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The Ask Noah Show is a weekly radio call in show where we take your tech questions or business in tech questions live on the air.




All About VPNs

Nov 26, 2019


Private Internet Access is merging with Kape Technologies and the Internet isn't happy about it. We dive into VPN technology and give you some alternatives to PIA. An interesting story has emerged in which Pen testers were arrested for doing their job!

Cryptoware Targets Linux

Nov 19, 2019


Cryptoware is up 70% this year. This new cryptoware is particularly terrifying because it targets our Linux servers. Plus, a new browser that promises to protect privacy while still giving a way to pay web publishers.

Unifi Phones Home with Telemetry

Nov 12, 2019


Unifi introduced new firmware that sends data from your network back to them. Networking and security questions, plus CubicalNate from DLNXtend joins us to discuss Microsoft and it's value to the Linux / FOSS community.

Too Much Choice

Nov 5, 2019


Microsoft has announced the release of Edge for Linux! Great news or is there a deeper discussion about too much choice? The Pinebook Pro is taking orders RIGHT NOW and a new version of Fedora is out!

Permanent Record Part 2: What You Can Do

Oct 22, 2019


Data collection and mass surveillance is all over the news and media. We dive into the specific tools and techniques you can use to stay safe from prying eyes and reclaim your privacy!

Permanent Record

Oct 15, 2019


Edward Snowden's new book is out and he makes a case for what you should be doing to protect your privacy. This is a packed episode with input from callers, clips from the book, and as always - your questions!

Facebook's Encryption Problem

Oct 8, 2019


In an open letter, government officials from the U.S., U.K. and Australia have asked Facebook to delay further deployment of encryption without “including a means for lawful access to the content of communications to protect our citizens.

CentOS Stream

Oct 2, 2019


CentOS stream is Red Hat's answer to rolling distros. That leaves Debian and Ubuntu out in the cold! We discuss the pros and cons!

Network Choices

Sep 25, 2019


Building your small or medium network requires careful thought. We chat with callers that all have different circumstances and requirements but the same end goal. Richard Stallman has stepped down as the President of the FSF!

Huawei Ships Linux

Sep 17, 2019


Huawei’s struggles with the US government has resulted in them shipping certain models of the Matebook pre-loaded with Deepin Linux. Firefox has a VPN like add-on, and Pine releases a $25 smartwatch!

A Huawei and Protonmail Partnership?

Sep 10, 2019


Bloomberg has reported that Huawei has formed a partnership with Protonmail to bring their app to Huawei phones. What does this mean for data privacy? Does this give the Chinese control over ProtonMail user data?


Sep 3, 2019


Ever dreamed of having a Linux laptop in the palm of your hand or in your pocket? That's a reality with SailfishOS. A downloadable Linux operating system for your phone that's as much Linux in spirit as it is in the kernel unlike Android.

No Security Gains in 15 Years

Aug 27, 2019


A survey of more than 6,000 firmware images shows there has been little to no security improvement over the last 15 years. We dive into the practical ramification of this as well as what you can do to keep your data safe!

Destroying Data

Aug 20, 2019


What do you do with those old drives after you're done with them? Don't DBAN them, there's a better way!

Network Equipment and Filesystems

Aug 13, 2019


We dig into the ZFS, IP Security cameras, Routers! If it has to do with IT consulting, we talk about it!

Organizing Your Digital Life

Aug 6, 2019


How do you organize your digital life? No, not just your photos, videos, movies, and TV shows - how do you store and find the digital bits of your online life?

Ring's Secret Agreement

Jul 30, 2019


Ring is giving free cameras in exchange for access to a secret portal that police can use to obtain footage without a warrant.

Fedora's Snappy Future

Jul 23, 2019


Fedora is dropping the snapd plugin from the Gnome Software Center! This is big news, but is it Canonical's loss or Fedora's loss?

Home Theater Design w/ Bob Carver

Jul 16, 2019


People who are familiar with Carver’s design work over the years will realize that Bob doesn’t just try to make the same products as everyone else…rather, he is an original thinker. Bob joins us to give us his take on the perfect speaker & amp.

Red Hat is still Red Hat

Jul 9, 2019


The 34 billion dollar deal is finally complete! We dive into the particulars and a different view that you're seeing on the internet. Stefanie Chiras Vice President and General Manager of RHEL joins us to discuss RHEL 8.

A New Kind of Email w Drew DeVault

Jul 2, 2019


Aerc is the new CLI email client on the block. Drew DeVault joins us to discuss. The Raspberry PI 4 is shipping but there are some things you might want to know before you run out and buy!

Canonical's 32-bit Problem

Jun 25, 2019


Canonical is returning 32-bit Ubuntu Linux support after a huge backlash from the gaming community. Ruth Suehle joins us to talk about Red Hat COLAB!

More FOSS Less Risk

Jun 17, 2019


Tom Gilbert, is our guest this hour. He is the Managing Director at Deutsche Bank, and joins us to discuss how Open Source Methodologies reduce risk and empower businesses.

Linux Delta

Jun 17, 2019


We're live from Southeast Linuxfest 2019 and we have not one but TWO big announcements! This is a an episode you don't want to miss! The future of Linux is ever changing and this new resource aims to keep it's finger on the pulse.

Bootstrapping SELF

Jun 17, 2019


As we get ready to kick of Southeast Linuxfest 2019 Jeremy Sands and JT Pennington both join us to discuss SELF. As a lifelong Gentoo user, we finally dig into the discussion of what makes Gentoo a viable distro for people.

Why SUSE Matters

Jun 4, 2019


Alan Clark, from the CTO office of SUSE joins us this hour to discuss the exciting things SUSE is doing and what the future looks like for them post EQT.

Hacking Baltimore

May 28, 2019


Chris Wright is our guest this hour. Chris is a Vice president and Chief Technology Officer of Red Hat. Chris has spent more than 15 years as a Linux Developer and has worked in the telecommunications industry on high availability and distributed systems

Building The Future with Open Source

May 21, 2019


Melanie Shimano is our guest this hour. Melanie is an educator who uses open source tools to help students realize that they can impact the world.

Snapcraft with Alan Pope

May 1, 2019


Publish your app for Linux users for desktop, cloud, and Internet of Things. That's the promise of Snaps but what exactly are snaps, what do they do, and why do they mean the future for the Linux desktop? Alan Pope joins us to discuss!

Protonmail with Dr. Andy Yen

Apr 23, 2019


Dr. Andy Yen, CEO of ProtonMail, a mail system that uses client-side encryption to protect email contents and user data before they are sent to ProtonMail servers, unlike other common email providers.

Locking it Down with Yubikey

Apr 16, 2019


Venkat Venkataraju principal software engineer from Yubico joins us this hour to share the exciting new features and functionality Yubico is bringing to the table!

Innovative Podcast Workflows | Ask Noah Show 122

Apr 9, 2019


This week Michael Tunnell from Tux Digital joins us to share a creative new workflow for automating podcast production. Suse is claiming to be the largest independent Linux company and UBPorts has officially formalized their foundation.

Sway and Wlroots with Drew DeVault | Ask Noah Show 121

Apr 2, 2019


This hour Drew DeVault joins us from sway and wlroots. OpenSSH 8.0 is about to be released and we'll tell you why this means a big increase in security for those that use SSH!

The Power of OpenPower | Ask Noah Show 120

Mar 26, 2019


In this weeks episode we air out interview with Hugh Blemings the executive director of the OpenPower Foundation. The OpenPOWER Foundation is an open technical membership organization that will assist data centers in rethinking their approach to tech.

Google Stadia | Ask Noah Show 119

Mar 19, 2019


Google announced its biggest move into the gaming space at GDC. Stadia, a streaming game service is designed to run on everything from PCs and Android phones to Google's own Chromecast devices. DasGeek (Ryan) join us to discuss!

Gravitational Teleport | Ask Noah Show 118

Mar 12, 2019


We give you the recap of ScALE this year and give you another option to manage your servers from a Web UI. Abraham Ingersoll joins us this hour and we talk about Teleport. Teleport lets you provide seamless and secure access to infrastructure for your org

An Ode to Haiku | Ask Noah Show 117

Mar 5, 2019


This hour we talk to Augustin aka Mr.WaddleSplash from the Haiku Project. The Haiku project is a Haiku is a free and open-source operating system compatible with the now discontinued BeOS. Its development began in 2001 under the name OpenBeOS, but rebran

Closing the Linux Sale | Ask Noah Show 116

Feb 27, 2019


Keith Perry open source business experts is back on the show tonight and we discuss strategies to sell open source solutions to your clients. It’s a packed episode and one you don’t want to miss!

The Linux Design Tool | Ask Noah Show 115

Feb 19, 2019


Alessandro Castellani joins us to talk about Akira, a native Linux app for UI and UX design built in Vala and GTK! Marc from the Southern California Linux Expo joins us to give us a peak into ScALE 2019!

Lesspass with Guillaume Vincent | Ask Noah Show 114

Feb 12, 2019


Guillaume Vincent is my guest this hour and we talk about Lesspass. Lesspass is a stateless password manager that differentiates itself in it’s simplicity and ease of use. We talk about the security, and the ease of use!

Ethical Hacking with Bo Weaver | Ask Noah Show 113

Feb 5, 2019


Have you ever wanted to learn how to ethically hack into a system? Bo Weaver is our guest this hour and he walks us step by step on how to break into a machine, maintain your access, and get out without anyone knowing about it.

New Software Everywhere | Ask Noah Show 112

Jan 29, 2019


Lubuntu Release Manager Simon Quigley joins us this hour to discuss the new Lubuntu Council. Kodi now has a game emulator, Canonical released Multipass for Windows and theres a new Raspberry Pi Compute Module out!

Project Trident with Ken Moore | Ask Noah Show 111

Jan 22, 2019


Project Trident is a desktop-focused operating system based on TrueOS. It uses the Lumina desktop as well as a number of self-developed utilities to provide an easy-to-use system.

Journey to a FOSS Career w/ Eric Hendricks

Jan 15, 2019


Eric Hendricks joins us to tell the story of how he went from "just an IT guy" to a Solutions Architect at GitLab! Dalton Durst from Ubuntu Touch joins us to talk about OTA 7, and System 76 is giving you a chance to win $250!

Self Hosting with Matt Opsahl | Ask Noah Show 109

Jan 8, 2019


Matt Opsahl is my guest this hour and we talk Self Hosting! Should KDE move to GitLab from Phabricator? Does Google decision to move away from the Linux kernel in Android and ChromeOS hurt Linux? All that and your calls this hour!

Open Source Media Model | Ask Noah Show 108

Jan 1, 2019


JT Pennington joins us this hour to tell us about an exciting new way for independent content creators to use the open source model to create content! Firefox is playing around with a new ad system and we give you our thoughts on that!

AMA Christmas '18 with Jason Plum | Ask Noah Show 107

Dec 26, 2018


Jason Plum from GitLab joins us on this special ask me anything version of the Ask Noah Show. We’re talking Kubernetes this episode!

Fedora with Matthew Miller | Ask Noah Show 106

Dec 18, 2018


Matthew Miller is our guest and we talk about my favorite Linux distribution, Fedora! NextCloud introduces their new "Social" feature. Microsoft has dumped Edge and is throwing their weight behind Chromium!

FreeNAS with Kris Moore | Ask Noah Show 105

Dec 11, 2018


Kris Moore joins us to discuss the latest release of FreeNAS and what we can expect down the road! Linux.org was defaced and Coraline's personal info was released. Emby, the open source competitor to Plex has said that future versions will not be FOSS

All About WireGuard | Ask Noah Show 104

Dec 4, 2018


Have you ever wanted remote access to your home or office but didn't want the overhead of setting up a traditional VPN? WireGuard changes all that! WireGuard makes setting up a VPN as easy as generating a key pair just like we do with SSH.

Red Hat Application Stream | Ask Noah Show 103

Nov 27, 2018


Red Hat has released the beta for RHEL 8 and it features an exciting new technology called Application Stream. Apple is being sued and SCOTUS will decide if their app store is a monopoly or not.

10 Year Ubuntu Support | Ask Noah Show 102

Nov 20, 2018


Brent Gervais joins us to share how he started a Linux and Open Source photography company. Canonical has announced that they are extending the support life for Ubuntu 18.04 to 10 years and as always we take your calls!

Weekly Linux Meetups | Ask Noah Show 101

Nov 13, 2018


This week we chat with Big Daddy Linux, a man who has spent his own time and money to build and online Linux meetup space. Samsung has announced Linux on DeX and of course as always your calls come first!

Celebrating 100 | Ask Noah Show 100

Nov 10, 2018


For 100 episodes The Ask Noah Show has delivered quality content every single week without exception. This week we celebrate this important milestone live from the Tamarack Tap Room in Woodbury MN.

ArcoLinux with Erik Dubois | Ask Noah Show 99

Nov 7, 2018


In this episode we make a bombshell announcement regarding the future of Ask Noah! Later in the hour Erik Dubois from ArcoLinux joins us to talk about a rolling distro built for those who want to learn Linux!

Stump The Linux Chumps | Ask Noah Show 98

Nov 7, 2018


Our friends from Destination Linux join us and together we form the “Linux Chumps”! Can we be stumped? We think not, but your calls try anyway! Your emails, your calls, your questions are the priority.

Microsoft Joins OIN with Patrick McBride | Ask Noah Show 97

Nov 6, 2018


The Open Invention Network is a shared defensive patent pool with the mission to protect Linux. On October 10th Microsoft joined the OIN so we invited Patrick McBride the Senior Director of Patents to join us!

SQLite with Richard Hipp | Ask Noah Show 96

Nov 3, 2018


If you have a device with an operating system chances are it uses SQLite. Richard Hipp is our guest this hour and he joins us to talk about their controversial CoC.

Community Night! | Ask Noah Show 95

Nov 2, 2018


Community hour is where we take some time to focus on you the listener! You set the topics, you ask the questions!

IBM Buys Red Hat | Ask Noah Show 94

Oct 30, 2018


In the largest software company acquisition in history, tech giant IBM has purchased Red Hat for 34 billion dollars.

The Open Source Broadcast Appliance | Ask Noah Show 93

Oct 27, 2018


Fred Gleason has worked for years to develop a open source Linux based broadcasting appliance. He joins us to discuss!

Linus is Back! | Ask Noah Show 92

Oct 26, 2018


Linus has taken a break while he worked on his tooling to be more socially acceptable. That time is over and Greg KH has officially handed the kernel back to him. We discuss the implication of his return and what it might mean for Linux.

Business Backup Tips | Ask Noah Show 91

Oct 23, 2018


If you have data, that data should be backed up. If you own a business or manage the IT infrastructure for a business than your backup strategy needs to be reliable, straightforward, and functional.

Building a WISP and CCTV | Ask Noah Show 90

Oct 16, 2018


It's family friendly, we promise! You know that Linux succeeded where others fail, but did you know that cam girls are turning to Linux for it's reliability, stability, and functionality? We cover this amusing reddit thread!

Privacy Matters | Ask Noah Show 89

Oct 9, 2018


Supermicro suffered a huge security breach that gave the Chinese government access to servers manufactured with Supermicro boards. This revelation has caused companies like Apple and Amazon to distance themselves from the popular server manufacture.

Kubernetes & Containers | Ask Noah Show 88

Oct 2, 2018


Have you ever wanted to know what containers and Kubernetes are all about? This week we try something new – Steve Ovens from Red Hat has produced a segment on containers for us. We talk about the latest release of Zabbix.

Linus Takes a Break | Ask Noah Show 86

Sep 18, 2018


Linus Torvalds has decided he needs a break so he can understand people and their emotions better. The kernel has finally adopted a code of conduct based on the contributor covenant. No one knows more about codes of conduct than Paul M. Jones.

Does This Make FOSS Better or Worse | Ask Noah Show 85

Sep 11, 2018


Does the

Better Than Google Titan | Ask Noah Show 84

Sep 4, 2018


Google is launching it’s own hardware security key for two-factor authentication but there’s a few major problems. From pricing, to security concerns, we break the entire situation down for you. New audio production software is released for Linux.

How to Get Hired at Red Hat | Ask Noah Show 83

Aug 28, 2018


Steve Ovens from Red Hat joins us to answer the question many of you have asked - how do you get hired by a company like Red Hat? Steve takes us through his exciting rise to working for the largest open source company in the US. Steam has dropped a bomb s

Should We Care About Libre? | Ask Noah Show 82

Aug 21, 2018


We talk about Linux and Open Source, but is it far enough? Do we need to go all the way and push for everyone to use Libre freedom respecting software? We invite Kenny Schmidt, a 17 year old who is starting out with Linux and ask that question. We talk ab

Firefox Made This More Secure | Ask Noah Show 81

Aug 14, 2018


This week firefox made waves by encrypting DNS entries making DNS more secure for everyone. We talk about IP cameras, gaming on Linux, and Steve Ovens from RedHat joins us. It's a packed episode you can't afford to miss!

The Truth About Southeast Linuxfest | Ask Noah Show 80

Aug 9, 2018


There has been a lot of rumors lately about Southeast Linuxfest. Outside pressure has been exerted in an effort to force the leadership of SELF to do things not in the best interest of the attendees but to push a political agenda. Tonight Jeremy Sands the

What You Need to Know about WireGuard | Ask Noah Show 79

Aug 7, 2018


When Linus says that he skimmed the code and it's so exciting that he's hoping it gets merged quickly, you know this is the next big thing in Linux. We talk to Jim Salter. He gives us a perspective from day 0. We discuss the new Google gaming box, and giv

Homeless to Web Developer Overnight | Ask Noah Show 78

Jul 31, 2018


How do you go from being homeless on the streets of CA to getting offers from Google, Amazon, and others? We discuss! The GPD team has released the 2nd gen 7" laptop and we give you our thoughts on their awesome laptop without Linux. As always your questi

These Apps Make Linux Usable Now | Ask Noah Show 77

Jul 24, 2018


The year of the Linux desktop has become a cliché. In 2018 has a Forbes writer finally found a distro that has one click installs for every app he used to use on Windows? Microsoft ports PowerShell to a Linux snap, and of course your calls go to the front

Should You Ditch Linux for FreeBSD | Ask Noah Show 76

Jul 18, 2018


Chris Moore, and JT Pennington join the Ask Noah Show this week to answer the question what does BSD offer to attract Linux users over to their ball park. We discuss the Lumina desktop as well as Project Trident. Your calls as always go to the front of th

Dell Precision 5510 Review

Jul 11, 2018


Many have tried and failed to manufacture a laptop that stops Apple's Macbook Pro in it's tracks! Has Dell finally done it with their Precision 5510? Can you get a $2200 laptop for under $1000 brand new from Dell? We'll show you how it's done and how it s

Serving Customers Well | Ask Noah Show 74

Jul 4, 2018


This week on the Ask Noah Show we tackle the difficult discussion - is it okay for companies to collect data and when should you be worried about companies having too much data? We interview Brian Martell who uses the finance aspect to get people on Linux

What You Need to Know about WPA3 | Ask Noah Show 73

Jun 27, 2018


There's new security out for WiFi. Noah takes you through exactly what you need to know to stay up to date. What does WPA3 offer over WPA2? How do you take advantage of it? We talk about everything from WiFi to Colo in this weeks episode!

Talking Over IP | Ask Noah Show 72

Jun 20, 2018


Ever wanted your own phone system? Maybe you want an intercom system for you house? How about the ability to use use an internet connected ham radio? We're talking Audio over IP this hour! We show you how simple it is to get AOIP setup and all the things

CopperheadOS Takeover Explained | Ask Noah Show 71

Jun 12, 2018


A hostile takeover has just happened to the Copperhead OS Project. Lead developer Daniel Micay has been fired by Copperhead CEO James Donaldson. Micay claims Donaldson is up to no good, and Donaldson says it's Micay who doesn't have the company's best int

Small Business Theme Hour | Ask Noah Show 70

Jun 9, 2018


Do you run a small business? Do you work for a small business? Join us this hour as we talk to Keith Perry from DAO Technologies. Keith has been running a small business for a long time and implementing open source where possible. We get Keith's insight a

When You're Ready to Scale So is Linux | Ask Noah Show 69

Jun 9, 2018


This week on the Ask Noah Show we take you live to the SELF floor! We take a look at a broadcasting company that was founded and runs entirely on Linux. That company? Jupiter Broadcasting. We tell you what you can expect from Southeast Linux Fest and how

Microsoft Buys GitHub | Ask Noah Show 68

Jun 5, 2018


This week on the show we give you the quick and dirty on Microsoft buying GitHub. We speak to Jason Plumb from GitLab and he gives us a brief overview of the services GitLab offers and how they've worked to create a product that blows GitHub out of the wa

Ask Noah Show 67 | A New Way to Rag Chew

May 29, 2018


We talk quite a bit about owning your communication and how you can do that with Ham Radio. What if you love your Linux and want to continue to use your computer to communicate? This week we dive into an all new way to use ham radio, all on Linux, all wit

Ask Noah Show 66 | We Found Another Spectre Meltdown Flaw

May 22, 2018


This week on the show give you the latest on the new Intel flaw. We take an interesting question from a caller who asks Noah, can a router be virtualized? Plus we give you the run down on our Small Business Theme Hour coming up in early June.

Ask Noah Show 65 | Can This Be Virtualized?

May 15, 2018


This week on the show we talk about everything from DMX lighting on Linux to USB-C. We take an interesting question from a listener who has a massive virtual desktop infrastructure project and he asks Noah if Linux can handle this project or if he should

Ask Noah Show 64 | Should I Buy a Chromebook?

May 8, 2018


Last week we broke the news to you that rumor has it Google is making Linux apps for the desktop a reality on Chromebooks. This week Keith Myers joins us and tells us what the experience on a Google Pixelbook is like. He explains what it took to get nativ

Ask Noah Show 63 | The Next Chromebooks

May 1, 2018


Google has everyone wondering, is what they're doing going to finally lead to the year of the Linux Desktop? Are we okay with Google being in charge with Linux on the desktop? 18.04 is out and we talk about our initial impressions. Simon Quigley the relea

Live From LFNW 2018 | Ask Noah Show 62

May 1, 2018


Yet again Jupiter Broadcasting broadcasts entirely on Linux! We bring you live coverage from the floor of Linuxfest Northwest. The broadcast is done on Linux, the interviews are done on Linux, we talk about Linux.

This Guy Hates Encryption | Ask Noah Show 61

May 1, 2018


James Comey says American's don't need encryption the government can't override. In an age of terrorism should a segment of the population be allowed to exist beyond the reach of law? We get Chris Fisher's take on this as well as your calls on this weeks

Microsoft Linux | Ask Noah Show 60

Apr 20, 2018


It's hard to believe but Microsoft is shipping the Linux kernel. We give you the details of how and why this week on the show.

Podcasting 101 | Ask Noah Show 59

Apr 17, 2018


This week Noah is a guest speaker at the UND teaching the next generation about podcasting.

Has Apple Given Up on The Macbook? | Ask Noah Show 58

Apr 10, 2018


This week on the Ask Noah Show we ask the question everyone is asking - has Apple given up on the Macbook?

What's Coming Next | Ask Noah Show 57

Apr 3, 2018


It's been one year of non-stop unapologetic Linux content! We meet up with fans in Minneapolis for a live show and tell you about our exciting plans as we kick of year 2 of the Ask Noah Show.

Tech That Kills You | Ask Noah Show 56

Mar 27, 2018


Tech literally has a body count! And have you ever wanted to manage digital signage, using Linux, and on a budget? We have the solution for you. Plus your calls, and more!

Getting Started with Chef | Ask Noah 55

Mar 20, 2018


This week on the show we bring you the industry experts to teach you more than you ever wanted to know about Chef. Learn how to automate your entire system. Plus uber's self driving car kills someone & we give you our take, that & more in this weeks show!

Host Your Own Spotify | Ask Noah 54

Mar 14, 2018


This week Timothy calls back and puts all the discussion about a streaming audio player to an end. Noah gives you a brief look at some of the hosted services you can host, or pay to have hosted, and of course your calls go to the front of the line.

Live from SCaLE 16x | Ask Noah 53

Mar 11, 2018


We come to you live from ScALE. Chris joins us for the episode and we offer some updates on some SimpleHelp confusion. Ben calls us for an update on his MacBook & more, all in this weeks episode!

Can't Live Without IT | Ask Noah 52

Mar 7, 2018


This week we talk about the open source projects and closed source alternatives that make your job as an IT admin a piece of cake. We talk to Ben who wants to know if he can get Linux on his MacBook, the mumble joins us & a distro elimination challenge!

Linux Users Trust Him | Ask Noah 51

Feb 28, 2018


This week we ask the question who can you trust in the linux media space? What kind of shows do you want to listen to, and what kind of talent do you look for when you listen to podcasts. We break it down for you, plus your calls in this weeks episode.

Is Linux Right For This? | Ask Noah 50

Feb 21, 2018


For 50 episodes Noah has been telling callers Linux is the right choice. This week we take a call where Linux might not be the best fit! We talk crypto with Rikai our editor & tell you about the android app that will change your life!

Should Ubuntu Use Plasma? | Ask Noah 49

Feb 14, 2018


This week on The Ask Noah Show we ask the question

Should Ubuntu Use Plasma? | Ask Noah 48

Feb 7, 2018


This week on The Ask Noah Show we take a hard look at KDE Plasma & ask the question, should Canonical be using Plasma by default on the upcoming 18.04 LTS?

Apple Can't Build This | Ask Noah 47

Jan 31, 2018


This week we're live from the Ubuntu Sprint in Seattle, Washington! We show you how you can get the most out of your home audio with Volumio - the open source media server & as always your calls go to the front of the line.

Linus Torvalds Hates This Fix | Ask Noah 46

Jan 24, 2018


This week on the show we give you the latest update on the Intel vulnerabilities, Noah sets the record straight on Linux media personalities that don't use Linux & as always your calls are the center of the show.

Pushing the Limits of Linux | Ask Noah 45

Jan 17, 2018


This week we see how far we can push Linux! Can you use Linux in a professional photo workflow? How about High Resolution Audio? We take your calls & interview industry audio expert Bob Carver.

RedHat with Brandon Johnson | Ask Noah 44

Jan 10, 2018


We pick up where we left off last Friday with our discussion about Spectre & Meltdown. Brandon Johnson from RedHat joins us to talk about this important topic & what he and his team at RedHat are doing to mitigate this disaster.

Meltdown & Spectre | Ask Noah 43

Jan 6, 2018


On this special edition of the Ask Noah Show we saw people looking for what they need to know about the latest Intel bugs, Meltdown & Spectre, so we break it down. Plus we take your calls, talk about your War Stories & what you've seen in the field!

The end of Bitcoin | Ask Noah 42

Jan 3, 2018


This week on the show, we talk about Alt Coins and how Bitcoin ceases to be a viable concurrency for day to day operations. We take your calls, plus we include the Mumble room!

2017 Christmas Special | Ask Noah 41

Dec 26, 2017


This week on show we do something a little different. The phone lines are open but we're taking calls about relationships, religion, politics, diet, life choices. Anything you can think to Ask Noah he answered in this special Christmas episode.

Hacking on Linux | Ask Noah 40

Dec 19, 2017


This week we take a dive into what it takes to break into a network. We wrap by telling you what you need to know to stay safe. Plus your calls & our answers! Note: Some hardware issues out of our control this week, audio is below our normal standard.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency | Ask Noah 39

Dec 12, 2017


This week we talk about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Should you invest? Should you look at other alt coins?

Linux Bracket Elimination | Ask Noah 38

Dec 5, 2017


This week we lay out out plan to create a master list of Linux Distros! Which one is best? For what purpose? You tell us!

Net Neutrality | Ask Noah 37

Nov 28, 2017


Hear the Net Neutrality debate from a new perspective. Darcy from Portugal shares his insights from a land already regulated by Net Neutrality style laws. Plus a deep dive into free-rating, your calls & more!

War Stories: Part 1 | Ask Noah 36

Nov 24, 2017


Join us for a special episode of the Ask Noah Show, where we talk about our IT war stories.

Wendell Wilson | Ask Noah 35

Nov 21, 2017


This week we take a break from the phones & bring on Wendell Wilson from Level 1 Techs!

Owning Your Communications | Ask Noah 34

Nov 14, 2017


With Logitech bricking their products do you really trust the cloud? Some say it's as low as $25 one time fee. Plus an interview with snapcraft.io & your calls.

Bitcoin Explained | Ask Noah 33

Nov 7, 2017


This week we tell you everything you wanted to know about Bitcoin & more. We take your calls live on the air, plus as a special treat we streamed live to Facebook. If you’re watching the video version of the show you get a peek behind the curtain!

Linux is Calling | Ask Noah 32

Oct 31, 2017


Have you ever wanted to host your own phone system? Replace Google Voice? We go on site to VoxTeleSys, a linux based company that helps keep the Ask Noah Show on the air plus we give you our take on Pop_OS!

Ubuntu 17.10 | Ask Noah 31

Oct 24, 2017


We dive into what it's like using Ubuntu 17.10 for a few days. Should you upgrade? What is cryptocurrency? We bring the mumble room in, plus your calls!

Doin' Lines of WiFi | Ask Noah 30

Oct 17, 2017


Noah gives us the 30 second elevator pitch & then does a deep dive into this new attack that has plagued wifi. We talk about RedHat on it's way to a 5 billion dollar company & of course your calls.

Ubuntu Rally Explained | Ask Noah 29

Oct 10, 2017


Noah takes a deep dive into Mir Wayland, what Canonical is doing with Ubuntu & how other projects like Arch and Fedora play into it. Interviews with people from the rally & of course your calls.

Linux Powered Party | Ask Noah 28

Oct 3, 2017


In this episode we talk to Eric who runs a DJ business powered by Linux hardware. Noah shares how he became a DJ, exclusive interviews with community members from the Ubuntu Rally & of course your calls.

Live from New York | Ask Noah 27

Sep 26, 2017


Chris Fisher joins us this episode, live from New York City! We take your questions live about business & tech.

Starting a Business with Linux | Ask Noah 26

Sep 19, 2017


In this episode founder of Sandbagger news Will Beaton joins us, plus Eric from the telegram group shares how he started his business entirely on Linux, all that & more including your calls from Russia!

Interview with Bob Carver | Ask Noah 25

Sep 19, 2017


In this episode legendary home theater & stereo expert Bob Carver joins us on the air to talk about how to pick the perfect home theater & stereo speakers. Brandon Johnson from RedHat tells us how to tweak your libvirtd setup. Plus we take your calls.

Linux Home Theater | Ask Noah 24

Sep 5, 2017


This week we detail exactly what you need to put a movie theater in your basement powered by Linux & open source. Plus your calls!

Retro Tech | Ask Noah 23

Aug 29, 2017


In this episode we go back in time for some tech that is still pretty cool for being so old. Plus your written questions & your calls!

Linux in your Pocket | Ask Noah 22

Aug 22, 2017


In this episode we focus on your written questions, of course your calls & our take on the GPD pocket which is now shipping with LINUX!

Google's Echo Chamber | Ask Noah 21

Aug 15, 2017


We dive into the Google memo that went viral, talk answer some of your email and Facebook questions & of course your calls!

Kickin' Harder Than a Sensei | Ask Noah 20

Aug 8, 2017


Brandon from RedHat joins us to talk about oVirt & how you can manage your virtual infrastructure from a web console. Plus we break down the advantages and disadvantages of Android v IOS, your calls & more!

/home/Dumpster | Ask Noah 19

Aug 1, 2017


Jason from GitLabs kicks off this hour of the Ask Noah Show, we talk about how to recover in Linux where Windows can't & why Ubuntu Mate might be the best Linux distro out there!

Switching London to Linux | Ask Noah 18

Jul 25, 2017


Steve from RedHat kicks off this hour with a howto on Ansible. We also take your calls and in them talk to Peter from London & pick his brain about switching people to Linux. Plus some Google Glass news!

Fedora 26 Fleet Commander | Ask Noah 17

Jul 18, 2017


We talk about Fedora 26 and it's new project

Libvirt on QEMU | Ask Noah 16

Jul 11, 2017


We chat with Ryan from System76 about their new operating system Pop_OS!. Plus a bit of virtualization on linux & of course, your calls!

Today is the Day | Ask Noah 15

Jul 4, 2017


We kick off with a bit of America, talk about System76's Pop!_OS as well as Lenovo's new “Retro ThinkPad” & of course take your calls.

Belmont IRL | Ask Noah 14

Jun 27, 2017


We dive into some really cool technology, talk about the latest Yubikey venture & Veronica Belmont joins us for a segment to talk about her upcoming show, IRLPodcast. Plus your calls!

Tails of Privacy | Ask Noah 13

Jun 20, 2017


This week we're back in Grand Forks and we give you a deep dive on TAILS linux - the distro designed from the ground up to provide you with a secure computing environment. Plus we talk about universal installers, the security of messengers & your calls.

The Golden Rule | Ask Noah 12

Jun 13, 2017


This week we're live from Cincinnati Public Radio to bring a very controversial episode of the Ask Noah Show. We sit down with Paul M. Jones & he tells us why some codes of conduct are a bad idea. We take your calls, plus we we look to see if Linux securi

Live from SELF | Ask Noah 11

Jun 11, 2017


This week we're live from the floor at SELF! We talk to the movers & shakers in the community. RedHat employees flood in to talk about the great things they're doing for the Linux community.

Linux Active Directory | Ask Noah 10

Jun 6, 2017


This week we take a look at how you can implement a domain controller on Linux or get the same functionality as active directory on a Linux ecosystem. Plus the most calls we've ever taken.

Security Enhanced Linux | Ask Noah 9

May 30, 2017


This week we take a serious look at SELinux. We break down what it is, how you can manage it & tell you what Cockpit can do for you. The Raspberry Pi Thin client has been announced & we give you our take. Plus your calls!

Having A Backup Plan | Ask Noah 8

May 23, 2017


This week on the Ask Noah Show we show you what it takes to get your data everywhere without using proprietary solutions, cover recent experiences with Seafile & of course take your calls!

Perfect Gnome Setup | Ask Noah 7

May 16, 2017


This week we give you the rundown on what it takes to make Gnome the perfect desktop. Find out what extensions we use, tweaks we make, plus your calls & much more!

Live from Linuxfest NW | Ask Noah 6

May 9, 2017


On this episode of the Ask Noah Show, we're LIVE from LinuxFest Northwest! We have the head of Ubuntu Mate on the show & he gives us hope on the future of the Linux Desktop, then talk about Electron and it's roll, plus take your questions live on the air.

The Cost Of Cloud | Ask Noah 5

May 2, 2017


This week we talk about PayPal and other payment providers you can use to send and receive money, the cloud & of course - we take your calls.

Honest VPS Round-Up | Ask Noah 4

Apr 25, 2017


This week we talk about the new AMD Ryzen, different VPS providers you could take a look at & of course - we take your calls.

Be nice to Newbies | Ask Noah 3

Apr 18, 2017


This week we talk about the new release of Ubuntu 17.04, take a deep dive into the “right to repair” bill that is sweeping 11 states & the newest player in the social media space, Mastodon.

The Ultimate Question | Ask Noah 2

Apr 11, 2017


We dive straight into the Ubuntu dropping Unity story, talk about the best open source messenger application & of course take your questions live on the air.

Origins | Ask Noah 1

Apr 4, 2017


We kick things off by taking a look at the anti-privacy bill, tell you about the layout and format of the show & what to expect & take some of your calls!