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It's time sift through the promises of technology and discuss how to use technology for learning (with recurring talk around Moodle). ref. This Podcast was created using





EPISODE27 - Reading Clouds and Grading

May 21, 2010 23:45


Let's take a peek at (a social ebook site/app). Also, let's talk a bit about grading online writing assignments.

EPISODE26 - No Reform Here

May 14, 2010 27:13


Let's remove "education reform" from the educational discussion. Also. a look at and the Messaging feature in Moodle.

EPISODE25 - No School Bailout

Dec 10, 2008 14:27


Businesses ask for a bailout when the economy goes sour; schools don't have that luxury. Let's drop the business-speak from schools.

EPISODE 24- Lessons from Liveblogging

Oct 30, 2008 34:10


Recently our local paper decided to liveblog the last two Presidential debates and the one VP debate. Let's take a look at how to set up a liveblog and consider why liveblogging an event might be a good idea.

EPISODE23 - What's Moodle again?

Sep 21, 2008 28:25


Just a reminder, if you haven't pick up on it, on what Moodle is and perhaps, what it should be.

EPISODE22 - Command line thoughts and the eeePC

Aug 20, 2008 29:47


So, what does it all mean to live with the command line in mind when using technology? Also, let's talk a moment about the subnotebook, the eeePC.

EPISODE21- Living on the command line

Jul 24, 2008 28:15


Sure it might be powerful and you might have more control, but can someone do all of their computing on the cli in today's visual rich web 2.0 world? And, what are the implications for what we have our students use computers for in school?

EPISODE20 - Should we teach computer programming in school?

Jul 17, 2008 33:11


Some say that it's a bad idea to teach students programming because it has little practical use in life for the general public, while other would say "Well, what do you actually use in life that you learn in school anyway?"

EPISODE19 - You can't reform education with technology

Jul 9, 2008 31:10


Sorry, but I think we have enough scary examples of turning over all decisions to computers (and some pretty good movies too). We'll begin with William Brock's comment in _The Parade_ and end with American Airlines as we glance at business models for education.

EPISODE18 - Why edutopia might disappoint you

Jun 25, 2008 28:17


GLEF magazine "edutopia" bills has the tagline now of "What Works in Public Education" but is the publication headed in the right direction? Some contend that the publication is light on content and heavy on advertising; others say it is a nice resource and is offered free to educators.

EPISODE 17 - Teach me Moodle, okay?

Jun 20, 2008 36:02


One approach to staff development as we consider how to teach (not so much train) teachers Moodle.

EPISODE16 - How much has technology hurt the classroom?

Jun 11, 2008 32:33


A look at if we're even in an education crisis and who says we are and the limitations of a techno-centric view of schooling.

EPISODE15 - I went to a text file to live deliberately

Jun 5, 2008 31:49


We've got so many ways to keep track of our own information; wouldn't it be nice to strip away all of the programs and live life simply with plain text files? No worries about file formats or portability: text files might just be the simple life of Walden Pond.

EPISODE14 - Could texting and IMing be good for writing?

May 28, 2008 34:17


We'll be looking at the Pew Research Center's article that explores this issue. Reference:

EPISODE13 - Please don't let teachers blog!

May 14, 2008 28:00


How effective are blogs for the classroom? And, should teachers use blogs for educational reasons?

EPISODE12 - Why Wiki When We Write?

May 12, 2008 36:35


There's be lots of talk about wiki (wiki) and their popularity and that using a wiki would be cool for the classroom. Really? Let's take a look at some of the possibilities.

EPISODE11 - Web Docs: But I like to upgrade

Apr 30, 2008 31:08


Is there long-term value to using web apps such as Google Docs and Buzzword? Is there a web app that will tie my shoes? This week we'll look at the growing list of standard desktop activities that are now available on the web (mostly free of charge).

EPISODE10 -- How do we know that they know? Moodle and assessment

Apr 23, 2008 38:30


It's _the_ bottom-line question for a teacher: "How do I know that my student has learned?" Moodle has a wide-variety of ways to assess student learning and we'll take a look at a few of those ways.

EPISODE9 - But can a computer dance?

Apr 16, 2008 36:32


Should a computer be merely a tool or can it actually teach our students?

EPISODE8 - bashingED - Toward an Open Source classroom

Apr 9, 2008 40:55


Perhaps you're just hearing about it and you're using OpenOffice. Or, perhaps, you've heard that you can have good software without paying a dime for it. Better still, what does all this have to do with what happens in the classroom?

EPISODE7 - 21st Century Skills?

Apr 2, 2008 26:21


What is the role of learning with technology in the 21st Century? Is it skill-based as the organization suggest? Will technology finally save our schools? Stop by and chat with us.

EPISODE6- Moodle Chat: Capturing conversation in a blur

Mar 24, 2008 33:03


Is there value in treading on the "kids" territory of IMing? Information overload with so many voices and the same time?

EPISODE5 - Taking another read of digital literacy

Mar 17, 2008 37:13


We're still trying to apply older approaches to "digital literacy." Let's explore some more appropriate approaches to reading dynamic content.

EPISODE4 - The heart of Moodle: the Social Forum

Mar 10, 2008 35:47


Using the Social Forum in Moodle is the at the heart of this idea of students constructing texts around other texts to create meaning. If that sounds interesting or confusing, stop by and have a listen.

EPISODE3 - Ads or "White Papers": The Selling of techology to schools.

Mar 3, 2008 32:16


What studies are being quoted to make that software help my student "think better and raise test scores"? Let's delve into the business of selling software to schools. We'll look at Plato Software, Inspiration and CMaps as talking points.

EPISODE2 - Don't Blame Wikipedia for bad papers

Feb 25, 2008 33:18


Some educators blame Wikipedia (and often use it as a curse word) for bad student writing. Maybe we should look at why Wikipedia is good and perhaps we should assign better papers.

EPISODE1 - Those Who Can't Moodle

Feb 18, 2008 34:04


First podcast about a talk I gave to 6 people in Indianapolis: "Those Who Can't, Moodle." (Here's the post I based the talk on: )