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#229: Sean Curran on Vintage Pianos, Creative Process, & Chicken Wings [Podcast]

Jan 18, 2020 52:08


It’s refreshing to be around someone who has been with Jesus. Sean Curran is a refreshing voice who is more concerned with being in the presence of God than just making music. More than most, he has a leadership style that is disarming and invitational. In this interview we talk about vintage pianos, Passion 2020, […]

#228: From Meth Addict to Worship Leader: An Interview with Stephen McWhirter

Jan 2, 2020 42:50


Hearing of the life-changing power of the Gospel never gets old. How God can turn a life around is a glorious mystery and Stephen McWhirter’s testimony is no different. Stephen is a wonderful singer/songwriter and worship leader with a story of grace. In this interview we talk music, songwriting, and local church ministry, but we […]

#227: Chris McClarney on Songwriting, Spontaneous Worship & Tiny Hands [Podcast]

Nov 22, 2019 52:04


What a joy to welcome Chris McClarney to the podcast. Chris is a gifted singer/songwriter and worship leader. We have a blast laughing, talking worship, songwriting, cooking, tiny hands, and more. Enjoy! Click to Listen Sponsor #1: Leadership Pathway I want to introduce you to one of my favorite organizations: Leadership Pathway. Leadership Pathway helps churches find […]

#226: Luke Hellebronth on Church Planting, Engaging Worship, & The Alternative to Excellence [Podcast]

Oct 11, 2019 56:40


Church planting is not for the faint of heart. I’m always inspired by the ones who head into a difficult area with the light of the Gospel and build from the ground up. Luke Hellebronth is the Worship Pastor at Gass Street Church, where Tim Hughes is the Lead Pastor. They are taking worship to […]

#225: Charlie Hall on Worship, Spiritual Disciplines, & Disciple Making [Podcast]

Sep 27, 2019 54:34


One of the worship leaders who’s had the most impact on me is Charlie Hall. I can think back to specific seasons of my life where Charlie’s music brought me through. Before I ever led worship or considered leading worship, Charlie’s early Passion records taught me so much about creativity, musicality, and how to lead […]

#224: Cody Carnes on Family & Ministry, Finding Your Voice, & Songwriting

Sep 11, 2019 40:20


Always great to have Cody Carnes on the podcast. The music this guy is releasing is so refreshing, disarming, and powerful. We catch up about life on the road, what it’s like being a husband/wife duo yet being separate artists, songwriting, parenting, and more. Click to Listen Enjoy! Sponsor #1: Leadership Pathway I want to […]

#223: Adam Russell on Vineyard Music, Risk Taking, & Winemaking [Podcast]

Aug 17, 2019 58:22


Once or twice a year, I hope we have a train wreck Sunday.” Adam Russell Adam Russell is an entrepreneur, pastor, songwriter, worship leader, and Director of Vineyard Worship USA. Sound like a busy schedule? Adam and I catch up and talk about the history of the Vineyard, ways worship leaders need challenged today, winemaking, […]

#222: Mike Grayson on Cross Point Music, Multi-Site Worship, & Developing Culture [Podcast]

Jul 27, 2019 50:28


Great to have Mike Grayson from Cross Point Church on the show today. Mike is the Director of Worship Culture at Cross Point, a 5 campus church in Nashville, TN. He’s also an accomplished singer/songwriter, having toured as part of the band Mikeschair for 12 years. We discuss worship culture, leading a worship department across […]

#221: Don Potter on Prophetic Music, The Dangers of Fame, & Spending Time with God [Podcast]

Jul 13, 2019 1:14:28


Don Potter has been a musical and worship pioneer for over 50 years. I was first introduced to Don through the groundbreaking Morningstar albums of the 90s and early 2000s. Prophetic singing, spontaneous songs that lasted over 30 minutes. Here in this interview we dive deep into the Morningstar days, prophetic music, the dangers of […]

#220: Casey Corum on Physical Health, Vineyard Music, & Creative Process [Podcast]

Jul 4, 2019 1:09:00


The Vineyard Worship movement has been so special to me over the years. It’s one of the primary reasons I write songs and lead worship today. It was special getting to catch up with Casey Corum who has been a part of the Vineyard movement for a lot of years. He’s a wonderful songwriter, worship […]

#219: Tauren Wells, Micah Tyler, & Phil Wickham from the 2019 K-Love Fan Awards [Podcast]

Jun 21, 2019 26:17


It’s time for round #2 of the K-Love Fan Awards interviews. We dig deep with Tauren Wells, Micah Tyler, & Phil Wickham. Love how hard these guys work, their hearts for the Kingdom of God, and the music they create. Enjoy! Click to Listen Show Sponsor #1 If you’re a musician, you know there’s nothing […]

#218: Josh Baldwin, Mark Hall, & Michael Cochren From the K-Love Fan Awards [Podcast]

Jun 14, 2019 31:08


I haven’t done many in person interviews as part of the Beyond Sunday podcast. Most have been over a Skype, FaceTime or phone call. But that’s about to change. A couple weeks ago my wife and I headed down to the Grand O’l Opry in Nashville to cover the 2019 K-Love fan awards. It was […]

#217: Leonard Jones on Worship Trends, Prophetic Music, & Practice [Podcast]

Jun 8, 2019 1:10:57


Never practice the things you already know. Always be working on something that’s a little too hard for you.” Leonard Jones When I was in middle school I came across some CDs that changed my view of worship. I listened to Passion, Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, and Delirious. But I also listened to some albums […]

#216: Brock Shinen on The Worship Music Industry [Podcast]

May 30, 2019 46:56


Are you a songwriter? Do you and your team write songs for the local church and have a desire to record that music? Maybe you already have. Honestly, there’s no better guy to talk to than Brock Shinen. Brock is an attorney with a passion for the local church that helps numerous artists in the […]

#215: Brian Johnson on Anxiety, Bethel Music, & When God Becomes Real [Podcast]

May 17, 2019 34:53


I love having Brian Johnson on the podcast. He’s down to earth, real, and always full of incredible insight. In this interview we talk about his story and the circumstances surrounding his new book, “When God Becomes Real.” We discuss anxiety, Bethel Music, favorite songs, worship music, and more. Enjoy! Click to Listen Show Sponsor […]

#214: Tim Foot on Healthy Teams, Staffing, & Global Worship Trends [Podcast]

May 10, 2019 38:39


There’s a depth of wisdom and perspective that come from years in the trenches of local church ministry. Tim Foot is one of those heroes. Having been in worship ministry for 26 years, he brings so much wisdom to worship pastors around the world. As the Vice President of Experience at Slingshot Group, Tim and […]

#213: Jon Egan on Vulnerable Worship Leading, Pursuing Jesus, & Staying Steady [Podcast]

May 4, 2019 34:14


It’s always a treat to talk with Jon Egan. Jon has been the Worship Pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs for 18 years. For so many years he’s written incredible songs for the church like I Am Free, Overcome, and so many others. His new record “Unveil” is one of my favorites over […]

#212: Rory Noland on Leading Artists, Worship, and Spiritual Formation [Podcast]

Apr 27, 2019 45:01


There was a book I read in college that challenged me deeply. It was called Thriving As an Artist in the Church. It was pastoral, wise, and carried compassion for both artists and pastors. Then I went on to read a prior book called The Heart of the Artist. Both books were by this guy […]

#211: Manuel Luz on Honest, God Centered Worship [Podcast]

Apr 19, 2019 29:51


Was great to welcome Manuel Luz to the podcast this week. We dive deep into his new book, Honest Worship, and what that means for Worship Pastors. This is a below the surface, deep dive into what is most important for worship pastors. So good! Click to Listen Show Sponsor Is there a worship team […]

#210: Elias Dummer on The Worship Movement, Discipleship, & Songwriting

Apr 11, 2019 49:42


It’s always a good day when Elias Dummer is on your podcast. Not only is he a great singer/songwriter, he’s incredible thoughtful when it comes to worship, theology, psychology, and discipleship. There. Is. So. Much. Packed. Into. This. Interview. We talk new music, discipleship, neuroscience, recommended books, songwriting, the church, and more. Enjoy! Click to […]

#209: Amanda Lindsey Cook on Grief, Lyric Writing, & The Mystery of God [Podcast]

Apr 4, 2019 45:39


Grief is a gift but it’s a grip and it will not let you go until you feel what needs to heal.” Amanda Lindsey Cook I’ve wanted to have Amanda Cook on the podcast for such a long time. Well friends, that time is now. This has got to be in the top 5 favorite […]

#208: Mack Brock on Songwriting Productivity, Anxiety, & New Music [Podcast]

Mar 28, 2019 29:30


I love Mack Brock’s heart for the church and his dedication to writing songs that take us deeper. In this interview we discuss his new EP, Covered, and talk seasons of life, UNITED tour, anxiety, vulnerability, and more. Enjoy! Click to Listen Show Sponsor Is there a worship team tool you can’t live without? For […]

#207: Kristian Stanfill on Passion Conference, Revival, & Songwriting Habits [Podcast]

Mar 21, 2019 28:38


I’m always so moved by what God is doing with the Passion Movement. For over 20 years, Louie Giglio and the team has called a generation to pursue Jesus with abandon. Kristian Stanfill and I catch up and talk about Passion 2019, songwriting habits of the Passion team, revival, and stories of what God is […]

#206: Chris Shealy on Catch the Fire, Encountering God, & Worship Movements [Podcast]

Mar 14, 2019 30:28


Great to welcome Chris Shealy from Catch the Fire Music to the podcast. For all the worship movements out there, I love gleaning insights from each. And Catch the Fire has an insatiable hunger for the presence of God. We talk about the new record, worship movements, songwriting, and the importance of encountering God in […]

#205: David Leonard on Worship, New Music, & Overcoming Insecurity [Podcast]

Mar 7, 2019 44:42


It’s inspiring how artists learn how to reinvent themselves, break new ground, and never give up. I’ve loved the work of David Leonard from his days with All Sons & Daughters, but what’ he’s doing now is on another level. In this interview we talk about his new project, the insecurity of an artist, how […]

#204: Lindy Conant on The Circuit Riders, Missionary Music, and Foster Care [Podcast]

Feb 28, 2019 25:11


It’s hard to listen to Lindy Conant and not be stirred to action. She has a fire in her bones for the Kingdom of God and spreading a passion for Him across the nations. This interview is simple: we talk about the new record, foster care, avoiding the comparison trap, and running after all that […]

#203: Highlands Worship On Creating A Process for Worship Team Development [Podcast]

Feb 21, 2019 53:15


For years I’ve admired the work that Church of the Highlands is doing to reach people for Christ. This week’s podcast is a conversation with John Larson and Chris Griffin from Highlands Worship. I love this because it feels like worship leader friends catching up and talking about ministry. These guys manage a worship team […]

#202: Jonathan Mason On the Worshipping Church, The Music Industry, And Getting Your Songs Heard [Podcast]

Feb 14, 2019 32:45


Jonathan is the Director of Word Worship Music. He brings a ton of music industry experience with a heart to serve the Church. We talk about his story, writing worship songs, the problem with worshiping worship, how to get your songs heard, how to find new songs, and more! Click to Listen Show Sponsor If […]

#201: Nikki Lerner On Multicultural Worship, Influence, & True Humility [Podcast]

Feb 7, 2019 51:47


I love this conversation with my new friend, Nikki Lerner. It’s important on so many levels. Multicultural worship isn’t just a matter of preference and opinion. It’s Biblical and a reflection of God’s heart. We talk about what that looks like, creativity, true humility (it’s not what you think), songs for church, and more. Prepare […]

#200: Andy Squyres on Leading Worship, The Church, & Pursuing Poetry Over Platitudes [Podcast]

Jan 31, 2019 49:08


A conversation with Andy Squyres is one the leaves you a little more brave, thoughtful, and thankful. It’s like the opposite of talking to someone who hates everything. But what’s interesting is Andy speaks his mind when it comes to modern worship and corporate songwriting. But he loves the church. And he’s a worship pastor. […]

#199: Nancy Beach on the Power of Coaching, Art in the Church, & Breaking Out of Creative Ruts

Jan 24, 2019 47:28


Such an honor to welcome Nancy Beach to the podcast. Nancy was the Programming Director at Willow Creek for over 20 years, one of the main teaching pastors, and one of the founders of the church. She is a world class coach and an amazing leader. Nancy and I both do work with an incredible […]

#198: Stephen Miller on Adoption, Songs, & Leading A Worship Department

Jan 17, 2019 59:28


Stephen Miller is no stranger to Beyond Sunday. Great to have him back to talk about his beautiful family, adoption, new music, a new ministry, worship ministry, and more. Also, don’t miss out on our Beyond Sunday Survey. We’re giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to one lucky completer. Just head on over to […]

#197: Michael Pope on Playing Guitar, Worship Music, & Gear [Podcast]

Jan 10, 2019 48:00


Today we welcome guitar extraordinaire Michael Pope to the podcast. Michael has played on numerous Bethel Music recordings and has traveled the globe, doing ministry with the Bethel team. He has nice guitars. And pedals. And amps. But he’s also a great player and an even better human. We talk about all things creativity, guitars, [...]

#196: An Interview With Meredith Andrews & Jacob Sooter [Podcast]

Dec 20, 2018 52:10


What a treat to welcome Meredith Andrew and her husband Jacob Sooter to the podcast…together! If you don’t know Meredith Andrews, she is a wonderful worship leader, songwriter, and vocalist based out of The Belonging in Nashville, TN. Her husband Jacob is an incredible producer in his own right. And this interview covers the spectrum. [...]

#195: Krissy Nordhoff On Finding Your Strength As A Songwriter [Podcast]

Dec 7, 2018 47:15


Persistence is the difference.” – Krissy Nordhoff Click to Listen Show Sponsor This episode is brought to you by the Pads Live app from Coresound Pads. Coresound Pads are my favorite pad loops on the market.  If you’re looking for a way to raise the quality and sound of your worship team, this is probably the easiest [...]

#194: Sean Feucht on Worship & Prayer Throughout the Nations [Podcast]

Nov 23, 2018 18:23


I started in my dorm room. Sometimes we would worship for a few hours. Sometimes we would go the whole night.” – Sean Feucht What I love about this interview with Sean Feucht (and Sean’s new record) is the lesson that a fiery passion for Jesus is something that needs continual cultivation. If not, Christianity [...]

193: Crowder on Shaking Up the Creative Process, Holy Ghost Songs, & Airplane Conversations [Podcast]

Nov 9, 2018 40:00


A conversation with Crowder is equal parts hilarious and riveting. For the last 18 years, he has written songs that have helped us connect with God, while pushing the limits of creativity. His new record I Know a Ghost is no different. I think it could be the best album from a Christian artist this year. [...]

#192: Austin French on Worship, Songwriting, & Redemption Stories [Podcast]

Oct 26, 2018 24:26


I remember writing in my journal, ‘I will never be a Christian.'” – Austin French So fun to welcome Austin French to the podcast. Austin is a worship leader and a new singer/songwriter to the CCM scene. I particularly loved Austin’s story of how he came to faith after being so hurt by the church. [...]

#191: Mack Brock on New Songs, New Seasons, & The Calling of a Worship Leader [Podcast]

Oct 12, 2018 34:46


Great to welcome Mack Brock back to the podcast. Mack is an incredible worship leader, songwriter, and producer. Formerly from Elevation Worship, Mack has embarked on a new season in his life. In this episode, we talk all about that transition, working at Elevation, new seasons, songwriting, song stories, working with Rita Springer, Ableton Live, [...]

#190: John Mark McMillan on Metaphors, Creative Process, & New Music [Podcast]

Sep 28, 2018 51:24


There’s always trends, but a good instrument, played well, with a good melody, will almost always be relevant.” – John Mark McMillan There’s something inspiring about sitting down with a seasoned songwriting veteran in his prime. John Mark McMillan is a legend with no signs of slowing down. His music keeps getting better. My first [...]

#189: Phil Wickham on The Songwriting Process [Podcast]

Sep 8, 2018 42:31


When it comes to finding great songs for church, look no further than Phil Wickham. Phil’s songs have a theological depth and pop sensibility that get stuck in your head like no other. His new record, Living Hope, might be his best yet. So I wanted to bring Phil on the show to talk about [...]

#188: Pat Barrett On Faith, Spontaneous Worship, & Stepping Out [Podcast]

Aug 24, 2018 53:16


There’s something about Pat Barrett’s voice and songs that have a re-centering effect – they call us to focus on what matters. Listening to his music makes me want to pick up the pen and write with a similar honesty, depth, and melodic sensibility. A lot has happened since Pat was on the show a [...]

#187: Alisa Turner On Pain, Loss, & Singing Through It All [Podcast]

Aug 3, 2018 48:27


Sometimes I wonder how the people who walk through the greatest sorrow have the most joy. And then I’m reminded that’s how God works. He’s faithful. He’s good. He doesn’t promise the road will be easy but He promises to satisfy our souls. This is the story of Alisa Turner, a true fighter who has [...]

#186: Fred Vassallo on Leading Kids in Worship & Unleashing Creativity in the Next Generation [Podcast]

Jul 2, 2018 46:16


There is no junior Holy Spirit. The same God that is the God of the adults is the God of the youth.” – Fred Vassallo It was a treat to welcome Fred Vassallo on the podcast this week. Fred is the Creative Director of Bright Ones, the youth & kids extension of Bethel Music. As [...]

#185: Harvest Bashta on Celebrity Worship, Going Deep, & Getting Real [Podcast]

Jun 6, 2018 42:16


This is an urgent call for worship leaders to drop their idea of fame and glory and get on their face and seek God. He’ll use that more than a pretty voice.” – Harvest Bashta A record that I have been playing a lot of is Harvest Bashta’s Preachers. There’s something about the simply, rich vibe that [...]

#184: Jen Ledger on Living For the Kingdom of God, Skillet, & Stepping Out [Podcast]

May 19, 2018


I am a fan of cheap breakfast. I am not a fan of the gourmet, 16 doller, grass-fed french toast.” – Jen Ledger Click to Listen Show Sponsor This episode is brought to you by the Pads Live app from Coresound Pads. Coresound Pads are my favorite pad loops on the market.  If you’re looking for a [...]

#183: Andi Rozier on Vertical Worship, Discipleship, & Why You Should Write Songs [Podcast]

May 11, 2018


God doesn’t want you to write songs to bless the Church, he wants you to write songs to spend time with you.” – Andi Rozier I love Andi Rozier and what he has built with Vertical Worship. Vertical is an extension of the worship ministry at Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago and for years, Andi [...]

#182: Keith Getty on Congregational Singing, Writing Hymns, & The Power of Song [Podcast]

May 4, 2018


If songs are catechisms for our lives, we need to write better ones.” – Keith Getty For years, Keith Getty has written hymns for the modern church. One of Getty’s best-loved songs, In Christ Alone, is still one of my favorite songs to sing with the people of God. Keith and his wife Kristyn have [...]

#181: Seth Mosley on Music Business, Commercial Songwriting, & Productivity [Podcast]

Apr 20, 2018


There’s very rarely a musical emergency.” – Seth Mosley So great to have Seth Mosley back on the podcast. Seth is a Grammy-winning producer and one of the most sought-out songwriters in Christian music. In this interview we talk about Seth’s Company, Full Circle Music, and all that is going on there in terms of [...]

#180: Andrew Peterson On Insecurity, Art, & Resurrection Letters [Podcast]

Apr 11, 2018


Could it be that it is our calling is to reveal the secret things of God to our brethren?” – George MacDonald I love those songwriters who remind me of the power of a song. In a culture obsessed with quick, catchy, & easy, it’s refreshing to hear songs of substance that make you think, [...]

#179: Steffany Gretzinger on Struggle, Stage Presence, & Vulnerability in Music [Podcast]

Mar 30, 2018 39:21


I love those conversations that leave you feeling convicted. Challenged. Called higher. After talking with Steffany Gretzinger I had to repent of my apathy. This girl is a bright flame for the glory of God. And her new music isn’t half bad either 🙂 We talk about the new album, stage presence, parenting, songwriting, mending [...]

#178: Brett Younker & Melodie Malone on Passion, Leading People, & The Next Generation [Podcast]

Mar 24, 2018 45:33


We continually try to put the cross in front of people.” – Melodie Malone Any chance I get to talk to anyone from the Passion movement is a good day. I love this ministry and how they’ve led the next generation to abandon for Jesus for so many years. This podcast is a chat with [...]

#177: Cory Asbury on Humility, Songwriting Discipline, & Reckless Love [Podcast]

Mar 8, 2018 38:33


The grave became the stage for Heaven’s glory.” – Cory Asbury The best artists are those whose story isn’t just the writing of a great song, but a life lived for something more. Cory Asbury is one of those artists. He lives a real life in God, loves his family, and faithfully serves Jesus even [...]

#176: Elevation Worship on Diversity, Team Discipleship, & Elevation Collective [Podcast]

Mar 2, 2018 53:10


What a treat to welcome Chris Brown & Jane Williams from Elevation Worship. Chris has been on the podcast before and many of you know him as one of the lead voices of Elevation Worship. Jane, once an intern with Elevation – under Chris – is now overseeing the discipling and leading of worship leaders [...]

#175: From Idea To iTunes: The Process of Recording a Live Worship Album [Podcast]

Feb 23, 2018 48:57


Well I’m especially excited today because our new record from Allison Park Worship, Here & Now, is released! So ready for these songs to reach your ears and your hearts. To celebrate the release, I sat down with the Experiences Director at Allison Park Church, my good friend Brendon Robinson, to talk about the process [...]

#174: Brad & Rebekah on Disciplined Dreaming, Networking, & Writing Songs for the Church [Podcast]

Feb 15, 2018 44:44


Honored to have my good friends Brad & Rebekah Bichsel on the show today. Brad & Rebekah travel the world, leading worship & equipping worship teams. But this interview is about so much more than music. Sure, we talk about their great new record but the story behind it is even more compelling. They interviewed [...]

#173: Corey Voss On Being A Worship Pastor, Writing Melody, & Leading Spontaneous Worship [Podcast]

Feb 2, 2018 44:46


If I could tell young worship leaders one thing, it’s “Don’t be afraid” – Corey Voss So great to have Corey Voss on the podcast this week. Corey is a Worship Pastor at Gateway Church in Shelbyville, TN and a worship leader/songwriter with Integrity Music. We get practical in this chat – rehearsal tips, to [...]

#172: Jon Thurlow on 24/7 Prayer, Joyful Spiritual Disciplines, & Making Music [Podcast]

Jan 25, 2018 47:32


I needed something crazy. I needed something that would push my heart back into the Lord.” – Jon Thurlow Jon Thurlow’s story is about doing whatever it takes to be close to Jesus. After getting his bachelor’s degree in Sacred Music from Nyack college, he found himself at the International House of Prayer with a [...]

#171: Andy Park on The Worship Renewal, Getting Older, & Effective Leadership [Podcast]

Jan 14, 2018 48:22


Love those closest to you.” – Andy Park One of my biggest influences as a young worship leader was Andy Park. Andy has been a worship leader in the Vineyard for over 40 years. He’s written well-known songs like In the Secret, We Will Dance, The River is Here, I See the Lord, Blessed Be [...]

#170: Rend Collective On Celebration, Laments, & Good News [Podcast]

Dec 24, 2017 34:26


We’re not rockstars. We’re the furthest thing from it. We don’t even consider ourselves good musicians.” – Gareth Gilkeson When I listen to Rend Collective, it makes me happy. There’s a contagious joy about their music and the fact that they’re having an incredible time doing what they do. I think worship teams have a [...]

#169: Jeremy Riddle On Overcoming Self Doubt, Vulnerability, & Keeping Your Heart Alive [Podcast]

Dec 16, 2017 37:42


My journey wasn’t about coming back to worship leading. It was about coming back to God.” – Jeremy Riddle What I love most about this conversation with Jeremy Riddle is his unrelenting passion for God Himself, not just worship. Too many of us are chasing worship careers and have lost sight of what it means to chase God [...]

#168: Sara Groves on The Artist’s Calling, Truth Telling, & Hymns [Podcast]

Dec 10, 2017 58:40


Music has always been a very necessary part of my life.” – Sara Groves It’s an honor to welcome one of my favorite songwriters to the show today. For years Sara has written honest, delicate, vulnerable songs. In this interview we talk about the new record, Art House North, vulnerability, art, songwriting process, and more! [...]

#167: Monty Kelso On Building Remarkable Teams, Staffing, & Loving Your Work [Podcast]

Dec 3, 2017 48:53


We need to create jobs that are realistic – where we don’t take advantage of people but we honor who they are.” – Monty Kelso One of the ministries I’m super excited to be a part of is Slingshot Group. Slingshot is a non-profit organization that helps build remarkable teams through staffing and coaching. And [...]

#166: Micah Tyler on Stepping Into the Unknown [Podcast]

Nov 19, 2017 40:24


My favorite stories are the stories that highlight what only God can do. Not just stories of hard work and determination, but those that leave us saying, “God is amazing.” That’s why I love Micah Tyler’s story and how he pursued music full time. Sure, there’s a lot of hard work. There’s talent. There’s drive. [...]

#165: Matthew West On The Artist As Entrepreneur [Podcast]

Nov 4, 2017 45:21


I had half the talent but twice the drive.” – Matthew West So many have the talent to succeed but do nothing about it. It takes drive, a vision, and a discipline to get things done over the long haul. That’s why I love this conversation with Matthew West. Every artist needs to hear this. [...]

#164: Planetshakers, Big Vision, & Creative Discipleship [Podcast]

Oct 28, 2017 48:00


What a treat to welcome Joth Hunt & Sam Evans to the podcast. Planetshakers is celebrating 20 years of ministry and also the release of their new album, Legacy. I love this interview for so many reasons. It’s amazing to see what God does through a life that is completely surrendered. That is the story [...]

#163: Holy Roar: An Interview With Chris Tomlin & Darren Whitehead [Podcast]

Oct 21, 2017 42:00


Worship should be an emotional experience as well. We should be worshiping with a soaring spirit and with our minds.” – Darren Whitehead What an honor to have Darren Whitehead and Chris Tomlin on the podcast this week. Chris Tomlin is, well, Chris Tomlin and Darren Whitehead is the Lead Pastor of City Church in [...]

#162: Christy Nockels on Humble Authority, Identity, & Vocal Confidence [Podcast]

Oct 7, 2017 50:06


There’s a difference between leading aggressively and leading with authority.” – Christy Nockels What a treat to welcome Christy Nockels back on the show. For years she has been an inspiration to worship leaders, vocalists, and women in ministry. In this episode we talk about her ministry transition, the new record, leading with authority, identity, [...]

#161: Matt Redman On Presence, Collaboration, & Glory Songs [Podcast]

Sep 30, 2017 28:13


You’re never going to impress someone into the arms of God.” – Matt Redman For years, the ministry of Matt Redman has not only helped me lead worship, but love Jesus more. He has a way with words – saying the most profound truth with as few words as possible. In this interview we talk [...]

#160: Kristene DiMarco On Imagination, Art & Never Giving Up [Podcast]

Sep 23, 2017 33:31


Art comes from the imagination and when your imagination is surrendered to the Lord you’ll find yourself being way more creative than humanly possible.” – Kristene DiMarco What a joy to welcome Kristene DiMarco to the podcast. For years, I’ve loved her songs and the artistic way she presents unchanging truth. Her new record is [...]

#159: Dustin Smith on Leading By Example, Fierce Faith, & Conferences [Podcast]

Sep 7, 2017 50:42


We have too many kids with guitars and not enough shepherds.” – Dustin Smith One of my favorite people to talk to about worship is Dustin Smith. Tacos is also another great topic of conversation. And this chat involves both. Dustin leads many streams in his ministry, Here Be Lions, and we talk all about [...]

#158: Seth Condrey On NorthPoint Music, Building a Worship Team, & Authenticity [Podcast]

Aug 26, 2017


We are married to our mission but we’re dating our vision.” – Andy Stanley I’ve always admired the work of Andy Stanley and North Point’s vision to create a church where unbelievers want to come. And today we have the honor of hearing from Seth Condrey, one of North Point’s worship leaders and part of [...]

#157: Sarah Reeves On Creating Music You Love, YouTube, & Starting Something [Podcast]

Aug 19, 2017


You have a window of time as an artist, but songwriting can last forever.” – Sarah Reeves Sarah Reeves has one of my favorite voices in all of Christian music. And this interview is a powerful challenge to any creative or anyone who wants to make a living as an artist. We talk about songwriting [...]

#156: Crystal Yates On Leading With Compassion, Being Sent, & Vulnerability [Podcast]

Aug 9, 2017


My biggest influence as a worship leader is a person who doesn’t sing.” – Crystal Yates I’m a big fan of singers who sing with conviction, who’s songs tell the story of their lives. Crystal is an incredible singer/songwriter who feels a calling to move beyond church walls and spread hope & compassion through her music. As [...]

#155: Josh Baldwin on Starting Songs, Stepping Out, & Creating Space [Podcast]

Jul 28, 2017


Today we welcome Josh Baldwin to the podcast. Josh is a worship leader and songwriter with Bethel Music. His new album, produced by Bobby Strand, is so great – full of lyrical depth, southern vibe, and plenty of soul. In this interview we talk about the Baldwin’s move from North Carolina to Redding, the making [...]

#154: Louie Giglio on Killing Giants, Passion, & The Trap Of The Stage [Podcast]

Jul 14, 2017


Life changes when we realize life is not about us but it’s all about Jesus.” – Louie Giglio Click to Listen Show Sponsor Today’s podcast is brought to you by Coresound. Coresound is an amazing new company that provides pad loops for your worship services. What are pad loops, you may say? Essentially, it’s like the best [...]

#153: Elias Dummer on Serving the Kingdom, The City Harmonic, & Entrepreneurship [Podcast]

Jul 7, 2017


You have to define success in terms of the Kingdom of God.” – Elias Dummer An honor to welcome Elias Dummer back to the Beyond Sunday Podcast for a second time! Elias is the frontman for the band The City Harmonic as well as a Worship Pastor and owner of a marketing agency. This interview is [...]

#152: Facing Fear, Making Art, & Sharing Your Work With Greg Sykes [Podcast]

Jun 24, 2017


A great honor to have Greg Sykes on the podcast today. Greg is a new singer/songwriter with Integrity Music and has just released his new EP, Reverse. Greg’s songs are some of the catchiest songs you’ll hear. In this chat we talk about facing fear, writing songs, sharing songs, and stepping out of our comfort [...]

#151: Melissa Helser on Friendship With God & Shifting Atmospheres [Podcast]

Jun 17, 2017


Such a joy to welcome Melissa Helser on the podcast. Melissa and her husband Jonathan David are incredible worship leaders. It’s remarkable what they do with their Cageless Birds ministry in South Carolina as well as their recent partnership with Bethel Music. In this interview we talk about the new Starlight album, women in worship, [...]

#150: Aaron Shust on Worship Tensions, Church Music, & Making Live Records [Podcast]

Jun 2, 2017


Today’s interview is with Aaron Shust – an amazing singer, songwriter, and worship leader. We talk about Aaron’s history with traditional church music and how he started leading worship. Also some great songwriting nuggets, stories, and challenges about the character of a worship leader. Important stuff. Enjoy! Click to Listen Show Sponsor Today’s podcast is [...]

#149: Stu G On Collaboration, The Beatitudes Project, & Guitar [Podcast]

May 5, 2017


Such an honor to welcome Stu Garrard back to the podcast. Stu is an amazing guitarist (known for his work with Delirious), songwriter, and artist. In this conversation we pull back the curtain of his latest project, The Beatitudes. An incredible project, consisting of an album, a book, and a documentary is all about Jesus’ [...]

#148: Laura Story On Hearing From God, Songs, & Parenting [Podcast]

Apr 20, 2017


If I’m living life with no margin and no time set aside to reflect, I can’t expect to be writing songs.” – Laura Story Today we welcome Grammy winning songwriter & worship leader Laura Story to the podcast. Laura’s new album, Open Hands, is a great one – filled with great new songs of hope. [...]

#147: Mack Brock On Sets & Songs, Elevation Worship, & Leading With Authority [Podcast]

Apr 7, 2017


If you lead worship, you know who Elevation Worship is. Over the last decade they have led the charge on building great team culture and writing powerful original songs for churches. Today, we welcome lead producer/songwriter Mack Brock to the show. It takes so many people to pull off large projects like Elevation’s new “There [...]

#146: Brian Johnson on Building A Team, Culture, & Writing for Church [Podcast]

Mar 25, 2017


When I let people be amazing at what they do, things change.” – Brian Johnson Today we welcome Brian Johnson back to the podcast. Brian & his wife Jenn lead the amazing ministry that is Bethel Music. The sheer number of great songs & amazing artists on the Bethel roster is quite remarkable. I wanted [...]

#145: Henry Seeley on Creating Space for God, The Belonging, & Making Music [Podcast]

Mar 16, 2017


I’m not defined by a role. Roles are seasonal. Who I am is a worshiper.” – Henry Seeley It’s amazing what happens when a willing soul steps out and takes God at His Word. I love the story of Henry & Alex Seeley. Rooted in Melbourne, Australia, Henry was a worship leader, songwriter, producer, and [...]

#144: Kristian Stanfill On The Passion Movement, Leading Worship, & Fighting For Songs [Podcast]

Mar 4, 2017


I hear a lot of people talk about relevance. But I would prefer to be timeless. Jesus is timeless. The cross is timeless. The Gospel is timeless. You don’t have to worry about being relevant when you hold the cross up.” – Kristian Stanfill I’m so excited to share this chat with Kristian Stanfill – [...]

#143: The Brilliance On Unity, Church Songs, & Lives Of Love [Podcast]

Feb 18, 2017


Good art invites the listener to have as big a part of the interpretation as the one saying it.” – David Gungor No one would debate that 2016 was a polarizing year. But in the midst of such political unrest & cultural anxiety, The Brilliance created a record. And a beautiful one at that. David Gungor & [...]

#142: Sleeping At Last On The Independent Artist, Lyric Writing, & Recording [Podcast]

Feb 3, 2017


The writing process is always hard, but if you keep pushing through it you get more adjusted to the difficulty of writing songs.” – Ryan O’Neal If there’s anyone who knows how to write lyrics and melodies, it’s Ryan O’Neal from Sleeping at Last. For years I’ve been inspired by how Ryan approaches his craft [...]

#141: Chris Greely On Producing Albums, Mixing, & Church Sound [Podcast]

Jan 14, 2017


We find a sound and we’re like, ‘Wow, that’s nothing like what we want’ and we just screw it up until it sounds like something neat.” – Chris Greely What happens on stage is only a fraction of what it takes to have great services at church. Without skilled, smart, and worshipful people running production, [...]

#140: Josh Silverberg on Programming, Producing, & the Power of God [Podcast]

Dec 31, 2016


Draw your inspiration from the one who inspires, not from a secondhand revelation.” – Josh Silverberg How would you like to sit down in the studio of a successful producer in Christian music and learn about music production? That’s what this conversation with Josh Silverberg feels like. Josh is an incredible producer & songwriter in [...]

#139: On Being A Worship Pastor With Zac Hicks

Dec 14, 2016


The Spirit’s job description is to showcase the magnificence of Jesus.” – Zac Hicks One of my favorite books for worship this year was The Worship Pastor by Zac Hicks. So naturally, it was essential that Zac come on the podcast to talk about it, right? It’s really a wonderful balance of practical and academic [...]

#138: Cody Carnes on A Pure Heart, Fatherhood, & Leading Worship [Podcast]

Nov 26, 2016


What I want to do as a worship leader – every time – is create a meeting place for God and people.” – Cody Carnes I love when a person’s heart and passion for Jesus is larger than the gift they carry. Cody Carnes is one of those leaders. Cody is a songwriter, worship leader, [...]

#137: Brooke Ligertwood on Hillsong Worship, Songwriting, & The Power of Words [Podcast]

Nov 17, 2016


This week we welcome Brooke Ligertwood (Fraser) to the podcast from Hillsong Worship. Brooke has been a part of the Hillsong family for years, writing classic songs like “Lead Me to the Cross”, “Hosanna”, and more recently “What a Beautiful Name.” In this episode we talk about Brooke’s fascination with words and language and how that [...]

#136: Outcry Tour, Creativity, & Making Dreams Happen [Podcast]

Nov 4, 2016


The church is the greatest movement the world has ever seen.” – Ryan Romeo I love to be around people that inspire me – people who push me to dream bigger, love stronger, and accomplish more for the Kingdom of God. Ryan Romeo is one of those people. Ryan is a worship leader, creative arts [...]

#135: Crowder On Coloring Books, Creativity, & Blending Genres [Podcast]

Oct 22, 2016


The term worship music seems to diminish the word worship and make the word music more important.” – Crowder A conversation with David Crowder is equal parts hilarious and educational. Busy in the middle of his American Prodigal tour, David called in from his tour bus out west to discuss…well, lots of stuff. We talk about creativity, coloring books, [...]

#134: Paul Baloche On Authenticity & Avoiding a Jaded Heart [Podcast]

Oct 10, 2016


Paul Baloche is our first 3-peat guest on the Beyond Sunday Podcast. It’s probably because he’s saying something we need to hear. Matter of fact, Paul has been trumpeting the cause of the local church and being a Pastor to Worship Pastors for many years. When I was a young, his songs helped to form [...]

#133: Michael Neale On Organizing A Team, Shaping Culture, & Choirs In Worship [Podcast]

Sep 28, 2016


This week we welcome Michael Neale back to the podcast. Michael is an award-winning songwriter and artist with Integrity Music, an author, as well as the new Worship Pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church, a 42,000 member congregation in Dallas, Texas. This is another one of those great conversations where we go behind the scenes of [...]

#132: David Leonard on All Sons & Daughters, Recording Vocals, & Saints Who Shook The World [Podcast]

Sep 17, 2016


I’ve always been moved by people who sing with conviction.” – David Leonard Today we welcome back David Leonard from All Sons & Daughters. I’ve always loved what David Leonard & Leslie Jordan write and their new album Poets & Saints is no exception. In this chat we talk all about the album as well as [...]

#131: Michael Farren On Pastoring Over Performing & Writing Songs for Church [Podcast]

Aug 29, 2016


There’s a lot of people standing on stages in front of the Church that Jesus loves, and they don’t have a pastor’s heart.” – Michael Farren Something special happens when you merge a heart for people with a passion for music. Songs become less of a performance vehicle and more of a pastoral one – [...]

#130: Brian Zahnd on Blending Traditions, Pop Christianity, & The Centrality of the Sacrament

Aug 12, 2016


We need the whole body of Christ to properly form the body of Christ. This much I’m sure of: Orthodox mystery, Catholic beauty, Anglican liturgy, Protestant audacity, Evangelical energy, Charismatic reality—I need it all!” – Brian Zahnd One of my favorite books of 2016 is Water to Wine by Pastor Brian Zahnd. It’s a well-written, [...]

#129: Leeland On Identity, God Stories, & Life on the Road [Podcast]

Jul 21, 2016


I’ve been a big fan of Leeland over the years. I remember when they released their debut album Sound of Melodies when Leeland was 16 years old. This chat is a like a great backstory of Leeland’s life. We talk about his childhood, his time on the road as a young kid, and tons of lessons [...]

#128: Seth Mosley On Songwriting, Producing, & Personal Development [Podcast]

Jul 14, 2016


It’s a good day for any musician when you can chat with a world-class, Grammy winning producer & songwriter. Seth Mosley is that guy, based in Nashville, TN. Last year, Seth won 4 Dove Awards, including producer and songwriter of the year. To put it simply, he knows his stuff. Seth has become the go-to producer for a [...]

#127: Banning Liebscher On Jesus Culture, Process, & Developing A Root System [Podcast]

Jul 7, 2016


If you love the spotlight more than the secret place, you’re in trouble because it means you care more about pleasing people than pleasing God.” – Banning Liebscher It’s quotes like this that make my conversation with Banning Liebscher so powerful. Banning is the founder & pastor of Jesus Culture. Jesus Culture began as a youth ministry at [...]

#126: A Behind The Scenes Look At The Worship Ministry Of Saddleback Church [Podcast]

Jun 30, 2016


My role is to identify leaders who are very comfortable identifying other leaders and create space for them to access ministry.” – John Cassetto I love conversations with worship pastors. Especially those who are more interested in raising others up over doing their own ministry. This is John Cassetto, Global Worship Pastor at Saddleback Church. This interview covers [...]

#125: Jeffrey Kunde On Music Theory, Writing Parts, & Guitars In Worship [Podcast]

Jun 1, 2016


I needed to resist the urge to get up on stage and do my own thing. I really needed to learn the craft of what others were doing.” – Jeffrey Kunde Got to love sitting down and talking music. That’s exactly what Jeffrey Kunde and I did. Jeffrey is the lead guitarist for Jesus Culture [...]

#124: Borrowing The Best Of Catholic, Evangelical, & Charismatic Worship Traditions [Podcast]

May 20, 2016 57:48


We talk about going through the motions as if it’s a bad thing. But what if the motions are right?” – Ryan Flanigan Ryan Flanigan is a worship leader in an Anglican Church. But he didn’t start there. Matter of fact, he was born Catholic, raised Charismatic, and educated Evanglical. All 3 of these streams [...]

#123: Phil Wickham on Vocal Health, Identity, & Being a Child of God [Podcast]

May 11, 2016 36:49


Such an honor to welcome Phil Wickham to the show this week. I remember the first time I heard Phil sing. I was at a songwriting retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains of California and it was a worship night with just Phil and his guitar. The fullness of sound this guy put out was [...]

#122: Ian Cron on Morning Routines, Silence, & Current Modern Worship Challenges [Podcast]

Apr 21, 2016 56:43


One of the most important things a worship leader can learn is how to lead silence. Leading silence is much more difficult than leading a song.” -Ian Cron My favorite podcasts to listen to are ones that are a bit uncomfortable – conversations that shine a light on a new (or old) idea and cause me [...]

#121: A Conversation On Authenticity & The Future Of Local Church Worship & Songwriting [Podcast]

Apr 8, 2016 46:22


The 60’s saw the innovation of the worship leader. The 70’s saw the innovation of the worship genre. The 80’s saw the innovation of the seamless worship set. The 90’s saw the worship leader upgraded to the worship band. And the millenium has seen all of these four ingredients coalesced together in the produced, minute-by-minute [...]

#120: Paul Tripp On The Gospel Centered Life, Awe Of God, & The Goal of a Worship Leader [Podcast]

Apr 2, 2016 45:31


I am a tour guide for God’s glory.” – Paul Tripp Today’s guest is a special treat. Paul Tripp is a pastor, author, and conference speaker who’s passion is to see the transforming power of Jesus at work in everyday life. I recently finished his new book, Awe, and knew that I wanted him on [...]

#119: Covenant Worship On Live Recording Process, Healthy Team Culture, & Connecting the Generations [Podcast]

Mar 17, 2016 58:26


The old song gathers…the new song propels.” – Bob Sorge Today’s podcast is a great conversation between worship pastors. Covenant Church is a multi-campus church located in Dallas Texas where David & Nicole Binion lead the worship ministry. I had the privilege of sitting with both of them as well as Josh DuFrene, one of [...]

#118: Rita Springer on Prophetic Worship, Championing Others, & the Sufficiency of Jesus [Podcast]

Mar 10, 2016 1:01:42


Do you want royalties or do you want to raise the dead?” – God’s word to Rita It’s so easy to get our hearts set on the wrong things. We can be worship leaders but not actually worship. We can be Christians but be more in love with God’s gifts than God Himself. That’s why [...]

#117: Building A Thriving Worship Department With River Valley Worship [Podcast]

Mar 4, 2016 48:10


Sometimes you just need to look behind the scenes of another worship ministry. In today’s podcast, I chat with two of my very good friends from college who just happen to lead an incredible worship ministry at River Valley Church in Minneapolis, MN – Aaron Johnson (@ajondrums) & Ryan Williams (@ryan_wllms). We also discuss the [...]

#116: Bob Kauflin On True Worshipers, Criticism, & Knowing Your Bible [Podcast]

Feb 27, 2016 1:00:38


Jesus Christ never gets boring. What happens is we get caught up in the things that surround Him.” – Bob Kauflin This is a podcast I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Bob Kauflin is such a strong voice to the worship community. He’s the writer of the super popular Worship Matters and [...]

6 Tips For Launching, Leading, & Finishing Big Projects [Podcast]

Feb 19, 2016 28:01


Today’s episode is about your big projects. As leaders in the local church, we’re never slowing down. There’s nations to reach, people to disciple, and a great Gospel to preach. But how do we mobilize people to accomplish big projects. In this show, I help you navigate those waters. Just a few months ago we [...]

#114: Audrey Assad On The Wonder Of Hymns, Contemplative Prayer, & Making Independent Music [Podcast]

Feb 12, 2016 46:19


Most hymns I love are penned by people who are suffering. This is apt material for a record that is a meditation on the poor in spirit.” – Audrey Assad Today’s show is an amazing conversation with Audrey Assad. If you’re not familiar with Audrey, take a minute and watch this video. I’ve had this [...]

#113: Robbie Seay on Praying & Singing the Psalms, Raising Kids, & Balancing Global & Local [Podcast]

Feb 4, 2016 54:04


“We are local first. We are in neighborhoods, we live on streets, we live in homes, we live in a city. God has called us to serve local first.” – Robbie Seay Such an honor to have one of my favorite artists on the show today – none other than Robbie Seay. Ever since my [...]

#112: Local Church Vision, Reaching Unbelievers, & Building Strong Teams With Red Rocks Worship [Podcast]

Jan 29, 2016 35:58


This podcast doesn’t exist just to promote music from artists and songwriters. Sure, that’s a part of what many of us do. But this is primarily about the week in, week out work of reaching people in our local churches. Occasionally we get to hear from a church that is doing both well. Today I [...]

#111: Sound Design, Building Companies, & Infinite Creativity With Eric Persing [Podcast]

Jan 9, 2016 58:09


We have a whole collection of electric toothbrushes that are all in different keys.” – Eric Persing A quote like that is what makes me love Eric Persing. Eric is the founder of Spectrasonics, a company specializing in developing World Class software ‘virtual instruments’ since 1994. He has produced dozens of the sampling industry’s top [...]

#110: The Music Of Delirious, A Pioneering Spirit, & Guitar Gear with Stu G [Podcast]

Jan 1, 2016 44:23


“Once you’ve tasted a little bit of pioneering, you never want to settle.” – Stu G It’s refreshing to talk with someone who has had decades of experience doing the same thing without a jaded heart. That’s why I love Stu G. Stu is one of the founding members of the band Delirious, an incredible [...]

#109: The Grace of God, Productivity, & Itinerant Ministry With Brad & Rebekah [Podcast]

Dec 18, 2015 31:02


So great to have two of my good friends, Brad & Rebekah on the podcast today. They are both great worship leaders and songwriters who travel to churches all over the world, leading worship and equipping worship teams. In this conversation we talk a lot about what it takes to be a self employed artist [...]

Paul Baloche On Being a Worship Pastor, Christmas Music, & Balancing Production With Authenticity [Podcast]

Dec 11, 2015 48:40


Today we chat with a legend. That legend is Paul Baloche. Paul has been leading worship, writing songs, and serving the local church for over 30 years and is one of the very best. What I love about Paul is his honesty, transparency, and his commitment to serving everyday worshipers. He’s not flashy or complicated [...]

The Ins & Outs Of Intellectual Property & Copyrighting with Brock Shinen [Podcast]

Dec 4, 2015 1:01:31


The priority is Jesus.” – Brock Shinen One of the questions I receive the most is, “How do I go about copyrighting the songs I’m writing for my local church.” Well, I’m not the expert. But my guest on today’s show is. Brock Shinen is an Intellectual Property attorney who works with artists, churches, authors, [...]

#106: Leading Artists And Recording Live Albums With Aaron Ivey of Austin Stone Worship [Podcast]

Nov 17, 2015 56:36


I love seeing what God is doing in churches around the world – leaders mobilizing diverse people to reach their communities. That’s why this conversation with Aaron Ivey is such a treat. Aaron is the Worship Pastor at The Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas. They are a church of 8 campuses with a [...]

#105: Mark Batterson On The Discipline Of Writing, Leading People, And Lifelong Learning [Podcast]

Oct 23, 2015 43:40


Christ is in your corner, on your side. That’s what makes every ‘what if’ possible.” – Mark Batterson Mark Batterson is an inspiring leader – the author of 12 books and the pastor of a great church, he’s always pushing himself to live and lead at a higher level. In this podcast we talk about Mark’s [...]

#104: Andrew Peterson on Art, Stories, Entertainment, & Seeing the Gospel in Everything [Podcast]

Oct 9, 2015 1:01:46


I love talking with people who savor life and have a huge imagination. And that’s why I love this conversation with singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson. Andrew is a singer, songwriter, author, and storyteller with a passion for art and the Gospel. This is one of my top 10 favorite podcast interviews thus far. There’s so much [...]

#103: Travis Ryan On The Call Of God, Genuine Faith, & Songs For The Church [Podcast]

Oct 1, 2015 1:10:09


Today’s conversation is with Travis Ryan. Travis is the worship pastor at LifePoint church in Nashville, TN as well as a songwriter with Integrity Music. Travis is most notably known for co-writing the Newsboys hit “We Believe” which you can hear all over the radio. In this conversation we talk about why he became a [...]

#102: This Is Your Brain On Worship: The Science of Significant Ministry [Podcast]

Sep 24, 2015 49:44


Today’s episode is a unique conversation. Not with a worship leader…but a senior pastor, Dr. Charles Stone. But Charles isn’t your typical senior pastor. He has an engineering degree from Georgia Tech, a Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminaro, and a Doctorate of Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He’s also completing another [...]

#101: Unity in the Church, Performance in Worship, & The City Harmonic [Podcast]

Sep 2, 2015 46:53


Today’s interview is with Elias Dummer from The City Harmonic. Not only is Elias a greater singer, songwriter, and frontman for The City Harmonic, but he’s also a smart dude with a heart for God’s people. In this interview we go deep, discussing unity in the church, whether performance in worship is really a bad [...]

#100: Gungor On Beauty & Art, Overcoming Depression, Bizarre Music, & This One Wild Life [Podcast]

Aug 21, 2015 1:11:35


It’s always a treat to talk with a true artist – one who pours their heart and soul into what they do. They look at the world and tell you what they see with honesty, passion, and hard work. And for that, I’ve always appreciated the work of Michael and Lisa Gungor. In this conversation [...]

#99: Prophetic Singing, 24/7 Prayer, and the Eternal Call to Worship [Podcast]

Aug 11, 2015 38:18


One of the ministries that had a profound impact on me as a worship leader was IHOP – the International House of Prayer. I remember visiting the 24/7 prayer room as a young kid and being so challenged to pursue Jesus with my whole heart. That’s why this interview was so fun. Jaye Thomas is [...]

#98: Tim Hughes on Church Planting, Stepping Out in Faith, & The Dangers Of Professional Worship [Podcast]

Aug 4, 2015 44:16


Tim Hughes is no stranger to the worship community. For years he has provided the worshiping church with great songs like Here I Am to Worship, Happy Day, At Your Name, Consuming Fire, and many more. It was an honor to welcome Tim back to the podcast. In this conversation we go much deeper than [...]

#97: John Mark McMillan On Honest Art, Songwriting Routines, Pushing Your Sound, & Making A Living As An Artist [Podcast]

Jul 28, 2015 1:14:59


I love conversations with interesting people – people who have strong opinions, know who they are, believe in what they do, work hard, and live to help others. John Mark McMillan is one of those people. Maybe that’s why this conversation went a little long. John Mark McMillan is a fantastic singer/songwriter, most known for [...]

#96: How To Build And Lead An Effective Worship Set With Vertical Church Band [Podcast]

Jul 14, 2015 40:37


It’s refreshing to connect with people who love God’s church – those who are more concerned with giving voice to His people in worship over being the newest, hottest thing. That’s why I love Vertical Church Band. They are no strangers to the podcast. They were a guest for episode 19 and we’ve also welcomed [...]

#95: Mia Fieldes On The Heart, Art, & Science Of Songwriting And Overcoming Insecurity [Podcast]

Jul 3, 2015 33:26


I love songwriting. I love the power of what a song can do. Songs can literally change people’s lives. I also love hearing from the best about how they write songs and craft lyric and melody to effect people’s hearts. I’ve wanted to have Mia Fieldes on the podcast for a while now and that [...]

#94: Spirit And Sacrament: Integrating Modern Worship With Traditional Liturgy [Podcast]

Jun 26, 2015 20:34


It’s a good day when you’re in the same room with guys like Glenn Packiam & Aaron Niequist. I was honored to catch up with them at the Spirit & Sacrament conference here in Pittsburgh. Both of these guys have backgrounds in modern worship but are also integrating traditional liturgical practices in their ministries. Just [...]

#93: Matt Redman On Crafting & Contending For Songs [Podcast]

Jun 18, 2015 23:38


One of the biggest influences on my worship leading and songwriting is Matt Redman. It was such an honor to catch up with him on the podcast. I don’t know anyone who is a better lyricist with worship songs than Matt Redman. Every word has feeling. Every word makes sense. Every syllable is meticulously placed. [...]

#92: The Worship Leader’s Guide To Using Clicks, Loops, & Software In Worship [Podcast]

Jun 11, 2015 49:58


Whether you’re an experienced loop user, a beginner, or you haven’t given it any thought, we all have something to learn. That’s why I wanted to talk with the master Will Doggett from MultiTracks about this world. Today’s show is an overview of using loops, clicks, & software in your worship services. We discuss software [...]

#91: Taya Smith On Hillsong United, Empires, & The Upside Down Kingdom [Podcast]

Jun 2, 2015 58:33


It’s tough to be a music lover and not know about Hillsong United. Their new album, Empires is all over the mainstream charts and causing quite a stir. Taya Smith is one of the lead voices of United, most known for her voice on the song Oceans. We talk about Empires, her start with music, how [...]

#90: Rockstar Worship Leaders, Why Songs Matter, & Bi Vocational Worship Ministry [Podcast]

May 22, 2015 33:37


The tension of rockstar and pastor is real within the local church. That’s why I love Stephen Miller. He always challenges me to get to the root of what I’m doing as an artist, songwriter, and local church pastor. He’s the real deal. In this chat we talk about his great new album Liberating King, his book Worship [...]

#89: Artful Worship Music, Overcoming Comparison, Flowing With Loops & Click, & Making Independent Records [Podcast]

May 15, 2015 47:53


I am so excited to introduce you to some new friends of mine from the brand new band, The Bright Expression. I don’t know about you, but I love finding new music. Especially new music that is awesome. You are going to love this. Not only is the music great, but this conversation was rich [...]

#88: Christy Nockels On Women In Worship, The Passion Movement, & Worshiping With Wonder [Podcast]

May 8, 2015 32:37


So honored to have one of my favorite voices on the podcast today – Christy Nockels. I can remember back to when I was first feeling “the call” to lead worship. That soundtrack was a lot of the early Passion records, where Christy’s unmistakeable voice was featured. Here on the podcast we discuss how her [...]

#87: Lauren Daigle On Loving God Through Loneliness, Pursuing Your Dream, American Idol, & Singing With Soul [Podcast]

Apr 30, 2015 47:04


Today’s interview tells the story of new singer/songwriter/worship leader Lauren Daigle. Lauren’s music has been at the top of the Christian iTunes charts for months. It makes sense – she’s got an incredibly unique, soulful voice (think Adele meets Kim Walker) and songs that cut to the heart of what worship is all about. Engaging, soulful, [...]

#86: Daniel Bashta On Timeless Truth, Dreaming Through Disappointment, & Becoming More Fascinated By God [Podcast]

Apr 23, 2015 47:13


I love talking to dreamers. But there’s something even more powerful than a dreamer: a dreamer who does. These kinds of people are a gift because they help us confront our apathy, fear, excuses, timidity, and stir us to get on with making change and living boldly. Daniel Bashta is one of those people. Daniel is [...]

#85: Jared Anderson On Being Present, The Kingdom of God, Adoption, & the Craft of Songwriting [Podcast]

Apr 17, 2015 47:18


Today’s guest is no stranger to great songs – The Great I Am, Rescue, Amazed. But Jared Anderson and I talk about so much more than just the songs and the music. Truth is, Jared never wanted to write worship songs. But God had other plans. We talk about living for the Kingdom of God, [...]

#84: Chris Tomlin On Worship Songwriting, Small Beginnings, & Staying Fresh [Podcast]

Apr 9, 2015 29:33


Today’s guest is no stranger to worship music. So very honored to welcome Chris Tomlin to the Beyond Sunday podcast. Chris and I were able to catch up in the middle of his Love Ran Red tour with Rend Collective & Tenth Avenue North. Chris has seen tremendous success as a songwriter and an artist, [...]

#83: Worship Team Auditions, Multisite Ministry, & Prioritizing Creativity with NCC Worship [Podcast]

Apr 3, 2015 48:07


Auditions. It’s one of the most talked about subjects among worship teams. The team at National Community Church have a great system in place for recruiting, evaluating, and developing musicians numerous times throughout the calendar year. I wanted to sit down and talk with Worship Director Kurtis Parks & Worship Leader Joel Buckner on how [...]

#82: The Wonder of Worship, The God of the Old Testament, & The Value Of Hymns with Andrew Greer & Ginny Owens

Mar 27, 2015 47:27


So honored to have some new friends on the podcast this week. Andrew Greer is a Dove award-nominated singer/songwriter and Ginny Owens is a 3 time Dove award winning artist. What’s interesting about this interview is both of them are first time authors, here to discuss their new book Transcending Mysteries: Who is God and [...]

#81: Matt Maher On The Movement Of Jesus, Creative Limits In Our Gatherings, & A History Of Christian Worship [Podcast]

Mar 19, 2015 55:23


Ever get frustrated by how simple worship music is? Maybe it’s not such a bad thing. And is it possible to be too creative in our corporate gatherings? This and so much more is covered in my conversation with Matt Maher. He has tons of wise, enlightening, practical advice to share with us today. His new [...]

#80: The Worship Leader’s Identity, How To Lead With Time Constraints, & Coming Back to the Heart with Worship Mob

Mar 12, 2015 47:36


When was the last time you worshiped because you wanted to? Not because you were told you should. Not because it’s your job. Not because you have a responsibility. You just wanted to be with God – receiving His love, hearing His voice, being with Him. Not many worship leaders do this. We do it [...]

#79: The Pastoral Artist, Stretching Your Creativity, And Tips For Recording & Touring with Aaron Strumpel [Podcast]

Mar 5, 2015 59:58


I don’t know about you, but I love discovering new worship music. Especially worship music that is creative, real, challenging, honest, and different. Welcome to the music of Aaron Strumpel. Aaron is very prolific artist who wastes no time creating great art over the last 8 years: 6 solo full length albums, 5 solo EPs, [...]

#78: Why Worship Leaders Need To Cultivate A Massive Imagination [And How to Grow It]

Feb 26, 2015 26:24


This week’s podcast is all about keeping things fresh. Without a doubt, we all get stuck in ruts. We go through the motions. We get stale in our leadership. In order to be a great worship leader, we need to cultivate a massive imagination – to see more and more of God in His Word [...]

#77: David Gungor On The Brilliance Music, Art for the Church, & Demystifying Liturgy [Podcast]

Feb 20, 2015 53:51


You know the feeling of discovering an amazing band that not many people know about? Yea, that was my experience when I first heard the Brilliance a couple years ago. Beautiful, raw, real music for the church that is so different than anything else out there. So David Gungor and I met over Skype for [...]

#76: The Intersection Of Theology, Music, Culture, & Your Local Church With Zac Hicks [Podcast]

Feb 13, 2015 56:24


Todays guest writes one of my favorite worship blogs on the internet: Zac Hicks. Zac is a worship pastor at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, pastored by Tullian Tchividjian. This conversation was one of my favorites! Zac is a super smart guy who knows a whole lot about culture, music, theology, and how that all connects [...]

#75: Meredith Andrews On Vertical Church Band, Songwriting, & Balancing Family & Ministry [Podcast]

Feb 5, 2015 45:11


Today’s guest is a powerhouse! Singer/Songwriter, worship leader, wife, and mother of 3, we welcome Meredith Andrews to the Beyond Sunday Podcast. Meredith is on staff at Harvest Bible Chapel and is one of the worship leaders/songwriters of Vertical Church Band – an incredible community of artists and songwriters whose aim is to serve the [...]

#74: Brian Johnson On Bethel Music Culture, The Creative Process, & Empowering Others [Podcast]

Jan 30, 2015 50:24


My guest this week is no stranger to the worship community: Brian Johnson from Bethel Music. I’ve looked forward to this interview for a long time. Brian is an incredible songwriter & worship leader. But what I love most about he and his wife Jen is how they empower people. Brian & Jen are such a [...]

#73: Leading Youth in Worship & Creating Systems For Growth With Mainstream Worship [Podcast]

Jan 24, 2015 41:14


Such a joy to talk with not one, not two, but three guests on the podcast today from Mainstream Orlando, the youth ministry of Faith Assembly. Josh Daughtry, Jason Callahan, & Carlos were kind enough to chat with me about all they have going on. Mainstream is a happening place. With a youth ministry of [...]

#72: Breaking New Ground, Raising Up Worship Leaders, & Living A Vibrant Life with Sidney Mohede

Jan 15, 2015 59:00


I’ve got an incredible guest and he’s brought loads of incredible wisdom and energy with him. He’s Sidney Mohede from Jakarta Praise Community Church in Indonesia and newly signed artist to Integrity Music. Sidney is a worship pastor, very itinerant minister, songwriter, husband, father, and avid video gamer. Though I just met Sidney for the first [...]

#71: 2014 Podcast Highlights & Developing Habits in the New Year [Podcast]

Jan 1, 2015 25:54


I’ve been recording this podcast for two years now, and 2014 was by far my favorite. In this episode, I debrief the top 6 most downloaded podcasts and what we can glean from them. I also lay out some thoughts for approaching the new year with a focus on habits rather than resolutions. I am [...]

#70: Indigenous Worship, Celebrity Leadership, & An Honest Look At Modern Worship [Podcast]

Dec 13, 2014 58:29


I am so excited for you to meet this week’s guest: Malcolm du Plessis. He’s the real deal: humble, deep, challenging, and wise. Malcolm is a friend/consultant for some of the biggest names in Christian Music and a leader in the music industry. This is such an important conversation. Malcolm and I take an honest [...]

#69: Hunter Thompson On Bethel Music, Poetry, Corporate Worship, & The New EP [Podcast]

Dec 6, 2014 35:10


There’s something about honest, raw, beautiful writing that opens your heart to truth. That’s why I’m thankful for Hunter Thompson and his newest EP with Bethel Music, Swan Song. This is one of the most beautiful collection of songs to be released this year. Honest, stripped back, pure. In this interview Hunter and I talk about [...]

#68: Housefires Music, Intimate Worship, & Making Space For God In Your Gatherings [Podcast]

Nov 28, 2014 42:44


I don’t know about you, but I’m after the real thing in worship. It’s not enough to sing the songs, go through the motions, and feel good about how we executed our plans. We need God – His nearness, His Word, His voice, His sovereign move. That’s what I love about Housefires Music. I was [...]

#67: Kim Walker Smith On Boldness In Worship, Jesus Culture, Christmas Music, & Being A Messenger

Nov 22, 2014 32:24


When it comes to pursuing Jesus, there’s only one way to come: with boldness.  We have been given access into His presence by a new and living way. So we come trembling in awe yet with the confidence of sons and daughters. That’s what I love about the ministry of Kim Walker Smith. She is [...]

#66: Clayton Brooks On The Oaks Fellowship, Brutal Honesty, & Dying To The Praise Of Man

Nov 14, 2014 40:30


Sometimes you just have to be honest. You have to strip away the game and get real with God. As worship leaders we have a tendency to live in a world of comparison, criticism, man pleasing, and self centeredness. But without pure, honest, real hearts of desperation for God, we have nothing. That’s what I [...]

#65: Dan Dean On Phillips Craig and Dean, Multi Generational Worship, & Pastoring People

Nov 8, 2014 28:35


If there’s one challenge every worship leader faces, it’s unifying the generations in worship. My guest on the podcast this week has a unique perspective on this because he is both a worship leader and a senior pastor. Dan Dean, from the popular Christian group Phillips Craig and Dean is both a recording artist and [...]

#64: Tim Hughes On Prophetic Singing, Embarrassing Moments, Equipping Others, & The 4 Stages of Songwriting

Oct 31, 2014 41:19


When I was first getting started as a worship leader, Tim Hughes was one of the guys I looked up to. Tim is one of the best worship songwriters I know. Having written Here I Am to Worship, Happy Day, Let it Be Known, and many others, his songs have theological depth and incredibly catchy [...]

#63: Gabriel Wilson On Being A Pro Musician, Intentional Practice, & Creativity In The Church

Oct 25, 2014 42:23


Have you ever wanted to sit down with a renowned musician/producer and pick their brain about what it takes to be a pro? Going pro is about making a decision and going to work. It’s not just going to happen for you. That’s what Gabriel Wilson and I talk about on this week’s podcast. Gabriel [...]

#62: Why You Must Get Over Yourself To Lead, Love, & Serve Your Local Church [Podcast]

Oct 18, 2014 47:57


The more we make worship ministry about us, the further we get from God’s heart. It’s about passion for Jesus and compassion for people. And this podcast is all about getting real. I had a conversation with Jimmy Thorpe, local church worship pastor and all-around great guy about the ins and outs of worship ministry. [...]

#61: Jon Egan On The Desperation Band, Miracles, God Songs, & Replacing Yourself [Podcast]

Oct 10, 2014 47:29


We don’t really need more songs. We need God songs – songs that transport our wandering hearts and distracted minds to behold a greater reality. Without a doubt, that’s why I love the songs of Jon Egan and the Desperation Band. It was so fun to catch up with Jon and talk about Desperation Band, [...]

#60: Justin Jarvis On Jesus Culture Music, Being Used By God, & Empowering Your Team [Podcast & CD Giveaway]

Oct 3, 2014 37:47


It’s a powerful truth when you realize Christ is within you and Christ wants to extend His grace through you. This theme runs deep in the music of Justin Jarvis, worship leader at the Harbour Church and artist with Jesus Culture Music. Justin has a heart for the presence of God, a unique voice, and [...]

#59: Dustin Smith On Being A Song Chronicler, Preparing For Spontaneous Worship, & Loving People

Sep 26, 2014 38:18


Genuine worship is marked by powerful transformation. It’s impossible to truly worship God and not be changed. The more we see Jesus, declare His promises, and place our faith in His goodness, the more we’ll be the kind of people He wants us to be. This (and much, much more) is what Dustin Smith and [...]

#58: David Garratt On Worship Music in the 60s, Scripture in Song, & Being Led By The Holy Spirit

Sep 18, 2014 34:20


Have you ever thought – what was worship like before it was cool? Today’s conversation is with David Garratt – veteran worship leader and songwriter who has been making records since 1968 before it was common to do so. David paved the way for thousands of artists today and continues to inspire. It was such [...]

#57: How This Couple Wrote & Recorded Their First Worship Album From Scratch [Podcast]

Sep 11, 2014 37:17


With no label to back them up, and no massive budget to make it happen, Jordan & Kristin Rippy decided to record their first worship album. Which is exactly why I love this story. They didn’t wait for permission. They didn’t wait for an angelic visitation. They stepped out in faith and pursued their dream. The [...]

#56: Chris Brown on Elevation Worship, Intentional Songwriting, & Serving Your Pastor’s Vision

Sep 4, 2014 45:39


If there’s anyone creating an exciting worship team culture, it’s Elevation Worship. For the last few years, they’ve pushed themselves in a lot of creative directions and have gotten behind the vision of Pastor Steven Furtick. I had the honor of chatting with Chris Brown, one of the main worship leaders at Elevation. We discuss [...]

#55: Steffany Gretzinger On God’s Presence, Leading Yourself in Worship, & The New Album [Podcast]

Aug 29, 2014 37:50


Worship isn’t a job. It’s not a skill, a craft, or a career. Worship is a life in pursuit of Jesus. And that’s what I talked about with Steffany Gretzinger from Bethel Music. Steffany is an incredible artist, songwriter, and worshiper who has just released her first album, The Undoing. What I love about Steffany [...]

#54: Michael Neale On Creativity, The Local Church, Entrepreneurship, & Finishing Your Art [Podcast]

Aug 21, 2014 36:05


If you’re creative, there’s a tension you walk every day. “How am I supposed to get all my ideas…done?” It’s challenging to balance a busy life with big dreams. That’s why I wanted to chat with Michael Neale. Michael is a worship leader, bestselling author, award winning songwriter, speaker, and entrepreneur. In this interview we cover a [...]

#53: Bob Fitts On Keeping Jesus First, Worship Around The World, & The Worship Leader As Storyteller [Podcast]

Aug 14, 2014 43:30


“The harder you try to be ‘good’, the worse it gets. The more you look at how good your Savior is, the more you will flow as an artist.” This and more was a part of my conversation with Bob Fitts. Bob has been a worship leader for over 30 years, having recorded albums with [...]

#52: The Worship Leader’s Guide To Being A Worshiper First [Podcast]

Aug 7, 2014 32:45


Today’s podcast is all about being over doing. Who you are over what you do. Being a worshiper over worship leading. You would think as worship leaders, we would naturally be a worshiper, right? Not always the case. God is more concerned about who we are as people than what we do as worship leaders. This [...]

#51: Worship Leader, Know Your Bible [Podcast]

Jul 31, 2014 28:40


A few days ago, a member of my worship team asked me a question, “Dave, what should I be working on? How can I improve as a worship leader?” Being the seasoned, experienced worship leader that I am I started to rattle off a list of improvement tips. I told her to become a student of [...]

#50: Don Moen On Worship In Action, Authenticity, & Keeping It Simple [Podcast]

Jul 24, 2014 47:51


Do you ever think that we over-complicate worship? Oftentimes we can get so caught up in massive creative pursuits that I fear, sometimes, God is on the outside wondering when we’ll welcome Him in. In this interview, I had the honor of talking with worship pioneer Don Moen about this and so much more. Don [...]

#49: What Every Worship Leader Needs To Know About Connecting With A Congregation [Podcast]

Jul 17, 2014 35:15


Worship ministry isn’t just about your personal worship. It’s not just about caring for our own hearts. Otherwise we could just stay in the congregation, right? Worship ministry is also about the hearts of the people we serve. We have a calling and a responsibility to lead, love, and pastor people in their pursuit of God. [...]

#48: Empowering Creatives In Your Local Church: An Interview With Kurtis Parks

Jul 10, 2014 44:30


If you lead worship or plan services, you’re always looking for creative ideas. It’s one thing to look for creative ideas. It’s another to create a culture where it happens on a regular basis – empowering the creative people in your church to create and serve the vision. That’s what I discuss with Kurtis Parks [...]

#47: Hillsong Worship on Healthy Team Culture, Leadership, Songwriting, And The New Album [Podcast]

Jul 2, 2014 37:24


It was my honor to talk with a few guys from Hillsong Worship. We discuss a lot – the new album, a behind the scenes look at their worship teams, and their all-out passion for the name of Jesus. Those talented lads are: Dean Ussher – Creative Pastor at Hillsong Melbourne, songwriter, worship leader Ben [...]

#46: The Secret To Becoming A Better Musician…Faster [Podcast]

Jun 26, 2014 21:30


Most people think becoming a great musician needs to take eons of years. Sure, investing the time to develop a relationship with your instrument is important. But practicing a lot isn’t enough. Taking lessons isn’t enough. Getting a degree isn’t enough. It takes something else to become a better musician. That’s what we’re going to dive [...]

#45: How Worship Leaders Can Prepare For a New Season of Ministry [Podcast]

Jun 20, 2014 25:00


Summer is a bittersweet time for people in ministry. It’s nice to have the college students back. It’s nice to get a slight breather from the crazy Fall & Spring seasons. While it’s a nice time to rest, if you’re not careful the Fall will be upon you in full force and you’ll be unprepared. [...]

#44: Tips For Teaching Your Congregation How To Worship [Podcast]

Jun 12, 2014 30:30


Today’s topic is something, I believe, doesn’t get talked about a lot – and that’s how to teach your congregation to worship. We are in a day in age where the completely unchurched are coming to our churches. We can’t assume they will understand worship, let alone know how to worship. We must teach them. [...]

#43: Dave Pedde On Worship Education, Being Authentic, & A Leader’s Most Important Habit [Podcast]

Jun 5, 2014 48:46


There’s something we can’t be reminded enough of as worship leaders. What is it? It’s keeping it real. Coming back to the basics. Keeping our hearts focused on Christ. I can’t think of a better person to talk to than Dave Pedde, president and founder of Sanctus School for Worshipers. Dave was one of my [...]

#42: Jenn Johnson On Spontaneous Worship, Bethel Music, & Raising Up Leaders [Podcast]

May 29, 2014 43:50


Spontaneous and prophetic worship can be a spooky topic. But knowing how to listen to what God is doing in the moment and pastoring people through that is such an important part of corporate worship. Jenn Johnson and I talk about this and so much more in this week’s podcast. It was such an honor [...]

#41: Michael Olson On Shepherding Your Worship Team And Congregation [Podcast]

May 21, 2014 45:33


We know worship is more than music. Leading worship is more than leading songs. But what is the missing ingredient? It’s shepherding. Through our song choice, speaking, leading, and behind the scenes work, we are shepherding our congregation in their pursuit of Jesus. In this episode, I talk with Michael Olson about how he does [...]

#40: The Joys And Challenges Of Leading Multi-Generational Worship [Podcast]

May 15, 2014 26:30


Today’s show is all about the joys & challenges of leading multi-generational worship. It’s impossible to be a worship leader without facing this tension – the tension of leading worship for young and old. This has been the cause for many church fights and worship wars, but also when done right, can be a true [...]

#39: What Worship Pastors Do Monday Thru Friday [Podcast]

May 7, 2014 49:04


Ever wonder what worship pastors do all day? Because everyone knows worship leaders and pastors only work on Sunday, right? Well, in today’s podcast we talk about this very thing. I had a conversation with Jared Welch, worship pastor at Life Church in Memphis, TN. This podcast is the first of many – conversations with everyday, [...]

#38: How You Can Develop Worship Leaders & Musicians [Podcast]

Apr 30, 2014 30:41


If you’re a local church worship leader, the thought of developing other leaders probably gives you one of two reactions: First, you may be thinking, “Why would I want to replace myself? I would be out of a job!” Or, you may be thinking, “How do I even do that? Who do I even develop?” [...]

#37: Drummers Are Musicians Too: An Interview With Steve Goold [Podcast]

Apr 23, 2014 55:45


If you’re waiting for the proverbial drummer joke, you won’t find it here. Today’s podcast is all about the musicality of the drums. And there’s no better person to talk to than Steve Goold. Steve is a professional drummer who plays for tons of artists, including Sara Bareilles and Owl City. This was such a fun interview [...]

#36: Brian Doerksen on Emotionally Healthy Worship Music [Podcast]

Apr 17, 2014 37:34


If I could pick the top 2 or 3 songwriters and worship leaders who have influenced me the most, Brian Doerksen would be on that list. Brian was writing honest, powerful, congregational worship songs before it was cool. In the interview we talk about Brian’s massive body of work, mentoring young worship leaders, creativity over [...]

#35: A Blueprint For Better Worship Team Rehearsals [Podcast]

Apr 9, 2014 23:07


If you’ve been a musician for any length of time you’ve been a part of rehearsals that you wish you could leave. Maybe the leader wasn’t prepared and there was no plan. Maybe the band was simply terrible and it was impossible to get any chemistry going. Maybe it just seemed to go on and [...]

#34: Paul Baloche On The Worship Leader’s Heart [Podcast]

Apr 2, 2014 38:32


It’s tough to be a worship leader today without the influence of Paul Baloche, whether you know it or not. His songs have found their way into churches all over the world, along with his down-to-earth, practical training for worship teams. It was such an honor to talk with him about his new Live album [...]

#33: Kari Jobe On Singing, Leading, & the Power of God’s Presence [Podcast]

Mar 26, 2014 19:56


There is a difference between powerful singing and leading worship. But what is it? I had the honor of talking with Kari Jobe about this very topic. We also discuss her new album, Majestic, as well as caring for your voice, breaking down denominational walls, how to stay fresh as a worship leader, and the [...]

#32: Breaking Out Of A Broken System: An Interview With Seth Bolt Of Needtobreathe [Podcast]

Mar 19, 2014 27:10


Have you ever felt that you were made for more than fitting in and following rules? That you were destined to do something great? Somewhere between our childhood dreams and today’s reality we lose the idea that anything is possible. In this podcast I talk with professional musician and author Seth Bolt of the band [...]

#31: Music Production, Songwriting, & Moving God’s Heart: An Interview with Gabriel Wilson [Podcast]

Mar 12, 2014 43:59


I’ve wanted to bring Gabriel Wilson on the podcast for a while. When it comes to connecting relentless creativity with the heart of God, I can’t think of a better guy to talk to. Gabriel Wilson is the mastermind behind the bands The Rock & Roll Worship Circus and The Listening, as well as a [...]

#30: Worship Leaders We Are Not Rockstars: An Interview With Stephen Miller [Podcast]

Mar 6, 2014 38:04


Massive talent. Bright lights. Incredible band. Emotional performances. From the outside it seems that worship leaders are no different than your every day rockstars. But is there something that should set us apart? That’s what I dive into with Stephen Miller, author of the wonderful book Worship Leaders We Are Not Rockstars. Stephen is a worship pastor [...]

#29: The Electric Guitar And Worship Music: An Interview With James Duke

Feb 19, 2014 45:33


I’m no prophet, but as far as I can see, the electric isn’t going away anytime soon. For decades upon decades it has melted a few faces and made glad the heart of man. In all seriousness, the electric guitar is such a powerful instrument, but do you know how to harness it to its [...]

#28: How To Give Your Songwriting The Momentum It Needs [Podcast]

Jan 22, 2014 25:15


If you’re a human and you’re a songwriter, you’ve been there before. You’ve been to that place where you want to throw in the towel – where you feel your work is awful and not worth anyone’s ears. You’ve been to that place where ideas happen, but finishing seems foreign. It seems impossible to call [...]

#27: An Interview With Gloria Gaither [Podcast]

Dec 18, 2013 34:15


It’s not every day that you have a conversation with a legend. To say that Bill & Gloria Gaither are prolific songwriters is an understatement. I was so privileged to have a conversation with Gloria a couple weeks ago. Our conversation went in so many beautiful directions – from talking about the humble origins of [...]

#26: How To Unleash The Full Potential Of Your Worship Team [Podcast]

Dec 11, 2013 18:35


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a worship team where little or no complaining happens? Where your band shows up fully prepared and fully responsible? This has less to do with the quality of your players and more with how you manage your energy as a leader. You have the power to unleash the full [...]

#25: Living A Jesus Centered Life: An Interview With Evan Wickham [Podcast]

Dec 4, 2013 31:28


It’s scary how life and ministry can be about a lot of things – but we can miss the person of Jesus. In our busyness to do His work, we can lose sight of his very real presence in our communities. Today I talk with Evan Wickham about this and a whole lot more. Evan [...]

#24: How To Communicate With More Effectiveness On Stage [Podcast]

Nov 27, 2013 25:00


If a complete stranger approached you and invited you on a road trip, would you follow? A little weird, right? If you don’t trust someone, you don’t go on a journey with them. It’s the same with worship leading. If you’re not building trust with the people you lead, they’re not going to follow you. A massive [...]

#23: God Never Wastes A Season Of Your Life: An Interview With BJ Putnam [Podcast]

Nov 20, 2013 28:59


Ever been in a season of life where you’ve felt forgotten? What you don’t realize is that God is always moving, speaking, and fighting for you. Where you are now is preparation for what is coming next. I talk about this and more with worship leader BJ Putnam today. BJ is a worship pastor at [...]

#22: Creativity and Christmas Music: An Interview with Future of Forestry [Podcast]

Nov 14, 2013 25:15


On occasion, I like to recommend music that I love. Future of Forestry is one of those bands I would consider in my top 5 favorites. It was such an honor to chat with Eric Owyoung, the mastermind behind the band. We discuss a lot regarding music and the creative process. My main goal was just [...]

#21: Worship Through Pain & Suffering: An Interview With Bobby Gilles [Podcast]

Nov 6, 2013 32:25


It’s one thing to worship God on a stage with great music. But what happens pain and suffering rocks your world? It’s these situations that test our worship at its core. It was such an honor to have a conversation with Bobby Gilles. Bobby and his wife Kristen are songwriters with Sojourn music and leaders [...]

#20: A Behind the Scenes Look at Leading a Creative Department: an Interview with Stephen Brewster

Oct 30, 2013 29:40


Creativity – that may be the easy part. But what if you’re responsible for leading, managing, and advancing a creative department in your church? I had the honor talking with Stephen Brewster about this very thing. Stephen is the Creative Arts Pastor at Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN. He leads the creative team for [...]

#19: Creating A Culture Of Collaboration: An Interview With Vertical Church Band [Podcast]

Oct 23, 2013 30:30


Local church ministry is all about working with and through others. Whether you’re on staff at a large church with multiple worship staff or you’re the lone volunteer worship leader at a smaller church, collaboration is the name of the game. I had the honor of chatting with a few guys from Vertical Church Band. [...]

#18: Artistry Vs Accessibility: An Interview With All Sons & Daughters [Podcast]

Oct 2, 2013 25:50


Worship leaders face a tension every week. Do we focus on our artistry or our accessibility? Which is more important? I had the privilege of interviewing David Leonard and Leslie Jordan, otherwise known as All Sons & Daughters. We talked about this tension among many other topics related to their music, balancing itinerant ministry with [...]

#17: How To Become A Musician People Want To Work With [Podcast]

Aug 29, 2013 25:05


If you’re a musician, you know how difficult we can be sometimes. Some words that come to mind are high maintenance, arrogant, self-absorbed, and unteachable. But if you’d like more opportunities to play (and better serve your church), there’s a way to make yourself more attractive to work with. That’s why you’ll want to tune [...]

#16: I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry, & I Love You: An Interview With Derek Webb [Podcast]

Aug 22, 2013 40:22


Today’s podcast could be considered a “Special Edition”. I had the privilege of sitting down with one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Derek Webb. You may know Derek from his days with Caedmon’s Call or his prolific solo career over the last ten years. Such an incredible songwriter. In this conversation we talk about his new [...]

#15: Creating An Intentional Worship Team Culture [Podcast]

Aug 15, 2013 31:40


Whether you like it or not, you are building a culture in your worship team. If you’re not intentional, others will create it for you. In today’s episode, I provide a teaching on intentional worship team culture as well as share an interview with Ryan Williams of River Valley Music. We talk about their team’s [...]

#14: 7 Disciplines of a World Class Worship Leader [Podcast]

Jul 31, 2013 20:10


A life well lived is less about instant gratification and more about steady discipline. I know, the dreaded “D” word. Nobody likes to hear about discipline. But it’s so necessary. Achieving greatness is about making great choices every day over the long haul. John Maxwell said it best: “See what a person is doing every day, [...]

#13: Liturgy, Corporate Worship, And Moving Beyond Songs: An Interview With Aaron Niequist [Podcast]

Jul 25, 2013 38:18


What does liturgy mean to you? Does it remind you of boring, irrelevant, outdated religion? Aaron Niequist, worship leader at Willow Creek Community Church, reminds us of its importance and relevance to corporate worship today. Aaron is the creator of a new series of recordings called, A New Liturgy – experimental worship albums designed to pastor [...]

#12: Musicality for the Worship Musician: An Interview with Ben Gowell [Podcast]

Jul 19, 2013 36:13


Though great gear is important, it doesn’t make you a great musician. Great music comes from the heart, mind, and hands of a hard working person. I had the opportunity to sit down with my friend Ben Gowell and discuss all things musicality, local church ministry, working with Paul Baloche, and electric guitar gear. Ben [...]

#11: The Heart, Art, And Science Of Worship Team Flow [Podcast]

Jul 3, 2013 32:28


The idea of flowing in the Spirit can be a turn-off to many. We’ve seen enough crazies to know we don’t want to be “that guy.” The problem is that worship isn’t simply a performance of worship songs. It’s participation in the living, ever-present, life-changing presence of God. Yea, that changes things. In today’s episode, [...]

#10: Why Is Congregational Worship So Important? [Podcast]

Jun 5, 2013 25:41


Theodore Roosevelt once said, “You may worship God anywhere, at any time, but the chances are that you will not do so unless you have first learned to worship Him somewhere in some particular place, at some particular time.” We know that congregational worship is important, but let’s be honest. Sometimes as worship leaders, we [...]

#9: 9 Practical Ways Any Worship Team Can Increase Their Excellence [Podcast]

May 22, 2013 25:13


Worship Leaders, it’s easy to get discouraged, isn’t it? When you survey the landscape of modern worship around the world, oftentimes all you see is large churches with incredible talent, massive budgets, and resources you can only dream of. But the truth is, most churches in America are small churches. And there are steps we [...]

#8: The Calling And Competency Of A Worship Pastor: An Interview With Rick Muchow [Podcast]

May 15, 2013 34:02


There is a big difference between leading worship and leading people. To lead worship, all you need is a musical skill set. To lead people requires so much more. In this podcast I sit down with Rick Muchow. Rick was the Worship Pastor at Saddleback church for 25 years, working under the leadership of Pastor [...]

#7: 7 Reasons Why Your Congregation Won’t Worship [Podcast]

May 8, 2013


If you’re a worship leader, you know the frustration of leading worship for people who aren’t with you. Besides the noise of your band, you could hear a pin drop in the room – people aren’t singing, lifting their hands, or having a good time. Most of the time, there is something we can do about it. [...]

#6: Music Ministry And The Music Industry: An Interview With Craig Dunnagan [Podcast]

May 1, 2013 33:11


What if you could ask any question to a leader in the worship music industry with a passion for music ministry? In today’s podcast, I chat with Craig Dunnagan. And that’s exactly what I did. Craig is the VP of Music Publishing and Ministry Alliances at Integrity Music/David C. Cook. He’s also one of the [...]

#5: An Interview With Former Delirious Frontman Martin Smith [Podcast]

Apr 24, 2013 26:27


I can’t tell you how excited I was to sit down with one of my songwriting and worship leading heroes, Martin Smith. Not only has Martin’s music inspired me as a young worship leader, but he really inspired an entire generation through the music of Delirious. There was a freedom, a fire, and an innocence [...]

#4: The Importance Of Theology And Scripture For Worship Leaders – An Interview With Aaron Keyes [Podcast]

Apr 17, 2013 41:28


Worship leading isn’t just a role for the musically talented. It’s not a gig for the artsy people in your church. It’s about pastoring, teaching, and equipping. And in order to do that with effectiveness, you need to know Scripture. For this episode of the Beyond Sunday podcast I was privileged to sit down with [...]

#003: How To Create And Sustain A Vision For Your Worship Team [Podcast]

Apr 10, 2013 18:19


If you lead worship, you know what it’s like to just “pull off” services. You know the frantic pursuit of making sure all your positions are covered, your band is ready, the songlist is solid, and worship happens without a hitch. But does your team know why they do what they do? Do you know why you do [...]

#002: Creativity, Culture, and Leading Genuine Worship – An Interview With Ben Cantelon [Podcast]

Apr 3, 2013 24:54


Welcome to round 2 of the Beyond Sunday Worship Leader podcast! My goal is to help you grow in the heart, skill, and calling of worship leadership by bringing you practical teaching, expert interviews, and the latest worship resources. In this episode, I interview Ben Cantelon, worship leader and songwriter with Worship Central in London. [...]

#1: Introducing The Beyond Sunday Worship Leader Podcast – An Interview With Daniel Bashta

Mar 27, 2013 26:37


The time is here! So excited to launch the “Beyond Sunday Worship Leader Podcast” today. My goal is to help you grow in the heart, skill, and calling of worship leadership by bringing you practical teaching, expert interviews, and the latest worship resources. In this first episode, I interview Daniel Bashta – Integrity worship leader [...]