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Band of Brothers Quest for Authentic Manhood 2007

The Band of Brothers is the men's ministry of Houston's First Baptist Church. Our heart and vision is to see all men set free in Jesus Christ to live life to the glory of God. If you are in the Houston area, please visit us (info at www.houstonsfirst.org)
Band of Brothers Quest for Authentic Manhood 2007


This 24-week study explores the identity and influences on manhood in the 21st century, as well as the biblical model of manhood revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. The podcast is being offered as an enhancement to our weekly gathering for men who are unable to join with the Band of Brothers. The Band of Brothers is the men's ministry of Houston's First Baptist Church. It is our heart and vision to see all men set free in Jesus Christ to live life to the glory of God. If you are in the Houston area, please visit us. More info is available online at http://www.houstonsfirst.org.




Men's Life Week 1_At The Starting Line - Five Manhood Promises

Aug 19, 2009 00:34:12


Pastor Gregg Matte begins our 24-week Quest for Authentic Manhood by exploring the 5 manhood promises.

Men's Life Week 4_Second Step - Unpacking

Aug 19, 2009 00:35:02


Don Munton, the Single Adult Minister at Houston's First Baptist Church, challenges us to look backward to gain the understanding and insight we need as we begin our journey together.

Men's Life Week 2_Four Faces of Manhood

Aug 19, 2009 00:52:10


Eric Reed, the Men's Minister at Houston's First Baptist Church, continues our study on authentic manhood by examining the 4 faces each man must learn to balance in life.

Men's Life Week 7_Overly-Bonded with Mother Wound

Aug 19, 2009 00:41:37


Jason Swiggart, the Ministries Pastor at Houston's First Baptist Church, shares from his own experiences about the effect an overbearing mother can have on the development of a man.

Men's Life Week 24 A Man and His Life Journey

Apr 9, 2008 01:06:36


Eric Reed wraps up our 24-week exploration of Authentic Manhood. He leads us in looking at a Man and His Life Journey using the lenses of life stage maps. Forgive the poor sound quality:)

Men's Life Week 23 Fathers and Daughters Don Munton 2008

Apr 9, 2008 01:05:24


Don Munton concludes our practical look at biblical manhood by discussing fathers and daughters. Note that announcements are included in this podcast.

Men's Life Week 22_Fathers and Sons

Mar 28, 2008 00:38:27


Pastor Gregg leads us into some very practical ways of engaging our sons that are honoring to God and them. For single men, he shares how investing in the lives of nephews, younger men, and even brothers can alter lives for eternity.

Men's Life Week 21_25 Ways to be a Servant-Leader

Mar 9, 2008 00:50:35


Don Munton explores the many ways biblical men can be servant-leaders both within the Church and outside the church.

Men's Life Week 20 A Man and His Wife, Part 2

Feb 29, 2008 00:56:19


Ben Pritchett concludes our exploration of the relationship between a husband and a wife. This lesson is filled with practical suggestions for any current husband or any man who desires to honor his spouse-to-be.

Men's Life Week 19 A Man and His Wife Part 1 Pritchett

Feb 22, 2008 00:42:32


Ben Pritchett begins this two part study on the sacred union of marriage. This week his focus is on three very different, yet prevalent, models of marriage we find in our society: The Top-Down Traditional Marriage, the 50-50 Partnership Marriage, and the Side-by-Side Biblical Marriage.

Men's Life Week 18 Biblical Definition of Manhood Pt 2

Feb 15, 2008 00:48:32


Don Munton concludes the two week study on manhood by comparing and contrasting the life of Adam with the life of Christ. The result is a four-fold definition of manhood...rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, and expecting God's greater reward.

Men's Life Week 17_A Biblical Definition of Manhood_Part 1

Feb 8, 2008 00:42:31


Don Munton, Summit Ministries Minister, begins a two-week study on a biblical definition of manhood. Through contrasting the First Adam with the Second Adam (Jesus Christ), the first facet of authentic, biblical manhood emerges.

Men's Life Week 16 Genesis and Manhood Part 2

Feb 1, 2008 00:38:46


Eric Reed concludes our exploration of manhood from first three chapters of Genesis. This week he hits upon the "Fall" and the theme of passivity all men struggle with today.

Men's Life Week 15_Genesis and Manhood Part 1

Jan 25, 2008 00:38:17


Pastor Gregg begins a two-part glance at the origins of masculinity. Using Genesis 1-3 as the text, he lays a foundation of a truly biblical understanding of what it means to be a man.

Men's Life Week 14_Saddle Up for the Second Half

Jan 18, 2008 00:51:08


Eric Reed leads us into the second half of the Quest for Authentic Manhood. He will spend time looking back over the first 13 weeks of the study and then give some vision for the 11 remaining weeks.

Men's Life Week 13_The Good News Solution to the Heart Wound

Jan 12, 2008 00:42:52


Afshin Ziafat concludes the three-week look at the one wound which is common to all men...Depravity. He also shares the genuine Good News for each of us. His story of being transformed by Christ is truly inspiring.

Men's Life Week 12 Implications of the Heart Wound

Dec 14, 2007 00:49:49


Afshin Ziafat continues unpacking the heart wound, also known as depravity. This lesson explores the actual implications we all wrestle with because of depravity.

Men's Life Week 11 The Heart Wound

Dec 7, 2007 00:46:55


Afshin Ziafat, our special guest for the next 3 sessions, leads us in understanding the one wound we ALL have...a wound not of nurture (i.e., absent father, over-bearing mother, peer rejection, etc.), but of nature. This is the beginning of a three-week look into the one wound common to all men.

Men's Life Week 10 Three Cheers for Mentors!

Dec 4, 2007 00:45:27


Pastor Gregg dives into the necessity of mentors (both being one and having one) in the life of a growing, maturing man.

Men's Life Week 9 The All Alone Wound

Nov 16, 2007 00:49:25


Ben Pritchett explores the dangers of living life disconnected from other men, the benefits of investing in deep friendships, and some strategies to move forward as intentional men.

Men's Life Week 8 Making a Healthy Break with Mom

Nov 9, 2007 01:03:47


Jason Swiggart concludes our look at the "Mother Wound" by offering several strategic steps to forge and maintain a healthy relationship with our moms. The importance of beginning the Manhood Plan on page 92 is also emphasized.

Men's Life Week 6_Facing the Father Wound

Oct 25, 2007 00:50:05


Eric Reed picks up where Pastor Gregg left off as we continue our look at the Father Wound. Eric offers 8 proactive strategies for dealing with this common wound.

Men's Life Week 5_ Remembering Dad

Oct 19, 2007 00:49:56


Pastor Gregg leads us into an exploration of the roles of a father and the wounds that arise as a result of some of our fathers. One key truth is that we are all products of our past but not prisoners to it.