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Comets with Darrell Heath

Nov 9, 2013 28:52


In honor of the sungrazing comet ISON, I talked with Darrell Heath, president of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society, about the hopefully spectacular comet of 2013.

The ArkanScience! Mathematical Zombie Apocalypse Survival Special

Oct 22, 2013 28:34



Joined by Nathan Scott James and Professor Justin Turner, we discuss the mathematical chance of

surviving a zombie apocalypse.  

This episode is a bit unconventional, but a lot of fun.

Here's a link to the resources we discussed:


IOMN w/ Darrell Heath & Breaking Bad Science

Oct 4, 2013 33:31


The Rocket Experience

Sep 24, 2013 27:50


Music for the Heart

Sep 21, 2013 26:58


Admittedly, I exercised a bit of a confirmation bias regarding the study on heart health, but it was a scientific study nonetheless.

Any, my heart says it's okay:)

Here's one of the links on cardiovascular health & music:

This week's track listing:

1. Mars Needs Women -Peter Wolf

2. The Quantum World -Symphony of Science

3. The Meaning of Life Galaxy Song -Monty Python

4. Robot High School -My Robot Friend

5. Galactic Seahorse -Fable Cry

6. Space Oddity -David Bowie

7. Lost In Space -Starkey (feat. Charlie XCX)

* Special thanks to Jason Tedford of Wolfman studios for producing this podcast.

8. Mir -Ashtray Babyhead


Aug 12, 2013 28:34


The Day the Earth Smiled - Astronomers Without Borders

Jul 11, 2013 29:37


Science news, new music, & sci-fi spotlight, "Pacific Rim."

Mike Simmons for Astronomers Without Borders on the Cassini portrait of Earth.

July Astronomy Highlights with Darrell Heath

Jul 11, 2013 26:43


A special live episode in the KABF studio.

Darrell Heath, president of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society, tells us about astronomy highlights in July.

ArkanScience! - Jim Fisher Talks Light Pollution

Jun 21, 2013 29:52


Interview with Jim Fisher, Arkansas Chapter Leader of the International Dark-Sky Association on issues surrounding light pollution.
Jim on Twitter

ArkanScience! - News Special

Jun 15, 2013 23:38


A news-focused episode this week. Plus we examine the new trailer for Ender's Game in our Sci-Fi Spotlight.

ArkanScience! Darrell Heath on Supermoons, June Sky Preview

May 31, 2013 29:47


This show gets silly fast. YOU ARE WARNED.

Sci-Fi Spotlight - Curiosity Game's Big Reveal

Interview - Darrell Heath from the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society gives us a preview for the night sky in June.

Glowing Plants, Europa Report Trailer, Matt Christenson on Demography

May 25, 2013 29:23


We discuss the prospects of glowing plants for research and as a light source. Plus we debut our new segment "Sci-Fi Spotlight". This week's Sci-Fi Spotlight is the trailer for Europa Report. If you haven't seen this, do it now!

Interview: Matt Christenson on the "Demographic Winter".

ArkanScience! 5/17/13 Joel Gordon, Booyah! Dad

May 17, 2013 30:03


Interview: Joel Gordon of the Museum of Discovery on 3D Printing

Local Track: Boo Yah Dad - Say You Love Me

ArkanScience! 5/8/13 Kyle Sanders, Bear Colony

May 12, 2013 18:57


Interview: Kyle Sanders on Skepticism

Local Track: Bear Colony - Flask Retort

ArkanScience! 5/3/13 TJ Colvin, Darrell Health, Colin vs. Adam

May 3, 2013 29:39


INTERVIEWS - Amateur Astronomer TJ Colvin
Darrell Heath of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society

LOCAL ARTIST - Colin vs. Adam "Deadweight"