teacher and healer William White Crow talked to us about how to prepare for the changes (earth and societal) that are coming, without turning off your compassion, empathy or kindheartedness.

Reverse Speech Technology and ET Disclosure with Jon Kelly

Nov 30, 2014


We welcomed Jon Kelly, a veteran CBS producer who spent four years as Vancouver UFO Examiner, to talk about his fascinating specialty: reverse speech technology. In the final hour of the broadcast, we talked about the possibility of alien disclosure.

Trauma and Rebirth with William White Crow

Nov 17, 2014


Tonight, we welcome prominent members of the Truth Frequency family, Popeye and Joe, to the broadcast, as well as shaman and healer William White Crow to discuss how to endure the pain of losing a loved one. We also discuss the most important thing about the experience: The process of healing and rebirth that comes after we do the inner work required is truly a phenomenal thing to behold.

Deconstructing Agendas with Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton of TruthStream Media

Nov 16, 2014


1st hour: Tom of joined us to talk about the modern diet and how it is killing us en masse, and what to do to combat it. Big Pharma and the Medical Industrial Complex are designed to rob you of your life, on top of your money, so learn how to take your power

Part II: From Annunaki to Antichrist with Christopher Everard

Nov 10, 2014


Tonight, Chris and Sheree went back to their roots for a HUGE 3-Hour discussion with Christopher Everard on the deepest and most controversial of topics, from the Annunaki to the Antichrist. website:

Part I: Zionism’s Role In ‘End Times’ Prophecy – Max Igan & Chris Everard Round Table

Nov 9, 2014


We are pleased to have both Max Igan and Christopher Everard on the broadcast for a groundbreaking roundtable discussion about Zionism, Freemasonry, and even Extraterrestrial contact throughout the history of mankind.

Viral Mythology with Marie D. Jones

Nov 3, 2014


1st Hour: In the first hour, Minister Kenneth Emmanuel and Popeye, both hosts on our network, joined us to talk about how to survive losing a loved one – Something that Popeye has had direct experience with, since his wife Merce passed away 2 weeks ago. websites: Sound Doctrine, Down The Rabbit Hole 2nd-3rd Hour:

Exorcism, Hauntings & Halloween – guest: Jeffrey Seelman

Nov 2, 2014


Today Chris discusses the origins of Halloween in the first hour. In the second and third he is joined by exorcist Jeffery Seelman of to discuss real life exorcisms, hauntings and clearings.

Ayahuasca: Experiences vs. Assumptions with Frank Castle of HeistClick

Oct 27, 2014


We gave a big "welcome back" to artist Frank Castle of Heistclick, who joined us for a lively discussion about ayahuasca: Why is CNN catching on to ayahuasca tourism at this critical time, and is this a good or bad sign for the entheogenic movement?

Getting Past The ‘Doctrine of Enlightenment’ with George Kavassilas

Oct 26, 2014


Tonight, we welcomed back our old friend George Kavassilas to the broadcast to talk about how the chakras, the Kundalini energy and others are simply a synthetic ascension tool used by the controllers of this universal construct to keep us bound to this dimension.

Ebolamania with Dr. Brooks Agnew

Oct 20, 2014


Another good friend and one of our most knowledgeable guests, Brooks Agnew, talked with us about the worldwide panic that's ensuing in the wake of the CDC's collective stupidity. What could happen if Thomas Jefferson University's ebola/rabies vaccine makes it to the market?

A New Way to Be Human with Robert V. Taylor

Oct 13, 2014


Tonight, we welcome back author and speaker Robert V. Taylor to the broadcast to talk about his book, A New Way To Be Human. website:

Cinema Symbolism, Freemasonry and The Solar Deity Myth with Robert W. Sullivan

Oct 12, 2014


1st hour: In the first hour, we welcomed back author and psychic Lisa Barretta to the broadcast to talk about her work, called The Book of Transformation. What is all of this talk of an impending ebola pandemic doing to the world’s psyche, especially at such a critical time in humanity’s spiritual development? website:

Conquering Fear with William White Crow

Sep 29, 2014


1st Hour: Kev Baker joined us to talk about the latest news from Europe, as well as the newest information regarding the Georgia Guidestones.   website: The Kev Baker Show   2nd-3rd Hour: We welcome back shaman, teacher, and healer William White Crow to tell our listeners how to conquer their fears and be “forced

The Self-Actualizing Universe with Paul Von Ward

Sep 22, 2014


1st hour: Entrepreneur Austin Muhs joined us for the first hour to talk about his work in crowdfunding and startups, detailed in his recent book, Start Up Fever, How Crowdfunding will rebuild the American Dream. website:   2nd-3rd hour: We welcomed philosopher and cosmologist Paul Von Ward to the broadcast. An interdisciplinary cosmologist and independent

What On Earth with Suzanne Taylor

Sep 21, 2014


1st Hour: TFR host Kev Baker joined us in the first hour to talk about the rigged Scottish referendum vote that took place yesterday. It was, by far, one of the worst examples of voter fraud and election rigging the world has ever seen, and was a true example of how far the Queen will

ISIS, Bluebeam, Aggressive Wars and Fear

Sep 15, 2014


Chris Geo discusses the connection between fear, ISIS, bluebeam and aggressive wars in the first and second hour. In the third hour, Frank Castle is back for some super-woo ayahuasca and spiritual talk.

The Anti -Christ, Light & Darkness w/ Gemineye of Conspirituality

Sep 14, 2014


Gemineye joins Chris Geo for an awesome show about spirituality, the Bible, Lucifer, ancient wisdom and occult secrets.

Our Changing World with William White Crow

Sep 1, 2014


William White Crow returns to the broadcast to discuss world events and where spirituality comes into play. In the 3rd hour, we discuss the topic of the Divine Feminine, and the balance that we have to find within ourselves if we are to survive - and thrive in - the coming earth changes.

Transforming The Self, Transforming The World with Mitch Schultz

Aug 31, 2014


Tonight, we were pleased to announce the return of Mitch Schultz, producer of "DMT: The Spirit Molecule" to the broadcast. This episode shows just how much we've learned over the last 5 years about consciousness and spirituality, and we believe that that's the experience of a large portion of humanity right now. We are indeed being transformed by the renewal of our minds!

Weird Stuff Getting Even Weirder with Freeman and Jamie Fly

Aug 25, 2014


Freeman and Jamie Fly joined us again to talk about Weird Stuff Magazine's 2nd edition, which covers seemingly everything from Freemasonry and Gnosticism to the mind control used by the mainstream media.

Sound Doctrine with Min. Kenneth Emmanuel Sr.

Aug 24, 2014


Today, we talked to Min Kenneth Emmanuel Sr and some of the co-hosts from his show here at TFR about aspects of Christianity that are in the Bible that don't seem very righteous, such as slavery, rape, and the killing of infants and children.

Civil War 2.0 with Brent Johnson

Aug 18, 2014


Our good friend Brent Johnson joined us again to talk about the unfolding situation in Ferguson, MO. Is America headed towards another civil war?

Gaza, Ferguson, and The End Game For Humanity

Aug 17, 2014


Tonight, Chris and Sheree discuss world events and humanity’s reactions to them.

Malaysian Airliners: Paranormal Coincidences with Craig Santy

Aug 11, 2014


Craig Santy joined the broadcast to talk about his upcoming trip to Malaysia. We discussed the Gaza situation briefly, but the main focus of the interview was the MH370 and MH17 "accident/strike", with a third being prophesied by a man who claims to be channeling the spirit of his deceased wife.

Truth Is A Lonely Warrior with James Perloff

Aug 10, 2014


Today, we welcome James Perloff, author of Truth Is A Lonely Warrior, a book that seems to cover everything about the so-called “New World Order”, from 9/11 and Pearl Harbor to the elite’s obsession with using mind control tactics to suppress the human spirit and keep the “slaves” in line. website:

Ripping Apart The Cosmic Veil with Thomas Fusco

Aug 4, 2014


Author Thomas Fusco joins us to talk about his book, Behind the Cosmic Veil. Do science and philosophy always have to butt heads with each other, or is there some way we can find a healthy balance between the two?

Pineal Activation and DNA Frequency with Dr. Joye Jeffries-Pugh

Aug 3, 2014


Dr. Joye Jeffries-Pugh joins us again to talk about Chris's experience with ayahuasca this past weekend. We also discuss pineal activation and how DNA vibrates at a certain consistency, and how both can be manipulated by outside interference.

DMT: A Visit To The ‘God Mind’ with HeistClick’s Frank Castle

Jul 28, 2014


Frank Castle of HeistClick joined us to talk about his recent experience with dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Amazing interview!

Gaza Genocide Pt. 3 with Max Igan

Jul 27, 2014


Tonight, we have a very special broadcast for you: Max Igan joins us once again, and we delve deeper into the real issues behind what’s going on in Gaza than we ever have before. website:

Gaza Genocide Part 2 & Mind Control – Max Igan and Jamie Fly

Jul 21, 2014


Max Igan joins us again for a conversation about the ongoing genocide of Palestinians in Gaza by the Khazar-run, Zionist state of Israel. He explains how Israel created Hamas in the first place, and how they use "Hamas" as an excuse to commit mass murder and ethnic cleansing.

Your Body, The Universe

Jul 20, 2014


First Hour: Writer and social activist Robert V. Taylor joins us to talk about his book, “A New Way to Be Human”. Unfortunately, we experienced heavy technical difficulties throughout the interview, so we will be having him back on the broadcast in August for a full two hours. website: 2nd-3rd hour: We welcome Dr.

Genocide In Gaza – Chris Everard, Max Igan, John Waterman

Jul 19, 2014


Four hour round table with Chris Everard, Max Igan, John  Waterman about the genocide in Gaza. We cover everything from the history of Judaism, World War 2, the Palestine/Israel conflict, media spin and more.

Dispelling Weitiko / God, Science and Reason – Paul Levy & Michael Bunner

Jul 13, 2014


Paul Levy joins us for the first half of the broadcast to discuss Weitiko. What is this psychopathic virus that has infected our human existence since the begining of time? In the second half of the program, Michael Bunner joins us to discuss the polarity of Atheism vs Dogmatic religion.

Caesar’s Secret Messiah with Joe Atwill

Jul 7, 2014


We welcome back author Joe Atwill to discuss his groundbreaking book, Caesar's Messiah. For thousands of years now, religion has been the primary tool of mass manipulation and mind control, and Joe Atwill has slashed through that entire false paradigm with his book.

The Paranormal Equation with Dr. James D. Stein

Jun 30, 2014


Mathematician Dr. James D. Stein joins us to talk about his book, The Paranormal Equation. The book covers all things paranormal, such as ESP, telepathy, and clairvoyance to the darker side, such as ghosts, demonic entities, etc. Fascinating interview!

Transformation: From The Exoteric To The Esoteric with Max Igan

Jun 29, 2014


Our good friend Max Igan joined us to discuss the situation in Gaza. Why do Christians continue to support Israel's apartheid state?

Hollow Earth and Transdimensional Beings with Chris Baird

Jun 23, 2014


Researcher Chris Baird re-joined us for a full-length interview, where we discussed ancient aliens, hollow earth, transdimensional beings, and the issue of death and reincarnation.

Immigration Surge and The Great Society with Alan Watt

Jun 22, 2014


We welcome legendary researcher and philosopher Alan Watt to the broadcast. We have a fascinating discussion of psychological manipulation, eugenics, and how the system of sociological and physical control of the masses works.

Revolution and Gnostic Renaissance

Jun 16, 2014


Tonight, we welcome writer Ethan Indigo Smith to the broadcast to talk about his book, The Little Green Book of Revolution. We discuss the different types of revolution that are available to people living in this day and age, and the remote possibility of a peaceful revolution being successful. In the second and third hour, Chris and Sheree discuss religion, specifically Gnosticism vs. Orthodox Christianity. Can true spirituality be achieved with that "Old Time Religion"? Or has everything we've been taught been a "soul trap" the whole time?

Our Galactic Reality with George Kavassilas

Jun 15, 2014


We welcome our good friend, George Kavassilas, to the broadcast to expand upon the state of natural medicine in the world, and how the prison and pharmaceutical industries don't want to lose business by having it decriminalized. In the third hour, we go "super woo" and talk about the fractal nature of the universe, and explore our galactic reality.

Freemasonry: The Lucifer Connection with Robert W. Sullivan IV

Jun 9, 2014


Tonight, we welcome back Robert W. Sullivan IV to the broadcast to talk about his latest book, Cinema Symbolism. We also delve deep into the subject of Freemasonry. Who (or what) is Lucifer, without religious inferences getting in the way? You'll have to listen to find out!

Alien Abduction Files with Denise Stoner and Kathleen Marden

Jun 8, 2014


Authors Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner joined us to talk about their book, Alien Abduction Files. Are alien abduction stories credible, and if so, why are they abducting people? We explore the answers to these questions and delve even further into the history of extraterrestrial contact with humans.

Surviving What’s To Come with William White Crow

Jun 1, 2014


In the 2nd and 3rd hour, shaman and healer William White Crow tells us how to not only survive in a natural or man-made disaster, but to thrive!

Roswell and Area 51 with Tom Carey

May 26, 2014


Author and paranormal researcher Tom Carey joins us to talk about his books, Inside The Real Area 51 and Witness to Roswell. Along with those well-known events, we also talk about the archaeological investigations he's been involved with that uncover the mysteries of other areas that aren't as well-known to the public

Hollywood, Mk-Ultra and Mass Murder with Kev Baker

May 25, 2014


Chris and Sheree welcome fellow K-TFRN host Kev Baker to the broadcast to talk about the latest news on the mass shooting that took place last night.

Islam, Djinn, and Occultic History with Sean Stone

May 19, 2014


Tonight, we welcome actor, producer and paranormal researcher Sean Stone to the broadcast. We weren't expecting to talk about deep spiritual matters when preparing for the interview, but as the Universe would have it, that's exactly what we did!

Looking at Religion Through The Lens of the Trivium with Joseph Atwill

May 18, 2014


Tonight, we welcome back author and researcher Joseph Atwill to talk about religion.

Lost Secrets of Maya Technology with James O’Kon

May 12, 2014


Groundbreaking archaeologist and acclaimed author James O'Kon joins us to talk about his work in uncovering The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology.

Behold A Pale Farce: Cyberwarfare and Reality with Bill Blunden

May 11, 2014


Tonight, we welcome author Bill Blunden, whose book, Behold A Pale Farce: Cyberwar, Threat Inflation, & the Malware Industrial Complex, exposes the fake war that the U.S. Federal Government has attempted to convince the people is a real threat.

Truth Frequency w/ guest host David Whitehead

May 4, 2014


The Truth Warrior, David Whitehead, fills in for Chris & Sheree with a jam packed round table with many special guests! Tune into Truth Warrior Mondays at 7pm right here on Truth Frequency Radio

Truth Frequency w/ guest host Kev Baker

May 3, 2014


Kev Baker of The Kev Baker Show fills in for Chris & Sheree with a round table of special guests! Tune into the Kev Baker show Monday through Friday at 3pm, right here on Truth Frequency Radio!

The New World Order’s Death Rattle with Leo Zagami

Apr 27, 2014


Illuminati member/whistleblower Leo Lyon Zagami and our good friend, Donnie Gillson, join us to talk about recent world events.

Colour Revolutions and Tyranny w/ Brandon Turbeville

Apr 21, 2014


In hour 1 we Chris discusses some key Supreme Court rulings and a recent police encounter. In hour 2 Brandon Turbeville joins us to discuss Colour Revolutions, False Flags and more.

Demons, Ghosts, and the Paranormal

Apr 14, 2014


Tonight, Chris and Sheree Geo discuss the many paranormal happenings affecting the world today.