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Bernies World: Adult Music CAN be cool!


Getting older doesn\'t mean that you have to give up the best music. Adult music CAN be cool! Check out the coolest in podsafe music right here!



Episode 84- Two Years of Podsafe Music

Jul 3, 2008 50:29


Wow! Has it been two years? It seems like… well, two years ago that I started playing podsafe music. Join me in remembering the musicians, events, podcasts, and listeners that led up to this monumental day! Songs in this episode: Jersey Boy- Stormin’ Norman Selden [Website] [Website] [BUY!] Blanco y Negro- deSol [MySpace] [YouTube] [Website] [BUY!] Where Can I [...]

Next Week: The Anniversary Show

Jun 20, 2008 00:01:01


It’s almost two years since we started a podsafe music show. Come and help us celebrate! Join in the festivities by: sending an email to leaving a voice mail at (845) 694-7688 leaving a comment on the website at clicking the CALL ME! button at the website. My people call your people (actually, my voicemail calls you) [...]

Episode 83- Road Rage

Jun 14, 2008 36:51


Bernies World is sponsored by GoToMeeting! Try GotoMeeting free for 30 days! For this special offer, visit It’s almost Flag Day, I drove two hours for a job I don’t want, school is ending, Band Reunion Update, your least favorite fair-weather chores, and some listener feedback. Songs featured on this episode: American Dream- Joe Colledge [PMN] [...]

Episode 82- Let’s Get Drunk and Dance

Jun 6, 2008 28:40


Bernies World is sponsored by GoToMeeting! Try GotoMeeting free for 30 days! For this special offer, visit It’s the end of the school year. You can go broke on parties, there are too many things at school that have nothing to do with teaching, Bernie is still fighting this asthma thing, and the first of [...]

Episode 81- Memorial Day Redux

May 30, 2008 42:21


Bernies World is sponsored by GoToMeeting! Try GotoMeeting free for 30 days! For this special offer, visit I’m back, after poisoning myself while cleaning my deck. Your favorite patriotic tunes featured today, as well as a tribute to the original Bernie. Songs featured on this episode: Highway Run- The Charlie Wheeler Band [PMN] [Website] [MySpace] [Facebook] [...]

Episode 80- That’s Almost 12 in Dogcasts

May 18, 2008 00:01:01


Bernies World is sponsored by GoToMeeting! Try GotoMeeting free for 30 days! For this special offer, visit Bernie had 6 concerts this week (how many times can you sing “You Are My Sunshine?”), publishing issues last week, “Vagina Dialogues”, songs that stick in your head, and don’t judge so harshly. Songs in this [...]

Episode 79- We’re Getting The Band Back Together!

May 9, 2008 35:03


Bernies World is sponsored by GoToMeeting! Try GotoMeeting free for 30 days! For this special offer, visit Over the last few weeks, my High School band has been making plans for a reunion this summer. Plus, I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from artists who’ve been featured before on Bernies World. I [...]

Episode 78- Can’t I Leave You People Alone for One Week?

May 2, 2008 39:36


I leave you alone for one week and what happens? Podshow becomes Mevio and Miley bares her back. Your vacation fantasy spots, and I need a vacation from my vacation. Songs in this episode: Dangerous- Maren Morris [PMN] [MySpace] [Download mp3's from Amazon] The Time That We Live- Peter Buffet [PMN] [Website] [Download mp3's from Amazon] GBR [...]

Episode 77- Bartender!

Apr 18, 2008 34:52


We’re off to see the Pope, Facebook is stealing my life, favorite mixed drinks, pimping podcasts, vacation, and we’re off next week. Songs in this episode: And The Girls Go- Men Without Pants [PMN] [Website] [Download Men Without Pants from Amazon] All He Has To Do- Sheri Miller [Buy her album Mantra from Amazon] Hope- Marina V [...]

Episode 76- Time Travel Special

Apr 11, 2008 36:23


Apparently I am unable to read a calendar. When the heck was this podcast being recorded? The weather is gorgeous, lots of musical things going on in Bernie’s REAL world, and listeners send in their most embarrassing iPod selections. Songs in this episode: Sorry- Buckcherry [PMN][Website][Download Sorry from Amazon for $.89] Every Song On The Radio- Michelle [...]

Episode 75- Psych!

Apr 5, 2008 35:47


I was doing an episode, then I wasn’t, then I was. Psych! I’m loving Facebook, had my first interview of the season, feedback, and a jazzy story. Songs in this episode after the jump: Songs: One More Song- Every Avenue (PMN) (Website) A Lonely September- Plain White Tees (PMN) (Website) Keep Me Alive- Jim Steed (Website) (MySpace) (Facebook) (Buy [...]

Episode 74- Bon Jovi: Is He Still Around?

Mar 27, 2008 36:43


UPDATE: Reviewed the audio, and it was very uneven. I’ve edited it and reposted. Sorry! Why is Bon Jovi still around? Bernie’s allergies are acting up, he goes back to the gym, and finds out the ugly truth about the gollywog. Songs in this episode after the jump: Songs: This Is My Opening Song- Todd Chappelle (PMN) (MySpace) Temporary [...]

Episode 73- Easter? I don’t even KNOW her!

Mar 19, 2008 39:45


Another lively show on Talkshoe! A belated St. Patrick’s Day, Easter celebrations are a little weird, SmartMusic is very cool software, and Podshow (or is it my computer?) hosed me today. Songs in this episode after the jump: Maybe It Was Me- Matt Jones Ten Years Ago- Gilly Slinn Liberty Bell March- Hampshire Guitar Orchestra If I Were A [...]

Episode 72- Phantom of The Podcast

Mar 13, 2008 33:05


People showed up on Talkshoe! I don’t know if they heard it, since they wouldn’t respond to chat. Oh well! In this episode, I saw my son in “Phantom of the Opera” this weekend, I’m hooked on “Lost,” I met with the geeks at New Media in New Jersey, my fridge was full of rotten [...]

Episode 71- Super Tuesday #2

Mar 5, 2008 37:33


UPDATE: After the episode I went into overdrive to find out who Glen Hansard reminds me of. It’s Cat Stevens in “Father and Son.” Happy Super Tuesday #2! Who are you rooting for in the election, gym memberships, and gadgets you just can’t live without. Three terrific premiere songs in this episode, plus an Oscar winning [...]

Episode 70- I’ve Got a Heart On!

Feb 15, 2008 32:23


Happy Valentines Day! Sorry this podcast won’t find you before the day, but it won’t sound any worse the day after. Hear my tale of “The Flying Dutchman”, listener voice mail, and a new gym in town may mean you’ll be seeing less of Bernie. Songs in this episode after the jump: My Baby- Holly [...]

Episode 69- Not Safe For Work (or kids!)

Jan 27, 2008 31:37


Kindergarten Concerts, 250 of the best Fifth Grade singers around, helping out with a new musical, job searching again, and pick up the damn phone! Songs in this episode after the jump: Show Me What You Got- Shotgun Serenade Delays Delays- Dan Tharp Let Me Tell You Something- Sophia Ramos Unspoken- 4 Wings to Fly Come Back Home- Jason [...]

Episode 68- Live on Talkshoe!

Jan 10, 2008 50:44


NOTE: I found a bad cable in my setup, so the audio is ‘hissy’. I’ve fixed it now, so 69 should be better. The primaries, network television online, holiday recap, warm weather in the northeast, and lots of podsafe music! Songs in this episode after the jump: Feels Like Friday- The Rain Holly Light- Red, White, and Blues Olio- [...]

Episode 67- Christmas Far From Home

Dec 20, 2007 29:03


The Bernies World Christmas Album. No talking- just jazzy (and sometimes a little pitchy- sorry) holiday tunes. Music featured in this episode: Jingle Bells Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Let It Snow ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas (Clement Moore, 1822) Frosty The Snowman Here Comes Santa Claus Please Wait Up (an original by Vinny Green) Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus [...]

Episode 66- I’m Your Holiday Fruitcake

Dec 19, 2007 31:24


A first for Bernies World- an original song! A holiday season update, teacher’s get lots of presents, and my apartment is really noisy. Music featured in this episode: O Come, O Come Emmanuel- Cat Jahnke If Christmas Was Make Believe- Geoff Smith It Came Upon A Midnight Clear- FMG/Benjamin One Christmas- Al Stravinsky Please Wait Up- Vinny Green Santa Claus Is [...]

Episode 65- What if I like saying “Happy Holidays?”

Dec 11, 2007 29:26


(Please note- this episode is explicit) Bernie loses his friggin’ mind, right at the microphone. What do you think of the “Happy Holidays!/ Merry Christmas!” issue? Are you a PITA about wrapping gifts? May in fact be the worst episode ever. Decide for yourself. Music featured in this episode: We Three Kings- Jim Goodrich Still Got Tonight- [...]

Episode 64- Windows Vista can Bite Me, Please!

Nov 17, 2007 29:05


iTunes is totally NOT Vista compliant, Bernie has a cold he can’t shake, Black Friday shopping, and the evil RIAA/MPAA plot. Music featured in this episode: Aaron- Please Adrina Thorpe- Round The Bend Cat Jahnke- None Of Those Things Katrina Carlson- No One Is To Blame Ugly- Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Call the voice comment line at (845) 694-7688 email [...]

Episode 63- Summer is finally ending!

Oct 30, 2007 26:48


What’s Bernie’s new schedule like, and how much crap can he actually fit into that studio he lives in? Find out in today’s episode. Songs in the show: Sound of Summer- Lovebugs Google Earth- Zioneye Dream Big- Ryan Shupe & The Rubber Band No Surprises- Blake Morgan Breakin’ Out- Annex Call the voice comment line at (845) 694-7688 email me at bernie (AT) [...]

Episode 62- Live from Studio B

Oct 23, 2007 25:55


The first ever podcast recorded in Studio B! The equipment isn’t ready yet, but the music is! Songs in the show: American Girl- Joe College Buy on CDBaby If You’re Gonna Leave- Emerson Hart PMN Page Damage Control- B.D. Lenz Buy on PMN About Love- Al Starvinsky Buy on CDBaby Say It Loud- Esteban Buy on PMN Call the voice comment line [...]

Episode 61- All Ariel Artists… and Alliteration

Oct 9, 2007 22:59


Recorded in Studio P(rius), Bernie brings you tunes from a different source- Ariel Publicity! We’ll still be on the PMN, but a little change is good for the soul, especially when it means rocking it in a new way. Songs in the show: Affection- Zap Mama Buy tracks NYC- Jen Chapin Buy Tracks When You Go- 1000 Miles From [...]

Episode 60- Borrowed Tunes

Sep 11, 2007 19:45


Bernie is live to tape…er…mp3 again, using Audio Hijack Pro, Quicktime, chewing gum and baling wire. School strated for the kiddies, it’s Marching Band season, the parish had a picnic, and there may 1000 people listening to this show? Cool! Songs in the show: Colour Me Life- Katchafire This Way- Saturday Night At The Apollo Plea from a Cat named Virtue- The [...]

Episode 59- Labor Day Music Spectacular

Aug 25, 2007 00:01:01


UPDATED- Sorry about the skips in the original file. For some reason Garageband didn’t export the first file cleanly. I’m uploading a newer one that should be better. With Labor Day coming up in the US, how about an hour of uninterrupted music to make your party rock? All podsafe, and just as you’d expect from [...]

Episode 58- Speechless

Aug 6, 2007 00:01:01


Bernie’s on his way to an interview, but he’s trying to get back on his podcasting schedule, so he’s finding the time. He has been on Viddler, though, so you can find him there. (BTW he did not win the iPhone!) He doesn’t have a DV camera, though. A tribute to Mrs. Bernie in this [...]

Episode 57- Unstructured Time

Jul 5, 2007 00:01:01


Bernie’s a little bitter at the end of this one. Chalk it up to looking for a job… again. That’s where the lack of structure comes from. Songs in the show: Trees- Matthew Ebel About Love- Al Stravinsky Why I Won’t Get You A Beer- Tom Smith In The Coffee Shop When- Andy Stone All music courtesy of The Podsafe Music Network Visit [...]

Episode 56- We Be Jammin’

Jun 15, 2007 00:01:01


There are a lot of great tunes on PMN this month. Which ones to choose? Hear about The Great Laundry Soap Disaster, how I hate yard work, my unmanliness, and the new iTunes gift card contest. Songs in the show: Into The Groove- Ziggy Marley Skimmin’- Mike Errico For What It’s Worth- Buffalo Springfield My Generation- The Who   All music courtesy of The [...]

Episode 55- Live to Tape

Jun 2, 2007 19:40


Show notes: I have so many podcasts to edit, I couldn’t possibly edit another (see post production note below), so this one will be live to tape. I still have some great podsafe music though! Songs in this episode:   She’s So Amazing- Junior I Want A Better Life- The Shakes If This Geek Ruled The World- Geoff Smith 99 Words for [...]

Episode 54- Office for Mac costs HOW MUCH?

May 18, 2007 20:49


Show notes: Yeah baby! I got a Mac. The only problem is, all my Mac software is decades old, and I own a few thousand in WINDOWS software. Ah well, what to do? Bad weather continues here in the Northeast, but the sun is out now… Songs in this episode:   Digg the Code- Geoff Smith I Have A [...]

Episode 53- Who The Heck Is Vinny?

May 3, 2007 25:44


Show notes: Peter Parker and Clark Kent? No contest. Bernie’s true identity comes out in this episode. The weather is great, the Son’s show went well, podcasting may get quiet if the recording industry gets it’s way, and the Hot Sauce contest heats up! Songs in this episode: Wonderful Tragedy- Grand Atlantic I Believe- Peter Searcy Bonnie Jean- Artie [...]

Episode 52- The Year In Review

Apr 28, 2007 28:36


Show notes: It’s been a year? I can’t believe it! A quick look back at where we’ve been, closure on Podcamp NYC, the new production schedule, and a contest to win free hot sauce! Songs in this episode:   Panic At The Disco- I Write Sins, Not Tragedies 3 Blind Mice- Call Me Beautiful Laura Clapp- Let It Rain Geoff [...]

Episode 51- Call Me Noah

Apr 17, 2007 24:34


Show notes: Where is my umbrella? It’s raining cats and dogs, the roads are flooded, but at least we have some great podsafe music, including a Podcast World Premiere. Bernie’s van broke down again, the company doesn’t want to cover it under warranty OR give him a loaner car. Finally, our hearts go out to [...]

Episode 50- Podcamp NYC

Apr 12, 2007 26:00


Show notes:Bernie is on his way home from the opening event of Podcamp NYC. There are probably a few too many drinks involved, but it’s clearly an exciting time in the history of Bernies World. Vinny met all kinds of cool folks at the Networking Party at Slate, including Brother Love! Bernie compares “old [...]

Episode 49- Holy Thursday!

Apr 6, 2007 22:02


Click the church to play the file Show notes:It’s Holy Thursday (really) and Bernie is on his way to and from his church music job. Does he preserve harmony in the household, or does he attempt to direct his wife? Hmmm. Also, Bernie is not the guy to use his free time productively. Well, of course [...]

Episode 48- You Don’t Need an iPod!

Mar 31, 2007 24:08


Show notes:You really don’t need an iPod to listen to my show- just click the player on the side, or click the Direct Link and your computer will play it! The Easter Break starts today! There’s a week of church gigs, a chance to get out of the office, and a possible live Bernies [...]

Episode 47- Sunshine!

Mar 28, 2007 25:50


Show notes:Is it Spring already? Bernie was locked inside all morning, but he got a little sunshine in the afternoon and is sharing it with you. The Son is doing a musical, Scoble pointed me to an incident of concern on the internet, and BRUCE! Music in this episode: No Place for Happiness- JetVicious Walk With [...]

Episode 46- All A-Twitter

Mar 25, 2007 28:16


Show notes:Bernie is totally hooked on Twitter and Tumblr. Mom’s big birthday bash is tonight. Big plans for Digital Father Podcast. I’m going to Podcamp NYC. Music in this episode: Dead Penguin- 3 Blind Mice Nobody’s Watching- Steve Swanson Inertia- Cat Jahnke Mine Again- Black Lab All music courtesy of The Podsafe Music Network Visit check out the bargains [...]

Episode 45- The Nor’easter

Mar 19, 2007 22:42


Show notes: It’s a giant snow storm, and Bernie has to walk to the grocery store to pick up some stuff. Join him as he trudges a half mile to the store and back. Music in this episode: Man Down- Steve Stellavato Battesimo Del Fuoco (which translates to “Baptism By Fire”)- The Dear Hunter Write Him A Letter- Paul [...]

Episode 44- Cruise Control

Mar 15, 2007 22:33


Show notes: Bernie has a 5 hour round trip. While on it, he talks about the Homeless Conference he’s attending, computer woes, and wearing slippers while driving. Your mileage may vary. Music in this episode: Real Sad Time- Steve Stellavato Mother- Kevin Reeves Rescue Me- Jennifer Jayden Run- The Tones All music courtesy of The Podsafe Music Network Visit check [...]

Episode 43- Compressor Limiter? I Don’t Even Know Her!

Mar 13, 2007 32:30


Show notes:It’s a first! Mrs. Bernie makes an appearance in a rare drunken interview (Bernie’s drunk, not The Mrs.) Bernie’s Mom turns 60. Skippy sees The Who! Are there no talented DJ’s out there? All awesome podsafe music, too! We Rock- Lifted Culture In The Coffee Shop, When- Andy Stone Become- Pete Hopkins Baby, For You- Andrew Lubman All [...]

Episode 42- I Was Late For Everything Today!

Mar 8, 2007


Show notes: Bernie needs a new computer- should it be a Mac? There was a big fight with the wife the other day, too. Find out all the details here, in between these podsafe tunes: ENRi- The Performer Jen Foster- The Underdogs (no, it’s not the Jen Foster I grew up with…) Ben Johnson- Most of All Simply MC- Mona [...]

Episode 41- Blizzards, Rain… What’s next, Locusts?

Mar 4, 2007 27:30


Show notes: Bernie gets the EXPLICIT tag today. Nutty weather and unfortunate tragedies. More traffic jams, procrastinating, and the idea that won’t go away. Oh, and don’t forget awesome podsafe music, like… PM- Of Woman and Man Ivy League- Broken Dream Silver Dogs- Bedlam Boys** Red Carpet Rats-Creepin In All music courtesy of The Podsafe Music Network Visit check out the [...]

Episode 40- A Walk To Clear My Head

Mar 1, 2007 27:53


Show notes: Bernie takes his car to the shop and his daughter skiing (finally!). Poor Anna Nicole should be allowed to R.I.P., but no sympathy for Britney Spears found here. Also, hear about ‘the grant that won’t write.’ Music in this show- Ivy League- Lose Control Sly Joe- You’re Coming Home ENRi- Horizon Nick Black- Fall to Pieces All [...]

Episode 39- It’s a Traffic Jam!

Feb 24, 2007 23:33


Show notes: It’s an evening rush hour, and Bernie is stuck in traffic with the sound of podsafe music in his ears. Hear about the beautiful sunset, the yearning for the old days as a professional musician, changes in the show, and the eternal question of “what should I talk about today?” Al Stravinsky- If Only Steve Stellavato- [...]

Episode 38- There’s No Pleasing This Guy

Feb 21, 2007 00:01:01


direct link to mp3 file Show notes: Lots of good news, but Bernie still isn’t happy. Hear vacation news, SKIING AND SNOW, and career vindication. You’d be happy about this stuff. What the hell is wrong with Bernie? Intro by Karmyn Tyler Emerson, Lake & Palmer – From The [...]

Episode 37- It’s Not Over

Feb 17, 2007 00:01:01


Direct link to mp3 file Show notes: The Road Trip continues from New York into Connecticut… wait… Bernie lives in New York! Quick- turn back! While we’re busy getting lost, we chat about being fat, summer vacation plans, and there is still no snow. Music in today’s show: Secondhand Serenade- It’s Not Over Debbie Cassell- The Boatman’s White Dog Paul [...]

Episode 36- Road Trip

Feb 13, 2007 00:01:01


powered by ODEO Direct link to mp3 file Show notes: Bernie’s on the road, driving back from Long Island. On his way to getting lost in Connecticut, he talks about garage bands, classical recitals, Anna Nicole, and the Zoom H4 recorder. By the way, how long IS Long Island? Derek K. Miller- Fakeout Ruby James- Famous Song Secondhand Serenade- Half Alive Paul [...]