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"Backstage" podcast from Word magazine


An occasional series of conversations with those in the know




The Robert Forster Backstage Podcast

Jan 18, 2010 00:30:18


In which the former Go-Between instructs David Hepworth in his ten rules of rock and roll, from the book of the same name.

Backstage Podcast: Al Kooper

Jun 9, 2009 00:52:25


In which Al Kooper talks to David Hepworth about one of the fuller lives in rock and roll, as recorded in his book "Backstage Passes and Backstabbing Bastards."

Backstage podcast: Richard Thompson

Dec 31, 2008 00:44:10


Richard Thompson talks to David Hepworth about 1,000 Years Of Popular Music, Gilbert & Sullivan, old radiograms, whether Shakespeare was Shakespeare and why nothing sounds like music at fairgrounds.

Backstage podcast: Malcolm Gladwell

Dec 2, 2008 00:28:13


The New Yorker writer who made his name with "The Tipping Point" talks to David Hepworth about his career and his new book "Outliers".

Backstage Podcast: Neal Stephenson

Oct 21, 2008 00:30:56


Andrew Harrison talks to author Neal Stephenson about his acclaimed "Baroque Cycle" and his new book "Anathem".

Backstage podcast: Pete Atkin and Clive James

Oct 6, 2008 00:39:58


The venerable man of letters and his songwriting partner of forty years talk to David Hepworth about how and why they do what they do.

Backstage podcast featuring Don Felder

Sep 22, 2008 00:41:03


Don Felder, author of "Heaven And Hell: My Life In The Eagles" talks to David Hepworth about what it's like to be in one of the biggest bands in the world and what it's like to fall out with them.

Wirecast from Word Magazine

Sep 16, 2008 00:40:45


"The Wire"'s writer and producer David Simon talks to David Hepworth about the journey from a night with Baltimore's murder police to the fifth series of the show that changed our expectations of TV.

Word Backstage Podcast: Mark Cooper

May 17, 2008 00:43:12


Mark Cooper, the man behind "Later", the BBC's Glastonbury coverage and lots of absorbing documentaries, talks about the past, present and future of music on TV.

Word "Backstage" Podcast: Jon Webster

Apr 13, 2008 00:35:24


Jon Webster of the Music Managers Forum talks to David Hepworth of Word magazine about the changing role of the rock band manager.