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Cloud Mandates Driving Enterprises

Apr 10, 2018


Marc Clark, director of global cloud sales enablement for Teradata, explains how Teradata's experience and expertise enable them to help customers determine the best course when deploying analytics in the cloud, on premises or in a hybrid cloud. Ron Powel

Plethora of Cloud Options

Apr 10, 2018


In this podcast, Brian Wood, director of cloud marketing at Teradata, describes the many options Teradata provides for cloud deployments and explains what's driving the increased move to the cloud. Ron Powell, independent analyst and industry expert, cond

Teradata Intellisphere Update

Mar 22, 2018


In this podcast, Mark Shainman, senior program director at Teradata, explains how Teradata IntelliSphere enables analytical ecosystems that are cost effective and easier to build. Ron Powell, independent analyst and industry expert, conducted this intervi

Data Security for Analytics and Cybersecurity

Mar 21, 2018


In this podcast, Mark Bower, global director of product management for data security at Micro Focus, provides background information on Micro Focus that specializes in a number of areas related to data security and identity management. He explains the cha

AI, IoT and Analytics Drive Evolution of Production Analytic Platform

Mar 20, 2018


In this podcast, Dr. Barry Devlin explains how the production analytic platform will evolve within enterprises. Key factors affecting the evolution are artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and analytics. The interview is conducted by Ron Powel

Collaborative Data Science

Mar 15, 2018


Michael Hortatsos, director of alliances at Dataiku, explains the origin of the company name, its mission of empowering organizations to be data driven, and its focus on collaborative data science as well as the benefits that collaboration provides. Ron P

Data Science Workbench

Mar 14, 2018


In this podcast, Tom Pinckney, senior director of global sales for Cloudera, examines the world of data science and talks about the introduction of the Cloudera Data Science Workbench. Ron Powell, independent analyst and industry expert, conducted this in

Production Analytic Platform Ideal for Analyzing Time-Dependent Data from IoT

Mar 13, 2018


In this podcast, Dr. Barry Devlin, founder and principal of 9sightAnalytics, discusses the complexities involved in analyzing time-dependent data, especially data from the Internet of Things. Ron Powell, independent analyst and industry expert, conducted

Pushing the Limits of Analytics

Mar 9, 2018


Patrick Deglon, vice president for advanced analytics at Teradata R&D, shares how Teradata is moving from being a data warehouse company to an analytic platform provider, and he discusses the Teradata Analytics Platform. The most interesting aspect, f

Real-Time Analytics on Real-Time Data

Mar 8, 2018


April Healy, director of global alliances at Attunity, talks about Attunity and the fact that they are best known for real-time data movement and change data capture. She explains why it is necessary to move the data to the right platform for analysis, an

IoT Brings Complexities to Analyzing Time-Dependent Data

Mar 7, 2018


In this podcast, Barry Devlin, founder and principal of 9SightAnalytics, discusses time-series data, which enterprises collect from sensor and IoT data, and explains why this data requires a production analytic platform that marries operations and analyti

Today's Enterprises Face Unique BI Challenges

Mar 6, 2018


In this podcast, Donald Farmer, principal of TreeHive Strategy, and Ron Powell, independent analyst and industry expert for the BeyeNETWORK and executive producer of The World Transformed FastForward Series, discuss how the evolution of business intellige

Teradata: Business-Outcome Led and Technology Enabled

Mar 2, 2018


In this podcast, Chris Twogood, senior vice president of marketing at Teradata, explains the importance of Teradata's strategy and their recent announcements regarding analytics options and products for their customers. Ron Powell, independent analyst and

Smart Connected Communities

Mar 1, 2018


Anil Menon, global president of Smart+Connected Communities business at Cisco, discusses Smart+Connected Communities and how Cisco helps companies that are moving to autonomous decisioning. He explains Cisco’s intuitive network – the network that can int

Why a Production Analytic Platform is Necessary

Feb 28, 2018


The importance of having a proper architecture for analytics is the topic of this podcast. Dr. Barry Devlin, founder and principal for 9Sight Consulting, explains the new production analytic platform that will meet the current operational and informationa

The World Transformed: How Technology is Driving the Future

Feb 17, 2018


In this podcast, Phil Bowermaster, CEO for Speculist Media, explains the origins of The World Transformed, which he describes as a guide to the astounding future that lies ahead. Phil explains that the world of data and the physical world are merging and

Exponentially Increasing Value of Data in Data Lakes

Feb 14, 2018


Stephanie McReynolds, vice president of marketing at Alation, addresses data lake governance with Alation and Teradata. She explains how the value of data requires context between IT and business and shares how the data catalog drives adoption and increas

Scaling Analytic Applications

Feb 1, 2018


Aashu Virmani, chief marketing officer at Fuzzy Logix, provides background information on Fuzzy Logix as well as new projects on their horizon. He also explains indexed data management and how machine learning applies to anti-money laundering using decisi

Sentient Enterprise Requires Self-Service Analytics

Jan 26, 2018


In this podcast, Satyan Sangani, CEO of Alation, provides insight into the Sentient Enterprise as described in a book of the same name by Oliver Ratzesberger with Mohanbir Sawhney. The Sentient Enterprise is defined as an enterprise that can listen to dat

Why It Is Difficult to Run Analytic Solutions at Scale

Dec 18, 2017


This podcast looks at the biggest data management challenges facing enterprises today and why it is hard to run analytic solutions in production at scale. Richard Winter, managing partner at WinterCorp, explains these challenges in an interview conducted

Digital Customer Engagement: Understanding Customers and Their Digital Activity

Dec 12, 2017


Stewart Hanna, who leads Sales & Business Development in the Americas for Celebrus, is featured in this podcast that discusses how the majority of today's enterprises have difficulty tracking and recognizing customers across different digital sessions

Properly Managing Customer Consent for GDPR and the Sentient Enterprise

Dec 12, 2017


In this podcast, Russell Tewkesbury, vice president of global sales for Celebrus, shares that their system collects individual data with a minimum of technical input and that Celebrus is part of an emerging Gartner category called Customer Data Platforms,

Old Dominion University: Educating Future Analytics Professionals

Nov 30, 2017


In this podcast, Jeff Tanner, dean of Old Dominion University's Strome College of Business, explains what steps they're taking to meet the demand for analytics professionals. Ron Powell, independent analyst and industry expert, conducted this interview.

Enterprise Leadership Today Comes from the Data Perspective

Nov 22, 2017


William McKnight, president of McKnight Consulting Group, shares the trends he is seeing in data and leadership today, and he explains why real company leadership today is coming from the data perspective. Ron Powell, independent analyst and industry expe

Business Problem Should Be First Line of Entry for Big Data Analytics

Aug 22, 2017


In a discussion held prior to the 2016 Strata Conference, Edd Wilder-James, technology analyst, writer and entrepreneur with Silicon Valley Data Science, and Robert Stratton, vice president of analytics at Market Share, part of Neustar, talk with Ron Powe

City of San Diego’s Open Data Initiative

Aug 19, 2017


Ron Powell, industry expert and analyst for the BeyeNETWORK and the Business Analytics Collaborative, interviews Maksim Pecherskiy, chief data officer in the performance and analytics department for the City of San Diego. Maxim explains San Diego’s new op

Real-Time Analytics with GPU Technology

Jun 20, 2017


In this interview, Ron Powell, independent analyst and expert, talks with Amit Vij, CEO of Kinetica. This discuss GPU technology and how it is enabling real-time analytics on large and streaming datasets.

Sales Cycle Transparency: Cloud BI Enables Apria Healthcare to Hit Sales Budgets Every Month

Jun 6, 2017


At the Gartner BI & Analytics Summit in Grapevine, Texas, Jim Slagle, Vice President of BI for Apria Healthcare, talks with Ron Powell, industry consultant and expert with the BeyeNETWORK and the Business Analytics Collaborative, about Apria Healthc

Stop Struggling with Data Lake Problems

Mar 14, 2017


In this interview, Matt Hutton, director of research and development for Think Big, a Teradata company, and Ron Powell, independent expert and analyst, discuss the Kylo platform from Think Big. Think Big is purely focused on the Hadoop ecosystem, and Kylo

Using New Analytics Against Your Old Data

Feb 28, 2017


Rob Armstrong, data and analytic enthusiast for Teradata, talks with Ron Powell, independent analyst and expert, about the untapped value of the information companies already have and the benefits of using new technologies against that data.

Teradata Everywhere Gives Customers Tremendous Flexibility

Feb 22, 2017


Alan Greenspan, product marketing manager for Teradata, and Ron Powell, independent analyst and expert, talk about Teradata Everywhere. Alan explains that to their knowledge Teradata is the first database to be available across a wide variety of platform