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Basic HTML

Basic HTML


Educational Podcast that goes over the basics of HTML. Home Website now includes "Flash Cards" for every Podcast.





Episode 9- Cooking with Style

Nov 9, 2007 00:02:36


"Cooking with Style" goes over the creation and placement of image (IMG) HTML tags.

Episode 8- Additional HTML Tags

Aug 4, 2007 00:04:51


Counselor Lee adds some additional HTML Tags to your collection. These were originally Netscape tags but are now widely accepted parts of HTML. Tags include big, small, the font size option and center.

Episode 7- How the WWW Really Works...

Jul 25, 2007 00:01:44


Instructional segment showing the stateless client/server model behind the page to page movement of the Web.

Episode 6- Boot Camp Barracks/HTML Lists

Jul 24, 2007 00:02:15


Two types of HTML lists are examined including numbered and unnumbered lists.

Episode 5- Gopher Commercial

Apr 26, 2007 00:00:54


Fast WWW Facts- Gopher. Informational segment about gopher- a precursor to the World Wide Web of today.

Episode 4- HTML Boot Camp Part 2

Apr 14, 2007 00:03:09


Further HTML Basics with the Drill Sgt. and Lt. Practice.

Episode 3- HTML Boot Camp

Apr 11, 2007 00:04:30


Start here for basic HTML information. HTML Basics presented with a military flair.

Episode 2- Basic Editor commands and Screen setup

Apr 7, 2007 00:02:56


Basic Editor (pico) commands and ways to setup your screen to work with HTML.

Epsiode 1- Introduction and Setup

Mar 29, 2007 00:03:10


Basic HTML introduction and Local information. Also overview information regarding HTML. (Re-issue in larger format and now with additional information for doing the class from your desktop.)

Episode 10- Cooking with Style (Part 2)

Apr 13, 2006 00:04:07


Cooking with Style (Part 2) looks at various styles of anchor links including: local anchor links, web anchor links, anchor links around an image and anchor links within a page.