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The Event^Horizon 2018/06/15

Jun 16, 2018 1:01:14


Thank you StarStorm for the Links​ions/constellations-june.html​type_main-sequence_star​t-notice-637​96454@N03/40557981922/in/datepost​ed-public/​ukl+4​4,_2018​96454@N03/27736508928/in/datepost​ed-public/​pecial%20Features%20Lists​96454@N03/25575714657/in/datepost​ed-public/​96454@N03/25575714687/in/datepost​ed-public/​wse​96454@N03/26552895038/in/datepost​ed-public/​6/the-story-of-the-apollo-sextant​es/LRO/news/3d-moon.html​96454@N03/25024085717/in/datepost​ed-public/​ges/News%20and%20Observing/News/2​018/06/IMG_2874.JPG?mw=1000&mh=80​0​antas/Boeing-747-438/968767/L​-fs8gkiap6U​jpg

The Event^Horizon 2018/06/09

Jun 9, 2018 1:01:06


Thanks to Star Storm  for the links.​hisnPDpotas​-methane-organics-curiosity-rover​.html​ational/health-science/china-chal​lenges-american-dominance-of-scie​nce/2018/06/03/c1e0cfe4-48d5-11e8​-827e-190efaf1f1ee_story.html?nor​edirect=on&utm_term=.1ca9a508b0a9​bserving/this-weeks-sky-at-a-glan​ce-june-8-16/​ions/constellations-june.html​ars/zubenelgenubi-alpha-star-of-l​ibra-the-scales​rs/imo_view/browse_reports?countr​y=&start_date=1969-12-31+19%3A00%​3A00&end_date=&event=PENDING&even​t_id=&event_year=

Comet Watch 2018/05/20 The Oort cloud and Scholz’s star with Jim Scotti

May 20, 2018 1:29:58


This Month  Mary and I  discussed The Oort cloud and Scholz’s star with Jim Scotti. Neil couldn’t be with us this month   How our solar system survived a ‘near miss’ with another star – 70,000 years ago The Oort Cloud Oort Cloud Facts Centaurs Space Probes to Halley B612 […]

The Event^Horizon 2018/05/18

May 19, 2018 1:00:24


Thank you Starstorm for the links this week​L3ymBk6Vb04​​/resources/1274-revitalising-maor​​i-astronomy​ions/constellations-may.html​cexchannel​Atelevision​Rba7SvDH8yo​-dava-sobel-illustrated-longitude​#.Wv9-N0jRCHs​stronomy-news/wallops-launch-ligh​t-sunday-morning-sky/​ky-and-telescope-magazine/beyond-​the-printed-page/chasing-new-hori​zons/​m-l/sqm-l_front_regular.jpg​etts_family/40256012360/in/datepo​sted-public/​etts_family/41215234344/in/datepo​sted-public/​etts_family/41034053455/in/datepo​sted-public/​etts_family/42034280742/in/datepo​sted-public/​etts_family/41343456494/in/datepo​sted-public/​etts_family/26011849917/in/datepo​sted-public/

The Event ^ Horizon 2018/05/04

May 5, 2018 1:01:11


A good show this week , Starstorm is not well and should be back next week     #MayTheFourth be with you if you find yourself facing down an Imperial TIE fighter, which looks a lot like the center of this spiral galaxy, named UGC 6093. Beautiful spiral arms swirl away from the fighter-shaped bar […]

The Event^Horizon 2018/04/27 Moon Rovering …….

Apr 28, 2018 1:01:15


A Great Show with  Starstorm , Marty and  Myself and we go a Rovering​chnology/stunning-scientists-nasa​%e2%80%99s-only-moon-rover-just-g​ot-canceled/ar-AAwr028?li=BBnb7Kz&​ocid=iehp​ews/speaking-of-science/wp/2018/0​4/27/stunning-scientists-nasas-on​ly-moon-rover-just-got-canceled/?​noredirect=on&utm_term=.de2210f82​e8d​00cFMfecMZ4​6/how-what-and-when-of-neutron-st​ar-white-dwarf-mergers/​nar_Roving_Vehicle​5aDSYTMqyQw​EliLP5uEYAU​eleases/2018-04/uoa-neo042618.php  C/2016 M1 (PanSTARRS) Comet 74P/Smirnova-Chernykh http://www.rochesterastronomy.or​g/snimages/

The Event^ Horizon 2018/04/13

Apr 14, 2018 1:01:09


Thanks to Starstorm for joining us on the Air  and for all the of tonights links​Atelevision​cexchannel​ting-exoplanet-survey-satellite​observatory.html​ce.html​ansiting_Exoplanet_Survey_Satelli​te​04/meteor-activity-outlook-for-ap​ril-14-20-2018/​ity-outlook-for-7-13-april-2018/​ions/constellations-april.html​ir-Hypercam-IMX183C-Colour-Astron​omy-CMOS-Camera.html​t-notice-629​bserving/this-weeks-sky-at-a-glan​ce-april-13-21/

Comet Watch April 2018 with Special Guest Michelle Thaller Ph.D

Apr 8, 2018 58:23


Welcome to the April episode of Comet Watch featuring special guest, Michelle Thaller Ph.D  . My thanks, as always to my co-host Neil Norman!   Mary McIntyre is unwell and will be joining us again next month. BAA Comet Section Visual Observations Page Comet Lexell was discovered by Charles Mesier on June 14th,1770. At this one and only apparition, […]

The Event^Horizon 2018/04/06

Apr 7, 2018 1:01:30


Just me and Marty on the Air this week , Thank you Starstorm for the links​duct/20-f-3-3/​t​5,_2018​ukl+76​eso1810/​ids/Midas/Midas_planning.2018.htm​l​vatories/videos/1916991555002373/​st_of_space_telescopes

The Event^Horizon 2018/03/16…. Now We Are 3 Once More!

Mar 17, 2018 1:00:11


 A big welcome to Starstorm as she joins  Myself and Marty on the show full time!​bserving/this-weeks-sky-at-a-glan​ce-march-16-24/​b09th4hf ttps://​nEa7CfPaCRw​bble-discovers-a-unique-type-of-o​bject-in-the-solar-system/​dard/2018/jupiters-great-red-spot​-getting-taller-as-it-shrinks​w-evidence-in-support-of-the-exis​tence-of-planet-nine/​/nasa-dawn-reveals-recent-changes​-in-ceres-surface​1/future-spacecraft-can-use-pulsa​rs-to-navigate-completely-autonom​ously

Project Snoopy Update with Nick Howes FRAS

Mar 14, 2018 24:41


Earlier this week Nick Howes FRAS was on twitter about Project Snoopy, so today I caught up with  Nick to find out  how things are going . Project Snoopy is about the Recovery  of the Apollo 10 Lunar Module Callsign Snoopy , The Apollo 10  Command Module was called Charlie Brown and flown by  Capt. John […]

The Event^ Horizon 2018/03/09

Mar 10, 2018 1:01:18


Thank you, Starstorm, for tonight’s links and taking part in the show!​ities/space-weather-enthusiasts​celand/hella/?cam=icela nd_hd​data/realtime/eit_284/512/​ities/space-weather-enthusiasts​g8jkjNdeEl8&t=1914s​Atelevision​cexchannel​-fs8gkiap6U​rWZupDRI0ss&t=2672s​puWbQ1b-ljU&t=635s​pLiAwSKkm6k​ess-releases/2018/03/national-par​k-service-employees-will-recieve-​skywatching-training​C8fe58ROYG0​ess-releases/2018/03/nasa-juno-fi​nds-jupiters-jet-streams-are-unea​rthly​/mythology/const_nav.html​/mythology/planets/Earth/moon.htm​l​bserving/this-weeks-sky-at-a-glan​ce-march-9-17/+​kDWh0ijwCp0

AFM’s Space Pirate Radio! 2018/03/08 X-Rayted Stars!

Mar 8, 2018 1:00:54


Here are the links from tonight’s show, “X-rayted Astronomy” Marty and John talked about the sun’s arc through the sky this time of year and Mercury’s showing currently, prompting BP to post this link: Then we covered what is up in the sky for the coming week: Wed, Mar 07, 07h Jupiter 4° S. […]

Comet Watch: March 2018 – with Special Guest Bob King

Mar 8, 2018 1:26:29


Welcome to the March episode of Comet Watch, featuring special guest, Bob King.  Our thanks, as always to co-hosts Mary McIntyre and Neil Norman! Bob’s  Blog is at Bob also writes a weekly blog for Sky & Telescope called “Explore the Night.” His Books are “Night Sky with the Naked Eye” and “Wonders of the […]

The Event^Horizon 2018/03/02

Mar 3, 2018 1:01:01


My thanks to Starstorm for tonight’s links we had some fun typing in the chat in Chinese, Japanese and Russian just before the show started ……….​bserving/this-weeks-sky-at-a-glan​ce-march-2-10/​Atelevision​cexchannel​ws/2018/03/daylight_saving_time_2​018_when_do_we_move_our_clocks_fo​rward_this_spring.html​las-of-lunar-landing-sites​nder-crash-caused-by-1-second-ine​rtial-measurement-error/​rs_Climate_Orbiter​mers-have-a-new-explanation-for-t​he-moons-origin/

The Event^Horizon 2018/02/23

Feb 24, 2018 1:01:10


My thanks to Starstorm  for the links​ry_23,_2018​ime_meridian_(Greenwich)​sentials/what-is-lunar-x​dictionary/matrix​t-on-the-moon-tonight/​/15/milky-way-no-longer-little-br​other-to-andromeda-researchers-sa​y/​/23/hubble-data-indicate-universe​-growing-faster-than-expected/​re/goddard/2018/osiris-rex-captur​es-new-earth-moon-image Cheeta’s speed: 68 – 75 mph In Short Bursts, Running

The Event^Horizon 2018/02/09

Feb 10, 2018 1:01:16


Links and shownotes from tonight’s show, with Skyguides Marty Kunz and John Foote. Nick Evetts and Starstorm will return next week! The Tesla Orbit×2-700×467.jpg SLS BFR vs Saturn V Continuing a Snapshot Survey of the Sites of Recent, Nearby Supernovae: Cycles Alex Filippenko  University of California – Berkeley […]

The Event^Horizon 2018/02/02

Feb 3, 2018 1:00:52


Featuring Skyguides Marty Kunz and John Foote – Skyguide Nick Evetts will return in two weeks!​m/iota/bstar/bstar.htm​dard/2018/nasa-s-newly-rediscover​ed-image-mission-provided-key-aur​ora-research Hubble Space Telescope Mission type Astronomy Operator NASA · ESA · STScI COSPAR ID 1990-037B SATCAT no. 20580 Website Mission duration Elapsed: 27 years, 9 months, 9 days Spacecraft properties Manufacturer Lockheed (spacecraft) Perkin-Elmer (optics) Launch mass 11,110 kg (24,490 lb)[1] Dimensions 13.2 m × 4.2 m (43.3 ft […]

AFM’s Space Pirates 2018/02/01

Feb 2, 2018 59:32


Thanks to Dale for the links……. The Moon scores a Hat Trick! Super Moon, Blue Moon, and Blood (eclipsed) Moon! Tonight’s links: Here is an eclipse photo from Mr. Eclipse, Fred Espenak: They talked a bit about the water issues for Cape Town: We celebrate the anniversary of our first successful satellite launch: […]

Cometwatch 2018/01/28 with Wendy Clark

Jan 29, 2018 1:05:50


A Great Start to 2018 with  our first guest of the year Wendy Clark, My Thanks as always to my co-hosts  Mary McIntyre and Neil Norman and to the Northolt crew for the entertainment as we recorded! Astro Farm France Minor Planets Center (IAU) BAA Comet Section page  BAA Comet Section Visual Observations Page BAA […]

The Event^Horizon 2018/01/26

Jan 28, 2018 1:01:24


My Thanks to Starstorm for the links right up to when chat crashed . My Thanks to Rob for fixing the website so we can post the show notes and apologies for the Skype Comedy of errors towards the end of the show!​/2018/new-nz-research-shows-first​-jet-from-massive-young-star-dete​cted-outside-our-galaxy.html​rs/1801/1801.08147.pdf​ssf/2018/01/first_fragments_of_mi​chigan_me.html

AFM’s Space Pirates 2018/01/25 The Other Hubbell

Jan 26, 2018 1:00:45


Tonight’s links are: We interviewed Jerry Hubbell from Explore Scientific about the Mark Slade Remote Observatory: Jerry tells us that they used the scope to capture data on an exoplanet transit observation: 165mm f/7 FPL-53 Air-Spaced Triplet ED APO Refractor Jerry and Martin took courses at AAVSO to get ready […]

The Event^Horizon 2018/01/19

Jan 21, 2018 1:01:06


My Thanks to Starstorm for the links tonight​RVA​n_thruster​Atelevision​cexchannel​01/meteor-activity-outlook-for-ja​nuary-13-19-2018/

AFM’s Space Pirates 2018/01/18 Did Pirates Cannon Salute MI

Jan 19, 2018 1:00:49


Look! Up in the Sky! It’s bird, it’s a plane, It’s a bolide! Here are tonight’s show links: The big news tonight is the bolide that flew over lower Michigan: did-debris-land- No, The Meteor Didn’t Cause an Earthquake The sun, on the other hand, meh. Just one spot. […]

The Event^ Horizon 2017/12/15

Dec 16, 2017 1:01:11


Thank you StarStorm for taking part in  the show tonight​rtswithabang/2017/12/15/why-nasas​-kepler-mission-is-toast/#630dc29​01da0​UCLA_DiR1FfKNvjuUpBHmylQ​cexchannel​bserving/sky-at-a-glance/this-wee​ks-sky-at-a-glance-december-15-23​/​/bright-areas-on-ceres-suggest-ge​ologic-activity​uno-spacecraft-probes-jupiters-gr​eat-red-spot/​-giants-like-Jupiter-emit-radiati​on​=1LDhOvrxmi4S0eXYUQnj5DWN2LZeFwln​8