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 Banjo Hangout Top 100 Classical Songs


Top 100 Classical Songs banjo songs which Banjo Hangout members have uploaded to the website.





Mozart rondo from kv 545 sonata

Feb 5, 2015


3rd part of this sonata. I'm always working on the 1st ...

Baroquen - Original

Nov 22, 2014


Composed this years ago but just decided to record it. Added some guitar backup to fill out the sound a bit. It's not bluegrassy or Old-Timey, but it sounded a bit classical to me so at the risk of offending the purists out there that's how I classified it, and that's how I settled on the title, which may be pronounced Broken if you so desire. :>) In G tuning.

Turlough O'Carolan Medley (Sheebeg and Sheemore, Planxty Irwin)

Feb 14, 2014


Ric Hollander - My arrangement of two Turlough O'Carolan tunes - Sheebeg and Sheemore, Planxty Irwin. Recorded using the Romero strung with steel strings. Tuning: eCGCD, capo 5th fret. Arrangement and performance copyright 2014 Ric Hollander - All Rights Reserved

Gavotte En Rondeau

Jan 2, 2014


From Partita No.3 and originally written for the violin.

Tempo di Borea

Nov 12, 2013


This is from Partita No.1 in B minor

Bach invention 13 Laurence Diehl on guitar

Oct 26, 2013


That was a real pleasure to work with a great musician, thanks Laurence.


Aug 14, 2013


Cello Banjo performance by Rob MacKillop of a Bach Cello piece

Bourree from cello suite #3

Feb 4, 2012


Solo banjo arrangement of J.S. Bach's Bourree from his third cello suite.

Fall Days

Sep 25, 2011


This reminds me of the swirling leaf eddies that keep my first graders from having an orderly line every fall by the cafeteria.

Bach Cello Suite No.1 - Prelude

Aug 20, 2011


Played on a Deering Eagle II Tenor Banjo tuned a minor third lower and the resonator removed.

Consonance ~ on "The Wood"

Jul 25, 2011


Wooden banjo: gCGCD Original Recorded without EQ or effects

Prelude in D maj

Jul 12, 2011


Part of the lute suite BWV 998. I have also seen this written in Eb but what do I know? I think we can blame the guitar players for putting it in D (but I'm grateful).

gill town

Jun 20, 2011


a tune i made up

Minuet , Notebook for Anna Magdalena

Jun 5, 2011


This is from the “Notebook for Anna Magdalena." Apparently there is some controversy over the actual authorship of this minuet. Christian Petzold is believed to have composed two of the pieces from the 1725 Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach: the familiar "Minuet in G major" (BWV Anh.II 114) and its partner piece, "Minuet in G minor" (BWV Anh.II 115). These were traditionally believed to have been composed by J.S. Bach but scholarship, particularly on the part of Hans-Joachim Schulze, has recently pointed to Petzold. The Minuet in G Major is catalogued as a BWV Anh. piece because to this day, nobody knows if Christian Petzold or J.S. Bach was the one who composed it. Petzold acted as an agent of J.S. Bach keyboard Partitas. Soprano 4 string banjo & Baritone 4-string banjo.

souped maple blossum

May 28, 2011


im going to send this tune to joe,he likes this kinda tunes

J.S. Bach Cello Suite 1 Allemande

May 23, 2011


Reference recording for the tab posted--view my tabs here.

big mud

May 2, 2011


Two-Part Invention #1

Apr 12, 2011


This is #1 of 14 from the ever popular Two-Part Invention series that Bach wrote as instruction materials for his students, to demonstrate "how it's done". He'd probably tell me I'm playing these all wrong

Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (A Section)

Feb 21, 2011


Ric Hollander - A request from my friend Marc Nerenberg. Arrangement: Copyright 2011 Ric Hollander - All Rights Reserved

Gavotte in G minor

Feb 1, 2011


My first post in this genre.

Bach Cello Suite #1 in G Major Prelude

Jan 16, 2011


Reference recording for the tab posted--view my tabs here.

Bach Cello Ste. #1 in G Major Prelude

Jan 16, 2011


Here's the audio track from the youtube video I posted of myself playing this. Thanks for listening! I've also posted a pdf of the tab and notation here.

don bs trip to clifftop

Jan 12, 2011


this is for don b,and i got a few months to get don d c tune ready

chris muriels tune

Nov 26, 2010


tune for chris

molly sue

Oct 24, 2010


a tune i made

Bach Well Tempered Clavier Prelude 1

Sep 21, 2010


Apologies for the imprecisions. Big movements of left hand ...


Sep 17, 2010


Original 3-finger picking melody on Gold Tone BC-350+ in double C, capoed at 2nd fret; 5th string tuned to A. Please post comments on Sound Off thread:

William Tell Overture (The Lone Ranger Theme)

Jun 12, 2010


Music Box Dancer

Jun 11, 2010


Played as close as I could get to the oiano version

Carol of the Bells

Apr 29, 2010


Here's my arrangement of the Christmas classic "Carol of the Bells" also known as "The Ukrainian Carol." This is from an article I wrote for, a Mel Bay website that I edit. You can find the full article at

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Dec 9, 2009


The music is from the second chorus of a contata by Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) written in 1840 to commemorate Johann Gutenberg and the invention of printing. The words are from a hundred years earlier, written in 1739 by Charles Wesley. In 1855, after both Wesley and Mendelssohn were dead, Dr. William Cummings put the words and music together in spite of evidence that neither author nor composer would have approved, and voila, we have a Christmas Carol. I play it here on my Nechville Classic Eclipse.

13 - Classical Gas

Nov 23, 2009


Finally! I've just recorded this classical tune played by me on 5-string banjo and now I can share it with you! This is the second song I played on my new Athena banjo :) And I wish you a Happy Christmas Holydays!

Alien from Banjoplanet (Violin and Banjo)

Feb 18, 2009


Let me show you a new contemporary banjo and violin piece of mine featuring the Bb-minor-tuning. The harmony progressions of the fast stuff are similar to those found in compositions of vivaldi. The title was an idea from Jammer and I thought it fits well. It has a slow intro and ending which is supposed to be kind of spacy. The middle part is more from Earth. Picked on the HUBER BANJO.

Prelude for Banjo (2 Violins and Banjo)

Nov 20, 2008


If you want to hear bluegrass I have to disappoint you. I think this one is not really bluegrass. Now you can chose which version you prefer. The Prelude played solo or with 2 additional violins. It is the same piece as one click above. But eyerything is recorded again. The banjo you hear on this recording is my new huber. The solo version features my old japanese fake RB-250. On the huber the intonation is much better and the notes are clearer. The hardest part was composing the piece and finding two matching melody lines. On banjo this piece seems to be easy, but as far as sound is concerned it is difficult. As usual everything is played by myself. Tab is ready for email, just ask.

Mozart goes Bluegrass - Rondo alla Turka (Vl + Bj)

Jul 22, 2008


This marks the beginning of my classical recording works. Now after I have recorded it I feel that it is a little too slow. Many thanks to Mr. Bill Knopf for providing a great tab of the piece. I added and modified some little things but basically the banjo break is his arrangement. The violin accompaniment is the same stuff as in the original. But as the violin cannot play low bass notes I transposed some of the accompaniment stuff 1or 2 octaves higher. Picked on my japanese FAKE GIBSON.

Baroque Style Banjo

Jul 21, 2008


The is a piece that I wrote for the banjo with a baroque flavor to it. The guitar is somewhat hard to hear since it is being played by Sibelius music software. I have this version on in sheet music but have not posted the tabs to it yet. The tableture would be crucial to learning this piece since it has a lot of melodic and single string picking. Thanks for listening, enjoy!

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Jan 30, 2008


An old favorite children's march from 1913, played in the Classical style. I used my B&D Silver Bell #1 on this one, with the resonator taken off the banjo. Just bare fingers- no picks!

Prelude for Banjo (1 Banjo only)

Dec 17, 2007


Here is my Prelude for Banjo. I composed this piece in 2003. On this recording I use a big reverb to simulate a big concert hall. The piece is mainly about altering chords slightly and also about creating a line in all those notes. It seems to be easy but the hard thing is to let all notes ring as long as possible. Some notes seem to be delayed but this is done to emphasize those notes as melody notes. The hardest part is the end of the second half where you have to play some scales. This work is dedicated to Jesus Christ. If you are interested in the tab just contact me. Picked on my japanese FAKE GIBSON.

Berkeley March

Oct 27, 2006


Classic Banjo tune played on a Geo. C. Dobson Victor A.