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Brad Touesnard and Pippin Williamson talk all about WordPress development.




Episode 83: Finale

Oct 10, 2017 42:35


This is the last episode before we retire the podcast. Many people have enjoyed the podcast and we’ve had a lot of great feedback and a lot of fun, so we’ve been asked why we’re...

Episode 82: The Future of EDD, Mergebot Updates, and Creating Your Own SSL Cert

Aug 1, 2017 45:47


Today, Brad and Pippin will be talking about what they’ve been up to the past few months, including things that have been going well and things that they’ve struggled with. Some of the highlights of...

Episode 81: Matt Mullenweg – #WorthIt

Jun 13, 2017 36:59


Today, Brad and Pippin will be talking to Matt Mullenweg. Matt is the founder of WordPress and the CEO of Automattic. We will be talking about the history of Automattic and what Matt does in...

Episode 80: Retargeting, Focus, and Other Listener Questions

May 16, 2017 38:04


Today we’re going to be talk about updates on what we’ve been up to recently. Then we’ll answer some of the questions that have come in from our readers and listeners. Sit back and enjoy...

Episode 79: WordPress Development Challenges, Hiring Developers, and Other Listener Questions

Apr 11, 2017 42:04


We’re going to answer some listener questions today. We’ve been getting a lot of great ones, and we thank you! We will continue answering questions in future episodes. If you have questions that you’d like...

Episode 78: Payment Gateways, Tax Season, and Other Listener Questions

Mar 28, 2017 37:22


Today’s episode is sponsored by Pagely, the original gangsters of WordPress hosting. They’ve been around for a long time, but they’ve gone from humble beginnings to hosting huge brands. They’ve been able to figure out...

Episode 77: How to Build a Batch Processing System with Drew Jaynes

Mar 14, 2017 48:55


Today’s episode is sponsored by Pagely, who are the original gangsters of managed WordPress hosting. They come from humble beginnings, but now they host huge brands like Disney, Visa, eBay and more. They know their...

Episode 76: Advanced Strategies vs. Just Shipping, and Other Listener Questions

Feb 21, 2017 29:20


We don’t have a sponsor this episode, but we are celebrating 100,000 downloads! With a sponsorship, about 2,100 people will listen to your ad. If you’re interested, visit to check it out. Today, Pippin...

Episode 75: Your Development Questions, Answered

Feb 1, 2017 42:09


Today we’re going to answer questions from listeners. We’re focusing on development today, and if we don’t get to your question, we will get to it soon, so go ahead and get in touch if...

Episode 74: Looking Back at 2016, and Ahead to 2017

Jan 18, 2017 50:01


2016 had been a year filled with challenges, achievements, and good experiences for both Pippin and Brad. Today, we’re going to talk about the year in review, both professionally and personally. We’ll also think ahead...

Episode 73: MergeBot and WordCamp US Updates

Dec 27, 2016 55:33


Today’s episode is sponsored by Post Status. It’s a great resource for news, updates, and other things happening in the WordPress ecosystem. You can subscribe to the site to get additional resources, like interviews, podcasts,...

Episode 72: WPForms with Jared Atchison

Dec 5, 2016 53:53


Our sponsor today is Post Status. Post Status is an industry news site that covers the WordPress ecosystem for professionals and enthusiasts. There’s also the Post Status club, which gives you a news-filled email, access...

Episode 71: Growing Through Strategic Acquisitions

Nov 8, 2016 42:39


Today’s episode is sponsored by SearchWP, a powerful plugin to enhance your WordPress search experience. One of its main features is its ability to build custom search engines. It also has the ability to search...

Episode 70: Mailbag – Plugin Pirating, Caching, Project Management

Oct 24, 2016 44:43


Today’s episode is brought to you by SearchWP. This is a plugin for WordPress that improves search functionality within the platform, allowing you to create distinct search engines, assign priority, and much more. Check out...

Episode 69: Maintenance Services and Page Builder Plugins

Oct 11, 2016 45:33


Today’s podcast episode is sponsored by SearchWP. This search plug-in takes the WP search engine and supercharges it, giving you complete flexibility. It allows you to search your e-commerce files, build custom search engines, have...

Episode 68: Plugin Uninstalls, Companies are People, Apple, and Updates

Sep 20, 2016 42:53


Today’s episode is brought to you by SearchWP. This is a WordPress plugin. Its main feature is the ability to create a custom search engine specific to your ecommerce product, health documentation or other content...

Episode 67: Business updates, marketing tips, and cashflow

Sep 6, 2016 50:10


Apply Filters is looking for a new sponsor! If you are interested, please contact us. Sponsors help us keep the show running and get a shoutout. Today’s episode focuses on updates from Brad and Pippin,...

Episode 66: WordPress 4.6 Release

Aug 10, 2016 53:04


Today’s sponsor is WP Pusher, a product that allows for “pain-free deployment of WordPress themes and plugins directly from Git.” WP Pusher is offering 20% off to our listeners; just use the code “applyfilters.”  ...

Episode 65: Automatic Renewals, Monsters in the Database, and Client License Ownership

Jul 20, 2016 46:02


Today’s sponsor is Network Solutions. If you are looking for a managed hosting platform with an emphasis on security, consider their product, Secure WordPress. Your plugins will stay updated and you won’t have to worry...

Episode 64: Plugin Updates, Team Retreats, Automated Testing

Jul 6, 2016 49:40


Today’s sponsor is Network Solutions, maker of Secure WordPress. This platform is great for those wanting the ultimate in security. With 24/7 tech support and the ability to update plugins, backup daily and scan for...

Episode 63: Singleton or No Singleton and Our Most Effective Marketing Channel

Jun 21, 2016 44:46


First, we would like to thank our sponsor today, which is Secure WordPress, the WP hosting platform of Network Solutions. With Secure WordPress, you can feel confident that your plugins are up to date, that...

Episode 62: Custom Content, Managing Expectations and EDD 2.6 Imports

Jun 7, 2016 42:15


We would like to thank today’s sponsor, Network Solutions. Their product, Secure WordPress, is a managed hosting platform with an emphasis on security. The program keeps plugins updated, performs daily backups, provides malware scanning and...

Episode 61: Devin Walker of Give and Co-Founder of WordImpress

May 18, 2016 49:29


First, we’d like to thank WP All Export, the sponsor of today’s show. With WP All Export, you can export anything in WordPress to Excel, XML or CSV. You can edit the data that you...

Episode 60: Solving the Problem of Database Merging

May 4, 2016 40:28


Update 2016-08-16: “Data Hawk” referenced in this cast has been renamed to Mergebot. Check out the latest news about Mergebot We would like to thank Gravity Flow for sponsoring today’s podcast. Gravity Flow allows sites to automate business...

Episode 59: WordPress 4.5 and Imposter Syndrome

Apr 20, 2016 51:55


We would like to thank the sponsor of today’s show, Gravity Flow. Gravity Flow allows sites to automate business processes for internal routing, scheduling, reporting and more. You can go to to learn more....

Episode 58: Releases, Growing Our Teams, and the Dangers in Assumptions

Apr 5, 2016 40:10


In this episode of Apply Filters we both update you on our projects. We’ve both made exciting progress including Brad’s upcoming Costa Rica trip (a goal of his for 2016). Listen in as we discuss...

Episode 57: Product Releases and PressNomics Highlights

Mar 15, 2016 35:08


Today we have updates on our latest projects as well highlights from the recent PressNomics event.

Episode 56: Batch and Background Process

Mar 1, 2016 36:07


In today’s show, we discuss background or batch processing which is used when performing large database upgrades, migrating data, changing data structure, or anything that requires a lot of API calls or database queries. You...

Episode 55: Automatic Renewals, Vagrant vs. Docker, and Varnish

Feb 18, 2016 56:36


Welcome to Apply Filters, Episode 55.  We’d like to let you know that we do have an open sponsorship available. You can sponsor an episode, a series, whatever works for you –  check out our Sponsors...

Episode 54: Carrie Dils on Genesis Theme Development

Feb 4, 2016 29:34


Carrie Dills is our guest today. Carrie is currently doing web development with Crowd Favorite by day and dabbling in a variety of things tech by nite. She has been working around computers her whole life, and began freelancing straight out of college. About five years ago was introduced to WordPress and that was the beginning of her present story. She is currently a team lead and software developer at Crowd Favorite.

Episode 53: Review of 2015 and Looking Ahead to 2016

Jan 18, 2016 1:00:06


In this episode we take a look back at 2015 and talk about whether we met our yearly goals, both professionally and personally. We also talk about what our goals will be for 2016. This episode focuses on our year in review and our year to come, so the talk about code is a bit light.

Episode 52: WordCamp US, Version 4.4 Release, and Calypso

Dec 18, 2015 37:53


WordPress 4.4 is out and Brad and Pippin share their impressions on today’s show! Brad and Pippin are fresh from Wordcamp US a week long educational and networking conference for WordPress users. For an honest...

Episode 51: What to expect with the pending release of HTTP2

Nov 4, 2015 46


A big thank you to our sponsors WP Ninjas, who are working on a new version of Ninja Forms 3.0 which looks awesome. Building a form with keyboard shortcuts is amazing. It’s a great functionality improvement,...

Episode 50: PHP7 and What It Means To You

Oct 23, 2015 53:12


Welcome to Apply Filters, Episode 50.  Today we’re talking about the upcoming launch of PHP7 and what it could mean to you as a WordPress theme and plugin developer.  This update to the framework will...

Apply Filters 49: Drew Jaynes, WordPress 4.2 Release Lead

Oct 5, 2015 53:09


With our sponsor WP Ninjas soon to be releasing Ninja Forms 3.0 we wanted to share this NinjaForms preview video.  Check out what you can expect in the upcoming release of Ninja Forms 3.0. Today...

Apply Filters 48: Managing Custom Tables

Sep 18, 2015 48


This week Brad and Pippin dive into the topic of managing custom tables in WordPress. This is a powerful tool to help extend the capabilities of core WordPress.

Apply Filters 47: Updates on our Progress and Digging into the Mailbag

Sep 4, 2015 47:07


This week we are catching up on the latest with our projects, discussing what books we’ve been reading lately that we recommend, and answer listener questions from our mailbag.

Episode 46 – James Laws, co-founder of WP Ninjas

Aug 10, 2015 57:52


Today we welcome co-founder of the WP Ninjas James Laws to the show. James originally appeared in Episode 13 of the podcast and today, almost a year and a half later, a lot has changed at WP Ninjas. We dig into how he and his co-founder Kevin Stover have scaled the business, what they've learned along the way, and what the future holds of the WP Ninjas team.

Episode 45 – Updates on our Projects, and Campaign Tracking in Google Analytics

Jul 27, 2015 43:54


In this episode Pippin and I are catching up on our projects, and diving in to the topic of campaign tracking with Google Analytics. I have been working on some updates to WP Offload S3, including a lot of work around testing and how we're approaching it specifically. I've also been doing screencasts for WP Offload S3. Pippin has brought on some help to bring in an update for Affiliate WP, working on an update to Paypal Pro Payouts, and working on a fraud monitor for EDD.

Episode 44 – Jonathan Christopher

Jul 13, 2015 52:04


Today we welcome Jonathan Christopher of SearchWP, Iron to Iron, and MondayByNoon to the show. We also begin to explore WordPress 4.3 Beta 1 which includes updated password strength requirements, updates to the visual editor, and responsive list tables.

Episode 43 – Backpress, Responsive Images, and Post Type Labels for Featured Images

Jun 26, 2015 34


Welcome to Episode 43 of Apply Filters. Today we dig into Backpress, a PHP library of some of the core functionality of WordPress. Backpress grew out of the core of WP and is now the muscle behind GlotPress, a popular web-based software translation tool. However, the future of this tool is in question.

Episode 42 – Taxonomy Term Splitting

Jun 15, 2015 55


In episode 42 of Apply Filters we talk through a few updates from our projects and dig into an issue that has been plaguing the WordPress community for some time now: Taxonomy Term Splitting. A recent article by Boone Gorges describes the problem very well and explores some of the potential ways to solve it.

Episode 41 – Rob Walling of Drip

May 27, 2015 43:06


Welcome to Episode 41 of the Apply Filters Podcast. Today we’re very excited to welcome Rob Walling on to the show. Rob talks about his Stairstep Approach to building a business, the challenges and benefits of SAAS, and his journey in creating Drip.

Episode 40 – Renaming Plugins, Loopconf, Creating Documentation, Getting Started Selling Plugins

May 14, 2015 37:49


This episode covers some best practices around building out documentation for your plugins and themes, how to get started selling your own plugins, and a few updates from Brad and Pippin.

Episode 39 – Commercial Plugins on GitHub, Welcome Screens, Comparing Plugins, Responsive Images

May 1, 2015 44:53


In this episode, we discuss commercial plugins on GitHub, welcome screens after updates, comparing similar plugins, responsive images, and more.

Episode 38 – Validating Features and Business Models for Plugins

Apr 18, 2015 46:37


We dive into how we have validated the business models for our plugins and how we use similar methods to validate new features and enhancements.

Episode 37 – UI Expectations and Pricing Experiments

Apr 3, 2015 35:19


We discuss our recent projects, the benefits and disadvantages of PayPal Express, making active blogging a part of our teams' routine, and security updates.

Episode 36 – PayPal Express, Blogging, and Security Updates

Mar 18, 2015 54:35


We discuss our recent projects, the benefits and disadvantages of PayPal Express, making active blogging a part of our teams' routine, and security updates.

Episode 35 – EDD v2.3, Moving from Campaign Monitor to Drip

Feb 25, 2015 49:43


In episode 35 we recap some of the projects we have been working on recently and get into a discussion on a few open tickets for WordPress core.

Episode 34 – Patrick Rauland, WooCommerce Product Manager

Jan 16, 2015 42:41


In episode 34 we are joined by Patrick Rauland, the current product manager for WooCommerce and a prolific plugin developer and contributor to Ninja Forms.

Episode 33 – WordSesh Special – Upgrade routines in plugins and WordPress 4.1

Jan 7, 2015 44:22


Special WordSesh episode where we discuss upgrade routines in plugins and what's new in WordPress 4.1.

Episode 32 – Add-on Plugins, Planning Large Plugins and Custom Tables

Dec 12, 2014 45:11


Episode 32 includes a discussion on add-on plugins, issue tracking across add-ons and the core repository, planning large plugins, custom tables, and more.

Episode 31 – Challenges for Lead Developers Leading Businesses

Nov 29, 2014 36:44


Some of the challenges that are faced by lead developers of projects that are also leading the business.

Episode 30 – John James Jacoby, the Master of Alliteration

Nov 14, 2014 1:06:11


We talk to John about working remotely, his Flox project, and about his crowd funding campaign that he has on the go.

Episode 29 – Learning SVN and daily habits that help us work better

Nov 4, 2014 52:38


Listener questions answered: learning SVN to deploy on and our daily habits that help us work better.

Episode 28 – Unit Tests

Oct 21, 2014 38:35


Episode 28 is all about unit tests!

Episode 27 – Finding inspiration and motivation to run your business, and hiring!

Oct 3, 2014 55:01


This episode is a continuation of 26 and is all about business. We wanted to discuss some of the ways that we find inspiration and motivation to continue building our businesses.

Episode 26 – Transitioning from developers to business owners

Sep 19, 2014 47:26


We switch things up a bit and dive into our businesses, specifically transitioning to a product-based business.

Episode 25 – WordPress 4.0

Sep 9, 2014 42:24


WordPress 4.0 was released last week. Let's talk about what's new!

Episode 24 – Dan Cameron and Sprout Apps

Aug 22, 2014 46:09


Dan Cameron, a freelance developer that has been working with WordPress since before version 1.2, joins us to talk about his history and Sprout Apps.

Episode 23 – Helen Hou-Sandi

Aug 8, 2014 49:56


Helen Hou-Sandi, a WordPress core developer, joins us to discuss how she got into WordPress.

Episode 22 – Zack Katz, GravityView, and Plugin Pricing

Jul 25, 2014 51:27


Zack Katz joins us for episode 22 to discuss his history as a plugin developer and his flagship product, GravityView.

Episode 21 – Philip Arthur Moore, Themes, the Customizer, and WordPress 4.0 Beta 1

Jul 11, 2014 44:59


Philip Arthur Moore joins us, a prolific figure in the WordPress theme development world.

Episode 20 – Failures in Development, Airplane Mode, Commoditization of WordPress Themes and TimThumb

Jun 27, 2014 43:06


Episode 20 gets into a discussion about how our failures as developers can hugely influence how we work now and the processes that we use in our day to day development.

Episode 19 – BeachPress, Blender Markets, Discontinuing Products, Redesigning Product Sites, Contributing to WordPress Core

Jun 13, 2014 52:04


For episode 19 we discuss BeachPress, discontinuing a commercial product, the launch of the new Blender Markets website, contributing to WordPress core on "paid time", and more.

Episode 18 – WP Stream with Frankie Jarrett and Japh Thomson

May 30, 2014 44:53


Frankie Jarrett and Japh Thomson join us for episode 18 to talk about their work with the WP Stream plugin, as well as their contributions to WordPress core.

Episode 17 – Special Guest Jared Atchison, WordPress 3.9, ACF v5

Apr 25, 2014 55:44


Jared Atchison joins us for Episode 17 to talk about his work, contributing to bbPress, the recent WordPress 3.9 release, and more

Episode 16 – Caching, damned if you do, damned if you don’t

Mar 28, 2014 50:00


Episode 16 is all about caching. From testing plugins with caching to the various kinds of server side caching, we touch on it all.

Episode 15 – WordPress 3.9 Beta 1 and A/B Testing

Mar 14, 2014 46:22


Episode 15 covers many of the new enhancements coming to WordPress 3.9 in April, 2014

Episode 14 – Standard things to keep in mind with your WordPress development

Feb 28, 2014 40:25


For episode 14, we discuss some of the standard tools, methods, and mindsets you should be using (or consider using) in your day to day WordPress development.

Episode 13 – The WP Ninjas

Feb 14, 2014 48:34


James Laws and Kevin Stover from WP Ninjas join us to tell about their history as a business and the challenges and experiences they've had building their flagship product, Ninja Forms.

Episode 12 – All about custom tables

Jan 31, 2014 45:17


For episode 12 we decided to tackle the subject of using custom database tables in plugins. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various data storage architectures.

Episode 11 – Dan Griffiths, Redux Framework, and Noteworthy Plugins

Jan 18, 2014 35:55


For episode 11 we have a special guest, Dan Griffiths, who is the founder of the Redux Framework and several other noteworthy plugins.

Episode 10 – All about git

Jan 5, 2014 37:28


Episode 10 is all about git! In this episode we share how we use git to manage releases, bug fixes, and new feature development.

Episode 9 – Deployment Methods

Dec 20, 2013 37:28


For Episode 9, we discuss our latest projects and various methods of deploying code and databases to and from servers

Episode 8 – Noteworthy Plugins and Unit Tests

Dec 6, 2013 35:31


For Episode 8, we discuss our latest projects, noteworthy plugins, and the topic of unit tests in WordPress plugin development.

Episode 7 – Special Guest Justin Sainton, WordPress e-Commerce, and Noteworthy Plugins

Nov 21, 2013 32:54


In Episode 7, we were honored to have Justin Sainton join us as a special guest to talk about his development work, including major contributions to WP e-Commerce and WordPress core.

Episode 6 – Event Management and Ticketing, Styles in Plugins, Noteworthy Plugins, and Big Snow Tiny Conf

Nov 8, 2013 33:57


During Episode 6, we discuss our recent projects, both of which involve event management plugins, styles in plugins, what is too much or too little, our noteworthy plugins for the week, and the upcoming Big Snow Tiny Conf event.

Episode 5 – Special Guest Stephanie Leary, GenerateWP, and Noteworthy Plugins

Oct 25, 2013 32:40


Stephanie Leary, a freelance developer and author, joins us for Episode 5 to discuss her development work and other topics, including GenerateWP and our favorite plugins from the last few weeks.

Episode 4 – JSON REST API, Auto Update Hooks, Reviewing Plugins, Post Forking

Sep 27, 2013 32:01


Episode 4 covers JSON Rest API proposed for WP 3.8, core automatic updates, Pippin's experience as a member of the plugin review team, plugin picks of the week, and Post Forking, a project recently funded on Indiegogo.

Episode 3 – Special Guest John Turner, Automatic Updates in WP 3.7, and Noteworthy Plugins

Sep 13, 2013 35:55


For Episode 3 we bring on John Turner of SeedProd. Along with joining into our usual discussion around WordPress development, John gives some insight into his business, how he got started, what he does day to day.

Episode 2: WordPress 3.7/3.8 Feature Development as Plugins and Core Contributions

Aug 30, 2013 52:16


Episode 2 discusses the new feature plugins development model for WordPress 3.7/8, how we built the site, and also our own contributions to WordPress core and the experiences we have with that process.

Episode 1: WP 3.6 Heartbeat API and Audio/Video Embeds

Aug 16, 2013 38:38


In this first episode of Apply Filters, Brad and I discuss new features in WordPress 3.6, including the Heartbeat API, new oembed support audio and video files, as well as some of our own projects we are each working on in our own businesses.