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Attack of the Stoplight Network
Attack of the Stoplight Network


Attack of the Stoplight Network is a ongoing assortment of shows produced by Stoplight Network. This channel includes: The MyMac Podcast, TechFan, Geekiest Show Ever, The Nintendo Club Podcast, and more coming all the time!





TechFan #246 - Tecmo

Mar 11, 2016 00:55:56


Tim finds a site that brings him back to one of his old-style favorite video games, Tecmo Bowl. There is a vibrant community around older video games, and David joins in with news that Blizzard is still updating Diablo II. Plus, is VR going to outprice itself to become as big as it can be?

Geekiest Show Ever 204 - High Tech Parenting

Mar 8, 2016 01:29:08


Kevin, Mike, and Melissa talk about geeky stuff including how to help children navigate the digital world.

CN - Level 123

Mar 8, 2016 00:49:04


MyMac Podcast 596: Pick up the Mike

Mar 8, 2016 1:03:54


Soooo, yeah more Skype issues with Gaz (does his voice sound naturally deep to you too?) but the GMen don’t let it get in the way (much) with their interview with Mike Potter! Mike is not only the host of the For Mac Eyes Only podcast, but he’s also the creator of the Macstock Conference and Expo which will be taking place for round 2 on July 16th and 17th this year in Woodstock, Illinois. Guy WILL be there, Gaz MAY be there, will you?

TechFan #245 - Monkey

Mar 6, 2016 00:53:43


David and Tim discuss a car accident, security, infrastructure, liberty, and more! Oh, and technology, including Fire OS, Microsoft building a wall around Windows, Apple and both the Mac OS and iOS, Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney, and MONKEYS!

Let's Talk Apple - February 2016

Mar 6, 2016 01:07:19


3GL Episode #78 What's Wrong With Apple

Mar 6, 2016 58:46


CN - Level 122

Mar 2, 2016 00:49:29


Geekiest Show Ever 203 - Short on Time Long on Complaints

Mar 1, 2016 00:40:28


Kevin and Mike talk about geeky stuff including Chromebooks replacing textbooks for education.

MyMac Podcast 595: An Event to Remember! Eventually

Feb 29, 2016 1:04:15


So did you hear about the March Apple event? No? Probably because nothing has been announced yet. That didn’t stop the GMen from talking about it though with talk about Apple Watches, Mini iPad Pros, and a 4-inch iPhone that will most definitely be called…something.

TechFan #244 - Security

Feb 26, 2016 00:58:51


David and Tim talk security, stolen iPhone, Nissan Leaf problems, Apple software, government overreach (FBI vs Apple) and tons of feedback!

Geekiest Show Ever 202 - Digital to Analog Photography

Feb 25, 2016 01:13:50


Kevin, Mike, and Antonio talk about geeky stuff including photography.

MyMac Podcast 594: The Quandry of Pandora's Box

Feb 22, 2016 1:15:04


So Apple is in a bit of a pickle these days. Seems everyone from the UK to New York to California wants them to create a way to break into iOS devices without the owner’s password. They want it SO bad they’re actually willing to quote an obscure 200+ year old law to do so. Because you know, the founding fathers were TOTALLY into smart phones.

Let's Talk Photography 29 - Video

Feb 21, 2016 01:12:55


TechFan #243 - Mark Chappell

Feb 19, 2016 01:10:08


With David still on vacation, Tim welcomes special co-host Mark Chappell to the show. Tim and Mark discuss the rise of the iPhone, how Mark got into the Apple universe, gaming on the Mac, taking photos, football, hockey, and of course Apple vs. the FBI

Geekiest Show Ever 201 – Tweak, Tinker, and Type

Feb 17, 2016 01:22:23


Kevin, Mike, and Elisa talk about geeky stuff including geeky Valentines Day gifts.

MyMac Podcast 593: Socially Stupid

Feb 16, 2016 50:48


Are there more stupid people these days? It seems the choices are:

1. Yes
2. The internet is better at finding them
3. Some people are so driven to be famous that they’ll do stupid things to be noticed.

And yes, the irony is not lost on the GMen. What isn’t stupid is signing for the Macstock Conference and Expo. So do that.

3GL Episode #77 Disappointing Apps

Feb 14, 2016 58:43


CN - Level 121

Feb 13, 2016 00:36:48


TechFan #242 - Apple Software Quality

Feb 12, 2016 01:01:11


Dan Lizette from The Podcast Digest and Owen Rubin join Tim Robertson to discuss 5G networks, copyrighting the law, gravitational waves, and our main topic, the perception that Apple software is on the decline in quality.

MyMac Podcast 592: I’m Bored

Feb 9, 2016 1:09:03


TechFan #241 - The Printing Conundrum

Feb 7, 2016 01:08:10


Do you still need to print documents or pictures? If so, this is the episode for you. Plus, usable older iPhones, the eye of Sauron, email from Owen, Error 53, suing Apple, and much more.

MyMac Podcast 591: Is Apple TV on AppleTV

Feb 2, 2016 59:30


We know Apple wants to bundle a selection of television channels, but what if they not only served the content, but owned it too? Guy and Gaz talk about this, as well as recent Apple financials, megasnowpocolypse, a Skype call, multiple languages, a some kind of malady affecting Guy.

TechFan #240 - You Don’t Know Jack

Jan 31, 2016 01:04:54


David has car problems while Tim races a snow storm. Did you know the LEAF does not have a spare tire? Tim revisits the Fire HD 8 vs the Hire HD 7, and both of the guys are fed up with Apple’s online services. Finally, more on the Apple Watch and DC’s TV and movies.