Behind the Screens

Behind the Screens


Chris "KeyboardCowboy" Albrecht goes behind the screens with members of the Drupal community and others to learn about the goings on in the land of open source and the people who make it happen. If you have questions you'd like us to ask, comments about the podcast, or would like to be on the show yourself, reach out at @Lullabot on Twitter or shoot an email to





Behind the Screens with Preston So

Aug 27, 2018


Acquia's Director of Research and Innovation, Preston So, dishes about delivering keynote presentations on diversity and inclusion, the state of decoupled Drupal, and the Travel Channels newest star.

Behind the Screens with Agustin Casiva and Marcos Ibañez

Jun 25, 2018


Marcos and Agustin from 42Mate discuss how a small Argentinian company got a booth at DrupalCon, what Drupal can learn from other tech communities and vice versa, plus motorcycles and fish.

Behind the Screens with Nick Switzer

Jun 18, 2018


Elevated Third's Director of Development, Nick Switzer, talks transitioning from coding to conversation, why you should support your local Drupal camp, and his lost career as a smoke jumper.

Behind the Screens with Trasi Judd

Jun 4, 2018


Four Kitchens' Director of Support & Continuous Improvement Trasi Judd breaks down the support side of web development, how she manages her team and clients, why Drupal, and her passion for painting.

Behind the Screens with Aaron Campbell

May 28, 2018


We caught up with Wordpress Security Team Lead Aaron Campbell at DrupalCon Nashville to learn about the Open Web Lounge, what's happening with Wordpress Security, and how these communities get along.

Behind the Screens with Jesús Manuel Olivas

May 14, 2018


WeKnow's Head of Products, @jmolivas, takes a few minutes to tell about the technologies his distributed company uses, the current state of Drupal Console, and the latest in Drupal Latin America.

Behind the Screens with Michael Miles

May 7, 2018


Senior Technical Solutions Manager at Genuine and Developing Up podcast host, Mike Miles tells us how websites are like sandcastles, how he's brought that strategy to his team, and spice racks.

Behind the Screens with Jeffrey McGuire

Apr 30, 2018


Jeffrey A. "Jam" McGuire describes how he's blending open source with business in his new company, the history of the DrupalCon Prenote, why he's keynoting a Joomla conference, and French horns.

Behind the Screens with Kat Armstrong

Apr 23, 2018


First time DrupalCon attendee Kat Armstrong tells us about her first DrupalCon experience, how she's managing multiple web properties for Maricopa Community Colleges, and why she became a vegan.

Behind the Screens with Angus Mak

Mar 12, 2018


Lullabot's Senior Developer Angus Mak stepped away from Drupal to take on Roku, iOS, and tvOS for clients. He tells us what it's like switching platforms, how he got there, and fishing.

Behind the Screens with Nate Lampton

Mar 1, 2018


Nate Lampton spent his 12-year tenure at Lullabot working on Webform, Backdrop, and numerous client projects, the most recent being We sit down to talk about all these things and plumbing.

Behind the Screens with Jerad Bitner

Feb 26, 2018


Lullabot's newest Development Manager Jerad Bitner talks transitioning from developer to manager, what's the story with VR in the web, and be on the lookout for Sirkitree P.I.

Behind the Screens with Helena McCabe

Feb 19, 2018


Lullabot's Senior Front End Developer, Helena McCabe talks React, working for The Grammy's, Accessibility, and what the heck happened to the Brontosaurus?

Behind the Screens with Ryan Szrama

Feb 12, 2018


Commerce Guys CEO, Ryan Szrama opens up about what happens at the office, how they've opened up the Drupal island to exporting, his most meaningful trips, and of course, coffee and beer.

Behind the Screens with Kaleem Clarkson

Jan 29, 2018


Kaleem Clarkson goes in depth on how to organize a Drupal Camp, how DrupalCamp Atlanta is run, and how to work with the community. We go back to his metal roots, and as always share some gratitude.

Behind the Screens with David Needham

Jan 22, 2018


Pantheon's Agency and Community Training Manager, David Needham tells us what's new with Pantheon's deployment workflow, how he gets by without a car, and his go-to board games when traveling.

Behind the Screens with Derek "Hawkeye" DeRaps

Jan 15, 2018


Kalamuna's Senior Architect Derek "Hawkeye" DeRaps dives into cutting edge styleguide and prototyping frameworks and how to plug them into Drupal. Plus, dancing and Pagan rituals!

Behind the Screens with Angie Byron

Jan 8, 2018


Angie "Webchick" Byron explains what OCTO is and what happens at the high levels in Acquia. On occasion she hijacks children at the mall to read to them, and Drupalist is her favorite flavor of nerd.

Behind the Screens with Jim Birch

Jan 1, 2018


Xeno Media's Web Strategist, Jim Birch, has been melding the front-end with the back-end in his module, Bootstrap Paragraphs. Come on out to MidCamp in March to hear all about it!

Behind the Screens with Thom Toogood

Dec 18, 2017


Thom Toogood hails from Melbourne, Australia, where he's been working on making Composer easier for all of us by means of FaaS Composer. Composer can do all it's magic in the cloud as a background process, so you don't have to sit and wait for updates. We talk Drupal South, and Thom's dream camp, DrupalCamp Fiji, which may not be as far from a reality as you would think. Thom shares some gratitude with Greg Anderson, and spills on his what his life would be like if Drupal went away.

Behind the Screens with Rick Manelius

Dec 11, 2017


Drud Tech's Rick Manelius tells us all about their Docker solution to development, Drud, the importance of getting away from the work, cycling through the Rockies, and avoiding imposter syndrome.

Behind the Screens with Esther Lee

Dec 4, 2017


Esther Lee has been owning HR at Lullabot for more than 7 years! That's long enough to create your own job title. Esther talks distributed HR and what it means to put the Human in Human Resources.

Behind the Screens with Kris Vanderwater

Nov 27, 2017


Acquia's Developer Evangelist, Kris Vanderwater, fills us in on blocks and layouts in Drupal Core, why you should be using Panelizer, and how he prefers his family on the rocks.

Behind the Screens with Mateu Aguiló Bosch

Nov 20, 2017


Lullabot's Senior Backend Developer Mateu Aguiló Bosch sits down to talk decoupled architecture, getting started in Drupal, and his favorite place to visit outside of his island paradise in Mallorca.

Behind the Screens with Shannon O'Malley

Nov 15, 2017


Kalamuna's Senior Communications Strategist, Shannon O'Malley, dishes on that sweet donation wall at BADCamp, and how she transitioned from corporate advertising to open source evangelist.

Behind the Screens with Greg Dunlap

Nov 13, 2017


Greg Dunlap, better known to the tech world as Heyrocker, explains what a Senior Digital Strategist does and described the challenges of creating standard, customizable layouts. We talk about what he would do if the internet went out, and how fixing pinball machines might fill the void in his heart left by the absence of YouTube, but only if he can get his hands on the manuals. Like the rest of us, Greg has a number of people he'd like to thank for pushing him into the community when he needed it. Finally, can you guess what Greg's spirit module is?

Behind the Screens with Greg Anderson

Nov 8, 2017


Open Source Contributor for Pantheon, Greg Anderson, takes us through Drush 9 and what that means for your existing plugins, as well as tips for rescuing your family from the internet. You might say Drush 9 was born from fire, but that was because we upgraded from Symfony 2 to Symfony 3. Aside from rewriting Drush, Greg teaches people to dance as an improv performer at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair. He also shares some excellent tips for getting started on your first drush plugin, and how to get in the routine of cutting the internet cord every night.

Behind the Screens with Jen Witkowski

Nov 6, 2017


Jen takes is behind the scenes of the This Old House redesign, why navigation excites her, and how Wordpress led her into UX design. You can also find Jen on Twitter @Shadow4611.

Behind the Screens with Mike Anello

Nov 1, 2017


Mike Anello tells us what he's learned after 8 years of the DrupalEasy podcast, the value of community training, and how he relaxes away from the screen. If you missed his Drupal 8 configuration management training at BADCamp, you can catch it at DrupalCamp Atlanta. DrupalEasy is also teaming up with Pantheon to deliver a 6 week course "Mastering Professional Drupal Developer Workflows with Pantheon."

Behind the Screens Halloween Special

Oct 30, 2017


It doesn't matter who you are or how long you've working in the industry, you are a human, and that means you have tasty braaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiinnns! Ugh, excuse me. I mean, you've probably made a mistake. Members of the community share their scariest moments in the industry, from deleting large sections of a web server, to building Drupal sites in Flash. Guests include Thom Toogood, Greg Anderson, Mike Anello, Jen Witkowski, Jim Birch, Kris Vanderwater, Rick Manelius, Angie Byron and Chris Albrecht.

Behind the Screens with Adam Bergstein

Oct 25, 2017


Adam takes a few minutes at BADCamp to explain about the world of open data and the amazing ways it can be used. He dishes about CivicActions's recent acquisition of the DKAN Project, gives us a rundown on the Drupal community compared to other communities in the open data sphere, and gives us a hint of things to look out for if the internet goes down. Hint, it involves coffee, beer, and delicious food.

Behind the Screens with Matt Robison

Oct 18, 2017


Matt Robison talks tips and tricks with a decoupled architecture and migration in Drupal 8. He gives us the inside info about his hometown of Louisville and how he became a children's author.

Behind the Screens with Chris Teitzel

Oct 16, 2017


Chris Teitzel of Cellar Door Media gives us a preview of Security Saturday at BadCamp 2017 and provides some great tips for securing your website. He tells us why we should always say yes to the community; you never know where it's going to lead. Chris also shares some amazing stories about bringing a Drupal-based communications tool developed from the DrupalCon Denver Tropo Hackathon, to Haiti in 2012 to help with relief efforts after their devastating 2010 earthquake.

Behind the Screens with Zequi Vázquez

Oct 11, 2017


Chris sits down with Lullabot backend developer Zequi Vázquez to talk user authentication on decoupled sites and why you should visit the south of Spain.

Behind the Screens with Juampy NR

Oct 9, 2017


Chris snags a few minutes with Lullabot's Juan Pablo Novillo Requena, affectionately known to the community as Juampy. Juampy discusses life on a Drupal 8 project and how he adjusted to object oriented development, especially being a vim user. We spend 24 hours in Madrid and his village just outside of town, and Juampy tells us why he's so thankful for Lullabot's CEO Matt Westgate.