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The BackmarkersF1 Podcast Episode 18: Here comes 2013!

Mar 8, 2013


Wazzup everyone? It has certainly been a while. Sure, we’ve been doing Bortz videos and covering testing here and there, but we finally got together to do a podcast. In the process, a random Australian showed up. That’s right! Long time listener and awesome dude @darthcookied a.k.a. Adam joined Marvin, Valentin, and myself in going […]

The BackmarkersF1 Podcast Episode 17: Orgasmic Brazil and the 2012 Season

Nov 26, 2012


What a race. The Brazilian GP had to be the single best sporting event ever performed in the history of humanity. It was seriously that good. In fact, just thinking about it now necessitates a change of pants. I brought Valentin and Marvin along to discuss this epic conclusion to the 2012 season, and the […]

BackmarkersF1 Podcast #16: H.A.M. to Germany

Oct 3, 2012


So I went full GURKE mode and completely forgot to edit/upload Episode 15 in time for the Singapore GP.  To make up for that, Valentine and I decided to do this quick cast while playing Dirt 3! We discussed Hamilton’s move to Mercedes, the effects that has on the rest of the field, and how […]

Backmarkers F1 Podcast #14: The Belgian Grand Prix Recap

Sep 5, 2012


What’s up everybody? Today we’re talking about all things Spa! We bitch at Grosjean for being a complete w*nker idiot crash-kid in the first corner, talk replacement drivers, and do a rundown of all the teams. It’s pretty much your standard recap, except we have someone on the show who was actually there! It’s the […]

Backmarkers F1 Podcast #13: Silly Season and Spa Sans Steve

Aug 27, 2012


What’s up everybody! At least in the blog nobody can troll my intro. 😉 Steve has been incommunicado for a bit, so I decided to take the lead and get a cast out to you awesome people ahead of the Belgian GP at Spa. The silly season has also come early this year, and with […]

Backmarkers F1 Podcast #12 Spainonacoreal

Jun 20, 2012


Welcome back to the 12th installment of probably the least politically correct F1 podcast on the interwebz. This time we have a lot of material to cruise through as we celebrate Williams’ win in Spain (Pastor who?), Webbo’s return to the top spot in Monaco and Hamilton making it 7 out of 7 in Montreal, […]

BackmarkersF1 podcast #11 Vettel Shows Everybody the Finger

Apr 26, 2012


Join us for episode 11 of the podcast where Matt and I deal with interwebz Gremlins over the Atlantic between Nigeria and Virginia, 4 cutouts and a bit of garbled audio to bring out our very unique and perhaps a tad disturbed take on the Bahrain Grand Prix. You will find out mind scarring things […]

BackmarkersF1 podcast #10 : Britney Pops his Cherry and the Battle of Bahrain

Apr 18, 2012


Welcome back to the 10th episode of the backmarkers f1 podcast where we bring you some classic F1 madness to follow up on a classic race in China. The 2012 season is shaping up to be a truly epic one and it is always great to see a driver snatch that first victory, especially when […]

Backmarkers F1 Podcast ep.9 : Australasian Dreams and Horny Horners

Apr 11, 2012


Having carefully dissected the two first GPs and running our complex algorithms to determine the 2012 pecking order we finally felt confident enough to record another podcast. We go over the highs and the lows in Oz and Malaysia, we look at the winners and losers, we bash whoever deserves some good bashing (and those who don’t […]

Backmarkers F1 Podcast Episode 8: All hail ‘The Alain’

Feb 10, 2012


What’s up everybody, We’re back with a first look at the new cars by our in house aerodynamicist Matt and a peak behind the curtain with Pete aka @Paddockscout back on the show to give us the lowdown on the youngsters who made it in F1 this year and those looking to set the world […]