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Video podcast explaining the latest in cool technology from Photoshop to iPods. We specialize in multimedia and although we use Macs mostly, we do deal with Windows PC issues as well. Target audience: beginner to intermediate users.

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Overlaying Images Over Google Maps & Satellite Images Using Google Earth: Ep. 150

Jul 28, 2011


D.Lee shows how to overlay an image onto Google Maps using Google Earth. For an example, he shows how to overlay a neighborhood plat map overtop of a Google satellite view to determine exactly where the property boundaries are. Overlaying images can be used to represent state information by county, historical information/maps, and to embark on further discoveries and illumination of information in a spatial context. Google Earth is a free download.
(6min 42sec)

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Measuring Distances with Google Earth: Ep. 149

Jul 14, 2011


How far is it? D.Lee Beard shows how Google Earth can measure the distance between two objects and a distance with multiple turning points such as a walking or jogging route. Just how far do you walk? Watch and fine out.

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Viewing Cities in 3-D Using Google Earth: Ep. 148

Jul 6, 2011


Want to know how to view maps in 3-D? In this episode, D.Lee explains how to view buildings and even trees overlaid on maps with Google Earth. He also shows how to change from "street view" to "ground level view" for smoother navigating through city streets.

Want to learn how to create your own 3-D buildings using Google Sketchup? Then ask D.Lee to make a video on how to do so Questions@AskTheTechies.com

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Google Earth Intro & Viewing Historical Maps & Aerial Photos Ep. 147

Jun 29, 2011


D.Lee Beard presents a basic introductory tutorial in how to use the Google Earth application which is available for Mac OS X and Windows. He explains how to download it for free, navigate within it, view different layers, and how to change viewing angles to see terrain.

He also explains how to use Google Earth to view historical maps and aerial photographs of various locations plus a complete globe overlay for an historical map view. (11min 32sec)

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Checking Road Traffic Conditions: Ep. 146

Jun 23, 2011


D.Lee Beard explains how you can check road traffic using Google Maps in a web browser and on the Apple iPad. Use this tip to avoid unnecessary delays on the highways this summer.

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Free Music Sites to Use as Soundtracks: Ep. 145

May 18, 2011


D.Lee Beard reviews several websites that offer free music that can be used in other creative projects such as soundtracks for videos you produce. (10min 56sec)

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Creating Time Lapse Videos and Converting for PowerPoint Ep.144

May 4, 2011


D.Lee Beard answers a viewer question about converting videos for PowerPoint using iSkysoft's Video Converter. He also shows a free way to take time lapse videos with a webcam using Gawker. 4min. 13sec.

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Free Phone Calls This Holiday Season w/Google Voice: Ep. 143

Dec 18, 2010


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Watch and learn how to make free phone calls within the USA and Canada via your Google account and a computer and/or iPhone. Recorded December 12, 2010. (3min 10sec)

Exploring Interactive Books on iPad with PopOut! Peter Rabbit: Ep. 142

Dec 14, 2010


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D.Lee Beard explores the interactive features and educational potential of the PopOut! Peter Rabbit book and the what these types of books can bring to the future of book publishing.

D.Lee also explains how to "reboot" your iPad as a fix to various anomalies. (5min 2sec)

Cases for iPads, iPhones & even Kindles: Episode 141

Dec 10, 2010


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D.Lee Beard review the ZeroChroma cases for the iPad and iPhone (cases also available for Kindle). ZeroChroma cases are a made of a protective hardshell case and allow for propping the device at detailed angles). He also explores other case options that include a keyboard. (7min 33sec)

iOS 4.2 Find an iPad if Lost: Episode 140

Dec 4, 2010


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D.Lee Beard demonstrates how to use the new "Find my iPad" feature in iOS 4.2 including setting up a free MobileMe account. A valuable tool if you should ever lose your iPad, and now this feature is free. (4min)

iOS 4.2 AirPrint and AirPlay on the iPad: Episode 139

Dec 4, 2010


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D.Lee Beard briefly discusses the new AirPlay and AirPrint features of the iOS 4.2 operating system for Apple's mobile devices. (2min 7sec)

iOS 4.2 Managing Folders on the iPad: Episode 138

Dec 3, 2010


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In this episode, D.Lee Beard uses iOS 4.2 to demonstrate how to create folders to group apps, how to name those folders, and how to add/remove apps from these folders on the iPad. (2min 42sec)

iOS 4.2 Multitasking on the iPad: Episode 137

Dec 1, 2010


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In this episode, D.Lee Beard demonstrates the multitasking capabilities of the new iOS 4.2 for the iPad.

iOS 4.2 and Screen Locking: Episode 136

Nov 30, 2010


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D.Lee launches a series of videos on the new iOS 4.2 for Apple devices like the iPad. In this episode he discusses how Apple turned the "screen lock" switch on the side of the iPad into a mute button and a work around for still locking your screen when you want that extra control.

Wolfram Alpha Review: Episode 135

Nov 20, 2010


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D.Lee Beard review the Wolfram Alpha iPad app. Wolfram Alpha is an application for the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch that collects information from the internet to answer user questions. For example, it lets you easily compare statistics on different cities or view charts on global warming. (5 min. 56 sec)

Alternative iPad/iPhone Web Browser - Atomic Web Browser (Ep. 134)

Nov 11, 2010


D.Lee Beard presents an alternative to the default Safari web browser with a review of the Atomic Web Browser which includes tabs, private mode, increase/decrease font size, ad block and more. (7min 37sec)

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How to Download & Convert Videos: Ep. 133

Oct 6, 2010


In this video, D.Lee Beard demonstrates how to convert various video files into more standard formats that can be played on portable devices and the AppleTV (including .flv, .ogg, .wmv, and .mp4).

He also shows how to download streaming flash videos off of the web.

Software reviewd includes Miro Video Converter, RealPlayer Downloader/Converter, and Handbrake. (10min 47sec).

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Speech Recognition on Mac, Windows, iPad and iPhone: Ep. 132

Jun 25, 2010


D.Lee Beard reviews and demonstrates the software options for speech recognition where you can stop typing and let the computer type what you say. Nuance speech recognition software MacSpeech for computers and Dragon Dictate for mobile devices like the iPad are review and demonstrated. (13 min. 6 seconds)

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Review of iPad Apps: Photos and Maps - Episode 131

Jun 11, 2010


In this video, D.Lee Beard reviews the Photos and Maps applications on the iPad and how they can work together. He also demonstrates how to take a screen capture of image of what you see on your iPad. (12min 57sec).
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Video Options on the iPad - Ep. 130

May 27, 2010


In this episode, D.Lee Beard explains the options for playing video on the iPad, including, podcasts, synching from your computer, YouTube, ABC.com, Netflix, news sites, and streaming video, even Flash video, from your own personal computer to your iPad 8min 20sec.

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How to Run Windows7 or Mac OS X on an iPad - Ep. 129

May 5, 2010


In this video, D.Lee Beard shows how to run Windows 7 and Mac OS X on an iPad via remote desktop with the LogMeIn iPad app.

In this LogMeIn for iPad review, D.Lee demonstrates how it works, the limitations of LogMeIn, it's ability to connect behind wireless routers, and offers a live demonstration of connecting to both a Windows 7 computer and a Mac OS X Snow Leopard computer. LogMeIn also has an iPhone/iPod touch version as well. 12min 29sec.

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Books on the iPad: Ep. 128

Apr 27, 2010


D.Lee demos the various options for reading books on the iPad including iBooks, Kindle books, many free Gutenberg Project books, and book apps such as Disney's Toy Story book app.

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iPad In-Depth Review - Ep. 127

Apr 14, 2010


D.Lee Beard reviews the new Apple iPad including physical features, the Apple iPad black case, and compares it to the Amazon Kindle, and iPod Touch. (21min 4sec)

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iPad: To Buy or Not to Buy? Ep. 126

Apr 13, 2010


After a week of playing with the new WiFi iPad, D.Lee Beard looks at the pros and cons of the new iPad -- what it can do and not do -- and helps you decide whether you should buy one or not. (3min 25sec)

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