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Animal Voices Vancouver covers a variety of social, political, ethical and lifestyle topics related to animal advocacy and the vegan lifestyle.
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Strategy in the Animal Rights Movement and the Canada Goose Pressure Campaign with Darren Chang

Feb 13, 2020 1:01:07


In this show, we feature an exclusive interview with grassroots liberation activist Darren Chang on strategies and tools in the animal rights and anti-oppression movements and the Canada Goose Pressure Campaign which he will be speaking more about. Also, guest co-host Meghan on her experience protesting against RibFest and guest co-host Leah with an update on the Wet'suwet'en pipeline protest.

Activism Training and Education in Mexico with Social Justice Leader and Founder of FaunAcción, Wvtco, also Hoads Farm Cruelty Exposed by DxE Brighton

Jan 31, 2020


This show features interviews with Wvcto from FaunAcción, the first group in Mexico that provides training and education to activists and other citizens, and a guest from Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) Brighton on protest within Hoads Farm after exposure of hidden camera footage.

Veganuary Inspiration Featuring Interviews with Dr. Neal Barnard on Plant-Based Nutrition as Healing and Personal Trainer Karina Inkster on Plant-Powered Fitness

Jan 17, 2020 0:54:39


This show features interviews of Dr. Neal Barnard on the reasons why he is a plant-based advocate and Karina Inkster on weightlifting and fitness as a vegan personal trainer. We also introduce three new co-hosts, Meaghan Beattie, Grace Wampold, and Leah Thompson with their stories on how they started on veganism and why they choose to continue to live a vegan lifestyle.

“The Animal People” film with former SHAC7 member Jake Conroy, plus The Failings of the GV Zoo, with Vancouver Humane Society’s Peter Fricker

Jan 10, 2020 0:00:01


A feature interview with Jake Conroy, convicted animal activist and a key character in "The Animal People" film. Plus, an interview with Peter Fricker on the failings of the Greater Vancouver Zoo.

New Year’s Show: Resources for Going Vegan in 2020

Jan 4, 2020


This show features an exciting announcement of the Vancouver premiere of the documentary "The Animal People," plus resources, tips, and tricks for kickstarting your new vegan lifestyle in 2020.

Encore show: Indigenous Peoples Day – Sierra Tasi Baker on Indigenous Veganism and Finding Balance with the Natural World

Dec 26, 2019 1:00:55


Sierra Tasi Baker of the Squamish Nation speaks to us on why she chose a vegan lifestyle, how this fits with her traditional Coast Salish values, and how animal activists can advocate for animals in a way that's respectful toward Indigenous people.

Orangutan Jungle School: Dr. Anne Russon on Rescuing and Rehabilitating Orphaned Orangutans

Dec 21, 2019


Featuring an interview with York University primatologist Dr. Anne Russon, lead script advisor for the docu-soap series "Orangutan Jungle School" on the Love Nature channel.

Vegan Holiday Cooking with The Tasty K, Kirsten Kaminski, plus Tosha Lobsinger on Zero Waste for the Holidays (and beyond!)

Dec 13, 2019 0:58:34


A feature interview on Vegan Holiday Cooking with social media star The Tasty K, Kirsten Kaminski, plus an interview with local advocate Tosha Lobsinger on Zero-Waste for the Holidays (and beyond!).

School Days Series #4: Looking for Solutions to Creating a Compassionate Educational Experience

Dec 6, 2019 0:58:15


This is the 4th and final show of our School Days series. (You can find the other 3 shows in the series here) This last show continues to explore how we can create a more compassionate and cruelty-free educational environment. The show features interviews with Early Childhood Educator, Mallory Boult; National Programs Director of Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, Monica Chen and grade 8 student Soleilla Denomme.

Violist Tony Kastelic on Vegan Classical Musician Life and a Revolutionary New Animal-Friendly Bow Hair

Nov 29, 2019


Featuring an extended coffee-table chat with violist and singer Tony Kastelic, as well as live performances from both Tony and our producer Elyse Jacobson. Tony and Elyse discuss being among the first musicians in Canada to use Coruss bow hair, a high-tech professional-grade synthetic bow hair.

Eric O’Grey on “Walking With Peety”, and Animal Justice Lawyer Camille Labchuk on the State of the Fur Industry in Canada

Nov 22, 2019


A feature interview with author Eric O'Grey on "Walking with Peety: The Dog Who Saved My Life", plus an interview with animal rights lawyer Camille Labchuk of Animal Justice to speak on the state of the fur industry, and other current day animal advocacy issues in Canada.

Discussion on Animal Dissections in the Classroom, Featuring an Interview with Dr. Elisabeth Ormandy, the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Animals in Science Policy Institute (AiSPI)

Nov 15, 2019


This the third show of the School Days series, focusing on animal dissection and featuring an interview with Dr. Elisabeth Ormandy, the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Animals in Science Policy Institute (AiSPI) in Vancouver.

Vegan Rapper Z-Man on His Forthcoming Animal-Rights-Themed Album

Nov 8, 2019 0:58:19


Featuring an interview with San Francisco-based underground rapper Z-Man, who has an album in the works on human exploitation of nonhuman animals, plus an update from Bryce Casavant of Pacific Wild on the proposed escalation of the wolf cull in BC, and a discussion on the many animals exploited by the military-industry complex.

World Vegan Month Show: Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, The Joyful Vegan, on How to Stay Vegan in a World That Wants You to Eat Meat, Dairy and Eggs

Nov 1, 2019 1:04:13


Happy World Vegan Month! A feature interview with long-time vegan educator Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, also known as The Joyful Vegan.

Appreciation for our Avian Friends: Jacko the African Grey Parrot, and his human companion Adrianne Gauthier

Oct 25, 2019 1:00:38


It's our Fall Member Drive! We feature an in studio interview with Jacko the African Grey Parrot and his human companion Adrianne Gauthier. Video live streamed - not to be missed!

Aph Ko on Speciesism as an Extension of White Supremacy

Oct 17, 2019


Featuring an interview with writer and decolonial theorist Aph Ko on her new book, "Racism as Zoological Witchcraft: A Guide to Getting Out."

Interviews on Navigating School as an Animal Advocate, New York City’s Stance on Serving Processed Meats at School, and More

Oct 11, 2019 0:00:01


In this show, we continue our discussion on the move towards compassionate classrooms, including interviews with those trying to navigate as animal advocates in the school system, the New York City school stance on processed meat, school milk days, and hot lunch programs at schools.

Angel Chen on the Global Climate Strike and 100 Debates for the Environment

Oct 5, 2019 0:58:45


A discussion on Climate Action and the environmental platforms with regards to animal agriculture in the upcoming federal election, with special guest and social justice activist Angel Chen.

VIFF 2019 Review : The Whale and The Raven

Oct 3, 2019


In this post, we have a review of the upcoming documentary, The Whale and The Raven. Vancouver International Film Festival is showing The Whale and The Raven at SFU Goldcorp on October 4th (9pm) and October 6th (4pm). It is a film directed by Mirjam Leuze on the plight of the whales and the Gitga'at First Nations protecting the waters they reside in. The Whale and The Raven also features whale researchers Janie Wray and Hermann Meuter of Cetacea Lab.

Hearts and Minds Transformed by The Game Changers Movie, and Happy Pig Stories

Sep 27, 2019


In this show, we discuss how the movie The Game Changers has impacted two non-vegans, a Craigslist pig rescue story, and how Toronto activists led by Marni Jill Ugar were able to connect the owner of restaurant Bacon Nation to compassion for the animals.

Brenda Sanders on Making Veganism Accessible to Black Communities and Using It to Help Overcome Race-Based Oppression

Sep 20, 2019


Featuring an interview with vegan food justice activist Brenda Sanders, founder and president of the Afro-Vegan Society. Also, a discussion on elephants and rhinos, as well as the various ways in which they are exploited and harmed by humans and how to resist this, to celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day and World Rhino Day.

Compassionate Action: Be Fair Be Vegan Toronto, and Almira Tanner on the California Fur Ban and Right to Rescue

Sep 12, 2019


A feature interview with DxE's Almira Tanner on this week's ban of fur in the State of California. Plus, the BeFairBeVegan media campaign takes over the transit system of Toronto.

Back to School: Interviews of Two Teachers, Animal Compassion in the School System, and Zoe Weil of the Institute of Humane Education

Sep 6, 2019


A school feature with interviews with two teachers about animal compassion in the education system. Also, Zoe Weil's speech on the Humane Education Movement.

Burning of the Amazon Rainforest, Animal Advocacy Methods, and Dr. Michael Greger’s Continual Contribution to Plant-Based Nutritional Science

Aug 30, 2019 0:59:04


We feature a recent speech by Dr. Michael Greger on the top 15 ways of "how not to die". He cites scientific evidence on the benefits of eating a plant-based diet.

Toronto Activists Lock Down Slaughterhouse and Save 4 Lives, and Bryce Casavant on When Bears and Humans Cross Paths in Urban Settings

Aug 23, 2019 0:58:06


A feature interview with former BC Conservation Officer Bryce Casavant on the problems that are faced between humans and bears when they cross paths on their urban living spaces, and an interview with Toronto activist Jenny McQueen on the recent lock down of a slaughterhouse in Toronto.

Celebrating International Homeless Animals Day and Black Cat Appreciation Day with Maria Soroski of VOKRA

Aug 16, 2019 0:56:34


Featuring an interview with Maria Soroski, co-founder and director of the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association.

New Undercover Video Footage Shows Farmers Abusing Animals at Excelsior Hog Farm in Abbotsford, BC

Aug 9, 2019


The continuing exposé of the Excelsior Hog Farm and the animal agriculture industry after an additional 7 minutes of shocking undercover video footage is released to the public.

Local Filmmaker Exposes Ineffective Animal Testing

Aug 2, 2019


This show will broadcast live on Friday, August 2nd from Noon to 1pm PST at 100.5fm CFRO in Vancouver, Canada and via live audio streaming at It will then be posted here as a podcast, so please do check back soon! Gary Charbonneau’s New Documentary, “Medical Illusion” In 2015, the public learned the truth about the cruelty and deception taking place behind the scenes at the Vancouver Aquarium, when the documentary “Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered” was released for free online. Documentary filmmaker Gary Charbonneau has once again unveiled some disturbing facts about another animal-use industry – medical research. While many species of animals are legally allowed to suffer in horribly inhumane ways for animal research, this film doesn’t touch on animal welfare issues at all. Rather, the focus of the documentary is on one simple fact: animals lack predictive value for human drug and disease studies and testing. Our body systems are just too different, biologically, to rely on for accurate comparative results. The film features interviews with medical doctors, scientific researchers, Canadian politicians, and scientific advisors who all oppose this archaic method of research to prevent and cure human diseases. Why are governments around the world failing to embrace […]

Dr. Olivia Norfolk on How Keeping Honeybees Harms Wild Pollinators, and 11-Year-Old Omari McQueen on Being the World’s Youngest Vegan CEO

Jul 27, 2019


Pollinator expert Dr. Olivia Norfolk explains how keeping honeybees harms wild bee populations, and what we can do to actually help them. 11-year-old Omari McQueen describes his vegan business, Dipalicious, and talks about why he went vegan and how he discovered his passion for plant-based cooking.

A Movement for the Animals, for the Planet, for You: Nation Rising

Jul 24, 2019 0:00:01


Nation Rising: A Movement for the Animals, the Planet and You

Carrie Shogan, Living the Sanctuary Life at Little Oink Pig Bank Sanctuary, and Rich The Vegan’s Canada 2019 Tour for the Animals

Jul 12, 2019 0:58:22


A feature interview with animal rescuer Carrie Shogan, co-founder of The Little Oink Bank Pig Sanctuary, plus an interview with Rich the Vegan on his cross-Canada tour for the animals. Also, "The Game Changers" film is finally coming to theatres!

Activists Working to Challenge Speciesism: Plant-Based Cooking Classes, The Calgary Stampede and Protesting a Bacon Restaurant

Jul 6, 2019 1:00:43


Interviews with three Canadian activists dedicating their lives to the fight for animal liberation.

Nation Rising – A Report on Their Second Annual Rally. Also the Captivating Truth About Frogs with Matt Ellerbeck

Jul 3, 2019 0:57:50


Featuring interviews with frog advocate Matt Ellerbeck and Nation Rising co-founder Darlene Levecque.

Indigenous Peoples Day: Sierra Tasi Baker on Indigenous Veganism and Finding Balance with the Natural World

Jun 21, 2019 1:00:55


Sierra Tasi Baker of the Squamish Nation speaks to us on why she chose a vegan lifestyle, how this fits with her traditional Coast Salish values, and how animal activists can advocate for animals in a way that's respectful toward Indigenous people.

Celebrating Vegan Dads for Father’s Day, plus Bill S-203 to Ban All Cetaceans in Captivity in Canada Has Passed this Week

Jun 14, 2019 0:59:20


Celebrating vegan dads raising their children vegan, for Father's Day. And, Bill S-203 has finally passed, creating a federal ban of keeping dolphins and whales in captivity in Canada!

Help Prevent Potential Animal Testing at St. Paul’s Hospital, and Canada’s Shame: Live Horse Exports

Jun 8, 2019 0:57:55


Two Vancouver activists using their law degrees to fight for animals.

Travelling in Italy as a Vegan, and Isa Leshko on Photography as a Powerful Tool for Animal Advocacy

Jun 1, 2019 0:58:26


Featuring an interview with artist and writer Isa Leshko on the power of photography in animal activism. Plus, host Elyse shares her experiences travelling in Italy as a vegan.

An Innovative Approach to Teaching How Our Eating Habits Affect The World We Live In, and Brigitte Gemme of Vegan Family Kitchen

May 23, 2019


A feature interview with Brigitte Gemme on cooking plant-based meals for the family from scratch, plus an interview with Capilano University instructor Nicholas Jennings on his new upcoming course "Veganism & Sustainability".

Vancouver Aquarium Management Meeting with Activists, Humane Dog Training and Local Vegan Entrepreneurship

May 17, 2019 0:56:46


A show for the dogs and highlighting local female vegan entrepreneurs!

A Former Dairy Farmer-Turned Vegan Activist, and a Mother Called Out For Supporting the Vancouver Aquarium Turns Her Family Vegan

May 10, 2019 0:00:01


Get inspired to go vegan with these superheroes, Jaime Bystryk and Jackie Scurr.

“Meat The Victims Canada” Activists Expose a Modern Pig Farm in Abbotsford, BC

May 3, 2019 1:20:42


Interviews with some of the 200 activists who peacefully protested and documented cruelty on a local pig farm. We address some of the comments we have been hearing from farmers, and speak to a former RCMP officer-turned activist about breaking the law to obtain justice.

VEGAN Toronto: Busting Cultural Myths with Award-winning Chef Doug McNish, and Marni Ugar on Fighting Speciesism

Apr 26, 2019 1:02:02


VEGAN Toronto: A feature interview with vegan chef extraordinaire Doug McNish on vegan food activism in Toronto. Plus, activist Marni Ugar speaks on anti-speciesism protests at a Toronto "ethical butcher". Also, a special interview with an undercover activist who broke mainstream media news this week in his discoveries at a pig farm in Abbotsford.

Earth Day: Back to Our Roots

Apr 19, 2019 0:57:26


Featuring interviews with vegan Xicana chef Denise Vallejo on decolonizing Mexican food, and Lupii Cafe co-founder Lisa Papania on zero-waste vegan living.

The Power of Inspirational Speeches

Apr 11, 2019


A speech by activist Simone Reyes and other speeches sure to inspire others to become vegan.

Encore Show: Go Vegan for 2019, with the Indian Rock Vegans, and the Miracle Story of Nine Newborn Babies

Apr 5, 2019 1:00:00


An encore presentation featuring Tips and Advice for Going Vegan for 2019, and the Indian Rock Vegans telling the miracle story of 9 newborn baby calves rescued from the dairy industry.

Joshua Katcher: High Fashion for the Ethical Man

Mar 30, 2019 0:59:49


Featuring an interview with vegan fashion designer and author Joshua Katcher, founder of Brave GentleMan and The Discerning Brute.

Can One Consider Themselves an Environmentalist without being Vegan?

Mar 22, 2019


Local vegan activists discuss a recent event hosted by UBC, "Hope in the Climate Crisis: Transitioning Our World" featuring a speech by renowned environmentalist and scientist, David Suzuki.

Million Dollar Vegan’s 12-Year-Old Genesis Butler asks the Pope to Fight Climate Change with Diet Change, and Christopher Anderson takes on a month-long vegan challenge

Mar 13, 2019


An interview with 12-year-old Genesis Butler on her request to the Pope to go vegan for Lent. Plus, a feature interview with Christopher Anderson, an Australian born into an animal agriculture family, who took on a one month vegan challenge this February!

The Importance of Honesty in Discussions and in our Self-Reflection

Mar 8, 2019


Effective advocacy messaging in the animal rights movement

Frank Metivier, “The Vigorous Vegan Vagabond”

Mar 1, 2019 0:58:23


Featuring an interview with Frank Metivier, "The Vigorous Vegan Vagabond," who travels around in his van doing activism for animals.

Veganic Farming and Gardening with Stephen Hunt

Feb 27, 2019 0:59:47


Stephen Hunt from "Brightside Blueberries and Such" is an early adopter of Veganic farming in British Columbia. Join us as we discover various ways to enhance our gardens organically and cruelty free.

Buddhism and Veganism, with Dr. Will Tuttle

Feb 15, 2019 0:58:26


A feature interview with vegan luminary Dr. Will Tuttle on the interconnections between Buddhism and veganism. Plus, a discussion on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in social justice movements.

A bacon-loving entrepreneur, an undercover investigator, a naturopathic medicine school graduate and a firefighter walk into a radio station….

Feb 9, 2019 1:02:08


Roundtable discussion on compassion, morality, health and the power of transformation.

Vervet Monkey Foundation Has A Dream

Feb 5, 2019 0:00:01


Josie Du Toit and the rest of the Vervet Monkey Foundation are excitedly pursuing a dream: a Vervet Forest.

Vegan Meal Prep with JL Fields, and Vesanto Melina, RD, on Canada’s new Food Guide

Jan 26, 2019 0:59:33


Veganuary continues! A feature interview with vegan culinary educator JL Fields, sharing tips and advice on prepping vegan meals for the week. Plus an interview with leading Canadian registered dietitian Vesanto Melina on the newly-released Canada's Food Guide.

Local Activists Angel Chen and Jess Ammann on Veganism and the near-extinction of our Southern Resident Orcas

Jan 19, 2019 0:59:39


An interview with Jess Ammann on the anthropogenic threats affecting our Southern Resident Orcas, plus an inspiring Activist Profile with Vancouver's Angel Chen.

Mark Hawthorne just released an expanded version of Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism

Jan 9, 2019 0:55:43


Listen to this show here! You are going to want to read Chapter 11 first of Striking at the Roots first .  Chapter 11,  “Animal Care: Activists are Animals Too” is Mark’s favourite chapter and one to which he has devoted a lot of consideration. From coping with burnout and traumatic knowledge to dealing with your family or friends, it is covered here. This book is a field guide to animal activism, it includes everything from leafleting to demonstrations to corporate campaigns to using food as outreach. There really is something for everyone. He provides tips, suggestions and checklists about each activism method,  as well as a few recipes to get you inspired about using “food as outreach”. I chat with Mark about some things not covered in this book but of which he is well qualified to speak, such as, how animal advocates should treat each other and how to keep a healthy perspective. He also gives some suggestions for other resources that he finds important for animal advocates, such as  ,   ,  ,  ,  and the book Growl by Kim Stallwood Also check out Mark’s blog for more ideas, information and thoughts on animal advocacy at […]

New Year’s Show: Go Vegan for 2019, with the Indian Rock Vegans, and the Story of a Christmas Miracle

Jan 5, 2019 0:59:33


Bring in the New Year by going vegan for 2019! We give tips and advice for embracing a sustainable vegan lifestyle, plus speak with Sheanne and Dan Moskaluk, the Indian Rock Vegans, about their vegan and activism stories. And they tell us about a Christmas miracle of 9 calves last week who were just rescued from the slaughter of the dairy industry.

Making a compassionate transition this Veganuary, and Commercial Drive’s Eternal Abundance cafe and grocery store

Dec 28, 2018 0:58:22


This show is for the pregans! (Pre-vegans.) Veganuary is nigh...join us to learn how and why.

Giving to RASTA sanctuary for Christmas, and Whole Foods drops charges against DXE’s Wayne Hsiung

Dec 22, 2018 0:59:27


Why not give the gift of animal sponsorship at a sanctuary this Christmas? Also, DXE exposes the humane lies told by Whole Foods.

Spending a Zero Waste Vegan Holiday Season, with Tosha Lobsinger of Peace People Project

Dec 15, 2018 1:03:58


A feature interview with guest Tosha Lobsinger of the Peace People Project, on zero waste living, and how to spend a zero waste vegan-friendly holiday this year.

International Human Rights Day Show, Plus: Pig Trial #2: Activist Jenny McQueen Charged with Break and Enter, Mischief

Dec 8, 2018 1:00:30


An interview with Toronto animal activist Jenny McQueen on her experience of exposing blatant animal cruelty in a pig farm in Ontario, and then being raided by the police. Plus, a discussion on fur activism.

100 Turkeys Saved from the Slaughter of Thanksgiving, and Amy Quichiz of Veggie Mijas

Dec 1, 2018 0:57:11


A feature interview on vegan intersectionality with Amy Quichiz of Veggie Mijas, plus an interview with Utah-based animal activist Amy Meyer, the first person ever prosecuted under an Ag-Gag law in the U.S., and one of the rescuers of 100 turkeys from a factory farm last weekend. Also, we discuss last week's anti-fur march in Vancouver with local activist Meaghan Beattie.

Animals in Science Policy Institute’s Dr. Elisabeth Ormandy and Dr. Jonathan Balcombe, author of “What A Fish Knows”

Nov 23, 2018 0:57:11


A feature interview with Elisabeth Normandy of the Animals in Science Policy Institute on bringing non-animal teaching methods to the classroom. Plus, an interview with ethologist Jonathan Balcombe on the sentience of fishes.

Plant-based Dietitian Desiree Nielsen and Andy Tabar of The Bearded Vegans

Nov 16, 2018 0:55:25


A feature interview with dietitian Desiree Neilsen, RD on Plant-Based Nutrition. Plus, a discussion about vegan body shaming, and a short interview with Jordan Reichert, from the Animal Protection Party of Canada, on voting in the BC referendum.

Plants are for Everybody: Making Veganism Accessible to All

Nov 10, 2018 0:59:25


Featuring an interview with Matt Noble of the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank, plus short features on Francesca Chaney (founder and owner of Sol Sips in Brooklyn), and Brenda Sanders (food justice activist and co-founder of Baltimore's The Greener Kitchen).

Behind the scenes of the exotic pet trade, the impact of fireworks on animals, Canada Goose protests, and an activist charged for rescuing a piglet.

Nov 2, 2018 1:00:02


Vancouver animal rights activist David Isbister shares his knowledge on industries that exploit animals.

World Vegan Day Show: International Marathon Champion and Animal Rescuer Fiona Oakes

Oct 26, 2018 1:11:39


For World Vegan Day, we feature an interview with a person who exemplifies the vegan message and lifestyle: world record-breaking endurance runner and animal rescuer Fiona Oakes. See her in director Keegan Kuhn's new film "Running for Good".

“Evolve Our Prison Farms” Activist Calvin Neufeld on Sanctuaries Over Killing

Oct 19, 2018 0:57:37


Activist Seeks Rehabilitation Over Animal Exploitation for Canadian Prisoners.

Kula Foods: Asha Wheeldon and Jessica Fyffe Serve Up Afro-Vegan Love

Oct 12, 2018 1:02:08


Jessica Fyffe and Asha Wheeldon join us in the studio to talk about their Vancouver-based Afro-vegan food business, Kula Foods.

Marine Biologist Alexandra Morton on Fish Farms, Wild Salmon and the Southern Resident Orcas, and Zoe Peled on the Vancouver Vegan Resource Centre

Oct 6, 2018 0:59:20


Our Southern Resident Orcas are in trouble and we can help...but we need to change the way we live and act fast. Learn about becoming an advocate for the animals.

Sharkwater Extinction: Saving Sharks with Brock Cahill and Julie Andersen

Sep 28, 2018 1:00:09


A show for the sharks and dedicated to the late filmmaker and shark conservationist Rob Stewart. Fellow activists Brock Cahill and Julie Andersen speak on shark conservation issues and Rob Stewart's new film "Sharkwater Extinction".

Filmmaker Chris Delforce of “Dominion”, and Robert Grillo on the Devastating Effects of Hurricane Florence

Sep 21, 2018 1:01:12


An interview with Free From Harm's Robert Grillo on the devastating effects of Hurricane Florence to farmed animals. Plus, a feature interview with director, writer and editor Chris Delforce of the new documentary feature-length film "Dominion".

Joanne Chang on Vegan Shoes, Parenting, and More

Sep 15, 2018 0:59:58


Featuring an interview with local vegan activist and entrepreneur Joanne Chang, co-founder and co-owner of Vancouver's first vegan shoe store, Nice Shoes.

Finding Creative Angles for Strategic Activism and a Closer Look at the Exploitative Animal Agriculture Industries

Sep 8, 2018 0:58:29


Become inspired by Susan Standfield-Spooner's enthusiasm and activism strategies, and learn about the interconnectedness of animal agriculture, taxpayer subsidies and our environment.

Activist Brian Brown on Promoting Veganism Over Vegetarianism and Abolitionism Versus Welfarism

Sep 1, 2018 0:46:04


Choosing honesty and ethical consistency in our activism messaging.

Diverse Voices in the Vegan Movement

Aug 24, 2018 0:55:09


Vegans and animal advocates come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, from all over the world and all walks of life. This show highlights a few movers and shakers in the vegan community around the globe. 

Activist Profile: Ryan Phillips, and Rocky Schwartz on The Microsanctuary Movement

Aug 18, 2018 1:14:15


Living the microsanctuary life! An Activist Profile with Ryan Phillips on Life with Three Pigs, a Chicken and a Rabbit. Plus an interview with Rocky Schwartz of The Microsanctuary Movement.

Susan Standfield-Spooner’s Animal Activism Journey and Lawyer Anna Pippus on Documenting and Reporting Animal Cruelty

Aug 10, 2018 0:59:56


Get inspired with strategies to be a more effective activist, gain expert advice on using the law to defend animals, and learn how to effectively put animal rights violations in the media spotlight.

Vegan Psychologist and Activist Clare Mann Discusses Her New Book, “Vystopia”

Jul 30, 2018 0:58:44


Listen to this show here! Clare Mann is an Australia-based vegan psychologist, communications trainer and animal rights campaigner. She consults with people all over the world to help address the personal and social challenges of being vegan and living in a non-vegan world and is the author of Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World.  A bestselling author of many other titles, Clare runs public and in-house training programs in communication, team-building and ethical leadership for corporations, SMEs and animal rights organizations in Australia, and regularly appears on TV and in the press.  An experienced keynote speaker, Clare is regularly sought out to present at vegan and animal rights conferences, rallies and festivals, and is the co-founder of the Vegan Voices smartphone app, a free 30-day video communications training for vegans.       Imagine everything you believe to be true suddenly shatters. Despite everyday challenges, you’re fairly positive and believe, on the whole, life’s an adventure and people are doing their best. You may hold social justice concerns about people and the environment and when you share these, people champion your efforts Then one day your life takes a 180-degree turn and you feel you […]

Earthling Ed on Reaching Hearts and Minds Through Engaging and Pragmatic Activism

Jul 24, 2018 1:01:35


An hour with UK-based activist Earthling Ed on speaking the truth for justice, compassion and equality for all beings.

An Evening with Earthling Ed: “Land of Hope and Glory” Film Screening and Talk – Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

Jul 21, 2018


Join us for an evening with Earthling Ed! We will screen his documentary film "Land of Hope and Glory". A talk by Earthling Ed will follow, and then a Q&A session with the audience. This is the perfect event to invite a friend to for a truly educational and inspirational experience on how we treat animals and our food choices.

Celebrating Vegan Seniors, with 96-Year-Old Activist Natasha Brenner

Jul 21, 2018 0:56:40


July 23rd is National Gorgeous Grandma Day, so this show is all about celebrating the powerful and compassionate elders of the vegan and animal rights community. Featuring an interview with 96-year-old vegan Natasha Brenner.

Dairy and Egg Industry Disguising Advertising as Nutrition Education and Local Activists Expose Pig Transport Cruelty

Jul 13, 2018 0:55:44


False and Inappropriate Advertising and the Cruelty of Animal Transport

Mary Kate Fain from Liberation Philadelphia and King Zoom the Vegan Kid.

Jul 6, 2018 54:16:00


Listen to this show here! An interview with the first speaker that had me standing on my feet at the Animal Rights Conference. Mary Kate Fain from Liberation Philadelphia talks about the power of confrontation for social movements, her vegan journey and her life-changing experience as an animal researcher.   Mary Kate Fain is a grassroots organizer and co-founder of Liberation Philadelphia, which focuses on direct action tactics to bring the issue of animal rights to the forefront. She is also a board member of Species Revolution, co-founder of Candlewaster Web Collective, and operates a micro-sanctuary.     Check out the trailer for the Invisible Vegan coming soon:     King Zoom the Vegan Kid tells us about the Amazon campaign!          

Dr. Lori Marino on Chicken Intelligence, and Edgar Delfín on Vegan Mexican Street Food

Jun 30, 2018 0:59:13


Featuring interviews with vegan chef Edgar Delfín and neuroscientist Lori Marino.

Beautiful Hearts and Minds – Compassionate Lifestyle Transformations by Ashley Alexander and Deborah Holland

Jun 23, 2018 1:02:00


Two Vancouver women who made compassionate lifestyle transformations, and a discussion about the famous Earthlings documentary.

A Spotlight on the Cruelty of Rodeos with the Vancouver Humane Society, and Activist Profile: Zoe Rosenberg

Jun 16, 2018 1:01:43


An Activist Profile of 16 year old Zoe Rosenberg, plus an interview with Communications Director Peter Fricker about the Vancouver Humane Society's campaign to end cruel rodeo events at the Chilliwack Fair this summer.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk and Music Therapist and DxE Investigator Eva Hamer

Jun 8, 2018 0:59:55


Ingrid Newkirk, president and founder of PETA joins us to discuss her world tour and her only Canadian stop. Eva Hamer, open rescue activist investigator, and organizer with Direct Action Everywhere uses music therapy to heal the animal rights community.

Vegan Freegans Amanda Barker and John Sakars

Jun 1, 2018 0:59:38


History was made this week in California as 1200 activists from all corners of the world attended the Animal Liberation Conference including Gillian Walters and Alison Cole. Vegan Freegans Amanda Barker and John Sakars spread their vegan message on a hitchhiking journey across Canada and the United States.

The Chicken Appreciation Show: Heather Bolint on Rescuing Eddie the Rooster, and Karen Davis on the Ethics of Keeping Backyard Hens for Eggs

May 20, 2018 1:08:53


May is International Respect for Chickens Month! A feature interview with Karen Davis on the Ethics of Keeping Backyard Hens for Eggs, plus animal advocate Heather Bolint shares her story of rescuing Eddie the rooster on the Appalachian trail.

Food Justice and Veganic Farming with JoVonna Johnson-Cooke

May 18, 2018 0:59:26


Featuring an interview with veganic farmer, vegan chef, and food justice activist JoVonna Johnson-Cooke.

Vegan Pregnancies and Beyond…for the Planet, Health, Animals and Environment

May 11, 2018 1:00:00


Answers to commonly-asked questions about vegan pregnancies from Anna Pippus, mother of two vegan kids.

A Journey of Love, Justice and the Fulfillment of a Sacred Obligation to One Orca

May 5, 2018 1:00:00


The Totem Pole Journey to Bring Tokitae the Orca Home

A New Documentary on Animal Testing, and Bad-Ass Activist Jenny Mathison of Washington

Apr 28, 2018 0:59:35


A documentary film, and a risky publicity stunt to raise awareness for animals in testing labs.

Earth Day: Jane Goodall and George Monbiot on How to Save the Planet

Apr 21, 2018 1:00:22


Happy Earth Day! We listen to and discuss the words of renowned thinkers Jane Goodall and George Monbiot on the environmental impact of animal agriculture, and what can be done to help stop catastrophic climate change.

Filmmaker Zack Embree on the Kinder Morgan Pipeline, Darren Chang on The Politics of Farmed Animal Sanctuaries, and LIVEKINDLY’s Jodi Monelle

Apr 13, 2018 1:01:52


We hear from a trio of activists making a difference in today's world: filmmaker Zack Embree of "Directly Affected: Pipeline Under Pressure"; Darren Chang on The Politics of Farm Sanctuaries; and Jodi Monelle, founder and CEO of the online community LIVEKINDLY.

A Celebration of Two Exceptional Vegan Activist Women: Dani Rukin and Michelle Singleton

Apr 5, 2018 0:59:59


Find out how you can pre-order a copy of Gillian Walters' illustrated children's book, "King Zoom the Vegan Kid: Volume 1: Animals used for Food" and meet two exceptional activists who embody what it means to be Vegan; Dani Rukin and Michelle Singleton.

Celebrating National Ferret Day and a Compassionate Easter

Mar 31, 2018 0:59:24


Featuring an interview with Lisa Galarneau of the Ferret Rescue Society of Ottawa.

Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist Meagan Duhamel on Vegan Athleticism and Rescuing Dogs in South Korea, with Humane Society International

Mar 24, 2018 0:59:54


A feature interview with world champion Canadian figure skater Meagan Duhamel on thriving as a vegan athlete and her animal advocacy. Plus, an interview with the Humane Society International's Executive Director, Rebecca Aldworth, on their campaign to shut down the dog meat industry in South Korea.

An Integrative Vegan Veterinarian, Vegan Dog Food, and Bee Population Decline

Mar 17, 2018 1:00:58


Find out what you can do to prevent the further decline of our essential pollinators (bees), and learn about plant-based diets and holistic care for our animal companions.

Vegan Mom and Food Reporter Erin Ireland, and Lawyer Anna Pippus on The Ethics of Eating Your Companion Animal

Mar 9, 2018 0:59:45


A feature interview with vegan food blogger, social media star and mom Erin Ireland, Plus, lawyer Anna Pippus of Animal Justice speaks on the legalities of killing and eating your companion animal.

A Celebration of Activist Connie Spence (Vegan Batgirl) for International Women’s Day

Mar 1, 2018 0:58:25


"Vegan Batgirl" Connie Spence, a solo female activist, shares her vegan journey and what led her to create the "Vegan Batman Light". She projects huge 75 x 75 ft. messages on the sides of buildings all across the US, from the Staples Centre in LA to a Water Tower in Oklahoma. She used Facebook Live to capture 70 projections, hundreds of conversations and thirty police interactions. Now uploaded to her YouTube channel, the videos have the feel of a reality TV series.

Vegan Entrepreneurship: The Best Deodorant in The World

Feb 23, 2018 0:56:53


Reducing our plastic use and supporting ethical businesses in our purchases.

Beautiful Africa: Vegan Nigerian Cuisine and World Pangolin Day

Feb 17, 2018 0:58:27


Featuring interviews with Tomi Makanjuola of The Vegan Nigerian and Nicci Wright of the African Pangolin Working Group.

Celebrating Black History Month 2018

Feb 8, 2018 0:58:50


We celebrate Black History Month with two young activists who are actively working to change the world. Genesis Butler, 11, has already been recognized as the youngest person to give a TED Talk. 13-year-old Kingston is sharing his vegan message through a YouTube channel, "King Zoom the Vegan Kid".

A Unique Perspective on Veganism from a Former Hunter, and Exposing Australia’s Cruelty Toward Kangaroos

Jan 31, 2018 0:58:42


Vegan man from Chilliwack Who Used to Hunt and a New Documentary Exposes Australia's Inhumane Treatment of Their Iconic Kangaroo

A Horse of a Different Colour: Victoria, BC Activists Jordan Reichert and Rob Carruthers

Jan 26, 2018 0:59:26


Rob Carruthers describes life as a vegan single dad working in the trades, and Jordan Reichert discusses an end to horse-drawn carriages in Victoria.

Ditching Dairy and Embracing Plant Milks with Olympic Silver Medalist Dotsie Bausch, and Former Undercover Investigator Geoff Regier

Jan 18, 2018 0:59:16


A feature interview with vegan athlete and Compassion Champs founder Dotsie Bausch. Plus, an interview with local animal activist Geoff Regier on the rescue of 2 dairy calves from a Langley farm.

Changing the Narrative: Sadie Parr Dispels The Myth of the Big Bad Wolf, and Animal Rights Musician Jason Oliver

Jan 11, 2018 0:58:40


A feature interview with Sadie Parr, Executive Director of the organization Wolf Awareness, plus an interview with animal rights composer and musician Jason Oliver.

New Year’s Special: Becoming an Activist, with Roy Sasano

Jan 7, 2018 0:59:25


Easy ways to advocate for animals in 2018, featuring activist Roy Sasano.

Encore show: Canuck and I: A Human’s Special Friendship with A Crow; and Dr. Jennifer Verdolin on The New Science of Animal Family Dynamics

Dec 29, 2017 1:00:32


An interview with Vancouverite Shawn Bergman on his best friend, Canuck the Crow. Plus an interview with animal behaviourist Dr. Jennifer Verdolin on The Surprising New Science of Animal Family Dynamics. And a discussion on Canada's new food guide, which eliminates dairy and favours plant foods.

What Animal Rights Activists Want You To Know, and The Psychology of Change

Dec 22, 2017 0:59:34


The downside of animal rights activism and why people react defensively.

Brian Patton, The Sexy Vegan, on Vegan Cooking for the Holidays, and U N I V E R S E O F Á L I

Dec 16, 2017 0:59:45


A feature interview with Brian Patton, The Sexy Vegan, on Vegan Cooking for the Holidays, and vegan musical and cosplay artist Alexandria Beck with her vegan mom Suzi Beck. Plus, our recommendations for charity gift giving for the holidays this year.

One Struggle, One Fight: Human Rights and Animal Liberation

Dec 9, 2017 0:59:59


Our special show for International Human Rights Day, featuring an interview with noted writer and activist Christopher Sebastian McJetters.

Casey Taft, PhD: Understanding Behavioural Change for Vegan Communication

Nov 30, 2017 1:01:48


A feature interview with author and PhD Casey Taft on Understanding Motivations for Change Towards the Animals.

Mike Downey and Randy Kujawa: Vegan Warriors of Compassion and Plant-based Bodybuilders

Nov 22, 2017 1:00:09


We feature an interview with Randy Kujawa and Mike Downey, the vegan Warriors of Compassion, who are plant-powered bodybuilders! They just competed in the Popeye's Fall Classic bodybuilding competition - find out all about it here!

Scientists’ Warning on Anthropogenic Climate Change, Local Entrepreneurs Creating Positive Change, and The Reality Of Animal Testing

Nov 18, 2017 1:23:50


Scientists offer second warning to humanity about our fate on Earth, and interviews with local entrepreneurs who are creating change on this. Also, interview with Last Chance For Animals undercover investigator.

Heaven is for Animals Too: Animal Ethics in Christianity, plus Advocacy and Vegan Traveling in Hawaii

Nov 11, 2017 1:16:42


A feature interview with author Melinda Cerisano on animal ethics in Christianity, plus a discussion on wildlife, captivity, animal advocacy and vegan traveling in Hawaii. We also discuss animals as victims of war for Remembrance Day on November 11th.

Cassie King of Direct Action Everywhere

Nov 2, 2017 0:58:03


Open Rescue of Animals Documented and Exposed for the World to See

Dr. Michael Greger On Being Vegan To Prevent Or Reverse The 15 Leading Causes of Death in North Americans

Oct 26, 2017 0:00:01


Learn how genetics often only accounts for a 10-20% role in most disease risk, and how a vegan diet can prevent or reverse most of the leading causes of death in humans.

Rise of the Necrofauna: Britt Wray on De-Extinction

Oct 19, 2017 0:58:47


Featuring an interview with author and science writer Britt Wray, as well as a review of the French documentary "The Valley of the Wolves."

Activist Profile: Oahu’s Kiana Mohika-Miyashiro

Oct 15, 2017 0:00:01


An inspirational journey from animal rights activist on Oahu.

The Thanksgiving Show: Celebrating a Compassionate Holiday, and Turkey Stories from the Happy Herd Sanctuary

Oct 6, 2017 0:59:34


Welcome to our annual Thanksgiving Show! We talk about the personalities of turkeys with Diane Marsh from the Happy Herd Sanctuary, and discuss how we will be Celebrating a Compassionate Thanksgiving (tips and advice!). Also, a film review of Okja, as seen at VIFF last weekend.

World Day for Farmed Animals: Understanding the Issues of Factory Farming on Both Land and in Sea

Sep 29, 2017 1:00:33


October 2nd is World Day for Farmed Animals. We feature an interview with Katie Cantrell of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, plus an interview with Sue Waters of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on salmon farming issues. Also, we speak with Valley Calderoni, whose canine soulmate Kaoru was shot and killed by a trophy hunter 2 weeks ago.

Protecting Elephants & Rhinos with Elephanatics

Sep 22, 2017 0:58:00


A show celebrating Elephant Appreciation Day and World Rhino Day, featuring an interview with Tessa Vanderkop of Vancouver elephant-advocacy organization Elephanatics.

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue, & Activist Profile: Natalie Zaracko

Sep 16, 2017 0:59:09


A feature interview with the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA), plus an activist profile of local animal advocate Natalie Zaracko.

How To Create A Vegan World: A Pragmatic Approach, with Tobias Leenaert

Sep 8, 2017 1:00:20


A feature interview author Tobias Leenaert on "How To Create A Vegan World: A Pragmatic Approach". Plus, a discussion on how to put theory into action by effectively communicating the vegan message.

Japan Dolphins Day: The Connections Between Vancouver Aquarium’s Dolphins and Japan, plus Vegan Nutritionist Nikki Hurst

Aug 31, 2017 0:59:30


September 1st is Japan Dolphins Day. Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered's Gary Charbonneau speaks about the Japanese origins of the Vancouver Aquarium's dolphins, plus nutritionist Nikki Hurst answers all your vegan nutrition questions!

The Bat Show: Austin Bat Refuge and Community Bat Programs of BC

Aug 26, 2017 0:58:10


The Bat Show, featuring interviews with Dianne Odegard of Austin Bat Refuge and Mandy Kellner of Community Bat Programs of BC.

Speciesism and the South Korean Dog Meat Farms

Aug 19, 2017 0:59:27


Many non-vegans are completely turned off by the idea of people consuming cats or dogs and remain unaware of their speciesism. We will discuss this and learn more about the South Korean dog meat industry.

Crown Withdraws Animal Cruelty Charges Against Marineland and Photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur Discusses Animals in Captivity

Aug 12, 2017 0:59:00


Animal Rights Lawyer Anna Pippus Weighs in on Crown's Decision Regarding Marineland

Invertebrates: The Invisible Majority

Aug 4, 2017 0:58:57


Invertebrates (such as crustaceans and insects) make up roughly 97% of all animals on Earth, but they are often overlooked in animal rights advocacy. Featuring an interview with ant expert Dr. James Traniello.

Canuck and I: A Human’s Special Friendship with A Crow; and Dr. Jennifer Verdolin on The New Science of Animal Family Dynamics

Jul 29, 2017 1:00:32


An interview with Vancouverite Shawn Bergman on his best friend, Canuck the Crow. Plus an interview with animal behaviourist Dr. Jennifer Verdolin on The Surprising New Science of Animal Family Dynamics. And a discussion on Canada's new food guide, which eliminates dairy and favours plant foods!

Encore show: Animal Rights Issues in Mexico, and Speciesism and Language: Exploring How Violence is Embedded in Our Words

Jul 21, 2017 1:00:00


Television host and animal rights activist Marco Antonio Regil tells us about animal rights issue in Mexico and in the Latino community. Plus, we discuss Speciesism and Language. And Alison tells us about her animal adventures in Hawaii!

Dr. Ray Greek on Why Animal Testing is Ineffective for Preventing and Curing Human Diseases, and a Discussion on the Pros and Cons of Taking the Liberation Pledge

Jul 14, 2017 0:59:29


Learn why animal testing for human disease prevention and cures needs to be abolished, and weigh the pros and cons of taking the Liberation Pledge

Celebrating Cows with RASTA Sanctuary & Toronto Cow Save

Jul 7, 2017 0:00:01


For Cow Appreciation Day, we feature interviews with Toronto Cow Save & RASTA Sanctuary of Chemainus, BC.

Freedom, Compassion and Co-Existence in the Human Age: The Animals’ Agenda, with Marc Bekoff, and Roaring Silence Vancouver

Jul 1, 2017 0:59:45


A feature interview with renowned animal behaviour expert Dr. Marc Bekoff on his latest book "The Animals' Agenda", plus an interview with local activist Daphna Kedem on Roaring Silence Vancouver. Also, a discussion on the cruelty of the rodeo.

Animal Rights Lawyer Anna Pippus on the Lilydale Chicken Investigation

Jun 23, 2017 0:00:01


Animal rights lawyer Anna Pippus explains the cruelty inherent in our Canadian farming systems.

Another Cetacean Dead at the Vancouver Aquarium, and Phillip Wollen’s “Animals Should Be Off the Menu” Debate

Jun 17, 2017 0:59:36


Latest news at the Vancouver Aquarium, the Vancouver March to Close All Slaughterhouses, and Phillip Wollen's "Animals Should Be Off the Menu" Debate.

Vegan Triathlete Dominick Thompson and Former MFA Undercover Investigator Geoff Regier

Jun 9, 2017 0:57:03


Feature interviews with Mercy For Animals' former Undercover Investigator, Geoff Regier, and Vegan Vriathlete Dominick Thompson on how he makes huge muscle gains on a compassionate diet.

World Oceans Day: Sounds in the Sea, & Direct Action with Sea Shepherd

Jun 3, 2017 0:57:46


To honour World Oceans Day, we feature interviews with Sue Waters of Sea Shepherd, and marine biologist Dr. Abby Schwarz, on the importance of sound in the sea.

Vegan Outreach in the Food Service Industry: Reaching out to Institutions, with Kristie Middleton, HSUS, and Lila Copeland, Earth Peace Foundation

May 27, 2017 0:58:08


This show is dedicated to vegan outreach efforts being made nation-wide to encourage institutions such as schools and hospitals to offer healthy, compassionate, plant-based options! We have interviews with 15 year old Lila Copeland of Earth Peace Foundation, and Kristie Middleton, Senior Director of Food Policy of the HSUS. Plus, and update on Bill S-203 to have whales and dolphins in captivity banned in Canada.

The Startling Intelligence of the Common Chicken

May 19, 2017


Featuring an interview with biologist and animal behaviorist Dr. Carolynn "K-lynn" Smith on her groundbreaking research into chicken cognition and social structures.

Inspirational Mothers of the Animal Rights Community and Their Vegan Activist Kids

May 12, 2017 1:00:08


Listen to this show here! Activist Family, Kingston and Gillian Walters Meet vegan animal rights advocates, Gillian and Kingston Walters. This Vancouver mother-and-son duo are an inspiration to parents and children everywhere. Gillian is full-time single mom to 13 year old Kingston who has learning differences, yet embraces every opportunity to grow as an individual and create positive change in his community. Together, they are heavily involved in daily activism for some of the most vulnerable and exploited beings on this planet – animals. Gillian graduated from Seattle University in 2006 with a Master of Arts Degree in Counselling Psychology. As an artist, therapist and author, she uses her skills to assist the animal rights movement. Her children’s book, “King Zoom and the Great Seal Pup Rescue” was published in 2015 and she has another one on the way. To learn more about Gillian’s passionate work, click here. Kingston has a positive, extroverted, approachable personality which is truly an asset to the animal rights community. He easily engages with other children, offering informative leaflets at the Vancouver Aquarium and speaking out for the animals publicly. He has recently begun teaching himself video editing and broadcasting skills. Recently, Kingston had the […]

Making Change for Companion Animals: Pets OK BC on Rental Housing Policy, & Paws for Hope on the Harmful Existence of Breeding Mills

May 6, 2017 0:53:04


Paws for Hope on the harmful existence of breeding mills, and Pets OK BC on companion animal restrictions in rental housing. Plus, what's at stake for animals in BC's general election on May 9th.

The Cheese Show: Escaping The Cheese Trap with Dr. Neal Barnard, and Karen McAthy on The Art of Plant-based Cheesemaking

Apr 28, 2017 0:00:01


We present to you The Cheese Show! Learn all about the impacts that the dairy (and cheese) industry has on our health and the welfare of animals with Dr. Neal Barnard, author of "The Cheese Trap". Plus, local vegan chef and cheese maker Karen McAthy tells us about "The Art of Plant-based Cheesemaking".

Earth Day 2017 – Perspectives From a First Nations Activist and a Climate Communicator

Apr 20, 2017


Climate Communicator Michael Shumlich on the Impact of Animal Agriculture on Our Earth Victoria-based animal rights advocate Michael Shumlich joins us for a discussion about the impact of our food choices (animal agriculture) on the earth. Michael offers a wealth of information, holding a BSc in physics and an MSc in atmospheric science from the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria, where he was a member of the UVic Climate Modelling Group. He currently works for the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium doing science communication. Join us for discussion about the state of our environment today, and what you can do to reduce your impact on the earth just by going vegan and spreading the vegan message to others. For those who are already vegan activists, today’s interview may offer you some new speaking points from the perspective of the environmental argument for veganism.   Activist Shirley Samples Offers a First Nations’ Perspective on the Environment   Vancouver-based Shirley Samples is a full-time activist for environmental issues, First Nations’ rights and climate change. In 2013, she founded the organization “We Love This Coast”  to stop the expansion of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. Shirley and her group […]

Exposing Hidden Cruelty: Vancouver Chicken Save, & World Day for Animals in Laboratories

Apr 13, 2017 0:00:01


Featured interviews with Vancouver Chicken Save, as well as Laura-Leah Shaw of the Animal Defense & Anti-Vivisection Society of BC. We also discuss how animals are impacted by some common Easter traditions.

Bill S-203 Senate Hearings and Using Humour and Creativity For Animal Rights Advocacy

Apr 8, 2017 1:06:12


Creative ways to spread messages of compassion and senate hearings for Bill S-203

The Rat Appreciation Show, for World Rat Day 2017

Apr 1, 2017 1:09:23


It's World Rat Day on April 4th, and we present to you The Rat Appreciation Show, featuring a discussion with rat enthusiasts and companions Gerald Rennie, Magda Romanow and Veronicka Salixx. Plus, an interview with rat rescuer Lizzy O'Sullivan, and an interview with Dr. Joanna Makowska on her findings on rat behavior in laboratory settings.

The Great Animal Orchestra: Sound and Animals

Mar 25, 2017 0:59:39


All about how sound affects animals, and how animals create and use sound themselves.

The Meatout Show: Latest Updates in the Meat(less) Industry with HSUS’ Paul Shapiro, and Everyday Ways to Eat Vegan

Mar 17, 2017 0:58:49


Our annual show for Meatout Day, which takes place on March 20th! We feature an interview on the latest updates in the meat(less) industry with Paul Shapiro, Vice-President of Policy Engagement of the Humane Society of the United States, plus we discuss Everyday Ways to Eat Vegan.

‘Meat The Future’ with Film Maker Liz Marshall

Mar 10, 2017 0:58:37


Listen to this show here! Lab-Grown Meat as a Solution to Cruel Animal Agriculture Our much-loved, award-winning Canadian film maker, Liz Marshall has brought us eye-opening and transformational films such as ‘The Ghosts in Our Machine’ and ‘Water On The Table’. In keeping with her theme of animal rights and environmental films, Liz is currently working on her latest documentary which explores the future of “clean meat.” “Meat The Future” feature-length documentary showcases Memphis Meat CEO, cardiologist Dr. Uma Valeti and his team of innovators who are leading the way to a more compassionate, earth-friendly, safe and healthy alternative to current meat production. Lab-cultured meat remains a controversial topic amongst both vegan animal rights activists and carnists (who consider this to be “frankenfood”). There is no doubt that this would solve many of the world’s problems associated with our current means of obtaining animal products. Animal cruelty, water use, deforestation, antibiotic resistance, world poverty, sickness and death resulting from consuming contaminated meat are huge problems that we currently face. The animal agriculture industry is a genocide which more and more people are opening their eyes to. We see this exhibited in the exploding “humanely-raised” and “grass-fed” marketing campaigns of the […]