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Audio – The Bill Dwight Show

He\'s local, he\'s funny, progressive, irreverent and topical. He\'s on the air again in Northampton, Massachusetts!
Audio – The Bill Dwight Show


He's local, he's funny, progressive, irreverent and topical. He's on the air again in Northampton, Massachusetts!



Coffee Talk

Dec 23, 2016


Our buddy, artist and author Tom Pappalardo stops by the cozy shack to talk about his new book and some sweet sweet merch that could be the answer to your gift-giving problems!

The Hedonic Treadmill

Dec 10, 2016


Bill Scher has changed the name of his podcast from “Talk Me Down” to “This Is Not Normal.” He talks to us about what the hell happened, and what the hell we need to do.

Election Eve easing….

Nov 8, 2016


Twas the night before Election Day and all through the house, progressives and liberals were freaking the f@#& out…so we headed over to Bill Scher’s place for the political analysis version of a cup of chamomile tea. Enjoy, friends…and then GOTV!

New Century, New Opportunities

Oct 28, 2016


New Century Theatre founder Sam Rush chats with us about the exciting new changes that the company is facing. Plus Bill has a few things to say about this whole “lesser of two evils” malarky, and Jaz channels Han Solo.

Human Rights and Wrongs

Oct 6, 2016


Natalia Muñoz, chair of Northampton’s Human Rights Commission, stops by the shack to discuss the recent controversy surrounding Tara Ganguly, the current election season, and the role of journalism.

The Great Deflate?

Sep 30, 2016


This week’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump just happened to fall on the birthday of our pal, Politico Contributing Editor, and our favorite Blogginghead, Bill Scher. He joins us in the shack to talk about the debate, Donald’s chances, and the final few weeks of this most unusual election season. As always, we […]

Shelter from the Storm

Sep 22, 2016


Happy First Day of Fall! Northampton plans to welcome 51 refugees from places like Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq…which has some folks suddenly concerned about our own homeless population. We also chat with our pal Dave Hayes the Weather Nut about droughts, El Nino, hurricanes, and other stormy weather.

Hello from the other side…

Sep 15, 2016


In which the Bill Dwight Show is a little like Adele: quiet for a long time and then one day – BOOM! New album. Or podcast. Whatever. So…hi everybody! What’s going on with you? Sorry we haven’t been around much. 2016 has sucked pretty hard, hasn’t it? Well, we’ll do our best to not add […]

O Death

Sep 4, 2015


Bill and Jaz take note of some recent passings. Plus, it’s fair season, and Bill has issues with demolition derbies.


Aug 28, 2015


We are back from our unexpected hiatus, taken because a certain someone forgot to mention that he would be voyaging off to Internetless Hills for a couple of weeks. Now he’s recovering from a medical procedure and all loopy on drugs. Speaking of drugs, Jaz has an acid flashback (but not the kind you’re thinking […]