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016 — California Bar Exam

Sep 29, 2015


In this podcast, I discuss the upcoming changes to the California bar exam (effective July 2017). I also discuss some awesome tools and study aids you can use to help you pass the California bar exam. For links to all the tools and study aids discussed in the podcast, go to And, don’t forget … Continue reading →

015 — The Lawyer Personality, the Bar Exam and the Practice of Law

Aug 23, 2015


This podcast is a bit off topic, but I think can be very helpful for many of you. In the show, I discuss the cynical and skeptical lawyer personality and how it can help you as a practicing lawyer, but can sabotage you while you prepare for the bar exam and live your daily life. … Continue reading →

014 — Common Bar Exam Problems

Mar 23, 2015


In this episode of the podcast, I discuss common bar exam problems that can lead to bar exam failure. The problems I discuss are issues I have noticed with bar exam coaching clients, from bar exam repeaters I’ve chatted with via email, and by reading posts by bar exam repeaters discussing what they had to … Continue reading →

013 — Bar Exam Computer Tune Up

Feb 2, 2015


If you are like most bar examinees, you will be taking the written portion of the exam using a laptop computer. Listen to this podcast episode for some tips on what to do before the exam to make sure that your computer is as ready as possible so it won’t let you down during the … Continue reading →

012 — Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Nov 17, 2014


In Episode 012 of the Bar Exam Mind podcast, I discuss the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and which one is best for the bar exam. Spoiler: It’s the growth mindset. The credit for discovering these two categories of mindset belongs to Carol Dweck, a world-renowned psychologist at Stanford University, who … Continue reading →

[Audio Blog 10] Networking for Law Students and Lawyers

Oct 9, 2014


In this tenth audio blog, I read a post filled with networking stories and advice. If you would like to read the post, click here. Otherwise, click on the arrow below to listen online. Download the mp3 by right-clicking here. ********** Subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or RSS.

[Audio Blog 9] Catch the Success Virus

Jun 3, 2014


In this audio blog, I read a post called “Catch the Success Virus.” This post looks at a famous study, the Framingham Heart Study, which collected a metric sh*t ton of data about people, their health, and their social relationships. One of the conclusions of scientists who have studied the data is that both good … Continue reading →

[Audio Blog 8] Overcoming Bar Exam Obstacles

May 26, 2014


In this short audio blog, I read from a post entitled, “Overcoming Bar Exam Obstacles.” This audio blog contains a series of questions to ask yourself in order to identify external and internal obstacles to bar exam success. Once you have identified the obstacles, you can find ways to remove them so that you can … Continue reading →

011 — Default State of the Mind

May 18, 2014


In this episode of the Bar Exam Mind podcast, I discuss some fascinating information about how your brain behaves when it is in its resting state. By “resting state,” I mean whenever the brain is not focused on completing a specific task that requires most of its attention. A resting state can occur when you … Continue reading →

[Audio Blog 7] Bar Exam Level Set

May 12, 2014


This is the seventh audio blog. Since this is going live in the middle of May, I thought it would be a good time to read a post about reflecting on your current situation as you begin bar exam study. I feel that it is important to take some time to assess your situation and … Continue reading →

[Audio Blog 6] How to Avoid Bar Exam Burnout

May 4, 2014


In this sixth bar exam audio blog, I read a new post about how to avoid bar exam burnout. When studying for the bar exam, it is important to pace yourself and not overwork. This can be a difficult balance. I know, I have tipped the scales the wrong way myself. I hope you find … Continue reading →

[Audio Blog 5] Bar Exam Essay Advice

Apr 28, 2014


In this fifth audio blog, I read an older post entitled, “Bar Exam Essay Advice.” I also tell you how you can get a copy of my editable MBE outlines (a $27 value) for FREE. (You can also read about the offer on my main blog.) To get the free outlines, you must act by … Continue reading →

010 — Starting Bar Prep

Apr 17, 2014


In this tenth Bar Exam Mind podcast, I discuss some of the common concerns for people just getting started on the journey of bar exam prep. In particular, concerns about being overwhelmed and about your initial practice test scores. Plus, you get to hear my awesome guitar skills. To listen to the podcast, just press … Continue reading →

[Audio Blog 4] Strategies and Tactics for the MBE — Book Review

Oct 21, 2013


In this fourth audio blog, I read my book review of Strategies and Tactics for the MBE. In short, I think it is a great book, and if you are having any problems with the MBE, you can benefit from reading it. To listen to the audio blog, just press the arrow below: Click this … Continue reading →

[Audio Blog 3] Call of the Question

Oct 6, 2013


In this audio blog, I read my post about how to analyze the call of the question in a bar exam essay. The call of the question may seem like nothing more than a simple prompt, but if you look at it critically, you will understand that it provides a road map for crafting a … Continue reading →

[Audio Blog 2] Evaluating Early MBE Scores

May 26, 2013


This is the second Bar Exam Mind Audio Blog. In this audio blog, I read my post about how to evaluate the results of your first MBE practice questions. The first MBE questions you do can be really disappointing. Most people score very low. But, as you will learn in this audio blog, that is … Continue reading →

[Audio Blog 1] How to Silence Your Inner Critic

Apr 29, 2013


This is the first of what are likely to be many audio blogs.  Basically, an audio blog is just me reading a blog post that I did. I plan to select only the most useful posts to turn in to audio blogs.  This way, if you aren’t able to check the Bar Exam Mind blog … Continue reading →

009 — Bar Exam Pep Talk

Feb 17, 2013


In this episode of the Bar Exam Mind podcast, I offer you a pre-bar exam pep talk. I discuss what to do in the final few days before the bar exam, how to decrease any anxiety you might be feeling, and offer you a couple of stories about how luck h... Continue reading →

008 — Reliving Law School Will Help You Pass the Bar Exam

Sep 4, 2012


In this episode of the Bar Exam Mind podcast, I ask you to relive your first semester of law school. Seriously, my intentions are good. If you reflect on your first semester of law school, it will help you understand how to approach the bar exam b... Continue reading →

007 — Two Weeks until the Bar Exam

Jul 9, 2012


In this episode of the Bar Exam Mind podcast, I offer suggestions about how to spend the last two weeks before the bar exam. The final two weeks are especially important because bar prep courses are done and you finally get to have entire days to ... Continue reading →

006 — One Month until the Bar Exam

Jun 25, 2012


This episode of the Bar Exam Mind bar exam podcast is about the four mental states people have when they are one month away from the bar exam. These four states are: hopeless, worried, cautiously optimistic, and overconfident. If you are feeling h... Continue reading →

005 — MBE Study Strategy

Jun 17, 2012


In this episode of the Bar Exam Mind Podcast, I discuss MBE study tips. For me, the MBE felt like the biggest obstacle to passing the bar exam. Based on comments I have received on my blog and via email, I know that many of you feel the same way. ... Continue reading →

004 — Bar Exam Memorization Techniques

Jun 10, 2012


In Episode 004 of the Bar Exam Mind podcast, I discuss various ways to help you memorize the massive amount of material you need to learn in order to pass the bar exam. I discuss both well-known and more obscure techniques to help with memorizatio... Continue reading →

003 — Bar Exam Test Day Tips

Jun 3, 2012


In this episode of the Bar Exam Mind podcast, I discuss some bar exam test day tips. In this podcast, I address questions like: where to stay during the bar exam; how to choose a hotel; where to eat during lunch breaks; what to bring to the testin... Continue reading →

002 — Three Pillars of Bar Exam Passage

May 28, 2012


In this episode of the Bar Exam Mind podcast, I dish up some bar exam tips and discuss what I believe are the three pillars of bar exam passage: Diligence; Anticipation of Conditions; and Stress Reduction. I have also written extensively on these ... Continue reading →

001 — Bar Exam Level Set

May 20, 2012


Bar Exam Mind's Bar Prep Podcast Episode 001 -- Bar Exam Level Set This episode explores some questions to ask yourself as you begin your journey to bar exam success. In this episode, we will look at how to perform a bar exam level set by looking ... Continue reading →