Sarah Brown Wessling

Ask Sarah: the Big Questions

Ask Sarah: the Big Questions


This is an occasional podcast series in conjunction with Sarah Brown Wessling's weekly advice column for teachers, called Ask Sarah. This podcast series takes an in-depth examination of some of the most complex questions educators ask and face in partnership with Teacher2Teacher.




Episode 2: Gender & the Classroom

Sep 12, 2017 42:11


In this episode, I welcome three guests – Peggy Brookins, Shanna Peeples and Tom Rademacher – to a discussion about gender in the classroom prompted by a question from a teacher about whether or not we should teach boys and girls differently. They offer an incisive conversation about the role of girls and science, the necessity of knowing our students and the importance of helping students go beyond labels. 

Episode 1: Black Male Teachers – More than Disciplinarians

Jan 27, 2017 47:51


In this episode, I welcome three guests – Josh Parker, William Anderson and James E. Ford – to a discussion about the unique challenges of being part of the 2% demographic population of black, male teachers in this country. These three educators speak openly and honestly about everything from teaching craft to code switching to the "invisible tax" on black, male educators.