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Weekly Q&A with Louisiana State Senator JP Morrell


Want to know how a policy might affect you? Need more info on legislation? Then “Ask JP,“ and he’ll get you the answers! JP will be podcasting — responding to your questions — right here throughout session!


#AskJP Episode 11: Health Care in Louisiana

Apr 24, 2017 27:57


In this episode of #AskJP, Andrew Tuozzolo, chief of staff at the Louisiana Department of Health, talks with JP about the work of the department, the success of Medicaid expansion, food and water quality, and much more.​

#AskJP Episode 10: 2017 Regular Session Primer

Apr 11, 2017 29:27


Wondering what’s going to happen this session? We get back to basics in this episode of #AskJP, starting with the legislative process and how the state found itself facing a $440 million shortfall for next year. JP shares an overview of the big items on the agenda and his predictions for how its all going …

#AskJP Episode 9: Growing Up in Politics

Mar 29, 2017 55:07


JP talks with State Senator Norby Chabert about their experiences being sons of legislators — and how that brings a unique perspective to the legislative process and what it means to be a legislator.

#AskJP Episode 8: Women’s Issues in Louisiana

Mar 8, 2017 29:54


Get ready for this week’s Equal Pay Summit by tuning in to this special episode of #AskJP. JP answers listener questions and is joined by State Rep. Helena Moreno, who founded Ignite, a statewide network to advocate for women’s issues in Louisiana. Did you know women in Louisiana only make 68 cents on the dollar …

#AskJP Episode 7: The State Budget

Feb 15, 2017 32:46


The legislature is in special session…again. The challenge: solving a $304 million deficit. In this episode of #AskJP, JP, who chairs the Senate Committee on Revenue and Fiscal Affairs, talks state budget with Jan Moller, the director of the Louisiana Budget Project.

#AskJP Episode 6: Crime in New Orleans

Feb 7, 2017 35:28


Manpower shortages, the consent decree, police pay, morale, and politics are hurdles for the NOPD. What’s the City to do to? In this first episode of the 2017 season of #AskJP, JP explores these issues and more with crime analyst Jeff Asher.

#AskJP Episode 5: Marijuana Reform Legislation

May 27, 2015 34:25


In this episode, Senator JP Morrell (District 3) talks marijuana reform, responding to a number of questions submitted to #AskJP. He also lays out the method to the madness in the Senate’s budget strategies and urges citizens to read “Burden of Proof: Lyndsi Lambert’s story” a series on rape victim’s experience published by | …

#AskJP: Episode 4: Domestic Violence & Equal Pay Legislation

May 21, 2015 45:36


In this episode, JP gives an update on legislation dealing with domestic violence, equal pay and more.

#AskJP: Episode 3: Rep. Walt Leger & Film Tax Credit Reform

May 5, 2015 39:22


This week JP is joined by Louisiana House Speaker Pro Tempore Walt Leger III for the show’s main topic: the Louisiana Film Tax Credit program. JP also shares updates on legislation to protect victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, the budget, and TOPS.

#AskJP: Episode 2: Sexual Assault Legislation & Creationism Debate

Apr 29, 2015 22:46


This week JP talks sexual assault legislation, the creationism law debate, Film Tax Credits and much more!