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Ben and Dion of discuss issues around the new Web technology called Ajax (a.k.a. dhtml) and interview various Ajax notables.





Audible Ajax Episode 32

Dec 7, 2008


Appcelerator Titanium

Audible Ajax Episode 31

Nov 1, 2008


Aptana Jaxer 1.0

Audible Ajax Episode 30

Sep 23, 2008


Interview with Kris Zyp of Sitepen

Interview with Gavin Doughtie of Google - Audible Ajax Episode 29

Sep 5, 2008


Dion and Ben interview Dojo contributor and Google employee Gavin Doughtie, discussing browser graphics and his talks at OSCON and The Ajax Experience.

Google Chrome, Chromium, V8 - Audible Ajax Episode 28

Sep 2, 2008


In this episode we discuss the launch of Google Chrome and Chromium, how this adds to the hopeful world of TraceMonkey, V8, and SquirrelFish. We also delve into Canvas land and the fun and frolics that are planned for The Ajax Experience in Boston that happens shortly.

SproutCore - Audible Ajax Episode 27

Jun 20, 2008


I sat down with Charles Jolley of Sproutit / SproutCore fame. Their has been a lot of SproutCore in the news, as it powers the new MobileMe from Apple, a very rich application built on the Open Web. Learn about the roots of the framework, how it is differ

Audible Ajax Episode 26 - 260 North and Objective-J

Jun 7, 2008


We sat down the with 280 North team that just released 280 Slides, an application that people call "Keynote on the Web" due to its Apple/desktop-like look and feel. The app uses a framework that the guys created, Cappuccino that uses the Objective-J language and runtime to build great looking applications.

Audible Ajax Episode 25 - State of Ajax

Apr 5, 2008


Ajaxians get together to talk about the big news in the last month or so. We discuss IE 8, the state of standards, Acid3 testing, the Open Web, and more.

Audible Ajax Episode 24 - Aptana Jaxer

Feb 17, 2008


Ajaxians interview the gents of Aptana on their Jaxer server side Ajax framework that was recently released. They discuss the difference it makes when you have a full browser in the backend instead of just a JavaScript interpreter.

Audible Ajax Episode 23 - Zed Shaw on Rails community, enterprise, Ajax, patents, and a whole lot more

Jan 5, 2008


Ajaxians interview Zed Shaw covering his thoughts on the Rails community, the role of the Enterprise, the state of Ajax, JRuby and Rubinius, documentation, tests, tooling, the role of patents in software, and a whole lot of opinion.

Audible Ajax Episode 22 - Joe Hewitt on Firebug, Firefox, and iUI

Jul 31, 2007


Ajaxians interview Joe Hewitt of Firebug and iUI fame about debugging tips, YSlow, iPhones, the history of Firefox, and more.

Audible Ajax Episode 21 - Dojo Offline on Google Gears

May 31, 2007


We interviewed Brad Neuberg about the announcement of Google Gears, and how Dojo Offline is supporting the effort.

Audible Ajax Episode 20 - Project Tamarin

Feb 7, 2007


We introduce a new format for our 20th podcast and first of 2007 -- a feature covering Mozilla's Tamarin project featuring Kevin Lynch, Brenden Eich, and others from the community

Ajaxians interview TIBCO on 3.2

Dec 5, 2006


In our 19th show, we interview the GI tech team and founders on the recent 3.2 version of the product

Ajaxians interview the IE 7 team

Sep 17, 2006


In our 18th show, we interview Chris Wilson, Laurel Reitman, and Dave Massey -- all program managers with the IE7 team -- and discuss the upcoming release.

Ajaxians interview Jamis Buck of 37 Signals

Apr 21, 2006


In our 17th show, we interview Jamis Buck of 37 Signals on his experiences with using Ajax in their live applications, and on the future of Ajax development in Rails.

Ajaxians March State of Ajax and hear from Jamis Buck from 37 Signals

Mar 15, 2006


In our 16th show, we discuss what is going on in the world of Ajax in March 2006. We discuss questions from the community regarding polling in Ajax frameworks, as well as commentary and features announced over the last couple of weeks.

Ajaxians interview Kevin Hakman of TIBCO General Interface

Feb 15, 2006


In our 15th show, we interview Kevin Hakman of TIBCO General Interface on the recent announcements surrounding TIBCO GI, the state of Ajax GUI builders, and issues that Ajax developers face.

Ajaxians go over the first state of Ajax in 2006 from Denmark

Feb 7, 2006


In our 14th show, we got together in Denmark to discuss what is going on in the world of Ajax in 2006. We discuss questions from the community on Ajax frameworks, as well as cool commentary and features announced over the new year.

Ajaxians interview Patrick Lightbody, WebWork framework committer

Jan 24, 2006


In our 13th show, we interview Patrick Lightbody, a leading committer of the WebWork application framework, on his experience creating an Ajax aware Java framework.