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Another member-generated podcast of great banjo tunes.
 Banjo Hangout Top 100 Country Songs


Top 100 Country Songs banjo songs which Banjo Hangout members have uploaded to the website.





"Last Date"

Mar 6, 2018


Here is one I have worked out , which is a piano tune I have always loved. It's really fun to play on the banjo. Key of C......where is was written

Cherokee Boogie

Feb 11, 2017



Til The Rivers All Run Dry

May 6, 2014


No Banjo

Gentle on My Mind

Aug 3, 2011


An arrangement I've been working on for my live set. Just because I like it.

El Paso

Aug 2, 2011


Its lyrics were changed for a gold rush era play: Down in the gold camp of old Rough and Ready I fell in love with a gal with blue eyes. Nighttime would find me in Susan's great kitchen Drinking fine coffee and munching on pies. Etc.

5. Crazy - Acoustic Flat Top - Sarah McGibbon

Jan 9, 2011


My Mom's favorite song for me to sing her. Donnie Gill asked me to sing something for his birthday and post it. I hope you enjoy a wonderful slow dance to this with your wife Donnie - Happy Birthday friend :) I never got this recorded while my mom was alive and it was on her Donnie it's a double treat to do it now :)

Your Cheatin Heart

Nov 13, 2010


I took a stab at this song in the Key of C.

17 - Mountain Stream

Sep 7, 2010


This song was wrote and presented to me by Paul Roberts for my future banjo CD. Arrangement and guitars by Alexander Kartoyev. Banjo and vocal by me.

16 - Don't Forget Me, Baby - Russian version

May 15, 2010


Ne Zabyvay Menya - my original words in Russian

15 - Don't Forget Me, Baby

Apr 21, 2010


This is the first song that I wrote in country style for banjo. At first it was written in Russian language by myself. And now I'm happy that I can sing it in English too! This English version of lyrics for this song was written for me by my Banjo Hangout friend - Mike Gregory! I want to thank him very much for his great work about my Russian lyrics to translate it in English! So his name will appear on my future banjo CD where I add this song if you'll appreciate my performance of it. It is so great to creating real song together with my friend from another side of the Earth! All banjo parts by me; guitar, arrangement, record and mixing were done by Alexander Kartoyev who made my previous records too. Hope to see your comments here (especially about what you imagine while listening this song). It is very important and interesting for me :)

Faded Love,open D

Apr 1, 2010


An old tune I fooled with playing dances in the 70's


Mar 15, 2010


This was recorded at Black Creek in 2008 with some friends.

In The Pines, a la my old friend Mizzook's way

Nov 2, 2009


Played in Wilbur's ( aka Mizzook ) simplistic and, to me, pretty style. I hope you like it, and thanks for listening. Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Bill Martin

Ring Of Fire-Bill Breen

Sep 17, 2008


With everyone's thoughts on the political season, I thought I would throw my hat in the ring..."The Ring Of Fire," that is. Again, my favorite bass player (my wife Lynn) accompanies me while I pick the banjo and guitar.

Buckaroo - Bill Breen

May 31, 2008


This is my version of the Buck Owens' popular instrumental, "Buckaroo." I put this arrangement together in response to a request from my Banjo Hangout Buddy, "Lumpy." My favorite bass player, my wife Lynn, is on bass and I'm on banjo and guitar. I hope you enjoy it, Lumpy!

Tennessee Stud - Bill Breen

May 5, 2008


This arrangement is the result of a request from my BHO buddy, "Branding," who asked me to record Tennesee Stud. My wife, Lynn, is on bass and I'm on banjo and guitar. I hope you like it, Branding!

Texas Moon

Sep 12, 2007


copyright 2007 Hal Rowberry. All rights reserved. I played banjo on this session job, and really like the tune. Lots of fun to listen to! My part was mostly rhythm, but I got a few licks in, here and there. You can hear the banjo mostly on the right side of the mix. At the end of the song, there's a reference to: "dancin' to Pinto, at the Saddle Sore Saloon' The Saddle Sore is a famous honky-tonk just over the hill from Jackson Hole, on the Idaho side, in a tiny town called Swan Valley. All the rich folks and movied stars who live in Jackson hit the Saddle Soar, where nobody pays any attention to them. Pinto Bennet, The King of Elmore County, played there often, with his band, The Motel Cowboys. He's the best Country singer/songwriter I know. Pinto became a pretty big deal in the British Isles... I heard he was well known over there.

Workin' Man/Folsom Prison Blues - Bill Breen

Aug 23, 2007


Just a quick, down and dirty version of my favorite instrumental medley. My wife, Lynn, is on bass and I'm on banjo and guitar.