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Welcome to Audiophile with Dan Francis. This is a podcast about audio, video, A/V staging, tech stuff and computers.


Welcome to Audiophile with Dan Francis. Here's a podcast about Audio Production, Video Production, Soundseeing, Audio Visual Staging, Live Sound, all kinds o'stuff. Questions? email me at dan@danfrancis.net

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Audiophile had moved!

Oct 23, 2006



Audiophile has moved! iTunes has been notified...although the store isn't showing the change yet. Please take note. Also, use the subscribe button on the new site, just drag the button into yoour iTunes libary.

Thanks for listening!


Audiophile 2-9-06

Feb 10, 2006


Wow - Better late than never! Sorry to be so long away. Last month my wife and I had a baby boy...jeez, what that does to your free time. Anyway, I'm back! In this episode: Tivo and Tivo server software, and a review of the Palm TX.

Audiophile 11-7-05 Video

Nov 12, 2005


Were we go again... I've found my hosting company won't support the .M4V format that QuickTime makes for iPod video. I'm trying FileFactory.com to see if this works. If I can get this all to happen I may start companion video files along with MP3s. As usual, let me know what you think at dan@danfrancis.net Thanks everyone!

Audiophile with Dan Francis 11/1/05

Nov 2, 2005


Hey All - In this edition: AES wrap up (finally), Huricane Wilma cancels Project UAV, What do you think of video podcasts? David Reilly R.I.P. 1971-2005 comments? dan@danfrancis.net Thanks.

Audiophile 10-15-05

Oct 16, 2005


Hey Everybody! Sorry I've been so quiet. I'm working on an NAB wrap-up - all kinds of new audio stuff! Video has now come to iTunes. I'm thinking about mixing in videocasts in with podcasts...any comments? Here's a little video from www.danfrancis.net encoded for iTunes. Thanks for your patients. dan@danfrancis.net

Audiophile with Dan Francis 9-8-05

Sep 9, 2005


Greetings Again - Today's topics: Kanye West, Hurricane Aid, Tech emergency ideas. video links at: www.danfrancis.net email at dan@danfrancis.net

Audiophile with Dan Francis 8-22-05

Aug 23, 2005


I hope you like crickets. In this episode: Project UAV video update, New stuff from NAMM, PA system for the Coast Guard, and the passing of Robart Moog.

Audiophile with Dan Francis 7-29-05

Jul 30, 2005


Now that the thunderstorms have cleared and the UPS's have stopped beeping.. Here's my special podcast about recording someone else's podcast. Thanks- dan@danfrancis.net

Audiophile 7-20-05

Jul 21, 2005


Howdy! Audiophile 7-20-05 Episode #11? David Brothers and I travel to the DV Expo in NYC - www.brothersmv.com I razz on Harry Shear. Tech talk on XLR and 1/8" stereo mini jacks. Did you know Tinactin cream smells like old magnetic tape stock? Thanks for listening everyone.


Audiophile with Dan Francis 7-6-05

Jul 7, 2005


Hey Everyone - Sorry I've been away so long. In this episode: Review of Rode NT-5 microphone, iTunes accepts podcasts, Bon Harris of Nitzer Ebb on Billy Corigan's new album. Rock stars with similar ages.

Audiophile with Dan Francis 6-2-05

Jun 3, 2005


Come along for the first flight of "Project UAV". I finished building the "Easy Star" and went to the local field. Here's a link so you know what I'm talking about

Audiophile with Dan Francis 5-17-05

May 17, 2005


I'm sorry this has taken so long. This episode: Project UAV and music from high school.

Audiophile with Dan Francis 4-20-05

Apr 20, 2005


Hey Everybody - I know I promised a studio podcast, but I need to be in the studio to do that. I've been on the road a lot lately. Here's a soundseeing tour of Princeton, NJ. Earlier that day I recorded some ambiance at a Norton motorcycle show in Washington Crossing State Park - really neat stuff, I can't wait to finish editing it. I'm getting all kinds of stuff for the next studio podcast so hang in there. Thanks, Dan

Audiophile with Dan Francis 4-15-05

Apr 16, 2005


Hello everyone - welcome to another edition of Audiophile. On the road once again in this episode. I go visit a friend at work and soundsee through a new hotel. Topics include: Panther upgrade, new Power Macs, David Dochnovy's blog, etc. Thanks. Dan

Audiophile with Dan Francis 4-7-05

Apr 8, 2005


Welcome to another installment of Audiophile for April seventh 2005. This is the first recording with my mobile set up. It's a short one. Enjoy. Dan

Audiophile with Dan Francis 4-4-05

Apr 6, 2005


Audiophile with Dan Francis 4-4-05 In this episode: It's the Headcold podcast. Short and sweet. Summer ambiance recording, new mobile recorder, cover of Len's Steal My Sunshine.

Audiophile with Dan Francis 3-29-05

Mar 30, 2005


Audiophile with Dan Francis for 3-29-05 - Topics: Future Apple products, Update on Y100, Inexpensive computer headphone with microphone, Web biker bar fight, and upcoming music releases.

Audiophile with Dan Francis

Mar 26, 2005


Audiophile 3-21-05 Hosted by Dan Francis. Audiophile - An audio technician's view of the world. Talk about Audio and Video Equipment, sound seeing at live sound and video shoots, and overall AV geek stuff. This episode's topics: Philadelphia's Y100 off the air, Product review - Contour Designs Shuttle Express, upcoming NAB predictions.

Audiophile - Dan Francis

Mar 25, 2005


This will document the successful or unsuccessful posting of my podcast., I'm an audio engineer, not a software engineer. It's been very frustrating. Everywhere I look, it's written that it's so easy. They'll list ten steps to podcasting. One through nine will say how to make the actual MP3. The last step will read "Now publish through RSS". What???!! I know the MP3 part like the back of my hand..But have limited to no knowledge of HTML or whatever. Well see what happens.